Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 9, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 9, 1838 Page 4
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CABINET FURNITUKR S. R. 7f ASjKBH WOULD rt'icctluliy m fiifin tin public that li" liiii) now on linml nnil in cut) tiniilly i nn in t in ct 1 1 r nir "t 1 1 1 ' iilil i-Imii (liiruiirly Nichol" Mini Ilurridc) on cliurhli si., mi eli'gnul assortment ol Gab. nii't fur mi ii ru consisting of alnmst every nrtiolu culled fot in his liuu ol' business, which iu o libra lor salo on as good tuftns at cnn us purchased lor in I Inn viciniiy. Musi c i nits or lumber or iroilocc ri'coivi'il in pny . 1 1 t i I . Cash i.i must wanted lull a liberal riiilil will In' given. A Hhnri! ill' pnlronngo a inii.-l respectfully solicited. Burlhmton, Den. 7, 11137. 'tigging, Oakum, Tar, Pitch. 1 HO f rroit rigging, Whilu nnil lJJ rnpc!, of VHiiotid sizes, p to 7 inch, Spun ynm, hnmborlino, house line, tnnr- line, anil deep-sen line, i'OOO IIh. Onkutn, 'i bhls, North Carolinnlar, 15 " pilch, tor K.ilc by Por.t.r.TT & BnAtn.F.v? Dec. 0' lf)37, 111 fiTKiTk Sides, of host manufacture, on Jikconsigninoiit Tor sale by FOLLETT& BRADLEY3. Doc. th i837. J Cliesif? Old Hyson, young Hy con. Hyson Skin Souchong, nnd Tonka Tea. 00 Caddieo very superior Y. Hyson do 15 Hilda. MoldKiL'S. 10 IIIuIp. Now Orleans find Porto Rico Sugnrs. SO Ills, bent Loaf Sugnra. 20 BngB Coffee. ' 20 Bags peppur nnd spices. 10 Kegs pure Ginger. 100 Boxes Muscntoland Bloom Rnifina 50 Boxen liar Soap. 25 Bo.xfs I'ipcn. 100 Mails Cns-in. 5 Tiorcoti SnloraliH. 45 1 5 1 Am. Urandy. 10 Pipos Bali. Gin. 4 dn Holland do. 4 do Iicfi s-ignotto Ilraudv, II lid. Winter Strained Oil. 10 HI. Jo do do. i"or sale by Foi.i.ett & BnADi evs. Dec. G, 1837. HATS fc CAPS, W. . SPRAGUE HAS opened a (Jap and Hat-Siorc, in I he Mini! room formerly occiipicd by . T. Mend, whom w. offurs Hats of all Kind?, ond Caps of many qualities, Buffalo Robes. Fur Collars, Sic. on ns good termB i elsewhere, fur prompt pay Burlington. Nov. 9. If) 37. FLOUR. 3OCIIESTER "City Mills" nnd Troy i flour, fur salo by Foli.ett& Braiili:vs. Dec. C, 1037. Scotch Pig Iron. C)A tons, No. I, on consignment, for salo by FoLLETT & BhaULKYH. Dcc.C, 1837. Grind Stones. Of ons Nova Scotia Grind Stones, assoit cd sizes, weighing from 50 to 800 lb, br sale by Foi.i.ett & Bradleys. Nova Scotia and Western PLASTER. 1L( Ions ground Nova Scotia in bulk and in barrels, 100 Ions Nova Scotia, in tho Stone. 75 tons ground Western, in barrels. "orRaloby Foi.lett & Bradley?. DecC, 1337. SMMON. Bbls. North Shore Salmon, for f ale by Fitl.LETTE if BtlAlU.EVS. 10 Dec. 6, 1037. FOB, SALE. TRjIIAT woll known and excellent FARM, 4. situated on Munson's flats in Colchester, 0 1-2 miles' north of Burlington en the staro road leading to St. Albans, containing 500 acres with one large and convenient dwelling HoiiKO and out houses and one farm house, fivo Barns and one Haw-Mill, all nearly now, This farm is well timbered, wooded aud fenc ed, and tliu parlclourod is under good cultiva tion, noil excellent for EtigliRli grain and gra cing. 250 tons hay can bo cut per season. Those wishing to purchase will plcaso call and oxamine tho premises for themselves. For terms apply to tho subscriber on the prom lies. HIRAM BEAN. Colchester, Oct 23, 1037. New England Rum. II lids, Boston N. E. Rum, by J&JII Peck & Co 45 FIOTXR. Barrsld Sup. Fino by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. 600 UK IRON AND NAILS. 8 Tons assorted English Iron, 0 do Nwois do 6 do Runia da 1 do I'aru do 4 do Russia Nail Rndi (00 Pain Sltigh and Cuttor Shoes BO Tom Aimrtod Round Iron 0 do do Squaro do 4 do do Peru do 6 do Hone Shoo do 6 do Ilamo and Scroll do WOO lbs assorted Cast Steel tOOO do Swedes do 1000 dn German do 1000 do Braziers Rods 1000 Kegs Nuils from 3a to 00a 200 do Brads by J. & J. II. Peck Si Co, Black Oiler and Dark Seal GAPS. FIRST ralu arliclo can bn foutii! ni Ihi' Can and Hat Store of VVM 1 A SEVMOIJR. Gentlemen wishing to pur chase' a good article, of elegant, form, will avail llit'UHelvc.4 of the opportunity, A len lliillulo ROBES of largo sizes Cup." niado to order. Burlington, Nov. 9, 1037 Change ! Change ! ! SMALL CHANGE for snlo in sums to suit purchasers Premium paid for GOLD and SILVER in sums not less than $10, at iho wtnro of LATI1ROP Si FOTWLN. Jan. 5, ll!.'!i). Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs. 10,000 bi Wllit0 ijPN, 5 bbli Venetian Red 15 do Whiting 5 do French Yellow 0 do American do 12 do Spts. Turpuntino 25 dn Linacoil Oil 2,000 gRls. pnrn winter nnd fall Sperm Oil 150 bbld ground Logwood. St. Domingo, 75 150 100 00 10 12 10 no do do do Cntnponchy do do Fustic do do Nicaragua do do Gam Wood do do Bar do do do l'cacli do do do Quercitron Bark do Madder 25 Dcmijons Oil Vitriol 10 libls Allum 5 do Blue Vitriol 2 Coroons Flolant Indigo 1 Caso Bengal do hy J. Si J. II. Feck Si Co SALT. 10,000 Bushels Solar Evapora t inn, Salt, 2,000 " Coarso Steam do. 1,500 " Campcnchy and St. Ubee do 200 Sacks Liverpool ground, Dairy do GOO Bbls fine Western do. 40 do do do Dairy do. for .alo by Foi.i.ett & BiiAin.Era. Doc. 2G. 1C37. Swords, Pistols, Sabres, &,oth er military goods for sale, at the Variety Shop, I'ANUUUIIN iz UKINSMAII) Dec. 29, 1837. 03d An Invaluable Itcmcdy Tested by experience, w sustained by testimonials ! 7TOST people have a remedy for If JL CORNS an well as other complaints; but the proprietor of the long known and uetly celebrated Albion Corn Plaster! (as prepnred by the late Dr. Conwoy,) has been made acquainted with no instance ol its proper application, in which it has not been preferred to oil other hemedieb for Cohns, those pninftildisfigurcrs of the feet, and enemies to locomotion. Tho Albion Corn Plaster softens tho corn, however old and tough, and extracts it to tho very roots. The relief enorued is ncnlle, immediate, and thorough. The Proprietor begs Icnve to submit the following cobc from Mr. Stowcll, who is well known to the inhabitants of this city, especially at the south end, and at boutu Boston, ns a vory worthy and respectable citizen. A CAbb. Sin I do not hesitate to give mv most unqualified approbation in favour of your valuable Albion Corn Plaster. By the use of less than a box, Mrs. Stowcll has been cured of a corn on each foot, which had been exceedingly troublesome and painful for years, and I think it but justice to your invaluable preparation to adu,(tor tno en' couragemont of those, who owing to re nented disappointments in the various rem cdics resorted to, have finally despaired of a cure,) that your Plastor cured her corns after trying other highly recommended remedies to no purpose; and what increas. C8 my confidence in tho uporiority of your Platter, is tho fact, that it has been ubed by several of my neighbours with equally good succcas. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled witn corns, as to bo obliged to cut holos in shoes to case his feet; ho had long Eullercu great torture and inconvenioncc has lately been cntiro ly cured by tho uso of your Corn Plaster so that hu can now wnlk with comfort, and in whole shoes. Another Case. A young woman living nnnr mo, had become so lame in consequence of corns, as not to bo able to go up and down stairs without ureal trouble, is now using the I'lnstu with the most happy euccess, and prospect of speedy cure. I could refer to several other cases, were it necessary, but I have fecn enough oflhc Plaster to satisfy me it is the best prepara tion in this country, or perhaps in any oth er, for t he euro of Corns ; and were its vir tues generally known, I doubt whether you could prepare the arliclo fast onough to meet the public demand. (Signed) SETII STOWELL, Keeper of the Toll-house, South Boston linage. Mr. T. KinDEn, Proprietor of the Conwoy Medicines. Boston, June I7i7t, 1829. Pnce 50 cents. None gonuinn unless signed on the outsido printed wrapper by tho sole Vronrittor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor to tho lalo Di. W. T.Conway For Bale, with all tho other "Contrny Medicines," at his Counting Room, No. 99,noxt door to J, Kidder's Drug Store, corner of Court and Hanovor streots, near Concert Hall, Boston , and by his spe cial appointment, by J. & J, II. PECK & Co. Burlington Vt. NOTICE. C AME into tho inclo sure of tho sub senbor some- t 1 m c in the month of July Inst n dark iron grny yearling horso Colt. The owner of said colt is requested to call prove property pay charge nnd tnkn him away. hUTUNll 1ROUTY . Jericho, Jan, II, 1838. MURCUANiMZI;. prv cnuBlB, 11. . x. u. nyson ano vJ-' I'ouchonf Tcna. Ill Bags Si. D. and real Java CofTeo. 10 " Pepper nnd I'linontu. U Kegs fino Ginger. 75 Malts Cassia 100 Boxes and quarter boxes Irefch bunch Raisins 40 Boxes Bar Soap, 40 " Windsor Soap, 4 Cnsks No. I. Snleratu.!, 10 lltida Porto Rico and N. Orleon Sugars 20 Bbls lump and double refined loaf do. 10 Boxes Pipes 20 Kegs nnil boxos plug and Cavendish Tobacco 10 Bbls pound and half pound cut do. G " Nos. I a 2 chewing do. GO Jars Lorillard's Mnccnboy Smili" 75 tloz. patent Wood Pails 100 Quintals Cod Fish G Tierces North shoro Snlmon 10 Pipes Holl. nnd Baltimore Gin G bbls. American Gin, G hints St. Croix Rum, 35 Casks old Mad. Sherry, old Port Malaga nnd Marsailcs pure Wines 20 Baskets Chnmpnign do. 10 half pipc9 pure Signctto and Amer ican Brandy, G Boxes Starch, 20 Bags Shot, GO Kegs Powder, Nutmegs, doves, Cassia buds, dried Currants, Sic- ilic. 2000 gallons puro fall and rintcr Sporm Oil. IRON, STEEL, AC. 30 tons English, Waggon, Coach and Cart tiro, Swedes nnd old Sable Iron, Sanderson's Cast, Gcrmnn, English U lis ter, Amurican and Spring Steel Ruseia and American Nail Rodi Cro Bars, Steel plated and cast Iron Sleigh Shoos, Hollow ware, Plough cnstingB, Waggon Boxes. Mill Crnnke, Bark Mills, Potash Kettles, Vices, Anvills, Spades, Shovels, Forks, Halter and trace chains. Stone's Cast Steel Axes, n superior cr licle nnd warrintcd. TIN PLATES StC. 100 boxes 1-3 X tin plates and extra sizes 200 do Canada Sheet Iron, G5 Bills English and Russia Shoot Iron assorted numbers. 100 Bdlfl. Iron Wire assorted. 3 Casses Sheet Copper, Rivets, blk. tinned nnd copper, Sheet Zinc. Sic. Sic. STOVES At TUOIMINfiS. Stanleys Rotnry, Improved Rotary, Pnrker's prophecy & premium & other patterns of Cooking Stoves. Canada and American plate, box and parlour do, Dumb Stoves and atovo trimmings, on hand, and made to order, 2000 Joints Stove Pipe and Elbowa, A L S O On Consignment from Peru Iron Co. Chntonville. 1000 kegs 3d, 4d. 5d. 6d, 8ri, 1 0(1, 12d, 20d, 2 Id, 30d, 40d, and 50d nails and brads, 10 tons 3-R inch, to 3 inch, round and equnrc Iron, 5 tons Round Iron 1-4 to 5 in. wide, 5 " Shoe Shapes, from Salisbury, 800 boxes Window Glass of various sizes and qualities, from Boston, 45 H lids and hell pipee New Rum. The above goods with very many not enumerated, arc ofibrcd in lots to suit purchasers and on terms thaf'can'i be beat. " T. F.&. W. L. STRONG. Burlington, Dec. 3, 1837. groceries". o 0 Pipes Amsricnn Gin 0 do dc Brandy French Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, French Madeira, Malaga and Champaign Wines, 20 hhd j Molniscs, 30 Bags Coffic, 10 do Pimento, 10 do Pepper, 2 bbls Cloves, 300 lb Cuesit, 15 Kege Pure Ginger 10 Tierces Silcratus, G5 Chests Hyson Skin Teas, GO do Younj Hyson do. 50 Quintals Codfish, 25 Boxos Pipes, 30 do Hard Soap. ,35 bbls St. Croix & Port Rico Sugnrs J. &. J. H. Peck & Co. A large lot of Rose and Point Blankets just rccci'cd and will bo sold low by Uoc. 14, IU37. L. CURTIS. SOLOMON WALKER & Co. will pay Cosh for good merchantable Wheat. GLASS. Cafa Boxis Chnmplain and Peru 3UU Glass. 200 do Rcdfortl Crown Glues, by J. Si J, H. Peck Si Co, Agents, 4 K(r bbls. Sovo Scotia, A JJJ iQQ jo Western by J. Si J. H. Peck Si Co. Drugs Sf Medicines. THE subscribers are now receiving a now supply ofDrugs Si Medicines which they oflbr on favorable terms. J. &i J. II. Peck Si Co. Walton's Vermont Register for 1838 Second Edition 500 just ree'd by Dec. 27., C. (loonnicii. Winter Strained Lamp Oil. LATItROr SI I'OTWII 'OMTlrJ iT . , ' "iitJ 1 il naiiuiiJ trniii the remotest olca. limn l.nn ships but Columbus only found out tho way to may bo found necessary to tako both tho Life America. Ucluro tho time of tho great Spanish pills and tho Phoenix Bitters, in tho doses bo navigator, neonle wore on v cnn b nd to nm 1 n r. 1...1 about tho shores. Just to with the I.ifii Med 1 lln1llVnnbllnt.,!,1,0rl yea" '"j0,1 ' vcnlured npon an unknown ocean, and 1 have discovered tbo precious object I was in search of health. Vegetable medicines were indeed known when I commenced mv search hut thmr use was not. By the uso of them, 1 have not only passed from the dejected invalid, to the hal ., near ly ami active man ol business, but. comparativr-lv speaking, I have renewed my youth. I can thus tviih confidence of my own oxperienco anviso A'ith my fellow citizens. Docs the reader want proof that the V'cgf table Lift Medicines are suit. auio to ins own ensef 1 have on file at my office, 34G Broadway, hundreds of letters, from some of iho most respectable citizens of this my native land, voluntarily offeree in tciitrrony of tho vir tues of A GOOD VEGETABLE MEDICINE. Persona whoso constitutions havo been nearly ruined by the " all-uifalliblo" mintrab prepara. tiorti of the day, will hear rr,o witness, that tho Life Medicines, & such only, am the truo ourao to permanent good health. J0u:t Mow.. General Remarks relative to Moffat's Life Pills and Phanix Bitters. These medicines have lontr brun knnwn nn,1 appreciated for their extraordinary and immediate powers of restoring pcrfecthealth to persons eufl" cring under nearly every kind ofdiseosoto which tho humnn frame is liable. In many hundreds of certificated instances they have even rescued sullerers from the very vcrae of an untimely grave, after all the deceptive nostrum)-of the day hud utterly fnilrd ; nnil to many thousands they have permanently sccurodthst uniform enjoyment of health, without which lifo itself is but a partial blessing. So great indeed, has their efficacy invariably and infallibly proved that it has appearod scarcely Ic&h than miraculous is those who wero unacquainted With the beau titidly philosophical principles upon which they are compounded and upon which they consequent ly net. It was to their manifest nnd sensible nc. tion in purifying the springs and channels oflifc and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor that they were indebted for their name, which was lieBtowcd upon them at the spontaneous request of several individuals whose lives tbey had ob viously saved. The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity nf. lorded by the universal diffusion of the daily press f-.r placing his VEGETABLE LIFE FILLS within thu knowledgend reach of every individual in the community. Unlike tho host of pernicious quackeries, which boast of vegcta ble ingredients, the Life Pills are purely and solk- lt vKor.TAM.t nnd contain neither Alcrcury An. timony Am-mr, uni ,111 utner mineral, in any form whatever. Thry sr1 entirely composed of ex tracts from rare uml pon trful (ilnntK the virtues ol whi.'h though lout; known to several indinn tribes nd recently to eomc eminent pharmaceutical chemists are nltoEcllier unknown to the ignorant pretenders to mcdiral ccicnce ; and wore never licfore administered in so happily efficacious a combination. DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing tho first and second stomachs and creating a flow of pure healthy bile instead of the stale and acrid kind; flatulency I'alpitatiun of the Heart Lost of Appetite Ileart-burn and Head-ache, ltcstltst ncss lll.trmper Anxiety Languor and Melancholy which are ths general symptoms of Dyspepsia wiU vr.nisltas a nntural consequence of its cure. Cot tivencss,Uy clcansinn the whole length of tht intestines with a solvent process and without violence ; all violent purees leave the bowels ; nstive within two days. Diarrhwa and Cholera, jy removing the sharp acrid fluids by which these 10m olaints re .tccasioned and by promoting the ubric ativc secretion of the mucus membrane Fertrd of all kinds, by restoring the b!ood to n regular circulation through the process of pers juration ;a seme cases and the thorough solution sf all ititoitinal obstructions in others. The LIFE P1T.LS Imvc been known to cure Rheu matism per mmently in throe weeks, and Gout in aulf that time by removing local inflammation from the muscles nnd lignments of the joints Dropsieiof all fands by freeing and strengthening the kidneys and bladder; they operate most dc lightfully on rticso important organs and hence have ever besn found a certain remedy for the worst cases of Grmel Also IVbrw by dislodging from thctarnings of the do weU the slimy mattci 10 which there crcirturcs adhere : Asthma ana Consumpltonby relieves the air vessels of the nings from the mucus which even slight colde will occasion, which if not removed become? Hardened and produces thoss dreadful -liseases Scurvy Ulcer and Invvtci ate Sores by the per feet purity which these Life Pills give to the bluoii nnd all the humors , tienrhut ic Eruptions ic Bad Complexions by their alterative effect upon the fluids that focd the skin the mo fbid state of which occasions of Eruptive complain ts- Sallow Cloudi and other disapreeabie Complex wn. The use ol these Pills fjr a very short tun c will effect in entire cure of Salt.rhenme, Erysipelas and a striking improvement in tliu Clearness of t fir ikin. Common colds and Jnfturfixa wili nlway.' be cured by one dose or by two even in the worst cases. Piles, as a rented) for 1)1 is most di.. tressing and olistinats malady t'e Vegetable Lifu Pills deserve a distinct and mphatic re. commendation. It is well known to hundreds ii this city that the Proprietor of these invaluable Pills was himself afflicted with this complaini for upwards ol thirty-five years and that he trien in vain every remedy prescribed within t 'ic whole compsks of the Materia Mcdica. Ho 'aowcvci at length, tried the medicine which he 1 ow of fors to the public and ho was cured in a very Bhort time after his recovery had been pronounc. ed nofonly improbable but absolutely impossible by any human means. THE PHCEN1X BITTERS, are in called be cause 'iliey possess the power of restoring tho expiring embors of health to a glowing vigor throughout the constitution as the Phumix is said to be restored to life from the ashes of its own dissolution. Thcs Plmuiix Bitters arc en tirely vegetable, compoted of roots found only in certain parts of the wesern country, which will wlallibly cure t i.vt;it and Auuiua 01 all kinds;Tit:vcr fail in the sickness incident to young females; tnd will befouud n certain remedy in all cusos of nervous debility and weakness of the most impaired constitutions. Asarcmededy for Chronic & Imflamitory Rheu matism, tho efficacy of the Phujnix Bitters will be demonstrated by tho uso of. a single bottle. The usual dose of those bitters is half a wine glass full, in water or wine, and this quantity may be taken two or three times a day, about half an hour before meals, or a less quantity may bo taken at all times. To those who are afflicted with indigestion after meals, these Bit ters will prove invaluable, as they very greatly increase tho action of the principal viscera, help them to perform their functions, and enable tho stomach to discharge into tho bowels whatever is offensive, Thus indigestion is easily and speodily removed, appetite restored, and the mouths of tho absorbent vessols being cleansed, nutrition is facilitated, nnd strength of body and snergy of mind and tho happy results, For far ther particulars of Moffat's Life Pills, and i'A. nix Hitters, apply at Mr. Moffat's ollico, No, 54G Broadway, New York, where tl.o Pills can be obtuned for 25 cents, 50 cents, or gl each box; nnd the Bitters for $-1 or 2 per bottle. Numerous ccrtiflicatcs of tho wonderful efficacy of both, may boUieru inspoclcd. In some obstinato and complicated cases of thron'w und (Ininmmniory Rheumatism, Liver 1 complaints, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia, PaN iny, Piles, injuries from the use of mercury. ,.;,,.,;., , ,.. ,;:.. ,.r .i,.,;.. ;t V II M'l... 11:11 I 1(1.1 ...Ml I H i-''rcury out of tho system infinitely faster .. Ul(A03, rlirit111 ()f Sarsiimrills. and aro a certain remedy for tho rushing of blood to tho head, or all violunl headaches, tic douloureux, kc. Al pursons who nro predis posed to npoploxy, palsy, Ac. should noycr bo without tho Lilo Pills o'r tho Bitters, for ono duso in time will savo lifo. They equalize tho circulation of tho blood, draw all iirosnuro from tho head, rcstoro perspiration, and thrown oft' every impurity by Iho poros of tho skin. Tho abovo Medicino is for salo by ROBERT MOODY. Paints and Oils at cost and freight. Tons White Lead, 1 do Red Lend, 10 bbls. Spirits Turpentine, Linseed Oil, at manufactures prices, for bale by Foi.i.eit & Dec. G, 1837. AXE HANDLES. Doz on consignment, for sale by Foi.i.ett Sl Bhadlevs. Dec. G, 1837. FURS, Caps, Mull's, Boas, Gloves, Mitts, CollnrH, &c. for sale by Hickok Si BOSTON KTEW RUM. lids, on consignment, and for salu at Manufacturers pricos, 50 per cont, above proof, by FOLLETTE & BRADLYS. Itnnlr VVhnnt 171., Mi'Prtwherosuch Impurity of tho blood selllos; v. ... 11 Hiut jl iuui j iui ouiu by Hickok Si Catm.i. I RON FOUNDIiY appearances by various names, but which aro rilHE Burlington Mill Co. n.e prepa'red I in fact, only the same disease, with more or A to execute orders for Castings of cv-1 le33 virulence. Dr. Wm. Brandrethwas so cry description, at short notice, they Bre ! fully convinced of tho truth of the above dim conftnntly provided with the best Scotch tHcory, tliat I10 spent .10 years in expcri Pit! Iron.L mnkint: castings which arc . r"r:l!U.S.r.e.erar.dl 'n,t0 ''V"0'!' required to he soft for finishing ; nnd also JhoVegctab!c Kingdom ; his object be,n3 to Ironraot-t suitable for shafts, gcers, nnd corn0l,o a medicino which dliould at pu and other catlings, where great strength rjfv, am produce by specie action, a rcmnvf.l and durability are required. They have 0f all bad humors fiom the b!ocd by the stom on hand a good assortment of patterns ; ach and bowels, as by the cont. nuation of tlm patterns made to order at short notice, by , uso of such a medicine, such humors arc t urn experienced workmen Potash kettles made if ordered, Cnldron do. generally kept on hand, fevcral sizes of box nnd fancy stoves, nlso Ploughs a fust rate model, with or without woods. Castings which are required to be turned or bored, can be done in the best manner. All orders directed to the above concern will receive prompt attention. Winoofki City, Dec. 25, 1837. IRON, NAILS, GLASS, &c. 10 Tons English Iron assorted cizes. do old & now snble Russia do. 3 20 do Swedes do. do Round do asorted ?irce from . lo 3 inches. do Band do do 1 to G inch, do Squaro and do i to t: do. do Shoo Shapes. G Cast, English, German. Swedes, and Spring Steel, Rowlands best German Steel Mill Saw, Hoe ii Co Cast end German Steel Mill Saws, Steel plated, and cast sleigh and cuttor Shoes, cast and wrought wnggon Arms, Anvils & Vices waggon Boxes Crowbars Shovels nnd Spades race and halter Chains Ploughs end llough Castings Improved bnrk Mills, mill Cranks. &c, &c. 1500 kegs Nuils, of all sizes from 3d. to 6 inch Kpikc, of the Peru Iron Co. Ma mi lacturc. 500 boxes, Chaniplain, Peru & 'Jerico CthaS, for sale by Follett & Bium.nis. Dec. G. 1837. THERMOMETERS. WHICH go far unough below Zero, for this climate, and aro correct ; for salo at the variety shop, rANGHUKN K JJ!lliS.lAlU' Dec. 23, 1837. SCREWS. 41lothcirs Screws, KJ Bench do Mill do Standing Press do Mauufaciured by E. & T. Fairbanks & Co. For salo by J. k. J. H. PECK & Co. Agents. Casks White Lead, 1" Galls Linseed Oil; for snlc by 2000 Hickok &. CiTtm. Samuel Kecler's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) UlbTRIO'P "v "-. - - T a piobate Court holdcn at Burling A'1 ton. within and for the district afore snul on the twenty tilth day of December, A. D. 1837, an instrument purporting to bo the Inst Will and Testamtnt of Sam uel Kceler late of Essex in said district deceased, was presented to tho Court, here for Probate, by Marshal Casllo, tho execu. tor, therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice begiven to all persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, at a 60ssion thcrcofto be holdcn at said Burlington, on the 2d Weaucsday of February A. D. 1838, and contest the pro bate ol said Will; nnd it is further order ed that this order be published three weeks successively in tho Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this State, the at of which publications shall be previ oua to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. . Given under my band at the Register s Office, this 25th 'lay of December A. I), 1837. Wm. Weston, Register. POWDER. Kegs, for snle by Foi.i.ett $ Bium.Evs. 100 FISH. Quintals dry Codfish, 20 Bbls, Hudson Bay No 1. Salmon, for salo by FOLLETT BIIADLEVS. Dec, 1837. DR. RRANDRETII IVanls no iotlegc,nu institution, no monopoly, no charier, he being quite satisfied to rest on the patronage nf the public for the success of his grand, father's VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL PILLS Established in England, 1751. " should contribute to tho comfoit health, nnd happiness of mankind."' THESE celebrated vegetable Pills of which EIGHTY THOUSUN BOXES havo been sold in N. York since July, 1835, aro now recommended by thousands of persons whom thoy havo cured of Consumption, Influenza Dyspepsia, Headache, 'ains and Nascnpc, fullness in tho back part of tho Band, usually tho symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice, Fever and Ague, Bilhous, Scarlet, Typhus, Yellow, and common Fevers of all kinds, Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous diseases, Liver complaini, Pleurisy, Inward Weakness, De pression ofthe Spirits, Ruptuic?, Infiamation, Soro Eyes, Fits, Palsy, Dropsy, Small Pox, Measles, Croup, Cough.", Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Cholic, Choleramorbus, Gravel, Worms, Dysentary, Deafness, Ringing Noises in tho Head, Kings hvil, bcrotuia, erysipelas or St. Anolhy's Fire, Salt Rheum, White Swellings, Ulcers, fouio of 30 years standing Cancers, Tumors, Swelled Feet nnd l,ng Piles CoBtivcncss, all oruptions of tho skin Frightful Dreams, Female complaints of every kind, especially obstructions, relaxations, ic r 7500 testimonials havo been received from individuals of tho highest respectability. They in fact prove, by tbo cures they make, that there is no necessity for any other medi cine Although Dr. R. has enumerated by namo tho abovo diseases, ho is nevertheless of opin ion with his grandfather, the late celebrated Dr Wm Brandrclh, that there is only one dig. case, an impurity of tho blood, which by im peding the circulation, brines on infiamation and consequent dorangement n the organ or am) that it is Iho different appearances which this infiamation or derangement put on, that have caused medical men to designate such to be carried on, and the blood assume a slato of puiity : and whoever takes thoso Pills, snd persevoros with thorn, will be satisfied that Dr Wm Brandrcth fully attained his philanthrop ic object. It is now an absolute and known fact, that every disease, whether it be in tho head or feet, in the brain or meanest member; whether it bo an outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, are all, though arising from raanr causes, reducible to this one grand effect, namely, impurity of blood. In all cases they will be found a is fa and simplo remedy, yet all powerful for the ramo val of diecasa, whether chronic or recent, in fectious or otherwis-e ; and what makes th;rr) particularly adapted lo this countrj, is that there is riot the slightest liability to cold rrhrn taking them, indeed the system is absolutely less susceptible of cold when under their ivftu. once, llinn at any other time therefore in this climato they aro invaluable. Neither do h roquiro chango of diet or caro of any kind. re England ihcso Pills have been the only Incdicino of many families for periods vurjinij mom forty to sixty years and have alwi; proved effectual in restoring health whenever an abenation from it has occurred. In many cases where the dreadful rav.ig9 of ulceration had laid bare ligament and bono' and whore to ill appearance no human mesna could savo life, hae patients by tho use cf these pill3 been restored to good health, tho devouring disease having been perfectly erad icated. In consequence of tho pleasantness of their operation, and tho dose not generally bring required lo be morn than four or fivo pills (merely keeping in view the drain upon tho humor,) they arc fa-t superseding every oth u preparation of professed similar import. Caeca may occur wheio it will bo proper to tako twenty or oven thirty or more pills; thi3 must he considered with reference to highly inllam. matory disease, or when great pain is experi enced. As Brandrcth'd Pills prevent Scurvy, Cos. tiveness and its consequences, seafaring men, and all travellers to foreign regions, should not be without them, in order to resort to on every occasion of illness, N. B. Timo or climate affects them not. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicino one which will ensure health to the people on their estates. CANCERS. Sovcral cases of euro can bo referred to, tho cure is sure if perseverance is used. CONSUMPTION. Rcfercnco can bo raado lo numbors who have been cured in Now. York and Brooklyn, of this disease Such is tho reputation, and so great the dc mand for tho Genuine 'Bradrcth's Vejctablo Universal Pills,' that a counterfeit article is made, advertised and sold as genuine -and some individuals who sell tho counlerff'1 pi"8 j.. -i I?. ., 10. n m,, I gontS" 'that 1 have found it necessary, lo presei-ro tho rep. utalion of my pills, and save the putn.. from imposition, to furnish every agent with a cer tificate, which is as follows: "Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills.', SECUKlTr AGAINST CoUNTERFEllS. The within named, Farre& Parmeleo of Middletown, Conn, are my appointed Ge-it oral Agents for the Slate of Vermont, Con. nccticut (except Fairfield Co.,) Hampden, Hampshire Si Franklin Counties, Mass, ; Cheshire Si Sullivan Counties, N. II. In the United States of America. And this letter, which is signed by me, B. Bkanureth, in my own hnnd writing, must also bo signed by the within named General Agent, whose name will also ap For sale by S. E. HOWARD. Burling tonFuller & Huntington, Richmond Fletcher Si Woodman, Willis-ton J. T. Aiuaworth, Milton Potter, Cull, & Co., Fairfax-L. Tyler, Essex L. Janes, Geor. gia James Russell, St. Albans F. V, Goodrich, Swnnlon S. K. Piatt, Highgato Wm Green &. Co.. Sheldon-Chaffer & Lewis Berkshire, Thomas Fuller Si Son, Enosburgh Arniinglon Si Deon, llakers-. field Tower & Oakes, Underbill G. B Oakes, Jerico. Manifold Writers; Those wish ing to got a good and cheap article, to en ablo I hem lo lake two or more copies of a letter wild once writni": can be accotno- (doled at the Variety Shop.

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