Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 9, 1838 Page 3
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tducating children employed in factories. An English pnper says, "the pocket handkerchief used hy Charles the First on the scaffold is now in possession of a eilvcr. Binith ut llnthj 1" Exrnuss The Cincinnati papers got thoir news from the frontier, by the way of Baltimore. A country lad writes to his friends that every thing is cheap in lloeton, dollar bills only 91 cents a piece. Gai.e in tiib Pacific Verbal ac counts hsvo reached us of a tremendous gilo on the coast of Californin. in which several vessels worn Inst or much damaged. Among others we hear that the U. States schooner Enterprise narrowly escaped shipwreck, and that all her guns had to bo thrown overboard. BUKTjINOTON ASSISMULIF.S. The fonrili mill In" for t tic season, uill be licit) nt Howard's on the 22il insl. x M A It If I K l In Sellwrn on llio 31st of Jiinu.iry, tiy Rsv. 55. rhillps, Mr. Alfiei! Sicele, of Atuiclovvn, N. V. (o M ss Aim. i lliiito i. On Ttiesduv, 23nl January, nt Mountjny, l.un caste roimiv Pi., tiy ilie Rev, Mr. Hurs, Air. Jni.t M. Bennett, of Pliiliidrlilii.i, to Ali-? Or.irc, dmigit jr of Joseph Lytic, Sen. E,q. of llie fonncr place. 1) IU1) At Jericho, Jiintmrv 2fith, Mrs. Snrah Rood wlfcol Tims. D. UoocI Kmi., seil 71 vc.ns, fier a evtre anil prulr.icied iljnesi, which die bmewiih much patience unit submission, desiring lii.ciait and be whh Chi if t. BURLING T O JT FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Spring niid Summer Term, of the Burlington Female Seminary, com mences March 1st. expenses: Board, including Washing, Fire nnd Lights, $30 per quarter. Tuition in English and Latin. $5 per qr. French, 3 " German, j4 " " Linear ond Perspective Drawing. s Vocal Muic. to RJuVic pupils gl. others 5" " Instrumental Music, ,. Pinno and fioitur, s Appl'catinn sliouldjbo made to the Prin. cipal, M. C. Grken. Burlington, Feb. 1. 1838. DENTISTRY. J. LIS WIS "XT'OULD respectfully inform the pub T Y lie that he is now ready to praticc in the above business. From a perfect knowledge and practice of the business he feels willing t affirm that it will be done in the neatest manner. Calls will bo strictly attended to at their respective dwellings, or at his room at J. Potter', College Street. Burlington. Feb. 8. 18311. SHIPPING FURS. ASH. and the highest market price paid for Shinping Furs, by C W. It. & P. C. VILAS. Feb. V. Arrangement for 1838. THE Siogo Drivers, and Post Iltders, on ll the routes going out of Iiur lingtoti will deliver ono nnd threo dollar packets of the genuine Monson's Pills, or Vegetable Universal Medicine of the Brit ish College of Health, free of expense to pu'cliasors, except the payment for the Pills. Re particular and sec that each packet and box is signed in writing by Paugborn &. Brinsuuiid. No others arc made by Morison the Hygeist. Panriwiin Sc. Bui.VMAii), Slate Agents. Feb. 8, 1338. Diseases of the Lungs. DESERVEDLY TIIK MOST ropuLAR RCJIKIIV EVER USED IN AMERICA. 7 EGETABLE PULMONARY BAL- T SAM, is the most valuable icincdy now in use for Coughs, Colds. Asthma or Phthisic, Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary alTections ofevcrykind. Itssaluis steadily increasing and the proprietors are constantly receiving the most favorable accounts of its effects. The following new certificates aro offered for public examination. "Miffmnton, Juniata co, Pcnn. May 3, UMi. I tic vegetable ruunonary Balsam has been sold in the country for two years, and the medicine has gained an uncommon celeb. rily, for it scarcely in ono instance failed of liaving the dc-orcd etlect. I nm hv no means in favor of the many nostroins, most of which ire impositions upon a credulous public, but hat I know by experience to bo effectual, i Cannot help but give niy approbation thorc to. A counterfeit preparation has been offer. "d hero by a travelling ajent of Conistoek V and thoro is also another article vended iiurcuini , Urnnnly.snsiu:-'--' o. - -"!' !rAYjaifi"MY,i?Rs;M,:i: LEMrsTKR, N. II. Dec. 3, 1837. For the Ust five years of my practice, 1 havo had the laiiMiiuiimi io w lines uiu ociieneiai cuecisoi tho VeL'ctablo Pulmonary Balsam in many cases ai utiinaic cougn, anu other nlleclions of tho lungs. I would therefore confidently recommend its use in all complaints of tbo chest as being equal if not superior, to any oilier medicine within my knowledge. TRUMAN A BELL, M. D. Concord N. II, Jan, 30, 1837, 1 am satis fied that the Vegelible Pulmonary Balsam is a valuable medicine. It has been used in this place with complete success in an ob stinate complaint of the lungs, attended with n sevcro cough, loss of voice, and tho raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many appioved prescriptions. After using tho Balsam ono woek, thu patient's voice re turned and howasablo to speak audibly. This caso occurred sotno timo sinco, and tho man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious business. Respectfully vours, kc. SAMUEL M ORRIS, M.I). t "OET01'l('I,'2I.I831.-To-nii: Public I, Uaiuel T. Ilraynian of Richmondlown. R. I., Tec! u a duty t acjuaim tho public, that 1 l.avo received thu most unexpected relief in a severe of tin, UU,,H, frQII, ,ho ol the Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam, For three years previous to ,y trial of thu Bal sam, I had asovero pain in my bteast, violent cough, frequent raising of b(JOl) atondc, with gioat prostration of Btrungih. . For u principal part of tho above time, I was under hocaro of a skjlful phy8icittn in Boston, who employed, bosidc many Inlornal medicines, blisioring. scalons Sic. without any Improve ment in my cuso. Two months sinco I com menced with llio Balsam, and have now lalion two bottles. I am now ablu to labor most of the timo, liavo ceased to raiso blood, and am almost onliroly relieved of niy cough. DANIEL T. BRAYMAN. Boston, March 2, 1837. ll it now moro than six vcars since I was bioughl vory low by an nfFoclloti of tbo lungs, and my com plaint was dcclured incurable by a council of lliico physicians. I was then restored to as good health no I had enjoyed for many years, by using llio Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. In a great many casc3 of lung complaint', and so fur as 1 can learn, its use has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances it has affected cures which were wholly unexpected. SAMUEL EVEIIETT. COUNTERFEITS!! Uhwark or Impo sition, hach genuine liotlle is enc.loseu in a blue wrapper, on which is a yellow tablet, signed SAMPSON HEED. Nnno others can bo genuine Thorcat celebrity of the (ienuiuu Vegotaulo I'ulinonary HaKiui lias been the cause of attempts to introduco spu rious articles, which by partially assuming the nanio of Ilia genuine, are calculated to mislead and deceive the public. Among these mixtures am llio ''American Pulmonary B,i. sam," Venelablo Pulmonary Balsamic Sy- rup," "Pulmomry Balsam, 1 and others. Purchasers should tnquiru for the true articlo by its whole name, THE VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM, and seolhal it lias the marks and signa'.uru of genuine. Each bottle and seal is stamped Vcgclablo Pulmo nary Balsam. U j'ljrt Thar UIIhAT!! Bowaro ofaspurious imitation called Compound Pulmonary Balsam, which the agents say is dona up in good stylo Lf bum lur to Sampsons V. P. Balsam again wo say Beware ol counterfeits. Price 50 cants, For sale wholesale and re tail by J, J. II. PECK K Co. New Establishment. cjhas. a. ste warns OCT, HAVING taken tho Cabinet Shop on the east side ofthe Court House Square, formerly occupied by Abbott Sc. Wood, whore he intends carrying on the Cabinet making business in all its branches, and hopes by punctuality and strict atten tion to hn business, to merit a share of public patronage. N. B. All kinds of fancy work, such as Ladies work Boxes, Portable Desks, Shaf foniers. Music Stools, Foot Stools, &c. Sic. made and repaired with neatness and on short notice. KTAItnost all kinds of Lumber and pro visions taken in payment lor cabinet furni ture Burlington, Feb. 1. 1838, January i?6. WATCHES, just arrived by land I gold cased and dial, "detached Lever Watch (M. S. Tobias & Co., ma kers) 13 holesjewclled, anchor escapement, with expansion curve. These watches are uecultarly accurate in marking time. We also have silver cased Levers, the Fame kind. 1 gold cased and dial Lever Watch; 5 pr. extra jewelled (John Morris maker) heavy dbl. bottomed case. We have ulsn silver double bottomed ond double cased.) patent Levers, 5 jewels, good lime keepers. Very neat silver horizontal and Lenino Watches. We expect tntnn morn good gold cased and dial Lepinc Wotcbes in o few days. Wc have good heavy English Watches. Particular attention piid to Watch and Clock repairing, at the Variety Shntl. PA.NOIlonN & Biunsmaid. Socrates Catlin's Estate. STATE OF FEIMIOjYT.) DISTUICT OK CHITTKMir.N' SS. The Honorable the I'rabale Court for the District (f Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the Estate of Socrates Callin, late of Burlington, in said District, de ceased. GllETIXG. WHEREAS, the administrator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said oMaic for examination ant! allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to bo hidden at the Register's office in Burlington on the sec ond Wednesday of March next. Tiii:in:roni:, You nre hereby notified to appear before said Court nt the lime and place aloresaid, nnd show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv handnl Bnilinglou, this first dav of Febrimrv. A. D. 1838. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Frcuerick G. Him. ) vs. Chittenden Cnun- Uunev !l. Pi'.nniman -ly Court, August Trustee of Term 103". Francis Dhverf.u. J WIIERI AS, Frederick G. Hill, of.Terico, in said onuiity of Chittenden, commen ced his act ion on note against Udncy II, Pen. niman, I ruslcc ol V rancts Devoreau, ol Col- t dieMer, in said county, an absconding or eon. U...I.-I ,,. which lh. snul II III .l,.nlrnu Maiine t,al i, bni(l Francis on thu lOth dav . ofOelohcr, 1830, made and delivered to Asfi against ino sain V ratios in a l c.i . ;,(V) j0, R, Munroc and Asnhcl Hooker, his note, wherein for value received he prom. iscd to pay them or order by the 25lh day of December, 1830, with use.'tho sum of'fivo dollars, which said unto the said Eddy, Mini roo and Hooker, afterwards endorsed to Lu ther Cleaves or hearer, and thu said Cleaves sold and delivered tho said note to tho raid Hill, who is tbo lawful holder and bearer thereof, and oT all which the said Francis had notice, and that said note has not been paid, to thu damage of tho said Hill fifty dollars and further stating that tho said Penniman has in his possession moneys, goods, rights nnd credits, ofthe said Francis to the valuo offifiy dollars; which causo was entered on the docket of said court at thu March Term thoic. of 1833, nnd has been continued from tcnn to term until the present term, and it not being made to appear to the Court that tho said Francis has had personal notice ofthe servico and pendency of this suit, tho said Court ordered that furlhor notico be given of tho pendency thereof by publishing the substance of llie Phintiir's declaration in the "Hurling Ion Free Press," a ne.vspaper printed in said llurlinL'loii, three weeks successively, llio last of which to ho thirty days before tho sitting of said Court at thoir next Turin, which shall bu deemed sufficient notico to tho said Piancis Dovuroau to appoar and answer tborcto. Dated at Burlington, in baid county, this 24th day of January, 1830. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk, GREAT SAXtG-AXNTS. nnnE stock ofOooiN lately owned by Mr. J. Lemuel Curtis, toiiolher with the Storo mid Shop now occupied hy Mr. D. S. Russell, and tho land on which the same stand, havo been convoyed to the subscriber to bo sold for tho bcnlit of certain creditors of said Curtis; and as thosauio must bo sold at all events those who wish to puichaso will bo enabled to make groat bargains. Thogoods consist of a very largo assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY G HOC FRIES, CROC KKR Y. CHINA St GLASS WARE, Anil will be noli! cheap. Tho Storo nnd Shop, arc very eligibly situated, in the bu siness pa rt of the town. A credit will be given for a part of the real estate. Al-o for sale as above, n one Hone Sleigh, a Chaise, two single Harnesses, a one Horse Waggon, a Saddle, Sec. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, Fib. I. 1333. Com pilot! Laws of Vermont. r Dill IS new edition in ono neat voliuno JL comprises all the public acts of the Leg. islaturo of Ibis Stale, tnirulhcr v.'illi a list o I i. II local and private) acts, and acts repealed from the year 182-1, lo 133,3, and is now for sale, at tbo Bonk Store of James V. Iliokok, in Bur lington, at (he reduced prico of 5G cents per volume Lawyers nnd Magistrates, who are not supplied with the volume, are advised to em brace this opportunity, to complete their sett of the Statute Laws. Burlington, Jan. 31, 1538. Novia Scotia Plaster. Til SAffffY TONS now grinding and for sale i!k by tho subscribers. BOA ROMAN, CLARK, & Co. Milton. Lower Falls, Jan. 2.j, 1838. NOTICE. PURSUANT to a License granted'hy the Hon. Supreme Court of the state of Vermont, the subscriber, as Guardian of ono Eltel Allen, a "nonenmpos or lunatic," will offer for salo at public auction, unless previously sold at private sale, the follow ing described real estate, lying and being in Grand I-le. county of Grand Isle, and State of Vermont, to wit, oil of that part of tho first division lot of laud laid or drawn to tho original right of Solomon Strong which lies east of the main road in said town, together with a small piece lying west of and adjoining the same, con tnining in the whole about sixty four acres, on iheSCih day of February, A. D. 1838. nt ono o'clock, in the afternoon, at the dwelling house on llie said premises. JOEL ALLEN, Guardian of Ehel Allen North Hero, Jan. CG. 1838. John Hand vs. EnEN'R pAinmr.E &, Hosr.A B. Bates. Chittonden Co1 Court, August Term 1837. 1ATHEREAS John Hand, of E?sox. TT said County of Chittenden, at the March I erm 1835, of said Court, com menced his action against Ebenczer Pat ridge and Hoscn B. Bates, both of said E-sex, therein declaring against the said Patridgennd Bates, in a idea of the case. on note dated, 17 Jan. 1832, for the sum of seventy-five dollars payable to said Hano or order by the lust day of June, then nxt, Willi interest nflor the J 5th of April 1832. Also, one oilier nolo daieJ Jan. 17, 1832. for seventy-five dollar.'., payable to said Hand in saleable young cattle, under six years old, by the fourth of Oct. 1833. with iuicrest alter the first of April, 1832, and which noles have not been paid io the damage of the Plaintiff, three hundred dollars, which said cape was entered on the docket ol said court at the said March 'Perm thereof, 1835, and continued from time to time until the present Term. And it not being made to appear to the Court that the said Patridgc has had pcrrona! notice of thu service nnd pendency of Ibis suit, it is ordered by said court that further notice be given of llio pendency of tin. suit by publi-htng the substance of the Plaintiff's declaration three weeks succes sively in the "Rurlinglon Free Press,'' a newspaper printed in Burlington, the last of which to be thirty days before the sitting of said court nt their next 'Perm, which shall be deemed sufficient notice to the said Patridge to appear and answer thereto. Dated nt. Burlington, in said County, this !Mtli day of Jnnuarv. 1833 W.m. NOBLE, Cleric. Lyman N. Ham. 1 Chittenden Co. vs. Court, Anust Jame IvEVNor.ns. ) Term, 1837 TX7-HHREAS Lyman N. Hall, of Rich- T inond, in said County of Chtitenden, commenced his notion against James Rev nobis of llogain-burgh, in the stale of N. York, at the March 'Perm, 183,'. of said Court, declaring ngninst the said Reynolds in a plea ofthe ease, for that the said Rey nolds, on llie Kith day of February 1828, at said Hogoiii-bnrgh, made and delivered to llio said Hall Ins cerium note of thai date, fur the sum of one hundred and twen ty Imir ill, Horn nnd ono cent, payable by the first day of October then next, with interest to the said Hall or bearer. And also, for two hundred dollars, money had ami received by the soul Reynolds, and winch he promised to pay on demand, and slating that no part of cither of said sums had been paid I hough often requested, to the damage of the Plaintiff, three hundred dollars, which said cause was entered on I he docket of said Cuurt at their sou! March Term 1835, and has been continued from term to term until tho present 'Perm of said Court, And it not being made to appear to said Court thai the said Rey.. nolds has had personal notice of the service nnd pendency of this suit, it is ordered hv the Court that further notice be given of llie punuency tnerent tiy publishing tho substniico of tho Plaintiff's decloratnui in tho "Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed ill said Burlington, three weeks successively, tho lust of which to bo thirty days before tho sitting of said Court a'l their next 'Perm, which shall be sufficient nniico to the said Reynolds to appenr and answer tlioreto, Daied at Burlington, aforesaid, this 2-lth nay oi januury, A. 1), 1833. Wm. NOBLE, Cleric. Plated and silver edged Cake Baskets, Tea PolH.Suunr and Cream Dish. es, CaHtors, &c, for sale at tho Variety SIlOD bv I'ANOnons- Ar Kiukc., . ... To Wood Choppers. G Hi 13 EN'S AXRS SUPPLY of thu nbovu celebrated u Axes, just received, and for solo by thu dozen or single, hv lb" subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington, Deo. 5211. 1837. J. EI. PfiATT. Boot & shoe maker. OTAS opened a shop on church street, tho 1 ft first door South of L. Johonnolt & Co. lothtr store Burlington Jan -tth 1838. SALMON. NOR I D Shoro Salmon in tierces and barrels, for sole hv. LATI1ROP Sc POTWIN. January 25 1833. DUMFRIES' rjIl E extensive sale anil estiihli-bed repu JL talion of DUMFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, enciiuratrcs the Proprietor to rccoui- mend it with renewed cnnlidcncu to the pub- us a most xnnocinl as well as powerful application for this annoying disease. Thu most iuvctcrato cases havo been ouiiui) IN omh hour! hy this esteemed Ointment. It contains no .Mercury, nrolhur noxious ingre. dicnt.and may be confidently applied even to tho younger children, or to pregnant females. Puce 3J cents. SORE AND XNP.t.AraSD, EYBS ! rip II F. studious, tho weakly, and others, JL. who arc troubled with soreness or in flammation of that clclioalo organ, will be able to obtain a most pleasant and invaluable application, in l)U,m FltlllS This woll established H'aih Jor the E;,e, is pcifcctly innocent, and gii'cs immediate relief, even in very aggravated cases ofsorencss and inllaiiimation. Price 25 cents. I) i: It I L 1 T A T H I) V Y, .11 A I, V. S rinHE complaints peculiar to the female JL part of the community, have been long successfully trented by tho adinini-tra-lion of the Aromatic Pills, originally pre setibed and compounded by Dr. They cleanse tho blood from those disor ders of the foinule cctislitution, for which the Pills, are an effectual specific; they restore a free circulation, reform the irrcg ular operations of tho sanguiferous system, nnd rectify the disordered linbits. The proprietor's confidence in the superior ex cellence of this equally innocent and pow erful preparation, is founded on the most decisive testimony from many restored pa tients. He can assure tins portion of the public, that when Br. RcWs AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES, nre regularly taken according to the dircc tions accompanying them, they revive nnd establish the desired healthy habits, nnd restore to the pallid countenance the natu ral glow of health and good spirits. The Pills arc an approved gcncrnl remc dy in cases of Obstructions; Debility; Hy; pochondria ; Green Sickness; Giddiness. Palpitation of tho Heart ; bad Digestions Loathing of Fond ; Pain of the Stotrach , Shortness of Breath upon every little mo tion; Sinking of the Spirits, and its conse quences, a dejected countenance, and dis like for cxercie and conversation. Married ladies will find the Pills equally useful, except in cases of pre"liancv, when thcij must not be taken ; nolher must they be taken by persons ot hectic or consump tive habit st. Thcv may be used successful Iv by eiiher men or women in all Ilyvochon. driac. Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In all cases of this description, the Pills purify , invigorate, and revive llie disordered sy?. lem. Price CSl .50 a box. New Publications for sale at THE ROOK STORE. THE Christian Professor addressed in a series of coun-cls nnd. cautions to I he members of Chrit in it Churches, hy John Ansoll James 1 vol. 12 mo. New York. 1838. A Narrative o Mis:ionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands with remarks upon the natural history of be Inlands, origin. Languages, Tradition nnd usages of llie inhabitants, by John Willinm, of llie Lon don Missionary Societj, illosi ruled with 27 wood Engravings, 1 vol. 3 vo. 500 pp. New Yoik, 1833. Religious Disscnsinrs, their cause and cure, a pnze cs-nv, bv Pharcellns Church, I vol 12 mo. N--w York 1838. Young Man's Closet Library, by Robert Phillip, of Maberly Clupol, with an mtro doc ory otsuy by Albert Barnes, 1 vol. 12 mo. Lectures illuslralingthe contrast between true Christianity and vinous other system--, by William B. Spragu:, D. D. Albany, 1 vol. 12 mo. 7Vic Constitution of Man considered in relation to external )bjects, by George Combe, 1 vol. 12 mo. Doit Sweclscr's jYcv Work an Dyspep sia. 1 vol. 12 mo. Jliston 1837. Loclcharl'n Life of Sir Waller Scott, Huston 1338. Modern Socicly.or'tlx March of Intellect, by Mis Sinclair. Ne.v York 1837. The suijiogs and doiigs of Samuel Slide of SlucsBilie. Philail'lphia 1837. The jYcw Yorh Review for January 1838. This able periodical wll be issued regular ly in Januury. April. Jily nnd October of each year. The Janutry No. is one ofthe first specimens of Aowrican Typography and gives deci-ive cvuljiiee of tho ability of its Editors and those who contribute lo" .it Its articles ore well seeded nnd full of en ergy. 'I'hoso upon Anron Burr, Charles Lamb and Coleridge, nav be specified ns peculiarly mi unfiling. Those who wish to examine or stib.-cribe br the work arc re quested to call upon the agent JAMES W. HICKOK. Burlington. Jan. 18, 1837. 13 u r 1 i nton7"Ni)v. 24, 18:577 ROBERT MOODY is now receiving from New York an extensive supply ol'llurdv are. Saddlery, llolloware, Drugs. Medicines, Paints, tnd Oils ; which he oilers to the public cheap for cash or short credit, at the old established store, north east corner of tho square. Winter Strained Lamp Oil. 111 1 "ALL'S, puro winter UU by ' KUXJV Latiirop & PoTwn HATS ifc CAPS, w. a. SPRAGUE HAS opened u Cup nnd Uui-Smrc, in the sntno room formerly occupied b G. 'P. M"iid, where ho ofiers Hals of all hinds, nnd Caps of many qualities, Buffalo Robes, Fur Golliirs, &c. on as good terms as elsewhere, for prompt pny. Burlington, Nov. 0, 1837. FLOUR. f ROCHESTER "City Mills" and Troy IL flour, for salo by FoLi.nrr& Rraih.eyb. Dec. G, 1837. Scotch Pip; Iron. 0A tons, No. l,on coii-igninont, for salo by FoI.Lr.TT & BllAOI.EVS. Doc. C, 1037. Time o( Year. AT this icnmn of the year something more than a commit, 'just received a full assortment oC all hinds of Dri Goods, Groccrici, Croikcrics, Class and Hardware. Cnrpclings, Paper Hangings o-c. Sc.' is nucsary to call the attention of the differ enl classes of buyers oC Merchandise lo an advertisement. jYow heie it is EfOWAflD Of the Cheap Uas-h Storo Has Goods which were bought on purpose to supply the scarcity which was tuppscd would be through the country at this icusan ' of the year in lonsequenec of general short purchases, and such being the case, persons are informed thai here the difficulty can be remedied, and seldom if ever was .such a splendid beautiful and lomjilete stoik of Goods lo be found in any store as is now on hand at his. An enumeration of articles would be very lengthy, and when read through, one would say, why he might as well have said he was also Agent for the selling of Urandrilh Pills loo, and then his assortment would havi included every thing to be desired both as lo appearance comfort and convenience. Well he is that agent also. Then surely it is and must be the curious and right place to go and purchase goods. '25th January, 1838. 15ASSWOOD BOARDS. 4suhs'ci'r-VbrIon wishing to purchrsc will please address HENRY N. iSRUSH. Moira, Franklin Co. N. Y. CONSUMPTION Asthma. ! and Catarrh; In that long train of diseases which seem to grow with the growth of civiizod society, CONSUMPTION takes ihellead in its relentless inroads upon human life; yet this dreadful disorder is easily overcome in its earlier stages. It is only when neg lected that il arrives at tho terrific maturi ty which so often bullies the sagacity of professional science. An obstinate cough is the customary forerunner of the .N.inv consumption. Improper neglect in the timely administration of simple and salutary remedies, is sure to be reproved by a dreadful succession of consumptive symtorns: oppression ofthe breast; green ish nnd bloody spittle ; ulcerated lungs and hectic fevor; shrivelled extremities, and genoral emaciation of the whole body prost ration of strength ; flushed cheeks swollen feel nnd legs ; and at last, in ful possession of the mental faculties, and while hope still whispers hor fluttering talo cold extremities, and a premature death. For thu various stages of this complaint, onu of the most approved remedies ever vet discovered is Dr. Relfe's Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, and yet equally safe and innocent prep-nation, hns cflected thorough and rapid cures upon l onts fiippo.-ed to have 'been far ad vanced in n couliriiicd Consumption, and who have exhibited the appearances which u.-unlly indicate a fatal termination of the disorder. DR. UELFE'S PILLS have nUo ob tained the highest character as a Rectorial Medicine, nil'ording I he most unexpected relief to tbofO labouring under the com mon Cough, occasioned by acrid humors irriiaiing the iliront, or by delluctions on the lung.- symtorns which deprive the suf ferer of sleep, and gradually introduce tho long I ruin of Pulmonary affections. The Pills appease the cough, promote easy ex pectoration, very essentially relieve, and often entirely cure the timet obstinate and distressing cases. Commw Colds are usu ally removed by the Pills in n lew hours. In the hurrussing and suffocating com plnint of llie, the Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect a radical cure, in ihoso A-lhmaiic attacks characterized by diflicoliy of breathing, lightness nnd strtcturu across i ha breast and in the lung--, oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, lioursenes-', costivencss, and tunny 'other asthmatic symptom. As the Pills require in ordinary cases no confinement, thcv mav be administered with confidence and sal'etv to all ages nud I classes of people. Unexamp'ed succcts j has hitherto attended their administration in a great variety of cases ; and thu Pro prietor can refer to a multitude, which lelify to their cflicucy in reviving the emaciated victim from the bed of disease, and restoring htm lo the blessings of ac customed health and nenvitv. THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Relfe's Ailhmulic and Consumptive Pills, exhibited in thcfollowing rases. DJ'A Phyi-ieinn, M. 1). und Druggist, recently writes; "The Asthmatic Pills (Relfe's) nro invariably well spoken of by ihosu wlio use them.'' Mrs. ,(flhis rily, was three years seriously afllicted with oon-iuiiptivu symp tom?, as pain m the side. nlinot cough, spitting of blood, geuernl debility, &C.--U1 tins distressing statu, nimble to sit up, ami not expecting to live many days sue wasnuviseil lo laUo Dr Belle's Asth matic Pills, and nlsu Dr. J ebb's Liniment bo applied to her side, winch she did, and to the Kstoiiisluuunt olevery one, tun short tune she was ported ly uMorcd to health. UT A Lady from Framinghum, was se verely ufllicted with cough, spitting ol' blood, nnd general debility, on taking two bottle- of thrsn Pills, mid one box of Dr. lielfe'n Antibilious Pills, wns restored to perfect In'tilih. ITrAn elderly person in this vtcinii-' who had suffered much for yenri bv a mo-1 distressing asthma, had tried nltnoit ever, thing recommended, which only at. time' gnve temporary relief, nnd usually n inure violent return of hor complaint, ha recent ly trindo uso of thu above Pills with morn beneficial p fleets, than any thing hu hay ever used before. 0A Young Lady nt M , Imd been troubled Willi u very bad nuugh, so violent ns'ol. tunes lo rack nnd liarras her ex ceedingly ; n consumption was funn-il, (as her mother hud died of that complaint), -sho was iinmiidiatclv relieved, und fitili- sequently oiuiroly cured by Dr. Relfe's Asinmniic fills. VNonc genuine unless signed on tho outside printed wrapper by the oe Prnpri. ctor, 'P. KIDDER, immediate sucipssor In the Into Dr. W. T. Conway. For salo with all the other "Cnnwaii Medicines," ot his Counting Room, No. 90, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store, corner of Court Silk &, orstcd Sashes, or Rolls, for salo at I he V.iricly Shop. I'.UNUUOIIN to BIUNSMAID, (tyPUB LIC ATTENTION! b most respectfully solicited, bv the sob- .9 scrlbcr, to on Inviluablo Preparation, tlu merits of which have been tested by, and aro sL'sT.UNiwi nv undoi'dtud ti:sti.monv. J)r. Relfe's Jiotanical Drop's! aro every year increasing their long cstab. lishcd reputation. They havo outlived many rival preparations, and are continually gain ing upon public eoiifldonee. Tho Botanical Drops havo been success fully administered for many yeais, as a thorough remedy for that well known and prevalent cla"s of imctcralo dieases, which originate from a vitiated habit of body, or an liereiltlary predisposition in the patient, and generally appear under tho various and dis. tressing shapes of Scrofula, Sail Iltcum, Lep rosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sores, While Htcfllings, Scurry, Foul and Obstinate Ulcus, Sorr Legs and Eyes, Scald Head, and Venere al Taint. In llio lust mentioned condition o f the system, tho llolaniral Drops will ho found 10 crudicate the lurking poison, whore Mercu ry ha? totally failed, and thus prevent the pa. rent from entailing tho seeds of an heredita ry disease on hi ofl'-pting. DR. RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS arc successfully used in cases of violent eruptions afier tho Measles red blotch's pimples on the face festering eruptions on the skin and other diseases of the external surf.icc, ami ate one of the best Spring and Autumnal physics known, lofico the system from humors. DIP Striking Instances of Success. Exlractof a letter from a Physician of tho first respectability, and extensive practice, in this vicinity, member of tho Massachu setts Medical Society. June IGtii, 1829. Dear Sir: "This child , before he was a year dol, became alllictod with a leprous diseaso of iho skin, and which gradually increased, so that when about three years old, the whole surface of tho body was ono continued sore, attended with an ichorous discharge, produ cing great soreness and intolerable itching, which becamo almost insupportable. A groat variety of the most approved external and internal rcmcdic wore oscd without any per. maucnt relief. Much interest was excited in behalf of tbo child, and consequently differ ent medical advico was solicited, but with little or no advantage, the disease progressed with unabaling violence, and seemed to defy the healing art. At length Iho parent was induced by the advico of a neighbor, who had been benefitted by the article, to try Dr. Rklits BOTANICAL DROPS. Several hollies wore given accoiding lo the directions, before the leai-t abatement of the disease was observed; but by a persevering use of lliein, the ichorous discharges begao to abate, tho scabs to give way in places, and fall oil". Tho Drops were continued until the boy becamo perfectly well, the skin rcuming its natural and healthy aspect, seeming indeed like a ren ovated skin Mnce which timo llio boy bus enjoyed perfect health, and his cure is ascri bed wholly to tho Drops, as no oilier mcdi. cine was used in con.juction with them." The original loiter, with additional par ticulars, may bo seen by calling on the Pro prietor.) A Gentleman of (his City, who had been at. tended a long timo by our most celebrated and experienced practitioners, and who bad been reduced lo almost tho last stages of ex istence by bis complaint had lost one eye! and dreadful ulcers began to destroy his tig, and spread over his whole side, and to Ihrcalin a most painaland lingering death .' in coin muniealing his ea-o at l.iri'e to iho Propriu. lor, makes tho following closing remarks "My ca-c was pronounced hy my phyi ciiin1 lo he one of inveterate. Scrofula. It is not necessary to nnjuiru whclbtr other means would have effected tho cure. I can only say that Dr. Hello's Drops were tho only means I uiudo usu of, ufier tho physicians had exhausted their skill, and havo no reison to doubt that under Providence tho Drops weru thu means of relieving mo from one of tho most utllicltng diseases thai hu. inanity is called lo endure. " A Physician of eminence who had witnrs sed the efficacy of this articlo, had tho candour recently to acknowledgo to les Proprietor, that ho cousidcied il tho 'est medicine known, for llio complaints fi r which 11 is intended, anil that it ought deservedly to stand at thu head of tho wholo class of such remodics. Price til for wholo boxes of 30 pills, and 50 cents tor half do of 12 pills, with direc tions. ! :09o Tooj-ff j Vvicv .10 cents. A fresh supply just received by Latiirop Sc. Potwiu, Burlington Beck wilii C. Dyer, Solusbury A. P. Roscoe, Now Haven M. W. llinsley, Monkton M. Hull, llinosburgh Fletcher &. Wnod inao, Wiilistou C. B, Martin, Charlotte E. Lyman. Ferrisburgh L. Bivby, Vet genncs Fletcher &. Miner, Cridpurt Hun Wright, Slioruliam.

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