Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 27, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 27, 1838 Page 3
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moro voters than freemen, and I had like I menta now in progress for the benefit of to say more votes than voters.. I have purposely nmittcd to say any thing of the abilities of Mr Alien, his qualifica tions, or political course. Ho has been too long before the public to need any evidence of other than his conduct. Tlio district know him. and duly appreciate his worth. His friends may point to his conduct with a degree of exultation, and his political op ponents will bear testimony that he is a de cided whig. No committee will be sent to him to learn of what political faith he is at this particular time. The unanmity with which he was renominated by the Cam bridge convention wa& as flattering to him as it was creditable to them, while the tone of good feeling and manly determina tion evinced by them, is an almost certain indication of the deep and steady current that is setting through the district. A VOTER. Mr Sticv 'Hie' following eloquent editorial from linn felf styled Democratic paper, llie Bur linginn Sentinel of ihe 19ih instant, is worthy of a riMiiilitirnlinii in lliP I' I CP 1'iess. Signs and Symptoms We understand ihe Wlima nf l- iinUlin Cnlinlv held a i omen- lion at 1'nii field on ihe 17ih in-i. fur ihe puiposeof nominating candidates for isemiinrs, when J. l. PnniMvnrlh. Dr. II. K.iloii and Mr Nurse were tho commerce and navigation of the coun try that for our breakwater among the rest, The blow was aimed nt the system, and tho proposition was to abandon even those works partially completed. The government was too poor! Under Mr. Adams' administration very liberal appro priations were made for these purposes, anil Inrgo sums expended in internal improve ments, and yet tho whole expense? of the government wore only thirteen millions. Under tho pretence of retrenching those moderate expenses Mr. Adams was turned nut of office. Mark the result. Instead of thirteen, it now costs the people THIR TY ONE MILLIONS to feed the office holders, and without one cent expended during tho intervening ten years for inter nal improvements, the administration at lat avows its inability to meet the appropria tion of a trifle over a million, even to save from destruction what has already been expended ! There is lood for reflection in these facls. agreed upon. 03 They aflei usardi attempted , fllhjt,ct. It in high time that it w to take a vote lo concur in the nomination of . . . . .. Mr Attn by the Federal Convention at Cam. Glided, and agitated if you please, til hriibjf.hul found a moioiilu anninit it. A proportion to concur in the renomination of Goo. Jennison wat also voted down by a targe majority. t t ho milled slim geniiv will have m shell mil niorp nf'llie needful' In gel mi qnnntiiy ol Bond's nine day speech primed llial's curium.' Now I, who wan present nt tho rimeniinn ilio o nlluded In, certainly know thai him of the Sentinel 1 happened In uiidersiniid' nil iih-nlitte fal-eliund nnd ihe piihlie. would lie leiy truirh giiiiified in le.mi )iiw he eanie liv en much 'iiiHleisiaiidiug,' as qiiulii) Inn. in far as I line known, never heen atlrihuied lo hnn even by his friend Otherwise it mat lift cniuVciuied die whole was coined hy the fell nv himself; nnd he may yet have lo learu that llieie is loo much common sen-e in his nun paiiy lu swallow mj nol'.ii ions a fal-ehuod ; ami lie who sneeringlv cava thai tlm Whigs pretend lo claim all the religion and all ill" deeeney, may find that the people of this then ir.i KNOW tint lie ran have milium to either, heiuiles lie'lig minus some oilier qii.ililli'iilitiiM that ate n rimnile 10 make nil honest 01:1 I. Even the 'St. Albans junto o( wig gles' would not hae daied lo put forth Mich a July 23. We are sorry to find our neighbor of the Sentinel resetting to so stale and stupid a device thus early in the campaign more especially as we are quite sure he will need to have the very best things he can say in favor of his candidate believed; but winch he can hardly expect, if he is thus prodigal of his veracity in the outset. Tliis, how ever, may be taken as an indication of Ihe course to be pursued by the loco fnco press es in this district, and we will improve the occasion to caution the public against put ting any confidence ill the thousand and one lies they will put in circulation before election, A pood cause needs no such appliinces; but our opponents, aware o the slight hold they have upon the tiffec tions nd better judgment of the people, seem lo have specially invoked (he spirit ol falsehood and deception, for this their final conflict. Hut truth U mighty and if it be but liberally diffused throughout the dis trict, the result cannot be doubtful, iMPnieoMSKNT run Ukut. Our cones pondent A. 1J. is right welcome to the use of our columns for the discussion of this as dis till every legislator's cars shall ring with tho indig nnnt demand of freemen for its immediate abolishment. No one, v 0 believe, at the present time, can bo found to defend the principle; and yet there are enough so timid, so fearful of consequences, so over anxious lo secure (no creditor again every possible contingency, as to thus far defeat very attempt to wipe this foul stain from the statute book. Whether it shall longer remain, is 0 question for the people to dc.. cide, beore election. Every press in the state is in favor of the measure, ninetocn- twcntieths of the people arc in favor of it, 1 and unless wo irisioke the eigns of the times, after next October, a man's body will ccaso to be a legal tender in payment for Codfish and molasses. A GOOD beginning. Tho Election in Louisiana was the first ! in'ono '"riiunnUnnf fur the new Congress, and tho result we cannot but consider as rather significant. The voto is tho largest ever given in the Slate, and shows a whig gain since 1 030. of over three thousand volet. We have elect ed the entire delegation in Congress, a whig Governor, 32 of the 50 members of the house, and have 10 of the 17 senators, giving a tnnjority of 18 on joint ballot. Tho victory of N. Orleans itself, was not more decisive. Alluding to these facie, tho Louisiana Advertiser of tho I4ih says "Louisiana stands proudly erect, and only asks of her sister states, in their approaching elections, to do at well we noil her hope nor expect them to do belter !" True, they can hardly do belter; but we havo every reason to believe that the right spirit U abroad, and that the causes which have pfToctod this change in Louisiana will not fall to produce their legitimate effects elsewhere. The next Congress will be regenerated. No tnistokc. The following letter was written before the result was fully ascertained. Nrw Ont.KANS, Jnlv 9. Messrs. OALKS St SkatoN : Dm general elec tion leiininaleil on 1 lit? 4th instant, al'ier the most seini'iind animated cnniesi evci had in Louisiana I'lie l.onifiii'iH in nle iheir death so uggle and havi "died in the taut ditch " I have delated wining ton until we hut siillicienl icon n to leave no d ulu of 1 Ik lestih ; ami I mm h ive ihe plr.isiue to infoi 111 mi we have cirned the (niteiiior, 1 In; enure dele naimn to Congiess, nnd llie l.cgi-laiuie. Air, I'l leiir, their candidate, Inn heen foi 10 vcais mav- 01' of ihii, eitv, vtheie In- connexions anil gie.u iifli rial nilliieni'e h id made Ins friends calcnliieon a majority ol f00 10 SOU, and ihe Whig c ceiled thai he would curt New Oile.un liv 260 lo HHieail nt which, he nail only Hie meager jglonmy with the windows nil otil of the building!, $0,000. Thu noise, of the ciplosioil was heard 14 miles ur more. Affecting Incidknt. The Columbus State Journal relates the following incident, a- having occurred at the recent celebration of the notional anniversary in Piqua, Ohio. A revolutionary soldier, John Campbell, lying dangerously ill, expressed n desire to lingiir until another anniversary sun should hiuc upon (ho lund r whose Itbertv ho 'xpctnled the prune of manhood. The morning of fhn Fourth found him vet olive. Ho requested that (ho procession of the citzens should halt in front of his dwelling, ns ho wished once morn to see (ho Ameri can tliig. tits renue-i was complied wmi During (ho day he expired. Mr. Fairfield is the Van Buren, nnd the present incumbent, Kent, tho whig candi date for Governor in Maine. More recent ly the Conservatives havo put the Hon. F. O, J. Smith in nomination. An exchange- paper nks- Why nre the Democrats of Maine confident of victory ? Because they haven FairCwUl before them. Thorna-toti R cortler. The whigs will sound their Kent buglo and walk over this Fa'fuld.Kenebec Journal. INFAMOUS. The Montpelier Waichman complained a few days since that the driver on the route from that place to Johnson had been prohibited from circulating that journal. The Patriot undertakes to explain the mat ter, and ofivrs ihe fnlluwinc reasons. The driver, it is well known, H a violent Whig paitizan. and has laken veiv lilile paim In emu- vale a, iiiileilainliiig vvnli llie oemoi'iaey 01 thai teg , no far im ive ran leant. Under this ftaie nf ilniig-, some peroon a-rei iaining tint he can led papeis widioni 11111I101 ll.v, enteied a com plaint at the I'o-l Ulliee Dep u iinenl die eonliac lor was tviitlen 10 and ill--driver fin hidden 10 papfig in that way till pt'iinisjiuu could, III some way, tie obtained. ' Wus 1 here ever a more unblushing infa tnuus avowal! Here we have an act of Akoth En Paper. Woreccived last week the fir? I nmnlier of an Adiiiiniciraiiou paper pnhlndied al Pei In Line, ilii tjiaie. It goes thu whole fur Van Buieu, Suli-'l'iea-uiy and all. Our Whig friend in Orleans are now neatlv cirriiinveiiied hy l.nrnfncniin. few weekn t-inn; II pupei of the fame I'liai al ter sprung up at J1.I111.-011 upon the hoideisof that cnunty, l lieie appe iih to be foncerl ol aclinnni ihei-e auangenieniH, niul iln.y aic not vvidioui llieir design The tinall V lit-' in.iniiv in Oneans Coiiatv la-l year, ami iln- f.iJi thai a Itcpici-einaiive to Congiens is 10 he elected, inrpire ihe Lorofneos to a puch of de-pei 111 ion, anil the innsl i-tieiiiiiiii.s exeitions will he made to de ceive the people 'ind lead them to nppoM the de etruciive inen-ui es of Van lluieiiisin, by these pa pers. 'J'o couiuei act these incitement?, llie Whigs hhould make rpecial elTorts 10 ciicul.ue. in evcrv own iiiiu umiiici, uie ,v mg papers, 1 11.11 uie cnors of these presses may he met and put down by the omnipotence of I1111I1 and light. Will the Wings in Orleans we ihai tins Is dune iminediaielj 1 The exeitions and iiin igiies nf ihe tratellii g Custom House Jaoas.iiics must tie ihiuiried wnlinnt delav. We know that eater exertion aie now mak n? by the Office Holder under the Adminimra Hon lo can yOi team Co. in favor of Van liuren than have ever before been mude. Let every Whit in that county awake, and be active tilt the contest u over. The above paragraph, from Ihe Caledo nian, is worthy of serious consideration by the whigs of this district. Our private information from Orleans, LainoiMo, and Franklin Counties, correspond with theso facts and suggestions, and unless immediate measures aro adopted by tho whigs, we fear we may find ourselves circumvented through tho superior activity of our oppo nents. The locofocos hove certainly four Presses in tho district devoted to their cause; while a fifth is pursuing a course eminently calculated, if not intended, lo prejudice the Whig cause. On tho other hand, there is but a single Whig press in the district. Are our friends aware of theso facts? and aro they adopting the measures rendered necessary by this slate of things ? "Poor Cam." Wo hardly need invite tho reader's attention to tho remarks of Mr Sidi.ey of New York, in reply to Cam brelcng's proposition, just at the heel ol the eesBion, to throw the harbor bill over llrd. Tho first portion of it is rather focal in its bearing, but will nevertheless be read with profit , and, our word for it, bo fore the reader has found tho conclusion, he will imagine ho smells woollen. This bill, it will be borpe in mind, contained the appropriations for all tho public improve- government tyranny distinctly put upon the ground of a mere difference of opinion An humble coachman, in the exercise of a freeman's right presumes lo be a whig aye n violent," whig and forgetting that Mr. Kendall expects his agents to wear a collar, neglecis to 'cultivate a good under standiag with the democracy of that region,' omits to make his bow 10 some brawling electioneering office-holder; but, like an Imne-t man, speuks his own sentiments, attends lo his own business, and leaves such, 'democracy' to 'cultivate its own under s'nndtng' of which God knows there's need enough. For this, 'a complaint was 'entered at the Po-t Office Department '(soys tho Patriot,) tho contractor was 'written to and the driver forbidden lo 'transport papers till permission could, IN SOME WAY, be obtained.' And docs thu reader doubt on what condition this per. mission might he obtained? On (lie single one, that he should foreswear his whin principles, become a 'violent' Tory, and pull nfi" his hat to every office-holder he meets upon the road. This is what the Patriot would coll 'cultivating a good un derstanding wiih the democracy.' Will ho do it? Never. Nor will the real democracy of tho country, -the PEOPLE THEMSELVES, for whose benefit gov crnmcnl was int-tiluled, much longer sub mit 10 theso and similar high handed acts of misrulo and oppression. God hasten thedoy, when, in this free(?) country n man moy venture to be direct and honest, without incurring the hazard of thu bowstring. 300: 111 ijority of 8 votes. As a pioof th 11 even tins was lining lo the uli'ite ciii'iiinslaiiees 111 his favoi.lhi; cot has given C20 inajtiiiiv for llie Wing ticket in Cniigics-, and 111 llie. ilisii id alioiil 1200 fur Mi While, our former Iteprrreiiiniite anil pie.-cnl ex relleut and patriotic. Chief iMagisiiate, ocr Mr Slidell. We hate also carried our enure city del egation lo die l.egi'latiue ; Inn the great tiiiitniih lias heen in the 2d ('ongi essoin il ilistiicl, at incs- cut icpiif-ciiicd hy Hen, llipley, which was tin; hot lied of Van Hiii'-iiisiii, and was alw.its roiHiileic.l us good foi 1200 m.iin ii y fur the AilmiuMiniinn, nod ulieie...n till-occasion, wp have elceied ("liinii lit iiliniil 400. Our l.i-gMaiiiii! romi-is of fitly ineniliers. v'e uhfiidv hate reiuuis ol'ilie election of 29 Whigs, and shall iio!)ally have 6 in 81110,,. ; leaving die lower house stand 111 33 or 37 In 15 or 13 ! As 0111 opponents clam u for the 1 iglu ol in. Iiucnnn, our Senium, Me-srs. Nicholas and Mod ioli, will havean oppoiimiiiy next session ol acting iiuilcr the oiders ol llie Legislaime. The few paiishes jpi 10 hear (rom will increase IMr Unman' ma joi iiv .which will probably he about 1,000 in a poll of 12 000 mows. Ati Uailand, the pie-em ItepiCrcniauve, walk over ihpcouiseiii the 3d disliiel wiihoiii an iippum 111, as the Locos thought 11 u-ele.s lo siart a caiidulaip. The Whig paitv f night openly and boldly tinder the banner of M National Hank ami sound cmren c.t,' winch innlio headed their lirkeis, and was plaiaideil in tho stieeis. Tins is 1 lie fiist election lor ihe iivv Cougie-s, and I consider the result as uf ihe highest ioiioitaii(! foi if the Administration could, lit ihe gie.u exeiliuns ilipy m,id", have sated tho .-staie, il mm d, in a oieasine, li ne checked their l.i 11 : Inn now il 00 It acceleiales 1'iei' uipid iic-ceoi nno ine uiivss, aim win Hate 11 vei v I ivora- tile influence on the elections ttlurh lake place next limn II in Aik.m-as, M is-oiii i anil Keiiuu ky. Rnoi molls hei weic depending on the result of the cnuiesi, and inir uppouenis 1101 unit ln-e iheir candid lies, Inn have ihe add 11 i mil 1 II igrin uf lusiu their money. Nat. Intelligencer. U. S. Troops run the Frum-ier. The Washington Globe states that General Scott, having restored quiet among the Cherokee Indians, two regiments of artillo. ry havo been ordered North, to be stationed on tho frontior; winch together with tho new regiment now organized under Col. Worth, who lias already passed 00 to Sack eitv Harbor, will, it is hoped, prove suffi cient rffoclually to aid tho woll disposed inhabitants of (lie border in maintaining the peace of the country. Gun. Macomb, we learu irom the Republican, arrived at Platfiburgh on Saturday. CANADA FRONTIER. ft is slated in the Detroit Free Press, of Monday, from a source which that paper rays may be relied on, that an cxptess toadied Sandwich the day previous, from Toronto, with orders to the commandant to disband the militia on this frontier, and to draw uff 1 ho regular troops into the Lon. 'Ion district. All theS'atc prisoners confined in King ton, (Upper Canada,) barracks, have been tried and acquitted. Tho two men, Toucey and Tunnicliffe, who were arrested 011 Grindstone island, were tried on Tuesday week before E. M. Luff. Eq. and acquitted. The Stckelt's Iliirbnr Courier, says, 'it seemi, from the ti'stitnony, that they never have belonged to Johnson's gong, but were quiet and in ofl'unsivc inhabitants of the island one of them residing in the I1011-1; in which they wore captured by the BriiUh force.' In refereuco to this affiiir llie Suckcl's Harbor Whig remarks We have coovur.-ed with individuals, residents uf the Island, who say tint out rages and cruelties have been comm ttud by the British soldiers there. Why has a British force been invited to come on to American ground, for the purpose of captu ring William Johnston or any other man ? Whatever may have been the motives which induced this measure tho principle is wrong. Review at the Falls' Many of our citizen yesterday wen' to the Fulls expect ing lo see a brilliant display of Buti-h troops, who, it was said wore to be cuncen iraied, for the purpn-e of being reviewed hy Eurl Durham. They were not dtsap. pointed in the review, but the number uf men on the ground was much less thnn had been anticipated, probably not exceed ing GOO or 800 in all. On reaching Ihe Pc villton about rdevi'ii, we found tho troops remarks with which he prefaced this toast, were very neat nnd appropriate. On tiding Irom tho table, most of the company from Buffalo were severally intro iloced In the E.irlantl Countess, nnd declin ing nu invitation lo attend the hull in the evening, coon after rotu neil, highly gtnti Red with t ho excursion, nnd Ihe politeness with which they had been treated. DuJJalu paper, July HI NOHTE The Commencement of the University nf Ver mont will be holdcii 011 tVKDNESDAY of next ttei k, August 1st. The excicises of the Junior (,'la-s will be on the day piecediug, beginning at 4 o'clock, V M. The piticpssinn will fo in .11 lh College 11I 9 o'clock, I' M o( Commencement Day. The examination of students wishing In join tho Uniteisiiy, will be on Tuesday, 8 o'clock, A, M Not tli College. Examination of I!ni linginn High School will commence, l-'iiday, Jolt 27 Ii, lit 9 u'clock, A. M. Exhibiliun 7 o'cloi k, P. M. J. 11. EA.S I'M AN, Principal. The Annual Joint Celebration of the Phi Slema Nu and Uniteixily lustililiu Sociclics of the Utii yeisily ol Veimonl, will he held at the White t'hurch, oti Wednesday die 1st uf August, at llnco o'clock, P. M. An Oiation 11) t y be expected from llie Hon. Dami i, 1). Mak.naiU), of Albany. A l'oein may uUu be expected fioin J. G. lilt DDK 9, l.-ll. Immediately nfinr llie exercises, will be held the annual meeting nf the two Societies for the election of an U1.1101 1111 1 I'oel fir the euiiiiig 5p.11-. (iKuiiok K. IlooollTON, ) Sccre liENJ.J Tknsev, J tarics, Burlington July 12. 1SLJ3. TO six Tho Sociely for Religions Inquiry of the University of Vermont, will hold its annual celebration, at tho White (Jiiurcli. on Tuesday the 31-1 iust., at half past two o'clock, I1. M. Itov. Ilunntni) WiNsLotv of Bortoo, may he expected to deliver an address on the ocouMnti. D. C. Hoooiiton, Stcy pro tern. U. V. M.. July 13, ltlJS t'errmpl1 ry Notice. THE necesitie of the subsci diers compel them 10 call upon their customers for the immediate payment of all deblsdiio. Those who do nut com ply iviili the above nonce, may 1101 be siirpri-ed 10 find llie same 111 the hands of an attorney for collec tion. I.ATHttoe & I'OTVWN. July 2fi. 19HS. NATHANIEL (i OR DON, PRODUCE COMMISSION ME KC II A NT, No 27, Front Street, ) New Yor.K. J N. B. Butler, Cheese, Pork, Beef &c, Sold on f'oiiiuiwsinn. FARM FOR SALE. J) THE Hubf!rilinr WiV W) sell his Vi7.MIvin!T ii the town ol Etsrx, near Slniiioti's. tavern on the mad to Montpelier. soul fa mm contains about tit My ucres of land, with a rmtd two story Hume. Bam, ,ind Corn Darn, together wtili a gond Blacksmith Slwp. Possession given when sold. For 'urilier particulars noiiire of John l'cck, Burlington, or ofllio siih-cribnr nt Montpelter. June 27. ITEXRV W SAW.N BiQnDKETH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUSTTERFEITSU ALL Pills sold in Ihu State of Vormont most past through our hands as Dr. Brandrcth's General agents. Thoro will bo no tnoro Pills sold al the Boston office, neither by B. I). MtiRsoy. (who is no longer Bran druihs ngcut.) to bo rotailcd in this section of tho Country. All fills purporting lo bo Brandrolhs, and sold by persons without a certificate of agoncy signed hv B, Braridtelh arid by us aro counter- frih. To prevent all imposition from the cir culation ol countercits, just nil too purcitaser ak the vender for his certificate of agency signed by Ferro nnd Putmelec, or Geo. P. Walton, of Montpelier Vt, who is our gcnoral agool for tho following Counties, Washing ton, Orange, Cliiliundon, Addison, Finnklin, Oilcans, Lumuilc, Essex and Grand Isle, in Vormont. Nuvcr purchaso of Peddlers, for in no instance do limy ovcrlmve tho gonuino arlicla. Should any of our agents be caught in tho counterfeit trade, they will bo displaced and mi advertised. Tho fills must be kept pure, ant the Ciiuntorfcilor.s must be dealt with ao cording In law, No Mistvku. Tho follotvir.j persons aro regularly appointed in tlioir res pective town". For salu by S. E. IIOWABD.Burlinpton Follor i Huntington, Richmond Fletcher & Woodman, Willtstori J, T. Ainsworlh, Mil' Inn fuller, Cull, & Co., Faitfax L. Tyler Essex L, Janes, Georgia James llus-ell, St Albans F.V. Goodrich, SwantonS. K. I'latt, f fiijhgatc -Win. Gtcen k Co., Sheldon Chaftti i: Lewi,Httrkshiro Thomas r uller fc Son. Etiosborgli Artnington i- Dean, llakcrf-held Tower and (Jakes, Underbill G. B. Oakcs, Jericho. FEItltE and PARMELEE. General Drandrethian Agenli. Middlctown, Conn., July 4, 1B3U- P A III. STRKKT. riHE siilweiib"r leliiius ihauks for past favors, m. nnd woiilil ierpcciliillv laloim the public Ihai he continues 1 1 1 - Tailiiiiu I'o-iness in all iis branches. He has on hand a variety of new and second li.iml CLOTHING, together with a variety nf nihei ,11 tides, which he Fell will cheap fir ca-li. Old am iiieuis cleansed and repaneu 111 tlieluM 111 inner, at shuit notice. WANTliD, A I111 so quantity of Second Hand winter Clothe', lit exchange lor other ai tides. C. BENNS ' N. B. Those whose notes and accounts aie due, will save cost by lettling llicin imiiiediatoly. Cw ' C. D. TAX On Howard's Cheap Cash Store fot his facullij of selling Goods, is g00 Is it because Howard is doing such widely extended and extensive mnnietl business thai he is assessed fur his faculty $400. when llie overtign of merchanis in cnn-isiing ot llie 4od regiment, opart ol the Stato is les than glO ! or is it because llie '.Milt anil a company nt tin1 Umgnn ihe Listers have placed upon him such Jonathan G. Stewart's Estate. E tho subscribers having beon appoint ed by thn Hon. Probate Court lor tho Oisttict of Grand Isle. Commissi" ers to ro coivo examine and adjust all claims and do inartds agaiiil thoostato or Jonalltan u. blew, art iate ol'Soulh Hero in said District deceased represented insolvent, and all claims and do- mauds exhibited in ottsel liiereto ana sis months from llie22d dav of June A. 1). 1B38 being allowed by said Caurt fur that purpose ; Wo thercloro hereby give notice inai we win atlond to Ihe business of our appointment at Hector Adams' olfico in said South Hero on Saturday the 2ltli day of November A.D. 1838 from Inn' o'clock a. M till four o'clock P. M. Given under our hands at South Hero this Mb day of July A. 0.11(311. UAVID COItBI.V, Jtomm, Hine sburgh Academy nriHE fall term of this In-fiiotion will JL cummenci' the 20t'i of Augti-t next. A J SAMSOK. Principal. Hinethurgh JutiM. I !13R. Guards, paraded 111 tin open, level field 10 front of the house. Beside the troop we have mentioned there was on the fi.ld a small park of Flying Artillery, and a few Lancers on guard. Tlmu I roups made a very handsome appearance, and among ihein were veterans who had snrvetl 111 Lgvpt and throughout reiiHMidous screw pre-s engine power that tho penple are attracted from curiosity? Winch of the cnuses can it be some how or other the store is literally thronged with customers, and n keps me and my Agents constantly piircha-nig to supply. I think I may as well answer it myself and lake the benefit, a I have lite tax to pay, viz: the Penin-ular war. Ihe brass lielnn'is Ttvu of the Listers being keen sighted of thu Guards ore beautiful and classical.! discerning men of high imaginary power-'. hut on such a dny as yesierday, must havo can judge from external appearances that Tho following counterfeits are in circu. lotion : ones, Bank of Vorgennes, letter B. Threes, Farmers and Mechanics' Bunk, Burlington, letter L. Throes, Far inert-' Bink, Orwell, letter O., badly cxe ctiicd. Twos, of the Bank of Brattleboro. The nbreviation, "Brattleboro' ' is adopted in the true bill, but in the counterfeit the word is spelt out. Vounq Scoundrels. The following piece of mischief, de.-cril ed in 11 letter Irom Pilli-field, Ms. lo the editor of the Northampton Courier, exceeds in daiin; juvenile villany, nny thin; we ever read. The Canada papers will undunblc Hy chaise it up on the U. S, Government, a, a siep in aid of the patriots, Last Thur.d ly night, we experienced one of the mosi leiiihn explosions ever tviinessed here. It iiiieaied that the Powder Magazine, coirnininj: 800 lbs. of powder, was fiied by mjiiik cI.ii iii! vil laius, and the damage it d 1110 was Holy leiiible. The tnag.17.i11e was piin.iied in the hurting ground, neailv in the ceutie ol ihn vill.ige, mill every build iug tvillliu 100 lods was mine or lcs iiijuied. One liou-e, nl In 11K, owned liy IM. fining, iiliuul 5 rods final the Magazine, tins damage I 11I10111 SfiOO, THE BOSTON BRASS B VM). We hate the pleasuie to niiiuiimrn to nur rhlzcns thai mi insiiu 11 1 si 1 Cniiceil fioni this InliU reD. The inof was veiy niiich shaueied-windows all hulled Choir nf Musicians, miy be expecicd nil binken ill the walls inoted some inches the baim Monday evening, under tlm diieciion nf Mr Eu. I nd uearlv inosiiaied. &c. Tim Limn bnek VA tin Kr.MMLL, their leader, assisted by Ills ' h IiiioI lionm was also coiniderably iiijuied ; rash, bioiher ihn justly cehbiaied lr. Jas. K. Ken I windows mid doms bioken in -fences and wood DALL, whose fame as a Musician is too well hmisc iirosiraled brii ks weie ibiten ihroiigh ihu l ..,.,. 1 f..l,l :ii,l.,iiio I, I., .. M 1 1 i.:....nn ....... 1.. ... 1 .... j.. ,, , w-tl lis sullies weigiiom ..uu ni-im vvrio c.illieil oiilmaiy iiiteiesl ill al we take tins iippununiiy lo 10 11, 12 icks. Ihe Congiegalional, ilaptist and say that our ciiizens may long heieafor await ilm Kii,cupal Churches, Tmtn IIiiiic, .Medical Insti. period when ihey can hear thu melody thu mil be tm inn and Uoaiding I se, had most nf the win- .ioilni eil by Ihesii highlv lalenleil pioles-nrs j in-' iluus, sa-li mid all, bioken in. I he d image of tlm deed we leant thai 11 is a til r nf tegiei to our 1 Medical Institution is inep arable. Thu Mus 11 Maralimn Cine. Hun they me about lu leave 1I10 ' mi'iched. uliiidi id I. ....d ,.,n. ,.r ,1... mn.i v.itu. land nl their naiiviiy, peihaps foietci, lo di-niss ' , jM ihe Unheil Stales, is tery much iiijuied, heavpuly music fioui ihe wilds of America in a for I many of lint wnxfiuiies, skeletons, &e. being eign land ; surh Is iheir celebrhv ill Eniupe, that ruteied in pieces, "rhe Hotel of Waniuer & this will piobablv bit ihe Ian tippoi utility wu may j Russels, llnlel of IJnivvn, Buel & Cohs's store, ever have of hearing those who tank as our most , llowaid's noie, ptiuuu.. nirun of f. Allen fcfjon, celebrated 1ne1 trim professors in the sublime nit weic also vet t tiiueli inimed. besides inaiiv dtvtdlui' nl music. IMimo slintild negleci to iillend whn can hoiisei, And 11 is a miiaclu that lliere was no one possibly make il convenient. The name of the killed. It causes n ureal ileal of excitement j Kendalls is a host mid well may we feol proud several have been m tested under fiispiciou. I'he of Ihe honor ronferied on us by tlioir kind al lend-( boys in the village hate been engaged, all sitimnrr, ance nl lite nnniiul Coininenceinent of llie, Uniier 1 in eterv kind of mischief, Biirh'as'lii ing cannon in Bily uf the Gieen Mountains ; there is a national' the nlglil, &c.&c. nnd prohibly the 1.1100 ones have pride connected with litis, nnd llicse are men we fired the magazine. The trial comes on today, should delight to honor. Let 110 one fail to aiiend.l nnd if it can be proved uejinst them It will mi el v le hard busioetj fur litem, l'ittsflcld yillaga look been rot her uncomfortable. A littleafter 1 1, the Countess nf Durham. accompanied by several ladies, came on Ihe ground. The Louotess now would hardly come on to Byron's description of her when Lady Epzibcth urcy, but she is still a very handsome woman. Soon after ihe ladies made tiGjr appear ance. the Governor, dressed ns n general ofiicer. and wearing thu insignia of the order nf the BaUi nccompantcd by Sir John Colborne, and Admiral Sir Charles Paget, and a brilliant stall', riido into the field and took his station tlirect'y in front of the line. The review wos managed os such things usually arc anil concluded with 0 sham fight, in which iho 43d displayed cnosidf rnblerkill in mancauvering and finng. I ho Boldio'H, however, attracted Itttlo at. teuiton. They were more marlin es, and all eyes were directed to htm who could put litem 111 motion, and direct them at will. The Mi r I ol Doiham is about the middle height, very voting looking, vvnli rather 0 pleasant exprcsMon of coiiuieiinnce, but there is nothing in his appearance strongly marked, or indicative uf the great abilities ho is reputed to possess. Thi general cusl of Ins feaiures struck us as being de cidedly Yankee. Hi face is tolernhly full, but has nothing of thu usual bluff, English look. A very largn number ofspoclotore, Cana diansaii'd Americans, were 011 tho ground, and among them wo noticed a tulorablo prinkling of American olficers, who, we were plea-ed to seu were treated wilh marked courtesy. Col. Grey and several of iho Governor's Aides offering lo dismount 111 order lo accommodate Mnj Voting wi h a horse. The tifi'er wasdi'cliueil, but the making it shows thu feeling which prevail, ed. Sir John Colborno. tho Commander-in-Chief, is a fmu specimen nfnuold war worn veteran; bill full of life, vigor, and resolu Hun After tho roview was ovor, cards wore senl round inviting somo two hundred guests among whutn one quarter porhaps weru Americans, to nariaku ol a collodion wilh bis Excellency. Tho collation provud a dinner, and passed oil exceedingly well Just at its clnso. after drinking thu health uf tho Queen, Lord Durham arose and gave the President of the United Statcb. The Howard's harvest is great, that cumini-nce tni'itt Jubilee is coining, and whenever Ihey henr of an article being bought it is from the cheap cash store. When ilu'y nre directed to do an errand fur a tielgn bor, it la ju-t to call at Howards and I II y will he sure to gel II there. Then Howard has always such a large supply of good anil so many customers to attend to thai Ihey have to watt their turns say from 5 to '20 minutes, not withstanding ho has four clerks besides liitnseif. They think, ns many others do, that Howard is doing nil the business, and tax him fur it to prevent his doing too much, in hopes lie will give up a part or be obliged to charge higher for Ins Goods and that will divide his custom, now 1 here is no such thing about it, the tnoro I have to pay as u tux for tnv facility uf doing business, the more I inut try to do; anil the only way in accomplish it, is to keep an increased supply nnd sell cheaper, which I guess will produce lh' effect. The loss of 7a per cent on the 150 Windsor money, or any portion ol the $100 lax will not bo charged on goods. Visitors anil customers aro invited to como and buy. or view wifhmil charge this much lulkcd of establishment, kept hv S. EARL HOWARD 2-Wi July m. DISSOLUTION. T II I'i Cup htm:uiiii' heretofore exist ing between the subscribers t' In mu tual agreement dissolved All dtbts due the (inn nan y will be paid Id Siimucl Hun tinglnn. one of the undersigned, to .xohum the same are transferrd, if by whom all company dibit will be paid SAM'L (WrJVGTOJN", M R LYON V. B. I'he busineKs loill be continued al Ihe old stand In Sam I Huntington, who st i'r a ainliniinnic of public frfYfinnire PIANOS AT AUCTION. frHB stib-crtbers offer fur sale al Auc JL lion, eighteen Piano Forte, manu factured by the lote firm of Herrick, Christopher & Co., together with tho remaining stock and materials of the firm. The whole will be sold without reserve, to close tho afFiirs of the Concern, and the sale will be well worthy the attention of nmateurs and manufacturers. The instruments were built bv workmen from the best shops in New York, and have been pronounced by competent judges MiHy equal to any ever offered in (lie U States. They can be seen every week day at tho Factory, ond ladies anil gentlemen can bu satisfied of their durability hy examining in-iromoiits friim tho sntne Establishment which have been many mouth? ir ue io tins vicinity. TIIR STOCK, Coosisls of a gi"ai quantity nf rich ma hogony top fintf Boards nnd Plank, of superior quality. Also, shaded anil crutch Mahogany, anil Rosewood Venctrs, select, ed with great care. A large qoaniily of Hardware for Piano making, such as Bra-s Socket-Costers, Bulls, round head Screws, best silver and steel Wire for strings, Key Puis, Pedal lluda. Feet &.,, Bndge Pins, Files, regu luiing Wires, iSic. itc. The Mahogany, Rose wood. Trimmings, &c. were selected in New York especially for this Mnnolncturing Co. and cost from 1000 to 1200. The conditions of sale arc gond endorsed notes, payable one hall in 3 and ono half in G muni lis, nt Bunk. The instruments and stork will be sold nt the Factory, corner of Cliamplain and Macdonoogh streets, on Phursday, second August, commencing ni 10 o'clock. A M. LYMAN & COLE. Burlington. VI Juli 12. IU3!I. TO SPORTSMEN. rriHH Mibscnbur is now opening and JL oilers low for cash, a go ul assortment ol English Percus-nui Shot Guns, of thu best quality, also Powder Flasks and Shot Bugs July in. ltotiKKT Moony. A prune assortment of Grain Crndtet English Cr idle Scythes; and Sir.kki, received noil for snle liv KonKnT Moonr. LOST, about the. first of July, between Brown's tavern in Burlington, and Raymond's in Willislnn, a KEG (untaining about 110 (7m if Vitriol, wilh Messrs J, if J II. I'erk S Go's name upon Ihe keg The finder on leaving the same at Peck's store will be suilabli rewarded LORENZO C. FOSTER. Burlington, JulyQO, 1030. v v Vtktl'A v.tMr IP QUABUBV &. YOUNG'S paicnl im- 5 proved live . 'i((v, io. 1, and interior lo any Hung now in use, turning hmli wav. for sale at manufacturers prices July 20. by Fui.i.i'.tt & I1rai)i.kvs, TV TkriAT ri r.-v 11 U J. li 114. Lfj persons are lien uy lorbid trusting ur trading with my son, Solomon Johns, os I shall not pay tiny debts of his contracting after this date, vviiIimu my consent. SILAS JOHNS. Huntington July VI, lh"3ll. Southern Hydraulic Cement, 1 nt Bbls, fur sale by L.vnmor & Potwi.,. A'

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