Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 9, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 9, 1838 Page 2
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Kill I) A V MCI UN I N (1, M A II Oil 0 Tlio Canada, like Florida usir, ap pears l lie nl n'1 ;m'' 'l''10 ,n"v'' incut to which wn alluded Inst weed: wecim tn have cotnu to a very su oily, nuil nil imit ogrou a very wise, terminal mil. Tim fol lowing statement embodies tbe ficts sub atontially as wo understand llicm. "On ilia 29di of Koli. ilicy I'lilriril Canada, nnd undo Sir. oils' li'.ii'f. i" 1'nMiw ll's manor, lliuir in.iil qnai'lcis, pidih-hcd their ilccl.ii.ilimi mid ion, nnd in iilu airaiu-pnii'iiis In m.n t li Imwods iho .Mi"iMm' Hiiv. l'.vi'ry pxeiii'in been in nlc f v ii'ii. Wool, mul ilm-e ulii iicimI wllli him tct picxfMil llio iliffi'ieni pal li's "I pin ! nl, wlm whip tm iheir iinn'h Injun lln'if hinid' in Canada, I.MiiiiP.icliiii lb' ii c.iiiip. Tlipir m in ini'l nintininilinn lull Iipi'ii Pi'-"' "'"I detained '') llm iiiilili.1.111 dilli'iPiil pli(V. so ill il they not Ion rounds. nl'lN'd niir.iintil'liin In n iti-ni ; their Rlipplicsoi' pinvisillH wcie. Hupped, ihfi Ii'il I'ppii cli'foil fimii pI 'i'P I" I'1'"'1' "' l,u,il1 " with thoir lepnbhVim liirihii'ii ! iheir nnmbem icdneed from nil these ciinnnsl.incps limn 1001) m GO'J, mul in ii'Miiinn 10 nil ihespdbh .111 n;' riminw uices, iiiK'llicnco ip.ichpd Dr. NpIsuii, ni tlipir r.unp, l leltcis"lioni llio wet, lll.ll llm expcdilinn mi'lrr Mackenzie. tr-fii iiliaiidoncd. ( Pit. Wool nl tlipm tlion.llrllPJ. Kl'.lli.l.' lll.ll lIlPV Wl'lltll I IP nii.wU.I liv n I'mee nf loyalist", 52 In 1 1 Inniilipil Fining nii'l tint il'Hiev iitii'iniHPil in 1 eh en inlo tin Suite's, lie shnnl.1 oi'lrr ill'' I'""!" imilor tii-t com n,.,n.l in the Ilium iheill. nfl'MIII' IK till' C-IIIK! HIPP lo leccivc. tlipir sii UK mul sjie iIipiii pinipciimi if .ni.iM ll.inl I'nllliuilll. A Mill! IV. IS llll'll taken liv ihuse miller nun uliotlipr lln'v sh.nild ncccpl nf Gen. Wool's proposition mill oveiv enl nrr 111 tli r.mka. fulfil in f.uor nfl).itllp. I'lieir leaders nei of Hilifl'prniii opinion, don. Wool's piopositioii was accepted." This, wo repent, is the finale of tho win tet'a campaign, and the pa'riots must wait the operations of time upon obstacles too formidable to bo ovcrcorno by forco. They need but patience nnd perseverance Their cause is just and righteous, nnd must o-lorinusly triumph, at " distant day. Al ready are the hymas nf the Herald and its clique fiorco in their denunciations of all who hesitate at their ultra illiberalily. Crimination and recrimination are already rife, and a twelve month will (-how mure bitterness and hatred nmong different see lion ofthu present loyal parly than has oven been displayed by them toward the perse cutcd patriots. The Courier has already taken conservation "round, and refuses to support tho pri'ject for uniting tho two provinces; for which it assigns reasons. These are pronounced unsatisfactory by a commiltcoof citizen, and tho Courier is gently admonished of the fato of the Vindi cator. So they go. The Upper Canada movements have all dicolvcd into tho air absolutely too insig mficnrit to mlU about. The 3000 men who teerc to take Kingston, turned out to be oil spectators. Only 00 volunteered for the enterprise. The Detroit army, it is said, mustered 150, who tonic possession of an island near Maiden, but were ultimately driven back, and finally disarmed and dis pcrsed by Gen, Urady. "Bring mo m more reports." A eitizen of this Col. Tiio.m.w, who was. in Montreal lat week, inform us that ho was permitted to visit the prisoner? imw in confinement in that city. He is fully satisfied that they are treated with humanity, nnd all tho olten'inn their cir cumsjauees require. lie- speaks of the apartments of Nelson and Boiichctto as lari'e, weinighted, wormed anil furnished, even with a bottle, of old innderia. Iio'li appeared to hear their reverses with forti tude. Numbers are di-cmu'-ed, dailv, and ot the lime our informant loft shout I GO only, remained. Lord Gosl'ord, and suiio arrived at Bos ton, a few days since, by way of Portland. Tin! EiihIMi anil French papers arc fn'l of ne.. ennnts lioiii C111.11I.1. Tin''1.1 iiifm in uii. 11 ilipy tin I iprpiveil wari of lli inoPinPiits nt linfl'iln mul Ksy An iinmPine nieeiin; linn Iippii lielil liv llic peiip'o of Leeds 111 wlnih u aoliiiinns wcip p'iiited f unpailiHin;' miIi lint C.imuli ins and pleili'tjj ' lliem-elws to n-e eveiy i nn-iiiniinn il mean? In induce tlio r.ii,; (Mneimiienl lo iidrtis the KiievniifPH nf llm 'i'he iifl'iiii nl Cm. id. 1 occii'iy a proinliiPiil pl.irp in lilt! Loildiin papcui. 'I'Iip ili'piilinii ami (um duel of tlio Ameiicin jjniciiniiPiil in lond lo llie.'o iliiuiiliaiups, is s1-'110'''")' "I'I'I n'lled. I'lm Times, lioeer, Hunks wuiiie pupiinn lor war The Paris correspondent of the N. V. Hxprps tmentioiis lie following incaleiil in leiid lo a yen -lanianof llii city, who li.n Iipph recently'llii' in Spain: Albany daily Advertiser, " A Polnnin of tin Caili'ls .iiipiP'I on llio mad, Lord William llaupy, the fim EseriPiary of the liriliili lesalinn in .Madrid, I sent him nailer es cort lo Cintavipj i. M. Vtllims tin Knli.'h nun. isler, iinniedi.'ii'ly took inpa'iiiPS to otitaio the ic. leaso of In Soci'oiary, who will, in nil piol) diiliiy, gel off belter ilian M. Tnmiscuil, of Alhiny, an aiiaciie 01 inc. mnmcin h'.iiiiiii, ai h pii o, hiihij inonllii ii?u, on his way lo Ainl.iliij.ia. M. T. w.u obliged lo pay n r.uifoin of ccu'iilccn lioiuli p.J dol. tars, and had Ihe 111111 nncalinn 10 aeo llic liainlMU commit to tho flamei a jm11n.1l of ?is hnnil.ed iinnei ho had kept dm iiii' his piii in the roninrv nilb several xahiahlu .Sp.inifh iiMnu-uiplH iplalic 10 iIip dicoery of Aineiici, which ha Imd pur chased in the comiliy. MiNciiESTun. Bank --Wo havo obscrv cd for two or three months past a systematic dosij;n on the part of two or three prcssos in tho Booth port of the State to prejudice the public mind against tho solvc'ncy of this institution; fur what particular reason, we are of course not informed. In the absence of any assigned reason, however, wo ore lift to tnlcr that this course is prompted by poreonal considerations, In order to satis, fv ourselves however, wo havo called upon Mr. Bradley, the Bank Inspector, to ascer tain the actual condilii'ti of this Institution, and wo are gratified in being authorized to ay, tha', "according lo the return mndo by the Cashier of the Bank on the 22d Janua- ry In. t, verified under ooth, tho institution liisniiiil. heall by, and s ilv -nl, beyond sih niPMn." In llm opinion our btjst tn'orin d bii niess men concur. Under the circum innpp.s wo dpoui il but nn net. of jimico to ih,: bank and the public to fiato tho Incta. Ainoii" othor iiiiininations reuenlly con- finned by the Senate, wo observe that of A. V. Ilydo, m Collector of tho Customs for this DiBtriei. Ctnrrr.NnnN Co AMTiSi.AvnnY Sncr rrv. agrcenuiy to puoiie uouce, u num ber of the cilizfiH of llio county nsaeinbled at the Whilo (Jhitrch in this town, on the 2d ins',, and in piir-'iiancn of tlio oldcis nf the inert ing, formed a county Society of which Tt'm. llurlbnl, of Iline-burgh, wa 1 elected l'rcaident, Truman Gnhnh'i, John Emcro, nnd Joseph Mtrsk, Vice Presidents Henry P. Ilulcok Scretaty, ami Jiimts Mitihcll Treasurer. Alvnn Stuart, of Unca, and C. L. Kuapp of Mont pclier, wo learn, were present mul addres sed the meeting. Wo shall probably pub lish the proceedings in r.vtenso. next week. We iuort today, tlio Proclamations of President Nolson. Thcv arc rather out of season, to be sure, but arc ucverlliclea worth preserving, as embodying, the prin ciples nnd setting forth objects for which the Patriots contend. Mcss Nolsnti anil Colo have been admitted to bail, in tho sum of $3000 each They nro now at PlatMiurtrh. Fnr.iAi.i: AnounnNisTs.- The North ampton Courier, alluding to Miss Crimkc's address at Boston, says: A good Jady ol tlio old School Inst week went to hear Mis- Grimko hold forth the subpet of Slavery. Believing with Dr. Franklin that "time is money," forsooth she pulled out her knitting work and kept up n constant link-a lick all the livelong afternoon. As she sat directly in front of the Committee, she entertained those gen llemcn even more than did tho divino Miss Grimkc. Tin: GcvKnsjir.vr Asuonr.. A writer in the Baltimore Patriot says, 'tho appro priation of one million for the Florida war is exhausted, and a draft for glO.OOO held by 0 merchant in Baltimore, was refused acceptance on Thursday last; and in fnet nearly all the appropriations are exhausted, so that even the Clerks in Washington arc obliged to borrow from the banks thoir monthly salaries.' But "there is no pres sure which anv lionesl mm bIioiiIiI regret." CouNTKureiT Norus James Hopkins, wns arrested nt Utica on Wednesday, for passing counterfeit fives, fairly executed, 011 the Bank of Chenango, nnd threes Bank of Windsor, Vermont, badly executed. Oo Thursday, Win. A. Ford was nrrestcd at Home for passing counterfeit liven. Che nango, threes. Bank of Orwell, Vermont, and twos, Fnn'e Batik, Boston. Mn. Wr.n-TKii. Tho Wh.g members of the Miisjacliu-:etis Legislature met on Wednesday evening, and adopted resolu tion" expressive of n preference for Daniel Webstor, but submitting unreserved the nnmitiuiions to a National Convention. Itesoliitions highly complimentary to the character and services of Mr. Clay were also adopted. Mr. Noah Frisbie, o Litchfield, Conn. Icittfti the other day a hog which weighed Z2 pmiiids nnd produced 1000 pounds hnndsonielyMfPsspil pork. CT The preniiuttvHjor the best plan for tho new CuMnm Housoat, Boston, hao been awarded -the first of 200, to A. B. Young, of Monlpeli r and the eciyuid of 100 to a Mr. Oiitley, ot I'liiladelplrw. There were numerous competitors for the premiums. G'lNfiui'.- In tho Si'tiai'1, on Wednes day, Mr. Premiss t;avo nuitco that ho fclimild, on the day following, a-'k leave in bring in a lull In prohibit, under siii'abl. penult U's, liie giving nod receiving, within tlm DNtriPt, of a challenge lo fight a duel. In tho II use, tlm following resolution wens introduced by Mr. Fairfield, ol Maine. Uesnlvi'd, That a cniuinitteo consisting of seven members be appointed to invest!"- gate 1 lie e.'iu-'.M wlroh led to tho death of the linn. .Inmiihan Cilley. Into a tneinber of tills lloiiso, n nd tlio circillli'tauces con uncled therewith : nnd furiher lo inquire wlipiher, in tho cn-e alluded to, ihere has not lippn n breach of the privileges of tin House, and to report thereon to ibis House Resolved, That snid comui'ttec havi power to send for persons nntl papers, mid have leavo to sit during tho sessions of ihu House Tho following resolution of instructions was moved by Mr. Morriss, of Pennsylva nia. Resolved, That tho select committee llus day ordered bo instructed lo imiuire into tlm means more effectually to suppiess tlio prRcticu ol duelling, mm report u bill for tins purpose as early as is practicable In the debate upon the pusnge of these resolutions, nearly tho whole day was con sinned. Upon nfiering tho resolutions nbovc published, Mr. Fairfield made n few pertinent remarks urging their adoption, nntl expressing nn earnest hopo that t Hoy would ho adopted without debate. Mr. Julio Bull, of Tennessee, opposed the pre spiiiatum of the resolutions, mul hoped the -object would bo postponed 0110 week, until rjmiALL jmuM uju. minima jlho excitement hail subiidcd. Mr. Fair field llnui nuked a s'upoiisioti of llin rtiie." which ivih aireed to. yea It.!, iriya Ul. I'ho reuolnti'itl being I litis In (ore llm Il'in!. Mr. Fiiiifl"ld mode porno remarks, al the close ol winch he ppoko btrongiy ngninst tho p'nclieo of duelling, winch ho pro nounced inhuman nnd barbarous Mr. W. Cost Johnson oliioelod to the revolution that it might perhaps em! in iinploijani j conspijiiences. Ilesnid, however, tha' H' any member would charge upon nnv one in lhuafi.ur, nny vimnlvm tj Ihe rum of lu)Vr, he wunhl vote lor the resolution, nw H Ihe ehargo was proved, lie would vote fur hia expulsion from this lloiHe, nnd indeed from tho face of nature, which hod'ulon- ored. He said that no ciininittoe cuhl pursue, such nu investigntion without ilnn- er. I liev must brace their nerves to a contest, lie would not servo on aiicn a committee without being well tinned, mil prepired for collision. Air. Parker ol Yorl; hoped, lie said, that the resnbrioii would pass without a single word. Hed.d not fear personal hnzard. When a iii'Mii- b'-r could not. without personal danger, express the truth in iliis House, it might as well adjourn. Ho did no:, howo.'i r. apprehend any danger from a full inve'i gntioti. On "the rules of honor, tlere might bo a difi'ereiicu of opinion : but the stnte of the facts could certainly ho a3cer. tamed and reported, Tlicre was consider able further debate on llio resolute-ns when they were adopted, 15!! to -10. Mr. Graves ot Kentucky voted in the negative! Mr. Wise, did not vote at nil, hot sat nentiy all the day Inins to rend a uewp.iper. In Ihe Semiic, on Tiiursdnv, Mr. Pren tiss brought in his lull to prevent diiellinn in tho District. The day was motly occupied in tlio discussion of the Sub. Treasury bill. Coiic.'pondcncn nf the Y, Gazelle. WammmrtoiS Feb. 21. The excitement, produced among nil our citizens nntl s. juniors, of till parties, by the murder of Mr. Cilley has been greatly in creised to. day by the Ptaiemenls of the nfl'ur made in conversation by Mr. Jones of Wisconsin, who wa Mr Cillcy's chief 2d. It appears that nil Mr CiHcy's friends Col Shambiirg. Dr. Duncan, Mr. Bynuin and Mr. Jones were of tlio opinion that, the laws of honor wore fullv satisfied by the firilfire, and that they protrhted aganui the coiittnunpce. 0! the all, nr. deeltring that for any fatal result, the second-? nlone were responsible. Mr. Cilley staled that lie had no enmity to Mr. Graves and that he did not wish to kill or injur.: I11111, and that by meeting him he acknowledged linn to be n gentleman. The conference was conduct ed after end) fire, bv Mr. Jontson the pin nf Mr. Cilley. and Mr Wisi cn the part of Mr. G'tivos. Mr. Wie prott-ied agatns' any accommodation until Air. Cilley should acknowledge Col. Webb to be 1 gentleman. No one but Mr. Wise porsistet in this de mand, and it was protested ngtinM by Mr. Cilley's friends, h is tho mnv? opin ion that, according to tho laws f duelling, thero was 110 right, on either sdo, to de inntnl nny acknowledgement. The objecting second was responsible certainly for 1 ho murder unless it should appear upon investiga1 ion that M. Graves had authorised the objection nun ihe de inn nil. But tho report is that Mr. Wise wiio tea j al enmity with Cilley on ac count of sotno words that passed between lliein in debate, was tho only person who objected lo nnv ncoommoiintion. Si mo of the most prominent wings say, I intler stand, thai the cast: required on nelnmvl cdgemenl Irom either party, nod Ih.v after the first lire it was the duty of the sieimd- to bring about an neeoiiimndni ton, which could easily lie dime because there was 111 personal entirlv net ween llio principal-; and bec'iit-i! the point of oliqtieiiu upon which ili'.y Imd been brought into ccllision had been scaled by the first fin.'. I lie loci is, tltal thedo"! was not endue ted according to the laws of doeiline, and and il hecnines iipce nry, 111 ord -r to quiet the public mind, to tnves' igato the nll'ur. nnd lo see who were those who-e wilier nnd whose tainton thirst ',r bliiod induced them to press tins matter lo a final s-in;. I fi;ar, however, that there will b"no in vestigntion. There is not. another man from tho north in the House, now poor Cilley isdeatl, who has the nerve to il-niaiul an investigation ; and it cann. t be expect ed of the local authorities to do it. The pre-s uiu-t Ink'! it up, throughout tlio Un ion, ami demand a full and minute inve-ti gatioii, both of the conspiracy and of the murder. Poor Cilley was ton nolilo nntl brave in take Mi ' hie of n man against whom he had no animnsi y. H.; more I Inn once declnr. ed to Mr. J. mips and Mr. J uies coiunmui ealed it to Mr. Wi-e that he ciiihl not knl Mr. Graves. Mr, Cil'ey was nu ex celtnU shot, nnd he was perfectly conl mid collected during the whole ufl'rr, neeord- g lo MrJonca's slnletneul; and il may. merei.ire 11" pefsceiveti ilia! whether he ex peeled nu ultiuinleNtccninmiidaiinii or imi. lie did not make aiiNienipl in hit Mr. Graves. If Mr. Geavi s or-iUr. Wist-wore aware of tins, it nnghl havo given them in creased confidence in the result. vTljisorin suerntioii, taken 111 connexion with TKiny others, shows the propriety of invest. ga'unjr Washington, Feb. 28. The last offices of kuidmiss, of reinem. brnnce, of honor nnd intention, to the remains of the late Mr. Cilley, have been iirlbruied by all the officers of tlm (Jonur-. al Government. Every thing in the form of eulogy, of pomp, nartidn nntl pageantry, and nf deep mid abiding svmoithy has boon eiooo to louiy a proper regard (or the dead Yesterday the two Houses of Coimres niliourned as n lestimotiv of rotrnril tu tin memory of tho deceased, mid to day, in n body they havo niteuded Ihe funeml. nnd for thirty days of course, they havo resolved to wear crape upon the left arm. in romoci 10 1 tie memory 01 1110 ueati. a . there forn, that could bo done to save tlio stiii" oiueatn, aim 10 wipo nut reproach of th manner of death has been done. The curiosiiy. this morning, lorn' before tlio ubscqnics begun, brought n thousand or inoro people to tho House of Represenin live to witness the funeral soluiiini'iee. 'I'ho galleries and lobbies of the House wore crowded to overflowing, nnd hundreds were driven away tuiabln (0 find admittance. 'I'ho services, solemn, imposing, mid nfiec ting. Tlio CoaplaiiH of tlio "Sunnlo and House of Representatives conducted tho ccrotnanics aficr tho followiuj mauoor. Tho speaker between olovou and twclvol o'clock, after the corps had been brought into tin) House mid nine -d in the cen're msle, culled th" Homo lo order. Tim 1 ooapinio 01 mo 1 lousy opened wttli a Uriel and appropriate prayer, nnd was followed uy tlio lyiMplmn ol Ihu Senate, who, nn or rending some appropriate texts of scripture muiiuen en severely upon a practice winch had led lo it fatal Imgi'dy. and to tho (ienth of n member of the Hhiho. The Chaplain of tho Senate, after sauie appropriate ro marks upon tho death of Mr. Ctlioy, and tho manner of his death, tho bereavement to Ins wife and little children, concluded by exhorting tho-0 before him as turn in llm htglHesl authority,--as tho Inw makers mid as tho guardians of tho law. as the j exaniplars of the law, and as the Senators mul Representatives of 11 great people,--in tho nnmo of religion and of suffering lui uianily, by 1 heir love of country, nnd by, th' ir hopes of happiness bore and hereafter, I as a friend nt t f 1 c widow mid of tlio or- I plum child, not to give countenance to n prneiico which was against tho laws of God and nf innn. The warning and admo union of tlm Chaplain seemed to havo n visible effect upon most of members of the llonso and upon the audience at large Tears were rhed ns freely as water, and every one present seein"d lo In affected. The Ciinpbiin having concluded, the coffin wns taken from the Home, and nliended to tho gravo by both Houses nf Congress, nnd, as osunl, by the President of the United Suites and tho higher officers of ihe Government. About 125 carriages followed the ro. muni to the grave, mid probably more than six thous'inil people. Tho two flags over tho two wings of tho capitol, were kept at Halt mast during the day, and tho city seemed lo havo been almost a city of llio Jcid. The Judges of the Supremo Court refu sed to attend Mr. Cilley's funeral, giving as a reason, the fact, that he was killed in a personal rccontre. Wamiinoton, Feb. 20. In the Ilousn, the committee on foreign afiairs reported back to the House, llio original Neinrahty as it camo from tho Senate. But, though 1110 comtnitteo as a committee could not ngrco upon nny amendments, Howard nntl Pulton, members of it, commenced with moving a great number ; among tho rest, they got in a clause providing, that nolhin in the hill should be construed as restricting tho trade in arms allowed under tho law of nations. Some dieciwsion tool, place upon thesn amendments, and finally Pattern imd Lcgarc began an a'tctnpt lo frighten the Houso into au immediate passage of the bill, because, if the bill was not passed. Great Britain would bo offended, and we ought to be very cautions and careful how wo offended Great Britain. lYuldtc of Pennsylvania protested against urging the bill through the House, by such arguments as these. Whatever our natural relations, our neutral duty might require, that, lia was willing to il but be would not go one step further. Bv the law of nations, as It wns admitted on all bauds, tho I rial n in arms was no violin inn nl ueo'raUity. I f Britain cho-e to prohibit ibal 1 rode, she had n, right to confi-cate the goods of those engaged in it, when she mold seize upon them wnhin her own territory. But why rail upon 11-1 enfnice her revenue liws ? Wiiy s-hitiili wo IrgU I He in her beliah? Certainly we ought not to tin so, for fear, lo-t if we did not, Great Britain might Im olf'tidcd ! Tnat was not. a proper argument to be used in this II. lose, mul he never wou'd vote fur any una-iire under the presuro of such an argiiiiiei''. Hnxijcc pursued tho same train of rra. in . Whatever our duties reepnred, he was as ready as nny man to do. But he o id no inclination to go any further. Tins lull had now openly a--uiued the character n( 11 '.nil to supprt.'-s reheipiti 10 I ho Canada. Ho would not vnto for any vueh bill. He wns going on tosneak of tho way in which the government bad oxceuioi! us neutral duties towards Mexico, when he wa called 10 order by Howard, anil stopped by tin; Speaker, for wandering from the point under di-ci-'sinn, the (osiioii b Mug on 1 ho ndopinui of a certain amendment to n cer'ain aim uduicu'. ,. Q .Idami requested to know what the question was and after a great many pro posed amendments had been rend, bv wav nf exolaming ihu nature of Ihe .mint before h II...... .), ,,,.0 cn I ,nl iri.i, . ,,, trouble tho clerl: to read any forther. lor Hie more nt: reau, ine more iriiicuii no found it to understand tho matter bruno ihe II mse. Tlio amendments were uiinier- mis mid comiltcated, and must lie printed in order lo be understood Bui lie had this rroneral objec'um to all of them. Thoy did not moot M10 cie put ill the presidout's message, and In incut which cuo llus brl hid been iiHrodiiced. Tho president's tnei-age began with complaining of infr.ic ttims "four neutrality on ih" s wthcrn Iron. 4ier fur two years past, winch the exist log laws, had proved inadequate to prevent, and theiiSswji,iit 011 in 6peak of the existing I roubles til-Canada. But in the course ol llm ilubaie, '"fKhatl been openly avowed, that thorn was nt"V -ijir en' ion to apply the provisions of this hiirlie cho of Texas auk Mexico, but lo confinoit entirely to the case of Cniind i. Such w"n.vtjie char acter of 1110-t of llio amendments p?juisod ; and if they woro adop!cd, tho bill oogftKto have for its litlo, A bill In put down hf" surection ill Canada. Gentlem 'n line nt tempted to draw disUiictious between Canada nnd Tv.vts, hccainu Texas was an imlnpenil 'iil nation acknowledged by in to ho so. But tho Miino duty of neutrality, which would prevent us from interfering 111 llm Canadian civil wnr, ought to prevent ih from interfering in tho international war between Mexico and Texas. It was not for us to denounce Ihe Canadian ingiirgeuls ns rebels. Neutrality nnghl to prevent us rrom taking sulu with either party, Tlicre was an appeal to war, tho last resort for the settlement of civil and national disputes and pending that appeal, il was not for us 11. tho exercise of our duty of ncuirallity, to tako sido witli either party. In any former case, so fur ns any leaning on the psit of our government was discernible, it always had been a canting in favor ol the noonle. This was the first instance in whieh our trovernmenl had ovinrod n desire lo mil a foreign power in crushing its insur gent subjects. Ho had hoped to find in this law nnd tho president's tnossago calling for it. .justified that hope. n measure which would show us equal mid impartial in the performance of our neutral duties to our siinthurii and our northern neighbors. He had hoped to find m it. the voluntary ex pression ofotir love ofjusiice; nut acnes sunt, extorted from mir fears. Ho had hoped to find in il the proofs of a disposi tion sacredly lo preserve our neutral rela i ions with all counlrips, the wopIc as well is tho powerful; nut, under ilp. present nspect, il seemetl like a volunteer odor I on our part to suppress a Canadian insur- reel ton. lie had ihrowu out tliocu sug gestions, because) ho was not nblu to tpeak to the precise question before! tho Houses not being able to understand it. He Iho'i that many othor gentlemen were in the smie predicament ; nntl he moved that Ihe bill ho reprinted togo'her with tho amend ments, mid that the I loose adjourn. Ai'PoiNTMU.vrs. Major General Fran. cis I!. Phelps, of Windsor Brig. General Green Bhiektuer, of Bennington, and Brig. General Truman Ransom, of Norwich, a hoard of officers lo organize tho Militia of this State. Norman William", Andrew Tracy, F.-qrs nntl lion. A'ni'iu Warner. Cotnmis-iuuers to visit the University of Vermont: Proportion r.f nutriment in urticlci "food Tho Baltiinoro American gives tho follow ing : 100 lbs Wheat has rj5 lbs nutritious matter. Rico HO Barley f!3 Beans f!9 to 92 Peas 9.5 Lrntils 91 Meat (av.) 3. Potatoes 2(5 Beets 14 Carrots 10 Cabbr.go 7 Greens (5 Turnips 4 Dvireci Co.m'bsio. Wilhnin I ho Con qunror, 'exceedingly nlirmed on Ins elenth iied, entreated the clergy to intercede for him. "Laden willi inanv nnd gneviou tins," he exclniineel "I tremble; mid being reaely to be token soon into the loriblo ex amination of God, I am ignorant of what I should do. I have btcn brought up leats 01 arms irom mv cnunnooii ; 1 am greatly polluted with the efi'.ision of much blood; I can by no meant number the evils I Inve dono these six y-four vears, for which 1 am now constrained without stay to render an accouht to tie just judge." How beautiful and oahed are the fol lowing sentiments of Do Wilt Clinton! "Plea-tiro is a shadow; .vealih is vnuitv; nnd power a pagennt; hit knowledge 'is exiaMc in cejnymeut; prernal in fame. unlimited in spice, nml infnito in duration 111 mo perinrmance ot Us ncred offices it fears r.o danger spirei no; omits nn exertion. Il series llm mountain loolcs into the voieam dives into tho oionn perforates the earth wings its tl'glu into ihe -lcie encreles tho globc- ex:iiores sea and biiiil joiiteinplaies the distant aicendsin llm suihme: No place ton remolo for its grap no heavens too exalted far Us r"Dch. AcKxoivr.rnnKMKNror K.von ohastco To all, who hue kindly aM-d me on my j'lilinei and 10 ilm-e, uho h.U" .id' il the ean-n of bull .Schools in C.innl.i, lbrldch I mil nctne,' as .t.'i'iii, I iriiiin my ini-ii( Daring tivn e,ns p isi, I hae lepp.itp U y- viipd the United St.nes p, pulleci links f,)t jahluih f'i'l s- Ami I n-jiiee, 1I1.11 I live nut poheited in . tin. I h up nhlaliii'd .1 liniiil'r nf 1 he oi l,s nf I iil.d idp, llaxicr and olhpis hiipIi ine upll i:,il ciliated 10 ili'i'mid In all tlr-uo 111 in.i ;t di -s ol'i ln isiians. I fiel nay aiisi nn, that .1 od hlnarv nf the mnt 11-pfal linol,s in iv ho e-i.i li-hed in eiciv tniio and sPtilenifiil in th it esteniip pnlnuv. .Mn-1 siiiiTii'U di I ii-li, ihu ill ihe 1 i nit: and miiiipv which h ue of lato been pn ended in making and min? iw ipoin of death had Immi pmptnjpil in piiiiimiing peace and psti-iidin n-fnlhiinu U'de. I'll it ti'od Almighty in iv en.ilo nil his ( fninlv to liv t; 111 , and promK.' yciicral im pimeiiiL'iit is tho lnnciit pravcr 01 I'll Mimes Osgood. JhirlingUn, March 7, lSl'.S I) ! K I) lo Wpitfoid, I'cb. -O h, .leioin., ajed ! years and !5 iiioiiiIh. Al-n on ihe 21.i, o-pphiilo, ased 10 11 in 11 1 li j. Son and daughter nf Villi. nn Wood. I'h 'v ivein bnili in 1 11 1 f.l in nne srave, TlimiDh I"" 'I'-'H"l -' I'lM-.-in.ii'.n inu ;u nop of their j ,,, ,.,,,,,,.,; :,., ,' m iim (V)ul )0 1 rur ol mrh is tin; kniaduni of Ihmhi At Manchester, on ihe gjih IVb.,iMr, Solomon " eiheihv, hue of this toiwi, aged d jp.u s C 11 A It L (IT T3 FEMALIA SEMINARY. rnllF Hummer Term of thislnsiii ul ion. JL will commence on tho firt Wodoes day in May, under the directon of Miss M.wtv GnouT, s Principal, Tho term will continue Ivcnly three weeks, including a vacation of mo week at the end of tho first quarter. CONDITIONS ; The terms of said school p-o ppr quarter, iiiclud ng Tuition, Bo.rd Wash ing, Lights and Fuel. A convenient Boarding House will bo in rcaiiiess at the commencement of the term. :. w. aocD.v.hv, Clerk of Ihe Hoard f Truitecs. Chnrln!le, .March I. 1H3I1. A FULL aiW-coinpleto ussutinent nf llrnad Cloths-tit' every eilour and quality for sale hnn ever bof'oru ofi'-ruil for tOor 15 ihysvory littlo if anv profit asked. Now is te tmie to uso vonr money. Apply nt to (bean Cosh'Siorc. S. K. 1IOVARD. ' March 0, ID3n. rnHK htibsuribor's largo now Bick Store, JL at tho Palls, Wmonski Vilago. As llio Broadcloth Factory will piobabl' Mail Ibis spring, it will bo tho bust location it this part of tho country. SIDNF.Y BAILOW. Builinglon.March, 1st, 1030. SBLLIUG- OFF. O FITHCi KHALI), lioittg duMrousofdo- f slog his business in this placo horchv informs "Uii! public," that his stock of JFAV IUJIY, MIU'WiYand F.LVCY nnnns. will be .ibid 111 a manner "To I'I.uasetiii: I'i:o. I'M: ! !" N. Those itidi)litR( ns abovo aro remin ded that Unom: Ham mint have his runt on tho I si din; of April, and dunU like the Lawyers. March 7, 18.38. t. l'i rni:tuM.. lilncksniitirs, Hclge-Tool Ma kers and Whcclriglits, Attend ! KBIIIK wibserilior olfer Ibr H'u low, mid with along pay day, if rcnuircd. n two story I ripliammcr Shop with wuicr-power sii ffir-ion I for an exlou-ivo business. Also, a two story Mouse and five acres of land, all situated in the centre of Warren, Washington Co. Vermont. Tlio location is a good one, aim an uiunrprising man coinu nanny rail of success. I- or lurtlier particulars apply to tho sub-eribnr, at the, Ship Yard. Slinlbiirn Point. March I, 1038. liUCIU.S LAWTON. TtVKItY Packet sold in V'urtnonl of tho (JI'.NIMXi: .Mnrisrin'M Pill,, n, llnn.. Vegetable Universal Medicine mado utllii lirttis.'i ejoiingu ol Health by Morison tho HvrnM. will lir. si.rnn.l tiu I'.i X- I'. maid, and also by ibcir regularly advertised appointed Agents in lltD several Counties, Geo. Taylor I;) Chamber si., Now York, enlo agent for tlio United Stales, sent out by tho ouego in piacool 11. tjltuplicard Aloatromo ved. Pa.sodoun i Biiinsmaid, Jewollors, Utirlin rton, Vt. A-'cnts for tho stale. Geo. II. Fish Middlobury, Addison Co. O.A,Koith, Shuldon, Prauklin Co. H. V., Morse, Crafisbur.y, Orleans Co. John IColscy, Danville, Caledonia Co. N. C. Goddard, Wmdoi, Windsor Co. M. S. Iltiakland. Bellows falls. Windham Orvis.t Roberts, Manchester, Ilcnniti"tori II. W. Porter, Rutland, Rutland Co. W. W. Cadwoll, .Moutpclier Washington co Foster Grow, Chelsea, Orange Co. All the papers in the state will eopv this, and add other agents to tho list, as fast as they are published m this paper. They will observe 111 a t thero is but one r in Motison's name. Alujali Allen's Estate. L the siih.-crib.'rs having been appoin ted by the Ilor. ihe n nnnrt for the District of Chittenden, commission ers lo ree've, examine and ndjost tho claims and demands of all persons, against; the cs'nto of Aivjib Allen, late ol Sbel buru, 111 said Di-trict, dereaied. repre sented insolvent, and also till claims and demand-exhibited 111 off-el thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give no ice, that we will n'tend to tho business nf our appointment, nt the dwelling of Rebecca Allen, widow nf said decea-ed in Slielburr, in Mud Distrirt. nn Ihe Inn Saturday of Marcli iiMt. and Inst Haturday nf Septem ber next, at It) o'clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dntl. thi 3d dnv of Mnrrh A. D. 1 030. HUMAN BARS TOW, Commit. HA.MUBL ULIN. sinners. To the Ho'i. the Probate Court for the Dit. Iriel of Chittenden. CiOMF.S Henry Whitney -f Burlington. f 111 said D'-erirt. nnd slums in ,sid court t hit he is legal gunrdtan of Lemuel Pago of Lyudsborn' in the Htato of tiiw Hamti-hire, a malo ipfint tindur the age of twenty one years, and that tin said Lemuel is seized in Ins own right in fei of one equal undivided third part nf the following elescribeil parcels of land lying and being in iniii B i'hng'nn. 1 1 wit : Twi nty six arrrs nf I ind lying on tlio Ink" s'mro hounded on the north by lands nwn.'il by Wi'liain Mnyn, nn do piui'li by hinds owned bv Hiieii. r T. Lng'c-by, on the east by lands untied bv J.irn Pomeroy and west by lako Ciatriliin, ib5 ne.rti) hall" of which lot hai been fibre!. ifj'c .sot off under on order nf said Probate Ciuirt to llm willow nf Lemuel Page late of smd Burlington, deceased. Also, half an nero of laud lying in tho village of Burling'on nforosnid, on tlio corner nf St. Paul nnd Cherry "'reefs, being two quarter acre lots in the westerly half of livo acre lot no. .'id, laid 10 tho original right ol J din Willis, jr. with a dwelling house and out buildings thereon wlucii said half acre, with llic privileges and appurtenances thereof, has also been set- off under tin order of said Probato court to ihe aforesaid widow of ihu said Lemuel Page, deceased, as her nower. Also, five acres of land lying on the north sido of Pearl street, being part of five aero bus no. 14 ami 15. 111 said village) nf Burlington, on winch said land Henry Whitney's bhck-nnth shop is erected. Also," twenty five acres of land being part of lot im. I"0. bounded on the south by Abijih Warner's land, and ouilo north by 'amis owned by Plnneas Alwator, nf all which said lands tho said Lemuel Pago deceased, died seized ; and that a salo eif said lands will bo conducive to the best interests o his mul ward. Ho ihorelotc prays said court to empower and license him to sell tho said undivided third part of said lands agreeably to tho statute in such case made and provided. Hknuv Wiiitm.v, Guardian. Ihtrlinzlnn. Mnrrh 0. Ifi.lfi. ST.iTH OF riHi.VO.YT, ) Di-tiuct or Ciiittkmh'.n, ss. AT a Probate Court holdeu at Burling ton, within nml for snul District on the sixth day of March A. D. 10311, present the nun. Charles Rtisselljudgo ol said court. Tlm court aforesaid doth assign tlio second Wednesday of April next, ensuing, for a hearing of Ihu foregoing petition, at n session of said court then to he holden at llio ofiice of tlio Register ol said court 111 Burlington, nml doth order tint the said Henry Whitney notify all persons con cerned in tho estate of his said word of the pendency of said petition in said court, by publishing tho substance of said petition and of this order in the Freo Press, a newspaper printed at said Burlington 111 the County uf Chittenden, two weeks sue. -Gcssivoly, the latt of which publications to bobotjlcss than two weeks previous to tho said sccmul,Wcdiiosday of April next ensu ing, that theVriiay tlmn and there appear belorc said coiirt;vnmJ show cause, if ony ihcy have, why the pr'ayr of said petition ought not to be granted. Given under my hand and tTie-scal of said court, tlii sixth dnv of March AU. 1 030. Wm. WESTON, Regitter."-

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