Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 24, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 24, 1842 Page 3
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r with indignation and nnon tlio glistening tear betrayed tlio dco emotions of tho heart. But it needs not that wo should attempt a de scription of tlio cloqiienco of such ti man, to say that Honry Clay spoke, would ho suf ficient. Wo shall, nt thu earliest opportu nity, picsont our readers tho two speeches in fnll. Excellent letters were read from lion. Thomas Ewing, Ion. Uoyd McNnlcy, Hon. J. It. Underwood, and other distinguished genllomcn. A great number of volunteer toasts were presented. The number on the ground was estimated at 25,000, of whom about 3000 wore ladles. All intoxicating drinks were excluded from tho ground, and tho day passed off most happily and without the slightest accident. Long will it ho re membered in tlio ami's Kciitucy! ItllODI 1M.ND. Tho Tory papers in this State and else where arc constantly in the habit of imposing upon their readers the grossest misrepresen tations in regard to the controversy which lias distracted die people of Rhode Island for the last six months. They assert, for instance, with tho most unblushing effrontery, that tho suffrage party have been contending, throughout, for the extension of the right of voting to all the people of the State without distinction, uliilu the legal party are for con fining this invaluable right to landholders and their eldest sons only. Now this is a sheer fabrication, a monstrous and unmiti gated falsehood, and tho Tories .note it to be so. This is strong language, we know, but not stronger than the circumstances of tho case will justify us in using. To prove this, we will only call the attention of all fair minded and impaitial men to the following extracts from the two constitutions, present ed and advocated by the two parlies. It will he perceived that there is scarcely a shadow of difference between them, so far as the right of suffrage is concerned : xr.OALCONTiTfT10N. I srrrn r,r. CONSTITUTION. Sec.3. Every while inalcl 1. Every while uialecil tiMive citizenof of the United States, onue, or any territory ui ine nuc 01 twenty i mr 1 thereof, of the full ago of years, who lias resided in t year, wno snnu nnveiims oinio lor one year, had his actual permanent and in anj town, city, or residence and home in this district of the same for six State fur the period of two years, and in the town or months, next prcecdin: the election at which lie city in which no may claim oilers to vole, shall be nn n right lo-vote, six monihsjclcctor of nil officers who next precentric tlio tune ollarc elected, or mav hero voting, sliaSt have a right after tie made eligible bj Li to vole in the election ofnll civil ntlicers, and on ail question in all legal town or ward meeting. Provi rl'l, however, tint no per son who is not now a fico man, shall he allowed to vote upon any motion lo the people. 1. Xoelectorwhn iannt pop scfed of, and acs,ed for ratable propel IV, in his own ribt, to iho amount of one hundred and fitly dollars, or who shall have ncirloctedor refused to oav unpov a tax, or incnr ex Innytnx assessed upon him pen linnet, in any tou n or in any town, ei'y, or cl.p. city, unit' liepoho tlie trict, for one vcar nrcce Ire; Hold rpiahiicatinn re-' tjnired hy ltii arlirle, or pha'l have ben taxed on property v .-tlne.l, nt least, -it one hundred nnd fifty dol tr, within one ye . from uinir ine town, city, wnnl or district nmot'inc nt which he fhall offer to vote, shall be entitled to vote on nnv question of la.-inuou oi me expcniii lure of any public nionevs in such town, city, or dis Iriet. until the same he ilw ttmi" no may ol.or In vote, and shall have tiaid rnch tax in said town or CUT. Ip-iid. Snc. 7. In the city nfi fl. In Ihe city of Provt denee, and other cities no person phnll lie elbilde to i'roviaence nun an other Uie". no pison shall ! 'fir;ildi! to the odice ofiihe office of mayor, nldrr- mayor, aldrunm, or com mon conncilni-in, who i linn, or coiiiuion coiinetl mm, whn i not laved, or not qualm. I to vote nnon ulio shall hfivn netjleetrd n motion tn impose n tat, or refused to p-iv his tat, or incur expenditures a- .s provided in the iircco );n jirovided. l-'in j section. OLD WINDSOR IN THE FIELD. The Whigs of Windsor countj have open ed the campaign in gallant style. Tliey have raised tlio proud Whig banner of PRO TECTION, and its ample folds float nobly in the breeze. Under this flag the Green Mountain Whigs have won many a glorious victory. Hut old Windsor has nlwnvs led the van. ures to another We rejoice to see her taking incas sustain her proud reputation for year. The Whig Convention was Slh inst 'tut, and after ilhiuing resolutions, vr p '-lisltiug an extra liolden ( he-re on the having adopted the measures were ta!.. Whig journal un l were appointed ter hi. millers of vigilance evei school district in the county. Let oh. Chittenden follow her lead. llttohed, That in the opinion of this Convention, the redemption of our country from the disastrous, ud di'tiessmg effects of 12 years misrule under tho livo last administrations, is now tunirjly dependent on tfo establihhmeiit of nn efficient an 1 protective tar- Jlttotrct!, Thatlt is only to the continued triumph And success of the Whig pnrty that we can look to obtain protection to our agricultural, mamifacmring mechanical and induMry that the great body of llie locoliico party are openly opposing hiich protection, nd the late r-pecinus prf tenuous of pym yathy for thewool-groweis, paraded in the pnpersof that patty in (his Stale, are obv ionpy intended only to excite hostility nnd division between the inutiially depenelcnt interests of the wool grower and manu facturer, with the hopo of preventing the passage and t italJifbtHont of any low for the protoction of American industry. Ilaolrcd, Thnl tho cause nf the Whig party is now, ne it always has been, in'tenuficd with llm pro-w-ction ot American Industry and that, as Whigs of Vermont, as ritizcn of tho most industrious state in the Union we will rally to the rescue in that cause, till the star on the banner of Vermont shall bo known as the alar qf industry, as well as "thtstur that nerer sets." The foregoing resolutions were taken up separately and adopted. Tho Senatorial ticket is ns follows,- Tl-., ,,,,! fr.,n. r,r II-.I-....! l..t... !.... r ' iJiiruoru, o. union r. wuiioii 01 vavenillsil, and Abner Field of Springfield. WHIG CONVKTION. "Once more to the hrcach !" Again would we call the attention of nil trite Whigs to the Convention which is to meet at Williston on Wednesday of nest week. Havo our friends in tho several towns appointed their delegates! If not, let it he dono immediately. Not a moments time should he lost. Lot us havo n general rally from every part of the county. Will our friends in Milton, Jericho, Iltnesburgh, Charlotte, Huntington, Shelbtirn, Westford, Richmond, Colchester, etc. &c. see to it, that this matter is not neglected ? Lot us not he caught napping this year. The apa thy and negligence of tho Whigs almost lost us tho county nt tho last election let us profit by that reflection. Como Whigs, gird up your loin". Rally! Unito! Orgnnizo! No longer fold .your arms in fancied scurity. Remember you have nn ever vigilant, over active foe to meet. Prepare for it in scaron. Let us give them such ;t drubbing this year that they will bo fomented lo stay whipped for several years to come PROM TEXAS. Tho sloampackctNcw York, at Now Orleans brings Galveston dates of tlio 3d Inst. The papers contain little other news than tlio continued preparation of tlio government for op. orations against Mexico. M. DeSaligny, Charge il'Aff.tirs of France, lias arrived In Houston. Corjms CTin'sli.-MoV'crnl trader from tho Rio Grande came to Corpus Christl a week or two since to trade, and were immediately seized by tlio soldiers and thoirproperty disposed of among tlio companies subject to the order of tlio oxocu. live. Tlio President nnon hoarinsr this ordered that tlio captives should ha released and their prop, crty restored to them. According to the latest news Irointlic Kio Urandc, Col. Kinney was under guard at Mnntcrry. Saverago was on the Sol-Colorado with a few hundred cavalry. Tho .Mexicans were fortilyiiig tlio public Fiitiaro in Matnmoros. A ditch was dug and pickets set up around this stuarc,a year ago ; but it is a weak defence. It is said there ntu 1500 sol. diers at Matamorati we do not believe there arc 700. The Mexicans it U reported, scout tho idea that Texas will be able to invade tho country. They will ridicule tho idea still more, doubtless, when they hear that the invasion is to be made in midsummer ! Arista is but ill proprcd to defend the country, and it is believ ed lie will not venture to give battle if 1000 Mexicans should March against him. Houston Telegraph. Varlikc. Tin President has appointed Gen. M. Hunt acting !.ipoctor General of tho'Hopub lic witli orders to organize tho troops that are to be mustered into service. We understand tho President intends to order out a certain por tion of tho troops of each county of the Repub lic, with the exception of the counties of ISoxar, Goliad, Itefugo, San Patrico and Travis. Indian Officer. Wa learn that Flacco, a nn ted Lipan warrior, has lately received a commis sion, or rather a note, authorizing him to coin maud a company of Lipans. A slight shower of rain loll at Houston on the last of May, after a continued drouth ot two months. A correspondent writes us tho following par ticulars : "There is bnt little news in our country at present which will interest our friends in tho U. stale?. J he determination appear lo lie a sot tlcd one, both among the people and the execu tive, to make a formidable invasion of Mexico. An extra sendou of Congress been called, which is to meet in Houston on the. '27thnt June tho object ol which is mn!ortiod lo be the do. vising of incasmcs for carrying on thu invasion. The crop will be oil' the hands of tho farinurs pievioiis to the commencement of the expedition An nllicial order has been issued for a draft of soldiers from the various counties of the Re public, which you will ce in the papers with winch you exchange. It is supposed a sufficient iiumburto fill the older will volunteer, thus ren dering a di aft unnecessary. J-'uom Uun.vos Avitns. ISy the La Pla ta, at Philadelphia, the Courier and inquir er has received Buenos Ay res papers to the beginning of May. They contain some farther accounts of the action between Oribe and Lopez, in the pro vince of Santa Fe. The results of the sfiair nre slntcd lo be ;C0 kilh il nnil.-.'.O prioiiors ; there were also capluied 15,00-0 lunges, 39,000 head of cattle, 1 oi-i-is of arnlli rv, Ijnjr pice, fic. Of 2000 men carried into nctn n by f.oie., some 1200 to l'JOO nlmoit at the first rltnigc pnsncd to the ranks of tho Federal army Lopez himsc!!, .ac companied by two adjutants, had dlictcd liiscneupo loan Island in the Parana. The supeicnryo of the La Plata fives the most plooniynceoiintof the statu of both conimeicnl and pobticil atl'urs ; iiobuaines of any kind doini;; owiuj lo the disturbed s'ate of the inteiior iheie was no pro duce coining to mniket, airl e elr weredaily leaiint; 111 hnllat, and takitiL' in a little frrisht lis ballast for next lo notliintr. The U. S. Ship Deeal-ir uas wa in llinbarbor of Jliienos Ayro-, at iat datts. I'honiilsh niioiwf.-r bail enupe.1 by Ion remonstran ces lo uo-siis n roeca hi oe sei io uie noriioiu oiiimii ib win -h had been for some lime nightly pupctnitcil. Why is a locomotive like the lading of a ship 1 Becausu it makes the car go. Why 'is a somewhat sooty chimney like a small chicken ? Because it is a liltlc fowl. Why is a sceptical Hindoo like a man who hesitates about taking tho Temperance pledge 1 Because lie is doubtful whether to worship Jug-or-not. If a boar could talk, what word represent ing a professional character among the Un mans, would he pionounrc, after having de voured a little girl ? Gladiator (hul I ale her.) A young gentleman called into one of our city shops the other dav to look at some fan- . , , , ,, , . , cy articles, nnd, on beint; told the price of ono or two for which he had enquired, asked 1 the blushing lass behind the roiinter if " she . , ,,,1,1 , j, was not h little dear. " U hy, all the. ynuiig gentlemen say I am, was the brilliant re- ply- Definition. Omnibus a l.iss all round, A merchant in the .South part of the Slate ' occupied with study and agriculture. .V. Y. Stand- ndvertises reflecting ovens for sale. We!""' , n , ., . . I Piurs or Was ix oi-n II union. Our harbor pre- sball expect soon to bear of imaginative , .l3an unusual ami very animating array of ships gridirons, sensible warming-pans and con- . . , . , sciomious uooi jacKS. " Nono of your hark biting," us the puppy said to the lien. " You are quito porotm," as tho spectator said to Niagara falls. From the lialtiinore American. The Hon. John C. passed through Hich niond a few days ngo, on his way lo the South, to look after llio new gold mine on hislaiul in Liunkin county, Georgia. We have already i-laled that llirec wi Kb' work in thi- mine, by Ifi bands, produced 7810 uvvis.oj gold, a later account says " On Saturday last, the richness of this mine bc-o-I tiling tuoroniid uiorecirlaiti, it was vi-ited and exain- inexi by a niimlierol gentlemen) and some of them having descended nbont fifty feet into the lull nm ex nimnud Ihe vein, Mr. Lawrence dug nut aouantityof ine vein ore, nnn u in ing puivcrizeii in n Fpi'einoitar one panful nf tho same, not cxeeulmg live ipiarts yielded two hundred nnd sixty penny weights ol gold There was nl.o taken out of the vim nnotlur panfu nf the ore, of tho same sue", which being ptilvi ri7td yielded the large amount of thns) hundred and forly penny we'shu nf gold -the two panfuls neiually yielded six hundred pennyweights, Tho company continued mining, and including the gold from thef said two panfuls, eollecled in one day the amount o IlMdwts. The Kirhnmml F.nrjuircr, Irom which wo copy this account, says Krom the great interest tnkrn by the people of Georgia in their new- search after gold, wr should fear that much lalor nnd capital will be waslefully employed. The lutory of gold mining in Virginia presents n gloomy picture. Like ninny other bid' bier it haR created false hopis, nbstrnclriT money, mind nnd labor, from useful objects, nnd finally it has burst nnd scattered ruin among its deluded victims. GOV. HILL r.XCOMMUNICATF.D. At tho late N. II. Locof.ico Slate Convention, hold rn at Concord, Henry Hubbard was re-noniinetcd for Governor, and the following resolution was adop ted I'esolrcd, That Isaac his warfare ngainM the usages nnd principles of the democratic party which generously warmed nnd nourished him into l.fe, and winch gave him all llwctinserpiencu he ever pnssc-seil, but upon v hich, viper like, ho now turns nnd nttemps to sling and destroy by bis shameless falsehoods nnd mis reprecontations, nnd by his open union with tho federal party,at the same titnoptclond. ing lb:it he is still a democrat, be may carrv on his system of hnslibty and deception, more effectually, lias broadly separated himself from the democracy of New Hampshire, and forfeited nil claims to their sup. oorl nnd respect, nnd that he henceforth be rrgnrdee ns on enrmv an ' traitor, to ihe demortaiie parly and lie trtatnjacconiir.gly. . , Thus it will be s en that Jsnr ILll i no longer a i- mbirejih tva"cd 1J' roorr"'. r r v " Dr.An 1'r.on.n Livn Hunt:." In Mnc- kenzio's " Socond Campaign in China," ho thus describes n remarkable suburb of Can ton : " One suburb of the city deserves partic ular mention : heinc, In thu literal accepta tion of the term, a city of the dead. It con sisted ofn well-built town, which was appar ently not inhabited by living beings, but de voted entirely to the tenants ol tho toinli. I he fionl oflbe bouses was appropriated to the worship of Joss, while the hack part was bvitled into several small chambers, each containing soveral coffins, arranged on ele vated platforms, and surrounded with inrensu burners. Tho outside of theso chamher.t was tastefully ornamented with beautiful creeping plants: whilo over tho doorway wore generally inscribed some Chinese char acters. The coffins were very thick, and made of camphor wood ; nnd, when open ed, contained embalmed bodies in tho high est preservation. Each "tenant of Ins nar row bed," being attired in his, best clothes, presented no unpleasiiig imago of our long sleep. One coffin, in particular, contained a mandarin, dressed in full uniform, with rich satin robes and cap nnd button, denoting the rank of the deceased : one hand held a fan, and the other a Chinese chop, pctchnnco a letter to Charon ; whilo some money was ar ranged on his breast, in the form ofn cross, intended, no doubt, as a fee for the boatman. T. he Chinese arc, I believe, very prticular in paying rcfpcct to tho memory of their ancestors, which may, in some degree, ac count for the extremo noutness of this im mense mousoleum." Correspondence of tho U. S. Oazctto. Wasiiinoton, Jnno 11,1842, J. R. Chandler, Ksq i The National institution jor tho promotion of science bold a meeting la-t evening in Ihe lari:e Hall of Patent office, which it occupies with its various und already very valuable collections of specimens m -Natural Philosophy, derived chiefly from the Imploring K.vpedition. Tho meeting was numerously attended by gentlemen from different sections of ihu Union, and presided over by its Presi dent, Mr. Poinsett, who ripaind to this city fioni bis residence, Georgetown, South Carolina, for the fcole purpose of being pre-cnt. This einccs a zeal for the cause ofscieiiee and an interest in thesucces of tho Institution, highly coininendtble, and worihy one of its principal founders nnd presiding officers. air. Preston nddtcssul llictiicduigin bis most hap py manner. His address was pertinent, chaste, glowinir, and splendidly cb ij.icnt. So powerful ami ellective, so rich and captivating, wele bis remarks, that ono or two other gentlemen of the highest stand ing nnd profound learning, fioni whom remarks wire expected, ihough not promi.-ed, could not be induced to follow him. Professors Johnson and Hspy of your city were present t the former trot onn explnna'tion of an im provement in tteam boilers, iuieiited by him ; and iho latter of his very simple, but admirable and ef fccfic contrivance for ventilating ships and rooms and remedying smoky lire-places. Uisnpparntus had been applied to the ship Pennsylvania, nnd bad in n vi ry shorttimodrnwu all tho ioul and mepbitic air from every pint of her, even her lowist hold. The ineetiligwnse.xlitiiielygratifymgto the mem bcrsnf the Insiitulioii and otlirri. present, nnd gnvean impetiisto its future success w bicli cannot fail lo le felt, lively lover of science nnd general improvu meiit ovist rejoice in iho prosperity of such a Na tional Institution, nnd no one can fail to bo gratified that there is at leist one common and neutral ground on which men of opposing political deeds, may meet as friends and co-laboters. Cms. on Ltitn MiciiitiAx. We learn from Mr. Adams, of the Illinois, which lelt Chicago on Thurs day lat, that a fuiioiw mlo pievailed upon Lake .Michigan on Friday last, from which it is feared much damage has bien sie-tnined. Tho Illinois lode out the gale in safety ar .MilwaiiUioJiut n guillcmnn who croseu me peninsula irom uiucagn, nnn ioiik me Ill inois nt Iietioit, saystlienew ling Richmond, Dor chester, master, and schr. Indium. Cant. Dorr, went a-hore s-omivvlieio between Michignn eitv and the for- mer port. Doth of these vessel have full cargoes of grain, ami consilium neie wo iniieve. The stiamer I heaspeal e was near Chicago when overtaken by the gale, and tiicountcreil thu worst of it. On entering that poit she rnti foul of the nicr. ear ning awny her whn I house and injuimg her wheels soinew-iiai, oiii uiutiiy gni m. Tliosearolhe only ileins weare ablo to gnlher. -n .., :n ,.. .. it W ' i ' ' .t""",""'y u .-iroeuiar Iiv. I om. Adr. June l.. The Commissioners from Maine, Judce Preble, Mr ttavnnnriii, t.overnor Kent, aim Uolooel tins, nrrivpu in this city on S-.iturdny evening Ins!. The cninmis- sinners from Massaclni Its, Hon. Mr. Lawicnee, Mr. .Mill, and Mr. Alb-n. the Coiumitteefioiu New llrunswnk, .Mr. Sunonds, f-penker of tlio House of ,cml)ly, nnd air. .ilcl.augiiiin, wnmcn ol llio uis-putc-d Itrritoi y, and .Mr. ltced, Sccnlai y of the Gov ernment of New- Hriin.wic!t. mid ?" Mr. Wl, Trom Canada, are now In this city, for llio purpose of iicting iii roiH-ei i won me oeeit uiry 11 o one auo i.'im .mi burton, her I'tiltnnic Maiestv's special niinistei plen irotentinry, in an nt'empt lo adjust uuucnMv iln Tiestion of the Northeastern boundarv of the bulled Stales. We understand the usual preliminaries h.iv been gone through vi h, and ihat ihe cominiioit era ate now nwailing a prono.'iii.jn from thu Iliil'sli aitmste-r. tiinuc. j Tun Amistad Akiucan". Uy tho btig Wasp, I I.eavilt, 1 1 days from rfitrra Leone, intilligenco has been recivtd from lln Mi-Mouarics who ae.-otnpati-' led Ihe bbernhd Aliieans lo llitir native land, to April :0th. ltev. Wil lam Itaymond with In wifeaud child I continued in good htallb t but Lev. James Steele had been dangerously sick Willi the fever. MrhUile-had ( returnul from bis exploring visit down the const, with . Cmquc atida few of theother Mendians-afterat, : iil.- cncu nf twenty days -and found no location whero 1 they could advantageously establish tho mission. I Soonafler his return behad a violent fever, which con- i ihmci a,,m lhrt.e W(,,Us. ,. ,e ,aM nmMg ho was convalescing, but his physician had advised him to return, lor simo month, ta the United states, lie; fore the rainv season liould cnmincnce, to recruit his heal h. Sir. Itaymond has taken n farm at York, near Sierrn Leone, whrrc part nf tlio Mendiars nre i P.r wi" ii n.. do luie-ot-nattie ship NoriiiCnro uia lies on thu Cnstlo Garden j outude of her is the lint- isli rane Warsnite : lower down the bay llio United Sintis frigate Columbia : nil' the entranrcof ilml-'ast Iliver, tbeUnited Slab s brig Washington i nnd higher uplbeNonh Iliver, Ihe United Suites brig Seiners, manned chiefly by apprentices. Off the Navy Yard, the Vinccnncsj ami at the Yard, llio steam frigati Missisippi. A'. Y. F. rvrits. rOUHTII OF JULY CKLKIlItATlON. The inhabitants nf llinc'liurgh will celebrate the coming fourth of July on stiictly temperance princi ples. Prieess'ion will form on the Green ncitr Ihe l!apiit Meeting House nnd march lo the Congrega tional Meeting House, where an appropriate address liny be expected, nfler which refreshments will be furid'hrd by the citizens. Inhabitants of adjoining towns nre rcsdertfully invited lo attend, lly order of Committee, K. M. ri'LLF.rt, Pec'y. NOTICF.. The friend nf the Teinpernnee caue in the town nf Ibirlinct" n iMVongitrd toeelebrale ilie-tih of July, by p'iblie speaking, !'iti-io, and a eoM oolla'inn, tile particular. nf which wdl lo iriven next week. All the Irn-n 1 of tho eniee in the e oiiiity are invi ted 10 atlcnd and participate Willi n-. TUMPRKANCK NOTICK. An adjourned nice ting of the Young Men's Total Ab-linenco Society will be hidden this evening at the Court House, at half-pa-t seve n o'clock. A punctual attendance' is requested ns business eif much iuteieet will be I rouuht forvvniel, S, PATLK, Jre., Secretary. ATTENTION ! Thomnnlicrs of tho llurhngtnn Light Infantry arc rcipiestid to meet nt Iho I'lanklm Motel to-morrow, Satiirelav, at 1 o'clock, in complete uniform, for the purposo nf a Military drill. It is hoped that there will bo a general "turn out." lly order of the Caplain, June 23. Tnhlo Btit.lor. A1IH 0rMI:YIS bavelevn made with Tarnicr. for a i',ly of Ihe e hoiee-t Tal li' I inter the Juno 21. S. II. SCOTT. LAST NOTICK. ALL pTnn indeble-d to L, ,M. Wright it Co., to II, W. Cnlhn iV Co., rrio Ilieko!, .f. Cailiu will ide-a-!' le'co'vetln na la -I noiice'ihvl their accounts inu-t lo imiut'diaie'iy M'ttksl, 'I'hcywill haveevvry attention paid them by tailing at the Hereof Juno 21, II. W. CAT!. IN. Paper Hangings. ANFW 'ct ' heap, bv lut.i-21 B II. SCOT r Man irficxfll In this town, on iho 21st inst., by tho Rov. O. O. Ingorsoll, Mr. Amos G. SrnAn, of tlio firm of Peck it Spcnr, to Atiss Catiiaiiink M. IIowaiw, youngo-t dnitghterof John Howard, Esq , nil of thispfaco. tn tbii town nn the lfilh inst., Mrs. Sally f.und, vvifoof Mr. Joel Lund,ni'i.l 40 yews. Priultrain Yt. and N. II. nre rnepic stub HARDWARE. uh-crilcr having icec-iuly ri-nlenuhod bis mm: j. ktooki.l llnrdwntt o'.iori fir snlu the I'ollowlne food-, nt tho lowcnt price. Cutlery. T il.le nnd Pecrt Knives and l'ork,Pn nnd Pork el Knives, Razor. Scissor, Slurp Shear., Butcher Ivuivc. Shoe do., Slevlf, Ac. &v. Carpenters' nnd Jolliers' Tools. Cnt nnd Spring Steel Pnniicl, Maud ami Ripping Saw Circu'nr iln. from 8 tn 21 inche:; Cruv-eut nnd Mill dot Sinter's Hi ace and Mill j Firniernud in or t it ; Chi-cl ; Gouge", I'lnno lion, Auger, Sim mons' llnnd Axo , Adze-, Hummer', ike.) Bang' and Baldwin'. Plane-; Tape r, Pil--inv. Mill.vaw, Hninrd, Eemal nig. Wnrilmi! and Cabinet Files t Shi r. Wool and liurM; Hasp) n general assortment of Sidlcry Hardware. Farming Utensils. Cradles, Scythe., Manure nnd liny Fork) Hoe i Anic' Sinn el j Spade-, Ditching Shovel., &c. etc. Furnishing anil Builders' Hardware. Tray, llritaiinin Tea ami Codec Pot. j Lamps j Spittoon ; Hand and Tea IJell-j Cnlor ; Britannia, Gentian Mlvcr and plaled Tea ami Table Spoeins ; Metal and ennnieled Sauce Pan j Frying Pan, Ilal-c Pan, Pot and Kettle, lira Kettle, Fire Irons, tSso. I.oel.J BiittHinge! James' Soiew.) Norfolk and Knob Latches! Wake's E.eiile-heon tin. t Window I-listening; Sn-h Puilie! Kail he-row; lied Screws; Mahogany and Glav t urmturo Knobs: Glue, iVe-. etc. JIII10 24. .M. J. IlL-Vl, Stronpi,' linildinc. NOTICK. 'TMln Sill ecril crs will nnv ea-h fern few thou. and X pound of rood Fleece Wool. deliverl nt their siore, ncHiioi I'euri-strcet. liHADLt.y a: hvde, Burlington, June 23, 1812. Ilroadcloths Clicnpcr titan ever. rIMIK subscriber has iust received an assortment i of Cloth, recently purchased in New- York nt Auction, which he ofitrs for salo at such prices ns cannot but suit purchasers. Those in want will do well to call on Juno 23.1 II. W. CAT1.IN. iVEtr GOODS. BLUE lllk. Iloinbuziue-, Crape-. Oiled Sill;, heavy Satin Vcline, Linen nnd ICi l Glove.. S iiso iii-ertaig. nonue iviiiKon-, Ariuieiui. t. I a mu Lravats, lablean-l l(uia Diaper-, Cotton riint-: Cotton llo-e, ipc. &u. ju-d reeetved, by Jnno 23, 1812. II. W. CATL1N. PILCLS rieneli nnd American P.U'l.It MR VI C ........ ....... ..t Juno 23. by 11. W. C.Vn.lN. Hlanclinrd's Scythes. A I.AIiUK updy of thu above celel ratesl Scythe, k. waitaule'il, for sale nt reduiol price. LOLLL'IT' ,f. IIItAliLKV, Atrents. Oil Dock, June 21, IS 12. Cedar Posts. t nfin CfiDAI! POSTS, a fir-t ra'r article, fi r sale- low bv KtlLLh'IT IHtAl LI'-Y. out i inci;, hi .nine, isiz Carpet Yarn, II. SCOTT. Cocoa, at P. B. SCOTT'S. SU1ISCR1PIIONS FOH THK NEW WORLD JILCKIVED AT THE BURLINGTON BOOKSTORE. PKKSON3 wMnng to avail tin m 'elves of the many iniere-liiig publication iiied in the.Vcir World. can le Mipplied with the nie, Iree of jio-tage, I sivnii 1 icir naine lo 10 suh-erii cr. worn-, -in a Znnoiii, and Jaeoiiene, and tho-e of similar eliar- actor, chii I e porebaed at the very low linen of from ISj 1025 ct-. The new novel, Merit)' l-.riistoiii, bv Jaine, i- now ready lor iale. June 17, 1812. " P. A. WiA.MAN. flIIlO Speeehe of the Hon. Thomas V. Makiiai I X on ALCOHOL and I NTK.M I ' Kit A N C K, n KASHIO.NAHLI-; WINr.-DltlNKI.NG, delivered I he lirondwav I al ernaele. New- l ork, on the eve i May -l:li and' 7ih. Wu invite the nlleiition of th fiiend ol Temperance, lo the al eve work, frem it inlrio-x- worlli, a. well n it - " ur.i.u uilinireilie-o orator. -June 2-1, IS12. I'- A. BltAMA.W Ilnir Soatin. 1 O 20, 22, 21, and 2C inehe.. jut re-cnivel and XvJ, for sale- by June-2t. W.J. HUNT. Stri-no1 ll-iil-lonr II A TS ! HA TS ! ! V NOIITIUl lot of Superior Moleskin Hats, of the J. Viatcst hlvle.just received by S. M. POPi:. June 23, 1812. COMMIS.-IONI-It'S NOTICK. AXTL the Snl scnl er-, having been nppointtsl 1 the' Hone lal le tho Preil ateCoiirt for the Di-trici ol Chillendt-n, e'ommi-. inner to leeeivv, cxaimne and adiu-l the edaiin ami elemand eif nil ier.ein aguiiiM thee. tate of .Mar-hall Uowb-y, bee ot Mihon in -aid ili-lnol, i eve-a el, lepre-.enteil in-elvcnl, anil alo all e'lann- and eli'inaud- exlnbiicd m o'liel ihere to; and six month from ihe elav ol the-elate hereei Inns allowe'd by -aid! otirt for Purpo.-e-. wceli therefore he-rely give uoliee, vn will attend to the bn-ine-.- ol iour appniiiiiiieiii, at tho elwilliu, home ol the idow Pliduna l!eiw ey, m She Ibiun. aiddi!ru l, on ihe l' h elay of July, al-o on the ICth iiny in .xoveiui it nexi, at 1U o'cioei;, .v. ai, en eaci ol id elay-. Daicd thisSlh day ol J mc, A. I). 1812. MK.MAN tlAltS TOW, JComnii JONATIIA.N LYON, Holier. "IT7K the sut icril cr-, having 1 ee-n'nppoin'eil by l llonornl'lc the I'lol ale Com l lor I lie Di-triet rt t hiltere'en, coiiimi inner lo receive, examine nm. nnjii-I the eimni nnilileuiand e, all per-on-, again llio o-laie of lii-naniiu Ailam-, late of .Milton in aul I'lflrict, iltxt-arftl, icpre'sfHliil iu-o vent, and abo a claim and ileinaiid-ixliil'iie-,1 in ei'l-el thereto and mx uioiiiu iruio mo eiay oi r lie eiate ne-reor, i e n: allow-e-d by -aid e-emrt for.lhat purpe si-, we elo theie foro hereby give none e-, I hat we will aitend lo lb biiMiie of ii'ir appointment, at llio dw elling of it J. Aelain., In Milton in anl l)i-triel,nn ihe 15th dav Ml llt'l, ill JO 11 e-IHh, .V. .'I. Dated thi 25ih elay ot May, A. D. ISIS. joiin Jackson. H-onm LI.UAII HLHItlCK, J .ieiie-r. WIltliCMilM-riler-, having I ceil appointed by the lltiuorablu ihe l'rol ale Ceairt lor ihe Di tni't of l-lnili'iiden, I'onimi.siOHer lo reee-iyi-, rxam ine and aoust ini-i-iaini ana itemuna ol all pe r-on ngain-e the i-Male of John Norton, lale nflljiie- biirrb,in saidehs'rie-t, ileee-a-e-.l, reprc-enietl in-edveni una iu-o an eiaiins ana eieniauii. c xmi'iien in o'l-e i hereto: and ix month from ihe elay o( ihe ela iiereeu, isiiiik aiinw-e i oy ham t ouri lor nisi purpn we elo therefore hereby give- notice, that we will r tend to tliobu-ine ol our appointment, at lire dwtl hnz eu Ihe vv idow Ainxmh Norton, in 1 1 tn f -I iti ir li in said ditrn-l, on the .reond Mondays-ef July ao, .nvi-micr next, ni io ircii'tK,.!. .VI. on eaeii ol Mtnl '1 iy. Iated thi-22l.lynt April, A. 1). IS12. JOHN S.P.Tltlt'h' ) Commi IM-MKI. PATItlCJv jr. Mouer- LOUIS UFliVILI.I?,-: I'STATK. STATE OF VF.UMDNT. ? The lion, theProhatc IMstriciof CliUieniliu, s.s. J courl for the District of ijhilienden : to nil pi r-nn concerned m Iheislntr Lotus Djrvill.'lateof llurliugton in fa il Ditrict. ceased, Grtttine. Whereas Win. A. Griswbld ndmimstralor of the estate ol saiel eleceaseet, preiposes lo render an nc count of his ndniinistiation. nnd present his nc count npninst said e siale fr cxannnalion and allow. iioi-eiii ii n sneiu oi iiu-eoiirt oi t'loiinic, to nelioi elen nt tho Ile-gis let's ntlie-e in liuilington in said tits iricl on iho second Wednesday of July next. There fori', vein are hereby notified lo appear before sa.n court ni ine tune and place ntoresaiei, nnd show caiic, il any you have, why the account afoti said snouiei not oe aiioweti. Given under mv hand at Ilurlington this 23d day oi june a. I', ir-w. Wm. WFSTON, Uegisicr S.'idillory, Coiirli Mioiniitrilu aro in nil Us vntittii's. also, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, yrusif nf all Ai'nefs, Joiner's Tools, e-c. The sii1 srribers are now receiving supplies of thn nbovc goods, nt tlio old stand, cerncr of Church nnd College stittls, sign of the Padlock. II AG All et ARTHUR. Burlington, 27th May, 1&12. ICSFfFK ATI I K It S ! "J" LPS. I'e'iiher, ju-t n'ceived 't v v an I for mlebr cjj low e'r than ever before solel in lovyn. ' C. L. NI.I.SOS'. .May i. 4Hf. TVJt) MITAKF..-Smnked IWf also, Pork by llio x x pa iarri'1, jusi re -eivivl for le hy .in P DAYKS tCJ"liitbinitlon M'antcrt. T J'.fT the snbscritcr thrifl wrlii inco a ttaURh .IJ ter, nnine.1 Kt.LrN, nirt 12 year. She hnlroun hnir, l.lne eye nnd hnd on when lip left, n palm leaf hoiinet, liuht cnliVodros nnd brown Oircaman apron, nil coiijidernUy worn Imd iionher sdstM nor stoek Inst. Any )eronpo.niii!f iiifiirinnlionrelntivc to the rud girl will confer n rrmit favor hy coininnnien tine Ihe nine lo (ILOltni'J ALfcXANDLIl. Coleho.u r, June7, IS-l-2. FOIl'I'UNATE. T'vT B,,'' Run wny!,lerdnyreelinini! behind tho "'tern, now mow rnpiHil ininintain of Now lork, theio vns. .pceHtvl into our nol lu Hay of linr, by nn nhno-t Fnlrily mairnifKent vcsl, a freiaht of good, ware, nnd inert'liaifilize forlheinoii. oy llnxiari anion? which were llomiets, Ailitieial nnd Real, withlriininint's ol nenrlv all de-eription, for irnllcnery drts, lioih'iisefiil amf ileeornlini I nUo every thing; el. o Tor Innklnsr Inatehe nnd corrcpon.. deneie, everlenilim; lo mow 1 lint it'. newr loo lale to liopenntil tho last nioiiient paste, for had they not come, tin; n.ornneiit would lnvu Irom the ureal taU oil at the new slidmi? ve.ilo mom:) price. Himeier, n it wa lone I cfore llio nn, in its filory, roe upon uoverlho ma;c-lie Green Monn lnin, ihe nrlielewero inn-t I ennlifMlly nrranced for lliein-ptei jf tho fair vKitors wh'h their fnond irom Mini country mid village, at 110 W.VKD'S. iu j nc, Teeth, Ttrth Suva your Teeth! Civcnt InitrovvtiiLul in Dentistry! Dlt. SAXTON having engaged Dr. PKAItSON, Surtjeon nnd Jlecliamcnl Dentist from tlio city of New ork, ns a partner, would most rospectfully niiiiuuie e iu llio eilleilf Ol DUrilllglOll nilU lllutienl- boring towns llint thev have opened nn ofliw! nt Sir - - . phh;iil ouieu sueei, ono door North of the liuilington Hank, where they are ircpareu to nuenu in an cases included m either jrnnch of the profession, l-'roni one lo a full set of inenrriintibln Minrrnt Teeth (of Or Pearson's own manufacture) inserted upon in.- iiiciuy miproven suction piaie, wmcli is retained firmly in the mouth upon strictly scientific principles, thus dispensing with thu ue of clasps, springs or ligature, so obiectionable. Teeth inseried upon the above plnn ore beyoml detection, and ten dered, if not so useful as tho natural ones, more ser viceable than those inserted upon Ihe ordinary prin ciples. Artificial Tcelh of bad texture, useless, fail ing or adhering to the gums, rcpniied, rc-lilled, Ac. nm! rendered handsome and useful. Decayed 1 ecu. Idled with huro gold, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a paHlc, but soon hardens anil resists the action of all ncids or her corrosive matter, whilo it gives Ihe tooth its natural appearance and preserves it from farther de cay. Aching teem cured in a lew immitrs, and filled with the above preparation and restored to list fulmss. Accumulations of tartar removed from thu tei th without injuring the enamel, which is fierpiently Iho rcsiui oi nn uiimiiui opernuon. All operations warranted In cive sin-, action. Teeth extracted with ono third the usual papi. Individuals desirous of bavine' dental operation" performed are invrcd tn call and sec specimens, and satisfy themselves of tho above improvements. i luidren s teem regulated when mallormalinii i tnkimr nlace in eotisenuenceof neelect durim. second dentition. , Advice given on diseases of the Gums, Sockets, and Anteum, frenof charge. Dr. Pearson lias m his possession letter and cer tificates from professional men of the first respecta bility in the city of New York, and Charleston, 8.0. where bo cnioved n lone and extensive nractiee. His olyect in coming north is in consequence of bilious aiieciions. UjrOirice hours from 0 A. M. to 5 P. M. liurlitigtnn, June 1(1, 1S-12. 2 CALICOF.S are selling nt Ilurlbut's Cheap Cash Store at less prices than were ever known In this part of the country. Beautiful English, French and American prints. Uull at the new store', Cliurch-st. June a. VVal. UTIU.IIUT. .lOMAA'.l.MN, black and blue black, for sale nt iJ the lowesl prices, by June 8. WM. IIURLBUT. 1)LA1N nil wool Moiiselme de I.aines, super satin . striped elo , prmted do. of cveiv varfttv. for Bale nt nslom:-liugly low piiccsal tho new spun, by Jiineo. . tiuKLitli l . "PARASOLS and UMBRlCI.LAS.-nn imiiionse J. lot now- open at llur but s for examination. Grain Cradles. "GRANT'S celebrated Gram Cradles, just received v- anu tor sale ny,U( ev .ll l lltlll, At thu old stand, sicn of the Padlock, cor. Church aud Collegostreets. June, IS 12. OAVS. Rowland's Mill Snwsj R. line nnd Go's r--' circu nr uo. : I'.ny lull erilss cut do. : llniul. nann and back elo. ; Compass. Wood and Felloe elo. jusi rtceiv.-ilnml lor sine eiy ii.vti.vie .v. ak l liuie, w.... ,.,,u .vuui-u bueeiM. juou letli, laii. Trusses;. A N F. W supply of Thompson's celebrated ini ,7, i ,' iii.. ir. nuna ccicuraied J K nr., m. I 'I'...u. - . nl l - tt..ii,. , iiusaesaou supporters lor salebv HAGAR if. ARHTIIUR. lyor. Cli ninl College streets. Burlington, Juno 17th. Mitchell's Geographical Works. M I TC MULL'S Primary Geography. " School elo. mill Atlas, " Geographical Reader, " Outline M ips, " Key to study eif .Maps. For sale by C. GOODRICH. June 13- O'd Stand up Stair.. Vf IKl'S Life of Patrick Henry, cheap edition juiieio. i-or sale, ny u. liUUDltlCM Cooper's Naval Ilislorv. ( BRIDGKl) by thn author and complete in one i online-, jusi rtceivcii ny u. liOUDltlCII June 15. Ho ik.lillidlng anil HlanU l!nnk. I I.l-'t.l-.lls, Jouiiial-, iievord-, ite. .Ve-. for Mile or e inane to orJJr. UIJ eloo!,s re hound at -horl iioia-o autie io. y u; liOODRICII. FARRAR, WAIT ty ROOT, llnvo recelveel a full supidy ot" - CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, aJJexl totlielrtoillh' to.-k, nuke their a:ort lli-llt qui! conip eti-, am II I- o .'creel ill rcryloxc prices inaet-Oji-eirre-. linriihi,'. ,i-,il. ine pie--, mo en ineiiiui'-. raniuiciu want ot tine. I in tlieir line will do well lo call aud el)Mllne at VA, ai ine corner ei v ntue-ii aim e-oiiee teol, Burlington, June 17 h, 161.'. Gold Band Cliiiiii. ' PLItH Void Hand, nnd .9nriVV r.;n 0 Tea Sits and plate, to match, ve-rv e heap at the 1 Ainu Store of FAllltAK, W.l V ROOT. June- l.-li. BAK lAVI'I.L'S Shoe-, Half tiaiil-r-, Kid Slip niiiiieit' nnei-j, eve. iii rc'-t'iTtii i'V- Julie-10. W.M. III'RI.BUT. I'iiper Hangings 1 fTOil 'vc lape-r ilaiiiring. pattern entirelv , ol al ii i.ilitie.. ni-t eipenivl bv Jlme IC. WM. Ill lll.lll-p Sole Leather C. LOOMIS has just receive il Sole I.i'ather for A J. 1 1 cents cash, by the hundred pounds. cd tiouodb. Als ). Patent ami sttmg leather. Juno 10. Cash I'aid for Harki" TTI C. LOOMIS will pay cash lor 10 or SO cords IU good Hemlock liaiK, It delivered mono month from date. June Ifi, Taper Hangings. fr"rv PIF.CF.S, far silo at Manufacturer's prices OUU adding lrei,'hl, by C. GIWDKICH. June 10. Dinner Stits. BKAITIFUI. Blue-, Pink ami lloiirben Spris'd Din-nt-rj-i'l, i-iiinpli'te wilb Tea- nud CeuTis'-to mate h for i-ale iiiieMiiiiuonly low al the ne-w Ons-ke'ry Siore. June 17. FAliliAlt, WAI'IW HOOP. Class W:ire. a rri.i. as-erimrn; e,l (Hats Ware, einsi-ling ot J Uuup, Tumbler, Pre'iervo , Pre-iervo Itibe.. I'm-hrr.. n... i .....k ...ii.... ...a .. . ..... i ...ii... i.t'wi-, w ,ii. -, ,,-tni.i.-, iv.ii.--, . Milieu-, eii'ie-i, e', for ale' cheap al I he-China an I 01a wait-boii-e-of June 17. FAIIHAK, W.VI'I' ti ItUO'l'. TO RENT. "1MII! Store formerly ncciipied by Hickok .J- Tallin X Appply to juuei, n. il. w .CATLIN. GROCERIES. 1 ( Ilhds. Mola..e,-10iln Sugar, 10 Boxes lamfdo J .) III Big. Ce me, S elo. I'e-ppe-r, Silo. Spice, 10 Keg Ginu-cr, 20 lloxeSeap, fori-ale bv 9 May, 1812. S. WALK HI. Q1H:F.IING, 0 llaleohivlinr, lor nleh Oil May. S, W'AL ICI.R. PORK. WIS. Pnrk. f,Tul w 9 Mu" 13-1 20 S? WAUCKK. NEW BOOK STORE. " Livo nnd let Live' fTIIH! ul scnl er tins ru-eivrsl from Now York b ii i" s,ll'l'ly "f School Hooks, lllblos, Prayer Hook, Jclameiitso. Ste. together with n gooel ns Bortnient of Stationery, mid Hook-binding SUick, to which hoinvitetliiinitotilioiiofllin public. Kcvlin; very grateful Teirthe lllorul ,nlronngo heretofore re etsvoil, he will ronow hi exertions to plcum nil that limy favor hitil with their pnirouatro., H. HUNTINGTON. Strongs' Diiihllng, corner Church and College sts., opi.ii-iiollngnr& Arthur's, Sign ltd laselger. Juno 10. Quills. AN F. VV supply, ol the higlmt numlrr, just re-o-ivedal a HUNTINOTON'd. June 10. APPRENTICE WANTED 17011 PAPLR MAKING. A strong honlthy boy, X about l(j to 18 years of ngo, intending lo work for his living, may find a geod opporliuiity'liv npply. June 8. C. GOO'DIUCH. New Snbbnth School Hooks'. IJ'OR sale nt the Bookstore of tho subscriber n pen ejrnl assortment of the Massachusetts and New York publi-ationsfor Sabbath Schools. June 17. D. A. BRAMAN. QUESTION HOOKS. AN assortment of thuUucstion Hooks of ihe Mnj sacbusetts Snbbalh School Society, for sale at tho Bookstore of the subscriber. D. A. (IRA-MAN. mAULCof llio llio rates of duties navnblo on lreiod. I n...i ..,, i ;na :niA .t.n tt Slates of Anicrirn from Cnnacfa, for sale nt the Book store of Juno 17. U. A. 1IRAMAN. A CASHS TICKIXCSf, Lii 1 do Wellinulnn Fancier, 1 elo Blue Drilling, 1 Bale Brown do I do Canvass, 10 Pieces Red Padding, For sals Iit May 27, 1BI2. VILAS, LOOMIS .f- Co. Combs. 300 DOZEN TWIST COMBS, -iOU elo Cap do 250(1 elo Side elo 400 do Ivory do 100 elo Pn cnt Bras elo EO do German silver Pocket dn f.O Gross Wood do do For sale I y May 27, 1SI2. VILAS, LOOMIS ef- Co. Tlirend, &c, Qfin I,I1S- "hitc and col'd Cotton Thread, OVJU 3 Cnses do do Spool do r-0 Lbs. Black Linen, do r.O Gloss Round Lncels, For s-ilo bv May 27, 131'!. VILAS, LOOMIS ii Co. SllliS. TJ CAF. Pongee Silk, vL t0 Pieces black, blue black nnd figured do 20 lbs. India sewing do 20.0(0 Skein Ameiican do. For salo bv May 27, 1512. VILAS, LOOMIS .V Co. Feathers. 800 ''"'' ec" Feathers, warranted of supotior 1000 t.l's. Hens' Featlirs, f"' sale hy May 27, IS12. VILAS, LOOMIS eM- Co. GIA.MIIIUHIN'S Linen Drill, .Moleskin, and a T great var'O'y of other sum nor giod, very cheap. June :t, 181.'. . 11. SCO IT. 17HHKII TIJAS Ground Spice, Coirco, rrune, , i Unisms, 1-ins, t-urrnntt, .pc. it-e. at June 3, 13 U. S. B. SfOTTS. Pasttiriiijr 7011 Hore an 1 Cem-s to re-nt. Applv m I l May 31. M. LF.AV N WORTH. TTRFSII Te a Sugar and Dry Urocene Just ro- X eeived nnd fur bale low bv Juno 3d. LOVKLY & SEYMOUR. IiO( KUItY. 1 A LARGE and s,enebel assortment of Crockoiy of new nnd beautiful p-itierns for sale low by I Juno 2nd 1S12 LOVl LY A SEYMOUR. I Cheap Groceries. TTYSON, Young Uveal, lly-on kin, Ton', ay and J.I. I'e. ui-boni. Tea., f'oriei Rieo S i3ar. I.oat. L-iinn. unit t'owc'iTP I ilo. I'. tt. Mnlri .... l.iiien .vr.m. lt.o nn.l Java Co Ve, 'I Scic Orleans Sj?aras cheap as (V cHterprv for "ie oy June- 3. a. .vi. fiJt'i-.. TMERSON'S Outlines of Geography nndIIilory. ij Blake's Young Orator or New York lie liler. I he attention of -cboo te-icheis i irirncii ar v re- ejuesteel tei tho ttbovo books. Copies fi'ruisbed for exniiiinntioii. June R. C. GOODRICH. TO TIIH PUBLIC. flMIE Subscriber has ree'd a gi neral assortment of Goods at his ild Stole and at Ins new Stoie at Wiiiooki Villaje- which will be sold at price cor responding wilb the times cheap a the cheape'sl. N. II. Supeiior Burliiiglon Mill 'o. Chubs for sale. SIDNEY HARLOW. Burlington June 10th 18)2 . nl u'w Cloth Caps. JUST rce-.M elire'clfrom the niatuifactiircrs a full as sorlnn nt of all kinds Clolh Cap and For Sale at great b irgaiu by, June 9, 12' II. W. CATI.1N. Shoes. "fUSTreo'd a -now lot Farwella 'hoes 1.2 Gaiters , ) slip, Juno 'J Ii' II. W. CATLIN. I .iiinher. Of""' flfin vr- Cnnuunn l'inc Boards, .-iW.UvJL 10,000 fl. clear lo. do. icni nriA r. ..... .i 100,000 ft. .sptuce do. for salo by II. W. CATl IN. 13 V WM. KUltLKUT. THE subs -riber has taken the newly fitted Store, West side Church-street, betwee n the ' Bazaar' and 1 tniiciy Store,' where- he ts now- opening and ollering for sale an exti'iisive and ge-neinl assoriine'in of Goods adapte'el lo llio want-nf the community ninongst which nre a gnat vniiely of French Si'ks, Primed M ilms and Lawns, Long Sbn'wls and S ail", ildkfs, SbawN, Cravats, Fig'd and bir'el nnd plain Swiss .Ytusdin., Nansook, book nnd other .Muslins, Laihe-snnd eeulieiuen's Linen H-lkf, Insertions, Eelyinys, Beiidio-' and Thruael t.ace?, Work Collars, Rfliniles, Pa-ad Pans and Pulses, Tarllon and plain .Muslins .and I.aie-s. ltibhoiis, a biaulifiil aoltliiulil nnd new- style, LnHii's' Florence, Braid, Modeiia, Sirawaud Misses Bonne's, Artificial Flowers, 'imp Edging and trimmings for Tuscan I'oniii is. Parasol, a beautiful assottn ent ol new styles. Mosii-ry ofeveiy vane y, Hrei'ielebilhs, I'lissiiuers, if ling", elc. Gent's Muinuf r Good, Slocks, Ceillar, f.0. tie-lit. ami boys Leg ,ori! and other Hals. Dry (Stoct rles, a good nsmriiiient. N. II. Thu e utile -lock. if good has been pur chaseel within n few days, wilb great care- and at a tune whim thn prices we re iiioni elepre sseel than at any previous period bill will tic sold for ready ciuh nl a small ndvance fioni cot, Burlington. June 10 l. .17 I'll ES EST ( OODS of all de -riptpm nre selling very low nt VJ Btirliiiglon, particidatlv nt S. II. SI OTTS, Printed Lawns. 25 PIECI'S at S.l SCOTTS.-Scvcral stvles, as low as one shiHin per yaru. Juno.l. XI ENS' LEGHORN HATS, just received at 11 June 3, 1SI2. S. It. SCOTT'S. PAPICR HANGINGS, nl S. 11. SCOITS. June' .t. iS ev Calicoes. 17RENCII, English nnd Amen an, f ro2") to 50 1 ptr cent lower than evci, at June 3. S. B. SCOTTS. Krench Hoinha.ine, IT I.CK, I lue-black and coleieel SiRs, cheap, very " Juno 3. nt S. B. SCO ITS. S 'ARGENT, SPRGUE efc Co.'s TOBACCO, by ) the iiuanlity or otherwise, nt S. II. .SCOTTS. I3AR SOLS a great variety nt I Juno 3. S. II. SCOTTS. GW.N'S. A new supply of Fowling pieces. Al Powder, Shot, P. C aps, U-nil, Ac. lor sale by Also, ev .vu i huh, June IP 12. Corner Church and Cedle-gc sls Ainei'irau Sailillelries. A FULL supply ol Weiodwnril's elomesilc Saddle trees, fot sale wholesale nnd retail by HAGAR ev ARTHUR. Burlington, June 1012. SYHUI. Stewart's bet steam rnfined sugar hoiisu Sviup, a Fiipenor arlirle lor family m-r, for sa'e by (June Vi 1 LOVELY it SEY.VOVR Burlingwn, .'uno 1 i NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, n . w n tn n m WOULD rtpeK)tfiillviiilorlu lh Lndios run) dvi. lle-inen of ll'iriinetrm itml ?v-ni'tv I,., i. reoi'Illly Opened nn Crllll ilMbloi-nl whe re, be, will inn,,. ufuctiire, (wholevnle nnd retail) all kind of work in tho Shim Una ilohis jujt reesnvenl from Neiw Yorl. lliHprec.nt st)leof Ln-l. teciher with n eholoo Mit leetion of kJtock. Huwill kixin eon-tantly on Imnd and nianiifae'turu to order nil kind, of work" gotUJ' In thi country) among which limy le found (ont' Calf, Geiat. aud Ouitcr Uoeit LrtdioV Oaltors, llu-k- ii-, W'nlkitig .SIicwh, Slip, eVc. eSco. Also, cuer.f nnd kip Hoot, both for men aud Loyi njid hildru(f ..t.,-.-un 1. 1 III 4. ,PleaM! irivo him r rrvll. two doors West of the Pearl btieol Ilnuv), at Iho Signof llit"Oig floot." -"luiiiuii, ...y, i(7ij. N. II. A llr.-t nitu Boot mater win fln.l rv..e3. oinpltiy nnd high wijO, y applv fug soon lo Jnno 2 1. K. WOODA PAPER. C GOODRICH has jut rtsxiivul from tkomimij- liectiii'er, Cam. of Una laid Can mid Lertte-r pax-r. May 18. HOOKS AND PAPER. THOSE wi-hiiii to buy Books and raptr foretvh, oroduee. or on credit will tin. I n tre.ry -t. ar,a . tboirown prices, by cal mg at thu old tnnd. Ill STAIRS. MuylS. GL O B K S.-A pair of 11 Inch Ololtj, on high stands, a little u-cd nnd In irowl orelor for alu verv low, I 1. 1. !., 1U t' OOOI.TMI'II ' C. GOODRICH. SPRING ARRIVALS At Ilcna annrtcrs, Xn, IO. 'ntcr-Stroct. NO MISTAKEN DAVIS i now truly nt home', and would return hi itrutcfiil ni know'eelgtncnt lolhu publio gen crally for thu very liberal patronage he has ree-oi vtsl. and hope I V n strict altention lo buincsand a do- te-nnuiaiion lo plea-e-, that he may merit a continn- iiine- ui iiie-amu. ne would siato tnat he lia jum ree uivel from New Yolk, lioton, Albany and Troy, fioni the lale-t im)Ortalion, a larire and' general as H.rlinent of Fro h t)oel, which, in addition lo hill former tooV, make a ctiinple!eaortinenl, comprising almost every nrliele of family iipily,&c.e3Le, One Cent Reward will to given loan;- per-on w ho will hnd Mt nny other .tore as grint a vaf.eiy and well , elected nsurliueui1 u can be lo nlal DAVIS'S. Plea-e1 call mid examine lor yourulvs.-, and yon will notgouway ili .appointed. Mav 20. Nova Scotia Plaster. TIIH Subscribers are this day receiving a fresh supply of N n-a Scotia Plaster, and will com mence grinding nt their .Mill nt llio I-alls on Monday next. FOLLE1T ite BRADLEY. Burlington, May 20, 112. SA WS. ENGLISH Cast Steel, cross cut. Hoc&Co.'s elo ciicular, from 9 to 10 lnohe-. Rowland's Mill. Just received and for i-ale. W.M. J. HUNT. Strong9 Building, College St., near the Sejiare. Burlington, May 13,1912. Simmons' Tools, DESCRIPTIONS, jut received and tut WM. J. HUNT. F ALL V-.' .'ill! by Burlington, May 19, 1512. Strongs Building, Cast Steel, i TlSSUPi'i SONS celebrated Cast Stool, just reevaiT. O ed and for sale bv w.u. j. Hu.vr, Burlington, May 19, 1812. Strongs Building, PL OUR. F RF.SII Ground I'.our received this dav an 1 for eal by May 20. D DAVIS. Itoston Garden Seeds. O BOXES Girden Seeds from Yankee Farmo OIHce, Boston, for sale by C. GOODRICH. Mav 4. Alio, White Mulbiry Seed, Ruta Baza Sewrl. (Scotch purple top) SagoSccd, nt one fourth the usual price, bes-enden's American Gardener. TAKEN UP the mb-cril or or, the 31 -t of May last, twis rrel mare-, euie about ten vcar old and ihd "RV. rthi-r five: ih latter has n white '.-tripe in the face. Th'.- owner I- req ic-ted to iirovc properly, pay char? and take them nvvav. ' JOSEPH CO'LVKR". Ceb be-ter, Juno t, 1312. nl NEW AND CHEAP l T A T51UV A 1)1. fWPTPnV J?,f1 ' ' lv " "? ',"'JJ"''1 5 I riVtr sn' scnlier liavincr inst returned from Nn JS. Ye-rl., where he has selectee! u new and com. pb-te assortment nf HARDWARE, SADDLERY HARDWARE, l UTLERY, ic. now-oirers the samef nt the lowesl cash puces. From tno facilities which he has of obtaining his go'uls, ho id enabled lo oiler Hardware at consider ably less prices than it has hitherto been sold in Ver mont. Those in want of articles in the nbovs lina wll find it their interest to give him n call. WM. .1. HUNT, Strongs Building, College St., near the Square. Burlington, .May IF 12. rpO LET. Tho lot of Ian I nn I one Hou-oon Pearl JL. Slnet, known n the Miiu-on lot, Enquire an above. AtLVMANfy COLES, .'e.' rtM'ii7e Kid Tie-, Lad iii lie- n ii, i Mips, " III u-k find ei'b red cloth Uaiwrs, Children' i-Mure-d G.iner-, llreaizi'. Hfa'k Kid Boo'po., Ki.laud Mji-oceoPuinp. Gent'. May I. WINDOW SASH. The s'ib.criK-r-have pur eha-ed the Machinery for the ma nutaetu re eif Window sah formerly owned and u ijl by Sidney Smith, at Wmei-ki City,tind are now manufacturing every de. enption, and keep e ontaul li'ein tiriml ni, Qreeuant i ihelollowmgpru-e-s. 12 Lighlesl Ca-t-tut-iitt 3J ct-. per Light. K do 3J do 9 do 3i elo G do 3 do 1 de. 5 For -ale at ll eir chop at 1 1, Falls, and by Occrje IVien-on. All order-mi the nl ove line addressed lo I ainn iY i ha , will le thankliilly received anj promptly attended lo. MOsES CATLIN, 21. l-UWIN V. CHAsr.. Burlington, Apr 1 9, 1S12. Tin Plate, vfce, 1 HO I-OXES Tin Plate, l-3X.nrprov'dbrands, 1 VJV. 10 elo elei IX. square, P0 Biinell. s Iron Wire, a.-sorted Noj, 30 eb English Sheet Iron, do li Pncks Russia do do 1 I ask Sheet 7.,nk. Also A genera! assortment of Tinners' articles, suth as Sheet C. pper, Sheet Lead, Copper Bolt, ic. By VILA, LOOMIS e Co., May 27, Is 12. Opposite I'earl-st. Jlouic. Sheetings. ,m BALES t J Br.wtiShee.ings. 2 l'n-o. Pie , -h-l ,'o. l'or ale I v VILAS,' LOOMIS -V CO. May , l?!2 'jnn -M DRILLED Eyc.1 Ncedlrs, OKjyj 150 Gross Hooks and Eyes. COO elo. Knitting l'in, 100 Packs American do. o'CO elo London do. 100 Lbs. m.xed do. tor salebv 27. 1SI2. VILAS, I.OO.MIS - CO. Jlay English and American Prints. 1Q CASES just icce-iveil nnd for sale at low pri J ccs, by Miy27. VILAS, LOOMIS &Co. LIGHT! LIGHT.'! AL 1. who wish to light shop', tpm rt puWia building, cheap and well arc inrne.l (penll and nxi Gold's I'heiiin al Oil aad Lnnip. TheOel 1 JS. it. per gallon and will give more light iban tfj worih-O? LampOil. l-nnpuihl Oil nnd Wicks and Glassos for -aleal the Varit-iy S'lae. J n.T.. I'AMiBORN & BRINSMAlD. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE an I well stleclcxl asorlnuut, consist, ing of (ii, .UaAogetnu and (lilt, .thSogany, and I'aneij framed Itioking Glasses, for s'e at greatly re'iluevel pruvs at the Mardwaro Sloie, Corner of Church and College Sis., by HAGAR ,V ARTHUR. Eft HIIDS. Gardner Brewer's N". England Rura, 30 P ipes and Half Pipes American Brandy,, 111 elei 10 elo S elo no i.animnrc iiiu, do 'i'e llevoiMn' Diundy, elo ' Swan' (fin, 10 llhds t. Croix mini, 30 Bids. Sb, rryunJ Madeira Wines, 3i do Maliew do 5 d.l Poit del 31 Dte im by J le ' K Pgci; ffo

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