Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 8, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 8, 1838 Page 3
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susceptible of proof that llio working gar., doner was only a tenant, and neglected Ins duty bo much that a writ of ejectment was served upon him. 17. S. Gazette. For llio Burlington Free Press. THE SONS OF LI II EM Y. riltST rOKTlCAL EISA V IN tNOLIIH. Liko clouds by (lie wind plial.inxcd deep, Tlio Soib of proud Liberty Mine, From (tie valleys unci niuiiiimin.i' liigli tleep, Tlie fields, unit llio lemples of fnino; From die luilU of plc.iiure unci pride, And rush'd on liicir blood-thirsty fuci, Like (he tvnvoof llio billowy tide, With llio might of an earthquake' deep throes. The plough was left standing nlons, The cries of die mother and cliWd, And the maiden's henrl-tlirilliits groan, Were lost in the cries so wild j The clangor of war I allied fast The freemen that tyranny made, The hour of lorhc.irance had past Their pledges were valicntly paid, Liko giants refreshed with new wine,' Or storms that had gathered for ycirs, Sim hurst like the death-sleeping mine, And won "Independence" with cheers : For homo and for country they fought With prajers to tlio God of their sires, Resolved (lie brcud land they had sought Should brighten with Liberty' fires. Undaunted they prcss'd to the field, Anil routed the veteran foe, Willi Liberty's banner nnd fliield She struck home the terrible blow: The Stars of our fieedom then roso To burn in its glory nlone, Immortal in beauty it glows, Unclouded forever to run. M A It It I E D At St. Putil'i Church in (his (own, on Tuesday evening last, by Bishop Hopkins, Mr. Nokman Williams Camp to II is Matilda Theresa Iloi'KiNs.daiisliiernf III. Rev. John II. Honk ins. In Mount I'leasnnl, l'a. on the 29ih tilt, by the Rev. Mr. McReynnld. A. S. WELLEK, fcfq inci chant of llineburgh, Vt. to Miss MAltV 11 Eaton, of the former place. DIE I) In itfidJIebiirv. on Fiid.iv last, of cancer, Mr mcrlyof l'lninfield. ugcil 7G, nfier a long confine-! nient nnd ihsireMiiig pain, which he uore with ChriKtian paliencu prepaied anil willing to depart, nnd enter that " Rett, piepared lor the people of God." In Colclicslcr, on the Cth inst. Mr. Levi Gran ville Pike, aged 2C years. I'ho deceased was ntlacked about ten weeks ago with Hoinorrliago of llio Lung?. He was attended by our most skilful Physicians, and received all the ns.-iftancc (hat affectionate parcnls, and kind neighbors could ImMow, but human aid proved unavailing. Death luxes a thiniiig maik.and in ibis instance a young man of muscular powers, of fair character, ami ii useful member of society, has been cut off in (he mniningof his days. He has left nn affection ate wife and child, and numerous connections and acquaintances to mourn his loss. I'lie funeral will he attended at the lalo residenre of tho deceased this morning, at 10 o'clock. Communicated. JUST IlKCEIVED, SATIN, Silk, and Rombazino Stocks, 30 and 40 inch Italian Cravats, Umbrellas, Gentlemen and Ladies' white kid Gloves, fine linen cambric Handkerchiefs, Silk velvet, blk and bluo blk Rombazino. And a variety of other new Gooda at tho new Cheap Cash Storo, west side Church stroot 2 doors abovo tho square. Ry WAIT & TAHOR. June 7. Variety. MATHEMATICAL Instruments; Per kins Fytcm of Penmanship; Grecian Dyo for coloring hair ; ladies' and gcntle mens' ridir.s Whios, some very neat onr-s; traveling Baskets, childrens' Whips, white Wax, pantaloon Strops j Lacings of va rious kinds, and a very great variety of articles at the Variety Shop. Juno 8 Panghoiin &. Brinsmaid. SCYTHES. MARSH'S superior concave 'tcel back Scythes, wnrrantcd. 40 doz for eala by T. F. Si W. L. Strong. June 6. 1030. Tin Plates, &c. 100, BOXES tin Plates. 1-3 and 'extra sizes. 45 mils Kns-ui, Eng lish and American sheet Iron. 100 Bdls. iron Wire, assorted numbers. Sheet Cop. per, bolt do; shent Zinc; black nnd tinned rivets, by T. F. Sf W. L. STRONG. Juno 0. SUGARS. Ilhds. Porto Rico & N. O. Sugars 20 boxes lump and refined do 10 By T. F. & W. L. Strong. June G, 1838. Pure Wines. TlORT, Sherry, Maderia, Champaign. Jl Malaga of various brands, some of very superior quality. liy June G, '33. T. F. Sf VV. L. Strong WOOL TWINE. 5 bales wool Twine. June G. T. F. St W. L. STRONG. BONNETS. XUST received nn additional assortment rtJ of the latest fashioned sewed Tuscan rund white and colored Straw Bonnets and lartificinl Flowers which, from tho great .demand and scarcity, will probably bo the last assortment to bo obtained this season ; prices from 3 to $10. Tuscan and com mon Straws from 50 cents, to $3, P. S. Orders from a distance with cash, will receive attention. Juno 8. S. E. HOWARD. CARPETING. AN entire new stock of Carpeting, su-. porior in quality and elegant in stylo ana colors, tor saie ai reuueeu priccB. i have been in the carpet trade IG years, and recently thoroughly examined tlio Scotch. Enulish and American, and am perfectly satisfied that my present stock is preferable, all tilings in view, to any that I have seen and have no iiesitation in say ing that the purchaser will bo satisfied with tho article. Orders with cash duly answered. S. E. HOWARD. June 8. Boston New Rum. JJ4EeubscriborB, as agents for tho inanuTacTurer, tvill keep constantly for salo by tho Hhd., Boston New Ruin, perfectly puro, of rich flavor nnd alwuys 50 per cent auovn prooi. June 7, '30, Follett $ BrApi.RYS. JAKES W. HIOZOK "D ESPECTFULLY invites tlio attention of JL1 tlio public to tlio stock ay Books and Sta tionery which ho now odors for bkIo. All the new publications of importance havo been late, ly received, and additions undo to tlio assort, mont of standard works, boforo on hand. Among tho ntnv arrivals may bo specified. Travels in Ettropo, by Wilbur Fisko, D. D. Dr. Htimphroy's Foreign Tour, 2 vols. Lifo on tho Lakes 2 vols. Lifo of tho Rov. Goo. Crabho,by his son. Gardiner's Music of Nature. Griffin's Remains, 2 vols. !i vo. Tho Hoary Head, now work, by J. Abbott. Old Ironsides, illustrated. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, 0 vo. Combo on Digestion, &e. Tho Rubber, a Now Novol by James. Ernest Maltravors and Sequol. Martin Fabor and other Tales. A splondid Shakspcaro English edition 10 vols, price $15. Miss Leslies complcto cookery. Prayer Rooks and BiMos, a groat variety. Walts and Select Hymns, three sizes and in three styles of Rinding. Methodist Hymns. Piano Music A choice selection ofsongs and pieces by tho most celebrated composers. I'Arnrt A largo slock of all qualities mado by Ames, Owen & Hurlbnt.& Hudson. Stationary ofall kinds in abundance Silver Poncils, also a fow fmo ponknives of Rotors make. Visiting cards and card casos. Port folios, slcel pons, Ink and writing fluid. Burlington, Jnno f), 11138. FLOUR. i PEW bbls and half bbls Troy Flour foom Gcnsec wheat, for sa'o at Juno 8. HOWARDS. CROCKERY. AFEIF sots of China Crockery nnd Glass Fare for sale at reduced prices at Juno 0. 1033, HOWARDS. FIG IR.OH. COTCII No. I, Pig Iron, from tho best manufactories on consignment, nt the at tho old wharf, by lOLLETTSf BRA R RAD LEYS. MOLASSES. -t ( Ilhds. Molasses, for slo by 1U S. WALKER & CO. Juno 0, 1030. SUGARS. aHhds St. Croix Sugar. 2 do Porlorico. 2 do New Orleans. 2 Box L'tof. 2 do Lump. 2 do white Havanah For solo by June 0. S. WALKER & CO. SPIRITS. 20 Ilhds N. E. Rum. 4 do St. Croix. 4 Pipes Gin. 4 do Brandy, for snlo by June C. S. WALKER & CO. WINES. Casks Maduira Wino Avy 5 do sweet Malaga do 2 do Cherry do 2 do Muscat do For halo by S. WALKER CO Juno 0, 11138. TEA. QJ Chests Hysmi, young Hyson, and Hyson Skin Ten, for sale by June 6. 1!!38. S. WALKEll CO. FISH. 20 bbls. pick'd Cod Fish For sale by Juno 0. S. WALKER Sf CO. JVEW GOODS. r1HE subscribers have received a gen JL eral assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goodi, during the past week, which makes their assortment, adding to their former stock as good a any that can be bund. Tliev have Florence, plain nnd fancy Straw, colored Straw and Tuscan Bonnets anil 15 on net ('trimmings, G loves, Hosiery, Umbrellas, &c. A large assort ment of domestic prints, Tickings, Brown Sheetings and Shirtings, &c. &c, which Uiey will sell for cash as cheap as the cheapest. Wanted in exchange for goods 20 Tons table Butter for which tho highost prico will bo paid, Latiiroi-iv Potwin, June 7, IU3U. Now Goods at Winooski City. rpHE subscribers have received a large JL assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARD WARE, Stc Stc. At their storo in Winooski Cilv. nnd will sell for cash or exchange for most kinds of country produce at very low prices. All persons wishing to purchase Goos of any description which we have on hand will find it much to their advantage to give us a call and examine quality and pricos before buying elsewhere. Latiirop Si Potwin. Winooski, June 7. 1838. Hollow Ware. A fine assortment by T. F. & W. L, STRONG. Juno 6. 1038. COAL, LEHIGH, Schuylkill and Lackawanna Coal a constant supply on consign meut at the lowest market prices, for sale at me oiu wnart, by FOLLETT Sf BRADLEYS. DAIRY SALT. 1VERPOOL blown, in sacks, a primo i article, for tain by FOLLETT St BRADLEYS, Burr Mill Stones. "ITOR sale at the old wharf, nt New JL York prices, by FOLLETT St BRADLEYS. PLASTER. N( OVA SCOTIA and Western Plaster in bulk and in barrels, for salo at the old wharf by Follett &, Bradlkv, -ALSO 10 tons of Nova Scotia Grind Stones, a very superior article, assorted sizes. IRON. OLD and New Sable nnd Swados. English flat, from 1 I 4 inch to 0 melt tiro; American flat, square nnd round, ofall sizes, front ihu Peru Iron Co. manu factory; Nails of every description, from tho same Co's works, from 3d. to G inch spike, including flour brads and finishing nails. Heavy Hardware Anvils, vices, crobnrs, mill cranks, ploughs and plough castings; sheet and bar lend; mill and crrTss cut bows; steel plated and ca.,t iron sloiwh shoes; cast and wrought iron wagon arms; trace, halter and binding chains, shuvols spades, dung forks, pitch' forks, hoes, axes, scythes, wagon nnd cart boxes, cj-c. I'U h Ij K TT k. B RAD LEYS. Redford Crown Glass, OF tho various qualities and sizes man. ufoclnred by this comnanv at Radford. at their wholesale prices, for sale at the old wharf, and nil ordors for any, and every description required, will be immediately executed bv F.illett .y Bihdi.kvi. Rigging, tarred, white and ma- nilla rope, pitch, tar oakum, a heavy stock and general assortment for salo nt tho old wharf, by Follett & Braulkys. Glass G by 8; 7 by 9j 8 by 10, nnu an oinor sizes cut to order and at manufacturers' prices, for sale at the old wltatf by FOLLETT & RRADLEYS. Groceries at Wholesale AND AT WHOLESALE PRICES. American and Signetlo Brandy; Hollond and Baltimore Gin; Fines; Boston Now Rum; Molasses; New Orleans, Muscovado, Loaf and Lump Sugar; Cavendish, plug and cut Tobacco; Tea; Coffee; Pepper; Spice; Ginger; Raisins; bar Soap; Pipes; Powder and Shot. FO L L E TT Sz RRADLE YS. Fairbank's Scales. THE subscribers as agent for the sale of Messrs. E St T. Fairbanks cT Co. scales, have for sale, at the old wharf, the various sizes manufactured by this compa ny, and at their lowest prices. The rcpu. lation of this scale lias become well cstab lishcd, and for convenience and aecurucy, they arc unrivalled. Tho large sizes 6uch as are used for rail roads and hay scales, will he procured upon order, at the shortest notice and put in op eration by an agent, of tho manufacturers thoroughly skilled in the business. June 7, 1U30. Follett Si Bradley. IRON, STEEL, &c. G(i tons Swedes, English, Russia old sable, Peru round, square, hand, Horse shoo, of everv variety and size of Iron. FIVE TONS Sanderson's cast, American, spring, German, English, blistered Steel. Anvils, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Scythes, Trnco Chains, Wagon and Cart Boxes &.c. Sic. by .! 3 I, '30. T. F. St W. L. Strono (ifi Sacks Liverpool dairy Salt, by 'P. F. St W. L. .Wry 31. 1030. Tobacco. OOfifl Sheep Pubneco by UUU T. F St W L. St. Third Edition 1833, HAVING, about the 1-t of April, on relurniuir from New York, cheerful ly acknowledged with gratitude the ability derived from the patronage of his very ma' ny gnou customers to extend ns stock of merchandize, and mado known his unitei mnttos ol ' Up and doinr," " Quick nnd cheap," "Cheap for cah, and no impris onment for debt," with a desiro at incrcos. cd anil progressive improvement in busi ness, as well ns mental talents, did so con duct and manngo the concern ns to maki his second trip to New York early in May which may be recollected by the nvcrlisc mont of the sole of his 1 50 Windsor nio ney at 75 per cent discount ofsecing tlio two great steam ships that attracted such multitudes on thcirarrival.aud which came from the same country that one of our own steam ships went to and returned from seve ral years since then something about our own steamboat Burlington, being number one of tho very best boats on any waters, tho news of hotter times, resumption of specie payments, of confidence being re stored, goods selling cheop, of my being so fortunate as to have my choice of the new importations Jiy paying for them, and invit ing visitors and customers to view, free of charge, at his much talked of general vari ety, staplo and fancy, fashionable, dry goods, grocery, crockery, looking glass, glass ware, carpeting, paper hanging, and furnisning waro house establishment, one door south of tho Bank of Burlington ; and of which, on seeing, tho power and love of fashion so operated on the benolders of the splendid, dazlmg, superb fancy and neces sary articles, as not only mado them return and buy, but use their influence by indu cing their friends to come and see fur thorn- solves, for full two afternoons, with a good refreshing dish of loa, would be required to relato fully as to the Grand bazaar store. Now, on having such a state of things succeed the hard times so buddonly, it evaporated or vanished tho assortment. But tho proprietor, knowing philosopnicaiiy that nothing should bo lost, took tho pro duct and went off with electric speed and deposited it with his faithful auction agents in New York, and obtained a reproduction of goods with all tho improvements relative to use nnu tasto in tlio olegnnce 01 tnc ago which should now bo had lo correspond with tho lovely, enchanting, blooming sea son of tho yoar, and may bo inspected witli out cxponso, or purchased as may be agreed upon, nt tho cheap cash store, conducted by S. EARL HOWARD, proprietor Geo. R. Vail, Chas. P. Pattison L. C. Fisk, T. M. Tin hits. Clerks, Music for tho Piano and Fluto and othur instruments; Songs, Duetts, Sic. jiibt rocoived ulso, Guitars und Guitar In structors, must kinds of Musical Inblrutnuuts and Instruction Books for thou), and ino.t kinds of Musical Merchandize, Mottinoinos &C. Goods low at tho Varioly Shop. PANGBOKN Si BRINSMAID. IiYMA.IV & COIYE, TTTTAVE rucolvud their usual nsirtmont JlJLjof Spring nnd Summer Goods, con sisling in part of tho following articles : Blk nnd col'd Silks, challys Bombazines Pongees Shawls, limey IlkCs. and Veils of every varioly Lawns and Cambrics Barr'd strip'd and fig'd jiconot Cambrics Plain swiss, jaconet &c. Beautiful articles for ladios Drosses A few pieces French Prints nnd Muslins English, French nnd Amercs Prints a great varioly at unusuil low prices. A varioly of small necessary articles for family ttso Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Cassimcrc8 and Vcstings, of the various colors and qualities Persian Clolhs, Crochettns & Catnblets A large variety of stuffs for men nnd children's summer wear Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, brown &, bleached Ticks, Jeans, Drills, Diapor Crash, &c. Rurlinxtrm, June I, 1838. Old Winchester Bar Soap, by Wait Xi I'Aiinn T. F. St W. L. STRONG OFFER on most reasonable torms, in lots to suit purchasers, GO chests II. S., V. II., Hyson, Pott- cliong and Bohea Teas. 25 kegs and boxes plug nnd cov. Tobacco, 40 bags Coffee, Spice and Popper. 50 boxes bunch Raisins. 40 boxes Bar Soap. fJingor, Cloves, Sal-ErattH, Pipes, Cassia, &c. Sic. May 31, 1838. 25 Bbls. Baltimore Gin, 30 do American Brandy, 5 Ilhds. St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin and Signolto Brandy, 20 Hods Molasses, by Mnv 10 .1 J. II. PECK & Co. Gentlemen and Ladies' good Hiding Whips, children's riding and other Whips, at thoVanoty Shop. Panoborn & Bri.vom un WINDOW SAS1J. BUSPrccp.ved 15,20 & 217 bv 9 tf ca-emcnts of sash, a first rate article, at "i and cts. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Picondcroga Black Lead, a first rate or tide, for salo very low, together with i great variety of other articles, as cheap a: as can be found at anv other esloblishmcnt in the place. Geo. Peterson Burlington, Miy 30, 1838, NEW CiOODS, ri M .1 fl F.i n rnrr .1 V n rr ft n ' THE subscriber has just returned from New York, and is now receiving a vorv large and general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CHINA St GLASS WARE, which ha will sell unusually low for Caih. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, May 31, 1U30. 'l'?t&. has just returned tcW- AH?AjJJ fr"'" N '"fk Willi (mlMW the newest (billon 6 . for Ladies Hat $Ns,Cap3 and dresse Shu has a splendid assortment of Leg horn, Tuscan nnd fine Straw Hals Ribbons, artificial Flowers, Veils. La ccs, Ilanukcrchtefe, Ci liars. Scarfs, Cnli- eoes, Ginghams, Silks for hats and dresses Sir.. Sic. Burlington. Mt 22 1838. Blanchard's Scythes, On Consignment.) 200 ''n7" ri"an Sieol. 100 do. do. Cast Steel. Concave Grass and Cradle Scythes, sale at reduced prices by M a y 25 . For.i.KTT St H r t n r, r. v PAIJVTS & OIL,. 50 Casks White Lead dry and ground. 30 casks Verdigriso, ground in oil and supurior quality. 5 (Slack Paint in oil. 40 bbls. Linseed Oil, for sale bv May 25. HICKO K St CA TL IN. SACK SALT. OM Sacks Dairy Salt for salo by ZdJ H, or. II. . t. r . JUST RECEIVED, A T T II E NE W STO R E , WEST sidu Church street, 2 doors above the square, a beautiful variety of Chalys and Mouselino dc lainc, a dc lightful ar'iclo for evening or st reel dresses, Rich figured Poult do soio and Reps silks ; which will be sold very cheap for cash by May 21. WAIT & TABOR. SILKS. HEAVY BLACK ITALIAN, JET and blue black Poult du soic and gros grain Silks of superior quality, just received and for salo by May 21. WAIT & TABOR. Fronch Calicoes and Muslins. Aboautil'ul assortment in great variety of Pattoms, somo entirely now style and uncommouly low pricos, for salo by May 21. WAIT & TABOR. IRON & STEEL. RUSSIA old und now Sublo Ion Swedes, English and Peru do Hand Iron from 14 to di Inch Round do " 4 t 3 do Squaro do " 5 10 to 3 du Horse Shoe do Drafts ofall discriptions madu to order, llorso Nnil Rods Spring, Cast, German, English Blister and American Stool- By J. Si J, H. PECK & Co. I HUNTINGTON & LYON, STATIONERS. OULD respectfully inform their old customers and the riublic noriorallv. that they have just received n choice selection of Rook Rindery Slock and Blank hooit Material, anu nru in readiness to wait upon all that may favor them with t heir orders, nnd will endenvor to do it in a manner thai will give satisfaction to all. Thoy have nlso received tho following articles of Stationery, viz : superfine Cap and Letter Paner. Billet Paper, Jluiic Paper, Tissue Paver. Blot. ting Paper, Colored wrapping suitable for hook covering,) Urawing Paper, Writing Ink, Writing Fluid, Quills. Steel Pens. Seating Wax, Wafers, Drawing Pencils, c. .Jjrc. All of which will bo sold on fair terms. I hankful for past favors and would solicit o continuance of tho samo. An Assortment of Blank Books con stantly on hnDil at fair prices. 2 floor Juan of tree Press Office, College si. , Burlington, VI. May IG, 1038. Lorillards Tobacco &, SnuiT. Barrels P. A. L. Chewini? To- baccn, 10 do P. & G. L. do do 10 do P. Si G. do do 10 do 1 lb paper Smoking do 10 do J lb do do do 1,000 lbs Maccaboy Snuff, COO do Scotch do 100 do Amarican Gontlemnns do, J. & J. II. PECK &. Co. Agents. Dairy Salt. FLOUR. qaa bbls. Troy and Keescvillo superfine OUU . ,y j, & j, n I)KCK & Co GLASS. Boxes Champlain, Peru nnd Jerico Cylinder Glass. 200 Boxes Redford, Saratiac and Crown do By J, & J. H. PECK & Co, Agents. SHEETINGS. OOfi ars super heavy 9-C and 4-4 JYJKJKJ Merrimack, Tromont, Gladding and Florida Sheetinus, for sale cheap by Ma, 24. WAIT Si TABOR. LEMONS. orv Boxe just received, and for salo by Mav 25. Hickok & Catlin. Brown Sheetings c$ Tickings. (A Bales assorted qualities for sale by Mny 25 Hickok & Ctmn. Dfl. RELFE'S BOTMrscaa. dkops. IS one of the mo.-t efficacious compounds iu tho .Materia Mcdica, for tho euro of that class of invotcrnte diseases produced by an impure statu of the blood, and a vitiated habit of the body, ahd usually exhibiting themselves in the forms of Scrofula, Stlt Rhtum, Leprosy, St, Anthony's lure, Fever Sores, (even when tlio bones aro afi'eclcd,) Jl'hite Swellings, (if nprlied with Dr. Jcbb s Liniment.) foul una obstinate Ulcers, Sore Legs and Eyes, Scaldhead in children, Scurvy and Scorbutic Gnut, Pim pled or Carbunrled Faces, Festering Eruptions, and Venereal Taints throughout the body, in which last case the Drops often core when .Mercury fails, Thay nro also tho host Spring and Autumnal Physic lo purify and cleanse tho system from humors which frerjuenllj' np poar at those seasons of tho year. They also aid the process of digestion, and by purifying tho blood, prevent Ihu secretion of malignant humors on tho lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relies upon tho vast number of sur prising,' cures eft'eclcd by theso Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, hut throughout tho union, for the best proof of their excellence as an unr.iiliiig.7tratre.7drfi'ci?ie, in all tho ca sos above specified. This articlu has recently boon pronounced by a physician of tho first respectability, who imti wuncssuu us surprising cincacy. o en titled, in his opinion to tako the load of all tlio popular articles known for thu above com plaints, ami indeed it Is fast ;aininr this point in public estimation, throughout the country. 1'nco l a liolllo, or six Hollies lor f j. Dr. Relfo's ANTI-BILTjIOUS pills. For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Lislsesmcss, ueadache, Losticeness, tlatulence, Lwlic, Billious Affections, ic. comment on tho oflicncy of Ihoio Pills, JL alter a succcsstui experience ot many years in England and Amorica has cslbblish cd their reputation, isncodlcss: Suffice it to observe, thai for redundancy of Oilc, Flalu lenco, Coslivcness, Headache, Sic. Sic, they will undoubtedly provo far moro sorviccablu than tlioso drastic purges too froquontly em ployed, and will not only at llio samo limo loud to ramovo llio ollonding cause by gon llo motions, and strengthen tho digestive organs, but improve tlio appetite and renovate tho system. Prico 50 cents. 1U. IlELFE'S VFGUTAHLI3 SPE CIFIC, For Sick Headache, ic. Prico 50 conls. k 1 Nona gouuino unless signod on llio outside printed wrappor by tho iole proprietor, T, KIDDER, immediate successor lo tho lato Or W. T. Co.nwav. For salo nl his Counting Room, oyer No. 00, cjourt-slrcct, near Uon cert Hall, Boston, and also hy his special ap polnliuout, by J. & J. II. PECK Si Co, Attend and Save Cost. rrUlh person that took JL a plough from the shop ofthe btihscrihcrs in Burlington on the first of this mouth, nnd tho person that took one onlholOlh inst. without leave, nro re quested to settle mr them immediately or llio luw will uo put in lurco against tiiem. If the ono t licit tool; thu firl plough sends six and the Inst otto five dullars (tho price ofthe Ploughs) there will be no questions ooked, if not they will bo brought before tho Public, for Ihcv are known. R. Si '. WAINWRKIIIT. Burlington, Moy 21, 10. 5 Nciv & Cheap Goods. IS now rccoiving his Spring supply of Goods, and oners them for cah very cheap Brood Cloth", Cnasimorcs, Farrium'a best dark and Cadet mlxod Salinctts, hoavy Shootings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dovor and Merrimack Prints, sup. Fronch Prints, Prlnlod Lawns, Straw Bonnets, Bonnet Trimings, fancy Stripes and Summer StuffV. First ralo young" Hycon and Hyson Skin Teas, tupoiior Molasses, Wines, Liquors, Lump and Drown Sugar, fine Liverpool Sail. Rice, Codfish, Lamp Oil, Shcop Tobacco. Abo 100 kegs Nails on consignment from th manufacturers, Ames Shovels, Cast Sloel (Iocs, Pigous and Wilkes' colobralcd Eng lish Powder, and a good assortment of Croak cry, including Ridgway's Dining Sots, Glasa Ware, Sic. Purchasers aro respectfully invi ted to call. Burlington, Pearl tl.,.Vay 18, 1838. DR. R. VrHITOKER, RESPECTFULLY informs the Inhabi tants of Burlington and adjoining towns that he still continues to heal the sick and euro diseases with tho Tliom sonian Botanic System of practico, and that ho from a thorough knowledge and experience in the business firmly boliovea that ho can giro entire satisfaction to thoa who may plenio to give him a call at Pearl street, 2 doors cast of Wm. I. Soymour'st hat storo, where the genuine Thomsonian Medicines may at all time9 bo had and where the sick can at all times bo attended too. Mrs. Wihtcher having a thorough knowledge of tho Thomsonian practico, will at all times presenbo for letnalos, fur nish Syrups, Sic. ORNAMENTAL HAIR, iima, st. John, MANUFACTURES and keeps cou stantiy on hand Ringletts, Puffs, wire Curls, Plain Hair, Sic. N, B.--Cash paid for Hair. White Streot, opposite the Methodist Chapel, Burlington, May 11, 1033. To Wood Choppers. GREEN'S AXES, A SUPPLY of the above celebrated Axes, just received, and for salo by tho dozen or single, by the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. DYE STUFFS. afThfffiV Bbls Campeachy Logwood chipped, 150 do St. Domingo do drj 100 do Nicaraqua do 150 do Fustic do 30 do Quercitron Bark 25 dojladdor 5 do Curcuma Ground 15 do Aliurn 10 da Bluo Vitriol 30 Carboys Oil Vitriol 40 bbls. Copperas Argol, Cream Tart., Flotant and Bangol Indigo, Press Papers, Jacks, Nut Galls, Cudbear, &c. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, &c. 5 BALES heavy "Lawreuce Mill" Sheetings 1 " Fino Dover do. 5 " Cotton Baits 2 Yarn I " " Wicking. Just received nnd for sale cheap by MayQ 1R33. P. DOOLITTLE. For salo or to Rent. THE brick Storo, ownod by by Mr. J. S. Potwin, on church street, in this village. Posses sion jr veil 1st of Auffiut. npply lo H. LEAVENWORTH. Laguira, Culm C'lfiens St. by Domingo, and Wait & Taiior. Pepper, Pimento, Pure Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmrgs by May IG. Wait Si Tabor. Dry Groceries. Cho3ls Hyson Skin Ten, CO half chests Y. H. do 25 Boxes Pipes 100 Malts Cassia 2 bbls. Cloves 10 'Pierces Rico 20 Kegs Puro Gingor 40 bbls St. Croix and Port Rico Sugar 10 do Lump do 50 bags St. Domingo and Rio Cofie 10 do Permento 10 do Pepper 10 Tierces Salcralus 50 Boxes Bar Soap, by J. & J. II. PECK Si Ca. Ayholesalo and Retail. GENTLEMEN am in. vited lo call at W I. Seymour's for tho pres ent Now York City style of HATS, first door tit White Church. Pesrl-rt. Burlington, May 3. IMI. VP HHDS. Porto Rico Rogar 1 rfew Orleans do 2 Lump do 2 Lamp Oil 2 best Porto Rico Molastee, fei retailing 15 chests Hyson, Hyson skin and yoong Hyson' Ten. Togcthor with a genornl assortment of other groceries for sale very low by tyJO. 1'. DOOLITTLE. A fow boxes Sperm Candles, now nnd whito ny Wait Si Tabor. Hunch and kog Raisins, Eng lish Currants, Cilrnn and soft sholl Al monds. New Fruit by Wait & Taiior. A few doz. Bettys Table Oil Fresh and very nico hy Wait Si Tabor, FRESH TEAS. A choice si'lPclitui ol Hyson, Hyson A Skin, Young Hyson nnd Pouchuug TeasNow Cargoes for salo by May 16. Wait & Taboh.

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