Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 8, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 8, 1837 Page 4
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REMOVAL. I jTTAVING dissolved toy connexions $JOL in bti!i rics? with Mr. Abbott, niil$ -removed In the west sub: of I he Square,? 51 would tender my sincere thanks tumyS itViciuN nml llin public lor I he pntrnnnprjF 2.'"!' the past year, und respectfully toh.v it h continuance, nnd the pood offices? Jul nil who wish me well. I nm now funking, nnd design to keep on hand, n' jL'nniJ assortment of Cabinet Furniture &, Chairs -adapted to the market. & shall endeavor ito mokn the now cdtnblic limunl worthyt nt" public confidence nnd s.uppnrt. WcM. siue Court llou'c Squnrn. t P. K. PANGIJOltN. $ Z Burlington, Oct. 3. 11130. ESTABLISHMENT. fl"RHE subscribers respectfully irifnrin llio f ulilic l!i:it thoy hnvo formed n copart nership unilcrthn firm nf IIEKKICK, rilltlSTOPIIKIt & CO. for iho purpose of iiinnufacluring nnd selling Piano Fortes, in all their varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, touch, and tone, to any manufactured in the United Slates. Tho operative pail ofthe firm have had along and thorough practice in tho best establishments in Boston. Philadelphia, nnd Now. York, nnd feci wirrnnled by n competent knowledge of tho business, in recommending their Instruments equal in all respects to any in market. Amateurs in music nnd others are requested to call at thu Ware Rooms, Cor nor nf Cbamplnin and MncDonough Streets, and examine the instruments constantly on hand, consisting of a yuricly of plain and tich Mahogany Case, and superior hnvy toned, Roso Wood, with the highly approved grand action, whiuh produces a splendid clearness nnd brilliuncy of tone unknown to others' All orders by letter or otherwiso directed to Ly man & Cole, for Piano Foitcs, Tuning, or any oilier business connected with such an eslnl lishment, will be promptly attended to. Old instruments luncd and repaired un reasonable terms. HI HAM IIKRRICK. Wm, H.CHRISTOl'HEH, LYMAN k COLE. Burlington, Vt., 24Jd February, 1837. T A It . Barrels, just received by S J Sf'j If PECK it Co 'E would lutorm our customers thai we are constantly receiving additions to nnr slock of goods, nnd thai we mean, as usual, In keep our assortment good. If those who have nut cnllcd lately will just step in, i hey will find we hnvo not been bockwnrd in attempting to keep up the variety. Our goods are purchased by n brother of one fw our firm when wo no not go our eclvpf who rnsidi.-s in New York, nnd line purchased goods for us several years. We shnll be pleased to shew or pell goods to ny one who asks to rce or buy them, at Hie Variety Shop Aug. 17. Panohojin & Brinsmaid. Common Manufactured Quills, nl wholesale or letail al the Variety Shop. July 21. Panobohn k Uimnsmaid. DR. HORACE HATCH. OFFERS his services in the ;nhabitnnt6 of Burlington mid vicinity, in the prnrtice of Medicine nnd Surgery. Office in Church Street, opposite the Bank of Burlington. Burlingion, July 1. Ift37. SALT. Bush. Conrse Western Salt. 1000 do Turk's Island do 500 Bbls. Finn do 200 do Coarse do by J. & J H. 1' & Co- READY PEN MWKERS. to make a pen al one cul. Just received al the Variety Shop, a fow of tho useful and ingenious instru ments. AgtA persons can make Pens with them without Spectacles. For salo at the Va. riety Shop. PANGBORK k BRIKSMAID. BONNETS. A Few Florence, Tuscan, and Grecian Cnltngc Bonnets, received this week, and selling nt very reduced prices by the subscribers. Latiirop & Potwin. Julv 7. 1837. St. Albans, Montreal, Essex, nnd Manchester Bank Bills taken nl par for Goods by L. Curtis & Co. June 30. Pomatum and Hair Oils, of most approved kinds, for snle at ! ho Variety Slmn. I'ANonniiN &. BniNSMAin. WANTED, A Few To 113 good Table Duller, for which tho highest market price will be paid bv Latrop 5 Potwin. July 7,"l837. ESTRAY. CAME into the onc'osuro ofthe subscri bers, nn the Crii inst., n Bay two or hree year old Mnrc, with two while fmtt and n star in the forehead. Thu owner is requested In prove propeity, pay charges, and take her uwnv. 'S. & M. R.BEACil. St. fienrgn. July 2-1. 1 1137. butter! GOODS nt the luwest prices will bo paid for nny amount of Butter, deliv ered at their Store. Jnlv 27. li CURTIS & Co. NOTICE. THE subscribers have formed a copnrt. llHrshiii nR AttornipH nnd Councillors at Law, Officu west side Court House Square. J. MAECK. D A. SMALLEY. Burlington, July 21. 1837. 3w l ASS SCYTHES. rilHE subscribois have Just received n A few dozen McNamarPH Shear nnd German Steel Scythes, ol n superior qual ity, Lqvri.y & Aiinorr. Cod Fish and Mackerel "hist received and fur sale by LOVELY k ABBOTT. JuV 20. 1837. N. E. RUiJ. Mhds. Boston N, E. Rum, just mkM landed, for sale by J &l i. II. Peck & Co. IilFJB! lilFBILiIFE. on. jon a. mookk's IZwtntt of 2Ufe. 40 OK.TJTS PEli BO'i TLE rnHE most highly esteemed mcdiemo that JL has over been discovered for curing Coul'Iih. Colds nnd whoon'tug coul'Ii. which, if taken at the commencement of tho disease, may be curuil in n short time. Tho following are a few of morn than n thousand RECOMMENDATIONS. The undersigned ministers of the Go.pcl in lliu countv of Windhum. Vt. knowing tlio sal utnrv chlcacv, of Dr. Jonathan Moore's Es sence of Life," having used il ourselves and in our families, consider il a valuable composi tion ; particularly useful and eTicatiousin re moving c.omnlaints of tho lungs, and indeed n safo and restorative medicine in tho various diseases named in tho Doctor's accompany label; and do most cheerfully recommend its general use, bclioviiijjit well worthy llio pat' rona'fc ofthe public. Sinned llosea Ilccklv. Dummurston : Syl vestur Sago, Westminster J Jed. L. Stark, Brnlllebnro; Elisha D. Androws, Puluoyj Chandler Dates, Philctus Clark. October 9, 182G. To nil whom il mail concern Wo, the undersigned Physicians, who have proved the efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mooio's Essence ol Life, conceive il our duly to pal. ionize the medicine, and uro of opinion that if iiencrnlly used, il will bo of public utility. Signed Abel Duncan, Samuel Stearns, Diiinmerslon ; Jonathan Badgur, Wm. I own! festmnisicr ; C. IV. Chandler, Andovcr Prcbcotl Hall, Chesterfield. (JThe above medicine is pre pared by HENRY SEYMOUR, of flndlcy Mays, from the original leeipo, by the diicction of said Moore, nnd sold by him ai'd thep.inci. pal Dinggists in tlio United btalcs. ttjAs there are many spurious articles in circulation, fur the benefit of the public, ho wil give the following CAUTION This may certify tonll whom it may concern thai I, Hie subscriber, residing ill lladlcy.rwass. have made un improvement, iu tho med cine invented by me, nnd denominated "Dr. Jona than MooreV Essence of Life,'' and have com- muniralrd the llrcipn to Henry Seymour of said I lad Icy, und to him only. J ho United Stales is full of the sophisticated article, any this is to give notice to the public that if they wish for the gcuuino Essence of Life, thud must apply to said Seymour or his agents nnd be particular to inquire for that prepared by Henry Seymour. Dr. J. Moore. Hadley. Sept. 9, 1833. Sold, wholesalo and retail, by J. k J. H. PECK k Co. liurlinglun, wholesale agents for the slnto of Vermont. UIFOrders will rcceivo ptompl attention, and any quantity of Medicine immediately furnish, ed. This tncdicino is put in boxes of one or two dozen each, convenient and safe for trans, portation, ami labelled with the namo of Hen ry Seymour, Hadicy, Mass. April 14 Cm Minn Insurance Company. RlllK subscriber continues to insure nil a kinds of renl and personal property as agent for said Company, to whom ap plication may nt nil tunes be made at Ins Office in Burlington. The established reputation of ibis Company for stability, fairness nnd liberality in their dealings. needs no further commendation. Wm. A. Gntswoi.n. Burlington. Anrl f I83fi. The Sick mans Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real genuine ll vgeinnUniversnl Me dicine of the British College of Ilenllli, in packages of 1, 2, or 3 dollars, con be ob tained in this town, only ol the regularly appointed Agent. As you value " hualth, which is life," see that you get the genuine Pills; they are signed b. Gage at present, (but will soon bo signed H. Fitch) State Agent, and A. Urmsmniu, sub agent lor Burlington, Vt. all others are base coun lerfeits. For the convenience of the pub lic, they will be, with thu Powdeis nnd a Hvgcian Book, kept at tin- Variety Shop. A. BRINSMAID. Agent for Burlington, Vt. Rigging, Cordage, &c. a(1lTVfin UOILS Russia. Mnuilln nnd WW Tarred Riggings, nf all des, cnp'.ions. Camberlines, Cod Lines, Mar lit) and bail Thread, by J. & J. FI. PECK &. Co. BURLINGTON Stereotype Foundry, iTftUE Stereotype Foundry formerly car afe rted on under the agency of G. T. Euton has passed into the hands of II. Johnson & Co., and it will in future be carried mi in connection with their Book and Job Office. Leads of all sizes and Blanks nf all kinds furnished to order, a great variety of cuts, largo anil small, on hand, and in fine, all kinds nf work usually called lor in a similnr establishment, done with neatness and despatch. All orders addressed to the firm will he prompt lv at tended to. II. JOIINSOiN &Co. Burlington. July 10, 1837. Work Boxes, Dressing Cases Perfume Coses, made of Rose Wood, fur nished or unfurnished, for sale nt the Vorioly Shop, also, Whito Wood and other kinds of work boxes unfurnished. Pancdohn & Diu.tsMAiP. Julv 14. Elexir Vegetable Balsamiqut. N. IT. DOWN'S VEGETABLE HALSAMIC EUXER For Coughs, Colds, Corisiiinn'ion, Cntaih Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other diseases of llio head, chest und lungs. Pain,)hlcls containing a history of tho med icine a sketch of tho disoasos for which is is recommended certificates from unques tionable sources amplo direction!, and much other important infnruiatinn accompanying each buttle may bo had of any of Iho Agon eies, gratis. J. CUHTIS, Druirpist, St." Al bans, Vt. wholesalo Agent nnd joint proprie tor. The following aro especially appointed retail Agents, lhirliniton Lalhrop & Potwin, Janes, Smith & Co, and H.Moodv. Hinnburzhh. S. &. D. G, Wcllor. Milton Wellington, Whitney Ac Co., Clark iionruiuan u Uo, Charloiu Samuel H. Barnes, and mosti other respuctablo Druggists, 4c. in the couu iry. St. Album, July 12,1336. tf WJJVOOSKI HOUSE. J. A. WXtAEY, r.nleof the Trcmant Hotel, milhton, VI ) TOjAS tho pleasure of Informing his friends UL and tho Public that ho has leased tho above establishment, which has been thorouglis ly repaired, and furnished in the best possible mannor, and is now open for the reception of Company. Ho wiil bo found nt nil times ready to sup ply tho wants of all thosu who may favor him with n call, (villi the best tho market affords, and hopes (by his desire to please) to merit, and receive the patronage of a liberal Public. Strangers and nil those wishing to visit the extensive mnnufncluring operations now in progress nt tlic Wiuooski Falls, aro informed tint n catriago will run for Passengers from Burlington Court House Square, to this IIou;c, three limes a day, (and oflcncr if required through tho season. A Livery Slublo is in connexion with this establishment where Horses nnd Carriages can bo had, at all times, on rcnsonablo terms. Winonki, May 25th, 1837. Wheat Bran and Shorts. 1W IIlCKOK & July 12, 1837. HOTEL. JOHN A. JHNNKR. TOULD respectfully in- T T I form the citizens of Bur linglon n iiri vicinity, nnd the travelling public, that he has taken, repaired, and fitted up in good style, the house lonnerly kept by Mr. Harrington nnd subsequently by Mr. Cady, on the East side of water street, nt tho head nf the Stenm Bunt Wharf, and opposite Messrs Follett nnd Brndleys Stone Store. Ilnving had much experience in thu business Mr. J. Antlers himself that he will he nble to give satisfaction to nil who may 'nvor him with n call. His Bar and table will be supplied with the best that the market nfinrds, and his house, barns und sheds, for convenience, arc not infciior to tboc of his neighbors. Steam Boat pa.pngcrs will be waiter) on lo and from the Boats, nnd their bag gage conveyed and taken care of free of charge, and stage pnssenge-s, from every direction, bo sef down at this house, with out any additional tare. Horses and carnages will be furnished 0 any who wnnt them to do business at any part ofthe villngs or town, at reason able prices. Determined to spare no pains to merit, Mr. J. hopes to receive, a share of the public patronage. Burlington. Mnv 10. 1837. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. jTRiHE subscriber, informs his old Customers 4 and the Public, that he has resumed the Watch and clock business. in the Morse Houso I door north of thu Jail ,East side Church St. where he is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as formerly nnd on as good terms as his Neighbors. Ho will also keep for ale on commission, one and eight day Brass and Wooden Clocks, as low as can bo had in town and warranted. Call and see. A. BRINSMAID. Burlington, May 1C, 1837. Looking Glasses, Portrait & Picture frames &c. THE Subscriber has now ready for sale and will be constantly nianti'neiiuing n splendid assortment, of LOOKING GLASSES, from 25 cts. to 18. made by the best city workmen, and will be sold at New York prices, nt wholesale or retail. Portrait and picture frames, and all gold work in the line, done on short nonce nnd in iho best manner at his factory over the Hardware nnd Drug Store. R. Moonv. CLASS. i nfin Boxes Chamnlnin, Peru andJcr- iuuvj jco Gjasg 300 Redlord. Sarnunc and Clinton Crown Do. by J.& .1. PECK & CO. Hay Rakes and Forks. T Y the dozen or single JLf J.&J.II. Peck & Co. June 21. WOOL. riMIE Winooski Mills of Burlington will J. take WOOL to work on shares, or exchange for Snttincltea on Delivery of the wool. NEW MEAT MARKET. rilHE subscribers having opened a Moat M. Market, at Mrs. Durkeo's old stand, on Church. Street, ask iJie patronage of the public, as they intend at least, to try to give satisfac tion, to all those who may boj disposed to fa vont them with theircuslom Will iho citizons ofBurlington and vicinity (who wish to buy Meat,) just givo them an opportunity to re deem their pledge. ALFUEI) PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. N. B. sii paid for Sheep and Lamb's Pelts Farmers having fat Cattle, Calves, Hogs, Sheep and Lambs, aio invited to call on the subscribers. A. k D. PITKIN, Hut linglon, June 23, 1837. PRUNES, Ctl rou, English Currants, Bunch llaisins, Brandy and Ginger Preserve Dales, Lemons, 'Ouiugen, A I inonds, Filberts, &c. &,c, nf superior dual ities, constantly on hand by the online liters LATIIItOP ft POTWIN. Farwell's Gaiter Boots, Walk- ing Shoes, Ladies & Misses English und rreiicn ivtu onps, ucnticmens pumps Childrens Shoes, &.c, constantly kept and lor silo uy lovely & Adbott, EXPERIMENT. Having ti id two experiments tliU rriiron thai wnrked well, I have jiul hern induced lo try n third of the came kind, which when lold ulnil it it, I think jou will prifccllv ngiee wilb inc in ibcscn. tiinciil. Il in now no le.-t or inme limn this! I twin off in New Yur1 in Almrh and got n few New (ii)uilfl nnd oM them for cnidi, then in INIiiy I tiled llio s.une lliing oer, mid found it lo vtulk equally well; llicn hearing lli;il iherc was n great many inetly New Gond.1 lo be cold very cbc.ip in New York fur c.ish, I was off und got u lot, lenr ing llicy would soun be de.iier, which eciy body says will be llic ra?o by nnd bye, without the limes gel heller, for von know they iitcro hard llic Fac tories nml people cnumil wotk now. I ,ini ii fiiend lo Irmle nml hope nil iIiojh who wish to buy ti ill rnnie mid help inn on In llic experiment und get Mich lliing-4 as they wmil while llicy cm, fur if no nunc giiiiils slimilil be made, il would he n gical pity to be obliged lo go without. y Experiment is nut like the specie humbug no half way business of slilninir liiriHiub llic iiuilertices. hut m warrant rd lo both show out und wear out, in the doing of llio which l lie irsuli, sediment .nut tlcposite pro duced, U the real article to be de.'iied, viz : Hap pines", com furl and enjoyment. Allot be hud tiy tipplung at llic Clie-ip-Fiishinmible-Fiiucy-Ory-(Jood-iiiid-niost genera I-Viii' in-llic-Govcriimcnl, kept tiy S. EARL HOWARD. NOTICE. rTMUS may certify, that I have given to JL my son Joseph Rnsco, his tune during his minority, and I shall pay no debts of his contracting nor claim nuv of his earnings after tins date. PETE It RUSCO. Enoibtirgh. July 1, 1837. CONSUMPTION! Asthma ! and Catarrh ! In that long train of discoscn which seem to grow with the growth of civilized society, CONSUMPTION takes the lend in its "relentlesi inroads upon human life ; yet this dreadful disorder is easily overcome in its earlier stages. It is only when neg lected that it arrives at the terrific mnluri. ty which so olien baffles the sagacity of protos'sionai science, in oosumue r.ougn is the customary forerunner of the pulmo nary consumption. Improper neglect in llio timely ndmiuistrntion of simple and snlulary remedies, i- sure to be reproved by a dreadful puct'cssion nf consumptive symioms: oppression o.f the breast ; green ish nnd bloody spittle ; tifserutcd lungs nnd hectic fever; shrivelled i'.M remit ic. nnd general emaciation of Iho whole body; prostration of strength ; flushed cheeks; swollen feet and legs ; and at last, in full possession of tho menial fncullies-f nnd while hope still whispers her flattering' tale cold extremities, and a premature death. For the various stages of lliis complaint, one of the most approved remedies ever yet discovered is Dr. Rclfc's Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, and yet equally safe and innocent, preparation, ha; effected thnrough and rapid cures upon patients supposed to have been fur ad vanced in a confirmed Consumption, and who have exhibited tho appearances which usually indicate a fatal termination of the diforder. DR. RELFE'S PILLS havo also ob tained i lie highest character as n Pcctorial Medicine. oiTording the most unexpected relief to those labouring under the com mon Cnigh, occasioned by acrid humors irrilniiug the throat, or by deductions on the lungs symtoms which deprive the stif. fercr of sleep, and gradually introduce the long train nf Pulmonary affections. The Pills appease the cough, promote easy ex pectoration, very essentially relieve, and often entirely cure the most obstinate and distressing cases. Common Catdf are usu oily removed by the Pills iu a few hours. In the harraesing and suff icating com plaint of the asthma, the Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect a radical euro, in ill iie Asthmatic attacks characterized by difficulty of breathing, tightness and stricture across the breast and in the lungs, oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, hoarseness costivcncss, and many other asthmatic symptoms. As the Pills require in ordinary cases no confinement, they may bo administered with confidence and safety to all ages and clashes nf people. Unexampled success lias hitherto nttended their administration in u great variety of cases; and the Pro prietor can refer to a multitude, winch testify to their efficacy in reviving the emaciated victim from the bed of disease, and restoring linn lo the blossings of nc customed licnlih and activity. THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Jlclfe's Jlsthmtitic and Conutmptive Pills, exhibited in the fultowing caics. 0A Physician, M. D. and Druggist, recently writes: "The Asihmnlic Pills (Relfu's) are invariably well spoken of by those who use them.'' ID Mrs. , of this city, was throe years seriously nfllicted with consumptive symp toms, as pain in the side, nlmoU perpetual cough, spitting of blood, general debility, &c. in this distressing stule, unable to sit up, and not expecting to live many days she was advis'cd to lako Dr Relic's Asth malic Pills, and also Dr. Jebb's Liniment be applied to her side, which she did, and to the astonishment of every one, in n Bhort time she was perfectly restorad to health. inj" A Lady from Framingham, was se verely nfllicted with cough, spitting of blnod, and general debility, on taking two bntilcs nf these Pills, and one box of Dr. Relfe's Antibilious Pills, was restored to perfect head h. tJITAn elderly person in this vicinity, who hnd suffered much for yenrs by a must distressing asthma, had tried almost every thing reenmmended, which only at limes gave tempornry reliof, nnd usually a innre violent return of her coinplniul, linn recent ly made use nf the obovo Pills wilh more beneficial effects than uuy thing she has ever used before. ID" A Young Lady nt M , had been troubled with n very bad cough, so violent ns nl times to rnck and harrnss her ex ceedingly ; a consumption wan fenred, (as hor mother had died of that cuinpluutl) -slii) was immediately relieved, und sub sequently entirely cured by Dr. Relfe's Asthmatic Pills. Nono genuine unless signed nn Iho outuidn printed wrapper by the talc Propri. elor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor to the late Dr, W. T. Conway. For sale, with all the other "Conway Medicines," ot his Counting Room, No. 90, next dnor to J. Kidder's Drug Store, corner of Court nnd Hanover streets, near Concert Hall, Boston; and bv his special appointment, by J. Si J. II. PECK &. Co., Burlington Vt. NOTICE TO RHEUMATIC INVALIDS PERSONS suffering under F htumatic Af. fection arc respectfully assured , that they can obtain of the proprietor and his agents a safe and admirablo remedy for IUIF.UMA" TISM, however obflinato tho disorder may be, and in all its different stages. 1?DR JBB'S Rheumatic Liniment! will nfTord immediate relief to tho patient, and has sometimes been attended with such extra ordinary success as to euro thu most distics sing Rheumatism in twcnty'Jour hours, oven when of years standing. This highly valuable Liniment is recom mended with a confidence founded on tho ex perience of many years, not only as a cure for that excruciating discaso, but as an excellent application for Stiffness of the joins, Numd nnss, Strains, Ciiildi.ains, &c. Among a mass of testimony in favour of tho success of the Liniment, as a thorough rctno. dyfor Rheumatism, the proprietor selects the following as p:escnling genuine instances of its efficacy Aeio and surprising cafes. O A gentleman, Mr. R. of Charlcstown, fwho can bo referred to had been confined to un bed most of tho lime lor n week, sufTerinir mostexcruciatiog pain from Rheumatism; al. ler having had recourse to the round of anti dotes usually resorted to in tuts complaint, but without bcueril ; and while in this statu of suffering, and no prospect of rebel, Mr. Caleb Symmcs, who was Ins neighbour, nnd who owing to the extraordinary benefit ho had lumscll experienced Irom its uso.J recommend ed llic arliclo with such confidence as induced Mr. R. to make use ofil, which he did, with Iho usual success attending its administration. viz : immediate mitigation of pain relief und cure ! 0Mr. T. of this city, was attacked with a very violent Rheumatism in his back, which an application of this Liniment on going to bed instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes ho never used any thing which gavo him so much and so great relief. 0"An old Revolutionary Officer near Bos ton, was sorely nfllicted for years with rheu matic complaints, especially in hii joints and limbs, which were frcqncnlly much swollen, could obtain ooly temporal1 relief from med ical advice, or tho use of various icmcdies, and had dispiircd ol help ; when a friend who had wimcssed the wonderful cfiecls of ihii Lini ment, advised him to make use of it, which he did. with the most happy effect ; u reduced the swelling in one night. J his article is considered so superior lo every thing ilse, and'lo possess suchuncommon virtues, that it is ordered from distant parts of the coun try. CJ"An recenfly writes : "PJcaro send me a furlho'r supply of jebb's Liniment the first onnortunilv I shall probably sell a consider able quantity, as it is recommended by some of our physicians very Highly. 0Anothor agent writes ; "I wish you to forward mo some more of Jebb's Liniment, whico has recommended it.self very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle. Tho Painful and Debilitating Complaint of THE PILES receives immadiato relief, and in numerous in stances lias been thoroughly tho administration of iiumfmrs' ncMF.nv fok the riLr.s". THIS approved compound also mitik!llcs and removes the symptoms which fre quently accompany that disorder, and increase llio danger ofthe patient, viz. ; pains in Loins Headache loss of nppolile Indigestion, and other marks of debility. A relieved Patient writes from a dislanco, "It is but justice lo you lo inform you, that 1 havo used your Dumfries remedy for tho Piles for sometime past, and havo found it cm. incntly successful." An Officer in Iho Army observes "I Imvo been troubled for years with the Piles, nnd have never found any remedy that would comparo with yours. It gavo mo al must immediate relief," A Physician and Druggist writes. "1 havo sold all tho medicine you sent me, which is so highly recommended for tho Piles. I wish you to send mb one dozen more by the bearer." Tho remedy is quilo innocont, and may bo administered to all ages and both fcxos Plain and amplo Directions, with a description of tho complaint, accompany cacli package, which consists of two boxes, ono containing an Ointment, and tho other an Electuary. Price $1 for both u'rlclcs, or 50 cunts whero but one is wantid. Price $1 a bottle, or C bottles for $5. Nono pcr.uinn unless signed on the outside printed wrapner by tho sole Proprietor, T. KIDDER, immediate mcccssor to tho late Di. V. T. Conway For salo, wilh all the other "Conifni Medicines," at his Counting Room, No. 99, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store, comer of Court and Hanover slrools. near Concert Hall, Boston ; and by bis spe cial appointment, by J. k J. II. PECK & Co., Burlington Vt. DR. HRANDRETII Wants no institution, no monopoly, no charter, he being quite satisfied to rest on the patronage ofthe public for Ihc success of his grand, father's VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL PILLS, Established in England, 1751. "Science should contribute lo tho comtbit, health, and happiness of mankind,"' THESE celebrated vegetable Pills of which EIGHTY THOUSUND BOATS have been sold iu N. York since July, 1035, aro now recommended by thnuaiidsof persons whom they havo cured nf Consumption, Influenza Dyspepsia, Headache, 7'ains and a sense of fullness in Iho back part nf tho Head, usually llio symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundico. Fever and Ague, Bllhous, Scailct, Typhus, Yellow, nod common Fevers of all kind, Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous diseases, Liver complaint, Pleurisy, Inward Weakness, De pression of the Spirits, Ruptuics, lullamatinn, Soro Eyc, Fur, Pn.y, Dropsy, Small Pox, Measles, Croup, Couulis, Whooping Cousli, Quinzy, Cholie, Choloramorhus, Gravel, Worms, Dysentary. Doafness, Ringing Noises in llio Head, Kings Evil, Scrofula, Erysipelas, or St. Anothy's Fire, Sail Rhnuin, White, Swellings, Ulcers, somo of SO years standing Cuncers, Tumors, Swelled Feet nnd Legs, 'lies Cnstivcnrss, a II eruptions of tho skin, Frightful Dreams, Fcmalo complaints of every (kind, especially obstructions, relaxitions, &c: 7500 testimonials havo been received from individuals of iho highest respactnbllily. Thoy in facl prove, by tho cures Ihey mako, tlml tlicro is no necessity for any other medi cine. Although Dr. B, has enumerated by namo llio above diseases, hois nevertheless ofopin. on with his grandfather, tho laic celebrated Dr Wm Brandrclb, ihat there is only onodis. case, nn impurity of tho blood, which by im peding tho circulation, brings on inflamation and consequent derangement 'n Iho organ or part whero such impurity of llic blood settles ; and that it is Iho different appearances which this inflamation or derangement put on, that hnvo caused medical men to designato such appearances by various names, but which aro in fuel, only Iho s.itno disease, with moro or less virulence, Dr Wm Brandrclb was so fully convinced of Iho truth ofthe above sim plo theory, that ho spent 30 years in experi ment and laborious research into ihc medicinal properties of tho numerous plants composing" the Vegetable Kingdom ; his object being (o compose a medicine which should al once pu rify, and pioduco by specific action, a removal of nil bad humors from tho blood by tho etom. ach and bowels, as by the continuation of iho uso of such a medicine, such humors arc sure to bo cariicd off, nnd the blood assume a stalo of polity : and whoever lakes theso Pills, and perseveres with them, will be satisfied thai Dr Wm Brandrclb fully attained his philanthrop ic object. Il is now an absolute and knowrc.i fact. thai every disease, whether it be in the head or feet, in tho brain or meanest member; whether it bo on outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, aro all, though arising from many causes, reducible to this onu grand effect, namely, impurity of blood. In nil cases they will bo found a snfa and simplu remedy, yet all powerful for the rcmo--vnl of disease, whether chronic or recent, in lections or otherwise ; and what makes them particularly adapted to this country, is that there is not tho slightest liability lo cold when taking them, indeed tho system is absolutely less susceptible of cold when under their influ. dice, than ninny other time llicrclbio in this cliniato they are invaluable. Neither do they require change of diet or caro of any kind. In Kngland these Pills have been Iho only medicine of many families for periods varyiog from forty to sixty y;cars and havo always p.-oved effectual ir. restoring health whenovor an abcrialion fiom it has occurred. In many cases where the dreadful ravages of ulceration had laid bare ligament and bono' and where to all appearance no human rucaiH could save life, have patients by Iho use of these pills been rclorcd to good health, iho devouring discisc having been perfectly erad icated. In consequence oflho pleasantness ofthoir operation, and the doso not generally being required lo bu more than four or fivu pills (merely hnepiriL' in view tho drain upon Ihc humors,) they are fast superseding every olhu preparation of piofus.-ed similar import. Case.", may occur whcio it will bo proper to tako twenty or oven thirty or moro pills ; this must bo considered with reference lo highly inflam matory disease, or when great pain is experi enced. As Bandrelh's Pills prevent Scurvy, Cos. tiveness nnd its consequence-', seafaring mon, and all travellers to foreign regions, should not bo without Ihem, in order to resort lo on every occasion of illness. N. B. Time or climate nlfoctslhcm not. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicine ono which will ensure health lo tho people o; their e-tates. CANCERS. Several cases of euro oan bo rofrricd to. the euro is suro if perseverance i.4 used. CONSUMPTION. Reference can bo ma Ji to numbeis who havo been cured in New.York nnd Brooklyn, of this disease. VINDICATION. Dr Brandreth has been assailed bv ihc proprietors of other medicines as a mercenary quack, because ha is caid to recommend his mcdicino in large ouanliiiei. and that no good medicine is sa required. Tho fact is, mat nny nicuicine having Mercu ry, Arsenic, Antimony, or Hemlock in il tonic not bo taken in arge dojrs. because if it were, such medicines would destroy life at once. He does not say the medicines lo which he al ludes have those ingredients in Ihem, but it i?- evident, fiom thoir ilirbctions, that great caro' is required in tho taking of them. Now,. Brandreth s Vegetable Universal t ills cm b taken at all times, in large or smnU doiw, ac cording to urgency of symptoms. buch is the reputation, and so great Ine de mand for the Genuine -Bradrclh's Vegetable Universal Pills,' ihat a counterfeit article in mudo, advertised nnd sold ns genuine anrt somo individuals whoscll tiio counterfeit pills have advertised themselves as my agents that I have ftiunu it necessary, to preservu tho rep ulatiou of mv pills, and save tho public from imposition, to furni-h every agent with a cer tificate, which is as I'ullows: "Ilrandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills." Sr.cuniTv aijai.nst Countf-hi-kith. The within named, Farrctfe Parmpcof Middletotvn, Conn, are my appointed Ge-u era! Agents for the Sinle of Vermont, Con necticut (except r airfield Co., Hampden, Hampshire vt Franklin Counties, Mass. ; Cheshire &. .Sullivan Counties. N. II. In the United Slates of America. And this letter, which is signed by me, R. Bhamiu:tii, in my own hand writing, must nlso be signrd by Itie within namect General Agent, whoso nnme will ol-o ap pear iu llin principal papers in the United Slates. This cnuiion has become absolute, ly necessary, to guard the public ogninst the numerous counterfeits which are out of the above popular medicine. . IJIIANDKL HI, M D. New York. Feb. 22. 1837. For sale bv S. E. HOWARD, Burling ton Fuller & Huntington, Richmond Fletcher &, Woodman. Willision J. T. Ainsworth, Millnn Potter. Cull, &. Co., Fairfax-L. Tyler, Es?e. L. Janes, Gcor. gin James Russell, bt. Albans F. V, (loiidrich, Swnniiin S. lv. Piatt, Highgnto Win tireen iv, Co., hheldnn Chnfler &. L"wis Berkshire, Thomng Fuller &. Son, Luiisbiirgh Armingtnn & Demi, Bakers field Tower & Oakes, Underbill G. B. Oakcs, Jerico. WE the subscribes having been appointed by tho Honorablo the probate Court for Iho district nf Chittenden Commissioners to rcceivo examine und adjust Iho claims and demands of nil persons against llio Estate of Joseph Brown, Into of Jericho, in said disttict deceased, Represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset there to nnd six months from the 17th day of July i k.j i uuiog nnoweu ior inui porposo ny sua Court do thciul'urc hereby give notice that w4 will attend lo the business of our appoint ment at the Into dwelling of tho deceassd in Jericho in said District on tho '25 1 h Day of Si'piuuiber and 2'Jd day of January Next, at IU o cloclt A. . I . u 1 1 each ot said days. Dated at Joriclio tliiw 31st dny of July A. D. 1337, I'KTttll niAilTIN, LUTHER BROWN. J Cornri.

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