Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 27, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 27, 1842 Page 3
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Gov. Cloaveland of Colihoclicut, tho now loco foco Governor, goes for protection as incidental to revenue. Ilovcnuo with liim it the all important Hinder, and protection only when it can ho conveniently given by discriminating in laying duties. This is tho doctrine of that portion of the loco focos who admit that any protection canbe given in any case. There arc some good tilings in Guv. Cleavoland's messaco, but a great deal of flumcry.sovereal efforts at popularity hunting, lessoned with the usual humbug of the day. Tho Governor pays a compliment to Presi dent Tyler fur his vetoes, and intimates to him, that if he would only drop his Exche quer and take up the Sub-treasury lie might be re-elected. It is remarked that the Add isonian should bo delighted with themessego, fur it is a mere attempt to gammon the Presi dent, without the slightest idea of giving him any support, hereafter. Tho editor of the Boston Cultivator may know something about agriculture, but his notions of political economy, and particularly his views of protection to agriculture, arc ex tremely crude. For instance, he condemns the bill of Mr. .Saltonstall becauso it does not sufficiently protect the farmers, and he approves that of the Secretary of tho Treas ury becauso it docs, aud ho refers to wool in particular. If he will lake the trouble to ex amine tbo matter, lie will find that so far as wool is concerned, Mr. Saltonstall's bill will flbrd ten-or fifteen percent, more ptotcc- j lion than tho Secretary's. ' (7TheTory State Convention, which mot at Montpclier on Thursday of last week nominated the old ticket for Stato officers, viz. Smilie, Barber, and Baldwin. This unjust as we expected." Tho Whig con vention will probably meet somo time in the latter part of June. 05Tliu Legislature of Maine assembled in extra session at Augusta on Wednesday th 18th. instant for the purpose of acting pn the North Eastern Boundary question. The difficulty between Stanly and Wise In j been amicably and honorably adjusted by tho mediation of their mutual friends. mtiLiAiL.- Al.AItMI.VG CONDITION Of TtlTEtUnV. Revolting outrages aro of dally occurrence, and nro said, by tlioso who understand tho causes, to ba mainly owing to tho system of 'examination, or 1 depopulation, winch has been pursued there for many vears to quar rels between parties about the possession of land, and to the desperate poverty to winch a largo portion of the poasantry is reduced, as an inevitable consequence. Tim land lords there, generally speaking, being the ve ry worst of that bad class of Irishmen, and having no sympatliy for tho poorer descrip tion of the inhabitants, disturbances have al ready risen to such u pitch, that it is thought that Coercion Acts, proclamation, aud arms will scarcely avail in checking the rioters. The Catholic clergy are said to uso every authority to quiet the people, but even their influence is without effect. The deadly ani mosity of the occupiei towards the proprietor of the soil renders n remedy almost hopeless. Ainone the cottars throughout Tinperarv an undisguised enmity is manifesting itself against tho payment of the poor-rates. In tho neighborhood of Newport the rate-collector thero cannot get in one farthing. Tho defaulters profess an open, an avowed con tempt for summons; they proclaim that they will not pay that tliov will be mado to pay that no man daro distrain them that if they be distrained no one can buy their stock. To such a length has this hostility run, that notices have been posted in that locality, within tho present week, thrcateningany one with death who will pay the poor-rates. Among the outrages only one of a seiious character has at present occurred, but unless Government measures are speedily on the aleri, crime will doubtless accumulate and become fearful. Chairs l Cham! Chairs! I! t'he M.b-ltiors In viii; e.tabli-hcd tlioiu I'lvrtltliu Chair Making and Chair Pamtj; buine, lave iiiUai the liop I'nrtirly occupied ly Man licit if. Illafyird, two doors South df iliu CotiiiivHi uso, Church street. 141111111:41111, mire nicy iinrim m mnmifnclito nl o'ler fur mien win. plelo us-brlinil nf Chair? of uverj de-criplM, ntitvli prion as chiiiioI fail to givo'iti-fnctlon. Sciiee.-., Settee Cikdlonl Solus ol all kind- made In order on short noire. l-o, old Chairs and all Muds ol Furniture repairectnd painted or var-iii-hed and made In lock a ch' new. N. It. The highest prices wl le paid for good Mas Wood I'ianl;, plain and Mil Maple, Beach, llirrh. and l'mc liMinl er. nn I nut kiutU of country Produce in exchnnge fur Chairs and even cash or ennoal hank hills will not lere-ficd. Give uk a call, Laihe. nnd Ccneuicii. l'IC'KKlU.O.&TIIAYni. Iluilinglnn, Mny 23, 1812. r.ltf. LEMONS. T"V MOXF.S of Leuu ii in prime utter, for fate at JU Now Vork limes and fie-inht.!) Old Dock, May 27. HKAni.r.Y. (KPNEW CASH STORE lXD THE Subscribers respectfully inform the inlinbi Innl. nf ItiirlmritMM ntiil vicillitV thai lllGV haVC commenced business in the Storo recently occupied by Mrllrnmnn, llouksellcr, on College street. The chief I rnncli of their business will con-i-l in French Dry Goods. Hntnrr ennn.teni that throuah so mnnv menns and facilities which they hove for furnishing their Storo with tho most fashionable articles, and that llicir nn cos will suit nil who niny favor iheni with a call, they rcspecuuiiy soiicu n snnre 01 puuuu (jjuuno. Tl. Um Imvn far flnln n frnnnrnt assortment of su perior UROCERIES, which they oiler for the lowest prices. OSTIIKIM & MICHOI.I.S. litirunginn, .nay iv, ion. A FOR SALE Oil TO LET. HOt'SF Also a Miiall UultJmg I.ol. jly 20 C. UF.N NS. PAPER. s emm-emmi . i,.i receivel from thnhinnu O fncttirer-, 2 Cn-os of blue laid Cap and Leiler paper. May IS. AFRKSII Miiiplv mid 01,1 Do,-k,.Mny27, CODFISH. 1 a pi nun nr Me for mia by Fui.ij:'n.jnitAi)i.i;v. LV.mun coal. ' TIIF, Sulisrril er- have retched a tply of Lc hizh Coal, whieh iliev in it at rcdinld priec-. Old Pock, May 27. FOLI.iriT I'tADI.r.V. suing f,n. CZ( THOUSAND sood prune Shinjlr, or 'nle ve- ry low i j S. VIJil.K. May 2-1. HOOK'S AND PAPER. rnunoi' ...... I.i.,.. inl.nv llnoksaiid I'aiiBr I,prodee,nr.m rre.ll. wdl fmJ . o tkj"J-t ineirnwn priors, uv - STAIIIS. 19' i m it t.' s A tmir c,f 13 inch (JIoIlm on fn trli ( Tstatiili. a HtiK' mul ami in gtiud order for -ale ory FRANKLIN HOTEL. All. IIIHIIOt' respectfully informs llio pub'io that ho ban taken llio above establishment, situated on tho south-west corner of Court House Square, ButlitiKlun,yt., which I now in excellent icpair nnu wen lurnisucu lor mo Dccommouauon oi tlie public. This Ilou-enosocsficsfroni Ita commsndine situa- tioaand proximity to the s'iit of business, ndvantaei tor the traveller and man of leisure, and is well cal culated for tho accommodation or permanent board ers, and for strangers passing through or visiting the place. rue 1 adi ns aro suppucu wun n i mo luxuries nnn varicticsoftho8'ason, and tbo Dab ia constantly filled .u i . tv.... ...i t Willi llio ui-si ui li4UOII9. Mr II. Hatters himself that by n strict nttcntidn to In wants and nccessitia of the public, he shall be nUo In merit nnd nxoitun liberal share of patronage. N. Fi.Aii excellent L1VFJIV STABLE is also keitat this House, where horses and carriagea will olvays bo in readiness fur all who wish. Jurlington, May, 18-12. 80:3w A Hale, of Noiwij may be made on SHCiilriftoii. A rnro opportiinily is now nfTordcd for the i!!pos- inirol InL' of nnv Can intended for tlia SnriiiL' trnJo for the article has not heretofore ever commanded so high price as it has hrot. sinco HOWARD has ngnin como npon the market and commenced buymzitin small or larpo quantities as offered at somewhat of a ratio per current Dollar as follows, to wit ! from 5 to 20 yds. of Calico, muslins, mous-de- lams, or other like articles for dresses. ITIie same of uotlon uoous wun trimmings to match nnd 4 to 10 yds. summer wearing Cloths lor Men and iJoyi. Alsoa great many Goods of Fashionable Fancy Millcnrer and Staple kinds paid out for. Cash by handing it in at HOWARD'S. May 20, M2. Foreign Items nv the Acadia. Sir Charles Dell, the celebrated Surgeon, is dead. The Duke of Wellington, 'tis said,' is about to retiro from public life. His age must be at least 75 years. Sir George Arthur has gone to Bombay 4a be Covernor there. Washington Irving had reached Dristol, on his way to Spain as minister from the United States. 'Tha French Government,' tis said,' lias demanded of Spam payment of the expenses incurred by Fruiiee, in 1823, when tho French army mado war'on the Spanish peo pie to" sustain the Spanish branch of the Bourbons. This demand is said to have been occasioned by marked coolness lately 6hown by the Spanish government toward France SonieTpicitenicnt hud been produced at Oxford (Eng.) frem two of the University Professors havjng embraced Popery. The unemployed poor at Paisley is stated to be 13,327, beini; an increase sinco tli1. IjhI previous enumeration. Disturbances hud broken out at Madrid about the middle of Apiil, among tho opera tives, tho cause being want of employment .and doaruess of bread. Accident at tnr Inclined Plane. The ropo nt the inclined plane- of the Mohawk and Hudson Itnit road, broke this morning about 8 o'rlmk, hy which accident four bulnnce curs, loaded with about eiplit tons weight of stone, went down the track with liilhtniui: speed. When neatly opposite the loot of South l'earl street, they wtre thrown oil Ihe outside trmk,and shearing a httlo to the right, turned short and run direitly across the tvo tracks, of the rend, nod struck tha basement wall of the house of Mr. David Russell with such iniueiiduous forcn as to (hatter tho chimney sobndly thai he will be ubligul to take it all ('own. 'I he cars were smabhol and the stone all thrown out hy the collision. A son of Air. fdibwtll wa? on llio train when tlie rone broke, but instantly discovering the occurence, he jumped off anil in an prouaiuny saveu ins inc. l lie upwaiit tram consisted I two uagpage aim a mail car, winch tho men at 'he brakes were en.ib od hy timely exer tion to prevent gaining much headway. MRS. GIBBS. We nro pleased to state that this charm ing Vocalist hascntirely regained her strength nnd will "ivo us another of her delightful Concerts in a few days. IIHIOITOX MAKKlVr. Monday, .May 1G, 18-12. !lejiorlcd fcr Ihe Daily fy PatrUt At niHlket2U0 Herf Calih. ZO pairs Working Oxen, 3G Cousnnd calves and 1200 Swine. l'ricts Beef Cattle We (iio'.e to correspond with Inst week. A few extra S"i 7" a 90. 1'irsi quality 83 50a 41,75 ; "i-cond quality $5 25 aS5 50; third quality cl 50 a h ) 2 1. Working Oxen Saks at $70, S32, S33, -S00, S93 and II 8. Cui! and Calves-Dill. Sales at S21, S23, S23 S29 631 andSifi. Swine Dull. J.otMo tinldlaat 3 n 3Jc for Sows and 4 a -lie lor narrows ; lots to close, acme of winch were large, SJjc. At retail from 1 to 5Je, May 25i, 1812. Messrs. PAXOIJOIIX & nitVHMII WO t' I, I) inform iheireii-tomcr. ,id ibe pul lie that they have ju.-t leiiiv-cd froii l.naland a variny of I'-ei-nt U-ver Wiin-lu-. nnd Movement, ui.i(lo-'icly lor tln-in, mine wilh' thtr name and Mime with the innkeiS name upon thi'in. rer(iii wisbins to get a no on W.lch, trcld or ilver, may depend upon obtaining 0110 uhith will Miit thein. We invite ihe Httviition of jidgci to our upeUlraorllllenl tf fine linished ueuuiuu ruiiuiiijr Odd und -diver Spivtaeles, gold nn.l -iler I'ennl., (.'ham-, Key.-, Uroaehe-, lliug-, I'iiis, l.utk.-ts, Snap, &e. ' . Catorp, Cot ie i ilteicr--, uocee .inu ici i (.., neci 'nii-. Molano-Ciin-.Tuml Icrt, snmll Lainw, Suun Ladle.-, Cake Ila-ki-is, &e. SwonU, Epaulelle.-, Sasd.e-, I'lale.-, rlutie, But- ton-, iielts, l"itol,i(-e. l'latcd c;oi)J-i. llioh C.iku lla-kel-. Caiidle'lieks ,Sini!ers ail'.' Trays, Cavlor-, Tea Spoon', Cream Spoons oi gar l ongs, .lll ivruc-ht-rs, vwiiiunu a mi-,uce. iiiiuii these may l.e luiuui some very ncii gooiis. ?ll,VI 11.111.. Tea anilTaliUSiiooiii, MiirarTonas, enaiiKiioon De-serl Snoi ii-. lln-t:ird ami Salt i'luuin, Sihcr Cups, Thimble.-, SiiufTHoxe-, Vmegaretiu-iTueezers, cVc. Siioon- and ThniiMcs made in the shop ol sterling -liver, marking free. Iltfiilwatc null cutlery. Pen and Pocket Kmve-, llazor.-, sti'.-or-, tweriers, Iluekle-, Nut CracU-rs mi l Piekm Powder 1'lasks, t-hot H.m-, -leel Speetnihs, Chain-, Keys, lira-.-Can.ile-tii-k-, SiinllersaudTr.iy-, s eel Suu.kTj, Jup anued Trays and Suiilibr.- and variou-olher Oooils. l'eriumerj, iiairu, ar. 1'ariiiinV yeninui' ti'i rin.iu Cologne. Nn. 1 nnd 2. I.neni'er, I!j Water, Ro-e, Hwiev, und oilier ex tr.u l-, Jayun'- Hair Timie, ll.ilim f Cohiuil iu,U nkilo, Hear, Want -, jilatc a er and other li.ur Ui!.-, I'oiua- tuin, lap sake, (Joiirt I'M-ler, i-e. ijamn tch" nun i.iassc fiold'.- Cbi-iuiial Oil and Lumps, neater, eboaper anil I i-iter than any n'her kind liu .-I1011-, store.-and ehuri-he-i. Per-on- wi-hmstu liaht their ore-JI i-jii- lifully and ei-oiiouucilly aie invited to ex.imiiiic .-oine ot tlie i.ainpniow-in ii-cat our Mine eiery oeuin? Tub District Svstem. The election -f members of Congress by single districts makes a very important change in the sys tem. It has many advantages, not the least of which is the division of power. The pre- . ... , w pondcrating influence ol the largo fcfUtes is ono of the greatest evils to be apprehended in our mode of governmeut ; and although they have generally adopted tha district sys tern in those Sstates.yet they liavo, in many -cases, by means of double districts, contrived to defeat the popular will and concentrate power in the hands of particular parties. The bill for dividing the States into single districts has not yet passed the Senate, and we have no indications of its probable fute in that body. Governor Donn is ttcstar of tho season. :Fanny Ellsler is eclipsed. Read tlie following official announcement from the New Era : GovmiNon Dorr, the patriot of Rhode Island, Duteo J. Pearce, and oilier distin guished individuals engaged in the great cause of tho people, will honor tho Bowery Theatre Willi their presence tins cvenmj;. The national banner will be displayed from tho theatre during the day and evening, und Ihe Democracy and patriotism of New York will throng the Bowery this evening, to give their champion a pearly welcome. NKW YORK CATTLR 31AHKKT May 1G. (llcnorted for the Journal of t'oiumeri-eA In inaiket, 100 Bcot Cattle. lift ovei last week; nnd 750 rictiud since, of which (iUO were from the Suuih. and 150 hum this State ; 250 Sheep and Lambs ; 65 Allien cow, inciuuing in leltovi r Ian week. I't-pf Prices advanced, an J j-ood eattlo sold at $G 50 a 7. per 100 lbs : 50 were lelt over. Milch Cows All the Cows and Culvcs hut 10 were sold ni SCO a S3 perhejd. Sheep All kw. Lambs at S2 a Si and Sheep nt Hay-Wa rR,thfrduJ,vy.thpoocI supply at 75 a Bij etHjCritcrrTToow by tbo load. Poik The market is wtll Mipnhed at 2i cli. lb. (lie weight) tor YVntlem liOs. A lot, fctill fed, bold at 3 cts. COXHOCIATIOX. The Chittenden County Consociation will hold their nest annual meeting, Providincc permi-iinR, in this villace, on Tuesdav the 14th day of Juno next, nt 12 o'clock at noon, livery Concrepntionnl church in theconntv should be rcmesenltd bv ihrir Puflor and Delegate or by two lay dclcpatfs if they havu no aciing pnsior. And each church will be called on r US biailBUCHI reiiori Jul nir (ins.1 iiiii, J. K. CO.NVEItSK, Reeislcr. Burlinslon, May 23, 1H12. SPRING ARRIVALS At llcau (V'lartcru, No. IO. Wntcr.Strcet AO MIS TaKK 1 1 DAVIS i now truly nt liiune, and would return hii (rraleful acknowledgment-. tolhe publi'-aen-ernllyforthoverylibcralpatron.ii;eln; ban rnuived, and bopei by a strict alleiiliiin to bii-mess ami a de- Icrininalloii to pie.i-e, iii.ii in-- "my nn-ni a i-ouuiiu-a nee of ihesnme. He would slale that lie ha pi-t reiuu ed from New Vol k, MiMou, Albany and Troy, fioni the lale-l iinportaliou-, n I.UL'e and general ai-s-.irimenl of Kre-h UihhU, winch, in nikhiiou In his foriner sliu-k,in.ikea i-nmplt-lfa. orlmeiil,ioiiiirisin almost every urie-ieoi i.iiimv -nipiy.ccu.ece. Unc cent Jirward will bo ifivcn tonuy per.-ou ho will lind at any other -tore a- great u variety and well (.elected a-aortmvnt ai can be loan lot DAVIS'S. I'lea-e call and examine lr your-elvc, and you will not ko away disappointed. juvm SOLE LEAHIOIt von oxu SHII.I.IXC. a pound. 1UST RKCKIVr.D. ai E. C. LOOMIS' I.enther. J Morocco and l-'inuinc Store, the largest, be-t and cheapest a?ortuient of all kinds of Jlorocei s, Kids, Lining and Triuuiiincs, Skins, l-'indines and Lasts, of nil descriptions, for shoo makers, that has been oiil-is;! Ill 'hi9 market fur sale, lis would request all pctsons wlsliiiiff to purchase any articles iii his lino ofbusine-s. to call and examine Ins .Wis and Mutlini before purchasing, as he is determined not to be un dersold by any one. Also. Hunts an 1 Shoes of all kinds. llurhni'toii. Pearl street, May 19, 1812. EOlf SI.Il'S. N'ew Vork stylo of French Kid Slips, juel received by May 27. S. II. SCOTT. Fashionable Hats. Q CASES J. & B. Knower'a warranted lint-, choap w for, at May u. o. i. uuui i a. ITIIOADCI.OTIIS, CnsBimcres, Sattinatls.&c. Ac. U cheap, by .May 27. 3. u. auwi l. NOTICB, The session of the Troy annual Conference nf the M. K. Chiiri ii will ho hfld the present year (1'ruvt- denes permittii's) at iho Methodist Chapel in this Mi lage, commence.u vednesday June ltl. Treadling or other religious tvercises m the ('Impel each eenini during the scss on, to commenco perciscly ut half- past seven. l no puillli; am ieCIIuliy mviieii tOSlleiKl. I). 1IHOVVN. May 25, 1S42. In Mnr ah,N. V. tn Wei'.nefday, Ihc25lh ins1., bv Rov. J. WnJden, Mr. Soi.omov Walker, men hnnl, o'f this place, to Miss Awakv, tluugbkr of J. 11. Spen cer, of thefirmcrplHee, In Hydepark, on th. g, jnt., by Rev. J. Poor, Rev. G. W. Cotircll to ,lre. Lama 1. Ilunton, boih of II. Al-o, l!y the Fair, en the luh int., nt Waterhurv, Vr. Jauicu Stcneof lierkshiri to Mis Laura L. ilowe of v.. Biiad III WlllislOn. On the 2Ut H.t .. r.rnnnr Ttrt. only child of Mr. Lytandtr 1-tiler, aged one year null iru iiiuiuiio. iN'ORTH AND SOUTH. COCTlir.RN N. ORLEANS SUOAR is run down O to 5J cents per lb. with the wrapper and string put mnartly on at every go off. Tho eotlon interest is made to feel the presuto on the wool of Vermont ml ihe manufactured articles of the Northern and is irs aro run so swiit"iTi atTuo s e who" n t must stand ready to lake, for tho time will soon close in upon the rear of sales, when all n 1st eoaio from far away off beyond the wide, wide sea.sni be bjitcht of those who cat the brtad of their own -ountry.wiulo they will ilo tlie .tinnui.icinnug ir iao aiiciican hnriner, rianter ana iion. i.eiiiieiin n i un:ii ui this Inml of li1 ertv. without some ndjuslincut of the TaulVis quickly miide. Thine wishniff nmoinento of ihe tunes (not t lnt long) can be supphl at the cheaticst rntes nt 20 May, '12. HOWARD'S. Nova .Scotia Piaster. THE Subscribers nro this day receiving a fresh supply nf Nina Scmia Pln'ster, nnd will com mence grinding at their Mill nt Ihe Kails on Monday next. l-'OLLE'lT &. I1RAOLIIV. llurlington, Mny 20, Id 12. COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE.. WK the Subscriber., having been appointeil by the Honorable Ihe Probate Court for the District of Cbitlenden, (oinini-sloncrt to receive, examine an' ndju-t the cluiini mid deiiiaudi of nil person, nsiln-l Ihe e-tate of Alpbent Person, lalo ol Jericho in nnl Uialrii-t, deoea-ed, repre-enled iu-oh-ent, nud nlo all claim- and deuiandt exhibited in o Tet there to nnd ix month, from llieday of tho date heieof, lenir allowed by said Court forthat purpo-t1, we do tlurefore hereby give noticf. that we will uliend to tin hu-ine-- of our appointment, at ihe dwelling ol Aujrau i'er-oii, in jericno in sum ji-,riei, ou Ihe li'.t Mondays of Scpieml r and Novum er next, at lOoMuek', A. M, ou each of said days. Outed Ibis lOih day i f May, A, L.lg2. F. CHILL, JCommi!, IUV11) 1T5I1, Jr. 5 sioner-. H A lit DWA E Et THE Sib-criler oer for -nlo a (rcneral asorl-J-meiit of Hard Ware, cunsistiuir m purl of the foliiwiuir nrlu-le : I l-'nrks, Pen and Pocket Kniyc, Huti-h-eraid llri-ad Knive-, Rodger-.' line Shears and Sl-i--. -or, Hnnil Saw.-, some of extra quality ; Ikutard, Jlil and Hand Saw Kile, Sheep Sliiar. Auer nt y.irjii-kiuil-. nnd price-, Spur Amrcr Hut-, lit t Storks, lints nnd Screw-, .inirle nnd double Plain Iron-, Chicl-, Med and Try Square... Norfolk l.alche-, .itaible Iron Door llnndie., K leheou Lnli-be-, witi Ilrass and lti su Wood Knob-, I'rillannia Lamp-, I'ailoek-, Haiiiiiier-, eVe. &.t: Al-o, Sjiadc-, Shuvels, Hou and Muiiuie Fork. 'I e nl ove were piirchasi-il for cash al the pre-onl low prne-, and will Le .-.old al n -mull nil-an-c froini-o-t. s, M. I'OPl.'. HirliiiiMon May 17, 1842. NEW AND C1IKA1 IIARDWAUE. CUTLEItY, &G. rilHE subscriber having just returned from Now Ji. York, where he has selected n new and com plete assortment of HARDWARE, SADDLERY HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. now offers the same at tho lowest cash prices. From Hie facilities which he tins of obtaining his goous, no iscnaineu io oiler Hardware at consider ably less prices than it has hitherto been sold in Ver mont. Thoso in want of articles in the above lino will find il their interest to give him a call. WM. J. HUNT, Strongs HuildinE, College St., near the Squaie. Burlington, May 1812. H THOMAS is in May 12, 1312 want of a few good Horses. BONNETS. FjOltLNCEllMidllonnei-, Palm Leaf do. AIo, I ''.horn Hal-, smitlc ami do il lo brim, Willow la, , Pali,, Lcfili. 1 t.n-e Mole-kiu Hal-, of the late i ,-lvle uud superior quality, fur s.alu by "' 20- S. M'. POPE. P!'AI na,r,J ''''"'"f1 -Mo'"lin d Lalne-, lllk- Cha! i ly-, lllk B.-iml num.; Prinlnd Lawn-, Kreiich, Kmr-li-h .in I American Prints, lor sulu nt the lowu-t pni i-s on the West side oi the Sq-uie, by 'ay 17. S. M. I'OPi:. M. G. Il AT BE 15 HIV UltAl'UH AND TAILOR, TTAS iiist returned from New York with ax St'IUNU FASHIONS ; nlso. n superior as sortment of TRIMMINGS. VESTINtiS. &n. hop in C'liurch street, nearly opposite tho Hank of iiuriiiigiou. .uay is, inii. A IjII ANY AND HOSIO.N ItAII. HOAI Tarn i-eJttrcd to IJ-olmi St. Tlmo of slotlilia altered to 1 bcfnro G A. M.on and after Mondny, 2nd inst., (this day) afnvo in Uoston samo day nt 7 P.M. .Morning train through in Uo-ton, leave the Depot at OrccnMnih at I before G o'clock precisely oeiy morniii!r,(5iiiidut- cxcuplt-d.) Pjis engerj tnu-t Ivitq Albany by the South lerrjr, not later than t past S o'clock. Noon train to Spri'u-ifield (s di.-couli'nueil. A night train through to Ilufton will leave Oreendii-h al J lel'ore 7 P. AL tus-er.gcrs lnut leau Albany, a aboe, not later than C o'clock." Pa.-enger-for Sprine,liold can take thli irain. The Irnin from llo-lou arrives 111 Creenbiish at 5 P. M. giving siiineienl time for pa-en?cri to tabu the i-iiri for the wet, or tbu 7 o'clock boat lurN. Y. run ifAiirrono and new ha vbtt. Pa-scngers leatifi; All any in the morninv by tbo J I efore II nVlnik Irani from Oreenbusb, arrive ill Sprinsfield at 11J a. m. may leave immediately for Ilnrtfoid thence by cars arrive in New-Hnvtn by 71 p. m. Or lcae Orecnbiish in tho 1 before 7 p. m. train, arrive in Springfield at a, m. Ihcnce at 8 a.m. by Steam lloal to Hnrlfoid, arriving- thereat 11 Ihcnce bv Steam Hoatat 2 n. in. arrive in New Yotk next morninsrky 5 o'clock, or they may lemu Hnrtfdrd for New Itnvciiby Rail Rood ala p. m. and arrive Ihcro at'J p. in. Meam lloat lealea .cw naven for IVow York at a. m. nnd arrives nt the latter city al 2 p. m. Faiu to Spnnirlield S3,0tl. Pa"enners me narliutilnrly feq'ieslij to rrocuru their Tickcis I elorelnklui; seal-in the Car. 'I ickei- can be obinineJ in All any Ht O. R, Payne' ullice, 2J Ilroadway, or-at. Ticket Olliee in Depot at l will U- 11, W.l. H.TOWNsc.ND; Mns'cr Transportation': Oreenbii-h Depot, May 2, 1812. the .REMOVAL. rilHE Subscribwr has removed his Rookstoro and tlindery to the curlier of Church and College sts. in tho rooms formerly occupied by Messrs. Curtis and llu-si ll, as a Watch Mhop and Shoe Store. Friends und customers nnd the public nro respect fully i in ited to call. S. HUNTLNO I ON. May 9, 1312. Sign Red Ledger. BOARDING HOUSE. rpillf House is now OPEN for the reception of j- ooariiers.. n wiio wish to ioaru, nrc mvileu to call and examinu hia houn; and the po uliar advan tago win- h its coiisiruclion and location olll-r, for comfoit nnd convenieiiec. Termi, very aioderate. Mny 10, 1912. "OOL I ye.llll.iuk Cloth- ar 1 C-siineres, I,,. V vim! le Uieeu, lllue, and Mixed do. Ci,hm. rc I .ll.. 1' ,1... I o.lllll, llll.i ...ui -anil- trtm Al-o. Illaek liiruile Cloth, Oani! roon-. Linen IlnlliiiL.. plain ano siripeu ioiiuu unou-, lur lor -ale low i.y .uay 17 17NOLISH Cast Plccl, cro-s i ut. 11 Hoe tiCo.'s do circular, from 8 to 10 inches. Rowland s Mill. Just received aim lor saio. WM. J. HUNT. Strongs Ruililing, College St., near the Sq tare, llurlington, .May l!),"lSr2. Simmons' Tools, AM. DESCRIPTIONS, just received nnd for salebv WM. J. Ill NT, llurlington, May 19, 1812. Strongs Iluilding. Cast Steel, T 1NSUP&. SON'S celebrated Cast Steel, iiist recciv J ed and for shIc bv WM. J. HUNT, Burlington, May 19, 1312. Strongs Iluilding. , OUR THRESH Ground llour received this day and for sale I by May 20. D. DAVIS. BARGAINS ! BARGAINS ! ! Tf you want to buy Hoots and Shoes thfl will wear a wen at very low prices can at Water street. DAVIrfS, No 10, May Ol. shoes. BL.VK and enlorrd Half fiai!er, French Kid and -print,' beel -hp, Wjlkine Shi o-, .Men'- Pump-, Mi-r-Mip ami Clnldien' Shi es, c-fO. N.ra'e well' maiiiilaclure, lu-t i evened and fur snle ns eUp n- lliui he.ipe.t. JI-y 27. II. W. CATI,I. I'lorcnce liomiets. 1CASL Flrrriice HraiJ lloiiiiel, new shape, of all quilitie- and priee-, opened tin- day bv May 20. II. W. CATLIN. SELLING OFF CIIKAl. THE subscriber, desirous of closing his business, now oilers to tho public, at cost, llio whole of his stock in trade, consisting of a large and general as sortment of plain tin niidjapannul ware, brn-s kettles, stnvo pipes, stoves nnd( trimmings, and every other article usually called for in his line of business. Also, tin plate of various sizes, Ru-sia, I'.iig!i(.h, and Canada fluet iron, sheet copper, zinc, lead pipe, wire, Ac, Ac. All persons wishing to purchase any of the nbovc urtiih nrc incited to call and examine for themselves, and they will be convinced of tho aboto stalemciit. All accounts due to the Into firm of Stnrr & Dow. must be closed iimnidiatcly, either by payment er no J. J. STAR It. llurlington, May fi, 18-12. 48 If Lo"liorh lint A U. S. soldier, of the nnmo ofNnson, a native of Georgia, Vt., (where his f.ither now resides,) was missed from the rendez vous at this place, on tho night of llio 20th Dec. last. lie was last seen at a Grocery incite village, where there was quarreling and righting between him and other individ uals: Iro -wns knocked down and severely injured ns appeared by tho testimony of several persons at llio examination bad that time before justices. But tlioinnn could not be found, and the matter whs dropped OntliolSlh inst., his body was found about half a mile from tho camp, in a swamp. A litrv was summoned uy the Coroner, N 1. Gregory, Esq., and after ti patient exam ination into tho circumstances attending his -sudden disappearance, tlie situation of tliu body when found, &.c, (which occupied tho attention of the Coroner and iurv for a day and a half J they returned a verdict "that Ihe said Hoswell L. Nason came to his death in a manner unknown to tho iurv. after be ing somewhat intoxicated, and after having lecn beaten and bruised in the night timu, in the niontn 01 uoccmuer last." Plattsburgk Republican. PECK & SPEAR, wholesale doalett in English, French, India anl American D 31 u a s . Aieo, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WATS.. llurlington, VI, SINGIX and double brimmed colored end wlni. Leu-horn Hals: col'd and white Palm Ltaf Hal.. u Inrge nseortmsnt, very cheap, br .v:ny M. rl. w I A I i.t.v. PARASOLS. I ' K'H figured Hrocaded, China and p am Bilk Par i a.nls, ull prices and colois, by .May 25. II. W. CATLIV, Faro well's Shoes. BLCK and colored half Gnilers, Misi-cs i'o do. Kid Slips, Trench Huskiii Shoe, Morocco do Children's do. Men's Pumps, if-c. jut received and for sale chenp, 1 y May2fi, 1H12. S. M. POPF.. N O '! ICR. rjIin Subscriber would inform the public that bo jl nns on nanu a Kcnerninssorirneni ol Harnesses, Saddles, 'I links, Valisscs, Carpet BassAVhins and Lashes, and nuniciuus oilier articlis in his lino of bu-iness. lucliwill oe sold as cheap as can bo bouelil in tins vicinity. Manuel, l ull Cloth, Lumber, Wood, and inot kinds of farmers produce received in payment. j-Shop two doors Last of the Post Offieo. A XiIVER'ST STABLE Is nlso kept hy the inbaciilicr a few rods Hast of Ihe Court lloiii-c. where thonubhc will nt nil tunes find a man in readiness lo attend calls, and ns no. id Horses and Carriages ns can ha lounu in tlie place, and at as lair prices. S. S. SKINNr.R llurlington, May 5, IS 12. 5S1EW QprES. Satldlcry, Conch iVShclf Hardware in all its, also, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, JSruslitsoJ all hums, jomtr s l uois, ij-c. irl.. ..,1 unli.r. tire now reeeivinf stinolien ftf it,a above goods, at the old stand, corner of Church and , District of ciintn,?iN' Col.,Se slrects, sign of the Padlock. & a ! C I 'endeiu to nil per o .. .. s., inin Lhanrd Intn r It IiutlinRion, am .uoy oi-. THUS BLAOZ PICTJS-S, 4 Full Blooded French Ilorsr, WILL be kept for Marcs through the season. He will ninnil at Hubblc's, Charloll 4 cornels, on Mondays; nt Lev Mait-n s, I erriiiliur(n, i ues clays i nl Keth r's. M. nklon. Wednesdays: Iturrit's lluiisburgh, Thurisdavs: S, .Miner's, cast part of r-hclburn, I'ndiys; nt V.. Hewctt's, flaptist corners Liiarie.tie, ."atuiduys. As for bi nut j, color, lile anei kinit di-pof.lion, no Horfccicreds Ijim. If theleatcrs V "P' il.'poscil to improve their nock, I ehall iihiikili io recene llicir palmunge. lerius low fur cash. Two, three and four dollar: A. NFAVELL. Charlotte, May 16, 1S12. N ISW GOOD S ! TUT. subicribcr has just returned from New V ,n with n general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery and Hardware. Also, Flour, Pork, Ha'imnn, Slackcrol, Coilllslt, ic, which he will sell a- chenp as m rmnpeM. 110RAC1. I.AiM.. Ilutlington, May 25, 1812. Elttw Allowmc to smoke yourpipe if you please, as the stick of wood said to the stove. None ofyour flattery, at the dough said to the rolllng.pim DRUGS it MEDICINES. Til F. subscribers nro continually 6unpbcd Willi ircru arliilc in the nloin brunch, both of the Officinal and Patent kinds. Medicinal waters from Saratoga , do. Iroui inlcuonia, Canada i 3'cdical Wines and Spirlls; Leeches) Surgical Instruments ! Mineral Tcclb, ifce, eVc. Prescriptions put up at tho shortest notice. Shvv cvtn at all nours. Pl-X'K & SPnAR, Apoiheeancn. 1 1 ii rl in i 1 1 ii, Vt, F.VAN'S OltAVrk'.-i r.STATn. STATF. OF VnilMnvr 1 The Hon. theProbste lli.fri.. f m . .---- .--.I -- . . ..t s. S court for the uisinciui .n.Mn.-.rlll.l 111 IlietS 81001 nuance lato of llorhngton in sud Di-tnct, co- (irtuine. 1 llnrnmn Ilenel, ndminmtralor debori 'I Uieestaleof said decenscd, proposes to rcndir "i account of his ni!ininial,.i;n,i mill nretent bis s- count ayaiiut fnid siato for einmuialioii and allow lin .atias,'.fM0" of ll"1 court of Piobati-, to helm ' J h'Itoi?iler's office in llurlington in said dit- "lei on ii,o ,econd Wednesdnv of Juno next. i . a vo" "re hcri-bv notified lo nppear before a 0 court at tho time and nlaen nforraaid. and shew I W. , i y ,1:lve wl,y tho ai count aforesaid I., --- .-v nnuwr 1. of M,y Ti' ri6V2hlinJ " nurli"S,on 231,1 Jl Wm. Wi:STO., Register -ar-r- i e i IkJEW EiIVSRir STABLE. -iiiiiiuer wear, s. m. poi-i:. c.'01'A CRACKKRS. A lech mijij.Iv ju-t reeied hy siuy 17. s..M.rui'L. 1842. IVortlicrii Transportation Lluc. ISAAC V. BAKER "tTTILLcoiitiniiu the FORWARDINU VV e on BL'SIXKSS Lake Cliatnplaln, Northern Canal, aud Hudson Itivcr. Dcemini it important lo reiain the Old Cu-loiners ol tlie, anil .uui new one., u will u-c lu-, be, emle.ivor.- lo niti-iy all, ami .n-Uiee- inuisp i i0 , erea-e In- exertion to promote Hie mieiu.ts ol his employers by doing all bu-:uess entrusted 0 j,,, care with ili-iaten nna, 'or Freight apply to C. II. Janc-,27 CcH-nlioSlip, Poi-k Catlin, 33 Cot-nlie. Slip, Sow York. C. II. lUiiNr.r, 101, Pier, Albany. I". ClIM-TCCK, I .1. II. llooi,K.n, fTroy. I, '-.m.n nv.V. I. . Haki:ii, Coin-ioe-k't Landing and WbTehall, Foii.ktt & HnADLKT, Hurliiiglou. A. I. Laud, Plait.l.iir,'h. Al.Li'.vt OM-roci!, Port Kent. J. C. PiLticr. & Sun, Si. Johni. ICyi'roy olfiee 15."i lincr-s'.reet, up slain. Whitehall, April lti 12. WANTED. C1ASII, Hutlei, Flax and most kinds of Produce in 'exchange for goods. II. W. CATLIN. BOOTS SHOZSS. gi:ntlf.mi:n's ouiiiuier liuot-, some low unccu. Alto, most jHnds ol" HouH and pJQg' Shoes suitable for t he enson fi r men, women, nuit boys or mrls. Work us usual done to order. .lAMLlS It. 1M.ATT. Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, llurlingtou. .(lay I'.-, ist;. DENTISTRY. T I.I'.tt IS Ar J. II. Nit HOl.S havo asso- .1 cialeel themselves ill bu-iness f. i the acconuiio dation of tho9e who lm not the otuiortunitv ot CHllmg nt their residence. Mr. N. will spend mo-t of Ills time in vi-i'mg the villages m tins auu tlie anj jui inir counties, uud wi'l perform all operations ou the tee.h neefsnry for their preservation. -Mr. N. will also prep-ire llio mouth for tho reception of artificial teeth i take models, and transmit them to Mr. Lewis, tho celebra'cd mechanical dentin, who will always be nt Home, anil wlio-e uuuvaiie-i success, ami un wearied exertions lo nlea.-, wille usuro the public bcl ter work th-in can be procured e'sewhere. Our mode of settiiic is fir superior tu am other in point ot looks, convenience, mid durability. Anyone wanting tee ih cm come una dav Willi a mouth lull of decayed teeth and return the next wi h a new set. Price suited to tbotimos and circumstances. All operations war ranted. J. L1CWIS, J. II. NICHOLS. liur!inon, Vt., May, 1SI2. MOHAWK AND HUDSON It.VIIHOAD.' NOTICE. For the accommodation of pa-sengcrs desirous of taking llio seven o'clock lino of Steam Hosts frunl Albany, (which went inlo oieration on the 20lh in--Imil,) a train of Railroad Cars will start from Sche iiuciady, daily, nt 5 o'clock P. M. during tho con tinuance of iho a! ove arrangement on tho River. II y this arrangement, passengers may leave Saratoga SpniJ-at 3 i to 4 o'clock P. M. aud reach Albany in tune for the b' at, which will save travellers front the north, tho expense of remaining over night at Albany ot Troy. l!y the existing arrangement, cin zi usol'Snratoga are obliged lo Icavo borne at 7 o'clock in the morning, lo take the steam boat at Albouy ut 7 P. M. I ('IT miles via Rail-Ri ad ! I !) JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. April 22, 15 W. 500 S GLASS. oxe- (.tins, ol eli.lerenl size, ami nuau- lie-, lur sale i.y S. V ALK.C.K. . WINES. Qr. Ca-ks ol" very dioieo Wines ol different ZIV- kin!-, lor -ale by MayO.J S. WALKER. fMtUIT. SO Hi.xe-liai-in-,, 10 Krg- do. 10 Hole. Lemon-, 5 do. Orailire-, fur salu bv 9 May, 1812. S. WALKER. FIS1L 50 Quintals Cod Fih, lur sale by .. 0 May, lili. S. WALKER. NEW FASHIONS AND NEW GOODS. Kimb it. c o i, it i: it t it & Co. SPKCTIT.'LI.V inl'oriu their fiiends and tho tjubhe. hut they lime now ont-ned a Livery Siablo airi lnveon bund renlv fur uso somo exce-lleiilHorses mil Carriages,Sleiglif,lIarni-s!-e-,Ac, which ihey will letan reasonable terms. Stable at Hcninnun I'lslioji's Uo-4 1, South West Corner Court Houso Square, Hnihugion. (.'lovor und Herds Grass Seed Airil 8. by J. & j. II. PLCK et Co. BOARDING HOUSE. The Sub-cril er still continue. In- Loa ril ing hoii-.i at the foot of College lrrcl, near Ihe Squaie-, and will n-e n et exertion, to give i-.ili-la -lion o lhoe who may (a?or linn with their patrnu- re. lie lu. a ho wvcral eonvenieni ami Hoom. toli-i. JOSHCA DUAM.. Aynl20, 1312. . LY3IAN & COLE n.L received their ii-iuil exlt-n-ive n-ortnieut and vaiiety of S'lriugaii I Siimuier GOODS, which Iliev o:'cr at ttreatly reilucol e-on.i-iinr in part of Printed Lawns, Lambne.-, Mu-lin- and mourning Lawns. 11 tIi -aim stripeei uilzorine, iie. lor laeiie.-' siimuier tire. e-. New pattern Muliu deLaincs, .atin ttrip'd Eolian, etc. . Pl.uu, Mack and blue I lack Homlnrine, Fiined I lue black and i-n'ored do. Heavy black Cautiin, tiro de Svvis-, andcol'd Silk, Miawls. Lujiin'-l est M-arlet, black and colored Merino. Scarp, anil Fancy llandkuicliit l'-. Mii1iii do Lame, Thili t wocl, and fancy .-atin Ilcrm.ini; Lacheiie Cravnl-, raw nlk Il'dk'lV. Mii-lin i!e Lame &hawl, raw .-ilk do., pinned wor-ttvldo. La Fancy silk Mitts and Glove-, colerrd Fillet do. black ew'lng -ilk do. Mi.-o colored Mlk Glove-, Men'- Li-le Thiea.l, colurcl ilk, white Mlk, and Kid do. Men'-, hl.u-k hnhan Crnvai-, lilaek -ilk ball' Ilo-e, and India rub! er Sit.en-der-, Lad.e-' while and blaek .-ilk Ho-e and Glove-, while .Merino llc.-e', black aui colore I till, and Kid Glove-. I'ur G ntlcun it's Summer Wear. Slrii.eJ un I plain while liiu-ii Drill, colore 1 do. G.iml i-i.on-, Hauiiltoii Mixiurc- aud liemm Mi.ieil i'.itmelte, Lrininet i', Jai-l.ct Linen, etc. ljomcstic i.ooits, Indian Head, Siark M.II-, .Middlesex and other' Ci.non Slieeiuii-. A great quantity lleachi-J f hit-tinir and -hirlinc, very low priced. Union bleached eollun, 7-S an I yard wide. liartleit do. 5-1 nnd C- l do. making a more extensive a ortine-ut lhaii wehavtsevtrke)t, Mmunac e-oiton sheeting, ,upeilinc unhleaclied eution shiriui;, Si I'olk an J curd drill heavy tick ing uu.l wadding. Three Cn-ii. of 1'inl rclla and Parasol-, Ca), Hoiiuel and neck Ribl.on-t, Tall'cia do, Galloons, Tastes, cce, 11 hits. Fall River, Merriinac, Dover, Hri'lol and many mher tiylt-s of Amuiicin innt-, very low priceel. iMigliilf and l'lem h prinlr, Giughaiii., Ac. Ittoail (.'lotllM, A gent-ial n-.-nrlii.eiu of Iliirlinglon Mill Co. llroa.l Cloih-e-ou-laiilly on hand. Al-ootbe-r rlle of limits and L'a.-tiiiieie.-, Lnglish, Fiench and German ilo. Felled Careliug, Silk, Twi-l, Huitons, Surye, Canvas?, PaJJinj, Selci-u, eVc. e.!', Ilirliuglon,20 May, 1512. A CAltu. TAKF. Ihii Hieiboli f -nu erely Ihankin jtlw o il -lie f, r ihe very I pa'ionaze I have ic-e-ivi-it from tlie-iu while in bu-ine for tlie la-l nine veai", and hoie by celliiifrchcnp and paving close alleiuinn to l heir want, to r"-e-vu a eonliii'ianeo ol Ihe -nine. I am now rei-etvin J a verv iar'e -lock of ,earoual le Good-, I i.u.-ht at the pre-eui very low prue.,and rarne-lly invile nil wi-hiug lo pur.-hn-e to examine my toik I el'oro buying e -ewhere, a. I think lkey will ave money by so doing. SOLOMON H.irlingion, 3:h May, 1812. CU.OVF.R SI-'I D of a superior ijusluvjii't re .ved I and for sale by II W. CATLIN, May 13. Strongs limMing. Silks, Challys anil Muslin ite I. allies. r) IOH plain lllk. ond lllue lllk. Gro de Rhino nnd t Grode Swis, nnd rich plain Satin, sniped, tlg'd and blue black Gro deAfiiquo .-1LKS; rich satin, striped and lig'd. Light and Duk do ; rich plain satin Mripcu e uaiiys: co. uo. .iiusiui "e 1..11111 . M,iyU. just receive!, II W, CATLIN. SHEEP TOBACCO. M 2fTl(ri Pound- low 9. May, IS 12. prieivl 'l o! ai eo, s lira1 le lite-.i, tar -a!o ky s.wal: Tllesuliscnlierha.' u-t rettiriieel from ew ork with a ,well selected a--e.rt-uieut of wool d)o.l CLOTHS nnd ctssiMcnus : Alio, Summer Good, Vo.ting and Trim iiiiugs of tho very loil quality. The abovo article were purchased with car.-aud uottnepoor irlii-letoLotouiu 111 he lot. l'AIIION AND STVIiH For the aged, Middle aaed, and the Young. 't he -ub-i-riU-r parlieularl)- reque-l-, the attention ol yo nig geiiileuieii to the -Ivle of I)res and I-roct Ce.dls uiali, at his e-labli.-hmeut tills Spring. aa" tleineii more hiImhiicJ in life can be aecomiuudatW with i'arnient.s adapicl 10 their a;e, general apjiear-aiu-e, iec. .Ve. More than usual pains taken a- to M7u, e.i.e and e-oiulort. Havms obtained the latet iinpiovuineut-. in the arl of Culling mid Making gentlemen'.- srannent-i l'allkinil-.cvby imitating the mo.: -ue-ie ftul of City Tailor- 111 continual improvement from tune to time, the s icrder tru-t-that his elah- ii-i.incul will Le found cue 01 the very lest tu mo COUIllry. JA-MF.S M1TC11FLL, Draper andTailor. N. H. rfori.k l..i,e cu-tomer atlbealiove etab-i-hnieiit. Gentlemen n.t a?Uud to take a garment lunle lilted. ll.irliiigl..n, 13 May, IS 12. -iJ.t. i 1 w wmSm i.Kr.u. Shawls nud lldkf. BROCIIA, Marino, heavy fiflet. rich si'k InnganJ suunro Shawls t China, fillet and tn-h llgM aun Scarfs; ib. do. 'Iiiijii, pjnge-, il igg and Sjiittafield lldkfsi blaik Italian fancy si'k It.ikfs. and f'ravnts May 13. Just open, II. W. CATLIN. rPARl.TON Ho.inet Sills, Muslins andl.nwn, as L sorted eoloisj Flowers, Ribbons. Honnet Reeds nna Wlnleboiies, very cheap by II. vv. OA U.I N. '? (ioutls nnd irv Prices. Q M. POPI-: rospectfully informs his friend and, O. the iubh tint ho is now receiving his Spring supply of NKW GOODS( which have been purchas ed at lh,i present low prices, and will be sold at d small ndvnnce from cost, llurlington, May 12, 1312. TOBACCO: HoM"iTi)' aevn, Keg- do. 10 Cut do. for talo by 0May,lS12. S. WALKER. TO PRINTERS. WANTF.I), a PRESSMAN and COMPOSITOR, hy C. Goodrich. May o. FARM FOR SALE. ifznX FOR KALI., that well known rami su fV!A uated in Milton, about one mile fioni ihe 1 i Ha urT''r fr'alls, formerly owned aiid occuui'd in- me leev. r. iv. irane. cuiiitiiiiuiu uc- tween 27111111! 300 acres of lind, conipri cd in part of iiiowiiif, ullage and pastnrini, nnd good vvond lots nnilsuar 0 inru. o.uo inriii i weii w.ueicu, uua n .' i. , . r 1 -.1. . f 1. two good ' un 1 nouses, one 01 w nicn i m in iciv, the other ni v id, bolh.tii good repair 1 three good pood onpH, .10 01 wiucii is ou oy -i 1 icci, uiu iiuioa 30 IV lUlcit, a iiniie- i.iiiii nun wiiici u. 'PO LLT. The lot e.f land and one IIou-on Pearl JL Siree-i, known ns the Mun-ou lot, Lnqiure 11, above. At LYMAN $ COLE'S, Lad.e' Bronze Kid Tie-, " Kid 1 its and Slips, " lllac-k and coloreil cloth Gaiter, Children's e-oloicd Gailerr, " Urniizi. " Illaek Ki I llooiee., GenlV Kid and Morocco Piiniji-, May IS. COMMUNICATION. Mil. KDITOlt, Please just sny to your rrnucrs hot ilm.e who have examlntil the new and heavy stock of Goods at btoi J a, ntf.intanauiy pleased with the style, and particularly wun tne pri ces. A largo assortmet of Goods, at tho lowest pri ees, probably, will not fail of pleasing them. Ilutlington, May 2T, Ml?- CTiTrtt'TJS IMLI.'S KS'lTkll. ti;.i,i.ii r-k..;'.'1: NT. ) TI10 Hon. tho Probate i... 1 1'"". ss. ( court for ihe District of , ii.uiiiw. ., . ,i, ni,,,.rcnn- , ...b,! : ,, ..r Alphetis liar lato f M,,0I) jn BaiJ d,',, 1 ivlltr;l!'Ji'll,:;niMra.orsnf ,ho cs'm" of id decease. , prop.ijes loc1Ir H BCCOUnf of niinislralion.nnoprev., ,,eir account against .--""" ". "7 "cla iiwnnro at a sets 011 of lh'Tl ,lUl -vbr hoblen at tKo Regitn-r's cause, if ony von havT v. bt. f " 'd'. n"rd shnuhl not he allow. ,ir U,),tl' "0UM nforc"l Given under my Imnlvr Oiii,.bi.. ,1,1. ...1. j . cl May A. D. 1611. uu,ington this Joth day "u. Wif-TON, Regijtcr NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, n. woods 'ITTOPLD re-peoifiillyiutorni Ihe Ladie. and Gen t tlciiii-n of lliirlmgtuii und vinniiy thai bo has rticnily oi-oiuil ancstal IisIiiiihiiI vilirre he will man ufacture, (wholen!c and retail) all kind, nf work in the Shte- line. Ileha. ju-t reccive.1 In ni Ne-vv Vork inepro cut .tjleol I.n-I, toge-lhe-r with a clicii e se- 1. ,, and vi nlfr hrnliehl inio thein (fllll to 1 Ibe lire ell thehoueiu log-, V1 nlso three good wells of water lection of Sien-k. lluwill kivp cou-tantly on hand on tin farm ; bein; desirablo situation for a man and inaiiufai-tuie 10 order all kind, ol work " got 1" tjauer uooti uauiiv it.iuer, e-. slins. Ac. etc. Alfro. coar.-c und kip Ilo.'!-, l oth liir men and boys ; end Clnllrcn'a bliccsoi all kineij. .Plc.i-t! cjVehim n rail, Iwoile Or-We'fl of the U . . .11. . 1. - ... ..i- .1... .1 If .-- II l ean oiree-i iioioc, ki inu si-nui inc ttuui. llurhnb'lou,.May, ISU. 50.f. who wants 'to rnisVaeat sleek or sheep or both, or ju llu-cenintry ; among wl is an excellent farii-r tho dairy business. Those alf, Goat, and t.aii. vUhing lopurch.iictich a farm would do well by , "'i-k 11 , V alking&boe-., s pplyiug soon to J n and Jomes Mortoi riemises, or to ticn. 111. .Ubli 01 lcw ti.i Millon,MarCh2l, Hj!. Morton on tho even. 42-tf Carnctlngs, Ot ( lotlis ami Hugs. A N extensivo atsortmiiton hand and (or sa'ohy Jl April '-'a. lAVLLV & SF.VMOUR. Itostrin Gurien Vrejlsi Y llOXF.S Gardcil Seed, frou Yankee Farmer Office, Roston, fat Saleb V. GOODRICH. Hay 4. .Also, Whilo Mitlh iry SeM, Ituta Rail Snl, I (scotch purphi ,top) hagoPred.aiinefqiUTih the usual I juice TtiMtn't in'.hMtt (Jtdenct NEW GOODS. nillE subwribci ha lu-t ro, eivrel from Neil-York JL a general axortuit nt ol (ioesls for the Spring Irade. He would myity all tbo-e who wi-h tu buy cheap for ea-h to txaiiune goods tnd prne..ut his et.ul.ll tiineiit. Mo-t kinds it proJue reeeivej in exthane far good?. tit.uAut. it., Sbclhurn.SOMay, IB 12. OnCllITSII.S. SU 10 half el". V TEAS. 20 PORK. 111113. Perl', fi.rtalo by 0 May, ISI2. S. WALKFJl. l ilir.FUNG, 10 llJle tbeetinp-, for sals by O y May. WALKF.R. 5 Che-is O. 9 May, ls)2. II. do. V. do. for .-ale by S.WALKP.R. FLOUR. 1 OH "HIA Siiicrline Flour, 1 )J 50 lull' do. fur rale by GROCERIES. 1 ( HI...Mn!.i-c., 10 do Sugar, 10 Bfxes Leaf do 1 U 111 Hag. C( flee, .1 do. Pepper, 5 do. jSpicr, 10 Kcr- Guuer, 20 ucxe. noaii, forale by 'I Slav. IH12. " S. WALK! R. S. WALKER. May 0. A'lTl'.NTlO.V! riSJir. notes and account- of Iho subscribers have J been lift at the store formerly occupied by thein, with Seih It. Scott, who will atte-nd 10 tiiesettlmg ol the aceoii'its unlit the 12th day of tin- month. All notes and accounts not paid by that time will be left with an officer for collection, as wu must close our 1 usiness as soon a possible. J.Ult.5 i; WilvLIAU CO LU. May 2, 1R 12. AGHNCV AND COMMISSION HUSlNKSs I.N TIIH CITY OF NliW YORK. The un dersigned has cstabli-diud himself nl Nn. -11, Water sired, in the citv of New York, for the purchase and sale ol every description ol iiieiclianiluc, on com miss on. His evteiisive nca laintauce. experience, and facilities, will cuablo him to be of great servteo to those who may vnlrust nun wun tne extcuiioii 01 their orders, and often to save much more than the sum tif Ins commission (to say nolhing of travelling expense ) to his correspondent 111 the pmehase ol his goods. Parties, no: known to the undersigned, sending orders accompanied with ii-iiuitnnee, or s icli reference; a- will piocure credit, hall be insanity and faithfully served. He is a 'cut for the sale of cut and wrought nails, paints, linked and lamp oils of every kind, sperm and mould candles, salaratus, soan urila of turpentine, alcohol, glass, &e. etc., which he will sell for cash or short credit, nl manufacture r'sprieis He is nlso prepared lo receive nil kinds of eountrj produce or nianulacmrts, lo sell on commissi in, and ileib-es himself to use his uliimsl endeavors, at all tunes, inpromo'e tho interest of h s consignor. The underfilled refp.:lfullv sohciis a trial of hi- services, and will net ask n continuance ol favors if nm found todeseivK ihcm. His correspondents will be con stantly advi-edrf Ihe siato of the in irket, which will enable theuilo ihapc tin ir bu--Ties to the best nd vantage. WM. SCMNRR JOHNSON. -I I, Water Street, New York. Refers tn Pcnedict et-. 'I hompson, nnd Oakley A. Looiuis, Now Yorkj nud N, Lovely, Hq , Hurling ton. Annl as. IP42. OROAD CLOTHS, Cass.nieres, Silk Yclvrt, Yi si- IJ ings,nn,l (iainbroons, 01 siipcuur quality, just rcceiveil and now opcnins: by A pnl20. LOVr.LV et SF.YMOUR "I3APF.R HANGINGS, just imported from France, a. some lieaulilul patterns, mr saieiij Apnl 29. LOVr.LYiC SFYMOfR. m r-A TONS Fresh Ground Ploslrr, hy StyW JDPce.jMl, 1 et J. II Ptcst f- Co. ii K K S M K AT HERS! I, lift. LivcGeeM- IValher.-, j"ul receivevl aa I lor raivjor last lower man ever nriore UiOO. 1 .11 III ll'VVIl. II iv 13. C. L. NL'LSON. 49:f. T. I". & tV. L.HTHOXR. n vVING jiuri-baseil of ihe linn ol' Stronjt ite-o tbe.r leC-k m Irade, will continue ihe business' an I o goels in their line, at priev corre with the;. A Til 13. 151- linn- .Mill Sliinci. and Itnltlng Cloths, ( PAIR of French llurr Mill Stones and a com "ph te iwsurlnient of Rolling Cloths, from a celtt-, hraled Mcnufaclorv in Holland, for sale at reduced prres, by FOLIXTTet BRADLEY, Agents. O.iv. 23- -Iici-p Skins fiirlSook Htnglng &c. 5Cf DOZ. Sheep Skin-, a urle'.l qualities on, jWW,ad and tor -ale in manufai-iiireri- and olher. al 'o.vp;. Nov. 3" IS 11. (r, by VILAS, LOOMIS, et Co. roiiAcco. A f flOXhS 'Honn's' Cavenaish Tobacco, L'2do 'CnderV do ilo 20ebi 'Irvine's' rlo do 30 Kegs 'lender's' Ping do 20 do 'McDonald's' do' dn 31 Pre. ISU. by J. A. J. H. PF.CK &. Co. Q.VtVS. .Mill, Cross-cut, and Circular Saws, for k. falchv Jan. 7. IIAGAR & ARTHUR Sign of the Padlock, Corner of Church and Collcg Si ret ta. pi.ACKKMlTII'S MKM.OtVS, a ftwt rati Dnrtiele, nlso Anvils, Vises, Files, kc. lot sa'e hy Sign of the Padlock, ) IIAGAR A ARTHUR. Cor, Ch. and Coll. sts. C GROCFRinS of all kinds, (Liquors excepted)' very chenp by H. W. CATLI.N. May C, 1812. ' Plaster. TVTOVA Scolia Plaster, fresh ground, just reewvej IN and for sale by P. DOOLITTI.E. vi ay ti, 1 b ii. -4Sw(I Uoiinetsatul l.rffhoru HaU. T7ASIIIONAIILE Hminels and L'Sjimn Hats ,t V received anj tor sale by r- t'OOLITH-K. . May3, 1B42. j SiT 1b VEL Y ff SE YMOUR ATI r. now opening a few cases of Goods which' were reccved 'st en'g from New- York, to5 v. hich thVv mv ue tha attention U ltpA Ke. Apt. 1 2JthjI:l2, ,

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