Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 30, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 30, 1838 Page 3
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REMOVAL. C5. HAYNHS HAS removed his Painting Establishment to, oast of tlio senate, where tlio business will bo carriod on as usual. PAVER HANGINGS. Just opuiicd and for salo a good assortment of Paper Hancinirs, of tlio newest French and American fashions. If Burlinglon, Nov. 30, 1030. Zl DISSOLUTION." 7 rjMlE co-partnership heretofore listing A under the firm of Mend & Hambliu, is this day by mutunl consent dissolved. Accounts with the firm will bo settled by II. Hamblin. LYMAN MEAD. HIRAM HAMBLIN. Burlinglon, Nov. 20, 1030. N. 15. The business will bo continued ns lierctoforc by by II. Hamblin. Delau is Dangerous ! ! T1H0SE in the town of Burlington who JL liavo omitted to pay their annual in stalment for insurance, can pay tho same at tho oflico of tlio subscriber until the 15th day of Dccombor next. After which time they will bo called on by tho treasurer at Montpc licr. J Johnson. Burlington, Nov. 2G, 1033. T1H GAPS, &3. a case American Oiler Cups, 1 1 do Seal do 1 do Hair Seal do BUFFALO ROBES, Sc., for salo by Nov. 23. Latiirop Sl Potwin. CLOTHING, &C. THE subscriber acknowledges pntt fa vors with gratitute, and would say that bo continues tho Tailoring Trade in nil its branches. lie has for talc a great variety of READY MADE suitable for the prcent bcasnn ; also, a great mnny other useful articles. Please call for that which cannot, be bought else where. Clothes very Neatly CLEANED nnd REPAIRED on short notice, Clothing exchanged or taken for Pov. C. BENNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1030. tf NOV. 31. 1033. & T E k H D NEW AT THE CHEAP CASH STORE. EOWMD HAS just received Plates of the newest styles of Fn.-hions for winter Bonnets, Clonks, Pcllises and Dresses, which may be viewed free ol charge. Also, if should be wished, Goods for making any of tho Above articles at New York Prices- -ALSO Onn Case bcatiful Crape CamblotR for sale bv tho piece or pattern nt HOWARDS. JONATHAN WAIN WRIGHT KEEPS constantly on hand at tho shop formerly occupied by II. & J. WAIN "WRIGHT, in Burlington, all kinds of stoves wanted in a northern country. He would sny to his friends that he has juH made large additions to his former slock, and is now prepared to supply the public with almost every thing wanted in his lino ho has just added many new nnd convenient patterns of Cooking Stoves, which together with his former very lnrge assortment can not to suit nil those who will bo suited. Tho attention of Tavern Keepers & heads of larre fnmilie is Folioited in particular to a NEW TATTEKN STOVE: for cooking, now to be seen at his hhop, which for "real convenience nnd falicitics for doiti" business he think ennnot he stir. i,nssed. " Also, the TOWN COOKING STOVE, he considers one that will make its way into almost every family. This 6tove lakes in a large round boiler back, and two smaller in front, that can ho 6wung off the fire: n convenience not found in other stoves also, has a Furnnce attach nl underneath that can be used without heating the whole stove, and will be found very convenient for summer use has a large oven, nnd taken altogether will bo found a perfect stove. .1 lot of entire New Style of thrco nro offered tor sale. Also--KOTAUY STOVES, cheap ns can he bought in the state. A gencrnl assortment of hollow ware CALDRON KETTLES, of different sizes Plough. Plough enst-ins--Cnst iro Sled and Slcgh Shoes. Splendid Russia Pirn Amf.hican and English do together with many other articles not mentionod. The best of work men are constantly employed manufnetur. ing nil kinds of Coppor, Shoot Iron, and Tin YVsre. The fact that he hns n Furnace contin ually in operation, nnd that people can at all times be accomodated with oxtra plates for any of his castings is worthy tho con eidoration of every one who wishes to buy n atnvn. n..w;n.nn. Nuv. 1030. tf GERMAN SILVER. -wjjte have rccoivodn fino assortment of TT the very best unishcu and superior nuality Gorman Silver Tea, Desert and nvLio Knonua. finished onnal to puro silver, and as nicely shaped, which wo can soil at about tlio same prices as the common kinds are sold.-Also. Sugar Tongs and Cream piah Knives. Pencils, &c, of tho L mntnrlnl. Purchasers who intend ,n finrman Silver, aro apprized that wo hnvo tho best article made, wo invite cxamiiinion, for sale wuoiusaiu or ruiuu nt tho Vnrioty Shop. Noy, 20. I'ANGuonN & BihnemaIu. llllla jitlt PLATED SPOONS, &,c. rip HOSE who wish Inr good plated Ten, -H- Table. Cream or Kail Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Captors, plntod Nut Crackers, pin- trd Cloak Hooks and Kings, HookB and Eyes, and most other kind? of plated ware of good quality nro informed that wc have a good assortment at tho Variety Shop. 1'ANcnonN Sc BniNSMAtl). Nov. 2!). John Nr.wcll's Estate. WE the subscriber", having been np. pointed by the Honorable tho Pro bate Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just the claims nnd demands of nil persons, against the cstntc of John Newell, Into of said District, deceased, ropre scntcd insolvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; nnd six months from the dnvofthe date hereof, being allowed by said Court fur that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Ilomnn II. Newell, in Charlotte, in said District, on tho last Mondays of December nnd March next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said davs. Dated this first day of October, A. D. 103!!. EZRA MEECH. ) CALEB E. BARTON, Com'rs. ALPHEUS WILLIAMS. S Morisons Pills and Powders lrARRANTED mado by Jas. Morison T 7 tho Hygoist, at tho British Collogo of Health in London, can bo had or I'angborn and isnnsmnid, State Asonts, Uurlington Vt or of thoir regular appointed sub-Agents throughout the state, (nnd ot no other porson or persons in this stato,) evory packet is signad in writing, Paneborn and Brinsmaid, if any nro offered which aro not so signod they nro not this kind. If purchasers will notice tins tbov need not he cheated as they liavo bcon formerly. Packets of Pills aro $1 and $3 each containing a proportion of two to ono of No. 2 rills, directions enclosed. THE HYGEAN SYSTEM OF IUEDI. CINE Having truth for its foundation, and SIM. FLICITY for its structure, has stood tho lest of lime has triumphed over prejudice and opposition, and has becomo world renowned. These medicines euro ALL diseases which admit of cure. WHY .' because all diseases havo ono origin, Impurity of tho Blood, and these medicines nre not only the most cortain and efficacious of all purifiers of tho blood, but they lcavo the stomach in healthful action to make good hi.ood which is Health. The following speaks for itself; CAUTiON. British Collcgo of hoalth Hamilton Place, New Road, London, July 12, 1038. Whoroas Horatio Shepherd Moat of Now York, late goncral Agent to tho Uritish Collego of health, London, is publicly making oso of my namo for tho sale of certain modi- nines purporting to bo mine. This is toccrti. fy that J am in no wiso connected with such medicine, and that I protest against such mo of my name by said Moat in any manner whatsoever, the samo being calculated to mis lead tho public. And I hereby declare that Dr. Goo. Taylor now of Wall st. New York is my only author ized Agent in tho United States, and from whom ncme and tho Agents appointed by him can my medicines be had GENUINE. In wilncss whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, signed, JAS. MORISON, Tho Jygeist, President of the British Col. logo of health. Our sub.agenls through tho stato will pleaso to see that tlio above is correctly published in ALL the papers in their counties, and one copy sent uj and ono to Dr. Geo. Taylor GJ Wall or 6 Now-st. Now York. Wo aro now proparod to answer all their orders for Mcdicino and Powders, and wo in tend to keep a full supply to answer all tho numerous calls for them. This mcdicino takes the lead of all others. Panrdokn & Brinsmaid, Jovvcllcrs, Burlington, Vt.. Agents for tho stale, appointed by Or Geo. Taylor, Gl Wall and G Now sts., New York, mcmbci of the Britisli Collcgo of health, and sole Agent for the United States. ATS. rjnilE subscriber having located himself in Burlington, offers for sale , nt tlio stnnd formerly own ml nnrl nrpimin.t In- Mr. w Wm. I. Snvinnnr nn Pnnr street, a goou assortment of late made hatp and will be happy to ac commodate tho customers of the late pro pricior of the establishment and the public generally with hats of superior quality and InKhioiiiiblo style on such terms as cannot fail to he satisfactory to the public. ('.. A. SEYMOUR Burlington, Oct. 12,1030. SOARSE SALT. QfP bush, bolar Salt, for sale low for JJJ rncl, l. 1,' lVn.,.Kr X Cn .Milton, Nov. 0, 1033. Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, iust received ami lor salo oy p. Doolittlk. November 7. 3m. NEW GOODS. P DOOLITTLK is now receiving a large addition to his slock of goods, which aro offered at the lowest prices. Nov. 7, 1030. 0w Bullalo Robes. .4 Pew Bales Buffalo Robes, n part of which nro selected painted skins of n superior quality, just received and for salo by November 7, 1030. P. DOOLITTLE. Cw CHAMPAGNE, Old Mnderin, Sherry, Port, pure and of fine flavor also low priced wines in great variety. By Nov. 2, T. F. Sc W. L. STRONG. nnn hushuls coarse solar Salt, 200 nbi8ifino ,0. CO Sacks Livorpool blown do. for sale by T. P. & W. L. Strono. FISH. 1 QnQtiit'loU Cod fish x4J r 'i'jcrcQS Salmon, by Nov. 2, T. F. & W. L. a-rnorvG. u.wfMiniMniriniTnr,,TTi-ni-frrmrfTi,r'nrvi t tri"ifn rrn-nrrrnfi Shipping Furs. CASH, nnd the highest market price, paid for nil kinds of shipping by W IS. & F C Vir.As Burlington. Nov 30. 1030 Drags A Medicines. FWM1V) subscribers aro receiving n now sup. JL ply of Drugs nnd Medicines, which thoy offer on favorable terms. Nov. 22. J. Sc 3. II. Peck Sc Co. Fairbank's Patent Scales, by Nov. 22. J. Sc J. II. Peck Sc Co. Agents Snurt' & Tobacco. 7Ti 7TT Jars Lorrillaid's Maccaboy Snuff. 3? 800 lbs. do Scotch do. 35 bbls. do chewing Tobacco 40 do do smoking do 30 Kegs Plug do 20 Boxes cavendish, do Nov. 22. J. 9c J. II. Peck Co. IRON & NAILS. 1 ) Tons English Iron from 1& to 0 inches, Odo Swedes do 5 do Russia do 5 do Russia Nail Rods, 25 do assorted Round Iron, 10 do do Squaro do 0 do Jforso Shoo do 6 do Hamc and Scroll do 8 do Band Iron from 1.J to 4 inches, 2500 lbs. assorted Cust stool, 3000 do swedes do 3000 do spring do 1500 do gerinnn do 500 do English blistor do 2000 do Brazier's Hods, 2500 do Hoop Iron assorted, from 3 to 1 inch, 300 paiis Sloigh and Cutter shoes, 1000 kegs Nails from 3 to GO penny, 200 do Brads do G to 20 do Nov. 22. J. & J. H. Peck & Co, GAPS, GAPS, FOR SALE. FIRST rate Otter, superior Fur eca, Hair seal and Muskrat Caps, Collars Pur Gloves and Gountletts Six Bales Buffalo Robes The public nre invited to call and examine, quality and prices, and furnish themselves with rich and spendid articles, at the lowest prices Caps made to order at the old Stand, Pearl si. Oct. 25. Wm. I. SEYMOUR. REMOVAL. TOCTOR ATWATER, respectfully JL informs his friends and tho public that ho has removed to the new Brick House, corner of Cherry and St. Paul streets, thrco doors north of the Episcopal Church. Professional calls promptly an swered. Burlinglon. October 26, 1033. GROCERIES. lihds pure Boston Rum, 50 per ct above proof. 20 half pipes and Bbls do do 5 pipes and 10 Bbls Holland and Amcri can Gin. G pipes and 10 Bbls pure Signctto and American Urandy. 0 Ilhds St Croix Rum. 4 " pure Spirits 50 per ct above pr'f. 10 Bbls Alcohol 00 per cent above proof. 20 qr casks Madeira and fllalngn Wine 20 bafkot8 Champaignc, by Nov. 2. '30. T. P. &, W. L. SnTONO T' HE subscribers arc now receiving poncral assortment of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PARLOUR & BOX STO FES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which wtl! be sold unusually low, for cash, produce or approved credit. GEO. oi Co. Milton Upper Falls. Nov. 17. BOOKS! BOOKS iS SAMUEL HUNTINGTON H AS received and offers for saloon liberal terms a good assortment of SCHOOL BOOKS, Bibles, Testaments, Hymn Books,,' Prayer do -ALSO- Pancr, Ink, Quills, Steel Pens, Slates, Pen cils, Wafers, Music Paper, Timic Paper, Blotting Papf.r, Writing Books, $(?. 9(C. together with many moro ni tides useful in common pchools. Please call at tho Book Bindery, 2 doors cast Free Press Oflico. College si, Burlington Vt.Nov. 19. THE following valuable School Books arc for sale at the store of the sub scriber, nt wholesale or retail. Emerson's 1st 2d and 3d class renders. National Reader and Picrpoinl's Introduc tion. Porter's Rhetorical Reader, Lovcll's Young Pupils, 1st and 2d books. Smith and Kirkham's Grammars. Goodrich's History nfthc U. States. Olney's and Maltc Brun's Goog, & Atlas Parley's Geography for children. Emorson's Watts on the mind. Comstock's Philosophy and Chemistry. Smith nnd Adnms' Arithmetics. Colburn'a Intellectual Arithmetic. Emerson's North American Aritmctic. parts ist, ac au. james w. Hickok. Burlinglon. Nov. 23. 1030. REMOVAL. DOCTOR HATCH has removed his Oflico to his residence on Whitc-st. two doors south of the Methodist Chapel, wncre no continues to mvo ins unremitting attention to tnc practice ot mcuicino and ourgery. Burlington, Nor. 22, 1030. 1TOTIGS IS hereby given to all concerned that I have given my son JEREMIAH, TRYON, Jr. aged eighteen years, his! tinio, with liberty to contract Ins own wa ges, and to take care of himself until he arrives of full nge. And I hereby forbid all porsons from harboring nnd trusting the said Jeremiah on my account as 1 will not pay any debta of his commuting nftcr thia date. JEREMIAH TRYON. Burlinglon, Nov. 20, 1030, ItYMAVf & COLE TTAVE ree'd from Canada, n largo as- sortuient of 0.t Tartan Shawls very neb. Tartan nnd scotch Plnid fur childrens wear. Sbcpard'n Plnid for fncing Box Coats. Plush Sc Scotch Caps. Heavy rod worsted Belts. Beaded Mnccnsins, Mittens, Reticules Sec. for Lndics and Children. Splendid fk'urcd Merino, now stylo. Canada Stockings. They hnvo also received from N. York Oiler S( Sral Fur Caps. Imitation S; Hair Scat Caps, FUR COLLARS, BUFFALO ROUES. Burlington, Nov. 22. 1030. FLOUR. Bbls. Suporfino Flour, for salo by Nov. 23. S. Walkuii & Co. PLASTER. Tons ground Plaster, for salo by Nnv. oi a iu.. tic S. Walkeii & Co. SALT. Bushels Solar Salt, 100 sacks Dairv do 00 barrels western do for salo by Nov. 19. S. Walker & Co. FISH. Quintals orCodfiih, 25 barrels Mackerel, 25 halfdo do 25 quarter bbls do for salo by S. Walkeii & Co. Nov. 17. Paints & Dvc Stulls. 10,000 lbs. Dry Whito Load, 100 Kegs ground do do 15 barrels Whiting, 0 do Vonctian Red, 9 do French Yellow, G do American do 15 do Turpentine, Verdigris, French Green, Pumico Stone, fJIuc, Varnish, rose Pink, sand Paper, Bronzo, u'old and Silver Leaf. 200 barrels cam peachy Log Wood. 200 do St. Domingo, Log Wood, 300 do Fustic, 150 do Nicaragua. 75 do Cam Wood, 15 do Bar do 10 do Beach do 10 do Madder, 20 do Alum, 10 do Blue Vitriol, 30 do Copperas, GO Demijohns Oil Vitriol, Flotant and Bengal Indigo, Press Papers, lent. 1 looks, JJrushes, .lacks. iVc. Nov. 22. J.&J.H. Peck & Co. GROCERIES. 50 Hhds, N. E. Rum, 50 barrels American Brandy, 50 do Baltimoro Gin, 10 do Alcohol. Signctto Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Bum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, Malaga, French Madeira nnd Champaign Wines, 30 Hhds, Molasses, 25 Bags Pimento, 20 do Pepper, 35 do CofTco, 55 do Shot, 35 kegs Puro Ginger, 20 do Sal Nilcr, ISTiorccaSal Eratur, 10 do Iticc, 45 barrels St Croix and Porto Rico sugars. iu boxes JiOat do 100 malts Cassia, 300 do Cloves, 1 barrel Nutmegs, 40 boxxs Pipos, 100 do Soap, 75 chests Hysonskin Tea. T.O haif chests Young Hyson Ten, 5 catty's do do do Nov. 22. J. & J. H. Peck .j- Co. Klin ,'nxc'' eii.unpl.iiii, Pern & Jeriro Glnss, tiliUsoo do Ile.lford, S-uannc. Crown do Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Pecx & Co., Agents SALT. bush. Solar Salt. 5,000 bush. Slcam Salt, 1,000 do Turk's Lland do 1,200 barrels Fino do 150 do coaro do 50 do dairy do 250 sacks do" do Nov. 22. by J. & J. H. Peck ,t Co. 30 Bbls. Suporfino by Nov. 22. J. & J. H. pECK & Co. PLASTE. barrols NoVil Scolia Pla8tert 200 do western do 130 Tons Nova Scotia do in hulk Nov. 22. by J. it J. II. Peck it Co. Welsh's prepared Cocoa. ANEW and superior articlo, highly rccom. mondod for invalids, by Nov. 22. J. &J. H. Pnci; &Co. FRUIT, &c. 1 nfj Boxos Bunch Raisins, " v 40 Kegs Malaga do 10 sacks Almonds, 0 do Madeira Nuts, 8 do Brazil do 10 do Filberts, 1500 lbs assorted confectionary, Chocolate, prcparod Cocoa, Mustard.Citron English Currants, London Porter, Table Salt, Florence Oil, by J. & J. II. Pkck fc Co. OIL & CANDLES. 3KOO gals. Fall and Winter bleached uuu and unbloaehcd Sperm Oil. 20 boxes sperm candles, 30 do dipped do. by Nov. 22. J. Sc 3. II. Puck fc Co. Brooms Pails. doz. shaker corn Brooms, 70 doz. patent Pails, by Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Kegs POWDER. Nov. 22. by J. k. J. H. Peck & Co. CODFISH. S00 Quintals by Nov. 22. J. Si J. II. Peck it Co. AC Bbls, nf dm best ol Winter Oil, fur holobv Sept 24. FOLI.ETT Sc BllAULKVd. Several New Things. NEW FIRM, NEW STOKE AND npilEsuh'cnhcrsliavc established them A pHvcm nt Shelburn villago. under the firm of Hall and Comstock, nnd hnvo just received (at their New Store opposite Piersons Hold,) a genornl nisortmciit of Good", consisting in part of Pilot and 13eavcr Cloths, Broad Cloths & Cassimcrs, Satinctts, Camblets, French and Eng. Merinos, Circassians, 13. Morcans, A variety of Blk. Blue Blk. and light colored Silks, Fine Otter and Seal Caps, Scallott Ncutrc and Fur Seal Caps. Buflalo Robes, Crockery, Hard Ware, Druirs and Paints, Wrot and Cut Nails, Glass, and in short a great variety of goods, please call and examine for yourselves. FREDERICK HALL. GEORGE D. COMSTOCK. Shelburn. Nov. 10, 1030. TUST ree'd by the subscriherp. 40 chests old Hyson and II. Skin Teas. 30 do superior Young Hyson do 70 boxes Bunch and Bloom Raisins, 12 bags Java and Licarngnn Coffee, 10 hhds. St. Croix nnd N. O. Molasses C do do do Portorico sugars 10 kegs Plug Tobacco, 10 boxes cavendish do 500 gals. Winter Oil, 5000 Ih3. Codfish. 20 boxes Bar Soap, 10 do Polind Starch. Pepper, Spic. Ginger, Snlcrotoi. Nut megs, Cloves, English Currants, Sultnnna Raisins, Prunes, Citrons, Mace. Lemons Cinamon, Chocolate, prepared Cocoa, Ell bcrts. Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Madeira nuts &c. &.c, which we will sell for cash nt the lowest prices. L,Tiinor & Potwin. FLOUR. QQQ Bbls. Superfine Flour, choice brand OVJJ jusl rcCGivcd by Nov. 'J3. Latiirop & Potwin. CARPETINGS. i A bnlcs heavy Ingrnin Eng. Cnrpctings v 5 do American uo do 4 do English figured floor Cloths, 10 Rolls Oil cloth, 5 to 2 yards wide 4 doz. do Patterns for stoves 1 to 2 yards square, just ree'd and for salo clienp for cash. LATimor Sc Potwin. Nov. 23. DOMESTIC GOODS. 4 ri bales heavy Lawrence Mills Sheetinj 5 do do Shirtings, 2 cases hleach'd sheeting? & shirting 2 bales l and 0-4 ricking. 1 enses American Merrimack and Dover Prints. 1 ense Eng prints latest importation 1 bale Kussia JJiopcr, 1 do Crash, Wndding, Baiting, Wicking nnd cotton Yarn in bales. Blenched nnd brown Cnn ton Flannel, Apron Check &c. &c, just ree'd bv tho subscribers and for salo for cnt'h at reduced prices. Nov. 23. Latiirop & Potwin Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven COOK STOVES. NOVEMBER 0th 1030. nnnL subscriber has this dnv received JL nnd offers for sale at manufacturer prices, nn assortment of the above justly celebrated STOVES ; which for conven icuco, economy and durability, are not sur passed, if equalled by nny before the public. Burlinglon. Vt. Rnnr.rtT Moonv. NOTICE. ALL persuns who have neglected pay ment for lints sold them by me. may call on Wm. Weston Esq. nnd close tho Name. His oflico is in the nme building I did hiMiiRss in. G. T. MEAD. November 22, 1030. HZW GOODS. AV pieces French and English Mcri SM nos, assorted colors and qualities. 0 pieces heavy Benvcr and Pilot cloths, every shade and quality. Cnssimares and Vcfctings. Linings, &c. & c. Blk and blue blk Italian Silks, Sinchcws, Gro dc Nnn do. Silk Velvets Vestings. Blk Italian Cravats, Ponge Hdkfri; Heavy Spillleficld do. Red ond blk Merino Shawls. Tartan Plaid do. Scotch do go to glO each, Sec. Sec. Also a grent variety of Goods not enu merntcd which wo nre determined to sell at prices to suit our Customers for cash or country produce. LATIIROP S,- POTWIN. Nov. 23. '30. Thompson's mental Arithmetic written " " History of Vermont, For schools. Teachers are requested to call and tako copies of the above for exntn inoiion. For sale by C. GOODRICH, Nov. 15. Wickwaro's building upstairs Comstock's Common School Philosophy. Huntington's small Geography and Atlas fur younger classes in schools, Huntington's large Gcogruphy nnd Atlas greatly improved, with n genornl nssort niont of schoolbouks, for solent lowest rates Nov. 15. by C. GOODRICH, Wickware'a building up slnirs. n DO,. Olilridge's Bulm of Columbia, u I do.. Hny's Liniment. 12 do:. Iiiil'ulhblti Ink, bo't and on the way for tho Variety Shop. FavJiiOUN & BlllNiM.Uli Dancing and Waltzing, mn, SAUNP33RS R' ESPECTEULLY informs the Lndics- nnd Gentlemen of Burlington, Hint proposes opening n school nt Mr .1. Howard's Assembly Room, ns soon n a ullicicnt. number of pupils nro obtained. Hours of nttoiidniicr, from six to nine clock. P. M. Terms ol tuition. 3,50 per scbolnr, for twelve Lessons. A Cuss Book for nnuies, is open nt Mr. Howard s. Nov. 1030. SALMON. T71I PI Y I icrccs of Salmon just received JL and for sain by FO I j LETT Sf Nov. 14. 1031!. BRAD LEYS. LISBON SALT. Lisbon Salt for P. Doolitti.e. Nov. 7. Cw W a n I c d . An addiliounl Clerk who has been in n Store, and in every way capable and dcsi rousut intending to business. S. EARL HOWARD. Novascotia Plaster. ?rv ions ol ISovnscotm Plnator Bulk. 300 bhld do do Follhtt Sc BitAnLnvs. for sale bv Sept. 24. PAJVG HORN'S CABINET WARE HOUSE, (Court House squari:.) BURLINGTON, Vt. D. K. PANGIiOIt.N, Cabinet, Sofa and Mahogany chair Maker. Journeyman Cabinet Maker. A good workman nt common work will Ami n nnml it, fnr 1 1, u.mlnr l, nn ...... j;.,,... J.,., .v.. j immediate application at PANGBORNS. One who wishes a rhnncc for further im provement will find this a good one. Burlinglon, Jnv. 5. MAHOGANY. pond assortment of shaded and crotch Veneers, selected with particular ref A erence to tho cabinet business in this quar tcr, may he found at PANGBORNS. Tho trade supplied on liberal terms. Burlinglon, Nov. 5, 1033. Nov. 1. NEW GOODS IN all their varieties now purchasing New York for our Variety Shop, by Panciioun & Brinsmaid. APPLES. q Barrels good winter APPLES, on reasonable terms. Enquire at this office. Nov. 7. NAILS &, GLASS. FOR snle at Winooski Village, ot the manufacturer's price, by Sidnev Barlow. Mr. Barnard's Discourse. A discourse delivered Aug. 1, 1030, before the Literary Societies of tho University of Vermont, by Daniel D. Bar nard Esq. of Albany, for enlo at the Book store by Ja.f.s VV. Hickok. TIN PLATES, &c. ft forth boxes Tin plates 1-3 X and iSL) extra sizes. 150 lulls. Iron Wire, assorted no?. 100 bundles Eng. Sheet Iron assorted. 25 pneks Russia do 000 lbs sheet Copper 100 boxes Canada Plates Copper. Tinned nnd black rivets Bolt Copper, wire Vellum 1000 lbs Sheet Zinc 1000 lbs Sheet lead &c. &c. list received nnd for sale n low prices by Nov. 2. '30. T. F. Sc W. L. Strono. Advertisement ! to the asthmatic and consumptive. riHE most prevalent and fntnl ot all tho JL diseases incident to civilized society the Consumption may generally ha troced to the least nlnrnimg of disorders, a slight but neglected Cold ! By estimation, it appears thnl one hundred and nnv thousand person die annually of tho Consumption. Most of these drendful results may be attributed to common Colds, nnd n negligent treatment of the harrassing Cough that generally ensues, which is usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in tlio side, nnd nt Inst Ulcerated Lungs. Violent nnd repented Asthmatic nttneks nlso bring on ConsuniptlvQ symptoms. One or two dollars expended in the pur. clmsc of DR. RELFE'3 ASTHMATIC PILLS, nnd n little attention to their timely admin, istration, will usually ensure a mitigation of these disorders, and generally effect n euro. Tho Pills arc also an easy nnd efl'oclunl remedy for the symptoms preceding and nccompanying tho Asthma and Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath, ing, tightness and strictures across tho chest, wheezing, pain in the side, spitting of blood, &c. Fow cases can occur ofany of this class of disorders, in which llm pur chasers of Dr. Rclfo's Pills will not find a rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price- whole boxes, 30 Pills, l ; half do 12 Pills. 50 cts. TO THE Z&TDIUSI WHITE and sound Teeth aro both nn ornament ond n blessing. The best security for their ndvantago is to be found in the use of the BRITISH AXTISEl'TW DENTRIFICE. This elegant Tooth Powder, with n very lilt lo use, cradicntes the Scurvy in thu gums, and prevents tho accumulation of ''drier, which not only blackens, but loosens t ho leelh, nnd nccclorntes thoir decay, The Dentritice linn removes tho prevailing causes of ofiousivo breath, pre served the healthiness nnd lloriduesa nf I ho "uiim, and rendem llm teeth beautifully white Price 00 ccti'j. ,2

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