Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 19, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 19, 1842 Page 4
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"IIo touched his hnrp,nnd nations hoard, entranced." Tiin PLEASURE OK THE GOOD, uv jamhs rAiiur.R. Cling to tlic world in roy health, And drink the sweet alluring pleasure i Bow at the golden shriuo of wealih, And worship times': bewitching trcnsitrc ; nut know the hour of pain will come, And sickness bring its euro decay, To wrap in gloom our happy home, And quench the sunlight of to-uay. Twino ye the green hay wreath of joy, Aid hind it on the hrow of gladness, And let no warning voice alloy, No whispeiiug spirit hrcatho of sadness j l'or full shall he the meed of bliss. Whose hold on time o soon shall sever, Who has no oilier world than this, And with it loses all forever. Pale sickness with its train of woc, Misfortune, penury and grief, The mournful f.ito which autumn throws Over the sure and yellow leaf, The good man's doom on earth may he, And he may struggle hard v iih fate ; Hut sweet the rest his Soul shall see, When worlds lie wrecked and desolate. troaty, nrnl n little rcspoctablo forco, lie got .1 " t . I . .1 I.!.. 1 I lite goou enptmn into mu cuum, unu iiluiui ly fastonetl him in. Taking commnnu oi mo snip, no ntauu hasty, but efficient preparations to run over the I'trntc. Hull watched his movements with intense interest; and looking out from the companion way and perceiving tlio ob ject ol young Wager, coulu not help observ ing to him 'Charles, if tluio intends to run over that schooner, tlico must put tlio helm a little more to the starboard.' Charles ob served tho direction of the Quaker. The ship passed directly over tlio schooner, which sunk instantly, and every pirate per ished. This exnloH procured for Charles a commission in tho British Navy, and thus laid tlio foundation for his fame and fortune.'' Our own navy furnishes abundant proof that some of out best olliccrs have origina ted from beforo tho mast. All tho first naval commanders commis sioncd on the i!2d of December. 177.0, were plain practical seamen. Men who had not ciept in through tho cabin window, or crawl- rd up through the lubber bole. Iv.ekiul Hodkins, the commander in clnol ; Dudley, Sattoiistall, of tho "Alfred;" Abraham Whip ple, of tho "Columbus ;" Nicholas lSlddlc, of the "Andrew Doria ;" and John 15. Hop kins, ol tho "Cabot," were all educated in the severest school of their profession, and Irom practical seamen became perlect ofii-cer.s. John I'aul Jones, the captor of tho "Se- rapis," and tho distinguished "Chevalier," was the son of a bcotcli gardener, anil at the rally ago of twelve, was bound apprentice to a Whitehaven iUemianlsliip in tho Amer ican trade. John Harry, Joshua Bdrncv, Glass Waistcoats. Tho very ingonlous discovery of working glass into a substanco resembling tho richest silk, is now being brought into very general operation, anu in various ways, such nsgcntlcmcn'swaistcoats and slocks, ladies' dresses, and many other articles of'decorations, in llm most splendid patterns. It is supenor oven to silk in flex ibility and soilness, and tho durability of It (a point, however, of no consideration with the haul trt, among whom at present it ex clusively is, as n matter of course,) vastly superior. In process of time, when the manulacture has arrived at a more perlect state, and all ils little defects remedied, and till ils wnstings discovered, it will, in till prob ability, como within tho reach of most class es ol society, but at present, ils cost is its on ly drawback. 1 he ningnilicenco ol its ap pearance is quite remarkable, nnd wlieiiuseti in any considerable quantity, such as window cm tains, &c, it should bo seen before a just appreciation of its richness and elegance can bo entertained. London Paper. The Viclil or Whuul. DY MISS II. r. coctn. Field of wheat, so lull and fair, Showing thus thy silver hair, Lightly waving cither way Whcru the gentle breezes play, Looking like a sunny sea, How 1 love to gaze at thee! Pleasant art thou to the sight, And to thought a rich delight i Then thy name is music swett Silken sounding field of wheat. Pointing upwauls to tho the s' y, Kising straight and aiming high, livery stalk is seen 10 shoot Like an arrow, fioni the root ; As a well trained company, All in uniform ague, From the footing to the car All in order strict appear; Marshalled by a skilful hand, All together how or stand. Still within ihc proper hound j None o'crstips the given ground, Willi its liiliute held to pay At his nod whom they obey. I'.aeh the gem that studs its crown, Will in time for man lay down. Thou with promise art replete, Hearing precious sheaves of wheat I How thy sticnglli m weakness lies! Not a rubber 1 -in t that Hies Find" support whcicby to put On a stalk her lawless foul j None her predatory beak Plunges down thy store to seek, Whcie thy guard of silicr spears) Keeps the fruit .ind guards the carsj No viau insect, that could do Harm to thee, daira venture through. Armory hku thine to win 1'iom tho sheathe the grain within. What a study do wc find Opmcd here for eje and mind, Who lhat seen thcu a- thou art . fan disown n grateful heart I Hire upon this favoied ground, Faith is blessed and hope is crowned j Chanty may find the bread Wide abroad her girts to spread ; Wisdom, power nnd gooilncss meet H.autoous, bounteous fiild of wheat. rato ulcer, and has his own private pus ; flics got entry into your niotitli, into your oyes, lino yum 1IUKU. IUUUill imub, Ullim lut..-, and broatho flics. Lizards, cockatrices, and snakes get into your bed ants cat the books scorpions sting your foot every thing stings, bites or bruises ovcry second ofyour existence you nro wounded by somo piece of animal life, that nobody has ever seen be fore, except Swammerdani and Miriam. An insect with seven legs is swimming in your tea-cup a nondescript with nino legs is slriitrclinc m tho small beer, or n caterpil lar with several dozen eyes in Ins belly, is hastening over your bread and butter! All nature is alive, and seems to bo gathering Iter entomological hosts to cat you up as you nro standing out of voitr coat, waiscoat and breeches. Such tiro tho Ironies. All this leconcilcs its to our dews, fog, vapor and drizzle to our apothecaries rushing about with tramles and tinctures, to our uritisii con stittitioitiil coughs, sore throats, and swelled face." Citr.Ar LmiiT. Mr Snitthworth, of Now llodford, has invented n lamp of which a cor respondent or tho National Intelligencer speaks as follows: "It was supplied with common lard, and burned twelve hours beforo half tho quanti ty contained in it was consumed. 1 no wholo cost of tho lard consumed did not amount to half a cent. Tlio light produced was brilliant, white, and lrco lrom sniOKC and bad odor. Tho lamp is beautiful, and costs but littlo more than half a dollar. Tho saving cO'cclcd in the nrticlo consumed, over tlio common oil tamp, is moro than ono nan. Tho improvement is very simple, and can at a trilling expense, be applied to tho com mon screw-top lamps in use." Swimmino. There is one siniplo scienti fic rule which, if suitably impressed upon the mind, would save life in all ordinary cases; and, for want of a knowledge of this rule, very expert swimmers tire sometimes drowned. The rule is this : Clasp your hands behind your back, make your nose the highest point of pour body, (or look towards the horizon over your forehead,) and do not -.' . ...".-...I- 1 .. !ll lVlt.1 ,.. jl .... sur a ninsnr, mm yiin win imaiiiuiy mint. Tlinjf every human being has a life pre server 'against water, if only taught to useil 1 he brides, Irom tlHiirdilleient conformation Boston Free Am. and csrfnciallv fiom their wants of the ureal 11. I. I 1 T- .1.1 1 , ..,.... I . .H. '. ....... r. viii. iiainunuge, uicnaru w.ue, aim a lung rational development or the forehead, float list ot oilier gauaiu miners, wen; onto up- i,y necessity, nrnl swim by instinct. It is prentices, or volunteer sailor-boys, using nitv and a tmradox that men should lose their through tho various grades of the merchant ivcs bv u moro liberal allowance of brains! service, until they were appointed to others in the navy. These instances are sufficient to teach us, that tlio apprentice system is favorablo to llm development of nautical ability, and worth ; that talent of the high est order may he found there, and that it is the duty of the Secretary of the Navy, to foster every germ of promise, and seek out, and advance each boy, who posscsscss the requisite qualifications fur promotion. Sa vannah Georgian. I PROFANITY. Wo know of no vice which needs a more thorough reformation than tho low and vul gar piitcticc of profane swearing. No ono who walks the stiects ol our city, in the eve nine especially, can fail topeiceive the pre valence of this most absurd and abominablv wicked practice. It appears to bo on the increase. Our schools and institutions for moral and lelijious instruction would seem to have done little towards tlio suppression ol a naiiit, tuo great extent ol which argues t la.Mtv of morals which does no great credit to us as a people. It is absolutelv shocking to listen to the oaths and curses utterul by bos and young men in the public stieels. It would seem that they labored under tho mistaken idea that it looks manly ; that it adds to their eph- I'NiTRI) STATES JHriTiUCT CUUlT Vermont iMMricf. IN BANKRUPTCY. Notice to fdinwraitc against IVtlnn of nKNJAMIN, of Essex, in si.d District, for his Discharge ami Certificate its liankrupt, at Iho Offico of .Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr in said District, Wednesday, August 31, 1812,10, A.M. IRA ALLF.N, of Ilincsburgh, in caid District, for his Dischargo nndt'ertifirato as Ilankrttpt, at the Offico of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr in paid District, Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10, A. M. HENRY L.rnASLKR.orr.ssox.m said nislriri. for his Discharge and Certificate as ISatikriipt, nl the Ollico of .Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in .Mont pclicr in said District, Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 1U, il. 111. AUGUSTUS POLLAUD, of Durlinffton. in said Ills. tricolor Ins Dischargo and Ucrtihcatoas Hnnkrupt, nt tho Offico of .Samuel Prentiss, District Judge in jilonipciicr in saw District, Wednesday, August 31, .. .. . ... . . ,, in t in Koval lMirserv l unco Allien cans ,o. ',n , m - - - ... . inu, nr. in i'ii a V, finch, .,., .7--. nml G in mils llim lmilV SlMITtf. nf rVlrtirdlnr In e-M nlofrtM frtr , . , . . , . ., , linn n njiirvn iiii. hi, , mm il 11UH3 IU 11IUII uilll- iw, but staying m the street, amid a crowd ulIinra, impOI,!lnc-(viml tml ir,lcv cnn pl lco ;,t always assen, dilo when lam ,,t work for tlt!Iusl.,vt.'s i,cl!m ci,. nnd 'blosp L.ue ,. and the shell. 1'eihaps it will add to ,,.;,. yhikcr ,,, , ' ; o zest, 1 1 you conic when I havo a young ,;Lc , , J . ; - , . . " ni;i, In cltUiit, ciilililii-il ill vmn-cf. I . ... . . ' We know not the author of the following terrible delineation of the morals of hang ing. It is worth more than a whole treatise of dry ethics on the subject. Locomotive. rm: hangman and the judgd. Did your loidship ever attend a Ullinc lime at the Old Hnilev I If not, pray favor mo wiin your company ; not on tuo ga low th: VOll the woman to stiffen, supplied by yourself. W ill the buttering ol the petticoats as she swings in the wind, produce it pleasant sound in your ears, mv lenined master! I-ail not to Match the people : men women and chil Iron good, bad and indilli'icut whu have tralhered to b'jhold the stirred maji'stv ol the law. You will see such flashing of tlio eves and grinding of leetli you will hear sighs and groans, anil words of rage, and hatied, with licrce curses on youisell and me: and 1 1 10 ii laughter, such as it is, of an iiunatun ind, that they will make you sick. Yuti will feel no why should you foci any more than your faithful journeymen ? We shall go to our bieaKlasts witii good p- to n our Maker, can icstram vour idlo and tttes, ana with n firm conviction that every iii-.linnmns ton?ues. mrhavs tlio decencies Attractions of the Great Prairies. Mr Kendall, of the New Oilcans Picayune, in his entertaining sketches of his Santa Fo ex pedition, says that on the night of July 4 18 11, his tent was visited by a rattlesnake which crawled over ono of the party to find a snugging place under a blanket. Kendall covered himself head and all, anu lay quiet till day, when the snako being "an early stiricr," had gone out. He says that occur rences ol this kind arc frequent on the prai ries: but that these snakes never bite, unless provoked, except in August, when they strike at every thing, being then supposed to bo blind. He adds : " Tarantulas, too, ate frequently found upon and under the blanket of the cam paigner, nnd arc said to ho as poisonous as tho Rtttlesnakc. They are a largo, black, venomous looking spider, nearly as largo as a common lea cup, and their bite is said to be even worse than that of tho rattlesnake. When attacked with a stick they will i ear up on their hind legs nnd attempt to bilo,and aro extremely ferocious in every respect. The least scratch from their long fangs throws a person into convulsions,and willprodiiccdcntli unless immediate medical remedies can bo procured. The ballet of " La Tarantulc," in which Clsslcr gained so much applause, is a beautiful creation, although founded entire ly upon a superstition of tho Italians. The bite of the real tarantula drives a person to any thing but dancing even that species of ol fits-and-staits order so beautifully given by the lair runny in the ballet 1 have allu ded to. It is easy enough to keep the rattlesnake Irom a person s bed at night wlulo sleeping his Discharga and Certificate as liankrupt, nt the Ofiirc of Samuel Prcntis, District Judge, in Jlnnt- pchcr in sau! Uistnct, Wednesday, August 31, 1312, 10. A. 51. LKMUF.L CURTIS, of Hurlington, in said District, for his Discharge ami ucrtineate as liankrupt, at tlio Dllicc ol Samuel rrenns, District Juugc, in iMnnipcncr in saw uisinct, ttcuncsuay, August ji 1fl!2. 10. A. M. DAMF.L H. LATIIItOP. of Stow, in said District, for his Discharco and Ocrtuicatoas liankrupt, at the Office of Snm iel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr in said District, Wednesday, August JI, 1H1J. 1U. A. Jl. WILLIAM IiAKXF.S.of Colchester, in said District lor ins Discharge ami ueriincaio as i.aiiKrupt, at the Offico of Saniticl Prcntis, District Judge, in jlontpcucr, in said District, v edncsday, August 31 IHIZ, 10, A. ill they arc acting like men, if they may bo so called, who so far forect their dutv to society and their accountability to heaven, as to be :niltv of so mean, low and vulgar a practice. It is a crime which no gentleman will commit. Ye who arc in the habit of wantonly mak ing idle tiso of the name ofyour Creator, re flect ; it is telling at naught one of his com mandments; or, if you aro not swayed by tho fearof offending Him, who, with a breath can sweep you from existence, nnd place your nakeu soul belorc Ins tribunal, there to ho indued according to vnur ilnscnts : if neither lear, lovo, roveronco nor prntiludo his Victoria rcian-dcar. her reicn-bcau. The babies aro both 'loves' and ' angels,' and so thoy have n fino time of it. Tho young Prince of V(Ai.r.s, it is said, spouls and blubbers astonishingly for one of his ago. An old gentleman of 84, having taken to the nllar it young damsel ol 10, the cler gyman said to him, ' The font is at tho oth er end of the church.' ' What do 1 want with the font?' said tho old gentleman. 1 1 beg vour pardon, said the clerical wit, '1 thought you had brought this child to bo christened. An up-country editor announces that, in PKF.SSON CI10FUT, of rsurlington, in said District, 1 . i i t . I frr IiSo llicrlmrfrf nrwl f Vrlifirvitn rid l!ntil.-rnnt nt consequence ol tlio liani times, no lias come r- . ", P . j' i' 'T, to the conclusion to adopt tho cash system ; jiontpclier in said District, Wednesday, August 31 I HIS, 1U, A. M. OltSO.V II. SAXTO.', of Hurlington, in said Dia tri' t. for Ins Disc-harm: nndCcrtihcatcns liankrupt nl die Ollico of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in .ilontpcher in said District, Wednesday, August Jl 1312. 10. A. M. SIMON' DAVIS, of Jericho, in said District, for his Dischargo anil ucrtincaicas iianuruptat theUllieo of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr in said District, W ednesday, August Jl,lrj,lU,...M F.DWAUD SMITH, of Ilurhnirton, in said District for his Discharge ami tATtilieale as liankrupt, nt the Ollico of Samuel i'renti's, District Judge, in .ilontpcher msaid District, Wednesday, August jl lflt'2. 10. A. M. IIlllAM DAVIS, of Jericho, in said District, for his Dischargo and Ucrtiticate as liankrupt, nt tlicOtlicc Ol oamuci l roniif-f, jsi-nnui iiiiui', in .uoiii)eilcr in said District, w riincsiiav.AiimiM iu,t'ji j,3i,.i.ji AI1X1.11 II. I.OW11V, of liurhnsion. in said Dis trict, for his Discharge and Certificate as liankrupt at the Ollico of Samuel Prentis, District Judge, in .ilontpcher in said District, w cunesday, August at .... , ISl'J. 10. A. .11. lN0Vi:i. LEGISLATION. 1 ICS U0 queer FiIHll;X1) WKLLINC.TOX, of Milton, in said Dis trict. lor us Dischartroand Lei liliratoas liatikrui at the Ollico of .S'.imnel Prentiss, District Judfc, in Jlontpelicr in said Uistnct, Wednesday, August Jl 1812, 10, A.M. DAVIS S. IirSSr.LL.of l!ur hnnton. in said Dis tricl, for Ins Di-chargc and Certificate as liaiikiupl, al tho Office of Samuel Prentiss, District .Indue, in Montpclicr in said District, Wednesday, August 'II, 112. 10. A.M. JOHN Iir.llIUVr;. of Colelu-ster. in said Dis met, for hi" Discharge and uertilicatc, as liankrupt, at the OiVuv of S.iiiiucl Prentiss, Disliict Judur, in jioutpelii r in said District, Wednesday, August 21, and that hereafter, subscribers will be ex pected to pay promptly in Irish potatoes and string beans, at par, or hop-polos and win ter squashes at 15 per cent, discount. Kthunity. A clergyman, in one of his sermons, exclaimed to his hearers : "Eterni ty I why you don't know tho meaning ol that word, nor 1 either, nanny, n is lor ever and ever, and fivo or six everlastings a top of that. You might placo a row of fig ures from hero to sunset, and cypher them nil up, nnd it wouldn't begin to tclHiow many ages long eternity is. Why, my friends after millions and trillions of years had rolled awav in eternity, it would bo a hundred thousand years to breakfast time." things sometimes, in all legislative bodies ; for instance, in our IIouso of Representa tives, in the French Chamber of Deputies, and in the popular branch or the Dritish rar liamcnt. In the first wc havo seen mem bers try to throttle each other ; in the sec ond wo have seen a dozen honorable depu ties start up, every one with a roll of paper in bis hand a written speech winch lie dlli or July, S42. 1ST re i iv( d a ud for till, n frc-h supply of I'l.iln nml ligured I'nr.i il-, Heal Sioteli (linglmiii I mlircl!n, iciit' lifht nnd brnwn Leghorn lints, MilleiK-r-nnil Dri-m Milkers can I cfurnMicd with many artii 1,-s m their line such ns . .. '"wrrsnnii Arlilicini, Silk wound Wire, Tnrlton Laces, Mudins, Sill;, P.ain and colored Lawns for drcscs, lialclionc", Hei.sor, Needles, Aho, .Shell Coml,.. Head Piirjcs, (fcrinan Silvcr'I'nWunncn'cn Spoon, Fancy Pen and Pocket Knive. Attention is invited loan a.fortnicnl of llrovl Cloths and Cavsltneres, Irom miction sales. (Iroceries. Teas. Susar. Mo!asc. nnd l'nniilvtlrft.,n m.nn- rally, of qualities and price winch cntinot tail to plca-c. Win. HUltblltn'. I1HDS. (Janlncr llrcwcr's N. Kngland Hum, 30 Pipes and Half Pipes American Itrandyf, 40 do do Ilaltimoru Gin, 10 do do 'Pcllcvoisin' lirandy, 6 do , do 1 Swan' Gin, 10 IlhiK St. Croix Kiim, 30 llhls. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 31 do Malaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1811 by J. (c J. H. PF.CK &, Co. Quills. AN F. W supply, ol tho liiirlie.t num1rr, iut re . ccivrdal S. IlU.NTI.NO'I'O.N'rf. Juno 10. ev Sahhnth School Itooks. IJ'OR sale al the bookstore of the subscriber a rcn tial assortment of the Massachusetts and New ork puhh'-ationsfor Sabbath .Schools. Juno 17. I). A. nrtAMAN. qvr.srios nnoK.s. AN assortment of tho Question Hooks of the Mas sachusetts .Sabbath School Society, for sale at tho bookstore of tho subscriber. D. A. lilt AM AN. on the prairies. 15y placing a hair lariat or nourishes about likca truncheon, to catch the rope emu cry nrounu a ueu, mo snauo win never cross it ; but this is no guard against the laiiintula. liut few persons, however, are bitfen by cither, not an instance occur ring on tho route, although wc saw large numbers of them." NAVAL APPRENTICES. AVo aro glad that Mr. Uurncil did, several weeks since, move in Congress an amend ment to the bill reported from the Commit tee on Naval Affairs, "providing for an ex amination of tho naval tipprentiics, and the appointment ofsuch ns may be found to bo meritorious, on account of their moral and intellectual qualities, to (he post of midship men." Not that wo would wish such an amendment to bo entertained at this time, but iiecatiso wc desire to see the principle recognized that apprentices are eligible to the hiuhest Hosts ill the navy. Wo agreo with the Secretary, when ie said, "they would ruin the apprenticeship system, il thev allowed political favoritism, or any oth er influence, to disturb it, for the purpose of making them midshipmen. It Is a subiect which, in this democratic country, need not be legislated on, it only requires that those with whom rest tho appointing power should, by tho foi cc of public opinion, be made to eivo warrants to such apprentices as shall trulv deserve them. The previous educa tion, habits and abititics ol most ol the an nreuticcs would prevent their rising above the petty warrant officers of tho ship, while there ever will be some wnoso superior tat cnls and probity richly entitle them to pro motion, and who would ftud, in the stimulus ofsuch a hope, their Inghcsi incentive to ac ttvity and duty. Some of the brightest names in tho naval annuls of Europe and America rose Irom humble oiigins and small beginnings under uiisDiccs not even as favorable to the acquire ment of their profession, as those of the ap nrcntices in our Navy. Do Huyter, tho celebrated Dutch Admi ral, was a poor and almost friendless boy. sailing in merchant ships ot the lowest ca riacitv. until, by industry and integrity, ho "got up, step by stup, to the topmost round of "fame's tall ladder." Cinlain James Cook began his nautical career as an apprentice to one of tho collier droghers which sailed between Newcastle Jill''. o, Tl,n,nne Itto irnnil rnndxr't In. doniit;illusp-,,..ovcof his profession, and desire for knowledgo. elevated him from the oKOT fi'nglita 'Mm '6 xilUil.Tohram1 lias made his name the common property of iwo inniiispiicrcs. Sir Charles Wager, Athniral of tho Brit ish Wavy, was, when a hoy, hound an ai pronticu to an old Quaker sea captain, by mo nanio oi null, ol fSewport, IS. I. good story is told of tho Admiral, ilhistrat ing his coolness and courage in the hour of u,ing'r. "Iih master's ship, commanded by his master, was approached by a piratical schooner, full of men, thirsting for spoils and blood. Captain Hull's Quakerism would not allow him to defend himself or his ves sel ; hut young Wager was no Quaker, and dotoi mined flint tho puilt of his blood should not, if ho roubl help il, he in tho pirate's lipids. Aura en ,-iii (f arnest en hanging bout changes many sneaking pilfer eis into savgc robbers, fit for murder. "A lew years ago I was called out ol town to hang little boy who had been con ii'tod of killing with malice aforethought. If guilty he must have been in the habit ol oing to executions, len thousand came lo dabble in the pooryoung creature s bloud. 1 hat was the voungest lellow cieaturc I ev r handled in tho wav ol business : and a beautiful child ho was too, as you have seen by the papers, with a straight iiose, large blueoyes, anil goWon lull 1 have no Heart, 1;i)jit of usill ,,roranc language, and instil no feeling; who lias in our caning r M ting tho Almighty, ho cannot be guilty of its uiosu wnu kiihu iu sun inn Mi.uigiu ,.ii ii.-,,- lsl, w,,,0llt 0nL.iding against those mle uui uuni:ii;, , n,,u ,,i.i,,is miu 111,1-1 wc onco had. Have no, hud ; lor wba thev saw was lit to make litem us hard ns our servant oi his master. I'hey saw thai stripling lifted, fainting on to the gallows, his smooth clieeu ot the color of wood ashes, his little limbs trembling, and lis bosom heaving sigh alter sigh as if the body and soul wero parting without my help. This was downimlit minder, lor then as scarcely anv life to take out of him. When 1 began to pull the cap over his baby ico, he pressed his small hands together his arms, voti know, were corded fast to his' liotlv, and ho gave me a beseeching look, lust as ii call will lick the butcher s baud.- Hut cattle do not speak : the creature mut tered 'Pray, sir, don't hurt me.' 'My dear,' answered I, 'sou should havo spoken to in v master, I in oulv the uurnevman, and must ind proprieties of life, a sense of the duty, the obligations you ate under as a member of the community a desire to bo esteemed 1 man uinong men a gcnlleman an hon orable man and the fear of violating those rules which govern them as such, may have some influence. Ileal gentility consists in 1 proper regaid for the usages and customs prevalent in the sphere oflifu in which we movo and mav be embraced in tho words, "love thy neighboras thyself." Now, unless ,111 consort with such only ns arc in the which govern our intercourse with eacli olh er : consequently, every tunc no is guilty 01 profanity, lie is in danger of committing it breach ol manners, and cannot bo esteemed a gentleman for every gentleman lor eve ry genteel liuin lepudiates profanity. " Thi-i will, and should create a distinc tion. Let the hl.'e-phcnicr consoit with Ins ind, and his cuiscs nnd imprecations to ac customed nars but let him not, with impu nity and without rebuke, commit so glaring an outrage against decency nnd propriety, and against the plain command ol the IMost High. American hail' MiiiitYiNf! Gnti.s. The editor of tho New York Arena says that a widow talked to him after this fashion : " A man wauls a tcoman for his wife, nut lllill, illlU llillM . , .. . , . 1 , . Io as I'm bid.' This made him crv, which 1 ' 1L,U H" . "luu y " B. I I do think 1 "" V 15 T, lo .ry a ,'"m seemed to relievo him, and should have ciied myself, if I had not heard shouts from the crowd 'Poor lamb ! shame! murder! I' 'Quick.' said the Sheriff, Heady,' said I. The Hevciond gentleman cave me the wink, thu drop fell ; ono Kiel mil ho swayed to and lio, dead as tlio leel- iiigsofthu Chiistian peopled England 1 ho crowd disported, some swearing, some weeping with passionate exclamations; some swearing as if bell had broken loose, and some laughing while they cracked black guard jokes on you and me and the parson and the dangling corpse educate her uftoi wnids. A woman will love at some time, and if a girl docs not love a man bciore she marries mm, sun never win afterwards. I lo is tho husband, and she will have a lover w Inch will not be him. Half thu unhappy marriages in tho world, mote than hall the divorces, suits lor mm. con. and elopements, come ol men inarrving gills not oldenuughto have minds of llieir own, or to make them up to any thing." THE MEDITERRANEAN. Prom, an unpublished Mmuscripl. Optica i. Illusion's. An optical illusion occasionally noticed by mariners was seen in tho atmosphero, representing objects apparently inverted in tho air. Vessels were distinctly visible, with their masts in a down ward direction. These objects aro brought to view by reflections from a sort of ,-erial screen quaintly called the murine looking glass. Som? extraordinary forms of the mirage were observed by IJr. Kelly, while surveying tho river St. Lawrence, in lSliii. lie mentions seeing tlircu imngos of objects distinctly inaiKeil, and alterwaids treble images in the estuary and gulf. 15v the help of tho telescope, he was able to detect five distinct linages though the whole, gave to the naked cyo the impression only ol one al most shapeless mass, the mirage is not iinficqticntly seen at sea. Many fairy tales are told ol the illusion " tho airy lio Tho child ol vapor and the sky. ' The phenomena of the Fata Morgana so often described, and which tho supersti tious Sicilians believe to bo conducted by the queen of thu Fairies is sometimes seen in the Straits of .Messina. An oye witness gives a circumstantial account of ono of these appearances : "I stood tit my win dow," he says, "and was surprised by a ve ry extraordinary vision. 1 he sea, for seve ral miles, appeared like a chain of daik mountains, while the waters near the coast glow smooth as a polished mirror. On this stu face weio depicted in chiar oscuro, my riads of pilasters these vanished into ar cades, like Roman acqueducts ; then into cornices, castles and other Protean shapes." This is the Fata Morgana, which, the nar rator says, before this, he always thought "a iiioto fable." Another beautiful phenomenon is frequent ly seen as tho oars agitate the water, caused by tho niohisC'e, or ocean insects as they nro called. They shino with a sort of metallic lustre, and yield on a slight shock, a bcauti fill vnuety ul hues. I he sea at times, ap pears to bo converted to a lakoofhro. Our track through tho water was followed by it long train of phosphoric spaiks. The poets refer to their brilliant appear ance eye of the president ; in the latter wc have A) u"j ,;; y0lHKi of ir,r,mond, in said District, seen members stl etched at lull length on tlio fur his Discharge ami Certificate as r.ankrupt, at benches, turn v snoring, and wo havo read tho uineo o. can u - j- c uss, ,n, net ,. , . ' " . ., . . , r ,i.,i ,,-, Mon pehor in i-aul District, Wednesday, Augustul, ol their exercises in tho imitation ofdonkcjs ispio, A.M. dogs, cats, tin-horns,kiiifc-giindcrs and cock- clIKSTKIl PAHKF.n, nf Underbill, in said District, crowill". Hut the final vote 011 Sir Robert lor In-, Dichnrcc nnd Certificate as liankrupt, at l..l' inrilT I, ill ..llrtlnil milln M HOW fi'lltliro "u I'illCCOl oailll l I "irmis", 1 usinci Jllilr, III Peel starlit bill icilcd q into .1 nun tenure ,,.... ..,,. in District. Wednesday, August 31, 1R12, 10, A. JL Hi:XKV ZOTTMAN, of South Hero, in said Dis- trict, fur his Uncharge ami t trnhente us liaiikrupi, at the Office of. Samuel l'rcnli-s, District Judge, in Jlontpelicr in said District, Wednesday, August 31, KU, 1U, A. M. ill legislation. Tho London papers say that in tho tumult and delirium of their loy, ma ny of the members rushed rroin their scats, and not a few of them actually danced down the floor ! We knew that a whipper-in was one of GAURV MUNGF.ll, of Colchester, in said District, r . .,!... 11.,.. o I ..rwlbl nnt for his Discharge ami Certificate as liankrupt, at i functionaries of the House, but w o did not io omcc ((f sjmup, VlcMi ,lslricl .luJCi j the know before that tho number included also a dancing master. A. Y. Com Simmons' Tools, rV ALL DESCRIPTIONS, just received and for V ialo by llurlinaluii, .May 10. 1 8 WM. J. Ill NT, SlrunijH Unit, ling. Cast Stool, TLSUP,t SONS celebrated C:it Sled, just rccciv .1 cd and for s-ilc bv Ihirlington, May 19, ISU. WM. J. HUNT. Stri'ligs building. SA WS. nxnt.lRII Cnst Still, eross (lit. 11 Hoc & Co.'s do circular, from 8 to 2 1 inches. llow ana s Jllli. JUsi rceeiveti anu nir nic. WM. J. HUNT. Strongs riuildiiig, College St., near the Sipiarc. Ihirhngtoii, -May 111, isr. FOR SALE OA SHAKES ofStock iu the Hurlington bank. tjJ l'or terms apply to Hurlington 30lh June IS 12. II. ALLEN. "Flashed die dipt oars, and spatkling with the m okc1 Aroumt thu waves p'lu-pltorii: liriumess nroiic." SEW CAS 5 1 STOKE, BY WM. IIUllLjHJT. rPIIE subscriber has taken tho newly fined Store, I v t, tt.ln rM,iiri!i.Kiirr!. between the ' Ikizaar nml ' nrirle' Store.' where! llO is now opening Mil! olliring for sale an extensive and L'i neial nssoitmcnl of Goods ailaptnl to the want ol tuo connnuniiy amongst which arc a grcai variety oi Vim , s'i. .. 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V ' I' Tim i-nlit,." tnitll of L'ljods lllll hCCIl lUir chased within a few days, with gnat rule anil at a tunc when tho prices were moro deprisseil than at any previous pcnod but will bo sold lor ready cash at II SIH.11I UUI IIIIU-IIUiniui.1, Hurlington, Juno iu, ifi.'. Tnr.or.v or Maukiagr. Thrro was a They had comu inerry fellow who tupped at I'luto's three for the sight ; they would havo come to see thousand years ago, and the conversation an angel murdered. They camo to get turned upon love and the choice of wives. drunk with strong excitement; they went Ho said, "ho had learnt Irom a very ancient back recline; and filthy with thu hot debauch, tradition that men had been originally crca- They had conio to riot in the passions of fear ted nialii and female, each individual Loinrj- and pity ; they went back, somo in a lever proviueii witn a duplicate set ol limbs, anu of ingo, somo burning with hate, some bar- performing his locomotive functions with a dene-din heart like me, or you ; all sunk kind of tolary movement, as n wheel ; that down in their own respect, ready to make bo became in consequence so excessively light ol pain and blood, coriupted by the in- uisolnteil mat Jupiter, indignant split bun in decent show, and more fit than ever to iiiako two ; since lhat time that each half runs work for tho judge nnd thu hangman." about tlio world in quest ol its oilier hull; O. wise law -nuikers ! who think lo soften if llm two coueenial halvrs meet, thev aio a ,..u ,,.-,,. ,uuno people; toniaKe iiiem gun- very lovingcouplo ; otherwise, they aro sub tle and good ; to give them a feeling of res- ject to a miserable, scolding, peevish, and pect lor themselves and others, by showing uncongenial matrimony. Tho seaicl. lie litem a sight hko this. said was tendered difllnilt, for tho reason lliat ono man alighted and took a half that Tho sn.-i r. ...... ... I !... , . v.'1!1 Nahani no tin. .1,1. .... :. ... 1 ' . i "") "ot belong to bun, another did necessan cot his ta b Zi Z . i A 1 " i . ' ' V,u Si,,lu lllu I'"'-' an'.tir was thrown gouo to Halifax for repairs. Dean Swift proposed to tax female beau ty, and to Icnvo every lady to rato her own charms. Ho said tho tax would bo cheer fully paid, and very productive. " I am happy, Ned, to hear tho report that you havo succeeded to a larno landch ptopeity." "And I am iry, Tom, lo ted you that din '" und'i 5 i intjj irretrievable confusion." 1 Tropical Climate. Tho beauties and blifssings of a tropical cliinato aio thus du- scilibed by a writer who hud uxpeiienced il : 1 Insects nro tho cm so ol Ironical eli tes. Tho veto rouge lays tho foundation tremendous ulcer. In ti moment voti 'covered with ticks. Chicocs bury them es in your flesh, nnd hutch a lantu coin. f chicoo in a few hours. They will not ogeiitcr, nut every clucoe sots up a si p . Ilcmarhablc Magnetic Rod;. The fol lowing facts arc detailed by the Vicksburg (Miss.) Whig : Near the iron mountain in IMissouii, there is a ledgo of stone, extending for half a mile in length nnd several hundred yards in width. This stone is very strongly impregnated with magnetic properties, so strongly, indeed, that it is impossible to lido a well shod horse over it. A gentleman having his liorso newly shod, once attempted it, but beforu ho had made two "revolutions, his hoi so "was brouaht ud standum" ncrlectlv still. In vain our traveller urged his gallant steed for ward, persuasions and force proved iillcily futile, until his patience became exhausted, anil ho scut lor a biacKsmitn. l no son oi Vulcan soon arrived, and found tho liorso standing still, and lo all aiipcaiauco as im movabluastho rock of Oibcialtar. Various uvpedienls wero icsortcd lo, lo relievo tho horse, but all tailed. 1 beru ho stood, anu to all appearances thero ho was likely lo stand, with his feet literally glued to the sol id and imneivious rock. Al hst tho black smith's eves idistened ho had it sine. Ho - -j - 0-- t sent oil to bis smithy lor bis shoeing toois which wero soon foitlicommg, when ho pro cceded with all possible despatch to unclinch tho nails which bound tho horse's shoes lo his hoofs. Ono by ono tho nails wcto un clinched, tho whip was applied to the horse and as tho last nail avc way, ho escapei1 with a bound, but left his shoes wedded to to i lie rock. ' I say, mister, how camo your ryes so ctookedl' ' My oyes 1' 'Yes.' 'Thai runic by sttlin" br.twcin two t'irlji a"d '0' mg n took lov to both At tho inif imc. Monipdicr in said Dislrict, Wednesday, August 31, 131.", 1U, A. .11. WILLIAM STEWART, of South Hero, in said Dis trict, lor his Uncharge miiUUci lilieaic as i,aniirupi, nt die Ollico of Samuel Preiui.-s, Dislrict Judge, in Montpohcr in said Dislrict, Wednesday, August 31, isr.', iu, a. ai. TMOMA.S M. VAXCOL'K, of Jericho, in said Dis trict, lor Ills IJi-scliargc ami Ccrtiticato as liankrupt, nt the OIVico of Samuel Prentiss, DiMnct .luilce, in Montpclicr in said District, Wednesday, Augusl31, ISP.', 10, A. M. JOSIAH L. P.KOW.V, nf Underbill, in said District, lor Ins Uisciiargo and i irliliealc as liankrupt, nt the Ollico of S.imiitl Premiss, Dislrict Judne, in Montpclicr in said DiMiict, Wednesday, August 31, 181?, 10, A.M. F.NOS HI.1XX, of r.urlington, in said District, for bis Dischargo nml erlihcatc as liaulirupt, nt the Office of Samuel Prenl'ss, District Judge, in Mont pehirin said Dislrict, Wednesday, August 31, IS 12, 10, A. M. SEYMOUR HUMPHREY, of tTndeihill, in said Dis trict, lor his Discharge and Certificate as Hankrupt, at the Olliee of Samuel l'rcnli-s. Disliict Judge, in Montprher m said District, Wednesday, August 31, lSf.', 10, A. II. LUCIUS WOODARD, of Essex, in said Dislrict, for Ins i)isi-iiargc and Uei lilieale as liankrupt, ai tne Olliee of .-iiniuel Prcnti-s, District Judge, in .111,111 pclier in said District, Wednesday, August 31, 1S1'3, 10, A. M. May 25,, 1842. Messrs. PAXCJIIOIt.V & BHIXSMAID WO I' L D inform llieir niinincrs nnd the puWiV that I lit y havo just icceivcd from Eiijland a variety of I'.neiit hevcr Watches nnd Movement., iiindc exMcs-!y lor iiiem, some wild tht-ir name and some with tlio niaKei' mime upon them. Persons wi-hin to pot a n c ud Wati h, cold r-r silver, may dcpt'iul upon oblniuin? one wlm-h will suit them. Wo invito the allfiilion of jndirt-In our siipeni-rns.ciitiiieiit of fine finished accurate running nlclie-. Gold and silver Siiceiarlc-, cold ami .ilvcr I't nciN, t'li.nns. Key-, Hrftaclie-, Itiinrs, P,us( LoektlSj Snaps, &: Ca'tors, Codec l'dlerir', ColJic and Tea Pols, lied Pan-, Molasses Cup-, Tumblers, small Lamp-, Suup badlt-s, Cake H.i-kots, iVe. Military Goods. .Sword-, Eiauleilcs, Sasn-s, Plait", Plumes, Bul lous, lelt, I'l-tol-.d-c. I'lntnl Goods. llieli Cake ll.isl.tts, Caudli-siii-l,-, .SmiiTcrs and Tray-, t'asiors, Te.i Spoons, Cie.iin Sn,on-, Suear Ton;!-, .nl Ciaokeis, CIhIiIith'.s l'ii,-,eic. Ann -iu tlicsc in.iv l-c I'. .nnd some vciv ri-li gowl-. Sill or Ware Tea nndT.ibh "spoons, smrni 'I'ongs, cream spfnn , De-scit Spfn ii-, Mn-iard nnd Salt .VHioiis, Sihir Cnn-. 'I'liimbli-s.Sniill Mosi's, itirt-areili -.TivtrAr , tVi". .spoons and Th -.d lis iiiu.Il-in the thop id' sterling silver, inaikinv Inc. Hardware and Cutlery. Pen un I IV-I.i-i Kuive-, l!-izor-. -ii--ors, nvrc if, Itiii i b -, rSut t'jai-!,eis in, I p.i-l.trs pov dei 1 a-l,, Shot II.U-, -iivl Sjidia CI1.1111-, h'eys, lli.i C-iivl'--li'-Ks, S,iiiilei--auITr iy-,f'ts-l Nm ler-, J tp .Hilled Ti.n s and . "-u n er -in iv.ii ions oilier O'ocils. I't'i l'iimet j . Half Oils. fcc. I'.ii rina's Ihiim.iii Colojrnr, .No, tnndO, I..IM ndi r, ll.iv Wnit-r, Ro-i , Hontv, and oilier '.- lnies,.l une Il.ur I inin-, li.ilin ol l oliiini 111,1.0.111,11, Hear, W.ud'-, ."Iateas.or and oihcrliair Oils, I'unu- tuiii, I. in .alve, l.oun I ia-n r, ,pc. Lamp l ii-hs and (iln.ssre. Cold's ('lii-ii,ii-.,l Oil and Lninns. m-nier. elicaiicr and li-ilerlliau any utln r toi simps, stores and i-Imih-Iii's. Per-ons wislmiL'to liehi tlmr sioru-l ean l. fully .mil ei-i.iioniic.illy .trc inviiiil to exnmiine -oino of the- Limps now 111 ii-ral our slurccviry tinina. Variety. Jliisio Iluxf-, Melibuiis, 1'ulf-ainl Ac.-or.hnus, some I caiuiliil one-, Mas- io., Wiitir level-, Tin r 111011M u-r-, convi'tsaiion and 11-11111: C.u-'s, pluvnis do., I lot Hall-, Ilia. I--Ilonps, Itnlt't-dore, luu-, Pins, r-li.vul-, liuipcr. Hair and all kind- Puis mid Needle-, Card l'a-,-s, snii' ivory 1'i inl s, Imrn and shell Combs, Hnisties, ( oinli i-leatiiTs, Si-alui- Wax, Sill, (Iiiards, Whalebone, Punt Sirups, C't.-.n C.i-e , I'l-h hues nnd hook., Cinv-, Cap Spruits, Twine. Dress Stoel;s, Ilyroii Collars Ac. Satin, silk and boml azn'ic Sli-I.., sunniiiT Slt.'ks, Sear!-, Ac. of l.enntiliil -lyli-s mid rii-li pnltiru-, hni-ii Collar-, poiutwl, squ.iu" and round, llyion Cotlai , 1 .1111 r-nniis r-ii-iit-iHlcr-, -sc. Toj s-. U1111-, Swoi.I-, Marl.U-s, Doll-, Ho-c-, Cnl.l--, 1 r-uniH-is. iiaskoi-, ll.iv - 1'mi.a-i--, r.trior Hall-, Ikilloiuis, wot pv line's, Ilor-t's, Cows, 't'titis and many oilier 'liibtr-ii-' Tov-. 1 ai urns 'i niiiKs. Hiamond Ciinem. Sjicw Swil'i.. Screw Cu-lurn-. uhi'c Wax, m'Iii-i- pini. ""line-, I1-I1 Sirvf, Pteli n Salts All.iu-on's Depilaiiirv, and a verv vant-y oilier L'oods. Wo would ic-iieelliillv inlorin our friends and en-tun ei-s, and all piT-oiis vi-it m- 1 r town, that we aie eon-i.iul'v aiMui" to cur ment, nnd it never w .is belter llianal present .it I we -hall 1 o naimv to sell to nuv who mav 1 h a e n, al and ai in iivs 'that ' an tiardlv fail to suit. Tim-" who aie nul ai-'piainted with os,'willi tsirirood- niid pi let's, aie inviieil to c-ill .iu.1 sit- lor theui-i-lvcs and no! tal e '.ii'-say stt it.?." Our ol.jeel is to st-'nie pi'imaiieiit cn-ioiiii-r-; to do it iu- expect to give n full cipiiv.ilciu Jui nil i n-h It-It with 11. and to -ell iieh iroids as our ro-u iners Mill I.r nh-.iseil ilh. when thoy e:t-l hoiiie and exaiiinie iiiem and tcd.-s tbo " si'i-oiid sober llioui-lu." i ati'lif. Cloi'Ks and Jeuelrv.clennednndri' od by i'ptTitiieiil wori.incu. Ca-li paid for sdier. wlxes. Qr. Ca-ks of verv i-hoiee Wines nl di li-reut s-'.s-' tin, ... for sa c l.v LM.ivO.1 S. WALKI.U. Fresh Flour. rg'IIE siili-erd ,-i-s are ilailv reifivins and o Terror J- -.lie Vrs'i J lour -I'lei'iisl Willi earn ami 11 su pcrior arli.-le. l OI.Ll-.l I i"- iiliAin.1.1 . 1 U 1 iuh-u, .nine .1. LIUllUU COM.. rrUII' SuWriler- have receiMil a -npp'y d' l.e 1. lush l oal, which thev oiler at ivdiiivd prnf-. Old Duel.-, .Mav 1'Ol.LiriT iV HRADLEY. SHOES. IT LACK and colon-1 Half Under--, J Trench Kidaud spriiiL'luel -bps, Wiilliiia- Shoo.. .Men's P11IIII1-. .Missf. .-slips and Children's lioos, of fi. N. I'.ire w ell'- mauiilaiiuiv, nisi risviiitl and fur salens rlit-nji as the ihe.ipi'si. May 27. il. W . l .Vl I.i.n. l-'Iorence llonncts. 1 CASE rioreneo llr.ui! Hound-, new shapes, of 1 all iiuahtii's and pr.ei'.-, opeiii'il thi- nay ny .May 20. II. W. CATI.I.N. A 7 I'llIlSlLXT "tOODS of all des.'riptions arc selling verv low at V llllllingioil, patiieiuaii-ui ,j, ... ,.s Printed Linyiis. 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Glasses, for si'e at crvally reduced prices at tlwd"I SvVSm CUuieh ami tiopoae 0,'' '" " NOTICE. mllE iinder-igiK-.l, havnig I'litcrisl into wi''""; I ., ,1,.., ol SMAl.LLi iV. ll.N.M.i, will uivo prompt nlii'iition to all business Inch may boontriisli'd olbtn.,.-ill,.'r,u Law or, L lefts 'si- ..1-. wtU rivuie pani. 'rA.KV, u' I j I'VVM r . 1 Lciiliorn Hals. OINGLE and double brimnud colored ami white tj Li 'horn Ham: cold and w lute 1 aim Leal Uais, a lni'c usortiiiiiit, very cheap, bv May .'Ik II. W. PATL1N. if tm IIIJllV? .bine 2, If 12 To Rem. f)Klirih'o! alwostorv house situati on .Main street, 0110 I01111I1 of a 01 the .Squiiio. I'os-e-sion uiven lmuie diaiely and for tiny lenulli of tunc. ror paiut-oiars inipiut- ,.1 S, HUNTINGTON. N. E. Ruin. SO Ilhd.. N. i:. Rum 50 nor tent al of pri'ol, tor sale at Huston Si'jJl 'i'ii' tie--Sin, ''V ri't.iii ill- iii,.ii'uin Old Dock, June 3. rrv DOZ. Wooden llal.eni srcailj niliiceil price rJV 1 and a very superior article, lor sale i,y 0,lDo,-k.J,me3. I-OI.I.LT'I & lilt VDLEV Huston (iiirdi'ii Si tds. O HOXES Garden Seels fiom Yankee Parmer Olliee, Uoston, for sale by C. liOODKlCll. ' i.s 'whim itiilluirv Seed, ltuta Haaa Seed (Scotch' purpk' top) sa.'eSetd, at one fourth llicusiial price. rcs-cTIden s American i.arikiicr. 5( M DRILLED Eyed Needles, OUU 130 Gross Hooks and Lyes. 200 do. Knitting Pins, 100 Packs American do. 300 do London do. 100 Li's, in xed do. l'or sale bv May 27. 13U. VILAS, LOOMIS .V CO. NOTICE. COME into the mcloseuro of tlio subscriber, about the 20ih of May two yearling heifers, one line hack, and the other red. u. I.. Colchester, July 10, 1812. FIllli: Sneivlii's ol tlio Hon.TiioMis 1-'..Mak-iii.i . A on ALCOHOL mid INTEMPERANCE, and I'ASHIONAIILE WINE-DltlNKINH, delivered al tho llroadway Tiibernach-, New York, 011 llio eve rl .Mav -lib and 7th. Wo invito tho attention of llic friends ol Temperance to tliu above work-, lrom 1 inlrui-i wo'tli, as will : ' . 11 ,11 HATS! HATS ! ! A NOI1TER id of Superior .Moleskin Hnts.ofihs 1 Ian si Stile, just rtcuvtd byS. M. POPK. I une 23, 1-12. Fashionable llats. ifttSrS I A- 1" t'n..'. 1. .1 ir..l. slu-sn C for cash.'at May 27. S. II. .-COTT'S. LEMO.XS. HOXES of la-nuns ,n prune onler, fir slili at -V. New Voik pruts and freight, In O.d lloel.-, Jlny 27. l--Ol.l,Kl-''.r. HRADLEY PARASOLS. T It'll fisurcil brocaded, China and plain silk Par- a-ols, nil prices and colois, by May 20. II. W. CATLIN. NOTICE. rMllE Sid serf t-r will pav oa-h (urn few thou-aml iiounds of u'oul l'leiif Wool, ili-bvcieil at tluir Siore, lieadof lVarl-.-lrcct. IlKAlH.M sV m Di-.. Hurlington, June 23, IS 12. Hrnailrloths- l lieancr than ricr. 'IlIE siibsi'i.ber lias just received an assorlment Jl of Cloth, riccntlv purchased, hi New YorU r Auction, which lieolkrs lor salo at suih prucs as cannot but suit purchasers. Those in want Mill da well to call on l.nmc 2.1.1 11. w. 1 A i i.i.n. NEW (lOODS. TTI.I'i: HI..Iloiiil a, lie., Crape-, Oilitl Silks, lieavy J Satin i'sinss. Linen and Kid Glove-. tuise lu-ert.iis, Honut't H.ld.i.ii, Artiiicia1-, Italian Cravais, 'I'al le and Ruia i'iaper, Cotton Fjm e, Couon Hose, ipe, eve. just leecivtil, by Juno lriv. 11. i. t tii.i.s. BlaneliariPs Scythes. A l.ARUK supply t T the above ede! ratal Scyllit--, .V. warranted, fur -ale nt rcduecd prii,1-. l.OLLiriT ,f. II1IAHLLY, Agent. Old DfH-l., June 21, Cedar l'osts. 1 nrvn t'f:i)AI! I'OSIS, a first rate art' le, f r 1 UUU .a c low by KOLLIrr HKAl LEY. Old Do. I., 21 June, ISIS. Nova Scotia IMastcr. rpHE Subscribers arc this dav receiving a fresh .L supply of Noia Scoua Plaster, and will cum. mence grinding til tlmr Mil! al the Tails on -Monday next. rOLLE'lT & HKADLKY. Hurlington, May 20, IS 12. WE t'irSiil scril ei-s, havins been nppomtnl !y the lloiieral'letlii'Pii'l'iieCourt for llie District of Cluueiideii, loiniiiissioiiers to nveive, eiiuno and ndni ihc el.i 111- and di'iuands of all pcr.ons agnin-i ihee-talo ol John J' lui-n,lale. 1 Huuni Ion, in said ili-luel,, ri'pri'si'iiitil him it-nt, and al.-o all claims and ilein.uiil fxlubited in l ibit tlifrc t"i and si mouths In 01 tlio day ot the date hcrco Irmi; alluiiid bv niidl'nuri fur lhat pmpose, wedo llieii l'ero beii'l y 1 ive nonet', ilinl we will atieiul to tlio liu-ini'-s ol oiir appointmcul, at the dwcllm? ol Waritii Root, innkeeper, in Din luvli'ii 111 said Dis. tnei, on tho third .Monday, of August and November ni'M, 111 10 o'clock, A. Jl. on caeli of said days. Paled this 21st ikiv of M.iv. A. D. 'LUTHElt I.OOMIS, Coniin -HAKKY 1IRADI.1A ) sinners. G RIDS 13 FEATJ1KRS! riTO ''"S. Live Gtcso Ke.ilhers, mst roccivcd U v V.V and for sale "or en '1 U'Uertli.iucvt'r before so'd in town. r L. NELSON. M" It ,i,t Wll 11 v , 1 V.1 , II t I w. - l

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