Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 11, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 11, 1842 Page 3
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Hi Metiririi-. 'in Charlotte onllio Blh of Jan. Ity tho llev. Mr. Wilkins, Mr Enn llosfoi J to Miss Cynlha Slier Hiauall of Charlotte In Richmond by Rev. Mr. t.ofell, Mr. U. hit oomb, of Essex, to Alras Manila Shcldcn, of Calais. ' 3D) dl In this town, on the 13th int. M.vlinda, daughter of Edward Parody, aged 10 months. M. Editor: Your papor of last Friday noti ced the death of Muter Kuocnc Whitti-mom., son of A. G. Wliilteinoro of this town. I regret that the writer of that notice did not subjoin a brief statc.mciit.of the character of that boy. I am aware that, ordinarily, the story of children's occcllencics is properly confined within the cir cle of relatives and acquaintances j but the case bofors us seems tome to furnish a just ground for departing from this becoming practice. Per mit in'e then, sir, to remark, with brevity, upon tho sickness, qualities of heart, and intellectual character of this youth. His disease was scarlet fever, attended thro ought by violent vomiting, which, as dissolution approached, produced -excruciating spasm. Proper medical aid was in attendance, but the Inveteracy of tho disease mocked nil prescrip tion', and proved how powo 1 s is tho phys: e'an'sart when death resolves up m his conquest. Hence this great destroyer triumphed, and thus has sent this promising youth to the early repose of tho tomb. In every situation, those intimate, with him pronounce him to have been highly amiable and agreeable : that with children, ho was a child ; with tho youth ho was a youth ; and with men he was a man. In him were strikingly blended tho discreetness and wisdom of maturity, and 't'le modesty and tenderness of boyhood. In tho family lie was not less beloved for his fnscina- nf manners, refined delicacy and sweetness of disDosition, than for the relation he sustained of son and brother. His knowledge on many sub jects of a general nature, was extensive, owing to his intense application to books, a 'ery tena cious memory, and vigorous judgment. What is remarkable in one of his tender years, he cautiously indulged in the sports of boyhood, and associated with his father as a matter of choice. What can be said of but few, old or young, he loved and ardently pursued those more difficult and disciplinary studies, learned and foreign languigos and mathematics. Bo sides a very competent insight into the elemen tary branches, as taught in the academies and cliools, lie had mastered the French language, was well advanced in the Latin, had laid a thor. ough foundation for acquiring the Italian, and had made himself very familiar with two or tiiiee systems of Algebra. When it is remctn- Ml'.ETING OF I'llF. CIVIL AUTHORITY. HM1K Hoard of lliu Civil nu'horily ol lliu (own of JL Bnrlinirlon ate hereby wunil to incut at John Ilownrel'. Hold iliid town on Saturday lhc lO.liof March iuMnnl, lor lliu purpose of npprnt tiling suita ble person fur Inn Wi per J also to grant Licence In Suitable persons tokeni Vici nliug Hnu.e (r Cel lars, ii, lank, i s , h. Toiisf.i;Ys"tct P. NICHOLS ) Burlington, March lOlh 181!!. TUB Copartnership hcictof rc cxi-ting under the firm t,r Iltckok it Cntlin is this diy- dissolved.--All demands duo them which nro unsettled on tho 1st of April next will be placed initio hands tf It. I.cav- eiiwnrtu,,. inr collection. JI I'. I1ICKOK, 1 March, 1812. II V. CATLIN BEWARE OF DECEPTION. Ithasfrcq cntly come lo the knowledge of lha sub scriber, tliai empty Snull'Jnrs, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the pttrposo of selline 0 ni",n" ,nfcrior 1 n,iiy Snuff j mid also, that his bnull-labc shave, in sniuo instances, been counter feited, or the general design rf the same so imi'nted nste'casilv deceive tho unvvnry. lie deems il, there fore, hi duly to inform pure hasers of the manner in which they nro often imposed upon j anil ho woul I hereby request Ihein lo tear ofl'or deface the Labels on the outside of the Jars, nfier having disposed of the contents, -n as to prevent I'm iher use of ilie same. A siiitnlilo rcwar I will bo paid for such evidence as will lend to tho detection and conviction of tho im postors. The subscrider continues to Manufacture, and ef firs fur sate the allotting articles Vine Hrovtn Simfl'. Genuine Maccoboy, ) ro e American Rappee, Imitniioti do. J flavored, Holland do. f-l'.ly, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. St.Omer. Gurocoa, do. Slrnburg. , Caarae Brown -Snull'. Dcmit-ros. Nntchiloches. T'tire irpnua. French Hnppee. Bourbon. Ameiiean Oentlcman St. Domingo. Pure .Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Smttf, Scotch and? ,, Iiish lilae! cnaril or -, HiahToaslI tmo- Irish Utah Toast, (j hoarse. sweet Scouted Kite Cut Chewing Tobacco. Spanish, Kitefnrt, Canaster. Common nnd Stems. ?TVA liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER LORILLAKt', Jr., 42 Chatnam-St., New 1 ur.c. WL Ibe .ub.orilcr., havinileen appaiine 1 1 v llie Honorable lliu Pro1 ale Court forllio Dis tinct of Chittenden, eoiiiniiHiiier Inrueuive, exam ine ami adjn-l I he claims nml demand- of all per--on-, niam-l theestate ofjnhti S Iivnn lla'i: of E.. ex, in snd Di triet, t'ci-ca-e-il, topie-ou'ed in-olvcut, nnd also a'l elaim-nnd iVmand- exhili'eil in n Let llieiu'o; and -is mteiuhs I'roin llie i'ny of the dale hereiil, I'cm-r aliened ly -aid ftinirl for lint purpo.e we do thertlbio heiel V ervu nonce, ihal we will nt tenel lo llie .iiiiii'- ol'o ir appointment, n' thodw-ell-in? of Sam led K". l-hnm's in IJ irlinslnn, in sail Ib.trii-t. on llie la-i Mondnv of Iiwim nm-i m in o'clock, A. M.; of -aid da v. Haled, this 231 elay of Fc' rnarv, . I). IS 12. SAvIIJKL K. ISIlAM, ) - , iji i:i!i:l lane, Com nbs-Ti' er-, bavin. I ecn ahuoininl bi metal lo the Prol ale Cniirl fur it,.. 11... triet ottiraml Lie, e-oinmi.-ioiier. lo re eive, exam ine an ! a-j i-t die c-lnien. iindiloman I- of nil per-nn., ngaiu.t ihue.-atu ofMarv 'I'ul in-, late ofGraud l-le, dec -a .el, renresrrted iiiolont,an I al-o all and remand, extol itisl in ol et tlieieoj on I si. month. Irom Ihu 10 h i,f Pel r-arv. 1SI2. leni'-al- I Inweilby said Court forlliat p ir,nVf, Me do ihere I fore here! v civi' notn p. u w.w n n, it .. Mivwilin. no i-c ol Union Tol la SELLING OFF CHEAP. 1 CCC 011 MOHC pounds rood Cotton 1 VJ J J Halting at Cd. per lb. Caheocs to correspond, say at about G or 0 els. per yard, A lot Caps, Coutforlers and Mull's at nearly one half former prices. Also a great variety of Hoods at rJAoolow to bo printed, Tito work of sellin?oir cheap hnsfwy commenced and nil uooils sold to" suit purchasers, nt 4 January, 1912. HOWARD'S. NOTICE. rjlIIiS msiy (crlify that I have niven tny ton C'lta. E. II. Pralt, his tuned trine; his minority, nnd thall therefore claim untie id' his earnings nor pay any do! ts of hiscontraetinT afier this da'e. JerichL, Tel . 3, IP14. ZKBAII PRATT. Ut)OiSTOSI!. i II n sub-criber has just receive.! and nfijrs for A sale a new supply of Honks from New York and lloiloni nnioti!i winch nro llio following Comb on the Constitution, Great Teacher, -Paver on Election, I.icbig's Chemistry, Greek TVstaintnt and Lexicon, Tacitus and I.ivit, liickers heth-on llanlism, Michael lCeinn. Coleridncs Worlc. Tales of lite Covenantcis, Oems of Ann rican rcmalc Poets, Whelplcy's Compend, ll.irno'H Notes on the Oosaols, C5iinpses of the Old World, Macntilev's Miscellanies, Klegtint "(luarlo 11 b ts Turkey Morocco, Twccdies' Library of Practical Medicine, 6 vols. Chas O'.M-ilev, 1 vol. Danglison's Medical Dictionarj', ' Hu tier's Atieient Alias. Pictorial Geography, 1000 engravinus, Poets of America, krununaiher's Turabks, Jaciuuie, by James, 2 vols, llo'uter's Prench Phrases, Hook of Psalms, Wealth and Worth, Life of Sir Isaa - Newton, II. Moure's I'rivale Devotions, Cooper's Surcical Dictionary, Anllion's Classical do. Lcmpriere's do, do. Corse do Leon, by James. Teb. 21, 13U. U. A. lilt AM AN. STATE OP KRMO.NT, At a Prol nieCourl bold District of Chittenden, s. J den nt Ilurlinmou, within nnd lor the l)tlri t iilotesaid on tho!!2ddnyof I'etrit nry, A. D. 1812, nn In-tninieut ptirpotliui? lo bolbe 1,1.1 Will and Te-tainentol AmosClnrl.-, Into oflllnvc bursh, hisaidDi-lriet I'eeeitM'l, wn ptesented lotho Court hero for Prolate, Ly Homer Clarl., the Uxocu tt.r Iheietn uumcd. Therefero it is onlered l y mU Court, thai public uotko be Riven lo hII pt-r-ons fnleris'eil ibcreiti to appear before said C, ml, ala .-co-ion thereof to I e holi'e.i at tbuHe?'s otlieo in PiuliiiRit-n nfoi-ejatd, cm the M liday of March, A. D. IU12, andeon'ust lliu probate of said Will ; and II is lotiher ordeiul ibat IhiJorder le pul Ifbed three wesk. mcte-sivoly In tho Uurliuslonl-reePres-, a news paper printej'at I3r IniKlolt, inlhisSla'e, tho la-t of which shall le pre vious to iliedny u-iiirnoJ, asafore-ntd, for bearing. Given under my band at tho Register's O.IIcc, this 22 J day of February, A. II. 13 12. Wm. WLSTON, ReRis'.er. Gi:OR(3F. IILAKP.'S FSTATE. STATE OP VERMONT, At a Probate Court held District of Chittenden 5 at HurliiiKton within and for said district of Chittenden, en the twelfth day ortPebruary A. D 1312, Tho Executors of Ibe lost vv ill nnd testament ol ClpnfiTr Itlnlio tnfnr Itncfnn ,' tlin fnnhl,, n( CJ.,r. Wk m the I Stale of Mnssachttsolts, deceased, liavini! cscttlcd in said court n copyoflhe ln't will nnd les' tamrntortlio sal I lestalor, ilulv approved and allowed In the probate court for sail! County of Suffulk, that said copy mny Lo filed and recotded in this Court, ngrecab'y to llio statute in such case made nnd provi ded. Therefore ll is hereby ordered tint oil persons concerned I e notified to nppenrbefore Ibis court at a session Ih'cteof lo he held at llie Register's effit-e in said lliirlinulon on the ibird Wednesday nf Mnrrl, 16t-2,nid contest ihelilmir and rccotdmgof tho afore said copy of said will m tins eourt, if they sco cnuc, by publici ion of his order lliree weeks sueccssivclyin the liurlincloti Prco Press, n newspaper urmled in liurlmalon in ilie ( tunty of (luttendtn, tho last of w men publications to be previous to the day nsuned as aiore3a ti lor 1101111c. v w.vvi.s ru., litgisUr. A true copy of the record, attest Wm. West-ox Register. WE the llie Hon :b;red that all th s was accomplished at the e u!y i u,' , ' IV V 'Ti, .M?J Tf StMVAL Al WIS, 1 WILLAlin COIJUON, K'trn'r-. SETIi HOAtl, age of thirteen years a period at which most youth have hardly begun to think of intellectual attainments that most of it was achieved in his father's office, evposed to all the interruptions -consequent upon a country lawyer's business that during the period ho studied here, iiis father was bis only preceptor, most will join with me in saying that he was a youth of no ordinary in tellectual character and attainments. What true and intellectual progress will not cherish tho recollection of such a boy, and will not mingle tender sympathies with his pa rents, as, in tho anguish of disappointed hope and lacoratcd affection, they bend over liia pre mature grave. Surely their justly exalted ex- pjctation is blasted in tho untimely departure of this lovely eon. may they, and all vvlio read theso lines, see, in this event, the uncertainty 'of every expectation not founded on God. WEALTH AND WOIITIL AMONG Ihn very many valuable new publica tions received tho la-t wei k nt the llcokslore of the su cribcr.may be lound, WE, LTII A. WORTH, the first of n series of American l-'amily Tales from the pen of an American. That worth nnd not wealth makes the man is plainly nnd elegantly proved. We recommend evety filber to plarc thi" little vvotk in the builds of his'chi dren, that tliey may learn how to ael under tho tna's of belcavt tiicnt'and poverty. Marcli 1. D. A. MtAMAN. IltlSlI 1 ,1V CN'S.of every style an I quality are now offered I y E. M. Wrislit & Co at great bar gains lor cash. 'I hose in want will do well to give usacnll. .March 3. FOUND. On the Turnpike nbout 100 tods east of the college, aRoekinij-cbnir. Tito owner can have the same by calhnL'on the subscriLer, proving pioperty and pay ing charges. JOHN KIMI1ALL. Hurlmgtrn, Dorset sired. I'tb. 23 h 1812. UNITED SPATES DLS'l RIOT COURT, I Vermont lYistritt. 1 A SPECIAL Scsioa of tin.-Co irl will 1 o holden nl tin; Co-tr' in MunMielicr in n-u I.i triet on the 22 I of .March next, nt 12 o'clock. M.. for the hearing ol nil pc'ttioii. in limkr iptey, mid a'l oilier mailer., rc'nmig there'o, that tba'l 1 e Ibeu and ihere prcptreJ for ibe hearing and and consideration ol sam uuurl. Uy order of Court, JE.-iSE GOVE, Clerk. l e r-.arv 1), 1812. FOUND. IN the icu near Providence I-land, one Mast and liooin beb nging to some vessel, with a ssil and outer rigging' nltnclied to it, which the owner ca have by payiny reasonable charges. South Hero, Efcb.S, 1312. LORENZO HAL, MONE Y ! MONE Y ! ! GOLD, S her, nn I even con.l eurrent Bank Bills are not ret 1-0 I at S. U. Scott's in ex'-hansu ninny liel evej I ytnativ. who are in for Liood-. II 1 the lu' it o tti.t , nip pteiiy imiin-v 11 1. 1 ecu, an 1 ean 1 '0,1 oalcolalion.. that nve I I v c. dim" in ihis o-talli-liuien'. Who vvo-dd nit exnend ibeirmonuv at thole,! po si' !e tale, in the e Imius? THE (I DORK 11 OL I! HOOK, (Lair Ilolhrook & Tnppan) :.!II1: s'., ISoston. THE Subscriber offers a large and choice selection ol'ltardware lo tlu country trade upon the most liberal terms. Match 1 1342. ",M CJ LI'.WIS IIK3ULX, late "nieinler troni S'. Ceorse," b lost lit- i-vtac!c. 'I hey were of the old fa-hiouoJ stamp, silver I ovv-, larue round , j e-, onl enclo e.l 111 a hevvv s'eel ca e. Denis a kc'1',1- akc from an old friend, he t. anxious 10 to-over them. 1?OR sale cheap 10 close a lot. Persons in want of good cigirs can buy tlu in low by applying to E. ?J. Peir-onai the American Ilousafnr two or three days they will besjld at Raston Prices to close the toh -crn. Tr- have a fine lot of Ruil'ilo Robes, a few No 1, Lvnt Mull's and Otter Cans. fr ,, (-.ini,.o nnd other Winter Go ds. Siitabl,. ,-.,1,1 ',., i,rr Tho ein want of anv of thn above named ;,rii,.es vvi , do well to oil on E..M. WRIGHT it Co. ns they will lmvk errat 1 nreiim for ca b. Dec. 2.5. ISil. DHSOI.IjriON. The copariner.hip heretoloio exi-ting between the nnder-tgne I 111 liiirliniiton, under llie stjleof Kern & Walker, amlS. WalU-nt Co. are lln. day by "or tn tttial i-on-etit di.xilve.1. All demand, in favor if ei lur of sat 1 Cr ns, n )v payable, an I which - hall not (e paid by tho iir-t day of Apr,! rnjM, will I c left in the hands of II. Leavuti. worth E-q. forcol.'octlon. -.iriinglon, M.-rcb 5.b 1H 13 HA MEL Kf-'HN. SOLOMON W LKEH, GREAT BARGAINS ! rrHEemire stock of tioods hcrttnfoic owned by -1- Kern it Walker is nfflred at wholesale or iclad ul cost. Ii consists of n large lock ol Di v Goods. Dry nnd Wtt Groceries, Crot kcrv, G r.esaml llnul Wte. All wishing to buy Goods will find it for their inlet est to call an I exa ma'j the oods before buying else where, for they must be sold nt some mice te close the concern. SOLOMON WALKER, litirlington, 5th March, 1512. WANTED nn dv, two smart active hoys fro-n 1 Vto 17 yeirs of age, as apprentice to the Chair Making business. 11ARNES it KEELER. .March 7. WANTED -Domestic Q,uills wanted in exihange for Iloo..sor Slaiionerv, by Marcli 10. ' S. HUNTINGTON. cisrniiNs. rT II E sub-eribers hnvini the rieht lo uc, in an 1 USEFUL THINGS, At l'.tsiKhoi sj i- Hi j::s:;i::t:'s. H o o K x mid I yu., Snap-, EI.1-111-, Laici", Wc r-led nee Vv, Ivintuiir. -ew-in rund darnini Mlver and .n-l toj, 'I bun1 le , s, ..t-aidt-.. l-ye-let-, Wlinlel one, S illettnc , Luioiic-, Pencil-, Tvvee 1 r-, Comb , S 1 1 er.., Cn'i."e t,e' - i-lK.-ap '1 ea l'o'-, -s.-i-or-, llet-'o. lor Ca-ior , chillren'- -iip-, Pin-, Tea Pill-, Pro be. 1 fall I, 11 .,, ll't.l,--, Shoe an I U.oel, Uu"'is, Carl , i-hi'dien' Pe!u, Iud'a R-iller rnd Ivcry ltitii-, Napl 111 liinir-, Diamon I 'o 1, Mon-onV Pip-, Sh-mmi-'. 1,1 zences an I P, o,- Man'. Pbi.s er , Si o-Iiiul- Svru-i, Corn Plj u-r, Hay.' Lmiim-iit, I11.VH1I le In' , I,,'1 ufall I in I-, Era--iv-e Soap to rinoie Krease, T, ilet I'ovder, Court rl.i-ti-r, Lip Salve, M, 1-, Games and P zle-, .l-im-i-otj ltope-, T.i'lo Ma's I'orr Mat, Sw-tfi-, S,-r ibtiig I'm be-, Wax Tun, r. .Ma-ebe-, of various kind., Day it .tlartln's IJlacKIns, Nipple Slio'l-Nur cry Lamp., lie.l Pan-, Mo!a-o. Cup-, D.-l. Iv'nive ,N 11 Pic' er. an ICra.kcr-, Mo thtr.' llil ef, Wa1 ol I - ruu'.. Go'd add Silver Pu'lion for Iriinunn? die -c. and three h unite I -iiiJ two other article., which we hi pe o no toiuer-will tin 1 ci her u el'ul orncje.-aty to .hem, vc It 1 h are m-Iiiiis nl low toe o . Ilk-!; Tin Ti-i Pot-, P.a'el S.ionn-, German Sil ver and Pewter do. nnd a'l -or'-and -ize. of niel; nae'., j .ui-h a-tin vvhi.lle , p , Harmonica-, toy-, rat It-, ti-i f luxe , pj.-e outer-, doll , .tint lose-, Lamp. S.'issor-. if-. A Panorama View o Lin Ion, 11 Toy nr't.lej Hani Oman-, .pe. 0 ir Suae 1- nicely filed, ami wc -ball I e mti-t happy .0 di-tri! 1110 llie-e and ,onie oilier nrtu amiind' ibe eo.intry, upon . ieh term- it- wi'l (ilea e the pur. h 1 1 r and in Ime tlieiti to en I olteti hnd .lac Ion". fer you read 'hi. call and seeat the VARIETY STORK. Jan. 0, 1312. SPLENDID fi-lrK I Commlsslot ei 's Notice. WE the Subs nbers, liaving been appi inted by the Honorable llie Proba e Court lor the Dis trict of Chittenden, oomnussioniis to receive, evani ineaitd a just llieilaims auddemandsol'all persons, against the estate of Roswell Grow, I ito of We.tford ill sail District, deceased, represented insolvent, nn I nl..) nil eluiitts nnd demands exhibited in otfsit thireto t ami U months from the day 'of the date hereof, bcitiL' allowed by said Court for that purpose, I We do therefore hereby give notice that vve will nt Icnd to the business of our nppointo ent, at S. !. fold's Inn in Wistl, id in said District, on the last Mondays of June and July next at 10 o'clock, A. M, on lacli 1 f sa d d iv s. Dated this 2d d-tv of Eibruarv, A. D. 1312. JOHN ALLEN. ) JOHN II A.ELTON, Com'rs. JAMES NICHOLS, i WE tho Subscribers, having been appointed by 1I10 Honorable the Probate Court lor the Dis trict of Clnttcnd.-n, commissioneis lo receive, ex amine ami tnlju-t the c-l.imi. antl demand, of nil per I persm", auani-t the isltite ol .Siicdacl Claiik, late of I lliuesbui.h in said Di-ltact. deceased, lenieseiited insolvent, nnd al-o nil elniins and demands exhibited in ollVt.1 iherelo; nnd six months from the day of the date hereof, bi-iuii idliwed hy said Court fur tint purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwellUlL'ol the widow VioVt C!tU in I Itnrslnn ell III said District, on the firft Mondays of .May and July next at 10 o'eloe' , A. M , on each of said days. Dated, this 2.41 day of I't-b. A. D. 1912. JDSi I'll MARSH, ) JOHN NORTON. V omtmsstoners. ie.t OUR NOTICE. fipiIE Subscriber ivoul I, mi' the las! tune, ren - that tho-i; account- and no'o. of) stiiii'lini I e -elite I within two mnmli. al lonse-t, 01 onvvillin? n- they kii'ivv he is to force setllemeni, it tn t-t 1 e uone. lie na. eaueu, vvrt tO'i andpriuloJ, an I hopes that hi- friends w,ll at onro -cotherea-oo. nlileneue-. of such a le-piea', an I atten I to it wthout coinpelliuj bun to u.e other mean.-, to him .0 tin-p!ea-a,n. C. HE.NNS. IV.. 17, 1812. COl' A n Tfnnattiit Mn Tin TpARRAR & WAIT give notice that they have lhi ... ','ny '0' iated with litem in bu-incs MR. HI RAM F. ROOT, tllld Hint Ihev tl-ill frmlinnnlhn 1,.,-i. Iie-s of Importing nm sellina CROCKER Y. GLASS tVn?,l.V'Uin uni'tf ofrARRAl! 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I'arrar, who is duly authorized lo set the all the bu-ine.-s ofthctirm at his Eaciory, Pearl Ircet llurliililon. Jan. 31 1312. C LOTUS CHEAP. TUST rocd' a few pieces Uurlnigtoii'Mill Co Cloths. Also For Sale very Kino lliack and Bluo Ulack and Invisible Orcnn, English Clolhs, do. do. Black and llluo Ulao' , Wool dyed Eng. Cnssitncies, AUj, A few pieces Pilot and Ileaver Cloth, all which must Lesjld and are now offered nt groat Hargains by, E. M. WRIGHT & Co. TO YO UNG HO USE-KEE PERS lMttitAit, wait & hoot, - KEEP constantly dn hand a full aasoitmcul of tlrgant Tea Sots, of Gold band China. Cold band Ten Plales, Gold sprig'd do. Gold edge and lino do. Extra wide (told band do.Goldedge,linc&sprigMdo Gold edga and hue do. Gold bind Prcserva and White and sprig'd do. Cup plales. vV luiu China Rteakfasl nnd Tea Plates, Pitchers. Howls, Hutter Stands and Nurse Lamp-), with Htnnli Tea Pots punched, China Inkstands, a very pretty article for prtsstits for sain cheap nt the Crockery Store, corner of Church and Collego streets. Butlington, Jan. 31, 1212. CASH paid for Flax Seed, I v Dce.22, 1811. HATCH, ODELL tf- Co. NEW MUSIC. AVERY largo and well ,e!eetetl avorttnent of Mos.c, n laptolfor the Pi 1110, j ist lecoivel at the liurlington llookstore. Also Musical Wcrki, such a.. Sotihcrn Harp, Zoaner'sOrgan Music, Piano Fort Primer, Huntt'ii's Iti-truction foribo Piano Form. For sale hy Jan. 4. D. A. URAMAN. . TUftACCU. AA I POXES 'Ilonn's' Cavendish Tobacco, win, 'EnderV do do 20 do i s" H THOMAS will continue his Auction Sale3 11 the afternoon of every Wednesday and Salu clay. A latge q"antily of Household Turniturcui ddlercnt descriptions will be offered, tojrth er wlif" Stoves if vnrious kinds, with pip. Sales, of Drv' Gooda, Cutlery, Clocks, Jewelry, 6Vc, &ce, will U offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday lvcningii, until furlhertiolice. October ct54 1. HOUSE TO RENT. Uj A convemont dwelling house and bsrn fijjS'l niul a c0'' llir(50 t?ordcn, oh MaidiA hilijVU Lane, six rods from Pearl Sttcet. J J llftiW Er further particulars, enquire of -yfcta March !, OIDF.ON M. I'lSK, North sr STORE TO RENT. A convcnttii: Store to tent on'CburtT Street. Lnquh-oof MOODY II SKELL, or S. li. SCOTT. March 4. 31 Dec. 1311. L'J.itJ.H. PECK & Co. NOTICE. ! ALL persons, indebted to thocstn.or .1.. 1., Ro. I bertMoodv. me notified that na0.1 " K. ' mido immediately lo tho -ubscriber, to pi . " , ' Burlington Pe' , S 1912. GEO. B. Slf,Uf.,.iS1, kJAW'S. --Mill, Cross-cut, and lareinai sawm. ; saiouy Jan. 1. ll AU Alt iV All 1 II UK. Sin of the Psdlock. Corner of Churcli nnd CollCfrU Streets. 1 1 A-)tl paid for all kiuJ. ci'shlp-iing Fur., I y s- 1912. HATCH, ODELL Co. a n I11IDS. New Ruin fcr-aiel.v 322 Dec. IlAlCH.onELLj;- Co. BASS VIOLS. CJOME beautiful Hiss Viols and Flute , just ree'd. O PANGI10RN tf- UR1NSMA1D. OILS. QRlTiPl GALS Puro Winterand Fall Sperm Oil, V-20C0 do Whale blca. hed and unbleached, 30 libls. American I.inscrd, by 30th Dec. 1S11. J, i: J, H. PECK it Co. GLAUS. I CAA BOXES Burlington, Vermont, and IWUU Essex Cylinder Gliss. 300 do Rcdford, Saronac, and Clinton Crown do, by J. i J. II. PECK &Co. 30 Dec. 1841. Agents. 10 GROCERIES. IIIIDS St. Croix and Porto Rico Sugars, Rurlixeton, Feb. II, 1812. Shires of Stock in llio P: R. G.COLE. 7!OU S.Vl.C, B- men and Me-hautcj Ban!:, Uurling'on. Anply JOTICC All tho-o who are iitdcblel lo tbciiu lN der tuneJ either by Notecr upon l ook Account ate re inc. el to call and make settlement Icforothu lir-td.n of April next, otherwt ethey tnu-t expect to pay Ibe ex cn-o f l.'eet on. LUTHER PROITY. .leri.'ho. I'd .8. 1312. 13 Botes Lump 39 Hhds.MoIas'cs, L) tsarrels uo EO Chests Young Hyson Tea, CO do Hyson Skin do 15 do Hyson do 40 Catties Jo do 300 31ali3 Cassia, 2 Hands Cloves, 1 do N tmags, 20 Tierces Sa'erntus, 41) Kegs Puro Ginger, 100 Boxes Bar Soap, 50 do Pipes, 20 Bags Pepper, 25 do Pimento, 40 do Rio Colfee. 15elo Java do by J. it J. II. PECK & Co. 30 Dec. ldll. c ! ' ?! i' Wrv- FARM FOR SALE. Till-: Subscribers will po-div, ly sell onorbefole the IO1I1. day of I'lbcarv next, a faint in Mil- Inn belnnsinj 10 the estate of Barnum Esq. con sistingof about fivehundicd and lif y acres, about three hundred of w hich is intervale nnd the lemaindcr hard wood and pine plain laud, with two good dwelling housis, three large barn-, iwo small barns, and Horse bnrti, with the ncccss'iry nut buildings all in good repair. The farm i situated en the bank of river Laimil, nl the heail of navigation, is in a goo 1 stat 01" repair and cul tvation with a suitable proportion of men 'ovv, pas ture, and arable land and presenting objects of in- Inmct nml i,i,t.,,'..n,clo i in,. III. ,-,, .,...l,n.n..iit J- for llie county of Chittenden, Parker's Hydraulic , ,0 equalled in this eiitnrlirof tho State. Cement, for Cisterns. Reservoirs, Acqueduc , Cellar Purchasers nro invited to call and examine for Kitchen and Stable Honrs, for the pur use i f making , themselves nnn and securen greatbargom. Terms iiicm nry anu prooi again 1 rnts; njsn 11 ear ins, s.nas m-tde easy for ,ie pure ha-er. I.UTII' R C.vHPLNTKIt'.S L&TATE. STATE OF I'.RMO.NT, ) Tno Prol ate- eourl for Di-triet of Clnttuiiden t. s. S thodi-trici ofC'liuietv'en Totill ier-tui-cone emcd in the e-tnte ot Luth-.r Cnrpetrer, Inieof llunliii'jicjii in mid district, decea.- ed. ! reel 111 g. Wheiea .John P. Firman, adnimi,rator of the e tate of aid e'ece-a-ed, ha- made application to -ai' co-irt to ex end tho tune limited fi.r ma'viutr the pay ment ' f die do1 1 - of -a d do, cn-e.l and -e t lemg sa d e-'a i-, one vcar from th 1 j h. day ol March IS 12, an I til-c to ten ler an ae 0 in' of in- nJinini-tra-liun and pre cut hi- a -e-o an again. t said Csta'.u lor examination and allowance. '1 hete'ore 'heeo ir nfore-ai I doth appoint the thirl Monday of Man-h, I8IJ, I r heaitiu and ilei-tJitie; on sa el a,di' iilu n and ixamtnnig -aid ac,o tu, ut the I'v,' f 1 1 all 111 Wi li-'en 111 -ai I nis-nei an I dot border tlia all per -0:1- m e.-e-e I lenotiue liieieof l,y p-ih-i a ion 1 f lln- eirder thiee week- -ue-ee. ivcly'in ibe B rlington Free Pr-s-, n new-pat-r r priu'edin B tr llii'j'ou, in the eoi n'y 1 l'cli mVii, provto-js to ,aid ,n rl Wo hie. 'ay if More h, 1812. Given'und -r my h ind al W"ii-ton afore;atJ this 21st. day of Februaiy A. I'. L-il-2. WM. W'HSTON, Hegistcr. NOTICE. rpIlE Slip, in the new Congregational Church at I tin. phy o will I e -ol.l on Saturday, tliu 12 h day of March, at which lime the terms of sale will li made known. B-irlmston, 231 Fed . 1512. I'llANClS l!KNJ..MIi, Jr.., Wholesale Denier in -s3, fiz&t, Mo-jr, Sso. Storage, ronvni'ilii'S and Coainilsslon rio.273 nivcr: stedet, tots it. y. arvl few doors tiboieW. ishinxton Suare. NEW FIRM iV NEW TOOLS. ' Dout caudrmti without a trial." r"p II U Juliscribers huva loniKil a copartnership, X under the firm of Ha Hoy an I Coon, tor the pur pose of ear. ytng on the bus ness of Mas'inry, in all its branchi', in Burlington or any nf tho ndjoiumi; towns. We will give our personal attention to bnclt and stone work, plastering, and all manner of jobbing connected w.lh Masonry. Tho senior part.icr has hnd tnuie than 23 years' expjnincc m the bnsmc f, and wo feel the utmost confidence in si lie ting tile patronage of the public, believing and knowing th it wc can do nsgood wo its as Ins been or can bo done in tins place. Wc will warrant all wmlt cnini.i. cd toourcaie to be dono when promised, and done wiiu ocspaieu wncn c.-n en tor, unci well done. Wt sqIicu asmall share ef public paironae. AARON MADLY, HORATIO N. COON. NOTICE. A LL who are indcb'eel to the undersigned whose Xls notes and aeootitiis hnvo bocomeduc, ate hereby notified, that immediate pavincnt must be made to save cost. To those whose demand, nro becoming due, wo would say that prompt payment, accorrtit.ij l'o contract, is expected, The term nf cnr.urtliershill of llio SubsCtibtrs C nil, s hv limitation on tho 1st of next. it will their fore be insisted upon, tint nil contracts be closed. STRONGS it Co. Burlington, Dec. 30, 1311. US 12 SAlr. T rk s Island aud rsl.Ube H. M. POPE. HOTEL TO LET. a T OLE T For a term of yeirs. at St M.vJii Johns, Canada, the old and well know 1 ;;;;iftL watson hotel, wiu out house , 1 tiSjlV Garden, Yard, nnd Stubl ng, well adapted !Vfar a Livery Stable. Possession given tho 1st of May next. Apply to Mrs. J. E. WATSON, Proptio'or and present occupant, 'it. Johns. Feb. 1 1142. n30tf TLACUSMlTII'ri BELLOWS, n fi.strato article, nisi Anvils, Vises, Files, &c. for sa'eby Skit of the Pniltock. ) H AGAR ii ARTfll.'n. Cor. Ci. nnd Coll. sts. j l7''f Thcso who have promifod 'he ttbicri- V her Wood are reminded thatthasleddific is good about te vvn. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICfl. PIANO iiTS. Mil. J. TrlUNSON, .MOST re.-peel- SO ff iJ??JW: . (1. ! .i,' S-CfdV-s'' be bin ' ' 'ft iv v, 'yri "innufjcl'iring 1 ) LOTTING PaPEK. Por LJ ouite. Jan. 7. sale hv -bo Ream or C. GOODRICH. BINDING LEATHER. A few doi. Cnlf-skius suitable for book-l injiiig wonted by Jon. 7. C. GOODRICH. .nitidis. Moccasins and Gloves. A NEW lotjiut re.caeJ cheam-r 'ban cytr, t v Jan. C. E. M. WRIGHT iV Co. CJM AWLS. The latge t and le-t VJ siliaw-ls that can I e lonnl 1 ar-orltnent of ll,e- vil'ace of Bur- linaton may lo found at F. M. WRIGHT ? Ct,.'. Cheap cash Store. Jau.G IS 12. T?Rl'.SiI FIGS AND LEMON ) Ju-t re, e.vod fioui J. I1..S eiston, and fi.r lale by Jan. 20, 1612. CLO. PLTER50.N. HEHU'.S CRASH antll), f,r -alu by 1IICKOK eV CAT1.IN, Jan. 20. C'tS,ihfCo-.irt Ho'i-Srp-are. oiks lor Invvu or District lAbt'ni'ici. GOOlJUK II has a val al le collection of lie ok. sural efor town cr c'l.trii't Lit rar which will I e soldun tbemoal literal term-, at. d at very low prices. Dm. 1-1. c: u T-J f, . , , ,. v ir.e-v- 01 i-jan I-ortcs, v.-h'cl. are e lK.J ur ,nio o.t lite mo 1 rea-oni'.e teiin-. A- the , ,slr .lIllM,v uu. llja,!ei a vcryinueb I'u, rovej plan, ,,cv. ,r0 warranted 1.. l.e-itperieirtoallothe-iii tr iiuei.,,' ut ti,,, pMnu li,, 111 in a hiirh e'etre-ij tho tona (, le Klute' In point ofio icb aiid.lural..Ii y orvvoi-k-nan-h p they oroal-o warinivcd to le equal to y tn-u,,. men's ir.tinii'.i, turel in tho Cm el S '. " All per on- who veani cr(l Piano are particularly in vited teet-a'l aid examine lor ihctmcv,.. Burlington, Fe' . 21, IS 12. ? 75 f.' iSvVw tlx l''or Now Law f' O.N N ECTI CL'l' Rl-POP.'lS, VeJ. 13. y I'omnion Law eh Vol. 33. Ee-el. do Vol. C. L'eJ. U. Forsn'oby C. GOODRICH. SALT. vlVn,? BUSHELS Solar Salt, U VVU .!000 do Turks Islur.J do 1000 do Fmo do 1C00 Barrels do do 300 Sacks Daity do 30 Dec. 1S1I. By J. & J. II. Pecs A1?D Sa0339i 'e ii i!ig trade. GENTLEMEN'S Calf Boots, .owed arid f-erjed, Willi and with ouCVieel plates Kip B-i"""'' v,,veJ anu peg "Thick Boots; Ooeu'a e-js v-au ejauers, me oel r?S urtie efi r Snrinir wear ever tnaufactured. .10 Pairs Women's Leather Bootrcs nnd Shoes, Gent's Lentbcr Ovrr Slioes. The above will le sold low for ready ca-h, by J tJIES II. PL.VTT, Comer of Church and Cherry Streets, Burlington. Mare h 1, 1812. lTl V-s- J rf 3 Co. j Salt. Also fine barrel Salt for sale by Dec. 1311. 'I'oljaccc. Q K KEGS Fidmond's, rSiij 12,Bocs Krvme'.i, 12 do Hume's, 10 Kegs Cardwell's, 10 llo-ccs Howe's. The above are all choice brsn'l-, nnd ore offered ow by FOLLETT &. BRADLEY. FRENCH LANGUAGE. Mil. C.I 1 UCU UT'l'Ii'S Second Course e.f p-tb-lie litslrni'iioii in the French I.tiwruae will eoinu.i-ni-i' nt he Court llo-i-o on 'I Hl'nsDAi the 31 March next, at 7 oVIoel, P. M. Ticl e-i. for ibe Courteto lo had a. usual at Mr. Br.AM.vs's Hook lore, 1,75 each. Admission Er'o evening-, 25 ceit.. II 1 N E S B U H GlI A CADE M Y. fjallE Second Term of the Academic year of this Institution will commence on Wednesday iho lath of February, and w II continue 22 wee' a. Board can be had in good fa inlie-s on fail terms. '1 he school continues to lemnn under tho supervis ion of the Rev. P. DURKEE, and the perfect and universal b-iiisraclinn given hy ihu Principal in the discharge of his dunes, u the best recommend the Trustees can offe r to ihe public. By older of Trusties, I" W. GIBB, Secretary. Hinc&hurgh, Feb. 8, 1312. n3'6vv3 Ac. would infoi m the inhabitants of si id count v. thai they will be ready the coining season lo n lend to all calls in the above lino of business and wiil vvartant their work to be durable. JO-FPII LAN DON, ORLANDO OWEN. Burlington, March 9, 1811. N. B. All orders addressed to the sfibscribers at Hinesburgh or Burlington will receive immediate nt lention. n-10 lOlh .llarcii, JMlti! Nine o'clock, M ,Thcr. 11 nbnve. Wind strong Slam iV. W. rllinn thp wntert nTfltn T.lrtn,n t.rn,,- tlfu Isnrfs nnrl,ni)int,nfitinrri,cnrnta ., i, I, . V. a ' of a most riizzhng sunshine tint nln cheers up the high mountain tops, and illume, the. dcen rcre ses of the valleys. All, all, all of which is enchanting, de lightful nnd cheeiful to I01 It upon without, while mkin at HOWARD'S All, all, nil are I usily encaged in ta'-tng account of Goods, Wares anil Merchandize, preparatory to the decking out beautiful array tho futronesof the land, who vvi 1 as usual pinse ninke ibeir applications for plumage at the fanciful depository at saul HOWARD'S. ELIJ UI IIERRICK , , . SAMUEL BOARDMAN. 5 "u"""""a""!'' UNITED STAT! S Id STRUT COURT, ) Vermont District. $ IV II v 'k'tfl!PTCV Null, e to, low-1 nu-c acain t Pe'ition e f Lemuel Curl!-, ed IS irlingie 11 111 said 1 ihcir inrtiieiue upon the destinies of llio vvorlcl . O OKING G LA SSES. A LARGE nn I well selected assortment, consist ing of 7i7r, Mihaean't and Gilt, Mo'iogany, and t-'ttn.. Cm ,1 Innliinrr GEss'h few ui' f.rntli. lediie id prices at ihe'llnniwnrc Store, Corner o"f I town, 011 Tue el.ay the 22 I day e t March, 1S12, at 12 Church and Cot'ego S s., hy HAGAR t AllTIIER. o'clock, M why tho said Lem e C irti-1 e not ele- C '.I I O.J l 11. 1 II - I l,l, Hi 11.1111 I" IH-.l-l VJ-'HUV- .1 Pi-tri -t, W'ltchnin! cr, to I u I'cc-lateJ Bankrupt, nt tboCrurt lln 1 r in .Mentpelier, crmout, on thJ 25.1 March, 12 M. fenncn roa pubicatios. LEMUEL Cl'li'llS, of Bur.ingt. n in said District, Watchmaker, having ilns day li'ej a pcMllt'ii duly verKiel, praying lb it llie -'a'.l Leinui'l C-ir,i may I e e'ee lared a Bankrupt ; it 1- therefore onVie-d Iv'lbe Court, lhat caii-ei I e -hown 1 efi te- the Co in at Motil-Pe-her in -aid Di-irie-t, at ihc Co irl ilo i o in saul GLORY AM) Sll.MJZ OF ENGLAND: In a sciies of familiar Letters lo a Ftiend. By C. EDWARDS LESTER. rMlIS is the tub of a work.j'ust published in New Ji York by Ijrper and Urotlurs, 111 two volumes of 550 pages, and embellished with magnificent Steel Engravings. The author has furnished same vcrv striking facts lelalivo to the actual social state (if England, and I laced her Glory and Shame in striking contrast, The following aie some of the topics dwell upon. Tho ill sliuiiis Men of Gnat Binaiii their history and iirt, their conversations (with the author,) and Also, DYE STUFFS. BBI.S. Campcachy LowooJ, Sjiy 200 do St. liom;no do 150 1I0 Fustic, 150 do Nicaiaeui, 100 eh, Cam Wood, 3j do Madder, 10 do Alum, f.O do Copperas 2", do 11 uc Vitriol, 50 D.-mijohns 0,1 do., bv 30 Dec, ISil. J. & J. IE PECK it Co. Q ( S 1 1 1 1 1 ) S rTV.nicla.l, and"30hhd.s. Porto F-co Molasses, heavy bo 'ml nnd light co'oied, jusi received nnu wr sale, ai a very tow price, uv COLLET I' A BRADLEY. Old Dock, B 'rlington. Ofi BOXE-j llitneh Raisins, -tVJ -10 Kegs Malaga do 15 Bag6 Madeira Nulfi, 12 do Filberts, lj elo Brr.2il do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, IS II. J. : J. H. P.'iCK ,f- Co. i KEGS Powder, i' po Hags Shot, 100 Doi.-n Corn Rrcoms. bv Dec. 30, Ml J. A J. II. ! . Co. J. H. WALTON, WOLLU infunn Ihu public lhat bo hit. on baud and continue, to man- Svi1! iifac''irehaddle-, Budle.,, mi Trunk-, Vcli-o'-, Carpet Bag-, '.I'SiliiuW, Pur'nianteaus, .Murlinga e-,itc. ot li V'iii.jlra'he li-l hip, vvLich bo .HU iMf U will se'l 011 rea-onal leterm.-. Al-o WW-? for-ale. C Try Coml.-.Card-, Brush- e-,Wh,is nnd La-bo-, ai.d mauy eeher ar'i- 'e. in hi. line. CAtmiAU- TKItMIINO done 111 the ho-, tvle on thoit no i.e. Shop in Wainwrtglu's Rjiidlnfi Chuieh -treo , a lew door. 1 f Lovely's Store. II ir uigton, Fei, 1SI2. 3Sw9 STRAYED, F R O .U the r-u'i-'-ri1 cr 111 Ciarlotte, IT ', I ,,- 1 ,1-1. I ., IM .1 . 1 1 V Irt .1. , I. II till- . iM-t'-0 one ic 1 lino 1 ac'. steer, emu. tot Itnu f,iiiiS-li I a-k he for, an! 0110 1 rmdle licder. i'.hi-. Whoever will ro'um -aid cattle, or lAoa re'.'-ni.o .ho .aino - hall l.e -una. ly 'el. le1 " r .e.vae- TOISACCO iv SMJFF. It PL BARREL'S Lorrilbtd's chewing Tobacco, v?5 .jo do do smokinir do 200 Jars do Ma -uboy snulT, 3'i0 Bladders do S -otch do 30 Dec. IS 11. by J. II. PECK Ai Co. Agents. . G. I'catliers. Fea'her-, of super orq nlity. it 1, I B JutSsWcoo llcn'-'lo. For-n'clovv ly Nov. 30, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS A, CO. Slice 11 Shins for Hook lllngint;. .tr. CA bOZ. Sheep Skin , a.-ortet q inline., on "SSwn,inil aiiel for ta'e to inan -factcier. and other, ai lovvpn.e-, by VILAS, LOOMIS, &. Co. Nov. 30,1511. Silent Iron. 1 () PACK'S Ri-'ia Iron, a-i ried Nos. 1U SO II in 'Ie-Eng. an I Ameiiean Iron,ass'J No 7J Boxc, Canada Pia o lor -a'o 1 v Nov. 30 IS 11. VILAS, LOOMIS &, Co. Flannels. 1CASE While and colored Flannels, 20 p.''t es licnredS.ilisl.ury do. 100 " scarle' dome-no do. Ju-I tecci id nnd for sab- I y Ney.3C 1811 VILAS, LOOMIS A. Co. CONWAY .MICDK 'l:KS. rpilE rj-ib-cri' or ". L. KIDDI-R, give, notice i tlial he ha su'.-iccl th.' la'e T. KieJ.'e-r 111 the piepara'te 11 cf tho well known Coxw.vv -Mcotcisn-, and will heieaf'er give aiteeilar iiue'iiiin to tl.e preparation of the follouin-r ariielo , ihe long e. laJ.lieheJ ee'ebt it y ofwh.'idi, preelueJu. llie neve-shy of-i re-pi'iie-ation of the nuiiierotia ce.-.ifi.-a-cs. in the haii'is of the proprie-or. Hoct. J ebb's Illieumatlc LiL.'mcut. tor Rhe rl a'l in, Br u-e-, ,aiii-, .NiiiuLru.', Cl-ll' 'am-, S 1 ui in the 11,11 -, lie-., will n-brJ the mo.t unexpee e-d a, id iiiiinceh in- rel efia the nio.t obstinate easJ- of Rl.e 11.1 i'i-m, 111 few lio-.r.-; tlii ar.icle i. ojeeuly re;otr.min ,ed ly Phy i-ian-. 1 he l.'iiu.iet.t i up .ue.ilargel bo.ile.. Price 37 i cents. ntn'.ifclcs' Itch Ointment. Tl.e exten-ive sale ami e.-al li bed repeta'ton ol' Itch Oi.NT5ir.xT, i-iko traces tho pio- j pricli r to recoinuien 1 it 10 iho pul fio wfh lenewed couii'eiiee, a- in.- eiio-t iiiuoceui au-i powen u rem-e-Jyforlh.s atini ying di-eMre; nier-c-ii-y, or any other dauei-o-i inciedient. and can I o applied at all tnr.uj with jierfct tafu'y. Price 2j cent, a Box Hctuedy for Hie IMlcs. The coiuorriii Ictuncny of iclievcd patient-, Irom all quar'e-r-, le-tifymg to thec-nie- e v:cl I v the me heme afer all other- ha-l lad.d, toge-'her with the inerea-ing cleinaud for the ar i le tiotit nil part, of the country, prove it to 1 e one ol Hie mo-t v., ,aL!e spoitlU-. known for tin. troul Ir-oinc complaint. dA Ciergymati wrtle-s Bo-ton, IV ruary 13, 1311. 1 have made trial of DumlVio-' Pile l-'le.-tuaiv and found it produced a salutary nif! eeme- nlnies: iuime l iately, and conlii'i'iitly I eliiVe 11 an e eclual rime lj for that uiicomfuitali'e au.l del tlt'H'ing c-oinplaint. Humatiitj ha- indue es) tne to icei-uueen I it to pcr.-on.-ihus atnictcd, and o I shall eontin 'c to da. Yours re pee-ti.dly, J. S. 'I he route ly c, 11-1-t.. of an Oiiitii.cui an 1 l"lc;liiary. Prico lor loth 73 eon s, or 37 j when he 1 0110 it nanteel, accoiiipiinie I v tih p'jin aul em'o d.rec tions vvi.h a e'o en,, 1 ion e f he complain . Dumfries' 1-jc Water. v i.r S3re or ifljtamcu eyes, no.tnng iirow-n Ar, . . 3- .;!J1.;-Xt- 3? S3 JI.I.IGO FURNACR. TIIEs'ibfcrilers give notice to the public lhat they have a goo I furnace now in suece-sf.dcper-a.tion, alout half a mile eal of Jcneo Corner', nn'l Jireparol in furni h an 1 finish to or ler, M.U dear, inn '"'I Catting! of every discriptioti, al short notice-, and on rea onal le term. We have gone! stock, and superior workmen, anddo net inten I that onr articles shall I a excellent in quality by tiny e-tab. lishmenl in this section,! Thecelel ratej "Ma.,achettettfc l'louph," keps con- slunlly on IianT.- this n n very -up-rior article of the kml oavin; lakef the premium of the .Ma,s. As. Society. rarmcrsiroM.viiedtocHll. PORD et EMERSON. Jt-nco, March 9, 1612. tf. 1VIVST01K. " The New Yorlt"Cas!i Ilarelvvarc Store. r"IMIE Su'e-erd er having e'et-nninel to carry 011 JL ihu hardware biminlss mail it.irjnche. in B rhng'cm, Vi, ba- opaueil an. I now o. er- for sale alien irely no .valid well seleclel iiser.mentof good in tho above line. III. oho.-t tbl- winter I einst mi ro to learn the de man I. ol be market, in emler lo I 0 able to supply tho same 111 the Spring, and as he ni'cnil. lining ! strictly ea-h I u-iiici-, he solicits n shaie of pai lu patronage-, coulidcnt that hi- priee. will lo found to suit all who may layer him wuh a call. Btrliiigion.Vi.De-. 21, 1311. v .M.J. HUNT. StrongVll Hiding, College street, near I her Sipiurc. Rtn HHDS. inrdner Brewer's N. Enghnd Rum 30 Pipes and Half Pipes Anuriciii Brandy, 10 do 1I0 Bnltinioro Gin, 10 do do 'Pellcvoisiu' Brandy, 6 elo dn ' Swan' Gin, lOHhds. St, Croix Rum, 30 libls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 35 do Malaga do 5 do Port elo 31 Dec, 1811 hy J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Khietlnss. rf BALES 4-4 Brown bhecitngs, I W 3 Cases Bleached elo Nov 30, 1811. For sale by VILA.S, LOOMIS & Co School Uoals, Paper, Ac, , :U- a a Lima nf l?.l , I ninksan l Paper. Metchants, School commit'ws finished on the mt liberal terms. Rng.and Kindsof eoontry produco rccjivdmp.ynien,, FLOUR. 2200 unl,s- "'"i co linlr do. of the most ap- 30 Dec, 1811. j! A: J. II. PECK ,f. Co. AlC lMS- White and col -Thread, ' l'UU50'' Black Linen, ""t""' 75 Gross Round and Flat bare Is, Nov.30.lSll. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. ihai I e-liulf: ami lhat notneof said ne'ilion lu pub li bel m the Fre-e-l'ic.-, a weekly paper printe-el at B iriinglon 111 Chifenc'i-n County, twenty ilays I efoic the ilay afore-nid .ipp ein'e I for the hearintt of nt I enu..e,"pur.iiant 10 the rule- and reg dations 111 Bank- Hiei'sv n unl cr. fiieirtepen till I -IX V-llllie. ), Je- oGo.-e, Clerk of the Dutne-t Co uv'o certify, that Ihe a' ovc order and decree was t hi - day mnele I y ihe Court, an Id dy enle-rellu the docket of Ban r ipl pr ere lines. Rutland, Eel nary 22, IS 12. JESSE GOVE, Clerk. UNTIED STATES riSIRlCT COURT, rrrion( District. 5 IN BANKRUPTCY. Nolle elo -bow came again'! lVttnoii of William llarn-, of Co'che-ter, in said I)i-inei, farmer, 10 le 1'0-lnre I Bankrupt, nt the Couri-Ho e.ein Mrmtpclicr, Vermont, on tbo22l Marc h, 1612, 12 M. onDt'.n rort ruELlcATio1. William Baftii.if Cielcbf-leriiifaid Di-lrict, farmer, bavins Ibi.d.n fde.1 a petition duly vcrilie I, praying lhat the sail W Hum Barn, may I e elo larel a Bank- rupi i It I- thereloiC ore ercu ny ine uo in, umi caerr le shown before the Court at iho Court-Holl o jn GLASS WARE, OF all ilescriptions constantly on hand 1 a full us. eprtment of Tumblers, plain, pressed, ground, tar bottom and cut glass Wines; Jellies, Lemonade and glasses j Lumps of nil descnplionsi Lamp glasses-, Decanters, Water Bottles, Specie Jars, vert oits sties ( Preserve Dishes, cut gloss Cu-lard Bowls, I ilchers, Sails, Castor Bonlce, Revolving Casiors n n f1!8' l'n'P. (cheap of coorse) uttho now Crockery and Gfass Ware House of r. 1 . . PAIUtAR, WAIT efc ROOT. fluMngton, Jan.31, IMS. Original Communications-Uam ihe most distinguish. ed statesmen and poets in Europe, on the gteaiest subjects now agitating tho wo, hi tho citiel and tyrannical oppression of the Un-dish Government in all its beaungs-its blind course in regard to the whole Tarill ami Duty Question the horrible, statvatioi., nakedness, woe, crime and degradation of the mats of t'te people of England tin ir Causes the untold abominations nnd cruellies of iheFai tory Sys tem, in its destruction of thousands of innocent chil dren, A-c - the tyranny and corruptions of iho Estab lished Church the woes mid oppressions of Ireland the great structure of English despotism in Asia, with lis sacrtltcoof mil'onsby famine and slavery ami an honesl but painful picture nf all that consti tutes Iho Shame of England. And n candid pictute also, of nil tint is lovely, beautiful, liberal anil great in her Society, constituting in Glory, A description ul the most interesting niul ven-r.ib1e Ruins, Cathe drals, Castles, Ablwvs and Monuments, with as full a picture nf London, (the metropolis Of Iho world, )as there is spice for gtent Puhlii: Wotks Libcinl anil Benevolent institutions Noble, efforts making forlhc icdomptinn of the oppressed of England from tyran ny with plnnccs at every interesting object tho au thor met with nl sea and during 18-10 in GieatBriiain. The New York Commercial Aelverliser, at the close of seinu remit ks, continues: " Wo can do no justice to this work in Ihis brief notice, nor is it important vveshou'd. for it will be readily read, am! duly appre chlecl. The American pcop'e are iluly interested in tho subjects of which it treats, and they are ably ond loqucntlv discussed." Forealont the Bookstore of Feb. 1312. D. A. URAMAN. CHEAP WATCHES. T E have rs M.somf neat eood Watches, which " will bosild forglOanil S12,somo also at 815, 17 Hnel SIRcaeh. nnd w fnr nna .v.A.n Montpclier in said Di-lrict, on rt.e-daytbo22lihiy of v-ho wish bitch will p'ea o call and ma1 c a seleo ion. March, I812,al 13 ', M., why the said Vv ilham I'ANGUORN it BRINSMAID Itirn.l.. nl.l il.s-larnl a Ha Ilk r-lllt. M Q I lit 1 ... Aetof Congru-s m ll.nt I c half; apd ibnl ncticu 1 "I1ALES Brown sheetings for sale by thebaic of said petition 1c peibhsho.1 in the Free" Pies-, a X . 'piece, or ) ard, very cheap,, bv weekly paper prtnte-1 at lljrjtngion in Chittenden Nov. E. M. WRIGHT et Co. county, ivvrutv ilayt-l efore thtlayafore.-ard appoint- Alio, a full assortment bleached shirting-, shr-ciinga olfortho hcirinn of said cause, pursuant to r d"" Tickings, Canton Flunncle, Dinicrs,UatiTnc,Wiflvinc an.i reiuaiiens in , tiuutmo ws, ,.sm m. i- nxyniiie, 1,'Jcseo Gove, CIrl of the District Court, do xrlify that iba nbove (erdcr and dee-r-ee was this elay inailo l y iho Ce.nrl,anddjlyen:trca in tie d&okct ol Bankrupt prw ceiling. Rutland, Fetrtiary 21, 1&I2. . , , ' JESSE GOVF, Clerk. White I.rad. TONS " Wetherell" Pry Wh'le Leid, O 5 do No 1 and Ettra dj tlo in packages frcci 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tons 1 xlra GrounI in O.l, i'l Kegs of 25 and 10 pi mills, far sale at Manufacturers' prices nnd freight, by Nov. iffl. TOLLETT .f BRADLEY. OOASIEES Solo Leather for ale bv ZJ) FOLLEE-it BRADLEY, in BAG3! Filberts, J.U 10 .t. ii. n .;i v.,,. 10 do hard shell Aimoiids, 15 Frails Boft do do JO B' Is. Hickory Nuts, 5 do Clicslnu's, Of superior quality, and offered low, br FOLLLTT it BRADLEY. Collector's Notice. VOTICE H here'v given to ad persons ownfn I V Steam-boat slcjk, or s toed; in the Champlaut Tran-pona'ion Company, living out of this State, th if ehrt tax upon said MOe-l , under the Ael il 13 10, i- now ! .e, nnd onle.sthe o t luiuieili a'e y pail, llu.r several share. W'll I esolJ al publ.a A'le'ncn, t..r the laynunt of'-ai.l iaxe-. Given under iuy hail I, at Buil.-i'tuit, ennoiil( ifci.- i'Jddayof 1'i-LrJ.ery, 1S4. , ' , II Y.vl VN LNK, C Hector. WeTvfirm. rtnilE Subscribers wo !J res.'icifully inform tho li pub ie that they have pmci'us.d ill.-enure stock of FuruiV.Toand FanningMdls ut theNew Ustabhsli mtnt heretofore owned and conducted by the firm of Mitchell et Barn s, and will continue the business under ihe firm of Barnes i: Eue er, w here they intend n keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of .--oils, Se-ii-e tar.i'S, li.iok-eas.s, Bureaus, Bed-leads, Tubiis and Stands of varuus kinds and prices t suit cus omers. Most kinds of coun'ry produce iu eetved inpayment. Also most kinds, Lumber, suitable, for our busine-s will bo taken in exchange for Furni ture er Fanning Md.s. & FARRAR, WAIT ROOT, lint ot ter- nml Wholesale -ilui Itetall Dealers 111 GROGKERy, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Kcepcontl.t. l.v on hand a largo assort ment of Din tier Sits con, pltte,with soup to d suuee Tu re ens, Butler mff V - jst ja eeTT-i covered Dished i-J.- Pialt. ,s. Piekel 1 ... .... ... ' e.'.i. ii,..l I 3 ul uiiei.-, i"ii. n o, .11 a immediate an. I corl'or!ub!e re.iif, an I m lOiiee i and Louioan spn; d vvaie, w . li l-i-nts to match Alp-icra Cloths. ASPLENDIDAniele, (silk warp), Alpaccn cloth. Alpaock Lu.lre H ie 1 lacli M, Ee Liins, ad Cashmtrctte Cloth', jJtt rtc-eived m pjt'os eorrcti pondm? villi the Units, hv E M WRIGHT A C . Nov. li QKA M DRILLED Eyed Needles, 00J I0Q Gro;s HooksandEyet 100 do. Knitting Tins, 6 Car-os London and American do M) lbs. do. Just received and for sslebv Nov. 30, 18-11. VILAS, LOOMIS .t CO. LAW BLANKS. Ct GOODRICH hns constantly for solo by Iho Ream or Quire, n general aFsortment of law- blanks, printed irom tortus irom ucviscu .-jtaiuics, consisting nf Justie-e Writs and H.xccutions, all Mnfis m usti Trusttu Writs County Court Writs and Executions, various kinds Warinntry, Ouit-claim, and Mortgage Dotdi Chancery Bills for forclosinj Mortgages Blanks fir Deposiiious Administrators Bonds Edicts of Guardianship Officers Receipts Justice Appeals Blanks for Notes, Hay.Se-alfs, (ti. etc ( CASES and Hales Ticlttngf, U 1 Bale Canvass, 2 do Drillinc. 10 Pieces iC) inch Burlaps, Nov 13 do Red Padding, For site by .30,1841. VILAS, I,' LOOMIS .f- Co, OQ CASES Enelish and American Prims t 2 do colored Cambrics. I- or sale bv Nov.r.0. 1341. VILAS, LOOMIS fa Co. Hta-s. 1C.iT. l'nngce Silkf, 3S Pieces black, blue Mich end figured do 20 lbs. Italian rowing, 2, " India do , 10 ' Black find colored Tu tu, Nov.30, IPII. For rale by VILAS, LOOMIS tV Co bleached and unbleachesl, e-i so itrior s. m. row, exctedinehj bad case: 'be ine it ot.e.v ti-ed and e'e .ir.H li-ri'.iel ha. I ii-n fo m l tn ihu o ot this fcvel vvaier, after other i emcdics had failed. Pr-on. win. j have u-t-d it, nrcuo ui-sa it widiuu' h, fa-ton the I e.-t ' piepaiaeion l. r sore, weak, or ifjla'nea t'jes, ibey have ever met with. t'.-'ie25 cen'. a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plant or. The mo-t afo auJ si e,.'y cure for Corns yet dis-c-overeli the le-i.t-i . iiitnicdi I e. it di-solvcs no,' removes the e;orn f.-om ihe luot vv uh ease and expedi-1 .'ion i.nd tiitlwu: th; least pain, Pr.ce 25 et-iits a t i, .. e ui . F .11 and ample direction- aeeomp-eny each of the alove art'c.t., N. B. None t'i ihe above article wil' 1 o iren'unt'. 'nlc... ngnc ' vv . I,, iv.d ler oa the o vvra iper For ,alo at lii. Cojii nig Roum, $G H,,i e Slice1, u, Stair, r erne r "f Merehau1- Rucv, Bo mi. Al-o I y Messks. PI CK it SPEAR, 1! rlut ton, Vt, ' A liienl et po,ne a lowe I tn 'Wc-., 1 " A. IIKAMAJI. XJ a large an I well scire has c n hind an I i. receiving ed assortment of nr l In i'l his linefor the Fall Tn.vnr, con-uMtg ufall kimls "oh 'ol Bocks, an I vatual lo and p pulir works the tius; recent p-i1 li.ations , LSI) A nsw supply of Blank Books, consisting of I g gers, Ja rnali, ltiy, Invoice Njtc, an 1 Bill Hooks, of all sues, in full ii.i I ha'I'l et'di eg Cap and L t'er laper, cf the bi'st l-. n I, Drawing, Tiss.ic, Moro-ce, Mar1 fc, 11.' tting, nnd e ihcr var it es of paoer, Ink, ftuill-, Slates, Bounit Boards, Pettcls, hand Boxes, Letter Stamps, ru.l Tape and S.atuncry generally, n treat vane y Get. 12, SELLING OFF CHEAP. QTRONGSct Co. now offer their sloe', of Goods Ofor prices ut which purchaser will fin-l it nn ob ject to buy. '1 be stock is large and must bo sold pre vious to Ihe ist ol April n-jx', wuoa the term of co partnership expire-. Fugars, Teas, f-ptces, Rai'tn", Tobacco, Codfish, Salmon, conrscand flna salt. Lamp Od, Molis cs, c. Iron, Foreieunnd American, vi every description. Ftee-1 of all kinds, Anvi s, Vices, shovels, spades. Forks, Caldron Kettles, and Hollow Ware in great variety. Stores, Stove pipe, and 5toto irnBatingf, T!r. varc, S. V ..', 1,1 J S 11.11, Pec. 30, 1641. J.iiiiiaiitv, for ,a e i-bt-ap by Nov. II.. Itutl'alo ItotH f. 7 HALES ruperior Buffalo Robes, just recc!'.il rinct for ealb as chcspaslhet rhenpiBt, bv Nov-18. by E. M. WRIGHT (Si Co. Alas Uo. 1 Otter Ceps, Lynx Muffs anrj Bois. Eur CeeJlars, Angola Fringes, de Merluos,.tr-. QH PIECES C'lnre4i-.nlb n-J French Morincs, U riO do bUrk do )o Zl do ?0 do is Alpicca cloth. Nov, 30, 1911 Tt rale by VILA3, LOOMJO 4 Co. fiirurej UostbirT.e, .fisl d-, -.iic.i ; a gieai v.ti ei.. oi ao m -i-uua h.i quairiee o. c unmon wine us.ui y vvinlid lor lamily use, all ofv. h eh will b: t. ..pat wholesale or retail at i.iip- stoie, ee'.iei ol en. noil and Coiiege strctts. ll .liinton, Jau 3Elal "CHEAPER AND CHEAPER.' 'Pill, -eilj.cre.o .roe i. wo cntu oneejthe are.-t X an.! le-t r. oi e.ea - ( ha' van lo I .net in tin.. -ee-, u of tie) ecu r) i- Fan -y and S.a;ue Drv iie.i , Caryi'ting U ss-- a lj 1 1','l" i wlneli wo a.o i li-; are-l ti s lor - h al .ue. h pre-c- a, e-anuoi 1 . .t be pur 1m ie". Jos' r've 1 s a call and wu vvilio-.n a ey . ne litiwe wuiuny on our" II C ' I , VJll-up .siiu .', ii, uui & c, h per E. M. VvI.IvjII 1 - Co. I' J 1812. E L. FARRAR gives notice lhat he continues te carry on llie bust ns-i us usual of manufacturing Sl enej ware of a sj'ieiur quality in all U3 vnnclii-ei and will si oil limes be in read 'mess to supply merchants on the most reosona' !u tttiiis, all orders piotnpily attended lo at his Factory. Fcarl Street, Buil ne'toee. Jan 31. ISO. PAINTS iyC. 10,000 I BS. Wethcrclls Dry White Lead, 10U Kegs dej da giound in oil, ECC0 do Lewis' do "'o SO L'bl. Spanish White, 10 do Vencnllian Htdf 25 de Fiench Yellow, 20 do Spii us Turpenlirv 3 Cas.s Crotnc Yellow, Cromstiieen, Brunsw.rk oo Saxony do. Red Lend, Vtrdigr.s, by 30th Dene. 1S-1J. J.if-J.II. PEClt4-?o' GASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN HAGS, 1 1 J?. wish to purrhise 00 tons of nil Wool Rsgp, i -"i?! i ' sucn as oui bo-i w.iute, t ovcrictJ, l ianKrtr, Stiscii-, f-hins, Drawers, ntcirkinpr, Ar., including Menno, Cirejtsian, Pliiids, lloiubsrctu, aivttvtrv kind arid color ol atl Wool Goods, not fulled tir felted, exrrpt carpeting, lastini nnd prunella. We wi 1 pay lour rents pt-r pound, for rttan Raz- of lh cb-evo description no pjrt atton.linea or nlk if o NEW GOODS: THE Sabteril es bvc juttrcieiveel large aiUhtioqs to inere'oci. ri reaueiiery, Cr ac a 3 nl a te 11 aruvnn t a'l Us varieiicv. ALSO ' r.. ru1...,nrv. PllFnt.. Varni r,Dyesiir:,Brusv c of a. i k nJr, Joer.eri,' Tori-, A. &c. 1 1 A GAR fc A HTIU'R, At beeJel-'iaii-'.Siyevoltl'f Padlfs? , corner Of CaOrct. OellegoNreet-. thatch Ca.. in ony iinsnidifs, ilehverrd a! cur Ptore. West ide of tho cji;nf,ejpiioa;tiie Court Uojjf, CJrlinjtan, For nil W-jiiCwpctias-vs vvillnsv lj csms rcr '"i. , fr,l,T,''3 l-lwih rakW, Oovtt Coal, ho.sei KICKOi; CATESN I "vnnJ hfPt fioai th westtur.for sale by Duilngton.D.IpjMLj ?? , i Ner.":?. . FOi.LtTT f-6RADEEY

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