Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 22, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 22, 1842 Page 3
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LOUISIANA ELECTION. The New Oilcans Ucc oTihc Glh Inst, gives tho fol lowing account of tho election In that city. GLORIOUS VICTORY. Nsvcr It jvc we taken up our pen wi th Mich emotions of th.inksgivinj and joy ns wo now do to, recotd the complete, ihorouglt, and ovotwhclming victory of the Wliig n.irly upon iho oLomous ANNivtnsAiiv i" oun Natioval iNncrsNDENcu. Under circumstances the 11109I discourngcing, we have elected our cnliro Leg islttive ticket onk Senator and ten lUraEsnNTA Tivsslll The Whigs of Now Orleans havo Mopped the ball of revolution that has overwhelmed other cit ioa and states. "We havo met the enemy and thoy are ours." Onl nrcmlnta ftism ihn interior fltn most tnCOlirng- ing. Wh hope in a few days to givo tho returns of as great a triumpli in ino rnrisnes as wo nave acmcr cd tn tho city. , , Now Orleans yet holds her position as the Whig City, and Louisiana, friorioiit Louisiana, will hold out tho banner with 1 strong hand, though older states may clutch it with a fceblo grasp. The vote for Oovornor in tho city of New Orleans was a fo'lnvvs : II. Johnson, (Whig) 12M A. Mouton, (Loco) 977 In rolcrcnco to this brilliant affair, tlio Beo.holds tlio following lingungc : Whatever may havo boon tli remit of tlio elexliun in the oiuntry (and wo have mason to bi'lievo that tho Whigs havo carried tho State by a satisfactory majority,) the vote of tho city is all that the most sanguine Whigs anticipated, and more than was Imp ed for by a vast number of our friends. Up on the morning of the 4th, we believe that there were few who would wager upon tho success of tlio wholu ticket. Sonio of the Democrats bet freelv upon currying from three to a majority of theirs. Tlio appalling triumphs of llio Locnfucns, tn I'ennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, New York, fcc. last fall, and the disasters that befel the Whigs in Connecticut and Virctn'w, &c. this spring, dad sc dispirited our friends, that they fain would let the citv go by default. The eler tion of Mr. Canon, last August, and of Mr. Prinnr in April, had given reason to fear that tho same causes that had conspired to defeat ns in other States, wero nt work in Louisiana, and would work the same fearful consequences here as elsewhere. Besides this, wo believe tho Locofocos made nioro desperate efforts to carry the city last Monday, than had hitherto distinguished the exertions of that most indomitable and imlefattiritule part v. I lie election ot their Mayor in April, had completely awakened their hopes, and the suspension and prostra tion of the banks, and the complete ilepres siou of all business, and all classes giving them grounds for shifting the issnefioni cause to effect, produced a slate of preparation on their pirt h.udlv ever equalled, and a zeal auqrissing even their own characteristic in dustry. They contrived to cast the odium of tin; pet bank system upon us, and charged the losses of depreciated local paper upon the Whins, who strove to avert the "policy that brnitaht the banks into existence. The mingling of other matters in th" canvass, the convention, cieole and nnterat ration ques tions, all tended to weaken die force of the purely political connection uf parties and dissipjiio our strength. Yet, notwithstanding thes- detracting col lateral ivsuns, and the gloom that has been gathering over tho Win ca'ts-sinen Mr. Tvler deserted the parly pi iced him in power, the Wliijrs in New Qi leans (and we Jjelievethe Whigs of Lnuisi in) have obtain ed a signal victory a startli i 'vi-torv. We h ive causo to be proud of tlio Whins of our city; wb congratulate the whole rnuniry upon this auspicious result, and wi; call upon til" Whins of orher Stales in shikn off their apt thy, arouse tliem-plves, -im I, tn usn die closiiitr remarks of .Mr. Cl.i.v ' ltomi spoach at Leninalnn, "pick their Will' flints and try their rifles again." G7J.'dmn Sro.NE, of tile N. Y. Commer cial Advertiser, tho author of tho lives of Brant and Red Jacket, " Ic I I a talk" nt Norwich, Conn., on the 4th, n tlso occasion of erecting a monument to U cas, a brave Indian chief of the early d n , who proved liinivlfa true friend of the vvliuu men. The Colonel seems to have the vole custody of the red men, nnd henru the iinmenchiluie bestowed on him at tho beginning of this paragraph. Distribution. The cum -.pnuiliint of the N. York Express under date ,if Julv 15, ays. " I learn fiom good i.uth.irity that the Treasury Department is rea !y to meet the requisition of ihu Slates by distributing the .bare nf money allowed them under tlio Land Bill, for the sales from Jaim irv. to July. New Jersey, it is said, has received uur share." The Quebec Gazette, afier announcinr tho result of Dorr's serontl movement in Rhode IklancI, makes these discriminating remarks: "It is rather creditable to 1I1.1 United States' Pco p'a thai, during the sixty years which have elap-ed fince the acknnwledgcmeu! of lhiir independanee, although they have had three resorts to armed resis ttnceio thelavn and iho established auihorily, and under men of note in the country, there has not been so muchjoss of lifo or subsequent punishment as l.ns resulted ill hundreds of instances from common mobs in Europe. Yet their Government is perhaps in less danger of being upssl by violence than any other in the vvi.rld." CTTho burly of a man, supposed to ho ono of ihe iwa unfortunates who feJI from tho yawl uf thu Whito Hall last summer, floated ashoro on Tunstlay in the 1101 ih part of lliu hay. An inquest was held, and stif- ficiont evidencn ailducedas to thu iileutiiv.if 1 ' thecluthiiiL'. tu warrant tlio mrv in rciinrninn him . nnoof il, ,.,.,n l,v --P.. I . STATE DEBT. No sooner had Nulli.ui Sniilie heen nom Jnaled hy ilm Incu's than llio saw uf State debt State debt, bi'znn asj.iin 10 crato tiiion tho nnhlic ear. All llio arts of Arithmetic were put in requisition, lo enhance its amount and apjravalu tho charge of extrvag.ince, which of course, wa i hurled at thu whim's, Since their whnln field of artillery has now been hroucht I" hear upon this subject, ,i us calmy look into il, seo wlinl there is criin- inal in lliu contraction of lliu Stain debt, mid who are tho perpetrators of the mischief. In 1833 all were ni; reed that a new Slum House should lie substituted lor tlio old narrai lv 111 which lliu letiisbiiuro had loiind an iiiirom furlahle lodimeiit almost from time inline Without any distinction of parly, ;i niainrilV of tho h'L'isl.iluro passed 11 resolu tion lo accomplish iheohjecl. was found who suliiiiilled his lopislalitre, and estimated tint expense of lis fonuiletion nl sixtv Ihniisand dollars. The h.n .v.-isndiiiiied. and rarri-d on for two years, when it was found, as ill nil similar cases, that tho money was nxponded, and :iu nddiliniuil sum must ho appropriate! for tha eornnloiion of tho work. Twico or llireo times, to the cricf of llio locishituro, and of every man in llio state, new appropriations ware demaQ'Jtd until tho expento of tha Plate jjfimo ivts .ilsd tn th "'"t t one bundled mid twenty thousand dollars. I Not a cent hmv-ovcr of ndditionnl lax has 1 been laid upon the people. Tho capital of , tho school fund, which by tho terms of the i act constituting it, cannot bu used for fifty vcars income, instead of I uinc lent to indi- viduals has been borrowed by the slate, and the interest annually paid out of tho ordinary revenue. This is tho summing up of all (hero is about the Statu debt, which is attempted to be mystified, and weekly paraded beforo Un people as though some horrid oxlrnvnganco had been perpetrated by the whigs. Not tlio shadow of a bugbear lias been cunjured tip'in relation to any oilier expenditures. No Statu in the Union has carried on its gov ernment upon su economical a plan as our own. We havo no offices not wanted, no salaries not reduced to tho lowest minimum, no wild schemes of internal, improvement on hand, and nothing has been plundered from the treasury by rouges nnd defaulters. But if the reverse of all this was true, aro we likely to make affairs better by elevating Nathan Smilio and his set of hungry expec tants tn power 1 Is it probable the financial abilities of this wonderful reformer will bet ter our condilion 1 Will ho pay oil' our debl out of the princely fortune which ho has ac quired by his mercantile operations on the banks of the Lamoille! Or like his associates through the Union, will he spungo ihem out by repudiation. Had not the people better look before they leap with their tieasures in I o the arms of locofocoisin. Muih of tho heart rending misery which litis moment op presses the tin lion has proceeded from the wasteful extravagance mid ignorant financer mg of these pietcuderf. to economy. We say therefore to llie people "look befuro you leaji, lest tiolli you and vour piopeily go intollie ditch together. People's Press NEXT GOVERNOR. So fir wo have heard no discordant nntrattho notmiiniion of (lovsrnor I'aine. Previous dtssciiiions si'Cin to bo selling mt i increased harmony ond con li lencu in his support. His selection was no unite than net of jusliee lo tho man who had oone ample justice lo thcoflieeof Governor for ihe past year. No ono ever doubled his integrity and he has shown himself capable a ltd failhlul he) ond thecxpecln ions of all who were tint intimately ncquninicil with Ins supen'or merits. His Mcssaee to llie Inst legislature was a statesmanlike piod ciion. and even the inge tii'ttyof hi- enemies cannot nflit h slijinin upon his nduiiriiMtrntion. r.o man 1in suffl'iecl more frutn th bickw-nrdnrs s of his fii nda to mttnin hint ipnnlhu I'miitiu ol ttuo nun sterling qua tlieattons lor the iJl!ico to which he has been dcshitiiitid. He has even failed more from the faint matsss of his friends, than the taunt' nnd insults of Ins avowed enemies. Notwithstanding the liilhctlo lcneatcd crv of 1 hi cant go,' by many who pmtcst tlul the are them te vis wtiiinL' to nte or him. nrnutilJlv Ins ntinii- nuinii will ens lu grcalvr unanimity than any oilier canciuiMi.. rr morj ecrtnintv is tli'-re of oecss in su-tain ing n Itnr. st-adfasi whip. from the bocitiiinig like i.lisrics fame, llvin a vncillnling politicnn. win sonif limes piescntc hiinsdl' en one Milerif tliTolit tie',.', and soiintiims on the other, and . ilaini'd ! ai' par tin, because ail in than turn aro fialtaicd bv Ins carcsr9. . Govrnor I's tie has been mo t studiously and flin rleroutly rni'ifplifciilal Instead of afiiuncf; the airs of an austocrit. ho is n rctiriii" unnreicnilniL' rc- publican, moderate in his pecunmry ciicumstaticc, nnd liwnL' in a plain unostentatious manner. Al- 1I10112I1 enioyiti2 the a.lvamasis of education whidi he lias by no means miMitiprovcil, he litis forvmrs connected luins-lf Willi ibe produ tive elssie- of coin rtninily mecbainc'il nnu iiinniMactuiing pui uus, nirni-liltip Mil employment anil lull pay to Intcc nuiiibwso! llie libuimp poilion of coinniunily nroopo nun What is there to hinder the election o( Chsrhr Paine nexl full bv 1I10 old wlnot nnionlv of ten ihousnidl Has there been a finplc whig who has been luted into llio pointed hp of locofocoisin '1 ? ni. I .V-irie! I .Vircly except a certain sort of ca me ion politit nn, w I10 clinnst; color as nfn n as cap rice or ambition dves 1 hem i r bine, nnd whose 'iippurr isn worthless as tha ud lltbinins which ilie- lilt llieir fill ' I line, cmir-e. VV.J ll.lln lnrH rnn. tola, CJ ooolf oil with llriii a Hck of allai lucent lu tlio w lii can-.'. Thev are apathy and tlitpondtni Af- r Ibo decisive victory of 1S40 the whic Ic 1 thai Ihey m'uT,ht snfely Hpose upon the latueK ihcy bad n.evcii. lot; wane t ct tuir in 1 1 1-0 -icurity, iocdu nt has at'ained a sirl of snasniodiO encr'.v. nnd nil d by the treachery ol" filsj friends U defeatinz thccalutary nicasuics uf whii pahey. Tho coalition if .'jlin Tiler with locofoco sin and lavenctticy. is iivinj a ilea h blow 10 proteciion. What worse isotild b- done by ih'i tnotl unfcclinp dcspolisni cm "irlh, to eppu ss and insult the icople of this broad l ind, wo-annnt ennje 'lure. Uut hiviuir tlul Ium the fruile of our elnrious vc lory are we I'Ue Unssinh serfs to lie down in the fur row, and puffer I lie iron chariot of locofocoiem to .'lind 111 to p.iwilcr 1 Ate wo to I e criis-1 d 111 spirit hy our calnnitic, that we havo not the I earl and coura?e lonsj r to ronit the tHurpalioui of our ty riiutHl .".tj'hcof the noble and pies.'rvinj spirit of aur fortfithcrs would stnirn uch ini;loriou poltro) nery. licfearnl bv fa tionisl", and 'etnyod liv trait rs. hl us arou'coursidves, restore orucr and oreani r.ation to our ranks, cone entrale our s leniflb upon a -me'e man, I'riveback the enemy to iho loathsimc haunts which ho has e.neraid, nnd nstain pant thu W hin bnonr. llie siir, CIIHIi'O if IVnllonnl nri tr.niili. on the walls of the Capitol I'toylts Press. ' TWO MIM.STF.RS STHUriC WITH LIGHT NING AT Til-: COMMUNION TABLE. A rorrcFporuleiit at Noilh Stamford, Conn, gives us tho following narrative nvv inr 11.1 r.11 ve; ; ... iSoaru Stamford. Julv 6. 1542. Sabbalh d iv. iho 3J inet.. was a wdemn day tn tha people in this pari-h. Tho morning devotions iu ihe house of God wcie ended, the eneicics of the sacrn4R0V'L SHF.RMAN, of F.fsex, for his Discharge mental feat had commenced, the bread broken aneT distributed, iho ciiii taken, when ihe houeni which wo were nsscinlileil was stiuck with lightning. The venerable Platt Ilirrr.T, of Stanwich, was piesent and asisteJ the pastor, Rev. IIenbv FcLir.a, in thu exercise-,. He had poured out ihe wine, taken ihe cup, and was giving thanks m God, when hnand .Mr Fuller were instantaneously prostialed lo tho eirih. Thegroansnnd shrieks which instanlh broke forth from the congregation it is uilerly impassible for me 10 apocrine; nnu yet mere seamen to pcrvniln the r.e Fi'iiihly the niFSI solemn nvve j -ill appeared to feci as if stand. ng on the vi ry vcrao of death, The hurst ni ihundtr, the vivid hjhtning vviihout, the thrilling scene within, c intubated 10 render the (,'looui most u-rrnic. 31r Fuller was not sa f rio'.lqlu inl-irett. llmioib r. I. jug ronsideinbly nfTcelcd in soi're limbs. Mr Kuflet is very serioulv injured ; wo suppnej him dead for I soma ten minutes; no tigns of lifo were apparent until wate" was promrcdnnd thrown upon him. He ! siili suff rs "re-il rlislre-s at the biomuch. ts es no foo 1. but is perfectly rational. The electric fluid entered the chimney lop. n. , 'W" 10 11,0 9"1V" "'"T", ""d exploded immediately J over tho roimiiiinion table, where thoeo servants of Oml were siandiii''. ' .'"e others w ere sh2htly affected, though not so rionsly, Tho Cnncrrg ationnl meclinjj houe in N'ew Cnaan was siruck about the same tunc and scvernl knack rd cioiv 1. An aendemv nnd dwelling house in ihe same tow n, nnd a dwelling in this pa ish were con siderably injured. I ttTWo learn from the Hufwhi Com. Adv. llio notorious Alexander Mr Lend was in eiiy on Fiiday last, anil met with 11 ' rough reception ut tho hands of 11 parcel nf loafers led on hy onit John McHrien. No violence wa. aclually offered, hut Ihe loafers fullovved McLeotl up slreet fursnmu distance, loadino; him with abusive epithels and ma- king ihrualiiiuo aesiures, till, In escape them, ho took refiioo in a store, whence, ho quielly departed fur tho rars. PovTMAs'rr.n ron Tunv. The Senate hnvocinfirined iho muni ntinn of CiiArar.s II. IlllAli, Esq. fur Postmaster tit this place, vice Ua.ic McCunilie, removed. This nn- An nrehilect pumlment will iilbinl very salisfar plan lo llio tiutt to lliu Wind's of lliisciiy, and our citizens - m !. I. .I. ..? f l-'ener-illy, without disiimiion of parly It'i" is a pentleniiiii liferent itilell Mr. IL'eiile, iiml HI perlorm Ilm duties tthtrli devolve '" '"' " 'l1' I'roper enurt'y and efficiency. 1 foij 05 Tho Expiess has information from Washington thai llio Secretary of llio Treas ury lies danymoiisly ill with bilious plouricy. This disHnsb is. :a!J to bu prevalent at Was.ii- Battm: RnTWREtv Tin: Stoux and Chip rnwAYs, Tho steamboat Rock River c.iine down from above a few days since. 1 he captain brings accounts of a battle between tho Sioux and Chippoways. About one. hundred Cliiiinewavs attacked llio Lower Sioux village, killed ihiiteen ntul wounded eighteen. Five Chippoways wero killed nnd a number wounded. The latter tlienietreal nd lo their own country. Galena Gaz. 2d July. Dj' MIT T1IK I'KOl'Ml 1ICAR IN MIND, Unit I.OCOPOroiSM brought the country in. to ilB prenent duplorihlc coiiditinn, and that it tn Jjocofocnicm, wlilcli is continuum; nnu aggreva. tinj iho evil", which alllict thu laud. Ihe WHIG ADMIiNMSTItATION t.AS I'KD ON. l.Y ONE SHOUT MONTH tlichmunJ Whig. NOTICR. ThePocl'lv for It.ili-ri.jus lnoiiirv of ihoUniversilv of Vermont, will hold its nntiinl cckbialion on jlonuay cvenms of Ihe 1st of Aucii't m Iho neu church. An address will Ic delivered by Rtv. S. G. Ilrovvn, 1'iofessor in Dartrnoth Collepn. I'.nercifioi win cninmence at nan past 0 ciock. Uy ordtrof thoSoeietv, I, F!. nWINIJM., Cor. Soo. NOTICK. At a meetinc of the llur'inalon Total Abslincnro Soctetv, on motion of J. S. Adams, the following resolution wns adopted nnd pa-scd. Ilesolccd That llio thanks of this Society ho pre sented lo the I.ndies of llurlinelon for lhi ir nrpsnnrn nnd co-npperalion nt the bite celebration of the 4th of July nnu llio same m nulili-hcM 111 Iho villnpenows papers. is. i'. .uji'.ii(L..liij fcecrotory. juiy lino, CANADA MAIL, rtv a recent nrrnnecment of tho Derinrlmcnt. the I'xchanro Office at Hiphalo Ins been transferred to llitilinslon, when; n 111 nil i made of for Montreal 1ml y, (unnays excepted,) al 7 P. M. an 1 ilea 'alched per fstranilj at. lly tins arrangement tlio rcniuar lime lulween lloston nnd M"nlrcal is I lit Iwodny, and between the lntici City and Iijrlitifiton, only tin or twelve hour-. Post Masters in this State, and fast, will please ta' e notice nf ihis (iiruncnifiil, and govern them selves a.Torihncly. Tho Cnnada mail ni rives (nrr 1 mlA nbottt 7. nnd letters to be mailed al Iluthngton, should be dtposi cd in 111c ouicc uy u r. m. H. B. STACY P. M. Diirlinrton, July 21 15-12. At Southport, Wiseonan. on the SOth nil. by tho Rev. Joseph H. Pane, Mr Davis S. .SirtLE, to Miss Mabv Ann Poiwin, all of Ilu 1 l.nrj (on, Lake county, Illinois. Ilvthefcr J.rimiah O'Callarhan. Mr John Huikc In Miss Catherine. Mesehcr, toil, of Monipc iicr; Mr Theopbilus Cms to Miss Soiihi.n linicr, l oth of Wd-li-ton ; .Mr Pnliick !Iii"bes to Mis.s ilricru Cnvle, both of this town; Mi nitasor Ilose 10 Sins I'.leo noro Gale, both of Wilitons Mr Pintici An ham beau to Miss Uosailli" S mil h, both nf Monlpeheri Mr John Slncev to Mis Srhnlastiuiie Urn ier, both nf Flsse.Vi Mr Patrick Tyrrcl to .Miss Catherine Wa ters, both nf Hine.-biirfi Mr John Dardis 10 Mia Oaihermc Donovnn, boih of St. Albani Mr John Donclvan lo Mis Anne Doobnj, both of this town ; Mr Thomas Colbert 10 Mis Margin t McGv ire. both of .Milium Mr John I'lannapan In Mis Johanna Ctishinan. botli of Moretown ; Mr Jnmes Condon to Mis Cnlhenne Hnllnran, boih of Hineburo; Mr John Geron to MiMary P. St. Anne, hoih of More town ; alo by the same, v'r Iilanchct lo Miss Amelia Romlon, both of I'uilingt'.n. 10' n 0 d In this town, on the 20lh int. of canker rash, af ter nn illnes of six day, Sophia, vouimest daughter of Tiir.oDOBK Catlin, Kco. aged 11 vcars. In ibis villane, on the 27lh lilt. W.'P, Russell, son of D. S. Russell, nired 9 nionlhs. Ill Undeihtll, on ihe SOth of April Inst, I lien Lnmiis, ased 11 years and six months; and on ihe 10th of July inst. F.lraa C.,aged 19 years, douhlcrs of Julius nnd Mat y r.liis. Died iii Willi-ton, on Thu'diiy the .'.b inl. Sa rah young' st Daughter of Wiiuhi Clark, in tha 9th year of he 1 age. " UNiiUD sr.vins ni.s'riiicT court, I'Clllllllll IISll'il-. IN liAMilt'UPTCY. Notice to Miuw cause aRnliist Prtlon of lir.NAJAH S. Plini.Prf, of Alburgh. in said District, tn bu declared Bankrupt, at the Office of Samuel Picnti!-, Di'trict Judge, in MonUeln r,in said D.s- trict, on Wednesday, August Jl, HI, A. 31. ROSWl'LL M. SINCLAIR, of Westford, in said Dibtrict, 10 be dec an d Bankrupt, nl the Office of Samuel Pierilias, Dinrict Judge, in Montpelier, in said Dueirict, on Wednesday, Ai rust 31, 1S42, 10, A. 31. F1-.1IF.R TIIA Y Wl, of Uurlington. 111 said Dutrict. to be declared llankrupt, nl Ihe Ollieo of Samuel Premiss, Dilricl .h dge, in Motitpi said Dis liict.on WolniFi'ny, August 31, 1S42, 10, A 31. HK.N'RY ROARDM AN, Jr., of Isrx. 111 said Dis trict, to be diclared lbinkliipt, at tbeOiTiceo .Sam uel Prcniis-, Di-Mct Judie, in .Mnntprlier, in aid trict, on Wed ticsdaj, August 31, 1S42; 10. A. 31. jnilN" C. J ACICSdN. of Underbill, in said District, to be tlecland IJnnkrupt, ni ihe Office of Samuel Pirnliss. Distiiet Judee, in Monlpcher in said Dis trict, on Wcdnenlay, Aucust 31, 1612, 10, A. 3!. I.KOXAUD M. DIXON, of Underbill, for his Dis charge nnd CeitiGeale ns bankrupt, nl the Court Hon-' in Rutland, in (aid District, on Friday, iho seventh illy orOctot.rr, A. I). 1S42, nt IU A. 31. SYLVFSTF.R 11. WOIcDF.V, of F.ssex.for his Pis chnrce and Ccrlificalo as t'aiikruiu. nt the Court House ill Rutland, in said District, on Friday, iho sevenlh day of October, A. D. 1312, nt 10 A. 31. ..... , - , , 41d.V ) TYLF.R, of Escx, for bis Di-charge and V. ...c. n. i .... . . .1,.. ir L n... land, in fa d Districi on Fndav, li e seventh dav ofOctober, A.D. 1312, at 10 A. 31. nnd Ceriificite ns tlnnkitipi, nt the Court I-'ou-e in Rutland, iu said Districi, on Fridny, llio seventh riayonJcl.ilicr, A. U. l-in, at IDA. SELECT SCHOOL. rTallK nexi term of iho .Viltom Classical SrLr.CT -I ijcitoci. vvnl ci mmen e on Monday, Aug . si 15. Term 1 er ouarp r I'tom S o ?4. Henri may I e ol tamed m ie- er'n' le fnmil e.s lor if 1 ,' 5 ' r vi e' . U. 'I'AJ LOit, I'r n'iiial .vl il on, July 20, cS12. Cw7 E31HV AKI) Has just returned again from New York rpIIF. New Cool- nic la-t arrivin.', amoi g wbuh 1 nre -oine 01 the lovve 1 priccu ar'ule-ever 1 e f' re I noe-ri, and a 1 are .1 cheap a- e 1 I.I I e I'e-iro Milhnirr article , a Unnnct-, Taile'on Mu-liii , Flower- mil lii'.lou-, new In'ievc nnd 31 sun-. Silk Muvvl-, lllkf-.. (ibive- .Mil-, Ilo tcry, lan F.111 . Par-ed-. eVc. &' 111 all 'Ic var-ciy and .Ivl ima'.'iual lej and a- In- e'l- cmlv for money, the o' ret of buying goo I- ol llie I'ei p'C ,:rm ilirect eai I e f il y a'oaiuc ', v r. f ccilintt llie nishe-l price b 1 ca-h ai ihe lame llrut llie G. ihI are 10 I e had 1 ac1 again for 11 ohe.ip, in.ikina a i- ire tirolll In 'he pur cha er ol 10 1 er ect a vantage in Ibe trn.'c, 1 v n p vine ni llOWAItilS. Lbe.ip Cash Store, CO J dy, '42. AMERICAN HOTEL and gi:si:iivi. sta:h nousi:, HURLING TON, VT. TIIH s ibscri'ier having leased this well knon n Hold, would give noltco lo his friends and the travelling public, 1b.11 no pains vv ill be spared on hi liatt lo make II rrj nl to any est ibhshnif nl of the kind in llin Country, From 11 lonn experience in ihe hiiHncss, be fiallers himself he shall he nb'e In give satisfaction 10 nil who may favor- Ium with n call. S. W. TAYLOR. nurlincion, July 11, 7lf. NTAJIl nans. n OFND and Oml riiatr lUnls, m t rc civcel and for J.V .ale hy W.M. J. HUNT. Ju'y H. Etronz- b iihling, C-'i llege.f. COFFFD MILLS. TNClH-ASK WILSON'S M s, a very.u. 1 p.Tior arucle, for siles I y WW. J HUNT. WI11E CLOTH. NO. 4 and No. 8, Iron Woe-Club, i'ihi re'-eivrd Iv W.M. J. IJl'.NT, J ly 12. S'rongs I nil hug, CoHecst. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that I have rilinqitishcd lo di y son, Snmii"l T. Wilrnx, ihe re?.duo of bis minority ihl he is nl full bhiily to nei cfe cnnlrart h s own benefil, nnd dial I shall hcrcoftcr claim nons of lliu oarninga or hold r.ivi If cspoi -i Ic for bi debts. F.HKNFZClt WILCOX. r.rtuX,July20, 131!. NOTICE. CtOMF.iiUi ihe incloseuie of the eubfcribrr, about the 20ih of May two yearling heifers, one line bnek, and tha other red. It. L, MIljtPR- Ualckwtw, Jj! ! 13, AlillANV AND HOMtO.N ItAtl. IIUAU. Tare throush to nsnton RiT. Mornlnsr train Ihrouirh lo Ho-tt.n, lenvc-. ihe Depot at UrccnVusli nt 1 befiiicfl oVIoel; pieei clj every ei.ii...,., j inoinioff, vi iniiuv i:ai.i.i et', h,ii .,iiu, , nt 1'itlsDeld 91, ni Sptingfiold 12J M. al VNorcettcr "! P. M, nnd nt Huston b'i. Passengers br. nklast at Chalham. l'assengeis must Icavo Albany, by Iho south ferry, not later lhan G o'clock. . Tho afternoon train, nlso through to liostnn leaves tu Depot at Orcenbtish nt 3 35, arrive nt Chatham at 3, at Piltsdcld CI, nt Springfield ol 9J P. M., leave Spriiigfidd nt 2J A. M. andarrivcin Iloslon nt8 A.M. 1'nssciigers Unvo Albany as above al 3 20 and not later to Insure a passage. , Tho cars of llie Hudson and llcrkshiro Toad will run between Chatham and Hudson in connexion with bo'h trains. . Passengers for Lebanon Springs Icnvc the cars nt Kdvvards, thonco liv aI.iko to Iho Springs, about 0 miles, or from Pitlslield, nslhey chooso. for ii.uiTf 'orin AM) A':irAr;.v. I'a sensri'ri leavins All any in llie murium; I y the 1 lel'ore G o'clock tram fiom Otit'iibti li, uriivc iu Sininaficld at 12 a. tn. may lenve rtpringlicld at 1 for Hnrtfoid thence by cars arrive in New-IInvc-n by 75 p. 111. Or leave Orecnbnsh in Iho 3 3"j p. in. nam, arrive in Springfield al I'l p. in. thence nt 8 a, m. by Steam Moat to Hartloiu, arrivim? iheront U ihencoby Steam lloat nl 2 11. 111. arrive in New York next morning by 5 o'clock, or they may leave Hartfonl forNcvv Haven hy Hail Itood nt3 p. 111. and .Stiamboats lcavo NevvHavcn for i. Yoik daily TO GRUnSFlF.t.n. HANOVER AND HA VKRUU.L. Stapes will leave 'pringfield, daily, at 9 P. M. for Ilavoihi.l, via Nuilliauiplon, Grtenfield, Bratlleboro' and Hnnovcr. Stages nlso tun daily from West Rrnokficld to Wain and Knlield Ironi rainier 10 i til ca liners, Iltlchertown, Amherst nnd Monsnn Kiom Yilbra ham lo South Hadlcy and Northampton. I'atu to .Soriiiii field fe'l. Piisnecrs nre particularly requested to piocuro their tickets before taking scalsin the cars. Tickets can he obtained 111 Albany nlG. II. Payne's nffice,2J I'.roadvvay, or at ticket o,hcc in Depot, al Grcelibll.-ll. l'llLIGHT DP.PART.Mr.NT A rrei-iht Tumi will leave Grcciibush daily, (Sundays excepted) for nuion, ni sj a.m. Charees for Flour to all nasi of Rnrinifu Id. 371 rls. per barrel, mid when in lots of 100 libit, or more for I'oMon, by special contract at reduced puces. First eh s freight, such ns imported Dry Goods, Tins, llonnets, Hoots nnd Shoes, &c.,fs9 per 2U)0 lbs. 2d clnss, such as Hides, Lcalher, Hemp, Gins-seed. Freli meats and Fish, nt G 50 per 20f0 lbs. 3d class, uch ns I "or 1011, live Woods, Molasses, Sugar, Ac. at t j per 2000 lbs. 4lh class, sic h as Coal. Grain, Pig Iron. Lumber. Wool.&c. nl &1 per 2000 lbs. Cvcry inforniaiion will be given at the ollicc in the Depot at GreenhcM, NOTICF. A Mirchandi7oC'ar will he nttnchol to ihonficrnoon passenier tiain, for the accomnindation ol'lbrnevvho mav doiro to forward some uarriculnr articles of freight with extra dcpnlrh, nnd which urc of n periahn' Ic nature s such n luilter, cpc. Hnles ol Freight will bedouble UlClasi per regu lar fiticht train. a. WITT, Freight Agent. W.M. H.TOWN.SI Ml. Mns'er Tran.-porlation. tircenbieli repot, July 11, ion. TO RENT. rPHn store on Church."5!, recently occupied by illllcucll Oi liarnes, as a luihuc winry ounp. For terms S.c. npply at this cflice, or to the person on the premises. lw-b. lUiilipgton, July 20 1842. Gil A .S'.S" WAGGON MATS JUST received and li r a!e by J ,iv 22. WM. J. HUNT. ABKL.NLWF.I.L'S i.STATK. STATFOF Vl'R.ilONT, ) The lion, the Prol nt Di tr'CI of Chi'tcrnVii --. C0111I lor Ihe Di-lnet ol Cliilfn 'en. To all I'er om loncerned in thee la eof A1 el Kuvvell lale of Cliarloile in bid l)-tri,'i, I'rcea e I. . Greeting. WHKftF, S. 1'zra Ho't. executor of ihe la-i wi and tcs'sment of laid e'ecca-epr.'pose- In render on a -co .111 of hi- aJnni.i tratine, and pie-enl hi- accoint jcain-t -aid cs a u fi r exniiun 111011 nnd allovvanienl ase-ion of the i.'ourli.f Prola'e-, lolebil'en at the Hei-tei'- odico in B irlinglonin i-aid di-lnct c.n the ei ond Wedne-day e t Acgii.-t next Therefore", You are berel y iiuiuied 10 appear I efi-rc aid eo irt al il.einne und place aloie-anl, and t-bevv cau-e, if anyyou have, why Ibe alore.-uid ho ihl not le aliow-eJ. Uivi 11 under my baud ,it H ir ingtnn ihe 21-t day evf J me A. ). ISli, WM. W1.STON, Register. . ., '': us' no ti cn. Al.l. perions ne-gtieveel by lliu a-icasnicnts made by 'ho L'sters or 93?essors of t?uilin.-;teiti the en sent year, are herein norified that said Listers will nuinii at iho Court m liurtui'Jton on M011 day the V5ih day of July inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. for the purposu ol receiving nnu Hearing sucli applications as flimi uu iiiauet 10 incut reia ivo 10 sucu cs.can menu. J. HARSTOW, ; W. I.VMAN, VListsrs. J. 11. HOLLUMICIC, ) Julv 13, IS12. I1I.NJA.MINH. SKIFF'S FSTATI". STAT I". OF VP-llMONT. The Hon. iheProbate Disttici of Cliltlcnden, t-. 5 court for the District of ( liitlenlin. I o all per-oiis luioie-letl 111 Iho e-iatcol lie 111. II. SI.I I. la c ol Cliarloile in ili-tricl. U'heri'.a-, Sally II. Sk,i, adin'x ol s.liJe-iate, ba'h fileil 111 hKid court her peti'ion, in vvnlliig, setting forth that the peronal c-ta'e of the raid i!ecri-e.l, a- in venlorie.l .1111J apprai 00, amount- 10 5(u.',; that ihe do' t-alloweil I thecoiiiini ioner airaiusi ai le-ta'e amc unt to Sl-153, 73, and ll.ut the raid Heuj.Il. i'ic.1 uizol of nl o it 01. e bundrcl and three acre, of land, I emg the farm on which he lived at the tune of hi- death, siu.a'e m -aid C hhrlottc, vvhicl laicl w inciiml eici with a inoricnTc 10 James la card to hcc.ire Ihe pnyn cut of live li.,ii-lrcd di Ibirj a iv I m'ere.-i, and al-o a nc r gage 10 Auhk Kccdto cine tho payir.etit of 1 ctvveeii live ami -ix hundred tlc-1 ar- Hnd iii'eic-l ; ibal the debts ,-pecitic.l iu tanl morlua'.'Cs weru 1101 inc-rnlet! 10, nornbowe-l by, ibe coiuini sicner- c n -aid e-tale; licit .aid bind is 11N0 i-iil.cct to the widow'- right ofdowerlhrrein, and that II I- iQe-tv to tell Ihe whole of Mini Ian-Ian. I the rcver-ionol the widow'- dower llierein. for iho pur no-c ef payinje the del ts aa'n-t laul e-Iatc and llie expeti-e- cifa.!imni-tretion, an I praying .aid enurt lo h eii'eherto.t'llaiideonvry ibe vvliolc ol" aiJ land a 11 1 it,e reversion 01 eiovver lliciein, luiject 10 ine albre-ai.l itnnuinl ranee, asree-al ly 10 lh ttatulu 111 .,,,.1, in,l,. ...I ,.r. 1 Whereum 11. ibe ci nrt aforc-aiil ilclh atinoint ill' eecui I We Ine-ilav c f A' cu-t, 1S42. lor hearing nnd lU'e cltna on .-aitl po ipon, 1111J1I0 I. on'er iimi all per Kin-miere-irJ I e notitie.1 lhreofly publication ol iht-or.'er con'aining ibe l--!aii'.e of i. pennon thrcu wcelcs-fciicce-sivelv in ibe ll'irlin?fion Free Pre- a new-oarer pnuieil 111 ibirincion in ihe Ciuu'v el Clnttenlen, pievioiii to tii'd rci-ond Vc.!a-day ol Kne ist, 1842. Given mder my ban 1 at saiJ Durlinflon this 6th I... ,t T..I.. IfJA ...vv 01 "iiy, iei. WM. WJ STON Rtnistir. FARM FOR SALE. ,TT-rt rOR .SALE, tint well known Farm sit titA'3 uated in M lion, nbout one mile liom llie : : : unner raits, lonuci v upper rails, foriucilyowiicd and occupied JLiS,''iL by Iho Itcv. S. R. Crane, eontain mr be liveen 275 and 300 neies of land, eonipri ed 111 pari of nowing, imago nnu pasinru.s', ami goi u wood iois ind smrar orchard. S lid firm is well WMlett-d, has 1 wo good dwclhru hoii-es, ono of which is of brick in fti ,.. .,r ....,1 i.n,i. : 1 . .I... ..nn,i ,u w.t.fc. u, K..V,, (I, pil.u I .'J III II , llllCU .'Ull ood barns, one of which is CO by 44 feet, the others iu oy-iuieeij a nors-e nam nuel other 0111 iiuiiuingF Willi erood ynids nil I wntcr htnughl into ihem ami 10 ihe house in log , nnd also three uood wells of water 111 ihe farm; being n desirable totunlmn lor a man who wants to rai-c'neai stcrk or sheen or both, 01 is nn cxcelhnl laim for llie clairv business. Thor wishins 10 purchase fueli a farm would do well hv applying soon lu John nnd Jnmes Jlnrton on Ih pienuses, or 10 Cen. Win. Nash of Nnvv Haven. Hilton, March 21, 1642. 42 if NO MISTAKE! I7I, received nnd for sale hy 1 llie Sllbscnhf-r. a lew bnrre a of fntot r-snner evlrn f'lii.'y Wcsiein Flour, (I nle brand,) none letter if any as smtl. Recoiled Engle brand wnrrnntid per fect. June 11. D. DAVIS. iMorisnn's Pills STAND unrival'c.l an a c lean-er and puriner of ihe I c.vvel-,1 lucid, and the who'e vs!e-in. In Diar rh. e.i or Icusenes- of llie 1 civvel- an I oilier miiiiii er CMimp'aints, iho i-cnn 1 e rebel upon wiih perlcctci n li.'cmej a- a loinnion me heme to 1 1 le-pl icady for use on all oft a -ion where a eaiharuY i nce'cl, ihl melicinei i, mieijuarel. S.I I only nt ihe Variety diore I.y r-A.MillOlt.N cf IlltlNSMAlD, A'.'ent,- for loriMiu of London. TO RENT. Goolj convrnieiii Unci; dwelling ho nn. Po cc-m -it given inline hsie-ly. Kni urc of . 1 ll.AS, UVJU.VI13 If uo. Tassols and Cord. GUT-EN, 111 ic and H..1 Ta-f el- and CV rd Icr Win ilovr Sha le - and flbnd-. Al o Ruber i-aJs am R ick Pull:e.-,j ol recoiveJanJ lor -n'i y JiljrO. W.M. J.HUNT. Siron-.' s Pudi'inrr, Colresn Si Clolli Cups, "YTSTfA;'rl dirsclfiom tha mantifue turcrs a full sr I svJsjilaieotofalJ 1 mdi C"oa Cape nnd j'or Salo at i g.'sit' by, Jar.u ?, 4? ll. Yh CATti-N. WANTED. A good fomalo Cook. Kncpiiroof II I HAM F. GIUSWOLI). Uurlington, July M, 1842. nriJ the vub-cril rr-. hivini leeu niinoin'e.1 bv " Ihe Honorable ibe Prol oie Court for the Di Irict of Chittenden, roinininoner lo receive, exam ine a ii.l vhul lliee-lsims and douund of all hcr.on.. aemn-t the e.tnleof Henry Tovvieenil, laie of Iroy, Sla onf New 1 or;( decea.cil, repre-enlol insolvent, and nl 0 all lnims and demand-exhibltxl in o l-cl I therein ; audix Inunlh- from lb day t,l the date nereoi, 1 eiinr nuovvcii i.v -aid i.ourl lor mat nurpo-e, we rlo ihercfure hereby uive not lee. thai we wil at tend to Ihebu-iiie of our appointment, at ibo Hotel 01 John iinwaru 111 nuMiiigtoii, 111 Mi d oi-in-Ji, on 1 11c nrit moiioay 01 neptciiiiKT next, nt iu o eioen, A, ill, l)n',e.Jllii,lij 11 1 my nl June, ., 11. .. I.HT11KK LOO.MH, ) Couiinis, l'HILODOOI.irri.i:, j loner.-. New Furniture Warc-Hoitsn. On Chtircli-sl.(lti rear of the Court House,) UURLINCirON, VT. B 11 A 11 NHS & Kl'ICLUU have 011 hand and are eoiiiniilly addinir 10 iheir stock of their own m.iiiufa"liire, Sof.i", Secretaries Bureau-, mahogany nnd ebony dining, eonlruniid carJTal.Ici, OeMsnad-, &. . &o. CllA lit St Curl maple, cano teal, (irceuin. ( onimon enne. rals- el rocUie and 00111111011 dinin-z CIIAIR.S; nil ol winch nre mauo in llie le-i niatinerani i.y experien ced wor!,nien, and will 1 c Hf 1.1 al pricee e'erre-pond-ing with thu tiniew, fur ca-b, luinic, or country pro el nee. 1! Ice's Patent I'anultir; Mills, Manuf.ioliiieJ bv Harne. & Keeler. eonsiantlv on hand, which they will exchange for grain dreaMi tl lcoiiireu. Also uiocks 01 all Kinds and prices cheap a' llio ehiape.t. S, 1812. Piirowoll's Shoes. BLACK nnd colored half Gaiters, Misses i'o do. Kid Slips, French Buskin Shoes, 3Iorocco do Children's do. Jlen's Pjtnns, if-o. just received and for sals cheap, I t Mny 2G, 1912. S. M. I'OPH. Kurmiii'r Utensils- OH f)07.rN Patent Scytho Snath-, ZJ 50 do. Maud Itll.c,, 20 do. Hay Fork.. M arncr'- eu!e' ratnj gra arid cradle Scy'.bo-, llixfiird'- do ('o do I'o. Hoes and ea-l -tccl do Shove!-, Simile., 4c. St i.y June 30. T. F. et W. L. STP.ONO. pROADCLOTIIS, Cns-imeres, Satlinni.&c. fcc. J encap, uy diay xr. 3. li. awl 1. SUMMER GOODS. II LACK GtndePoi nud Astrachan Cloths. J Liuht nnd Dark Gamhroons, Kentiichy Jeans and M.irino (sirnere, Ilib'dnnd Plain Whito Linen Dnllings, Col'd Cotton Diillings, Yery Chenpby, Junc31sl 1612. II. W. CATLIN. Blanc iMaiiiro iMoulds. "ClARRAR, WAIT it ROOT havo Riant Monxe Mmlds,Lhina if- Uerman Vasts; Match Standi Cigar Stands, Eeg Cu; t, Custard do. Ova Can die .Sticks, Glass Crtamtrs, Uc. four flvft & six hot tie Revolunu Casto!s,nll very cheap of coursa. Jimu SO, 1642. Important Discovrrij ! A CFRTAIN CUUHFOR CORNS.-nr. Bai'ry of XiWa-bingioii ciiy ha- al length di-coveicd K cure f"r Corn-. Tin- nieihcinu 1- an niifaibnge'crc in lie nori -pace 01 in cen minute!, wilhoul pain er dam a:.rR 10 the natieni. P.CK & SPKAfl, Bi.rlingtcn, are my only ftoihcr ue 1 iseiiis icr mc rrunnu- 01 e,iiitieiH'en and Ur lean- I litis, JUHK WHITAMORK, JulyS, 1312. 4:tl Asrem lor N. E. Siaiof NOTICE. Carding. nud Cloth Uicssing at Muddy Urooli rI,II!S F-iabli-hment ha- Iten fitted up in gooll J. order, aiu" no nain wi I I e MiareJ 10 ilo ill cr" iu iiic it;uiaciii.u e.1 llie J.ui lie. li. I'. S lAUl. eVVO. Biirhnsrton, JunnSa, 1S42. 4 WOOL. T,HF. hiahest Blaiket Piice will be raid for nnod -L clean Fleece wool on acc'ts or in exchanea for UuoJsliy Juni30"42. II. W. CATLIN Tnhlo Bnttor. a lUIANcCVinSTS liavn 1 .-in nmiVi rlb t'rmr i. lor a e.pply 01 Iho cboieet I'nl le I uoer tb June 21. C.SI'0'lT. LAST NOTICE. A t-I. per.-cii leb'cdtoL". M. Wrizht fi Co., It. . Catlm & Co., or to HicU!. ,f. Catliu will !ea-e receive tin- a- a la-i nuuca ib.u iheir i conni inu-tlo iinuiediaiciy tcttleJ. They will havo everv llicoiiuii puci lueiil oylalllllK SI I tie -lore 01 J me 21. 11. W. CATLIN . Paper Hangings. A i.w let cheap, by V June 21. fl. U. SCOTI". ineltllcry, Coach cV Shelf laardwaro in all its varet:es. alto, Drugs, Medicines, Faints, Oils, Varnishes Urushubf allkmdi, Joitur t Tuol; o. Tha sul senbers sre now receiving s'ppliesof tho nuovc geoos, ai ins oiu stand, ci rner ol church anel L,orege streets, sign ot llio t'aellock. HAGAR & ARTHDR. liurlmilon, 27lli May, 1842. Ilnir Nuatui'. 1 Q 20, !2, "21, audSOincbe 1 0, for sale hy June 21. iul receircl and Jjfor sale hy W. J. HUNT Slremg,' II nl. In GLASS. r.(; fioje-Ola-s eit' dilferenl t.ise and ncali -vV tir.,for Bab; ' y S. WALKLR SHINGLE. Cpv THOUSAND ;ood tjruneShinfjle.forra' ra v' rv low Ly WALKER Hay 2 1. QCIl 110XF.S rtunch Raisins, tmijj 4U Kegs aialjgn uo IS Hags Madeira Nuts, VI do i iuierts, 15 do Itiitzil do 10 do Almonds, br 30 Doe., 1911. J. .f-J. H. PnCK f-Co. FOR SALE OR TO LET. HOU5I' Also a -mall 13 u'Minir Lot. May 20. C. BFNNS Enalisli and Atnnrican Prints. n CASES iust received and for salo at low r -sices, by .May 27. VILAS, LOOMIS t Co, LIGHT! LIGHT!! A 1,1. who wish to light .hcii-, -tore or pul li TV. I iiil iinz-, e heap an i wen are mviie-i in can a i.c Gold's Cheinii ii! Oil an I Lamp-, The Oil i- 75 per gallon "n I will yiv more liehi lhan S2 vvorlh I, imp (.'H. l amps ami uu auu viic-i. anu oias .leai ihe Var.c'v Sc re. June 3. I'A.NOllOR.N etDRiN'SMAID, NOTICE. MTlIIF. undcr-ignfil, b ivinsr riitere.l inm copartner I fhm uu Ier lliu tinil ol .S.M.M.I.LY Cc TKNNKV will give prompt nl'enlion lo all Ini-ina which mi) leeniru-iea iu llisui, nuirr in unvv or v.nancerv . Oulloeling butiiis.-s will rosmve narlicnlar atlmiicn I). A. f-MA LI.I'.Y U. J. TtN.NLY. Durlincinn, July I, 1812. 4uf PORK. niHA Pork, Atriala ly 9 Mny, 1SI2. 20 6. WALK Kit. iiVIMAiN &, COLIC w 1 LL piiy ca h for a few Thoii-and Pr n i 1- rood e'ean Fewr Wool, if c'llivercJ at a: their nore Hurlins'10,1, 1 July, ISli. The jVr-w Ctunp Cash Storr, BV WM. 11UHI.CUT. Th t C a i A System uorii w til. VINO iril it two weeks an I rc-ceivej a very literal patronage, w areencimracwltnconliniic iho ame. an I to e,Vr a very general a..ciriineiii rl ea-inia' le Fancy and Sianle Dry Good. anJ Family (ins cries, al llio laxtttt cash priet for ready ca,h. oGo.kI- wrll bouahl, nie.anl lei I e half mviI." NVelnny one be tol l ihai Good- vvolj laid In s! New York iu Mny, 1342, mn-t I e c heap 7 (!.islomvr who are o i-renl oldgaodt at cmt, will do wo I iu call ai lliu (C'N'ew l heap Cash KrenE, I ef. reinjktni their i n ha.-er, dn:l tuinina in tmire I rt-h -lock nut opene'. .Mem lay Morning, June S7, 1S-I2. LOOKING GLASSES, AI,ARGE an I well osleoti-d assarlmeni, eonsist. ing of QUI, Mikaqajiy ami O'dt, Mjkogan'i, ar.i Panty fumed l ookinf Glasses, fqr sVe d! grestly rediicrct priees at the llnrdvvars Htore, Owner ol CUUWh a4 Ool'iia 9tii by HACLUi & AKTitVH. HARDWARE. rnllK ubcriler bavuisr m'fjiillv ren!.-:ii 11 if-1 lilS following stock cil Hardware, ri'iurs fer sulei Ibe fi uoous, at Ilia lowc price-. ;uiii;iy. Table aim Dc.crt Knivus and Fork', Pti and Pock- Knives. Uazeir-. belM)r. Sheen Shear.-. Hjlchcr ICnive, Shoe do., Steel, eVe. etc. s.;ariciiicrhT nnu .loincrs- iooik. Cn.tnnd Soring Steel I'annel, Hand and ItinniniE Shw Cireu Hr do. Irom 8 lo 21 inches Crici-cul and Mill do; Shi er'- llraee- and Hilt-1 Firmer mi l mortice Clii-eK I Ijousc", riane iron-, A"ger, mih-infill-.' Iliind Axe-1 Adzo, Hominor-, tVe. lliitig.' and Dal.lvviu's I'Ijiio. i Tape r, PiI-hwMiII-ju w, lininrd, K11 ml hit, Warding nnd Cibmel Files) Shu-, Wood I IIeir-; llasiii a itcncriil a-ornnenl ol hadttUr'j Ilardus-tre. I 'aiming UlnnsilN, Cradle-, Scythe , Mannru anel llav Fork-l Hoes i Alne-' Shovel-; Spade-, Ditching Shrvel-, etc. Vc. Furiilshlncaiid Uullders' llaiuwiue. Tray-, Uriin-nia Tea anil Co lee Pot? Lamp Kmitoi.n-: Itnml andl'ea llcll-: Ca-tors ! Rrltannls, German n"Ver nnd plain I Tea nnd 1 Spoons t Metal nnd eimnieied Sauce l'nn ; Fryiniz Pan-, Bal,e Pan", Put- and heule-, Bra--Kettle-, I'iic Irons, eve. Locks: Unit H lose-1 James Scruvtat iNorfolk and tCnob Lalehesj lilale's hJ-eutthui.n do. ; window F-tcninzs: ha-h Pullio- i Kail Si er.v- i Bed Screw-; Mahognuvand G!a Furuituro Kiiob-iOiue. ie. & Juno XI. vv.n. j, nu. 1, Sironh,' Uuilding. CAHCOKS aro sliing nl llurlbut's Cheap Cash Store al loss prices lhan were evrr known in this part of the country. Beautiful F.iiglish, French and Ameiican prints. Coll nt lliu m w more, ijlmrcn-sl. Junes. .ii. uiitiiiiur. B O.MAA.INUS, black nnd blue black, for sale nt the lowest puces, byJune a. J tvji. iiUKi.iiui, "LA1N al woo Moiischnc do Laincs. snn'r nalin X striped do., printed do. of evciy variety, for sale attoiiiilinrly low pnecsat Ilia new store, ny JunuB. WM. IIURLliL'T. Clillll Ciailles. f RANT'S celcbrntud Oiniu Cradles, jut received s- aim tor sniu ny HAtiAle Cc Alll null, At the old stand, rign of the Padlock, cor. Church onu ijoiicgestrosts. June, 1812. QAWS.-Rovvl'ind's Mill Saws , R. Hoc nud CVi U circular do. i Etitflish cross cut do. : Hand, nnal nnu uacK oo. j compass, wood nun eclloe Uo. Jitsi receive,! anil lor sale by ilAU.U, AllTHUR, tor. lu. ami i;ullegc streu's. June 17ili, 1812. AN V. W supply of Thompson's ccltbrnlcd im proved Trusses! nlso Dr. Hull's celebrated Prunes and suppurters for sale by HAQAll if. AllIITHUR. Cor. Ch nnd Colleo,: streets, litirhngton, June 17ih. Mitchell's (icoL'i'jphlc'.'il Woi La. ATITCHKLL'S Piiiiiary Ucoginphy, ilJL " Si.bool do. and Atlaj, u Geogrriphtciil Reader, " O nline Ma, a, " Key to study of Maps. For salo by C. GOODRICH. Jims 15. O'd Stand up Stair-. TIRTrf Life of Patrick Hcniy. r.hcp edition, Juno 15. For salo by C. GOODRICH. CuopcrN aval IIMory, 1 nillDt.EL) by lliu author and completo in one Voluino, ju Jt rocuivoJ by C. GUODRICH. Junu 15. Ilo ik-bliullni: ami tslniik Hooks. I" EDOLiH, Jo rnil.-, Iie.-cor.l-, &: tVe. li.r isle, or LJ ran 'e to orJjr. Old Uook lebo nd al -h irt tn.tue. Junu 15. by O. (JOOLIRIUI. FARRAR, WAIT ROOT, Have received a full aupjily of ROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Wh ch, ad Jed tOihe.Tloiu er eto l;, their assort ment rpnte conip'ete, and II i- o ci. il al vtryloic prices iujooj,eurreA in. .chug wiih ihe pie.-;Uie ol iliuliu.u.. c jiiuuus in vvni ol Goods iu ibcir lino will do won lo cob and m einmo atiia.-t, at the corner ol Church au! Colle't;o ktie-o!. ISLrliu;lun, June 17 h, ISlJ. Gold Band China. QUPL'KU Gold Rand, Hand and Spiig'cl CMnc O 'i'. i St'.s au-J puie- to niulck, vcv eheap kI iLu ina 6'1'jre of i'A UQAlt, Af I c-. UCOT. June 17.h. nAKtWKLL'S SLi-e, Half Gaiter-, Kid L Lhildien' Shoe;, &m. jual re eive-J I.y JunulG. W.M. Ill RI.RLT. I'apcr Hangings. I "lAi'l Pie:e-. Pnpor Hanging-, patterns entirely i.Jf iiwA-. ot u.l o .aliuu,, iu-t opcncJ by Jhuel6. WM. IIURLBLT Solo Lcntlior. T7 C. LOOMIS has reccivol Solo Leather for Ji 14 cents cann, uy mo nuuure-i ruunji. Alao, Palctil mid stiiiiji Uather. June lu. u.-sh Paid for Hark, EC. LOOMIS will pay cash lor 40 or EO cords good Hemlock link, if delivered in ono iiKiitii from data. June 10. I'apcr Manaings. fJPvr PIECES, for salo ut ilimifaclurvr s pricso wvu adiiing ireisnt, uy C. OOODIilCH. June 16. Diniifir Sot--". n KALTIFIJL filer, Pink and liicirl on rtprig'-l Din JD ner)-eis,eoiiip'c wthTci- and Ct.lToe-lo match for le uncoinuioiily low a' ihe new Crockery Sioret. June 17. I'AiiRAK, W.MTi ROO T. Glass Ware. A FULL a-rrniMi: e,f Oteii Wart, censi u.-f of II Lamp-, I .tnllerf, r.-ce-rvo Ill-he-',, Djiv!-, wines, rniianl-, jellie-, celery -tanJi, go' let-, A.C. far rale chain al the China and O'a'- warehouse of June 17. FARRAK, WAIT f ROOT. TO RENT. THE Store formerly occupied by HiekoV tr Cstltn I Appply to June S. 42. II. W. CATLIN. GROCERIES. 1 f Hh 's.Mola.-e-, 10 do S igar, 10 B 'tos I.rafdo 1 V 1Q Hag- l i nei1, 5 'lo. feppcr, S Jo. bpic, 10 Keg- Ginsor, 20 Ue-se. S.iap, for ale bv 9 May, 1812. S. WALK R. QHEK VINU. 10 Dalo hwiiiif , f r aU I v t-J a .llav. S. WALlvFR. WINDOW SASH. The subscriber havfinur eha-j thu Mar'hiniry for ihe iniintitac'liira ef Wmdovv -a-h formerly o.vneJ and uiecl I v S Jnev Smi'h. Wuioo-!.i Ci'jyind nre now tnsuufartnrin; every de eripiion, and l.cep constanl tyon h.n I en st&crtmonl of 7 bv 5 Sah,t thalcllovvinj pri ej. 13 Lighte-i Ca-oti,au 3 cti.pvr Lighl 8 do 3)r do 8 c'o 3i do fl do Si da 4 , do 6 Tor lale at iheir Shop al il.e Tails, and 1 r Htr rge Peierj.on, All orde in Ihe above lino adlroit-J tu Cailio oi Lba-e. will l thankfully recenvej nu prtiinptly aitendeilo. MOSES CATLIN", JJ. fcDWIN W. chasi:. Burlington, April 9, 151?. Tin Plalo, &c. 1 r( TIOXES Tin Plate, 1-3 X. spprov'd brands, IUU 10 do do IX. iquaif, tO Uundhs Iron Wire, a sorted Nos SO do English Sheet Iron, da 6 Packs Russia do do 1 Cask Shief Zink. Also A general assortment of T'nners' srllstrs, such as Sheet Copper, Sheet Lead, Coppesr Dolt, ic. Uy VILAS LOOMIS & Co., May 27, 1512. Oppcsits I'tirl-tt. lUust. Shootings. ,4 1 RALES 4-4 Rrown Et-etj.mgs. -U''2Caie, Wts.bel c'o. For tala 1? Mny 27, 1S12. VILAS, LOOMIS ! CO. At LYMAN $ COLE'S, LndW flronie KiJTie, " Kid'lie.Aii.LSli, " Ulael: scl cfiloro-l cloth CshtrT" ChiUrta', rclonrl Gaher.-, " llron'. " H ack Kl 1 nr."., Geni'.- KIJ and Morus'coi'iitmi Mav 13. CODFISH. ATRKfll mprly tinJ a priim sn'rla rbf i!o ly UJ 1 De.v,.lay i 7 fOUJf J T f UKAUW.V 4th of July, 1842. JUST rc cived and for ale, a frevh upply e,f Plain Hlidliguieil t'nra-ol, Iliall S' otch (iiiigbum Umbrella', tiuni'-ilighl niid brown lgbern Hat?, Milleni.T- nn I Hre-s Milkers can lclurni-hod wlj many ariiek- in ll.' ir liu" -u h af r uncy r lower- ntul Arubcial-, Hill; wound Wile, Tnrlton La e, Mutlia-, ."lilks, Plain and colonil Law n- for dre-tes, Whalebone-, Si'i si r, Needle-, AUo, Shell Comb-, fiend P ir e', Herman S.lver Tal leand Ten Spoons, Fancy Pen and Pocket Kntvev. Ati'MiHon is mvilcd li. nn as.orlinenl of IlioaJ Cloth- and Cn-aiineres, Irom aucticn isjcav Gio'tries. Tca. S icar. Motnsru-. nnd Family Groceries eene m ly, ol ipialil.e. and pr.ces which cannot fail ta iien-c, , win. iiuivi.uui. CipJ H1IOS. Hnrdner Brewer's N. England Rum, sJF 30Pirie9nnd HnlfPlnea American Hrandr. 40 do do linltimoro Oin, 10 do do 'I'ellevnisin' UranJy, 5 do do 1 Swan' Oin, lOHhtJa, St. Croix R im, 50 libls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, V do Malaga do 6 da Poll do al IXo. 1811 by J. II. PECK ctOu. Quills. AN E W sjpply, ol tbahizhcl niun'e.r-, jnt ro ceivcdal S. IHiNTINOION'ij. June- 10. New Sabbath School Hooks. I70R sale at the liool'.storn of the subscriber a gla cial assortment of the Massach .setts and Nsvt York publications for Sabbalh Schools. June 17. D. A. 11 RAMAN. QUESTION BOOKS. AN assortment of the Question Hooks of tha Mas sachusclts .Sabbath .School f-'ocietv, for ea' at tho flooksloreof the subscriber. D. A. BllAMAN". TAPiLE of tho tho rates of duties payable on goods, wares nnd metchandize, imported into Iho U. Sin tea of America Irom Canada, for sale at the Buok sioroof Juno 17. D.A. 1IRAMAN. 1 casus ticuTn r!7 HI 1 do Welhnatou Fancias, 1 iIj lllue Drilling, 1 li.i'e Ilrovvn do 1 do Canvass. 10 Pieces Red Padd ng, For sale bv May 27, lfi-12. VILAS, LOO.MIS a Co. Liombs. 300 DOZEN TWIST COMBS. Hin uo cap uo 2300 do Sido do 400 do Ivory do 100 do Pa ent Rrnss do 60 do German silver Pocket do 50 Cross WouJ elo do For sale I y " May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS d Co. 'I'll read, &c. onn t',!,s" "'"io anJ col,J ciion TuKia"1. OUU ?. Cnses do do Spool do 0 Lbs. Illacle Linen, do 60 Gioss Round Lacets, For sale by May 27, IS 12. VILAS, LOOMIS ei Co. Silks. TJ CA-'F. Pongee Silk, 20 Pieces bhek, blue black and figurfcl do 20 lbs. India sewing do 10 0f0 Skeui" American do. For salo by May 27, 1912. VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. Fcatliors. ROO LMS. Gee-e Feathers, warranted of supsrlsr " quality and country col'ection. 1000 Lbs. Hens' Feathers, fc sale by May 27, 1942. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. GAMIIHOONS Linen Drill, Moleskin, and a great vane y of other summer goods, verv cheap. Jiine3, IS 12. S.B.SCOTT. IItnsiI T RAH Ground Spice, CofTeo, Pruns, Raisins, Figs, Currants, f-c. u"C. at Juno 3, 1842. ti. II. SCOTTS. IT'RF.SH Teas Sugarand Dry Grocerie--, Just rt , coived and for sale low bv Jitno3J. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. CRtH'KLRY. A LARGE ond splendid assortment ofCrockeiy of xi-nevv ami beautiful patterns lor EJie low oy i.. 9,nsu' f nvrr.v .v Hr.v ami LOVLLY & SEYMOUR. Clioap Groceries. TTYSON. Younz Uv-on. Hv-on ikin, JlX I'LUchonzTea , Pore RicoSigar, I. oat, Lump, and PtivviltrcJ do. P. R. Mclasse-, Leincii syr.p, R. aud Java Co ,ce, &e. etc. New Orleant Suijarat cheap at the cheapest, for tale by June 3. S. M. POPk OMERSON'S Outlines of Geography nnd History, .l-i Blake's Young Orntor or New 'i ork Reader, The nttontion of .-chool teachers is partieu'arly ra questerl to tho above books. Copies furmshtd fjr cxaininaiion. June 9. C. GOODRICH. TO THE PUBLIC. THB Subscriber ha ree'd a general assortments!" Goods ot his . Id Store nnd al li s new Slots at Winooski V.llagu which will be so'd nt prices cor repondim vvtih the tiima cheap ns the cheapest. K. 15. Superior Burlington Mill Co. Clo'hs for sals. SIDNEY llARLOW. Curhnjion June lOlh 1S12. nlGvr Shoes. TUST r-Jd a nsw Iol Farvvclls Shoes 1-2 Oaltera A J slips, June 9 42' H. W. CATLIN. Lumber. On Cifr rT- common Pine Boards, U.VjvJvJ 10.0C0 fl.c'cordo. J0. inner., t. . j - iuv,i.w iv. rj..iueu for sale by II do. W. CATI-IT, IV BW CASH STOKE, BY WM. IIURU3UT. r'IIE lubs-iil er has taken the newly fitted StorUk I. West side Church-f Ireet, hclvveen the 1 Eazajr nnd 1 Vatiety Siore,' whero he is now opening an4 oTering for sale nn extensive nnd gcneinl assortment o Gauds adapted lo the want- of the community r nongst winch arc a great variety of French Si ks, Piinb-d Muslins nnd Lawn', Long Shawls and S.nrfs, H ilk I's, Shawls, Craist I'ig'd and bar'd and plain wiss Muslins, Nansook, bo.-K and other Muslins, l.adie-s nnd genl'emen'i Linen H''kfs, J iset lions, Edgings, Heading and Thread Lace), Work Collars, Retii ules, llcsd Pegs and Purses, Tsrllon nnd p'ain Muslins and Laces. USbb ins, a beautiful nssoiiment and new sllc Lioies' Florence, UraiJ, Modeno, Sirnvvand Hon no i, ArtiScal Flowers, Gimp Edging nnd trimminisftf Tuscan b'onnets. Tarasols, a beautiful assortment cf new st!c. Hosiery of every variety, " -osdcfotli", Cnss'tmets, Vs stings, etc. n-nt's summer Goods, Slocks, Collars, in. Getil. and boys Leg'-orii nnd other Hats. Dry Groceries, a good a-sorlmeni. N. H. This entiie .io:k of goods has been pan chase' within a few dnys, with great care and at ft when tho prices wero more depressed than at any prevMii period but will bo sold far ready cask at n small advance from cost. Burlington, June 10 1S42. it 7 I'll E SENT "lOODS of all descriptu n are felling ve-rv low it vJT Rurlington, attirulatly at S. a. ei. oe u LOTTS. Printed Lawns. gr PIECES si S.U. SCOTTS. Several styl5 iCJ aslnwasoneslu'lingpcrysrd. JuneJ. M EN'S' LEGHORN' IIATS.jusl received at June-3, 1312. s. c. scoTrs. PAPER HANGINGS, at Juno 3. s. ii. scorn Now Calicoes. l?nEN'CII, English nnd American, t:i 15 toN L per cent lower lhan ever, al J:ins3. S. P. SCOTT9. French Homhaziup, D LACK, 1 lue-black nnd colored Sil' s, cheap, vs-y U Juns 3. al S. 11. SCOTTS. SARGENT, SPRAGUE & Co.'s TOBACCO, by the quantity or othrrvvisc, al S. U. SCOTTA FJARASOLS I June 3. i a grtat vaiicly si S. IT. SCOTTS. GUNS. A new supply of Fowling pieces. Al Powder, Shot, P.Cnps, l end, ic. bir sale bj Alt4 IIAUAH IV .-VIVlMVJll, Jun 1843. Corner Church and College-sti. American Saddletrees. ArULL supply of Woodward's domestic Saddls trees, br aalo vvhole.-.!f a;d re,ni br i uu w Rurlington, Juno 19F2- ClVHUl'i Stewart's ba-t eteam refind sugsr- O house t-yrup, a ursnor artirls Jor umilv us, farsTohy June 15.1 LOVELY Si SEYMOUR, iJvul'.ujrafl, Jita U-JJ.

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