Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 18, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 18, 1837 Page 3
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amounts 0f public money paid for tho crcc, be made to rise and fall nt nlcnsnm i lion nf monuments in in the Cathedral ofiug first blindfolded or nnio,i Vi.n . .!.." SI- PbhI, and in Westminister Abbey f stnt inC tho names, dotes, nml amounts of ujcIi Also nn account (if tlio public money paid for the orcction and repairs of any part of the Cathedral ol bt. fa ill and Westminster Abbey. There arc now two foreign mnnarchs pervitin in tho nrmy nf her Majesty the Quern: namely, Uio King nl Hanover nml the King of the Belgians, both of whom arc Field Marshals. There arc only two other Fielil Marshals, the Dukes of Wei Jinglon and C imbrulue, Affkctiinc. Sckine. An aged man nam cd IJ'invntiloir, appeared belore t ho 6lh chamber, rlnrgcd with i he 'crimo"of men dicity. While answering to the usual question ol the. President n yniinr man, ac companied by his wile, advanced lownrils the bar and turning his eyes toward Bnn. vouloir,wept aloud, Phonameof ihisindt. vidual, a? it afterwards appeared, is linn vet, whip maker, his address No 3, Rue St Anastase; and we foel pleasure in ro. cording them in connection with an aci which enobles. human nature. Prisiilonl. "Why do you weep?" Hon vet. "Sir, 1 know that poor old nun; I know Into ns one know a father, for he whs o fnilier lo me ! It was he who tonV care of my infan cy : it was he who brought me up; and lo sec him thus reduced in his old age! My wife and I are come to beg of yon, gentlemen, to have the goodness lo give him to our care. We will treat li tn kmdiy Mr Pre-idcitl ; we will do lor linn in Ins helplessness what he did for me in mine ! Thn young wife of Bnnvfi (shedding tears 'Oh! ye. Mr President, we will ink.- care of poor Mr Rotivouloir,who was so good to my husband when he was but a lmh de-li tute child : do Mr let us have him. pray penllenien. don't refuse ih ! " Dunn" these nff-'ctingsupplicaiinris it is imp 'sil)lo to ilescribe the joy, the admiraimn. the in effable expression of d'dight that beamed on the face of thai aged man. who found a triumph where ho had only d.ucd to Iiope for pity. The audience, tho judges themselves, evinced d ep emotion, nml one ol the Inner, much lo hi- honor, shed tears, Mole President Mai bias, in pronouncing Binvotilotr'p acquittal, ihus fcddressed bin" "You Fee mv good old man. that n benny olent action never goes unrewarded. Yon generously protected Bouvei in Ins child Jiood, nndio diy he and 'ns young wile come noblv forward so shelter your gray Iinirs. The tribunal li els h.tppy in eiirreii during you to their iiff-'ciioo nod their gratitude.-" Galignmi)' Pan. Messon. SrllPWnECK AM) MISS, OP LlFK. -We Jeam the tollowiug pnriieulars relative lo the I oss of tho ling North Carolina on Lake Michigan, from the Cleveland Her. nld. The vessel left Chicigo on Sunday the 30ih oil. having several iiasuewrers oil board, the numb'-r not known. Several inor" arc known 1,1 ,nvi , on board of her at Michigan Cuv On the ol the Hooker Hill al Mackinaw. Iliry learned lhat their was n vessel capM'zed upon Lake Michigan, about forty miles distant. The Jlnnker Hill immediately relumed, nnil fjiil the North Carolina capsized, her sails under water, and her spar- much brn Icen. Tlx- vessel wbp so de'epin Hie water that all effort to get jnio the cabin were fruitless. On the return nf the Hunker Illll. two boats were despatched fmm Mackinaw to the wreck. Every soul no board must have nnriheil, as the wreck was about 20 miles from the shore. There was qniip n number of passengers on board the North Carolina, according to our in formant P. S. We have since learned that the hunker Hill lowed the wreck a few miles Fifiren lives are supposed lo be lost. Buffalo Journal. PI (IRONS. Vam.ev or the Mau.mek, June nib, 1337 Pigcon-are extremely numerous. Tin forest's are thronged with them. Thev may be seen flying one flock strung after nnother, from the first wnkc of dawn until the darkness of evening obscures them, and for nught known to the contrary, they fly during tho whole night. Pigeons, some seasons, do groat mischief to the corn and wheat. The voracity of fucIi vast multitudes sometimes exceeds any moderate computation. When the young corn is striking up from the ground, they will destroy n whole field of from forty to fifty acres in a very few davs,--When they have pitched upon a field; their temerit f in maintaining their ground, is scarcely exceeded by the description of locusts in Africa. At these tunes they Fettle around upon the timber so as to break down the largest trees. They nro aR tame os doves in tho streets of cities. They may be killed with whip-. If a gun is discharged upon them, those nenr will riso up to alight in another place, nnd others will press forward lo fill the ppace those vacated. To attempt lo ratch them in nets seems impotent folly. The destruction of thousand does not appear to thin them off They would not bo missed. Millions remain in Fpite of every effort to destroy them. Hut. of a sudden, from a change of wind, a gen tie breeze, or other unknown cause, they ecatter off, and almost wholly disnppear in a single day, leaving their eggs and young to be destroyed by insects'or ani mals of prey. Where thoso myriads of fowls came from, or whero they go, is as uncertain as the resting place of tho wind When they approach, thov camo likr a rlnllll in cilnh nasi mimU.j ,1, extensive, that tho shadow of a flock is liko tho rctnrn of whito fleecy clouds after a storm. The sun is, at intervals completely shut nut until tho masses, nlways flying with tho wind, have passed over. At fucIi limes, they devour not only corn, but whole fields of wheal, nnd forests of acorns, beach nuts, black berries, and all sorts of plums and fruit, cvfpolatoes if found. This season, limy have yet dono very lit tie damage. It is fine sport to elipp off their heads with a rifle and there aro va rious ways of taking them, One is to have an abitis hut. Having previously In- "ken two pigeons for "decoys." tie ono of iUn ...ill. . I ; . i ,i. mem hm o iiiiuuii, any i.uo vcoil'lll lunglll from fifty to hundred yards and tho other must bo tied on a tilting stick, which may W on n flock is seen approaching, the length of the cord, and, after several un successful attempts, to escape, it circle., around, hangs awhile in the air, and gradu ally descends or is drawn down by the sportsman. The other with its feet tied Hie stick, is gently drawn tip and down, so as to.nnko it flutter, when tho flock light upon tho bod and commence eating 'he not being sprung on them, thov arc secured. Some bait them with wheat or corn, with out decoys. K,ll(. catch them in large wooden pens. IJy t,ng i)Ptn j Km a small aparturc. they do not find their way out again ' Tho Grand River Journal gives the following musical anecdote that occurred at the first attempt to launch tho steam, boat Milwaukee, which failed in conse quenco ornnt being nble to get her to move, after knocking nway thn blocks : "While efforts to launch the Milwaukee were making, hut without fuccoss. Uio band on beard tho boat Daniel Webster -iruek up thn air, "Oh, dear, what can the. matter be," which was promptly re plied to by the band on board the Milwau kec, with "Setting on a rail." Mys'eriow few weeks since, as our readers will recollect, we copied a notice into our paner. ottho elopement of n voting latly Irom Vermont, who, in company" with , ...... ?.,., u. uu ii lanor. it wns g,,,,. pos(;d hud gone into thn Smm rr m..;.. We give a place to the following narrative tunning ii may possibly reflect some light ...i uo.-rouj.x!. nun Btioru a clow by which the tny-lerv may bu Milved ; ns we think it ...guiy proo.auie, ttiatilio persons spnk.n '" 1 '-" "urru'ive. may ne the same al tied lo in thn notice to which we have i (erred. The fads we relate are from responsible source, mid may bo relied on. oome time last winter, not far from nri-tmas, a man came to the hou-e of mr nuen'r Arnold, a respectable citizen, rt-Moiog near mo village called Centres vdlo. in Warwick, la this state, nnn intrn doced a lady lo the Inmily, the lady was received into the family. Sometime sub.' seqneiuiy, the gave bin h to a femalechild. She however survived the birth of her child but a short tune, During the residence of the ladv in the family of Mr. Arnold, she studiously con coaled her niiine and every circumstance which could give a clew tn" the dicoverv of her family and friends. Her lips were paled on this sulii-ci. and -he died out hav ng been known in ilu- lamilv by nnv oilier name I fin ti that nf Mary. She had the appearance of a nerson of about twenty years of age; of n "cuteel tigore, and apparently well educated. Her cnuplexion was very light, her skin some what freckled, and, what is remarknb'c for socli a complexion, she bad hla:k eyes. tier manners and her conduct were "such, thai she gained I he nfl'-cunu ofa'l who he came acquainted ith tier. When he rnme lo Mr. Arnold's she brought some vesi.s with her, to make, and which the man who accompanied her, took away on his second i-mi to her. The man appeared to be about forty years ofnge. No had Ihu look of n re speclnble person, and n pleasing nddress and manners. He was ovidentlyinacciis. tomnil to any laborious occupation, nnd might bo enppod a merchant or a tailor. Ho assuined to be the agent of some oilier person. , ibis nhhappy affur; but the of feriion wiih which ho was treated by the MifiVmg victim during her illness, pointed him out as i ho author of her ruin, and the cause of her death. The circumstances caued much feeling nnd excitement nmomr the neighbors; and finally lie contented lo go for I he father oft he lady. J0 accord ingly went ; and returned i'o company with n person whom he passed off as tier father, but who, it is h-heved was an impostor! and leagued with I ho unprincipled seducer, to carry out the deception. The pretended agent, in oilier words, ihe vile seducer, of an innocent and lovely female.and ultimate cause of her unhappy and untimely fate, disappeared immediately after ihe tormina, lion of thu fatal tragedy; hut would bo readily recognized by ninny. The unfortunate lady had every atten tion from Ihe family of Mr. Arnold, du ring her illness, which affection could die 'air, or suflering Immunity demand. Rvory medical assistance, which her niien ding physician. Dr. Jewett, was capable of extending to Her, as well as that of oilier eminent physicians with whom ho consult ed, was rendered, but in vain. Her mala dy defied their skill, and the loll, the victim of an inhuman monstor. Her mortal re main lie buried in the grounds of Mr. Arnold, where they were interred by the direction of tho asreit, in this diabolical aflVir. Her babe, which survived the fate ot Us unhappy mother, was humanely token by n gentleman, in whoso fnmily tt now remains, in this city ; nnd by whom it will be ntirtered and reared up to woman, hood, should n kind Providence permit. Providence Morning Courier. It has been finally decided in New York, by tho courts of tho last appeal, that Banks nro liable to villogo taxation. This is an importnnt decision, considering tho great number of Hanks in that state, The Jluld Gray JInre,--h honest far. mor, a low miles from Dumfries, was olien found fault with by his wife for staving too Into in the town on market nigliis. Al last the sot out with him out) day herself, and in the evening forced him homo rath erBOoner than he wish id. Accordingly, I hey mounted the nld gray mate, ho du tho saddle, und she on tho pad behind him. They rndo on till they camo tn n small brook that crossed tho road when t ha mare put down hor head to drink, and, after bo.! nig satisfied, ngnin went on. "Nmu said tho gudewife, "ifyou would do liko uio mare-wnen she has enough, sho stops or her own accord and goes on ; and can not you do t hu some ."' "True, gude wife." said ho, "but if (hero wan nnithor nnid gray mnro on tho other side n'tho strand, andtheano saying to tho other, 'Hero's I've, and bore's t'yc.' tboro's na tcllinrr when they would part." Nii.ks' Weekly IlKOtsTEn, TIio last number of the valuable journal slates thnt after tho first dayof September noxt the publication nflico of tho paper will be re moved from Daliimnro to Washington Cily. jo periodical contains bettor statistical information for future reference or present ue, or a more useful collection of stale papers and public addresses, than will be found in the columns of the Register. Ii bus Rtrong claims for support as a nationnl work. IlYPiBf.D Pinr.ED.--There aro two young Indies stMers now residing in Hebron, Ohio, the weight of tho youngest, fifteen years old, being two hundred and eighty pounds, and the other, seventeen years old. ihree hundred and twenty pounds. M A 11 It 1 U I) , In lh!s town on llip Si li Inst., by Lyman Cum minus Esq. Mr D.ivid Cnlinon of s.mJy Lake, to Mif9 Alury Ann Itibbins, of lliia pi, ice. tSTed". In this town on Friday mnrninjj lal, Mrs. Harriet E. wife nf Mr. Piulo Doolittle, of llii plnre, ngnlSS i ram. In PLdnficlil, on the 2Gih July, Dclsey, wife of llmi lip.,l (iondwin, ngnl 42. In Dnxliuiy, July 30, Mia Hnnnnh Phelps aged 23 cms. In I'nlrheMrr. on ihe 1st. ini. Mr. DnnlM lWn. iiRed 47 vcars. Again, Again, Again &, Again. J. W. WEAVER oflfinnoski, Cheap Side. HAS returned from New York, with some of the most Fashionable Goods for tho limes, Consisting of Fino nnd Superfine i iour, a gooa nrucie, Aloes fork, New York and Philadelphia inspection, Cod Fish and llndock, Mackerel, Herring. Raisins.Oranges, Teas, Sugars, Molasses, Coffee, Rico, Tobae co, Rootsand Shoes. and Almost every atticlo in tho Grocery lino, with a fow Domestick goods, all of which will bo sold ns lotv as any person will sell goods of as good a quality in thif section of country, August 17. 1837. 3 w luff E would inform our customers that T we ore constantly receiving additions to our slock of goods, and that, wemean.ns keep our nssoriment good. If those who have not called lately will just step in. they will find wo have not been backward in attempting lo keen un the vnriPiu. Our goods are purchased by a brother of one oi our urm when We do nnl rrn m,r selves who resides in New York, "and has purennseu goods lor us several years. We shall bu pleased lo shew or sell iroods in any one who asks to see or buy them, at the Variety Shop Aug. 17. Panoboun & Brinsmaid. NOTICE. nnillS may certify, lhat I have given to X my son Joseph Rosoo. his tune during Ins minority, and I s-lmll pay no debts of Ins contracting nor claim nnv of his alter ibis date. PETER v RUSCd Keosbiirgh. July 1. 1H37. John Lathrop's Estate. 'flSypti the snb-cribers, having been np- pomicd by tho Hon. the Probate Lourt tor the DiMrict of Chittenden, com missioners tn receive, examine and odiuM claims and demands of nil nersons. against the estate of John Lathrop, laic of Ilorlingion. in snid District, deceased, represented insolvent. and al-o all claims and demands exhibited in thereto: nnd si months from 1 lie day of ihe date hereof. being allowed by said Court for that pur. pose, we on tiiereiore give notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appoint incut, nt the dwelling of Charles Adams, in uurlington, in said District, on the first Moiuloys-vof October and November next, nt 10 o'clock. A. M.. no nnr.h ol snnl days. Dated, this 23d day of Juno A. D. 1037. CHARLES ADAMS. ) Commit ELISIJA BARSTOW.l sioners. lT'Aii Invaluable Remedy Tested by experience, and sustained by testimonials .' jVTOST people have a remedy for 1TX CORNS as well as other complaints; but the proprietor oft ho Inner k tin urn nnrl justly cplMirnifMi n Albion Com Plaster ! (ns prepared by t,,, a, nr. r,,..vnv i,na been made acquainted with no inslnnco of is proper nppiieati,,,,, jn wlic, it (lns nnt bt-rn preferred lo ()cr nEMEl)IE8 for Lon.Ns. lho,c pamrul.h.fijrnrers ct,e fect and enemies to loconintiou. The Albion Corn palter sofions the corn, however old and i,iBh. nnd extracts it to tho very roots. Tt,Q relief afforded is gentle, immediate, ami thorough. Thu Proprietor begs lCOve ,0,n'bmit the following case, from Mr. Stowell. who is well known to the inhabitants of this city especially at the south end, an(1 at 'Souf,; Boston, as a very worthy and respectable citizen. A CASE. Sin I do not hesitate lo give mv most unqualified approbation in favour ,",f v,')r valuable Albion Corn Plaster. IJy fne' Uf0 of less than a box, Mrs. Stowell t,08 'm,en cured of u corn on each foot, wMC, 'la been exceedingly troublesome nnd paH,rt for years, and I think it but justice tn ymir invaluable preparation to add. (for tho on. conragemnnt of those, who owing to rt!. prated disappointments in the various rem edies rosorted to, have finally despaired 0f a cure,) that your Plaster cured hor corn9 after trying oilier highly recommended remedies to no purpose; and what increas. rs my confidence in tho superiority ofyour Planter, is tho fact, that it has been u?rd by srvornl of my neighbours with equally good success. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled with corns, as lo bo obliged to cut holes in shoes to case his feet ; ho had long sufll-rod great torture nnd inconvenionce has lately been entiro ly cured by thn use of your Corn Plaster, so that he can now walk with comfort, and in whole shoes, Another Case. A young woman living near mo. hod brcomn so lamo in consequence of corns, as not to bo able logo up and down stairs without great trouble, is now using thn Plaster with ihe most happy success, and prospect of speedy cure, I could refer fo anveral other cases, wore it necessary, but I have seen enough of the taster to eatisty mo it is tho bet prcpara tinn in this country, or perhaps in any nth or, for tho euro of Corns; nnd were lis vir tups generally known, I doubt whether ou could prepare tho article fast enough to meet the public demnnd. (Signed) SHTFI STOW ELL, Keeper of the Toll house, South Boston Bridge. Mr. T. Kidder, Proprietor ofibo Conway Medicines. notion, June I7i7i, 1029. VP"co 60 conls. ?JS!MLITATED FEMALES. rfflMb complaint peculiar to thu female X part Nof tho community, have boon long successfully treated bv tho ndmmislra. Hon of the Aromatic Pills' originally pro scribed and compounded by Dr. Rklfe. They cleanse the blood from those diMir dors of tho female constitution, for which the Pills, nro an effectual specific; they restore a Tree circulation reform tho irreg ular operations of Ihe sanguiferous system, and rectify the disordered habits. The proprietor's confidence in tho superior ex cellence of Ibis equally innocent and pnw erlul preparation, is founded on the mosl decisive testimony from many restored pa tients He can assure this portion of the public, t hut. when Dr. Rr.lfe's AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES. are regularly taken according to I he direc tions accompanying them, ihey revive nnd establish the desired healthy habits, and restore to the pallid countenance llio natu ral glow of health and frond Rnirits. The Pills arc an approved general rcme. dy in cases ofObstructions; Debility; Hy. tnchondria; Green Sickness; Giddiness: Pnlnilolw.n ..C I I... II i r, "c ueuri; oau UlgesIIOli; uoaining oi rood; I'ain of the Slouach; uiiwninfH oi mcain upon every little mo Hon ; Sinking of the Spirits, and its conso quences, a dejected countenance, and dis like for exercise and convnrsniioo. Married ladies will fi,d the Pills equolly useful, except in coses of pregtiancv, token thetj must not be taken ; neither must thov be tauen by persons ot hectic or coosump tive habits. They may b' used successful. Iv by en her men or women in nil Ilimnrhnn. driac, Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In nil cases of'this description, the Pills purify, ioviuruie, dou revive uie disordered sys tern. Price g.50 a box. VNoue genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper by the roe Propri. elor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor to i lie late Dr. W. T. Conway. For sale with all Ihe other "Conway Medicines." at ins minting Room. No. 99. next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store, cornnr nf Court nnd Hanover M reels, near Concert Hall, hosioii; and hv his special appointment, by I'fiUK U Co., Burlington Vt BURLINGTON rpHE next term of the Burlington I-V- male neimnarv commences Sentem her 13lh. Pupils are requested lo enter ai i ne commencement ol I ho term. CONDITIONS OF AI)MITACE. Hoarders gJ5 per qnnrler, half payable in advance. This sum entitles the pupil to ooaro. moging, room rent, tire, lights, etc and to tuition in any or all branches inclu ded in the extensive course of English siudie- pursued in the Seminary, nnd Lntin hxtra charges are made for tiitisie. fmcln ding prucltelglS, Drawing I5. French 4J. ,, eft w Trustees, Alvin Foote, I N. R. IJaswei.i., J. S. Porwi.v, IJemiv Mayo, G. W. Benedict. I Gno. P. Maii-ii. Harrv Bradluv, I S E. Howard. Burlington, Augu-I 10. 1737. NOTlCIi To Tanners Curriers. ytANTED iminedieioly, one or two T " Journeymen Tanners and Curriers, to whom good wages will be paid in Cash. None need apply but men of steady habits. E. C. LOOM1S. Burlington, August 11, 1037. A FEW BBLS. BEEF, Also, fir-i i rate II A MS ,i I,.. found at the Market House of I) & D. A. KIMBALL. Uurlington, August ll. 1B37. if TAR. ( Barrels, just received by j s- j ii peck cV Co- Worked Muslin Capes and C ollars. Great Variety lor sale cheap, by LATHROP & POTWIN. A August It. 1337. Abijah Ellis' Estate. WE the subscribers, having been np pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for tiio District ot Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just the claims and demands of all persons, against tho estate of Abijah Ellis laic ot Huntington, in said District, deceased represented insolvent, and also all claim nnd demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months Irom tho day ot the date hereof being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will nltend lo the business of our appointment, nt Ihe dwollinn- Housi of Harry Williams, in Huntington, in said District, on tho second Monday o Jnuuary next, ai ju o ciock, a. at., on said day. Dated, this 17ih day of July, A. D 1337 JOHN SNiDER. i Commis BUN YON IIRADBY. ( sinners. rllAKen up by tho sub X scriber, a smnll black Mare, with a star in the face, three nr lour years old, had a shackle on her torn font. Tim nuin,.. nn find her al llio Green Mountain Hnuse. LEWIS HIGBEE. "'"hngtnn August n. ',337. JNOTJCR T hcroby coitify, that I have given my son, M. Uavid II, Rovlin jr., his limn, to do und lo act lor Ininiclf. This may further certify, lhat I shall pay no 0f his contracting, nor demand any 0f ,ja narnings after this i? ' r . UAVID II. BAVLIN Fairftx AuBm Jst i837( Atlet Moses Porrar FANCY CfTAIKS. LOVELY ABBOTT have ju.t re ceived from New York I fib fancy Cane Seal Chairs, which Ihey offer cheap or than they were rver sold in Burlington Burlington. August 10, 11)37. NOTICE. WHEREAS I havu given mv son Henry Zottmati his tune and right to do biistnns Tor himself, I shall pay no debts of Ins contracting, nor demand nny 1 1 uis earnings oner this unto. GABRIEL ZOTTMAN. Burlington, August 9. 11(37. Letter and Cap Paper, Ruled and plain, for sale hv the Renin or single Quire nt the Book Bindery, by HUNTING TON Si LYON. 2 doors east Free Press Ollice. I Aug. 4, 1 037. SCYTHES. DOZ. warranted ScWhrs bv J. & J.'H. PECK. WE tho subscribers having been appointed by tho llonoralilo the probate Court for tho district of Chittenden Commissioners lo receive nxamino and adjust the claims and demands of all persons against the Estate of Josepii Hi-own, lato of Jericho, in said disliicl deceased, Represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in olfict there, to. and six months from the I'll) day of July 11137 being allowed for that purposo by said Court do thciuforc hereby give notice that we will attend lo the business of our appoint ment at the late dwclli Oir of till) Hnr-nnsH in Jericho in said District on the 25th Day of September and 22d day of January Next, at j . uiui;n i. i.ini t-urjn ni time unys. i'uicu ai uriciiotnisaisl day ol Ju v A. IJ. 1J3' PETER MARTIN, ) LUTHER BROWN. Comrs- Spencer Cook's Estate. 'W'E the subscribers, having been np- T pointed by the Hon. Ihe Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, com missioners to receive, examine nnd adjust tho claims and demands nf all persons, against the eslato of Spencer Cook, late of West ford, in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and nlsn all claims and demands exhibited in off-ct thereto; and six months from tho day oftho date hereof, b' ing allowed by said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appointment, al the dwelling of Win Wood in Westford in said District, on the firM and fourth Tuesdays of December next, at 10 o'clock. A. M., on each or soul days. Dated, this I4ih day of July A. D.'tt!37. Wm. WOOD. ) Commis GEO. S. IJALE.( sioners. MORE GOODS. 1000 G K4 100 P India xjjkj ptll,)(.r 300 CnnieU hnjr Brushes, 12 red Plumes. 30 Silver Pen oils, and a few hundred sheet fino Tissue Paper, of varrious Colors, received at the Variety Shop. July 22. PA.Nononv & BuiNSM.wn. ST IT W 5P SI L CURTIS & Co. have again receiv- ed i wo cases more of Iioiineitb-. com prising Florence, fine Sirnw, Eleven Braid Dunstable, Tuscan and Sniin Straws. Burlington, July 27, 1337 LAMSON'S Patent Scythe Siinihe--, bv J- & J. II. Pkck & Co. ' Silver Thimbles; and an addi tional assortment of Sword-; iiisi nr. iv n ,i, r. ...... oi i c J . ' . ,., hi.: ui iu. v onop ; ni-o inr sale iron lornace. I'AiscuonN & July 23. 1U WOOL (iROWEltS &, DEALERS. THE Subscriber has opened n depot run tiik kkcf.ption puiii.ic RAI.F. OP AMKIUCAN AM) KortKION Wool, in the City of New. York. The First Kale will bo announced ns earlv as nrnr.nrnlil and afterwards coniiniied at regular periods us may ne ueeined e?:peilieiit. The extent to which iho irrowth and mnn. ufactnre of 'Ins article has arrived in this country, forming ns it does, one of tho staples of production, ns well as of exten sive imporintion, renders Ihe establishment of n regular market, where the Farmer can nvni! himself of the full prices paid hv manufacturers, and where Manufacturer';, tuny, nt Mated periods find a full miooIv. and suit their purchases exactly according to their wants, is not only desirable, hut nb" solulely neeessnry for the profit nnd con venienceof both classes. To tho Farmers especially it is nil important, Hint they should enjoy a regular market and thu ud'. vaningo ot lull competition, instead ol being compelled lo submit to ihe nrices ofiored by speculators, whose intimate Knowledge ol the wnnls of Manufacturers. and whose nicer iudgmem in tno nriicli's. has given them great advantage, and often ctiinpelled n great sacrifice on the part ol ihe Farmer. The city of New. York being by far th greatest market whero Manulnclurers find a sale for llioir fabrics, it is placed beyond n Hunt), mat, it I lie growers and dealers in Wool, avail themselves, extensively o this opportunity of ofloring their Woof for sale", it will bring together, os purchaser, nil the principal Manufacturers of llio North, ern Slates: and give, not only to the buyer and seller every advnnlago that can 'be offered, but regularity and Mabiliiy to the market which has not before existed in this country, and which in other wool growing countries has been productive of ihu greoi C6t benefit lo all classed. Satisfactory reference given on nppli. cat ion, nnd In those who desire it, an odvauco in cash for u limited Pound wil" ho made. Persons wishing in limit tt., wool in price, will have the ndvnntnirn ol a private sale in the bet market, i? the prices nt public sale nhoiild not rench then expectation. Persons wishing to enter their Wool f,.i Sale, ure desired to correspond early with tho subscriber. JOHN A. PARKER New York, July III, 1 1137. Corner of Wnll & Soul It Strayed or Stolen, C1IIOM ihu fiiti.rriher, lit this vllUjr, on nr J- idioiii ihe 24ilinf iMiiy In. I, n pule re I or yellow, feiiow COW, lx jrars olilj olim built lliin m IMi in dm limp; fit t(e if nny while ex rrpiiim small ppnls iimiilu ill? pft hind Irg, nnd prrhiip nfihr risjlit nlo; mn ill linrns, one, (ilif lefi, it Is IipIk-vpiI,) mm Inch or iwo sliorler lli.m llie nllirr, nnd it llllle lopped the li,iir ut llio nmt of llietn worn nlf with n mpp nt die lime fIi; left Inline, If ciimed, whnrvcr will relmn tier nt give iiifnim.ilion wliein flip innv lie found, ili,ill bt. hi,, enillv iPwind.Ml : if sliilen, ulinepr will ink,- lip inio pnst'ssinii nnrl inrnrm llie nili'C-riliir, niny ron sidrr liimelf liniphy iifttlioi izel in di'pua nf her nt ni-li value, nnd iPliii'o oin-fuiirih llie innotinl j or, for informal inn of lmd.1 Cow nnd ilnef, one half llie ninoiint may be rpliiiieil. , 0. P. BROADWELL. Biirlinirinn, Anj. 18,1837. NAILS. Kegs Nails, assorted sizos. a superior article, ins', received on consignment, and for .sale nl the lowest nncehv II. M. GIDDINfJS. Burlington. Pearl si. June 2ls, 1337. Hearth Brushes at 'M 1-2 and fiO cts. each, for snlo at the Variety Shop. July 21. I'Xnoborn Si Br'insmaio. a Package low priced American Prints just received by LATHItOP & Potvin. fl i n c s 1) u r g h A c a d e m y; rjlHE full term of this Institution will X commence on Monday the 21st of August. The Board of trustees have engaged A. J. Samson, A. B to toko the ch,irge of the Institution ns Pteceptnr. Tuition. For common English branch es 3.50, for the higher brnnches, including ihe languages C$4.00, French will be taught on t-amc conditions as other lan guages. Board and incidentals will bo furnished on reasonable terms. Such books as nro used in the Academv can be purebnsed in this villcgo, ii dented. rtlr. bamson comes recommended with testimonials which give the Trustees full confidence in his ability and skill inteach. tog, and Irom his experience in kindred Institutions, wo flatter ourselves 'hat those who favour him with their patronage will not be disappointed. F. WILLSON, Sec. Hinesbtirgh, July 2G, 1037. EXPERIMENT. Having hied two experiments ih'u pp;ipoii lhat uoikedvell, I have jtut been injured lo try a third of ihe same kind, which when lold what it is, I lhink jon will pcifectlv iigipe wilh me in Ibcoen liini'in. It is now no less or tnoie than this: I wciu olT lo New Vnik io .Mairh and gnt a few New Cnnds nml miM iheni for i-ali, iIipii in Jlny I tiled the ntm thing ncr, nnil found it to work equally well; then heiirin; that lliere was a great iii.ui v pieilv New (ioods to bp sold veiy clie.ip in New Yoik fir cish, I wns n(T and sol a lot, tear hvj. ihey would soon he de.trer, which every body sna will hp the cusp by and bje, without llie limes 1,'Ht heller, for inn know ihey nieso h.ird llie F.-ic-tones and people cnniml woi'k now. I am n fiiend 10 iiinle nml hope nil those u ho wish lo buy will come anil help mo on in the experiment nnil get mch ihins .is ihey want while ihey cm, for if no nioie goods i-hotilii lie made, it would lie n sieat pit) lo he obtined io j.,, wiihuul. .Mv Experiinent i not like ihe spe.-ie lininluig m, h.ilf . lui-hiess ol hioiiig ihiiiiiJi the insiei liivs, bin N " wiiir.iut- 011 io hoih Phow o'ul and ivear out, in ihe doing of ihe which die ip?nli, scdinieiii nml deporite pin diicpil, is ihe ipiiI in help m In; desiieil, viz : Hap pims, conifliii ami eiijoMnenl. All in lie lia.l hy nppUoig nt ihe (;iic.i)-l"iifh!on.ible-KaiH-y-l)ry-( inuil.ii iid -mnsi g-neial-Vinieiy-Sloi f.lo.lip-'lounil in-ihe.(iueiiiincnl, kepi hv BARLi HOWARD. Bin linglon, Julv 20 1S37. NEW GOODS AGAIN. LOVELY & ABBOTT have just ree'd from New York- an assortment of I'onoeo nnd fancy Ildkls, Ladies' plain open work and K d CJ'nves, Bonnets and 15 -ii net Ribbons Silk. &c . French work, ed Capes mid Collars, Thread Ei'gmgs and In-eriiiigs, Umbrellas, Ladies' and Mi-sea I'arasolls, French iMu-Iiiip. nnd Ginghams, Calicoes, Tickings, Sheetings and Shirt ings, &c. &c. Burlington, July 20, 1837. BUHXiING-TON Stereotype Foundry. 11 E St ereoi vpo Foundry forrnoriv ca'- ried on under the agency of G. T. Eaton has passed into the bands of II. Johnson &. Co., nnd it will in future bo carried mi in connection with their Book and Job Olli'ie. Lend of all sizes nml ll'ntiks of all k'utls furnished to order, c great variety ol cuts, large nnd small, nu band, and in fin,-, a; I K mils' of work tiMially called lor in a similar establishment, done with neatness nnd dcs' tch. All orders addressed to Ihu linn will be promptly at tended to. II. JOHNSON & Co. Borlingtnn. July 19, 1337. Work Boxes, Dressing Case Perfume Cases, niudo of Rose Wood, fur nished or unfurnished, for snlo nt the Voriety Shop, also, While Wood nnd other kinds ol work boxes unfurnished. P.OfillUIl.N &, Bki.vsmaii). July 14. Far well's Gaiter Boots, Walk ing Shoes. Lndu'H Misses English nnd 1.1. I. 1- . CSI ti .. rreoen ivio Diips. uentienicns pumps, Childrens Shoes, &o., constantly kept and for nio by Lovki.y & Aiiiiott. Ehuxir Vegetable Balsamique N. II. DOWN'S VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXER For Uoonhs, Colds, Consumption, Cataih Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other diseases oftho huad, ,dmst und lungs, Pam,)blotN containing a history oftho mod icinc a sketch nf thn disuasos for which is is reeomiunndcd certificates from unques tionable sources ampin directions, nnd much othur important information accompanying each bottle may ho had of any of tho Agen eics, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druccist, St.' Al bans, Vl wholesale Agent and joint proprie tor. Tho following am espouially appointed retail Agenls. Burlington Lathrop h Pol win, Janes,' Stliilh Jt Co. and It., Moody. JIintsiurgh-,. S. ,t. f). O. Wdler. .Villon Wellington, Whltnoy ii Co., Clark IJnardnian k Co. Charltlll S.IIIHIhI II. Hmt nnrl mn other respnrlabln Druggist-, Ac. in thn cntin- lm,ry J St Albans, Jnl.y 1?, 1330. if

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