Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 1, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 1, 1837 Page 2
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BULLETIN No. 2. Tuesday, Nov. 28. DIRKCT FROM ST. CIJ AltLUH. A vnrv ttilnllidonl nelil Ionian who left Sivnnloti this morning, l r 1 n p us news di reel from St. Charles to 10 o'clock A. AI nnd, from. St. MnryV, 14 iniloa frnm St Charles, to 5 o'clock P. M. on Saturday Up to llio liiuir ho loft St. Charles no nt tnck hn I been mado on tlinl pot , nor vvn ny cannonading heaid nt St. Mary's nt o'clock. Tlio pat riot force nn Saturday was known to ho 4000 nt St. Chatlus nnd 1500 nt St Denis, willi hourly acquisitions 'of men nnd munitions. Tlio government force, supposed to 700 hundred strong, limn Iny between St. Charles and Si. I)nnii This is nndniibtcdlv the first detachment I lint loft Montrrol. In regard to t ha fpc nnd detachment, our informant pays n re. port was current that they landed at Lnp gucuil with the intention of reaching St. Charles by land; but that they were assailed by the inhabitants from the hush and rond.sidc. nnd finally driven back to Longuciiil. This however ho give ns e port only. Rut, certain il is that thn do. tachmcnt had not been heard of in the vi :inity of St. Charles. T. S. Bitow.v com inanda the patriot forces in person, nnd is aid to bo in h.gli spirits. Our informant nlso cives ua the official patriot report of tlio St. Dennis engage tnent, which varies from our former report only in this; that the loyalists lost about ffiy in killed and wounded, and the Cntin dinns but seven. Tho loyalists tcft behind them, thirteen wounded, two pieces of cannon, 100 cannon balls, and a confident bio quantity of other munitions. It seems the attack was unexpectedly made upon the troops from tho windows and doors of the houses, with most deadly effect; and hardly had they brought their guns to bear upon ttio enemy in front, before they were attacked in the rear, nnd finally compelled to retreat in great confusion. Scvcrnl ol tho soldiers slain it is said were thrown into the river, and were afterwards found by the patriots with their accoutrements npon them. This is the patriot version, at St. Charles. Our informant is a very intelligent gen tleman, who has good means ol informa tion, and who, we believe, has ;tatcd to u truly what ho believes to be tho facts : from all which it would appear that tho loyalists have plnccd themselves in n falsa position, and if l hoy ever rclnm to Mont. real again, they will, to say tho least, bo vory fortunate. We understand Hint most or nil tho roads on the Imc arc guarded by loyal militin, and thnt every person who passes is closely scrutinized. Sovcral persons have been refused permission to cross tho line with their property ; and some have come with, out it, tCPMissiskoui Ray, Slab City, and St. Johns, were in hourly expectation of an attack from the patriots. A meeting has been held at Churchville, Toronto District, Upper Canada, which virtually declared independence, and re. ported a constitution (or what they call 'tho Stato of Upper Canada." Report ays that Ridcwcll is in motion again. Tho Montreal Herald of Saturday con tains a call for a meeting of citizens of American origin, nt the Exchange ColTeo House, on tho 28th for tho purpose of cor recting what they deem to bo nn erroneous impression, that tho patriot cause is likely lo meet with countenance and Mippnrt from tho inhabitants of the United States; and also to pledge their own individual in fluence in support or Ilcr Majesty's Cov. ernment. Tho call is signed by John E. Mills, and sixty nthors A correspondent ofTlio Herald lashes J..ord Gossford with unmerciful severity for his remissness, nnd intimates that "anoth er god than that of war, has occupied his thoughts." ij0 mwcvor cn)s Uf) ,js Excellency now to bcslir himself, and, "if "l-o wishos to crush rebellion i tC bud, j'let him send for ten thousand militia from 'TJppnr Canada. With, ut ihnm Montreal "cannot bo defended." So fnys this cor respondent, without comment from the Editor. THE St. DENNIS AFFAIR. The following, from Iho Montreal Ilcr ld of Saturday, gives us snniu further particulars of iho engagement nt St. Den "is, and. in somo respects, n different ver sion. Rut there ore so many varying re ports that it is very diflicult to genn the real facts. Wo have soon a gentleman who was the !!,f!Je6polc,lc,"om I'itcnnnt Col. onol Wolhcrcll. containing Iho particulars or ilia attack, which showed considerable .l . nd "rKfln'ztin on the part of tho vinced guard consisting of a sergeant and our men, was allowed to pnts w,,h..t p Pontion, but when tho main body camn up not ween tho houses, tho windows worn ihrown open, and a volley was fired with lalil precisions, eight Ffildiors being lulled, nnd r.ino wounded. Colonel Hughes im mediately ordered his men lo retire, as ho thought his force too small to contend against the enemy. No direct cornmiini. wtion from Colonel Hughes has been re ceived in town, o far as wo hnvn learned, but 0 our informant saw Mr HcHinghnm, and one of tho Cavalry who wn present nt the notion, our account of t he afl'.ilr tuny he considered niithontts. The his on tlm part of the Cnundinns is not known, hut must ho considerable. Mr Lcclort', J. I'., relomod to town yesterday in company with two of the Cavalry. Messrs. Mnlsnn, jr.. nnd David Muck, the latter gentleman was wounded in his right hnnd, which will prevent him serving in tho field for a short Hint. Captain Markham is leported to be dangerously wounded in Iho thru-it, side and in one of his legs. The affray look place nn Thursday between ten nndlwulvo o'clock. A habitant who resides opposite St Denis arrived in town yesterday after noon, having loll his house on Thursday evening nt. nino o'clock, and has given later intelligence then received from any olhnr source. Ho says thnt, after retiring from tho village, the troops attacked the rebels in the aliertiooo, razed tlm stone house of Madame St. (irrinniii, Iho rendezvous of tho parly, and killed upwards of ninniy in dividunls. Tho man lolls a plain, honest story, nnd appears unnblu to havo invented one which would stand iho severe cross ex amination ho underwent, but his fears may have tended in moke him exaggerate some, what. A reinforcement of four companies of tho 02d Regiment was dispatched ycsler tiny morning at live o'clock, by the Si. George steamer, for Si Denis; but accord, ing lo the statement of lids habitant, the victory must have been achieved without their assistance. We are sorrv to learn that Mr Weir of tho32d has been made n prisoner while bearing dispatches from Col. Hughes lo Co). Wollicr.ill, but no inforrna. lion has been received regarding his treat ment. It is probable that ho will he detain cd ns a hostage if not rescued, which wo havo liillo doubt ho will bo. Il was intended thai tho troons under Col. Wolhcrall nt St. Johns nnd those un dor Col. Hughes should meet nt St Charles and make a combined nitnek on the rebels, but unfortunately the former wcro detained on their journey, owing lo tho bridges hav. irg lireo removed, nnd tho loiter, as we have informed our readers, at Si Denis. Col. Wilherall bivouacked nt Ronvlllc. six miles from St. Charles on Thursday night, and tho troops were under orders lo march at seven o'clock yesterday morning so that it is prolinblc I hey would reach the Head quarters ot the enemy between ton and eleven, when tho grand attack would bo made. We gather tho following paragrophs from tho Montreal Iloral of Saturday mor ning. The Steamer St. Genrcrc arrived in nnrt ystcrdny evening from Quebec, and had Captain Mnrkhnui of tho 32d and the troons ofCavnlry and Artillery as passengers from Sorel. Captain M. has been wounded in lour dillerent places, twice in Iho throat. onco in I lie hack and once in the leg; one of Iho wounds in the throat and thnUn the were received while ho was being car ried out of a house. On Thursday at half past three v. m. the troons retired unnn Sn rcl, where they n,.w remain to recruit their exhausted energies. Tho poor follows! wore terribly cut up between bad roads. want of shoes and starvation, and nrosontcil a sad picture of the horrors of war. Our yesterday's extra shows that these arc iMirrnijr iim.c-c in nddiijon lo its con tents, which we believe lo bo niiHlnutinlly correct, we have now to state, that, us uenoral Lrown had demo i.-hei all iho bridge across the auxiliaries of iho Rich elieu, Colonel Wcthernll nnd his Royals had not born able to proceed on Thursday father than RouviHo on their march onanist St. Charles. As Ilia Colonel, however. was determined lo overcome nil ob-tae'e--, ho would most probably reach St. Charles about the same time as the united detach, ments, that have proceeded from Montreal. The intelligence from tho countrv hns converted this city into a barrack. All tho wards are armed; nnd the volunteer brigades have pretty well completed ihcir organization. Whore Ihero is any even tho slightest danger, it is always lies" lo look it buldlv in the" (n. in ull its bearings; and. if, th'rough any un- orseon difficulties, the troons should nni bo able to dislodge nnd scatter tho n.In.1 nrmy of St. Charles, this city may have in pass Iho winter in a virtual stnto of sie-re and may find some difficulty even in keep ing open n ion with Upper Canada. Should so extreme n enso hn realised, tho question of provision may become n serious one ; and in lhat event II those, who either will nut lake nrin or cnnnoi be trusted with them, will of course, ho turned out to find food nnd sholier whore limy may. Woo tn the dnsiardly nnd the treacherous lb. The greatest activity prevails thrnuhs out tho city, niid nothing is nl present thought of but lighting. Almost every loyal man in the ciiy of JJritish extraction belongs lo duo or other of tho numerous volunteer corps which have been formed, and supplied with arms, nccoiu rcinenis, and ammunition. Wu have olteu been told that there nro a very .rent many loyal rrench Canadians amongst us, but now that a proof is required of t hoii lovoltv. il is not given. Wo believe t lint Mr. "Lock-re, Captain of the IMIo Corps, forms n solitary exception to this charge. Wo are not at nil surprised that I hose who nre styled, by courtesy, Lovnl Cann dians of French or-gm. hnvo not" imitated the noole example sot iht in by their fellow citizens of nnd Irish origins, be cause we never expected that the"y would, nud wo liud that our estimate or hp. loyally has come pretty near Iho truth. lb, Tlm rebles, under tho command of Mr. I . S. Rrown. hnvo Inid embargo on nil the groin in tho Dim net in which' they have ini.-cn up incir quurtnrs. A clerk of iMessrs. JJemstor und Rodger's was soul a low days r.go lo superintend the shipment o! a considerable quantity or wheat from St Aujniue, but was informed by Mr Rrown I hut ho could not allow it to leave too place where it was stored, as ho was seizing nil tho grain ho could find, for tho pot nolle army ; honlsoscnt his compliments lo several of his quondam friends in town lhat ho would be happy to ecu them al St. Charles, where Mr Di.-horizch had left n largo supply of fht turkeys, pigs, geese, &c. nnd had besides an excellently block ed wine cellar. Herald. BULLETIN No I. Vi:ini:si)ay, Nov. 23. An intelligent gentleman who left Swan. Inn last night, arrived in tlio northern stage this morning, bringing us information of a decisive engagement between tho patriots and loyalists on Saturday night. Our in forninn', Mr. Sanooiin, of Plallsbnrgh, says that nn express arrived ol Swanlon last night, nt 0 o'clock, bringing despatches from Mr. Rrown at St. Charles, dniod II o'clock A. M., on Monday, giving n par liculnr account of the engagement. Mr. Sanborn, says ho saw the letter, heard it read, nnd was present at tho examination of Iho messenger who brought it. There can be no mistake. Tho following letter from our obliging correspondent, Mr Whit tomoro, at St. Albans, embodies tho facts substantially as wc gather th?m from our informant. Wo lliirobro adopt ii for tho present occasion. DnAit Sin The, glorious news has just nrrived here which tuny bo implicit ly credited, that at 11 o'clock on the evening, of tho 2uth inst, the regular and volunteer Dritish forces 1200 strong mado an unexpected assault upon the fort at St. Charles about OG miles from Montreal. The assault was urged and resisted witli the greatest obstinacy and most determined resolution on both sides until near morning, when the British wcro suddenly attacked in the rear by about 1000 patriots from St. Mathias 14 miles distant, who, hearing the can nonading, reached to the rescue, and came up just in time to save tho fort which was about being capturad. The royalists immediately fled in all direo tions into the woods with tho patriots at their heels, and will probably nearly all be killed or taken prisoners, ns the pa triots under the orders of Gen. Brown had previously cut oft' all means of re treat or escape, by destroying the boats in the river Ilichclicu, and slalionin forces in the only places where they might retreat. When tho express left St. Charles at 7, A. M., on tho 2Glh the patriots were in hot pursuit. The pa triots lost in the assault on the fort about 200 men in killed and wounded The loss of the assailants not known. They left behind them two pieces of cannon; but did not burn the village of St. Charles. There is no doubt of tho result; tho British forces, this side of , , . uuuuuu, are nearly an nniiiiiuaieri. A. spirit of patriotism and courage is arous cd in the French population so much Jocpioo.l, and co tauntingly Stigmatised as cowards, which will shortly take ven geance upon their oppressors for the I slavery ol nearly a century. It is said that there is scarcely a royalist in the whole French population. Tho women arc engaged in making ball cartridge, and arc as enthusiastic as their husbands and brothers. Many of them in advance of the British forces, threw into the riv er all their furniture and provisions thnt they could not carry, and set fire to and abandoned their houses, rather than that they should fall into the hands of the enemy. An express has nrrived, req.ics.ting Ihnt the steam boats bo sent to St. Johns inline dmlc.y. Iho inhnbiiants were leaving Montreal, nnd the banks at thnt plnco anil Quebec are forwarding their specie to the State--. The following nrtiele from the Montreal WW,,..,-, ui .uouuay, u win ou seen, gives an entire different version. It is absolute ly certain, however, to our mind, that it is erroneous. We jjivc it to our renders for what it is worth. Important from Lieut Colonel JVtthtrall taking of St. Cliarlci. In die ab(jo i it t ix o, uu Imiu imiiced only inn imiwiiicnM in iho dneclinii of .Scinel. On t niiu'jii.iy nielli, ai Haled in our l.isl, Lieul t;l. Weil ill left Chamlilv for Si. Clnti leu. n iiiosinne hour nt uhifli Col. Ooie left Soiel. 'I'lie imciMiiKier ins command win nui, liuiwucr, pie. cisoly what uo llii'ii Mated, hut roiiiislcd of four ciiiiipiiaic-s uf tin.' Itowils, und one or (wo cnmnaii ips (we .iru uiippiiioii uliirli) of iho COdi, uiih UMi pieces of Aiilllery under Capinin GIummw, und about JO (,'nvnliy In- dpi. O.nid. linme. dMlely on llieir ciosrin llie h.uiii u, the pa.i tides ol the ricr, bluu ll-liis fired hy i he tthels "w notice of ihcir in.ucli In llmVtf lower doivn. The Hoops piucecdcd, rucounlei in IQ 0ist of ucaih. cr and loads, ilirmi-h (he nigln, and iluoimli (,0 foienoou ol Thuinlay, till on an iviiig al Ituiit ille funiebix or sccn milpj r.oni Si. Charles, i,ev lound a I ruljjo ol rnnsidernlilc sizu ipmoved, anil weie foiccd lo ihcru for ilic niglu, The next d.iy iippiMra it, h.ite been spent in ecuin" up n new bridge, rofipshinj; ,0 uoopj, mid nbiuini,,. infoi uianon. Major Wind, ivith tin; Oiemdier couipiiny ,,r din Itoyals fiom Si. Juluu, alo(,i. edlhouiain hody.-teC believe, durin.' ihu d.iy. IMajor . hail reached Ciniiribly loo l.ile lo join in the liiaich, nail h,u iheu-upon taken t tic nie. caution to procure trows ami b.iiie.ix fur the eon evaacoor Ills ooaipaay down die mcr lo (ton villi-, by Inch means tlicy ariived al thai ,,,lce, tieth and well pitpaiod for Fei vico. Tho village of St Charles is stated to havo been nlnlly destroyed in Iho attack, tho hous os and burns generally huving been fired by hu dischrgo, wo prosunio, or rockets or hut shot from tho Arrliileiy. A hriht li.rl.i seen last night in thnt direction, from Iho city and also limu tho deck oniio lhittish Wmcr. ica sonic distance down tho rivor,on her way up, strongly confirms tho report, thouh in. dood it U hardly ono thul requires coiiiiima lion. Of tho courso talion by Colonel XV, ufior this .iflalr, wo havo no certain inroimalion. Up to a lalo hour last night, wo boliovc no despatches hail linen received direct from him, a Tact easily accounted Tor by tho disturbed stato oftho country which renders thuir trans mission extremely difficult. Tho report brought in via Chambly, wo boliovc, staled that the main body oftho fugitives had In kon Iho direction of St. Hllniro, followed, as wo understood by Col. WiiTiinnAi.t.. To this roport, so far as tho former nro concerned aro coiicorncd, wo can sco no objection, on tho scoro of probability. Tho routo lo St. Ilil airo was open to thorn, and tho reported pre sence oT a largo body or their adherents nt Point Olivier, slill nearer Chambly, may havo induced thcin to tako it. So I'nr ns Iho Colonel is concerned, wo ore half inclined to question it. A bright light seen Inst evening in tho direction of Si Denis between 7 and 0 o'clock, would soem to rnisc the presumption that lhat vil Inge was then suffdrinir the same fato with St Charles, and doubtless from Iho same hands. A short tune timo will determine the correctness or incorrectness oftho air mise. During the whole of this timo; tho com munication hy despatches with Chambly and Montreal was extremely irregular", most of those sent out towards Rnuviilu being driven bnck, nnd little or no news being brought in from thnt miartor. All sorts of reports, of course, prevailed by turiw Yesterday afternoon. Mr. IM'Oir.- oftho Montreal Cavalry, who had car ried out despatches to Chambly the day be fore, returned lo town, with intelligence received there just before ho left. Prom this il appears, on what wc bnvc renson to believe tho best authority, ihnt on Satur- tiny niicrnoon nbout 2 r. M., Lieut. Col. WnTiiF.riAM, reached nnd took St Chnrlce, with little or no lots to his own force, but with n loss of 100 or more killed, nnd above 200 prisoners, to its defenders. Among llie kitted or taken, tho names of Mr T. S RrtmvN nnd CiiAm.Es Duoi.kt arc mention, oil, but Hits statement, we believe, rosts as yet only on oral testimony, and perhaps re quires confirmation. Wo understand tiiat the capture wns effected with "rent ease Mr. Bnow. had formed lines of defence on three sides of the village, viz: along tho river, and in the directions of Chambly and St. Dennis. On the rourth side was rising ground, which he had reserved for occupation by a body or his own men, in case of necessity, and which commanded tho Ciil. WF.TtiKrtAr.i,, having learned something of his preparations, made n detour to the riclu, and coming in from this unexpected quarter, took immediate possession of this ground, acting from which hu at onco suc ceeded in dislodging the rebels from thuir supposed strong hold. It seems, that tho Voronncs steamboat on Iho way from Sorel lu St, Ours-, with ammunition and provisions, was attacked by the CanndiaiiH on the bank and with some difficulty made her escape back to Sorel. She again started, as is said, with nuns on board well loaded with grape-shot. Tho troops were very much fatigued by the long nocturnal march from Sorel to St. Dennis, over the wretched roads of tho country. The intelligence from Cham bly wa brought in by Dr. Jones and Mr. Molson oftho Royal'Montreal Cavalry Herald. K It I D A V Al O II N ING, DECEMIJElt 1. LATEST FROM CANADA. fst. Charles taken the patriots dis. peiscd ! Such is the intelligence hy tne Doat liom St. Johns last night. Col. Wetliernll passed through St. Johns yesterday, with his troops, on their return lo Montreal. According to pres. cut information tho attack commenced at 12 o'clock on Saturday, and the fort was entered at the point of tho bayonet at hall past four, with the loss of only lour men on the part of the loyalists Tho patriot loss about 20(1 killed, and 00 taken prisoners. Hrown and his men had fled in the direction of St. Dennis As wo have no menus of communication with a largo portion of our subscribers but once a week, wo insert nil our Canada or- I'cics in tne present sheet. There is of coin so mould discrepancy between I hem, but not wo apprehend more than is usually attendant on such events. Wo shall use our best endeavors to procure early und correct information, and will present fairly until sides oi the question. Our columns, it will be seen, arc almost exclusively devoted to Canadian nflVirs. At the present moment, all things else are comparatively of little interest in this quar ter. Wo shall endeavor to keep our read. orsandlhe public generally promply in. loriucd ol iho ovcnls as thoy transpire. Wo havo this week issued three Bulletins, and shall hereafter issuo ouo as often ns any information is received of sufficient importance to require il. Wo shall for ward these regularly to our brethren of tho press, and such other porsons abroad ns may desire it. Any individual scndiinr us one dollar will bo furnished with our Bul k-tin, ns published, and the balance, should there be any, mado up with the Free Press. Will our brother editors please to notice this proposition.' The events of this win. ler mubt bo of stirring interest. Tin: Ni;w Youk Tho Juur- nnl of Commerce of Thursday furnishes me particular of the splendid celebration of their lalo Whig triumph, which look place on Wednesday, tho 22d "a nroud day, (says tho editor) not only for this city and State, but for every Stule in the Un ion. A duy which markii tlm mont of a now era in our history, when pnrliznnship shall bo no longer considered patriotinn, and good men of every shnde n ml peel of politics will unite tn prnrnott Iho interests nnd happiness of their coun try, despite of all other considerations. ('oinniltlccs from diflcrciil cities anil towns in Maine, Mimncliuseiis. Vermont, Connecticut, N. iertry, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, ns well ns from the interior of Nrw-Ymk, were pics cut, eagerly contending for the gratifying privilege of offering llieir congratulations in perton, nnd joining in I ho glorious nr.cliaai which tnailc tho welkin ring with the triumphs officcmcn. Tho proceeding, which occupy scvcrnl closely printed columns, will nrpcnr in our next paper. New IIampjiiuh: Tho Into glorious results in Mninc, Mnssnchusclts and New York, have aroused lo action tho long dor maul energies of the friends of tho Con stitution in tho Granite Stato, and they nre onco again determined to make a push for tho rescue of thuir institutions, from the incubus which lias so long threatened them with destruction. Wo have now before us the proceedings of a Convention nt Con cord, to ur initiate a candidate for the office of governor nt the elect inn next spring; and from tlio spirit manifested by the stern Whigs who attended the meeting, nnd from the "signs of the times," we venture to predict thnt next spring, New Hamp shire will be ranged ninong the Whig States. James Wilson, jr. of Kcene, is the canditlale for Governor. (JC?-Tlio national Intelligencer announces the doalh of Joseph Kent, U. S. Senator from the Slate of Mankind. He was killed by a fill fiom his horse, as he was riding over Wu firm, or in the noigliboi hooil of it. The Pittsburgh Whig snys that an at tempt was mado by tho Tories the night before Iho celebration in thnt village, to cot down the liberty polo and spiko .HKZXS'ZJli cannon. Pitiful, pitiful, indeed; anil pc. , Washington. Burkes Works 3 vols, rjvu, coliarlv so, taken in connection with the ' Frn"'slin Works, tho Works of Johnson, , , , i Hannah Moore. IVIsrauli, Sic. Ac. tact that a IncUory pnlu has stood iinmo- THE VORTICAL WOItTfS OF lostcd near tho same spot ror the last ci'ht j Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Goldsmith, Pope, y-nrs. We venture to say that our friend, 1 fnvJ: Coir1?.lld T'"n,, the Collector, had no hand in it. , Thompson's Map oftho Canada will be found very convenient for reference at the present time. It can be obtained at the book store. Month kal, Nov. 27. A report was current in town List night, glow ing, we presume, mil ofihe piepainlinm known lo hap been making all l lie week pie ions, for fur. ther di-lurb.iiirp. in t lie county of two .Mountains, nnd a statement thai a grand musler of the matron leuls was lo be h Id earlv in the dav in thnt num. ler. lhat an aitatk was lo beexnectpd on iho eiu- during the night. Sitting gii.tnls of the voliintppi-battr.llioiis weie posted arcoiIinlv ;il an early hour on every avenim lending to the city.- Iho rumor prmrd, ns was imlrpil expected by iiiuosi riery oiniv, to no "ioiiiiiiipss : Uui tlie son t willi which the udunipris rntue Ifirwatd in iiIihimI cciy cmnrler in die diirlmrqii of lliro- diuies, wit in iho highest tlpgrpe pniirCictoi v, nnd gave gund piilcnpnif I lie inolialilu cfliclenrv of ilipir b.i ...!,! corps, should their services eier'lie moie set intly i I..., ii. in; huh wiiuuiprr o.inaiiiMij inuler cnnsidpialilv above 2000 men. All mo now nflicerptl, nnd ;i laigo pot lion ol'the rnmpunii g have gone lliiough some lilllc iltilling. By dip liitiP llie liter closes, lliey will innku a eiy pretty gairNui). TIip i etui n of killed and wounded in llie nfi".iir of St. Dennis, w iileislnnd, lo be as Inllous : 1 seiseant.nud pilv.itool' the 24ih, 2 privates ol' the 32.1, and we Iiellee2 privates of ihe CCU killp.l ; 5 men of the 32d anil 2-ldi wnunded. one of them .l.injeiouslv. Wn believe the nhn.e ehi mate of the wounded does not include C.ipt. Mailt ham, norjel iIioms who aie slightly wounded. Courier. MoRDnn Wo hnvc been informed that n most brutal Minder wns commitidl Inl evening in Ihe town of Sehaghiirnko in lilts county The ns-as-io. whon name we hnvo lint learned, entered the Iioihc of Mr. Herman I. Grnobccl; a highly rn sppctable &. aged citizen or the town, in the evf-niiiii nnd made nn attempt lo strike Mrs. Croesbcek with a largo bludgeon. She wnrded ofi'ihe blow with hrTr nrm. nud then, with nlTriglil. escaped to nlnrtn the neighbors. Upon her ret urn, accom panied with several other parsons, the body or Mr. Croesbeck wns found lying (lead on the floor with tho skull Iractured in Ihe most shocking manner. Tho nssa-.-iu made his escape ; but was pnrsuei, 'and captured. Aftor nn e.vnininai ion he has. we lenrn. been committed in the jsil in iliiciiv In take his trial tn AInrcli next. Troy Whig. Liberty Lower Canada. The inhabitants of Burlington nnd vicin ity, nro informed Ihnt Philo Weeks, is nn necrotized Agent, for the Patriot Cnu?e of of Lower Canada, soil that he will thank fully rf-ceivc nt L man's Hotel, nny do- nations that any person moy think proper to bestow, in order to forward the sacred Coitc of Liberty Burlington, Nov. 2d, 1837. ROBERT MOODY i now receiving from New York an extensive sunolv ol'llardwaro. Saddlery, Holloware, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oils ; which ho ofl'ors to tho public cheap for cash or short credit, nt the old established store, north east corner of the snunrn. Waltons Vermont Register. ftl (TJV Dos!. Just rocoived and for salo low by W. It. Si V. C. VILAS. Httsfcal istrticatfoii. MR. MOLT has the honour to inform his friends and the public in general, thai ho has rnnowed his, ongogemcnt ns Professor of Music in the Burlington La. dio's Snminnry under tho direction of Miss -RI. C. flreen. Mr. Molt hn lately revised nnd enlarged his whole method of teaching, nnd can confidently btalo thnt his system of in struclion is now so perfect ns to ennblo him to icarrant lo nny pupil of moderate capacity every reasonable 6iicceee in his attempts in learning. 4W LYMAN & COLE. O. Hob Roy or H'nnkcl Shall, Tnr inn Plnid. Shepherds IMnid for over coat hieing. Canada over stockings, red and grays Wristlets, Woollen Gloves &c, Pigd. Rob Roy Shawls, new style. I!urliiigton Di-c. 1. CATOADA, ! fOAmrADA.!!' rnilOMI'SON'S Pocket Maps, of Upper IL and Lower Canada, embracing tho Townships, Scignnrics and Cnintics ol both provinces, for sale by, JAM ICS W. II1CKOK. SCREWS. ffllntholrs Screws, Hencli do Mill do Standing Press do Mnuuraciurcd by D. Si T. Fairbanks & Co. For salo by J. Si J. II. PF.CK Si Co.-dgmts. traverse ; James last Novels, Allila ; American A'manack for 1030; Vermont Register and Almanac for 10315. For salo by J AS. W. IUCKOK. Ihirliiv'ton, Abu 29; I1J37. piano xosia APRHSII ns-urtmt.Mil of Mimc I'nr the pinno (brio is jiiht received nnd for salo at the Nf-w Hook Store, which the learners of Music are invited to rail ami examinr. J AS. W. IUCKOK. liurlinnton, JVov. 20, IS37. T II E WTBW BOOK STORE Al the stand formerly occupied by Smith Harrington . rjpflE subscriber has'jusl received a stock JL of Hooks anil Stationary, .vhicli he docs not hosiiato to say, has never been surpassed in extent and value in Vermont. Among tho STAN DA III) WO It ICS on hand aro to bo found, thn Encyclopedia Americana. Humes England, Gibbons Komo, Fergusons Homo, Gibliins Grix-pc, Hallams ...j .I.,... iiu.iiiu wuiiiiik, imjjere, viunpoeii. Montgomery, Kirk White, Pollok, Mrs. flcmans, Mrs Signutney, Bryant, &c. &c. 311 SCULL A NY. Addisons Miscellaneous Works d vols. fivn. Eng. cd . Gills Pniupcinua 2 vols. fivo. Enc cd., Wavcrly Novels 27 vols, Aratesquc bind in;;, Irvinjjs Works. uniTorm ed, 12 vols. Bnlwers Works fj vols 12 mo Marrynlls Works, Mrs Sherwood 13 vols., Irvings As- RELIGIOUS WORKS. Dwi-rhiV Theology ..Mihnati and Waddincrtons Church Hislorv. Ch.imb lor'.s Works, Dicks Works, Abbotts Works: EiTu orciirlsi. Snd. tlartls Britisli Polnii. Jusrnlins. rnwl..n'c r!m. eordatico Gastoin's collection, lliblrs and Prayer Books, an extensive assortment or Hymn Books, Watts and Select, arid Methodist l.yrp &c kr ."unouist uiti i.-viim ivwr... . .. . The Parlor .';crai Book 1 vol . lo, the ritoraiy Souvenir, lieliyimis Souvenir or Misionarv'' Annual, iho Gift, Iho Violet, tho Cubmc-of jModnrn Art. Sf HOOT. AMI CLASSICAL ROOKS Of every dc-cripllon ate on hand in quantities, and lo Ibis portion of his u,vM thn subscriber is partictilntly desirous nfcnlling- tho atten tion oftho public, School Teachers, nnd Mer. chant., who may wih to deal somo in books, as much pains has been taken torrocuro all tho did'eienl books used in this xclinn oftho country, and they will ho nflurded wholesale and retail, nt low cash prices. Besides the books above alluded to, nn im niDiiso number of other works aro offered Tor sale, .Mieellancous, Scientific, Law and Medical. STATIONERY. An excellent asMiriinrui of Blank work, paper of Ihu bet milk Qudls, siales. Ink, Writing, fluid, Ink Stands. Sand and Wafer Boxes, Superfine Pocket bouks and Wallets Tor Gentlemen and Ladies, Cards, Card Cases, Shell and common, Banker cases Sic, Sir. ,. JAS. W. IUCKOK. Burlington, JVov. 20( if37. CompM Chlorine Tooth Wash "IP I1,-1'3 ""P'11""1 Chlorine Tooth M. nsh eliVclunlly cleansos tho leeih and muinh. spp. tlily reiunves all canker or soreno.-s. Iilii-w isi- Hie smt-ll or tatlo from the use of '..nceo. anil all that js oflensivo in the brcttih. In fit.,, h pro-erves the teeth and mouth in nil rt-.-pecis in n clean and head Ity condition. For a run her account of its faln'nry ell", ds reference is made lo tho rcrommendntiniisof Physicians and nth. ers. ullnchod lo each b-dile " pi: if.) m: or imposition. After Iho nriginnl and Genuiuo Chlorino I ooth ush had rrceived Iho recommend ation o, some oftho ino.-i respectahlo phva- iniuns nod cin ,(a ,,i the Unitud Slates. alter it had acquired a high celebrity in our prtncipnl Iho unmo was purloined to deceive the public nnd nssist the nln of spurious mixtures resembling the "ennino in name only. Imitations of this Wash have been noticed by the proprietors, viz.-, One advert,-ed by Huichius, Portsmouth, i. II. ; one by SiMnrro & Stoddard, New London Co,,.; ,wn j,, Now Y()rI. on(j be p ,0lc,,,l,an,l n" Prepared unitedly by Kushton & Aspi,ay, nnd N, g Pren iss j and ono prepared ,n Baltimore. I hi. o are nlso mnny preparations which r ally Bsu,ne the name of ,10 genuine id as Chlorine Dennrr.ce, Chlorino Tooth I a tc.I. Inreut.uo Tooth Wash.Orris Tooth J nsh, Imperial Chlorino Tooth Wash, &c none of which hnvo any con, nexion with the genuine article. I he Compound Chlorine Tooth Wash is prepared only by Lowe &. Itced, Boston, inventors and solo proprietors, h s put Alluched to each hotllo will I... it,,, Hire ofLwe Reed, in the hand n ruing of ono of tho firm. k We have sold bottles f ,lis Wn9, ,0 (loiitleinen nnd Ladies who hnv-n.n :, r. two years nnd snenk liil,l r . r... ..i at the Variety Shop. ' "B,u " , I uer. j'.acn oomo is stamp S 1 r,v l .Ro7l " Compound Chlorn o I ooth Wash,' nnd thn seal lo onch holtlo is stamped Comnouoil Chlnrinn'P i. ur..i. ,

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