Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 9, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 9, 1843 Page 3
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i Wd huvo iho gratification to announce to our readers lliat tho Convention which met in tliis place V'isterd.iy to si-lort a can didate to represent this District in Congress have nominated the HON. GEORGE P. M A.USH of this town. Tlio proceedings of tho Convention wero very harmonious, and the nomination was unanimously confirmed. Particulars next week. THE NEXT SENATE In the Sonato of the next Congress thoro are only llirco vacancies, and so closo is the ttato of partics,t!mt tho predominancy of ci ther will depend on the political character of tho persons who may bo elected. Nearly 00 mombcrs of tho Ilouso of Representa tives have been elected, n largo majority of whom are Locos. Tho following comprises a list of members of the next Senate, so far as they arc yet known: Term expires. Blaine. John Fairfield George Evans Now Hampshire. Levi Woodbury Charles 0. Atherton Vermont. Samuel Phe!pa Win. C. Upliarn Massachusetts 'Ruftis ChoiU Isaac C. Hates Rhode Island. Wm. Sprague James F. Simmons Connecticut. J. W. Huntington John 11. Ndcs New York. N. I. Tallmadga Silas Wright is rj. 1S17. 1847. IS 13. 1315. 1949. 1345. 1917. 1845. 1347. 1645. 1S49. 1845. 1819. 1S15. 1819. 1845. 1817. 1815. 1817. 15-15. New Jersey. Wm. L. Dayton Jacob W. Miller Pennsylvania. Daniel W. Sturgton James Huchanan Delaware. ltichard H. Bayard Thomas Clayton Maryland. 'Wm. 1). Merrick Vacancy. Virginia. Vm, C. Rivci 1845. Wm. S. Archer 1817. North Carolina. Wdlio P. Mangum 1647. W.H.Haywood Jr. 1949. South Carolina. Daniel E. Huge 1S47. Geo. M'Duffio , 1849. Georgia. Mohn M. Ccrrion 1847. Wm. T. Colquit 1819. Alabama. Wm. It. King 1817. Arthur P. Bagby 1849. Mississippi. John Henderson 1815. Robert J. Walker 1847. Louisiana. 'Alexander Barrow 1847. Alexander Porter IB49. Tennessee. Two vacancies. Kentucky. 'John T. Moreheid 1315. John J. Crii'endcn 1819. Ohio. Benjamin Tappan 1E45. William Allen 1B49. Indiana.-' Albert S. WhitJ 1615. Kdw'd A. Hanazan 1849. Illinois. Sain'l M'Roberts 1617. Sidney Mreeso 1619. Missouri. Thos. II. Denton 1815. Lewis F. Linn 1819. Arkansas. Wm. S. Fulton 1817. A. II. Sevier 1R49. Michigan. A. S. Torter 1945. W. Wnodbndgo 1817. Being 2G 'Whigs, inclining Mr. Riven, and 21 loco f ocos. The choice of a Loco in Maryland will prob ably bo made, whenever a choice shall bo effected. DEATH OF NO All WEBSTER. This distinguished scholar and venerable man died at Now Haven, Connecticut, on Sunday, the28ih tilt., in tho 85th year of his age. The following sketch of his life is from tho New York Spectator. The patriot, whoso pen has been employ ed in the cause of sound politics and sound morals for full sixty years, tho scholar, who has done nioro for the advancement of etlors, and iliecauso of elementary instruction, than any other man of his age, and the exem plary citizen, whoso whole life has afforded a bciutiliil illustration of the religion ho pro fessed, Noah Webster, sleeps with the dead, among whom ho was numbered at o'clock on Sunday evening. He was in tho 85th year of his ago. The papers at New Haven, the pl.tco for many years of his resi dence, are clad in mourning on tho occasion. From one of them, tho Herald, wo copy tho annexed biographical sketch i Noah Werster entered Vale College in 177-1. In his junior year, in the tune of Huruovnc'.s cinrditinn from Canada, he volunteered hisseruces under the comiiuiuu oi ins miner, woo was captain in tile alarm list. In that campaign all the males ofthi r,,,ilv four in number, were in tho army nt the same time. Notwithstanding this interruption to his studies, Mr. Weosteb graduated with high reputation in 1773. n. ....... .l. c. r l-n I ? I , . .. r touting ihk uiiiuioi u, hij iiu rLMiit q m tuc lamuy of Mr., afterward Chief Justice KlUwoilh, at Hart lord. Ho was admitted to tho bar in 1781. Subse quently ho engaged in the business of inslruction.and beins btronalv impressed with the Aft. pro nf -nr.1. books as were then used in elementary school, pub lished in 1733, at Hartford, his "I'irst part of a Uram- maucal msMult of the Ungluh Lnutagc." The treat success oi tms worn, and of others of the same cIbss prepared by him, is well known. Mr. WECbisn tany uccame a political writer. Hi9 first publication in this character was at Hart ford, in 1733, when the State was agitated on the sub ject of half pay for hfo to tho revolutionary army. For a scries of papers in the Connecticut Cojraiit, under tho sivnature of Ilonorious, ho received the thanks of Gov. Trumbull in person, and was highly tomphmcntcd by other gcntletmn of distinction. At various other periods of public e.xcitimentnnd difficul ty the aid of his pen was solicited by those whn were best acquainted with his full and correct information on questions of public interest, and his ability to ex Dlain and defend his own viewn His " Sketches of American Policy," published in i tan nis wiuingsin lavor ui me adoption oflhe Fed tral Constitution s in defence of Washington's nrnrln, mationof neutrality, and of tho treaty nesotidlion with Great Britain by Mr. Jay, bad great intluonceon pub lic opinion and wcro highly appreciated. Various otner topics uurniK me same period vt ere publicly dis cussed by him. In 1793 he commenced a daily pa per in N'cw York, which is now called tho CommtT' rial Advertiser and Xttc York Smctator. Mr. Webster removed to New Haven in I799,and in 1S07 entered on the ureal business of his lift-, tho compiling of a new and completo Dictionary of the Eiifilif-h Language. This work he prosecuted amidst various uiiucuiiies ana discouragements, and publish ed tho first edition of it in 1328. In the preparation of this Dictionary he was led to iuiesuuic iu u e-di cjicjii uie bueucci oi ciymoicgy, and tho relations of various languages to each other. This Dictionary has been moro favorably received, than, as is believed, the author ever anticipated. His tuner publications aro too numerous to be particular ly mentioned here. Dr. Webster formed no nnminn without investigation, nnd such opinion on any sub ject as appeared tu him, afier full consideration, to bo corrcci, no never it-aieu tu express, lie strt'tigly lov ed bis country, and was a patriot of tho Washui'Mon ecnoui, iioiiveuauu uieu m inc laiiu or the rotiitl j-ortneiast lorty years oi ins Me, though Lb hail been long before a diligent ttudenl, he devoted his timo to literary pursuits wiih an ardor rarelj seen in nny couniry, and especially in this. His study was his home; his books and pen Ins constant compan ions: and his knoledi!0 to tlio last was constanilv on tho increase. When such a man is taken from life "much learning dicth wiih hun." . 'r: Webster had enjoyed remarkably vigorous (Itaim nil Mllinu a IUW U3V8 01 itlS UCQtll. Un AlOn- day of last week he was sliglitlv unwell, but no alarm was feltby Ins family. His disorder, however, soon luuie iuc mini eii pieurisy, ana ne gradually sank un der the attack, till, at the tllilA flfinVA tninlinn.,l in tho full possession of his reason, he died with entire eompt Fure and resignation. The New Haven Palladium adds to the preceding Above we record ihe death nr low Citizen NOAII Wesstrh. P.n . ulm.a vino., ti.,.1 great worth to society will long live in the memory of inuwj :"" -'? ften ms veneraoie lorm, or know anything of Ins character and the treat servi ces which iiu 11" luma country and to man kind. Within a few years our community lias been deprived of many of its most worthy and substantial cuixens, bevemiui wuuiu wci o incnos ana neighbors We think at this moment of Judge Bristol Nathan Smith, James Hillhouso, nnd his son James A Hill house, HieihenT liiiiif.TilusI Street, Abiahani Brad, ley, Addin Lewis, Over While, Klisha Hull. Isaac Townsend, Wm. .1. Forbes, lturxll Hotchkiss and venerable VUUtcr Hut iltaih is never Mis, m,i w'lh truth itinsy be i.d of all men now living, over. the ynungsst, that " ihn places which now Vnnv iheM Ti-dls'icn iic- th m. no mors fomr " STATE CONVENTION. TO THE WHIGS OF VERMONT. A State Convention of tho Whigs of Ver mont will bo holdon AT RUTLAND, ON WEDNESDAY THE 28TH DAY OF JUNE NEXT, for tho purpose of nominat ing State Officers, and for the transaction of other matters deemed necessary, preparatory to tho Annual September Election. And also to appoint two Dclegatos and two Sub stitutes at largo to attend tho National Con vention to bo holdon in May 1844, for tho nomination of candidates for tho offices of President and Vico President of tho United Stales. Tho Whigs at their several District Conventions in tho Stato aro requested also to appoint ono Delegate and Substitute each, for the purpose above stated. It is specially important, and therefore particularly desired, that not a single town in Vermont should bo unrcpresonted at said Stale Convention by two or more delegates. Calvin Townblev. J Ehastus F.unuANKs, John A. Conant, L. P. Walton Jii., I State Central George A. Allen, f Committee. IIaiimo.v Canfield, John A. Piutt, Autemas Cushman, May 16, 1843. COiNSOCIATION. The next Annual Mketiss of the CniTTrx den Consociation will be holden, Providence permitting, at Milton Fall?, on Tuesday next, the 13th inst., at 12 o'clock, M. J. K. CONVERSE, llegitter. Juno 7th, 1813. UltlGIITON BIAItKET May 19, 1E13. At Market, 2G0fBeef Cattle, 20 Cows and Calves '0 pairs. Working Oxen, 430 Sheep, and 1230 Swine. Phices Beef Cattle A small advance was effec ted. A few extra were sold for something more than our highest quotation. Wo quote first quality, 5 DO; second quality S3 fi 5,25 third quality, 81,25 4,75. Working Oxen No sales noticed. Coin and Calcn Dull. Sales at 812. 815. 820. 823, nnd 827. Sheep Sales at 1 50, 82 and 2 25. Sxine Lots to peddle from -13 c & 4le for Sown and 5 J its 7-Sc for Barrows ( At retail from 5 to 7c New Yoik Cattle Market May 20, At market, 1100 Beef Cattle, (SSOfrom tlio South,) 5 Cows and Calves nnd 275 Sheen. PnicES-Ttef CaWs-Havo receded .owlnfT tn thn largo supplies, lull 6Uc. per cwt. fince last week, and we quote to correspond vizi 83 to 80, 50 for retailing quaimes, ana i 10 i,eu tor interior 330 left over. Coir and Caltes All at matket taken at 813 S0' 830. Shcep-.l sold at 81,75 to 2,50 for Lambs, and j 10 ci,ju ror sncep. BOSTON' MAItKUT.-May ' -no"' Genesee, 5 12 a 000, Ohio, Cod,4 75 a BfTTKB. 12 a IS per lb. Cheese. Ga7 do do r-V 0.0,L- ,SttXny and Jlcrino flEccei, Full blood, i blood, i Hood. 33 a 35 31 a 33 23 a 3t 22 a 27 20 a 22 23 23 9 a 13 E n 10 Common I blood, Smyrna wablied, Dcnjazi, Buenos Ayres, Ma fi ll a ei , In Cooiiersville N. V. on the 5th inst.. bv ihn nr. -nr. oourull ofCliazy, ltcv.'. Jason F. Walker of iiurlington, to Miss. Cynthia Cooi-ta, of Coopers ville. In Williston, May 20. bv tho Rev. Mr. Cnmr.hrll. James 1. .viiLiER, ofSudburv. toMtss Mab.m DA Mcrrat, youngest dauchtcr of Uarrv Mnrrnr. 1- . . - ' ' L,q 1 01 me lonner place. In Jericho, on the 4th inst.. bv tho Itev. ir. n. riodpe, Mr. Kovai B. Chase, of Weslford, to Miss crnoEEN 3i, iiisnor, of Iheformcr place. In Williston, on the 2d inst. Roswrtt Mm,k Esqr., aged C3 ycirs. In Colchester, on tlia 23th ult., Esmr A., daughter 01 uaviq Head, l.sq., aged 5 years. DISSOLUTION. ''ui!. mum UI HAUNTS A KKELi:it is this day di-fol veil by niiiiual cou-ent. All ner-on-havim; claims nciin-t the firm art rnrifkli.l m l,in,l m iiichiuiui uujusuiii-in id iq u unocrfcicucU Aahtl Barne", The ItiNincs will Lc conttmipd nt thn niri . ri..rr.tnrr l.A A. ft V IJ ' iv.viv.wiv, ti, W , Jaf(Jf, A. IIARNES, , P. E. KI-'ELEB. Burlington, June 1, 1613. nf DISSOLUTION. I" I'JIAN .f- COLH, havo this day dissolved their a u X ""r mutual consent. All persons , , 't'lueoieu 10 can ann settle tmmsdiale y sent them for payment. The Books and Notes can be found for a few days at the old stand. After which tima lhey will be removed toE. Lyman's Store, at lbs ucuiaiiusnL'iiiiiFi iiioiaienrm win ma. ninu-rl ku II A l., ...l:., ' i ' . wuii.., ui kitiuii" iiiiiKiini.!.. mrm.r u ni. will nt any time attend to the settlement of all their books and demands. ... uiuiiitwi, ui wr c 1 oiace ooin natiipa KLIAS LYMAN, Burlington June S, 1343. MUltlUlli I, 1 NOTICK. T Ol'IS FOLI.ETT l,v,n iH j,icre'. "' ,ho ""frc-antile concern of Pollen and lir.idley, busine.-s will hereafter le conducled under , i,,.Ui i-ui.i.r.i r, OilADLKy & Co. Old Dock, Juno 1, 1913. 1 Sugars anil ITlolassvs. PORTO RICO, New Orleans Trinidad MoIaSfe, in Ilh'ls., Tieree-and HI.N. i)P'rl,i 'S,lV,Crn"t nU(l Nfw Orleans Sucar, 'i'"'" 'lew 1 r.ri. ixial and Lump elo Whili,! ,,o0l'e';'t w""l'ey,douMerefiiied .lo vv lute and Brown Havanna ,lo Cruslu-d nnd Pode-rcd ,i0 rn.i 5 Xb0 fFJ" 8 "dvance from Old Dock, Jn.Sl'',,'UKAW',iVfc Co TOIIACCO. CA Bl? L' W TOIIACCO of .he most lMKtr.,E. "'0! "lel.raled co. lor le vv low iV 'o.8hee.ToLac. Q.d Dock, June 8atnT-DnAUL"' Co. TEAS. QLD and YOUNG HYSON, some of very si.peno, Y'lualiti, Hyson Skin and Twankayinchcst;, half chests and caddies, tbr sale by ' on n 1 . o, (?H'KTf BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, Juno 8, 1813. j N. n. HUM. A Constant tiintdy ofellon'N. E. Rum, in Hhds Pyie, Hall Pipes and Bbls., 50 per rent abovo proof, for sale at Ho-tnn pri-es and FOLLETr, Bit ADLEV, M do " Actnt, Old Doek, June 8, 1813. ' ' ff j FLORENCE HONNF.TTS. A NOTHER nrvlet eLi; I.rhorniuit rreid JOSEPH WAIT linn received a full supply of WHICH ho will sell at the following viry mode rati prices for ready pay. viz : Printed Tea Funs nnd Saucer- the tot from 37 ct. m. Printed Tea Set, 29 mean, from $1,50 up. While Granite Tea Sets,iiewc-t tyle,20 piece, 1,61 Printed Breakfast, Dinner and Tea Sets, 41 p-. 2,52 no no no uo su piei-o do do do do 33 do 3,32 do dn do do CS do 4.32 While Grnnito do do from 2,52 to 4,32 'rinted Breakfast plates, pcrdoi. S3 do quart and hint Bowl, per doi. 81 aud 1.0S Blue Printed Tea Pole, each 31 Printed Chambers from 50 cents up. CHINA WAUC. SprigM China Tea Sot. 32 nieces S3.50 unwnrds. Gold Baud 4- Sprig'd do, 33 if., from S7.50 to 15,00 Gold Band & Sprig'd China Tplate", from 2,25 to 3,50 Omni Pitcher from 31 cents to 1,12 While China Cup Plate, per doz. 41 COMMON WARE. Edged Plates from 30 to 00 cents per dozan. Edged Baker and Nappies, from 9 to S3 cents each. Coloured Bowls, from BO to C2 cents Per dozen. Pitcher.-, pint to half gallon, from 8 to 25 cents each, Mug, nun nnd half units, from Bin!) ii-nt mi li. Common Chambers from 15 to 30 i ts. each. FIRI3 IMtOOF WAKB, Yellow H.ikingplalei, per dozen from 73 ct, to8l,00. iniu urai iiiMic-, an) ij mene-, irom iuto auets. ellow Cake Puh, 0 to II inch, from 13 to 25 cunts. 1 enow Nannies from fi. 12 nml Is mit.,. Handled Soup Dipper, 0 cent-each. CLASS WARK. Good Tumbler- from 50 cents upwards. Moulded nnd Cist Wine, from 75 ets. to 3,50 per doz. Salts Irom 12 cts to 1.00 uer nair. Cruits 19 cts per pair. uemonaue uia--e-, 75 cts to 2,25 per doz. Lamps, all sizes Irom 10 ets. to 1,50 each. Study Lamps wiih shades, 73 cts, Lanterns from 50 i ts. upward-, and a great variety of other articles in the Crockery and Glass Ware Imp. nil ru'whiM, i.iti i ...i.t .....1. cheaper lliau can Lo hud at any other store in the Mine, Burlington, June, 1813. jSnltf MARSHALL'S SALE. PUBLIC NOTICE i.hcicbyeivcn Hint the f.dlow ing named nroi.L-riv. i-nnHfmn.i :.. ,1, 11.... lt. 1. c'.i :''" " vrmiri in me unucu aialt'f lor Vermont I) tricl, Mav Term. 1S13. wil ti.t. .... at the Auction Itooui or Cel. II. riioma, in Biirlin--ton, in said Di-tncl, 011 the 12ili dav r,r .l,,k. ., 1 oV-lock Hfiernoon. ui wit; Ml v.,-,1- it..;.-.intAi. and t Head Neat Cattle ' ' ' " Given under my hand ut Bradford, this 5th day of June, A. D. 1513. ' Iw3 WILLIAM BAKItOX, Marshall. pAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do. Long handed do and Spades, Cro Bars, Hussian Nail Rods, warranted, Shot, ' Sheet nnd Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article. Anvils. Trace and Halter Chains, &c. etc. for eslebv FOLLETl', BRADLEY ii Co. Old Dock, June 6 18. 1 GENTLEMEN'S II ATS. rj.ENTLEME.YS Moleskin and Cnssimero HnH, - iui btiiu 117 wtl, I1UHL.11U1. junea, lau. 1 ON CONSIGNMENT. A Heavy and full a.vortmcui of Sheetings of the J- m. 10110WII12 ceieDratcd lirand : Lawrence Mills Anlhonv do Exeter Maniifaclurinc Comnanv. Ma-sjcliu-eti- Mill-, together with Bleached Sheet ing-, ior baic at iew 1 on; puce- and ciiariiu.- bv POLLE1T. BUADLEV et Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813. 1 "LIVE AND LET LIVE." S. 1HINTIXGTON, WOULD respecfully inform his pRtrons and the . public generally thai he has teecived and will lunimuo 10 receive inrougii the season a good supply of School lloo'.s. Bibles. Hymn Hooks, and Sta- nonary, wine:, will he sold very low for ready pay. Holias also made arrangements for obtaining as often ns once n month such School Cooks as may bo needed in this vicinity and he respectfully solicits the patronage of the public hoping by attention to Ins business to inerrit the same. Hn will also give his personal attention to Book Binding and Blank Hook Making. All work entrus ted his care will meet with prompt attention. Strong's Building, corner Church and Collce Streets. June 9, 1513. Iwl SUPI3UFIXK FLOUIt. THE Snl sailers are daily receiving Superfine Flr.ur in barrels and half barrel-, selected wiih care and of the nio-t approved Liands, which they oiler for ca-h at a small ndanre , . TOLLKVr, BRADLEY cc Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1S13. 1 SAWS. O 1-J 1 foot .Mill Saws, manufactures! to 6, 4 order at liow land's ce eLratcd worl: Phihulpl. phta. 6, O 1-2 ii T foot Cast Steel Cut Saws, Eiil'Ii-Ii Plate. 10, 18, 20, 22, 2 1 if- 20 inch Circular Saws, ca-t sten'l. 12, 11, 10, 18, 20, 22 & 21 inch Cast Steel Slitting Saws. For sale bv FOLLtTr, BRADLY eV Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1S43, 1 rilHE subscribers would respectfully callthcatten-1- lion of country merchants to their extensive and well selected assortment of firoceries pun bused at the picsent low prices and offered at a small advance from cost viz i Old Government Java CoiToe s very superior article Green do do, Rio and St. Domingo do, Saloratus, Pepper, Cassia, Spice, Soap, Ginger, Snuff, &e. dte. Rice, Raisins. FOLLF.TT, BRADLEY 4 Co. Old Doek, June 8, 1813. Continued Supplies of PERFUMES AND SOAPS, of lha common an 1 nicest kind. 1 WHITING INKS AND FLUIDS of warranted jualitie-, in large and small bottle-, of Black, Blue and Hed ; Indellible Inks. Wafers and Scaling Wax, all variet cs and praes. Paste, Water proof and Varnish I'LACKINGS. At Retailor Vholesale, Ihe Inks and Blackings put up in 1 and 2 dor. boxes and packages for the trade: Merchants nnd Stationers furnished at as low prices as iho-e of ihe city niarkcl June a, Jfcl3. PECK i: SPEAR. aHE subscribers nre constantly supplied with a . full nssartmentof Nails and Iron, manufactured by Ihe Au Sable Iron Works, and the Eaglo .Nail Co. as follows: 3d Id fid 8d lOd 12d 20 1 21d 30d 40d 50J and COd nails, 4, 4 J 5, 5J, and G inch Spike, 6d6d lOd 12dnnd20d (inishinr Nails nd Brads, Round nnd Square Iron from 3-16 to 3 1-2 inch, lhnd Iron from 1 1-4 to 5 inch, Horse Shoe Iron l.'xtia do do, Scroll and Hamo do, Marble Saw Pistes, The goods manufactured by the above companies are not surpassed if equalled by any manufactured in this vicinity, and they are offered lo Ihe public upon terms as favorable as can be obtained in the State. Purchasers will find it far their interest lo call before purchasing eliewhere as wehavea superior articlo and will not be undersold. , FOI.LETT, BRADLEY fe Co. Old Doek, June 8, 1543. 1 T7NGL1SII Tire lion from 1 1-8 inch wide to 6 J ineh, and of the various thickneswe, Si;6". Iron ""t "u square, Old Table do flat ana ,qare, IIoo do ' ' Iloons do 5-8 3-4 1, 1 .4 inches, Sanderson Cast Slcol flat and square, .Naylori and II. C. Gsrtnsn Steel, Eaple do do, Spring do do, TosCoik ro dn, At fortaUkv Pld reck JartMWJ. j ff Phlllln Walkcr'i E.tntc. STATIC OI' Vmi.MO.W, ) rpiIK Hon. the Distiiet ol Chittenden, ss. 5 X. Probate Court for tlio DMrirt of Cln'llenden, lo all persons concern ed In the estate ol PHILLIP WALKKIt, laic i,f Wd litun. in --aid district elecca-ed, intcjtale, OnKKTlMeT, WI1KKKAS, Benjninin Field admliilstrntor ol Ibu estate ol sttid ilecead, proposes to render an account ol Ins administration, ami pro-cnt Ills account agniii-l said estate for examination and allowance at a-e-sioFi of the Court rf Probate, to l,e holden at the MTn c if the Hegister of said court in Burlington, on the second vtciincoiny ot July noil; Tliereforo vou arc hurtbv notified to anncar 1 eforc taiil court at the timo and place aforesaid, and nhcw caii-e if any you have, why the account aforesaid should nut be allowed. Given under mv hand at Iiurlington, ibis eighth day of June, A. D. 1813. Iw3 eiiimit.a ieua-3ivijii, Jiuiirc. For Salo or to Let. A DWELLING HOUSE and STORE. Enquire ol E. L. NELSON. Burlington, June 9, 1313. Iw3 D AGAR & ARTHUR, ARE now receiving new supplies of SADDLERY, LOACH AXD SHELF II RDWRE, in all itivarities. also, DRUGScc MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR. .113111.3, cvc. eVC Hurlimrton. Vt. Juno 2, 1813. 5 Sl'RIXG FASHIONS FASHIONABLE GOODS. THE biibbcril cr nru now rrernmu their supph of FASHIONABLE GOODS for Gentlemen' cloi Inn it, consist insr of BnoAtiCLOTtis, CAfiMEtiE", Silk, Satlin, Velvet, Vuleneiannd Mnr- CIIIU .fSllllC. Also, a irood ns-ortinentol Stocks. Cravat. Kl,lrt- Hum. ins, Collars and Supe'..der. Thev uro nri'iitretl lo cxecntn nil nnlpsa lino ofhusincgain a superior slyle of neatness and du rability. ontp on i-iiureli street, a 1 uoor South M Iho Hank. Juno 1, 1SU. 52 3w C. BKI-Ari, Jr. & Co. John Wellcr'e Kstatr. STATE Of VERMONT, ) T n Probate Court District ol Chittenden, ss. i A held nt Biirline-lon. within and (or said Di-tncl of Chittenden on tint ICili day ol liny, 1813, Richard Wei.leii ol Hincsi.urgh, in mo bounty 01 unitleniien, Having tiled in nid Court his petition in writing, setting forth that John Weller, lale ol said Hine-burirli, dec eased, on the sev enth day of October, A. D. 1821, by his written ngree- inen', comraeicu wun 1110 same uicnani 10 deal to bun ,1 certain portion of hi--, the said John' home farm in said Hinesburgh, to wit, " all the land in said larmttiat lies ea-t 01 the north and south road run ning through the same" upon certain conditions in said written agreement -el forth, which conditions have been sub-tantully fulfilled and complied with on Ihe parlol -aid petitioner; thai, of iho same land, the saH John Weller died seized without having convey ed the same 10 the pe-tiimner ; that there are no del l due from tbce-tatcul -aid John Weller which can le gally prevent the c. mvoyaiict! ol said land lo said pe titioner, mid Uranus' sai 1 Conn 10 iIi-ltci! thai -nul Ian I le conveyed bythe Adniiin-traliix of tho ejlale Ol liie said John, to tlio said Iticlnril. TltcitKFOiiK, Iho I'ourt uliue-aiil doih annoint lb tourlh Monday of June, A. I). 1813, lor heating and deciding on sa'd iietillon at Andrew Burrilt'.- taivrn in said Iline-buish, nnd doth older that nil pcr-wi inleru-ted bo nonfied thereof by pullication of tin- oruer, containing Ihe sub-lance nf said petition, three weeks siK'cessive-lv in the Burlinston Free Pre.s. a new.-naiitr nriutcd in Burlm?ti,n 111 ibu nnnnti' i t Chittenden, previously to thotaid loi.rth Monday of uii: .1 . 1, 13 1J. Gum under inv hand at Burlinnton, in said dia tricl tliibsixteentlulcy nf Mav, A. I). IS 13. Wm. " WnSTOX, ltegi-ter. COPAKTM2USIU1' NOT1CH. MCJ. RATH BUN, having as-nefat.-d wild him . self C. F. WARD, will continue the TAILORING li US IN ESS at Ids c,Id -tand, in Church st., under Ihe linn of M. Li. UATlinCN eV (JO. M. G. It. it Co. have iii-l returned from New York ami are prepare! lo fiirni-h their patron-with gai inenls m.ido in tho lalu-t and most fa-hiini'iblc style, or a- ordered. They have- a choice and well selected nsMirimcni ot 1 e-tint.s mm 1 iiimmincs. Burlington, May 20, 1613. 51w l TEMPERANCE STORE. SN. GAU1 & Co. have rcivivi'd and will be re- ci'iviug tliroi'gh tin- season, DRY GOODS. FAMILY GROCERIES. Au: of iho bnt n,illt whieli they will sell for Cash or ii-ady pav for as pinuii an u iviiucr us ui any inner rsiore in iiurling ton j nnd as they intend lo keep their Store free frum the pcifiimo. of AK-hohi !, they hope by nromiit atten tion to bu-ine s and upright dealing-, and ihe small advance en their Goods, to receive a literal share of put lie p itronage. Store 3 door- .South of the Crockery Store. Burlmglon, May 21, 1SI3. 5 . loa'i:i,y & suY.tioun A Rh now openuu and oiler to the mihlic n fre Xi. and exten-ivo a orlineut of DRY GOODS, w hicli, having been recently purchase! in New Yen k, win 1 is -old a; price- suihcieiitly low to curri-poud nnieng inc ltOOiI-, are tin- lollow Sf.'T. , C,",lHi L'as-iuierc., Saltinet-, Ve-tmgs Silk ilvet, Sana Vesting, Drilling, Ganibroou.liom baziac Gro dc Rhine, Dre-and llnnnct Silk-, ltib IKllls. .Mll-llll 11! I.Din.. A .......... II t r - 1 111 ,-"l,,Mu " ,),l;,.l,"'I,1,lnity. Cambric, Crav.ils, t 1 ' V- 1 ' i' i ' V urjl"'i rrmcc, Ta-s.-ls " , '""'"'i'i 'ri"-,, veils, .i. He-Lame .-)u.iwi-, .uoreen-, Taper Hanging-, Bordering-. 1 "-'-'I t'MiJLvir. jn 11 1,1 11 ir, N. 1 w 1 ... llnp. ip-, Matting, Tufted Malta, Hcuiji and Woolen Car- pi'ling, cc. ccc, Church Strict, -May 25th, 1S43, 51 PltK.MIlTJI DIAMOND POINTED COLD I'LN T0 vou wish to improve your hand writing I XJ Do yon wish to retrench your expenses for Ihe next fivi! year-1 Do you wi-li to avoid the vexatious corroding of .v , Are yon troubled in procuring good quills or pen knives 1 Do you wi.-h to write with ease and ple-a-ure 1 Do you wish a beautiful pen and aluayt in order: Do you wish to make an acceptable pre-enrtoa llllUll I Dees your cye-ight fail, or your hand tremble, s that you are Iroul led in making a goexl pen I If vou answer" tes" loanvor all ol' ihr-i. mw. lions, plca-ccall at iho Variety Store and examine uwr le'auiiiui iiiaiiiouu ponuesi gold pens. We have written with one of the.-epens which ha been in constant ii.-c for more than three years and ,a nun u? guuu tir, e't;r. 51 PasCBORS ii BntNSMAlD. WOOSTEK IJAUCIIY, WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COMIYIISSION MERCHANTS, 2fil fiirer street, Troy, N. Y. (orrosiTE the mansion house.) HAVE ju-t received, and ei'lcr for sale, a lull and complelo h-soriment of GROCEHILS, which they arc prepared to sell a low as they can I u pur-cha-e.l in tins market or New York, either for cash or approved paper. 'Ihe following articles com prie a part of their assortment. SO Chests ami half chest ofllyson, Yo.ngllyson, Hyson Skin, and Powcliong Teas. 20 Hh lsSt Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans Sugars. Loaf and Lump ilci elo SO Hhd. Si. Croix, Porto Rico and Tnnnidad Mola-se-, 30 Bags Old Java, Laguira, Manilla and Cula Colli e. 1 OO Boxcs nnd half bpxes R.v'sin. 20 lvegs .Malaga do in fine order. 4 0 Boxes various brands Cavendish Tobaccos, 15 lo 25 cents per pound. 15 Tierces Rice, Pepper, Spices, Cloves, Nut. mcr-, Halaratn-, Ca-sia, Figs, Niits,d;c. SO Hoxes Nn. I Bar Soap. 5 O do Mould Candles, 6s and 8. Also, Constantly on hand, Fi-h, Flour, Salt, 100 Sacks l.iverpo d ahl e brand, Me.s Pork. Also, Liquors and Wines of all kinds, which are o,r re-d only in pai licnlnr cu-tomers. Country Me rchants will do well to call and exam, inc their slock before- purchasing elsewhere. W, it I), have made arrangements for the sale of riimr, which will enable them to furnish at nil limes, from I to MX1 bbl., nt the lowest market price, to which patti-iilar attention will lepaid. May i!G, 1813. J.n SIIL,I!U.12Y A OAItlIM;i, 333 flittr st,at the oldslandqf laker, Gardiner Co. WILL Continue Iho Flil'.IOIITINO and COM MISSION business, and would respecifully so licit a share of put lie pitronaci'. Oar e-sels com. prim tho.e ofihe first class, which will sad regularly between this city and New Ycrk. All goods destined for the north will he forwarded direct from ilia v-rl... All properly consigned to Boston and Providence will oeiorwarnesi iy our ini, We shall always keep on hand at wholesale, Pork, Western Flour, Fish, and Salt. Wo have been ap pointed the agents for the sale of Western Barrel Salt, and we are prepared to sell it at low as it can be purchased by the load al the works. 'I rev, N Y .May HI, )p. H B k'lNVJSLY, irsmlin f'ei York. 1' Cemhs Sly. M. I'ltASUlt. HAS just returned from Nniv Vntli will, n fashionable, assortment of MILLlNEUY-ltibbons, Laces, Flowers, Glovts, and Mills. a t. on , A good assortment of l'rines 1otiand Vulcan IIATS-all which will be sold as cheap as tho cheap est. Burlington, May 19, 1843. 51 If TAII.OItlNG AT WINOUSKI FALLS. THE iihscnlier re-poitfully infiirm I111 outotnrs 1111 1 frieinli lliat hi- Ins rcnilncd his biisinm at VVfnnotkl Full-, where Irj will bo happy to answer tu nny calls that ho inav be favored with. WANTED I A goodiinarlboy asnn npiirenticu to the above bug. iiicsi. JEltbllAII HAIlltl.NO'ION. Winool;l Full, Mny 23, 1813. 51 If 2itm lbs WOOL WANTED HAVING Piirchasiil the Woolen Fai'torv formerly owned by Isaac Blnke', at .Milton Fall', and am getinir 11 new sol of Machinery, am now read to ro ceivo Wool tn Mnniif.u-tme by the ynrd or upon share, into Caniiicre, Saimetts, Flannels, Com mon Grey nml Mill Cu'ored Cloths, cheaper than was ever douu in tins country leforr. A. PEARL. Millon, May 17, 1813. sllf SII.VIJll SPI3CTACI,HS, IJ'OIt two dullari at tlio Var.cty Store1. Google?, Cases and all lliing 111 the opti'al line, cheaper I lian ever uld. 51 Pasoboun .f- IIrInssiaid. WANTED ! POl'MJSotllees Wax. Al'O, A quantity W SJi ofi.'rirot orrinuri-ed Ilvu in cxchjuire. bv 51 SI VV.r.lC A. SIM'lII II,..,?...., IAKEWELIAS Gaiters and half Gaiters, French 1 Slips mid Wulking Sliuus, itc., it. jut received may -i , '-l.l. hi l,y . w (JA I I.IN. l!i;l)UCi:i) KKIHCTION 1 Urass Clocks nt It educed 1'rlccs. IJ'OR the pniposu eifturnlna lot of Clock- inlu cah, nowo! cr -omunl themn-i tilul linislii'il llra-s and Woi Clocks nt half price, lor ca.-h only ; we-luve Wood Clocks a low ns S3J, some at SI 23. Ilia s CI01 l.sif the I est bind ill line polished Muhoiranv some O G and -oine D'uiiljf O w, lor S3 and Sj 25. We war rant llletll to keen irood timtv nono better can I e had anv wbe-ie. call soon and er.-i nciock 1 eiore nicy arc ail gone, as iw have but a few at tlivso extremely low nriies. For oilier pay than cash or for crcdil the e.'ri priie 111 cii.ii eu. ow is tho tunc to secure a clock for almoit hoth- !r. i-ici-cinii ana sie tneui -non. May '.'ft, 1313. Panoboiis Sc. BiiIv-maid. C'.OODS. L arc rucclving n good 1 US' ortment of iht! vnn fill- l.-ltlil. nl'.n rt.l ,,, t..ln piircha-edlow lur cash, which wo -hall be happy to shew and si-1 lo any who may wi.-h lur them. In the lino of Watches nnd Jewelry, liriihe-, Combs, Kjll ..s. .Mii-K-a I ll-l rtl llli'iit Cuilery, Plated, Gurm.ui Stiver, tint .1 11 11 in Ware, Cas. lor-, Lamp i. k-nnd Glu-e--, Plalwl line ks and, Pin-, beetle.--,, Willow Wnggnns, iuairs, 1 r.uii-;-, iuy.-, iruii., .in-k-, .,i an le-p, ik turi'-, lii-trtK'tiou Huoks for Mn-ica! In-truuirJnt .Military Gnu!-, I Vrniion Cup-, Fancy Toilet Soaps ivork hum--, ruing ne-hs, na-kci-, rain, .uu-ic Boxc-. Snuil and I o' acci lloie-. Snee-tiu-b-. Ibuu bles, Lycle'SjE'a-lK-s, Hoot Le -t't-,S-aif- au-l Stotk-' i.onar-, iio.-oni-, nir.tps, siunt Levels, Silver S-poous, Gold Heels, ite-. itc. Our u 1 rtmeiit i- vurv e'omide'i' mi l comtant ml. ditioiis arc making to it, and wo will sell any nrl.cle as lowns inc ter'j lowest. Mat 2i3. Panrhohs' .V Bbinsmaio. TO HI? NT. THE B.i'lom Hoti-c,uneuii e -oiith of the village. Apply to II. LEAVENWORTH. May 2J I, IS 13. CI tf BUTTER WOOL WANTED by June2dldl3. 52 II. W. CATLIN. NEW GOODS. C M. POPE ha. 111 t ri'evnel a KCncral aisun. k-J men meut eif Dry Good- and AI,o. j.iri auu 1 me .mho Mem uat-, L'-gliorn and Palm Leaf do Florence utiJ Straw llonne't?, which lie is disposed to sell at a very small advance from cot. K irlinslim, May25th, IS 13. 51 3w NEW GOODS AT THU Gi:it.MN STOlli:. THE sub-i-nbcrs rc-iii-lliilly mfurm the inhih lants of Burlington nnd.-iirrouuding country, that they have 11 turned lioiii New York with a large s'oi'k of thu most superior Groceric-, Fruits, Preserves, itr. which they 0 !cr for sale at the lowest ca-h prices, con-i-ttng in pari ef the following: Sugars-. DuiiWe and single iilincd.Crashcd, Pew dcrcd and brown. Tcaslmpenal, 'Hyson, Gunpowder, Young Hy. on, lly.-on SI. in, Souchong and Powchong. Cnllcc Old Government, Jnia, Laguira, Arc. l-'rulta Malaga and Sultana Rai-ms, Currants, ebon e Ficiich Prune- in gla jar- and fancy Hoxes llnrdcmx Soft Shelled Almond-, Fig-, I'itrin, Tama riu I, Olive-, Caper.-, Cocoanuls, Filberts, .Madeira nut-, dV. Spiers Cinnami n, Cassia Had-, Pimento, Cloves, Nutmeg-, Mace, s.c. Sardines in (live O.I (G.iMio ix brand,) Oy-tcrs (i I'.i'lcmaii'le,) Anehov o-, v. Italian Maci-anm and Vcriniielli. Ficiich Pickle (Varuntts.) Walnut, Lou Ion 1'. rtcr, Jujul e I'.i-te. Pepper Siu. e, Hay U.v.e-r, Tapusn, Leirion Syiup. French Swcu-t Chiicolatc and Siiperp r Cocoa. Fieni h prepared and I.n..'h-h .Mu-lard. OliveOd, Sperm 0,1 mid Can-die.-', Pali-Ht Sperm Cnuilli-. Ca-tile, Almond, Va riegated and Family Soaps. Pi rfjmi-rn-, Ho-ton "nterand Sweet Cracker,, Pilot Bread and Soda Hi-cuit. AI-o,the fTermau Mineral l!;i.TT,therurllolland (Si hildam) Gin, French Cognac and Cognac Chain, paignclor medicine. 'Iho leal Ileidsick ChanipHign in quart ami pint bottle-, Annette superfine, Swi Ab-ynihe, Curacoa and llhrnish Wine fer Medicine. 'I heir stock ' f imported I'lsru-s is iin-urpi-sed, con-H-ting of Ihe following choioc brands: Li I'mnn, Re galia, Rcnciirell, Jaquei, llnltnnia, Princ-s Notma. Also, the German and Snivrnu Smoking Tobacco. OSTIIL'I.M & J1ICIIOLLS. C llcge St., next to Mr. Wait's Crockery Store. Burlmglon, May IS, IS 13. SKY GOODS. rrUIE Suhsoriber is now receiving his usual slock of 1 DRY GOODS .f- GROCERIES. Also, Flocr, Pome, Salmon, MACiennct, Con Fish, itcove, which willbosoldasiheapas ihe cheapest. June 1, 1913. bJ If HORACE LANE. JAMES HANK I.N, oilers bis service- lo Ihe public as a Hottsr. Snoua and Famiicr, at the Shop of Geo. A. Allen, in Burlington, and having made ar rangements with sa d Allen, to lake thai part of the bu-ine-s in -mil Shop, jde Ize- I im-elf to devote his sen i. esevclu-ively tolhat branch, undcrave- cf the public a fair trial ef his!, having devoted more than ten Miar-nf his life (on hall nl'said term in the Cityol New York) to nuke him-elf ma Icr cf Ins profession, has greal confide nce of success in his line. 52 w3 CHOl'IMXC; TIC A YS. A F"iv Wooden Chopping Tr'nys, oesorisd rirr , xx. aiso, ivooucn Mallets, Willi kmv cutliiig and breakinc Cn kniVPS nflnnhl f.r cutliiig and breaking Loaf Sugari Carpet Hammars, Scrubbing and Floor Brushes, all very cheap. o'J PANCDoa-e cc Bbinsm George I'rltidlc'a llslalc. WE tho subscribers, having been appointed by tho Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons against the cst.iteofGF.ORGI', I'RINDLE, lale nf fhlrln,,. in .-..I n.B...n .1. .... I - ,. - "tl,t " ""i" i ""'ii lepie'senicii in solvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in incit ii, mm bi iiiuiiiiis irom me uav ol the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice.that we ..... ... ,u ,,j uuanirn- ui mil 1, ppoiUI 111. , Hi the dwelling of widow Louisa Pnndle, in Charlotte, in said District, on tho 2d Wednesday of July ami Noycmlcr next, at 10 o'clock, A. .'!., on each of said days. Dated, Ibis 10th div of May. A. D. IS 13. 6 HtniK LEWENWOKTII, ) . . OltltlN HEEO. jCewmissiBiirrs. llctscv I'almciN IMatc. STATE Of VEUVONT, AT a Prolate I'l-iri l nf Chittenden, -s. I fi. Court hohlen at Burlington, within and lor the Dis'riet aforesaid, on the ".Mi, day of .May, A D. 1311, tu, Iti-irunient purporting to le the last Will nn 1 Te-tuinenl of Hl'l'SY PALMER, lalu s.n.l.ii-irici def e-1-esl, was pre-cnied lo the Co irl hern f r Probole, by James Palmer tho executor, therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Conrl.tbat put lio no tice I o gnen lo nil person, co.icernesl therein to ap pear lefore said Court, at a se-i'm thereof lo l hoi len nt (be Fagle lla'l in Wdtnton, oa the third pVoii lay e.f June, ivoiuay ei June, a, i. mis, anl coate-t the probate of (-aid Will, anl ii i. hinbrr nn'rmhhn Ihis order I e pul l shisi three weeks suc-evssiirly in Ihe Burlington Free Pres, a new-paper print"! at Biulingnui.m lh:a Stale.lhc last nf which nul licanon shall be prcviom to Ihe day assigne.1, as aforesaid for bearing Given imVr m hasd alike Keg tti't o.Tiee, till Sithdsy f Ma- i D inn. W'f nTf-rON, Feg',tr MRS wool, mr wool! ROELOFSON & 11ATIIBU.N having Lensed thu commodious MinuaciurinT Establishment, of Ihe Burlington Mill Co., and connected Ibeinielves In biuine- with Mr. Sidney lUnLoiv, (former Agent fir said Co..) are nowieady to receive Wool to manu facture for eustoniiTs Into Blue, Black, Steel, Oxford, and Cadet Mix 11 It O A U 43 K U T II . To tho-e that have had work done heretofore by Roelf-on and Rathbun, little need I e said to induce n continu ance ofpalrt;imge,and lo all others we would say that the work will 1 done in a workman!ii.o manner. anntrs, merchants nnd others wi-hmgto have wool Manufacturci! for their own u-e cir fur market may rest a-sured that no iia'ns or attention will le soared togivu the be-! of suliifaeiioii. Terms of payment maduea-y Tor all lots of wool Irom 1000 lbs and up wards; Small lots Cash or onu ball of the clllis when lini-hcd. Tho business Will bu conducted under Iho firm of ROELOFSON, RATHBUN ii Co. April 5, 1313. 45 SKW GOODS, AT GREAT BARGAINS. milE subscriber has lu-t returtid from New Yuri. 1. with a largo assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry G001I-. nlnonif winch ln:,i bf, intnl v.-ri- Ihim Vool Dycil llioad Cloths nnd Ca--uncr, (I)rup do Ette anil Ispahan Cloih, Gamlroon, Drillings ami uinens tor teuts wear) Alpacca, lloml ti2ine. Muslin Do Lame-, Plain and .Striped t'hnllys, Printed Lavvp., French Cambric. HaluriiiG f.uwn. fa ni-w article) heavy, plain nnd slnped Silks j n pn-at van. ety of Hill; Shawls, IldUs., L.ue-, Giuve-, Ribbons. i.aunv and Alices' lloniiet-, Arlilieial ! lowers, Stocks, Scarf-, and Cravalst Par.Tolls mid Umbrella-; Men's simile nnd doul.Io briin'd Leghorn Ham: K-j i.inen omeiiiigs, Liiapcrs, lickings, Wiuking Vrirn, if-c. &e. Tlic abuvenrlieles nnd a great variety not enume rated have Iccn bought ut thalowe-l prices in mar ket, and will be sold us cheap ns the cheapest for ca-h. Tho-e who nre in want, will do will to cill U-lore puri-hasimr eliewhere. May 23, '13. 51 II. W, LATLIN. Groccrlcti. A PRIME lot, Tea", Sugars an! Cortes ; Salera J. . tu-, idee, Jiolusses, Lamp Oil &! m-t ru- ceiled by II. w. CATLl.N. May 2 j, IS 13 51 LEATWElt. NOW IS THE TIME. EC. LOOMIS, has thi day received a general t assortment of Leather, Morocco, Kids, o-c. if-c. ALSO, Findings of every description. As it is not necessary that he should etinumerato articles, ho wonld ss.y to tlio public, that he will sell any articles in his lino ror cash, cheaper than they wera over before offered tn this market. P. S. Good Sole Leather from 1C lo 21 els. a pounl. Boots and Shoes. Pearl Street, .May 19, 1913. Hw3 NEW GOODS. Pit II. II. DOOLIT'I LE are now receiving from New Yotk nn extensive nEMrtmcnt of Goods adapted to the spiing trade. Their facilities for pur chasing have Lem such as will enable them to put their guods in competition with nny others, and they are determined not to be under sold fjr cash, or ycorj credit. May 19, 1913. 61 Sir WAGON MAKER. WANTED a hr.-trale workm.iu at Waigons a C'arriam'.- to go to Canada sndtae an 1 tere-t 111 that branch of btiuies. Inquire of II. WHEELER. Iiurlington, May 10, '43 51v3 NOT ICR. milE Grist Mill, nt Onion River Lower falls, will J. bo discontinued after the first week in June, fur the purpose of King thoroughly repaired. Rye Flour, Indian Meal, etc., will bo Upt constantly far salo at the Store connected with the Mill. GEORGE EDGECUMBE. May 19. 1912. 61 WM. II URL HUT, 1 . ... .. -. ., ... .... Ui inn new ian siurc. 1- now opening unci olleriug fur sale 011 the ihweit terms fer cash, a KiT.ii lariciy 01 oi ipie aim rancy ury U'jojj, uin ns Mou-elinudo L.itnes an 1 t'hally-, Prints, Fic'd Lawn-, ami Frenih Muslin", Silk-, plain and figured, blue l lack and col'd, Fig'd Cambrics, Plain Lawns, Glove-, Mm-, and Ho- ry, Shawl-, Ilandkenbicf- and Cravats, Ladies Florence Braid and oibcr Bonnets, Ladies and Mis-es Straw Bonnets', Bonnet Trimmings, Ribhun, itc. Broal Cloth, Cas-nncre-, and Sutiastts, A ii' h a orlitieiit of Ve-limrs, Gentlemen's Slock- and Cravat., Family Groceries, Lamp Oil, itc. Gcntlcnieiis Leghorn Hat-, Boy Lcgeorn and Pulmleaf do, May 10, TSIOIT SSOWS WARE. riiltl-. biih-crilcr ha- on ban ! a large and superior J. a-sorlincnt of STONE WARE, superior 10 anv mill., m llm I'm,,.-! , ,i- .. I. ...I. I. ..,!'. .- , . V. . . .. "uiwi nC uncrs ior saie ai rtctlilCLi l'n.-t.K. n ml I r.n,U In r..o. . ..1.... . I iinJJilelirer, In-e ol e-artaire or package, on lean! of ianai iiu.c, ruuer ior irny, iiioauy, or et 1 roy, All orders by .Mail or otherwise, immediately at'en ded to, v.,.,. I. SEYMOUR, i Furry st. Troy, N. Y., May 17, IS 13. 51 ItUM.'IONS' SERIES OF GRAMMARS, ENGLISH, LATIN AND GREEK, ON THE SAME PLAN, For the use of Colleges, Academics and fuuiiuon Schools. Publistdly IJMnson, Pmtt if-Co. New York.) TN" preparing this series, the main object has been, a. first i lo prondo for tho use of schools asctof class noons on tms important branch of study, more simple in their arrangement, more complete in their parts, and belter adapted to thopurpo-es of public instruction, than nny heretofore in use in our public oiiiiiiiarics. aim ceconaiy, to give the whole a uni form character by following, in each, substantially, crammatieal terms, nml it,., rtnn,,-., ...u en.. utiiiuiJi-llllll, u, illlj. U31 I" ino KnillO rulos, and leading purls, as nearly ns tho nature of the case would admit in the same Innguagnj and thus to render the stuJy of one Grammar a mote profitable introduction to tho study of another than it can be, w hen ihe hooka used differ so widely from eachothei in their whole s'j le and arrangement, as those now in use commonly do. Hy thii means, it isbclicved, much lime and labor will be saved, b-uli tohacliirand pupil, the analogy and peculiarity of the languages bung constantly kept m ' view, will show what is common tu all, or peculiar to each, tho confusion and difficulty unnecessariH occasioned b Iho ush of elenunlary works, d.flering ' widely from each other in language and structure will bo avoided, and the progress of iho student 1 much more rapid, easy and siti-fsctory. ' These works from a complete series of elementary books, in which the substance of the best Grnmmnr. in each language has bi en coiniirffcd into a volume of convenient sizo, handsomely printed on fins piper, nuitly nnd strongly I ound, and at a moderate price. The whole series is now .submitted to the iudement of a discerning public nnd especially to teachers and superintendents of schools, and seminaries ol learn nig tnrougiiniit the United Stales. From he Han Aimm Conklino, Jude of Ke United Stales Court in thcXortSem District of New York. I Hill., IflVfc1 SrClEf OP GnA-ISfARS. .llv it. rrs.n, j publicntwn of "Tun PsiNCirirs or Latin Gsam- mas," mis series ci giaiuinars ii.ngusn, i.stin, and Greik.) is at length complelrd. To their prepara tion, Dr. Bullions has devoted many jeais of tle best portion of his life. In Ihe composition ot these books, he has shown an mtinialo acquaintance with tho works of liu ablest predecessors i and while up on Ihe one hand, he lias not scrupled freely to avail himself of their labors, on the other hand, by studi ously avuidmg all that is objectionable in them, and ny rc-inodelling, improving, and illustrating tho rest, ho has unquestionably succeeeced in constructing the best decidedly the very best grammar, in each of the three above inmed languigcs, that has yet ap peared. Such is tho deliberate and impartial judg ment which has been rept-aledly oprissedby the most competent judges, respecting tho English and Grrik grammars; nnd such, 1 lies, tale not to be lieve, will be tho judgment funned of the Latin gram mar. But independently of the superiority of these worus separate! consiuereu, iney possess, collective- the great adi lil.nnal rrcommendition oflnun! their leiding parts orrungeii in the same order, anif as far as ptoperly can bo done, e rpressid in ihe same Innstuairt. An acquaintance with one of them, theiefore, cannot fail greatly tn facilitate the study of another, and at tho same time, by directing the at tention of the student distinctly to the points of agreement and of diin-rence in the several langui gi s, to tender his acquisitions more accurate, and nt thontnelime to give him clearer and more compre hensive views cf the general pnnctples of language. Theimportance of uiing in ucadcimrsand schools of ill. United Stiles none but at ly written and unex ceptionable school books, is incalculable) and with out intending unnecessarily to dcpreciite the labors of others, as a friend of sound education, I cannot refrain from expressing an earnest hops of seeing this series of grammars In general nts. They are nil beautifully printed on very good paper, and are sold at very naionable pricee For sale by a HUNTINGTON. Mw4 Book-ssller, Burlington, Vt A Few ar Frih r l'rirrl Smser, fee kile Ion', 'irt te.-'.-el by FkCK & Sl'EAR. , NOTICE. rpiIE SubscriLcri afs 1: X manufacturing and ke constantly on hand n good as sortment of WINDOW SASH of every ele-criptlon. SASH DOORS and BLlNDS mada t order o.'t Ibu shortest nolii-c. AM order1) addieisud to l), subtcrilsrs will re.'eive prompt attsiiticu. CATLIK c CHASE. Wmookkl Falls, May 13, IS 13. 5! ALU ANY AND HOSTON HAIL. ItOAL" Fare Reduced to St. 1'ars to Huston reduced la St to those uho go thmu . by same train. On and afier Monday, May 8th, pnscn;cr trains run daily, (Sundays ixcepte'l) n follows: LcHVoGrecnbu-h at Lufore 7 a. M, arrive 111 B ton Ci I'. M. same day. Leave Grccnbiish'al Lefurc! 3 p. M. lolge 0; SnrmcliHit arrive in llostuli At 11) a. M. next day. For WoncESTLn and Nijiiivicii Pu-Miigers ta ttie J bifore 7 tiam Irom Giccn'msh, iniir-e.-t '1 -tciiinboHt tram from b'uslou at Wone.-ter tLei. toNorikh. Foa 1 1 'Troi:n ani Hav f.. Pa engcrs lea dig Gieenlu-b i beforu 7 A. n., lal e the steam! 01 i at Springfield at 12) M. reneh Hdrllord St 3 ?. M and procicd by tnrs to New lluven. Pii-.-etigcrs may al-o leave Gieunbusli at J lefu' 3 r. St., rcuih SpriunhelU 81, thence 1 y s'ape ttuii . diate.v tu llartf rd bulge cave Harilord at 01 tn iiiorninrr ii cars for New Haven. Pa-engcfs 'iiu-t leave llii- TicKt" OiTlce, in Slativ ' Halt, .Maiden L.uic, for the Rul-ri .11 1 c-.r Boat a' 1 A. M , or 2 y ii. the fjrry l.( at a. ill I e punch a -tartiu. Ticket-for the car-Icu-lL'J 0! tamed . u pun eui board ibu lcrrv I o.u. v. 11. town em 1, .Mailer of 'I ran-portnt,-' cuitcui SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL, IOR the cure of DKWNESS, pains, and thedu charge of matter from the ears; also all thu disagreeable noises, like the buzzing of insect falling of water, whiz ug of steam, &c. cle., vthv c are syuiptonis of appruaclnng deafness, niiel n.s generally attendant with the disease. Pr.EPAUtD uv B. HELL, of the City of Fliiltdtlplo . an I sold nt v.l.olisale and relnd by Diuagists a ' ApotliecuM genrally m the United Stut, s. j. Harltngton, Vt., by PECK it SPEAR, At which place interesting facts in relation to t ! efficacy of the Acoustic Oil may be seen. - ii. 11. Ll iH'i:ilT. Washington St. Philadelphia. Mny 17 11 Irani Tobias' Iislalr. WE THE SUBSCRIBER", having been appoint en by the Uonoiable the Probate Court fur tlu District of Grand Isle, commissioners to receive, nt amine and adju3t thetlaini3 and elcmaiids of all per sorts, against the estate of ItlllAM TOIIlAS, la'., of Grand Isle, in sud District, deceases, repres- nt cd insolvent, and also alt claims and demands exlu' itid in oll'set thereto i and Si t tnontll3 Tioin the first day of April, 1313, being allowed by said Court fi mat purpose, we no therefore hereby give notice, that wo willatiend to tho business nt our nppoiulmi ui, s' the ihie-llmg house of widow Anna Tobias, in G-n, 1 Isloonihe IM day of September, IS 13, at leu o'clock forenosn of si'd day. LIDltAS lUH Ci;.N IF.H, ),-. SI'.TH 1IOAO, Con'' JOHN CHAMBERLAIN,) Grand Isle, -May 8, 1S43. Isanialiiis I. naniQm'3 Estate. STATU or VMIMONT, yile Hon. the Pn Di-lnct of Cliitti'uden, s-. ) I ale Ci urt for rh Di-tnct of (.'hitleu'len : To nil cr-ons concerned id ihs E-tsiool ItUiNAIirS I'. IJARNUM, late cf Milton, in -aid Di-tricte'ercu-cl, GkeetInq. WHEREAS, Arthur IL r.ttiig, e.lministrutir of the e-tale of the said dccca-'evl, pripo.-e- to rcui'cr na aivounl of his a luuuistrntion, ami pro-cut In- account again-t -jid e-tatefur cxnuiii.inon and a'lowam e ut a e.ion of the Court ol Probate', tu I e holJi'n ut ,hi Hcgi-ter-'s i.iiice-, in Hnrlinatoii, m saiddi-trict, on the second Wedue-daycf June next. Thcieforc, you aie h- ri;l y no'it'.j 1 to cptisnr ! eforu said court at Ihe tunc and jil ice afoie-aid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tlit: a.'couut allre. s.ii should not be allowed. Given under my iur.d at Burlington, this 20:h day of May, 1913. 51w3 Wm. WESTON, A'tgisler. William Itii-h's IJstate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap pointed by the HonoraUo the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissi mers to re Ckive, examinennd adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons, against the estate of WILI IAM BUSH late of Underbill in said District, tlecensed, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offstt thereto! and s t months from the dav ot the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for 'that purpose-, we do therefore hereby giie notice, that wi will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of B. Cady tn Underbill in si.d District, on the list Tuc-l.iy-ol'Atijruat and Ocijbtrucsl, at ,6 o'clock, A.M..OH eaehof siid days. Dated, this 6th dav of May A. D. 1913. JOHN WARNER ) Commis 51w3 HI'NRY it t'OW ELL S sioners. John Trucian's I'state. WE Ihe -iih-ertls:r. having been appoi'n'el ly the Hi norable the Pro' aie Co ir', fur the Dis trict of Grand I -If, commi luin-r.- to receive examims and u'lju-t the claim- mid di-minds ol a I per-onj ag--..i-t iber-tatc of JOHN Till MAN, laia cf Al V.rgh. in -aid I'l-tnct, dei ease.l, repic-cn'ed uisolient and n'so all idaims and iVmanl- exhilroJ in o l.-et thereto; ui.d-."t iimiiths from the day of the date here of I eing allowed by said CuUrt lor that purpose, ue do therefore herel y giv e nonce that we will attend lo the biisines- of our nppoiu ment at the dwelling noma of the late Ji hn Truman, in A 'burgh in said Di-tr.c, on the Si 1 diy of A igu.l an 1 1 le Jlsl day ofSeplem Lr next, at 10 oVIoek, A. M. on each of-aid (lavs. Daledat Is'e La Mot', this7thilav ef April, 1S13, lltA HILL, ) SC'ALAND WIlir.Sr.Y, Cc.ramLsirners. EI.ISHA PARKS, 5 I"ieiie'74T .Vllcii Uslalc. STATE OF Vm.VO.XT, ty n F. Hon. tha District of Chitlendcn, ei. J JL Proba e Court fir the District of Clnitcnden, tu a 1 persons con .'rrnedintha estate of EI1ENE.ER ALLEN, late i.'l'.dchrster, in said District, deceased. GBcr.TI.o. W1IEREA-1?, Charles Collins, administrator of Ihe t "isie of ssid dcci ased, proposes to render ah account ul 'in administration, and pre cut his aecunt against s. . 1 estate for examination and alloiiance at a s es ion of ihe Court ol" I robatc, t o be holden a! lbs Rr? iter's office in Burlington, in said district on thrf r . and Wednesday of June next. Vheufore, you are hereby notified lo appear lie f' e sud couit at tliH tune and place afjtesnd, nnJ "i.i w cause, if any jou have, why the account afore, si',, should nul be allowed. ii urn undir mv band at Burlmglon, this tenth da f y.'.y, A. D. Ic'13. Wm. WE-TON, .'giir. STATE OT VERMONT, ""I'lIE Hon. the.' Instrict of Clut'cnden. ( L I'robale Court w turn and for the District of Clulti nib n. 'I the creditor.s and others concerned in the estate 1 i'L.M..LK ALLtN, lute ci okhtsler, m said t'.s. lot. deceased ' nereas Charles Colons, administrator of the ei. ' I1' of wal decned, has made application to lln . Cm rt. to extend the lime limned lor making narnivnt I of tlie debts of slid deceifrd, and settling said estate one ytnrfrom the Hd day ef July, 113, and the sacs ond Wednis lay of June next, being ussigned for huirtng in the pri inin, at the olhcs ol tSe Renstiir of ihts Court, nndit having ordtied that notice' iheifof be given, bj publishing this decree thtea weeks Eue-crmtcly in ihe Mi Fne Press, a newspaper printed at Dutl.nrton, bifore tho t:m fixed for hearing. 'I herefcue, j on aie hertv n.-Jifiod, appear before end Court, at the tunc and pla. e aforesaid, then and there, to make objection tf nny ymi have, to the said time of payment bung further exttndid as aforesaid. Oiwn under mv hand at Iiurlington, this tenth dav of May, A. D. ISiS. Wm. WESTON, ftegisftr. TO LET. 'jillE I.otonPiail street, known by ihe .Munso.T' Lot j cnntuntng about three nc. is divided bv a fmce into two lots, which cnn be rinted separately. The ground requires ploughing and enriching. Tor that use it will be rentul low. It ronrnms about etcnty-five good spple tries, part grafted fruit. Enquire of LYMAN ci COLI!. ,0 .1 V 31 ICS . IMjATT. HOOT A- SHOE MAKER, HAS r move I his shop to Vnruer' row, opposne' to Howard's Stcic, en Cluus n -inn. Helm- m larce a- rinieut ot Lelirs ami liemti u.en'. Booi... hall Gaiter-, Bu. 'ie- nn I ishoo : a's Ali.scs amr Boi'sTlii' L Hoof.- and Jin gan, all oi uliu-h lie wnt sell at very low priie- for -a b. A'l kind, if work in his line m.oV to endcr. Pli-a e t all nnd examoiir Ins werk and price.-, be (eels, confident that both wilf meet yo ir appiohaiion. Uumng'.cn, May 3, 1813. 40K. HONNina ASifl LEGHORN HATS. A JEW rupply of Ladies' Florence and SuaW Bonnets, and Men's Leghorn Hats jmt recftici and fjr sale very cheap by 18 May, 1943. B16w P & II II DOOLITTLE. BALD3 Cotton sheeting, do Tickings, d" Di r, rutun Yam, ii' It 'is, t! s V ,1 9, it ieervd nd for sale fow by lSMy,'4J. 0v5l P&HH" C Is fa ,ct ns f OClITTf VDinWllKHIlEe

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