Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 28, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 28, 1843 Page 3
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The Takifp. Ii .terms In bo tlio settled dcterntiiinllnti of tint Lorn Focos lliiit llic Tntiff Winch was passed by llio Whigs sit tlie last session of Congrt'ss sliall In; it-penl-! ed. The Legislatures of several of tlio Stntos liavo silrciidy twUi'ii thoir ftHiid on tho subjret. The Southern Locos all co for tho repeal, mid tlm Dongh-laccs nf the North will follow in tlinir train. At tin1 last session of tlio Loco Foco Lcgislaturii of Virginia, tlie following resolution was pasM'd : Resulted by the General Assembly. Tlmt nur Sen- tori in the Conerrss of the United SlnlrS In', and they are hereby instructed, nml our Reprrsintniius piociireMeriErcALurTHETABirr ire- t.i ltd at Ihe late tttsion of Conitri. AND MO OP POSE AND VOTB AO I, -T ANY TARIFF WHICH IS NOT SOLELY FOR REVENUE. A Locu Foco Saint. Ilvbcrt It. Mor ris, tho " paper snatclier," who basjosl been circled Mayor of the city of Gotham, seems to have been ntado "pel leelly happy" by his unexpected success. A political julifira lion was ent up on tint occasion of I lis elec tion, at which the Mayor elect fimrhiiled an inflated lurangiio in llio following execed ingly facetious manner : This has however, linen nil filled fir llic present, and a happier mm thin invself does tint hrcihe. If he does (A voice " We wool I like In ere him!'') No, eenllenien, we w mid nut, we could nnl see hiai, for like the ptnphet uf old he would Ii" transited - he would lie too Bond f ir earth (,t.nin.liter iiml tremi ii. lout npplauso si which his Honor rotHied hi "ii ) This is a fair match fur Ex M itm- Va rian's speech about "Oil Bourns" ulii'li we eave a week or two iiju. The wit and niodosty of Morris aro equalled only by the attiin nieiils nf Anothkh Wma Viurntv. Tin Wlnus have won many brilliant virimies uithin the last six months in nil parts of the roootry. In tho louii elections in New York, they Iisvh boi'ti aim nt uveryivheri! victorious. The following paragraph from the Ni.ioura Cornier is one among a thousand instances of tho saint! character. The election for town officers, held in this town veiterdiv, resulted in one of the tnnst Inillinnt uetn riesrver achieved hv Whits nf Lnrknnrt. Timothy It u-kiis, E'q , a true Whir;, is circled Nuiier viior, over his opponent, J L Wood', E'q , I. v trtsjoritv of Two Hundred and F.tO'irv-KVEs!l ma Whu csndunto fir inii" s icceeilid iy iinjoi, ily of 121. thn rest of tun 'irkei coniewhit l"s ex cepting Con'tslile and riolleeior, nnd one A" ir, who are lncoMent. Tne nveri je wiiib iivi i'iiv in the town is not fsr from Twj Ul'ndi.eo. 1 47 voles polled. i ant ortne the l.ocofbco supervisor wis ilecleil In about 60. "Rbtrevciimrvt." Tin- Lorofnro mem bers of the Now York Li"jisl.ilori' made most extravagant prnmisrs of " Ri'tieoihinent " befnrii tlio elfCtion last fall. Fiom the fol louing paragrapb, wliirh hi- cm (inm a late number of the Albany Eoiiih.r Jonnnil, nnr readers will perceive they have rukciiud their pledges with their usual honesty and good faith. Not i sinele one of the inmimcrnhte "retrenchment" bills with which the Licishiliiie bohi'Im In ihtoiiv iheir leisure hours n d lonniisi) ihepeupli', wnss ill'-i-d to beciime n law I Willi ahundaniA of I on; In per fect, and wi h ninjeriiiee in hmh laniiihis Inrt'e enough torarry throu?h anv and every ni''a-oire, ihe Regency l.ertis'ature kept hn-k nil lliee retrenchment bills until the heel cf the siasinn. purrme'y to p'cieiit iheir pisaire. It was neier intf mlil that my one of them should un into npetacon. Thev all emhil, ra it waa deaizned thev should, "in soio' e." Tlv v Imve served no other fiond purpoi,- thin in furnih the people with annthi r illusiraiion of Urgency finhful oess and insinreriiv. Thn Providence Exoresi, ihe organ of the Dorr paily to Hliode Ulnnl, previous to tho late elerliiin in State, puhliylied, ill an inflamalory article, (be fust two lines of ono of Biyant's Poems, ns follows: "Truth crushed to eirih shall kit, The eternal years nf Gjd ate lurs." Tho Providonri! Journal thinks that sinrn thn pnopli! of that State luve tpnki-n Inmlly upon tho subject, ilm above should be strick en mil, and the, (wo remaining lines nf ihe verse substituted in its stead, as follows: " tint error, vounded, wimiiE in pain. AftJ DIKS amid iiek WoasaierrnH!'1 05s Tho Portland pipers ronlain tbi; fol lowing circular, adiliessed by thn acting Governor of the Slate of Maine, to ihe Sheriff and county Alloruevs of tlio Coun ties of Penobscot and Aroostook. Damahi scotta Mills. Uih Annl 1513 Sib : From unofficial fuinrit r. 1 learn thai ihere have been luely coiii onieir violnionof ihe Terinorv and Jurisdiction i-f this s'lato by pels ins iicitm:. or pretending lo aci, under C-ilor of nulhoruy fiom n foreinn Govrrnmenl. A netcrminaiioii lo exert, ih their fiilhst e.xtrtit, i lie powers vested in the I'.X'euuve, by the ron-niiuinii and laws, to vindicate ihuilianitvol ihe Slale aijaiii. alien intrusion, leails ino to nq'ieet. uiat von will, with as little delay as puMible, fnrlllah in.' with nil the inforinaiion von innv poe? in lepard lo the ex. -lent and character of ihu ille.'eil oiM's.-es eoiieni Iel within vour Counlv: andlfinl von will n'so. aenniint me wuh lh" m t tares thai innv h ive been Inken bv yonrs.lf, and o'her nffiei ra of ihtCuunt), to repress nu Cnaaiis '"f n.-t-iessnri.. I am, Si'. i TV refpeeifullr, Voar olic.lien' Se-vim. F.. K A.OH. ViioiviA. An I leeiinn for H uiein ir nf Ton rre and meiiihets of die I.ei'Wnlure, lakes plare i Virginia on the 27ih i'lst. Tho rnndidau s fur Con gress are nenlv ail announeal as lelloHt: WhiffS. f.neo. I.James II. I.snsborne. Arrhibald A'linon. 5 Woi O CJo.ide (ralhnurt. I R-o C. nromcoole (VanV 3. neo. II. niimr, 4. Richard H. Tolcr, 5. Wm L.-fJojirin, " B. Jnnh M., 7. Mill Carter. ' B. Willo'ujbv Newton, 9 .Pamuel "hittn. 10. Charles J. Faulkner, II. II 13. 14. O o. W. Summers, Waller Pnlea. KlwardW. Ilohhard. nen.'W Oilmer. John W. Heniv A. Wie (Tylei). R- M. T. Hunter. William Smith. Wil jam Tavlor. Aupustine A. Chspman. fiamiifl I.. Hayes. IS. I,-wisteenrorl in ih 5nd District, which is mrnnelv I.ocn, it n rlouhtlid whether Ihe Whies will run a candidate. On p"lhp other i-ide lh" contest li'shetween Geo. C. Drnm Eoole, V. B. and Vin. O. f! lode, who is a Calhoun man. Ooode wai a member of the laie Con2ns Drom;oolel tsfonnetly been a member, for svvernl years. AnOTHr.ii T.ccbv Familv Oevernor Monck hnv ne provided fir all hi" relatives at llie pnhlicexpense, Mr. Speaker Davis is Inklnp his turn nl the name agreeable oeenration : and ihe result ilh"t hishmih erChsrleaM, Devishss heen appointid onler o rhanrtrv, .Tsmei T. Davis, nnither b'o'l er, and Gaorje H Davi, J his n-ohew, e'eom'iioners o'" deeds j Mfsier Davis, niolher nuhew of the Sneasei messensrer lo ih Hn"e rl A"8emldi'i ond John Blsss, a, hi "her inspector. For lha nfee of Ma'er here wreiwoi-nlieiiions fromtlwo nrnmii'ni members of ihe '.o- 'F"C.i pa.iv in this h of whom haveeer. threci eoiiem u. tinuslv ide, lo mnHe room for the Sp-axer'j bro''r tfier thi aid niher n Hence- of fiver lie'n. we d i not wonder at th rireil ei wmiiuon rf t.ieo-r-r i Slrenir h now m-'-if-.TPt' evervwbe-e in bis Pi exeept where it u iner -rt I Hy rouSced ant frainiu Jenl means. IV, n. Wh" f!enr 'f,,ii,r, nttmr on rr ih. poi Offiee ! nienr,her of iha royi faaaly aoi treadv n'mide-t for will, of courre, nppiv for cltlk hipe Troy II7iiir A fnlit among the Ttnnftt Lvrf.irai.Tbe Nhvill, Wide pavst "Jlr. Moses Rinijlei'm, of Davidson ciintv, ae-ppN Ihe noai naiion for Onver. nor ma le bv a 'maioriiynf iheTiUr mrnnf Will, janaaon,' and is nut in the Fra'i'U't Reviawwhh an addreet lolhenenMlii. ITeisaTvltr Drmocrainf ihe first waier. Thiiisa fad hreicbin ihe pailynffiiv. rnor Polk, who ia already hsdfed around wjibin ourncrsble difOioliifa." DEATH BY DROWNING. It bi'CiiniM our ti Ttil ilmy to record tliu dniitli of 11 very vuiiiliy follow cilijiun, Mr. AIvhIi Euylisli iiml his sun nbont 10 years j old, who twrn diownud last week In Otti'r ! Circk. Tins strenni was very high, over- flowing the low lands on the faun of thn tie- J cimsoiI. For tho purpose of seeming his f 1 1 jees ho had constiiiclud n nil't upon which liu ' and his son hail uinharkod. Tho only ttil- ,ll'ss of distressing saint', tins a man at work o:i tho oiiposilu si lu of tin; Crock wlio . . ,. , ,. . 9 iw them upon Iliu rail, and iktim niter in Cr i. r,,,in .. .,!,.,..!,, ,-rv for hell). which being impossible, they disippoired, and nothing inori! was sunt of them. Dilli nent seai cli has cvei-sinei! been making for tlio bodies, which its yet havo not been res rued I'roin the watery element. Mr. Eti- Ijlisll w.isa respectable meinber ofllie ineth (111141 chinch, uliont -10 years old, and has left a wifo and seven sin ill children to inoiiro the ile. illi ot a unsound anil a lallior. uiir'e- bury Pin. PrifS. CJTlli: ShtsiiN. letter was r ived (V'ltii Woodstock last Fiiday liy n irnitloniuii in this pi in', staling ill it tlio snow was then I wo fen di'i'p, on an average, in tint section of the Slate. (ty The President lias removed fiom the ofliee iif I'osini ister in New hi k, N.illiui' iel P.nker, and appointed Archill lid Cimp ll. ll. " This," s ivs the L'tuiiV illi- Journal, "is straining at n iVtff and swallow ing A Cy5" lion. Enwutl) Stwlv lias been iiooiinali-ii for Cougri ss by the Whins "!' the Disttii l (Vllltb) in which lie is now pi iced, and his oiihi'iiI'mI to run. There a Loco Foco m ijoiily of 727 in the District lor Piesi'leot, but tlio Wliius will m.iko a gallant ('Hurt uilh such a leader. Mr. S. has issued an able and manly ad dress to the Pimple. Mo.vrrtiiAi. tub Suvt or GovmtNMRNT. We are aiilbnrizeil In M.ile that Molilieal will immedialely become the Seat of Gov ernuieol. The ri'sideuco of Judee Ueed has been taken I'm' llie of ennnim I itioii of Hi Excellency , SiiCiinles Alelc.ilf, until a m ire suit 1 1 . 1 b.iil Iiiil' call be erecleil. The lieoesxaiv (iiiVenilllelil Olfu'es and a Phi Moment ll.ui.e will lie i'iiniuon''ed ns s ion -is lie- il,ins can be pien in d. Q lebec mi'! he the Military Ileal Qi liters, Moil- trial Herald. Mr-. Hull, tho relict ol tho lain ir.illiud C.mi- mialore Mill1, of Ihe Oiulod -Snues Nivv, h c- unveil in town, accoiii'i lined hv her niier ( Mier Hart, anil is at the (Jit v Hotel. IIiiii. II. Al.o ', of Vt. has .ejniu rcluineil to the ri'v, and '8 at tin.' Ainericau lintel. Sir Chirlus Himii ii n, lie in this ny kooh, ind will eiuli ok on ho.ird the "Warepi'e," on In.- rc'uin to Knl.iiul. Tlie city bc'iiiH to fill un rapid'y with vipilor. I'lio hotels are octtmir luller every d iv. and the .S'lirinir hueiiiess of ihe coy pnnni-es tn upon -villi as miielr briskness us in Imnier years. Signer N ipI, the prince of all living violir ists, has arrived in town, and is m the Asiiir lleu-p. Prol'i-wir Kpy, of the .Mo'erirnlonb nl IJuroao. in the N.nv D.inarliuenl, a! WaluiiL'!on. is in ibis Hla'e on bilsinets runnectcd with bis lid- pariinent, Mr. N 1'. Willie is out of t'-o "Jon," and i'i the "New .Mirnr." Ilo ;.!.- lsHer- lu'lice fur lie." .National Intelligencer. Wiilnii; imSiiiu.'ay las', that huebe.-t ol Spring day-, ne say-, ".ind Hie lirsl suii-hinfl allnr tin.-, we elnll haie the leave' on'ovin.' tle'iryreon lingers." The Itrin-h F.ialD W.trspilc, F. ml .lohn Hay, Coin n.iud'.'r, e mm un to bo my !ast uvou iny, .mil anchored in the iWirlh liner. .l ucy is m toon, ;.t llowardV 1 Intel. -V. Y. llxi-ress. IJps and Downs. Oar world lias bui been loiehra'ed for a va rintv of lips and downs. When it is "all up with a mm" bo is -jene-rally futiuil to he "down in the mouth." When a man in "ap in llie world," he otilit in "come dim u l'aiiiUnini:!v." A thine; once found mil as "not w h it it's crack nl up tube," i. ill never "jo d mo." It i awkward to ho ".lawn at Ihe lire!," am! 'un In ihe ear.- m debt." "It if haul to bo "ii.nd up" for money anil "run down" by duns." n actor w ho i "ap in his part" eti.ids a jjund cbanci! nfhiiin ",hmn in Ibocisl." (Joiiiiosiliou are usually ",-el down" no pa ur helore they are ".-el up" in tvpe. Ten pinhole ".-el up" in be "uuorkad down," and nt nre tbuius at auu'imi. One who is ",ip to ten in my tricks" is verv ipt 'o be ".'et iIoaii" for a nwiie. Many a inm'"se:s up for a h.-iin'." whom llie world ".-e'e t!ii -vii a-a Miiuer." Hooee are ''taken up" before the Ilrorder. and ".-eut down" to the Cnunuil Cuir'. It is eiieier to "kick up a ruuuius" ilum to ",nii down a rin'." . he whole husinnss of life, in short, i merelv i series ofwis and thwu; and wu uny all gnu'., hoy- playinn ''.-ei.' eaw" "Hi re we co up, up, up, Hern w,- in i'o.. n, ilown, d wny j Now wf;n he kwuds uid forwjids, And hi-re we co all aruuay !'' A Oiini) Tllixii. The fnllnwinjr, n. thoiinli brief, U be-miiful and cninnri'lienive; "Every fly, and ever.v pebble, mid everv rlnwer are tuiors in tho crent schoul nf nature, to instruct Hie mind ami improve the heart rll" four eleiiii'iilii are the four volutin-!, in which all (he works aro wiiiien. Kverv man has bis in nu n iniml. troubles I'lioonh iu llio peifiirnianre nf liis duties, deficienries enniioli inhis own f.iitni", evils eiuuih niihnnl beino curiiius about tho uffairs of others." A Moiiest MN. Somo olrl bachelor at the North nil vert i-.oi; for a wife and sa that , .mi , , no win ni.irrv n.e nrsl woman no meets who has the follnis ine rerjtiipiles : " A iiood leniper, he.ihh, jood understand n if. aoreoali!" physiognomy, fine figure, L'nnd connexions, ilomestii: habits, ennd spirits, ri'Miurri-s nf uniosemeiil, ronversatinn ' toodey.vinne and " ,Mv yiiiiiiu fri'ied," sii ! ihe mi'iiiter, " do on ever lli'ml. f .m- I'u'i r s i ' " ,Vn, 1 never meilil . it nli !?t,.!e ,'" . ibnii.ib r- i 'irnlber Jim i , " ' . 'I, ' .11 '. vo ' '' ik .U..!! . hi' 'No. D :) Mlrl, de ll (.nt i, ,,t ro'io " N' '". i ,j f) elJ -nt i v ,r.f-f tc ; n! 'i.tii 1 i,4iV.IIIll I t ".So Vatiim! Ne, by "osb I ilon'i. I ant mler Sail Bui obaiii." RumTs PfieHpicTs The IsewVui and Philadelphia papers stain that ibo prin pecis fur n bri-k spring Irado is hri(!lui-r than it has been for sonio years. Tim jeneral opinion is that Iliu times arc tlgvtly uod cer trinly improvlog, Finn, tho comedian, i sat 1 In have perpe Hated tlt; lollowing, one cvonitijj bufon; he was to havo a benefit. Deir politic! you and I nf Into Have dealt M niiicli in fun, I'll craek you no'.v a in initrout TCli Quadruplicated pun I Like a t;rate full nf oils I'll glow, A treat, full house lo -"ee, And if am mil ?ntf.fiil luc, A great fjol I must I v. At itnoiher lime, having nnmmilleil a secoiid-ratu 'on, he im-ished himself ns follows: If 1 wercpuni'hel For every pun I hcit, I could n it find a pinv shnl In which to hide my pun-Mi, E.vtit.tsti Gtt.MMi:n. "Did it rain to morrow?" asked a Frenchman. I n,der link it was." lenlled n Dutch man. if. l.mtU Prnpfr's Organ. " I rtr.knn it mought," answered the Mis soiiriun. "I gurss it hnlnl" s-ivs the Yankee. " It 0171," sliites the Yorkshire. ' Oiti," "lKr,"adils liu: Freiicliniiin. (t7 V trentleiu io in want of it wife ad dressed n pissinuate hillet-doox to n lidv, and ndiled this eligible noirilni: "Don't be long in answeiiug, as 1 have stimclwdv els: in my ryr.." Jean Jaqiies tells us that when his wife died eleiy farmer in the lieiehhorbooil nf lered In console him bv one of iheir d.iileb- lets! but 1 1 in I a few weeks nfieiward, lis row having shared the same file, no uue ever lboin;bl of i-it.ii'iiie bis lus by the nfT-T nf aiiolb.'i ; l.erebv proving the differ ent value people set upon their cows and I'bilihi.'ii. rr.r.TTV pAtr.. A rorpet board support ard "tinuglli uih the rlicst of a lady. If eo say.i n witty clitor, it miy bj properly termed the "board of health." 'I can't hriniT mysnlf up to the; sticking pnin'.' a tl.u linjF.t'd ven be got nwav from tlie hutch er. "J m. does your tno'iW ever i-rold yon 1" "No -vureo nor that." "D.'Cs "he whip you, .1 iiuV "No, she ilnnna wh'n me, but slio waslica my face every morning." 'Ilniv ran von bo so nolo ns tn rrapo ln-forc a l.ulv,' paid Susan lo Whizz. 'Madam,' yawn ed h", but at the same tune bowino' uoii'd'n' fur the world Ii ivo iraneil befnre. 'he lady, if I hail KUpoctril be wauled to jr.ipe, firs'.' The Pii'ivone sivs there is n Slate mil mentioned in the rimfederarv, which is "en er.dly well iepr"ei led ;it Wa.-ibingtiin, h : the bl.iii! of inrbriity. A i Irish Tcn'lein in railed on a MUgim t ler In impiiii' le teruw: lb" sinirpr aii', Ilia' bo c'laiiroil two oniiieai for the lirt lesion, am' bill o ic LViiilP.-i Inr a in io- ai he n'o iod nf!,.r w-eril. 'Oh. bethor tho first l",' p. n i Moonni'.iii, ''.ijl us couiin-'nc'.' with the f.cennil.' " Will von t ik" niv iii iti ?" ns liu- snldiei s-inl when he held nut his shattered elbow le the Sui-nenn. " V'linrs toseri'," as the writ said lo the Shot ill'. Drfinil'wn rf a bustle. Dai k-qanimnu. " May ii mm nrirry his wife's sister?" i a ipiesti in which can only be properly an swered by llie sister bei self, when the wid ower pops the question. ??. M. F. Osoo32 P. Mars:i. H'q will itive a t i.-ni-a h?f.i-e ii- Inmt'it m I ie tlH'orv of th, Mee'ini' Arts l-'retsv evening, Mav 5lh, quarter past 7 o'clock, in Slronga Had, I.adii ami ee'iiieonn are inviie.l. S FI.F.T-H' f!. Secretary. TKMIT.KtNOi: Ml F.Ti.NO. The nurlinnloii Total Ahui'ienco -Socieiv, nrw meet moil lit v. The next mecti e ink s place this cieninri, nt seven o'clock. A general aitcndeiKe of i'ue members is .snhciti d. V.. A. STANSRUrtV, Secretary. Ilt-ls'ltoa Market. Miui(!ay, April 17, 1S13. Al M irket, 37j R-ef Callle, 1." voke Wnrkins Ox en. 2130 'wine, and CO Sheep. 120 choice Dccf Cat tle unsold. Pr. c rieef Catllc Last weik's prrcrs for n like q lali'v were not siinine.l Hilra ni S". First q'l.l iiv.8l.7jj second qe.ahly Jt.SO n 4,G2i third qualiiv fit n 450. A voke or two mav h-vchrimeht a oifle more linn oarhiaheet qiiolnlions. Woikms 0xen-A viry few nalcj only v.ete rf. feeled. She p Pii cs were not made public. Siuin- 1,'iis lo peddle 3i'. for Harrows s Old ftir-rows!)-. At retail from 4 io 5Jc. ; s nail Shoats, weiihiir in ler fifty. B ind M xi jf y ii ' J! ? In tills town, on the Sjih iasl., bv llie R-v. H. O. Meeker, Mr. Revnilds I.akdom, of Wi'lision, toMiss Adelm D. CAKTLr, of this tow n. In Kwt on iheCih instbv the Rev P. P. Hai. ro.ver, Mr. Sami-el'R. MANtrict-D, to Miss Uabion K. Hates a'l of F.s'ex. COI I Rt T II? iPoicr; ICR.) ?-! I eirc il T.el." 1 1 i nic e ok I Rvinv . It ri'nrnn, Annl SC. 1813, UllllI.IC TIRF. is hero' y :ru,-ii tin, ., eirc,nr ' in - ' eeu re -cue la' tin. oilue Irom MieT.ei-"rv Deiar men', s i-in : i if -r un uu ihat n largeq an'ii',' (liu on er an la'ii i "i ,) of Tiea erv .N"'e , re 'ii oiei by ihe Cu'le' ora' Ne e Or.Vni-. an I n'lejel m baVe li-n 'V Idm ir,., mi-'el ro he Trei- rv n 'lu-v'fj h "t "u IV JOU. Iiivoe.' never h-en lenvel here, aro nre lined to h ive ten p r nine I ei'her fr-iuilie inailor from the Ci-.'on I) an I all per on- are here v f-Hii i- nt-1 a m"i i-t re -eiv n-ior iiej uin'inur mil ",' 'd Nine , w-hi -h iirei'n Ii el ' v 'h -H'-re arv of llie I rei-ury I" I e " no too er vhi I in ir mem A ile-'-ri iiivn i he I le i f be Mo c- a1 uvo de cri' ! ia i I o ten 31 ihi. nllee. 43 WILLIAM P. nRIUflS Collictor. NEW EST ABLISHMENT7 .-' ,, T H F. S dun er tj&wiv, ' -I liaiunr inoip I in. XiaKaVi I' le MW IU1C III ll.l'I.NC. inuuiij llieCeuii v iluililuij; , ,n Ch ich h'iii:', -s osrrvo" l n 'he II AT MANCFAl TUI.G Ill'hl.N ,SS ni all r inr on, I rum lis. He mm o r o he leib. !e n general a-trr'ment cfihe mottfaAionallt Huts in (ev; aniuni' uhuli i. a ie.y u er.or ar i.'.e i .not.:: skin ii vth. ei al in noi'i-i'-- uu I iy o and I theiv I , fli'tot"" V & io le far 'U. I hid ever ' e ' pel inr ar- I'M' OA Sill It S a :d ciirnnnn ha'a.nui' ns wh' h -i e:i ' ' ih-- ni -' Ii i a or k -oc i 1 y the a ' ' - r;r i. '! . 'V : '- . . f.i - l , 'a ' '- . " lii'" lix . -. I . j e i : j 1 i u t . . ' - i '.t ' ': :T s : son H Mi..' -i .-' . i.i 43-.- iJiZi tvni;.T, V, , -w i - armlc- r On S F.D '-r ,tlK ty r 125 lP-li. O o P TF.R-'O.V il ."tE.'- AMF.ftiCAK i.ABI l'..'.15, ' If it ,.1 'C, .0'' Hie . :3 -.'Ii II ; S.'15'MVVAV.l,'rn. xoricr. I 1 1 F t. ci i- hill' a hi lu-m n Hi.NRt II. 1 Doo-' UTtC I'I C nr rer hn. 'he s lie will I v vuiinu.iul. ii r lljeBr.u m H. tc II M. DisiHTTtCi PHIL. ) DOO-ITI'i-E. D'lrhns'cn, I7'h Apri', 1SI3- INK. AS ipcilrre arlicleuf ULAt K INK. iut reteivoJ April ii. ly H, 1 SHUMWAY, Apr NOT ICR. ,X;il! Per' tli-" tlu't I Invr -riven In my son, I IVtt.T.tA .If A FOWI.F.n. hi tiino d liuf the ret of In man n V. on I li.ol il.ii'ti none I f hi wmu. nor pay any cei is oi in. ii nunc nnr innn in l.l'e. JUMIL'A V. I U l I.I IV- UoK.c ler, April I. 1813, 483' rillin Ifouseanil lot belo'iuinz io.Tamc9l..nB,!iore 1 siunled on tlie iVnw R "d lenli ia froui Hulling- ton .-quire lo tne 1 all!, rot icrnis nppiv 10 ApillS?, liVi. 4311 f U. Pi. ATT, Itanlct Richardson's I'.slatc. Sr.l TC OP VEHMOSr, ) T UK IW n-e fV.itr' Di-'nt'l ol Chiueii leu, 5 for ihe I) -'ric nl I'M ten '"! ! 'lo nil it i-ic let In lie K-ta eol DNIEl. IlICUMlPSnrs'. lae ofW-,tforl, In d Hi 'ri -I ileeen-e I, In e iite. . WHTRK'S, SiNv Jli'hrirl m. afin'nl trnlrx if iliu e lajirflje ai I ileteiyi, hvli iiiadeno.ill ntum in -a-iitvi irfo extent JjTr'iiiie fiattlK ".'uluiir -all e iVroneiOrriii 'he 50 Ii My of M IV. lSI3t an I uli to rcn 'cr ni aeeie'iit i.f her nl- mi n-'ra ioo, an I pre en' beriij-ipiii' avaiii-. -li-l e tntelor i'XauitiuojjjiJ-jjTJil'THyr Theiuri rc, the ei ur nli.r ty'jjo3'1yiyi L)""'t irth Wedne day f M iv, my) jnfityn , "' '"le "" al' nnplin i ai' nu I HtWiitenuii mid allov.'oiff 'aid n'oun', at 'Lo ulice, nl he Res! 'er nl'o n Co r', ill H rlincl it, mi I iti it h eidir ln'.all "cr on-ion erucl leilulilei hereol In' m i' I '.a I mi i f ll i t er ihris.- wiu iue vi iel'i i the II il na'i'ii Fiee Pre -, a neiv-paner orin'eliu U rliiirion, Insiildi Ire t, iholns' olv.'li ch o Idiin hoi lo I c previous to i he t ny a,tpo uted ii alnre nl I li'l hcai ill'J. Give i on 'it 'nv 1 at ai I Eitrli.ig'on, ill 13 h lav id Aeri', 1 543. 48n3 W.M. WES'IO.V, ftetristn. STATU OF VVftMONV,) A T Pro' ale I ij'iiei ot i he endeii, m. ( Sx Conn hel I m 15'ir'unr'i ii, wi li n iiml Ii ni e I i-irii t uloic n ', on llie 15 Ii thn' of Apr1 , A. I'. 1813. an In Irmeu p. rpi r'ni" to le llie la t Will nod 'Ic lament ot AI.I.IN F. lit AC II, la'e if IJ r intr , iii'hi.I D 'n ! i'e -ca-e I, wa p'e enie I to the Co-rt hen lor I'm' n p. ly William r. Uixss thecxe.u'.i r, i-i nun e '. I Mt'.Ur.Ktllin il i- ir'erel ly ,ai,l Cot', illi id le no ice. I e mien in all per i u com erne I there ii 'o a, a ear 1 efore still Co r. nt a e-.iou berei4 'o he In I 'en nt llie Keci -ei' eirice ni -al Hiirinnriiai, on Ihe e 'ond We liie-'eVi.f Mav, A. I). 19-13, nml ism. e In-pro1 a c ol said ill end u j. tur hi r ori'eie ' ha' 1 hi- i r 'er leoill- lie I iluee weLk--.ueie -nek in ihe I! rliiiutou Fne Pie , n new-p cr pr n e I n u r ne.' i a, ill ai.i sin e,'iie in i ni w hi -ii - nal le pieveai :o iheiltiya signe'.a afore aid lor benrinc linen mi er .i y liano a i lie uegi-'er . uilne, tin 15 lu'av 1 1 A nl, A. I'. 1313. 47 Wm. WGSTO.V, neshttr. FOR SALE, YOKF, of WOltKINO CATlt.r. 5 vc.irs old. Jiarch 4, 19-13. II W. CA"I LIN. HEMIiUY FOR HARD TIMES. IIOHACK COOK "T70l'l,D iiifjrm the public llint lie is sn plvinp T. V V (JIMII with slock of the first ouahty' for all Hinds of ot' usunlly kept in a S'lddh-r's shop. From ihe well known i liarnrter of JIb. (J.ds's woik ommcnihiion i inniccesary. An exvellen assoitment oi work r.nw on hand tor 'ale at price- lo corieepoml wuh the linns. Gentlemen who uj h to find theit own leather will he wai milled In -.1 1 1 on huriien a nl 625. Ilinishiiruii, April Vl. 4wl7 T. W. GIUH. JfilTICR 'PHOSr. whi have uneiild matlcrs with S. H. I Sc itt ire mosi rcpeclablv informed thai he will I i liiin-i h' the ple"iure ol leaving them fur collection fool arranjed inline 'iait-ly. TUB WEST. VPnilf-OeT v, ho has pi nl several years in O'lio and .Mil Imjau. will si ,it lur iho- Slates on ihe 'peinnj ol imiiriuon, on InHiness that will K quire en lo "lopnt un si.ol llie lar-jer iiileriiKalcile town-. i vi II n llio. eon and nearl ike Hriu Anv liu-ltn cs 'inrnit. d In 'liin Will he fniihpilly aiteudul to. Ile refe by periniision to O. Goocn'.cu, II. It. SrAcr, md Dana Wi.nsi.i w F.'q's. ilurhiniioa, Apnl, 13. 1313. 4G lil.A fJliS TESTES I NG. HF.'-ltY W1IITMJY Iicbs leave lo remind ihnse who me not already apiuised of ihe faci, dial he ha? n mnvid h s ir-tnhlu-hnunt to I ha nuw irii-k -hop coiner of Pcntl-st end llie new road. A'here he will be happy to Perichis o'li friends, and nnkeas many ntu ones as proinplniss and fidelity 'nay s-.-cure. 'Ar.c.tx. He Ins on hand 3 Double Wnrjaonf, made of ihe heat nnterinls, wilb iron axles, and warranted to do .nod ei-i v.ce. T.vo one-horsa LUMEnR WAGOONS-a good i.liele. Al.o, n nuinber or snpeiior ON'CORD WAG-fJON-1. with wnntl and iron itct. Allot whnli will be mid viryi heap f.irca?h, nndnt prizes ndaj ted io llie tuns, fir en id paper. to inT. Thor-econd storyof the l uildinirnhnvp to 'ms i roam 'ZG by 40. and an excelltnt aland fur a I' .outer or Wheel-wr'eht. nn.vRv wniT.VF.v. R-tlmg'an, April 12, '13. W 3m iiuust: run s t.rc. and eouven'eiil IIOL'SF. wuh ear.leu an I iT'oliincr n'la.-lie.l. , plot nn'lv uun e I near tho 1 u- me - ear iiJL'.liftf "I 'he vi'lace; a very de ira' le re I ' iSCSaiTa 1 ....I, I ., ,,-lln... P..rl,.r,,i :ini,t.-1n JO-l.'.'il WAIT. Ct rm-r of Cle rch and Ccjlerr,. ,i.. ) II rlui'.noii, Apr I 12, 143. 40 SPRING FASHION FOR HATS. Sy. 'I'lil-; j-'l-cr ir lia le eive' - -- -Tf iii- 'i I'm -ii I 'I i"i 1 1 i Sivrfia anli-ci'ii inni'y uiiiiif.H'niniifrrui'l r-.iv- ii era un ie o r t- ill- i.i etere otl.llile m.M in il e one t-riouii rv. I lie a--i r ni.'in on iniul is n-i t- ?&--ifJ in ear , of he lb I iwui'.' v ir ll.VK llfAVER II ATS K a ir .vi'r.a ' F ne lir i h ' Ci nuiijii Do " I n-nrrie ' Inn anon anJ C'oinmnn " AL O, Fx'ra lino Mu'e SI n " lir - i ie,-i ir to m i.i of ilie Ill's learin; that nuns uf w he b i me have I ei u m Id m 'In- p'a' v. A- the -iih-eriler is aware 'list iiiini' r-en'leuinn li.ue i.i en a fluey lo liu- I ni I uf hi', behaj ine rrel no uileeMin e iii proi'iiruiL'llielc I ma I iiilheir oi.inil.ii-me,.i'i Inl none of heven le t ci y ha' iiia'.e'S, nii'l I y xh'o ii' , i noweiia leioo.'crnu inii-le in Ihi Inn- in a inferior tu ihe I c ! city ma 'e ho , in point if .lile or il rah Ii y, an I iuvi t- cent e i en in i i'l, txan.ine, and ci inpa'ie q i i V an I nrice eloie p nehn e l cwlicre. Hat- Vt 1 1 l y ihe ihn'ri er aiew.irren'el to si la a welling walnut uii"ry. Ha ma 'e n i r'er a Imrt no h e, Ui'y i'o h cap coi-iau'lv on hia I, all if which will I e Mild (lieu. dthe i-h-:A'ie I. Cll RLE5 A SEVM0UR. lurhnjion, IVarl S rte', , .lira 7. 1813 I 40: tf nisnop hopkins onuoman- ISM. second l iter in iheRlliHT RF.V. FANt IS "A P KF.NR! K. riumur, Cithoiic mio r miailtl)Ma. Hy JOII.x It e..KY !.'OI'KI.'S. D. D. HMop iiflhe Diocetnf I'trmont. Just puhlliihed. Km iile hy II. J. SUUMWAY, Asent. April C, 45 pnr.niCTioS of thi: SRCO.VD ADVENT IN 1843. 'tVOdie.iiirou ihe .-'tcund A.lvn,t ol Hie Ite i dii'in-r wnh -pc.ial ref "e'i"i' iiih- vear 1313, Uy J-HIN IIF.N'ltV IIOfKINs,, I), l Dis'iop of te Diures of Vermont. For Pilehy ' a, J, SflUAIW.W Asent. April. C 4i Hei lioiln II. SI. Ill's IMate, STATE OF VFItMfiNT, yjAI.I.Y II. SVIKI Ili.'ii 1 1 l h i in tn, , O minim ura iix o he e U'e r.f llenjiiiuiii II. S' iff, la e of Oh nh tl' in sai I di trie , i'e eagt-l, haviiiR h'ld in i aid co u her ret I' ii n, lellin-.' lonh that i', i nece-.ry to hav i he lime fur u'tiline: a'd e ta'e fir her ex ended, an pnyi'nr -ail eo ul in exti n I aid nine one year firm. be' Uih dav'l Apr I, 1513 i Where umn ihe Ci ur' 'irore uildo ha.iiont he c.s n I W'elne t'av i f M J 18J3 "i' he.irinrr a I e-'i 'in -on naa' apa'ieH'ion, a he Si vof ie ReRi n-r of ai I isnrt ,n II irlin? on a id loll or er hit nil per-on In'eroie I vt -ioti'"t- :.tre f b;' oi b'di"n of 'hi. oner, rnn'auiing Itu u in... f u I eiiion, ihiee vee'i nift-e-ivi: a he llirtinfton Free Prat, a new pa er nr n o i ii' ' Ii .1 ii.rn u, ho In i of whi -h p th 'catlun u 'm in .i ail eei n I We'ne eay i f May, IS13. Cvei -iVr .rv hn' aiU.r'ini.n, in n iMduiriui h i'.lavU" Apr I, lril3 4.-1 -3 WIt Wr.STOX, Hegttter. LUMBER YARD. A Sermon pretcle'd bfforo the fir.i Congrr culonil Church and Society in Duilington, Vl.( Uy For sale hJ April 6, itr.v. j. K. cgrvbji'i'.. 4i fC TI?! t!.t..,ril---! liFw-n nn hnntl n Riinn!-j nf I nm. I I Iwnf vinous kinds nt their rdon Poail Si. aViMe- ih hi-v ran le su-m He viib Vhem - ho 1 ? "niVcnlr,;ir I a flays ana 1,-ne WJ1 ho liutoiicton, 3IU Oct. lsiv. where Ihev will promptly wait oi nuiomcis. Lout- t;lrZ' a?! " n I r lo-mri where lh . , r,;i , I "'" k,10wn by ''a,ndb'1!s rculatJ before Die Sea; 1eM:rVh",,fJ""rder- iVlCKoV'k'TF VF'Vs" J'' SM.VLi TIVIST COM Us, NUV ONI'S, JlarchlO. IllCKOt -STEVENS ru.l lojul.e how far-hey bivn chon. tf. aert lK, Xe, Axrt&fFlA'i I O Dt . Snmll Pla'ed l'or? Tvn,. din' C ',.. THtl SCRIP TUR A L DO C TRINE , ,uP'"n"J 01 'h ""''i .h'T- ," a:,V;i , c I not suiM-ei by ..ny hnrsno.v cf 'fJ.&S.. J'",! Sr 't 6 d.' .i I Til V.MIJ.' VT i-r.ii - . ... m tv .. A on llio tint Any persona wis nnj to inipmve thfir D", WV , ? 'ur"'"" i' 1 " 1 l"u'" i r't,'l t-1 ' OF A I Uy&M tiN J . tollesc kt., neit to Mr. Wun'ei-s entvc Cr--. trv U,o,-ic nf hnrD ... I i,.... . s .oil ! 'o an 1 1 oc-U C orrh . tirvr.m lenri rvmi. Asa AIIcii'a Kntatc. I7F. tlio subecribcis, havini bwh nppolrV'd I y the Honorable (lie Piub'ile Coin! lor tlie Distiiit of Chillenden. roami'siuner to rriv r;;- inline and ndjurt the claims tuut iJeii.tue s of nil ptr ou aeainrt tin csiatc el ASA ALL' A', late ol . tliiieiliiiri!h, in f-oid District, ilceeied, iiin tilid no "olveiil, nud also nil ilmins and deiiinmls e.xhibitiil in ufl'fcl thereto ; nml ?ix iilonlbs I'm n the day d Ibc dalo hereof, beinc allowed by ra il Court lor that i parnnsn, we do thcrelorn hcnliy uk ntilice,ihat we will nllend to the business of our anpointm nt. at Ihe dwclluiff ol Cunt. Ilarinan M All- n, in Itints-1 I urtdi, in said Disinet. on llin last 'I'ue? Jnvs of June and August next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on eachuf a nd days, Latcd, lli'a lt dav of March, A. D. le4t. 43 iZ!tf Conner, U'ltllim V. I'lilllli s' l-titt. ATn THi; SUUSOIIIUI-UI. tinvinif been npuoint- , en by the llonoiuulethe Probate Con I lor the Disirii I of ChiKcnden, commi-siom is to reieive, ex amine nml adjust thci hums and il'inin Is of all p.-r-sons, neain;! thetaiateof WII.I.IA -I I'. Pllll.I.tP.S. I He of IturliiilOll. ill s-itit Dial I id. ilerenseil. utirescnl. td inohetil, rind also nil i laims and dennnda e.luh ited in ( ll's.l theielu i mid ix monlli funn the dav of the date hereof, heint' allowed hv -aid Court for that parp i'e, we do therefore h.-n-liy gne ntti e, thai We will ntend to the business of our appointment, nl Ihe Uich-ii no lloitl ol Mos,sl. Marl, in litolitu ton, in said District, on tlierecoml Tuesdays of June nml .September next, nt 10 a clock, A. M., on tilth ot sniddnys. . , Dated, this Gist dav of April. A. D. 1613. IMWJ NYK. (''omul's HF.NllY M.WO, 2d. S simurs. Itoswclt (trou's Instate. STATF. OF VKRMO.NI', AT a Prolate Cie'ri li.-tru'l (.fClulleiide.i, j . i. held at Burlmlon, wi bin un I for 'he d s'r.ct ( f Chilteiu'en on the 9 h i lav i f Mur.'h 1313 comes .Union (in tin uf Wet Ii r'l, in ai I ih tin", a lull ii on or ol ibe e U e f Ko well tirow- l i e of sal I V e-ilur dena e', in e 'ale, and ti!,'- in aid e i r In- pe itioii lu wiitiue e't lie f..r Ii Ihat ,he aid Unnv d e I ie IC I if aloe hi r acre (I'l.nil in nil We Mo il, lying nijoh n!e of ihe roa I lea Iiiik from ihe coiniiitai m We t ford to he - aieli oiy in Wej f r I, be n? tlie-aim nnl ee el I y -l st-.ili il. lirmvtoilie nil Ho wet Grow, on wlii h land i a Inn ennd am ilul rn d Inil'l i i kmiiii ereJ wuh a uior paire in -i I Jo ejili II. execj'e I by llie .-aid Ito well in lie lifetime lo e e re lb- p iv em ot ix Ii m he I dollar ', lint the line tiayol'tlie e- a!e ol the1 -ai J Ko Well aim uu e in 4l3l,st!, an I the claim almvel aeii.u-i ail e a e uui lint-in m re. Inn S7J0OO, ex I i-ive ol an uioriuaeo i'e .1 that llie expense- Ol etduig -ai e iu e uu- no: les- than lur y ci. ar , and ihat a ia i i.f lliei-ij i of re'eiup'ioii in i-Kid reil e.-lu e I ne ecs ary f r ihe puv meiit of I be i'e I- ailuwe I again- aiile'm e, ami pfayui -arl co rt obi-en e h in, the in I a liiiiiu-iin'i.r in ell ailiea e lute, a jreein l lo Ihu -ta ile, ei. '. Wheie 1,0.11, helo :i at. u-ai i'oiIi a -puoil llie fir-l tV'c Ine day of Mav, liM, or liearin.' mil I'ejuliii t on -aid pe i lou a, ilie of the Kei - ei-of -ai l 0 airt, in nil If irliiie.Hii, ami dulh orJer Ilm nil per uu- uitcre-lel le uotliie. Iberei.l I v pnl luntion of llij- order, i-otitn Hairier ibe iili-tance nf euid ne 1 ion, Ibree wee.- -ucce--ielv in ihe U irlui' 'Oil l-'iee Pie--, a new paper prni-ej m -md ihirhuirioii, the tn-i of which p il iictiion- to I e previou- lo llie a it ur t Welue- iiyot Mjy, 1813 Ciiieu iia'erm,- h ei I ul laiJ U ir, lujiuu, hiaSh dav of vlarch A.0. tali. ' 46 3w U M. WIS'ION, Regi ler. list of riitts pKMAINI.Vt: lu the Past Oillcc at Bur- 11 lii.giuii, Vt., 4ptll I, 18 13 J hn A mold, Alexis Laflechc, 2, I). P. Adauia, t Jim i it s Aiken, Chailes Alexander, llev. Mr. Aneie, 3, R. Austin, FJizibeih liramon, N i lie v I ninev. i'leilcrii-K l.yuian, Russell Lawttnce, Miss M. I nne, J. W. I.ynde, Jacob Eewcy, John I.aurencc, Adolph Miilinnnd, Thomiis .11 Catty, 2, James Mitchell, 2, .Mr. Mu.-rigc, -Mr. Mouce, John .Mouifon, Ueoini; Monroe, Michail M' Uiinon, 2, I.tephen Myers, Yuun M;nis!itlJ, Joseph Malliot', Hu..'h .M'Keiinea, J. W. MilK F.nieline .M'Carter, I.eetisicr Morton, Michael Murau, Joseph Marqnel, Mibh. Ccort'e Moudy, Otis Morcnn, E laar Morion, Wm. Mead, Hciirv Nnsh, t . F.' Norton, Jiiiih I'alunr, Daniel Perry, R. P.nehin, Doctor P. ck, .Mrs. fi. Potwm, Henrv P'ltwin, Seldine Pnllee, Ursula P.ilnuier, l.vdn Palmer, John V,. Pe.iilnras?, Gierke Peige, A. Pollard, .Mr. Pir-ons, primer, I nii'el Prior, Oel--iiiin itaciroi, PoiK.k Redy, 2, Ntlfon Ruber n, A. Kosen'ihil, Jo'. p'i Rind-ill, 2, Rosilui" c Ried, Eiuiita Randall, F. It, Robertson, Pierce Itnndu, T. J. R-ivuiiind, -Sirah Rinuey. Jo'ipll It. 'Weil, I. ewia Snuiideir, I". A. Si'i inn r, James Steward, Wmeliiw S'p.iiifi, Isaac Sindeiiion, ft. Ts. Sprain. Elizdilli -Sslfin', Al'iiitn A, -lei. nB, A-hael Siaey, 2, Kalhnin I .Siiiioi, M is-s tp Aaron W. A S . iih. C. 'lntlc" E. ShctfT, J. A. -Slelon, -S. A. Smiib, Ii. P Siicv. L. W. Spauldinr, I'nirick -beiidan, E. J. Siiiucun, II. Speaif, ?lni nal Shfdd, R. I. Manifold, G M. Stacy, Shepto rd it' Martin, Solomon A Siiuili, airt n Thnver, ?ld i Thomi Fop. John F. 'I houipsun, l.u e Thompson-, ltoniwick Tiiui-l-y, Chsrlei Teaman', I lijah Thaver, n.iroilie-i I5it-r, Thoirjjis Vinkir'-', Jam's Vin eni, D. M Varnev, Claik Vau-hnn, IllllS Vwlli -r. rhailrt J. Walker, Hares Wslare, Ititwy Willey, Rneef Wsdsvorlh, Davd Wells. J . ire's I Wallace, S im' el Welter, Gnilin Wi- c, j noiihm Wiitiwrifht, Jilin Wii'lii, Joel Ihsliop, 3, I liniuas oea try, Seth llishup, 4, Kuo- liliiiu. 4, liripgs, Ann M. lilair, II. F. Ilroik', John Brunndle, S Harlow, I. eM li.ilhune, Isidore llanin, Amos E. Heochctt, R. -S. M., E. lituwn, Albert O. Purr, -ophia llliss, lirideu Itl.-iiicliard, Mnxhain Ulair, It. I.. Harrows, Daniel Itnnvn, I'erilla Hales. Elijah llnislow, II & II. liishop, John W. IJriytfS, flcore llarslow, Jo'iph lliu'knian, Naihanit.1 Ito'worth, ll' itj. I). Hrownell, U. m. Ciistnin House, Thomas Cro", E liitiui I Coniicr, James I. Culler, Riia Ciiice'iim, I aniel Cotiklinr;, P"ler Culhert, t;. Oirnmc. Mnrv Ann Chambctluin, II. AI. Cnismtii, iViiniD f.'hapin, I. 'ii Cniriiieion, J, Ualvin (Jlaik, 2, Oren Claik. John Cllel III. I, Ruins M. Cru.'sninii, tlberi Chittenden, tnu D dan, I.o lis, Jh.1. Drue, Marv Dvet, Wm. I,. Ditnn. vtu-hit-1 I or mghey, Piofper Durpha, Pierre Dvon, Antony I cvercut, Daniel Drew, Lewis Duke, Ehha Drew, Widow F.lder, A. W. II. lid wards, Inae I'I v. Mil's A.' Evans, Ca-iniere Foy, David Fi-h, ' Ed. St. FeliT, Sth Foljtr, T. Follclt, T Fii-hw, E. Farr. E. Fi'zpatrick, .Viilhaiuel Gnee, Fanny Own, Edmiind Gatip, I. J. Germain, Ruth Gieen. Jn.n h Guiltl, C. Goolrieh. 9. Simeon Iluichina, 2, I. aniina I. Hitch, lliillinil Ilowntd, Julia Hyde, Charle. H. Howatd, 2, II. S. Ilorflev, Murrav S. Hart, Wm. II. Hum, N'arnh R HoVt, "Henri- Harrieker, Mil-. Hicks. 2, Sirh A. Hnljowsy, S. B Inhaiii, r'j I Inhaiu, J. S. Jolinvnn, lohn Jrrf.nn, E. W. Jrihiison, I A. Jenner, Wm R l.auience, -, 'hailes I.von, Oharle' I iindv, J-'iniu" Linilieiion, Elmibcih WaiUwo'th HENRV It. STACV. V. M. IIAZdltS. RODnERS ft SDNS' an I o hor line Rar v, nl n S'rap., lir I-he-, La her HoxtH, M n , A", tor a'e y I'anodi rn U L'mm jiaio. Map h. II, ISI3. H THE GERMAN STORE 'IIF sil-enler lea leave lo renew in ihe put Pr ot ins place ami the .nrro unriifr cnuu'ri, llie ntiiTiaiion thai ihev continue lo l.tvn coii:anllv un of Ih . place ami ihe ,r,0 ,d,K coun'ri. llie h in I a eboiett aa-or iin-ni ol" HRV GOOD AND GROrfRirs, ill ef which in iheir p.irlm Ur l-hid, are i f superior quality and turfatsins; ehiapn'tt. Imiccath' moiIiI ibevinvir nil1 lie ntteniirn in heir luipnri'ul I'rsMAM, FkexcU it 'PaM u WINES, heir Coonac IIHANHY, ond HuIlano (Seh eilaini r.17 r ...... 1. u ,....J.. e !l vn.,, nt mi 1 1 wini'ii i4.anir(iuy 'vvu mr -time ye..r: u.i.Vr ihnr uwn oaru'c lar .urvev rind in.i.e . ..... ..A .1. nl ...I. .' I. o.Mnll.i .L. ' . non. and ihrane of wbtc h addc 1 ui iheir .m.i .uimn a' le p irity renders tttm ptviiharly fit for mo-licinalj UffS'r. Theyal-o ro-poet filly Inform Siore-leepei's and i averu-i evpur- or me uoju- cm town., wilt aro cr WATKU. 3410 B0S. Supcrfitis Hour nf superior lraudt, by GTRONOS i i-.ii John Lee's ltalr. Vlft Tilt' PUIS 4' I'IMni-,; bn np- i v pniaied by the tlonoiiblu the 1'iohHu null f,,r the District nf Cliinenden, rotnniips'iancr to re cebe examine ami ndjusl l!ie c'nuns and ilem'iml" ol all persons, nuamsl Mm clale ot JU11S l,TJC Into of Jenchoi in sai-l DhIIiC, ile'uacd. rpie senled insoUeiil, niH nlto nil clauiiB and ileinmi'c i jihibiii d in oli'.i t tlieielo; red six muiiib" fueii ihr nt) of ihrihlehi.'M'if. be'nsf tilinwcd be s aid PmiM f ir that purpose, we do lore hereby pile notice, ihat we Mill ntiund lo the. bu.mss oliiur appoint- nu in, nt llu-ilwellim: I the wi 'ow of t!i" said dc eenie Ma J 'ticho, lu raid Dlalncl, on the lt ilavnf Match and 1st davof May next, nt lOo'eloc , A on each nf said ilnvs. Ditid, thin 10 h dav are. A. D. 1913. 40 lU'HI.K lil((W-. Couimii- JOll.N II. TOWF. -.11. S n lonet". i uv '''i"c "t-'H: i'1 R n i-'ri''1' v' J V ' of pa !ern- nl iiiutuitni rer- .r "e I lien I or'!' . lur i'e v Annl tt 1313. II. W. CA'ILIN. 4C JUST tere.vei! at the Varaty Store Lidlea fc'ilvcr Pencils, 1't -ml 37J cents. I'ANOUOHN .1'- CRIN'SMAt Ap i1 n. nt'j. "OOn.OFSON ,V KAlii I .N hminT lease' the L eomniohoii- Alanufdcturinp lUtahlibhmmt. a 'he 1) ir'inirnit M II I,. .,' an I e. line hem e ve- in l.u ine sui Ii Mr. - liARLi.w, f nncr Asi-ulf r nil Co..) are iur.vie-i vtoie-eic Wool to iiiqiin fi''!Ure lor e "'nine.-, into Un ade'elh'. 'I th" e tha' have bad wi rk ('one hereK f rc I v Hi e'l'-on O...I.I I.. I.. I I .. .. I I. . '. hi it, im ii -in i, nt iv. II VI. I 'ill i in nu. .1 it'll iii I' aiieei,fpa'r..ii,we,audt(.allohr.wewo.d-nyll,!.i In- worli " ill ' e i'o ie in nu-uil-mani c manner Farmers, M:re'iantin I ethers wi h us io l ave 'tool tla't- fi'-uieil hr the r cm u e 1 1 fornar ul mav ns a s ret i hit no pa a ir return n w ill ieare (.e'veil.e let of . a bfui'iion. Merlin if pitmen' nauei.i v or a I lot- i t wuul I rt- tn luUJ I nun no-ward-; ft nab loN Cash (r one ImI if he i-'n h vhei Ii in bed. Ml.e l.u me will lee itil ile I nm'er he firm of ROKLOKoON, ItA'lIIBt.'.V t C A"ir,l 5, 1343. 45 FOR SAT-C Oil TO ItF.VTi rpiIE FAR.M known ns li e Vernon farm. itr.atrd I on Wiiion-ki Uitir. One mil- below Wuiontki Villa ste, in Colchcsler. Contni'iiinr nhotit twn h ndrcd md foii'iecn arn a of nml. (Mostly mterinlc) with n nod story and a In f hoiie. Com Hoiue. two cood llarn-aud a irood Well of W.ner. ."-'aid f inn is in irnnd eondition and is o(T rid fur i'pnw,or 'oRcitl; pus sessiun given immediateh". For terms nppiv to ' GE0HGE II. MOORE. Ilurl'ngtnn April C, 143 45 2w LISTS FOR TAXES 1843. BLANK'S ti.r'i-tK Ii r I31J, iirni In: 1 -t ler no li ef. rl 03 per ICO. C. tOODItl' II. AM 1, IS43 45 UNIITD SI'ATRS DISI'IUCF CtJL'RJ', Vcrmotn 8isirir.;. IN ISA K IC UPTCY. Votlro to sliiitv cause a;alnsl Prtltlnn of I.Y.MAN' D. CHURCH of Jericho for his Disr-lnrce and Ceriificnle. as a Itinktiipi nl ilie ofliceuf -nm-i:el Piinli'i iuMontpeiKr in ? i IDi-inci, on Tuft div, ihllthd-tvof lulv, A. D. 1813, :it IOA.M. Ct'SIAVt' A. .Mi'ioii, fur In- Di -i-bir.'e au I Cer Ti ae, n a H in1 r ipt, nt 'he offi v ot S.iuiuel Pienli--, ie Monti. i-'ier, in -pi I I'l inc. un T. c-dHt- the I lib day of Jnlv, A. I). 1S13, al 10 . .M- ALV.MI C. Jl X. NfiS of 13 ir!hiL"on. lor hi- Di iharae and ( e nficn v, a- n llan'.r tpi, ni the u.luo of..i'tiue! PreTi -, in Mi nt nl e-, i.i -a d D' tn. t, un i uc ra v ine 1 1 n luy oi j iij,a.d. isij,at 1U A.M. ASSICi XEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. 'iO"l ICE 1- ban by oven I In' I y viriuu ol .bescv L enl order-aii.r.Vcrve- in ll.-iV in llie ful- Imvins iase. i-uej o t i.f i! e Di irn-i Co' rl ui llie Uaitel S u!( s. tor lie- lnnrn-t of Vonnutit I will ell nt P. ib ie Am tiou.a' me oiPoo in I! -rlmiriiin. mi San rday, May C. iv 2o,i-lo -I-", P. M.,- ,ch ell'cCNi.t lie oaiii-r ipl- Imiiiu 1 1 e o'.v a lieeaiue viMeJ in Hie l,y virtue ul ihe ce.'i-.".'.- afure-aid. ntTects of Satnacl Harllclt, or -Jerlclin. A'ou i.i acri in i.iiii, on Wli.'li i- ere tetl a -mill hou-eainl birn, -n-ia e in Jen. e, -ul-je-t to a eluim ( f a' o it SI50. u llo-ea Spnuldiiirr. and a q nt cln in i'e..-1 srivin I v - ni J llanle'l to Pollt lino I, a e' lur Inn bi a.dM'heJ le. Sac at 2 u'cluel,, P. M. effects ofVcriiou tIaiilu?lo:i, tif nurlli.gtoii. S iii'Jrv iin:e. an I aecnimi ( -erre'u'ereil ly Mill Hurr ii-.mi ii nml i u'n nc I hi nid -el ed ile, a-aujiu-t T. 1!. Wat on an I other-. Silea; SuVlucl. P. il. nflecl. ot" .Vatlt:II T. Stiles, cf Undctlilll. A'l the in ere t of Nailnaiel ? i e "i in acive ineni iim 'e v. r Is Pe cr 0 le, I':i G ,-, ' reman (il v, and A a Ti n-li nml O i II.. h , re .1 in? to 'he e. . veya eol irr am roper y an i m i luuvr, i n Itn.wii'- Rner, m I'udwhill. win h via- ('et.'el to PetrrG I snil i lber-, ' e nu ibe mile prem.-e whie' e i tbrint r!i o v ip'e .1 v aid -s ile. Al. he iii-ere-t uf mi i S lie-iu i con ri.- i.nVw h Hi. ei Spnld in in U"o'er 1310 'n two iiu'u- -n."i-j hv Are! Hhi'set , pnj if le ui fulh'l i lo.h. a d I ''e'u'li ad ipi I unir a- M'c r 'V I' r money a leaned I v him. All lie in ere-' i f - mJ S i e io 'an a 'r-euirnt' made wi b Kplna m Sulie lir he ( mi hiv c I n' o i .U a -ii- (fiaiidi n-'ivl lu Inm I y Ami lio .e". in A,ir 1310. Al e, n by nc o ti ' rr- n 'e-i',1 Iv -si i S i e , all of ivhch' wi'l e nirtie Iiilv tes.vuvl fi; the tin e i f ale. Sau-n 2 o'. Ko": P. KH.cts of n. F. MeI'ailand,oriJni-:iiigtaii. One old ilu lu -le.'h an I lurne nl o ihe noie , claim- an I n.'c-o-iiii--i rreiii'ciol hv bun. uh i h iu I leparuu larlv ile:iTilt l at ihu liaivif ia'e. Sale re paruu larlj de:c ..'clue., P. Jl. Cffiicls of r,. M. Dlxen. of Underbill. S 'i Ii aeeo-ui'., note- dcinan I., t.e. n- mav rc'iiaui un -ullec e I, ale by n i,o riiu i ot fn io Fe' . 17, mmv 'j'i'Hj m il'.un, Sat ir lay, Mny S, tfc3,ui 3 uVlue.', Uflccts ofT. ;V. It. Nichols, of Essex. S mil a -co n' , no e- and e eei- a mav remain '-n-cul.ivel. .-"at- bv aiju rnuint fnin'fV . C in Sai -r'ny .Mav C, ld13, al my , 11 ,rl.nSiUi, at 2 o'i Ii el.. P. .M. .Mo. Suilrj E et il.tI.nH iVnrilj.ufC'h bi ter, whchw'l lei a.tii-l.ulv i'e en ed at the 'line ef tale, on bauirdne. Mav 0, 1343, ,1' 2 o'. Io-' P M .NtTHA.NIt HASWiX!., Asnvnee. R rlnicroii, April j, lil j. Jacoh Illns tlll's Kstatr, S7'.l TB OF VBHMO.XT, ) (i II F.S S. HiNS-Di-tiM uf Ch.i en en, ... J JT Dl.,,j nam -trair ol Ihe ot.Mo if Jmoh Hui-ilii,ln e cf a (Ii ow In -ai I il.s u.-, .i'ecca3ea, tnv r.s r'le i i 1 a.. eo.irl Ins pe iimn n ii imr, sun ip o I, -ha' the m vemuiyil die i i r-uual u-i.t. ul Ihe -aid ilfi-ei t anio n f S.'a 47 ; ilia-tin e, nini-alliiwel innn i iu i- ,io i ipee.t wo e ( i a mm sira'ion an I piay ii" aidei art lo e he .aid a ira nr in -til .n linn b of aid rejl e m e a miy lo iiere-'Hrvto p.iv aiddf ' san lex -en e. Where ipt n iheeo irt afore' aid do h a-iipu ibe in nd We're I'm-if Jbv, 16-23, f. r heann.' an I die ding uu .ae pe i ion at the nthie nf ihe It-;;i irr id said i d"n iu Ilnrhn.' on, andilt ih er ' r 'I. i a'l per.-, lie in ire 'e I e no i Iel 'herei f ' v p 11 1 ling ilu- ur it, uiianng tie i- il -'Hiae Tf n i nr i ton, l.uv 'oe m.ivc nveiv ni ihe llur I tin e'un Free 'res. it no r.paper prui ill in ai 1 11 r I inn: hi, pieviuii- to ai I eecnud Wivlne ul .Mav. ! IS 13. j linen um'tr tnv banlat llurluigiua ihi 3-iday .'.IV.I, ... lljj. Wm. WILTON, A'eriVi.-r. STATC OF I'CtWOXT. ) MtJIE Hon. llie D -iriei uf Ch urn tn, . J I I'mlR'r Court for ihe Di in i of ( hnl en .'en; 1 1 a'l ron ion I'uiifd in lie e-ia e ifJu-o' Hinnli.l lac of Si. Genrpe in su I Di 'ri.-t, 'e.ea rsl, GscuTifU. Will Rl As, G le- S. Ibii-iiill.a'min,. i a en l i he of hi-a I i .raimi I, re a 1 1 ca e lur er inline ion eiul h-Iom jn. n .n n of i;e Court i f Pr I ale, 10 life bolden at the Kegm. ii-rV nrti.e iu ll ir intiun in isiJdiarxt on tr.eitiun.1 Wislne ilsyi.f May ncxl. I henf.'iV, you j're beiehy no;i5txl ie apnear lef- re .aid co"rt ut ihe unit und d!c e afor.i!tl. nn.l Khew ,. J ti-r,jf any vou have, why ihe accoimt afort.aid ut-iiiuiim iu aiiimvj, r m ".u"rrn'y,'a1?J u"r""S10" I!.. .. l I 1 -.M .t, v. . "' -."'.I', rt. f 1313. 453 Wh. WESTON, ltes;isl,r. notice:. ri'HEMorjan Hoise, UASHAW. will Bland this -I- season at ihe following places, vu : Uurlin -ton, oaoorlnnifv which nil willnrknnHlrdirerfltet looktieal 6aid hone. He iiiriho sftn at ihe .4mWcan UM umi the Srasm commences, where Mr. L. Cherch will take pleasure in f.huwin him w'uhout anv rhar-je, ilurllnston, March 23th, 13. 41 w3 7 cbOsn Ilu.1 v ,1. '.THZ !. ' "":.'""'.':"!''" i 15 'I5 1 1 J- f - Co. Ch:tlerden Court,, Cou.i I -an fry. ler; ) ,e el, iel eizli nf .;rr-,.vc J! f Wt "'A' 1 1S1" a farm i-on-is: its uf of otiv r thi-re.ib. IP , T.N'ih s e.T I .. a n i - n- earner "AFJ A NO f,fi 'P uvi:r TIIF7 -ib iri'er has c erai tmn'l n nur il. tc duu him Iroiu 25 ecttls to 2." 'ot ir to i iipweri.'--airl all pr-on iiitire tiil me Ik-mi v n tdwl(parlic lirtoiitrn- ex v ite-'tba' M hii'e-i in -r i ii.o u-iiey (i c uns wen 'lie ' arji inc.., th i! Un o.ipt rtueiiy will le aiveu very -lMitiir-tin imti e 'lis'I olivine ! them Uat tb.-v' em in wi ,'i me on ta :er tvrm. SAMIT.I. Ht'NTlNGTON. Mar-b 31, 1913. 3 -I FOR HALL; r"PHF. new, co o'liv, teiit' i. imli K liWrXI .G II0US'- liinilik J.ol at i he enrner u (julhw and f . i j1"1: i'i?. ''t r' town I eyinea; lo pan may remain ( ii'iiru'. Ai.p' m ft. w. SliF,HMN cr S. T. 110WAKD. n-rllncon, Marrh30. 1S13. 4lif NOTICE. 'T,Iir. cnpirlMr-hiji nf dRADt.F.V A tlYDr. w ' 1 expire I y liuuiaiiou on Hie 1 -I day of A nl m": , A I per on-Indi-b'e'l lo -ui I firin inorcj e ti noma imue lia'e payuieol, or heir I'viiun I- W'll bebf i Ihe b tf an Atxrnev lor end m wilui'i pi serve. 7.I UU 1" lift A DLL Y, iiEsn y nron. D'rliiiBtr.n, ManliM, 1SI3. 13' I WOOL! WOOL! rpIlH 3'iti crder i lii to piiri-ha Woo' a i I t ii i ivii pav in enoi Store, Ojn n'jtmi Falls March 21 h, 1813. rvn ur n-vcinl DlDNEY D.'.ni.O LOOK HERE. i.r,..r--r,r. , . . . . i AR.MF.RS. win w,;l, Pj purchase Slovcs.f ' plrae c il. at tliu Stole Sjtute, wist to ! of A ,.C can Houl, b'jieoicnt s:ury a. n. i ai t-1'" llurlinfiMn, March 22, 1513. 2-'f HE PREPARED BY IZth M W l.L er ( ti-im'e i-.-I u the -ul ( riUr wi p'e X lake inii.- .hjl Ibeir certi -n lini-i It tan i ' he I t i'ay 1 1 May ni xt. ( r he will e i ni'.'i he i ce i y nl'leaviu?- 'hen v.'ith an A"o.'ik-v ( r nniii- i a eio lee lull, i evu 'ai uu a a -nii.e, ai t, uiir, i-uJ eXi-e-'l i wli luPu.' t" lie e'ler. OI'.'. JJ COMiMO' K. Shel' i ro, M?rcli 51, 1813. 43 i-2 NOTICE. 11115! eernfie; ilia' I Imve triveii my son, ThomM Irwin Ro' in-on. hi- lime d-.-rini hi-iiiuiuri'. , ind shall l.ereafier claim nunc cf In-earn'iiss ur p .' .uiv cf his ('el ls from lb.- 9 h of March. IS12. ISAAC RClil.NSO.V. Jer.chi, Fc'-. 5 h, 1913. 3w43 French iiroparcd iVinstiinl iiin' Fresh C tron. (new fruii) just received by Jaco 'a Etprees, and which is offend for ?ale at theGermt Store. OSfHEEM & MIGHOI.I.S. Maty IClIzabetli Hamum's Estate. STATE OF VlRMOiNT, ?The Hun. ihe Proln'c DiS'riil 1 1 l hiteiide'.i, . j Co lib r the- Di trie! ( :' Chi 'en 'en, io a'l ner on- euncenieil 'litleo-late if MARV 1 1 IZAfil M H CARM'M, Inte 1 1 .Villi n, ,!. saidi'i ir'n, I'ecia e.l, l!r,F.CTsc. W IintEAS Ar'h 'r Huii'inr, r.dni m oatur if il.-j e-ta'e of -aid iVetn-ed, propo e.- to reie'tr r.n a -co- IP nf hi-a 'ra-nf-ira inn an I pre vn In- aci o -i.. a'.'mnsl fael rs a'? f. r exnifii nt uu and allowance e: a e-ion i t the Cic-n ul Pro'ru, to he ho'tn ihe Reei-'ei-'si.niceui II r!nigluii,in -aiddi ti.ciun llrj hirlSal nlai ifApnluex. M lierel'uie, You are hcrtuy notified to aiifenr lcfora (aid Court ai ihe tune an i p'a'.'er.'bre nid, an I shev cane, if any yo i haie, why the Recount afore -hrnld n a I e adov.c '. Given under my hand al littrlititrlcu tlu IC h day ot March, A. I). 1S13. 41 WM. WT.STOX, tlcsisler. Mcsn Wa-iser, )CIIlTTBSl)nS C.OVSTY v- CO HUT. Ni'Atl ItAnLOW", J Sorcmler Term, A. I). 1342. riHI. l'l.i r.i 1 1 itei'lare. aj.iin-t ihe ded-ii'Miii in an i. ncm n of dolt, uu nuie, daicJ.Maj' 4, 1 833. f : the -i.m uf S192 It cent- nav.t" le -ix' uu :i h fro-. llie (l.l.e, In i.eci-y cf N iicl.i z, miheS n ert Mis i i-i ipt, and winch Ilie planili i Mver- In- nut leeti paid, Al oin u f rinrp'ea ut de'l oii.pntuineiii re-me-e' ly the idaiii'it na i-u-i ihe iVeir'nn', I cljrc il - ( tunlj CVuri ot ,Nal b(7 nf re ai-', on ll c 21 ''ay i N'oveiii' er, A. D. I S 10, tur he - in of 5374 CI -en"' llama ue , and tfS3 4(I.tiii co-', nl -in', and ivhn ;i .-aid judgment llie plemii I'aver. imii lull furce, and nut paid, -a'i f,ed i r i'i t hurled. And ll-.e iVfen 'an' lei-ica' en' frcn tin. ua'c- a' the tirrv if ibe -ervt'-e of he pla i:n I', irn', and no rit"rnej ni'lnn ibeiaiuo Iifore li.e t me it trial, thi- cai so i- I y i n'er i t ei. in.euu'i-i ie', .ind a i-f nlieror eied Ivinideo-n inl nnlice, f ihi- ,u le civcn loihe-ail Noah Railui", 'ypd i li .iirtbi ur 'er nml lie; fu' h.iiiih ul ihi , ia u i .- i'e 'nr.i ,., ilirecM-eel.i -iieic i-.-cly, in ihe " I) r'.ti.' lii Fn-u Pre-," n i!W ajier pl'inn-l in burluicon, in ni I Co -my. il e h-i nf wlie.h loleat lea t lueirv 'ai--Vf re ihu next ii-rni n -ailimri, to ' e h. I 'en at R .ruasti'ii v;niiin an I fur 'lu-eo' n-y o( Ch ilet,t,ew on ihe G" '"iid T-ict I iv of Mav net'. ii.Hnh w II lo 'eemel C'licicn: nitice to ihe. nil Xt-ah Djrlo-.vto i:i .ear an 1 ma..eomwer 'o Mn- -ur, (act at ll'il'nmn afjie.aid. tui.- 27 li ifcv .. Mar Ii, A-. 1). 134?. " Wm. :s'OBI.F, Clerh. ... o. uiiiTTr.Mcr.r, Atlermij. IlEfnr riinLM.Apjt.llcnl, 1 CIHTTEMT.N' v, I COl'TV t id RT. 1 tire rt Piurtr: Puntr-id: t .Vor. Tirm, a.u. l.a.1 kn"a Pnttp?, A ipe'te-. ; T.N . ihii ci i e. he -a'd Ile.irv Plie";i. I, i a:ei ale.' i- fii'ttl the order mil u ilc.i.oc.t uf ilieC"'-rl efl'rc- I n'o for tliedisine: if ( b i'i nihil, m -aid eo nit ol C'lii'en'en.miii'uii thu 27lhdic c' Mar h, A. D. 1912, 1 y vvl.Therdcran I ' iilH'iieiit.ihe sol Pro'ao C ur' u;s pned o Aii'.aPliel.i ,''ilo,vut sii' Piianl PI el-a,i'eeei id. inch in r ion of ll e peir nal c tate if lie -ml deeci l,tole -ei-'itl ly her. from ihe mveu'ery, a-will aitiniint to the iun it S3J0 00 at il.epii-ts tbcien iiamid. And the niUIinrv nver.--Im he is one uf the u lunni-ira i r- in md I i-liie, and i- nl-o in crcs ed beie u n- ( neof llie heir-lh'.-re-i if, a n I is injurolan InjjrieieJ I v the niirs-aiJ order i f the I'm' .ro Co r And the 'u I Anna PI tin- bens a' sent trnm this tne ai ihe lime of said nr er and appea , no I . f the en rvofthe r.mein ihi- ( u- r, mi l ro' h it 'er rt uri. e I within the .rime I efu-e lie ii.ue if ir al, 'lo t an e ;- I y or ler of eir rl inntm id, and u n. f uiher i nVi el y md i ""ri ilia' nntite ul tin" -n i I e ch en lo the j 1 Anna Phelp-, by p d h-h.iu: th surt'ir mid the ub. un-e i f the -a. l Henri', c.-mnlauil an I appea', il-itc .vieU Mirce-Mie i", oi il-e "11 rl mr'on Fiil Pre," a l ens lit er p-nited lu-ail U:irl n;'iun, the In i i.f wh'ih o'rni le.i-t iv-en'y dav- before lie I I 'erin of due ei.ur', io I e b. I 'eii a' H i n g un, m ni eotntv, on ihe re nn 1 Tue d iv n Mtv r'j', v'i ch 'id U (.'eunid luTiiiem noli. e to ihe a.d n,'ie;3oap caranlma e answer f. hi--u Di i.i s- 13 ir' ne on, in a.'s toi.n v. thi- 27 h dvuf .iar. !i,A. i. 1:43. W. .'OBI.n, Cer. iue em I t-iua t?l eeot.- li.ivn le In J nn.nil. d i e, at ihe Kex Co i 'v Al e, rn "ne o'hi r uoc ua el .March 15, 1341. f r iheemi of S31.J; t.i.. In inouiU from di o thereof at tU Kmc Coaav Bani.. . M he ("cfert laiv Ic'mja'frnt frfm tM Sta'r auho iinier.l iheirivi e ( f the p'aui'l I '.- wri',and ro hav. in; rep rod wnhin the eau e le.'ore'fir litnr i f:na', iheciu-r i. I y order of t n in euiria i',anli j- I i. iher i r.!ere. lyiaid Cinr, llai tin i.-r 1 1 hi -Mile iriten loihe I'lfca ar'i, I ; leilb lutiu-ihi r.r'n.aliJ :lii'-iil.-t.iii rufiiei ain"i'iT'i'e.-'.iri' n, 'mi nc--iiciei ively in ihe ' II rl n'on i reePres ," a 1 1 -paper pnn:i-l ui U ,rl net"n in ai l ro nee i f ( hit ie nleii, 'he ia I et which m I e ill lea-l iweuH- dav lefoieih? ne:;i M'crin ut ih:- ( onrt 'o Ic hclden al 11 rliaien afi re a I. mi ihe s-cuu I T 'e .lav i i Mav uex', win h wil bo leei.u-l uffi mil noii'.v luilu sod dv.eadants lo a.ipear anJ u a .e an-wvr lu this i ut, l aid at Unrlinstoa aforesa.d, ibf iU dav c( -MuaIj, A. D. 1813. WM. NOBLE. CIcri. .Uu:' t Tiatt, Mt3rnijs, TO MCIJCIIANTS Who ivish lu imrcliuhc CrockciTi Impoitcr and TacUer cf Crockery t China Glass Ware, VVfOL'LD gne notiea thai he is prrpartd let t " Pack anv amount of Ware accordinr to orit. . st New Vo:k and Boston pricte. saving freijjht asd hieakafo to all who purchaee cf him, He list a eood steortmsiit.andrespccifitrv s -'iciis Jlcrchsnta fO Cell Snd examine, hte win-' hpfn.e liet.nrr ... Market. " I Store, corner ol Church and Collrae St.-H(. hi ra and i thrr kin.le ofri'ie r . ( qrah. anl a letntlf, 1 a,or meat if Hair Crmhi'-. looib aad Nail Ur.',hc, tjnu U-ia'j Cleunew ir rot-.ivel aiihe Vsriely Sli rv. j.j MRh 31, 153. fANQjioeK ci PrlKMtAin.

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