Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 28, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 28, 1844 Page 2
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FOR IMWSIDENT, HENRY CLAY, Ul' KH.XTCCKY. l'Olt VICK PUESIDKNI'. or si:v juitsKV. FOREIGN. Tim Steamship Acadia arrived nt Boston mi WVilnesil.iy morning. Wo nro indebted 10 llii' Evening Journal for's Euro pean Tiiucs from which we inuku utir ex- Tim lnnnt important Item of new Is llnil tho nro. Itactod, nnd all but interminable proceeding- arising mil of I lie lrnh trn's Invent length 1 mi lirn ight In a r.liiMi by ihe iiiipnuinineut nf O'Cnnncll nml tin other traverser''. Tlu ivuit nrcurted nn the evening nf Tlinifhy the ulMh nit. 1 ho uincn.nionl have now in their hands Hi" man who Inn been a pl.iguc spot a caliei r tn thrill anv rnnr thisn twenty-five yi.irs who is iihiti.'-d hy his rmtiitry ns tluir " libt- lutnr.' 'mid i, witli nil lr I uili. an 1 they are nut few ami far between, one nf the untcr niiniN nf llio nun a in in w in a innral power nvrr emi'iilc" man"" greater llinn nuy di tiiagii;un that our lived, nml whose tnlrtits a a iopular linder havo inailo and iinnnli! i'iIhii ."-non H Iho great culprit now-in, inn-ernlcd hv lliu fJuvcrnmnit nl IVrl oil I Wfllin' 1i n. frnm whom ho extorted Catho'io Ibnanc-p-ition, i Ificlimniiil ruutcnti iry apt nunf-in iho ciuuly of Dublin. A" n matter nf Slate policy, llio meareeratinn nf ll Connctl is qji'li'in-iblc. All the nliji-eta thol.ov I'liment pouch I fur wen; rcah7ed the iliTnntmmncc f lliu repeal agnation, nml tho neifieili')ii nf the roillllry. I lice ll HI liecn serureii riv mi convic'em Tn nil '.ili linn hv fine, and imprisonment will CJ' perate his eniinlryinen, wilhnut Jim hieing nny enrru- p; mm acceptable will to found. Tlio dcclnrntion of Lord I Stanley, tlifit the Clown linl mil exercised, is deter- lumen not to c.urrise, nny polrouage In (.niiadn, u creditable lo us impartiality. Thn contest for South Lancashire rcsult i.'il in tlit) return of Mr. Entwikle, (lie candi date of tho nnti-fren trailo pany. Tlio Emperor of Russia had arrived in England. The grunt Paris banker, M. Liifitte, is dead. Thu visit of lliu King of tho Ficnchto England is postponed to September. Thu Continental news is of r.n moment. The cotton market continues in a very dc- piessed stale. During llio last four weeks prices have receded 1 1-2J. per lb. ; in that whiih terminated on Saturday, tho retro grossinn nniountcd to mom tlun 1-8. Trade in the manufacturing districts woai a healthy appearance, the best proof of which is that tho prico of goods has not at nil dc dined correspondingly with tho prico of cot ton. FltO.M THE PACIFIC. llmiiy Eagle, of U.S. Navy, lato Lieut Commandant of the U. S. schooner Shark, canin passenger, ynstcrdav, in tho briu Mary Averill, from Kingston, Jamaica. Hu has been absent nearly four vears. We have rrreivrd from Lieut. Eaglo the following in formation ; alsa, Jamaica paper of May 29 Lieut. E. left tho Shark at Panama, Mav 1'ith, to sail in n few days for tho coast of rem. In consequence ol thu continued revolutions, Peru was still in a very unsettled state. Left nt Callao, 2.")th April, U. S. ships Sa vannah, Com. Dallas; Warren, Comman der Hull ; and Cyane, Comdt. Sliibling, just i i rived fiom irlong cruise. Wo also learn by nn oflii'or of tlio United States, from Jamaica, that a civil war is still raging in tho Island of St. Domingo belwpen thu Mucks and browns, and, as tho number of tho lormer is greater than the latter, in the proportion nf 20 lo 1, tho browns nro living, fiom the different purls, to Jamaica for the ponding benefit. It n n perauna triumph ovir the preservation of their lives, leaving their own nin, hut it wi mi y nerve In a fie' to Inn llmi' 1 . n .i . r r .u .i.i .,;.,, a i,MiiUn .i, ui.lM, I property as woll as that of foreigners, con- u-ainn the point of esp rinir from imni.intmn. Tho , signed to thorn, (of which there is a great pe r lopoal leader will he. Mr. W S. (Vllnen, n mem- ,,, ) ln t,8 n)ercv 0f t!10 ferocious half bcr of llio Imperial Parlnment, wlin i more nnsions I ... V r . ,i i tneim iho honor? of maityrih.m nt tho Dublin (torn I civill.od nogrors. At present, the sloop ol nebance, ilnn to ilisclnrRe Ins Parliamentary fune- war Pridilo is the onlv protection wc havo for lions in St. Stephen'-. In all prnhabililv. tho repeal ,lp s.fntv of ,, prupor,v .! jVM f our Tent will lie cnnrmoiiaiy merensen iuc niiauou iu - tt . . , . . . . , be renewed, bat ihccmmirv will bo Kept quiet. fullotv-cili.nns in that linlortunato Island. It appears that on tho opening of the J Col. Harrison, our consul at Jamaica, gave Court ofQ.ieen'i Bench for tho T.inity the first inlelligrnco to her commander, who , . i thereupon procuedod without delay to Aux Term, ihe Court gavo nnlico that judgment CayMi W0n ()Ur ,,,, uft) Wiis would bo delivernd. Mr. Jusliro Perrin understood that tho Commercial Agont and was in favor of n now trial. Mr. Justice Urilish Consul had takon refuge on board the Crampton was fur refusing the new trial if a ' Pioble, and that nt least 300 porsons had voile pros, could bo entered as to Mr. Tier- I Lc.un ',,k(;n "t of prison by the n.gro chief- f.nti A j.. in ii tiilin fillip. wl lli.i,, 1 1 1 In lin tlun. i i .i rM r cull liiiwu, m mi miu5';u mini ii iu uu i,oy. Mr. Jus, co Hmton and tho pr(li aml m;inv ()f ,,lnll, ,vitll lis owll hnn(i . Wont,, and Wom.Lr.N MANerAurunKns, in Oitr.AT UtiiTAiN. According to returns lately made to tho Houso of Commons, iho quantities of wool imported into Great Ilrit- nin in tho year 1813, were 21,132,852 lbs., tho produce of British possessions, and 28,- 110,7-11 lbs. tho produce of foreign countries, making n total of 19,248,0Un lbs. In 1842, tho total quantity imported was 4o,88l,G39 lbs,; in 1811, 5G,170,97-1 lbs.! in 1810, 19,43(5,281 lbs., ii ml tho aveinge of 14 years from 1830, to 1843 inclusive, 45,500,000 lbs. Of tho imports of 1813, thero was receiv ed fiom tho Capo (if Good Mope, 1,728,453 His.; from the llritish Kast Indies, 1,888,023 lbs.; from New South Wales, 11,912,557 lbs.; rromVan Dioman's Land, 3,993,010 lbs. ; and from Southern Australia, 1,387,514 lbs. Of the quantity imported from foreign countries, there wero rnceivod from Itussia 3.511,910 lbs.; from Germany, 10,805,148 lbs.; from tho Slates of the Itio do la Plata, 1,879,G53 lbs. ; and from Peru, 2,535,200 lbs. Of the foreign wool, 17,736,888 lbs. wero charged with a duly of Id. per lb.; 7, 80 1,918 lbs. with a duty of d. per lb.; mid 1,90G,G3G lbs. (alpaca or lama wool) with a duty of 2s. Gd. per cwt. 'I'lio total declared value of British Wool len Manufacturers exported to British pos sessions in 1S43, was iCl, 307,191 ; nnil to foreign countries .5,483,011. WHIG CONVENTION OF THE THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. MOHNINO SESSION. I'RIDAV MORNING, JUNK 23, ISM. Pursuant to notico tho Whigs of tho Third Congressional District convened at Burling ton, on Tuesday tho 25lh inst., nnd wero organized by tho election of Hon. SAMU EL ADAMS, of Grand Islo County, for President; and Mr. GKonar. F. Houghton, of St. Albans, for Secretary. On motion that one from each county in tho District bo chosen to net us Vico Presi dent of iho Convention, resolved that tho following gentlemen bo appointed: Jonathan Hoyt, Esq., of Addison co, Samuci, W. Khyes, Esq., of Franklin co. Wm. L., Esq., of Grand Islo co. David Cook, Esq., of Chittenden co. On motion, by Hon. Charles Adams, re solved that nil tho Whigs present nt tho Convention bo regarded as delegates. On motion, resolved, that iho candidato for Congress from tho thiid Congressional District bo nominated by declamation. J. O. Walker, Esq. of St. Albans then nominated (he Hon. GEO. P. MAltSII, of Burlington which nomination was re- ponded to unanimously. On motion, resolved that a cominittco of two be appointed by the President to wait upon Mr. Maiisii, and notify him of his nomination. Tlio Hon. Ciiari.i-.h Adams, of Burling ton, and Joseph Wakner, Esq., of Middle bury wero appointed by tlio Picsidcnt as that committee. Tlio Convention then, on motion, ad journed until two o'clock, P. M. Justice denied ihe motion on every point A motion in arrest of judgment having been mado and refused, nt four o'clock on tho day above stated, amiil breathless anxi ety, Mr. Justice Bui Ion, in nn addiess dining 1 which ho shed tears, passed sKM'r.Noi-: on Tin: trayi:iisi:rs. DANir.r. O'CONNni.T.. To bu impri-oncd for twelve calendar months ; In pay a fine ol X'J.000, nnd (o enter into seeurilics In keep the peaee for 7 years himself in .C.i 000, and loo sureties of 'J,50ll caeh. JOHN OCO.NNM.t., J. CIIAV, T. HIV.KU:, II. HARRf'.TT, O. G. Dl'I'I'V, and T. M. 11 V To bo impriaoned for nine calendar nionihs ; lo pay a fmo of 30, and In entir into ccunlie I o kei-p ihe peace for mven veais themselves respectively in 1.000, and loo iirelies of ."00 cacti. Sentence Invitis been pascil, Mr. O'Connell immediately roe, nnd said that be wihed to remind tho Court, that ho hid made a -oleum nffi Ii vit, dccHrititr tli-n he had never entered into n conpiraey with iho oilier traversers, or commuted the crime with which In n chimed. He had now only to siv it was hid painful couuetion lliat justice hill not been done. A sudden ami vociferoii" cheer fiom nearly all parts nf tho court follower! llns result ; and nltlmuuh ll win accompanied hv the rlnppinu of hands n mi -iijt the junior bir, mid was two or tline time r pealed, iho .fii'Veedid nut interfere, although eMdenlly(IiapIeaed. Tho Traiereers i.-umcihnli ly surrendered into the ciitody of the Slurill". Afler n delav of ahoot an hour and a half, which gaic ttnio to all iv the excited fee'ms of tho people nut of co :rt, n well as for the necenrv pteparall ui", the Travel pf rs were conveyed to the Richmond lVn ilentiary, in the ('ireular-road, lloro fiilurc place of confinement. They proceeded thither in three car rnRe", attcndeil by a l.irco bodv of police. A creat matiy peoiib; ran alonnnd kept up with tho eirria pes. and there was alo i lariro as-iemblane niuide the I'oniteninrvnii lusarrival. licn .Mr. O ('onnell THE CONVENTION. TWENTY THOUSAND FREEMEN IN COUNCIL ! ! THE MOUN TAINS ON FIRE! ! ! Wo have been so much occupied by tho presence of tho countless, throng of Whigs gathered hero on Wednesday, that wn can give no- account in detail of their doings Tho pcoplo wero heio, and wo were so busy in striving in common with our brethren here, to wait upon them, that all power to give a circumstantial history of tho pro cccdings of tills vast assemblage i. do nicd us. All we can say, is, that every body agrees in saving that tho number vastly exceeded thai of (ho 25th Juno, 18-10, The number cannot be much if any below TWENTY THOUSAND ! ! And such a convention wo have never befuro witnessed and hardly cxpuct lo nfjain. Tho Hon II. Jenison presided, nnd llio pro ccodings were characterised by tho most tin bounded enthusiasm and tlio most perfect harmony. The spcakcis wero Messrs, Thayer and Fowler of New-York, nnd Mossrs. Foot, Marsli and Phelps of our Con cressional delegation. Tho vast concourse stood for six hours, listening with patience hencalh a hot sun, to the eloquent speeches af those gcnllcmcu, and the interest nnd dc termination manifested by tho multitude gavo a glorious earnest of an approachin triumph. Nothing was lacking to tlio enjoy niont of tho occasion nothing occurred to mar iho general felicity. Haifa dozen bands onrl nlnn rtnlic ivori. Iinrn. u-lin nnlivnnofl tlin uuarrci, nnn uio nyi anerwaros speiK io eacu inner. , ., . , . I-Vldin- iben, it appears, hid iho p'an, tn conjunction I ,,losl eloquent music. In short, it was all and nioro than wc ex pected or hoped, nnd next week wo will after which the survivors were again sent to prison. As ihcro is a great deal of American pro perly in tho Island of St. Domingo, wo tiusl nur Governinniit vri!! iu;: no timo ill Bcridins tin ca or four more vessels of war to aid in protecting it, as woll as lo give snruril v to tho lives of our fellow citizens. iV. 1". Jmir. of Com. PIRACY AND MURDER. Wc recently mentioned tho arrival at No va Scotia of lliu English barque Saladin un der circumstances which rendered it proba ble that a horrjtl piracy nnd murder had been coinmittod on board the vessel. A part of the crow waro arrested and examined before a miL'ixtrnto, and tho steward and cook have made a confession of their terrible crimes, which is thus stated in (lie Halifax Journal: n. v. Et. "The Saladin Cnpt.M'Kcnzic, sailed Irom Valparn Ifo on Ihe Sill ol'l-'cbiiiary, will) thirteen persons, in. eluding dpt. I-'itldinj;, a passenser, who had his ship s-ci.ed t that place for smii(.'!iline, and his son, a boy about Ciiteen vearrt of at-e. Nolliin remnrUnlile oc curred from ibeiimoof sailum until tho 10th of Ajiril, when Cipt.-tin M'lCvnziu and Fielding had a serious with four of tho men now in Goal, h Jnlitmon. An derjon, Jones and IIa-en, to cet possession of tho ship, to accomplish which a sones of tho most delib erate ami onto hiooitou butcheries were committed. ;.. l, ,l..;, Tlin'tnifil nf 'Jfl ii iwi On ihunichtoflhel 1th ofAnrtl. the male. I'.vcrlv. 1 0 1110 "(-,,"ls- Hicspuitol 4U IS aw.l 'U ...I.. i.. i..: . .i i ' i i '.i " I. . 1 I 1 f . - t ! c flopped nui nf the oarriu-o he was creeled wuli loud ' ,T V ""'"1'. '" erco wun nn Keiteu wnu rcncweu lorcc, ami nic name oi Inf.?:,',,.';; M t,m U. half !,iki :hero . heVicni: ' Clay is destined lo sweep our hills with ten pons, tinny of iheni hi- most intimate friends, wire flriwnitpin iwo uti's-. iney ree.eucd .ir. U (Jon 1 1 in -urn, .ii n i inn ,.( i u, ii in it a iiv in , n nil ' . , , . " . i . t .. r. - I t , , I thus entered llio Governor's lions- which, wo under- ' cn un ot.or una cama ou ;n man sets" is still Unglitly ncaming, anU lis Clear, ' tu nL HSJL' I' IIS' from his b'inb, .. whdo Sscet, the' ladder nnd fin ihongh unobtrusive, lustre will bo sure to bo innvin nnirynn.l salubinus par, of ihondmrb, of , ",,1" i' pU. ' Z rSn ntiaeh; ."Jllncl, 3Ir? mSll."' with hi", I ,,"wc' V' ";" '"'"5 Vd W'1 T"'.'1!" 1 wi" "' ",c illus"ios ,la,,?l,ters,MrB.-,,Zs,n,onw,,IMr.F,enel,, walk- IV 1 " ft ""' , " :',,' '" , ,l' "" . Statesniail of Kentucky I lirie,innt. no . .. . . . . ...... i...... u ....k , i was men caiieu irom ine nan oecK, nero lie slept, t " " nnd as soon as ,n readied Iho deck was felled with f0l, loro owcr cvcll (lnt oftbe lament ' ! nn nxo. and nl-o Ihrown into iho sea; when tins was I done Ibev proceeded to murder Capt. Jl'ICrnzie, who cd Harrison. Io our fi lends abroad wc thol'Us'ioi!ideP'Ji,i ns,out T1, ! SC(!n ilnll(1 tho splendid galaxy of States who . i .i. ... i ..,. j ' i ...:n ..n.. :.. v i l .i. :n....-: nioyi nisi mm- oee ni.ii, nine., in -eiuer niinni nail . f , ,i,Qn, .,,.- , ,: ,.r ,,., ' ',! which b id been prepared in anticipation of ilia sen lenee, was isnii'd on lhur-dny: ADDiir.SiS of ovowni.!, TOTin:i'nopr.i: or II1IXIVB, Vor and Qttitt. Pr.oei.r. or Inr.t.wn- Fkuow Coi-s-TRVMr.v 11-. I.oi en FrxLovi-OocsTavMrv The fenteneo is pus t'd. Hut ihercMnnollur nppeal fiom that sentence, Thenppeil bus in tho House nf Lords. I solemnly plcdi!emvs,f to brin nn appeal iii-inist t'ni sen lenee, nnd I ns-urevoo ilo-ie is even prospect tint it will be received. IViee, then, nnd q ilei. f,, t ihrro tilt bo one particle nf tint, tumult, nr vinleiiee. This is the crisis in which it will hu shown whether the people of Ireland will obey me or not. -Ally piinu win vinlates iho law, or is tuilly of anv violence! in sult or injury In person nr properly, unlnles my com mand, nnd is a toiler i nrtny tn In land. Ihepenp'eol Ireland --tho snlu r, sieadv, hnnct, Tho Banner was awarded to Grand Islo County. Addison, Rutland ami Windsor "S, nnctcv 'I-rv tf.-T,. M,,.,.r,,l lVnnlA .n...... ...' .. ..... . , ' 1 1 , .. i carDenter, Mini- nun incn- ii inn ine sniiiesi oieaen n l ie rn, , i , t. - n i i ,1 peace durinu- tho proceeding. The fnllowinc i.ldress .Jt n t J jL!, . '"C?i "r Z mustered their lliousaiids of gallant Whi casilo.nnd went aft for ihe purpose; when horcached but thu entiro population of tho Island mi uini iiiv in in ,n in,, ,in-i-i ii ii.-cieii ill- niieillino r . 1 .1 lie to a ropo on iho lallrail, which ho renuested him to , County was out ; ami Ihero could, ol course cod up, nod while in the nci of dome so, two of the.; ,0 competition against such zeal tni,,,nnrQ ntihpil him nv,rlmnp,l , Ih.. r.,n.,rlr nl I o ihe wnu-li. Mnfi'it and Cnllins, were then sought for i Ex-Governor Jenison presided, and E ine inruicr uao ins nraun uaneii otii, nnn lie a . i, ... m ,:.., i c , rpi, i, , ii. i.n,.a r ,i, 0i,i u.n. i, nL .vi n...r. i Walton, IT. ofiiciulcil as Secretary. I no board by n b'ow from n mall In the iiiormni,', when tho steward, Galloway, nnd Ihe cook, Carr, cinia upon deck, ibev wero compelled, iu order to save tluir lives, lo join tlicpirates. A few days subsequent lo horrible murders, I'lebbnc, noi yet ntified, nnd wishine; lo obtain a l.ire slnro of the spoil by ilippint; his hands si ill dei per to human blood, proposed to some of bis com pinions in emit lo get rid of the others; this becom ing known to them bo wa tied hand and foot nnd iben thrown nverboird hi son met thn satno file n whdo in possession of the d ncarlv all llio papers, letters. nrnis nnd other weapons were relmious imnplo of Ireland havo luiherto obeyed inv fn,v ,llin""'H nfltrwnrds, command nnd Ufptqiul. I.el every miustnv n't f bip the pir.itesilcs'rnyi-i Innoe. f.el tlio w-mii.Mi rmH ehihlr..,, i ! bnnks. iVc. The flic I Do not crowd the strrtls, nnd in particular let'noinati 'brown overboard, cvtdttuly still in dread of each npproaeh ihe pneinctsof the I'onrf'oiiris. ' oilur;ihe money was divided, nnd tho ship steered inw, popie ol Dublin and people nf Ireland urn rrillv, I "hall know and the world will know whctli- you hue and respect moor not. Show vour love nnd regiru io me, ny your oneiiitnco to ihe law-vniir peaceable couduel, nnd iho mini nvoidanco of nny riol or violtnco. Prate, Ortttr, Quiet, "Vr'inipitlily. rrcservn lbs pence, nnd ihe Rrpeil muse will no. rrsirily be liitinipbanl. I'enee nml mik-i I nsk for in my name, and ns you rrisr I me. Pence nnd n,un nsk for in the name of Ireland, nndns ton mc your nittvolsnd. Peace quiet order, I eallfnr undi J the solemn sanction of religion. I conjure you lo nhicnc quiet, nnd I ask it in Ihe ndnrnblo iinmo of the cvsr. hung (od. Gratify monnd your friends by your being quiet nnd pincea1 lo. Tbocnemie of Ireland would be delighted nl your violating Iho pence, or being fiuiliy ofnny disorder. Disappoint them srolify nnd duhglit by peace or der, nnd quiet. Vour f liibful friend. 1 DANIF.!, O'CONNni.T, Corn F-xclinngcrooin, 2Dih May, IBM. Nolhingof Iho least Tinlerest to tlic Iransii'nnlic world has occurred in tlio llri-ish I'nrliament since thel-ist picket sailed, wuh ihe exception of ihe debate on Canada, brought forwnrd l y -Mr. Roebuck. Th,. nunisiars who spoke-I.ord Stanley nnd Kir Iloberl Peel-onuncinicd very liberal senlimenlsj iho former repudiating nil nlbenre niih, nil sympathy for ihe Orange party iu Ihe Colony ; nnd llio Inner itcelir in p, ihatifCnnadn could not bo held by ihn nlleeiion of Iho colonists In tho Crow u, u was worse than use- lM8?NtT,,npt,?,l'''l'!i,tl,,yfi'.rco- ,TI 'Pccchrs of Mr. C. Duller nnd Urd John Russell wero nlso rnn. ceived in n similar spirit both strenuously supporting Iho government linhry I indeed, iho stinng , 011 Icmna. lion passed hy .nr. Ilulb r unon iho timer.i;... r .1.. iiltrn-hbcrnls, nny lielaken ns lheexprrssi,n f , liberal parly in Knglnnd on i lbc subjei. Tho dibsie rnnnotftd loilogood. All Ihe spi-nkcrs. will, the ic-epiionof the mover, eipn-sed llinifr.s war,n. y in favour or Sir ( harles Meicnlfe, nd j, j. cr hal if tho (lemiisfaciion of the celntiv drives him hoiiif, 1,0 Bde.rnie-no one tn likely o be genernliy for Ihe Oulf of St. Lawrence, where after binding nil the valuables, ihey intended scuttling her, but they cro nut permitted 10 carry out their design tho band of Dnino I'rovidenco had inlcrfeted, Ihey were llitnw-n upon our shores lo receive iho punishment tho law of tho country award to ihose b'lidly of such dreadful crimes." A I'otNrr.D lli.ow. An invalid sent for n physician, tho lato Dr. Wheelman, and afler de. tabling him for snmo titno willi a description of his piin, aches, etc, ho thus nuinined up; -"Now Doctor, vou havo humbug-ccd 1110 lone enntiiili willi your Kood.for.nothing pills and worthless syrups ; they don't touch Ihe real difficulty. I wish you io ctriko Iho cause of my ailmont, if it is in your power to reach it." " It shall bo done," Fan! tlio Doctor, at tho Fame time lifting lii cane, and demolishing a decan ter of din thai stood upon tho sidelined ! Rmai.i. Matters. Thu nerve of a tooth, nut as large as Iho finost CAiubric nrodlc, will siimtiines drive a strong man to distraction. A iiiusrhcto r.-.n nnko an clophant absolutely nnd. 'I'luj cnral rnck, causing a navy In foun der, is thn work of worms. Tho warrior that withstood death in a thousand forum may bo killed by an insect. The deepest wretchedness revolts from n continuanco of petty iri'f. A rhnnco look from thnso wo lovo often prodiircs csipiisiie pain or unalloyed ploasure. P. Walton, jr. officiated as Secretary nominations for Slate Officers nnd Electors nro as follows : WILLIAM SLADE, Governor. HORACE E VTON, I.t. Governor JOHN SPAULDING, Treasurer. r.i.Kcroiis. JEDEDIAH II. HARRIS, JOHN PECK, CALVIN TOWNSLEV, CARLOS COOLIDGE, BENJAMIN SWIFT, ERASTUS FAIRBANKS. Tho selections are all judicious ; and that of Governor meets our most coidial nppro dalion. Tho people will ratify it willi a triumphant majority. between the mature ages of five, and four teen ! We believe Mr. J. makes no men tion in his "Witness" of this prodigious friend of his, but this must certainly detract from disreputation as a Democratic prophet. Ho ought to havo seen that when the term "Democratic" camo to bo appropriated by a party of spoilsmen, somosuch foundling as this Polk would naturally spring up ns their standard-bearer, nnd claitnall sorts of intima cy with him. Ho should havo looked for ward with far-seeing oyo to tho very crisis which has now arrived, and there would ho havo discoved his "supporter" in pantnlclts, waiting to bocomo n Democrat Demigod, thrown up on thn froth of a project begotten in selfishness nnd prosecuted in recklessness; having for its object the enriching of despe radoes, nnd tho extension of sin. A "supporter" of Mr. Jefferson ! Tho old cant of Locofocoism, witli whom it is ac counted mnro to havo crawled round Jcffer ferson or Jackson in search of an office, than to ho a (rue and consistent democrat. The paragraph in question was doubtless copied from some Loco book oj forms, and tho editor was too careless or stupid to "vary tho form to suit tho case." It reminds us of a worthy justico of our acquaintance who in administering an oath to a witness always read from the Statuto thus ; "you solemnly swoar (or affirm as the case may bo") &c. final ittue shall be made up, and tht aUtrnatht Mi tlncthj vreitnted tothtfrtt Statu, tithtr to admit Ttxai into the Union, or to jirouid ptactatily and calmly to arrange tht ttrmt of a dissolution of tht Union." Such nro tho grounds on which tho "I'olk and Dallas" ticket is lupporled nt thn South. Can it be possihlo that a single Northern Slato will lend its aid or countenance to so foul a plot I Journal. No Um: ! A genlleiiun worth auout jC!)0,. 0(1(1 per annum, in tho parish of Wolver lampion, when asked to contribute- to Ihtingshall church excused himself by sayine tho milieu would be worked out in about seventy years, nnd then tho people would move, nnd the chuich would bu of no uee ! Wo must throw ourselves upon the indul gence of our friends from abroad. Hundreds havo doubtless failed in receiving that ac cnmmodatioe, and those attentions, which it was (ho design of our citizens to bestow on all. But, in truth, llio number so far excee ded (he utmost limit of our expectations that nil calculation was set at defiance, Every whig houso was filled, and doubled, upon ; and finally on Tuesday evening, tho Methodist, Congregational, nnd Unitarian churches, the vestry room, and Men ill's now building wero put in requisition, nnd filled lo ihcir utmost capacity. Wo calculated for another 1810, but forgot to multiply it by-four. Wv. Noni.r., Esq., has received the ap pointment of Post Master nt ibis place, and will enter upon tho duties of tho office on the 1st of July. EVENING SESSION. Tho Convention met at two o'clock pur suant to adjournment. On motion of tho Hon. Charles Adams, resolved that the motion made nnd carried in thn morning session, relativo to tho nom ination of iho candidato for Congress be now reconsidered. There being a larger number of dele gates in attendance than in tho morning, mo lion was again made that tho Hon. GuoneR P. Marsh, of Burlington, be nominated ns tho candidato for Congress from tho Third Congressional District. Tlio motion passed without a dissenting voice Tho Commiiteo appointed to wait upon Mr. Maiisii, and notify him of his unani mous nomination both in tho morning and evening sessions, reported that they had performed their duties, and that tho Hon. GnoncE P. Marsh was present in tlio Con vention lo signify his acccptanco of the honor. Mr. Marsh then addressed the Conven lion upon tho policy of tho two political parties as manifested in their voles nnd measures during the session of Congress just closed, and urged upon tho Whigs tho im portance of a renewal of their struggles to maintain Whig principles. After eloquent speeches Irom various del egates, on motion resolved that the proceed ings of the meeting bo signed by tho Prcsi dent nnd Secretary, and published in tho whig papers throughout tho District. Tho Convention then, on motion, ad journed .sine die. SAMUEL ADAMS, President. Glorgc F. Houghton, Secretary. A RALLY OF THE WHIGS OF LAMOILLE Is expected at tlio Court House in Hyde- paik, on the 2nd of July next, at 10 A. M. Tho " Sago of Lindcnwald" has been laid upon the shelf by tho voico of his own party, and wo expect tlio voice of the people will givo him llio company of James K. Polk anon. A rally for " Iho Farmer of Ashland and (ho Country" will effectually do it. Let thero bo a turn out from La moille worthy of ihe cause in which we aro engaged. By oider of tho Committee. Johnson, June 2C, IS 14. ORANGE COUNTY. Tho wings of Orange County nro doing nobly. 1 hoy aro to havo a Mass Conven tion at Bradford on tho fifth of July, nnd wo are informed by llio editor of tho Brad ford Protector that they have engaged the services of Mr. Phelps, Mr. Marsh, Mr. Lollamcr nnd somo others, ns speakers on tho occasion. Loco focnism in Orange County must certainly quail under the influ once (hat these men will exert thero oil that CHRONOLOGY. Tho sapient editor of tlio St. Albans Re publican, in rejoicing over tho unoxpccled result of tho Baltimore Convention, and tho precious nominations there made, falls into llio old stereotype routino of Loco-foco gam mon, and by not varying his form to suit tho enso in hand, falls into a ludicrous anachro nism. Speaking of Polk, ho calls him iho "Iricd and incorruptible patriot, tho supporter of Jefferson, cVc. Sec. If the Albany Argus is not very far out of tho way, tho aforesaid Polk did not conde scend to appear upon this sublunary sphere until about tho year 1795. Mr. Jefferson was first eluded President in 1800 when this his "supporter" was of tho ripo ago of Jive years. IIo was ro-clected in 1 80-1 when ibis prodigious Tcnnesscan was farther along in life. Ho was then nine Happy Mr. Jefferson to boast of such a "supporlcrV In 1809 Mr. J. returned to privato life, where ho ever afterwards re mained, with no particular need of support from any ono ; and nt this time, tho new found President was still older, ho wasom--tccn ! Ilnw all-powerful must havo been his agoncy in supporting llio nposilo of De mocracy ! How deeply on the heart of Mr. Jefferson must iho feeling of graiiludo been impressed, at tho enegctic and efficient sup poit received fiom tho futuio Presiduni Polk Adjournment op Congress. The two Houses of Congress adjourned in conformity with their joint resolution previously passed, at 12 o'clock, noon, on tho 17th. Much im portant business, which domnr.dcd tho atten tion of Congress, remains unfinished, and very littlo of any importance to tlio Nation lias been done, with tho exception of the more passing of iho Appropriation Bills. iVlthough serious inconvenience will be suf fered by tho public from tho neglect and in ability oftbe two Houses to bring their labors on somo of tho important subjects which were brought before them to maturity, tho general feeling will be one of gratitude, that matters aro no worse. If thuro was not enough of intelligence and harmony of views among tlio members to enable them to do much good, wc may be thankful that thero was enough of intelligence nnd watchfulness on tho part of a sufficient portion of mom No Dodglue tile Tariff Issue t nn Attempt to Deceive the People. Saturday's Pcnnsylvanian contained what purported to ho tlio proceedings of a lato Loco meeting nt Harrisburg to ratify tho nomination of Polk and Dallas. Among tho resolutions published in tho Democratic Union, wo find thn following, which is omit ted in the Pcnnsylvanian: Ilesolccd. Thnt wo approve of tho unanimous vote Riven hv thoPennsylvnnian Delegation in Congress neninst n repeal or modification of llio present Tariff. Wo reoard ticrmanencc in our TnrifTl iws ns of caual moment with tho rnlcs of duties, ns without it our listnrv must be ono of constant vibration and uncer tainty. Impressed with this belief, wo regard the Tariff question ns emphatically st'.thd, nnd its further notation designed only to subscrvo electioneering purposes. In tho country, among tho farmers, the Locos aro obliged to meet the Tariff issue. but doos the Pcnnsylvanian want to dodge it? It would not do for its Free Trade al lies of tho South to seo a resolution approv ing of a vote, which thoy denounced as givon in support of an iniquitous Tarifi. Tho Harrisburg resolution says tho Tariff ques tion is settled; this resolution was reported by tho unscrupulous editor oftbe Union, and bears on its face so decidedly tho impress of a lio that the Ponnsylvanian thinks it advis able not to copy it ! What did Mr. Brnton say in the Senate on thn 25th March 1 Ho made this declaration : " Tht mustion itself is now on trial before the peo ple andmusthare its solution from that tribunal be fore tee meet aqain. Tun Presidential Ktr.cTio.v INVOLVES THE FATE OP THE rARiTF" ono io maijaic a Qy-Mr. Polk has positively declared him- self opposed to the present Tariff and in fa vor of repealing it. His own organ, -llio Nashvillo Union of thu 13th inst. publishes his answer to somo direct questions addres sed to him, in which he (James K. Poll.) says distinctly "Ininoppocd to the Tariff Act of iho InteCongrcs?. I nm in favor of repealing that acl, nnd rtslonn" the Compromise Tnrill Act of Mnrth 'id, IB 13 1 believing as I do, that it would produce tnoro revenue thnn tho present inw, nml that Iho incidental protection nlfir dedby tho twenty per cent, duty, especially wlicn tlits I, ir m cn!"i n"u on me nome valuation, will afford sufficient protection lo the manufactures, nnd nil that they ought lo desire, or to which they nro entitled.' Let us hoar what tho Southern Locofocos say in relation to Mr. Clay's opinions on tho Tariff. A largo meeting was lately held in Edgefield (Calhoun's) District, at which they declared that 'Mr. Clay's first effort in tho Senile of the V. Slates was in favor of Internal Improvement, nnd his first great speech made on his second election to thai body, n.s early na 1609, wns in favor of n Protective! Tariff; which won him tho title of 'Father of tho Amcricnu system.' His subsequent career has pro ved his consistency upon nil these points, on which, and ninny olbcrs of import, Iho Democracy of thu whole country aro at issue with him. Shall such a man, professing such principles, bo rnado Picdcnt of Iho United Stales? Let tho Democracy of tho coun try, from Louisiana, in one universal acclamation re spond, Never I !" luture Congress will hare to conform, be our action now ichat it may. Wow, as mine year laji ine iaic of thn binb Tnnffis slaked ill the person of its emi nent champion its candidato for tho Presidency of llio u nitca states. Thai cnampion was oeieaicu men, nnd his svstcm with him , nnd bo mav be defeated again. If he shall be, we ehnll settb: llio question with more harmony nnd equity, nnd with abetter chance for alnbdily, than at tho present timo; if not, nil that wo may do now, may soon bo reversed. Seeing this, and that nil weilo now, if wo do nny thin; must be imperfect and provisional, I very much doubt ihe policy of nttempling lo settle Iho Tariff question nt the present session. I am in favor of dicustnn, but doubt the practicability, at this tune, of judicious and stable legislation." During tho same debate, Mr. Colquitt of Georgia, on the 10th April last, thus con firmed the position occupied by Mr. Benton, From the Lc Roy Gazette. Wool. Never was thero so mucn wool brought into this market in onodoy as was bought on Sntnr day by Shedil & (luison and Duguid. Farmers with wagons loaded with fleeces came in from all sections of the country nnd look the cash for their wool realizing a handsomo profit on their labor, nnd nn advance- of fivo cents per pound from last year's prices. Hero aro moro substantial fruits oftbe Whig Tariff. Under tho existing law, which imposes a duly of 30 per cent., and 3 cents a pound on foreign wool, tho interests of tub Farmers aro adequately protected. But James K. Polk is of opinion that no such protection is necessary: He thinks that " WOOL SHOULD BE DUTY TREK." What Say wool (irowers to this theory ? Or will ihty aid in putting it in practice by voting for James K. Polk, tho Texas and Free Trado candidato for the Presidency. Albany Journal. hers to prevent any serious mischief being , tl arowca leader of Loco-Focoism, and done. Iho N. . American in speaking of i i ,t, ; i,0,.vnn thn two r-roat nar tho doings of tho late Congress, nnd especi ally of tho proceedings and character of the House of Representatives, which it describes lies of tho Union : "Most of tho Whig Senators who have discussed this question, have, in an op-n, maniy manner, an, as "tho least able, least respectable, and ccion . that they advocated it becan-c of its nmplo i . m -.:... i..i.. . l.i 1 :.. ' recrmnition of the Protective Principle! that it isa lOOSl ClllltUllk UUUV. I Ul UVUI UASUIIIUIUU III , " .V ..... .11 I , ....... ...-... " , 1 farorite 11 hit; measure, to which nil other measures mat. nan, pays too lunowing very uuscrveu compliment lo the U. S. Senate : A Senate worthy of the Republic worthy of its il lustrious annals worthy, twice worthy, both hv what it has accomplished and what it has prevented.'1 In the first rank of its merits (says tho American) we place the scornful rejection of the infamous Texas irealy j and in tho second, its stern disapproval of the multitudinous jobbing nnd corrupt nominations made by tho President. If it has not done nil that under the circumstances incxnrnblciuslicc might demand, it has done so much ns to find acceptance and honor in all parls of Iho Union. Hut for ibu S'onnto, Iho Whig fieiintu- though in much of its good work some of tho most intelligent and able members of the other parly concurred tho Tariff would have been repeal ed j the Sub-Treasury have been reslorcd i the high est offices oftbe country have been put up at nuciion ; and very possibly, Peace itself have been sacrified nt llio shrine of personal ambition. In announcing therefore, with satisfaction, tho adjournment of Con gress, wo ngain say honor and praiso to llio Whig Senate. "TEXAS OR DISUNION!" This is tho cry now sot up by tho Loco Focos of tho South in tho expectation that they will again succeed in bullying the North into compliance with their arrogant demand BY AUTHORITY! Tlio Madisonian has tho following oracu lar paragraph : For the information of our rca'ers nnd lo counter- act tho rumors put in cireulaiion by the enemies of the i-rcsiaenr, nnn ny some ot nn pretention "goon friends," that he intended to withdraw from the con test, wo nro enabled to sav that no such mli.ntion a entertained. nm subordinate nnd of. secondary importance. This is fitir, and placet the isiut bchceen the parlies upon this subject to be determined by the American l'cople the Tariff' Act o" 1912, witli its hieh duties and Principles of Protection on the one side; and the ad- rocate ? n toic auitcs ann ajuui eynziii uj m.uuuii un the other." With these assertions, and with hundreds of others wo might quote, to disprove the allegation of the Ilarrisburgli resolutions as rpportcd by Mr. Hutter, that tlio I anil Question was settled, who can doubt that a systematic plan has been adopted by our ad vcrsarics to drop all argument and tako iho stump on tho principle of lying the Whigs out oj it 1 Philad. Forum. Mr. Hardin, a member of Congress from Illinois, in tho course of a discussion of tho political principles of James K. Polk, and llio party in the House of Representatives, bolwccn himself and Mr. Paine of Alabama, thus hits off tho candidate of tho party : " What now, bo asked, were tho beautiful principles of tins man James K, 1 oik i lie nau oecn ncauiy Tlio Southern Loco Focrt naners aro full of onnosed to tho sub-Treasury nnd then for it! he had .. . . . been in favor of deposilo banks and then against it j accounts of annexation meetings, in mosl, ll i n,i ,lt,rv onnosed to protection to American indus- whirl. T,.vn nr HUoninn" U 1 try nnd in fiyor of bringing down the tariff to a 21 per cent, horizontal duty. Tins party went lor mo not all, of which "Texas or Disunion" is , ,ry flictlnetly i, nt forward n llin nnrlv shihhnl. nrincinles of ' democracy.' nnd the man WHO SIOOO Sllll guieiuiiii ."' i the federal party, ii reminuco nun m wuiiiiuy uuu eth. Wo select a few specimens. Tlio first is one of a number of resolutions adopted at a meeting in Edgefield. It reads as follows : " llcsolted, That the grounds upon which llii- an nexation is mainly re.-i-.tud compel us lo consider this measure ns a qucsiionas to t'le maintenance of slave ry, guarantied by the constitution t nndwenvowour determination to maintain this institution ngainst all thoatlempts of nhohtionisls in our own country or elsewhere! and tceshallnot resist the separation from the Union of such States a" denounce the slave-holding members of the confederacy as unworthy of con nection with them, und ns avowthe purpose of not tol erating the admission into the Union of any slave holdiny eounlry." Here, it will bo scon, tho annexation pro ject is advocated on tho sole ground that it is indispensable to ihocxislenco of Slavery; and a cool invitation lo quit the Union is ex tended to all such States as are opposed to the admission of any new slave holding country I Can impudence go fartlmr 1 Tho next specimen is extracted from tho pioceedings of a meeting in Buaufort Dis trict. The account says that "After the preamble and resolutions wero read, Col. Trotti rose and addressed tho meeting in their sup port for moro than an hour with great eloquence nnd ability, and was interrupted in tho course of his re marks by frequent nnd long-continued plaudits. Ho dwelt with great force and earnestness upon the im portance of ihe immediate acquisition of Texas aa a measure of national defence, and oxpo-ed tho deceit ful position of Lord Aberdeen and tho llritish govern ment on the subject. Ho conclusively demonstrated, that ihe cafe! v. if not tho vcrv existanccof thoinslilu- tion of slavery is dependant upon the success of tho measure, and contended with great power nnd nbdity that tht onlv true issue before the South should be Ttxas or Disunion. " Texas or Disunion !" Such is the cry of Southern Loco Focoism. What should be tho response of Northern Frcomcn 1 But wo havo still further evidence to sub mit of ihe nullifying views and designs of tho Southern Annexationists. Tho Loco Foco organ at Columbia, South Carolina, propo ses, in tho event of the rejection of tho Tox- as Troaty : "1. To call upon our delegations in Congress, if in session or our ocnaiors, n int-y i-- m, mo imi Uni, nn iheTeiiaii Minister, and rcnion slrato with him against nny negotiation with oilier powers, until the Southern Stales shall hats had a 'n.nnnhle time to decide unon fietV course. "2. That object seemed, a Convention of the poo .,!nrrnrh State should he promptly called, to dclibo- rnlo and decide upon iho action lo I o taken by the .1 Kmies mi the nuesiion of annexation : nnd to appoint delegates to n convention nf Iho slave Sinlcs, with instruction lo carry into effect the bequests of "mI01"!'!,-, n convention of the slave Piatrs. by del cgnlions from each, appointed ns nforceaid, should be called, lo nieel at somo central position, to take into considermion tht question of annexing TV-roj to the Union, if the Union wilt accept it i or, f the Union will not accept it. then of annexing Texas to the Southern Stales. ii, 'I'li ilio l'resu ent nfi he United Suites tie ic quesi'ed hv the general convention of llio slave Slates, to call Congtces together immediately! when the EXTRAORDINARY INTELLI GENCE ; IF TRUE. News has reached Boston by way of Hal ifax and the Bermudas of an action at Tahiti between a British frigate and three French ships of war, which resulted in tho .sinking of tho former. Tho Boston Daily Adv. says : As the story is without date, wc cannot tell whether or riot it may have been discred ited by advices already received hero ; but although it came from Panama by a rather circuitous course, it seems lo resl on gocr authority. The llarbadoes Globe says: Our readers mav re member, that we already informed them of iho' un justifiable proceedings of the French Admiral in iho Pacific, Dti Petit Thouars, towards the Uuecu of Otaheitc, now called Tabati. The conduct of this valiant Admiral (against a defenceless woman) has been disavowed by iho French King, Mimicri. nnd Chamber of Deputies, nnd Admiral Ilamnnhn tent out to supercede him in the Pacific. Meantime tho la-l Island Steamer brings tho astonishing intelli gence, received from Tahati by way of Panama, that (lueen Pomare having laken refuge on board thu Hrnish frigate Dublin, the French Admiral procdcd thither, and peremptorily demanded the surrender of the Queen's person from tho British Captain This was of course refused, high words arose between the French Admiral nnd F.nghsh Captain, nnd the firm r left for bis own vessel, furious with indignation. IIo immediately commanded Ihe three large French Mm of War ho bid with linn in the Hay. to cltar for ac tion. They all a-soai'cd the British Frigate with n murderous, sustained and simultaneous tire. The British fought to the last, and sunk with her colon Hying. son's black silk stocking-. His houso-keeper darned them with white wool j every Sunday morning he nked for them until thsre was not n particleof black silk left and visible in them. So with democratic' principles! they had from year lo year been patched, by the nddition of new doctrines, to suit tho changes of popular sentiment until nt last no vestigo of what wa9 once called ' democratic' principles remained." Nothing can bo more true. Democracy is any thing and every thing to suit tho times. One thing at tho North, another at tho South, and any thing for the " spoils." In 1824 it was for a prolectivo tariff ("tlio doctrine of Jefferson) and for a national currency. In 1834 it advocated a judicious tariff, and the distribution of tho proceeds of tho public lands among the Stales vide Gen. Jackson's message) and " asked nothing but what was right, and submitted to nothing that was wrong." In 1844 it is anti-tariff, anti-distri-bution, anti a national curroncy. The last flnli'c of democracy is a polL-mell rush for Texas and Oregon, in violation of solemn treaties the honor of the nation, and the richts of a foreign country. In our own Stntn " democracy" POCS a Ston further. It ' " O i violates in addition llio law of Congress re quiring tho Slato to bo districted for tho choico of members of Congress, and denies tho right of tho pcoplo to make tho public improvements which tho necessities of the age imperatively require. It is hero unadul terated pure loco focoism. iV. . Sentinel. NO GO. Tho ngent sent to Mexico to procure her assont to iho annexation project has return ed wilh a flea in his ear. Santa Anna re fuses to listen to any thing of tho kind, and says that he should regard a confirmation of the treaty as a declaration or war against Mexico, und govorn himself accordingly. MEXICO. Tho United Plates sleanisbip Poinct, Lieutenant Pcmmes.nmved nt Mobile on the lltlunst. from Ve ra Cruz which plco sho left on Iho 3d,haingon board Col. (5. h- Thompson, tho special messenger sent to Mexico by President Tyler. 1 ho Poinsett nr rived in limo only to placo Col. 'I hompson m the mad boil after bo had slatted for Stocklon.-l 1,000 troops had assembled nnd wero quartered nt Vera Cruz and large qunutilies of indiinry stores weronr riving there. An F.nghsh brig with ammunition, &c. had just arrived from Tabasco. Tho Mexican authorities wero loud in Iheir denun ciations of vengeance against the II nited Stales, and threatened losend nn army to Washington if llio Tex as treaty of nnnexntion is ratified. Tho papers, all over Mexico, speak in terms of grcnt indignation against the proposed nnnesntion of Texas Ono of the editors says thai tho republic has llio w ill and Ihe means lo resist a moveini nt of Ihe kind-lias a great army alieady di-ciphncd, nnd the grl Santa Anna to toko the command. NEWS FROM THE COLUMBIA RIVER EXPLORING PARTY. A letter was received on Wednesday by tho Department of Stale nt Washington from Thomas O. Larkin, U. S. Consul nt Monterey, covering the following very inter esting communication from 3. A. Sutler, tho Alcalde of tho now town of Now Helvetia, on the river Sacrnmenta, one of the branch es of ihe San Francisco. All parlies by land from the Oregon, or from the United States to California, touch at this establish ment first ; most of the emigrants on land from tho States since 1S40 have settled near Mr. Sutter. Tho following is the letlcr : New Heivbtia. March 25th, 1311. Pm: On theGth inst. Lieut. J.'C. Fremont, f f the) United States Exploring Kxpedition, arrived herein distress, having been forced to deviate from his course on account of deep snows, loss of animals, and want of provisions; ho informed me of having left the C'o lunibia river, a short distance from Fort Vancouver, wilh the intention of crossing to the walers of the Arkansas river Kastward, through tho lower or .Southern part of the Oregon Territory, but fin.'ing n succession of hih mountain- covered with tnow, which, with the distrc-sed condition of bts company forced him to abandon hu rout nnd s'rikef r ihe set tlementsof California, refit, nnd cross the mountain!, farther lo the South. On iho morning of tho S.ith instant, he left here direct for the United Slates; his party consisted of twenty-five men. The visit olthi exploring expedition I attribute entirely to Occident-, for, a month previous to their arrival, the company had subsisted entirely on horse ond mule flesh ; the starvation nnd faiiguo they had endured rendered them Irulv deplorable obiecls. (Stgnod) J. A. SUTTr.U. Titos. O. I .A hk-is, Ksq. U. S. Consul, Monterey, California. Lieut. Fromont, through the kindness of Mr. Sutler, obtained iho supplies of provis ions, mules and horses that ho required for proceeding on his homeward rout. Good. Among the last acts of tho lato session of Congress, we aro happy lo an nounce tho passage of tho bill granting fivo years additional pension to widows. Also refunding the fino imposed upon Anthont Haswell, under the sedition law. tt7 Tho N. Hampshire Legislature has granted us a rail road charter, but subject lo the caprico of iho owners of lam) on tho route. This we regard as fatal. C. P. Van Ness has received from Presi dent Tyler, sinco llio adjournment of Con gress, tho appointment of Collector for iho Port of New York. This insult to the Em pire State creates no lilllo indignation among tho belter portion of all classes in that city, Tho Hon. A. II. Head, member ef Fongrefs from the lStli Pennsylvania dndrifMlicil at his residence not lone 'tnee wl,er? '"a 'eturn. ed on account oflns declmin? health.

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