Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 22, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 22, 1839 Page 3
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rnnm iiiini empty themselves into t lie river St Law renco, from thine which fall inlo tho Allan tic ocean." Tho whole argument of tho British Government, it will ho perceived, rests upon the nssuntpthn Hint the St. John is not a river falling into the Atlantic ocean, because it has its mouth in the Day of Fundyi Now what nro tho objections to this extra, ordinary pretension, as tho coinuiitlfco aro constrained to call it? And, first, what Is llin Hay of Fundy, if it bo not a part of tho Atlantic ocean ? A bay is a mere opening of tho main ocean into the land a mere interruption of tho uniformity of the scacoast by an indentation of walor. These portions of thu ocean havo received the namo of bays, solely to distinguish them from tho iciiiaindcr of the vast doop, to which they bolong. Would it not bo tho merest special pleading to contend that tho Hay of Naples was not a portion of tho mediterranean, or that the Day of Iiiscay was not n pait of tho Atlantic ocean f Again: thn description of tho treaty in, 'rivers which fall into tho Atlantic Ocean." Can it bo said, with any proprluly, that a river dors not fall into the Atlantic, because, in reaching the main ocean, it may pass thro1 nbav? And vol this initio Drilisll arirnmunf T ho'Delawaro docs not fall into tho Atlantic, because it flows into it llirouuti the Hay of Delaware ; ami, for iho satno reason, thu St. John docs not fall into tho Atlantic, because it flows into it thtouuh tho I!av of I'm dy. Tho comtnittco Know not how to give a serious answer to such an nrgumout. The bare slatoment of it is its best refutation Hut, like all such ariiincnt, it proves too much. If it bo correct, ibis portion of tho treaty of 171)3 is rendered absurd and suicidal ; tied tho wiso and distinguished statesmen, bv whom it was framed, mul bo condemned by posterity, for affixing their names to an instrument, in this paiticular, at least, abso. lutelv void. Although they believed thev would prevent "all disputes which might arise, in future, on the subject of tho bound.i . rios of tho United States,"' by fixing their commencement at "iho northwest angle of Nova Scotia," and running from thence along "llio highlands which divide lliosp rivers which empty themselves into llio river St. Lawrence, from thoso which fall into the Atlantic, ocean,'' vet it is absolutely ccr tain, that thcro was net a singlo river in that wholo region of country which, according to the Hritfsli ennst ruction, did fall into the Atlantic ocean. They all fall into bays, with out ono exception. Neither can we plead i'THoranco as an e.xeupo for thes-o commission ers: because it is fully in proof, that they had Mitchell's map before Ihem, from which the fact clearly appear.'!. I no Kisligouche docs not fall into llio Atlantic, becausu it has its mouth in thu li.iy of Chaleuis: nor does tho Penobscot, because its mouth is in liio Hay of Penobscot ; nor do theKcnnobef.k and Andros coggin, because, after their junction, they fall into tho Hay ol fcajradahocl;. I ho same is true, even of the Connecticut, because ennilics itself into Lonir Island sound. All the rivers in that region aro in tho same con dition with the St. John. Thus it appears, if tho Hritish argument bo well louiiucil, that th commissioners havo concluded a treaty described highlands, wlicnco btrcams proceed fallhnr into tho Atlantic, as a portion of tha boundary of tho United States, when, from the very face of tho map bolbro them, it is apparent no such streams exist There is another objection to tho Hritish claim, which is conclusive. Wherever tho highlands of tho treaty exist, they must bo wind: en the north sml tha treaty highlands nro considerably uhnvc Hint of Miuh hill, the highest point on thu ridge claimed by ureal Hrilain. The com mittee, however, deem such n question to bu wholly immaterial. When highlands arr spoken of 119 dividing waters flowing in different directions, the meaning is plan From tho very nuluro of things, they must exist and slope off in opposite ri'clioiisi but whether they consist ol It bio hind, of mountains, or even of swamp, parlsnriH linvu been made between llio MAINE. height or Mars ill and that of dilturcnl ,rI , . - parTs o( the highlands which divide thej ( r,' 6?"1 import of Olir llltcl- ttreuins ol llio Hi. Lawrence from those of. licence IVoill the cast is llueidetlly thu Allontic. Even in this thev have lnil I ri.. ... ... .i..i.ii because it has been shown that tho I"" " -;11 nua uu.iUuo summits of tho inoro elevated poitiom nl ; been successful II) Cilcetlllg n com promise. Gov. Fairfield has al ready discharged a portion of his troops, and announces his intention of discharging the remainder, except a number sufficient to protect the timber against future depredations. A letter from Augusta, of the 15th nil ifthero be n heighlof laud, from which savs "Gen. Scott received a letter streams flow down in d.flront directum?, I . TT his is suilicieut. It is not their elevation, ; last evening from Sir John Harvey, but their capacity to divide, which gives . 0f a highly pacific character. There miin iiii'ir u 1 1 1 1 u u i ur ' i . t i . i ii It b. stn.nso llio mere incidental mention of IS Olll lllllC UOllUl CIHCl'iaineu mil u llio Bay nf l-'i.iitly hi ill", ihoiwh not lit all ,,,,i ,i!n: ..ii!,.n ...tit. il,r In i-onncsion wilh the sjl.johii, euro , llml ul" 1'iuouui. uiiiiuuiiiua u .w. w.v. n.imeil, slimi'il h.iiu l,oen ill.! foundation of die nmvinninl irovnmmnnl ...;! 1 l,n mil!. whule Mipcicll iiciiii n f I lit Hi ilisli muiimenl. I ho I o -""- i.)ii hv it uio Mieiilinneil at all i? olivimis. II nri Iv snlllpfl. flew K.nrfinlil's rn- was p ilp.ilily not f ir ill.! (il'cie.iliiii! a ibiid J , ol ..wis, IMitiii:: into Ih l lny, cli'lincl limn CCIll lllCSSaUC 10 II1C ICglSiatlUC, llici'i! dowing into llie Si. I.awienrc mid die Al- 1 . , . , ... in it-, ns iho Hmisl. n-iu' t conirnd: Imi covering ins correspondence uii nieielv ihu piupin! of pu!ifiii! uiib uhmici' tho trotiurnl "nvrrnnipnt and dctail- prr-c:i,iii., tl.r- c ciimncnt ol ilieeaMe.i. Iixiin- UK- St-'-,nl BOV CI llllieiH, anil ticiau d.n v of tho U. Siiium. .Sei.riil liwrs in ili.u por- jn!r li!s niovfimnnfs nn the Restook. linn ofilie bad hot no l tit? mime of Si. Cunx ; f i f J 1 1 1 the f.irl lliee.iily Punch n.ivinloiH, lie. has met With the following t'CSponSO: lii.ued by imiliws ufpiety Ii. id planted .. cnisii at llieir nii.iith ulir-n l hey weie Hist oil . ?,' r ii" ",.'r,!":fcr ll.,c "0c,,'" r 11,14 : II w.i? nrriwai y in p nprilviiis llio lirsiniiinR "" ""'j ofoui ea-lein l.iitiinl irv. to dale ili.u it uos in "' tu t in l.t. i.ove.nor ol Hie funnier : ol iew the middle of that Si Croix, which had its nimiih "'"."13"'"''' '"' olheri..e, mat lie niMiinone.l in the liayofFurnhj. Noiwiilislanditi litis do- nlca of orcopj .ni" the di-pulcd leiitloty wnh it ciiption it it, is liccn seen, lltal wlncli was llio lino !. - ' " ul 1 "l1""!. "i1"1'""1 il. Uioix. bec.nnu asiil.iect of dijpttlo between tho C1V1 h'tce, font iIibic ntiilif our l.aml Acnl llttit two "owi'iitneiits. fcull Ijoili pai lies wete prccnl "'. , u ,llMIUI ., 1 "i""- ,lu eilfiom r.iitninL' that any iiw:r wliicbdid not flow wubtlriiiv our inihimy nnce. ilia Land inlo that hay was the Si. C.oi-i of the ttealv. l)'-' m 11,111 a stniie.eiii jiosse, tuincti ot ttliai ine.i, a, 'p.... ii ... ..r i.' i.. i. ...i : 1 !,. I no citso itiav I eoitiip. lo drive out or ii 1 1 est lite ihc nciiv. After finriiiia at llio noillmcft nimbi ljerpas'eif, and to piescneatiil piolcct the limber ofNoiii t'cotia. am! llienee 6eei)i2 toiind thu noin liteir tiepicu.ilioii. .mini ,,f I in IT.. In, -i .I...- I,. I i '..IV. I U;i-1 ttcteaiy'lofiiiiniccUelytia no.sil.le, .'Itcpoinl' 1 ,)lS rOSOlVC It it paSSCS nt which niir c.islei n boundary cutiiniciieed. 'I'hiit fur ii double unloose. In the (iisl il.icfsil was thu CNlicme tiDitiiein point liotti uhicli 1ntilit (lint if will ln.nvp? flip wlinln u tine waii to nc run otic ensi twenty league A P M01US0N1ANA. It ( C h A n A T I O N IIV TUB nil V f O K II ! . MAN, in Ids individual and njjoeiaied enpacity, I Ql Volume FAMILY A DVISMIl of 'lie !. ui.,1 ii. ti.t I.,, ,i i ' iJi.L ii..,.,,. -..,!., ,rii..,.i.i. i. ! . ,.,,. ,. vi.i ..i.iiiiiii win- mi. I li.'iit'hi'eiil Soicrcijtii ol llio tinum.1. This resolve if it passes the Legislature, and we have but little into the ocean, iincuidtn to the ttealy ; within which spite lite United fslntes wcio c:ntitled to nil lb" islanilj ultiim their eoasl, except sndi act wete u iiliin the limils of iova coii.i ; ami in I he f croud place it uns t he point fiuni which our ealci n line una to couiiucnce, and to tun to the noilliwc:! uti le of .Nova fccoti the inlieicnt sense of iuslice of the British fioicin incnl. As toon us that (iovernment shall become convinced dial tlie distiulcd lei rilory helonss lo llio United sitalcs, whieii lliey pcuuade ihcmsebea will , he the case at no distant day, iiiipt:llcit ly n tlesii e Ion" lied lo the iittitti It I I) A Y M O It N I N (I, II A R C II DISPUTED TERRITORY. northern boundary. l,inl.lf.,U fmn, f.trcaius proccccd falling Into tho St. Law . "co.iii j excepiinS ;l. iw icncc. This portion ol tho description is as essential as that from their south sielo streams should issue falling into tho At lantic. Now the Hritish claim abandons the former part of the description altogether. Their lino of highlands commencing at Mais hill is at least a hundred milos south of the highlands whence tho tributaries of the St. Lawrence flow. Retwcen theso highlands and thoso claimed by the Hritish Government the broad valley of Ihc St John spreads itself, watered by the river of that name, and Iho fclrcams which empty into it from Iho noith and from tho south. Tho two points on the wostctn lino of New Brunswick aro distant from each other morothan a hundred miles; and when you arrivo at tho lirilisli highlands, you find that thoy divide iho sources of the Si. Jclin nnd the l'ouobscot, and not the of streams falling into the Si. Law rence and tho Atlantic ocean, accoidiug lo tho description of tho trcity. But, even enpposo it were posiblo to prove that neither tho St. John nor any other river in that region falls into the At lanltc ocean, would this fact cssci.t ally benefit the lirilisli Government? If this portion of tho dercriplion should entirely fail, would it render tuo other poition void? Ccrlainlv not. It might be said that the commissioners were tniftakcn as to where Iho ttrcnms emptied thcmselvcn which flowed from the southern side ol the treaty highland; ns to the existence of these high, lands, there could bo no mistake. They nro tho boundary ; and the etreonis flawing from them are more matters of description Can they be sufficiently identified, indepen. dcnllv of this mistake? If they can, the question is si tiled. Now, fortunately on this subject, no dnuat can exist. I wo cir cuinstauces concur to identify thrin, uboul which it is not po-i-ible there cuo bo i mi.luko. According to the act of f'arlia incut of 177.1, thry constitute the southern lino of the province of Qiielnc, between the western extremity of tho Hay of (Jlin lours, in lal tude !!), and thn eastern bnuf of the Connecticut river, in laMtido do and i' is equally ceilain Hint from tliein nil along in regular succession, stream proceed falling info he Si- Lawrrnce. A rnitakc in one pari ol n doscntiiion ol boundary, has never been held fo vimf ibo" wholo, provided fuflicicnt remains cleoYly to dcsigtiBo tho iiiention of (he nnrden JJiif how is i( possible over (o embrace Mars hill in tha line of highlands running from (ho wctcrn r.(remi(y of (ho Hay ol fihaleurs & forming (lie soimicm liouniiary of (ho province of Quebec? K is clear that in (his, anil in (his' alone, (he nor(hwcf(ern nngle of Nova Scot'o is In be found. Murs hil7 is one hundred miles directly soudi ol (his lino. You cannot by any possibility braco ( ha( lull in (his range; tin'css yon can piovo (ha( a lull in ladAido 40i is por( of a ridge directly north ol ,' in la(i(udo -13; nnd (his no(wi(hs(auding (ho wholo valley of (ho S(. John, from Ia snu'hern to its nortnern extremity, intervenes Ulwccn the nun. Tho Ih'uiLMS impossible Mars hill run never be made, by any human ingenui ty, the northwest anglo of Nova Scotia. Particular ctnphnsis lias been placed by tho British Government on too woru -iiigii lands,' mentioned in llio treaty , anu com matter in the hands of the Gover nor, the practical effect of which will he. that Lt. Gov. Sir John Harvey will write a diplomatic let iiiiciiiiecninmirtioncreommhiciiiofixiiiiMioJnrj t Governor Fairfield that will tiieeision in t iev eon d. lliev would lv" l" have oceii guilty ol t ulpalile neglect. Having 00110 "lully SatlSly" 111111 Ol tllC paClIlC Ul so iind haviiti; mentioned the l!av ofl'tindv lis that. . . pint of the ocean in which the Hi Uioix baa iH tCllllOn of Sir John. Olll' ll'OOpS moiiiii toe uiiiimi iiovciuioem uavc uscu ii, .i .,, , . , . , n.ctelyasit was inlendcd, to maik ll.e casle.o , Will 00 Withdrawn tllO trespassers huuu.lary or the United .Stales, hut lo temler the ;,i nn n(l (,.!. nff flin lirin whole ttealv. so far as (he 1101 llieastet n boundary ""I COlllO Oil aiHl IdlvC Oil 1110 ptlll U couce. ued, ab;tu,l, time, itibi, .and loid. Siircly ' cipal pal't of tllC timber tllCV IiaVC t tie coiumisnoneis never could have foiefeen such 11 J a ic.'iili. 'f'he language of lhi6 poition of ihc treaty Cllt, and all Will be qtlict. TllC "Kasi by ii lino 10 be drawn along lite middle of people of AlaillC Will be told that to', and f, 0111 its source, directiv tllC General Government IiaVC ac iinilh 10 the iiloiend luglilanilj, which divide: the l-nnw.p(l,rn(f jlipir l icrlifq nlltl tint n riie.s that (all into ihe Atlanlic ocean, from i!io.q KI'" 1gudgu ulel1 1 loln3i alUl Ulat a uiiirh fall into tite iivcr St i.awicncc, compieiien.i- Special Minister will be appointed ill" nil ilanilj within IuimiH' Inaciiei of aiiv nait of 1 11 ihe slioies of llio Uuitctl Statej, and lj ing b tlween to Settle tllC whole matter. Will lines lo be draw 11 due east fioni llio points whcio . . . . . iho a.o.esaid bonnd.ii ies beiwctn Novu Scotia on they be so unreasonable as not to be rr "f""y satisfied" with n,i ,ir, tic ocean j'esceptU'S tl,1' '"lands us me now or Qt Q, CambrelcilK, Of S01110 other herciofoie have been within die limits of said pro-: D t incc ol Mova Scotia." liacU 01 tllC AUlllllllStratlOll, Will 00 Upon the whole the commute do not entertain a ..... .. .. ... ... . .. lonht of ihe tillo ol llio United Slates lo the "Illliy SailSUCU" Willi pociiciltig tnu bole of ihe dimmed territory. 1 hey no lurther, I 1 1 . i:i id stale ilmt if the eenerul govemmeul be not salary ami ouuil, uuu uiic. aumu 111- hoih able atul willing 10 pioicctlh-ilen iioryol each te nCrr0ciatioil the whole matter Slate, inviolate, (hen it will have proved itself in., ipable of perfoi tiling one of ils lust and highest he lelt as lt Was. limes. 1 ney icci tin aoiuing ii!iiam:u, uuwou , Itcinir llio of hi.s eii'Mtins iwmrr nnd 111 r.i tins yociilupsH, ihci obligation lo m kuowledgci II. nuilioiiiy, lo obey llin comiiiiintN nnd iuibiniiivi!ly lo iirtptiesco in Ilia di?pcnaiiuiiJ, uillnluavs ic. main : Nor U the leim "fiee und Inilepcui'lcnl." to wliich, inn people, wonio n fltonyly iillnelied, in any fMi.-e incoufijlenl with llin piofiiuiide.l ne. kiiowledgeiiicnis of iil'e-ii.iiieo In ihe I' nnd motiil guieiiitiietil of (501) : Nor fieedoiu fioni theso 1 k 1 1 .1 in m 1 1 1 1 duticd ami obligations cither po?ib!o or dt'fir.dilc!. Agreeably 10 11 long nnd wholesome usage, ntnl in ne.cordanee , viih tho piineipled and die.tute.s of our Holy Religion uliieh learh, not only tho icl.iliou ttliieh iniliMiliialj mid rom iliien siuiiiin to (501) in nibjeolK oflil gove.nincnt, bill nl.o their depend niieo upon II ni lor incic;y and pa.d.m ! I do up. point I'ltlDAV, 'I III'. I'HTII DA V Ol' AI'UII. Nl'.Xr, lo bu oh.eived in oflieei of I1UMII.IA I'lON. IWSI'INf! AND 1'ltAYHU. And I would earnenlly itcpieM nil ihe inliabilants of lliis .Stale 10 convene tilth their lespcclivo 113 pcinldicf., iiii.I, in ilnor lomplca dedicated lo the uorship of iho MOST HIGH, with devout I roiiliile henru, roiifey. ilicirpim nnd imploio par don ami protection. And while we dniotitly lecog. uijc our depeini.irn upon llin pupci intciuliiig I'rov. ideneo of AI.MinHTV C50D. nn.l iceniint Mm lil.:??iti;M tf iho p,,. 1 jCir, let ih seek hiu favor 011 Hie one upon 11 Inch wo haie just enleicd, und wuh n deep fen.'t; of our iniwniihiiinjf, willi a spirit of piuceie penitence, pray, thioiigh the iichoof iiiegiace 01 our liiiiiio Al aster we m ly icceite lor- ciiciies. Let 11 oca day offanliful selfosnmtnalion i of ly icolulinin lo loi.ake. all vieiom pincliee.J, to esisl leinpntiooj 10 sin, bv couiiolliiiL' cieiv i.n- piopcr piopcixiiv und passion. i.ct us comment! ouiseiic.i wnh all our ivnnln : our dale, il? gineininent ami concern'; our national inieis nun all Hit: unci pts, oTlIic Union, lo llie guid. ancc and faior of lleaicn. . Let us pray thai peaco may bo enjoved among ourfelies anl wnh all naiiotn ; 'I'hal plenty may abound in one moiodion-es and lieahli in nil our Inching; ; That ihc penp'n inn ho p.n.pereil in ill useful enlciiirise.s und callings 'l h.11 mn- ml bgi'f., ne idriiucj mid ccliools may be h!c.t ; lhal all who minister at iho holy ahar inav feel their iomioii. siliility, faithfully ilisehaigo the dolies oftlieir high location ami become insl.iiinculiil in leadinj others In llin . it, .1. ,1 .!.:.... I..: 1 I. ihe peifect eliy i" mul our fellow, iiipiiIiiI or inoial elaicry may enjoy iho blessings of liberty und die opponunitv offoelal and lelialous instiiieiinn. Cuff ii widtr mn hunt! and 'lie seal of said stale, at Aitonham, tins eighth tiny of Mairh, in the near nf our Lord one thousand eight Ann. dnd anil thirty nine, and of the Independence of the United Slates the sixtij-third. fjll.Ati 11. JKNI30N. Bv the Gorr.RN'on, (3i:o. II. Masscr, Secretary. (jtGcii. Scoltwas still at Augus ta at our last accounts. This cal- lant ofliccr has made numerous friends in Maine, and stands deserv edly high in public favor every where. Jim Mil Cnlrjio of lleulih. Inriuin eonipliMe iiiniiual for laini' its nnd mill vidnalji, n-i rt'tjarili prtwcrvin;; iIkmii in heahh nut) etirin their cltsaii'-i-H, iho whtilc tried, nnd proved, by the iiirinhers of the llriiih (,'ollpiri, of IIkiiIiIi, ns Ihu only true ihcnr y nnd prncticu of medicine, nnd thus furiiishinir ample li'sliiiinny that I he prefohl mode nf ircalini; ilisease, ns practiced by Ihe Faculty, i couiplcteiy wruiiif. Thi" voluino eonla ns vnliuihle extracts! from the 7th lo ihe I'Jili nutnlicr of the Ilyccinn .louriml, cxl rnclD from "the Spirit of the I'rois" Hritish f.iboralnr" nnd llio pub lic Journal?, coiiininuw many important tibser vntirnid on Ihu Fcieuco of medicine, eiire.-, &c, ANo an nbridrrcment of the above work. Persons who may wish to buy or borrow it, can bo accommodated nt the Variety Shop. I' A.N Gil lit) UN & JJni.SV.MAll), Slate agr.nh. IJUlihlMJTOtf hYCBtni. The Member. of iho Vurlinton Lyvtum nro requested totncei in the ollico of J. N. i'ojinnov, Uft. next .Monday eicning, at seven o'cluil;, thai being ihe d.ij named in the consiitulion, for ihc an nual inceiiiig. I'exas and Mkxico, A rumor was ufloat at i New Oi lean?, on ihe 7th instant, that a negotiation was going on between the President of Texa und of piese.iiug imiol.ile the failh of ircaiies, il will Gen. Urrca, with a view of forming n coalition haslen lo lebnipiifli H piclcnsious in mat cieii, uolwcell ,0 Mexican l edcralisle and llio Texiana ihe cotnniitlee cnlcrlain not u doubt but that ihu , . . . . nnnf. .,... conlojtcd mul daugeioiis cpieition may be sol-.' '"- I"'1" ""-J MJ,U .i ..... .i . ..i.i .. i. .. .11.... i. f Im.i.. .. t. ...:ii it... . ,,i t, .t,.:. A N TI -S h A VI ', It X NOT I C 1 : . TVic Chittenden County Ant i-Slavery Society will hold (I'roKidilicc lermittinx) their annual meeting on It cdnesday 17 imttml, at the I Jio-'lit --'; 7'"y 'i.tite in JCsicx, at 10 o'cloch -t. 1U. A general attendance in requested. Jy order of the President, llrNiiv I'. UlCKOK. tS'fC'l. Ilu.lingloa,, 1SI30. s.tlijlaclion of both tiovoiiiua-ntri. .'Icxico, wlio will join Unci's army, and by their st.cnglh proceed to overturn the piescnt ndinini? tralion, tind upon i i iiins establish n government and insiiiniion of a liberal republican character. FKO.M NOVA SCOI'lA. The course of our government docs not appear to have given satisfaction lo the pioiincials. The witli the merits of that may sooner or la two nations in bloody war. I3UHNING or Tin: CAROLINE. We invito tho particular attention Halifax Journal, after giving an outline of ll.e bill f i i , r III C .11100 to UIU llliuuies, niiiui n,u i,ii of every reader to the report of Mr ; CoIsre ?iU3 na 6!Ui5r,lcl0. ICJ11,S can bo IJllCllanail, Oil tllC SllblCCt of t he ' ai.thdnaied frntnihe nnntihitmcnl ofa niecial .uiu It is ail able ificr lo Kugland, mid ihe course of iho genc- i , ; , l i . ral goicinmeni ano oi tne yoyoi oiiiriu oi .iiaiui-, u uL-iuwiuy Places .lien0.racnI,1IC(, 0 pl.0(lllcc.ul mnic,,)0 ,,.,,. that plain question Oil Very Strong mem of ihe diflieullici between the two nations. rounds. The subject is OllC oi I'hu IIttlir.ic p:ipcrs eviilonlly IndnTa ihu liopo nlicni-i'inn- ,'nini,cl f il war will glow oiii oi uio iiouoie. mo iova sco I'ti-acjiL ,!,,, 0f,l0 7,1, i,(. B..JS Ihe piovincial papeu moilieiH, anu It IS tllC Ullty Oi every; niaj laugh abom iho distuibance if lliey please, but citizen to make himself rmnilinr tlir pnper ttin.Us it no Ii iflin-i mailer lo t.ilk of fighling wuh nn enemy who can pour 130,000 men oil ihe ot iho llrili.h le.iilorv in u few tliat may SOOlier Or later involve the days. In speaking of llio I'.esideul's mewago and the pioctedings ofOongiesa the Nova b'coiiau ic maiks i nee iioeumenls n.o lar Irnni aa exiiheit 7 11' 1 It 1 I s.iiiM.iiaui v as roiini no iivmiimi; oil souio ; I III d iiuuiiou iul; uui i us luiitiuiicu , uiey leave a wide iloor open lo arranae in.'iil, lint on othe.d they Irowti hoslihly laiher plainly. 'I'hn Halifax Kccordcr of March 0, think thai Mr Van linirn is no belter ilian (iov. l'aiifie and if llio liiiiisli me not nllowcd peaceable jui inlicliou over llio di;pulcd ler. itnry, unlil ihc cpiemion can be settled by uegociaiinn, Knglam bad belter dcclato war at oncn. The Keco.d snicra at ,Mr Wc bsicr'i) propojiiion to sclllo Hie cptclioii, by Inking pos.-e.ision on llio -lilt of Jul) next, I he Kccuidcr sajs if hnglanil and Aiueiie.i have annthcr war it will not lie fought in ihc wood-i of America, bu; on ihu ocean. The last Nova Scolia Koyal G.r.ello says ; 'i'helr exeellencieii Sir John Ilaivey, and flov I'.ii.ficil I w ill, we havo no doubt, submit in tli pioposcd aiiaiigemeiilj but iicuugiti imgieat gooi; I in 1 1 II, Ihc claim scl up ny llie u.ts, lo I lie lei i hoi y in cpu'riion, lliey appear delenuined lo ad bent lo, und our government ham alwaisshoun ileleiiiiii.atiou not Injield lo iheir deiu.ind. Thu leceiil coiiduel of .Maine iiiusl force ihu subject up. on dip immediate consiilentlion of llio Iti iiisli und llio Ameiieaii goiciiimenls, nnd llie point at mini be sullied in souio way or other The speech, i s iu Congics ami the lesohitious of llio legisla.uie of .Miusaihurells, wlneh wc liaio iusci led, exhibit strong feelings and lead us to appiiheuil a nip. luro between the mo nations will soon lake pl.ue. between the American Minister,; Stevenson, and Lord Palmerston, the British Foreign Secretary. It will be seen that the LT. S. Minis ter takes a clear and manly view of the question, creditable to him as a Stateinan and the Iicprcsonta live of the Republic. But these documents aro nearly a year hack, and from no quarter can wc receive any assurance that what was so well begun, has been continued, or that these demands for redress, so strong ly founded in justice have not boon laid aside "till a more convenient season" till "excitement ends." If this view is correct, the Kxecu- livc may wait till the "crack ofi doom" for action upon the question. &ArL,lTC- nnilFi l'titiro Furniture- in the Hurling JL ton lintel for Cash or onnroved Credit, Ciinsistiiifr of nuns JSEDDLYG, BEDSTEADS, .DIATTRASES, CURT.'lhYS, CARPETING, TABLES CHAIRS, SOFAS ey SETTEES. LOOKjYG GLASSES, PICTURES, MAI'S, CROCKERY Ss- GLASS WARE, STOWS ey PIPES, Kill lien furniture, of almnU event dc icriptiunio be Sold witlmut Reserve. II. THOMAS. Burlington, Mar. 12, UI39. Watches, Clocks & Jewelry, PKKKUMBRY. Soapj. Hair Oil mid Powders i Razors', llnzor ytrnps, liruMins of nil fine hind!', Tooth Powdern nnd Washes Indclliblu and other hindd of good Ink : Ink for copying Premies. ROGER'S i'inh KMI'ES, Scissors, Raztirs. and Sirnps, Wustrniioliua Knives'. Deck Knives, Folders, Plaque, Wai-t I'neklcs, Shell Comli, Ivory nnd horn Comb?, French Iron Combs, Portfolios nnd IW infold Writers, Snuffers nnd Travs, Work lioxc?, Portable Do.0!;?, Crrman Sil vcr Ware, Plntrd nnd lirittnuia WarcCas. lord, HihIj-j, Lacing, F.lastics, Suppcnilcrs, line Stncli.i a heautilul nsnrlinent. Also Collars-. liosotiH, Pantaloon .Strap?. Chil dren's Hells', Printing, Visiting. Playing, Conversation and various kiuda of CARDS. together with an iiltnobt entiles variely of oilier articles, which strangers nutl citizens arc politely invited to call nnd examine al their leisure, to ibid nssorlmcnl addition aro making both winter nnd summer as the wants of customers require. When an ar ticle cannot be had uny where else, it may perhaps be mntul r,t I bo VAUIHTY SHOP. Where Silver Spoon?, nre constantly made Gold Heeds. Gold Rings, &c. and where Watched, Clocks, and all other articles in this line nre cleaned and repaired, am! where the most celebrated Medicine, ever sent forth lo the WORLD, is supplied to all who with fir it in thii stale and part ol llio elate of sow lorlt this medicine called Jlorisun's Pilli, or the Hygeinn Univetsal Medicine ot the Liri'ish College of Iloalth, waa introduced again to tho noUco of the American Public n little more than twelve months since, by George Taylor, fii Wall s,t. N. Y. Who was sent from London, to attend to I ho importing and distributing Una best Vegetable Mali cine tho world Ins ever known, through tho United States. liy Us introduction many dqgv desnairit)!? Invalid has been made rcinice. and to b e?s t ic clav wi'oi no ou tamed the medicine mado by .1 AS MOIUSON. the Tbjzcnl which lias saved thousands and undoubtedly hundreds of Ihon auds from an untimely grace. The stck tutor trying every tiling else in vain are in almost every case, by this medicine restored to HEALTH. GEO. TAYLOR U.S Agent. PtNOllonN &. I'ltlNS.M.UM, (Of tho Variety Shop.) Slate Agtnls. Socrates Callin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) )l IIICJT 01' Clll riKMlBX PS. The Il'innrabtc Ihe I'rnbnlr. Court for thi IJislrul ii Lhitlciulcn. In ull pernnni concerned in the Estate nf Socrates Callin, lute nf JJttrlington, in mid district, ( censed, GREETING. HHREAS, Frederick Hill, adminis trator of Iho estate, of enid decneec! proposes to render nn account of Ins odium ist ration, and present his account against. aitl estate tor examination nnd allowance nt n session of ihe Court nf Probale, to bo hidden nt Hit- Register' office, iu Burling ton on the second Wednesday of April next. TiiKnEroni:, You aro hereby notified tu ppcar before snid Court ot the timu and place nloresaid, nnd show cause, ifony you have, why the account alureaaid should not be n llo wed. Given under my hand nt Rurlinglon, tliia llh day of March A D l39. V,m. WKSTO N, Register. Clarissa Hollister's Estate. AUCTION. rrjllll. i-ulHcrihcrs will soil ut uiicton, on JL ho 'M clay ol April mix, a their rosi dunce, in llnilbrd, near Qucccheo village, from '20 lo JO.OOO Cuui;s of ho Mortis Mill icaulis, warran'cd "cnnine. A few hotisanil Canon and Amino, also wacrawou .'ctiume. 10 lo l.),000 Muh'icaulis Sccdlin.'s, two years old. 12 to 15,000 Seedlings, same age. 100.000 filian do. 1 to .J years old. Qj-.SjIo to commence a 10 o'clock, A. M. Terms Cash. L. k . MARSH. Qticcchcu Village. Match 12, ISJ9. E Iho subscribers, having, been ap pointed bv iho Honorable, tho Pro halo court for the District of Chittenden, Cominissioncis to receive, examine and djust, too claims, and demands, of all per sons, against the oslnto of Clarissa Ilollis ter Into of Burlington, in snid District, deceased, represented, insolvent, nnd nlsu, nil claims und demands, exhibited iu offset, therein, nnd Six Months from the day of the date hereof being allowed, by paid court, for that purpose, we do, therefore. hereby give notice, that wo, will attend, to the business of our appointment at tha fl'iee of II. Leaven wolrlh in Biirlinc'ton in in said District, on Ihc second Tuesdays of April nnd July next, at I u clock r. m., on each of snid dnvs. Daicd this 4'h day of March, A. D. 1039. JOHN JOHNSON, ? Commit. LU'l'll HR LOOMIS. sinners. Nathan liutchin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I DtiTiucT or Grand Is-r.K, ss. AT a Probato court hulden at the Pro bale office, in North Hero, in said District, on the CCth day of February, A. An Instrument puiporting to be the last Will nnd testament of Nathan Huichins, late of North Hero, in said District deceas ed being presented to the court here, by Lois liulchitis one ot the executors therein named for Probale. It is ordered by said court that nil persons concerned therein bo notified to appear at a session of said court to be holden nt the Probate office in said District, on the 30th day of March next, and shew cause if any they have against tho Probate of said will. It is further ordered that a copy of the record of Ibis order ba published three weeks successively in thu Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed nt Hurliugton in Chittenden County 09 soon as may bo. A true copy of record. Attest, AunusTus Kmoiit. Reg. 200 bushels Peas for sale by L. M. II AGAR. Shelburn MarAi .', 1C39. .1UST RECEIVED. 700 ' Pac'l3 Morisons, IJygcian, VJVJ ljnivorsnl Medicines of tho Urilisli College of Health, London, cures by this best Vegetable Medicine aro multiplying constnntly in Vermont. On bund plenty of j Packages and the Vegtablc Aperient Powders, '25 ets. per box. P.iNfiiinn.N &. liiiiNs.M.ui). Stale Agents. MONEY. WANTHI), 02SOO on Hond and Mortgage on unproved properly. It would bo taken in one sum or in parts. Address A IJ. through the Pcsl Otlice.nnd it will receive .mention. Burlinstnn March 11)39. Joseph Simonds' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Distinct or Cim-TENDEy, ss. The Honorable the Probate Court or tha District of Chittenden, To alt person lanterned in the Estate of Joseph Simontis late of Charlotte, in said district, deceased, GREETING. WHEREAS, George Perkins, executor of the last will and testament of said deceased proposes to render nn account of ins administration, and present his account against snid cstnto for examination nnd allowance at n session of the Court of Pro bate, to be holden at the ReaMler'a office in Hurliugton on the second Wednesday of April next. TiiKnEroni:, You are hereby notified lo appear before tnid court at the time and place aforesaid, nnd thew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under rny hand nt Hurliugton, this 12lh day of March A D. I!J39. Wm. WESTON. Register. A Crass Seed. FEW Uushels superior Western Seed t. iiir-i received and fur sale at Mrirch 15. HOWARDS. of superior quality, by v. v. L. STONG. March '22, 11139. SUPERFINE FLOUR. rj-RESH GROUND, from new Wheat U. of otiperiur qunl t'. March 22. T. F. & W. L. STRONO. A FA 11 M FOk SAEjIE. OF bcvmi Hundred Acr.'s of Land, with good l!.iildiuis, said Farm culs ruing two hundred Tons of Hny, well watered, a'pleniy of Wood Laud, ami Pino Oak Timber, wrh n number of good Orchards, also a fine spring of t-oft water brought to iho Iloiifi'. AM will be sold on rcnsnnable leriiH. For lurther iiilbrii'almu, call en the subscriber, living en said faun. PRESERVED WHEELER. Now Haven March, 11139. G duality the test of Cheapness. pieces 10 mul I'jj cent Calicoes for salu by Wait it I'.tuoit. March lit. Iltishcls Herds Glass Seed, on oon- '& signincn from !?. Lawronce, and of A MARE, live years old ibis spring, largo, strong and perfectly kind. Said mare has been in this village for the hist ten mouths as n family beast, but works equally well in a team. ALSO, A second hand Chaise nnd Har ness, all nf which will bo cold very cheap for ciifh. Inquire at this ollice. Burlington, March I J. 11139. 2w 500 fus quahy. J.i'J, II. Pi:ck,V (Jo. TfcJTET lVi. Pocku lilllLES i f di lie rent sizes and bindings, for sale nt tho Hunk llmdery, College si. ly S. HUNTINGTON. March Ij. FOK SALE. A SMALL Farm contnining between seventy. five, & eighty . ttcres of first rale Intnl. situated imi llie county road lending from Hurliugton n Cambridge two and n half miles Irom Woslford Centre, on ihc promises are n gnnil farm house, two barns, &e. logeihc with a small Sugar nnd Apple Orchard. Thu above promises will be sold low. Foi a part of llie purchase money n credit will he given if requested. For parlietilnrs on. quiro of WARREN UOXSIE. Wtslfnrd Cinlre Mirth I",. 111.19. " " & ot sjiu: A Lli perM-ns indebted tu MORSE it A. SLOCUM.nrio E. D. SLOCUM. aro hereby net lied that their accotinl must be sellled by the first of April. Those eoncurned will 'lake notice, and "ovem Iheiiisolves ace irdingly. Hurlinglnn. M.ircli ft, 1,' Pure Chainpaiync NViiTe." ''GOffjBBtJ fWAWLK" for e&Ic by Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon- dis i nn. i us uni i i uruuiu t II u Probate Court within and for the D'strict of Chiltciiden, To tho creditors nnd oth ers concerned in ihu estate of Samuel D. Hyde late of Charlotte, in said district, deceased. II ERE AS, Amos Clurk, executor of VT the last will and testament of said deceased hath made application to Una Court lo extend Ihe time limited for male ing payment of the debts and legacies of said deceased twelve months from this dulc, nnd the snid executor nlso proposes to ren der nn account of his administration and present his account ngainsl said estate for examination and allowance, and the third Monday of April next being nssifjncd for a hearing iu the premises at the Englo Hail in Willibton, nud it having been ordered that notice thereof be- given by publishing ibis order threu weeks successively in (ho Free Proi-s, n newspaper printed at Hur liugton, the last of which publibalion to bo previous to the time set for hearing. Therefore you nre hereby notified to ap pear before :nil court nt the lime and plnca aforesaid, nnd show eauso, ifnny you hove, why the tunc of making payment as afore said should not he extended, nnd why tho ncrount nforcsaul should not be nllowcd. Given under mv hand this 13th day of March A. 1). K1C9. WM. WESTON, Rf gist or. 13 IS A N Si. '.' IT if TAI10II, Lucy Allen s Es t a t e. STATE OF VERMONT, At n Probato DisTincTor Gkanii S court holden nt the Probato office, iu .North Hero, in said (lis Irict on tho '.'.id day of February A. D. 11)39. I'lescnt tho Hon. Joel Allen, Judge. A.n Instrument purporting tu bo tho last will and testament of Luey Allen, laic of South Hero, in nid district deceased being presented to Ihoeonrt here, by Hector Adams thn exec utor thcieiii named for Probale. lt is ordered bye aid eourl that all poro.Mis concerned therein bo notified lo appear al a scission ol'saiil court to bu holden al tho dwelling house of .Icdedi.ili P. Ladd in said N.irlh lleiu,on ihc 3d Mon day of .Match, A. D. 1839, and chow cauc if any thoy have against Iho Probato of said will, for which purpose il is further ordered lhal a copy of this order ba published llireo weeks, in iho Hurl'mutou I'm Press a nowspa. per printed al Huilingtmi in iho county of Chitllcndcn, as soon as may be. A true copy of record, Attest, Atcutius Kxiuiir, Reg.

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