Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 27, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 27, 1841 Page 2
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WHIG ST A I P. TICKKT. ror. ouviutNon, CIIA.iLISS patne. roB WAITST1L1, OoVfRMttt, UAN.NliY. Fon nitusi'nr.n, JOHN SPAULD! NO. TOr. StNATOllS UlllTEMlEN COt'NTV. TIIADDKUS II. FLETCHER, DAVID FRENCH. LATEll I'ROM EUROPE. Wo have received ncconnls from London to tho 3J inst, by tlio tlritish post ofliro Steamer Columbia, which arrived at Huston on Thursday. In politics, littlu of interest has occurred since our previous advices. Tlio triuinpti of tlio Conservatives at lint late elections is complete, and tin returns of members of tlio House of Commons, shew the party nlll have a majority in t' at body of at least SO vote, a majority etpt d to that possessed hytho Tory parly dining the (lavs of its runs' -confirmed nsrr.idanry, under tin; Mdniiiiistra'iion of William Pilt. Tho Con servative majority in the constituency of the United Kingdom is 2,!i,7;?l the registered electors in places which h ivo letorned Cuii-pervativesheiilL'o-n,8-)9. and in pi ices which have returned Whins 2"3,17H. Of course, speculation is rife as to the members of the now Cabinet, which in this state of things, the Queen must uecessaiily call to her aid, and all point to Sir tioliert I'ecl as t'ri'inier, yet, nmst this necessarily in present h matter 01 tinceriainiv. l tieie will un so tr.any jarringiiilcTests to he reconciled, am probably so nun h personal feeling involved, that the result may disappoln all the mien litmus now nlloat. Sir Hubert I'eet has addressed his constituents at T.innvorlh, but tns speech deals in nothing but generalities, end in his position more could not he e. .1 -T lit t. hi i pccien. iorujouu misseii also aildies sed a letter to bis constituents in London, in trhich be stvs, "as no Ministi'is of the Crown can stand without the confi.lence of tin tJ r r . . uuuse ti v,oinuiuiis, our leiiretueni lroin office will immediately follow the condemna tion of our policy." Tide condemnation, no doubt will lake place, on the motion for an eddress to the Queen, in -tfply to her speech n opening I'm li.iment, then an adjourn ment will take place, to give her time to form a new .Ministry. Notwithstanding the popular defeat that her present Ministers have experienced, the Queen, with a view probably of showing that her confidence is unabated, has paid visits to theru individually or to the beads of the noble houses, with widen tboy are connected. Vis count Melbourne received! her at his seat, Breckett Hall, Berks; tho Duke of Bedford Bt Wolnirn Abbey; and the E. it I ufCowper trt P.insnnger, Herts, the gnosis being prin cipally iheir piditical friends. Her personal popularity too, would seem to continue mi-j diminished. A militia Serjeant at Uxbridgo, having, 'knocked dowi d unfortunately kil led a man simply boencsu ho observed tint the did not appear to have relumed tho en thusiasm with winch she was received on pas sing through that Town, as warmly as it was given. Theso matters, however, q re of compara tive insignificance, when we cotisi ler the ulnrming accounts of the prospect ofthu har vest in Great Hritiinaud the distressed state of the mamifacluiing districts. Tho Litter appears to be unprocedented and should tho crop prove unproductive beside,., t, Gnv crnmcnt, whoever may administer it, will have u hard task to preserve public tran quillity. The consequences of such an un fortunate conjuncture will iwtoml fir and wide, and wo may in vain look for an im provement in the value of our great staple commodity, should the prese t threatening appearances bo roalia-d, augmented as the evil will be, by the vicious system of the Bank of England, who to pieserve specie payments under every contingency, even the severest visitations of Providence will further destroy tbe productive powers of tin-country, by depriving them of the aliment which s ip. ports them. Tits decision of the S-ipreme Court of this State in the case of Mr-Lend, has l-een receiv ed in England, but does not appear to have caused much sensition there. Tlio new Mi nistry, as vioii as it is .irg.iui.'d w ill mi doubt, be questioned on tin; subject in !,,i liament, and we shall be curious to learn the view they tjke of it. Our accounts direct from C inlon, aro later than those received in England, Inn v.-i have now Intelligence of the departure of .Sir Gor don Brenner from Calcutta, with the con tcniplated reinforcement for the troops and fleet already in the Chinese waters. These appear to he very considerable and nodou'.i the whole force when collected w ill again proceed, as nei;rasuuy be, to I'e in. The correspondence laid before I'aili intent by the British Superintendent at Carton, Capt. Elliott, leads to the coii-lusiou that ,m,t., 0f Ids apparent procrastination in the earlv stages of tho war, proceeded from a deiiro to provonta total stoppage of tho trade, in obe flience to orders from his Govern it, who loured the loss of the revenue derived from it, nt a timu when the deiciencv in their Wavs and Means amounts to upwards of throe rnil lions of dollars. The immense possessions of the British in India furnwdi various items of jntelliuoncf to tho English press, but these are of little in terest here- On going through the-iu how ever, tho American, cannot but look with surprise at the number of King, Kb ins and I ...I P . ... iiajaiiK, wiiii ugore in succession as solicitors for aid and pensions from tho East India Company ; at this moment he may even see .1 r i y ... tlio -iijhii m n numerous people, pleading his cause beforo the Hoard of Directors in Lcadenhall street. The possession of Hera seems cuufirmed to the British or their drpi'iidaii's- and the niiVuMo relations will. Persia me I'ullv le-eei!il!l,.l In I.V.t !..!.. I ..., nine nas orrnrrrt i eservmn ofpirlicular rniurk. The H dnvstifJuh hae p isse-il over without toinmulion, and ut Toulouse, and in tho .Smith generally, no tnrllirr disturbances hao taken pi ice, al though there appears to prevail soiiip unea siness in tint public mind in that paiiofl'iunco. 'i'i. . . . , . ' i no -season is tliipropilious to netivis operations in Algerie, and tho French armv tbero is now inactive. Serious iiimiohon- sions had been enterlained in France, 0r the CM 1 .1. . I . . i.miiiu oi inn narvest titero also; but fine weather for some time before the last dates had greatly alleviated them. Tho Government of Spain are makintr hut slow progress in bringing ahuiit a happier stale of things in that country J still as theii civil distentions are hushed, it may he hoped they will eventually succeed. Tho Queen, has issued from Pails, a protest against the acts of tho Cortes, in relation to the guar dianship of her children, and ascribes her abdicationto force. There areiiishmatioiistlial Louts Philippe is instigating her in this course but it docs not appear on sufficient mounds. In Turkey and Egypt, all is for the mo ment quiet, and the insurrection in Catidia has been suppressed by tho Tmkish forcus. A". 1. Courier. FROM WASHINGTON. I'roiu t!w N"e- Vork Triininr. T, , ,. Mos-n.u-, Aieii'tll', I i -elo MvfMa ifl..av rwr veil in t'n-S-. nt-, iii.iiitir,,-nu.iinf wliirl, ti. L,.,, t.R a,,, .1 n i-r creci-.milwl nt rn mdv It wis re ivive.1 at T ri'i n ter n I 12 oYloc-l, thn l!-,.,U I! II ' inrii.-ti wuli a, ati.l iniiiK-ili.itc y, mli. r I ni-pt'ii cl, rca I to the; v,,,nlp, )ft1P Jlr.,,, it n iimicceassry In sp-ik, t,s vou havo it ei full. It i, !i.)vicr, with apphmo In- the Opim,i-V.'-i"-' , '""'"'V tiroin. r In- imtiv of tin- V,Uta. 1 inn. ill itelv nfierin rrndin'.', n s'lht ,.x. Vji s.'iiinofiV,. iiiuw -i- ui.nii "i'o I i;i ilirciilLrit.-t, a.'id Mr. I.iut.ia iiisfiiillv tosu .nid ttom f.--rre ilpprp. i-iii-in- nsaitiM the 'Tank riittiiiis" and "Hants Iml ie. wliii lint i-i-iili,-,! i:,,. JIc-s-bp, and iii.that tlip 1 rtsiil.-iu. lli'iSi-n-ep, -iimI thpp.-iiiiinv. Hi; iiiihp.1 Ihm I w-Ii.i iasTimiPiinl in"jt l,p roienpil rrniii thu a illc-rv by iIip sor-uifal-nriiH, and hraimlit to itlip liar of tliu.Se nt . ' i up ii ss.ii!; an. I a;ipr(ilntif,n v.provr-y faint, of .i.H.iiiiiii, nun luimaiii uy muiv c f tlio Son-i Mcm. U'vr, lien-on. IJ.f1ini.nj mil n,I: o" n-''"'r"- npin n-T hn ner-cssiiy f itit-i ev ,,l t .s-into ,. si.ijvl-till HUH P10M.1-1, lllHnfllllill i r-um; hip iiunor ami vioinlelrnni ilMuilnnri.i nt ili at.;l. -....I ... .i.. . irilHirpic,,,aI,t, '.,,,.1 l,t.;Pn. inly mile nut livfonipiif ilieai, snsspsfnu ami erpn. MnPllippropiipivrifMiffltiii., tin? in pass wii'inut f.irnial ndum. TIip m ii c.)ii-..piifips of iIip .listin--tin sw.-n in iIip niPHi, nk-ntVoin thr -rleivliv an (illiPi r nt ilip Srmtp and put in rutvli- f (1,,, Nrprii.l.H .Uin. .tfirr a rniivr.niiuii nf nnip Ipnrili iIip s-ilii-t wndropptd, and thu pcrsm or dcie 1 to li dijchiryptl. Jlr. (: in hi iifailly pont-a mnnnr'. pivid 'tiu mii'-ii n.Ti pn vi lu-iili hni f-Vnf ( niiarr, an.I Inline t.cen ptcsonlfi! tn ll I'lrnilctil lit- vi nitur, wn-innw rpiiirnnl ii nil- IM.II tll.lll III IMC IIHI "11 h.l.I P.I P.l 1..MI, l.r. lllp :.l. e ' hp rniiMrnnw inHkm out in the '""liiiitinii was t.i th ImII. and if il m 5P.I linth ILvi-po hv i vntP,!r l. il t.pcamp a Inwof thphiiil, indepMiripiu v "rtlip nhii-tionu lip w.f'.l n.d iiiiw- iWiatp tit H.i'ip pt j ,i wn nn. u, trcHin? n wuli ill., ur-iiitv d..p i., th,. ro-nrdir.i'p Iu-hipIi of t!ia fi.n--r'iui.-nr. to thcni. lvp riiii fi i'ipI .uuiii-y, wi limit limp, fir p ni 'i" vim of ho n'.. tioiis. Ite thcrpf.itp mnp,l thu it 1. nUnn in, for t i-mmrowai 12 o'clock, am), in thp iiiphi limp, li. turnip.!. Aflnr p vil- P(iin.raiiiiii ts to 'hp ln-ir n" nkn Hun to-'ii-irrnvv, tin- union wis phiipI- an-l nil niniiOB .if .Mr. Kin-'. 0 003 pmii miw. ,.i .....i ... I.:.. ..I.: i '. " '"I" " "l.-l imntcd. V.sX0T0V, .ll2U t ID. Th" Prcfidrnt npnt n in. ps-ipp to iho Spintp n'n nmtiiciiif; tho fact lliat he hi! etjti. .1 th: l.Hilirupt n ec cili. .wii r.TO. At 12. .VI c!t li IhiiU l w-fi thnvoto m-iBixo of thp rich, lent was l.d.di up, hCn, ,i JI'ii9Hy Pj,v".,1'f'M- at ltph L-nnih, dpfpndhn llu li'llfiom Itin o!. piioih ufil x.pntivn thmu.di. nil! thu whole nine Mr. Thy wis ,a!,, d,.,,; ,,t ,,, . ilo.-pi-nt. It-I n i nn i pi il I . in'n, h'i.t rc-i.l-i.i- ih inau-inal a-l.!r,-H cfl'i Tyl.r, lint ,0 would In. 2iii.,.,, v....r,i h.'.,i,t,-, ,u p ,.,,, ,.,. alov ol anv iiiTiire. In- thp loriun li..',i 0f I ip fntliprs il til- i -011-1111111,111. Hp enmnlain. d lint the l-in Jin-c of mo i- fi 'iip-sigc wilnr!i wh. u po-ii. ni-'ii in.; .1:1 the liith fin huipiuat nil,., hi,., n.l I.-imi aoi n !. I in a peit .if . .incil.aiinn lo hippi ,p si-nii!,-s nf thp r.pputip. Hp pp,,Kf nfilic ilirpnl Coiiar...'!;. hiPli l.arl ilus in. asurp under rnn'i.lorn inn, all ol iii.-h had pisapil it without prun'i and hfexpr.-s I Ins mm I lint in thp f.ue ofall ilus nn.l V' ' "i w l"ii;rio l, IItiiiIioii. t! tiTOij and . ' i1"'1 "w "'Viaiaioiis op moil .it hi, ,, it t, 1 r. -nlptii I vlt r h id (, It ii hi. duty t wi t !t I l'pro4n1. J i., ,1,.,, ,f ,, opili ,g ,f i u . .Ipiji 1 1 1, r li-i'l hivn lui iwii picsioiis t.. iho con. vpiilnn at II niishnr , hp w-nuld npv.r Inie rmi M'.l il..' i..i-i.inii-ui! tint , ,lv, nnr the voip of tip. p.pioial coIIp'-u for Vice l'lt,pnt of jlie Uis.te.l Si'O.-.. , '"''; wrn nit to impair, Inwrur, l.icaiiKO tlu-v Ind failed in nap inat l.aduiu' niP-Hiirc. Th .'ih liea.uiy lndlid u repealed ; lint ureal relief nicaiirc the- t hill, liidhe. n pi pd-aivl nihrr iii'p-is. inc. w cro in a Male of f.irw ircl.i...s tint was a nr,ai dpiilapp)iiiphsh..d. Iiisipad tln-ii of a.ljijiirninfr"uil uouiU'lionip th. v should p.t en ui h all lhe"rcH inp.i'.iirps.if whii-li ilippoiiiiirvMon.1 in npp.l, nn,i if Ih.-v p,.uid ii.ii nil, th"v cniild nt Inst e li'imiMui'ietr fin.tlni'iitvinil t. II thru, that it wis 0. viu? in ciiru iistancp.. mi-r wh.i-h ihpy dad n rn. 001. II- was-iwarp that hi,fr .1. wtrp rn-t.avor. i-iir lo coiipoct 1 1nM wV.ich iho I'r.sdpiit would h Iwclv to ".an. II,' would throw no ehstriiPiion in newiy lrit niv Gil p.ipp.1 them in anv ufa.-iro 'hat would ikely toll? attended with b.-iufi -nl tc- vlll. Mr. nhe-o j-pplip.l with n e .-h deal of z-al, ,1, f,.;,H. l-j; t.iel rc.-ulpiit troin what h r.inrcivwlimpiiini..ns p-ist oa Ins fi Ithl y lo his Poustitiipats mid to his par- Mr.a-iyrxplihptl (hit nnfhinz was finher from hen than a w-wh or di-pnsiinn ioasppri.p iIip p,-, Kj I 'in V' In I lonp lien his fri, n I, ,-, P in I nnd tried nip nnd whit in itup cm 1 1 he h ive, in ppcIuhl' In d.snarat:. linn 1 I i ttierenivko h In l im.-, huliail i.-pa dio l!f o'.jp. Hons nt t'. l'nsd.ntonly. V;, 'liv s-i!i iii'ilit ii weiil I hi a waMp of limp tn .nU,. anv .'.-ind .'xjiii npiit on thp runmpv We t'l.i-jffUl it would he cttir to uo liomp. He tlmintht ihe not now, w-i.i.-d ns wpru in mind and holv :n- naze Ii dei-uls .,f a ,., U,.,,t;r,.d , sv a h in'; entirilv ahtrartr,l fro,n p1riv f,,.inps nnd nOT-uti.ns an I iich as wouM stmd tho securlv nf limp an I ihc p i-intrv. Mi. Chv rpinindcd .Mr. Itnrs ilmt Rnniethiim should he done i thai the iurs and sword wue now cinplruirally in the leuuLs nftlu. nxpruiii,. Tile d.haic was fanhrr poiiIiiiiksI lipiiveen M.- Uii.M, fliy, Arpheniid It-irieii, when tl, m,, ri. was iiineii uu ngniing io nip pjs...rp nf it, . tin votestood for Iho hill jras-)",, nava 2), ...... .. .... ..sin..; .ii hip pis.i-.'u m iij j inn, and mo inc mil wnw mt, there licui'' no constitutional niiiority in Its favnr. Tim prompt decision was vprv en'-vpee'ed It wns ihousht ihc suhjeet would l.edtb-.tej at least une week. iioi'sr.oi' nninnsi:TATivns. Mr. Halts prpsrnted tlip prop, i-l 131 nf n miTtini; of n iori nii of the c iiijuis of ll.n ki-icliini rnunty Vtrem a, infivornf n uaiioml hank, nnd ndur meas ures the jircent Counrpf h. .Mr. J. W. Joaes iresentnl the pmrivtlinpq nfn ineeini nf thedi'inoentip ra zi nsnf s,. 0f U'.'il county, V irtrinin, n national bank, nnd The itlirr iiieasurrs lii'liire i.-iiutisp, M'. l'lekcns fiwrtisl of iheEamp i,m,rn. the Isst. from nt 7f ns of two Pdiintips .if fjiii.i. Mr. Itnim. hv ' I ' r nf l'" rninuiilip. nt'wnj-H mid 'iieiir.s. rennri, d a ',-11 unltine nnn..i.niniin.. r..r il,.. i siier.f, s nf (J. n. II ir.ison, which was read l-A-i-', nn t oa ihu in itio i 1 1 piiut, Mr. I'l.kcns hv i ( ihat the neeoaipinyiii!' paper., ho also mint a). Oa ihis mo'i iii the jean nn I nays w. reordered, and resulted ns folio a & i'ji-ii.s 103, ni)R Mr. f!. DHisnd'ern-l a rrmhuhn that do in f r the ITiio.-tl Smo i .. i nil printing . t. , .r . V - "e ii iui jnr ,ai in. mtpifivi-d y ihetwiili-iuH,! hi,r,,e lor a I ei t.a .1 nvcr for (i e day, Mr. (Jr-ihsin n p.e t.l i rp ohitimj an-ma ,!l0 siii'in the FiatiiP ! V.,sl .ri , ,-J n'Tiipy in h rotunda nl the Crp-lo' . l,.. ph.d,.,. f ,, r,, 1 Hp Mi tec till referred to the coiiiiiut too of the H"' ai'-'""'1 riimllnl l.aiikrup' hi'l. 1 lie House then unit into com nittue nf tlio whole. foiitii ication tai t. Hienipii,iii Ihenin.iihiients nf thn Se nate, tins first of whi-lintity was reeenmniendcd to llieciiiieurrencpoftlio House hy iho committee of ways and means. The firm fimen lmcnt was SW.COn for defensive works nnd;. e.ourchato ofnitcaior near DetTint, Mi:h Ioih.s n i.Mi.lm-'iil th.' p.ii-uinit. p f wun a mi 'i luidin (,,l,owiiiL iinii d ii .pit t m i 1- ("ii'MUU tot Mtu mid woikn at or nc-nr Uiiil'ilu, N.w V n k '-. tJ'.dOO fer tile an J Cotlifications nt the outlet nl I. ike ( 'Ii iini lam. 3- S'2'.oft' for ile and w-oiks at s auikeaf, hp. I lVaohs.-et, 'riiP!vi-7nil .Senile nnrnrhvicnt wan, O30,f00 fot "urviyf., inland nu.l Attoi'tic. 'lhi-ddo. S.t0,0C0 nrrinnr-i" ib'c fjr roaik l nlmr" nnd i o. i, p.'mpli innr n-npsAc. I'oiiilhd... liI.OnO for s lertiiipnii-l iiirrhniiis n ile for a 'celu,rn1 Soiitliwcstern or 4ol lliw-pptt-tn nimnry. I'lfih do. .$100,000 for cotistriictinn n.ul ariinnieilt nf nrined vlraiiieis mid LEsib of (Ufcncc on t lie lakrs. Tlico iiiiipiiitnion'sgavp rifo tn nn niiitnatrd lie lutein wIiipIi MrurK. I'iIIiiuiip, l'pnilkton, Irwin, fJlill'ord, Itinwii, l'roffit, llowaul, .S. jMasoti and priira look part. .Mr. I-Yltuoip said ho hopcil llipbill would he actpil nn sn ns lo hung it in dlin e fut the action d' the lliiusie. ' j1r. W. Clolinsnn paid hp flsreed with the rhnir nnti nf tlippoiiiinillcpon tni iinrv nll'iirs, nnd llionsht the liillnuaht n he referral to that coinimltPi" for cxanunaiioii nnd rorreclion, Flatins tint ihu hill pould not ipee r his otp while it irtaiiipd ils shape. Ife then iimwd that the .oiiiiniltip tin, in oulpr that the lull iniylit be reftne I In llie-conimiltee on mill arv n(linr. Mr I'llliiinrp snidit was manifestly improper lo refer the hill 'n that rViatitit pp. Mr. W. (). Johnson faul that to cain his ol'io-t be would line no objection" In Invp it refpir.'d jln the i'.i in in it If o of wavunml mran j if he pouI I not sue ""p I in tint, he should idler In. n mc nl men t ill com liiii'pe of the whole nl thpir.iper tune. Mr. Khetl was in f Ivor of puttint; our lakrs in a nroper siatp .il'ih-fence, hut h- did not think that sta tionary fortifications were dip nrnnpr in 'a-e. Mr. r.vpir'tt was in favoi nf the ntnendiiipnts nf f'p s,nnlt', and "arttpnliulv in favnr of sfittonnry de fence, to situate 1 as to dpfpii 1 ill" iiuilels on lie iliir. to repil thp fnn oi'sci ni case ol'a war, which liediil not njipuhem! it pr. pn'. .Mr. Ciis!uii2 said itwnnnt the intPntmn nt iIip prr.cut linie to eominenrp n linp of fortifications on mfriS'iirlhcrn and lake funnier j it was only pr..po p.l ft) fortify certiiin l.i y. nnl st-a-l. on the lake., w ilch w nihl irie uu dip roiiuiinnd of till psnpp from nn" I ,l.e to the oilier. .Mr Sailor,? fill fnnr nf the ainciiduients nf the pjPiule. nn -ilo nf tho.e prepos"! hv the com 'iiiiii" of wavs and m ami nii'l pud the remoU whip', had h'-pii ied IbuI in l.v llie two centleinrn irnin I'eiuisi Ivan. a w-rp iinkliul nnd ii-vost. M. Ml -a 'i mi l not mo li'-e what pniut was to he f i-t i 'it'll if it was sho'i n to he cvpcdiint and prr.per, h.'."li,ii'ld nie for piipIi nppr. pihtion as inejlit l.t proiirilv riPotiinirndnl. Tile rpi".iini w-i. th"i takp'i on nrepin2 to thp a'npiiilnieiiis ,ropoc(-d hv hepoinniittepof wavs and niPHis, to iIip nnipiii uiPiit" of iIip Senate Agreed to The q lestion w i llipn taken on poiieiirrui!.' Ill the 'senate n' endiiienls, as aiiR-nded in cniiinitlie, f'.'neurrpd in. 'I'Iip p.iitnuittee iheii roe Hid reported tl.e bill to me iniime, wii'i me amen tncnis. Tho House then adjoiitncd. tin'ORI-ANT I'ltOM VSHl.fiTOX of the I'ankrupt Hill, lirnncht nnttcrs liipuii. l(.pnres..iit itnpa h'ld a inept nor at .in elo'-l; in tin; evpiiin?. an 1 alter a ralm and n'" "ribi'l're-i.l- mill veto, oii.-liid-.t tint it K- (ho ni t of wis,,jni nail ..i I imliv, t-r m,,,liri.4 or,, Sp.,4,, ,llt ,,llv ,.r uspao-'ioine ot all iipu ties .-row-iii'' on ofilie I' il veto, oncliiihd lint it was not party o t :p i pvpi v I'epies ntnlne levisl his eoiistiiuents. I he let feel- i-i' iri-;u!ed and i he grtnicst utnninirtv was iniin l."(.M. A riiinuiiltee of Senator and Itcp'-eeiitntivs were 'espial ho-iis tiicelh. r . nciced ill th" . lis ei nf Ihe t'iae -nnl wiielny m hi, r. tif fur. the S. tislu ami the ro'i-itrv. A " n-l f '"h e'i' vai' ' 'rr"i', Til I ipw,Ii nnd will nl all w-.-tc to s eu--- i'i..' e am rv fi mil l!h p -11(1:11 : dilfi 'nines uitn win h ,t h-js hppn llirown ' y the veto inesaL"'. l-'roal thp r 'lilt of lipspiv,,) prehmiinrv Meetings it is pi-nlnlde lliero will c the fill wini; I'-ii or .Me piinsequ'-i'.-. n. I'irst -'i'hena-.sHreof the IJnik upi ItMI. Secondly Taepa saije of ilia (.and lli'l. Thitrlly The a 'option of the Treasury plan report ed hy .Mr. I win", nr one more satisfnttoiy to the poiinti v and iIip Prciih nl. Sum" decided and final tep would he tikrn nn U'pdi'e.dav uinriiuiir tn rprard to n Tispal IJanl; 'I hp lull win, Id he inlrndiipi d ml. thp Hoep.-. nf Itc presentativts, p iss, d without much ilipii.sinn, and then reecivp iIip ponuh ration of the Senate, and the s inclioa nf (he P.. id( in. If the currency nlan nTomrrpsa is f ivnr ilil to the r.XtCutivp, ail will ho h lrnionious, nnd the ieiie a most sailsfactnry ter-iiinali in nf prccnt di.fieullies. If not the e ins. queopes will he di aitrnu. fPhe il s ai..'.!,! if. ei the Ho uiesaa-;e and hank hill wa-- prilii'dy ii it -med f oui ve.trrdav until to day. The pliar-ieter of that ihse s.-ion will d ) lit .ss depend upon circumstances. 7'ie int 'rrenin- h iiirs haiern thp adj ni'-n'Tienl nn I uiirl'iiehl m teiii'ly ehao-'cl 'he ,aprct ot -i iii-n .M ell more depen-l. ll.on Ihe Tse utile lliau Cm. t'lCFs. Iloha. iIip p.mer lo .ive tlio e mntrv fro n a warse aeitati- n ihan it h is knn-vn f..r year.. V. hoi... and lnhi-w he will how h.mself equal to the ensis. An.illier letlrr frnin Washinaton, dated late Tues. illy nilit, Pay. the T.'io Toco SenHors an 1 Iteprc .eniativcp. erv cenerally waited upon the President iipo i th- iiinht nf iho Veto Mc.saue, nnl o-i Tueday th"v w-'-' most ci'di il n ih ir iIpmi instrations "lanptoval nnd their fiiiiiiinlii nlions for the Vi to tessaie. The scene wo aro told was ili.imisiinT m the ixoe.n-., an t as p mini' we hope in iho Prcident as it was dpe.a litin in hi low and Iru.-klinir r.. .Mr. Tiler can hold no pa'itic-il fellowship wilh -lie en ill", of ihe ill-iMmts llariisin, and h s iwii xvnrst enemies un il the expectance of the Veto Me-saep. y, y, v.! mess. 'I'll!'. VKTO. Theexpeetid Messiie of the Pre sident, di.ipptiiiiiii! ill,, lid! to inc.! pnr.atoa I-'iscal I.inUof the I'mieil State., was transiuitted n the i n ile on M md -.y nt this week- hrouelu to .'e,i eial express tun hy t!i puhlishpi nf the Spii n-'n -rip.-r, and reeei cd hy the st.-Jin'ioil t rea.-h. .1 lhi.s city this morning. It will he found in our column.. ,'o one nn read it, we think, without hems iiu pipasul with the siiippni) and imparity of the news The l'u'.ideiit has iil.iioii-ly viruyid with his eoiiseieiiiious eoimciioiis of duty, 'o liar ui inie hi. action if possil.le, wuli that of the inaj irily of l.olh houses of I o: i tin ss, hut m ain Mm h n. we in-iv reyn I this ihU'eunce httwrcn the I xcciniie and Ij'trivl Hive I) partnu'iits, luiweeu ihe chosi-n Uadrri-nf ihe Whin parly, we eaaaot 1ml rentier! the sernand firui iaie"iitv of i-lnrne pr win lithe Pie .; lent Ins d in adl.rnn inwhnt I.ed.-.-.ncI the .nun I cniistruel on of the IJonsl. union. We may hir. r rcs-iu e-tiiij tint ronstiueiion we may he'ine tlntt edeeisimis nf the hipipiiiefour' niei-oii heave on the point, lint the lieaoe nnd pro-perily e,f the rairilry re( lire ih u ,l''h decisi ns stmul nut he dn liitl.ed, Inn iv- cannot deny the iiL'ht of any ritrren ) enterl iiu dill'creal si-ntiineiits, or to act according to lllPllt. It s viiii to n that an oxnsscnited impoilaneo has h'.'n 'jiven to this hill. I-ir ours, ties, wp Imp not piiii.iderid n Xnlioiril Hank thp paiainnunt ineasuie of ihe Vlug; pat y, nr even lint it wis n e-irdmnl prill rii'l" nf it." nlicy. M my, peihap.. the larfi r portion of the WTi party, le hev -d n a viy inp -r nitans of ex. puiiii!' e.xprrs. pow r erant, d to C'iii..n s. ,v ,i (' institiiti.iii, and lh"t il w.julil lie an i.nportaut'aiix i' a'v in th '" measures of relief, so neee-arv to re d -e-n ihe p I'tntri fio ii thp cons -fi'ipup. h .(f tt, rlj. n jii pokey of fie t ;. jir. r -Inija aiions. Ih.i fewhaie '.-ipposed it indi.pp .il-Ii-t while many nf th, Ip sl Whius anioiH' us hale ik win lint the ei'iteniious and Tjnaimn which would c nsne fimn u. rsi-ihli-hni- nl would n it more than coiitctbalance ntn a liaiil.en h to he detnipd from it. I'or 0'irn Ivps, wp see a i ipason to d. spond at the failure nf this lull. Oilier uiPasurrs pending in Coo eiess, and which iti known meet the hearty poupiir rencp nf thn President. if jinse.l, will do iniicli in tcsloiPiis to that r.indition nf pros-pirjiy wht.-h has lieen tlipnim nf the Wines. vt alt evpiu , it js V(.rv c-rlnin that nothing is to hn nainpd hy dissi lilion ai.,1 rriniinaiioii nuinn" iiurw Ives, hut disast, r nnd din at and ihe re-tiiralioa to power of those who hy n lone cue. of misrule hue linuiahi the rmniry to the ver". so of rii.n. In human nlhira wenic not toe.xpeel thu eu ry tlrn? will hi-perfectly riaht t we niii.t take thp pvil with the irn.ul, nnd n Wiseman will detcrmuie in fivorof hat policy or that party which promises the L'reaiest ainnunt of i;o-id. I'rom the ri ...i nf I.nco IN, under the nuidinee nf Calhoun, llenlnii Van IJiiren, and associates, wn ran expert tioth injrliiil nuiiii".alid enl. The resiointion of tho (e tesiahle .Siili-Treaury, thep'iiuderof the puhlie do in-tin, wnstefulexinunrniiee, iutnleraneop'ospripiinn, will he thq firl fruit, nf their mec s. and dlhcr nlllietions can and will he prcwntcl l.y -hp WIi'il's so loin; ns ihev r.-liiui the po n 1 1 -I , -a . n,i I many a'lirmaliye mc-i"nrc of the I ichen n,- utim p, ua he e-inrnlenllv enef le 1 nt e -r t--,--' i v-t-al' w-e ih-a Inie th" f .Hv to ca.l n.v iy all i . . -a a-, if doiiiL' .;o.i 1, heeau.-u w e cannot nl o :rc attain nit that w e desire ! W".iv t'irn to oar friends, lie nf con, eh. . , j rvinre v mr confidence jn thetiieilv an str n-i ,. your ( riucii.les, hy a irrirefi-m and c'nsn ndn r , .,. to llipoi and to the tiflispetisahlp tne .tisof pre-Kryui.. th'-'ii 'mum anion!' louisehe. in nrnpo'inm in th',. v n'eie e with whi'h tliev fire assailed. Veuir hpci--ritv mi l the sif ty nf the en n'ry d'pend na ynu- Ives an I in' lip-in ynar opnoiipnis. from thpui yon Ii u" 'inilnna M ex'iw 't. I'roiu ynursrlveo rirm vo ir nnhn nnd rneri'V, v a have i very iliui" tn hene. VVhat can not hpaii nn. d now, may l.e seeureil her,--lifter; alnnis'ii and d p.-rrtionrnn yet save oar co.inirv nnd It" helmp I insiitu tons fr ,ri theriiihl ss lia-i I nf the spoilers. W p hap no riphl to nliandon 'ho no lepaut-ehi whieli wn arc rtfa-'ed, w-'-i'e tli.rp is n plank lrrl to msinin us. I-'oihearniicn from puiiless p.eiitdimt, irenernu p-iiifii'pnee in lie-L'.nd int .nttoninf th.ip wp le,n .,.pte,l l.i ron-Li-l" our public afl'.irs mid n ti!ui del.-r.iie r inn le snppnri ihein in "ll I'm ir measurer, raleidnted in nroientp the liT'tuness nnd irstoui lh prosiiernv i f the cnimi-y, willcnihli i.sloiir.Kiil ihe same foriniila lephi'inx which so le-cnlly tiiuniphed in iho flecunn nf Hat rkii ani Tyler HorU n tlat Tn Hit ,S, mii: if ili,' I ,,,., The hnl il "An act to uicurpntntc the .. b niters tti Iho IVral li -ihol the Uin ed si a ei-," wh rb iir.''iiiatrd ,n the Keenle. been rnnsidcred by me, with a B.if eto ilo.s re to ciiiirnriii my artmu In tei;tril lo it, to Ibal of tbe .wo lloitse.s o ( MSie-s. Hy thn CniH'itutioti il ih my duly, either 1 1 appimo the 1i.Il hv Mifxtnn n, r torelura it v uli my object o.i., to the House in ulnch it unguiated. I cannoi ,vo it my apjiinva', nnd I pro cecd to discharge the ilulv teqiiired of inn hy the Oonetitu ion tu gnj,y masons for d.san jirnv ii'jf. The power of Conjprces to create a National too, e,.i!e ; rs' over tho Union, has been a question of dispute ronl theoriciu of ottrOoy. eminent. Mon tnnst jm-Uy ami deservedly o... teetneil for their bieli mlclloctiial entlo'.vinouts, their virtue ami tliuir jntnolism, in regard lo it, etilortained dillurent and conflicting opiniona. (oiiore.sse?, bnve dillereil. The approval ol one l'rca dent lias been followed hy the ibs ipproval ol another. Thu pooplc cit'ililVsrotit tinm., b n-e acquiesced in decitmuif) ball for and iifrnns'. Tliecnnti'ry Iiih liDcn, and still is der-pplv ai;i tnted by th:n uiispiL.,I tiursLoii. It w ill Miffi 'e lor tno to s-.iy, that my nwu opinion has been uiulornily procdaitneirto ho against the evercisn of any such power hy tlrs (Jmerntnent. 'n al' Kilitahle occasions, darinn; a perioil of twenty lite years, the npunoiis 7m entcrtaineil baie b,;eii uiiroiorteil y evprcsscil. 1 ilecl iro.l il in the l.t-fjislattiro id mv native S'-t'e. In the House of l'.eprc.sontalive.softlio Uni'cil Ktates it has been oponly viudici'ed hv me, ami in the Sonito Chamber, in Ihu presence and hearing 'funny who aro at lies tune m'.inliom of tin' body, it lias been aflirincd ami reiliim 'd, in speeches a-id re;iT t. Uiro in lib, and by v.'tn. there recorded. In popular assemblies I have itnbeMla'inly nnnoinred it ; and in the hst pablu: declaration wlrch 1 in uh, and lint bit' a short litne boiore the late 1'res-deninl elec tion, I referred to my p.-evio't'ly er ire.-ed op n ioiim as heuyllio-e Iben enter aim:, I by u)" Witli a full knowledge of tin u;iin:oiis lli-'i.s en urtained, and never concealed, I was elected by the ioopl,j Vice l'resdjnt of the United tilaies. Hy tins occnrrouie of a contingency providoil for by the Constitution, and aT'i-miL' under an impress, vc ibspons itma of l'rovmce, 1 .succeeded to the 1're.sid'Mlti il nllice. IJiiore enterinjf upin Ihe duties nl tint oilice, I took an oath that I wo lid "prc.-ervr, protect, and iminno tno i.oiis'iiiiti.iii ol the United .State..' un er-a.iiin;; tno n 111,1,11. a, laded to. and Imill" taken Ihiso.-.tli, the .Senate and ihe country vn.l see that I could tut tjive my sanction to a tniis. lire of the character described, witluitt s tr rondoriit'' all rl.-inn to the resnool ol honor ibl.j ineii all coali leiu o 011 the part of the people ad self-res-pert ail re-'ird for moral and rob. (,'.ous obi ration--, without an ohsTvance of wlncli no lioverniiiHit cin be pro-ncrou, and no I'eople can l.e h;i py. It. would he to com 11111 a imiicIi 1 woiiul not willuliy coiniuit to train any earthly reward, and win", h would justly MiDj-vt me lothe ridicule and scurn ol a Virtuous men. 1 deem it entirely unncrc.ary at ties time lo cuter upuii the reasons which hue hrouulit mv mind In Ihe c.0.11 c.' o 1 1 feel and entertain oil this subject. They luvu been mcr .mil mor aaintoioa cd. Ii si-.tne of those who h ive nrc (i:dt"l 1110 tn thvs lu'Ii (,t!i..-e hive entertained and .-.vowed'ienl oininiin-, I all run hilenco tint the.r convictions weie s.u.-e. I c.l.iittKiii.y to Into the same measure moled out to tuyscll. W ilhoiil tjoiiiir further into the ar- ifitnietil, 1 wall say lln, in looking- lo the pow urs of this G iierniiient to cn'le,-'. salelv keer and ibslnirt-c tbe public tovenuc, and inoiden lal.y to regulate the cominorce and e.clnne., I have not been able lo satisfy myself'lho establishment by tins Government of a hank of discount, in the ordinary acceptation of that term, was a nocessiry means, or one demanded by propric'y, to e.eef;te those powerr. Wha can the local diK'oimie of the b ink have lo do wnh the colleelni";, sale-keepm;:, anl disinii-.. nnr of the revenue ? fan lar ns the mere ihe- couiilin of nper is concerned, it is quite 1111 unteria! to tins question whether the discouni 1. obtained at a N:a'o tn.nk nr :i tJniind si'iii,,. It ink. 'I'bey are both equally local linth be !ounin,r and both end,i. r M a Jural accotiunod.i. lion. It hat influence have local discounts, granted by any form of limit. 111 the reulatin ol tho currency and thu e.vchantres 1 lot the history of the ale I 'tiitotl States Vnn aid us in auswerui"; thi.s inquiry. Tor several years alter the establishment of institution, it dealt almost owlusi.ulv m local discount; and (luring that pel mil "the country wa., for the ni"st 'pari, disappointed in the consequeiiriv ant, cip iled lroin us ittcor- poraliou. A iinilurtu currency was not proiided uch,injcs were not roulated, and little or nolhino; was adihd to tbe eetieral cirealation j and in lti-iO its e iib.iir.issm nts iiad heroine f0 jreai, 111.11 me uueciurs petitinned Lon-'ioss to repeal lint article of the charier winch nude its notes receivable every where in payment ol the public dues. It had, up to that, dealt to but a very sin ill extent nu'u-li.ui.'e.-, either Inrciifti or d uuestir, and as lain as Hi." I it. ope rations in line amoanleil lo a little more than seven millions of dollars per annum. A ii'iy rapid aiimenation soon alter occurred, and in lyitl r.s di.' iliii. in evebane.s atn.'Uiiteil to about one bundled in.lhons of dull 11.--, 111. eluding Ihe sales ef its own draf's ; and all these immense transactions were eH'jr'.od with out the employment ol extraordinary means. The currency 01 Iho country became Miuod.i.ii.l ihe iieirnriat.ons in the exchanges were earned on at tlio lowe-t possible rates. Thn circula. turn was increased to more than ..VXIIMKU), and the notes of the bank were regarded ar equal tu specie all oier thu country ; tints show, in";, conchtsnely, that it was tbe capacity to de i! in e.cliaiigc-, and not in local d,scouu:s, winch furnished these fan ities and advantages. I may bo remarked, tie, that 11.1t withstands;; tlm (Tieat de ibus ol the bank in the purcln-e o' exchange, ihe losses susiained wore merely 11 ' uiinal ; while in the line of d.scouuts the h;is pei (led debt wis enormoits, and pioied tuns' ibs str.nw In iho lini't and the coun ry. 1 s power ol local il.Fcount, ba--, in tact, priued n he a fru.tfu! sourco of lavoritisiii and corru tm-, able lies ructive to the public morals ami tin general weal. The capital invested in bmks of (brcotint 11 the lTiuled .Yates, created hv Ihe .Stales, 1. ibis tune exceeds S;ioO,()()(l,()"()() ; and if tin discounting ol local paper could halo pioducc any bcnolical cu"ji'.tt, tho United .St ites oujht to possess tho soundest currency in the world . but the reverse is lamentably ihe fact. Is the nieasiito iiuw under ronsiderotion ol the ohjoi'tininl character to which I have abud ed! It is clearly so, unless hy tbe Ki'h fun daiueiital articlu of tho 11th section it is inaih o hurwise. That article is in the followine words : "The directors nf tho said corporation shall establish one competent olhVo ol discount and deposit in any .State in which two thousand shares shall have been subscribed, i r may be belli, whenever, upon application of ine Legis. latiiro ol such .State, Congress mav by law te iptiru the same. And the said ihWtors III iv also cstabbsb one or more competent office's 01 discount and deposit in any Territory or lis trict of tho Uin.e.l .Stales, and Jul any Slate, vittb tho as-ent of sinh .S a'o ; i-ud wliott es. tablished, tho said ollire or ollices shall homily wnhdrawii or retnoved hv tho said .iirertnr's I r to the expiration of ihisi 1 .r'er ; we., the pieviousasseii! of tongress : l'rovidcil, 1 . ies pe-ct to any State which thill not, at the li.'st scssniu of iho legislature thoreof, lio'd after tho passage nl this act, hy robulutlop, or other usual legt-hiuo procee'ilme-, iiii.-o.uht oaallv assent or il.sioul to thn eviahl.slunoiit of sucii nllice or ollices wi'hiti il, such assent of the s ml Slate sin 1 be thereafter premuiicd : And pro vided, nnjorthelesf, lint whenever it shall bo sumo tieccss iry and proper for rat ryiug into e.. ecutioii any ol the p. wersgrinted by the Con Mil i.t in, to c tab i.-b an olli.-e or ollices in anv of the Slatos wb i'evor, nnd the establishment thereof shall le directed by law, it shall lu tho duty of the said d re 'tors to cb abbsh Mich ollico or ollices nr onlin'v." It will ho see" tint by this cliitfe the direct, rs are involved with the fullest power to establish a 0 illl I'll ll 1 V.i- I-, 1 I,, ,1 id iiiu 1 ig 1 -i ! ' she.lsil b id e, Ii, 1 11 it I '.ot be Witlidravvii, eieiit by md -r id C n rre-- 10 a .sL i' is to Im t'.ii. ,', and lo have th f rce and saiictiou ol an nnu,i:iy e;,ri;sscil a-. .en', "(irovidoil 111 teieitto any .Male wine, 1 sli ill not at the,'.! snniur of the I.egiR a"ir t icrenf, hold aiier the pissatjo ot ol'llrs ft, b res 1 111 on or other lej-islalnu ir,icoeiiie .-, ini-.-oiulit, 011 uly essHii or dissent to the Usinbiish inent ol mirii nliit e or offl. es Willi. n it, such as sent is uf crvv.irds lo be presumed.' The .vsoul or dissent is to lu expressed unconditionally at 1 no urst susionol the legislature, hy Home lor uial legisla'ivo act; and if not so uxpres-cd, its assent is Implied ; and the directors are there upon invested with power, at s.ich tune there- allor ti3 tltoy tniy please, to establish branches, which cannot alierwi'rds bo withdrawn, c.vcep by tesolve ol I'., ngress, no matter what may be the cause which may operate with tho Lu, tie, which either prevents it lroin speak ing, or addresjcs it elf to its wisdom, to induce je.ay, its assent is lo be iiiin.ieil. Tins iron ru.u is to give way to no circiiin.lances' it is unbending indexible. It is Ihu la iguafc'e of the mis cr to the va-sal an unconditional atiswet ts el uuii'd lorth'.vith ; am! del iy, i-'stioiunotr, 01 uicajiicity, lo ans.ver us an implied assent vv iiiib is ever alto.' irrevojah.e. .Many of the Slate elections hav e already taken p! ice, with, aey kno.v eil,nj on the put ol the l'oople, that Hjrh a ti,.lijei-; was locoine up. The representative may desire a, -submission of the question lo their constituents preparalorv to linal action upon it, hut Ilus high privilege Is domed ; whatever tiny be the in iliu's -md vToiv, en'eit lined hy tho tepioiontalivos 01 tae pe-qi.e 'o md ice delay, their assB.,t is to he pro-muied, and is ever alicrvv-irdi bind ng. unless their d.s sent sli-ih be imcoiid tioaihy evnre.sai.l at their lirst session allor the passage ol ilu.i bill into a aw. 'l'ney 111 iv, by lornni resobit on, ,h'laie the assent or d.ssi.-ril to be uhde"ided or p'lV.po ued ; and, ye', tu Ujipii-itmit to their nvpres. de ciitit'iiiu lo Iho toiitr.ny, Iheir a-sont is to b un, lied. itin.iiuoral) e tu g il he cited tu in im. est the irrationality ol such an inlerenrr'. l.-.'t one or two 111 addition The op'i branch 01 the l.",'ishturo tiny evpre-s its dissent by a 1111 millions vole, and its resolution ui ty he de.uatei. by a tie vo'e of llu; Senate, and yet toe as-ent is to be uii.d.e I. I! ,th brancbe ol the l,"g sla tire mav ro iciir in a resolutio of do idod d.ssent, anil jet tho Governur may exert the vr.To power umiotrud o,t him by the Slate Coustitu'iua, and thus their leg.slalive action tiny be d leat and tho as-ent u the log sl.iti.e auttior.ty is imp ied, and the ib roetors nl the con;eiii,ii ited institution aro au Ihoredto estib.isli a branch ur branches in s.ich Stale wlienever they may find it condu civu lo the uiloi-est ol the stockholders to do so; and having once ost.ih ished it, they 1 an under no circiiuis auccs withdraw it, except by au a-t of Congress. Tlio State nny aliei-vvai'ds pro-te.-i .ig nn.-t such intenerence, hut its au thnr.ty is gone, f b.issent is implied by its l.ul ure or inaudry to act .11 1 s nr.,, .,1,1',, ,m,! 1'. can never altcrwards be heir.l. 'I'o uiler emesso violent, and as they scoin to me, irra tional, I cannot yield my consum. court 01 justice wou'd or could saiicmn them, witho'i' leversmg a I tli it i es ab.ished in judicial ir, -meiling. oy introducing pre.-umplniii.s at v..r,- .i 1 . 11 ,1 ,11, le.-l, Oie . r, , , . I ,,,i.,,.. ... .1 - ! submission is lienii tided.' ft may bo said that the Directors nnv not cs. tab.ish branches under such eircuin-'tanccs. this is a question of pivvcr, and this lull in vests them with power to do .-o. If ihc l.cgis. hiluru ol Now Vork or Pennsylvania, or anv oilier state, should be I, mud to be 111 such a ton", ditiona- 1 b.ivo.-upp .se.l.coti'd thoie 1 ea.ivsei u. rity such a step in the jiart ol the tbrectois. Suy, is it nut lair v to he presu med that this provision was introihii-ed Hie sab' purpose 01 in-joting the contingency refer red t", Why elsu should it bee -cried. I Mil.iiiti it in the Senate, who her it ran ho believed that any Mt.He would bu hkuli tu sti quietly down under such a stale ol things. lu a great inaisiire m p.ibhc ni'ere-t their pit r.otism may bo siicces-luily appealed ;o ; mil lo infer 1 heir assent Iroiiicirc.iin-iancesa' war with such inlereiue, Iiannol but regaid.isc.i ciliated to e.M-.ite a leeling at l.ital enmity with the poace and Irirniony ol the country. I must re gird tli.d clause as'a-sertmg the po.ver lo be in Congress lo establish olli.-cs ol discount in any Stale, nut 1,11 y vv.iliont its as.-eu', bal agams't i s dissent, and so regarding 11, 1 tanno! sanci.o.j d. Dngeneral pr.ue-ipa'.-,, the right in Congress to prosi'riou terms In any Stale, minims a siipo- riority of power and ouiim1, and deprives the irau.sacliiin nl all iretence to coiupai i between Ihem, and lerniin as we have seen, in the lii'alabrcganon ol ali Ireedoni ol action on the part 01 ihe Sta'es. 11, it lur'her, the State tnav express under its 1110-t solemn hir I lo.ri..n l.n i'j.l snnl .,-l. pl, iniylroiiituiietotiinu thuiealierhu re eaied, m i "'.sv ...v., un,. iiiiui unuun tie 1110 U.llK.'llse . . 1 ... ulre.sou. V i''linient without a hscal acnt of any kind. A S.a:c in a condition of dures-.s wou'd be ' Our own opinion has already been express jirixunicd to speak, as an iud.vidua', manacled ! ed, in anlicipalinn of the Vein. Let Con uid in prison, iinglit he pros lined lobe 111 the I , ,1 , . , , ,. , eni'iyiuoiil ol Ireedoni. Far he'ter to s iy to the , " ' ;,nll."!"' lns'"'. 'd loektnsr alone Stales boldly and Irani;. v L'uiioe.s. wii:. aid' to the eood of the counti v.adont Mr. r.wbii.'s Inl. view uf lis own intoirsts w Inch i an never be selves to be miteri.illv eveited on tb s snleect, from the wise and benlicial ii eia..uns nt bis thev will consult the book -i hi lie anl if -hev r; - '.. grounds vv Inch tu Mich Siate, w ill appear to lest I "H"sure' frui" ''s inception rendered necessary on cuiistrurtive nece-s.ty and proj.r.ety, and , by the oMravajanco of the late aihninistratior, nothing more. I regard the bill ns asserting and hv them rtcommcndnl and tir'd upon Con or Congress the right lo incorporate a Uu.'ed , gross'- A.ter shinning alon-for four or live vatcs IJmk with power and ri-'hl to establish i . . ... oUi-eso, discount and deposit ,u tiro several I -v' n '.easiirv notes and bankruptcy, J aie.s of tins Union, wall or their con-1 ,,,a 'a'a ad ninistratiou came to the conclusion sent a principle lo which I hive always hereto. 1 early last session that there it-us a trilling deli lore been opposed, and which ran never obtain j nt ui the reveiine, and that sumo measure was my sanction. And waiving ail other all other . necessary to replenish the coders, .w. rousiderat.oii.gro.vingoutol itsotherprovision-, , , ., ... - , ,, , I M.., rn ; . in., it..,,. i. ,.i. .. V.: ibii.giy .Mr. It tmdlmrii was called unou to i oi -n with those my objections to ,tsanpioval. v..u.t.t..w,i,u unueu iii.iiiioieiiii:iinaiL-ii JUK.N' TYLGU. irasliir.jloii, Angus'. 10, 1511. Till: IiAM. HILL. Well, the veto h.ts conio at last. W, lave it yesterday in a pnstscript and it has been the topic of fit'o iscoill-so durill" thu i.unii un. day. The sentiment of this city is III verv lecided disapprobation of it. The Whigs iie.on luincinh'. avi'iso to tho I'VercUe of , lint leaturu ol the Cunstitu- lion, save upon very eMiauriliuary occasions! And.nli.ough iheya.e railed the A.Ulo- crals, they are in the general vvJI content that the ,,, . !,,. l,!. ,... . ...,,. ,.,,.. ...... ...... . ii !,; and, indeed, tu tho spiiit uf trim democrats, ihey would prefer that that should bethi'cast! nlwiiyf. If the people do wrong, they suffer the evils themsi'lvcs, and, as lii't'ineii, they should be permitted to exercise their libeitv in any mode which to them may seein best. Itis only in uioiiai cities, tint tlinpenph' need a guardian some one who will think for ilium kindly n lieve them of the cures of govel iiinent, and save them from the conse quences of lheii on i arts. Independent of their opposition to the exercise of the veto, which litey hid fondly hoped had fallen, lo ri.o no nunc, with ihe corrupt Dynasty whic'i, in .November last, tho People I'xpelhd fiom Power, the Whigs legret the veto, beruuso it tlofe its a measure vvitich ihey conceive the best inter ests of tho country call for, and without which all i lasses ofsociety and evoiy branch of industry must cuntinue tn hu exposed to iiiinmis convulsions .-md fluctuations. They eaincsily craved somewise and permanent adjustment of this, vexed question tho agita tion of which has brought and can bring only tiumiM'd evil. Hut the Picsident has thought differently I ui ll.osl ml I 11 .11,1111. 1 -M , .. . ..,.,- . .. . ull cimlr.ivones the C. iiistitiiiiou. wbidi In is .svvntit to suppoit. It is 11 mutter of con- srieitcu with him. An iibjectiou based upon this ground will ever roninuind respect fiom us. VU tiiiuht wish that 11 sense of duly bad led 1 11 nt to iliirereut rotichisions but the conscientious convictions of ,111 honest man nre I'titttloil to forhi'iiiance and ii-sperl. Wi: incst, however, that we rnniiot well understand how the author of Mr. living's bill can take exceptions to the bill u?t passed, on tho score of unconstitutional ity. It may be on nig to the dullness of our perceptions, which we aro I'or the present villing tu concede. As to thu Message as a Slate paper, it does not strike ns as cither very able or felicitous in argument ordigni fi' stylo. It is iu,,ro uDit-coniiiiitlal than wo'c'ould h ive expuyed or wished furand whilst it takes for granted, tluoliohunl, lhat Congress may establish ini.irpor.itions, it confines its objections to thu fiowers to he exercised by the incorporation. This would indicate that Mr. T. does nut expect Loco- foco support This being tbe position to wards which they are especially hostile. There are those who fancy that more is meant hy the Veto than moots (he eyi that it is the incipient movement for the forma tion of a third parly, for the especi il bene fit and advancement of .Mr. Tyler that the President is setting out in company with Mr. Wise, in quest of straggling Republi cans, who have wandered from the fold. We will attach nn credit to any such report, without tin; proof. If we could suppose the President so wanting in pattintism, as to enter upon so absurd and ridiculous a manreuvre, we would acquit him of it on the score of bis good sense. The political annals sim ply instances of like attempts all of which h ive resul'ed in full nre tin, I disgrace. The Locos would be tin: only party which would profit by thu supposed schisnt. Hut our motto is the " Union of th -Whigs " in its broadest and must patt iolic sense ; and we will riedil no imputation derogatory of the loyally and patiintism of any Whig, without the amplest and most convincing evidence. It was in this spiiit we triumphed last year, nnd 11 is in this nlotio we can hope to triumph in tin; future. The question now aries, what is lo he done? The repeal of tin Sii'-Treasurv and ! the Veto ol the li.uik Dill leaves the Gov- bill, which it is known will receive the Ke- cutive sanciion, as the best ineasuie within their reach. They have avowed their pre ference for a different measure, hut a co-ordinate Deparlni nt does not concur with them they can do no than to take the next best measure they can get. R'.chman:! MViig. (fAUutATow) FRIDAY .MORNING, AUGUST 27, 16-11. ti:a and con-'r.i:. The Sentinel Ins lately been entertaining its readers by d.sbing up, in its pei u iar dainty style, the enormities ef tho new wii-g adiniins. tration ; and prominent among these, is tho rev enue tax on tea Mid rofTee. This tav. it i. al leged, is a federal measure an act of "cruel " oppression to the humble poor, " rosoited to by au iron bee'ed despotism for " nurno'es of onnrcssioh" A-e. S?r. Xrr. 'I'l.-o is all very fine, in its way, and Ins doubtless I bsd tho elll-e't to stir up r'ie ibjinocrarv it was ' . . intCtlllOl! lor. 1? ut before the more d.screet, intelligent port inn of tomuuiiiitv allow thetn. T . - a plan, and on the lilib of January, A. Ii. 1811, bo mado report to the Senate : and from that report wc quote tho following : "Suppose then, thcic should h-sclppkil from tho free nitidis those which 111 iy be regarded most at luxuius, ihi ueh not in i vity rtsppci hcliine njr pt- pl..!l!y lo I'l It pl-i. ; s l-'i ;ir . -..p-. .7:1 . - should we tin n add to lliciu othus,' ronlliciinir mi'! i i -iu pro.iu -non , su.-n ns iiiirstp,is i. ,. g.. , ,, . , I I'M"" '"I. vv uld hp SJ,0M,-tH. A duly of CO per ct. 1,11 III illHl I'llVllie un; i vppiisiv nt coll. Ptinff, ! , 1 !'. " " ." 1 ""'a n t:i,;;..neril iliia for thenust ......... jn. uiiui.i iiiu slim- uni oi nvc minion iiiiiiuis- ana iincxct'iuionatilo revision, Article tpx'Std 4y .1-. IIWAury. llieib' Silks, .f. nnniifaptiircs of, Criide Salt IV-ttp. Annuals (m t I'or brivd) Kurs (undressed) CnJTit, 7 to, Hotfir ill piSs, Murim", do. Old. .In., ns, bl.-.i, I ll IVIL-lllllllllH, ,xv., 'e:.. 1. 1.,. i.. i. - . . mi, (.ling ll,dlui''cloihs. Wool, under 8 eis per lb. Here you have it a tax on lea and cncc re cuntneiidod asthe mosfeligiblo and tinovcrp li liable" revision that could bo mule. i. Mincinhoreihivas the ion of a (km. ivralie Secretary, and endorsed too, by this same SaUiue, as "sound and t-liiteswanliL: Hut lo I a Whig administration is in power, and a Whig t.'ongrcss, fulltr.ving out the suggestions, of ,1r, Woodbury, have made the articles m ipiest on. subject to the revenue duty of til) pur cool. W i.s'nw, of course, is in id ah ml it, and swears ho won't submit to tins whir oppression : Ac cord.ngly be has ciphe.-ed it all oat in one of h s lale nuinbcrs.iii d has made it out clear a-prca cb, tig, that if a yoor man consume oply Ciccm. ; 1 onitds i j' raisins I and other things in urn p irlinn, be will pay so.netliiiig of a tax I Or. lainly, twenty pounds of ramus alone, would bo something of a tax to a pai r family. l!ut bear h.m. " the man, Ii ivine n f-ieitly, buy fifteen pounds ut tea, Idly pounds of r.ul'.o and twenty pounds insi-is durini! ihe year. Ilewiiuld, iind.rluc nprinlion nl th.s fi.h-rnl tar.D'hill, le tihliirwl In nay j,0 for his t.-n, l0 for his colKvatil 40 cents lir Ins inisms ; ink me S 5.10 uieiwisp olevpcnso f .r his family in only Virec ntiiplea. Our prii).!.-, will Ihi.s tp Ih it they tp under the ery ol "rearm" "rc frte, 'i mail," reli- ('' ip lo hp in p.plly'ui pipdatlt plundeicd of vast s ins -ubi i t e t"i't more 1 , n t' vSolt a-.iunt o' os .V te urn And of th.s urn lo Inrd-woikini; man svith a family wJItx-fsr-rd to p , ,1 . ' r , , ,t, , m . ' i.t ,11 j , ,rc,r , , nI, 111 un ,l ii., I .- ,1 .uan. '1 1, dnms m su.ri hu tis -he t. , various nllii-rarliclpii nroto b; 1., e d in -e hhl ,111 to Im , ..., ,. i. J. , t-,jf .... ui iililti now !'ed !Y '' " ",0 ",d,tf'" was l""n- Now we wish to have it distinctly understood by every man who rnnsmnns il. anictno in qao.-tiun, that ho does pay a tax upon tbema iax rcnuoreu ncsccsrary, to s.j'nrn up the delin quoiicics of the late tidmeiistration ami a tax leccomuiunded by lhat administration itself. Hut the aialcguo of enorniities is not yet complete, l-'rian the above dolorous allusion to silks, it will be observed that "our servant girls" ate in danger of suuoring by this whig admin, islration! Hut unfortunately, it turns out, that this too is another rtxommi-ndalir.n of Mr. Wood buryV, and more unfortunate still for the Sen Unci's consistency, it appears that that paper was clamoring a twelvemonth since for this identical tax on silks-, and aM exemption for salt I And for what reason, think ye ! U'uy, simply bocau.-o it would deprive Iho kitchen maid of her nlk drcsr, and enable Iho speculator who Uses large quaiitit.cs of salt 111 packing beef and mirk, lo obtain the foreign article a trifle lovvert Hut bcie is Iho lecord. An nilllimalilulii on SILKS n rcccomincndcd br Jlr. Ijc 1 i,vn nan 01 P. nnsvlvainn, 111 ih Senate at ihu I tun d MHt-s. Wp shall yi let tun to 1 up ground nsanil'on, vvlnti wc tin laxiiritt and prutcpt ths nrcretartts q lire. Aiirclnit, nbstinntrlv it-fused hi P.uipr. ,s a rovvii of silk, I praiisf it was' tno eastlv and luxurous lor lit r IniJi station. Silk is so common, nnd pride cf appar. II 9 1 oxtrav.inmt, at the present 1 ay, that 11 is bard t.iav nnr kitchen pir a shall not daily w. nr what wusou plhoucht too pood for n Ro man I."ip'i. Let the duty be taken from Saltnnd placed un SiUs Uurlinylon Scnlind I'tb. 20, 1810. Certainly "lay a duty on jitt," said the Sen tinel a year ago so said Mr. Woodbury, last January ; but now, that a whig Congress has "done the deed," Winslow rolls un the w hitra if his eyes, and solum ily asks "Is this ths r itbat was prom.fecV "Mi's tbe entertain, mont to which the people were invited !" Ccr. t.iinly. Sir; the dish is one nf your own eelec tiun now season it to suit yourself. .M vise and ntiMONT.-Thc locofoco prints and l,psoi.lioii-ii,.-il,tiM i Vermont nic inakme a pro dipioiisnut lyiihoutihe ceat titlit of that StaW, wheli tin y say ha. incuind hv a wluc admin istratiuti. This debt, it t- said, now aiuoi.uts to near ly tiro Mii'lral tni! dollars, paitof which was iiiciu led by tin-p ((tioit nt an Insane Hospital. In y I. link it is nioiistrou.s, and sullicitm cause for lu-eiiij! nil the whip., and trvmg locofoco economy, yvhaidotui I airlield tnui say to thisl Our b'rate debt is near two mill on, uf dollars. We have a vast tract ol Stale land.. V. rniont has none. Our pub. he hiulihn s ait-nl.o t the same as those of V. rmont, cnn.ini ha. not been L'overn.d by Van P.urtn men. .Npithpr have paid any thing for tad roads i r canals. Ma. nc Ins ahoi.t three tunts o many hanks; lit prni.iiit has the most sli v-p, thp man manufacinres Jl has ihe inn-i loco focos, nnd her State debt is nearly ten tiun ns lame as that of Vermont ; and very httlo io show for it h'intbtc Journal. This is mainly correct, as far as it goes ; hut tin" Journal has lost sight of one impor tant fict : Our rhht teas created under a Inr.ii j'neo administration ! fur he it remem bered, we have had one little touch of loco fncoisiu in Vermont enough to remember it by. The boiling of tlio Anti-Masonic cauldron, it will be reccollected, brought to the political sulfate, WILLIAM A. PAL MKIlns CJovernnr, LL'HHEl'S EDCJER TON as Li. CJovernnr, AUflUSTINE CL IIK as Treasurer, nud.IOtINS.MITH as Speaker of the House, nil of whom are bright stars in the galaxy of locofocoisui. It w as during this illustroiis administration of affairs in Veruuint that the Slate House ques tion came up. Proposals had heeti invited by the Statu the year previous, and tho Whig tow n of Hurliugton offered to build a suitable llimsi; fiu,- ufV.v , ,,0 J3,n(c But the galaxy of worthies above cited as sembled their party in caucus, and there de cided lo reject the liberal offer of Burlington. And why, think ye ? ''It wnuhl ruin their pitrl: !" Uurlington was a whig town its inhabitants were liberal and enlightened it contained some men of wealth, had a college, high-school, and a number of churches ? had broad streets, handsome squares, a pure at mosphere, and a bright sun ! L ike Ch.ini pl.iin.stitilded with careering boatsaiul freigh ted barks, laved iis shot e, and even loco focoisui, as it surveyed the practical opera tions of commerce iinii credit in exchanging the produce of one section for tin; manufac tures nf another, and supplying the multipli ed neressitirsnf civilization, could not but stand rcbukid with having invoked the curse nf llu-Almighty upon these handmaids of prospetity ; while iho mere politician, as from tho adjoining ominanre (p. surveyed ;t beautiful inland sou stretching north and south beneath his fi ot, then cast his eye upon the granite hills and green tiiountains on tho oiat, tin c.its'iill ringe an. I the empire state on the west, and found the circle of his vis ion ranging along the Queen's dominions on the north could not icsist the conviction lhat tlifie was some thing oj a icorbl beyond ihe limits of his own school district! "Ah, that's no ntmospheie for us," aid these wor thies ! "If the state house goes to IJurling ton, our party prospects are ruined." Ac cordingly , through the inlluenri. nf the indi viduals n, lined above, it was decided that thn Stair should build a house at Montpelier, and Lt. Gov ei nor CDd'ERTOV, a loco foco, mark ye, was appointed to do it. And there stands his handy -work a (Jianilo Pal ice, rudely thrust into the hillside at Montpelier, au enduring monument of tho folly and profligacy of the only locofoco aduiiiii tr.iliun that ever scourged Vermont, A SENSIBLE IIEPLV. Somo of thu ultras in Franklin County, Invo been catechising Elder .Sabin of Geor gia, to know if ho would, in the event of his election to the Senate, & the choice of Go vernor devolving upon tho Legislature, vote for Williams and Dillingham. To which ho replies ui llin follow itig strain. "In cn-c ofn.y e'pcliou, I know of no act or thine that any el Abolitions s poi ld ipasoi ably fX. i el el a l.pnisl.ii i.- ill. n 1 c,,u d not do to the mmc-si of in ability : iinh-.s ,t ,t, m rusting my 0tefor Ihe t'lu.f r.Mcuuw O.Tipcis of the Slate, ui the event of no elei lion Hindi by the i(ipp, li, rnso of a ctiutineency of this kind. 1 hunld ral my vote for such men as tu mv opinion, would sustain the cunt iiiipk sisof he .State and intimi nlwiij s I'uiti . a tic ride.1 pierpienre in those mtu, r.ilur limits' I tin e.aial, tlntiuake theinieies s of the Slave a thing ot parniiioiu.i imponaiicp in t ur naiintinl nflaus. I fed ii uiydiitv In sin-lain, in mv huinhlp sphere, llu diS. n leuislnng fviircs of the pitseri Aduun sttntion of mi-iiiii.oiiRliiTnirs. tiuia.waisdepitr .nn.. its rro sin ry f.-,al...;'s. ,M i i n, , , V!S jn .viiy i(a.-, t, rims 1 o nt i,cm a tu. two eriepedm-; .tdiiii'.'iati -i.. I knavv tin teason why I could .lot vote f..r Mr r IC. V!,r, f,,r (Jovcrr.or, in pssp l.p shii, Id be liim-fcht fontnrd as a candidate, it la- tinie nd undrr the rin ui,iianprs ronlempla-l- il It was my wish lint be bhoitld have been put in noiiiinai nii hy the Whtss at llu ir late Stale Cenvcn- Vona eaw-ir oi the t'uliculiv of p vuij a pi. si-:.' of ih. ! n d younsk mn.Jvann' of nit the cir. ciiiiisiaiii-es lhat may lianspue. The eircumstan. es may be tuch that it would Nj folly to vutn ft h

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