Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 9, 1838 Page 3
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It E1M.Y lo Doctor (). 11. Sttxton's (hanks for liberal patronage and Diplomic. Jkutistry. I WOULD not woary tlio patience of tlioso that arc acquainted with tlio DOCTOR, or drive wore useful matters from tlio column of tlio newspaper, if it were not for tlioso that tip' wholly unacquainted with the man. As it re spects uork.hc bus made no ,cply to my notice to the public i and furthermore it was not my niton tion to injurothc DOCTOR, or to givo myself more "currency in the Dentist business;" but from earnest solicitations from those who have been imposed upon, 1st I will take, the DOC TOR on his own ground. As to tho lenctli of lime he Ins been in practice, I tun until uly tin Acquainted : but us to Ms summers practice in l', to tho best of my knowledge lie left this place about ornftcr the 21st of March, and returned sometime before the I mil ol June, 18I1G, which including to mid from, would on. lyniakc about 10 weeks. I would refer tho reader to the DOCTOR'S own assertions whore ho states "the art cannot bo ucipnrcd in n few weeks or oven a few months ;" ami 1 should think from his own statements ho was well nware of the fact, for ho says bo "never entered into any understanding with Mr. Lewis in learn him Dentistry." lly some few facts, I will lot the public judge who was tho learner, My first acquaintance with this noted DOCTOR was a short time beforo liU departure for tlio Cnr fnmnil f!itv of l'llihldcl nllitl. WllcrC lit', flOtll n.t-n ti-itPiiipuis. on return, bad attended n .irn nflentnres delivered bv Dr. S. S. I'. and obtained a receipt for making teeth, and a so a Diploma, llo brought a few teeth with him, I presume they were bought, for in all tho at. tempts I have seen him make fcince, n pcrs-im could hardly tell what they were without he was told. Immediately on his return he called on mo and proposed to form n co-partnership ; but on my declining tho oiler, ho then exprcs. scd to hire me ; proposed double the wa. ges I was then getting, which would be 2dol. lars a day. I still declined his oilers, from mere current reports as to his credibility and a respectable citizen. May it suffice to say, he then mnnlovcil Messrs. P & 15., as I was in their employ at that time, to do his work, or jobs of setting tcetli; wliereas ll no nan necn n Minim practitioner in his business, be never would have hired it done From that time to thoSili of May 1SH7, DOCTOR O. II. Saxton's bill was about two hundred dollars for work that Mind done in KRttinn- teeth, at which tune I went into his em ploy, thinking tho wages more than the disgrace, !,v ibat time tlio public bung partly informed who was the practitioner (well the DOCTOR mint erv nnackcrv of nnv one that would learn nftiim.1 and as to the usu of tools it would btf impossible for anv one to obtain to the same ex nertness and perfection as the celebrated DOC TOR O. If. Saxton ; for in one enso where a patient called to have a tooth extracted, when seated I was called on to hold bis head with fli.n most Surscon like and skilful manner, the instruments was applied would show a man of nnrfoct on. ami as every one Knows teetu are vnrv smooth and of all irregular form, the in Ftrument slipt, but caught the adjoining tooth, that was much smaller : as the nook caui'lit lie k tu'cmi tbo two. there was quite a struggle to seo which would retain their position, but the weak or n.-ivo wav : when a little more of that resist less power was applied, tho tooth camo out with such violence that it Hew entirely over tlio pa. tiencuhcad, I picked up the tooth, and beforo I hardly had time to examine it, the Doctor with that c:ic eye perceived it to be the wrong one, it in auuin. with the expression, " hold still it ain't miitc out;"' so in with the iustrii incuts again, and out enmc tho other. It done so scientifically that the patient had not anv knowledge of tho imposition. Another i'::sc of skill, long practice and dexterity, togetli or with the use ol tools, and a perfect knowledge ofsleiMit of hand, which is done with so much eac and grace that tl.o patient is entirely una ware of the fraud; 1st, a few half attempts to re inovo the carious part of tho tooth, ;ind!y. a lit tin cotton wound upon a stick, or probe " there that is the best tooth to lill I ever s iw" am', then a piece of tin foil, wrapt in one corner of th gold foil, be then proceeds to lill the tooth, nil when done " there, that too!; more gold than got for filling the tioth." Wlirro Doctor O. II. baxtnn alludes to con tracts is false, there is no such word in it makin musical instruments and the mechanical pt rt of Dentistry and (" occasionally assisting him in the chemical operations, manufacturing po ce lain teeth,") is also l.ilse, it reminds mo of the boy blowing tho organ, " how fine we played that tunc," I never used hi s composition while there, because it would not answer the purpose; where lie says lie never directed or permitted ino to perform any opporntuina in Dentistry is false, again, all tho knowledge .Mr. Lewis lias in even the Mechanical part of Dentistry, is one with tho rest, but the person ought to have been changed ; do you want any more, if so, you can have it, hut I think not in public print, lor I deem it be. ncath the notice of any grntlcinan to trouble himself and others with things they are lully ae. qunintcd with. If the Doctor wants names ho can have them by calling on J. LEWIS, Ilurlinston, March 1. 1833. Jona. Brcakonridge jr's Estate. WE the siib-icribers, being appointed by the Hon. the Prohaie Court lor the district of Chittenden, cnmuiis-ioncrs lo re ceive, examine and adjust nil claims nnd demands of all per-on--. tigninst (he estate of Jona. Rrenkenriilge jr. latoof Charlotte, in fnid district, deceased, represent ml into! vent, nnd also all claims and demands ex hibited in onset thereto; and six mniiihs from tho day of the (Into hereof, being allowed by eaid court for that purpose, wc do therefore hereby give not ice, that wo will attend to tho business of our said appointment, nt tho dwelling of Mrs. Polly Ann Rrenkcnridgc, widow ef sutd deci n-ed in Charlotte, in t-aid District, on lliu lirs.t Mondays of April and August next, ol 10 o'clock, A. M. on ench ofbnid days. Dated, this 3d day of March A.' D. 1R3I5. THOMAS C. HIEE,) DAVID W. COOK.s sitmrrs, Truman Burritt's Estate. To the Hon. the Probate Court or the Bin Iricl of Chittenden, comes the subscriber Harmon Burritt, administrator of the e. late of Truman Burritt, title of Hints hurgh, in said district, and represent Hint the personal estate of said deceased will not be sufficient to pay the ilcbls and eittr-. ges thereof and heriby makes applicalinn toaid Court, for lievnee lo sett the real estate for that purpose. I1ABJIOJY BURRITT, Adm'r. Burlington, JlunhT, IH3B. 0 STATE OF VERMOjYT, ) DlSTHlCT OK ClIITTKMIEN, SB. a t ii Probate Conn holden nl Hurlnig- V ion, in soul Dibtricl, on tho 7th dov of March A. D. 1031). It is ordered Ihul tin account be tnken of tho debts, and nlso tho proceeds of Ihe personal estate of said de- censed, mid that the heirs nnd nil persons I concerned in said esinto ho notified In np. pear heloti! stud Coiim on tin-tiimi lUomiuy of March insi. nl the H igh.' Hall m Willis inn, alnriviiid to give bond fur tin- payment of (li'hic, and show cause why liocnsu ns aforesaid 1 1 n 1 1 nut ho grunted, nnd that such nntit.'o bo given by publishing the above replication two weeks succoa-tvely. an snnn ns may uti in mo r reo rrot-s n newspaper printed in Rnrliuglon, in sun! District. Given under my hand, lliu tiny nnd year first above written. Wm. WESTON, Reg'r. BEfiS lenvn to ntnko n tender of his services to the Indies and Gcullrntcti nf liiirlingtnii, us tt'ticher of the above hfatieh. R"lyihg on tlio sterling merit of hi nindo f leaching, hu lakes the liberty ofdiroeting tho nltcnlion of ihi' enlightened tnhnbiinnls of I his Villnyo to Ins eflicncinus and very speedy system of rendering- the must indifl'orcnt nnd illegible sernwls per fectly plain and beautiful, in twelve les sons of two bourn each having- proved tlmt time sufficient to render his pupils per feet. Orliflcn'es of the same Iriim the most di-l iiigtii-hed authors! in Masi-aclni-I'ttH, New Hampshire, Now York nnd Vermont, inn v bo seen nl Mr. W.s writing room. School will commence Monday the ;Vh of Match. Classes uui-'t daily from 10 lo 12. A. M. or Irom 2 to 4 P. M. Evening Gin's from 7 to 9. Terms, for Lessons. Ci-2.00. Writ injr ncademv at i he Green Mountain Hou-e, kept by 11. L. (" first door nt the bend ol IJaH stuir Hiirlinglnn, March I, UI30. "VIIafcAG-H HOTEL. HUGH GOUItLKY flx?-nIK. TAKES ill J libcrt v to inform fi o 'piitf his termer patrons nnd t lie I'ViRK? public at. large, thai ho has I'Mt'J- filled up the VILLAGE HOTEL in n stv'c tu t inferior to any public house in the capital of Vermont, and lie Hitters himself hut hv unremitted exertion nnd assiduous nttention to bu-ino's, he will be lib) at r.ll liinee to nccornmodnlc the pi n email of biiriucsH. "enilemen of iilcan rn and the wenrv traveller, in a stylo nut Mir- pa-'-'Cil for occoiiiodiiinn nnd reasonable ues of Inre by any in the 'intes. ZliXTS OP PiinE. Inn nl ,iir, iJ per week. Single meal 25 liidiiimr 124 2 horse-s, hav and oata 1 iior.-e, liny, 2ti. Monipelier, Feb. 1 0llf!. tf TO ME II OH ANTS. "J'.S A HUSTLll!" FEEEOW, nnswering to ihe cogno men of Eanc Pike, a Imwker o! 'rhill Scythe Siones, having, some past, sold Haverhill Scythe Stones, Indian Pond Scvthe Stones," I deem A llnv, time for " it. for iny interest, to inform purchasing irierclinii'is that tho-e sloiipi nro securely packed in lots of G doz. each ; and that everv bo:; is marknl in printed letters, INDIAN POND o. it. FYI.r.U, BrntlfnuU VI. If paid Pike has, in uny inMnnce, in ma king ."ales of his fcyihe stones, represented them n- the -nmo sold by O. R. Fyler, he has unered laltehooil nnd piiic'isod lnud in po doing. O. R. FYEER. th-mlfnul VI. Feb. 1!!3!J. E KG A iN T V URN ITU II E. riHE -iibtcriher (iH'.'r- at private Mile .li. ni his Inline, from this date lo the IM ' of April ntxt. for approved paper the follow- ng articles ol Inui'iioiii inrniiiirn, viz: 2 Maluigany Grecian Softis, haircloth t riiniiieil. 1 eurl tiiaph' do. 2 Curl maplu aimed Chairs to maich. 1 tiiperb r-fi I Mahogany Dining Tables, in 3 pieces. 2 pillar iS eliw mnhng. Jlrcn h fn st tables. 1 Mahogany and Rose Centre Tnble. 2 do. Pier tnhles, marble slabs. 1 largo mahogany Hook Cate. 1 mahogany Secretary . I Forte Pinno. 2-1 inahrig'iiiy Chairs, hair clotii seating. I do. Rocking do. 1 ih 7.. eorl'il maple Chairs, hair seating. 4 do,, fancv Cull Chairs. 2 splendid gi'i Ii'iokinj; Classes nearly I) feel ju length; and othurs of various sizes. I Eiigli-h Astral Eamp, cut glass ehnde. 1 French do. plain. I pur liruuz'! and Gilt Mamie Lamps with shades. 1 do. do. Brillimls. 2 sett Mnnilc Flower Vnt:es. uiih shades. 1 ma'hle French mantle I! day Clock. 4 pair I'rii'.s Andiron--, ibovol and longs. 2 superb brn-s Fire Fenders. 2 Hrupsell Carpels and Hall Carpet to match. 1 do. do. for a room 10 by If! fuct. Stair carpel nnd rods 3 Engli-h carpets, and rugs. I pair othnnntis. yellow silk. 3 tiiahognny liureaus. High mid low post Hedslends. I ulegint gill China dinner service, con taining 2110 pieces. 1 gill China tea sett. Cut glass Decanters, tumblers, wines, h'lwles, celery nnd preserve di-lies. (fee 1 Shrllield pluie cellee Urn, silver edges. 2 pair do. do. Cake Hazels. do.ndo. 1 do. do. Servers. do. do. with other articles, and nlso articles of kitchen furniture, Moves, S,c, Sfc J. S. POTWIN. Hurlington, March 1, 1113!!. BROOIflS. 600 Shaker Corn Brooms by l'fb.22. J. ife J. IE Pkck & Co. Best business stand in Town rffHE biibfcribor olfers tor sale i ho Store JL House in Church st., recently occu pied by D. W. Ingersoll &. Co nnd ot present in the occupancy of Lovely (fe Ah bolt. Poasefbion given 1st August uexl terms of payment to suit the purchaser. J. S. POTWIN. 1JOOKS ! BOOKS ! rtnllE fiillowiiig valuable hook'H nrn for IJ. sale at llm Hook Smro. WiiIioii'h Uvvti of o'd English I'rosp Writers'. 2 vol. 12 inn. Ilai'iiah MooruV Works, coniplule 1 vol. ti VI). Franklin' Works. 2 vol?. (5 vn. MiH-bnllV Wnsliltitrton, 2 void. 1! vo. British Dr.ima do do HusWellV .Lihripon do do Marryalt' Works 1 vol. do Ileuiatr.-? PoetiH do do llurke'rt Wotk-t 3 vols, i! vo. l'licklaiid's GeolofTV 2 vol:), do llogei's Plij-iology do tin Kithy on the history habi's nnd instincts of Animals, 1 vol. '1 vo. Da on'' Moiernlogy, I vol. fl vo. Atlilison' Miseeliancous Worki, d vols. It vo. Eng. Ed. Wnverly'ri Novels, 10 vol. 12 mo. Arn- hiqne. llnlwor'd do R vols. tlo Memoirs of Aaron llurr, 2 vols. V, vo. Modern Society, by Mies Sinclair. Sam Sliek of Slickvillo. Yankee Notiotn Nitk of the wnntls. bv tho nutlmr of Cnlavar. The Trollopind or travelling Gcntletimn in America. A'liln, by .Iittnc?. Sweeter on Digestion. Wayland's Moral Science. Ilt'liiniis Opitinins and Character of Washington. Hlnotnlield'ri Greek Testumont, Am. Ed. Griiden's Concordnncc, I vol. 4 to. Dwights TlK.'oh'jry, 4 vols. I! vo. &c. &c. School and classical Hooks of every description togelher with Sintionnry of th first quality, are also lor nle by JAS. W. HICKOK. Burlhglan, Minh I, l!i3I!. Hickolc's Patent Ilotary Orcn GQOS? STORES. rjHE subscriber has just received and oilers lor sale, n few Moves, ol which the above cut is n representation. To nil the ndvatiiagus of ihe improved Rotary top. is added a Kntnry Uven on nn entirely new p'nu, which, Irom the testimony ot thoi-c who have used them, far supercedes any ihing ol Ihe kind, yet nfiVrcd to the public. Thine wi-hing to putchaso cook stoves ato respectfully requested to examine iheto before making their selection, as ocular demonstration will better convinco the public of the value of I ho nrticlo than nny ik'senp'ion that could he given. Another recommendation, these bard times is, that these stoves will he sold a low as the com. mon Rntatya of the same si.". R01JERT MOODY. .M'ttrh 1. 133C. tf CLOVER yEED. v1 lLs. White and Yellow I'eietinml Clover Seed. 1000 lbs. Red, " by Feb. 22. J. & J. H. Pr.cK &. Co. GARDEN SEEDS. T) Boxes Shaker Garden Seeds of la-t years growth, hv Feb, 22. ' .1 & .1. II Pr.cK-vfe Co. Confectionary. lbs Confcelionarv just roeeived by J. & .1. II. Pe.ct; &. Co. F. b. 22. Novia Scotia Plaster. Kt w. -p TON'S row grinding and for sale v'"' by tint Mib-eribers. ROMtDMAN, CLARE, Sc Co. .Viltnn, Loire i- Falls, Jim. 2., I3J3. Burlinjiton, Nov. 2i, 16:J7. Y$ OliElI T MOODY 1 now receiving VLXL Irom New York an extensive supply ol llardv are. Saddlery, HoMoware, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oils ; which ho oilers to tin; public cheap for cash or short credit, nl the old e-iabli.-hed store, north ea-l corner of t hn square. 'p"7i!L'E Gold Ltiuiiu Watches, excellent iL iM'ivetneii's, Silver Ii-piues nnd com mon Wnicln just received a" the Variety Simp PANG'HORN &. HRINSMAID. ' Feb. 15. Swords, Pistols, Sabres, Moth er military goods for Mile, at Iho Variety Shop, ' PANGHOUN& IilllNSMAID Deo. 20. 1H.J7. Scotch Pir Iron. Q.i tons, No. I, on consignment, forsalo by 1' I'oi.lktt k IillAI)l.i:VS. l)cc. 0, 1(137. rtnilE period for receiving proposals ex A STONE for tlio Hreakwater is for tended lo Hie first dv of April 11133. N H. II AS WELL. U. S. Agent. NOTICE. rrnHE Annual Town MeeUiiK will be jj. holden nl tho town room in Hurling ton", on Moiidny tho 12th day of March next nt 10 o'clock A. M. February 20. 1113(1. POWDER. Kegs, for sale by Foi.I.I'.'I'T HltADMiVi a 17 .IL1 ) Oui iliils drv Codfi'-h, 20 Ilbls, Hudson liny No 1. Salmon, for halo bv I'OLLL I I i ISllADLLYS. Dec, 1(137. Now England Rum. r Hlids, Hoslon N. E Rum. bv 45 J iV. .1 II IT.CK iV. t0 Hbls. North Slioro Salmon, forfnlo by FoLl.KTTK if HltAUI.ttVfc. Dee. 0, 1037. RuniNMiv Fr.nniss i Grand Isle County v. Court, Sept. Turin El.tMIA IhlAllD.M AN. ) A. D. Ifi!l7. I1ER.EAS Robinson Ferris of Grand Isle, in said (Jrniid Isle Connl v. com- nieiiceil In.; ncliiui npaiti-l E'lslni Hoard tnnn, of Milwnukie. in OuiBcoiism Tern lory, nt the April Term IIKttofsniri Court, declaring ngaiu.-t I he snid lioardimn In an action on Hook to balance Hook account which said catiu win duly entered on the docket of aid court nl. the snid April Tirol, l!!!7, and hn been continued until (lit present Term of Mini court. And it no being- ninth; In appear to said court thnt mi H Hnarilmati has had personal notice nl thr service and pendency of this suit it is nrrVrcd by t-aid court, that, further notice be given of the pendency thereof, by pub lininu the Mibxlnncn of the PhiintilVs de:laralion in the 'Ilnrlington Eree Press," njnper printed nt Hiirlinglon. tlircu weeks siiL-cessivoly, the In-t of which to be thirty thiM beforo Shu eitt i sy of said court at their next Term, which slinll be deemed sulicient noticu to said Hoardman lo np pcr and and nnsvver thereto. Dated nt North Hero, in said Grand Ulo Ccutity, IhU 2 I'll dav of Feb. A. 1). Ui'M. .1 0 E I j A El. EN. CM: Winlm' Strained Lump Oil fr fS GALE'S, pure winter Oil by JUU Latiikop it I'otwis. J. liKWIS "yyOULD respectfully inform tho pub T T he that ho is now ready to tiraticc in the above business. From rt perfect knowledge and practice nl the business he feels willing to allirm that il will ho done in the neatest milliner. Calls will be strictly nttended to nt their respective dwelling-, or nt his room ol J. Potter'-'. College Street. Hurlington, Feb. 1!. inSfJ. FLOUR. "City Mills" and Troy (L Hour, for tale by I'ollctt & IlaAnLcvs. Dee. C, 1337. Fairbank's Improved Cooking STOVE. JUST ree'd by the subscribers, Fair bank's Patent Improved diving flue Conking Stoves, nu nrlicle well worthy the a'ten ion of tlio public. They nro consid ered by thoc wlio have used them, as tie- uledly siipcrioc to nny other Looking Stove now in use. The casting is superior, nnd Iron of the best quality, nnd ol extra thickness. .1. Si. .1. II. Puck &. Co, Agents, Fob. 22, 111311. David Goodhue's Estate. WE the subscriber having been apoinl ed hi ihe lion, the Probate Court for tho dist'ict of Chittenden, commission. ers to receive, exHinino nnd adjust the chiiuu and deniaiid of till persons, against the ct-nte nl David Gondhuo Into of Under lull, in mid District, decea-ted, represented ino1vnt. and nlso nil claims nnd demands nxbibiicd in oflVot thereto; nnd six months front the dav of thu date hereof, being al lowed by said Court lor thnt purpose, we do therefore hereby givo police, that we will attend to the hiininess of our appoint ment, at tin- dwelling of the widow Hannah Gondliiip in Underbill in said Di-trict, on the 20ih days of March nnd July next nt 10 o'clock, A. M .'on each of suid days. Dated, thu 17th day of February A. D. IU3H. REUBEN MARCY. ) Commh THOMAS GOODHUE, shners. Grind Stones. Qf) tn,,s Nova Seolia Grind Stones, assott ed sizes, weighing from 50 to 1100 lb, for mIo by Fom.utt ife la.i)t.i:vs. THE HYGE1AN I'll EORY OF DIS EASES, and r.r.Ni:nAi, diiiuctios ror. Tin: usr. or ."iiohison's ir.ivr:nsAL jikdi cini:.s, OZtc British College nf Health, London The leading Principles of Hie Hygcian or Jlur'nnman Thtury if Discasis arc contained in the following Propo sitions ; 1. The vital principle is contained in tho blond. 2. Everything in tho body is derived from Ihe blood. 3. All diseases nrise from the impurity in the blood. From the blond all tho solids are derived nnd nourished nil the oilier lluids are secreted and nil ihe sub-lances appropri ated to repair tho injuries done lo the body are supplied. The rudiment of the fn t ii rt! heart (and the circulating system,) it is well known, precedes thu formation ol oilier purls of Ihe body nnd is vmMo for sotno time before nny trace of the brain can be dhtiucuishcil. A-the blood is tho builder up of the body and source of genernl henlth, so it i elso nf universal (license: that being Ihi id while circulating in iho body, it is inure uniform in Hs appearance than any of the solid parte, which accounts for the diliicnl. ly of delecting nny foreign or morhilick matter which may be circulating with it The minMiis of fever nro harmless to every other port of the eyMcm, und only become iiii'clnevout when they reach the blood. If tho blood becomo once impreg. tinted with h peculiar taint, it. is wonderful to reuiurk thu tenacity with which it retains il, though often in n stntoof inactivity for years, or even generations. Hotico all hereditary diseases, consumptions, kc. Every germ nnd fibro of every oilier pnrl, being formed nnd fed from tho blond nnd all communication to tho solids being cut oil", except by tho circulation, where nlso can we look- to, ns tho feat of such taints or predispositions for disoasc, or for the came (if discute ihelf 4. Pain and disease havo tho same origin nnd may therefore bo considered synonymous tonus. C. Purgation by vegelnhlcs is tho only eU'eciunl nindi of purifying the blood, nnd eradicating disease. It is evident that, nil lliiiso medicines which tcquiro preparation in the patient, and give cold if taken in dump or cold weather, micIi ns calomel &c; do tint ns similato lo ihe body, nnd are therefore highly injiirir'iis lo the enii-iiHiiioii, nnd impress mid r-t n m j pew qoalilies upon n For Ihi.' ''ciTi'iiic Univcrsnl Jlaliilnn" it is iuiiiecc"snry to propnre, They uniy hntnken with tiilvnntnge in nny weather, or nt ntiy lime of ihe year. The simple th-nty simple hecaue Iruo conlaiued in thesn live proposition was first prouiiilpnteil by Jli- .Mnriwn, the llygoisl, in 1 1(3.0 ; nnd Ins world-rennwnec iin.'ilminos were taken with tinparallelh'd success. Since this time numerous imiVa have arisen in America as well as in Europe, who style lhemelvcs Ilygeists. and pretend to treat diseases on llygointi principles, and with 'Universal Vegetable ModicmoV The Medicitins of the British College of Health cure till diseases which admit ol cure. 1. They rcmnvo from the stomach, liver and intestines the blood-making organs nil (ilnt ructions to Ihe due performance- of their h'Mltliy function?. 2. 1 hey purify the blond, bv increasing its various excretions ; and prevent disea-c ny enaiiiiug the body succe.-slully to resi.-l the predisposing e;:eiliiig causesof di-cne. H. They increase the action of the th jorheu'iS. by which nil morbid growths are taken into Iho circulation and afterwards expelled from the body. 4. They restore the regularity of those processes upon which the formation nnd circulation of the blood depend. These are the only medicines know-) in which small doses have a powerful nnd linnehcnl eitect: and yet, nl winch, in ex treme cases, such very large doses may be ntiniuiistnreii learlessly am with greatly increased advantage to tlio natient. iJTNonc tciiiiiiio unless signed by pANfillOUN &. HntN'M Ml). State Jl''enh. SHIPPING FURS. CASH, nnd the highest market price, paid for Shipping Furs, by W. R. & F. C. VILAS. Feb. 9. NOTICE TO RHEUMATIC INVilXIBS PEIISONS Miflcring under Fhcumnlic Af fielmn are respectfully assutcd, that they can obtain ol the proprietor anil hi' agents a safe and admirable remedy for RHEUMA TISM, however obytinato the disorder may be, anil ill all its dillerent singes. Rheumatic Liniment! will afford immediate relief lo the patient, and has sometimes boon attended with such extra ordinary success ns lo euro thu most disttes-' sing Rheumatism in lirrnly-Jour hours, even when ofyeais standing. This highly valuable Linimml is recom mended with a confidence founded on the ex perience of many years, not only as a cure for thai excruciating disease, but as an excellent application for S'TirK.vsss or the joins, ni:ss, Strains, Chii.iii.mns, Ac. Among a mass of testimony in favour of the success of the Liniment, as a thorough rcmo. dy for Rheumatism, tho proprietor selects the following as p.-eseiitiiig genuine instances of its fluency Veie and surprising cnaes. O" A gentleman, 31 r. R. of Ciinrlcstnwnv who can bo referred lo had been confined to in tied moat of the time lor a week, suffering most excruciating pain from Rheumatism ; at", ter having bad recourse to the round of anti dotes us uilly rci-nrlcd to in this complaint 'hut without benefit ; and while in this state of siitTuriug, and no pto-prcl of relief, Air. Caleb Syenites, who was his neighbour, and who, owing lo ihn oNlrantdinary benefit ho bad himself experienced from lis u--e, recommend. ed the articlo with such eonliih'iico as induced .Mr. R. to make nso ofil, which he did, with thu usual success attending its administration, viz: immediate mitigation of pain relief and cure ' 11. . '.Mr. T. nf litis city, was attacked with a very violent Rheumatism in his back, winch an application of this Liniment (on going to bed instantly relieved, and cured by iimniing observes ho nerer used any thing which gave him so much and so great relief. UjTAii old Revolutionary Oilicer near Hos lon.was sorely alllielcd for years with rheu matic complaints, especially in his joints and limits, which were fteqiieiilly much swollen, could obtain only teiuporaiy relief from med ical advice, or thu tl-e of various teniedies, and had disp tired nf help ; when a friend who had wiinessed the wonderful eH'cds of this Lini ment, advised him lo make use of it, which bo did. wilh tho most happy effect ; it reduced the sicelling in one night. This article is (iinsiilrrril so superior In ci rri thing, unit to possess surh unrommnn rirlnis, that il is unit rid from dulanl pails vf the coun try. JTAii agent reccnly writrs : ''Plcaro send me a further supply of johb's Liniment thu first opportunity I shall probably sell .i consider able quantity, .is it is rtrnmmcndtd by some of our physicians very luglily. iLrAnolher agent writes: "I wish yon lo forward mu somu more of Jebb's Liniment, whico has reeniiiiuended itself very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle. Tho Painful and Debilitating Complaint of PILES receives immediate relief, and in numerous in btances has. been thoroughly iho ailiminstratien of nuMrniits' itr..Mr.iv eon the rti.cs. ripill.S approval) compound also mitigates JL and removes lliu s.yinptoms which fre quently accompany that disorder, and increase the danger of the patient, viz. ; pains in Loins Headache loss of nppclito Indigestion, and olhiit marks of debility. A relieved I'alioul writes from a di'lanco, "It is but justice lo you lo inform you, that 1 havo used your Dumfries remedy for lliu Piles forsoinelimo past, and havu fuund it cm. iiienlly successful," An Olftcer in tho Army observes "I h.ivu been troubled for years with tho Piles, am) havo never found any r0inedy that would comparo with yours. Il gave mo nl mu'. immedialo rolief." A Physician nd Druggist writes. "I havo sold nil the medicine you sent mo, which is so highly recommended for thu Piles. I wish you to send mu ono dozen moro by tho bearer." Tlio remedy is qnito innocent, and may bo administered lo all ages and both sexes Plain nnd ninplo Directions, wilh n description of tho coinpluinl, accompany each package, which eonsisls of two Loves, mm containing an Ointment, and thu other an Electuary. Price $1 for both arlclcs, or 50 cents wbero but ono is wanted, ! Prico $1 a bottle, or C bottles for f 5, ( O. II. S AXTOJV SUItG RON DHNT1ST. Office one diwr smith nf JV. li. Harwell's tQuilhm anil Cnmmiition Stnte. liURLLYGTOjy, VI. Gregory's Pills. AN article too well known hvlhe public . to require a 1 - t ol crtificntus or rec ommendations, for 'till! hv J. & J. II. Pkck & Co. Feb. 22. nnd Roiikut Moodv. CLOVE II SEED. FOR sale by Hkknk Sf Cntlin Rod Clo ver Seed, nlso Trefoil or Yellow Clo. vr Soethn pcrcnt'inl plnnt, excellent for D.irics ns well ns for Hay. Fob. 22. Hi? rnSllE SubcnberH have recuivetl by JL pleiyliuiL' an addition to their stock of goods which makes it now th" best to bo found north of Albany They havo a heavy stuck of Crown Sheetings and Shirt. ints. Diekiiigs. Padding, Canvass, Prinla of every desonpiii n, &c. &c, which wo will sell nl n smnll advance Irom cost. Also a variety of Fancy Dress Handkerchief", open Silk gloves, sup. gentlemen nnd ladies Goat i-l(in do. French Prints, Ribbon?, Eaces (Sic. &c. I case French Muslin Ca'pes and Cn!lai8 coinprifing nearly fifty new and rich Pat. terns, which we arc selling at extreme low prices Ijatiiiiop iS: Potwin. I Fob. 22, 1338. New Establishment. CQTAVING taken tho Cabinet Simp on fOL the east side of the Court House Square, formerly occupied bv Abbott &. Wood, where ho intends enrrying on tho Cabinet ir.nking biisuiis in nil its branches, and hopes by punctuality and strict atten tion to his hu-mcss, to merit a share of public patronage. N. H. All kinds of fancy work, such as Ladies work I5nxe, Portable Desks, Shaf. fotiiers. Music Stools, Foot Stools, &c. &c. made and repaired with nentness and on short notice. UTAImost all kinds of Lumber nnd pro visions taken in payment lor cabinet furni ture Hurlington. Feb. 1. 133C. rSlIIF. stock orOoods lately owned by Mr. JL Lemuel Curti, together wilh the Storo and Shop now occupied by Mr. 1). S. Russell, and the land on wb'eh Urn samu stand, havo been conveyed to the subscriber lo be sold for tho bunfil of certain creditors of said Curtis; and as must bo sold at all events thosu who wish toputchaso will be enabled lo make great bargains. Thegoods cmisibl of a very large assortment of DRY coons. DliV GROCERIES, CROCKER V. CHLYA $c GLASS 1VARE. And will be sold cheap. The Store nnd Shop, are very eligibly situated, in the bu siness part of the town. A credit will t" given lorn part of the real estate. Al-n for sale m nhuve, it unc Hone SIcizh. it Chaise, tico sh;te Harnesses, a one Hurts IVaggon, it Saddle, See. .YOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, Fib. I, l!!J!i, D I'M FRIES' itou omTmmT i rijtHE extunsivo -ale and estalih-hed repu Ji tatiott or Dl'MFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, cnrouragc.s the Proprietor to rccoiri niend it with renewed eonlidcuce to the pub lie, as a most innocent as well as poiccrfut application for this annoying disea-o. Tho mo-t invelerato eases have been cured in one noun ! by ibis esteemed Ointment. It contains nn Mercury, or other noxious ingre dient, and may be confidently applied even to tbo youi'ge.-i children, or to pregnant females. Ptico37 cents. SORF AImD ZNFltAIVlED. SITES I rSTlIf. studious, Iho weakly, and others, JL who aro troubled with 'soreness or in flammation of that delicalo organ, will tin able lo obtain a most pleasant and invaluable application, in DUMFRIES' This well e.-tabli-hed Wash fir Ihe Eye, l petfeelly innocent, and gin s immediate relief, even in very aggravated cases ol'soreness nnd inflammation. Price 2i cents. i) i: ii 1 1 i t a t U i) v i: .ii a l r: s rjjlHE complaints peculiar lo the lemalo JL part of I lie commiiniiy, hnvo been long siicces-lully treated by i ho ndiiiinLtrn. lion of the Aromatic I'ills' originally pro scribed nnd ci mpounded by Dr. Ri:" They clean-e the blood from those disor ders of the female constitution, fur which thu Pills, aro an cH'ecitial specific; thev re-tore a free circulation, reform the irreg. ular operations ol ihe sanguiferous sytem. am! rrctity tho di-ordored habit... Tho proprietor's confidence in iho superior ex cellence of this equally innocent und pow etlul preparation, is louuded on the tiio.-i decisive testimony from many restored pa tients llo can assure this portion of the public, Ihiil when Br. Rfslfa's AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES. nre regularly taken according to tho direc tions accompanying them, they revive ami establish Ihe desired healthy habits, iiuil restore to the pallid countenance tho natu ral glow of health and good spirits. The Pills are nn approved gencrnl rcmc dy in cases of Obstructions; Debility; y; pochinidria ; (.irocn Siekne.-s ; ("iiddines's. Palpi'ation of Ihe Heart ; hud Dige.-tious-; Loalliing of Food ; Pain of the Stou ach i Shortness of Hreath upon every little nio II 'ii ; Sinking of the Spirits, and its conse quences, a dejected countenance, and dis like for exerciio und convor.-iition. Married ladies will liml tho Pills equally useful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they mmt not tie taken ; nether tnii-t thoy be taken by perrons of heel ic or consump tive habits, Tltey may t used suct'essful Iv by either men or women in nil Hypachoni driac, Itijsteriv .Vapourish disorders. In nil cases of this desei otmii.the PilL purify, invigorate, and revio iho dip-ordered (). tern. Ptico $1.50 a box.

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