Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 6, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 6, 1838 Page 3
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nEMOCUATlC WHIG STATE CONVEN. TION. Tho Domocralic Whigs of Vormont nssom. bled in Convention at tho Froo Church in Montpolior, Juno 27th, pursuant to tho call of tho Stato Committee. Tho Convention was called to order by Wm. Upham, Esq. chairman of tho Stale Commit tee, and organized by appointing William A, Griswold, President pro tempore, and Charles Hopkins Secretary pio tern. A committee composed of tho following named gentlemen was appointed to nomlnalo officers of tho Convention, namoly : Windham County, Goo. C. Hall; Rutland Co., Gco.T. Hodges : Windsor Co., Lysandor Raymond ; Add ison Co., Wm. Nash ; Orango Co., Jacob K. Parish ; Washington Co., C. L. Knopp; Chitlendon Co., Timothy Follott; Caledonia Co,, Erastus Fairbanks: Orleans Co., S. Stimnson ; Lamoillo Co., Thomas Waterman. Tho house being insufficient to contain tho members of Iho Convention, on motion, tho Convention proceeded in procession to tho Brick Church. Thocommillco to nominato officers of tho Convention mado thoir ropott, which was. ac pi ccntcd : and tho Convention mado choico of 1 thoir officers as follows : Wm.A. GRISWOLD, President. T. CruwFonD, J Zimr! Howe, E. N. Brioos, II. F. Janes, T. Waterman, Vice Presidents, Timo.Fom.utt, J r ui.l.i:tt,j PoMEROV, J Hopkins, 3RRILL, ) JOHN IN. l'OMEROV, Charles Secretaries. F. F. Me Tho President mado an appropriate address on takinir tho chair. A committee on resolutions wcro appointed, composed ol tho iollowinir persons, namely Mosirs Fhincas White, Charlos Hopkins, Wm C Killridgo, Robbins Dinsmore, Davis Rich, C L Knapp, Cliarlcs Adams, Cornelius Lvndc, Win J Hastings, Erastus Fairbanks, Titus Sncll. A commillco of three from each county for presenting nominations for Stato Officers to tho Convention, selected by the delegates of the scleral counties, were appointed as follows Wiidham County Messrs Shaftor, Craw ford. Millings. Windsor Messrs Hopkins, Fletcher, Glca son. Rutland Messrs Hodges, Mcacham, Ham mond, Addison Messrs Woostcr, Munsell.IIowc Ormgo Messrs Pride, Carpenter, Parish Chittenden Messrs Bradley, Penniman, Hill. Wishinglon Messrs Walton, Janes, Cush man. Caledonia Messrs Dole, Warner, Chad wick. Orleans Messrs Stimpson, Simonds, Mo- rev. i Lamoille Messrs Allen, Baily, JFalcrman Essex. Mr Sncll. Tho Convention adjourned to 2 o'clock in the Alternoon. 2 o'clock. P. M. Convention mot pursuant to adjournment Tho commillco nppointed to nominato Stato Officors prosenled theirunanimous nomination as lollows; For Governor, SILAS H. JEN1S0N. For Lieut. Governor, DAVID M. CAMP. For Treasurer, HENRY P. JANES. Whereupon, Rosolved unanimously, That the report of the committee bo accepted, and that tho nom (nations repotted be recommended to the Free men of Vermont for their suffrages at tho en auliiff election The committco on Resolutions reported, and Iho Convention adopted, the following reso lulions, namely Resolved, That our government was instituted for llie general wcllure ; that, as pnblic servants ils ndminstrators are responsible to the people : and that, liMicer our rulers are unf.iithlul to their high mm, it is alike the duly and the interest of the people to remedy the evil. Jtesolvtd, the present administration, bv ils extravagant expenditures, anil bv resorting to the delusive measure or issuing Treasury notes cuihv of disregarding the general welfare, unci speedily preparing the way for increasing the bur dens ot the people. Resolved, That in tho two favorite measures of the administration, viz. the treasury note anil tl sub-treasury hill, we rpcojjnize the elements of national government bank w a capital limi ted only by the resources of the nation, and with brnucliei nt every point where n dollar of the public money is to be received or disbursed ; and that we solemnly protest against such an institution us giving to the President power over the purse and the sword power to purchase Hie venal, anil corrupt the press power to control the banki institutions of llie slates, to disturb commerce, nn thus to reach the business of every man power dangerous to the general wcllare and tending subveit our free institutions. Resolved, Thai in attempting to force the passage of llie piib-lrc.isury bill, which has been condemned by the popular vote of fourteen out of nineteen States, the administration exhibit a reck, less and wanton disregard of the will of the people. Resolvtd, That the attempt of the present ad ministration to consolidate power in (he hands of the Executive, is unparalleled in the history of our government, and exhibits rt marked and nlarming departure from ihe republican principles and prac tice of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. Resolvtd, That we consider slavery as a Na tional evil, unit hope the time is not far distant, when the last vestige of it shall disappear. We lielieve there is no consideration thai can justify f icemen in awarding to others nnv superior privi leges. It is obvious that the increase of slavery tends to diminish our own nower. fnr wlilln ihn representation and apportionment is on a basis of tne wnnie popuiauun, me power ol electing the re presentatives is confined to the whites. Thus, S. Carolina, with n while population of less than 258,000, has nine representative, while Vermont, with u population of more lhan 280.000. ha nnlv five. We ought not, therefore, in the admission o'f new states to award to them any political superi ority, unless we are willing to acknowledge- them as political masters. Resolved, That political equality among ile States is necessary to the promotion ot eriual rislitt. We, therefore, deprecate any further departure from this principle as dangerous. If ibis Union cer bo dissolved, it will be by the political uicen itancv of some favored nnrt : and as lovers of our country, devoted to tho constitution, it is our duly to resist tne tint appearance ol danger. Resolved, That if any state hereafter seeks to be admitted Into this Union, it ought to be ndmiltcd oaly on the terms of perfect political equality, and that any, the least, departure from this principle will directly tend to dissolve the Union. Resolvtd, That to encourage enterprise and to cure to honest iudustry the enjoyment of the fruits fof his labor, are nmong the prominent objects for kvhich Government is established, Such has been ,he action of Government limi, times past; these Jabjecii have been attained to n degree that has ex. Jcited ilia admiration, of the world, but for the last 'Wne years n different policy has been pursued, and : ts effects are seen in a wide spread desolation. If e were to point out any particular measure, which, Joro lhan another, has brought about this result, It ;(t the policy of the government in relation to the -..srencv. That n currency of uniform value i in. jjiptnsable t ) a prosperous businers, ji too clear lo be dimmed. Wo hold it equally certain that Con grcs is bonnd to provido and tnaintnln such n cur Hinru .tnraimainnilt n f t IC CliriPIIRV llPiim mnst lifiavllv nn ilid.n lemi nblc to bear it. and hence, iliioiisjliont the land, tho laboring and the immsinonsciaMCS iwu '""""'"J umlsSu.i. liesolved, -iim otirnuiy to our country and stimtion-nur love to the institutions of our hind, and our dcire to transmit to posterity tho blessings of liberty nil demand nf us the pledge that uo will unite In untiring efforts for n thorough unci ppcepy relorm of the abuses of the present admin istration. Tho Convention was nddrcssod by Mrs srs- J. P. Millur, William Upham. Stephen j IorricK, utiarics Adams, u. u, Knapp, it. W. Griswoltl, Erastus Fairbanks, E. P. Walton jr , Milton Brown, Charles Lv man, 11. Dinsmorc, i. X. vail, wm. 1'. Bnggs and othors. Mr. R. W. Griswold presented the fol- wing resolution, which was unanimously adopted : Resolved, Thai tho law authorisinrr Im prisonmont for Debt is n violation of the ainost principles of justice that it ii a uitlnl source of crime and oppression I lint is is opposed to the genius of oar in stitutions, and Iho spirit of tho age in which wo live, and that it is tho duty of tho ovcrnincnt of Vermont to efface eo foul a etain from her books of law. On motion of Col. Artcmas Cushmnn, Resolved, That whilo we approve the establishment of tnonicd institutions which ffer facilities for business and cntcrprize U........I ... ..!.. .n,nllin .i..l.nnn ion UBjll uuu uai.ius.vb ....:ia,,,u Vu,.i,,,ujr ..w equally disapprove t.r nil such insU nitons which offer a currency that cannot in due lllliu uu uuuvurivu i.HU epuuiu. On motion of Mr Fairbanks, Resolved, That tho thanks of this Con iinnlinn nrn lllln In ihn Hon. Wm. A. Oris wold for tho able, dignified and impartial mnnnnr in ivlnnli hn linn nrnsiiled over its deliberations. Voted, That the thnnks of the Conven vention bo nrcsented bv tho Secretaries to the two Congregational Societies ot tins v ntase rot me use oi uieir iiousus. Voted, That the proceedings of the Con- vnnlinii lit BHfiipil liu ihn n(Rnnrn nnil nub- ished in all llie Whirr papers in tho State, Aftor a short address by tho President, the Convention dissolved WM. A. GRISWOLD, President. Theophilus Crawford, Zimri Howe, Elienezer Briggs, Henry F. Janes, Vice Presidents. Thomas Waterman, Timothy Follclt, clt, J omeroy, pkins, S 'ill, 3 John JV. Pomeroy, Charles Hopkt Secretaries, F. F. Merrill, (CTSeetlio notico of District and County convention. It is time for tho Wlns lo wake up. They sent no delegates lo the State convention, and if tho nominations do not suit them they ought not to complain 1 lie administration party are alive, and it mere is no opposition politics will run at n very low ebb. Although we are nil pa. trtolsand democrats tmw, it is well lo have spirit on both sides. St, Albans Messenger. notice. The Whirrs of Grand Islo County arc hcrrbv notified to moot at the Court House in North Hero, on the 1 Hh of July, at one o'clock P. M. to select a candidate to rep- resent Ihe county in the state Senate, every I town is requested to bo represented. I By order of the county committee, MARRIED At Stanstead, I.. C. by the Rev. Mr Jackson, N. Mott, Etq. of the firm of Moti St Patiee, St. huiiui, iu una, oai,u ..i.ujuuui., viuwiiiuui DIED ai .r..Burg.i, on u isi msi. ai u.e res.ueacc oi Roger Lnos, Lq. Miss amanua w. Coknino, daughter of Maj. William Corning, of Bucking, ham, L. C. afier n distrcfsing illness of m.iny months, which she bore without a murmur or a coninlaini. ami ilicd as kI.o Im.l Hvp.i. n ,,,,,, r ehrisliiin inecknen. Lonir will those uho kr.e, .oiippr.a.c many v.r..,, cnmsti mc kindly recollection of nn endeared child, the warm- hearted sister, and the guilclefs confiding friend. licavenwaiiouorpiacp, nonrara nor say.ana ncara v. como. ami faithful to Iih nromiso stooi Prepared to walk with her through dontlu dark valo. And now her oyes grow bright, and hrightor still, Ton bright tor ours io iook upon, suiiusdu With many tears, and clood witlioul a cloud, As sets the mornin; star, which goes Not down behind tho darkened weit, nor hides Obscured among tho tempesla of tho sky, llul melts away into tho light of heaven. In Iluminston, on the 23 1 ult. James Ambler nged 81 years, a soldier of tho revolution. On llie same clay, Sidney son ol Alexander Ferguson, in tne dii jrarol ins age. un tne aim, uet iky, wtlu ot Daniel h.ugerton. aged 47. At Shelburn Point, on Sunday last. CtiAnr.Es Robert Pike, aged 10 months. son and only child of the laic L. G. Pike deceased, and Mary Pike, In the short spaic of one month the husband and only child of a young ana promising family have been re moved from lime lo eternity. In this instance dcalti seems aoubly cruel m depriving a dis consolale widow of the last earthly hope and comfort the representation of her lamented limuana. Com, DR. SPOONER intending to spend a short timo in Burlington will bo happy nnv lo servo his friends and former patrons professionally. Those who wish his nssis. lance should apply early, by nolo m other- wiso, as Ins stay mut necesarily be short, He will be prepared to 6oo patients after the 8th inst. Hours from 0 to 12 A. M. and from 3 to 5 P. M. Room, No. 54 Norlh-East corner of old Ball room, nf Mann's Hotel. GROCERIES, J POTTER, has just received from Nuw York an extensive and well selected assortment of West India Goods and other Groceries, which aro offered to tho public on bolter terms lhan articles of equal quality can bo purchased elsewhere in this village. This stock comprises the ucBt aruui'M ui TEAS, PEPPER COFFEE SPICE SUGAR GINGER MOLASSES LIQUOllS,a1n kinds, ond, in short, tho whole J i at ol Family urncencs. ball and see, Burlington, July b, 1838, College Green. milu subscriber will soil at Auction, at X tho Green Mountain Ilouso. on Satur day tho 7th inet., 5 o'clock P. M. tho Mjjfass on lllO UOllCgO Urcon. A P0OTE. Agentfor U. V. JIT. Burlington, July 4, 1038 WAIT & TABOR TTAVE ju9t recoivctl their Now Goods JLJL for the Summer tratlo Gentlemen's Mole Skin Hats Latest Fashion. By WAIT ft TABOR, Heavy black and bluo black Silks Block laco Veils Wrought muslin , Laps New siyle, ay WAIT ontl TA11UR. SUMMER STOCKS. Linnen and Cot ton Gloves, Suspenders, Buff Veslintr, Linnen Drilling and a variety of othor stuffs for gentlcmcns summer wear, by WAIT &, TAliUll. 1 Real variety of New Calicoes, at tho ix Ncw Cosh Store by WAIT and TABOR. Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having been appoint ed by tho Hor.orablo tho Probato Court for tho District ot Chtltondcn, commissioners to receive, cxnmino and adjust tho claims and domatids of all persons, against tho cstato of Samuel D. Hyde, lato of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ff .l,or,n . AnA cir mll,0 f,nm ,, A, , dalo , d , cw for Uml J, - WQ do uroforo purp hereby give notico, that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Goorgo Sherman in Charlotto, in said District, on tho second Fridays of oepicmuor ana uovomoa ncxi, ai i o ciock, '.... . Dated, this 9th day of May, A. D. 1830. GEUllfJ-E SHERMAN, Commis LEVI COGS "FELL Jr. sioners. LiOellCk'S lUatChlCSS feanative, pnr B(1 . CYRUS .0JV.?. T,ln55. fm rr fluniininn. VI urecian JLVe IOr COlOPinff llair brown or black, Magnetic OJontica for the 1 ecth, Balm of Columbia for preventing Baldness, and for producing Hair where it has Inllen otr, Carbonic Dcntrince, Tooth Powder, Cosmetic Cream for the Face. Milk of Roses, and a general assortment of Hair Oils, boaps and Perfumery, at the Variety Simp PANfinonN & Br.iNMATn Fire Works for July, August, DOZ, sky Rockuls ! 5 doz. Roman Candlc3 2 doz. Italian Streamers 4000 Torpedoes 1000 pulling Crackers, iust ree'd .aiso jjoxes uiuneso urackcrs tot our customers out of town only. As wo havo but a limiloc supply ofFiro Works, those wishing must send in early to bo sure of ircltin them. Also received some Violin Strings, &c. at Iho varioty isiiop. Juno 28. Pangdoun &Br!nsmaid. oaran i nompson s instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DisrntcT of Chittenden, fs. K The Honorable the Probate Court for the JJislrir.l of Chittenden, to all persons con csrncd ii. the Estate of Sarah Thompson late of Essex, in said District, deceased, GREETIXG. WHEREAS, Ebnnezcr Thompson, ad ministrator of the Estate of said decensad nronosna to rnndnr nn nnennnt nf lis administration, and present his account ...,, ...,1 ,, fnr nvnminnl inn nnil allowance at a session of the Court of Prnhnto. In lir linlilpn nt llio Prnlinlo nffinn Burlinrrton. on the second Wednnsdav 0f July next. And the said administrator represents to said Court that the personal cstato of said deceased is not sufTicicut to I piy her just debts and tho expenses of aomintstriitinn by the sum of one hundred u"' U0""B -0n" Prn-V8. ,or "censo 10 .,.-,, nB w ,,. , , nn ,. BMm aforesaid lorrcthnr with tho onsts nttr-ndinrr the same And the court doth nasir-n the eeCOnU Wednesday ot July next for hearing in the premises nt the Probate OfllCO in Burlington, ntld doth order that the heirs and nil persons concerned in snid estate he notified thereof by publication of tins order two weeks successively, in iho tree Tress, a newspaper printed in Bur lington, in said District, tho last of which publications to bo previous to said second Wednesday of July 1030 iHEREKortE, You are hereby notified to appear beforo 6aid Court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed ; and why license as aforesaid should not be!grantod. Given under my hand at Bttrlinrrton, this lGth day of June, A. D. 1038. Wm. WESTON. Register. New Goods, Reels Sec. WE have this day received some Reels for Fishermen : Powder Flasks, 400 Limerick Hooks, 1 2 Gross Flies, 200 bilk Worm Guts for the ends of Trout Lines, several kinds of rosewood, and other finest quality hair brushes, dor. Diamond cement. Sli Tooth Pow dor. Diamond cemont. S in II rk n nnmhs. fino Tooth Brushes. Otto of rose. Row. land's Maccassar Oil, and a lot more of cheap Looking Glasses; wide and narrow white Satin Slocks, wide Bombozino do: Flules with patent lined joint ond 6crew nnd 4 silver kovs : 5000 Torpedoes: Fonthor Dusters, n nico nrticlo for dustinrr Purnituro ond fanning tho Sick ; Ther- inomntcrs; Music Boxes j uorman Alarm clocks, and a variety ol Goods, at the Vnriety Shop. ,tmc iu. i'ANfiiinnN tt JiniNsMAin. MAPLE SUGAR. 3000 P0UI11'3 Maple Sugar for sale vory low ov Jtrne 28. S.' Walker & Co AXLETREES. XXJU 4 lor80 waggon Axletreni. June 22, '30. J. & J. II. Peck & Co CORN OF tho best quality for sale bv Wm. J. SEYMOUR. June 28; 1830. 3w WOOL. fll HE subscribers will pay the highest marKci price, in uoous for wooi., or receivo it on demands dtm them. Jonc22. S. Walker &Co. Shaker Brooms and Brushes. by Wait fit 1 Anon. i. June, 22 1020. I CytllCS, OnatheS, KaKCS &C. r( DOZ. Warner's Scythes 50 doz. pntcnl Scythe Snathes 40 tioz. Knkcs 20 doz. patent hoy Forks ,r(ne22. '30 J. & J. H. Pr.cic & Co. lOOO Dusll Turka hlaild Salt- 1000 do steam do 1500 do Fino Western do 300 Bbls do do tlo 150 sacks Dairy do June 22. J. & J. II. Pkck & Co. White and Grey shaker Stock ing Yarn, just ree'd at the new cheap cash Store, west side Ghurch-st. two doors be low the Variety Shop, by June 22. Wait & Taboh. SALT. 1000 Bushels Solar Salt 25 Sacks coarse Sail. For sale by JuneM. S. WALKER & Co. ANNATTO, 2 Baskets by JMic 29. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. To Hay Makers. A( DOZ March's Scythes w 50 do Patent Snaths 30 do Rakes 20 do Forks by T. F.& W. L. SRONG. SHORT NOTICE. subscriber earnestly requests nil those indebted to him for Blacksmith work to make pnyment by first July, ICTAIl orders attended to as usual. June 20, '30 P. P. MAnitUAM. Turnip Seed, a few pounds just ree'd and lor sale at iivwjllius. Burlington, June 22, 1838. Ordered, and daily expected, a I new assortment of Bonnets, Millinery Ar. tides, Parasols, Sfc, for the fourth of July trade, at HOWARDS. June 22. 1030. Southern Hydraulic Cement, in libis, lor sale by LiAthrop At I'otwin. NEW ARRIVAL. Hhds. Molasses 20 bbls. American Brandy 15 20 do Baltimore Gin 25 Hhds. BoBton Rum 5 do St. Croix Rum. At low prices by June 14. '30. T. P. &. W. L. Strokc. 2000 galls. Fall and Winter sperm Oil, ol very superior quality, just received by I . r. ol W. JL.. cjtrom;, June 15, 1030. AUOTI01T GOODS. IjUKIVIjD from my Auction A;ent a 1 new supply of rich French Muslins, fig , cord and black Silks very cheap, Mc rino and Fancy Shawls and H'dk'fs, Gloves, Hosiery, Mitlinary Articles. Straw and Tuscan Braid, fee. &c. with a few part pieces Broad Cloths, ntcood barnains. Also, rather unexpected, but tortunately, two cases very handsomely assorted straw and Jlorence Bonnets and Artificial Flowers. June 15, S. K.'lllL llUIVJlliU. Murray & Patrick HEREBY give notico to the public that they will manufacture Satitictt and plain Cloth upon shares or by the yard, for customers, during the present season. Hincsburgh. June 0, 1030. Gw JAMES 7f . EXCKOX T ESPECTFULLY invites iho attention of Mi Iho public to tho stock of Books and Sla lioncrv which ho now odors for sale. All tho new publications of importance havo been late ly received, and additions mado lo tho assort, mcnt of standard works, before on hand. Among Iho ncw arrivals may bo specifiod. Travels in Europe, by Wilbut Fisko, D. D, Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour,2vots. Lifo on tho Lakes 2 vols. Lifoof Iho Rov. Goo. Crabho,by his son. Gardiner's Music of Nature. Griffin's Remains, 2 vols. 8 vo. Tho Hoary Head, ncw work, by J. Abbott Old Ironsides, illustrated. Russoll's modern Europe, 3 vols, 8 vo. Combo on Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, a Now Novolby James. Ernest Maltravcrs and Sequol. Martin Fabor and other Tales, A splondid Shakspcaro English edition 10 vols, price 15. Miss Leslies complclo cookory. Prayer Books and Iiib'los, a groat variety Walls and Select Hymns, three sizos and in three styles ol Minding. Methodist Hymns. Piano .VusicA choico selection of songs and pieces by tho most celebrated composers. l'AfEit A largo slock ot all qualities mauo by Amos, Owen & tNirlbut,& Hudson. Stationery ol all Kinds in abundance Silver Pencils, also a few fino ponkuives of Rogers muUo. Visiting cards and card casos Irt folios.steol pons, Ink and writing fluid, Burlington, Jnno 8, 1038. . IRON. LD and New Sable nnd Swedes. - KJ Enclish Hat, frnm 1 1 4 inch to 6 inch tire; American flat, square nnd round, of all sizes, from tho Peru Iron Co. manu factory; Nails of everv description, from tho same Co'6 works, from 3d. to C inch spike, including floor brads nnd finishing nnilB. Heavy Hardware Anvils, vices, crobars, mill cranks, ploughs and plough, castings; sheet and bar lead; mill and cross cut saws; steel plated and cast iron sleign Williston, June, 1830 clinnK! rnRt nnil ivrmmlii irnn watroil BrillS'.l traco, holler and binding chains, shovels Rigging, tarred, white and ma spudes, dung forks, pilch forks, hoes, axes, ,tt r0pe) njioi (r,r oakum, n heavy stock 6CVthe, Wnnnn and enrt br.XCH. ftc. nnd cmnrrnl nfsanrlmnnt Inr snlo at Iho uld FOLLETT fz BRADLEYS, Rebecca Byinston's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having boon appoint ed by tho Honorablo tho Probato Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners lo receive examine and adjust tho claims and demands of all persons, against iho ostalo of Kbca iiyingion i-ue ot u nosburgn, m said ., jomnja ...mmip,! in o(j - 80l ifiarcto ; and six months from tho day f I r !..! .11 I I... Court for that purpose wo do Ihctofbro givo notico, that wo will atlond to tho business ol our appointment, at tho dwelling of Stephen Byinglon, in Hincsburgh, in said District, on the 2nd Mondays of September and October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M,, on each of said days. Dated, this 18th doy of Juno, A. D. 1833. JOHN PATCH, Commis. LYMAN DORWIN, S sioneri. FOR SALE. EfcA D0Z- Scythes sSbS 24 doz. do Snalli9 20 doz. Hay Rakes 0 doz. do Forks. Forsaloby June 28. S. WALKER & Co. Cash Paid for Wool, bv FOXLETT 6c BRADLEYS June 21. 1838. 3m Pure Wines. PORT, Sherry, Maderia, Obampaign, Malaga of various brands, some of very superior quality. By June G, '38. 1 . t f vv. ti. BTRoyo WOOL TWINE. 5 bales wool Twine. Juno 0. T. F. Sc W. L. STRONG. Boston New Hum. TI1HE subscribers, as ncenta for the JL manufacturer, will keep constantly forsaloby tho Hhd., Boston Now Rum, perfectly pure, of rich flavor and always 50 per cent auovo proof. June 7, '38. Fom.ett UrAdi.eys. MOLASSES. 1 rk 11IIU3. moiasses. ior saie ny J.U S. WALKER &, CO. Juno G, 1838. SUGARS. Hhds St. Croix Sugar 2 do Portorico 2 do Ncw Orleans 2 Box Loaf 2 do Lump 2 do white Havanah. Forsaloby June C. S. WALKER &. CO. SPIRITS. Hfi ""da N. rJ. Kum 4 do St. Croix 4 Pipes Gin 4 do Brandy, for sale by Jnno 6. S. WALK1SR & CO, WINES. 1 fj r' a8la "'adeira vvino i K iln aivnnt Mnlnan iln 2 do Cherry do 2 do Muscat do WALKER Se CO For sale by June G, 1R38. TEA- 0J Chests Ilysnn, Young Hyson, and Hyson Skin Ten, fnr sale by June G, 1C30. S. WALKER 4 CO FISH. tyn r,inlrVl Pi-irl lTicVi V "UIS P1CK 0tl 1 1S" Poribale Dy ....,- JunoG. S. WALKER ft CO. Hollow Ware. A fine assortment by T. P. &. W. L. STRONG. June G. 1030. COAL. LEHIGH, Schuylltill and Lackawanna Coal a constant tmoolv on consign ment at the lowest market prices, for sale at the old wharf, by FOLLliTT ft BHAULKYS. DA 112 Y SLT. T IVERPOOL blown, in sacks, a prime JLA article, fnr sain by FOLLETTSe BRADLEYS. Burr Mill Stones. F OR solo nt the old wharf, at No York prices, by FOLLETT ft BRADLEYS. PLASTER. TVTOVA SCOTIA and JFestorn Plostc in bulk and in barrels, for sale at the old wharf by Fom.ett ft Braiji.ev ALSO 10 tons of Nova Scotia Grind Stones, very superior article, assorted sizes. FLOUR. A FEW bbls and half bbls Troy Flou foom Gcnsco wheat, for Fa'o at June 8. HOWARDS. CROCKERY- A FEir sols of China Urockfcry nn 1. Glass Wara for salo nt reduced prices Juno 0. 1030. HOWARDS. Sheep Tobacco. Onnn lbs. Slioep Tobacco by iUUU T, p ft xv. L. Strono. PIG- 1ROW. SCOTCH No. 1, Pig Iron, from tho best manufactories on consicntnent, at the lowest market prices, for 6ole nt Ihn old wharf, by FOLLETTSe BRADLEYS. THE AUGUSTUS CiESAR WILL be kept for tlni iinnrnvo. VOX mcnt of stock tins season ntniy stable In Willis- Ion, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, nnd Snturduyb at tho slablo or William Mann, in Burling ton. The Augustus Cresnr was sired by the Sir Waller, his dam a morgan mare, Terms $5 a m ire. Wm. BROSVN. J wha by Follett ft Buadlevs IL1W fill I ULJL. Now Goods at Winootki City riiHF A aesorttnent nf DRY GOODS', GROCERIES, HARD WARE, c. te. At their storo in Winnoeki City, and wit) soil for cash or exchango for moat kinds of country produce at vory low prices. AH persons wishing to pufchaso Goods of any description winch wo havo on nana will find it much to their advantage to give uc call and examine quality and prices before) buying elsewhere. Latiirop fit Potwin. Wtnonskt, June 7. man. Blanchard's Scythes, (On Consignment.) 200 doz' crman Steel 100 co. uo. iasi oicui Concavo Grass and Cradlo Scythes, for sale at reduced prices by 3m Mov 25. Fom.ett C( UnADlKVS. SUGARS. m g Mlid. Porto Rico & N. O. Sugars 20 boxes lump and renned dp By T. P. & W. L. StbohO. June G, 1830. THE subscribora havo mado arrange mcntB for a constant supply of Lehinb. nd Lachawana Coal, which Iboy offer al small advance from cost. June 29. J. & J. H. Pecs At Co. PLASTER. 100 Tons Nova Scotia Plas ter, now receiving by June 29. J. & J. H. Pacs Co. SALT. COARSE Western, also, Pino lo bar. rels, fust received and for solo bv June 27. T. F. & W. L. SrroNO. PIG- IELOH. A CONSTANT supply ol first quality Pig Iron, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Ladies Silk and Cotton Stock- ngs, of all colors, Silk Laces, Linen and Kid Glovew, of all colors, printed Linenj Cambric H'rik'fs, Belts, Cravats, Capc, Collars with Ruffles, lost fashion. Silk Purses. Extracts and Perfumes, for tba Toilette and H'dk'f, and othor fancy goodu in great variety at the new cheap cash store June 22. bv WArf & FAnna. SCYTHES. o DOZ. Farwcll & Co patent concavo '" sett Scythes, just received, and for ealo by the subscriber, at manufacturers prices. Robert Moody. June to, 1030. WINDOW SASH. JUST recoivod 1&, 20 & 247 bv 0 casements of sash, a first rata nrticlo, at 34 and Si els. por light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. Ticondoroga Black Lead, a first rate artklo, for sale very low, together with a great varioty of olhcr articlo, asDcheap ns can ho found at any o'ther estab lishment in Hie placo, UEO, rCTEBBOH. Burlington, June 19, 1830. w S&CK SALT. Sacks Dairy Salt for sale by Mav25. Hickqk & Catlitt. 20 DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invtnUd SNUFF only 25 cents. FOR Iho euro and absoluto relior or catarrh, dizziness of tho head, weak eyes, nervous hoad'aohes, fallen-sickness (its, and nfants troubled with tho snutilos, pstliat shocks of palsy, Ac. For sale by J. J. II. Pcck& Co., only Agonls in uurnngion ior tiio solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock & Co Ulica N. Y. . Cod Fish and Mackerel. Kffc Quintals Codfish. 25 Bbls. Mackerel, forfale by June 14. S. Walker & Co. IRON, STEEL, &c. tons Swedes, English, Russia oJA sable, Peru round, square, 6and, Horso shoe, of every variety and size of Iron. FIVE TONS Sanderson's cost, American, spring, German, English, blistered Steel, Anvils, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hocb, Forks. Scythes, Trace Chains, Wagon ond Cart Boxes &c. &c. by May 3 1 , '30. T. F. ft W. L- Stroho Groceries at Wholesale AND AT WHOLESALE PRICE9 American and Sigwttc Brandy, Hollontl nnd Baltimore Gitij Wines; Boston New Rum; Molaesct; New Orleans, Muscovado, Loaf nnd Lump Suaar; Cavendish, pturj; and cut. Tobacco; Tea; Coffee; Pcpporj Spicci Ginger; Raisins; bar Soap; Pipes; Powder ninl Shot. FOLLETT Si BRADLEYS. Odontica ! Odonlica ! ! The Teeth! Tho Teoth'I vvrx u. M. IIITCUCOCK'S Magnetic Qdon- lica. Tho fad is provod. and tb most incredulous and doubting aro fully con vinced, ns wo havo llio evidence Irom inoia of moro than 7000 boxes within ll:o past yctr. that tho Utopian dreams of the otchyniint aro realized, and a remedy discovered for presort ing those important and beautiful appendage of tho human system, by iho uso of tho Mag. nolle Odonlica, wlucii, uhii i fying nnd strenglheiiing qualities icmo-vca all extraneous subManccs from t ho leotb and proserves them in thoir natural brilliancy, and lha Rums in soundocss and beauty. Jlis as. cerlainod from experience, that wlicr uied, tho teeth will not decay, but remain til tbo latest old ago, with iboir natural wear. Wmm Ihey nro decaying, its progress will bo ai rcsicd, and tho tooth preserved and prevented from aching. Udl gentlcnicn of tho most respectable cbaraclor aro daily calling, who nssuro us that before they commenced using tho Odonlica, their teeth wcro Ioobo and fast going to decay, their gums spongy and feverish. and thobrcalh farted, and after using this invaluable powder, in less than one week their tooth woro firm in Uieir sockolB, their gums resumed their, hoalih, Oicir breath cor reeled, and no money could inducoihcm to bo without it. All this cueu thujnall bum of fifty cents. For sale by i. St J. If. Peck & Co. only agenls in Burlington for tho sola proprietors, A, Uitdicock fc Co. Utic N. Y. hi

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