Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 7, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 7, 1838 Page 3
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Tiik Maine Er-ECTroN.-Ncxt Monday the Mnino election takes place, on olectton which ia justly regarded on oil hands ns tho first really scriooa encounter or tho groat political campnign now ponding. Tho Southern nnd Western clcctiona which lmvo already occurred, havo hecn, compor nlivcly speaking, mora Bkirmishes between light armed troops j but in Maine, on Mon day next the solid columns of the heavy nrined will approach each oilier; on the one side the Whig friends of liberty and law, and on tho other tho loco foco merce naries of executive despotism. The struggle will be fierce and despe rate. Tho office holding democrats," infuriated by tho prospect of boing compel led to relinquish "tho spoils," of being stripped with disgrace of I ho offices and honors so basely obtained and so scandal ously misused, will leave no means untried, however profligato and wicked, to deceivo and mi? lead tho weak and ignorant, to cor rupl, to bribe, and even to UUY the venal. There is not one menu and malignant pas sion, there is not one short sighted preju dice, tho offspring of ignorance, as all pre judices arc, to which they arc not basely nnnenlin?? : and even the discreet and vir tuous aro liable to become tho victims of Two noYS shot. The Louisville Jour nal bbvh Two bovs wore 6hot in new Al bany on Saturday night while in the act of Btcalmg melons from tne garuen 01 a citizen ol that place. One of them received sev eral shot in tho head nnd wos severely wounded ; tho other was shot in tho arm. Totat, abstjnetce. A loafer whoso un9pcakablcs exhibited evident marks of the encroachments of time and the want of good housewifery, lately called at our of fice nnd inquired : " How much do you charge to put on advertisement in your paper ?" "One dollar, sir," was tho answer. 'I want to advertise my wife, nnd I thought, as I should have considerable of that business to do, 1 would call and sco it I cou'd getj it done cheaper." Ah ! you have several women to ad vcrtise ?" " No but I'm goin to apply for a divorce, nnd thai will liuvc to bo advertised you know." " Yes, but how long has your wife been gone?" " Ever since last May." "But il requires wilful absence for three vcars. to susiuin a petition for a divorce." "Does it?" said the fellow, and hie lips dropped; he crammed his hands into his trowsjrs and muttered " How 'a that, mister ? said he, " did you eay total abstinence for threo years?" " Exactly." " Well then I guess I'll wait a spell And ho mizzled. Maumee Express. The Farmer and the Beggar. A etrong, hearty, lazy fellow, who preferred becsinc for a precarious subsistence to working for a sure one, called at tho house of a blunt Massachusetts farmer, and in the usual langungc of his race, asked for 'cold victuals nnd old clothes.' 'You appear to bo a 6tout, hearty looking man,' said the former 'what do you do for a living?' 'Why, not much,' replied tho fellow, 'ex cept travelling about from one placo to another.' 'Travelling about, ha?' replied the farmer 'can you travel pretty well?' 'O yes,' returned the sturdy beggar, 'I'm pretty good at that.' -Well then,' said trie farmer, cooly opening the door, 'let's see you travel.' A loafer the other day asking for newp, was actually astonished that the Dutch had taken Holland. "And where," continued he, his eyes dilating with wonder '-where jne(l I have they taken it to?" N. O. Picayune. Mr Watson, in his "Annals of Philadel phia," says that our national air, Yankee Doodle, was token from "Lydia Fisher," a famous and well known New England jig. The versn ran "Lyilia Locket lost her pocket, Lydia Fisher found it, Not :i hit of money in it, Only binding round il." HAUD TIMES, a now artielo for panta loons by WAIT & TABOU. THE stock of goods remaining on hand in tho storo formerly owned by Mr. Lemuel Curtis will bo sold at public auction at tniil stnra commencing Monday Seploin. bcr 24, at 10 o'clock in tho forenoon, nnd the sale will continue until all sold. The stock consists of a liutro t-tock of DRY GOODS, TEAS, CROCKERY. S;c. Sec. N. LOVELY, Trustee. Burlington. Sept. 5. (fl3H. New Goods, $ Cheap Goods. THE subscriber has just returned from New York with a large and general assortment of Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crockery, China and Giast Ware, which he will sell unusually low lor cash, Duller, or Grci full cloth. Nonr.E Lovely. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1838. PLAIN and striped cassimcrcs, satinett, buffalo cloth, moloskin, &c. by WAIT & TABOR. ST. Croix and Portorico sugars of tho host quality, and prices lower than over by WAIT and TABOU. For Sale or to Rent. THE Brick Store owned by Mr. J. S. Potwin, on church-st. apply to II. Leavenworth. August 30, 1033. L1IM11RR. 4 ff add FEET clear and comhion stuff boards, plank, clap boards, scanllin, Sec, fur sale by IHCKOK $ CAT LIN. Chenille, Cashmere, Thihet & Chaly Snawls by Wait and Tadoii. Larsc and Small Cashmere Scarfs by Wait and Taiioh. o. TfJtTTED A JOURNEYMAN Coopor, ono who is of good moral habits, nnd who is o first rate workman. To such good encour agement, will bo given, bv npplying to C. SEVERANCE. N. B. I wish to contract for a quantity of red oak flour barrel staves. Burlington, August 3, 1030. C- S. r JVOTICJ5. ., ALL persons aro hereby forbid trusting or trading with my eon, Solomon Johns, ns I shall not pay any debts of his contracting after this date, willuut my consent. SILAS JOHNS. Huntington July 12, IU33. Real Estate at Auction. THE properly lately cwned by Lemuel Curtis in Burlington, consisting of a large brick store and a building occupied as a shoe shop, ana Hie land on which the same stand, and now holdenby the subscriber in trust. Jor certain creditors of said Curtis, will be exposed for sale at public auc- tion at the store on the tame premises, on Saturday the Jirsl day oj September next at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Said properly is wider an incumbrance of Eighteen hun dred dollars, and will be sold subject to said incumbrance. The two buildings will be sold together or scpcralely to suit the purchasers. JYUIJLU lsVyULY, Truslct. Burlington. August 9, (QThe above sale, stands adjourned to Saturday Oct. 6, at 3 o'clock P. M. when the above will be sold without re serve, and possession given of the store immediately, unless it should be previously disposed of at private sale. N. Lovely. Sept. 3d, 1838. II. SAXTOI SUIIGEON DENTIST. Office one door south of N. B. ITaswcll's Auction and Commission Store. BURLINGTON, VI. TO MILLERS. BOLTING- CLOTHS. A GOOD assortment of first quality from a celebrated Manufacturer just received, and for salo at the market prices by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Aus. 23, 1838. FOR SA.L.E. SMALL Sloop, 25 tons burden, now laying at St. Johns L. C. Said sloop is only three years old. Tho sails and rigging were all purchased in Montreal two years since, and have only been used to make two trips through the Lake, sinco which they have been Housed, it canoe delivered here or in St. Johns. For fur. ther particulars enquire of tho subscriber in Burlington, or of James McKcnzio of St. Johns. JAMES II. PLATT. Aug. 23, 1038. STATE OF VERMONT, District op Chittenden, ss. $ AT a probato court holdon at Burlington, within and for tho said district on the 6th day or September, A. D. 1C3U, Present the Hon. Charles Ilussell, Judgo, an instru ment purporting to bo tho last will nnd tes tament of Joseph Jones, late of Undorhill, deceased, being presented to tho court here by Truman Slioldon, tho executor tliercin named, for probato; it is ordered that all persons concerned tlicroin bo notified to ap. pear at a session of said court to be holdon at the olfico of tho register of this court in Bur lington, in said district, on tho second Wcdncs. day of October next, and show causo, if any, against tho probate ol siad will, for winch purpose it is further ordered that a copy of llie record ol ti:is order be published tlirco weeks successively in tho Freo Tress, printed at Burlington as soon as may bo. A truo copy ol record. Attest WM. WESTON. Register. M A 11 U I E D . In lilt town on Sunday evening last, by Rev Mr. Caugliey, Mr Ephraim Bradley to Miss Mary it; urew, uoin 01 una town. DIED In this town, on Friday last Mrs, Olive M Bennett, wife of Mr Afoses 15. Bennett, ngtd 23 jcare. STATE OF VERMONT, DisTnicr of Chittenden, ss .1 A T a Probate Court holden at Burling iX ton, within and for the District afore said on tho 27th day of August A. D. 1838 An instrument purporting to bo tho last will and testament of Jesse Woodruff, late of Milton, in said District deceased, was presented to the Court hero for Probato by Sally Woodruff tho Executrix therein named. Tiicukfore it is ordered by said Court that public notice be given to all persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, nt a session thereof to be holden at Burlington, on the second Wednesdny of October. A. D. 1038. nnd contest the probate of said will, and it is further order ed that this order bo published three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper printed at. Burlington, in this Stale, the last of which shall bo previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. divon under mv hand nt tho Register Office, this 27th day nf August A. D. 1838 Wm WESTON, Register. Vermont Reports, 7tTLj bo published in ono week, by tho T T subscriber. It will bo sent, if ordered, at once, to any part of tho Stato, or delivered at Montpolior tho iirst week ol tbo session ol too next Legislature. Also for sale, Chipman's Rooorls complete, Aikcns' Reports, 2 vols. Aikcns' Reports, odd parts or vols., odd vols. or complcto setts of Vermont Roports, Chip, man's Principles of Govornmcnt,iiicluding tho constitution of the United States, Chipman on Contracts,Crabb's History of the English Law, English Common Law Kcpoits, all vols do do do odd vols. Equity Draftsman, new edition. Mitford's Pleading do Digest ot'N. Y. Reports, 2 vols. Hall's do do do Reeves' Domestic Relations, Ecclesiastical Reports, 5 vols. Kent's Commentaries, -1, vols. CJ cditjon greatly enlarged. Chilty's Practice, '3 vols. Swift's Diccst. 2 vols. Polersdorff's abridgement, 15 vols. London edition, Walker's American Law, Roscoo's Criminal Evidcnco, Groslov's Equity do Starkio's do 2 vols, now cd Russoll on Crimes 2 vols. Wheaton's Sclwyn's Nisi Prius2vols, with a general collection of la w books at tbo lowest nriees. Also lorsaio mo enure siock oi Tiicotogicai Medical, Classical, School, and Miscellaneous books lately owned by Smith & Harrington boing tho most extensive collection of books in the stato, and among them many raro and val uablo works all of which will bo sold a reduced prices a cataloguo of this slock will soon bo printed and forwarded to any person wishing it. Uiiauncey Goodrich Burlington, August 21, 1838. DR. RFLFE'S DROPS. IS ono of the most clfioacious compounds in tho Materia Medica, for tho euro of that class of invcterato diseases produced by an impure stato of the blood, and a vitiated habit of tho body , and usually exhibiting themselves in the forms of Scrofula, Sill, Leprosy, St. Ar.thony's Fire, Fever Sores, fevon when tho bones aro affected.) White Swellings, (if apfiicu wiin ur.Jcbb's tjiniinonl,; foul and obtlinalc Ulcers, Sore Legs and Eyes, Scaldhcad m children, Scurvy and Scorbutic Gout, Pint" pled or Carluncled Faces, Festering Eruptions, and I'inercal i amis throughout the body, m which last caso tho Drops often euro when Mercury fails, TJiay aro also tho best Spring and Autumnal Physic to purity and cloanse tbo sysloni from humors which frequently ap pear at tlieso seasons of tho year. Tliov also aid tho process of digestion, and by purifying tbo blood, f rovent tho secretion of malignant humor3on ,ho lungs. The Proprietor confi dently relics upon tho vast number of sur prising cures effected bv theso Drons. not onlv in uosion anc us vicinuy, out throughout tho union, forthobcsl proof'oflhcir excollcnco as anunrailingernt(,e.Uei'ci7ie, in all tho ca bob above specified. This artielo has recently boon pronounced by a physician of the first respectability, who bad witnossud its surmising efficacy, as en titled, in his opinion to tako the load of all tho popular articles known for tho abovo com plaints, and indeed it is fast iraininir this point in iiuunu uMiiiiiuiou, iiiiougiioui inu country. i ncc $i a mime, or six Hollies tor 83. Dr. Rclfe's ATTTI-jBSIiIiIOTTS PIT.T.S. For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Lislscssncss, Headache, Cnslirencss, Flatulence, Cholic, Bilhous All'ections, &c. rinO comment on tho efficacy of llieso Pills, JL after a successful experience of many years in England and Amorica has cstsblish cd their reputation, is needless: Suflico it to observe, that for redundancy of Mile, Flatu lence, Costivenoss, Headache, &o. &c, they will undoubtedly provo far nioro serviceable than those drastic purges too frequently em ployed, and will not only at tho same timo tend to rcinovo the offending causo by gen. tic motions, and strengthen the digcslivo organs, but improve tho appulitoand renovate the system. Trice 50 cents. DB. UELFE'S VEGETABLE SPE CIFIC, For Sick Headache, fcc. Price 50 cents. 1; 1 TUB asthmatic and consumptive lllli most prevalent ond fatal nt nil the diseases incident to civilized society tho Consumption may generally bo traced to thu least alarming of disorders, o light but neglected Cold ! By estimation, it appears that onk nu.M)iu:r amp i'ikty thousand portons die annually of tho Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may bo nltnbutcd to common Colds, nnd n negligent treatment of the Imrratsmg Cough that generally ensues, which h usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in tho side, and nt Inst Ulcerated Lungs. Violent and repented Asthmatic attacks also bring on Consumptivu symptoms. One or two dollars expended in thu pur. chase nf DR. HCLFES ASTHMATIC PILLS, nnd a little attention to their timely ndmin istrntton, will usually ensure a mitigation of theso disorders, nnd generally cflect ncurr. Tho Pills are also nn easy urul efleclunl remedy for the symptoms preceding and accompanying tho Aslhum and Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of brcat h ing, tightness and strictures across tho chest, wheezing, pain in the side, spitting of blood, &.c. Few cases can occur of any ot this class ot disorders, in which tho pur chasers of Dr. llclfe's Pills will not find n rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price-whole boxes, 30 Pills, 1 -, half do. 12 Pills, 50 cis. T8 S&BSES ! WHITE and sound Teeth arc both on ornament nnd a blessing. The best security for their advantage is to bo found in tho uso of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFICE. This elegant Tooth Powder, with a very little use, eradicates the Scurvy in the gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not onlv blackens, but loosens the tooth, and accelerates their decay. The Dentrifico thus removes the prevailing causes of oitensivc breath, pra erves the healthiness and llnndness of the gums, and renders mo lecin bcautiluiiv white. Prico 50 cents. 1;2 None arc genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper, bv the sole pro prielor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor of the lato Dr. v. J . Lonwav. ror sale nt his Counting Room, over No. 09, Court street, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also by Ins special appointment, by J. & J. II PECK & Co, Burlington, Vt. Tho trjmtnlinn of wltiih hn n'io icamt tibililishcrl ia tin mtM safeatvt effiatehut rtmuli) ur ilinmcredfor iNFiit 'v.y :xa, C'or,s, co t;;ns, asthma, I2I.OOI), AM) ATX Al'I'IXXION or tiii: i,vm;s, 5TII EDITION. Trade good and business increasing. HOWARD Of the Cheap Cash Store, TTAS at length returned from N. York XX and other markets without being obliged to go to Europe in the steamer Great Western for his supply, as has been eaid by some persons that he would ; but not so, nc couiu not uo spareu, nis custom ers required him at home, his Tax for Faculty as a Merchant of $400 by the town must be provided for. The infamous Windsor money loss of $150 has been pocketed, nnd will be referred to tho Leg islature. So tiiat having now altogether one of the most extensive, best selected, nnd cheapest bought assortments of Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, that was ever beforo offered to the public at his Grand Bazaar Cheap Cash Establishment, whero lie is ready with his 4 clerks and no other cncroL'enicnls on hand, to distribute nccord ing to the desires of customers any amount of goods they may wish at cither wholesale or retail. No charge for showing Goods. Come and 6ec. S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. As some Goods havo been pur chased under the cost of importation prices and will bo sold low, it may bo an object to eend from a distance, Orders with cash will receivo attention, nnd goods sent as low ns if customers were present. September 1, 1030. VARNISH. rMlE mbscriber has lliis day received n supply A nt Varnish Irom ono of llie best f.intories in New York, fur coach and cabinet maker's use. He solicits their particular attention to this article, as lie can make it in price, as -.veil as in qualilv, an object for iliein to buy. R. MOODY, August G. J. VV. WEAVER HAS received from New York and of fers for salo FLOUR, PORK, WET if DRY GROCERIES, BOOTS and SHOES, SHEETING, SHIRTING. CALICO Sc CONFECTIONARY, c. Sec. All bought with cash and will bo sold for cash at tho lowest market prices. Winooski City, Aug 22, 1C33, BONNETS. A new supply at Sept 1, 1038. HOWARDS. Pilot Cloth and Plaid Shawls, at tho new cash Btoro, by Sept. 0. Wait & Tabor. Horse, Chaise and Harness FOR SALE. A gentleman has left with Mr. J. K. Giiay, carriago maker of this villas. to bo sold on reasonable terms for cash or approved paper, ono light Chaise, Horse and Harness, all in excellent order, and a very respectnblo establishment. They cat) be purchased separately if required. Burlington, Aug. 22, 1G38. Grain and Provisions. "D YE, Corn and Roans, also smoked Hams JL. and shoulders lor salo by Pearlst. Aug. 14 II. M. GIDD1NGS. SPELLING BOOKS. Krf DOZ Webster's Elementary Spol JUU ling Hooks aro offered for salo by JAMES W. IUCKOK, Burlington, Aug. 10, 1033. Goolick's Matchless Sanativo, For sale by CYR US JOHNS. Juno 25, 3m Agent for Huntington, VI. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DisrnicT op Ciiittj:ndi:n, ss. HMO tho Hon, supreme court next to be JL holden nt Burlington in the county of Chittenden on the Thursday next prece ding the first Tuesday of January in the year of our Lord ono thousand eight hun dred and thirty nine. Humbly shewelh Charles Farrar of Reading in thu county of Windsor, that at Plymouth in the county of Grafton, and state of New Hampshire on the fourth day of June in the year ot our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ihir ty three he was lawfully married to Mary Ann Eastman, then of said Plymouth, by Noah Nichols, a minister of the gospel in said stale of New Hampshire, and from that time to the first day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-live, lie lived with said Mary Ann in the strictest observance of all the duties required by the marriage covenant, when tho said Mary Ann willully deserted your petitioner, nnd ever since hath nnd still doth continue her desertion by living sopcrato and opart from your petitioner and refnsing to live with him ns his wife, where foro your petitioner prays that according to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided, your honorable court would decree a divorce from his bond of mati'unony with said Mary Ann. Dated at Rutland, in llie county of Hut land, this 17th day of August, in the year of our Lord oighteen hundred ami thirty eight. (illARLES FARRAR. URIEL C. HATCH, Attorney for Petitioner. ON the foregoing petition being present cd to mo the undersigned, it is represented by the petitioner that tho petitionee hns absconded otii oi ;uis biuiu, uiiu uui oi mo reach of leoal process. It is tricreforo or dered that the petitioner notify tho pcti tionec o t ho nenuency oi saiu pennon uy publishing the suustanco uiereoi, anu inis nrdcr and"cUation in the Ilurlington Free Press, printed at Burlington, in said stale of Vermont, three weeks succossivcl), tho last of which publication to be at least six wcoks before tho session of tho court to which said petition is addressed, which shall be deemed sufficient nolico to the petitionee to appear at said court and show causo if any Bho have why the prayer of said peti Honor should nut bo granted. Given under my hand at Rutland, in the county of Rutland this 20th dny of August, A. D. 1G30. C. K. WILLIAMS, Chief Justice of Supremo coutt. A IIEMKDY FOR T IE excruciating pain thu decrepitude and deformity, and tho premature old ae, which are tho usual attendants of this disorder, aro HiifToted by many from a despair ol a cure, or disappointment in trio efficacy of tho numerous Pretended anlidotcs used to effect this purpose. But those who havo made a fair trial of Dlt. JEBB'S CKLERRAT12D LINJ, ME NT, even in cases of long standing, and of the most severe character, havo received certain relief, and many havo been cured in a few days, some in 24 hours! as a number of per sons in Boston and vicinity, who were former ly alllictcd with tho Rheumatism, havo very lully testified. Certificates arn in the posses' sion of tho Proprietor, proving tho most thor ough and surprising cures by means of this powerful Liniment, in case whoro other ap proved applications had utterly failed. Tho Liniment is also used with success for bruise?, sprains, numbness, stiffness of the joints, chil blains, &c. Prico 50ccnls abottlo. DUMFRIES' Odonlicu ! Odontica ! ! The Teeth! The Teeth! R. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon 9 tica. Tho fact is proved, and iho most incredulous and doublinir nro fully con vinccd, as wo havo the evidence from the sale of more than 7000 boxes within tho past year that the Utopian dreams ot tho nlchymisl aro realized, and a remedy discovered for prcscrv ing llioso important and ucautilul appendages ot tho human system, oy tho uso ol tho Mj, nctic Odontica, which, by its attractive, puri tying and strengthening qualities removes all extraneous substances from tho teeth and preserves them in thoir natural brilliancy, and tho gums in soundness and beauty. Il is as certaincd from experience, that when used the teeth will not decay, but remain till tho latest old ace, with their natural wear. When thoy aro decaying, its progress will bo ar rested, and the teeth presorved and prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlemen of tho most respectable character are daily calling, who assure us that beforo they commenced using the Odontica, their teeth were looso and fast going to decay, their gums spongy and tevcnsh.and the breath Inucd, and allcrusii'.n this invaluablo powder, in less than one wccli their teeth wcro firm in their sockets, their gums resumed their health, their brcatli cor reeled, and no money could induce litem to bo without it. All lliis costs the small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. k J. II. Peek Co. only agents in Burlington for tho sole porprictors, A. Hitchcock Sc (Jo. Utica iS. Y, PllKPAnKl) Oi.'I.Y I1Y Till'. SOU: PUOPRIETM NKW'-YOUK. In nrcsriulnz ttih useful remedy in tlio nubile, dm Pro prietor i Rtitliorlzedby n Physician, from whom liioHeci.'ij himself, nnd In Iih extensive practice In Pulmonary Bil lions, with nsionlslilng effect. Tlio happy coinbhmtiun -,i vcgctablo Bubjtnncen, of which it U entirely compose, arc peculiarly udapted to dUeasca of tho Lungn, Liver, u:. siomacn. This medlclno liai boon ned very extensively, nnd th propiktor haa not known nMnglo iiiftancu In which It livi .Uleilln giving rcliel In illsc.iees lor which It i rcconiinoii l. il: even In case niinroachiiiij to con i tlon. uttenJ-j ' with blej illng nt tlio Luiigti. ami wheio u,i aher reinedlej had filled, tho most decided and fluttering bucccih lfu) attended Its use. Common colds, which arc cencrallv tlx. i of obstructed per piratlon, will yield to Its InlliieK1 1 f few lioura; when ili-ed in asthma! hoarseness. whe Ing. and sholtncs3 of breath, it gives immediate relief, pru. curing tranquil rc-,t and sleep. In whooping cough It u without a rival. It operates with gentle cxpectorjtion, uml may ho jriven to Infants with perfect safely. j nc genuine .-,cw lngianii uou;-!i syrup will bo cr f foiled in a hill of directions, enclosed in nn etieTntnl wrapper, tienrltij 011 it the signature of the proprietor In IVi own hand writing. Tlio bctile will bo scaled and ttauipuf on thecorl: ' New England Cough Syrup.' a lew 01 me many ceriincaies in i.ivorol tlilasvrup CThkA 0 In tiosscs'-ion ol'the I'ronrittor. arc added forVin rmrn..!.l of those wiin may be troubled with similar complaints. Messrs. Moffat, I'lummirfr Co. nenucmcii Aiier Having trice, Ly tno rccommandatwrft. of my friends, almost every medicine fur a couch, wilhoiij the lca't relief, I had recourse tu your New Englai.ij v-Hviu oji ui 1, .him .1111 tliauiuil III ttim (1IUCU lUailKIULi ness, that It has cured me of oncof tlio most obttlnato couglm eei i.nen , uiiu mi.ui aei 11 ij ue nuuiyin rccoilim"!": to every ono whom 1 find in need of eo valuable a mull. cine. Yours respectfully, Jhiton, Nov. SO, 1S3.1. JOHN I'. STEVEN'S. 1 have ih c satisfaction and pleasure: of Informlm- vuti that the bottle of New Knjriand Cough Hyrjp, which I pn. cured of you on the 21d of April, has entirely rclioved ni.i irom a very seveio rougu wmcii nau auuetea ine tor a slum lime past. After ndns a vaiicty of mcdiwne, and flmlhi'! nn permanent relief, 1 was induced by the advico of 11 v fi icniN, to try your Syrup. The result I have already etatnf . it bucceeded beyond my expectation ; and I cheerfully recommend it as a very valuable medicine forallthoso wli'i may be allllcted witli complaints. Yours respectfully, CII.UUES HUGGLES. !oitoii, Ma; 1, 1S35. It nives me great pleasure to bo able to add my testimony f.nor of your New England Couch Syrup, two botlh 1 of which haing entirely cured my cough, which was .1 severe that my p'hyslcian mhiscd mclo spend tlio comin r winter in a southi rn climate, but tho fortunate uso of li.u Syrup will preclude the necessity. OUrS, .--C. JU5LH1 XJHAJJI.t-i;. Iloston, September 1, 183r. Tho I'ronrittor would add, thatlio is constantly recelvhu numerous testimonials of tho valuo and tlbcacy of lliu remedy. The abovo article is sold wholesale, in iVtic Yur., by the Proprietor and all tho ilrugciot. lioslon, by Hi-nshaw !i Ward, iMayiiard it Noyes, St Ilrewcrs, Stevens SiCiSliiiij Vhilwhlphia, by Uaac Thompson, J. & J. W. Smith, (J. W. Carpenter, and A. I'ullerton, jr. Baltimoie, by ft. II. Coleman Jc Co., Whitaker :. liartoi, anu u. st roppiem, jr. Cincinnati. Ohio, by Olascoc k Harrison, and A lien, &. Co Pittsburgh, Venn., by .Tames Schoonmakcr Si. Co. A'p w Orleans. by Nathan Jarvis. 'Ulan'j, A. 1 ., by Sands St Shaw. Montreal, I.. C, by Geo. Dent. Halifax, A'. S.. by H U. I'riedham. St. Joh n i.A'.Jl., by W. O. S mkll. And sold wholesale by tho drOT-gi'ts and opothccarlca generally throughout the United Slates. FOR sore or injlamcd F.yes, gives immedi ate caso and relief. On recent sore eyes, tho effect is most salutary. Whero Iho com. plaint has boon of years standing, and in some execoding bad cases, the most unexpected and desireablc relief has boeu fount! in tho uso of this r.YE Water, after every other remedy had failed. Many persona who havo used it, pronounce it tho best preparation for these complaints they have ever met with, especially in cases 01 soreness or iiillammatton of long t-landing. I'rico 25 cools a buttle. U3 Nunc genuine unless signed on thu outside printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor, T,, immediate successor lo the late J Jr. W. T. Comvav. For salo nt his Counting Room, over No. 09, Court-street, near Con cert Hall. Boston, and also by his special ap. polntmcnt, by J. u J. 11. i'tXK if. Co. A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE ITCH, OWKVfiit inveterate, in one hour's application, and no danger from talcing cola, ny uinr DUMFIU ES' OINTMENT. This preparation, for pleasantness, safe tv. exncdition, caso and coriaintv, stands unrivalled for the euro of this troublesome complaint. Il is so rapid as well ns certain in its operation, a? to euro this di-ngrreable disorder most etlectually, i one Hours application only! It does not contain tno icasi parncic oi mercury, or other dangerous ingredient, and may bo applied with perfect safely by pregnant females, or to children at (ho breast. Prico 37 1 2 cents a box, with ample directions. DUMFRIES1 REMEDY FOR THE FlIiES. rT II 13 proprietor begs leave to rocnin X mend (which he docs with the fullest confidence) ono of tho most valuublo reme dies; known for this troublesome and pain ful complaint. Without going into detail. ho deems It enough to say, ho has in ins possession the most undoubted testimonials that it has more completely answered the purpose for which itii intended, than any other popular medicine This remedy is perfectly easy in its ap plication, to all conditions ugca and sexes. Pull directions, description of tho com plaint, &c. accompany each packet, which consists of two boxes, Ointment and Elcc tuaru. Price, 41 for tho wholu or 50 cts. if but ono of Iho articles is wanted. I; 1 fJj-TO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. rnHE colebralod Albion Corn Plaster af. X. fords instant reliof, and at tho samo timo dissolves and draws the Corn out by tl roots, without tho least pain. Cijiitii'Ioate. "To thoso afflicted with Corns on their feet I do certify, thai 1 hav used the Albion Com Plaster with complete success, licloru 1 had used one hox, it com pletely cured a corn which had troubled me for many years. I make this public fur the benefit of thoso atllctcd wilh that painful complaint. Wm. a HAW Flushing, L, J, Feb. 2S. Prico 50 els. n box DR. UELFE'S AROMATIC PILLS, rtnllEY purify tho Wood, quicken itscircu JL lalion, assist tlio suspended operation of nature, and arc a general remedy for tho prevailing complaints among tho lemalo part ol society. J ho t ills aro particularly olhca ciotis in the Urccn sickness, ralpilation Iho Heart, Giddiness, short Rrcath, Sinking of tho Spirits. Dejection and disinclination oxcereiso and society. Married ladies will find tho I'ills equally useful, except in cases ot pregnancy, when they must not be taken neither must thoy bo taken by persons hectic, or coutsumpiivo habits. Price fl a box. also tiii: cni.nnaATnn CAMI1RIAN TOOTH-ACHE PIM.S Which L'ive immutialc rclirf, without the least injury to tho Teeth. On trial this w bo found ono of the best remedies known for this complaint. Price 50 cents a box. I 0"Nono L'cnuino unless sisticd on the outside printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor I'. KlOUhlt, immediate suctcssor lo the late Dr. W. T. Conway. For sale al his CounlStn Room, over No, 99, Court. street, near Con cert Hall, llosion, and also by his special nt ponitinont. uy J. tV J. 11. Peck iv Uo. TTfcR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivullcd and JL unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign rcmcdv for worms, Strange and ineretliblo aro tho effects of theso detestable vermin fow persons, and it is thought none, nro freo from Ihoin, particularly female; and children. Many persons go through a distressing couko ot medicine, without any ueneut, when they mijjiii uu luiii'vii. uy unmg mu wuuu iuu This invaluable medicine has hecn tested Iho oxporienco of inure than four thousand porsons of various ages, and not ono solitary eompluiut; on the contrary, hundreds havo called and unsolicited mvcu their decided preference tu it, after trying tho dill'erenl articles sunt forth lo thu public, and pronoun cud Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea tin rivalled and unequalled. For sale by ), U II. Puck & Co,, only agents in Ilurlington for Hi Utica N IV V,",, M,,jr .(iv..... ., icbolo nropiictors, A, Hitchcock & Co i N. Y, ' S' PROPOSALS FOU DKEAKWATEK JIATEIUALS It Burlington, for 1U30. EAIjED proposals will be received at tho subscribers Ulhcc m Kurlinglon. until tin- first day ofOctober, Pd'J'l, for the delivery at some safe and convenient placo in Iho vicinity to bo designated, tho following articles: rlTCI! VISE OR III MLOCK TIJIDEIt. 400 logs 50 feel lotig," These logs to ho siraigm ot sound J "recti Timber, not ! Ics than thirteen finches at tho small, nor over twenty. I four inches at llie J large end. 10!! ion 100 108 100 ion CGI 411 4G 41 42 40 30 35 round white i'ini: TiJiunrt. "1 To bo offirst "rowlh gtecn timber, lo bo straight and sound, 940 logs 35 feet long, ( not loss than twelve ;0 " 40 inches at tho small, and not oyer eighteen inches at tho largo J end. If tho abnvo described Pilch Pino, Hemlock or Round While Pino Timber is delivered by water, tho different sizes to bo kept separate to each crib thoro must bo at least thrca trar. crsepoles, llie outer ones of which must bo placed lour leelirom tuu ouu, uiiu inruu khuch tloicns to each lop;. Square II lute Pine limber. 210 Sticks Whito Pino, lobe sixteen inches square, counter bowed or sawed, to bo from til l f ty to loity leet, must uvurau iinnynvo, freo from sap," of sound green timber. White UaU nam:. 14.000 feel board measure, Whito Oak Plank, three inches thick, eleven feet Ion'', squaro edgcif sound firm green timber freo from sap.- ' H title UaK lrunncis. 20.000 pieces of Putt Whito Oak Trtinnels, to ho of soiiiid.greun limber rived out, two feet long and brought to the standard of two and a halt inches tqtiiuo. Stone. 25,000 Perch of Stone, suitablo for paid work, to bo dulivccd in tho course of noxt sum. mcr in sueli quantities and nt bueh times a may be uccesjary for the work. Proposals u-ill ho received for a part or for the whole oftho abovu materials, lo bo dcliv-. ered by tho first of May, 11539, or may ho do. livcrcil as souu as the navigation opens in tho spring. Proposals to bo subject to tho approval of tho Department at Washington. Approved security will bo required nn all contracts Pcrsons'inaking proposals will ro. duco thnii to willing, (endorsing them Itrcal water Proposals.) slating explteily tho prico and quantity they propose delivering, and namo their security. All coininunicaliouj must bo post paid. Payments will bo rnado as follows : On tbo delivery and acceptance of materials CO per cent, will bo paid, 20 percent being roectved for tho fulfilment of tho contract, when tho wholo will bo paid. No nionoy will bo paid) in advance. N. H. HASWELL. U. S. Agent for said work. Rurlinston, August 1 lli3!l. raHE subscriber has just received a largo JL addition to his stuck of Hardwaro and Saddlery which he ofieiN rheap for cash. July 111. ROBERT MOODY. Ciroeerios aro selling cheaper at Wail and Tabor' lh n m any other Store in l!urhiijtun. IVrnins wihhHig to piirchiiso enn Hitisfy themselves of tho fact Uy culling nnd cm-mring the prices.

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