Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 26, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 26, 1842 Page 2
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WllIC HTAT13 TIl'KUT. von dorciiNoi:, CHARLES PAINE. foii LinuT tiovunxoit, WAITSTILLK. RANNIiY. Fon TUf.Asuitr.u, JOHN SPA ULDIiNO. tor sr.x vrnns currrr.xit:.v cou.vrv. DAVID FRENCH, TIIUA1AN GALUSltA. (1 ran J Mi- Cimn'yWM. L. SOWLRS. ur.poiiT ov tui; sih.hct rommitti'.i: on TitK T.TO, UV.Al) UV Jill. .1. a. ADAMS The f tlccl Committer, to whom was referral the Mcs-atir ul lite PrcMilrntuf the Unitad .Stati-9 return ing to tins House I lie act, whirh originated in it, "In ptovtdo revenue from import!), and tochaiiso f.ii'j modify cxis'ing laws unposim; dulii'S on imports, and for oilier piupuse a," with his olije'iitions to it, with iualriiclKMH to report thereon to tfie lloiee, line at leinii'J to lliat suivicy, and respectfully report! Tho .Mi'ss.150 is tnu last of a scries of r.xeculivo tniii."urcs tlio result of winch In been to ilefnt an.l nullify tlio whole aelion of the l.e'ijulative authority of tins I'liion, upon thu most important interests of the nation. . Vt the accession of the late rfefident Harrison, by eleelion of the l'eople, in tlio Kiermivo eliair, the fi nances, the revenue, anJ the ciedit of the count iy. were loiniil in a condition so greatly disordered and lam-iushim;, tint the lirM net of Ins Administration was to cill a speenl session of Congress to providoa remedy for the (hstrnipi led talc of tha picat body politic It was f vi n thni a of no ludilen uc cuiicnce, and of u j otdni.try malignity. Four vears befoie, the inuneihite prudecc'sors of'Ocneial llarri con bad been constiamed to resort to the ..inioenpe he.". on of Concirir. tlio result of which had onlv proved the lirsl of a Mircis-ion of dinnl, limit d in its operation to tlio fpneo of ono nionin, unrnif wiucn tonvoul, us tncy llimtitt, iiiq possibility of acolhbion with ihoapprelicndcd anlipa- tiiieaeu uiei I'rcfiiient, tnry na.i suspended lor me Bauio month tlio distribution of tins proceeds of tlio sales of public land? , wlin li, by n previous In w, was 10 who ciieci uie nay niter ma e.pirnnon 01 me coin, promise. Not only was thu most eonciliatini! meas ure contemptuously lej'cctcd, but, in total disrciiard cflhc nvovvel opinions nf his own Sactctary of the ircoiiuy, concurring vum nice, nearly ininiiiiii""-, nf nil tlio must eminent lawyers of tho land, in solita ry iiliancetipm thohrsitatinjT opinion of iho Attor- iirtt. l!.nsrl. tii. lint under! ftken not onlv to lew taxes to the ninnunt of millions upon ,tho l'eople, but to prescribe rcnulaiiotn for its collcciion, and for na cortumnc Iho value of imported merelnndiie, which the law had in cxpicss terms, rcservcu lorino icnisia lii-i. nolitin nf f.M,.t r... Atirl nrm. in iMmvn this svslnm of continual and tintcicnllnsjixcrcisonr I'Acriilivo Irpislnlion by the nlturn-itr orriss ntiinnnf i-nnstittltionallinwer Olid bold assumption of powers never vested in him by nny liw, we romo to the Vclo Message referred by the Uoupo to tin Committee. A comparative ration of the four several does vvhieli, in the eourseof fifln li month have suspen ded the Ir.'M-itinn of Ihii Union, combined with that nniphiliinii production, the reasons for npprnvins: itml .1111111;? a bill, nndni the snnnitiiiiostriUmtr, byjuiln e.mmi nrti.m. ni in mou! iminrlant rnictm"nt. illus trate I by eontempnimirnis i fi'u'ion s of temper and of spuiiiiieui iniuu'eu ai convivi.n jtbiiviiif u oo.iiiu- nl upon Hie public eye bv the latal fru.ndsbip nf syco phant private rirre-pondenlH, mid stripped to it na l;ed inturoby the repMled and dariii'j ns-uiniption boih of lcrimti(innd of jjdieial power, would pre sent anomalies of character and conduct rarely seen nrioti fni ill. NiiMi no tnvraliralioll. tbolicll Strict I V wilh'n ttie ponnc of the in-lmctions cnihr'actd in tlie rrftreneo to this committee, would icqmrea volumin ous renort. which ihe seanlniesA of tiuin will not al low, and winch may not bo ne'essary for mitiiring Ihejinlamrnt of tlio llouso upon tno uocuiucui now before ihem. Tlicreains nssijn'd by the l'resident for retnrn hip lo the IIousi of l!eptei.nlatiies, with his objec tions the hill to provide revenue from imports, and o ehniitio and in idify cxistinu' laws iiiipoiiii duties nnd for other putpnser, nrc preceded by a blief diser ntion upon t lie painful nciimtintu wliieb amjinJhid mil iintoti d with the veto jiowcr must frcl in cer cisin 'it iinon unnortant net'' of tlio legislature. The pvasrraph is worded wilh extreme caution, and with olnioes intent to no:ltln' a union, niado in such rjlh ilives. nur'chnsin'' moiiicutarv ri lief at the ex 7 - '. 1 .. I.. ...I- ii pense oi ueqier "-i-ai n iiiea".'-' un i uijyi.iv.iicu -"i mji- it..( tnins, urowmgdaily more iuteino tlirou.Ii iho whole L" ' 1 four years of lliat Administration. " liad expended. , ., ; i-x,c.,MC plrul , ,h nipi.r a studious 1 brn:nl and tinnn ilifrr-d i.niH in iho Inter rfml at the 'm i l i.i... 1 .1...,- .....I.. l. t ii i - ,i " i.i i I . I I) 1(11 1 1'lli i J lliflit'litirin I'tin y i in lit. i ii it i r . m.n tn i?niifttrrinrr rom jear to year, nom nam to un inuii. ns neyoii.i ... Irom tlio immitnion of its inconie, atKornmi; in tmu period many ten n . - , , ,,, ,,, ' ., ,n,cpendenee of the F.xccu- ions pl Led tor deposnu xv.ll. tiotntc, nslit mil- j 1 t.e.M.dalur... anil .be impotence of tVm- lion-ofstoek in the llanl; or iheLmt.d hi ites (rom , I , ,,, ,,;',. Tht nt. ne to w mdhous of tiut tunds and as mueh I ie.i-1 , s() B . ,, llnn..lnlflc, ttrtns, in the ury uoicn and was sinKuif! under iho wciylit of its ,,, , ,, , , ,,,, ' ,,erfl vittnlly ,l,.cai,liri m own improvidence an.l incompcl, uey. , .Imv.m! I. The rxrrei-e of . independence of I ho M-nlcm-cofa s .ireim IVupluhad commanded , , ( of !,.!.;, bv ntl. n chanie in the, and the eoiiicuipora. I i( , (i , nnU vc((1 ,(. , )Crn cur' neiris elections tliumuhoul tlio I luon bad placed m , , , , ,,m. , ihrmereprnileceofnot both oft.oiiits majoruus, theniluial expo-1 , ,)H mmim , ,,, l!rr',,iv fixt,j alll neuts ol the principles wlucli it was the wi 1 of I e . , iWhr ,,, 0l mnllc (;f , b. People s-bouid be suhsiuund m Ihead us in ion of , , ,,, ,hoe ofa co-nrdimtr..!. parttnen!, " . i" ... t iimi xnwu - i ic i it'll r riip'itr-rr.i srrio n?iv ;n rn. ho ro.or longer the - - c ".'i . ' .1 .. .r ,1 ...... . ' . ' A..:, .i.. anv iiid.vidual Lx"cmie h enneeded, not merely liv ..V. " . V 'L. I., unrivoirfab o .nfi-iCiu-r. for lb cloinc parnzratdi of trt-vt the p.-o.-pcriij of the reat eom.i.uiuly ot Iho , ,n( )p H if mu M 'n Conrc ...,!.-' reimmdi r Iho sum et. If. on sucli reconsideration. : , ., : ,. ,i .i..,. i v.i ion roiu -nm-uru ii'i'i i-crimi?! rL'Vcj:!::!1 ,;.h0"f:,,A'-::..l v:.!:' oniri .WntK.!, Vhc'iiircf ru" ithin three month: fior I be in iiuur-iiioti of I'u ndi ill H.iin-ou. the ' 'on- (resi aseinbb d al bis call, flat lile leuis of the I'.x oeulHt enr wl.c a'ua 'y in niiier Innds lly an m periiliiliid deeret. ol lro idi tif ihe eiiuf of tlio Pen pic's ehoi.'i . in lnr.nony with whose pimeif'l.'S tbo majjiiiies ot li.ilh Hons .hid i."i iuslitutr-il, Ul I l'iw m death. The 1'n . tli nt wh i had ciJJ.'d tho tnetui ' of Con 'ress was no longer (lie l'tcb'.d.ait w ten the Coni'rcs nil t. A snceejiKi fi 4Jc?rotlieo a m m v ol iwo-i'iird" oi nom uoues snoiiui ne in f.mir of this measure, 1! will become a law notwith si.inilniir ln. o i"i' . The truism of this remark tnav pi i! if be nci-oiinted ''it by the sur'nivc thai it w i.a rn w di-"-1. iv. made j-imo the wrilinrr of t lie i'h.lndtlp'ua dmniT-party Iclter ; and iho mod' l pre bt.i; t on as.Ti - 'd ! i ilie I 'oniitiition that tlit Kxceu- live ran ci-irn t no erior of opinion ufilrs two llur "fli Tb In i'iebe-1 of ih.' I.eji.'ature are in eon w irn uio ..ull.'ll.n. I in (. A at ii tjm i'i ifruiiuu . , , , - , , hid asinnud the title, will, lot illv ddlWont prinn- 1 "'' h "emprr. I l.v t he aminlib. as-unnee ' . . '.. ilt in Mi 1 1 -vi'iil lu u i I (hrorridl v nf MM!rmi iti n ro. pie-, tlioiun prole-fins tin bimo at tlio June ol in r I etion, win h, flout Inrnun.iii;:, li'io thoc of In ) immediate preduecsaor, with the iiisiotitysjf belli lloii..'S of Congress, were diselo-ed iri diauitt ne il opposition to them. Thi lirt riexelnpmrnt nf ibis new, and moat un forluirile, eoniliiun of ihe Uuneral (iinennnuiit, wis inauifefted hi the l.u uie, ouee and again, ot too first preit iuca:-ur'cin'einled by Cmjiess to rctoro the credit of the eouniry, by the cst-ibUiliuieiit of a Na tional li.inlc a failure cau-od exeliHn fly by thoope ratn n of the e!o p iwcr by the I'rcMdmt. In iho eniril of the Consiiiution ol tlio Uuilrd .it.ili s, the f.xeeulive m not only m p.irate.1 from th 1. power, but made d pendent upon and rtupoiia Me to i it. Until a eiy le 'eat pcnod of our Intitory, all uf creneeiu c'.iher Ho ieot Congis to the op.uions or wishes of the Pici.IciiI, lehlui'T lo anyMibjiet inde boeration lulure Ihem, was rcgatded us an outrage upon tho uylils of the deliberative body, amoiifi the first of w lino duties it is- lo spurn the iull 'cm-e of the d ei. . ,-f iiaironai'i' nml power. Until ny re C'litly, it was (.'Jiliu.iinl greatly to impur the uitlii enca of uny ineiubtr to be buspueled of pjie..nnl sub berMtnev to the 1 .xiuitiwi and any inlueion lo his wiahi s in debate was iLtiuod .icbinr'nre not le- lliat in lliil rvrni lw wi 1 elirerfullv aciinicce 111 a re r-'.lt which won! I be precisely lli" samo wheibcr he .liouldaiii toe in it or n-jt. Tbo npiitujo of this lupoih. Ii-al porinoti innv ' e cMirnntrd by the calcu l.ili'in of iho c'lnnc" lint the eontinprncy which il sunposrsis wibm thn vere of poasihihtv. '1 In reasons us -iricd bv the 'res' 'ent for bis oh j ctiiins lo th s lu I are lurthcr preceded by a narrative of uis intLi'i1 li'ii' oniiiioiH and eouiiiiunicatiniH on the -u'li'i'l of distnlvitinir iIih pmccds of tlio s iles of tha pil'ihc l.iii'ls. Ila admits tHt at Iho opcruru of lb" exln f-"ss ,,i lie rr eo'unienjed such a distribution but b" avers tint tbn roe.nniiioad.itnn wis exnrc-sly ei'irr' ' with the twill ui ill it the dunes on i;npor. sh )iild not cx-ee 1 ilia la" i f 20 per ernt. provided lij tbe uipr I'tiHM on' of ISH. Who c ml 1 mri,i,iuo nrier this moi rm'dnrie roti)lh!z of tbo revrniie Irom ditlies of imjnt with mi. .mm Ti mil thp Timor il. o f the sales of ibe ruiblic hnds, the fusi and paraniounl objection of the I'resi-1 dent to this Hill should ho that it n lites two Bible;;,, , which, s'i far Cum b u.ns any .'l!ieiiv toono7: om wbrlly in, Dii 'rooiis in their .,0cu r Ultirli .n.i on' j' ... n'ii.11,11 ,,. 1tIlu W'l! Il llins.. crfither in his rri' ul a burden of liabililies licnvier llian tiny nro nblo to bear. They need tbo atsislanco of a irienmy nnii powerful hand, and where should they find it, but in tlui syinpatliiei of the National tiovcrninentl in .1...:. i; .1.1.. ... il.n .. n1,i....n In t us immense, ami almost iioiinuicss iioiuain i n o nnnlienlion of tbn nrocceds of tbo nublic lands to nl Inviitln tho tmrilsn nf tlirso drills nreasitur mion tllO penploof almost all tbo Slates, is, if not tlio only,, tlio most tinceeptionauio mono ot exionuinc inu nroi of tho Union to relieve tho l'eonle of tbo Slates from tbo pressure of Iho burden bearing upon llicin a reuei consisting uiuy oi inu iii-uiumiun uuiun them of tbeirown propurly a relief furnishing them thotneansof paying to tho United Stales thr nisclios no inconsidcrabla portion of tbu debts due from tho Ntnirs in mem i so i nai nv one anil i no aamo oncra linn the Pconloof the Slates will bo relieved from the inloleral la Jiressuio of their debt, and the common Treasury of the Union will receive back in payment of debt no email part of tbo same sumsallotte l to me oiaice as incir respective pornous oi uiuumm billions. Tbo commitlco regret that tlio shortness of the lima which they Imc a. lowed thcniselvis for tho pro partition nf this report, constrains them to pas over numeroui other considerations nmounling to the cleire't demonstration that the distribution amunj f hn .Slates of tbo nroceeds of the sales of tbo public iantia will be infinitely morn conducive to tho ends of lusnec ami 10 me ruin oi uio icopic iruni men rui barraaments, ih.iu thodcvolion of lh suno funds to bo sn allowed up in tbcinsatiate gulph of tbo ordinary annual expenses of Ilia b'cderal Oovarnnient to per il. Ii in Ihe ninr ikn Ibi'nni" millions of tho fourth installment promised lo the .States tho ucvrn or eight millions of stock in the Rank of the Utnttd States, and Iho fivoor six millions: of Indian mist nnd Xavy pctibi in fun's, nil sunk, during the Van lluren Ad ministration, wi'bout leaving a wreck In bind, 't'hia rlf.w nf tha reasons of the President forob- lorttn; to tho passago of the lull miglit lio cxtcnoeu fir more into detail, and all leading lo the conclusion that they are feeble, inconsistent, and unsatisf.ictoiy. Ir remsins onlv for iho Ifonsa to tako. bvxeasand nays, tbo question upon the final pissace of, tho bill and as the majority of tho couimilti o cannot indulge, tven h)pothrticatly, the absurd hope of a majority ri mer in in s or ii o oiuer iinu.u oi uuiiit-svuni ic- lent to the enactment of Iho lull into n law, they li.nvn ihn llnosotn determine w hat farther measure they may deem necessary and practicable by the legislative niiinoriiy in tuu present, caiaiuiuouj cuimi lion of thecountrj. Tlicv riorccivo that tho wholn legislative now. or of tin.' Union Ihh bouli for the last fiftuon tnontlis. with rtfir inl to the action of Congress upon measures, of vital importance, in a utato of suspended annnritinn,Rtrangiea uy ttie nvo nmes reiieatetl stricture of tho l!cutivc cord. 'I'liey obscno that, under these unexampled obtruc tiona to the cxercisu of tlieir higli ami loitiinatc liiitie?, they liae lutlierto porscrvctl ilio most respectful forbearance towards the Kxecttlivo o nef: that wluio ho lias, tune alter tune, annul led by the mere act of liia will their commission from the l'eople to enact laws for tbu common nettarc, tnoy havo forborne evnn tho c.tpres hioii of their rebentmoiit for those multiplied in milta anil injuries they beliovcd tlie.y had : !ii";li destiny to fulfil-jby administennij to the t'eoplo in t lie form of law reuieuie.s for tho euf- loriti!'H which they had too ons endured. Tho will of ono man ha frustrated all their labors and prostrated all thuir pow er.J. Tho majority of tho Cuuitiuttun believed that the case lias oc currcd in the annals of our Union, contemplated by tho founders of tlio Constitution by the grant to the Hout.; of Itoprescntatives of tlio power to impeach the President ot the United btates but they are aware that tlio resort to that e.vpo dirnt tnilit, in tho present condition of public alf.i'r-, prove abortive. I hey fee that tlio irrec .inc. fable d,fForcnco of opinion and of action be Iweon the I."aisl.itivc and Hxocutivo Depart ttientH of iho Government is but sympathetic with tho Fame discordant views and icelinxa anion' tho l'eople. 'J'o them alono the final isotie of the s-trnglc must bo left. In tho sor row and mortification under tho failure of all their labors to redeem the honor and proaiwrity of tlteircountrv. it id-, cucerm"; consolation to - it 1, ,. of tho unscrupulous Globo. TfiWi,'" rir- rcd to in tlio above paragraph os ntlill,lou to bo introtlucod by Intjorsoll nnd whicii -s licrnldcd lioforo tho peoplo of Now Englanti with so much pomp mid circumstanco was merely a ptoposition to rovivo a branch of tlio comptomisc act I Tho introduction of tho Dill was opposed by tho Whigs first bc cattso tlioy did not like tho Dill, as it was, in tltoir opinion, altogether inndoqiiato to re lievo the ombarrassmunts of tho Country and protect tltojinditstry of tlio people. In tho second place, if it had boon unobjectionable in this respect, tltoro was a manifest impro priety in attempting to introduce any 13 ill before an effort had been made to repass tho ono which hadjustboon votoed by JohnTytcr, Hut says tho veracious Globo (and I pre- sttino thu paragraph has been sopied into all the Ijoco papors in the state) tins lull was "introduced into the House, sustained by the De.mocratufrom the North, and voted lown by the wholo Whig party of tlio House." Now hero aro no less than TitnEn deliber ate falsehoods in this ono paragraph. Tlio Hill was not suslainod by tho Democrats, and it was not voted down by tlio Whigs. Tho motion made by Ingcrsoll was simply to sus pend the rules to allow him to introduce the Rill, and only forty one, out of the hundred Locos in the House, sustained even that mo tion. If tlio question had ueon on tho pas sage of the Bill, not more than fc;t or twelve of them forty ono, would havo voted in its favor. Tliis 13 now an admitted and notor ious fact. And to provo that thoso Locos who voted in favor of suspending the rules, would havo opposed tlio passago of the Bill, I will introduce tho following witness whoso testimony on tliis point isqttitu explicit and satisfactory. It is a letter from Mr. JJd- mund liurkc ono of tho loading Loco Foco members of tlio House from New Hanipsliiro, and is as follows : TO THE KUITOR OF THE GLOBE. House or KErr.EsnNTATivr.s, August I."),1913. In a communication published in tho Globo of Saturday, referring to the vote on the motion of Mr. C. J. In,'er-iol of Pennsylvania to mis pend the rules of tho House for tho introduc tion of a hill reviving tlio tariff of 18:33, the writer rctnirl:?, "and that bill was sustained by tho Democracy of tho North," etc. If tho wri ter intends to bo understood that aV the Demo cratic members from the North, who voted in favor of Mr. InjjersoH'B motion, were in favor of his bill, and would havo voted for its passage, I can assure him that, eo far as one who voted for tho suspension of tho rules is concerned, he is greatly mistaken. I was one of tho Demo cratic members of the North who voted for the su-pension of the rules, in order to enable Mr. lugeraoll to introduce Ins bill : but I waa yry far from approuni.' tho bill itself, in principle or detail. I was iiiiluenrcd by two motives ingiv 'w' my vote : 1st. Courtesy to the mover, a them that the 'termination of their own 0flici.1l prominent and intelligent member of our party; existence is nt hand ; that they are even now lllul Mconilly, adeuro to givo tho country an abuut to return to receive the sentence of their ,lr,"-Bl ""l "lu "umocraiio p.iny in uie nuusc ai - 1 ... ,.in... t'.ihert McClollati. Mi 'inrauatii uiciiPiian, "v; ... i ... Mil.. Kay, McKeon, Mallor, Jf'm Wn.Xi" io1.Mutliows.Mod.IJ, Mil". Mitchell, Own by, I'ayno, J-Jloxandcr jia""" - Itcynolds, Illiott, Roger, Roosevelt, Jaui, 0 s, ftaV Shopped ShioW?. Vm. b-" m r?, OUrnier, ,' . .. irhnmninn. Tr n. !lr. V: nffwoo, J,TarrV Wnsyii.igton, wTi- ' ' vtllianie, Wise, wood li'i W.llians, C mcmbcrfrom thc jrcw Eg. Every IV;..,, , ,r J . , ... . 1 1 a . Mr. Adams, it will be land Stales, ezV ... . . . iVt ..Plt of this resolution seen, voted IN ! A V oj; - ; 1 t-rtO from New Jbng- while even LOCO I (X J , ... 0 .. "curded his name "nil ibnii. um, i.Aijiiiiurii 11 , in tv. 1 000 to &1.jO,000, whi h Yernmtit would havo to pay annually, as her share to defray tho cxtientn: nf llm fiMtinrnl ( invnrntnnnr. Fueumuh or VurtMo.vr! what say yo to thisl AGAINST IT I Now languago of tho Globo $ $ $ "KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOl; OF VERMONT. That on thc 18th dan of Auirnst 1812. vromisition was made in the House of Ren ,f ''lu EJilor anJ ,lis J MbMtBB I- rcsemalives,uy iMii.i.aiid t ii.L.Moiin, Uliair- man of the committee of Ways and Means, to striki: out thc DtsTiitnuno.v ci.ausi: I'llOM THE TARIIT nil.l. LATELY VETOED UV John Tyler, AND PLACE TEA AND COFFEE IN THE FREE LIST, and declaring it to be expedient to pass the Hill with these amendments and that flE VE RY LOCO FOCO MEMBER FROM NEW ENGLAND, WITH ONE SOLI TARY EXCEPTION, WHO DID NOT DODGE THE QUESTION, RECOR DED HIS NAME AGAINST THE PROPOSITION, WHILE THE NEW ENGLAND WHIGS, VOTED, WITH EQUAL UNANIMITY IN ITS FAVOR. This vote completely strips tho mark from the hypocrites. They can no longer dis guise their deadly hostility to a protective Tariff tinder tho delusivo pretext of opposi tion to the policy of Distribution or the im position of duties on tea and coffee. I regret that I havo been obliged to write you in sucli haste, today, as there have been many other votes, this week, upon which I wish to comment, all showing that thc Loco Foco members of Congress, will, in tho lan guago of Mr. Burke of New Hampshire, "op poso any Tariff Bill leaving protection for its object." But I can hardly think it is ne cessary to offer any further proof of this, as your readers must already bo convinced be yond a doubt on this point. I will endeavor however to furnish you with sotno addition on this head 1:1 another letter. G. W. L. twain tho editor und iho fanner, wrote to I the locusts of Egypt, collecting from Sli-'O, lilities, und forbidding him writing any more frto trado nrticles, assigning as a reason that they would provo thu ruin of tho party in tho Sla'td. Oilf "Friday" obeyed' as a matter 01 course. Bui this samo Editor who was so fierco a champion of I'reo Trade, no longer ago than last spring, has ofa sudden, became al most insane in I1I3 efforts lo provo that his party arc tho special udvocales of a lariffi and that protection is as necessary as tho air wo hreatho to tho interests of Vermont. That our readers may sco for themselves tho inconsistency of the man, and bo mp--10 fully sensible of tho insincerity of his r-csent taiiff professions wu subjoin a fev nrticles which appeared in his paper fast spring, written, not in view of an approaching elec tion but because they spoko tho scnlimonU Onco moro and wo aro dono with tlio Ago for to day. x,, ,(l!lt m,cr 0r JlStli March last, is published a frou trado speech of John C. Callmun, from whIch W(J cx. tract tho following: "It la full '.'mo for tbo North ami m n for New Inland to pause and 53;,Tini5' X bear tbn voico of ono who has r, i.:".,e'fw.oa'd henr thr it 1 w .Vilcm would bo one of llin .,.. ..?tr01:l'VJ ould Wlall you. v hatcver incidental aood cma 1 ' derived from it, you have already acquired. It wou 1 wIiip'i hf had 1 I Kii ri "I th'Tlre session 7 If ihr! from dceiii'')' than fi om onl. r. An atiMoo... djii-o in 1 aflinny bcimen On- panics, why did he jnin tln'in lioconimo-laL' llu :.. 0: i-'-m-U. uiU(,j,iri ons I lo lli-r I If iho uri' m vv 1 le-jithn He, who was and withisof .i!r. Tvlcr hid lr 1 M tiiDdificittons of 1 ,IJ .l ir.ii.-" i-ir I'nust nf tha iiitln!,iwcd ntfi 7 It the firn lull fir Ihoc-i ibltslimrulnfa limit, I 14 ' J0""5 ' ,J ''.II that it n lnh i revenue and an pie-eutcd la bun loi Iih npiiruval, widely ildli mi" 1 af'proir,.ii .11 I,:. What then? N nut ibeait of ttoni tlie nimi iim it l.-ri mttc.i of llieir eicdionev by "''I"'"11'1' '. 1JII, "PI mvfd and signed by the I'res the nnjir.ty ririi.-illi Hoiisis of Cuii'jrc.'', but wlmdi ' bitii-lf, bmb n rrvoruiH an I an appmpri iiinn filled lu ulna n ilnti ap nnal for iho mi'o of vvlneli ! 1 ,)"'s " ,ut ",,"t llu' ''""'H "f ail ui- llieyhad bom lebu-Miiily .ldoptci. A se.-oud al- fiillir-ioiicv of impost diilii'Mioi rxcteJin! 2 per r.nt. tomptcniii.'d, under a nj:ri of tlio indiapen.'ibly ne- n'' "cm, lolof.iry llu current exprii-einf iliolJov'y m'tt fica. eoipjiauon to tho rovvnars onl f"Vn,"'i ibf pn feeds uf llie sales nf Ilie lauds shall on-htofihii iril. m, u pt( .no nil nU, ti win-h an b" b .:"'l ;n pari ( f tiie name rrvrniu , nnd npproprn informal intercuiirbj and ominmiicniion bttH-Lii a ,n '''' ""' ,'"lrl' ""r '1'':t' ippi-ni'ii-iiiou of tin m .nlier ofl'ie H :m e Ovrz- I with tbo duly i f pre-1 I'1"'' : binds todeli.n lb rr.linuy i vpuirKturts i f paring tin lull, and the I'ic-.dint ofihe Tinted -, I '"o dov. inin?iii n bdrved I . I.e a system of final mil!.' II, mi"ln teeuro liy co upVince Willi lus r.iun- nlrn; ,"i". nii","i'ie, mipinviucm, anil J . ' " i-.i'ii " i.ii. li lam, 111.11 toiii) u pled 'u in iidvanco of Ins approval of tba lull. win nit tliinild bo prosented lo him. That pledge win ibt.imed. The lull w i picurutod to linn m tho very lurms which In rail picsculicd a. nTiiry to obtain Iik "anelmn, and it nut ihe same fale vviih ua predeotSMir: and it is retuailiablo that the ru twins B'siined fur llio lefim-il to approve tlieseeoml lull are ill direct anil lnimedntu eoull 't Willi ihos which had been B"M.'iiid fur the lefusal to sifjn iho fir-t. Tims iho metiMire, first miiMi; iboo deemed by tho I.e'-isiatiniiol liie Union iiulispeniiuly nice my the b.U now before tbu Hou-e provides tb it Ibey ha'l no be Mjnpprjpriati J. Tlie public lanilsarc the no bin and itinpi'ii i ii'di! inlieritancnof the n'bnle n.-ilinu. 1 in ilo of th:.m lo utilividiiaH la nm n lav upon tlio ptirchnner, hut an exch iiisjij nf cqnivnltnli scarcely more Imldensom" lo iho pranlee than if hw i.imild reci iva il as n riltuloin donalion. To afrirnnimn. thu of llio dales to defray tho ordinary fx-pent-en of the (iiiv eminent i to wri'Ie an I ile'lrny llie 'I'l..u ........ .In I., l.rl 1 I... f . ; ,ii..l.,. inn t.iu,-i,T n iiii, ii . UMwiGiS for Ibe ealvaliou uf lis luuii 't interests, and for iho i """- ." 'lr bi'i.ikm oi ii: iiKiriuuiion mitit rcfloraiion of us credit, ih honor, its piopiritv. vva, I v:,' ." ''V ll0 propcitv. It is precisely tb. prostratcil, (ltlcale.1, aim .lieu, ny inu wt.m anil n.iv rrm: obstinacy oloue m m, atcidi tti.illy, and not by tho will of the l'eople. in veMcd with that urnblo pow er, as if prophetically described by one of bis own i bos. en uiinistera, at this day, as "iho riyht tu deprive iho l'eoplo of f.c'f-i'ovtriimciil." The fitcou!.eo,iiuiicouf ihii I'xrctitivo legis'ition was not only iu prostrate the l.tgi-1 ituio icclf, to re lieve tho 1'. oplo from ihur dis'riss, to lepl'iusli tho exliaus ed TuaMiry and call IjhIi tlio ic-oureefl nf llio country, to rubcm the public f.n'h lo llio fillil incut of the lialioii'il einia?! rnrnls, bin to loavo nil the burdens and tuib.iiiaf.siin.iiu ol ihe public Ticis ViV. broujht upon II by the iuipiovidnen of the pre cediuir Ailiiiimslriitlon, beaniu iiiiotl the 1'eon o wpb n;iriivaled pios-ure. '1 he f.u.d trror of tlio pre ed i n Ailn i in i-t 1 .i ! ii ul had bttn nn ixcess of (.xptndt tiuubevond iln iiao iic. excess bad been all uverajenf csht millions nf dollars a yiar, ul ka.t riu ririT ibefour ve.irs ofits Tlie riraclica hvtem of its fwcal oncratiotis bad bdi a LontiiiUL.l increase of expenditures and diuiiiuilioii of icvcmii h, nnd it left as a bopiost to its wiece-sor no clleciive reduclion of expens-os, hut a double leducimn of tcv- iin.o lo the .iniouni ol nuiiions, to occur, ol cuiire iLvcr-e. It u ii i-tori'i',' it tothoounrr. To appro priim thu pr iieeli to ibfrav tha current espendii j ioi;.v; u up hi oii.iptu iiioii rihi vva-te. it is in poli'irai icunoiiiy preci-ely Hie same n.s if an in. iiivtuil lamlholdi'r hliotilil sell oil, year lifter year, paicel of In I'sl.ile, and consume in prneeeds m tf,'B paviii nt of h. ! Iio'is. vU cxponsts. Tho fust prut (ipl.'of pol. in id economy ncccsaarv foi a nation is m I a is by In r il'uii willna the vear tho vvhole sum rc qn n I f ir fie expenditure of that yeir. livery de inriiuc Irom ibis piineu le lia siepju thonath of na. li.inal lniil,niiiey ninl nun, Tho daily demands ,,f uie i leitsurv inu-i in: Mtppn"u o) uie income oeriv ed fiom l ix'Uion by the viar, and not by the d;3.ipa Hun of thucoiiiinon piopi rly. Tlio second n ai-on of the PrcnMf nt for objeclmtj lo ih' paiii' of iliis bill ii not more ponderous ih in lb fir-t. Il i th" dfsiilino nnd onib.irrassed slate of the Tieuiiry, nii'l llio impolicy, it not uncoimniu. tioinlitv, of if''1''"- turn a fiiiitful murce of rove, mn;, v.tucb, if retained may be se 7.1 d by the f ivciu nn nt ami appiim to unci us uauy wants. Hut the I'resiknlhtid tti t told i, lliat this fruitful Bouren nf revtiiuo v..n n subject wholly dissimilar iu Us ehaiiic- lei 1 1 011 1 tnaio! iiiipost 1.11 iiissiinu ir tnal tile union by the mero liipfcof time, unless uvirtcd, within fif-, nf them fumed 111 his iniiid an iusiiriuuuiitabio ob- ....... ti. lit, Willi. lifllll III tpiri.t.',lllll, ! liy the double exep im- of the I'lesidenlial inli i npnii thetwobilU for iKt il li-bini; n National llauU ibis legislation was prevented. TJieexcea- of evpeii ditiirrs beyond llio icvenue coniinued an.l mruirsl. The double redueiion of revenue, pttsenbed bv the compromise of IS'Si, was sulli red 10 tal.o its full effect- no reduction of ihe expenditures lud be. 11 prrs cribed; and, in theMume of tmhterii iiionth', cinie tho inauguration of 1'itHiltnt llarrisoti, an .addition of at least fifteen millions to the enormotii di licit al exia iue in the Trcafurv at the close ol ihelast Admililiaiion, is now ehurned njiuri the prtuihiii; imiiv in Cnnrrcs,by ihosievvho had madoit tliebivv. while the exi rcise of the vdu power alone disabled ilm t.ei'isl.iture it"i If fiom llie power of auiil viiiir ibe only reuitdy which 11 was vvilbiii llio compeleucy of lcsriolalion ilse.f lo prumole. The great purpose for which session of l onurcsa nail nuen I'aueu was mus UMtauil liy llie exuiciso ol llie vein power. .11 me iiieeuiiK 01 Lorn nreas. nt 1 be ree'id-ir 11m1u.1l ressiou, Iho inaioiities ui bolii House?, nol yielding lo llie diKcoorui'Cuicnt ol disjppol .ted hopes anil iiauieu energies, imikrloo. the las', of raiwusr, by impost ihiltes, a revenue ade quate 10 the necessities of ibe I reaury, and lo tin idliliueiit of llie inlioual obb.'a lions, llv iho nsnduous nnd unn uiiiiinL' labors of tin enioiiiiiletsof bo h Houses chnreed with tlieduius of providini! for llie meessities of the revenup, atidfor 1111 (Troai III. 1 inii-i' ui ni tuiiii-i ui inu .tuillieiii, (,'eiilralaii'l Wester Slat, vvhtt h uiH9t he so deep ly afrct'il by nny adjustment of 11 tanli; to raise cx ( hts-ively a revenue adujuale lo tbo necessary expeu hi s of llm tlovcrniiieut from duties nn impurls, n tarilfbtll iKlievnl in le nrariy, 11 not w Holly, sum. cieni for llio purpose, was elaborated and nniply dis .iib&m1 iliroiiehnloiiL' seiiesof weeliHiu both branch. i9 of the. I.eil ituio. The pro esaofiotution lliroiisb ,..l,l,.. ntoousiich 11 rjomphcaled svslem enuld bo or (arib.ed, iiocessatily fotieuiiifd iiianv'inouhaof niuei nor were uio u.n....... . ...... ... .... .. ..m, fnsin oevi ro renroneli, vvhieli tlio pur. bus if iiressrn of tho i'..xe,ciitive fliitaf arecvm yet easiim; ujiou Coii prusSi without reb'.'. "i restraint from hnu. Tb ;inisi. una 011 as onml bv 1' ' oatient and uuiveaiu d invi siication of ilm whole subj.-t Uy the appropriate eomio.liees. As ur pci ' "1 ap toi ii"i v neii nn 1 calli'l ciinnr nil - larill'wii !i be eon 1 i'nai I leavinij toe C. jv-riinii tit vv ' .t any 1 v. 1' lan'f sancltoncl liy llio law, tlie pru :mco of 1 out ss, 1 without precipUaiini; their dce'sioii upon tho pernia-1 jeclton lo Uio pasKipool uio lull. "1 most reBpcc in v buuiiiit. s'ivs 110 message, unctiicr tins is a lioiu tu gn'c iiipoy ihh irmeeus 01 inu lain! sales, when the public luiida const.iuto a fund vvhiihof nil otlrrs 111 .v lu tnado must useful in susi.timu; the puuhc credit. Ami how coulil 11 tin made thus use" lull raciseiy ny '-inni; mem uunv. liy mvini tin rn awav torever ! I or if Ibe nriucm nbo mien es the procicds of iho sales of the public IjiiJs shall be subslil ited in the n'aeo of revenue lie luxation to rietray Iho aiinu il oidinary expenses of uie ..uuuiid, v.utv.i.iii, iit HHJie win uie peo ple of uny .Sliitcni this L'tuon have Iho benefit of ono dollar from tbo richest of mines of in. cxhan-tiblo winlth, bestowed upon them by their boim iful Cii aior for llio liiinroveineni nf iheir nun condition. Hut I'ircii uipoy yis, to ibe last cent j'irui wruy, lon vtr, to pamper tlie reckless oxlrava. lani-e of a jpvcriiiwmt fjrerer prcachuii reltincli .null and cconitny, and forever beatenir null on million of Jiiiiiril expenditures " to suckle armies .ml dre linrKo llie find. 1 TllO eomuiilteO submit to tbu Housn their-imlui taling opinion that the impropriation of any tiarl of r.e . nl.... nr .1 1,' . 1 . . ui,- juuti-iw ni mh-biii-3 01 111c jiuniie tanus 10 llu md nary annii'il expenditures would bo the note if. feilual and irrctiievublo ffiVi'iir way of that jjrist nun nn .uiiiiiuiii iiiueiiiuiice' in 1110 .uncricau people. Thai, if onco that t-rovviti.T and iuexhaustibfu fund shall be doomed to lurir, iho whole or any part of the ir iixuim incuif lur me uonirii esiunaitboi tlio ro ei mtu and oxnenilitiires nf llu Vnliniml nr..-..r.. ....... . the l'eoplo may bid firevvell, a luiif larewell, tu every hope of ever roeeivinirn dollar's useful ituproveiiient 11 mi mai (jiii m uuu 10 imciii, tuns cruelly and per lilioti ly wiesleil from llieir hands. Ntneiern of the Ktatcsof tins Union, in the ardent. l i-iiiaps. 111 some cases, inconsi'icrately itnlent, pur suit of tins nmiroveinnit of their own condition. !m-i 1 201111 illVidV'e l.SOniCnftlieill IlliaV Ivmvnka I imli.lif Theureatssi por 11011 oftbisdi bt hasbeen tonlrucleil for theae oinplisbrnBiit of slupendom vvoihs tofxpnihate ui.d tin 111I1 reourso of travel nnd of trude In IWi i-n llie remotest extremes of this jreat Itenub he, Hvvnnniii, year to year, with ro 'oublinij millions ol pooul'ili in. It is no exntrceratol c&tinrtic fif Iho vahm of tb'su works to say, thu tbo savim; of t nu'. of li'mr, and of expense to individual caucus .f tb i I'm ui. 10 ivii.' the benefit of these public v id Mm.' i' nirqnys, m every single year, tho wlK.loe'" t 01 lie ire. ui iruei'ou, coustituonta upon thninsolvos ; that tho I.oiris lutivo power of the Union, c ripjilcel and dis ihled 1 h it nny now be, is about to pis?, renovated and ruviulicd by the will of tho l'eople, into oth er liHtuls, upon whom will dovnlvo tho tas!: of pnividin; that remedy for thu public il'i'.etnnora which their own hone;'. ar; ayouuiiienerjies Ud , .. ,. niiiloavored tosiipnh. I'he power of tho pre.-ent Conjreas to enact ,w p.ssotitiiil to tha wella'ro of tho l'eoplo 1i.ib boeu fatruck with apoplexy by tho fixeeutivo hand. Submission lo his will is me iiniy coniu tion upen which ho will permit them to act. I or thu iMiactmciu ot a niiMure c.irimsuy iei- 1 II t If 1... T..-I. .1 ,1..... nrtl.,... ,IT, fouiniciuie!! ny ninisuii im n" " '"ii . less cwnlrd a eiwliiwn iluclaioil ny iiim solf lobe em asui'joct'i-o totally dillercnt that hu will iirithufllT Ihem to be coupled 111 the same law. Willi Il1.1t cniidi'ion Loiirc-i cannnt comnlv. In thu state of thiii'rs he has assumed, ns thu Committee luily believe, the exercise ol ho whole le 'islativu nuwer to liimsell, and is Irwin. iiiil!ioii.s(ifi.itinev upon tho l't'oiilu with nut any authority of law. But the final decision of tlusipiestion depends neither upon legislative nor executive, but upon Jiitlin.u authority, nor can the liual decision 01 tlio fjupremu iourt up on it bo pronounced before thu i!ii-o of tho pros mil pes-ioii. In the mean tiunanbiis vo exercise cilho constituliolial owur of the I'ic-idotit tear rest fie action 01 L,ouress ujum measures vital to tho welfare ol the l'eople, has wrought con virtion upon tho minds of a 111 ijorily of the Com initlce that tho vnto power itself must be re .trained and muddied by an amendment of tho Liiiistit ut 1011 itsolt, a lepiiliitmn lor which they accordingly herewith respectfully repot t. JUU.N Ul IM V ADAMS, JOHN' M. !!v)T I'S, j.Mi:s t;o(;i-j:Pe, K. ItAVXnU, TI1DS. .1. CAMl'WU.r, 'I'ltlJM N s.Mirn, r. c;u.N(JKii, II. I.ANi:, JuunMiAH .Mortnow, j. a. pi'.aikm:. Itrsuhnl by the .V 'li tie n:ul Jlousn cf licjirc tnitiimrs iij nt". 1 illicit i'iWi.j, 1; Amrrir'i m Co'r.s mrrinblrj, two thinh Hf both orsei concurring Ihrreui, I thu fullmvini: amend inuiit of the Constitution of the United State in uie suveiiin secuon 111 uie iirst anirie, he re roniniended to the Legislatures eif tho several States', which, on thu ailuptinn of tlio sinio, by .1 .....l...f.l. I. ;!. , ,.' inrce-ioiirius 01 inu miiu i,e;isiaiuros, tuail uo- come patt ami parcel ol the Constitution : liisteaii 01 mo worus two-tnmls' twice re iiealcd 111 thu second inra'raph of the saiil sev cutli section, substitute, iu both ca-cs, tlio word.- a majority of tho wliule nuinber. Hut. whih) tin sr iiiiiiienjc benefits havo be'cn thus nent system wlucli they fondlv hoped lo estatilitrr i" i- tui, n ran nnm ij w umuiuu. uieii nnii seni it me irebiiieui a teiiniorarvejii-. ' 1 w,"s nn.iliii,limy mem hu.w evnimti. ItllUV M0KM.XO. AlHil -'1' 20, HIJ (.'oiTusiiuniloiicu ol'lhn I'ruc i'ross, W.tsiiiNaTo.v, I). C. Aug. 1842. IIYI-OCIMSY UNMASK i:i). The following paragraph, designed to hunt bug llio people of New England in general, aud of Vermont in particular, niado its np pearunco a few days ago in the f7ei6e news paper published 111 this city. Ki:i:i' IT HKFOUE THR I'lIOPUJ were ready and willing tn m ike an ofl'urt to sus tain the credit and honor of tho Government. And I am surprised to see that vote, hoiri'' merely on a motion to suspend tlie rules, (which is never regarded as a rs( motion,) cited as a proof that the "Democratic party of the Nurth stts'',iwd tho bill, and would have voted for ita passage. I'or one, I do not sustain it, nor ap prove ot it. If inn 1. to eio regarded a.s Iho "I'onnsyliann platform," I do not stand upon it. I recant it in many respects juitc as objec tionable as tho Iiv.ell platform. In many par ticulars, tho laritt'of lKW is as highly protec tive uiu as onjeciiotialilo as tho one just vetoed by the President. Ilul Hince that vote jlven as an act of courtesy, by me at least is cited as a proof all thu Northern Democracy are in favor of a protectiie tariff, I have felt it due to myself tn bay, through your columns, tnu l will vote lor no uiu having protection tur its onject. I do not, of course, object to protection as an tn- cid'ii! or consequence en a tanil" for revenue. I shall vote only tor a taritl lor revenue, sufficient to provide for the wants ot tlio tiovornin jiu, on an economical scale of expenditure, with tnoper discriinuillions fur that object alone, and lor tho exemption of tea and codec from any and all du 'y Kospectiiuiy, .vc. CD.UUND RUPeKR. Here then i3 a bold avowal from 0110 of the leading Locofocos from New England that ho will vote against axv Iiill having l'nori:uriox lor us onject. uiit tiiero is uviduncu ofa still more conclusive character 011 this subject On Thursday last, Mr. Fillmore, chairman of the Coniinilteo of Ways and Means, in troduce thc following resolution to test tlio disposition of Members in regard to passing mother 1 arm 13 1 11 ( and demand the ayes and noes upon its adoption. Tlio resolution iu tho following words : li'sohal, That it is expediont to pass anoth er revenue bill, the same as that wlucli recent- ly pissed both Mouses of Congress, and has been returned tiytlie t'resiuoiil witn ins olnee tious to ihiB House, and on reconsider ttioti lost fur want of a constitution il nnjiir'v, entitled 'An act to provide revenue fiom imports, and to change and modify existing laws uupn-uig du. ties on imports, ami for other purposes, with the exception of the 27th section of said bill, which repeals the prnvi-oto the land ilistnbu lion act, ami so modified as tn make tea nn ported in Anierirau vessels from beyond tlu Capo of Guod Hope and codec fiee from duty : inu that tlio Uuinmiltee ot W ays and .Means be, ami tnoy are tiuroLiy, instructed to ropirt sucli a lull tonus I louse, with all convenient despatch On this resolution tho yeas und nays were as follows : YKAS Messrs. Allen, Sherlock J. Andrews, Applotun, Aycrigg,, lincsun, Uidlack, li.rdscye, lllair, li'j.irdinan, Jiordi'ii, llrocltwav, Jeremiah Iliown, llurnull, Win. 11. Calhoun, Chittenden. John C. Clark, Cowen, Cranston, Ciishing, Garrett Davis, Itichard I). Davis, John IMvvards, Lvcrett, I erris, l eesonden, Gerry, (iiddings, 'Patrick G. Goodc, Granger, Hall, Halsled, Ilowaid, Hudson, Hunt. Charles. J Ingorsoil, Joseph It. Ingerholl, James Irwin, W. W. lnvin, Keiin, McKeuua.'i, i . I. .Marshall, Sanipaou .Mason, Mattocks, Maxwell, Maynard, .Moore, .Morgan, .Morns, atorrow, xsowiiaru, LOCOFOCOISM NAILED TO THE COUNTER. Every body knows that tho locofocos have all along pretended that they wero willing to go for protection if tho Distribution clause was stricken from the Hill. Now let llio peoplo observe what they may expect from (hat party in the way of protection, and notice likewise the sincerity of tho gentle men in their professions of willingness to go for a tariff. A resolution was introduced to suspend tho rules, in order to tho passage ofa resolution declaring it expedient to pass llio samo hill vetoed by tho President, WITH THE CLAUSE DISTIMHI'- TING THE I'KOCEIuDS OF THE PU1JL1C LANDS STRICKEN OUT. On this question, incredible as it may seem ' to those who aro not acquainted with Loco- j foco consistency, ONLY FOURTEEN LOCOS votud IN FAVOR while tho rest all vottd AGAINST tho proposition. So, after all the hypocritical prating we havo had about willingness to go for protection, if the distribution clause was not coupled wilh it, hero wo come to the upshot of the sincerity of thoso glorious friends, to the dear people," and find thorn voting against a ptopo-itiun to re-enact the samo Taiiff, shorn of the feature to which they objected is iho main ground opposition. Wool-growers I go and vote thoLocofoco ticket, if you want such friendship to your interests. Vi3i the H lits; Adcocatt THE DILEMMA, On tui: Ass fi.Acuu in a iiuandarv. To those, who aro acquainted with tho Spirit of the Age" and the courso adopted by its Editor tho past winter and spring on the subject of a tariff, its present position will scum not a littio singular. Then, no ultra nullifier could have clamored louder or la bored harder to convinco tho freemen of Vermont of the blessings that would How from FREE TRADE AND DIRECT l'AXATION. Now, however it is all for a tariff, and according to this sagacious edi tor, too much protection, even, could not bo laid upon wool. I rom about the first ol January last, down lo the last of Match, speeches of members of Congress who were in favor of Free Trade wero paraded before his readers, and clumsy editorials deduced from these speeches lumbered up tho col umns of his paper and wcio wet-kly doled out to tho public, until his own patrons even, became nauseated with tho stuff, and ho was compelled to desist from policy, rather thai' from any better motive. Of all this, the Whigs did not complain : decmlnz it best to givo tlio fellow tho full length of the rope, ami it ins own party even wero satisfied wilh nnd approved of his courso, to let them em Draco tlio doctrines if they wished and in dud Osborne Parmenler. Pendleton, Pliimor. Pone. That on tho Islth day of August, ldl'.', a bill Powell, Proflit, Itatiucy, Benjamin Randal!, Ran- lime, by bitter experience to rean tlio mn. was introduced 111 the House ol Representatives dolph, Read, Rulijway, Riggs, Rodney, William sentiences. ' IttlCBUM, rallies .... iiu3rDii,i.i.tiiiiniaii, u.iiiiuiu, , . . . Hlade, Truman Siniih, Stratton. John T. Stuart, "no old larmcr, however, up in West-l Tolaiid, Tomliiison, Trumbull, Van Roneaolacr, ford, who signed himself a "Westford F ir wa C,vardJ U.,0Sll-.0'K' J.:;1frt;?,d J)- WM.t0. nlerii discussed tho subject with the A man 'I'. W. Williams, Joseph L. Williams, orke, , , , , j '""' vgo man Aug. Young 60. through tho columns of tho Burlington Free NAiS Messrs, Adams, L. W. Andrews, Press und by means of a few figures bafll Ariioin, if the United ritatof. by Ciiaklks J. I.sorasoLl., a democratic incmbor form tho Stato of Penn sylvania, proposing to enact 11 tariff f duties, iu accordance with the prayer of tlio petitions be. foro Conirrcf e, and sufficiently hitrh to afford amnle revenue for the iust wants of the Govern ment, am! afford reasonable protection tn all Iho industrial pursuits of the people, and that said I, ill ivm Diislninml bv the democratic narlv from lint Is .1 ,. M....I. ...! ,.,,! .!... , I I,., I,.!,,,!., I,-1,1I It.illnr IU IVUIlH, aim iiiivii uniiiiiij nm i.wivi . 1 1. . . v.. i. ... w1111.11 bii, 1 mum j. wu.u-i porly of tlio House. It is thmfurc ww ctidenl well, John Campbell, Win. 11. Campbell, Thos. trovorsy. WC1. 1 would say that the renawal or the ?.,'I'.e,.!i in od u rcncvuu,tiruvc a pure unruiultcratid evil. Tho ve ry ruvtisc 13 yuur true policy." "Tho vory revcrso (free trade) is your true policy," cries Mr. Calhoun, and tho Age nian echoes tho sentiment, mauler tha ruin it would entail upon New England in terest. And now after theso manifestations of tho "Age" Editor in relation to a tariff, what Kind of faith or confidence can tlio freemen of Vermont placo in its recent professions. Uo you not sco in them tho miserable shifts of a hypocritical demagogue, who is constantly stabbing nt your dearest interests! except at such times when ho would attempt to whecdlo you into tho suppott of tho per nicious and destructive ptinciplcs of his par ty, by jrsuiiicilK affecting a friendship for a mcasuio lie at heart Contemns. 1-i.t.i.ow Citizens! vie call upon you ono and all to rise in our mnjrsty and over throw, at eiicu and effectually, these political jugglers. Put no confidence whatever in their recent professions of friendship for your interest. Orncn, Oitici:, is with them the great end and aim of thoir uxer- tions: nor will they spare any means, how ever wicked and ilagitious to accomplish their ends. Their emissaries nro already on tho alerl, like birds of ill omen llieir screeches arc again heard upon the breeze, and a most desperato effort is making to drag Vermont from her high cstalu and link her destiny with tlie free trade slave' nf llin enntti V rnnt.r.i .. Ill , "4( " " ' """I, " 111 i"., 1. . that you will remain inditTeiu,,, relievo tcrest, und nuielly pern to jour 111- cipleel a"1 " "iu most unprin- .. eoineinpt.oiu parly that ever cursed a frrc government, to ride rough shod over your interest and trample your dearc-,t rizhts in tho dust. Freemen ! arouse, circulate whig docu ments, spread the truth cer where, con verso witli your lukewarm neighbor. I5c active. I!e vigilant. Do our ivliolo duty, and on the s'nth of September ne.t you shall feci the proud satisfaction of having achieved for vour pari v nnd vour country, 11 gallant and a'CLOIMOCS "VICTORY. eci Id Arrington, Atl.orton, Partem lllack, I ,,10 fl)0 m ,leork,5 of , ', Iloyd, Milton Drown, llurke, Willmn O. 1. . . . -'B0 ir, (irccn W, Caldwell, Patiick C. Cald- compelled its Editor to back out of that tho wings, as a party, aro willing to sncri. u. t -amotion, i-artiuiera, iary, L.auy, uuapman, 1 f ,iln int-ip, , ,.a,ilculurly so jffii,- so .1 . . . .1. ... ...I'll .. 1 .. ... ri ir... . ri..i.... ...i . n. .1. t ...... - .... Ul'O 1110 larill UIieresiH Ul lliei e-uuiury, unu Wllill 1 eiunnei, e. iiuiuii, e-uie-o, ..uit'iui, .udll. ... euoji- 1 .inrSS llOW cfleCt'Os- they contciul i essential to tlui iiidiK-tnai pur- er, l ravflii?, 1 rosf, IJaiuel, llawson, liean, huiiaoftho people, in order to d.str.buto tlie Duan, John C. Edwards, Egbert, Fillmoro, Jolin pror eeds of the public lands lo bsnifit the sjecu- (J. Floyd, finiuble, (Jcntry, (Jiliuer, fC"'! lalin ', stock-jolbinii, and corporation interests 1 William O, Oeiodc, (Jnrdoii, (Jri'l'-ii'i Ureen, tic S'utcs. CI vviiiti, II aborbliam, Harri.. IlmtiiigH, Hays, Now this is tho most barefaced attempt to Holmoe, HoiiliiiiF. HoucU, Hou4jn, tlubbarel, . . .1 1 .!. M .1 .1 . f I lllUllieT, VV III1UII1 e..ul Jlilllieuii, V....W wu.. dcceivo tho peoplo of tho North that 1 havo Jo!m w. Jones. John P. Kennedy, Andrew Ken- over known lo be jnado oven in tho columns' ncdy, King, Lane, Lewie, Linn, Littlcficld, It was a liuiniliaii jlvie's, unu I j "iv air b 1 n'..... , man, to truiiKM ""-iijr1j.iisn'u'j'i' elutnipion of froo trado in 'mnni 1 1 silenced by tho close logic . , ,1 Westford, At this time, .1 . ., good authority, tho bright ' focoism in tho Stale, wp dillercnt lookers on ut' Tor the I'urhnyton Tree l'ress, Mr.. Iktrji: AIihiui0'h aj a plain cmn.'ry I fanner I tan make no prcioi sioii.s toekill in 1 1- Iit e,u iin'tcr.s, yot IriVit.g bfoii in the i.ab t 'f reading tl.j ..pers fiom my j otith up, I haV boon an a"cntivc, and 1 f !aie, an auxiemu obv I server 01 tiii s lymgii aim uotngs ol tl.o paity leadets of our age and country, and th.n!; I am Hmi- Ml. U' U.V.t.ll, IU IIH IJ II, UlllU IIIVUSL..U I of the'ir coif stency, and ol tlio ends they appear to have in ,c-, while setting up their profu sions on tho evo uf an election, as tho Locofccos nrr.v do, to the inoritof being friendly to a tectivo Ur IK It w tild be astonulnng., weie it net that we luvo h,--: ,aci ceased tu be aston ishcel al any llun'' vh.chth,it reckless im-tv ran utt or, in nt of impudence, it would be aston islung I fay, to witness the pertinacity and bra zon assurance w ith w hich they come belore the people prctciidingat this t'.mo of day that they arc 111 fav ic of protection to tlie wool grower, andarcus ng the Whigs of being inimical to tho same, when the whole tenor of tlie proceedings of Con jrcs ,, and of the language hitherto held on th s su'.prt by the I.ocos, both in, ru.el out of thatb ly, gurs to fchow their hostility and op. pos.tiea t j t!.,s protective system. We cannot o.pri t my 1,1 ng rom tho candor of men who are di 'criu Led to penert and falsity facts to tcne the .i own selfish parly ends ; hut we need not I r 1 1 put the ijuust.on to all honest candid minds, v. Im .10 the must likely to be tho true friends e f a Protective Taritl', and of the inter, eststifthe American weo'grower, tlm?f who liavea la!, ig advocated such a Tariff, w ho , ntro duced a bi.l tur laying a forty and til'tv per cent Iduty on fore gu wool, and voted lur it, ca, and I passed it too, or they who have opposed il: who tried to reduce tlio rates of duty to tho lowest istatiuaril, making it in cflecf, no protection at le ul ml t ee-illi . . i.. . .. ...... Ifnr,, vnn !. . ... ... 1 u'c record ol the vutc ot the Uicotoco relegation in tWrfit. ran !-. tlimvn mil. -inil 1 can now determine, who are, and who are? the true friends of Protection, I ku that 1 Locos it, tins statu w ill itdor us to tho vote ' ,l10 ,'lst 'e -ston of nnr f nrrislitiiro mi tlie res. olutien 11 lavcr of aToruT, a ainirJ ng cvielenco mat they are friendly to protrel 011, all lem ' era'ic members oxttnt thref. voting vih the W higs tn i'u favor, unfortunately however for this plans bio appeal to our charity on account of that vote, the languago of their party else where, on th 3 point ia at therewith. Tlio win 'o I.oe(fcco party In Congress, voted together, a? 1 just now observed with but ono solitary exccpt.on against tho last Tariff bill, why w s th s-, if they are such friends to a Pro tect vo'l'at IV as they would have u bclievo thrill to !" ' Hut this is nut all. In what Io cofuci j j icr, do we see ihe course of their brc'liren in Cemgress, censure'd in tlio least : m wha r-ii'herincs of the chuue of the party in State or Ceunty convention, lias a single reso lu' nn been passed, or even introduced that i" plied any condemnation ef that course J Stow us a s tiglo niic, and I will allow th"" credit for something honesty and c(iBsis,cney ln ""5 respect. Ah, here's tho rub, anJ we, Whigs of erniont, wdl assure our Loco pseudo tariff demag-oj-ucs, lliat their sheep skin clothing is loo narruw to Inde the wolfs boely from us. No r , Mr, you wont deceive honest discfrnin" free man tn this way, I can assure you. How long nrav. 0 nt'o lio I.pco pi ess in this state, was 1 out openly ag.nnst any tariff lusher than that " nn:,r,Vd hi llio compromise act last Juno ? and ni( ill I' ... 'X 1 il..a ..Ai.i n .1 t-i-i 1 rt 1 la men of I erniont. I'eUlon lor i''r what kind ol a tarui uo me, .... . ... . . an I a. a necessary conwquonco, l UlLC 1 , it ,ho , ,,cr cetoiie veiled for by tlio wings of . . . . . rri,1 . iiw iv,nt iIipv sav is too Inch "IV V ll . I IN nncrt it eueiis.. l onfrreFS I vi.t . in. 1 Ihe cdvicegiv-m by tin Ago mant",-l' d what n condition of thing ivo in Vermont, with price oi. 1 forei'tn itnporis ubuut tho saw.' n.v arc tax 1; .tin tcrs ould be its -o that wo see pi. . ,-, 1 1 udsliip ' 'istaiid.ngtJo pro. nts fur protection ai, but ono for v t'ir men

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