Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 18, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 18, 1838 Page 2
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I j i j ! i inin led men lint over liv mI, nnd in nil points of character nnd Intellect, Cont ittg mml honorably with nt lout ono nidi v'tdnnl wlm liiu sn'ico held hu hH'ho (hoy did n tit suffer even Mr. Whit Id rsrnpc without imputation am! ccn-urc. In oho or two Instances, ho hail rendered sonic professional sot vice in which t ho Uh'h.mI States woro interested, hut whiclultd not cntnn within Ihc duties nf his office, and ofi'ored n h-oii'minto mbject. of nil ex'tn charge. For tlna he claimed si tnidorali.' fee, lln acceptance which elmckinyly scandalized tho purifiers and rolormors ol the day. Thoy woro dispHcd to retrench tho cxpnnscd of tho Mtorncy General, which then nniounted to 000 fur the office, nnd 100 for n c'orkship. In 103 1, Mr Attorney General llo ri.un receive d 'or compensation 1,000, wiihiui extra of i',I.'jO gl ,300 fur clerk and mrs.k'iirer. a id $ "jOO for llio very convenient item of "contingent expenses." The same wat tlio expenditure of 1 035 but in IHOO tlio sum of $l.d0? wai appropriated to tho clcik and nie??Mi ffor, and his wliolo compensation was fJJ2. Dot during a pari of liio period in which ho was receiving tlio emoluments of this office-- "contingent oxpen-cs" and nil ho discharged tho duties of Secretary of War, and pocketed for llio in'erv'jl, of course, llio nddiuotial ta'ary of th-r addi tional nflier. Tho Government has iui proved upon tin ftory of the "two single gonllcnt'Mi rolled into ono" and managed lo roll one single gcntli'inen into n cmi t'f responsible and Incrativo nfiioc, as oflun as it wn found desirable to stimulate par tisan rfi'itt, or to pamper a favorite al the expense nf the ppln. The immaculate Mr. Kendall figures on this list to somo ex'ent. Whi'o ho was first occupied with tho reform of our Hanking itii itutioii-1, and the introduction of the JJilkr Currency, ho was employed on ihu contract-making mis'inn to the Dcpotito banks, hich was to givo us a more "uniform and sound" circulation, nml to "regulate exchanges" at Fitch insignifi cantly moiioratu charge?. During lira mission, in addition to tho salary of his oflico, he rrcoived $10 a day, for a sciv cc which I133 brought more distress upon lln ccunlry than could bo expiated by the devotion of n thousand years to the pal r i otic fcervico of the State if Mr. Kendall should reach to that patriarchal long'Vi'y (or wo nro assured by the Democratic Review, tint nil Mr. Kundai i.'s anco.-tors have bct.ti very "long-lived ! Wo will tilludo to but ono more insianco. which i? mentioned in tho speech of Mr. Iom of Ohio, to which we have been indebted lor tho statistics of our present article, and the ro-produclion of tho facts to tho attention of tho public. This ! that of the Coinmis. sinner of Indian Affairs, who was for a while noting Secretary' of War, and during this prriod drew the sotarica of each uHIc-', nt tho rate of $9,000 por annum. A kindred abuse with the abuses above de'n led is that of family provisions, or the practise of quartering rilalivcs nnd (! pen dents oil tho public Treasury, and providing for uncles and nephews and hrulhors-in law oul ol the public purse. On litis subject wo nnne.x n paragraph from tho speech of Mr. 15oni, which is already sufficiently 0'nidcntcd to require no further abridge, mont : nut, Mr., no man better knn'.vs nil iho n.ei iifollico All'. Kcnil ill. 1 lt;ue re.w! a pn lilie d Iran, wriileu I ihiiik, liy De.ui tiuifi, euli- n place at Court, or a f.i'.c mode of pro(idin3 Rar-1 inrnls for a li'ilo f.iniilv." Sir. Kendall appears lo iir.drrslan.l iho "modui operandi" of (his mat- tcr. 1'lie primed lift ofeleihs in his Dipailnitiit rnlidiil." hi.' (.nln'r-io law and two nriilicivs, with , jnil.oic of $1,000, '1,200 an I .$1,-100 ; and dins , n see a family piovisinn of on it ly 10,000 a jear, incluiliii!; In" own fil.iry. liiil Mr, is tint ihc. only ofi'irrr uho thus takes cue of his oun house Inlil. If pioxisiou of this kind ho evidence df "f.iidi," levy of lliein will In l'uun:l "infidels." t Ita I'lCsiilrnlV son ha no oflii c, hieh I haol icadv inriviiniid, ofOl.oOO a cnr. '1'iie Secieta- i rv .,, aini s -on. oon. v. ry law.y, no,,, ,uo p are of District Atloinrv in Alalinn liy unrii.itfc of tho fc'eeielaiy of the 'I', easiu v has a eouifoi tali'n annuity of & 1,400 iulheiViuy Dipuit mt nl ; anolher ho'ds the appniiilnirint of naval offi cer iu i!oslnn, with n f alary of !3,000 por jrar, lie Fides tiring t'ic-iilcnl of llio l.afavellc 1'ank rity, an I a third is llio ('.whirr of tile I raul.'iii I'.iuk of dial eily, uhieli brrame u pc-i.i I pel tin iler the pel hiinli pjsieui. Thefe gentlemen would nil make oxrelleiil&'nb Tiensurcri. These may appear smaM matter', but small as thny nro, mailers no more impnr tuil, brnuglit to bear upon the ndtnini-t rn 1 ion i'f Mr. A pa:.!5, tilink and subverted it It wts by refurm and ret rcnrliuinit ma cliinrry more than by any other power that p'cndn-pntrieti?, ffico-huiiting demigoguc. nnd flnnv lesa hypnen'c.-5, v. ho no.v sinnd nut of their own mou'!i condrmncd ovrr th'cw an administration governed on prm. ciple-! and cuononilcnl, eo'n pnrrd with which all lhat. wo havo since rccn is lalitndinarian and prodigal in 'he extreme, Wo were promised a more fclticl construction of the Constitution ; and we have recti that instrument submitted to the I'hanrjing whim11, nnd nh-urd caprices ofn head strong, ignorant old man. who conful'nd it with no ntjuit but his pission nnd enforced his r.wn interpretation by the forvile arqniescenco of Ids minions nnd par ositcs. Vo v.'ere promised n tnnro rcon oniical expenditure of the Public M'tmy and wo hnvo ficen millions on 'millions jquandered in tho tnott impr ivident ouilny till tlio nnnnnl charges upon a bankrupt and lieggarrd l reasurv exceed tiiiuci: th nvcraorj ilirhurhcment of the ppcndthrifi ndmiuiMraliou which has been supplanted tor us aiisiocrnuc cxtravainnce ! iMPortT r.-r. We learn with much pleasure that arrangements aro irnv making by a number of tho principal capitalists nnd nhlest financierfl of this city f.,r tbn cstniihitiment ol n great bank, under the now fictinrnl Hanking Law of Ihie Stnto. 'I'ho copitnl named is fortv or fifty million-i. 'IM, ... .. . . '...I-. I..! ,u tinner uas ucon iitiuer niivisi'ineiit cvrr finro ilm pnseago of Iho Inw, but it was mil till 0 ptesent week that the pro liminatios wcro di finitely sctllod. We presume noihing may bo expected lo pre vent the omnbli,,moiU.(,f tli,3 n,,i,( forth with, eo that it w, nt f,ullcsl bo in rucccsslul opcrutlun beforo tho full trade opens. Tho namca wltich will ho ivcn lo the public nro biicIi na wouhl aniiire the amplest confidence, did nut thQ jjaw itsell exact n tneasnro of nccutity which would eecm utterly to preclude tho idea of itwol. voncy in Ihu case or any largo Dank formed in consonance with llu icquititions, ftioro of this al an early day, Tho clii',"n.3 of lloehostcr, lluflilo, j irlfporl, tjoneni Falls. Fort Plain, nitd other businnsg places Ihiuughntit tho Slnto, aro tnw cuMiderlng tin expediency nl foiiniug Hanking Associations under this law, or already ukiog tho slops prcpara lory to Hitch formation. Tho difficulty which moot ihU undertaking nt tho outset U n fortnidahlu bin n very snlutnry ono. Tho law exacts tho investment, of rcil capital. Under Ihu old syctcni, the nnmi. mil capital might chiefly bu borrowed oul of four or live nrighb iring lhuks, to bo repaid a soon ns Ihu now Dank commenced dlfcounlina. nnd thuo n now Hank he crca tod without tlio addition of n dollar of nclual capital, but by n wider diffusion of cmdit. Thero was little trouble in procu ring tho necessary capital under this sys tem, nnd wo rarely heard of n village left ile?lituto nf n Hank for want oft hat neces sary ingredient. It is otherwise- with the present law ; nnd the fact lhat no Hanks aro yet formed under this law i-j n decided recommendation of tho system, in our view. Had it resembled llio Wild Cat system of Michigan in allowing tho i3sno of notes on doubtful security, wo should havo henrd of Hanks thicker than churches by this limn Wu prefer n system under which men will embark n Hanking because they have cipital, nnd not because they owe debts. A strong application has been made lo Mr. Hiddlu from this city, to induce him to establish a sunM monitor of ten or fifteen millions under this law. Nobody seems frigbteupd or particularly horror-struck; but if Mr. Kiddle conies hero lo 13 ink, he imnl pay specie. Our law knows no other Hanking, an.l wo do not nvnu that our practice shall hereafter. .Veto Yorker. Wo loam from tho Commercial Adver tiser, that tho Comnrniltco of the Hiard of Trade, which visited Philadelphia lasl week with iho object of inviting Mr Hiddlo and his associates in tho Pennsylvania Hank of iho U. S. to establish a bank in the c'ty of New York, of large capita', un der the general banian;; law, bni returned. Mr. Riddle appeared quite favorable to the prepct, nnd promised to bring the question before the Directors at an early day prob ably yesterday or to day. The design is to c-tnblish n bank with a capital of from ten to fifteen millions, which it is expected will go into Operation as soon as the law will permit. I' It I I) A Y Al O 11 N INfi, M A Y IS. rotiKinx. of llio Wejlnrn, nil mo lineij'ii nr ualii!) come in dales so Utile l.i- Ilt ill in lint icceivctl by llio atc.iiu tliip, as to bo of nine inieic.-t. In England, great piop.iration? aio in iking for llio ccieiimny ol llio roiniialinii, vuiivli i to lio on llio same M'.ile of iiiajniificcirc; as lhat ol Willi.un at an expense of 23 000. 'I lie tone of llio I ' i i I i 1 1 Vics3 to llii.-i eouiiliy in iclalii.n lo 1 lie (".iii.ii,. i qtic.-l ion roiitinues rxiicmelv iipprob.Hoiy The. news fioin fcjp.iin is decidedly l'.iorable li llio Queen lint llie extent ofllie advantages Hiin cd liy her lionpj djes not cleai ly Poi tuy-il iflcpiei. A i upturn tcnim likely lo spring up bchucn lliiaiu nml Koine, out of the recent afi.iir with llic Arclilii.-hup of Cologne, liy llio arrival of llio Philadelphia, at N, Yoili, l'alW3 10 1,13 I9lt nit. have been receded, The (Imminent suldert of inlcic-l w.u llio flic jrrful issue of u scieniifir. expeiliiiou inulri t.ikrn at tho expense of the Hudson's Uay Company, for tho utrirv of tho noilhein ro.isl of Aineiica. In- irlligiueu had just been icrrivrd fioin Ale.irs. Dca.-can I Simpson, die leadcis of the expedition. mat iliey liail Hiivetutl the coajt hcluern Ihc ex Heme points laid doun liy llrcdiy nnd Krauklin. I.oril Uui li mi wad toemljiil; oil ilie LUih. IJur.NOS A Vlir.s It is slaled that a hlorkadi of litis port had linen or was about lo lie deelaicd in ronmi'irnrn of Ilia haith lie itmcnl offetei C11(.lm ,. 0 ,,, f,,,,,,;,.,. , ,cl, f)ltlP1P, lo euler llio army of operations a iin.t I'eiu, nml on their irfu-al to do so, were he.ilen liy I tin nun inandliu oflireraml eariird into town loaded willi ehaiiH. 'I'heroiHiil iheirupon demanded ihcir re lease, ami !;,;o0,0U0 lor llm Mipport of ono liaicle a I' in lehman, ulio h nl ilied in court epicure was fUppn.-a'd, of 1I13 ill lie.nmcat ho-icreived, 'I'hc HOiernmonl teplied contempluoii'lv, and the Cniifiil stiurl; lii- 11 1;' ; at the f nun time tril ling ; liri of rtar to the Ficiich on that roast i((l'icli,i him to ronie lo Uiienm Ayies uitlt hi tl'ot. A I'ioikIi sloip of war no I 11 briu of 2! Rims wtio ahendy nt P. Aets. On the l2dt of .Ma, eh all fuiei"ii mriclriiil e,sels u ere to teeeivc notieo to (piit the pui l within 11 d iw, with tueli cargoes as they miht picvioiisly olitain. with IZuropc. Upwards of 011 n lumilr'd p iffc lcrs sailed fiom New.Yoik on tho hi in llu I.ond in, Liverpool and I lnrc pact. c's. Siuro tl'.en 1I13 Great VVc.-letu has taUen nut 10, nnd llio Uoseoo 13, uiakiii ' in nil! ocr two hundred iu one week. Mr, Vail and his mitthn to Canada. Tlicin f CCU13 lo he sonic mjstrry nhoiit this genlleniiin', Ijitniu fi in tho Can idas, uhieli is not at nil di.'si piled by ihc follow iuj from a Montrc il piper of ihu Till. It was somo time since slated in the Upper Can ad 1 papers that Mr. Vail hid liren niiihoi i.ed by llio I' iorriiu,r,il of ilia United .Slates lo that Province, with th.i view of a.-certainiii2 tho treat, nrnt which w.ii rxtiei irnred byiho uirat iral pi i..inie,s Irlioii iu their iitlrinpls to" inyado t lie lliilirh leiriiories. .oinn ofthn iNcvvYoik iiaiicr Uwa dm, tiled ilia I1111I1 nf ihu tepo, I, and olume that it is fir from likely ihu tho Caldiict nt U'udi injton rhould nuihoi '7.0 such amission, Hut llm ICiii-lon Chrouii-ln 1 11 . 1 i i t ( 1 1 1 1 3 llio conlrnry, nml uteris ill. it ,Mr. Vail 1I11I unit. illy coino to Cana, f ,r tho purp'iso in (lucstiou ; lie.niiiK Ictlers fioin tho lliili.-li Minister nt W'.ifliiinlou to Hir John Collmi',).', In I Iv expiation:; lln; ulni'd of Ins mis sinii ; and tli.'t his IJscnlleney .io .Mr. V,u letters ol iiitioiliiriion lo llio military eoiniii.nijant unit other autliorilies nt Kindlon, iMr.xici asu 1'iitxci; - it gcems our istor Republic hai g't into n somewhat soriom squibblo with Prance, Her ports nro in n state of block ido nnd her Gov ornnient is at tho Fauio moment nogociat- nig with the French and breathing war al them in prnc'auialioiH addressed to tho people. As in men's intercourse with one another it requires n man of energy and strong Ii lo nssert his rights, much inoro to intnrfero with tho rights of others ; so in the intercourse of nations it is wise for llio weaker to avoid any assumptions which may rcquiro Mrengtli lo assort. Mexico is peculiarly and unhappily situated: She is torno with intcs. tine disputes), and has recently been dis I tncinbored by tho cor.nivanoo and direct assistance of n neighboring people. Sup cossivo violent factions havo had nominal possession of llio administration of her government i and tho revenue, which should havo boon opplied to tho support of tho national credit, has been prostituted to the purposes of faction. Civil war has dis trnctcd her, nnd in the confusion not only has violenco been dono lo citizens of other nations, but tho protection oT foreign res i. dents has been almost en truly neglected. Mexico has, in consequence of these un fortunate circumstances, and nf the ill con duct of officials who have smuggled them selves into power, been long embroiled with this country. To Iho sufficiently por plexcd foreign relations of our eiator re public a equabblo with France is now added. Tho causes of complaint which gave rise to it, have, as wo have noticed, grown mora out of circumstances than out of intention -yet must Mexico pay the pi per. The case is a hard otic but where a greater and a less Power contend, it is easy to guc9 on which side of the question tho is.-uo will place the justice of tho quarrel. Silk. A silk company, with a large capital has been formed in Gencso County, N. Y., and tlmy havo recently undo n pur chase of $-20,000 worth of trees. Several largo establishments aro going into opera tion the present season in N. Jersey, and we observo that there is quite a movement on tho subject in tho District of Columbia. Pile stock of trees and Fi'gs is already exhausted in sorno of the eastern cities. Tho laws recently passed in somo of tho sta'es granting largo bounties to oncour- ago ihc silk culture, and the proposed en nctincnt of similar laws now before Con gross must impart a .great impetus to the Bill; business. The first of June will be about tho right cason for sowing seed, and we must again jog tho recollection of our readers on llio suiiject. iir. uoouticn lias a lew ounces of seed, which is believed to be c-ood, WtNoosKi Avenue. The work of im provement is progressing. Gen. Arthur has planted a handsome row of locujls on both sides of the road, tho whole extent of his premises, and we wcro pleased to observe our friend Russell with a load tin oilier day. It now remains for Messrs Pomcroy, Howard and Ilasweli, to com puto the work. What say vv. gentlemen ? Maine. Returns from all the towns but four 111 110 Oxford Comrrnssionnl District givo Virgil D. Parris, (Adin.) 4,120 votes, Z idnc j'Hig, (Whig,) 3,d50; scat tering, (mainly Adm ) 253; maiorilv for Parris, so far, 425. Tho four towns to bo heard from gave 102 Adm. and 31 Whio- votes last September. Tliu adminislra lion nipjorily in the District is probab'y between 7 and 000; Inn fall, about 1,300. Mis-issippi Sate. Tho following ore the good humored remarks of tho 'free Trader," the regular Democratic (Van Do. ren) organ nt Natchtz, Mississippi ; "The Election. The returns rrcoived since our last publication place our defeat almost beyond the possibility of n doubt So confident, indeed, was Mr. PnENTtss of his success, lhat ho declared in Holly Springs, in Marshall county, on the day aftor tho election, thai the on'y thing which prcvcn'cd him from setting out immediate ly for Washington city was tho want nf a clean shirt- I ho vote of tho river coun ties at this election exceeds lint of any 'previous one, whilst that of the interior has been greatly reduced. It is nut our intention to hunt up causes to which we may attribute our Sau Jacinto defeat ; a six hours' sermon would not console us for this dire calamity," &c. Indian TnimtTonv. Wo like tho plan proposed in a bill which Ins recently passed inc senate oi ino uiiucu states, it tves an end and a finish to tho policy of our government toward llio Indian tribes Without it the removal of tho Indians seems only a temporary expedient, !o got rid of them for tho nnmout, wherever thoy are troublesome to tho dominion of tho Whites. Hut tho establishment of territorial lorm of government, in a well drfincd territory, sacred to the Indian alone, for which this bill provides wil conduce to their security and happiness, whilo it institutes ono of t!io mo3t intcros ting experiments of which tho mind can conceive. It is proposed by tho bill, if we understand it, to mako the Indians members of their own territorial council, and to fill with Indians all tho offices, except perhaps that of governor of tho Territory for few years. Ho, with somo other officers will bo nppointed by the general govern me nt. The experiment, by dovoloping tho ambition of Indians, and placing them whoro they aro not continually tinminded of tho superiority of their whito conquer ors, will elevate their character, and hu man'zo them. The Wheat Crop is said to promiso tin commonly well this eesson particularly in Virginia. Iu that State, tho area sowed is much greater than over before. Probably tho mmo in Michigan. The Cotton Crop, in somo par's of the South, is said to havo been somewhat injured by a recent frost. BANK OV WOODS I'OCIC. In consequence of (lie delay incident to die col lection of dehts liv l.i nr. llm nc.irc.ilv of forelail mon ey in e.irrnlailnii nml tlio general cinlarrasmenl of mo money iill.nrs ol tho country, tlio Directors ni 8 lid bank, hnio been unable lo continue lo redeem thn hills of lliis bank nt ISixlon, nt this timo. Wc, tlio undersigned ditcrtois, Inuo carefully exntnined tho condition of llio h.ntk, with reference to tho recent emergency, and wo personally know that llio dolus dun this Link, well nnd amply fcciiiciI, nrn nearly double llm whole ninniint of its bills in circulation, nnd wo hue not tho least liesilalion in npsurinu iho public, of our entire ronfi lenco tho bills will ho nil fully redeemed nnd piid. This shall bo dono with nil that despalrh which mi iinmo ili.ilo and fiiudrnt collodion of the demands will permit. Wo enlcriuin the highrn nlfo, that ivnfli.ill, within a reasonable, render the bills fully curient and bankable in Iloston, nnd this bank will resume specie pajments ns car ly ns the other country banks iu Noat KiiI.iihI. Chf.strh lUxmn, I.VMAN MOWKIt, Simon WAttnEtr, Simeon Wtr.LAnn, Jon, From our personal nrnuaintancc wllh the nbovc signer, their character nnd responsibility, we place entire itcpenilrnee on t lie nloe insurance, unit we consider them entitled to public confidence. i ; 1 1 , tt i, k s .MAnsti, Titus Hutchinson, Ben j. Swan, Jlfat 9, 1833. Jacob Cor.LAMF.n. Condition or the Tr.EAsurtY. From tho subjoined Message of the President of tlio United States, It will be scon that the financial condition of tho country is nvnw edly most doplorable. This confession and appeal from the President, must have been iu their necessity most mortifying to him, and in their execution personally humilia ting. Assuming, as ho did. Iho reins of power from the hands of his "illustrious predecessor," whose boast it was lhat ho left this great people free and prosperous- Mr. Van IJurcn may well contemplate with amazement ond remorse, tho disasters which have sedulously attended his adminis. (ration from tho firtt day of il, down to, the present hour. Suroly by this time, lie mtht begin to perceive that the error has nil along been with himself that his obsti nacy at the start, in tho omission In do what sound policy required, and his per verse adhesion to a new scheme distasteful and alarming to tho wholo country have at last landed him in tho confessional. The scheme of Sob Treasuries before lie saw that he should want lo use it was de nounced in advance by President Van Hit ren himself. His friends and coadjutors joined him iu iu hearty condemnation. How is it possible, that the people who have known should forget these things? How is it possible lhat thoy s-hould have C'ltifi. lenco in an administration so vacilla ting and unstable iu its policy? And in a point whoro confilcnce is all in all tho monetary sjstem of tho cnintry ? Mr. Vnn Huron may thank himself and friends for his present position. To the Semite and Howe of Representatives I submit I o I ho consideration of Congress a htnletnent prepared by the Secretary of tln Treasury, by which it appears that tho U. S., with over twotily eifjhl millions in do-po-jito with tho Sintps, and over ft tr.n millions duo from individuals nnd hank-.', and, from llio Htua'iou in winch thc-c fund-i nro placed, is in imnirtlinto dinger of lining rendered nnah'e to di.-clnrge, with good faith and prompt i'ude, the varioti pecuniary obligations of the government. The recnrience of this result has for somo time been npprohended, nnd cfl'irls mado to nvort it, as the principal difficulty arises from a prohibition in the present law lo ro-issuo such Treasury notes as might bo paid in before they Is II due, nnd tuny be cffcciunlly obviated by giving the Treasury during the whole year tho benefit of the full amount originally authorized ; tho remedy would seem to be obviotnand easy. The seiinus embarrassments likely to arise from n longer continuance of (lie present state of things, induces tno respect fully to invite tho earliest attention of Congress to the subject which may bo eon sistent with n duo regard for other public interests. M. VAN I3UIIHN. May lOih, 1030. RURAL KMIIRLLISIIMMNI'S. "It is deli 'Infill lo witness the nroress of.i re fined taste in the increase of rural embullMiinenis ; in i he planting of dees, tho (mining of vines, inc i ii it i vai ion oi turners, una i nc loimattou ol orna nirniiii gatiirns. Among llio i irhest anil puicsl pltMsuies which the hum in mind can lake in, are lliofn drawn dnecily fioin na'iue. A fondness lor uoturnl scencrv is n pasta.iii which wc cannot oti It i vatu to excess ; nnd iho gratifications of turh n liielc multiply as llio capacity of enioyuicit is ex tended. A lasie for plcasuies of this hind, pictcnls llio mm hid exces.-es of tho lower nppetiles, diverts in fiuni their indulgence ; and nnisloiiH the mind Ion purer aliment, whoso only Iru.lrliey is to iui provo and exalt our nature. Wo miht multiply ailjuuieuts and ic.isuns, why ho should ciillhntn mis taste, nun try un mat liuinan url cm ilo to make the win Id beautiful, in ndorn our jnids, IKiiiiuoi-s, irnrrs, munows, midlines an.l slieets, w no nn inn ami iiowcrs ami tices. Such emlicl lidiinculs iiioaii immense ruin toiiritv: ui look upon the lady, who will ornament her windows in tho eily with a guy nstcnibl.iyn of jriuniiinu, mid daphnes, nnd luucinilis, nml imrllc, mid io.-e. in rininenily a pulilm hriiffantor. 'I'ho amount of pioismo nuts slum, il it could In measured in thn us!;ie.iie, or il there weru any stun. lard liv which it could ho determined nnd compaied, would bo found linmen.oly which is eiien In- souiu hi tout or ball ; anil this nl a I diedlli part n inc expense, unit leading no slin heliiml, itow England Farmer. ? CHuat Tins ! Austin Harmon Jr. Hsu.., of this town, has rnisnd nn niimnr. dinary calf, .which on iho day ho was ono year old. weighed One Thousand and Three Pounds ! Hu is of tho i-horl horned l),ir. ham breed. This cnlf sucked tho dnm Ion days, was then fed with now mill.- on days, and nfier that with tkim .milk no.l nal meal till lie was bIx miinlhs old; sinco wntcii umo ho has had neither grain nor milk, but line been kept nn hay mid raw potatoes.- UenningUn Gazelle, (HT Dana Thompson, who has been con I fined In our jail for nearly n yenr, for llio supposed critno ol Having poisoned ni' wife, succeeded in making his cheapo on Sunday morning last. Willi much toil ho effected a btench In the wall,, by tiicnna of nn old auger, sufficient In admit his body. Mr. Smith, our deputy sheriff succeeded in arresting him before noon, nnd ho is now safuly lodged in jail lo nwnil his trial nl thonoxt Juno court. Jliddkbury jlrgui. M A II It I K D In Chnmplalii, N. Y.on Monday llio l ltli Inst., by tho Itcv. A, D. Brinrkcrboof, Mr. William I.esslio of Toronto, U C. lo Mn Louisa M. eldest daughter of N. Webb Esq, In Willsliorotijli, N. Y. oil the 23lh ult. by llic Itnv, Mr. Spear, .nr. Martin l.jon of Chestct field, lo Miss Amanda Blinn, of the former place. I) I 13 I) In ibis village, on llio 9 h Inst., very suddenly whili) on n visit nt his sons, Mr Isanc I). Tarrar of Fairfax, ngedC7. In his dcalh his family mom n the loss of an tilTcc tioiiiito husband, u kind nnd in dulgent father, nnd the church nnd community n useful and w n thy member. Printers in N. II. nnd Mass. nro requested Sen. HUNTING ION & LYON, WOULD respectfully inform their old customers nnd Ihc public genera ly. that they havo ju-t rrci ived 'n choice splrclioti of lioo'; Bindery Slock nml Blank Book Material, and are in tetiilinoss to wait upon all that may favor thorn with their orders, and will endeavor to do it in n manner that will give satisfaction to all. They havo also received the following articles of Sla'inncry, v z: n Superme Cap and Letter Paper, Billet Paper, Music Paper, Tissue Paper, Bint ting Paper, Colored wrapping (suitable for Boo'e covering.) Drawing Paper. Writing Ink, Writing Fluid, Quills Steel Pent, Scaling Wax, Wafer Drawing Pencils eye. eye. AH of which will be i-old on fair terms. Thankful for pa-l favors and would sol cit a cnntinnaiicf of iho same. An Assortment of Hlank Duuks con slantly on hand at fair prices. 2 doors East of Free Prcsi Office, ) Cjtlege si. . Burli-gton, Ft. May 10, 1 1JJ0. ) r., arc opening a superior tiinorimeni of Goods in tin; various luu-u i which wc trade; most, of iho articles which we were oul of in April, can now he had ol us, and to our great variety, wc hnvo ad ded very many nrliclrs, useful, ticces'ary. and ornamental. No time, exertnni or pains, have bctui spared in making Iho ne cessary additions lo our extensive as-ort mem, nnd in selecting llio various kinds of new articles, suitable for the scismi, nml to mako our chop what it purp irts to bo, viz a Variety Shop. More- particulars, node their appropriate heads in fu'uro advi-rri-n inenls. Ladles and gentli.'tni'ii nro invited to can auu inoK at llio uooil; tho Variclv Shop. PA.Ncnonv &. Ciuns.m.wd. Burlington, May 111, lt)30. A LL who nro ind...hled to i lie subscriber i"1 whose notes and accounts aro due aro requested to pay them liv 'ho fii r, June ilex!, a those d 'iiuud- unpnul at thar tinie win ue given to an nitortii y f,.r r lection. ROBKllT MOODY. Burlinjinn, .1 u lli, lit,)!,', A few boxes Sperm Candle?, new atiu winle ny Wait a 1 atrm, Old Winchester Bar Sonp, by W.w r & Tauou II. 31. GIDUINGS "H"S now receiving his Spring supply of H. Goods, and offers (hum for very cheap Ilroad Clolh", Cnsiincrcs, Fartuim's lit si dark and Cndot mixed Satiuetts, heavy Sheetings and Drillings, C'otlou yam, Dover and Merrimack Print", sup. Frunuh PiiiiN. Printed Lawns, Straw IloiiuctH, liouoet Triiiiings, fancy Sjripcf and Suminci SlulV-- first raio young iivuon ami liy. son t-i;iu Teas, nipcrtor Molasses. VVitm?, Liuitois. Lump and Drown Sugar, lino Liverpool s-'all, I i ICO. Coultsii, lollop utl, blieep tobacco Also 100 kegs Nails on consignnient from tlio manufacturers, Ames Shovel, Cast Steel Hoes, ('icon's nml Wilkes' relcbrated Enu lish I'nwtlor, and a good assortment nf Crock ery, innluding Itidgway's Dining Suls, Glass wnro, occ. rurctnscrs are rcspoutlullv mvi led to call. Burlington, Pearl st.,May 10, 1030. ITJ IOSPHCTFCLLV informs ihe Inhabi Ji-- lants ol Ilurlington and adjoining towns that ho Mill continue lo heal Iho sick nnd euro diseases with the Thorn snnian Botanic System of proctirjo, nnd lhat ho from n thorough knowledge- and experience in tho business firmly believes Ihal ho can give entire salislhciion to those who may plensc togivo lnm a call nt Penrl street, 2 doors east of Wit. I. SeyniuurV hat store, whoro ihu genuine Ilionsoti ia n Medicines may nt n'l times bu hnd nnd where the sick can at all times be attended too. Mrts. WniTciiEn havinrr a llinrnurrh knowludgo of Iho Thomstinian practice, will at all limes prescribe for females, fur nish Syrups, vvc. A few doz. West India and African Pepper Saueo bv May 10. Wait & Taiioii, 12 Do?.. Lomnn Syrup new Urand warrantcd Pure by 3 STATS0I-72na. ! May 10. Wait & Tadoii. SILVER t CllhV AMIR Dining, Uesort nnd rn nnd Pea Spoons, Silver Cream, Mustard nnd Salt Spoons. Silver Plain and Cfaw sugar Tongs, Silver Hultcr and Fruit Knives, Silver nursing Tube, Cuffirv Plates; Rattles nnd Whistles, Silvor sido and back Combs, fonio beautiful Patterns, Silvor Tweczurs, Scissor Cases and Silver handled Scissors, Si'ver Chains, Keys, Rings, Pencils and Plaques, Silver Cups, Silver Vincgarellcs or perfume Bonce, nnd other articles nf Silver, nt tho Variety Simp. Pang ooiin &. BntNSMAtn, May 1 0. Silver Smith. Lnguirn, St. Domingo, and Cuba Cofioes by Wait & TAnort. Popper, Pimento, Pure Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nntmrgs by Jlaij 10. Wait & Tadoh. Buncli and keg Raisins, Eng lish Currnnts, Citron and soft fholl Al mond). JVeto Fruit by Wait & TAnon. A few doz. Bettys Table Oil Freh nnd very n!ce by Wait & TAnon. TIIOUT FISHING. rrnO answer the repented calls for art i- JL des in this Jinn, we have been indu ced to purcba'O i gross 1 rout Uooks on gul string ready for use, ossortcd, i do do do with flics, H00 Trout Hook9 No?. 1.2, and 4. 1000 Fish Hooks nssorled s'zep. C d. z IJirrid Swivclsj for fiishinp. Hair, Hi k, Hita weed and cot on Fish L'ties. Trnii' Pules in Canes, G 9, Si 12 fool. Drinking Flasks wi'h cups, for Hun ters an I F.thermcn, at the Variety Shop. May IP, PANononN & Dni.v-MAtn. Just Ivcceived, AT the New Store, west tide church el. two doors above tho sqare a general nssirtmein nf Groceries, purchased ex. pro.-i-ly for finitly use. May 10. WAIT & TABOR. SEAS. cho'C'j selection of llyson. Hyson Skin. Voting Hy.-on and Pouchonir A. Ten- New Cargoes for i-alo by May IG. Wait & Tahhi. St. Croix, Port Ilico, Manilla, Lump and Loaf Sugars by May 10. Wait & TAnon. Cm Is, Ringlets, Caps, & Nets. R IN GLUTS, Wtro Corls, plain Hair, iMohnir Cnps, Nets for Children, just received at Iho Variety Shop by Pang burn & I5ni.Ns.UAiD. French Iron Sido and Twist Combs, nlso Shell Sido and round Combs, Shell, Twist nnd Quill back Combs, Shell Driving anil Pocket Comb-), nnd somo nice Cirvcd Shell (J. mbs, Horn Twit and (inlil briflk Combs, Horn ilretsini Combs, Ivory Pocket Combs, Gilt and Silver Combs, at tho Variety Shop PviVGUOUN it RniVSMA ID. 1 hereby givo notice, lhat I havo given my son, Alonz ) G. f!ru."h. his timo and liber ty to contract for himself in his minority and shall claim nuno of his earnings, nor pay any debts contracted by iiirn, after litis ,fntv. Joshua Mtusii. Fairfax, May 14, 1K3!1. ILL bo V V urday Id at public Auction on Sat. urday tlio 19th inst. at Win Mann' Hotel, in Ilurlington, tho following hit of ptopcrly lo wit. 500 vds Culien, Q'l do Jlroad Cloth, GO yds Gingham. ,r,0 do Miitdin, 75 do Cassiincre, and a quantity of young llyson Tea. H. LAnC, ConHable. Rurliiiglon, May lit, 10311. A RK.1IKDY I'OIl rgflK excruciating pain llio dcorepitudo and tlolormily, and tho prematura old age, which arc llio usual attendants of thin disorder, aro suflotcd by many from a despair of a euro, or disappointment in the efficacy of thn numerous protended antidotes used to ell'oct tlii purpose. Hut thoso who havo mado a fair trial of I)K. JIIWJ'S G K L R 15 II AT li D LIM 1WHNT, even in easo-i of long Manding, and of Iho uioM overo t lriracter, havo received certain rlief, and many havo hech cured in a fuvv days, sumo in '21 hours! as n number of per sons iu IloMon and vicinity, who were former ly allliclcd with llm ll'iciimalism, havo very fully testified. Certilicalcs aro in tho posses sion ol tho Proprietor, proving tho most thor ough and Rtirpiising cures by moans of this powerful TAntmrnt. in cases whoro other ap proved applications had utterly failed. Tho Liniment is nlso used with success for brui.cs, sprains, numbness, blillhcss of the joints, chil blains, kc. Price 50 cents a boltlo DUMI'K1ES 03"Hra IRTISH! IIOIt sore or injlamed Eyes, gives iinmedi . ato caso nnd relief. On rocor,t sore oyea, Iho cffoct is most snlulary. Whcro tho com. plaint has boon of years Mauding, ami iu somo exceeding had cases, the most unexpected and desireablc roliof has been found in tho uso of this Kvu Watch, aflor every other remedy had failed. Many persons who havo used it, prounuiico it tfio best preparation for thoso complaint they havo ovur met with, especially in cncs of Mirencss or inflammation of Ion'' btantling. I'tico 23 cents a botllo. Q'.Vono ccniiino unless sljinotl on tho nnlsido printed wrapper by Iho sole proprietor T. Iv 1 1) DC II, immediate suctessor to tho lato Dr. W. T. Con w.w. I or sale at his Counlinr; Room, ovo: No, 09, Court.streot. noar Con. cert Hall, Uoslon, nnd also by his special ap polnttnBnt,by J. Si J, II. Peck & Co. k3 SILVER! FOR SALE. UXJ Quintala Cod Pieh, 20 bbls. Mackerel, 10 do Pork, 200 do surorfino Flour, 4 Tierces Rico, by May 10, s. WALKER St Co,

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