Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 13, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 13, 1842 Page 3
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commnnlcntlon. Mr. EDiTon, I Imvo lately met with tlio first number of "The Topaz, a literary newspaper," published at Middlobury, and oditod by Mr. Philip Battem,, which I wish to introduce to tlio notice of such of your readers as havo not had the raro good forltino to fall in with it. From tlio lofty character it claims for itself at tlio outset, wo poor Vcrntontcrs should export great things of it for our onhghtening; and certainly this number gives us great things, though not porhaps exactly in tho way wo wcro led to oxpoct. In his prospectus, Mr Baltcll, after discussing the pressing need of such a paper in Vermont, and tho fitness of Middlcbury as its location, speaks of his paper sis intend ed to bo tho "organ in tasto and science of tho portion of tho country to which it looks for maintenance, and 01 whoso educational and business interests it may be tho rcpro sontalivo abroad." Now if, as would appear from tho connection, the editor means to do note the Stato of Vermont, by tho phrnso "the portion of the country to which it looks for maintenance," I must beg leave for one to enter my protest against accepting the 41 Topaz" as our "organ in tasto and sci ence," or our " representative abroad," es pscially as the editor has with praiseworthy candor declared that " tlio present number nay bo taken as a specimen of its style of execution, and perhaps in some measure of its ability." At least, before giving Mr Bat tell a licence to act in that capacity, 1 pro poia briofly to examine the character of this specimen number. Tlio first and longest original article in this " literary newspaper," purports to be a Review of certain poems In Mrs. Mary S. li. Dana. With what propriety this is en titled a " Review," wo nro unable to sue, for in the spaco of Iwo columns and a half, hard ly as many linos are devoted to reviewing Mrs. Dana or her works. Once indeed the Ilecicucr very profoundly and originally ex claims, after quoting a verse or two, " Here ii a delicacy of sympathy and power tho ocean itself might not disdain in a woman!" We were not before aware that the ocean was notod for nicely appreciating "delicacy of sympathy and power," in a icoman, or elsewhere; but this is only one of the many now things which Mr Battell has taught us in the first number of tlio " Topaz." The entire article, uxcept a few extracts from tlio poems mentioned, is composed of such stuff as tho following: " Shall vc forever desiderate n representation of the mind equal to the objects that profess to food it, suit able to the aims witli which its works sliould profess to be elaborated 1" "The stigma of provincialism is welcomed to llie national heart. It i proc laimed by the power uf em bodied voice. Through a borrowed trumpet of in famy, whoso voice might soonest strike the shore of hc debased whom wo imitate, the equaling of our thatne i is declared with embruled ronfns.oii and haste. The frippery of a polluted school ofminds, nourished aipon the combings of the wnvi s of the late ngilntions of Intellect, is idolized a- Iheruihodymcnt of universal genius, and its least masculine disciple is seized and toasted as if a messenger from a snhero hichir tb:in his a liuircrs, except in their stains upon the palm of uis conciesccnsioij, coma nope to rcacn. "He formed himself by no standard of foreign com mendation, but in elevation of principle, in finish of mbillty, in fitness of cfiorl to llie scene ami Int-sime lit. cmulnfed the cxccl'dines which have most tlis in Ituished others who hitherto have been most highly ttisiingiii-.hed. His chnrnclcr lent lustre lo his life, his genius reclaimed it of his skill of cxpices on.1' "The cheat of kingship is not to'eratcd before the eye of Liberty the more, 'ban honors paid to its worth less representative are due to the contingencies of pos sibilities to come." Whether these piles of words mean any thing, and if they do, what connection they have with Mrs. D. and her poems, the reader .must decide. Certain it is that in tho cor rectness of his literary opinions, and the clearness with which they are expressed, Mr IIattei.i. has but one equal, the renowned Mrs MALArnop. Naxt in order comes nn original poem, the first verse of which is as follows: "Ah! who will sit At Reason's feet, Whose heart with Ioc is warm 1 Her brow is fair, Her ilaik brown hair Wroolli'd bnc1- vi h pen.-ive charm." tlow tho author discovered the color of Reason's hair, nnd her manner of wearing 4t, I cannot guess. From his poetry we certainly sliould not bo led to suspect him of a very intimate acquaintance with her. 1 ins piece is signed "A." and tho name of tho author most naturally suggested to the reader, would doubtless be formed by adding to (his initial tho leltcis "ss." (Query should not tho same signature; bo appended to the other original articles in the paper 1) On tho next page wo have a profound po litical article on our relations with England, triefly headed " Rivals.'' From what I can gather of tho aim of the writer, (and I confess it is very little,) ho seems to think all our differences with England aro very elight, and might be easily settled, woro it not that, as ho beautifully nxpresses it, " tlio in cident of rivalry happens, however lo this controversy to complicate it." Verily, if wo compare him to Mrs Malaprop in the field of literature, none but the sagn Doc PEUnr can be considered bis equal in law and politics. 1 might quote further rum the gems which the Topaz showers in siHi rich profusion, hut I have no wish to i ncrodch further on the province of tlio physician, by adminis tering emetics to your readers. Enough has liocn quoted to afford a specimen of this number, and tins, we aro assured, is it spe cimen of what wo havo to expect in future. As we survey these results of Mr UaitelPs labors, wo cannot but bo led to doubt tho truth of Sternkold and Hopkins' venerable version of the Psalmist, "T,J? race is not unto the man, That con the fastest run; Nor Ilve the peoncll Ihai have the longest gun." At all events the converse of this cannot bo correct, for the pcopell " that possess sucn a prize as mr -uattull," mi,y always rest assured thoy have the " longest gun " tiiat can do prouueca. jj rs 1 I I - I ut. u. J. utiNKHiwG nas Dcen appointed Surgeon, and Dr. Leonard Maiisii .Surgeon's Mate, of tho 0th Regiment J)d Brigade, 1st Division Vt. Militia. -vi. miiiiM. II. THOMAS, Col. Oth Regiment. I VIRGINIA ELECTION. In accordance with our expectation, tho Tones have carried the State of Virginia, ns usual. This Slato is tho hot bed of Slavery and " Free Trade" nnd of courso tho friends of a Protectivo Tariff, and of Northorn interests goncrally could expect nothing but defeat from such a quartor. Wo presume tho Tory papers in Vermont will prove their sincerity in ndvocnting the doc trino of Protection by shouting themselves hoarse over this " free Trade" triumph in Virginia. Wo shall see. WOOL is. WOOLUNS. The new-born champion of tlio woof-growcr slicli as the 1'atriot, Sentinel, cV.c. etc. show great wrath on tlio supposition tint mauufne. turera nro favored above the wojl.jfrowor by the new tarm bill. Tiicro is not tlio slightest foun dation for this wrath. Ily their own nhovviiiff tho fact is tho other way. Lot us see : thai say for eign wool costs t!0 els. per IK ; five lbs. then cost oiio dollar, on which the duties arc as fol lows : 1 cts. per lb. specific 20 els. 20 per ct. ad valorem 20 Duty on 1 dollar's worth of wool -10 els. Now tho duty on one dollar's worth of wool ens is -10 cents, showing 0 percent, in favor of wool. Alter lbl.) there is addou 1(1 per cent, to woolens on certain conditions, which in some instances will be imposed and in others will not. Averaging tho addition at Oner cent, there will yet remain 1 per cent, in favor of wool. If to tins wc add (lie dillorencc in the charge of im portation, tho advantage is still greater in fi.vnr of wool. But the loco presses put wool too low : 3.') 1.3 cts. per lb. is a low average price for foreign wool. At tins ratu 8 lbs. of woo! cost SI specific duty 12 cts., ad valorem 20, freight and charges !), ad valornm duty on freight and charges 2, commission on sales I) making tho cost here or fin 2-f! cts. porlb. One dol- lar s lirst cost ot woolens pays duty -HI cents freight, charges, and dtitvon Chiracs -I, enmmis- s'ou S making the cost hereQ,47 until 1S-IU ; then adding o, wo shall have the cost hero !' 1,02 being just equal to tho wool. But this is not the main point: in the amount tit protection at- loTiieu uy tins bill, the advantage is altogether in favor of wool. Ateiaging loieign wool at JIM 1-!J cents, the protection by duties and char ges i a trifle over 02 per cent, ns above shown that is, this wool must cost 002-:) cents per lb. lure lo addition, wool bears iunarta sneci- lic duly which cannot be evaded, while woolens hear onhi an ail valorem duty, always liable to fraud.--. And what is tho r'olcclit)ii on volons J Apparently it is -17 or 02 per cent. really, it is little more than nothing at all ! V ails tins, wool- growers: the manafa.-larer pays the duly on wool, ami thus pays for protecting you : thus, if ho im ports lie pays the duty, anil if he buy of you he pays the increased price produced by thu protec tive duty. The amount of duty which he pays on wool, you ob-crve, is at least equal to the amount of duties unnosei m foreurn woo ens so in point of fact, the manufacturer is compelled by this bill to pay yon just ohont the amount if pro. lection ghen to'u-uilcns. Now the wt.ol.grower is under no such disadvantage : the amount of duty imdoed on wool all goes for his benefit, as he pays nothing on tho lesoiirces from which his wool springs nothing m his sheep, nothing on his soil. In other respects they aie equal. The wnol.growcr pays nothing more on his clothing and living and labor than the manufacturer pays. In this view of tho case, how iinnien.-ely i tho balance of protection in favor of the woof grower, and how puerile and unjust the complaints of the new-light locol'oco presses. As we havo said before, we think the duty on wool to small. Tlio ad valorem duty hhall bo nut at 1)0 por cent, at least, and some means ta ken to secure a rigid inspection of the 8 cent wool, in order to detect and prevent fmuls. Tho bill atteinnts to I'liard n-n Ibis-, nnd 11 faithfully executed will snccoeil. A ilnlv mi this class of ivnol is of nn iiiinoiiaiicn to the wont grower, if, as the very iuteillyetit and sharp signteu l-armor (in mother column) asM-rts this kind of wool does not compote Willi our own vjii ino oiiicr nana woolens ought to h at least as well protected. Fairness and equity require th s and more than thai, the interests til the farmers require it. If the rn iiiuf.ictiirer is mi. euro and safe, his business will bo pcriri.n cut, and ho will become a permanent and regular customer for the woo! and provisions of the far mer. There is no diversity of interest between them ; they must stand or fall together. That man is the enemy o! the wool grower who claims otherwise ; tho worst of his enemies for in the guLe of professed friend-hip, he stabs tho wool grower under the filth rib. One idea more aim we have done : it is that the notion is fals-e which considers the interest that bears the highest duty as best protected. If, for instance, wool beam a higher duty than any thing else, that moment their will bo a rush into the business, and the increased competition will in fact diminish prices, and thus actually lesson the protection. Tins is the !csou of ex perience, and it ought to satisfy 113 lint a mod crate, fair, and equal protection lo all interests is the best in tho long ran. In our view, wool and woolens are both rathor under the average of duties on cotton, iron, gke-s leather, itc. and ought to bo raier. side by bide with them. 'rTiaro is nothing to piovent this being done, except the hostility of the lua focus in Congress; and we submit to the locofoco presses hi Vermont, that if there is one whit of sincerity in their profes sions in favor of protection, they will at once and zealously demand of ihc'.r party in Congress to abandon their distructive free trade policy, and unite with the Whigs for a good Tariii: Will they do it! Look you, and seo for your selves. Watchman, Pass it Round Tho True I repub lished at Washington, reminds its readers and the public that in tho ten years previous to General Jackson's war on our currency system, the number of banks created was 22, with a capital ofS8,000,000: that in the next two years, tlio number fo banks created was 2G8, with a capital of S3GS,000,000, that tho formor banks were generally sound, and the latter have generally proved unsound, and that tho Loco Focos aro now broakiii" down the very currency thoy gave us bat as it is, and aro fast reducing us to the condi tion of no currency al all. Tho consideration of tho Tariff question awaitbtho movements of tho Treasury Depart uiont, Irom which a report upon the subjeu, abounding in important statistics, is daily ox. pected, having been called for several week ago by the House of Itopresontativos, at tho request of tho Com. of Ways and Means. Int. lieicare. Tho Cashier informs us that there is in circulation a counterfeit 8!l bill, on the Ihnkof Orango County, dated Jan. 20, 1811, K. D. Illodgolt, payee, check letter A John Francis, President and Jason Steele Cashier, uncommonly well executed. Vt. Cronicle, liANk-r.uTTCY Tho United States District l-ourt for the New Ilampshiro District com inenced a session at Concord on the 20th for hearing or applications in Ihiikruplcy. More than oOO petitions havo been filed. A large number of tho cafes worn continued for amend monts, tlio pctitionsor schedules annexed there to not being in proper form. Assignees wero appointed in most of tho towns whoro tho np. plicanls resided. A rulo was adopted requiriti" each petitioner lo give a sufficient bond lor tho payment of costs. Claremont Jingle. a 1'BEsiiet I'he Alexandria fiazeltn of vvetincsuay says, "A vast quantity of rain, has fallen, during tho last two days, accompanied with much thunder and lightning. Tho crooks frivnir"8 'T allrisen b0 high as to' prevent f"" . p' iruay iimrmng tho mail stage HoLeinufr l"l i1'0 WMl' 001)1,1 not Humus nun, and had lo return." Lost a I'AssnNOEn. The N. O. Picayune relates the toiiowing. it is not bad : Captain Day, of tho Creole brought Ex-Prosi-dent Van Huron from Mobilo to this citv. Just ucloro tho Uroolo loft Mobile, a rough, i .. . i - ..... , , .. . .i uuiiiucniun countryman riaircu ine Uaptain. " Hollo I Aro you tho Captain 1" " Ves." "What do you charge for passago to New Orleans 1" "Six dollars is our regular price," paid the Captain, in his bland, good naturcd manner, "but Martin Van Huron goes over with Js to-day, aiiu wu uuyut iu ciiariiu you ivveivc uoliars 1 ' Who I Tho old President I" " Ves." " Well, ns I havo been a Whig, right up and down all my days, ami am yet, 1 reckon I couldn't give but about Inlf price, say throe dollars, and bt) forced to ride over in the same boat with the Kinderhook man. If you won't take that, I'll wait until to-morrow." The Creole lost a paiisongor that time. limit Onrm.M Among the Kosicrusian rescraches ol Hulvvcr, while diving into the mystic past, after tho hid- tlctl nnd nmi' lnt u-nmra r.f Al.t.n. !...! . , " ..-....-." v.. ..iviioiiiv, nc JUKI that ho makes a pupil of Zainoni discover tho origin of tho Smiths 1 These illustirous peo- pie, now overrunning in countless numbers cvorv nation uf tbonnrtb. direct descant from the Phrygian Apollo, Sniin thoils! Thuw, through the comintinna nf nfrnc and languages, tho groat name has como down to 11 F. varvilin- ill manner nml u-lm no c,11,.,..,. . Sininutheus ! !! ! Smitheus!!! SmythiM! Smitho ! I Smith! From our own Ini-rsiiirii. tions. wo nro also nn.ihlnd in n.1,1 tl.nt il. ........ sorial prefix of Sinintheu3 Was John Jnbn Sminthoiis ! A'. (). 1'ic. At riu'tilnnml. .Vnril 93tl. 1... T,.. r Lovcwell, Mr. tlEsny A, Hodoes.Io Miss 1'yntiiia I.., yuniiKcst daughter oi William Khodes, Esq., all of town. ' ''u"u' 111 Williarnn nn llin Oit, .,1 t... .1.- Tt... r. l'.irnielee, .Mr. Lucius A. Tavlob, of Westford, to line Pi mnci II II..... -M' . ' Alan In (tin chiia Me I it n . tt- jUiNEitvA C. Taylor, both of Wcslford. In Westford, on the Sthinst. .Tosnri V AKS'SWrtnTlt. Hsij. nfij G7 years one of the first scttlArs. 1 res iled here50years. Pnbli-bi-rs in Illinois, &.c. NUW A XI) flinvl' HARBWAHE, CUTLERY, riIIt-; sul sender having jut returned from New -- Vorl-. where bo has soleeti-d n nmi- nml .nm. pleto assortment of IIAHIIW.IRK, .SADDLERY HARDWAlti:, CUTLERY, Ac. nowolllrs tbosame at tbu lowesl oah prices. Krour mo f-inilities which he has of obtaining bis priori", ho is enabled lo ofT-r Hardware at consider ably less prices than it has hitherto been sold in Ver mont. Tboo in want of articles in the. nbnvo linn u-iil find it their interest lo jjive him a nil. WM. .1. HUNT, Rlrongs lluildins, Tollege si., near ilia Squaie. Tluilinulon, Mny 181'-'. II. THOMAS i in want of a few good Horses, May 12, 1342 M. CJ. EtATIIUilJV, DKAPCit AXI) TAII.on, HAS jut returned from New York with the Sl'RINO I'ASHIONSi also, a superior as sorlnicnt of TRIMMINGS. VESTINtiS, Ac. Hmp in Church street, nearly opioilc lire Hank of llurliuston. May 13, 1S12. REMOVAL. rpiIE Sobscribur has remoicil bis ltookslore and I Hindery M the comer of Church and College t Is. in ibi'rooiiH fornrerly occupied by Messrs. Curtis and Rn-scll, ns n Wnleh hbop nnd Shoo .Srore. I'ri-nds nnd cusloniers and the public nro respect fully invited lo call. S. HUNTINGTON. Mny 9, 1312. .Si-n Red Ledger. BOARDING HOUSE. ""PIIH IIuuso i now Ol'EN for the reception of i hoarders. All vvho wish to board, nre invited to call nnd cxmiinu his boue nnd ihe pe-uliar ndvan-Ingo- wlii'h us consirucuon and location ofl'er, for eomfoit and convenience. Tkri, vi-ry moderate. Mny 10, 1842. 1VANTKI). C'A.SH, Huttcr, I'lnx and most kinds of Produce in 'exchange for goods. II. W. C'.tTLlN. BOOTS SK03.G. GENTLKM EN'S Summer Ui-ol-, some low priced. Also, most kinds nt Hunta qn.l S Shoes suitable for ihe M-ason for men, women, nun hoys or girls. Work ns usual dono lo order. .taii.:ii iii.T-,- Corner nf Church and Cherry Streets, llurlingtou. May 12, 1R12. DE.XTJSTJIY. T 1,13 WIS A J. It. N1CHOI.S hnvo asso J . ciated themselves in hu-incss fi.r the accommo dation of ihose who have not the opportunity ul calling at their nM lence. Jlr. N. ill spend most of his time in visiiing the villages in this and the adjoin ing counties, and will perform all operations on the tee b necessary for their preservation. Mr. N. will also preparo the mouth for tho reception of artificial teeth i Inke models, nnd transmit ibem to Mr. Lewis, tho celebra'ed mechanical deuti-i, vvho will always bent home, nnd wbo-o uuiivnllel success, nnd un wearied cxi r lions (o please, w ill ensure the public bel ter work Ihnn can bo procured elsewhere. Ourinorlo of selling is far superior lo any other in point ol looks, convenience, and durability. Any one wanting lielh pan come ouo diy with a mouth full of decayed leilh, ami return tho next wMi n new pet. Prices suited to the times and circumstances. All operations war ranted. J. LEWIS, J. I!. NICHOLS. Hurliniion, Vt May, 1813. A CARD, I TAKE ibis nieiholc f unierely llianUui the pub lic lor ihe very liberal puliona'.'u I have rr-civcri from idem wbi'e in bu-ines for llie hil nine years, nudhopo by telling cheap and p.iyinsr close intention lo their want-, to receive u coniuumiH-c of the tame. Inrn now nieiving n very Inrfe tlool. r.f fca-onhlc l.ooJ., I ousbt at the present very low price., nnd e.inif-lly invile 'til wihiug lo pureha'e to examine my n 'U I eforo buyi'iis e'sewbere, as I think iky will avu money by so do'intr. SOLOMON WALKER. Ilrirlngion, 0,h May, 1812. C1 LOVER SEED of a superior quality just received I nnd for sale by II, W. CATLIN, May l'J. Strongs Hud ling. Silks, Cballys ami Muslin ilc I .allies. 1 ICIl plain Itlk. nnd Illue lilk. Gro de Rhine and A Gro de Sw iss, nnd rich jilain .Satin, striped, tlg'd and bluo black Gro de Afnque MLKSs rich satin, striped and fia'd. Light nnd Datk do ; rich plain satin striped Cballys i do. do. Jluslindo Laincs. .M ly l'J. just rcceivol, II. W, CATLIN. SHEEP TOBACCO. T Qfflff) l'nd low nrrce. Tol aeco, snilal If - ior wa-ning ti luep, lar ale bv 9 .May, 1S12. n., Shawls nml lldl.ft. BROt'HA, Marino, heavy fillet, rirh silk long and square Shawls:, China, fillet nnd rich fia'd snlin Searfii do. do. linen, pongee, lligg and Spittafielii Hdkfs) black Italian funey si.k Il.ikfs. nml Cravnls Mny 13. Just open, II, W. CATLIN. fPARLTON llonnet Silks, Muslins nnd Lnwns, ns 1 sorted colors I'loweis, Ribbons, Honnei lleeda nnd Whalebones, very cheap by II. W. CATLIN. TEAS. OH CHESTS H. P. Tea, 4) lObnlf do. Y. II. do. 5 Chei O. I.', tlo. for cale dy 0 May, IS I . 5. WALKER. r lou it. RHUS. Superhne I'lor r, 30 half do. for nlo I y 100 Mny 0. S. WALKER. CARPETING S. SUPERFINE, fine and common Wool Carpets, FigM and plain Venetian stair do. Hunp Carpeting, i-i and 6-4 Canton Mntlinc a cluop tis the chcaptsl, by II, W. CATLLN, NEW FASHIINS AND NEW GOODS. Tho subscriber has Jii't returned Irom New York with a well selected assort ment of wool dyed CLOTHS and C ISSIMURES Also, Summtr (tooilt, Vo-tlngs and Trirn inings of thu very Icit qunlliy. The above articles Were purchased with t-areand non nepoor Kitiele to bclound ill r.he lot. l-WSIOV AN I) STYT.K Fur the ogci, Addle aged, and the Young. Tho -uli.-cnler peliiulnriy reqne-N tbu attention ot young itonlleinento the tyle of Drc and Frock Coals made at Ins elal li-luneut thii Spring. (Jen llenicu inoruadvnncJ in life can bu I vvilh gaunents nilap.'dlo their use, general appear an v, Sir. iVc. Moi' than usual p.uu taken n- to size, eau and coinlbl. Having obtained the InleM iinprovenienN inlbtartof Cultuig and Making pen-lleiiieu'-. gurnu-nls o all kill l, by Ululating Ihe nio.-l aim-u-sljl of City 1ii!or in continual iniproveuicnt from time lo tune, lb s ibtcnl er lrulthat his ctnb lisliincnl will lofoud one of the very but ill the country. JA.Ul-. .H I I j! 1 r 1 !., Draper uudTndor. N. It. Xnt-i-l.- iftlin eilomer atlbe above e-Iab- li-huicnt. Oenlleiiiin not aked to take a garment nnli'.s Intel. Hirlitigion, 13 Mty, IS 12. 4Di(. lOthAItiif, 1312. WHAT, AGMXfYES, AGAIN. HOWARD'S Sf.-ond return from New Yoik, llie irrand ComiicrL-inl Emnoriuui cf ihe We-t- ern Conlinent. Wei. what of thai 7 Why, there i- just thi mu b of i;ibclir-,t lime he went wa not -o inuc-li lor b. lying Cot its nt it va lor ailencling lo tlio duties ol hitapponlincnt ns ndelegale fioin Ver mont lo the Convenllin held in that eily for llie pur-po-ic ol the prote. tiouof American indu-lry by collect ma llie slul i-tical infci-nialion i.ottUMed by ihelbrce hundred a-.-ein! led miniler Irolu the Sla:e of ihe Union, an I ili-n o cm len-tng Ihe rcs-ilt in di leienl report on Ihe icvcra bud general tntriot uf the counlry, n- to gi vein lar national Conerc: al Wa-h-ing'on, Ibro igh Ihe emiin llees now there for that purpo-c. an n'tuonnt ol Iruib in evidence on the ub- ject dnecllv fi cm ibupeople, winch it is hi pod can- iiui i. in io ic-uii in inor pu-Miivr won an cciusntcrn 1 Hill- dcliberale'v in the time, a finr, luclieiou-., di- cruuiuaiing pio eeiive Americ.iu Tan I, thai will eond icive lo ihe I et inleie-t of every cla3 ol it- namrai nnu a lop'eci ciuen--. Well, n -olo make ii.-li enonfrv ami inve-ligalion with legnidto llie im'e of the coining iea-on wilh his corresponding buyng agent as would nisuri at Ihecicnpntl cash price tins great variely of Geo Is needed lor hi- e-laUisiment, and to recuvo the few aln-ady purchused lor tlielben iuiniediate u-e. Well Iheu, aVani, lor noic u n suilat lt nine, be led in the s, ilen Jul S;e.nner II irlhgtoii, I!. W, hberiiiau,c.iplain, in licroulw-.ini hounil ,.ns a-e lor the Miulli, and ar rived i-l New Vnrk byilio S earner De Wilt Clinton. Cam. Roe. wluchlargr. nol.le and comniandmg Hoal wa pi-lly named ill hinor ol Ihu frrjector if the leAMhihlv nnd the at iliv of Iho Statu toconlruet the t'UKAT WnsTCiiM slid N'urlhein (,'an.ils which were commenced mid accoiipli-bcd under bis udiniui-lra-tion us ibeu Cioveruor if ihe great and patriotic .-late of New Vork. To relue Ihe eon-ennences volumes were have I ecu primed. uf lice ibcrelore to -ay Hat it comnicnceil a new and glorio i-era m the hi-tiry of America, iu all her ag ricultural, iiiuuul'.u'iurng nnd commercial lrau-ac-lion-, which will iiroTe-.-iiclv increase dur ng all liniot nixl m-t at that n.i. A. D. 1S-22. Howard com menced with ihe inotte of up and doing, quick and cliian for cash an 1 no .ninn-onnienl for debt. Thus ho now reverts back wilh an allowable plea-nre and satisfaction lo iho-e thy-, and whenever the Steamer Great We.-lern arriV-'s or departs from American shun-, ir reminds bv ihe iinine of e.irlv events in trade, .iu J iben sin- Inncrs such stilcnchtl Good- for the ladie, nnd earnc. quickly back more order- for inereh indize, that are in part' for Iho supply of How ard's Slore, and by Howard to llie people, whose uscni lie i-, lino wnu Having rciurnen ra-i cvciiing in the Whitehall, iindiT'chnrge of ihe 2 I Captain, llie Flam', of t lint noble Steamer. Now therefore, the s ai'l Howard olPer- t ne tf ihe Le-t se'ecicil and cheap est lots ol Good- he has ever had. Well again, good .. u-lonier- to snecifv and name Ihe articles would re- -l ireino columns or rue mainmouin papers, iiroincr "-.ii.ii nan, cst-.v ttoric, iiii'i - - . - l,v lli.. l-'r.- I'rwsi. nml i:n-llll2 With cVC. C4C. sVc. nil' I')' llie ti'ue You liaj read the ll-l, ihe tioods would Ic out ct tiivwurlo, or which is much the Mime tlntif nowc.1v-.v12: out ol Pnshlon : and llo-vartl. theri fore, ilcsiic, llnl you coinu initneilintely beloieeiich n rcsuli hut hut do not come all at once, for tlicie nit- tho i-an Is to he -implied, Tht-eil izcns, be invite- io come at morning, aliernoon.eveui ng or when it -tul- llieir coiiveuieiice, lo bring llie lutncy and I nyCliear iiu iiieinscive., or lor ll.eircliilclien's smnnicr dom ing: nnd lo iho-u from llie surrounding town-. Conn 1 Ir.ivelleis, Howard invites their coming when in the Mil ige fcirllnir supplie-, plcastire or curiosity to VMt the store ken! by S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. L:ko a Museum, or I.ihmrv. whi.ri.vnn innv your eves wilh vi-wing or reading, nnd tin re still isns much for ihe proprietor lo scea befoic, the vi'irers iook nieir noousauil rend: just so, compnin livLly,nl Howard's Store, you may bring ns much as you like, and there will bo as much of u filling up in mo au.iucy wnu rrew uoojs uy inengenms uny ocnesuen iooo seen nt HUVVAltu S, iVow ioo:ls and Xcw Price's. Q M. POPE respectfully informs his friends nni O. iho public thai he is now receiving bis Sprin; supply of NEW GOODS, which havo been purchns cd nt the present low prices, and will bo sold at r small advance from cost. Hurlington, May 12, 1S12. TOBACCO. Hoxes Tobacco, 20 lcgs ,o. 10 Cut C O. for snte ,v 0 May, 1812. J. S. WALKER. PORK. OH HUES. Pork, for.-aleby . 9 May, 1814. S. WALKER. QIIEEI' INC. 10 Bale, (heeling, for sale bv O 0 May. S. WAI.KKR. GROCERIES. 1 C IIIi l. Mola-ses, lOdo Sugar, 10 RoxesLoafdo j. j in iag c nee, a no. I'.-pper, fl do. Spice, 10 Kegs Ginger, 20 Boxes Soap, for-nle bv OMay, IS 12. s. WAl.KIIL F RATH K IIS! fiff LBS. Live Geoe Feather.. iii received UV'V and tiirsnleureasAlowerlbanever before soiu ui luwn. c. It. NELSt).. May 13. .o r. JrislaU l-'armwortli's Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Probate Couri held District of Chi'lenden, ss. J at Huilinglon within and for the District aforesaid on Iho lOlh dayof.M iy, A. D. 1812, an instrument, purporting to bo the Inst Will ami lestaincnt of Josiah Farnsworlh, hte of vvesiioro, in aam District deceased, was presen'ed to theCourl here for Probatu by Reuben Farnsworlh, tuc .--.vs.-s.-iii.ji iiiL-iciu uaiuc'd. THUREFORE it is ordered by paid Court, thai public nolico bo given lo all in to appear before said Court, nt a session thereof to uo noi icn ni ine negisier's ofiiee in said Burhngiou on rue seconu vejuesdny0 Juno A. D. 1812,nnd con lest Ihe Probate of said Will, nnd it .3 further or dered this order bo puhlishtd three weeks suc cessively in the Burlington Free i'ress, a newspaper printed nl Buihnglon, in this Slntc, the last of which shall be previoui. lo the day assigned, as aforesaid fur nruiiiiK, Given under my hand at the Regis'ct's Office, tin lOlb day of May, A. D. 1812. WM. WESTON Ilegisia: A CJEXCV AND COMMISSION" lltt.Slvi ESS S. I.N TUP. CI'I'V Ol.' X-I.'ll' 'iiil- n.i dorsigncd has established himself nl No. -II, Water street, in the ciiv of New York, for ihe purchase and salo of every description of merchandize, on com. mission. His extensive ucquninlancc, experience, and faeiblics, will enable him to be of great service to those vvho may entrust bun wilh tho execution of . , i oiiti umui men u liiiui 1110 sum of his commission (oBay riothins of travelling expense-) to bis correspondent in the puichase ol Ins goods. Parlies, noi known to tho undersigned, sending orders accompanied wilh remillnnee, or s-ich rerctciieo ns wid piocur-j credil, i-hall be insanlly and faithfully served. ' He is agent for the sale of cut nnd wrought nails, paints hnsced and lamp oilsof every -kind, sperm and mould candleB, salaralui, snap, spirits of lutpeniine, n cohol, glass, &c. Ac, which ho will sell for casbor ehon credit, at inanufactbrir'a prices. Hois nlso nri-nnrit in r..nn;. - .li I. Ar ... uiiic-i.., nnu mien io save much more tlinn , ." iviviiii uii num. ui lUUIIII nriiillWf. nr inniiMr--i.,... i. -li : i ... ......... iuliii, CB, lu VL-n on cwiiiuustfinu, r pledges himself to use his utmost endenvorsf nl and nil ...... 0, ... i.i.iiiiu.t: iiih intcrt-sioi me consignor. iiiiilr-mmnjil r.....AM.r..ll .. I..:. .rt - . . . The ........ . -.-ss, i.?,'si.iiiiiis- Bourns ii uiai oi or services, and will not nsk a continuance ot favors if not found to deserve them. His corrcspondenls-will bo con. slnnlly advl-ed of llie slate of ihe nnrkel, which will ennblu them lo shape their business to the best ail es .'iiii'iKo. iv.n. .-iUilliM-ill JUIKSHD.N 1 1, aicr aircei, iew cm. Refcri lo Hrntdict t Thompson, and Oakley A Loonin, Navr Vorki arid N. Lovely, Esq., Ilurhnc 'on. April 25, lg. II, water Street, New V ll I r. I I ALU ANY AND HUSTON IJAIli HOAU. Fare reduced to nooton 8C. Timn nf .la.lini. al.H-.l . - I t r I . r . iiiiij miuir-u to uciuro oil. m.on and nner Monday, 2nd inat., (this day) arriva in uioriniiK train inroupii to ucion, leavei the Depot t Grepn1.iiftli d, 1 l.Ar,.,.r. ,.,.(- . : ..i.. ....... moriilnif-suudayi excepted.) Pna-cngcti mut leavn Albany by tho South Ferry, not later than 1 pat3 oclock. Noon trnm to Sprintrlield is discontinued, A ntsrht m.'m lhM,..h l ...Ol L..... tireeiuliib at J tcfiirc. 7 P. M. paer.gcrs inujt leave Alliany, n ubove, not later than G o'clock. Paengeri fiir Splinglield can take till-, train. Ilia train from llolon arrives in GrcenbuMi nt 5J . M, giving snllieient tune for pa'sengers to take io enrs for the weM, or the 7 o'clock Ixmt lorN. Y. f'Olt IlAIiTFOIlD AND NEW HAVES. Pfl.H-nCTI-I- lont'lnrr A II nn.. in .1... l... ll... 1 lefore G o'clock train from (ireenbnsh, may taku u oicaiiiiiiiai ore ago at 1 i: ji. irom Bprluglielii, M.ncli llnrfiii-.l in t.n, C... il... fn :.. . v ...I I III. s.ll .-, UNCI tllll.O III New Haven at 7 P. M. -aine day or, 1 I.i ,uayu c'rc-enuuvii in uiuLnrsal J Oeloro I, I . il. ue ill Snrnisrlield. nnd bv Stniri. in Hiiniiinl. lal.i- lodg C ars next inorning and arrivu in New Haven at 3 lock. Fill,! to .Snritwltelil Stl OA Paenners arc parlic-'ularly req-es:eil to procure their Tickeii 1 elore taking i-cali in tbu Cnrs. rril.-..M ilt I... .,t.ln.'n...f VIU....-I C. II H. u.Mi.i...... in ..ii.tiiij .ci v j , it, i uyuu oilier, 21 llrondway, or nt Ticket Oilicu in Depot at W.M. II.TOWNSEND, Mniier Trjnportation. Grcenbui.h Depot, May 2, 1812. MOHAWK AND HUDSON It VlL-HOAl). NOTICE, For tho accommodation of nassemrcrs desirous of taking iho seven o'clock line of Steam Hoals from Albany, (which went into oucrntion on the 20th in stant,) a train of Rnilroad Cars will start from Sehe- neclauv. unily, at 54 o c ock P. M. dininn l ie con- tinuancaof I lie nlovc nrrangement on iho River. Hy this nrranguinenl, passengers may leave Saratoga Spr.nasnt 3 1 to 4 o'clock P. M. nnd reach Alhnnv in time for Iho boat, which will save travellers from the norm, tlio expense of remaining over night nt Albany or Troy, ily the existing nrrangement. citi zens of Saratoga are obliged lo leave home at 7 o'clock in the morning, to take the steam boat at Albany ut P. .VI. ! (,37 miles via Uail-Il' ad 1 11) JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. April 22, 1342. fir. ass. tX f ( Boxes Glass i, r di. Icreiil M2e and quail "Ul fc., for sale by S. WALKER. WINES. rA Qr. Ca-k of very i boicu Wines ol dili-rent kind-, lor -ale by May 9.) S. WALKER. a DRl'I'l'. 50 Boxes Uai-ins, 10 Kegs do. L 10 Iloxe- Lemon-, 5 do. Orange.-, fi r salo 1 v 0 May, 1812. S. WALKf.IL fT III. jO Quintals Cud I'i-h, lbr-a!e hy V O.Muy, 1S12. S. WALKEIt. NOTICE. riMlE subscriber being appoiiiH-d Agent of tho Ver Jl mont Mutual Firo Insurance ('oinnnnv. herebv gives notice that he will attend to applications for insurance, etc. uuice souiu v est Uorner, second Story, strongs liuddings, Court House Squaie. i.r.u.. LujuiiAus Hurlington, May 1, 1312. 43w3 DISSOLUTION. '1 ho co-partnership herc'ofbre existing under the firm of BOOTH ct FISH, has this day expired. All persons having unsettled demands in nolo or book, nro requested to call nnd make settlement immediately, or they will bo left with an attorney lor colleclttn. DAVID FISH, HIRAM BOOTH Jrrieho. ADril 7. IS 12. The subscriber would say lo his former patrons, flint the l.eatncr ni.o apoe nusmess win oeenrrieu on uy . . .i. . .i i e .11.. . .1-. .. Iitinai tin: uiu siiinu.aou rcspcc.iuuy souciis n cnnim uancc of former patronage. DAVID FISH JACOllS'S I'ACKACR nxiiti:ss, Ilchrcen Atbmy and Alontrrat, UNTIL further notice, leaving Aibmy on Wednesday, and.Montrenl on Salurdayofcach week, in connexion vvith" Uarndcn &Co. at Albany In New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scollaud mid Havre, for the trans portation of Specie, Bank Notes, Vnlunble Papers Packages of Goojs, Books, and all other Parcels that may olfcr. Mouireal Exchnnjo ColToo Houe. AH nnv No. 12, Kxchnngc Buildings. Jt'ew Vork No. 3, Wall street. Boston No. 8, Court Slrte I. Huilington J. & J. H. Peck, it Co. Ill FEHENCEi L. V.if'J. H. RCr.n, Albany, N. T. P. WF.L1.S, i E. & D. H. Pu-5t, T cf- Co., ( irJi' A. WAmois, ) A, H. W. HvncK .M Co.Calleton, Vt. J. ct J. H. Vr.LK ct Co., Huilington, Vt. J. C. Pr.incE.f- Son, St. Johns," L. C. April 23. 45f. CASE ISTOHS. JiOYNTON $ BUR III TT, (Successors to G.D.Wtllrr,) WO F L D rcspeclfully inform Ihe inhabitant-) of nines' urjih and the adjoining low ns that they have eommeiiceij business in tho Store formerly oc cupied by A. S. ct G. D. Wi lier, nnd nro now n-eeiv-inga general assortment) f Fancy Dry Goods, Hard ware and Groceries, which they offe r to the public a hnvascan be purchased iu'lbo county for cash. '1 hey rcspeclfully solicit n share of public patronage, confident that their piiecs will bo fo mil to suit all who may favor tlism with a rail. NOBLE L. HOVNTON, WILLIAM BURHITT. llinesburgh, May 4, 1812. 43 IT 13 Vf GOODS. DOOLITTLE HAS just received from New Vork n Isrse supply of New Goods, comprising a general as-orlment of imported and donii-lic Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, fye. His old flock of Goods having been nearly sold out, enibles him lo oiler nlmcst nn entire new slock, which have been bought nt the present low rates, nnd will bo sold nt lower prices, (for many articles) than ever beforn offered in Ibis lown. May 5, 1812. wC BURLINGTON BOOK STORE, I). A. BRAMAN, College Strut, ires cor-itr of Stnnfrs liiiWimyj. Takes tins method of advising thepuldi: of his ie moval, nnd that ho Ins now- for sale, he believes, ihe largest and best assortment of Books to bo found in this Slate. His arrangement, for supplies from New York, nnd Bosionnre such as will enable him lo nnswei monthly all oi Icr promptly. May 1, ISI2. Huston Garden M-c-ils. Q BOXES Garden Seeds from Yankee Farmer '-v Ofiire, Boslun, for sale by C. GOODRICH. .nay -i. Also. Wbilo Mulburv Seed. Rul.i Bnan Sci-.l (Scotch nLrple lop) Sage Peed, al one lourth the! price, l'es.-cnclcn's American Gardener. GROCERIES of all kinds, very cheap by (Liquors excepted) H. W. CATLIN, .May o, is 12. fluster. AT OVA Scotia Plaster, faeh ground, just received 1 nnd for uleby P. DOOLI ITLF.. May S, 1812. 4BG Mound anil l.t-gliurn Hals. IASHIONAIILE Boiinr-ts an I Leghorn Hals just received and for sale by P. DOOLITTLl-.. -uayo, i9i, 4Swfi LO VEL Y iV SE YMOUR A R K now- opening a few ciscs of Goods which r ts-oru mi-nli-..! lust A......... I-.,... V t...l. ''s- .sssi.s.. " V. .11111 IIUUI ,,C'tt 1 OIU, IO which Ihey invite the attention of ihe public. ipin -.Jill, ID!.. BROAD CLOTHS, Cissimen s, Silk Velvet, VeTt ini.s. nml Gniiiliro.-tns. nf n..l.. ..... received anil now opening by ' ' April j. I.GVELV ct SEY.MOl'R PAPER HANGINGS, just imported from France, X some bcuiiuful patterns, for salehv April 29. LOVELY !' SI YMOUR. ATTKNTION ! 'PHI', noica nnd accuunts of Iho subscribers have M been lefi at the store fornirrlv occupied bv ihem. Willi Sell 11, Scoll, who will allend lo theselllini of llie accounls unul Iho 12lh day of this month. All notes nnd ne-coui-.ts not paid hy that lime will he left with an officer for collection, as we must close our 1 iitinf J as soon a- possible. JAMES P. WH U.ING & CO. May 2, IE 2. AT AUCTION.-Oreat Bnrgains. Tho subsctibcr will commence selling nt auction, at the store formerly occupied by William Wells &. Co., lower end of Pearl street, on Wednesday, tho 1st dny of June .n.i . n t.t. I. sr .1.'' .- . . ' . . iic-ai, ai v ti eiui it, ii. in., me enure siock ot goods lately owned by S. D. Jolinson. Il consists of dry goods, dry and vvjt groceries, crockery, glass, and hardware. Terms of payment made known at tho sale. The goods must and will bu sold to close tho concern, aiicT no mistake. HUl.U.VlUcM WALKER, Huilington, April 30, 1312. Aaiignco. SELLING OFF CIIEAP. THK subscriber, desirous of closing his busincs, now oilers to the public, at Cost, the whole of his slock in trade, consisting of a largo nnd gcnetal ns soriineutnr plain tin and japanned wnrc, hra-s kettles, .ikv.Ii pipci-, oiuvc-3 iinu iiiiinuiogs, nun ever) oiucr article usually called fof ill his lino of business. Also, tin plalcof various sizes, Hu sia, English, and Canada sheet iron, sheet copper, zinc, lead pipe, wire, &c, &c. All persons wishing to purchase any of the above articles, nro invited to call and examine for themselves, and they will bo convinced of Hie above statement. All accounts duo to the late firm of Starr & Dow, must be closed immediately, either by pavment or note. J. J. STARR. Burlington, May 6, 1S12. 43 If IiVinan Brcclii'i's Rst.ilr. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Prohalo Court lir-1 District of Chi'lenden. ss. V den at Hnrlilirrtrin. wilh in and for Iho District aforesaid on tin' Bill day of May. A. D. nn instrument nurijoriinc to be the last Will and Tastainent of Seymour Beccher lito of I iiuc-ntiEli in said Uiilricl deceased, was presented In Iho Court here for Probate, by Elmer Beccher, a ovis-cc i nerem nn n . Tbercfoie it is ordered by sail Court, lint mi' lie notice bo given to nil persons interested therein lo appear before said Ct urt, nt n ae-sr-inn thereof lo be holdenat the Register s ollice iu snid Burlington, on the 2Gih dav of May. A. D. 112. and conte-t 'he probate of sail Will, nml it is furlhei ordure I that tins order ho puhlislu-il three weeks successively In tho Burlington Free Pres. n newsnnner orinicil nl Hurlington. m tins Slntc. the last of which .bnllhe previous to the day ns Igned, as aforesaid for henr- mg. Given under mv band nt Iho Re -isier's nffici,. ibla 5th dny of May A. D. 1842. Win. WESTON, Register, r.llslm Hoot's I'Ntntc. "l"7''' the subscribers, being nppoinlrd bv the Don. V Probate Court for iho District of Grnnd Isle, commissioners lo receive, examine and ndj si nlf claims nnd demands of all poisons against the estate of Ehsha Root, Inlcuf Souili Hero, m said tlitrirt. rcpreseutfd insolvent, nml ulso nil claims nnd du maiids uxbibilcd inoffset thereln.and six monlhsfiom tho tllhd.iyof April, A. D. 18-12. being allowed ly said Court for that pm pose, wo c'o llitrcfore hereby give no ice, tint wc will attend to t lie hisinrssof our appointment at IL-elor A. lams' office, in s-ud South Hero, on tho (1th div of July next, from nine o'clock A. M. till 5 ..'clock, P. M. Given under our hands nt South Hero this30ih dayof Aprd.A. I). 1812. AliiM.U ll. l.A.MltJN, ?Cnmmis- Wllil, IA.M E. PHELPS, J sioiiers BEN.IA MIN A DAMS' ESTATE. STATE OF VERMONT,) t n Pro1 ate Courl held District of Chittenden, fs. S nt ISiulinctnn. wiibin nnd for tho Di-liicl aforesnd, on the 23irl day of .vpru, v. u. la, j, an liistriiuienr, piiTpoumz to tie Iho last Will and Testament of Benjamin Ad-ims, late of Milton, in s.i'd District. dcea cd. was nrrsented to the font i lure lor Prolnie, hy Hector Adams, one of tue i.xeciuors tnereiu name i. Therefore, il is ordered by said Court, tint public notice bo given lo nil persons concerned therein lo appear be-fore said Court, nt a session iherrof to be held nt the Register's Office, in said Burlington, on the 2)lb day of May. A. I). 1312, and contest the prohnteol aul Will; nnd ll is lurthcr ordered that this order be published ibreo weeks successively in llie Hurlington l-ree Press, n newspaper printed al Hurlington, iu ibis Slate, tho last of which shall be previous to tho day assigned, ns aforesaid, for hear ing. Given under my hand nt tho Register's Office, this 2.jrd day ol April, A. D. 1812. W.M. WESTON, Register. CHARLOTTE S. PLATT'-i Estl'ATl-'. STATE OF VERMONT. 5 Tnnll nrrcniig Inlu, st,l District of t'hillenileii, ts. ( in the estate of ( liarlutte ft. rjnit, late ot .viiit. n, m snirl Uistrict, dectsse icsiuie, greeting. Lemuel 11. natt, and George K. Piatt, Executor of iho last Will nml Testament of the iid Charlotte S.P.'nlt. de -eased, hnvinrr l.lcrf in s-iW Court their peiuion in wtuiii-, w-tting forth that tlio -aid Charlotte S. died seized "of fill v acre of lanil situate 111 s-ini .union, neing a part ot the Hull farm, so called, anil being the same land set nut to llics-nd flmrhiMc I.e. n n...r....;.i I... I ... bate Court to make partition of the rstate of Lemuel . i.ui, no.- 01 snm .union, oeceascd, among Hie heirs of the said Lemuel 11., deceased, nn the said jiiiiiiocic porin n oi ine real estate of Ihe sni Lemuel 1!., deceased i that the debts allowed by lb ( ftiiiiiin-s.toni'rc unnti tln . r .1.- i m i fc. nj.Min.t her (.Mnto aipKl R3, that ihe amount of l ie ncmi.. i emi no . i i inventory tin renf, file-,1 m sud Probaie Co-rt, ibat ioc- sum ii.-ii i'jiil- .-5, oiu, m nnu ny nor In. t W i 1 and iisiaiueui, give anu nequeaili to ccila:n legatees ii snJ will inenii mod, fashionable an expeiisivifmniru log rings, and, to certain other legatee., keepsake lo be procured by her said Executors- ibm it nc ccas-iry to sell a part of thu said fitly acn of lam lor 111.. i.n .-..i. il.n.l. 1.... -:i . . - i----i'---s.. ..i; UIL.-UCU r. ii-iiioM s-i-o esiate, tho expenses of ndnumstrnlion, nnd for ihe procuring of the snpcitii- lAf.s,.i..c nl'.,rAD..:.l . .1... .1... i' j H ....... . , ,. ...... v.iui , in i c met mini more- snid 1.1 o Miuntril, nnd is in such form, n part of "" """i ic. loose uiieresicu 111 the remainder, nml that a sale of the whole iliv ri'rp. would be to nil persons mtircstaf m sni, land, and m iheesi.ucof the said Charlotte S, de., nnd praying s-iid Court to license the sail Executors to sell nil of said fifty aen s of land, .mrcc ablv to the staime in such ense nn 'e and provided Whereupon, iho Court nfot.-seid tloih appoint the 23rd day pf .May, 1312, fir hearing nnd rleciding on said pc'ition, nt tho office of the Regisitr of'siid Court in Burlington, in said Dist.ict, nnd doib order that all persons interested I e uoiifie I thereof by pub hcntion of this order, containing ihe uhstnnrr ol said peiuion, three necks successively in ihe 1! irbn-ton l-ree Press, n newspiper printed in Burlington, in the co mty of (Multeiiden, iho last of w hieh p bbcalions lo bo previous in said 23rd dayof Miv, K12. Given under mv bind at said Burlington, this 2nd day of.May, 1RI2. WILLIAM WESTON, Rc.'isier. NEW AND CHEAP GOODS, rTMlF. subscriber has just retcved from New- Yoik X n large and cxicnsivc nssorunent of Inncv nnd stnplo dry goods, nmong which may be found cloths, ca.ssnncri's, sittmels, gentlemen's sumiucr goods o( every description, a great vnriev of linens, Fiench pruned cambric., lawns, and English prints, millinery goods c f all kinds, shawls, iMiikerclnefs, muslins, gloves, hosiery unibrcll is, parasols, earpelings, rugs, P iper hinging-, a great variety of bonnets, Leghorn hits, Ac. etc., which aio ollc-nd nt lower prices than such goi ds have Ucn sold at in ih.s mirkel. ,,,, IL VV. CATLIN. MayO, 1S12. NEW GOODS, MAY, 1S-I2. MESSRS. PANGBORIW ,). BRINS31AID are leceivmg additions to their slock of Watches, Jewelry, S neks, BrusliiM, Combs, and f.iney t.oo.U. Beautiful Gold nnd Silver Lever Watches, ol" then own importation, Broaches, Rings, Knives, Razors, acissors, Straps, 'Ac. Mori;, cir. Sonic splendid and rich sum and si k Dress Slocks, Scarfs. StiUciifrs, tollnrs, Bosoms, Ac. lliushes, A new asortincntof Tooih, Nail and all knidsof lirushea. Lamp Wick, Chimney and other Lamp GI-vmcs, Silk Purse-, Flutes, Accordions, A. N O '2' I C 10 . rpiIE Subscriber would inform llie p ,bl c that he. X has on band a general assortment of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunks, Vulisscs, Carpet Bags,Whips and Lashes, and numeious other iiriicl.s n In-, lino of business which will be sold ns cheap as can be bought m ibis Ticinily. Fhinuel, Full Cloth, Lumber, Wooil, and most kinds of farmers' produco received in piyment Cy.Shop two doors 1 nM of the Post Offiro. A LIVERY STABLE I also kept bv the subscriber a few rods List of tho ( 'ourt House, where thepuhbc wdlnt nil tunes find a man in readiness In nll-ml nnll. ....I ... J .- .......u ,, i;(ici( Horsesand Carriages nscan be found in the place, and al at. fair prices. '-''uo'0 Burlington, May 5, lc42. HOARDING IIOUsU. MTheSub.-cnler nill e-ontun.Cs ',,,,1 oar,. mg houso at Iho loot orCx,II,.s-,Hr,vi, near ibr Sr.i.,re, and will u-e' his I cm x.-riions to give iallaetion lo ihose ., , i ....... nun wnu nieir pa rou- are. He ha. also ,evtra c-nvenieni and gentt-el A IViipclliiKs, oil Cloths and Iul-4. fx!'n',avmnnlnnharid and for a'h) Apnl 3?, I.OVFI.Y & SEYMOUR. N BANKRUPTCr."United States District Court. Vermont District. Notice to show cause against Petition orHENRV LEET, or Bennington, in said District, to be declared Bankrupt at tho Court Hnu in Windsor, Vermont, on tho21lh of Mny,IS42,10,A.M. TN nANKRIJPl CY. United Slates District Court, L Vermont District. Notif-u to show cause azauist Petition of SEVMOt'R HtJ.MPHIIEV, ot Underbill, tu i-ald District, to be declared Bankrupt at llie Court Hemse In Wind-or, Vermont- on tho 21lhof May, io Vi, iu A. .i. N BANKRUPTCY. United Sintei Dislriet f.'oofl. L Vermont Di'tric-I. Notice to show eauc agiiUti 'ctilition of ORSON IL SAXTON. of BurhncloO, in said Dislriet, lobo declnroJ IlanLrupt, al tho Court Home in Windsor, Vermont, on the 24th of May, 1812, 10, A.M. " TN HANKRUPTCV.---Uiiilil S'aics District Court, J-Vermont Di-lru t. Notice lo -bow eaa-u against Petition of HENRY L. PEASLEE, of E-ex, in nid District,' to Ic declared Bankrupt, nl tin; Court inio-e- in Windsor,, on llie attu orilay, 1812, 10, A.M. " TN BANKRUPTCY. United Stales I)i,trict Court, X cniinnt Di-iriet. Noifco to -bow cause agnin.l Petition of WILLIAM STEWART, ol South Hero, ,., ii-ii ic-i, luiBuciare-u iiaiiKrupl, al tin iourl Hon. c in Wmd.or, ermonl, on tho 2-llhofMay, t S 1 2f lUj A il TN BANKRUPTCY. United Ftnle, District Court, 1 erment Di-liicl. Nriice lo lmu i-.m.i. nis.i Petition of ADAM II. MORSE, of Ri-lunond, in aid District, in be declared Bankrupt, at thu Court House in WiniKur, Vermont, on thu 2hh ol May, 1812, 10 A. M. tn bankruptcy. United Siaio. District court, 1 Virmoiit District. Nolieeto show e-nn-e agairist Petition of EDWARD SMITH, ol Burlington, in said wisinci, io oeois.-inruci nam,rupi, at tnuuourl llou-o in Wmd-or. Veruiorit, on lbo21tb ot M.n-. 1RI2. in. A.M. ' ' ' TN BANKRUPTCY. United Stitcs District Court, X V ermonl Di-trict. Niticc lei -how cansoniraiii-i Petition of JOHN SMI'IH, of Colcbclcr, in s3,J District. Itlbodeclared BanI.roit'. nt llint'n-irl Hn...t in Windsor, ermonl, uu thu 2 1th of May, 1812,10, t -i. fN BANKRUPT CY.-Unitol Stales District Court, L Veiiiie.nt Di-triel. Notice to show e-ati-e againsr IVlini.n e.fDANII-LS. LA I'llKOP. of So,,,... I Innl.1 epcraurl Mi reliant at Willi-ton, iu said Di-trict, to leriec-lnrel Haul rnpt, ut lbel'ourt Hoiiseru Wind- r, vernioin, n.i I In- 2 1 hofMay, 1e42, 10, A. M. TN HAN KBIT' ICY Unit, d S a'cs Distr.ct Court, 1. Vermont Hi-im-i. Nome to show cau u agaunt Petition of GARRY MUNGl-.H, of Cob he-lcr in naid Uit cl,loledu laied llankiupt, at the Court Housci in Windsor, Vermont, on llie-2thof May, 1842,10, rN BANKRUPTCY. fulled dia'es Dislriet Court, X V ermonl District. Nonce o show ca i-e against Petition of CHEST! I! PARKER, of Underbill, tn s n i Di-lriet, jo le elerlared Bankrupt, al the Court ..wii-c iii ..uiisur, t i-nuotii, on tue .-i.ii oi .viur, 15 1., IO, ,V. .U. fN HANIvItrPTCY.-Uiibeil Slates Di-inct Cour', 1. Veillloril In- net. Notice in -how i-.hi.m Petition of PRES-O.N CHOFCT, of B ir.'ingmn, in iiiu ii-irici, io i u eic lared iiankriipl, al llie Court Hi use in Wind o" , Vermont, ou iho2lth of May, 1812,10, A.M. ' I N IlANKRt.'l'TC Y. United State? D.-trict Court, L Verinon! Pi-INCI. Notlioln show l-an.n nc-mn.l Potition of ABN l it B. I.OWRY, nf Burlington, in uiu ii-irici, io i e uecnrcj uaiikropt, al llie Court House in Viiielsr1 Vriiiuut, on the 2 Lli day of May, 1S12, 10, A. 31. iN IIANKRriTCY.-United Stales District Court, 1 V ermonl Ditnct. Notice to show causo against Petition of BENJAMIN PARKER of Essex, in said Distncl, to be declared Bankrunt. nt Ihe Court Honsn in Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th of .May, 1S42, 10, IN BANKRUPTCY United Slates District Court, X Vcimoni District. Notice to show cause against Peiuion of IRA ALLEN, of llinesburgh, in said Di liicl.-lo he clec'ared llankrupt, at the Court Housa in Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th of 3Iay, 1312, 10. A..M. fN BANKRUPTCY. United States District Court I Vermont District. Notice to show cause against Petition of ENOS IIL1NN. of Burlington, in said District, to be declared Bankrupt, al Ihe Court Housa ii.iWindoor, Vermont, on the 21tli of 3Iay, 1342, 10, A. 31. TN BANKRUPTCY. United States District Court, JL Vermont Dislri t. Nonce to show cause against Petition of EDMUND WELLINGTON, nf .Milton, in said Di-nict, to ledechred B tho Court House in Windsor, Vermont, on the 2 till of 3Iay. 1312, 10, A. 31. " TN BANKRUPTCY. United Stales District Court, .1. Vermont District. Notice to show cause acainal Peliiion of JOSIAH L. BROWN, of Underbill, in said District, lo bo declared Bankrupt, at the Court Houso in Windsor, Vermont, ou the 21th of Slay. 1812,10, A.M. 71 TN BANKIIUPTCV.-United States District Court, X crinont District. Notice to show cause against Petition of LUCIUS WOODARD, of Essex, in aaid I'stricl, to ledecl-ircd Bankrupt, at the Court Houso ni Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th of 3Iay, 1312, 10, NT BANKRUPTCY.-Uniud States Distriot Court, 1- V ermonl District. Notice to show cau-e against Petition nf THOMAS MARTIN V ANCOR, of Jeri cho, m ihe county of Chittenden, in sniJ Dislriet, to hetilerl.ircd Kankiupt, at tho Court House in Wind sor, V crninnl, on the 2-bh ol 3Iay, IS 12, 10, A. 31. T N BANKRUP'l ( Y.-Uniled States District Court, 1 V ermonl District. Noiire lo show cause against Petition of JOHN HERRING, of Colchester, m tho eo my of Chuieiideii, in siid District, lo be declared bankrupt, nt the Court House in Windsor, Vermont, on the21tb of 3Iny, 1S12, 10, A. 31. TN BANKRUPTCY.-.Uniled Slaics District Court, i V ermonl District Notirelo show caue against l'etui. n of AUGUSTUS POLLARD, of Burlington, in said Dislricl, to be declare-! Bankrupt, at the Co-irt '"'.""'ii'slsor, Vermont, on the 2 1th of.May, ejl-s 1 L' . 41 , I ItANKRUPTC Y.-.Unittd Stales District Court, X V ermonl District. Notice to show cause aga nst IMiiionof DAVIS S. RUSSELL, of Burlinglon, in Mid District, lo be declared Bankrupt, nt the Courl I'"?' Rj'Vl"If0r' VL'r"l0,ll on '10 2'h of May, I N HANKin' PTCY."Unileel Stales District Court, I V ermonl Di tricl Notice lo shocy cause agiini I Petition of HENRY .OTT3IAN, of South Hero, in the county of Grand Me, lo bodcc'nrcd Bankrupt, at tho Court House in Windsor, Vermont, on tho 24tli of May, 1812, 10, A.M. N HANKRUPTCV-Uiu'ed States District Court. - V ermonl Distncl. Notice to show cause against Petition of 1IIR.V3I DAVIS, of Jericho, in laid Dis in I, lo be deelarol Bankrupi, nt ihe Court H use in Windsor, Vermont, on the 21th i f 3Iny, 1S12,10,A.3I, TN BANKRUPTCY.-Unitcd States District Court, Vermont District. No ice lo bow cause againsl Petition of SI.MON DAVIS, of Jericho, in -aid Dn tiicl, tn be declared Bankrupt nl the Court House in Windsor, Vcrmont.ou Ihe24ih of May, 1542, 10, A.M. llcnrv Tovviiscnil's Instate. .STATE OF VfRMONT) At a prohale court I is net ol i'hilleiii!en-. 5 held at Burlinginn w-i h n .ti lorsail.hsri't cf Cl.mrnden on ilii'27ibdav of A Til A. I. IS 14. pre enllhe Hon. Charle. Rus-dl Iu ue-.acopv o heli-t will an lies'amcni of Henry T '-wu-end, la'c of Troy in the County of Itas-ene:r an is ati of New Yoik, eVra-cil, iluly allowed an) mviil in ibeS .rnuate's co in within and 'or said l'. un yol Ren-seiner nnd Siale of New York, hav igl .en pre e-red. to the court here that said e-o.iy an I n I. may Iw lile an I rcvor 'e I in die prol ate ce urt r the di-trict if Chittenden nf. te an!, agreeably to ilie Sni ite in such case made nnd provn'eil: Tber'. I ; -lie pn b.i-e ei urt for llie ih-irict of Clutlen 'cn f ie nl, ih ih here I y onVrlha' all prr.nns in-cre-rtixi le noma-1 to appear Iff' re aid Proba e conn, at a si's-i n i hereof 10 le- held at 'he Regi-te r's office iii H r.i ig on, iifon- ni-l, en ihe ICih.lay e l .May A. D. IRI'J, nndeonte-t llie libng an I reconlliis- of snid copy of sa il will, if i hey see cau-e, I y i,o 1 cation of ibis i r'cr hrcowee'.s iii-ees ive v in iho Burl.niiliiu I'no Pre.s-,a ne.v-pper nrniiLtl in 11 rluigtou, in the Conn yet I'h. ttm 'en, ad of which pil Hca-ion-to lopre v o i to -nni fi h itiyofMnv A. I. 1642. Given iin Vrm. haul i ,a'ij Burlinglon ibn27'h lay of April A. l. 112. Win. WESTON, negi.:isr. A lr,-,.rl 11., .. I..... STATE OF VHniON'I'.-lTlie lion! the Probata n.slri.! si I - iiiinmlu.. c9 If-...... e.-.1 . i. . "' """"""v,"'! - -' ' '-"nn ior uie i istrict or Chiilenden : To nil persons concerned in ihe estate of Allresl Day, late of Burlinglon, m siid District dcccnsiel, t7riiiir- ' Whereas, Wm. tt. Munon, Administrator ofiha I'sijiie of sai I deceased, proposes torendcr an account of Int. adniiiusiniion,iiiid picsem Ins necount against ...... .s-i r,.,. , ,,, , hi uwanceat a scs ion of the Court of Ptobaic, to loholdeiial ihe Register's vv i , " 'ei uis.nci, on me second iitliLr.ll,j ui .illllt- III .M, Thi-n Vim ni. l,rV. .:c. l. . . .,..-.... . iiuiiucu io itprciir neiora saul court at tho nmo and place nforr?.iid, nnd abovr cause, if any ) nit hava, why ihe account oforesaiil should noi Icallowrel. Given under int. Iim.l ni 1l..lln. -i-. .... day of May, A. ii, isij. , Murw t,5i, i.3iu., Rpgisler, COMMISSIONERS' NOTICE. YTV. ihe subsrnbere, having been appointed, hy ' '.ne Horn inble the Probate Couri for llie Dis trict of Chittenden, commissijiicrs lo receive, exanine anl ndjust (be claims and demands of nil persons, ngainsl thPClaleof Philip 'Valker, lale ol Wdl.sion in said Dislnct, dieeasod, represented inohent, and also all v nuns and demands exhibited inollset there lot and six mon'hs from I life dayof the dale hereof being nllovved by said Court for that purpose, we do theicfore briehv giv notice, that we will allend fo b isinrss of our appointment, nt lha dti-rlling at tlio Vvulow of llie diceascd, in Wdlmon. in ai'l Distncl, on the 15th day of Aucust next, nl lUo'ilock, V. 31., of said diy. . , . Dated hi ISih d'.v,Sli' ' j KHASMVS CHAFI.V,

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