Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 31, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 31, 1843 Page 3
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(roil frcn the confines or barbarism, that tliey arc always croaking nbout " Kcar," whenever "grey msge" gives placo lo better practice?, or vanishes in the rlorious light of liberty, professing nt tho samo timo to bo Christian?, yet lacking tho ilal principle of Christianity, "perfect are which casts out fear." Thuy never would hnvc abolished the rack, the fagot, or the gibbet. They would inthcr set their devilish Ingenuity lo wo:k to invent fresh tortures for poor er ring humanity i and indeed why should they not, if inc subject is deserving lurincr niicnnon, uut a Tliy friend fjr " life and liberty, THOMAS WHALLEY. TIII3 COMET'S 1'1,IC.HT. Wtittcn in the spring of 1S32, by Mis Map.tha Day, and read nt an 'Examination of tho Young La dies' Institute, New Haven, Conn. It happened once that a struggling ray Krone tho Solar .System, lost us way, And it canio lo a Comet' den And it roused him up, from his long, long sleep, And he spiung from his cavern in Chaos deep, To visit tho sun again. So long he had lain In his dungeon cold, His joints exceedingly slill'nnd old, And ho scarce could move a limb Hut, in spite of his sharp, rheumatic pain, lie shook his limbs, and he combed his motif, And put himself soon in tfim. Then, forth he sprung on the realm of Night, All Chaos stared nt his crazy flight, And a terrible tumult made And torrents of cloud, and flood, and flame, Up from her dark abysses came But nothing the monster stayed. On. on ho went, as tho lightning fast, Till the realm of destruction and darkness past Glad was the Comet then, For behind lay the kingdom of night and death, And ho saw tho light, and he breathed tho breath, Oi the starry world again. That lovely world, with its bounds of blue, Lay far and the Comet's view, As ho stayed his course to gaze . And he liung like one in ajoyful trance, Watching tho stars, in their mystic dance, Through many a glittering maze. Ily millions and millions, the orbs of light Solemly moved, in their courses bright, And, from far, to his ravished cars, Seemed, like a breeze, lo swell and die, A clear an I awful harmony C 'Twas the music of the spheres I And gentle gales came floating there, Gales ol tho soft ethereal air, And, at their leviving breath, Doun, down ho plunged on his heedless way, And woe lo all in his path that lay, In his fiery path of death. Dy many a rolling star lie flew, Will her glittering eas, and her lands of blue, But in lote'iness lu fired For, with pallid beams, they shrunk away, And hid themselves from his deadly ray, As he wildly on them glared. But once, too near to his fearful blaze, One tiny plannetcame forth to gaze, From her path of light afar And the comet withered the waving tree, And blighted the lands, and dried tho seas, Of the ventorous littlo star. Swifter and swifter the Comet flew, Brighter and brighter, his radiance grew, When the glorious Sun was near But, the planuets wished him back again, And fast asleep in his midnight den, For their orbs were thrilled with fear. Saturn called loudly each frightened moon, And they gathered, for safety, behind him, soon, Aud peeped through his ring of gold j Jove drew his girdle around him light, And colled on .liars to pieparc for tight, But tho courage of Mars was coldf Soon he camo netr to tho beautiful Earth, Hushed were her murmurs of joy and mirth, When sho saw that direful ray And the pnllid moon behind her fled. And cotercd with clouds her fainting head, And concealed in darkness lay. Venus in n!citdor he could not dim Her eye of gloiy beamed on him, And where was his savage bear! 7 One glance of lovo he backward cast, And trimmed hw beams, a he onward pasted, And in sadness did ho depart. Mercury fled in dismay nt 1io eight, The Comet laughed to bihold his fright, And erected his mane of flame Bui now, his fiery course was done, His long and trackless race was run, For unto the sun he came. But should I tcl! you the conference dire, That was he'd between those orbs of fire, Your every hair would rise I So now, I descend lo earth again, Ere the height Ins turned my giddy brain. Or the glory dimmed my eyes. Tlio Ilenild ncknowluclycs that its parly failed in their attempt to "skin tlio coon" in New Oi leans. That "same old coon" is mighty hard to skin, ;is tlio locofocos will find to their cost hcfoio 18-14. Apropos of coons hern is a verse- from a new song tihottt an 'old oak tree :" All seemed to love thopatritrch oak, berausehe'd lived - bo long, And becaue he'd given a shelter, fice, to many a "bird of iong." But, ne'crlhelese, tho woodman came, and would not "spare that tree." He drew bis coat, and with keen axe, straightway to work went he. Oh sad to tell, When the oak treo fell, About the hour of noon i It split at the top, And out did pop That very same old coon t A. O. Tropic. (CGood DEdDCDLr. A fugitivo .Slave, un dergoing an examination at Northampton, Con necticut,was asked if his master was a Christian. 116 replied, "No sir, ho was a Member of Con. gress." Gon. Micheltorenn, of tlio Mexican army, when lio first Jienrtl of the taking of Monte rey, ly Coin. Jones, thus vrotc to the Mexi can Minister of War: "Your Excellency may Imagine my indignation. I wished my self a thunderbolt! lo fly and annihilate the invaders" ! ! Addkess. "You aro a cheat." Response "You aro another." Address "Take that." (A dap in the face.) Response "And you that." (A kick, not in theace.) At this moment I'eep stepped up and parted the combatants, exclaim ihg, "Gentlemen, I am astonished to see such violence, when, according to your own account, there is no difference between you." A letter was lately received at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, with tho following superscrip tion : "Swift as the mail pursue your route, Nor 6top nor stay for any, Until vnu reach Miss Caihaiine Trout, ' In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania." rpF.AS for sale by tho Chest and Csddy boxes of J- U 1UB. Z. OLD HYSON, 1 YOUNO HYSON. HYSON SKIN. Wm. IIURLDUT. Burlington, March 31, 1813. 41 . NOTICE. Tlin Morgan Hoise, ISASHAW, will stand this season at the following places, vizj Hurlim-lon, Shelburn and Clmlotte. The days and time will be mioo Kiiqwn oy ijnnduills circulated beiore (lie sea Bon commenrf s, ISasiiaw is as full blond Morgan as VOU Call find now dam: is of n blond tmvrntnr. weighs ejeven hundred and fifty poundi, and fur strength and ppced is not surpassed by miy horse now oft the turf, Any persons wishing lo improvo their itock of horses, will now have an opportunity which all yvdj acknowledge afttr looking at said horse. He can oo seen at tuo American Hotel until the seasnn cdmmenccs, where Mr. L. Church will take pleasure in ftuowutg nun wiiiiuui any cuargc. Iiurlinglon, Murtli29il, 1813. 44 w3 RA'.OKS. RODGERS &, SONS' and other lino Razor,, aUo Strap", Ilruebo', Lather Boxes, Soap, etc. lor tlby ' rAWCgl'KM & liEIKfUlIU. Ii.rt.b3l, 19J3. 41 A ritOCIiAMATIOX. In compliance with tlio wishes of tho people, I horoby appoint Fiuruv, Titn Mtii d.w or Arnit, next, lo lo observed throughout this cninnmnwcnllli a1) a day of lltnilMATluN, Fast ino nml Pr.Avr.n. tn Almljjhty God, on account of our individual and public transgressions : Aud I respectfully recommend to tho people of this State, abstaining from unnocessaryjentplny. mont, to dovoto the day to those religious solom nitios which aro appropriato to the occasion, which aro becoming a Christian community, and expressive of a sincere sorrow for our numer ous and aggravated sins'. Given under my hand at Northfielil, this 20th day of March, in tho year of our Lord ono thousand eight hundred and forty throe, and of tho independence of the United States the sixty-seventh. CHARLES PAINE. By tho Governor, Uenky Hale, Secretary. TEMPERANCE NOTICE. Tho Burlington Total Abstinence- Society hold their stated meeting this evening, at the Court House, at half past 0 o'clock. C. SEXTON Sec. pro. tern. B. M. I. A Lecture on the power of .Steam and the Steam Engino will bo dcliiercd before tho Mechanic's In siitute,(by a member, on Tuesday Evening next, at the Court House, at 7 o'clock. D. K. PANGBORN, Sea. pro tern. Brighton .Market. Monday, March 20, 1313. At Market 330 Beef Cattle, 540 Sheep, and 40 Swine. Patens. Beef Cattle. An advance was effected, and wo quote to correspond. Extra, S3 23. First quality, S4 75 a 5 00. Second quality, SI 60. Third quality, S3 75 a S3 23. Sheep. Wo noticed lots at SI 33 SI CO, S2 00, 32 30, S2 73, 3 73, and S3 00. Swine. Those at market were sold, but price not made public. At retail, from 4 to G. TTft R Jl 1JJ JL UJ I'll . In thi3 town, on the 23th inst. Capt. William P. fiiiLLirs, aged 23 years. In this town, on Thursday tho 23d inst. after a sick ness of a few days only, Sarah Maiua, wife ofWm, Weston, aged 39 ) ears. In Williston, on the 21sl inst. Mr. Thomas Kim ball, aged G3 years. In this village, on Sabbath last, tho 2Glh inst., Mns Melinda Catlis. wifeofGuv Catuv. Eso . in Mm 53di yearof her age. In Ibis town, on tho 23th inst. Mn. Jasper Deatv aged 1 1 years LISTER'S NOTICE. THE inhabitant- of Hmlington liable to Taxes, are the Listers will proceed intake their li-ts immediately after the 1st of April next, and they tiro hereby reqi.eted tole prepared to exhibit their personal propenv for WYLLYtj I.Y.MAN, ) HFRRHLL L.F 'i Listers. JOHN BARsTOW, S March 23, IS 13. .u SMAI.l, TWIST CO.MItS, NEW ONES. P Oiz. Small Plated Horn Twin Coml., 0 doz. J. Aj small plain horn Twi-t Coinl s, G doz. Manilla Shell and 2 doz Tortoise shell Twi-t Combs, horn and shell side and hack Comb", very fine Ivory Comb-, horn and fiber kind ofline Dressing Cranio, Pocket Comb, and a leauliful assortment of Hair Brushes, Tooth and Nad llni-he, line Comb Cleaners cVc, received nt the Variety Smre. 41 March 31,1313. Panodorn &. Brixsmaid. "LIVE AND LET LIVE." TI1F. snb-enlcr has several small arcriinls ami note due linn from 23 eenls to 25 dollars and upwards nml nil per.-ons interested nre livruhy noli, tided (parlictilirconiracis excepted) Hint if they wish lo lest the utility of iclthng Willi lliu " Land Shark," that an opportunity will lu given very .()0ii, unle-s tin notice shall convince thenitdat they can settle with me on I utter terms. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. March 31, 1813. 3W-1 1 FOR SALE; a "WIT. new, commotion, lenutifil - BRICK DWEIJ.INGlioFSFand ISSif!-"! 1 1 """" "i oouege nnu I'ine cM s,rcet, which i not (or pro.-peel or ron '" -" cn;,.nt.u n,. i. lowtij payment hi part may remain on time. Apply lo 'It. W. SHERMAN or , S. I.'. HOWARD. liuriington, March 30, 1813. .Jllf NOTICE. THE Stnc'.holders of iho Champlain Dock Com p'Hiy are iimnied tn meet at the Inn of Mo'Co I.. Hart, R'irliiistnn, on .Monday, the 10th day ot April next, at 1 o'ehie!;. al.crno n, forihenirpo-o Is' ( nf Jile -iii-' five Duectnr- Inr tho year en-uing. 21 1 o iimhuri-eihc site of such portion or portions of ibc Company's Heal J'sinte as may 1 ethou-ht ex- iietii'nl. Inns: lmlil t' r-i.-i. llurlmg.'on, Jl.trch 23, 1813. -11 IV CIIAVGKItV. William P. 1 t:iinTl-:viirw f'nrT'vr- Leaui:ii .Marshall ii Nov. Term, "a. d. 1S-12. ' ilExny Hodges, f vs "ITTHKRHAS, William 1 Wilms, 11 f.s-i. VV 11.. l.e.iniler Marshall nnd Henry lludsei I olh iifl(ih. mond, all in snid Conmy of Chitu-ndcn, at the Novem ber Term, A. D. 1812, of the Court or Chancery, holilen at Uurlinston, w.thin and for said Comity of Ciiitieiiden, llleil iheir Hillot Reviewagaiiisl William R. I.ane, formerly of Jericho, in said ewinly of Cliil tenilen, now ot New Lyme in the slate of Ohio, there- ... ui.h ui, iuv an, ii.iv oi ueceniner. A. I). 1B11.V elorn lln sniil Pnnrl nf I 'In,., I ' at Iiurlinglon, the said William R. I.Vne ohtaineda '.'fcrtT lli. f,,vori m-ninst thtm the faid Ilncg-, Marshall and Hodjres that they should pay the said l.nnn r,,. r 1 . I. a 1.1,1. .1... r sr. ' . . u..s, . yu.i; ii.u ,., ii.,v oi .nay, a. II. IHii, with iniercst thereon from said 3 1 day of December A. I), 1S1I, thesuinofSlSj Sjcenisdebt, and S55 E0 as costs 1 J process, nml from wlnel, sn I)lTrIu ,,e said Jlriis-, Mar-hall and Hodics ihen and there en tered iheir appeal. And further stal;nI ,mt fin(.u the making of I he said decree, tho said complainant have 'discovered newand material te-timony, which will fully sliow ihat s.u 1 Lane was not enliilal to any decree 111 Ins favor in the premise-, and praying that Ihe -aid dccice may he reviewed and rever-cd. , V . -ane re-unns wilhotit this state, so that a subpena cannot be served upon him ... 1 ii- n 11 , ' . " , "ruerei 111,11 tlio Mid William It. Lane bu and appear 1 eforo the said . ; ,, y ..iiiiviiuen on uie second I ue.-day ot May next, on the first day of said Term nnd mnLnfliuii'nnil,u.n,,l I, ill .,r...r . . .. . ,w n-viewj Anu it is lurthcr ordered, that the said Coiiiplnmanl enu-e thu nnler n ml iln. ion,... r.f ,1.:- , i -i, i I , i i . ' ' tu siil'l oil,, IO le pulilishej three weeks tiicceisiveiy in the " lliirlinston .i i . V , " "Paper prmie.i in said Iiurlinglon, the last of which to I e at least iwcnly day. previous tO tilt,i,n..t nf ..M ln....' iJ ,. . ;:. ,,:, ,,. " ""u enii. which win oe Iceined nllicieiil iiolue to (he said William R. Lano ,w ..r,.v... uiiu uiai.u answer to .aid Pill. c . W- NOIR.E, Clerk. Ilr.ions & Ai.i.r.v & Platt, Solicitors. Moans. WANzrn, 5 CUlTTESDi: V COUXTY J',4 (" COUItT, rV-?! 'n,n,m.r.'. ) ,"btr Term, A. D. 1B12. T1"' 1 '""ill derlares agaia-t ihe .lefenrinnt in an X neiion of del t, on note, daiej May A, S33. for the sum of S102 It cent payable six months fiom the date, in Iheeiiy ofNate biz, in the Side of Mis-is. Hlipi, and winch the pbiuili,! nver. ha not 1 ecu paid Al-o in a fiir'hi r plea ol debt on jiiJ-incnt recoiereJ , ;,' ..jf.....", uiu un-' un, icioro tne County Conn at .Nat. bez afore-aid, on he2d day of ,sm,,m1 A I, lum .... , T . t II' till, oiniii i I nn..,... tl.n .l..i r , ,li ,,no i ir . ' i-OJ71 lil lent J u i mns cos; ot mil and w said judgment tl, plamtitl nver, is in Jull force, vhiVI, , and r..,.-.Y wr ,ii-cimrRll. aiiu o.eocieHuani i cine; absent from ibis Hate at the time orthe service of the plamti I', writ, and not having returned within the samo before the lime of trial, ibis e auso i. by order ol rourt continued, and it is furilu-r ordered by snid court that nonce of tin, Mill I o civtn lo iho said Noah Barlow, Ly pul,li.,i,i(r th,, order and ih eubtianro oflhe declaraiion three weeks nicee.Mvely, in the " Rnrlinioii Krre 1 res.," a newspaper printcvl in Burlington, in said Couniy, the last of which lo Le at li-ast twenty days lefore the next lerm ol said court, to le holden at Iiurlinglon within and for thi-coiinly ol Chittenden on Iho second TnesJay of May next, which will le ds-elned sufficient notie'o to thesaid Nouh Iiarlowto appear and makeaiiswcr lo Ibis miii. Dated nl Biirluigtoa aforesaid, this 27th ilav of March, A. II. 1813. " , ,,r , M'm. NOBLF, Clerk. A. f. WiiiTTEMonE, Attorney. FOR SALE, VOKK of WORKING CATTLR C vean old. Mirch 4, im. II. W. CATLIN. Henm l''cnt, 1 CHITTF.NDI5N v 1 COUNTY COURT. Ivstato ol PiiAnr.z Pur.l.rsc& ( Xov. Term, A,t. 1812 An.S'A Pltr.l.t'S, Aj)pclee. J IN lht ctu-e, the mid Henry Phelps ha appealed from the order nnd judgment of the Court of Pro bate for tho district of 'Chittenden, In aid co inty of Chitlcnlcn, made mi the 27th day ol March, A. D. 1812, by which order and judgment, the said Prolate Conn asrsilcd l' AnnnPhclp',widowof siil Pharcz Phelps, c'rce.i'ed, Hieh liortion of tho personal c-tate of tho sai I docca-o.l, to l.e selected by her. from the inventor)', n. will ninoiiut to tho sum ol S3."0 00nt the pri'c's there!ii named. And tho said Henry nvcr that he is ono of the administrator on snid lislate, and i also inlcresled therein ns one of the heirs there of, and is iiipircdnni.1 aggrieved by tho aforesaid order of tho Prolialo Court. And tho said Anna Phch being nl sent Irom this statu at ibe time ol said order and nppcal, and of the enlry of iho sninein this Court, and not having return e I within the fame I ef ire the lime of trial, the eaue i by order of court continued, and It is further order ed by faid court that notice nl this suit 1 e given to tho said' Anna Phclp, by publishing lhi order nnd the substance cf the nid Henry's complaint and appeal, lliree weeks successively, in iho " Iiurlinglon Krce Pres," n newspaper printed in said Burlington, the lat of which lo l,o at lcat Iwcnly days bcloru the nri icrni oi mis conn, io ic uoiccn ai uuruniion, in snid county, on tho second Tue-day ol May next, which will lo deemed fullicient notice to the said Anna Phelps to appearand make answer lo lhi mil. Dated at Hurl melon, in said county, this 27th day of iiiarcn, a. u. leu. Wm. NOnLH, Clerk. A. G. WitHTF.MonE, Attorney. Navy Elizabeth Itanium's listatc. STATU Of VLIiMONT. ) The Hon. Ihe Prolate District ol Chittenden, ss. j Court lor the Distrut of Chillcndcn, to all per-on concerned in the c-lnto 'f MAUI J.l l.AUI'.l 11 L1AIIINU.M, late ol HIHIMl, III said di-lrict, i:cccaeil, linncTiNO. U IILlillAS, Arthur Hunting, administiator of the estate of said deceased, niomci to render an nc- of his administration and pre-enl hi account against said esinle fur examination and allowance at a session ol tho Court ol Prol ntt. lo be holden nt the Register's office in llurlmgton, in saiddi-tiictonthc third of April next. Therefore, You nru hereby notified to appear before said Court ntlho time, and p'lacealbresaid, and shew eati-e, if any yon have, why tl.e account iiforcsaid slionld not I o allowed. (liven under my hand at Iiurlinglon this lGlh day ol March, A. I). 1813. 41 WM. WF.S70N, llesislir. Mark Itlcc's Instate. STATE OF VUHMOXT,) TIIH Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, s. J cate Court for iho Jistnct of Chiitenreii : lo nil iicr-ons conecrnetl in the L'stale ol MA UK JIICL', lale of Burlington, in said Ui-l rid deceased, GncGTINO. WIIKUIlAS, l.oui.a Walling, formerly Louisa Rice an 1 former adiuiai-tr.tlrix of thu estate of said diMcaset, propo-es to render an account of her nd iniiiistrn'iou. and prcciilheraccounl nsninst said e tatefor examinaticn and allowance at n session ol the Court of 1'ro! nle, tol e holJen nt the Rcgi-tcr'.s office, in said Uurlington, oil the third Saturday ol April net!. Therefore. Yon are hereby notified to annear le foresaid coirtatlho time and plnco atorsaid, and snew I'au-e, it nny j o,, have, why the account afore, said should, not l o allowel. LJiven nnilir mv hand nt Burlington tin's 30ih dayof .wartu .. u. lc lo. Wm. WiiSTON, Register. REMOVED. Mill subscrilcr would inform the shop funnel ly occupied bv Samuel II im till "loti. n n Bool; Bindery,onedooreast of II. Thomas Aiictiun and Commission Store, on College si., wiiere a good assort ment of ready made flADDI.CS, cakpi.-i BAGS, an I all such articles a are usually kept in his line of bu-iiie-s, may be had at lair prices j Terms ot payment maue easy. A LIVERY STABLE Alo kintbyihe Gentlemen; two subscri! er.a lew tTh loiirorixlior-i" rods ea.-t of iho lVlU team furnilutl Court Hoii-o lSf9,--s 011 f,'l0rl ntke. Suiiarc. nnd live fettlt'ST A nnl ienli on or six south ol 'MjWij made at the the hi shop on Col- fplrtV fhop or Larn lege s. Good s'JitLsT will receive the .Suldle Horses J , , t promptest at lor Ladies and -&iisio olV0 lenu'un. S. S. SKINNKR. Burlinilon, March 22, 1843. 43wS HKHDS GRASS it CLOVER SKRI) ol a superior ipinlitv and nt a very low prico. Also, a lew hundred Imshel. of Corn, Itye and, hy March 23, 1833. II. W. CATLIN. NOTICE. rpiIE coparlner-hip of DRADLr.Y & HYDF. will JL expire by limitation on the 1st day of April next. All person indebted lo sai l firm are rtipie.ted to nial.e immediate payment, or their demands will he left in iho hands of an Attorney lor collection without re 1IAMIY UllMlhUY, ,. . IIHXtlY JIYVL'. Burlington, March 22, IS 13. -13'3 WOOL! WOOL! THK Sub-cr:ler wi-bes to purchase Wool, nnd will pay in gooN, grain or accounts, at his Store, Iiurlinglon Falls. SIDNLY BARLOW. .March 2llh, 1813. TO LET. IROM ihr-lSlh of April, n two story DWELL ISO HOUSE near iheCollege Green. Toper- .1.. r .l.;... i i ... i-7... .t ,r..r. .... ' .,inri ,.i i.h.iii lutiiiicrs iroin uie i nuersiiy, this place furnishes a convenient and suitable loca tion. Klltulre of Col. 11. Thoin.1. or K. A. STANSBURY. March 23, IS 13. -13tf NOTICE. THIS certifies that I have given my on, Thomas lr'ili Kill. in. i, i, In. inn.. ,!,,,,,; i,,. and shuTi hereafter claim none of his earn ins or pay uuy ins ueuis iroui me u;ii oi Aiarcn, isw. ISAAC ROBINSON. Jericho, FeK Sth, 1813. 3w l3 LOOK HERE. IARMF.RS, who wish to purchaso Stores, for . wood, or produce of almost nny description, will pleaso call at tho "Stove Store," west end of Ameri can Hotel, basement story. ,. S.'-W. TAYLOR Iiurlinglon, March 22, 1313. I 43-tf POST OFFICE NOTICE. THE Piit .Muster General has ordered the discon 1 1llll.HlCfi tCntl 1 1, n ST, l.irlii. I I..- . - "-. ui,,,, iiiiiii iiir- ther notice, no mail will I e received nt, or sent from, mis umi e un uiu caui niu. i ne outce will tiierelore not be opened nt all for the transaction of business on Sinday. Letters depo-ited in the outside boxat? P. M. will lo in season for the morning mail. . II. II. STACY, P.M. P. O. Burlington, March 15, M3. Encouragement. A Spring viit of 16 inches snow arrived on Mon day and evening last, which is yet with n pre paratory to its departure for the Gulph of the St. Law renceaud thence onward iniotho wide Atlanuc, from whence us return may I ecxpceied in a distilled form by an mnal passase iiiahoui the inonih ol Mas.,,..., to ugain revivify and cheer up the valleys, hill ide, and mountain lops. Hut thus is thenow encourage ment that in it, present form it invite an assemblage, oflhe People to inert immediately ntlheir own Cheap a'h r-iore and procure such articles as fancy or u-e-Idne.s may dictated which there is yctcvciy des cri ii n and cheap at HOWARD'S II .rlington, Mnreh, 10. Music. FF.imtJAHY 1.1th. Twnlcautifultoned Double Bast. iol, lnlf dozen B.tss Viol., ihreo Melodian., C and A Timing forks, natent heads for bn-s riol-, l as viol tad p,ece., 1 ri lge.. and I ows, strings, hair fur bows, ,j-c. Choir. or individual who wish good instruments are invnrl to call nr.d see this superior assortment. 38 PAMIBOKN & HRI.NSMAID. J. ev J. H. Peck &. Co. ) Chittenden Cmmtu Cou County Court vs. Noy.Term.A.D.lSI.' no & l EADrny, ) (iovtnis'0 & Peadcdy. ) TN this eaii-e'. ihe olainliTs. X ngntiitl Ihe delendanl, J. Colliding and O'jycr 1 eabody, ol Kiesenlle in the Stale of New York, ns partners, m nu anion on nolo dated July 13, 1611 fur the mm ot tSlOdCOients iiayalleiiH month, from date, nt the l.srx Co.inty Bank. Also, on one oilier note dated March 15, 1811, for the sum of 801.51 cts ill six months irom dalu thereof at the Lssex Couulv Unnk. ' The dclend.ints Icing absent from hi Slate nl ihe tiiiuj ol Ihoierviceof iheplaiutill's writ, nud not hav ing returned wilhiu the same More the tune ortnnl, the e-au-e is I y order of Court continued, nnd it i, fur. I her ordered Ly said Court, that nonce cl Un suit I e given to the defendants, by puLli.hiiig this order, and the siib,tance of the plaintiff's decliiraiinnlirre weeks successively in the" llirlinglon V reePrcs-," a news paper punted in Burlington in said county of Chit, lenden, ihe last ol which lo lont least twenty days ,', ,,0,l'u m'5" ','tTI1 V,M ('ourl 10 le holden at liuriington nfure.uiJ, on the second Tuesday of May next, which -evdl bo elcemed sufficient notice to the said defendants to appear and make answer lo this suit. Dated nt Burlington aforesaid, this 21t day of March, A. D. 1813. ' WM- NODLE, Clerk. Allen it Piatt, A(rorni. ttliniln unlii. Ilstate. WK, ibn uibsenbers. hnvlnc been nnnointcd by tlm Ilnnnrnblo thn Probate Court for tho tli.lrint firnrnml Iftln. rninlllissioncrfl to receive. CX- annuo and ndiii9t thn claims nnd demands of nil per- oiis ngainst tlio esiaio oi umusi o n jii., niiuin South Hero, in said District, deceased, represented In solvent, and ntso nil claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto and sit months from tho day of tho dato hereof, being allowed by said Court lor that purnose, wo do therefore hereby give noticc,that wo win niienci in mo uusincso m ,mii k iiiuiiiiiiiviu, ;n ,i ,...-,!:.. , r t..!. I ' : J (jA...l. it 1110 I1WCIHUH UUUSO Ol OilYi" s uiuiu, in ouillii IILIU. in slid District, on tho fourth Tuesday of July and tho second lucsdayoi jiugusi ncxi, at iuo ciock, a. M., on each of said days. . Dated, this21tdav of rrhruary.A.D. 1913. 13 HiYIsMrriL'ig"'"'''" rpO tho Proline Court lor the District of Chitten X den t The undersigned Almon Oriflin, adminis trator of tho citato nf Rnswcll Grow, late of West lord in said district, deceased, shows to said court that the deceased died seized of about four acres nf land sit uated in said tVcstford, lying on both sides of the road leading from tho common ih Wcslford to tho starch factory in Wcslford, being the same land deed ed by Joseph 11. Grow to tho said Roswcll Grow, on which land isn house and barn ! that said land is in cumbered with n mortgage to said Joseph B. executed by iho said Rofwcll in his hfclimo to sccuro the pay ment of six hundred dollars! that Iheinvcnlory of the estate of the said Roswtll amounts lo S131,SC,nnd tho claimsnllowed by Iho commissioners against slid estate amount lo upwards of seven hundred dollars, exclusive of said mortgage debt i that tho expenses of settling said estate arc not less than forty dollars, nnd that a -nle of Iho equity of redemption in said real estate is necessary for tho payment of the debts against said estate. He therefore prays said court to authorize and license him, tho said administrator tn sell said real estate, agreeably to the statute in such casotnadeaiid provided. ALMON GRIFFIN. Burlington, March 3,1913. 43 Thomas Mills, vs. RtciiAno Lvov. Chittenden Comity Courl, Nov. Term, A. D. IS 12. IN thiscatisc, the said Thomas Mills declares against tlio said Richard Lyon, late of Ilincsburgh m said county, since, of Essex in the Stale of .New York, in a plea of debt on judgment rendered by Henry Leav enworth, Lsn.. Juslicoof tho Peace, on the2Dth dtv of March, A D. I"l2, for tho sum of S?:,3,73 cents damages, and villi cents cots oi suit, which judg ment iho Plainiifl'avcrs is in full forcc.nnd not in any way paid or satisfied. And the Defendant being nl sent from this State at the time of tho service of the PlaintilPs said writ, and not having returned within thosamo before tho timeof trial, tne said causo is tiy order oi Lourt continued, and it is further ordcicd bv Faid Court, that notice nl this suit be given to the Defendant by publishing this order, and the substance of the Plaintiff's declaration, three weeks successively, in the " Burlington Free t'ress," n newspaper printed in liuriington in said county, the last of which to he at least twenty days be furo the next term of this Court to bcheldtn at ll ir llngton aforesaid on the second Tuesday of May next, which will be deemed sufficient notice in the said De fendant to appear nnd make answer to this suit. Dated nt Burlington aforesaid, this 2lst day of -March, A.D. 1S13. Wm, NOBLE, Clerk H Leavenworth, Attorney. A2 w3 Geohoi: Powers, ) Chittenden County Court, vs. Nov. Term, A.D. IS 12. Groaor Wadsworth, ) rillM PlaintitTdcclarcs in a plea of the case, on a M Bill of F.xchange, drawn on the first day of Sep tember. A. D. 1S39. by one Urdus Wadswoilh. on tho Defendant, requiring him to pay to tho order of said uccius, uirco months irom tiif.nt the Farmers and Mechanics Hank, the sum of 5200,00, nnd Iho said Uecius then and thereendorsed the said Bill and there by directed thesaid Georgo Wad-wm th topay llicsaid Bill lo the Phintidj which said Hill the Defendant then and there accepted and promised topay to the Plain till', but has wholly neglected so to do. Also, in n fur ther plea for other sum of 8200,00, for money laid out, paid and expended. And iheDefendanl bcingnbscnt from this Statcat the lime of tho service of the Plaintiff's writ, nml not havinc returned within the same before the timo of trial, the cause is by order of Court continued, nnd it is fui llier ordered by said Court, tint notice of this suit bo L-iven to tlio Defendant by publishing the substance of ihePlaintifT's said declaration, and this order three weeks succcs'sivelv in the" linrlinirton Free Press." n newspaper printed in Burlinston in said county, the nisi oi which io uo nt icns. twenty uays oeioro mo next term of Ibis Coutt to be holden on the second Toes lay of May next, which will he deemed sufficient notice to the said George Wadsworth, lo appear and make answer to said suit. Dated nt Burlington, this21lday of March, A. D IS 13. Wm. NOBLF., Clerk. - C. Adams, Attorney. ii w3 Notice. APF.W BOARDL'RS can le accommodated on moderate terms, Ly applvins lo LLML'i.'L CURTIS. Rurlington, Maieh 21, 1313. JJE Villi PARED liY 2lh MAY. A LL persons liulelicd lo Ibe siil stril er will please X lake notice that Iheir accounts tinist 1 e paid by Ibe 1st day ol .May ne.t, or be will I e under the ne- ce-sity of leaving ibeni with an Attorney jd.r iniine- uiiuccoiii'ciion. i-ica-u iai.e tins as a siijiicieni warn, ing, nud expect it will Le followed to the Inter. OLD. I). COMaTOCK. Shelburn, .March 21, IS 13. ,3a3 LOOK AT THIS FARMERS! THRsiibseriler will M ANITA CTIU1F. WOOL i;.V CLOTHS for customer the cuiiuaj s.ea-cn, al the following price, to i it t-niiuelts, lor 2j el per yard, Sheep dry, plain, 25 cent per yard, Mixed and luill colours 31) dj C.lsslHicics 31 do We al-ii have a nuanliv ol CLOTHS cn hand which we will exchange for, Wool. Ml'RRAY &, PATRICK. Ilincsl ursh, March 11, 1613. -ISir.C COP Alt TNERS11IP. TUB undersigned havo ih', day entered into Par- inersiiip ns Attornics and Counsellors at Law SOLICITORS IN CIIANCBRY. Any business confided them will revive their im mediate and undivided attention. JACOB .M.W'Cfk, J. MoMELLL'N Sll AFTER. Burlington, March I, 1313. Gcoso Feathers. 'US. LiveGec.-o Fcatberf, ju-t received VJVV and fur snte r-ri,l In.,...-is.r,.mr l,..i;.r.. sold iii lown. c. L. NELSON. May 13. -iOlf. CAEINENT FURNITURE. Till". SOHSCRIIlUll .would remind Iho Public, that ho still continues the CAIU.NT.NT BUfcl NP.SS at tho Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly Nichol ,r. Hcrrick, nnd over Mr. Iliirlbut's r-tore, where ho has a good assortment nf Mahogmv, Black Walnut, Cherry and Pine FURNITURF., ciinsisiing of Secretaries; Bureaus; Sofas; Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Tables; Bedsteads and Stands, which lie will sell for cash unusually low, according to the times. WANTF.D, In exchame, Birch and Maplo SCANTLING, suita ble for Bedsteds 2 inch, I inch, 5 Sthsand 1-2 inch ItASSWOOD, WIHTI" PINK BOARDS, BIRCH BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce Please call and examine for yonrwlvc". SAMUKLNICHOLS. Buihngton, Jan. 13, 1813. 3ltf Wanted, N exchange for Goods, Wool, Sheep's Pelt, Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oats, 6;c. 11. W. CATLIN. Feb. 15'h, 1813. 3S Look nt This ! GRFAT inducements, arc offered I y the subscriber lo those who wish lo pay Cash f,,r Dry fiood ct Dry Groceries, a the change I wauled and mu-l Le had, il se-lling pou.1. very cheap wj I pitx-ure it. P. S t'leasegive me a call and von will lind it hiiiiibu: ". W. CATLIN. ret', 15 1,, 1813. 3S Cash paid for l'ork. TIIR Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for WELL FATTENED PORK. FOI.LETT et BRADLEY. Burlington, Dec. 22, 1B12. 30 Wanted to Exchange, A first rale DWELLING HOI SE and LOT, com prising near lialfannrra of 'and without build ing, for n (arm in the neighborhood of B irlinstni. A goodlargain will be given to tny one who wishes to move into the village of llurlinglun for the purposo of tee-pins 1 oarders, o for professional services, as this house is near the square. II. THOMAS, Acent. liuriington, Tel.. 15, 1813. 3!)if II Oil IN is taken m exchange for COMBS by CROFLTA: TIMANL'S. l'eb. 15,1813. 33 French prepared Mustard and Fresh Citron, (new fruit) just received by Jacob's F.xprccs, and which is ohVrrd for snl at tho German Store. uai'til-.tM it iUIUllUI.1.3 BLANK HOOKS. ikV. Medium, nnd Demr Leikern Journal'. Day J jlooks, Rf-ordsnda geaeaal assortment ol half LJOtinU Ullink UOOliP, UIUIO mil sianii u,ittirs. 4Q I. J, SHU.MWAV, Apnt PROPOSALS for carrying tin Mails of tho Uni Ited Stales from tho 1st or July, 1813, to the 10th June, 1813. on the followinn Post rouica n Vcr- mont, will bo received nt iho Department until 2 o' clock. P. M,. on thn till, of Aim 1RI1 Ifi tin rlrftil cd by Iho ICth of jMayi I. IV 'tei, I . 303. From llellnwi I.'.illa In Vnnrr Mill Villi. r. miles and back, onco a week, " Leave Bellows Falls nvnre Thursdnv nl n A. AT., arrive al Paper Mill Villago same day by 11 A. M. Leave Paper Mill Village every Thursday at 12M.I arrivont Bellows Falls samo day by2P. M. Jtil. i rom l.ast Charleston, bv Morcan nnd Holland, to Derby, 12 miles and' back, onco n week. I.cavo Last Charleston every Thursday al 8 a. m. nrtivo nl Derby samo day by 12 M. Leave Derby every Thursday at I r. st.jorrivoat Last Charleston same dnv br fi n. i. 3G3. From Hydo Park, LamoiMllo C. II,, by North Hyilu Park, Bolviderc, Four Corners, Avery's Gore and Montgomery, to East Rctkshirc, 33 miles and back, onco n week. LcavcIIydo Park, every Friday at 9 a. m.; arrive at East Berkshire samo day by 10 r. ft. Leave East l!crkhiro cverv Saturday nt Ca.m.; arrive at Hvdo Park samo day Ily G r. m. 3C0. From Rochester, by Brandon, to Sholo s Landing, 35 miles and back, enco a week. lnve Rochester every Wednesday at 7 a. m.; ar rive at Sholo's Landing samo davbyC r. m. Leave Sholo's Landing every Thursday at 7 A. M.; arrive at uocnestcr samo clay liy l r. 2t. Proposals to carry three limes a week will bo considered j also to carry m two borso coaches. 3G7. From Townscnd, by Grafton, to Chester, SO miles and bail;, once a week. I.cavo Townscnd every Wednesday at 0 A. M.; ar rive nt Chester samo day by 12 m. Leave Chester every Wednesday at 1 P. M.J arrive at Townscnd same day by 7 r. m. NOTES. 1. Seven minutes are allowed for opening and closing tho moils at nil otTiccs, whero no particular lime is specified. 2. Post Office Blanks, and mail bags aro to be conveyed without farther charge on mail lines admit ting suih conveyance. 3. In nil cases, there i9 to bo n forfeiture of the nay of the trip, when the trip U not run ! a forfei ture of nt least one fourth part it, when the running or nrriiol is so far behind tune as to lose tho connec tion with a depending mail; and a forfeiture of a die proportion of it, when a grade of service is rendered inferior to that in tho contract. These forfeitures may bo increased into penalties of higher amount, accoruinz to nto nature and Ireejucncy ol Hie lailurc, and the importance of the mail. Fines will be imposed, unless tho delinquency be satisfactorily explained in duo time, for lading to take from or deliver nt a post office, tho mail, or any pinoi u ; lor suueTing u io oc wei, injurcu, iosi or destroyed ; for conveying it in a place or manner that exposes n to depredation, loss, or i.ijury ; and for not arriving nt the time set. And for setiing up or run ning an express to transmit commercial intelligence in advance of the mail, a penalty will be exacted equal to a quartet's pay. The Post Master General may annul the contract for repeated failures; fur violating tho Post Olfica Laws; for diobcing tho instructions of the De partment; for assigning the contract without tho consent of the Post Master General, or for setting up or runniimnn express as aforesaid. G. Tho Post .Master General may alter the con tract, and after the schedule, be allowed a prorata in crease of compensation, within the restrictions im posed by low, for t lie additional service required, or lor the increased speed, if the employment of addi tional stock or carriers is rendered necessary, but the contractor may, in such cae, relinquish Ihe con tract, on timely notice, if lie prefers it to tho change. He may also di-continuo or curtail the service, heal lowing ono month's extra pay on the amount dis pensed mith. 7. The payments will bo made through drafts on post offices or otherwise, after tho cvpiralion of each quarter, say in Fcl tuaiy, .May, August, and Novem ber. 8. The distances are gircn according to the best information: but no increased nav will he allmrtd. should they prove to be greater than is adcertiscd, if nuues fire uurrccuy namru. 9. The Post .Master General is prohibited by hw from knowingly making a contract for tlio transpor tation of the mail wilh any person who shall havo entered into any combination, or proposed to enter into nny combination, to prevent the making of any bid for a mail ronlrart by any older person or per sons, or who shall have madcany agreement, or shall havo given or performed, or promised to oivc or per form, any consideration to do, or not to do, anything whatever to induce any other person not to bid for a mail contract. 10. A bid received after time, to wit: the 13th April next at 3 p. or without tho guarantee re quired by law; or that combines several routes in one sum of compensation, cannot be considered in competition wilh a regular proposal not adjudged lo bo vxtiavngant. 11. A b'ldder may propose diilbrent days and hours of departure and arrival, provided no more running time is asked, and il is obvious that no mail connection or other public accommodations is preju diced. He may ask forn sncrified nninticr nf ,lnv for more running lime lo the nip nt certain seasons of peculiarly uau roans, nut neyonii these chaiK-c" a proposal for service different from tho advertisement will prevent il being considered in competition with a regular bill, not sctnsidcforcxirnvnrancc; and where a bid contnin-tany of the above alterations, their dis advantages will bo estimated in comparing it with oth er proposals. 12. Thero should bo but ono route bid for in a pro posal. 13. Tlio route, iho service, Ihe yearly pay, tho bid der's nitno and residence, and the mine of each member of tho firm, where a company ofil-rs, should be di-tinclly stated. 11. Tho following is the form of the guaranty which should be filled, tho first blank with the nimooflho guarantor, the s coml with that of iho bidder; and the thml and fourth nitli tho beginning and terminating points of (heroine; nnd afler being dated should hi signed by the guarantor, who must bo shown by the written ceililicato of a postmaster, or other cqunllv satisfactory testimonial, lo le a man of property, and nblo to make goad his gttarantv. This guaranty, so certified, should nccomptny each bid. "The undersigned, guaranties that if his hid for carrying tlm mail from to ho ac cepted by thePotimter Genernl,- shall enter intej an obligation prior to the 1st day of July next auiiie-ieiu suieiiL), io otruriii uie scr- ico proposed. "Dated; " 15. The bid should be sent under seal, addressed to tho First Assistant Postmaster General, with "Mail Proposals in the Slate nf ," written on tho faro oftho letter; and should bo despatched in timo to be received by or before tho 13th of April next, at 3 o'clock, p. in. 1G. Thccontractsate to be executed before the 1st of July next. Pos'r Ocrtcn DrPAnT.-in.ST, Feb. 13, 1813. C. A. WICICLII'FE, M. General. FRENCH ROOKS. MEADOW'S Dictionary, Niigent's, do Cliarle XII. l.e Urun'sTelemaque, llolniar's Plira e-, do Leviztc' Grammar, Wn nn.l mod,..,1.. f3.n I o-dick's I-reach Introduction, Bugnrd'.. Teacher, Pei nil' Fable, De Sacv' Grammar, icde Washington, l.o tih near, I' rench Guide, .In It.vKnti'r-i- do Dramaliquc", GuillaiimcTell, For sale by 11. J. SHU.MWAY, Arim. Alltlll.Oti llllt ... STATE OK VERMONT, j AT it l'rol ale Court District ol lhillendrn, s. $ JX held at Burlington, within and lor the distr.ct of Chittenden on the 231 i ' 1l''l'ruaiT A- D- l6i3 Alpheus Hull nnj Corn lire. Hall, two of tne heir to the Estate of Alpheu I""",'"" "i .uiiiuii, in sam uisinei, deceased : lilrd in sai 1 court Iheir petition, in writing, setting forth thai they each hold one seventh part oftho estate of the said deceased in common with the other heirs to said estate and praying said e-ourl to order a divi-ion of Mini esiate-, and to appoint commissioner to make such division, airrecal ly to i lit- siniute in such rase lliajo nn I nrnviil.'.l Wf,nrt.,.,.nn 1. rs.. doll; appoint Ihe f .urlh c hie-day of March, 1813. for u' lriti- nml ,l..,,.,ttnn n, tn..l .l.:. . . ' . ' .. , ,,",- ':." " rsiiuuii m mo ouice ol 'he Itt'Tlsleriif ,1 f.s,.r, .-..I M...1 1 -.. .. ...... vu.., ... ,,ur, inyuin, luui doth order that all persons interested lo notified thereof by piiLlicaitoti of ibis ortler, ronlaminj the " , "'"ss v' r""'. I'nuioii, uirce hcci; succesiyely in I he 11 irlingtoii I- rce Pres,a newspaper printed iii smil Itiir innliii, llml.,, .lnl. ...',.: ' - , B'"', "s u. iit.i, iiiiiincaiii'ii id I e previoiisto tho said fourth Wedne-ilnyol Jlarch.lS 13. Given under my hand this 23J day of February. A. II. 1313, ' " 10 3w W.M. WESTON, ltejisier. WF-THE SUBSUHBERS, having been ap nnilOv. Iw I Im I Inn.irilil,. ,1... II.A... ..... , , "'. S.W.V, in. . luiidiu sumi for tlio Distr'ctof Chittenden, commissioners to re- e-ci-u, c.aiioiiuuiiu uuiusi i uc claims nna aemanus of nil persons, against the estate of .lolni 1!. Joslln, lato of Wcsiftrd, in said Distnet, deceased, repre- , T, ". "-'", "'- siuiiiio uiiu uciiiaiius ckliibilcd in oILet thereto; and six months from ihe uay 01 iiicuaiuiii'ieui, ueiugniioiieei oy said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appoint ment, nt the dwelling of Win. Wood, in Westford in said District, on iheJburlli Monday ol April nnd the' last Monday of May next, al 10 o'clock, A. 31., on each of said days. Dated, this I3lh day of February, A. D. 1813. 41 W.M. BOWMAN. Commis- HORATIO ALLEN, s LUMBER YAH If rpiIR subscribers keep on hand a supply ofLum J. ber of various kinds ot Iheir yard on Pearl St where they will promptly wait on customeis. Luin. ber rawed. to order. Apply to Henry P. Hiekok. Muteh 1Q. HICKOK & STEVENS. HO YE ! ! A SAXD'S SAtlSAl'Atllt.LA FLUID, Compound Syrup of Narsaparilla, Sarsaparilla Syrup, (for maUng Carbonated McnJ,) Extract of Sarsaparilla, Spanish and American Hoot Sarsaparilla; All renowned for PtJlHFl ING Till BLOOD ( INVIGORATING THE I'NHF.ALTHY, AND RESTORING SOUNDNESS TO THE COiNSTI TUTION. At whole-nlc nnd retail, by 13 PECK & SPEAK, DruggUtt. NOTICE, IS hereby clren that the note nnd accounts due to D. A. BRAMAN nru transferred and assigned to Wm. A. GRISWOLD, to whom payment can bo made without cot, nt the Bool; Store late-ly orcu pied by inid Ilraman, at any time on or lefore the lt day cf April next, after which all demand not paid will 1 c placed in die hand of Cha's 1). Kasson, Esq. Attorney at Law, for collection. Wm. A. GRISWOLU, n irhngton, March 15, 13-13. d2tf IV CM ANCI'.H Y. l.LCAzcn Austin, ) STATE OF VERMOST, vs Chittenden County, ss. Anir.t Ci rrr.csf. ) WHEREAS, Kleazer Austin of Jlilton, in said county, ha filed in the ofiice of the Clerk oflhe Court of Chanecry in snid County, In bill of com plaint, therein stating, thatlhe said' Ariel Collren, late of Milton aforesaid, now gone without this state to part unknown, on the 28lh dnv of January, A. D. 18 10, 1 ring justly indebted io Zehcdiah D. Ashley of -ni.l Mi'lon, in the sum ol S900 00, as specified in 4 promisory notes ofthntdiie, for 422.", U0 caelt, the tirst payal le in two vear from the 1st day of March then next, the second in thret; years, the third in four years ami Ihe fourth in five) car from the sail hrsi of Mai eh then next, rcsi ectivcly, and in order tn secure the payment i f said notes, on the same 23ih ef January 1S40, by d.ed of mortgagr,eivncved to the saiil Ashley Iho following dese-nl ed land, in Milton aforesaid : viz. Ono half acre cf land, on nnd near Checkerbcrry Green, a in said deed nnd bill moie particularly ('cscriled. And fiutber stating, that on tho 1.3: Ii Dcccmlcr, A. H. IS II, the snid Ashley as signed, nnd by deed conveyed to tho Orator, the said .Mortgage deed, nnd tl.e three last de-cril ed notes, for 371 j 00, n.'-ervinjr the right of ti-ing said Mortgage deed to enforce the payment of the first above des crtleil note-: and further slating that tho said three lastelcscril cd notcs,hadnot in nny part been paiikand praying a foreclosure oftho equity of redemption ol said Mortgaged lnd Ihe said Co'Iren residing without this state so that a snl pena ennnot be sued upon him, therefore, it is ordered that tho said Ariel Collren, he and appear Lcloie thesaid Court of Chancery, nest to l: holden nl Burlington, within and for said County, cn the 2d Tue-day ofMny next, on Iho first day c.'f said Term, nnd make answer to said Bill ; and it is further order ed that the said complainant cause this order and the siib-tance ol said Bill to be published three weeks succei'vcly in the Burlington Free Pres--, n news paper printed in said Burlington, ihe last of which to bo at least 20 day I rforctho setting of said Court nt ilsuest Term a atore.-aid, which will be dccmel sufficient nonce to ihe said CciTrcn to appear and make answer lo .a d Bill. Untcd at Burlington aforc-aid, this Uth day of .March, A. I). 1S13. W.M. NOBLE, Clerk. A. G. WiitTEMOr.r., Solicitor. -12w3 IN CJIANCnitY. Ouir.n HcwAr.njr. audi STATE OF VERMONT, Abigail Iowaiip, ( Chittenden County, ss. vs. f XTjTnnni'.AS, Oliver How- Ouv-En G. 7uw-AnD. J W nrdjr. and Abigail Howard, 1 oth ol Millon in said Comity, have filed m tho office of the Clerk of tlieCourt of Chancery.m said County, their Bill of complaint, therein slating that tho said Oliver G. Howard, now gone lo part un known without this State, on the 2d day of February A. D. IS33, Icing ju-ily indebted lo the said Abigail, then and still I lie wife of the said Oliver Howard jr., in the sum of 300 00a -pcvifie.l iua prcnii-orv nolo I earing o on Ihe 2 1 day of February, A. D.' 1S33, and payable m two yeais from I ho date thereof with iniertsi,and in older to secure the payment lhcrcof,the ai I Oliver G. on the said 2 1 day of February, A. D. 1S33, by deed of Mortgage conveyed to thu said Abi gail the following! sd land, in Millon aforesaid, viz: 'I ho East hnlfand catcnd of lot No. CD, in the 31 division of the original right of Samuel Dodge, containing fifty acre, of land; and Inrlber slating that the said note had not in any part I ccn paid, and pray ing a foieclosuieof the equity of redemption of said mortgaged premises. And the said Oliver G. Howard residing without tins state so that a subpena cannot be servd upon him, therefore, it is ordered that the said Oliver G. be Biulnpiiear l efore l,e said Court of Chancery, next lo lo holden at Burlinhloii within and fur said County of Chittenden on the 2d Tuesnay of .May next, on tlio first day ol said Term and inako an swer io snid ill; and it i further ordeie'd that the said complainants cause tin order nnd the substance of said I ill to bo published three weeks s iccesivcly, in tho Burlington Free Press, n news paper printed in said Burlington, tho last of which to beat least twenty day previous to the commence ineiit ofsaid Term o( snid Court, which will LudecmeJ sufficient notice tothe said Oliver O. Howard to ap lictr and make answer to said Bill. Dated nt Burlington aforesaid, this 1 lib day cf March, A.D. 1813. ' , . WM. N OBLE, Clerk. A. G. V uiTCMORE, Solicitor. -12w3 Itcmlngton llitgooePs Etstatc. STATE OF ER.MONT, ) AT a Prolate Court, District of Chilteuden,s. J JX held at liuriington, in snid District, on the 9th day of March, A. D. 18-13 upon application if Hannah Mills, cneol Ihe heir, to the E-tale of Remington Bitgooel, late of Shelburn, in ... - ....... .ujus-.iixi; uivisiuil ol two ccriatn pieie ol land and the appurtenance i r t-i .ii ...v ' . . im-ie--. i, siiii.iie-o in cucioiirii a lorcsaiii, wmcli were as-iqned and set out to Allii Bilgood, widow of soul III, ..,.,!.. ! I,..r .Int.-os ... ,... ., '. I-...I..-1. ..... . in i'iiiii. wiiieu said intesiateeiieJseiEeil in Un. stale, among the heirs of sai'l Estate and ttie persons legally entitle J thereto. ino sai i coiirtiiotn iiereny order and a. sign the see on I Wedne-day of April next at ihe cilice of the Regi tcr of thi-i Court afore.aid,at lOo'cloek A. .M. for hearing inlheprcmise-, and doth fnithcr order that the said ap-pli'-antdulyneitifyallpersonsinterestedtoappcarbefoie said Court, nt ilie lime ninl i .... , ...t .. , . ; I". .is,,v..-..i,,iu timi.c o' jocliou, if I see cause-, lo ueh divi-ion, by pub- ., p, , ujiiiii-.,uon logeuier w.iu una op it iiireu weck Micies.ivriy pi the r rrcl Pres., printed nt llerlington afoicsa'id, the lat of I .. i, ,ii "iun.aiis,iis l-u previous to tne tune ie: mr hearing. Dated at Burlington, in ihe District of Chittenden, this a.h day tf March, A. I). 1813. Ii CIIA'f IHIS-5ELL .T,ln, NOW IS Till) TIMF. 3Iy Stove in sold ami p'osessIon to le slvcn the last ol tills month. PERSONS wishing to pureha-e an assortment cf Good or Store Furniture cando so cheaper than elsewhere, ami tho-e that wish to save thcm-elvei from Cost will plea-e call immediately, for my credi tors nhall le satisfied il possible. SIDNEY BARLOW. Piirlington, Pearl St. ) March .2, 1813. -WO OA'S. BYRON'S WORKS.-Johnson'j Work., 2 vcls Boell Johnscn, do Maryatt', Works, do Seoti'si do 7 Naturalist's Library wilh 400 Enprnving-, iir&oe,' Universal Gaxctlecr brought down to the Ti resent lilnfrsnntniiiinrTtl,.. ru.. .... riei I niiubell'. Reimni.renccv, oicveirs, central .tnerica, toJi Scar's Pictorial llbistr.uiom of tht Bible, j"do GoLIsIiiiiIi'k Vn,,,.n a Josepluis' Works, Lives ol the t're'sidents. Slerne' Works, Ilowitl's. Visi'ls if, rtm.!. -m... . - i .. . s,!..!,,,,, ii a tries Student'. Life in Germany Coleridge. Works, do Aid lo Reu'ee' -, ll.s Si,.,, ..,,,nn, " 'nilU-l, Cooper'-Naval History, ,i in s i .unci., Hemans' Works, CrabLe, Helernnd Pollol-, Millon, Young, nnd Gray, Rogers', C.impl ell, tie. Cneener nml Tlir,n,i...m Glimpse, efthe Old World, , T0,,. ,.o . o. , is, iij ..i rs, oigourney, SUL Huntington's Poem, ' Sterling's Works. Dick's Side-rial Heaven's, Loveand inadne-s of Taso Torquato Life of lio-coe, 2 volume., ' liistcrn Arts and Antiquities, eilt Bible Quadrupe-Js, eUt, Cve. iTc. ,'f.e.For isle bv March 2, 1813. J- S11WAY, AS.J AVKlls '' ,n,"."l "" ''Solved toforebeenredouLmS GAY iV K n W i n i o ' The Iron-foundry business will hereafter be curried on by Jr.ssF (jAy , ils vnrio8 ,,ran'(.,cu,f JtESSE GAY, Burlington, Feb. 7S, i(t& feD"'ARM. SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR THE ltll.MOVAL AND PERMANENT CURL OF ALL DISEASES ARISING FROM A if IM PURE STATE OFTII K BLOOD, OR HAB IT OF Till! SYSTEM, NAMLLV : icRortti.A, t.nKtKo's wit., nitr.fMATiiit, obstwati: CCTANNEOUS CnVPTIOSU, rlMPLGS, Ml M'lTBLS cn TiitrACB,nLoitiir.s, nii.r.,citROtcjoni: sins, liis'o worm on Tr.TTrn, scald HEAD, LMl.ATirjnMF.NT or Tltr. noMr.s AND JOINTS, 3Tt!D3or.N VXCIIRS, HI'lltLtTICStMPTt!I3,StlATI- ca on lumdaco, and diseastu ariMim Irom nn injiidijioui ne ol Mcrcury,Asi itiiv.r Dropsy, c-tpo-iiro or im priulcnce In life. Alo, Chroma Const ituttont! Disorders will I e remo ved Ly this preparation. improvement In whatever regards the h r . . . nnd welareofour race i cou.iaiuly on tin' map h tn perfeclioifr and with each succeeding day some new problem is'lved, or some profound scret letealei', having an imfiortant and ilirc-t 1 caring oief m ill' highct detinic. II we take a reiro-pe-tivu view over Ihe pat Iwcnly year-, how i the mind stril"! with wonder 1 Whatrnprd strides ba science mai'u in every department of civilized life I parlinifitrlyf.i't that which relate to Ihe knowledge oftho hutiitn sys tem in health nnd dica e. How valuable and m h. pcnsablcaretbe curative means rriently di'iovcrel through the agency of chemilry 1 I low doe- the imagination kindle and our admiration g'ow ntibe ingenuity, Iho near approach tn the-standard e,f per fcetion, of the pre-enl time ! Through tho e!al or.i'e investigation of Pby-iology, or llii-jscience ol l.iri., nnd the Pathology of prevalent di-ea-e, m ich valua ble practical knowledge ha been gnincj. In ' n-c ipifnce of becoming ncrpiainled with the orgatii. inn, the element of the various tissues and struct'T or Ihe ty-teni, remedies have been sous, lit afier nr ' discovered exactly ndapteil to coinLine w,th. ne i'rol ize and ctpel mnrbifue matter, ibc "a'ic of ih-c,, and Mib-lilnte hetltli)' action in it- pln"c. Tho '.i a liful Mmjilicity of tin mode of trentmnit not i n suggested by the1 palbology tf disease., '.ot or'v gratnfnl to the siii.erer, but perecily in cnrinn:r wilh the operations of Nature, and sa'nfictory to it.-' views and rc.iscniuj of every intelligent, reilei t tu mind. It is that SaSis'j SAnsAFAnltLA, ase-entir. comhination ofesentinl principle of Ihe most valua ble vene'nble siil slaucc, rperate upon the system The Sarsaparilla i combinrd wi'h the mo-t uie 'f ..I aid--, the most salutary production-, the mo-t po.ep; simple of the vegetable kingdom ; nnd it unprece dented success in the restoration to health of tin : who had long pined under the most ihtnassin;chr' fl ic malnilie-, has givciiitan exalted rhara-ter, f ' nishinga it does evidence of il intrinsic ti' nnd recommending it to the afllicled in terms ti e -flicted only can know. It ha long 1 een a mo 1 ci portant de'sideratum in the practice of med.cmet i ' -tain a remedy similar to tin- one Ihat would net on the liver, stomach and bowels with all the pre 'i- u nnd po'ency of mineral preparations, jet w 'Irr '. any of their deleterious cfiucls upon tki'vital pewers of ibc system. The attention cf the reader i respectfully va',U M tho following cerlilica'cs. However great a"b'i".-c tnent have heretofore I cen lisade by the ipc of th invaluable medicine, yet daily experience show ro siill still more rema'rkal le. Tho proprietor Leo nvad them-elve of ihe opportunity of aying it i a o'trte ol constant sati-facn'on that they are innju the means of relieving such an n mount of niTering. Np.ivap.k, N. J., Pee. 13, 1812. Messrs. Sands : Gent Word emi not rxprc. tho gratitude I (eel fur your licalment In me, a s'rangc sullcrmg under one of ihe most louths. me il .ej e, that nature i capable of bearing. '1 ,c dise w, , which I was alihctisl commenced with iitfiatnttion of I beeves, tn ihe year IS30, which caused almct tO'al blindness. 1 er thi I u. treate.1 and finally relieved, but the remedies were such as to eaii-e the dnuloii mcnlof a scrofulous affection on my left arm tlu elbow. The pain extended from the shoulik-r to the end cf my finger-, and for two years my su'lerincs .-.ere I n yond description. I tried various remedies ind con sulted ditlcrenl pliy-ician in New York, and nmongst l iem the late Dr., who told me the dr-ense r.f the arm was eau-ed by the large quantity of mercury taken lo cure the inil.imatioii of my eye.. My sullcring continued, the am enlarge!, tuninr-i formed in ditlercnt places, and in a few months dis charged, making ten runningulccrs nt onetime, soiro above and somo below the elbow, and the Jbrh-iri-o was so ollensive that no per-on eou'd bear lo le in Iheroom where I wa. I then appliedto ano'bc- di tiuguished physician, who told me ainput.ttion of the arm was the only thing that could save my life, as it was itnpo.sibletocure so dreadful a di-ea-e ; but tv.! was unwilling lo consent lo it, he recommended ma to u-e Swam Panacea freely, which I did williout deriving but little benefit. Forlbrco year I wa un able torai-emy hand to my head, or comb mv heat, and the rrolula now ma.'o it appearance' on my hcailjue-lriiying ihe bono in ihil'ereni p!.te-e, i.tiisin' extensive ulcerations, and I feared it in, -In reach and destroy the brain-t'ie head sweilej very much, ac companied wilh violent pain. Nuinero.1 external remedies were recommended, but tiny did no "ood. About a year since I wa taken severely ill wi'h a swelling ol the body frombetd lo foe, tiiat J Was entirely helpless. The doctor advised tne to go lolbo hospital, for he did not midcr-tand inyca-e-. For tho last few months I bad been nfili-ted wilh a severo pain in Loth sides, at times so hard 1 could scarcely hold my 1 reath. A hacking cough constantly an noyed me, andthis combinc-I with my other mala Jib-. rendered ino truly miserable. .Such, gentleman, has been my .situation fi.r seven vear- of mylife, when t coinniciicel the u.e of vonr Sar-anriila' ; but as mv case wa con-ide-red hopele,--, and the no.,r pro-pec: ofn .pecdy dissolution ...eincd incvit.t' le, I i-ft Lut lit tle encouragement to per.evere-. The pcr-insjnn of rriend induced ino to try your medicine winch in a few day. produced a great change in my system gen erally, byeau-ingan nppc-ite, relieving the painsTanl giving me slie-ngth. A m 'ess, coufkVncc, I wasenconraged toperseverc. Myp.nn grewea-i-er, my strength returned, food rc'i-he i, the u'r-ers- !;e.t' cl, new flesh lorme.1, and 1 onco m, re fs'i whin nu that I might get well. I havenow u e ! il e - t . nlla about two monlhs, and .tin :1 ,, Ul. . ing. 1 he arm that teas to be amputated l.a- . , .' . -ly beale I, a thing that seeinel impo-sibL-. I .,, ...pv I V bel.eve the evidence ofmy own eve , e n uch i act ; anil it i now a a. ,ti any period of mr hie, and my general hvahh i, better Man il ha, 1 cefi tor vear pa-t. Health, what magi. m the word ! how many tho-i-,t nSC,,'C""h' V" 'and anirsunny w he 7 ?" hnn' 0',!:l" J" va"' ' Yrt 'ne M-n flr J"tIIe- Hplo.lie; nnd as I feel the pul-a-,i?,f 'I I cou,rf";? ""'? my veins, my 'wholo cartaiid s0l go forth in fervent gratiludefi Itbc.-.u-thor of all our sure men-ic, that l.e ha I cen gia-Jiuu-ly pleased to I le.s ,!C means ni.t'le u-e of. Trf ,1 . iTir-T!' rou'1' y""ir Ih" good Samaritan to n v ' tTl r,"' 10 ,"S',C"''"'' '"V life 1 in,'e ted 10 )0'. '.o rail er) the use of your invaluable I ho value of such a medicine i- couirle-s be yond price, mnney cannot pay for it. I have I een ra..c-1 Irom de'atb, I may ay,ti-r my fr end and my .et houghtil,lel could re'nicr. An I ..n, gciiticHien stiLer uie to add another prod oerntied loo I my friend nnd guard'.tn a- a pi-l acknowlel-e- rT'i" "t'i V."",',,?fj',:"r ros-tor-ns Snr-apa- x bn. Ihat lb.) atlhcte.1 may alo u-e it and c, or iV tenetiis it a eonfer, i, the heartfelt, t vent wi-h ol tbctr and your fr end. MARTHA CON'LIN. I Uow Martha ConluiTnd bebeve what she state I" Ibn document to le perfectly correct. Ji)HN POV.-ED, Jcar Geklral or Nr.w Yens, G!ernv. v ,Kflpr"-'''?'. Peier's ChuHi. v "! ?r!i,!hl" 111,1 of Dee., 18-13. re, n li ar'1"1 Cn,i"' aaJ h')v6 '"'" "Vher ,Lf lertng tllne,.. JQUy ln:liolSi I, .ln. rii . "'"''op of New York. Mar n ct!nMv m the ial.meni ma-le by :,, . , " ...,- five nny pari -ii a rs ,n re , , llcr ca!e - "'0-"0 who may 'wi.h funher , , ot- Sun; ,n. ,r a.. a.r: M.'AHETH, PrincJVtNTY; l'a,n0i"'' iZ'Zl rh v I,,e fcpresentations made 'y Martha Conltn, and have full knowleslgc of ho ea-e. ,,, ELIJAH F. PURIiY. Dec. J ''lhe C'V 0i:W YuTi!' Martha Conlin ha lived in my family Iho !at n rear., nnd I I ipl... r.. .i... . 1 made by herself .s correc,? ' '0'" 'Wc,r-W' ..... ,.Ullu sircci , .sevrarK . N. J Preptnil and sold, whole-nhi and retail, ami for tponalton, by A. B. SANII.V cn n." .? . 1 .' . exporla,ion, iyV 1 's N ,fet ( O Dru'-'-i''. -."IM,1-II iiLsmnnn., . m "..viwi, i-r.i i'.ii-ij. .rent By special appointment for the Proprietors for Rur tmcton, IVrmoiif.aiiiiiorsalebyDrii'cisicencrnlli l itrcr. 31 per bom 0 Lottie" "or si".8 ' g " Ullrtinlni, 1 ,., ici- .. Burlington, Man ha, IS 13. .l ly T'of fht"! zs p..wi. ,. ;. i mv MinuiMiqin? counirv. Ino ouatityand sunP '"J" Lspivially would they invite public nttenlion lo their imported Gr.ii.MAS-, f'nr.xcn &Spam. , W J nTT Iheir Cognac BRANDV. and I'ile SiS GIN,,, of winch have alreadf l-ee'n f i r "on o year under their own particular survey and Tnsiw. ablr' : , ' ,V"ch MUn h" ""."" ion able purity renders them peculiarly fit for medicinal t''X re'Pflfll", Inform Storekeepers and ,tr r 1 r."f ""i ei)i're". fns, who' ore de sirous of supplying ,,elr Customer wilh grnuinc arttclei, that they run le supplied wilh them t iho l.crnian fsiorr, in lliirlingioii; where ihe tubscrfi cr will ,cave it lo thecUrriininanon cf tho-a who may call to judge how ftrlhu)- h.ur n claim toanirroW superiority of the article; thev oflcr for sale. OSTHE1M it MICHOliS. CoIlge it., nxt to Nr. Wait e.-ucnHvo Crjeky JsiorcN Jan. 10, IU4J. M

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