Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 13, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 13, 1838 Page 3
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i inn ii 1111 Mn. Stacv I liavo read In ilio Free Press of Juno 29th, the rcHons aligned by Mr Murray for not publljhlnt! in llie Vermont I'nlcunipli my reply lo (lio rein.uks of M. J. Holooinh and oilicru, on the subject of leinpciunco, tocilicr whh Mr Murray's peroonal rem nks, lo which I should Ii.imi mudo no reply if Mr not nccmed inn of Iliad been liifoinu'd in tlio Telegraph by said Murray, that li i coluniin wero wide open lo mo for llio discussion of ilio subject in question. I li.ivc therefore In irqucal sir, that joii will publish in I ha 1'ice Pic.h rcmntks uf Mr Mtiriuv, on the subject, ih published in the Tclesmph of December 27 1S37. that iho leader?; of Ilio Fico Press may bo cn.iblcd Injudo which of us it is that has mated inconecily the re.i eons for not publishing said rem irks. Alludiii,' lo iny remarks in reply to J. Iloleoiiib's left luiiilnl compliuienl, in thn Talcgrnpli of line. 21 1S37, Mr Murray says, " h id 1 conelndeil lo icject it it would "have been based on its.discnurlroiMness, ' '"' 'luiiicly, its gios peronaliliM, mid its Inner and 'acrid spirit ; but I h ive cuiinlmleil for thnspeoial "benefit ofiho cause of ruin'selliiii;, lo let lucrum "pion in Vermont ilefeiul his own c.iiko The " Telegraph is wide open lo Mr Deo and nil oilier "defenders ol the riijht lo pursim ilio de.illi'de.ilins f'lraffic, provided ihey me iidmissible lanjua?o. ' And yet in thoTelejrnph of Juno the 20ih, when speaking of the fttbjcct, ho iwrls that "Mr Deo is iilloRolher in error in point of fici.uhen he averts that Mr Murray had informed him thai the coIiiiiiih of the Telegraph were wide open lo him for llio discussion of the subject." Hut I am not in ibe least surpii'ed .Mr Murray th'mld contradict in one paper what he had listened in another, or that lie should lax a majority of llie menibrrs oflho Lcgislaiuro of violating their o.illn of oll'nv lo gr.u ify the hclinss of n cliildili old mm. It is no more than I had reason lo expret fioin a kiioivlrilu of his foimei enndurt. But Mr Murray h.n not ntteinolrd i irfute tin v of I tic iiisiiiiieiil d laced in Hiijfioit ol'iliu iuoluilon wlilcli was lite c.iueif the present controversy, neither lin tin ca licit on .oleu lor stiitl resolm ion lor any mom Blroa reasons on Iho subject. If, therefore, I hive defended my own natural, inhcient and inalienable rights, together with of the citizens of Ver mont against the attacks of cold water bigots and f.inaliss, my object is accomplished, and I will only add, if Mr Murray has done him-elf honor in llio eslinittion of the public by llie course he has tnUen in the under eonsideialion, then 1 have wholly mistaken the inlelligcnre, the good sense and llie moral character of the citizens of Vermont. Will Mr. ijincy have ihe goodness to give the bov n place in iho Pree Piess. ELIJAH DEE. Georgia, July 5, 1S3S. Tic Annual Joint Celebration of the Phi Sigma No Mid Univerily Institute Sncicii" of llie Uni versity ol Vermont, will be hold al the White ;iiu:nh, on Wednesday Ihe 1st of August, at three o'ebek, r. m. An Oration miy bo expected from the Hon Dajiet, I). n.vnSAnn, of Albiny. A Poem may also be expected fiom J. G BaooKS, Esq. Immediately afier the exercises, will he held the annual inci ting of the two Societies for llie election of cu Orator and Poet for the ensuing year. GnonnK F. Houghton, ) Sccrcta 15esj. J. Tcnnkv, 5 ries. Duilington, July 12, 1S3S; DIED Tn ihia town, on the 8ih inst. Capt. Evans CriANCC, n revolutionary Foldier, nged 83 jears, On the llili, of ihe Croup, Timothy, son ol tlio linn. Timothy l-'ollelt, ngcil 4 years. In Shelburn, on llie 4tli, at the resilience of Levi Coirwtock, J mi. airs, Aeial Anokhson, widow of ihe lain John W. Andeiion, and daughter of Daivol Cooutack. oi;pil 50. iu ItltlCbiiryli,"r- .vr - !iv A.-f .vifrt of Horace Cook, mid daughter of I'ho3. C. Hill, Jusq-of Charlotte, ned 23. In Milion, on the Dili inst. nt thn re.iidencn of bis ton, Mr. Edmund Wellington, neil 65, foim :rly of Waitrton, Mas?, Printers in lloilon are requested to publish ihe above. Drowned in ihe Onion Itiicr, a quarter of a mile below the lower falls, on iho maniinj of the Sili inst. John Jacoh Townsbnii, oldest son of Samuel S. 'I owmenil of Wiauoiki Village, aged 17 ears and 9 inontlw. This (iiirDiiiinaie jouih teh llie fitnily circle l.iU Sabbath morning in peifect health and youthful cpirits, in coiniiany with nimtlier youn man, for the pnrpojo of bulling. Neither of ihcm could nviui. 'iho liver w,n Bwolleu beyond 1m ii.-ii.iI beijlil by late raiu9,nml uul111i117 on what ho sup. !oed safe giniiinl, he went tc, oml hi d.-pih and was quickly carried out inlo llie i-lieaui by c lies cur. rent. Hi comiianioii, peiceiung lie could icmlcr him no u?sisianc.e, ran (iir the illae seieial divers weio soon on the epul, but Ui water hei'ijj quitn tin bid lendoied all their nlif-mpts fniite. ; nnd us bodv w.'w not rescued fiom ilri waiei v nr.ive, until about three hours after, tiy hkmih of a drag net. Tlio news, your son, ycir broiher ii ihowuiiij fell lieav ily upon ilia ear and Mink deep iiim ihn Iiearts of thai ppari'ful fain y r.i i-1. . Only one half hour before, and iho inmlvr, mIi I iiiier lisio ah. Gent at llie lime) Willi leu cliilihfi) we e iu the full enjoyment of domesli': liappnip-i, l),.;iih had iipv. er uioKen into their nappy curie ! iliili un not expected ! but deatli came suddenly, and tilled their lioue willi mourning. In lii death, hi parent! have hut an afTeriinnile FOn mid a promising support of I ho i r declining jcara, on which limy hid nlrenly hi'gan lo lean , mid hii biolhei'4 and siier.s n lieloed br'tthcr and Kind protector, i ho hail won l lie ir aflections by his mild temper uni aniablc disposiiion. 'When ldoomiiig youth is matched away By death's iesisllef.4 band, Our hearts the mournful tribute pay, Which pity must demand," "While pity prompts the rising sigh, Oh, may this mull, iniptcn ilh nwful pouer 'I loo must die,' SinlvWji in every hreaii." Moses Ayers' Estatn. TO tlio Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, comes the sub. Ecribcr Huldah Ayrcs administratrix of the estate of Mosea Ayruj, lain of Milton, de ceased nnd represents that the personal cstato of said deceased will not bo sufficient to pay tlio debts thereof and expenses of settling said cstato nnd hereby makes op. plication to said Court, for licence to sell caid estate for that purpose IlULDAIl AYRES, Adm'r. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ok Ciutteisden, ss. s At n Probato Court holden nl Burlington, in Raid District, on the 1 1th day uf July a. D. 1030, It is ordered that an'account be taken of the debts and also, the proceeds of tlio personal cstnto of baid deceased, and thai the heirs nnd nil persons concerned in enid estate bo notified in appear before uaid Court on the second Wednesday of August next at iho Register's office in Burlington aforesaid, to give bond for tho payment ot debtf, and slow cause why liccnso as alore said shall not bo granted, and that such no tico bo given by publishing iho above op ulicntion three WRoks successively, na soon os may bo in tho Freo Press a nowspapor printed in Burlington, in said District. Given under my hand, tho day and yoar nut above written. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. WILL bo sold nt AUCTION on Satur. day tho 14th instant, from three to four hundred Barrels WESTERN SALT. (DSales to comincnco nt 10 o'clock A. M., at tlio siib-Tiribprs Anciion Room. S. R BROWN, Auctioneer. Burlington, July 0, I03!l. PIANOS AT AUCTION. rtnilFj subscribers offer for sale nt Atic JL lion, eighteen Piano Forti:. matin fnclnrod by the late firm of Merrick, Christopher & Co., together with llie remaining slock and mat ur in Ih of tlio firm. The whole will ho sold without reserve, lo close the nfi'iira of the Concern, nnd the sale will bo well worthy Ihe attention of amateurs nnd manufacturers. Tno instruments were built bv workmen from the best shops in New York, nnd have been pronounced by competent judges fully equal to any ever offered in the U. St n tea. They can ho seen every week day at the factory, and ladies anil gentlemen can be satisfied of their durability by examining instruments) 1'ioui the same Establishment which have been many uio'iUh hi use iu this vicinity. THK STOCK, Consists of a great quantity of rich ma hogany top stulV Hoards and Plank, of superior quality. Also, shaded and crotch Mahogany, and Rosewood Veneers, select, ed with great care. A largo quantity of Mardware for Piano making, such as Hrnss Socket-Castor.s, Bulls, round head Screws, best. b'iI vcr nnd steel Wire for 6t rings, Key Pins, Pedal Rods. Feet &c , Bridge Pins, Files, regu lating Wires, Sic. foe. The Mahogany, Rosewood, Trimmings, &c. were selected in New York especially for ibis Manufacturing Co', and cost from glOOO to jl'JOO. The conditions of sale are good endorsed notea, piyable one halt in 3 and one half in G mouths, nl Dank. Tlio instruments rind stock will bo eold at the Fac'ory, corner of Ciiainplam nnd Macdonongh s'reets, on Pliursdny, second August, commencing n 10 o'clock. A M. LYMAN & COLE. Burlington, VI July 12, I83B. MEDICAL LECTURES. TMB Medical Lectures nt Dartmouth Coi.r.Kni:, Hanover, N. II., will com ineuco on Thursday, the second day of next August, and continue thirteen weeks. Antilomy, Surgery and Obstetrics, bv R. D. Musskv, M. D. Physiology, Materia Nedica and Medical Jurisprudence, by Daniel Oliver, M. D. Theory and Practice of Physic, by J. Dela. mater, M. D, Chemistry and Pharmacy, by O. P. Mun- llAIlD, M. D. jDeiii'instt iiliuwi in .inuduiiK. by M. Won. ci:steu, M. D. Lectori Fees, $50. Matriculating Fce,g3. June 1, 1U38. INDELIBLE INKS. JU3T received some superior Indelible Ink, to mark, with or without u prepa riitioti. Also, Mathematical Instruments. Variety Shop. JulyO. P.vvcnons & Bri.vs.maid. FIRE WO UK NOTICE. inform our cu-iomors that we have V Y a line lot of Fire JForlci ordered, which we expect will be ready fur use very soon. Variety Shop. July 0. P.v.NT.uonN & Biunmai. NOTICE, ITS hereby given to all persons nssosscd ll. by the'Listors of the Town of Burling, tun, fur the pre.-ent year ns Attorneys, Physicians, Merchuuts or traders, rind Mechanics, that the Selectmen of said Town will hold a meeting nt the Town room, on Friday, the SOth day of July inst. at 10 o'clock A.M., lor the purpose of hearing appeals and granting relief to nil perrons who think themselves aggrieved by such sssessmenis. The nelectmen will, nUn, at the same lime and place, receive disclosures on oath from all persons, as. sessed for monies on hand, debts duo, or wank nnd Insurance stock, who may make application fur that purpose. . The Listers arc particularly invited to attend. SA.MUUL ISMCHOLS,) Selectmen Wm. A. (iRIrfWOLD, of M. LOWRY, ) Burlington, hurlinzlon, July 10, 1030. 2w One Case Blue Merrimack ii i... .i. . i i una uy uiu piece or paticrti vnry clump By Wait & Taiior. Groceries purchased expressly for the relail Business, nro going vurv cheap by WAIT S; TABOR. '., Shaker Brooms and Brushes. by Wait &. Taiior. June, 22 1030. Heavy black and bluo black Silks Black lace Veils Wrought muslin lupes Veio style, by . WAIT and TABOR. SUM.MHR STOCKS, Linnen and Cot ton Gloves, Suspenders, Buff' Vesting, Lumen Drilling und n variety of other stuff for guiiileincns summer wear, by WAIT & TABOR. Goelick's Matchless Sanative, l' or sale by CYRUS JOILYS. Juuo25, 3m Agent for Huntington, VI. Grecian Dyo for coloring Hair brown or black Magnetic. for Iho 1 ce l., Balm of Columbia for preventing Baldness, and for producing Hair wlmro ii has fallen off, Carbonic Dentrifico, Tooth Powder, Cosmetic Cream n. w Milk of .loses, nnd n genoral assortment of iiair wns, neaps anu roriuuicry, at tho Variety Shop. Pangdorn & Brinsmaid, STRAY COW. STRAY HI) from l bia villnp.o n bout the fid inst. n middling sized black cow, with a white lined back, long nnd slender legs, nnd small wliilo horns, Saul cow wns raised, nnd had bcun kept in Johnson iniiil within llio Inst year. The finder of said cow shnll bo sntisfnc torily rcwardctl on giving inrorinniion at tlnn nflici-, or to U. ALLEN. Burlington, July 12. I03IU MAPLE SUGAR. pounds Maple Sugar for sale very low bv Junnm. S. Wamci-.u & Co. AX LET RE KS. 1 00 elt lai,,oy'ii cast 'rou' '"rom 1 to AvJU .1 linrr ivnrrrriin A vlo I rnnn . June 22, '31!. J. & J. II. Peck fo Co CORN OF the bo3l quality for Balo bv Wm. I. SKYMOUIt. June 20, l!!3f. 3w (ireut vurieiy ot New Calicoes, nt the New Cash Store bv WAIT and TABOR. UD) H xf w DR. Sl'O'JNFiR intending to spend n fhort tune in 15urhngton will be happy to servo his friends ami former patrons professionally. Those who wish his asi.s taucc should apply early, by note o; other wise, its Ins stny must neccsanly be short. Mo will ho prepared to see patients after the ?!'h i cist. Mourn from 8 to 12 A. M. and from 3 lo 5 P. M. Room, No. fl4 North-East comer of old Ilnll room, of Mann's I Intel. GROCERIES, T POTILR, has inst received from New York tin extensive and well selected assortment of West India Goods and other Groceries:, which are offered to the public on better terms than articles of cnunl quality can lie purchased elsewhere iu this village. This stock comprises the best articled ol TEAS. COFFEE SUGAR MOLASSES PEPPER SPICE GLXGER LIQUORS, ofall kinds and, iu short, the whole list of Family Groceries. Call and tee. i, mar:. Jjiirlington. July , IiYMAjS" & COJLJH, "HUTAVB received their usual assortment JLJL of Spring and Summer Goods, con sisling in part of the following articles : Blk nnd col'd Silks, challvs Bombazines Pongees Shawls.Tuncy Mkfs. and Veils of every variety Lawns and Cambrics Barr'd strip'd and fig'd Jaconet Cambrics Plain swiss, jaconet &c. Rcautiful articles for ladies Drosses A few pieces French Prints nnd Muslins Lnglish, French and Amcres Prints o great variety at unusual low prices A vaiiety of email ucccasary acliciud foi tumily uso Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Cassimeres ami Vcstings, of tho various colors and qualities Persian Cloths, Crochcttas Si. Camblets A large variety of stuffs for men and children s summer wear Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, brown & blenched Ticks, Jeans, Drills, Diaper Crash, &c liurhnzltm. June 1, 1030. Redford Crown Glass, pKF llie various qualities and sir.os man- ufaetured by tins company at Redford at their wholesale prices, for sale al the old wharf, nnd all orders for any, and every description requirnd, will bo immediately executed uy Kollett SCYTHES. ARCH'S superior concave steel bad xvji. bcytlies. wnrrauled. .10 do, (or sale by T. F. & W. L. Stro.o. June C, 1030. Nova Scotia Plaistcr. TONS now grinding and for salo bv the subscribers. JiOARD.MAN, CLABK, & Co. Millnn, Lnutf Falls, Jan. 'J.j, 18..!!. rffllll subscriber has just returned from JL New York, anil is now recou-infr n very large nnd general n-sortmcnt of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, CIILYA St GLASS WARE. which ho will sell unusually low I'm Cash. NOBLE LOVELY, Tlurlinglnn, May "1,1 !i3R. For Sale, on Consignment. no bbls. no. 1 North Slitue S.ilmun, also, u 15 bbls. Tanner's Oil. by Foi.lett Si, Bradlevs. Burlington. Mai 2. 103". Ow DENTIST. J. LLVVIS, perlorms every operation on the Tketii, Gums and Mourn, on tho most modern nnd approved principles of DENTAL SURGERY. Artijmcal Teeth, can bo supplied from 0110 to an entire ect, to correspond with iIiolivino 'lEETir. They nro IN CORRUPTIBLE; they never change their color, nor do they absorb Iho suliva or juices oflho mouth, consequently they do not cause nn unpleasant tnsteur fetid brenth, Uj"Thc much dreaded nnd painful ope rations heretofore practiced, p really obvi ated iu extracting of teeth nnd stumps ol teeth. J.L. having supplied himself with instruments ol all kinds, sizes and shapes, Bintablo for the occnsion.tho surgical treal menl (if the teeth will bo of loi-s pain to tho patient than ever donu heretofore in tho U. S. Irregularities of the toeth in children prevented, in adults remedied, &c. &c. From a perfect knowledgoof niochani. cal, chemical and professional operations ho feels warranted in ofleriug his services to iho public, refcrenccB can bo had as to Ins pructico, judgement und skill, by calling nt his room, north oast comer oflho sniiare. 3( door in Church Et. Burlington Vt, WATT & TABOR Of AVI'j just received, their New Uoods YlL for llieSuuimnr trndn Gentlemen's Mole Skin lints Lateit Fashion. Uy WAIT St TAIiOR. WOOL. TIIK subscriberH will pay llio highest market price, in Goods fur wool, or receive it on demands due them. .iiii;22. S. Wa r.KKit &Co. Scythes, Snathes, Rakes &C. r DOZ. Warner's Scytlies 50 dnz. pm cut Scythe Suatlics 40 dez. Rakes CO iloz. patent hay Forks Jtmr.M. Ml) .1. .1. II Pf.cic St Co. lO00 I5,lsl1' Turks Jtland Salt. luuu oo sieam no 1601) do Fine Western do S00 15bls do do do 150 sacks Dairy do Jum 22. J. &, J. M. Pncrc & Co. SALT. 1O0Q. 1lllsllGl" Slr Salt 'AS Sucks course Salt. For salo by Jirc'JO. R. WA LKFiR C. NNATTO, 'J Baskets bv u .lino 29. .1. &, .1. II. Peck &, Co. . To Hay Makers. AC D OZ,. Ma rch's Scythes XVJ ST do Pntenl Snaths SO do Rakes "0 do Forks by V. F. & W. L. SRONG. Turnip Seed, a few pounds just ree'd and for sale at HOWARDS. Burlington, June 22, 1030. Southern Hydraulic Cement, in Bbls, for sale bv Latiirop &. Potwin. NEW ARRIVAL. Minis. Molasses 20 bbls, American Brandy 15 20 do JJaltiinorc bin 25 Minis. Boston Rum 5 do St. Croix Rum. At low prices by June M, '30. T. F. &. W. L. Strong. 2000 calls Fall and Winter sperm Oil, of verv superior quality, just received by T. F. & W. L. Strosg, June 15, 1030. Murray & Patrick HEREBY give notice to the public that they will manufactuto Satinclt and plain Cloth upon shares or by the yard, for customers, during tho present season. Uincsburgh, June 0, 1030. Cw JAMES IF . HICT02E TT6 ESPECTFULLY invilcs tho attention of JDL tho public to tho slotd; of Books and Sta tionery which ho now offers for salo. All the new publications of iiiipoitanco hnvc been late, ly n.-ccivvJ, ami additions mudo to liiu asbuil. incut of blandard works, before on hand. Among lbs now arrivals may bo specified.. Travels in Europe, by Williui Kislio, D. D. Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour, 2 vols. Life on tho Lakes 2 vols. Life of the Rev. Geo. Crabbc,by hisson. Gardiner's Music of Nature. Griirm's Itomains, 2 vols, ti vo. The Hoary Huad, new work, by J. Abbott. Old Ironsides, illustrated. liiissclPs modern Europe, 3 vols, 0 vo. Combe on Digestion, Szc. The Robber, a Now Novel by James. Ernest Maltravcrs and Sequel. Martin 1'abor and other Tales. A splendid ShaUspearo English edition 10 vols, price $:. Miss Leslies eomplolo cookory. 1'n.yer Books and II 1 Lies, a great variety. Watts and Select I ly inns, three bizes and in Ihrc o styles of Binding-. Methodist Hymns. Piano .Music A choice selection ofsongs and pieees by llio most celebrated composers. Paper A larjro stock of all qualities made by Ames, Owen ic lluilbul.fc Hudson. Stationer v ofall kinds in abundance. Siivcr Pencils, also a few lino penknives of Rogers nialio. Visiting cards and card cafe.". Port fnliiH, steel pen-', Ink and writing fluid Burl.iiL'loii. Jmie '' lO-'.H. TTickok's Patent Rotary Oven y tu? w i-i k x . '"Fillip subscriber has just received nnd oilers for tale, a few utoves, of which the above cut is a representation. To nil llio advantage, of the unproved Rotary top, is ndded n Rotary Oven on nn entirely now plan, which, from the testimony of those who have used them, far supercedes any thing uf the kind, yet offered to the public. Those wishing to purchase cook stnveciaru respectfully requested to examine these before making their selection, ns ocular demonstration will better convince the public of iho value of tho article than any description that could be given. Another recommendation, those hard limes is, that those stoves will be sold as low ns the com. tnon Rolarys of the name size. ROBERT MOODY. Match 1, 1030. If ORNAMENTAL HAIR. M It S . ST. JOHN, MANUFACTURES and keeps con Ktnniiy on hand Ringlells, Puffs, wire Curls, Plain Hair, &.c. N. B.--Cush pu id for Hair. Whito Street, opposilo tho Methodist Chnpcl. Burlington, May II, 10311. To Wood Choppers. GmEEN'S AXrES ASUI'L'LY of tho nbovo celebrated Axes, just recoivcd, uud for salo by llio dozeu or single, by the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. FOlt SAILE. fr Jl DOX. Scythes ir.. i!o Fnalhs "0 doz, Hay Unites 0 do., do Forks. For salo bv June S0. S. WALKKIl & Co. CasirPaid for" Wool, by"" J'UIiLE l T St BRAD LEYS. June '21. lli:!!t. 3m LFiIMGII, SehuylKill ami Lackawanna Coal n cnnslant supply on eniirign. niiMit nt the lowest, market prices, for hale at the old wharf, bv FOLLFi'T St BRADIiEYS. DAIRY SAhT. IVllRPOOL blown, in sacks, a prime i article, for sale bv FOLLETT St BRAD LEYS, Burr Mill Stones. OR sale at llio old whnrf, tit Now York prices, by FOLLETT St BRAD LEYS. F Sheep Tobacco. OfiOO Hheep Tobacco by Strono. PIG" IH01T. QJCOTCU No. 1, Pig Iron, from the best k3 manufactories on consignment, nt llie lowest market pries, fur sole at llio old wharf, bv FOLLETT St BRAD LEYS. THE AUGUSTUS CESAR WILL be kept for the improv nicnt of fctock this season at my stable in Willis ton, Mondays, Tuesdays nnd Wednesdays, nnd Saturdays at the stable of William Mann, in Burling Ion. The Augustus Crcsar was sired by the Sir Walter, his dam a morgan mare. Terms 5 a marc- Wm. BROWN. Williston, June, 1030 tCTTO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. rjnilE celebrated Albion Corn Plaster af JL fords instant relief, and at tho same time dissolves and draws tho Corn out by iho roots, without the least pain. CumiFiCATC "To those afilictcd witli Corns on llicir feet I do certify, that I have used the. 'llbion Corn Plaster with complete success. Before I had used one box, it com pletely cured a com which had troubled me ibr many years. I make this public for the benefit of thoso aillctcd with that painful complaint. Wm. SJIAW. Flnshinc;, L. I. Feb. 20. Prico 50 nts. a box DR. RELFIC'S AROMATIC PILLS, 0 FSIYIiLI.ES. nriHEY purify Iho Blood, quicken ilscircu JL latiou. assist llio suspended operations of nature, and aro a general remedy lor tlio prevailing complaints umong tho female part of society. Tho Pills arc particularly cfKca cious in the Green Sickness. Palpitation of the Heart, Giudiness, short Breath, Sinkm of the .Spirits, Dejection and disinclination to excerciso and soeiuty. Married IH'"s will find the Pills equally useful, except 1 cas of tircirnancv, when they must not be taken riorhor must the.y bo tauon bv persons of hontiu or consumptive habits. Price 1,50 a box. AL'o Tim CRLnnrtATnn CAMDRIAN TOOTII-.VGHK TlLTiS, Which give immediate relief, without tin least injury to Iho Teeth. On trial this will bo found one of tho best remedies known for this complaint. Price 50 cents a box. k5 QT'Nono genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper by the sole proprietor T. KIDDER, immediate suctcssor lo tlio late Dr. W. T. Conwa v. For sale al his CountSui Room, over No, 99, Court. street, near Con cert I lall, Boston, and also by his special ap pniiitilinnt. by .1. fc J. II. I'cck ft Co. TILLAGE HOTSL. HUGH GOURT.EY TAKES ilio liberty to inform his lormcr patrons nnd the 'in ... .i.i. . t .. .1... i. 1..., !. jys.iy piiuiiu 111. mijji;, iiiui nu nus nn tlio VILLAGE HOTEL in a stylo not inferior to any public house 111 the capital of Vermont, nnd he Hatters himself that by unremitted exertion and assiduous attention to btisine's, ho will be ablu nt all limes to accommodate the gen- tleman of business, gentlemen of pleasure, and tho weary traveller, in n sl vie not sur passed for accomodation nnd reasonable ucss of Lire by nny 111 the states. IIATI3S PAS33. Hoarding, $J per week, Single meal 25 lodging I2J, 2 hurscs, hay and uats 75 I iiorse, liny, 25. Montpelior. Feb. 1030. if O. M. SAXTON SUltG EON DENTIST. Office one door smith of N. B. Ilaswcll's .'ludion and Lummisuon Store. BURLINGTON, Vt. J3urlinTrton7No"v. 2d, 1SIJ7 OUliLltl iM DUD V is now receiving from New York an extensive supply uaruv nro. , oauuiery. uoiu ware, mugs, im-iiicines, rainls, unit Uils ; wincli lie oilers lo tho public client) for cash or short credit, at the old established store, north east corner of tho squnro Just received and For Salo, ( Under the Free Press Office, Collcgc.slrccl.) A general assortment of WHIPS SP LASHES, from 0 cts. to j$5,5 ench. Also, a superior lot of SADDLES, TRUNKS. II A RNESS, VA L ISS ES, CARPET BAGS, Sfc. Stc. Carriage trimming donu lo order. Cull and Bee. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. ajWanlcd, n JOURNEYMAN at the above business. Burlington, April 27. 1030. 1 1 For salo or (o Kent. THE brick Store, owned by by Mr. .1. S. I'otwin, on church htrcet. 111 this village. Posses sion given 1st of August, npply M. LEAVENWORTH, to Blanchard's Scythes, (Oi Convirmnent.) 200 7" J'-'r,l'!" Steel 100 1:0. 110. Unit WIcpI Concave Grass und Cradle Scvthes. fur sale nt reduced prices by 3m llnv FOLLETT & BnAriLKVO. SUGARS. MhtW. porto Rico &, N. O. Sugara 20 boxes Intuit and n'fiii.'d Jo By T. F. & W. L. Strong. June 0. 11130. THE subscribers have tuailo arrange, incuts for u constant sinmlv oI'Li'lurrli and Lachawana Coal, which thoy uffr ut a smnll advance from cost. June '2D. J. & J. . Peck & Co. PCASTEIi. 100 Tons Nova Scotia Plas ter, now receiving by JiHie20. J. & J. M. Puck Sl Co. SALT. pOARSE Western, also, Fine in bar. rel just recoivcd and for sale by T. F & W. I,. SnaoNo. I June 27. PIG IRON. A t.UIfc I AiN I Mipply ot lirBt quality Iron, by J. & J". M. Peck & Co. SCYTHES. C)K DOZ. Farwell & Co patent concovo "" tell Scythes, just received, and for btilo by tho subscriber, at manufacturers prices. Robert Moour. June 10. 1033. WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15, 20 & 21-7 by 0 casements of sash, a first ralo article, at 34 and 3J cts. por light. Also, nil kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. Ticondorotra Black Lead, a first rato article, for sale very low, together with a great variety of other articles, as cheap as can bo found ut any other estab lishment in tho place. Geo. Pctckson. Burlington, June 19, 1033. If S'AGSZ SALT. C)r Sacks Dairy Sail for sale by Mav 25. Mickok & Catmn. DR M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SNUFF only 25 rents. FOR llio euro and absolute relief of catarrh, dizziness of the head, weak eyes, nervous head-aches, fallcn-sickiics fits, nnd infants troubled with Iho snuflles, pailial shocks of palsy, &c. For salo by .1. k J. 11. Pcci; Co,, only Agents in Burlington for 1 iie solo proprietor's A. llitchccck ,Co Uiica N. Y. Cod Fish and Mackerel. jO Q.'1'11''1 - Codfish. AS Bids. Mackerel, for pale by June 14. S. Walker & Co. Groceries at Wholesale AND AT WHOLESALE PRICES. American nnd Kignetto Brandy, ilol'otul nnd Baltimore Gin; JFincs; Boston New Rum: Molasses Now Orleans, Muscovado, Loaf and Lump Sugar; Cavendish, plug r,nd cut Tobacco; Pea; Coffee; Pepper; Spice; Ginger; Raisins; bar Soap; Pipcu; Powder and hhot. FOLLETT Sz BRADLEYS. FOR SALE A QUARTER aero lot, with a block houso and barn thereon, situated on iho Colchester side of Onion River Lower Falls, on tlio north side of the road, between J. W. Weaver's Store and tho Slono House four rods front. For further particulars inquire of J. W. Weaver, or of llio subscriber, at Jericho Corners F. G. HILL. Apiil 27, 1030. jVexv & Cheap Goods. IS now receiving his Spring supply of Goods, and oll'ers them for cah very cheap Bruad Cloth, Cassimeres, Farnum's best dark and Cadnt mixed Saiinctls-, heavy Sheetings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dover and Merrimack Prints, sup. Frutich Piinls, Printed Lawns, Straw lionnols, Bonnet 'lYuning?, fancy Stripes and Summer Stufl's. First rate young Hyson anil Ilyson Skin Teas, superior Molasses, Wines, Liquois, Lump and lirown Sugar, fine Liverpool Salt, Rice, Codfish, Lamp Oil, Sheep Tobacco. Abo 100 kegs Nails on consignment from tlio inuiiuf.iclurers, Ames ShovcK Cast Steel I Iocs, Pigous nnd Wilkes' celebrated Eng. hsh Powder, and a good assortinuul of Crock ery, including Ridgway's Dining Sets, Giass Ware, lie. Purchasers aro rcspeclfally invU led to call. Burlington, Pearl sl.,Mat 10, 1030. WORSS TSA. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivallod and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy fur wcrms. Strange and iunredibla aio the effects of these detestable vermin 1 fow iurs0ns, and it is thought noim.aro free I om then, particularlv females and children. Many persons go through a distressing couiiu of medicino, without any benefit, when they mighl be relieved by Using tho worm tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by tlio oxpericiieo of more than four thousand persons of various ages, and not one solitary eoinpluiiil; on the contrary, hundreds liavo called and unsolic led given their decided prclbrenuo to it, after trying Iho dilVerout arlieles sent forth to tho public, and pronoun ced Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea tin rivalled and unequalled. For sale by J. & J. II. Pcci; & Co,, only agents in Burlington for tho solo proprietors, A. Hitchcock & Co., Ulioa N. Y. Glass 0 by 8j 7 by ); 8 by 10, and all other cut lo order' uud ai manufacturers' prices, for naa at ihu old wharf by FOLLETT St RUADLEYS. Burlington. June 14, 111311. NEW &, CHEAP GOODS. nnME Subscribers , nro now opening o JL general nsHnrtuient of purchased ul ihe lato package sale in Now York far cash, and oiler tliein for faio at pricm much lower than they have o;er before bcon oflercd iu tins mutket. l nagger 1 r.i' .u 1 ? x-uuvi . May 10, 1U3U. Mickok Hi C.uxi.n.

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