Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 9, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 9, 1843 Page 2
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!FIHIB IP3B02! F O It V, I G N . Fifteen Days T.Mcr from distant!. Tlio Acadia itcanicr arrived nl Doston on Tlmi-iday .bringing intelligence from London and Liverpool to tlio 19ili ult. Tlio tlirco most prominent, items of news aro a deficiency in tlio Dritish Revenue upon the year onding in April, of near ten millions of dollars; tlio falling olT is in the Excise and Customs : tho defeat of the Free Trade Corn-law party, ly a majority of 2jG in a vote of 50G: tho last and liy far tho most important is tlio Repeal movement in Ireland. Tlio declaration of tlio British government of its determination lo crush the movement by force, and tho increase of tho military establishment in that country iiuup port of this determination, will excite atten tion to that quarter, and a groat anxiety will naturally bo felt us to the result of the strug gle. Tho nows from tho continent is not of Moment. Tho introduction of American manufac tured Cotton fabrics into England has caused i great a mistake as did tho few bundles of raw cotton sent thither from Charleston, fif ty years since. The now mistake is thus act forth : V.xlinsire Seizure rf l-Weicn Xiwu'ielnred Cr.mrli A or tint li n.. l. I. l.t .1 ... .. r , iHn juoi i:r 11. r uy wio omcers ?L ';rt nJ."sl' 9 CiiJi.jms, uf llic tare- quanlit) of 400 ba let Ijrni-n m. n of. ....... i' i ... , , 1 V . iMitu iiu:Miriiii uy the luusoof fiarmg Mmihers, in tho ship N'ligira, from llosteii, l"nilp,l Slate", nuwm th; St Katharine D.idta. It appear tlio cntrv was pi-ted m ths name of that firm, fr warehousing ilis goads at t):e ware homes of r,i) lor and Hall, st tho le.-.l qtnv ami 373 biles werom com so of trntiit in lisliicra In Innsiiin I that establishment. Tho discovery vrs. nn.l.Mhnii-h tha simple incident of one btla bciti" on iht quay of the dock in.rror, when tho office r on thcsl.v lion caused it to bo npen-d. nm found racli piece to brjr t ho brand of ".Sunk .Mills. Manchester.1' The U0 hales, e.ich containing 20 pieces, of 20 vardi in li-nctli, vp now m tho hands of the (Jti-tJtns. 'I h;tc v:ms io nave Lecn an ertraoriliniry mistikn about this transaction, which lias her-n enpluirtrd by Mcmrs. Harms in a IctUr to the Tnne, and also in a slate rnent mado by tho Manchester Guiriliati, from win h it appears that ilicrc is no Stark Mill, in tint innn. nd that it un bona fide tranvction, tho comt" beinr manufacturfd at .Manchester, .Now Hampshire. Tho deficiency of duties and excise in England, last year, was fortunately supplied by tho Cliim compensation, and an excess in the income tax. Sir Robeit Peel came limit about two millions pounds stetling in bis calculations. Thu coming j ear will cost 819,387,000. The income will be tscarlv 550,000,000. The annual income-of the corporation rftheciirof T.onJoii is Xl.'COOO; the total expenditure of all kinds, f- aHing ol in. hub d, Sl.'0,!)7!l. I'ire at Liverpool. Liverpool was visiter by ano ther ahrmini.' firo on t ho .lih nliimn s.i . houses belonging lo the trusters of tho ht0 Duke of t 'O ro6 ",ue" ".unajje estimated Tho sittings of the Anti-Slavcry Convention com pienceiu 1 iieinason's Hall, I.i.eJ., on Tuesday, the I2lh of Juna next. Tlio vcnembln Thomas Clarkson li to preside. There lias been a " turn out " among the brick makers in Manchester, England. The rioters broke into tho brick yard of Messrs. Pawlcy i$- Hcnsscy. Somo were armed with muskets and others with pickaxes. They nearly killed ono woman and wounded loveral men, and did much injury to the premises. Business is dull in London, and money has advanced in price, and consequently stocks have fallen. . Tho steamship Utitannia had arrived at Liverpool in ten and a half days from Halifax. American "reputation" still forms a etandin" Uicmom tho monetary circles and in tho newspapers. .J-onny Ussier had received 100 for dancing on. Bight at tho llristol theatre. The crops throughout Knghnd still promised well, though some of tho southern counties were suflr.-tiug from drought. The weather was cold, and the sea ion rather backward. Tho London money market continues without any material change, though n small duclino may be no ticcd in the prices of government sccuritcs, consols at present flu tuating letwei-nOjJ to 00. A startling fact wai announced at the meeting of tho poor-law guardians nt Cork on .Monday ni-ht that they were .CSO.ClOOin del t, 10,000 of which was iut to tho treasurer! tho fact being that tho collectors cannot (ret in the tax. Tho difficulties in tho Kirk of Scotland do not seem lo bo settled by tho late election. Tho parties are moro bitter agaust each other than ever. Tho great " repeal " meeting on the Humph of Kil 5i'n,AW"sJljL'i. on Sund"7- H is f'aled that about 70 000 or 0,000 men wtro pressnt. I'ohco and mili tary weremarloprhcnt any possible breach of the peace j none, however occurred. .Mr. O'Conncll ad dressed tho immense. nssemblap;e at some length. There is n sad lino and cry altar Mr. 1'iiin the new trsasurcrof iho Dublin Cornoiatimi who "levanted " by the Great Western, with 5,000 or C,000 of ths corporation s cash. They dispatched n mcsen"cr by ins Caledonian, which tailed five days after, to in tercept him. 'tho Co irt Journal slates that T'rinro Albert is to teOomiior and CWtabln of Windsor Castle, ice the Duke of Sussex deceased. Ainnc.N Stati; Denis. Advices from thal!Huc late that on the 31 ult. a depulalion i.f holders of bonds of oinc orihu States of th Union, waited upon Mr. Iluchcs, Charge d'AlTurs of the Uni ted States at the IIij:h?, to present lo him a peiiuon in tho namo of iho persons by whom it was si'med Tho petition was signed by 17 of the principal mer chants and inhabitants of Amsterdam, and bv IS of Ihoso of ihe Uncut. Mr. Hughes received ths de putation with the greater politeness, and promised immediately to send tho pinion to Ins (oveniintntai ashincton. He Iiktwise said pretty ixphcity. Ihat ha was himself convinced of the justice of the com plaints contained in ihe petition, and tho truths o( the ftett contained in it. General lioyer, Kx-Presi 'cut 1 the Itepubl.e of ilnyli, ts expected shortly to urrivo at P.irit. lm tonfidently tnted that ihe greater rrt of his fortune is placed in Ihe Trench fund. An apartment has t.een taken for him, and his friends aru makim' pre parations to receive fcim. " Tother Matthew isexpected In srrivs in Hngland in Iht course of a short lime, undis to visa Cnmbud'.e ithonch, Norwich, Ipswich, and other places. " ' , PrinceJeiome Napoleon returned to Marseilles on the 10th ult., from liarctlom, accompanied by hit relative, Count llacioccH. The I'rince arrived in the steamer which plies between Cadiz and Marseilles pultinginto Malaga, Alicante, Carthnjcna, and Uar celnna. M. Artfo is giving a coursoof leemrr on astrono my at thf Observatory. The first two wire crowded with auditors, and mure than one thoutand persons wert unablo to find admission. CANiDA CORN DILL. Resolutions of Lord Slmley to bepres nti-d in Com milleeof ike Whole Houso on the Act 5 and C vie. C. 14, (importation uf Wheat Hour fiom Cnuada. KfioKcd, That, on tho 12ih day of Octo'er, IStl, n eet waa pa eed by the Legisd.iiivo Coimnl nnd I.eaialntivf! Asiem'dy of the 1'rovince of Canada, nnd reserved by the (Jovernor-deneral, for tlio sigmliea Hon of her Majisty's tdiasure, imposing a duty of 3s. eterhng money of Groat Iliitain on each imperii! quartered whul imported into Canada, except from tho United Kingdom, or any of her Map'Sly's pos tet ions, nnd being tho growth nnd produce thereof. Ths said act recites, that it was puscdin ihcconfi. dent belii and expectation that, upon the imposition of a duty upon furrirn wheat imported into the prov ince, lierMnjetwould bo graciously plcssedto re commend to parliament thoremovnl or reduction of tbedulioson wheal fiour imported into the said Uni ted Kingdom from Canada. consideration of Ihe duty so imposed bv Ihe said net of the legislature of Cnnada, it is expedi tnl lo provide tint, if her Majesty be pleased to give her sanction to ihe said net, ths Julics imposed upon wheat and wheat (laur imported into iho United Kingdom from Canada should be reduced. That, dining the coninuanco of the mid duty, in lieu of the duties now pnvablo upon wheat nnd wheat flour imported into Ihe Tfnitfd Kingdom from Cuna da, under nn net passed in the last session of Patlin oi;nt, entitled "An Act to mend tlm laws fur the ten portntion of Corn," thw.i shall bn leynd and paid the l'uI" followin, VI71 For every qujrlerof wheal Is. Kor every barrel rf whist, meal or tlour, beinj; 1W5 lbs. fululy qual in nmoutii to the duly rtrabltein 43 1-2 bushtltcf whosl. IRELAND. TI19 agitation in Ireland seems to con tinue, and tho Government it exercising now power, and placing now military forces in that Island. Indeed it has been declared in both houses of Parliament that tho repeal movement! shall bo put down. Meantime repeal is becoming more nnd more popular in Ireland, all partiei and classes apparently uniting in its favor. There was a repeal meeting in Sligo, which was very numerous ly attended. The Mayor presided, and Mr. It. D. Hror.n, M. I ..and Mr. .1. P. Soniets, M. P., were in Mr. O'Con noils train. Alterwarils, 171 Repealers of SI en f rtainod Mr. O'Conncll nl a banquet in the llibcniian I Iota Iho meeting of Kild.ire, according lo the I ilot, far e rented in numbers that nt the time of Ueorgn the ! mirth's visit, " long considered to hear away tho palm from all Irish assembles." A larrro .......... ..... i.iiu tuiiccniraiea m lira nngliliorhood j but the meeting was mnst orderly Alter the mining Mr. O'Conncll nnd Mr. Steele were entertained nt a public dinner m tho Strand hnu-. Ihriiuiiil.eruf troops in Ireland is in process of in- i-.iV 11 "K: r""" "' nrrnci nt , '. ' ,'. ' "i"cr reriuieiiu art ixpect- " ""f"""! """ nie iii iremnn, unuerorilers of removsl lo I.nglsitd, have been directed to re- Tho Quoon will certainly visit her Ru iaalitig subjects this summer, and she will be received, wo vonlnro to say, with liisli hospitality. Sho is a favorite. , WOTMND. Mrs. Pegg, the only siirinmg sister of nnrns, hv Ninoicd, witli her two daughters to llridge-houso cot tage, near Ayr, cli.s.; to the scuiory which forms the ground work of her I roller's writing? The lii.-eiing of Ilia i General Aimldy of ihe Climrh of Saitlan.l will nice, place this day, and iht 'aci-st lk!,irt'rorccd'"!;s will be known by the nest ' " ' rRA.vcr.. T 1A nnlAhnt,. V.. I... I . -........,.,,.,? I.. -, nrrt-n convic.e.i at ratis of swindling, and tenteiiccd to five ycais imprison- At th-late fancy fair in tho Palai, Royal, Pari, for the r.lnf of ths FiirTerers by thu e!iTter n r.uaihiinupe, Mrdam-ele Dalmatic ehsposed of pastry lo ths nmounl of tOO franeei. 7 An t mt-aU , or rnthir strike, has Hken place amen, he rioikyird nimiecrs ot Hrest, in eoiisni:urneo . f t tcdismiMil of 700 or F00 workmen. The G.ittltc t Vn"" f"ulwn of a frightful accident Vr. , ,vJi i'""c!l U,,l,!,,,0r-1, !1 ,"' fortilications of Mount a!crien, who had been buried by the fiiliti" in of n large bank of earth. None of the sufil-re had been taken out nhro. Tho Patjs and Rouen R-,ilroa,l has nl last been opcird, with n pood deal of rercmon. pomp and nngmwenee. The lVris tiad Or'eans llkjtcaJ was opened mi the day previous. ti. 'iv- .,i.... i;.. i it . ....... e . ' ' '""""Hoi ino iorn"n Aid Spciely, in council,,!! XVI,, tlio Soeielrs Knn heme ol 1 niiico and (..enev,,and tho Sueiele Clirlsli.Tni-. no Pretrstnuto nt "oreUauj. was held yesterday morn mg rt l..tetei-hall, ihe f.::itqii.s of Cli.ilmomhley in the Cha r. Arcordmg to tho Report, tho number of l.-.OO.OOO; in Italy, 2,000 000 1 in Gernnnv, ineludin Wtru and Prussia, SO C00 CO; in Prunn, a 1 11 .1. p.uu; i iiji.ii oi .!1,UUU,U0U. All these wcrowilhin ihcyopoof tlio Sockly's aid. Tho Krench have achieved gift. After much marching and counter-nnrchin.-, and the bsi of upwatds ol thirtv men, they have succeeded in taking. Ihe city of 'IVnoz. Gen. liu-go-uid, aft, r mspecmig the ruins of tlm nncl-m k... man city, " lneh," he saj-, " wero of coti-ideiabln estont, c hooee the spot on which tho new city should ha erected. ' . ' t.ijjjuiiin-u i rcm r. i nere sro vari'ina rilntnr. rn.n..i !.-.. .... AT.,T ij ih. i.n.i.1.. n M l i . '-I'unmuoiiciv iiunistrv, ana n I T "-"""eun'ii'iii ui mu i-nris Journal Uei ricy toovcrthrow Kspartuo. NATIONAL COMITY. The recent debate in thu British House of Commons on tlm Washington Treaty ex hibited a gratifying degree nf good feeling in England, fur the leadiim men ofbeuli nnr'ii, spoke the same language, towards tho Uni ted states, and a uist appreciation nf tlm importance of pacific relations between the two countries. Wo believo tho feeling to bo entirely reciprocal, and as all sni'li null. cations of a right understanding naturally tend to uisarm icalousy. and to nrnnmtr. harmony, we take pleasure in abstracting irom ino uoiiate some of tlio fr end v nan- ges referred to. Tlio debate arose, it will be rcnicmbcrod, on the 3d of May, upon the motion ot Air. Uumu for a vote of th inks to Lord Ashburton. All the members nn, sides of the House, except Lord Palmcrston alone, indicated the same desire for tlm are. scrvation of amicablo relations. In making ino motion, Mr. Hume said : "There wr .... r i .... v uumiiiiL", nciwcen which it was more desirable for their mutual benefit that j-..,v.,jf u.iuujuu; relation? siioum ho preserved than between Great liritain nnd America, nnd ho thou-lit lilt llV MPI'iti met In tin. tmt;.. ...1 ' I t . " i V. "'""u" ""'en no wasaouut to proposo they would do much to strengthen tho friend- uv...fct, mu mu couuirics. Sir II. Dotmlass, rcferrinrr lo tin. snrron. der of Rouse's Point by tlio British nego tiator, sail: "ITniiid linn. v. nm... U. .11 -! '. ... .... ..v.,.. 3UUHIU nuiho i nosilie in. road into that country. If thoro was one thin-' mors than another that he mlmire-d in the lioblo lord who uiJ Leen chosen to represent this country, it was that he con, ucled iho negotiation in a friendly spirit, and scorned to insist on tho pos-i-ssiun eif any point not ; K.-ieiicu oi me nriiis.'i nonunions in America, and willingly surrendered what would only in III IIHi! innn . .... . - , , , iiiuvuuieiii. eio nopefl we should alvvays remember Saratoga, nnd never forget . .. .,, . ..iv iiu iiivbi ui an nueiiipis wou a be an invasion of tho United Sitatcs." Another member. Mr. Vcnos Sn.iil!. m opposed to the motion and to the Treaty, but nevertheless took care to doprccnte his de sire to preserve friendly relations : . lie i Iincw that opposition to a motion of this kind nil'.nt nn f-rinfilrnn.t ml.. .ln. : r .. . . .. ' a uviuo iur war. lie liau no such wish i he wns nj onuous as any man lo mnin- ...... ,-v. , uuu . -ju ii.mve mi wiin oar allies, our connexion, ami. he wnildadd. i.ur ,.. nloof the United Stales. Put he did not 'think the heal way to maintain peace was to mak perpetual conception fur it," ' 1 Mr. C Uullen, whoso personal It of tho subject as well as bis political asso ciations give greater weight to this npproba tion of the terms of tho treaty, concluded in these terms "Tho interests of two great nations were involved in the negotiations j nnd he hoped that the Houso nnd Ihe ruuntry would show that they prized tho great boon of pence which ihoso negotiations had secured by endeavoring to take advantage of them to allay Ihe disputes tctween the two couiitne", nnd to cstab luhn system of communication between Inland and the Unilcd .States, so that thoao mutual dintren e:es winch had from timo to timo estranged them should never again threaten tho amity that ought to exut between them," 6 From Lord Stanley's speech we take this emphatic passage: "No treaty was ever concluded between two na ll"iis whose interest it wns more lo maintain har mony with inch other, and to whom it would bo Mu tually suicuril if (Mr. JIacaclv: Mutually suicidal! Laughter Lord .Stanley: Tho right honorable) gentleman was n great critic, cheering. Peilmps the expres sion was not correct, hut it not tho lesn inn-; for he bebeved thnl if a wnr wero to oriso between this country and the United Stales, there was not a blow which could be struck by one against theother which would not recoil, nnd inflict nsgrcnt nn injury upon tho country that guvo the blow ns could bo inflicted upon thai which received it." Chucrs.j The noblo and philanthropic sentiments of the next extract, from Lord John Russell, will surely find a warm response in every American bosom : " Ileellvrowl to think thai an tnlip.htnud and tntilligtnt llitcrnmtnl lent tilabliihed in iht Unittd Sttllet. bnilllA WIIM tniV art tn a.u. n "jv ... .iii.ii-i'uiiuy nour ishing, Ihnngh n wanted many of tho elements of tin If r u. htrti wrr insmir.ine,l ; . law slid ejrder wire Ihe prevailing redo tnd Ihe er rnding principles of Iht United Slifet. Clissrt 1- " ' - - "Ji nimuai tiyisj lllSf I, A I.MMln.l .1... .1.1. f .1 . !.!.- 1 .... ..u...,. ,llls uouiiirr nnu eiie uuuru .states would long continue in amity t and whatever llltfl lnl,.priin.irt... .. L. ...... .1...I.. .t! e .. , , ...,.IIP) unicvL-i riieill uisnuies irom time tn lii, m n . n b. ,l... .1.. :..i.. t.. . i:.. .....I i i I , "ii.r-i.-, inni incjr iingiii uu DIIJIISICU, null Ml both might emg conrfntee tout an trample of p. V",'y ii-iinutiuee tu tne rs( 0 tfts KOnat Checrs.l Amen to that, with all our hearts. Tlio feeling! of Sir Robert Pool, who followed, aro well known to bo in cnliro unison. We conclude theso grateful testimonials then with tho cordial endorsement of tho pre mier : 'The people of Ibis country concurred in tho opin ion expressed by tho nubia lord. They eluprccntcd hostilities with America 1 they eleprccated war nnd r.irnnnn u til, iltcn l.i ......... ....1 .1 1 " " ' " in.,., ,11m IIICIIIf.1.1 LS Ihero wnsn community of origin, n community of I.HIirtmirn. Slllt n rf.tllli.llllltn nt ni ...... As to tho right of search, tho Amciicin Govern- tllPlll II -1.1 ffltniM.ll.lin In.l In tl.n ll.:...t. ,. ....... ...i........ .u .uu ..iiusii fue;iiiiiiuiii m a friendly manner Iho instructions which they hid eiveit to their nffireri nn ttm anl.lnn nn.l I... I confidenliy state that Ihoso instructions, in co-operation with our own, could bo eficctively carried out, if Iho mailer wero left nlono lo work its own way, nnd ...v.w ..i.aiiu u.iuiiiji, inline lOlfliflVlllll II03I1IKICS, Or In get up new grounds of doubt, suspicion, nnd dis- lite. hrtr l.r 1 T l tl.rt... .I.......I . .1.- . i., n un 114111111 iiiun me leeling which both countries, when not unnaturally i.y.u, mini imu ui icg-iiu uiu ono lowaiusuic oilier Ihe sense of reciprocal interests, theconcious- lirsS llinl fl Mrtltf if.n;.ln.l I... rlllw.- n.. .1 .1. , '..-'v.. yj ....... wi, iiiiiuiui;, HIII-l recoil rm the Power which inflicted il, hear, hear. ..v. una iiuiu-, nun iiiiewiiusiaililing sllglll Ulllercn ci , and the indication nf hostilities on thtTpart nf in divnlinls, or from small bodies, his firm belief wns, Ihat this treaty nf Lord Ashburlori would nolonly lerminato csiling dilllrcnces, but would lay the foundation of permanent nmicnblo relations bclwo"ii this country and tlio United States." VAN I1UR15N ON T1IK T.UIIKF. " lie mought and he muughl not." Tlm rrr,r nt r, rnn .,.fc . t , rt . .v,.,. u. , ..uit-ii iu mu inunna uon- vctuion is about as clear, distinct, nnd to the point, as the following testimony of a Notth Carolina wit ni n...llrl 1 - t. ... ii um ,i ra niaie, pun islioil nt IChmbcth Cuy, gives tho fo.lowmg ludicrous seone, which oc ciirted nt a Into term of thn Superior Court nt that place Judge Pearson presiding: "'.i-nl.ln n. 1....... .... by n witnessinacnsoofai'ault, nanied Hamilton. I llin.mmo . ...t.l .... .. ..I . ..1 ' .1 ... ...v .....aouiuv.ii, iig Ulll Ol 111111, lilt JUllgO undertook to question him. J"dge. Were, you present at the placo on Iht day tl.ts fight look place? ii. i eton tlinow I mought and I mought nnl. Juoira. V on iliin't l.tmiv ...1,11.... ...... .. .1 . ,, ..,.,(..., ,un miu incie pr not l recollect what happened to tha best of your knowlegcd. II. I mnnnnl I.f .1 . . i . ....... j. .. . ttii fomo nmo in llio day. I don I know lo iho I est of my knowledge. Judge. Did not tho defendant tell you to gio evi dence m his lavorl 1 , 1 ,!! know no mought nnd ho moiight nof Judge. here were you horn nnd raised 7 H. 1 don't lennvu uh..rr. I T in I'crgiiiny, Judf". Can you tell the truth 1 H. I don't know, sir-1 moiight nnd I mouMu not. The Judge, finding it impos.ihlo to elicit any infor mation from such answers, let him retire" Van liuren "mought" go for a Tariff; nnd he 'mought not," Tha fact i, Vnn "don't know to tho best of his knowledge." whether ho will or ho wont. Ills friends niNew Vork think ho "mought," while C'lliicnltitchicisclearlyofthcopinion that he "rnou-ht not. Petersburg Int. From tho Won lstook Mercury. REMOVAL OK TUB POST MASTER L" WOODSTOCK. Mr. Joel Ihlon our popular Postmaster wlio rcrcivctl Ins appnintmpiit of Post Muster about two years since, from tlio lianelH of Jnlin Tttcr, was on Mond iy latt, removcil hv tho John Tyler to make room for C. G. Rastmin, tho Kd. itur of tlio '-.Spirit of the Age" formerly a raeii cal lociifoco piper pubht-licd in lliis village. Mr. Eaton has never received any notice from the department that his removal was in contem plation, has abstained entirely from politics, but has acted at agent for tho Madisonian, and pub. belied bia Post Office advertising in tho "Spirit nf the Ago." No one pretends to deny but that the duties of the office have been eliscliargcil with tho utmost fidelity and to the enthc satis faction of the entire mass of our citizens. .Mr. Katoins a man of humble circumstances in life, and his iicces-eitic3 together with tho satisfac tion ho has given to men of all parties in tho discharge of tho duties of hii office, pleaded Htrongly m his favor. Hut it is all of no avail, John 7'ylcr has removed him : removed him, a private citizen, a faithful public officer, an hnncst man, to make room for C. G. Eastman Ild'Uor uf the "Spirit of the Ago." Wo have no more comments tu tnal:e,'sae it bo to call atten tion of our readers to the' following extract from a letter trnMcii by this same Juliu Tyler lo S. U. I limbic, tho acting Post Master Oencral at the ehto of the letter, which was on the L'Sth el iy of Sept., 1811, and published e.vtonsitcly at that tune in the country. "I w ill take this occasion, also to add for your instruction, that tlio appointment to, and contin uance in the (JJlcc ufpou master of any one edit tn apolitical ncwspajicr is in the highest decree objectionable. It involves most of the consequen ces above stated, introduces politics into the post office, diminishes revenue and confers privileges on the editor which all cannot enjoy. In a word, it is my fixed purpose as far as in mo lies, to separate the Pua Office Department from noli, tic?, and bring about Ihat reform which' the countty has so loudly demanded." JOHN TYLER. The people of the State of Vermont and of the country can unite their comments. rr l ho Lditnr of tho Ago having gone over to J ylerism, it becomes a question of some im portanco whether the whole party, of which his .iper is tho oriti in this section are likewise transferred. As tho paper is hereafter to bo a lylor paper, of course its patrons will claim to bo considered as Tver men. Who would have thought that tho administration, in buyin up an Editor and his press, purchased thu parlv with which the Editor has formerly been connected. Of course such of tho locofocos as are pur chasable will cling- to tho "Spirit" ud speak well of the administration, such as are not we suppose will bolt as they do in Hurlim-ton and eltcwhere. How comfortable to have a Tyler organ so near. Mercury. From tho Woodstock Mercury. Wo bavo this week commenced the publica tion of an Addrcfs delivered before tho Hurling ton Mechanic's Institute by George P. Marsh. Our readers will find it v'ety useful and in structive, and, although somewhat lonj:, they will bo more than compensated for tho time it will rcejuiro to give it an attentive ncruhal. It will bo continued for tevcral weeks, in such portions as fball not trespass too much on other matters. End or the Would. It will be seen by an advertisement in our columns that the Milleritcs have discovered a now revolution in relating to tho President of the United States. We under stand Ihat they alledgo that Mr. Tyler, is tu be tho last or our rulers. It is to bo hopeel that he is the last of his hind, and wo think there is no great faith required to believe that he will be. iY. Y. Express. Tun wiv they Initiate odd Fkllows. rho odd genius who edits thu N. Y. Sunday Mercury, gives the following as the most cor. rect method by which they initiate Odd l-'el-lows : "Kido a goat up Ptairs without saddlo or bri die, and if you don't flipofTyou aro an Odd Fel low. That' the way they malic 'em." "Father, is President Tyler fond of music!" "Why, my boh " "Decauso I beard you say ho bad bought up several organs I" The Iloston Post announces a grand public "feed" at tho "Old Cradle" on the 17th iust. Price of fodder a V. spot ! "Aro you tho man of the bouse 1" inquired a if, was tho subdued respoiuo. Ono nf tlm n-rnatnet .l!CT..,.!1t!na ! ..:..- to keop up a just proportion between the wu-Js and tho ideas cinplpycd. George III. once remarked ihat " lawyers do not know so much mors law than other men ; tho difference if, thsy know whort ts find it whtR tby waul it." DEATH OF TALLEYRAND. The following eloquent articlo from tho Liv erpool Mail on tho death of Talleyrand, will make tlio blood flow t,u ck t. Ill truths will not bo denied : Now that Prince Talleyrand, or rather tho remains of him, have been deposited in tho "base earth from which bo sprung," It may not bo considered an act of indelicacy on our part to pronounced a fow last words, by way of moral over Ins grave. I" fl' tjio stirring events of tho last fifty year, so fruitful of revolutions, anarchy, and crime, 1 allcyrand played an active, sometimes an in visible, often a conspicuous, uniformly an im portant part. Tlio master whom ho served namely, tho "first Whig," according to the defi nition of Dr. Johnson, and whom it is said, he personally resembled, appears to have bestowed upon him an unusual sliaro of his affection and and protective influence. On this ground, principally, if not entirely, bis numberless cs capos fr.)iii'ho guillotine and tho gallows can bo accounted for Whenever mischief was at work, or pome criminal plot in concoction, a king to bo murdered, a prince to bo assassinated, or some thousands of jacobins to bo let looso like furies, to drink tho blood of each other, there M. Talleyrand, Princo Talleyrand, or Citizen Tal Icyrand, or the Dishop of Autun, was sure to boj silent, perhapo, as a vampire at midnight, but as ensanguined as a scalping Indian jcoolas a qua korat meeting, but as unrelenting as a Spanish monk, familiar with tho acts of tho Holy Inqui sition j surcharged with vengeance, but meek as a saint : calm I, ! . .,l.,,.o;i,1 i.. unforgiving; bitter, remorseless Satanic ! o uo no: recollect in history a man who lived so Ion r nnd Um m u-.iril,la r I, ;.!.,,, ft .luituivoq SU I.IUUUUO, or so repulsive a character as Prince Talloy rand. Ilo was of noblo descent, born maimed en e.vcue commiseration, with a dull unmeaning face to cnncnnl tlm ..-m-l-i,,,,,, r i.: .:.! ...... . UI tlio IIIIIIU, I1UI3- cd by a bigot, reared a Josuit, familiarised to rami anu ueception trorn Ins cradle, hating man kind, and having with a double hatred the char- itV of llUlliailispil sneintf lir. .via n,.n,. lit. apple of discord, or a serpent of seductive pow- uic, ime; mu vmy ciiauei oi revolutionary Uoism. Ho was first a debauchee, next a popish priest, Sufa'Cnilcntlv hnn.iinn r liichnn nf IJn...n fio. wards a leading worshipper at the fane of the fjn.ldnra nf 1!un.r.M r..r..ln...1.. .II...-.I..1 I.!. .!-. ; ..v.juu,i.i uivmeju Ills lllliu Itl ncrfeirmini' snv nnd ilinlnmtit.. InvrlTl,!,. ,. trajed every person and government that trusted hill), sold hi.q hrvst fi-Ii.n.l-j clothes, and at last, robed in every dress of chatno and incnnsi.Mmicv. nfimrfiilv mul itiolmn. or, ho died a wretched driveller, his hair-shirt exciiangeu lor a linen one, rc-embracmg tho mummeries of tho clergy ho had plundered, and of a system of rolhrlnn whirli hn lm.l .tnrMn.l despised. 1 ho princo had for many years gained much celebrity as an inveterate bater of England Ho was. we believe oil thu author of the execrable Berlin and Mi Ian decree?. WO Khflllll! llrt IllQ fhiMntn I , , ... blllllUblVl III" justice if we were to deny that these enactments uiu noi near mo impress of ins mind. They wero cruel as well as foolish the emanations of a tortuous Jesuit in a state of mania. They wero n la Talleurand. re litilr. n ,..... great eleal er la scoundrel; reckless in his impo- iuiii no ui wiu irigntiui consequences. JJut this man, on tho accession of Louis Philippe, was sent an ninhnssndiii- in Hun-Inn. 1 -...i ,.. courted by tho leading statesmen of tho day ! uiuiiuugnuii-riiicc lanoyranil lie sleeps with tho wurni--. not Ipsa .!,, .1..,.. who do not spare him. ....... M Aiiu,viiu.--ni a recent meeting of the New York Historical Society, the following letter was read, written bv General W.ish - o v "ti in vittuiaiiii ui the Kovolutionary army, to Dr. Cochran. It is intnri.t itur nn t,,.n nr.... ........ .1....! .t.. .1 u.... w,. ...u Mi.i.uniiin aiiuw lug inae 11IC llll'llified F.ltllOr llf his Cniltllrv nnini.n.l , .l of genuine humor among Ins many gifts, and il lustraling his frugal habits while Commander. in-Chief. The letter in Washington's own hand, is now among the papers uf tho Society : Wcst Point, An't lO'.h, 79. Dn. D .)ct : I have asked Mrs. Cochran and Mrs. f.iviiurston teidtno with im.,....-..,. . i.... ought I not to apprize thorn of their faro ? As I hate deception, oven where tho imagination only is concerned, I will. It is needles.- In nrninlsn t'nnr n,v inl.ln lo enough to bold thu ladies of this they had oc- tuiur pruoi yusicruay. t o say how it is usually covered, is rather mure than essential, and this shall bo tho purport of my letter. oinco our arrival at tins Happy spot, we have bad a ham fsometime n Klmnl.Lu-- m. i.,n., . t .-..y w. UUI.U1I! tu "race thu heae of l ie Inhh' n nim-n nr ...i i,e aibms tho foot and a small dish of greens or : ..i i. i . .. UI.-.UI3 e.iiinuBe iiiipuicupiiuio j uecoraics the con tre. When the cook has a mind til (Mlt fl fitTiirn. .nd this I nresiimn ho will n.ln tnn. I w"viiii, iuuu lU-lliUl- row, wo havo two beef stake pyes, or dishes of crabs, in addition, one on each side tho centre dish, dividing tho space, and reducing tho dis. tance between dish and elish, to about" six feet, which, wiiuoui inein, would be nearly twelve apart. Of late, wo had tho surnrisinrr luM? in .u,. nr, that apples will make pye and it's ejucs- noii ii, aiinusi me uoienco o Ins ellorts, wo do not get ime oi appics instead ol having both of beef. If llin l.llKnC PIT! llllf Itn ttritl, .. u ...... . .. uuw.. ....t .an,- incut, arid will submit to partako of it on plates once nn, inn now iron, ejioi uecoine so by the labor of scowering) I shall bo happy to see them. 1 am, Dr. Dr. yr. mo.-t obed. sorvt. Co. Washington, (Superscribed) Dr. Cochran, New Windsor. MOIti: I.OCOFOCOS UOUGIIT UP. " Justice to John 7yr."-Tho Detroit Pomocral calls upon the people to render "Justice to John Ty ler. ' Wesson for this call a three column Treasu ry Advertisement. If any ono writts oulofiics upon John Tyler they get paid lor them. . .1- s-, . TJ' last Wayne Standard has a flattcrinc biographical notice-of John U. Spencer in ono column, and in the two succeeding columns, an advertisement ortwo columns, signed by the name of the genllftnan hose biography occupies so conspicuous a position 1 T inrn I. nn l.r. ..... i .... I. .!-!. ..... .-. " umici; luviw. nuciicsier uemocrat. Latest News rno.M Waeiiinoton. President Ty B.".''a" breaks ground in favor of managing the autillby l rtaty, nnd predicts that tho business will be settled before 1811, when Mr. Clay will withdraw from tho held and there will be but erne parly in tho country. Nemtheless the Madisonian verily klieves thcio will be something of a fight about that time, between tho moderate or conservative Whigs and Peuiocr.-its on ono side, nnd the ultras on the other. Vt cfni a fight is quite probable. Watchman. JTlirn I.nnf i:.,. :.. r . . their bread from John Tyler, viz: Haswell of Hen nmgton, inflow of lliirlinntnn. nnd Eastman of . u., 1. 1 urn i ccomes ui i yitr's lino talk ahout I IQ OliritV nnil rtivilnm nf il.nn........J .1... i .... . ...... ... . . , ..-uU TIHl IIHIlK yo of tho principles (democratic, they call them,) of A Uninfect ItEcovrav.-A gentleman ef Iloston, a Massachusetts delegato lo tho great Harri son Convention in Halttmoreonlha-jihofMny, 1810 loit his trunk, coulaining a large qumnity of clothes; on his journey thithe r, On Friday last the identical trunk, with not an articlo disturbed or injuied, was If II nt this store. Ii his been lying for more than 3 years in tho depot of ,,e Ilaltimoro and Philadelphia Railroad, at l'lnlapelphia. NoN.CoMMiTTAr.. An old woman was asked what sho thought of ono of her neighbors by tho name of Jones, and with a very knowing- look replied, "why 1 don't like to say any thing about my neighbors ; but as Mr. Jones, sometimes I think, and then again I don't know ; but a'ler all, I rather guess, bo'll turn our to be a food deal rucb sort of a man as I tako him to be." A neon Retort. An Athenian who was sme in one foot, on joining tho army, beinrr augbed at by tho snidery on account of his lameness, caid : "Icame hereto fghtand not to run I He truo to a friend as long as ho is true to hlmsolf j and it may not always bo humane to abandon him, as soon as he lias ibandond him- lie tMt docs wrong-, intendinr; to do right, is better than he tint iW. ri.i,i . ' 7'hi KMiCKinnociEi for June, Int been issu- ttt The Olinrl firrflnnn1.n . . . w.wi.viiiV(. UN UIDUBItljr ecrio, is continued. Idloborg furnlshci another ui us quaint legends, in tho paper entitled Forensic Eloquonco,thor aro some good things for example : Modes nnn iu,. ... . .. r - mr. uuou wir.r. or JUrus. I he contrivances of counsel to obtain ..... s.iviu.,,,1 ui ino jury aro sometimes very in genious and amusing. It was said, by an emi nent lawyer in ono of tho Eastorn States, when ftnn.lKtnrr nr r. tnrnn.l kHn.l .1... .1 ..: -, j o iiuu uiueuur, mai me lauer nau the adyaiitago of htm in ono respect. Ho was in Iho habit nf noli, nl..nnn ...l . ,,.(s olm nnuncngagcu in his arrumfnt u-niil,l ti..n ?, . , K" "oiiiu iiruiiiincni juryman who was a lover of tho weed, and in an ofT-hand, familiar way, ask for a quid. Tho jury- man. flattered at flmlin,. ,..l. . !:i..'.' . i i .. ouu i. oiuiiiuriiy oi tastes and habits between himself and tho ditr nified flounsol, would follow tho example, and the good impression mado on his mind was not unfrcqtiontly transferred from tho advocate to Ins cause. I-.von so eminent an orator as Pat rick Henry did not di.dain to have recourse to vulgar modes of pronunciation, to gain tho favor, ah o oar of the illiterate; and Miss Martineau relates, that Webster, at the trial of tho Knapps, mado careful inquiries into the dispositions and pursuits of thoso to whom ho was about to speak." Aaron Dunn's sttlc or Snukino "Of all Inn nminnnl I. .....n.. f . 1. ! . . A it ...w v v...iiiTL-ioui una cuuniry, varon iJurr was most distinguished for his power of condon sation. Even when replying to a speech of AI- uA-iuutir uammon, (no niogicai rcasoncr, which had or.r.iinind nnnr otv l,n,,.a !m .en j.ii...... i Bpoko only for an hour and a half. He never sacrificed his logic to his rhetoric. Motophors, similes, and illustrations of all kinds, ho unspar ingly rejected, when they contributed nothing to the form nf Ilia orm.tnnt 1.. . .1 .! l. said, ho aimed at an energetic brevity. Strike nn a Biiigio woru irom one oi tits sentences and, whole fabric falls. It may indeed bo questioned whether ho did not carry his love of brevity to execs'), and did not fall into the error of cloth ing his thoughts in so plain and unadorned a dress as to render them distasteful to unculti vated minds." VAN NESS. Cornelius Peter Van Xcss is said to bo the Attor ney at Washington in hehalfof the locofocos of Ver mont. Ho tried in IS 10, to bring the Stato over lo an llurenisnii it. remains to be seen, whether he will succeed in bringing the Stato over to Tytcrism in WU. Ho is working hard enough for it. Perhaps erinontcrs wont brook such interference HWei tloci .Mercury. Wo were aware that Van Ness was the Agent for Burlington, and that the appoint ment of Collector and Post Master hero was attributable solely to him, nino tenths of the Locos of this town being stronghj opposed to them, and utterly refusing to sign their papers. And yet, in cool contempt of tho wishes of tho people of all parties here, Van Ness has succeeded in foisting theso office holders upon us. Dut this is not all. It seems this sumo man has been busy in other sections of tho Stale. At Woodstock, Ben nington, and St. Albans wo hear the recent change of Post Masters is ascribed wholly to Van Ness a man who has been a resident of New York city for tho lust thrco years, and who only cjtnu here in 1840 to bring the State into the Dutch harness. What says the " True Democrat " to this 1 Will our neighbor favor us with his opinion t Is this tho way to bring the Green Mountain Boys into tho traces t THK COLLARED TRYO. Winslow of tho Sentinel, Eastman of tho Age, and Haswell of tho Bennington Ga zette, eacli of whom holds the office of Post Master under Capt. Tyler, arc playing tho game of" scratch my back and I will tickle your elbow " to perfection. Winslow says hastman is ono of the truest "Loco Focos" in tho Stato, notwithstanding ho lias snbl himself to Captain Tyler, while the Major swears that Winslow was " 6oni a Demo crat" fa statement which it would bn eliffi cult to prove, by the way, as tec happen to know something about his early history) and thinks the fact of his wearing tho " Ty ler Collar" wont hurt his political vrinci- plcs at all. We cheerfully subscribe to this latter opinion, lor I ylerism surely wont hurt tho principles of that man who never had any. Haswell of tho Gazotto endorses for both the others, which, so far as political principles is concerned, is like a bnnlnmt endorsing for an insolvent firm. But the " 1 rue Democrat." who ca lis no man mas ter, puts this pointed interrogatory. " How can ami honorable man snhnt nn niTrr .. . . .r.v 1. 1 dcr the present Administration ? How can it be received even, save with the open un dcrslanding that it briught with it no obli gation f " OFFICIAL." A Doggerel by the t'ollarcel Choir. It it said there is a placo, on tlio highest peake of Camel's Hump, whero tlio follow ing doggerel can bo distinctly heard of a clear moonlight evening. " How wow wo w ' Whoso dug aru you 1 ' " Sentinel. "I'm John Tyl.r's dog, ' Whoso dog are you V " Spirit f ths Aft. " I'm tho dog of 1 Tyler, too, ' Hoo eo oo 1 " Sentinel. Grand Chorus, in which it is thought tho voice of the Bennington Gazetto can be faintly distinguished. "I'm tho dog of "Tylsr, too," I!oo woo oa ! " From tho Middlcbury People's Press wo learn there has been a live Tyler man caught in thoso diggins and that he has had the hardi hood to makoa public speech to tho people. His name is J. Milton Stearns, a nfan who is about as famous for his literary attainments as Maj, Eastman, tlio' we beliovo he never has attained to the degree of A. M. Ho is said toboaftorthe Post Office in Middlcbury. Q?"Isn't tho Democrat a let tie mistaken as to the number of its subscribers in the vil lage and tho amount of its roading matter t Though we cheerfully concecd our noighbor has a very respectable number of patrons in town, yet we presumo our list is longor and more numerous than liii. As to the reading matter, our respective readers can judge for thsmsalves whieh'contains lh most and btst, thVr, P. or tka T. D. FRIDAY MORNING, JUNB9, 1B4J. C. V. C7"" TniiNi.vci Dir." Last Tuesday thu Citizen Soldiers " mado their appear anco, as tho Truo Democrat well oppresses it, " amidst music and mud, chaos and con fusion." Tho appcarnnco of the " Flood wood " was exceedingly interesting, and they performed divers docidedly original milita ry evolutions. Wo are not ablo to recount all tho valorous exploits of these redoubta ble " Champions of Freedom," but wo veri ly boliove they " charged bagoncl " in most gallant stylo upon every old straggling wood pile, horse-cart, and wheel barrow which could be found any where within hailing dis tance of tho square. But tho appearance of tho " Burlington Light Infantry," under tho command of Capt. Hatch, was very creditable to both officers nnd soldiers. Whether wo regard tho neatness of thoir uniform, their mlmim. bio discipline, tho promptness and dexterity oi ineir evolutions, or their gallant, soldicr liko appearance and military bearing, urn may safely challenge tho State to produce inotnor company winch can equal thera. MR. MARSH'S ADDRESS. So great was tho demand for this address that wo havo been obliged to strike off an edition in pamphlet form, a few copies of which aro still lor salo at this office. tt?"Vo aro apain indchtnJ in Mr Vm. ntL for Montroal papers of yesterday morn- ir. U 1 . 1 r 11 . a. n u unuursiunu mr. v . nas now form ed a business connection with Mr. Howard. who has been thoroughly educated in his oc cupation uy Mr. MamUen himself. Tho Ex press will he run hereafter, therefore, in the namo of Virgil & Howard, (successors of Mr. Jacobs), from Albany, N. Y. to Quebec, or any other part of Canada, and will bo ex tended South, by Harnden's line, through all parts of tho United States. Such is the char acter and reputation of this Express, for fi delity, accuracy, and dispatch, that no com mendation of ours is necessary to secure for it tho patronage of tha business community. (t?The Bellows Falls Gazetto has not reached us lately. Wo undcrstnnH limtlmr Mooro has lately suspected himself of being "at heart opposed to Capt. Tyler and in favor of tho glorious Harry. How is it John? Don't bo modest. Snnrf paper. Wo aro lonesomo without it. Amusing. To hear the Truo Democrat exhort the Free Press and Sentinel to "keep cool" and not abuse each other! It re minds us of the anocdoto of the old man who said to his son "you little d-d rascal, if unit dont leave off swearing so, I'll bo d-d if J dont disinherit you. Ma. Tvlck. Tho Editor of tho Wheel ing Times, Mr. Wharton, is ono of tho wit. nesses summoned by Mr. Holts in his commu nication, to prove tlio truth of his statement that Mr. Tyler, while Yico President, de clared that should ho be called upon, he would voto for a bill chartering a United States Dank. In answer to tho innnirv nf correspondent in this particular, the Editor of tho times responds : "Harlyin March, 1911, 1 was present, with ijme other Rcntlsmeu, m .Mr. Tyler's room, when a ilia eussion of the probability of tho passnije nf a bank v..- .: luUn i.i.iri-, miring which me opinion prevail- ei that, upon that question, the Senile would be equally divided. -Mr. Tv er was nakp,l uh.ih.p k. would, in ihat event, give his castins vote for or .-. .-. ..v ..,i.iu. a near us i can m wuiu man uuu iuui in, an'i mai, loo, uy tlio utrt rcconcct In that event, sir. I shoulil nivn mwnia ilrawat of crnnnniini miinli..r ,.t ii, n. .,... .:. rcgarutcss ot opinions expressed and acted upon w hen I was the Itqircsentalivc of Vircinia, in favor of the charter. VVhcn I was a representative of Vtr- cinia, I acted in accordance u-iih u-lmi r i.i:.....r A opinions e.ipressed and acted tinon 1 .' . . . . - WIIIC.I.-U tVJ ... , ........... ,.,, i,(U t i,L.1I(jveu k IQ Ino wishrq nl mv pnnthtnAni a T-... i. ... .. . .... -..o...i,j,.,. i am nu.v euu rep resentative of tho wholo Union, and beheviti" that a large majority of tho people, nt tho last election, ex pressed themselves in favor of aUnited Stales Hank, 1 shall, if called upon, vote for a charier. "These, o presume, are not precisely his words: but the tonor is the same. It is a remark we could not mistake or forget, inasmuch, as the frankness nnd decision there manifested, induced mo to feel confident that tlm vetoes of tho extra session were on account of somo supposed defects in the details, and were not pounded upon opposiium to such an inetitu- MODERN DEMOCRACY. Wo know not when wo have seen n more graphic picluro of modern democracy, alias Locofocoism, than is contained in the follow ing paragraph of a speech recently delivered uy iur. t uuer, ot Monroe County, in tho As sembly of Now York ! It is a perfect por trait. "Modern Democracy consists in all tho offictrsof the fint'irnmi-.tit fV.-im tl... l- ,,Jrt.,.i t...i MIV1 HllUldHIUnil IU I119 1U- cst dependant who Ins sworn to support tlio constim- linn rnnat riiirifT it n il,.. . . I . i . - . i. . ,t ;"! it au mcj utiui'ifeiiiuu ii; in iinir iuk ing the responsibility of any act which their own will to the virtors belong the epoiN, nnd in eeizing on the offices ami putronayo of Government as tho rewards of party triumph; m tlio destruction of capital when n. (.v w.iiiuuni iui cit'cuuiiveriiuj punioses; i it Itin ilnct punt i,- ti nf ..r.irli'i . it. . -e ...vuv-iiuvuvii viUlUllj Hi !UU tltJllUli Ul HUiU Jl tkiawa itisiw inwur-ltlB IU BUJllUiUlU Q WJIU PUltll Ol PnenulntiltTV mill tnclnt-inrr till ITT Itli n naFAntf. frt.1 ...vsis 4i I'liltm aiuuu' nesaono day, nnd then ntranglinc: them without mer- lit "14 uuiwiii auUMUUCUl) 111 (UIII UUl'ti nu auiiuLiiuii, in ujij)o?ioi, io protection OI voiw muueiij, uuu til tllU ICUULIlUll VI WilCS UI IIUS j ,u u.v (".Mj.i.1 otiMiuiiiu ui -mujjij; in uif rc pudiatioti of honest iltlita when it ia not convenient to itnvtnpnt !n Swnriu-mitmiTH-!ili iMllli'nna nrl. ....... , ... ...uumub "h iiuiiiuiii) m mu pru iiliva mnnnv in rirriot mr ilm -.-n-ns C Li...... pirty, right or wronff-m proocribing men for their nnimons nml nuntKhini (mm r,n.. ..nt , n iivii iiuiii I'm i y lailltB i in organizing a press throughout ilia Union tomanu. fneturp nnd nrnnnnnfn frfe.ttmn.a n,) ,r i - : ; i - r - a .iuwuo umvi ui irnu iuc i)(.'U pie l in iircacliins ont thinij nnri always practicing -..kMfa, , mi u Miciiii uu. nym, ineuiptmy ana inde pendenceof the Northfora few of the votes of the Mm i lh ami t1ni1l. in t fT .1 i . ' hi luiuvtnjy wu now ino marine worn in 37 nnd putting on a new disguise and raisin" up anew fcctfiotu tho ashes bearing the name of tho old, and in the lanpuaceof tho ficntleman from New win, n-.inifi mi- f.iu in uury iiicir uoaui oucn is a briefouthnoof modern Democrat y. In my humble ut'iu.uii, mu moro we navo oi it me worso it will be for us. A Ii 1 1 Io more of it wouU ruin this country and 111 ia nnlimi ' JOHN TYLER. Prentice, of the Louisvillo Journal. nav Capt. Tyler the following very flattering compliment : I7vpif m.n ...til. .. . "... , pretension to sasani-, oretold that the moitablo result of Tyler's ctrurt to buy up a piuty woulj ti0 to bring upon tlio liJ of thfi trmtnr iliiiml.e rrul,.tr.A 1...I v. . uui.tisai eiuni n.i sn obiitmg place in his perfidious heart, his face would become nermnnpnltv A ihfl Kiin'H whrn crpn hu.m...h ,-iai.v in uia pcrnuious rieari, ins ram wuurir become permanently as red as the sun's when seen flirnimh tl,- ' c ...A.n.nn If U. I 1 ...tvuf,.. ttuiujiB ur ir tius.f IHW...U11;. .1 tic iiutr a conscience, its scorpion eiincs would bring upon him more misery lhan he could bear. Tho only rea son why Tyler can stand up in the presenca of any man is thai lie ia utterly desiituto of the sentiments of shame, honor and conscience. If ho ever had snv ....v. Bnn:r.a...'.a n.l It nB .. :t.t. t ui... uiipiuiii... .. ..uo fiusMuiu ro gaivaniza them inlo an ephemeral existence, his pangs, when rtvmmiijj 111 i.uuicc, nuum ue more miolcrauio man ihoso which tho old potts osciibd lo Ixion and rromelhsus. ftWhv it a ladv's humlfl like i cirar - o Deciuis it ii minuficturfd to back her . to bacco.) THE SENTINEL. t ruin R : .t. f . u .. tf itiaiu.v rnis rciiiirmisi. ' iuo;itibficaio;i ir editor- ship" of that paper to a Mr. Richards who was I.b foreman, and wl0 i,.,, fornwty u(.ell nsgoou a ufliasono would wiili to see Neither tho language of Winslow or Rich ards, however, imports nn actual, bona fide, sale nnd transfer of tho establishment. N0 doubt is entertained here that Winslow is still tho owner of the concern and its tes ponsibo editor, assisted, perhaps, 03 in for mor times, by " f7ic Doctor" who wo un derstand disclaims any connection with if, as usual. In this ho nets wisely, if it can ever be said to be wise lo deny the truth, Tho only rcul, unadulterated uale which Im. been mado of tho Sentinel was mado to ono John Tyler, several weeks ago and tho 7tV pro fjuo, tho consideration, was tho I'ost Uttico and Ivollcctorslup in this place. If Mr. Van IVcss would tako tho stand, and tell " tho whole truth, and nothing but the truth " this statement could easily bo proved. PROSCRIPTION. From the following it will bo seen that Gov. Hill, of Now Hampshire, tho' a strong Tyler man, condemns the removal of Mr. Stacy from tho Post offico in this place, but justifies his appointment to the clerkship, because Mr. Noble's term of oflico had ex pired aud Mr. Stacy was a political friend ot tlio appointing power. There is somo senso in tlio Governor's remarks. ,,Vly"mmt Gazc,le announces the removal of H. IJ. Stacy, post mastir at llurlinnion, and tho appointment of Dana Winslow, editor of tho Son. linpl. 111 ma rit.ii- It nl.n ... .1.. ,u rcinaruaoia consistency of tho Burlington Free Press, a whin pa-per.viliich.whileitdenounci-s the art as proscr7ptive, and as having been done without cause, applauds tha removal of the democratic county clerkof Iturhngton county, equally without cause, to make room for tho ('jeeted .Mr. Stacy. Il was proscription to rcmovo Mr. S. but a very commendable act lo remove tho democratic clerk, and "the promntiiesi with which it was innde, was very creditable lo all partiej concern ed in it Albany Argus. Wlixn will nnllil... I,- . , . . . .... .. ... ui. ..miu- iu practice vnai they profess f For our part wc desire lo sco no man rmn.'-.l fm.r. nfXir-a VirT-... I... . . . i.n.u.w ..un, U1...B utiuw iiM nine expires wnoc.s- rrnrrrfishlq ilntv f.iilifrillu n.wl . .!. nnn 1 . .... ... fcuui-iui eai faction in his placo. Wo protest however against fillim; vacanccs with political adversaries while polit ical friends equally well quahfird may bo found to fill them; and we deny ihe ryhl of all violent mm of any sido who would turn out all political opponents, to complain when their friends aro displictcl. ill's T HE TRUE DEMOCRAT. This paper mado its grand entree on Wednesday morning, its typographical appearance is quite creditable to its publish er, and the spirit which animates its editori als speaks well for the ability of the "young gentleman" who writes them. His name, it seems, is to "remain in the shade" for tho present. Tho following extracts show that the Sentinel man "woke up the wrong pas senger" when ho mado his brutal and un provoked attack upon Mr. Bishop. Itnt if llirrn mitcl lii -.. il.n.. .. n. .. :.. 11'....!.. " ' .i.e. n, nv Uh9 up ihe irautilkt, and hurl lack defiance n our cne mies. We havo 'orao personal arnuamtanre with tins man of the Sentinel. Let lum bewarej the war can bo earned into Afni-a. We are just the man to nlfrrifl tn tun ...a .....I 1 1...I-. .1.- : .... .-1 . mm uiuu vile lSlUe. let us come a htlle closer. I.ctus take liim Iy tho nn r,iA -lt.- ......I I... i . . . - ... m .b..Y,.LW,.w, until irt-i our yripe. conscious guilt, while we read you a lesson uJJresseJ to your capacity uno so, most poicni scribbler, you;wut commenc tho canipnisn wuh a lie, a barctau d 1-e m your mouth. Vour miligmiy could not restrain itself even till wa had made our appearance. You must for' tall, if pos sible, public, by-a banlactd faL-.hoidi a niC'inswe II worthy the in tut, I ..ilitnr nf . c ,...!... prostitute paper. Your nitack on the publ.shtr of tlu paper you Knew lo bcai s as it was mi'v-ious Vou knew that your subscribes came m by tins and tucnt en. ilirpMin.F rm .1 ,.,,,.,.,.. 'I ... you knew that ymir subscription list had bien'rcduc'- Prty; you knew that our nrosnoctus was nm nrio. party ; you knew that our prospectus was not oris- mally issued in the 1'ree 1'rco, and never bv our re- quest i you knew that marly two hundred of tho l) nc .i.rt ,.r . - ....... (itai.r ...u MUUUItU UI IHO prominent Democrat of the Town of Uurlinr.ton. im. ...vU..... r......iiuiU1 uuu uiu 111' .. in reuunii-9 IO indorse its sentiments, and that whero any of tho mll!tt(.l.. CIlVlBrtl.n.l nn.l r..A I.. 11 .... v...ii.iiiiis, uuu iiiui .null) iiny ur 1110 n.i'ni,..m.. .1 1..1.. r. .1. . . . .j tn.uu.ouj.jmii, u' j iimii rur lire pur pose ot establishing iii l hittenden County an honor able opponent j and finally you knew, and note well know, that neither the editor norsu;j orters of this pa per erer applied to .Uni Tyler for an ofKce ; that Mr. Bishop, the publisher, btinpa practical printer, was inertly in the exercise of h.s legitimate calling. He is not the editor; nor does he regard the gratuit ous abuse which has been showered upon him. True, Mr. Uishop, at the solicitation of friends, who con ceived that if there was anything of honor or emolu ment to bo bestowed, Ins Ions and well directed ser- 1CP3 111 tlm rnilU. nf llnnmn. ..... f..M .... . J .. J.a . .'.i .iiny ruerireu II, um otter to take a place in the custom-house department. ..... ..u ..ur. nui nn: man. in ine words 1.1 1 dmunct liurke of .Sew Hampshire. MA ru1d....a nr.. .Via n..(.,.Gni... nnliflnt ..uu . . . .i i - . . ei; and his party." .nd mark, and let it e s ...... ... ,uu u, i...,u-.ii it n live, win mo wretcn woo can onen v n-i-i-iil m.liL.1..i r.-.nA. i ... injure the reputation of a prtv ate nt.z. n, is beneath tho contempt of an honorable- man, and sooner or later will meet with the merited sevrn ofaii msullid com mttmty. Go, then, slaic of a serf, and seek consols. Hon from your equally venal master. This is what may be called pretty "tall talk." It indicates that there is to bo "war to tho knife, and the knife to tho hilt" be tween tho white and red roses. It is cer tainly an edifying squabble, and there is to be a most hideous caterwauling evidently. But lest we should be charged with "endors ing" the Democrat, wo will say that the Whigs here feel about as much interest in the result politically, ns the old woman ex hibited in the set to between her husband and tho bear. "Fairvlau." said she. "for this is the only fight I ever knew where 1 did nt care which ichwt." lint tliourli thn politics of tho Democrat bid fair to bo as ul tra and radical as the most abandoned Loco Foco could desire, wo hope it never will be- como such an unscrupulous vehicle of per sonal ribaldry and scurrilous abusa as the Sentinel has uniformly been. CC?Mobe Compliments ron Wi.vst.ou-. Wo find tho following paragraph in the Inst lumber of Rarton's INew Hampshire Patriot tl o leading Loco Foco paper in the Granito State. From this it ill bo seen that the snlo ef the Sentinel and its editor to Catit.Tv ln. is ns strongly condemned by the Democracy of New Ilampshiro as it is by tho same nam- here. . i.uu.. ....Rto?. a. i ii, lacy, pot tmnstef at Darlington, Vt., has been removed, and Dana tin... T.-t t-,., U" . II 1 C- ..ii.wuw, u j,ru,cs,eu "eiiioeri i npo COUId ireommo- aal, himself tery easily to Werism, appointed tothe ....... ...u.u. ,,.Uv...t.. ...v ictiiuvui oi .Mr. JVob t. clctk of tho county and supreme courts, to male way for Stacy. Ioble is a sound democrat, Thus Ty. lerisni, aided by Clay hig spite, woiked tha remo- iai ui a uviiiv. mini JilSl, The rredlt nf iho fini-on. ..... u- . than II was during Mr. Van Huren's Admiui.traL. and never lower than whilo tho Vhifis hclj power in Ihe last Congress. Globe. If Iho rrfrfif of tho government i m ho measured by tho amount of its indebted... si thoie two periods icspectivily, Mr. Blair's sUtemrnt i undoubtedly rorrec t.

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