Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 12, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 12, 1845 Page 3
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CJTRAVRD on the 9ih ins', a small Hod Cow, lml V on hf horns i Rope when she left i ny Infurma. ton ol aid tow will be dulv reworded by . HOIMCI-. WHEELER. . .Burlington, December II, 1343. 23w3 LOST. ON the Shelbitrn rnai, between lliii villaae and Mr Inglcsby's Firm, on Tuesday ctenine last, n May's bla:k Lynx Boa. The finder will be suitably wsroea uy leavinif 11 at Inn Plilce. its ICslniv. JT1 AMK inla the enclosure of ihe subscriber on lhr V S9ih of Nov. lust, one huh! bundle, nnd two deep red yearlings. The owner is desirtd la prole runeriy, pay charm and take mm nway. t.. T. SI'IHOUE Dorset Street Burlington, Dec. Btli, 1815. Messrs. Biinsmiiiil & Bi ol hers, DESIRE to Inform the public that they hnvc some what enlarged and increased ilieif assortment and variety, and invito every man, woman and child, who his the lenst wih to do so, in call and sea what wt hare tu shew and sell. In l'ie line of Gold and Silver Goods. our ttack is as cnod and extensive as we can nffVd to keep, and milch superior to what Me have had the pleasure of offerinz to nirr customers before. Those who wish to buy Hold Watches, Spectacles, Thim bles. Pencils. Chains. Ilinirs. Pent. I.onkels. Hraee. lata. Snaps, llncklcs, or any thing in the jewelry line will oe suppiieu low. Clocks anit I.noklne-Glasscs, by the quaniity or single will lie sold at the lowest possible prices, nur stock in these hnra will be found superior to any others, and our prices aa low aa the UWCII Solar, Hall and Slnre Lamps, Oil and Camphene Lamps fur Parlors. Halls, Stores, cie. Limp Glasses and Wick-, Candlesticks, Snuf fere and Trays in ureal variety. Fine ShflfieM Plated Cake Baskets. Silver and pin tail Cups fur children, Niedles and Pins, Snl'eiurs, Scissors. Spool Stands, Pin Cushions, Swifis, Cork Scxswa. Napkin-rimis, Decanter Cork.PIayinp Cards Df all qualities, pi tin and embossed Vision.. Cards, Peirl. shell and leather Card Cases, nice Nolo piper, nttlopfS. Letter and Cap Paper, 3 sizes llnrkeam mon Hoards, Chess and Checker men. Dice ami lure Boxes, "Curls, Cards and Pictures," Sh el Heads. Slides, Itinss, llutlnns, etc. Carpel Hans and Satch els, terv low. Itaxors. snsps, strap-, brushes, combs, and all articles connected therewith, In treat variety. Our tazora eive eood satisfaction, although old much tower than ever. Our brushes are mostly of the fine sslfcled bristle and do nol Allien down like the common kinds and arc sold nearly as cheap. Many of our fine combe are the "lie plus ulirn," and cannot be beat at louse catching or hair clinnsinjr comb cleaner and infanta' hair bruOies. children's knive and fori-s. New styles ivory pocket combs, ndporket memitrandums Tovs.einiesand puzzles, fata books, conversation cards liv the oumtitv or sinrte, dolls, dolls' heads, and nn endless v-irielv nf -rands Tor children to atiiiis,-, tostiuct and brin'r. We nave no tnvs that childrrn will poi break. Toys wooM neither be useiM nor in liueiic if ihev did not wear out and breik by thcii hrcnkiiii- a child learns the hard les.on that all thi'ius tend to ftitilutiun. Tea waiters of various eiz-s, llri'nnnin and eariliin bed pans, spit cups, soap and lrnh dishes lor wash tables and stands, butter dishes. children's hiuh noil low willow clinirs, nursery Inuips. , hatnber pail", melal and eirthen chambers, 'fool baths, ee b.iih. flesh rubbers made of hair, cheaper and l etter than sue nair lumens. Common Furniture, Ac. such as Ian1. snls, cuhleis plnle-, baptismal bowls tea and coffee ot., and all coods in Ihe britnnnia wars line, such as candlesticks, tuuiblcis lather (mi ss, sugS bowls, c nam and molasses tup, elc. tie. silver nooiis and Forks f the plain, the pencil threaded or any other pattern kepi on hand or mule to ordt r, customers Mill h serve that from this time all spoons ol our mnke will hare the stamp "llrinsmni 's," nnd the lent r 11. D. and s'amp of the honey Hec between the letters II. D. Sooons and other silver with such s'aotn on them can be relied upoo as o :rs, and made of pine silver.,. Wearcohluted in self iteten-e to state to ihe putlic tint we do nol n iw, and sh ill not supply nny peddler u-ith our spoons, si Ihsl wtienevi r Ilit st.ite menl ia made bv anv one ihat he nets his spoons ni our shop, it nnv le kitivn lo nil thai such usif menl is f.l e Ilia now a fieqieut occurrence that nn io ferior article of snnons, Hatches and clocks are rnld to unsuspecting families in ihe iv.unirv around us, on the rtreomh of the statement lint tin y cniuc from ur a'lop, when we never saw the articles iiutd liro'i to be shewn luus and to asieilain if tlicy came from here, Sp-inii, Fine Otrmin silver plated with pure i!virt'o. fioJGrino silver, ihe best inide, that til not turn yellow i also die ip Vine, that we warrant lo turn yellow. Plaled, hritmnia. iron and all kinds .-mnmoti iroo suoons em tulles, soup nud ernvy l.i dies, eg l.iilers, toast rack-, ' inter la lies and stamps caks alicea for turning cakes, fish kniv.-s, wooden pois, suirar malleia and knives, sprinir sicel nrds. cine, ivory and pearl fnldera. senlimr wax, tapers, pockety bonk s. 1 Ks'-nioirs" pretty for presents, black travelling trunks. piano and round keyed tnelodian. and oiher miuical instruments, luninir hnmmers and forks, blackioz and various kinds, pood blacking brushes, indelible ink, cake cuitcrs, small pattv pms, fo-to-bed lamps, match safes, snfclv limps, d.iuoet rotype goods ttf all kinds, cimera, , tc. .alsi.a ta. rietv of the bes kinds or pirlor, countinif houe, pocket aml oilier ink st ntd. sand hone-, indn rub ber, drawini; pencils, nsinis mntheinaticnl ins rn tnents in a its ami smi-le. We have a viry decent atntk upstiiraand down, and it will n"t hurt ihem to have theju examine I cloaetv bv thotMen Is of lb people, and if we cannot present inducements to pur. chasers we do not expect lint they will buv. Our aim is lo sell good- at sati faeiory prices, such eood a Will suit customers after home evnmioili.tii and use. We have additional help an t hope lo be able io do all work in thewaiih clock, jcutlry, and silver ,u,,,f, ij niiu Cl. ' .uec. a, iDtj. Pir-TG ill n it nt vi: Tilt- v SUGAR CO A TliD IMPROVED lllllilin Vf'trt-lllhlt! I ills. For Commmption, Cnlils, Coughs, Illicu mat ism r Dyspepsia, Fevers, Worms, Dysentery, and Dinrrhirn, also, sure. Cure fur the Piles. testiSmni mm. HAVINGIeen Hitmked mine ouuitli with 41 bad Cintll, Weal-nea n my Cbel, nnd o bf up petite; ! n-ed Wrizhi' In ban Vegeial lu Pill-, but tyrew wor e, with cold sweat at mlr ; :ould not sleep, and believed I in a Con-umpiion. I pro-core-l a I ia if Dr. Pmi h' tS'u.iar t'oate.! Improve.) Vrrsj a' l Pills, which rr'oml my limit h within ix days, and I Itlieve thein to I,- the lrl reioeih" I eicr tiel. II'-OIIOK VY. GllANGRH. 19:h 18JI. I,hae been atlbcie.1 ftii , oine lime with the Lier Complaint having pain in my Mr'e, weaknc in back and t inach, and diep ii, I hate taken over one d x-n buxe ol WrigiuV Indian Vege al le and llrandieih' Pills h-c c umn-iel lo crow Wor,e, and wa. so retlucel that I lepirel of ever caiuin rclie'". I then tried Ur Siui'h' Sugar Coated lui,ir..t d hjjK. Pill-, ami before I hid liui lied the eioud laix, my-Trui and dy-pep-ia had di.apettrc1. My tlmljiow iliires well, an I I am able 'o alien I lo my family ibttie. Several of my friend have ,ince ta lien tbe Pill for I a I cough, and have found great stixTfroni .hem. Ma Oris S. Whiikit. 9 Mtrlle H. Bflon, May 9, 184 ""nfavef rtVo tut lour eari artlicie I wilh Scrofula, fcitpfosy and I eafoes,' and have I een onaMe lo ob 4in iiy reiki until I procured ix bole of Dr. Smi h's val iaMe In lin Vrgeta' le Pi U, an I in four Month all my cnoiplauita haddi-aopeared, contmry 40 alt mv frien I-' expectations. I look ibee Pill (or my Scrofula, witho n any expe -laio u ol rebel'. .Uhcs II. I'iioatk. , .Ml. Vernon. Kennebf Co., Me. April 15, 1345. ' . PF.ttKF.CT C'LTIK OF WOltMS. .6 ir li'lie sirl, 0 vcar id I, basu ered a llliewoM a'ase if wor na f an I we liave neer to ind an Net tuil core mi il wo a luiou-iered Dr. .Smuh - u ;ht Pil'S which our little girl took with "it the Unit rthic lanes in do es of two nt a tune, and we neier v ii lw-rl nch a change in ki, hort a lone. The Pdb kroua:ht awav a in u nl'worns. no I he at om-e i'n prove). She is now in iovoiu bealth. Wehaveal-o found ths I reaie I benefit from their ue. Jacob Uislkcl. 8 Sial ic ,l. N. V LJ W have unuy cerlifl -.lie id'o ire in ca c df VVOIIMS, Al-i', Ihey are warran'ed lbs lel Oarh reinely now in u-e neier failing In relieve I be lanrt oi-tinaic i;o if-h or uom , wu inn 43 im-ir. Xhc dire'lions an I 'reaiment ol the di en e aceotn nav everv I ox. Price '25 tvnu ner box. v fVo "Sugar Coa'e I P.I s," can be genuine M-ithnot .V,. .lenslhre of Ihe M,le inventor. Ii. Ill NJ MIN ifMiTH, M. D . I'nsilenl oftbe N. V. I ollege of Heap Pi upon every 1 ox. unco nevoie-i exil'uveiv ;.V,li. ..liollhi. medicine. No. 179 lillKKN WICII New Vorl., and N". 2 STREK I . tCt'FOR SALE ISAM. TIIF. VILLAGES AB TO H NS I MK IV KNUI.AIMI S i A THS. N. IL No travelling pedlers aiu nlluwej 10 vl CAUTION. Aami-erable imitation ha. Ir rtadr. by Ihaiiame 01 "Sugar Coated Pill." it I- r eHsrry loestiirs thai lr- O, Benj. Kini-li'. signal. u Voniivty box. For sale by PECK & SPKA D..:i n..ri I these Pill. 1 rcn ne ignaiur. ison.vtry box, ror saie oy rr.v-n orcaii, Burlmxtou. Be.-. I. 1845. 28 JtUTRKCMVEDand for sale by Iho subscriber, a atrissoiiply nfOrmsbvs' Definnion Spelling llookt WhlMalesndlJtsiIll a. nuji a, DsesMaterU; L.Mason snd Geo.J. Webb, koaar Ibijutt tewivtd and for sale si iCitt I'si is. b WOODS. DeccmUrU. I Pinno Fortes. f K J. MUNSON, lhi opportunily lo ten 'er 1TJ. hi. (ralefnl acknowledgements I r the IP 'Ml hfllMimru Iim hft rp.tiv,t Iroul u treltCIOfN nillllic. and would therefore remind them ihat be ha. .n l. , t- . n . A.l Mn. o.iiio a siuenoiti a -oniii-ii,,i i bc-, .0.'. .... hoinnv, for ca-e-,aiul will mal.e 10 order 11 tie of the ar o 1. sivle. of Ihe pre-eut day. Alii, in-irit tun's 1 re all made of the be-tnnd nui.t llioro 'gl ly s-i-un e.l inalcriiib, nndwarranlclfor dnm1 iliti, 10 1 evq ml many instruments w halever. he hopes, ' y prooi.d irtng I'i.iiio., to r,tei a continued Imii- of pntio lag1'. WANTM). .tt the above bfine-s, a sui.irl yo lug man, whoi ,omencq ininied with theCiihinet making bosme.., the lest of recommeiidn'ion. will be rei'iired for sobriety nnd ha' Ha of md-itrv, none others iid npp'v. JKIIIK.L J1UNS0.V. D.irlingtun, Dec. 8, 1815. BAUNKs' NOTES on the Gospel and Epistles, for sals by S.WUOD--. December II. -29 A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STOKE. Ao. 1 Peck's Buildings. A acnornl iisstii lini'iil ol School. Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at C1TV PRICKS. Pastoslal I ire mill Arlsnllbc A or !.. In. eluding Ihe history 1 fSilk, cotton, limn, wool, and other fibioiis substances 1 wiih observations on snin- mnir. nyeiiia nnd weaving, sc. I splendidly embel l.hed ol price S3. The I'oslcr.ltrollicr. A taleofihe War of Cliioz- za. .'.dned by Leigh Hunt, mice 25 cents. Dctldy's I'Jll OSOIlllV ot MvaterC. Pormino V 3 of Harpers' new Miscellany, price 50 cents. arncr a Illiimliialed lllblc, No. 44.pricv25cts The oresenl issue brinirs ihe aflcr.l ,e, in l.L Chnp.XIX. very ad mirably executed, nnd also numerous. Thn near completion ol this matchless picloriai publication, of fers strong iiirliitenunls lo Ihe preference to those who desire a sterling any very elegint work for pre sentation during Ihe nniironching hobd 11 a. 1 be con. eluding ntiiu'er. will comprise a aeries of six superb . omiiiiiiii 119 in miore, ns uhcs, irnnuspicces, etc. Masse' Anatomical Atlas. Trans'nicd by Prof. Patterson. I vol IJi t-ontaltiing 400 figures, ex qui.iiclv coloinl a ter nature. PucoS7.50, plain 83. IIiacKnnod'H ,11a i;az tic. Tor l,ii'inbcr. 25c The O'Uonm;, uc, bv Charbs Seicr, 25c All the t-agazimsfor Dtcemher. Stove A 1 ANKLE Notion Cookimr Slove, which lias been in o-e luo ear-at mvhoii e lor rale cheap, p'HH! le 10 wood. Also, Ileivy Coating at mv S ore I cv. 12, IS4.-,. 23 K. LVMAN. A WlsorAlL ll is Staled lll.l Mr n. II Itrn.. ... of this city. Ins just discnmcd Ihat he, with several others, nrc hens 1 1 n properly e urisiiiL. aim 11 hill the city or ll.irlingtoo Vt. The ground on which at Icnsl half ihn ci:v is built WA l.u .. . ..I. ! of ibis Island, nnd graudl'aihcr, we In l,ee, lo Mr urower. i ne ueniieiunn tiled sonic lime ago, and Icli Ins property, (worlh, now, upwards of a million of do'lars.) to certain of his descendants who were a Uerliscd for in ihe Vermont papers, which f.ici only v....... ... ,t .i,u .c, iiir parties inieicstid nun in a few days ,V. V. IferalJ. Hold on! Hi. I.I on! ! There's no danger. Don't he afraid. We arc not York State Anli-lttiiters. Wr. are the holders of the sod of the Green Moun tain Slate, by title through Kthan Allen, who nsno b, are Crow. Ilusr llenr. Humbug nun. but uas be who look OM I'.in T ,l..r..,. . ,.. .t.. 4S he said, "ofihu Great Jehovah and Continental t.ongrcsa." His bones lie cnlnoi' cd in llurlingion, therefore, buy no calico for make believe Indian trucks, or paint your faces t,. akuK away from -nerills, for Iheie is no village in ihe United "-bites ol its size wlurc homes so generally owind be oe iiipilllsns ill llurliiiiilon; yes. vis,'yc, wo know how we come by I hem too, there's still ninny a good Old l.randiuo hfr nmoiia us a who can n il their sons and accomplished grand dausliicis. when nlmos; no bo-its bin canors nuigaled nur beaiiiifid Lite in the volley of Chau.plnin, which washes ihe feel of ihe Gr.eti Moiiiitinns on the cast, and Adinnd-ic nn the wesr, nun w neii mey came from Old Colon v. and Miasifllllselt I1.1V Stale, llisvrim.i,. . I.. I Old PiVIll intll Rock I it'll I ammo. ib l..d,n' .l encunped ami rennined at lliirlingmii ll.iv. and as all liny kow what followed, who choose, bv leading moot ihe best Gize-eers extant, viz 1 Thompson's ermoni." nnd 'null tell of Hurlmgiou and the peo ple; nnd then-', another thing, they are not to been t y Beared frofii Iheir homes because their Agint re idesnmonu'ihem and keeps lh-si..,e .vl,,.,- ,1,,.,. i,ry llleir gOodS. nild lli. limit,. Urn nlwn, b .... nn.l nn qick and iheap f.r cash anil no itiioioiin cn l"r leni.KC, ano llier. r.ire IhllsMry alioul Mr llrowei's in ng half Murtington nint so, imr l.kcly tobe,wiih. nil be lake ihe sioie course that we ihe pi,..enl iwners rti I, viz : work, n- quire noil buv. nn I t n be nav Inve ii nn I not hefore and then nol f.r bill a mll'O'i for it's nith more now. for the Pin,oIc's Mlu,. i in 11, nud ihe llii'ioid is comiot! n.dn h n from llo.iont mivh-tliit's whit tin sttirv mm tritl 1 n or 10 mile believe a mirriagcdoHrv. As in ibis, a fiec couiilri : uc few l,,.r.. t,...t.. V...1. ?.... nod ll.l.t.oi N'oltona to.,, an 1 red unr.i o.,. ,,l.. ,., . rva too nnd the People's Aaeni knouii. for 'n nt: this Store v. here they buv iheir good. i ii I iz at IlOW.tltn'S. Toursdiv morning. Dce.4, IS 13. CM MIM.IN TltN-.llltrAIII) tt. 'IHIE Siocl.hi I -crs of ihe Cham Trin-por I nn. in CmiigKiny are hercbv no iliul, 1h.1t ihean 11 ial m cling for the election of ibre -or tor ihn i..,r ens ling, nud lor ihe tr in-nciiini ol nuv o'her bi-i- m-. inocjiii proper when met, will be hol.ten nt Pmlltv' llo'cl III Il lrllOUIOII. HO Tb ,r..l.I it,., lira, day of January next, ni onenVlook, P. M. ay or er. Vc. . . P- DOOL1TTLE, Clerk. U irbnj'on, Dec. t.t, 1945. Bank ol' Burljimtoii, NOTICE i hereby given that a meeting of ihe S.oikli'dder. of 1 tin llaukof lliiibinooii u,ll l,e hol.'en at ill ir llan'-ing House. 00 1 lie s od Tue.- fay ol Jmnirv next, at II o clock. A SI., for il. puriose of circling seven Ibreciors fr llie eo.uing ''nr. 11. u. IULK, Ca ftier liurlii-lon. llep. 5. lBli. A til ice. IT has 1 een much the practice to sell Stoves at a greai profit and long credit, but as r,.,..r,l o,. ir am disnoseil 10 reverse ihe order of ihuigs in iba" riB, eel .Small profits cnli or short erid.l. mike ii ih. best for I lit purchaser in ihe end. I hive a smill stock ol Itrandon S,Ae. nml in "d'hi I have just received ftom Trov nnd Album the Ingest and best assortment 1 f the burst mi. proved pal crns in this nnrkcl. v'z: Cooking I hueihelo.prov'dRiilwav.Enipi e.l'reinium.Thomn. ankee Notion. Parlor rook, all full trimmed and -'if-ferenl sizes, also a large as-orlmenl of llox. parlor, and Airtight, n'lof which I mi'I be pleased 10 sell on 111c auove urnis. s. w. I A VLOR. Burlington, Nov. 23, 1945. IMiiciiioni. DID you ever ue ii 1 never make a soup v. i hmil II. but C line to Lvtonii' nml t i, II. served Oiog.r. put , lutein )our Appie Sauce. It m iles it tr 1 first rair. I'ur'lngl in, I'ec 4, 1815. -7 Who arc Iho Di-nf ? RUSH'S ACOUSTIC OIL, For the cure of IVafne-a and its A't.ndinl Sv, 11m, 'T'TIS Remedy which is s celcbrited for removing t thure 11 inteisaoi ten. r..n. ,l.n. ....... .11.. , , ' ,, acnci'll,, lC cede ibar,,e .!, p-Hi,,, W!t ru Umtin.! f ,,.-. tis, oiizm-joi oieitn. eonri.scd nnu.11 Ac, Slc is for sale nt PECK A SPF H S .f. II tGAR ,f. ARTHUR'S. ICstrny. CAME into the. inclosura or the subscriber nn or about ihe 15th of Oct. a si, mil n.,0,, ,1.. o ner is requesledlo prove property pay charges and ..... . ........ u, i- HUSiKl.u. Hurlington, Dec. 21, 1BI5. 273 S'IiimiI Books mid Stnlionnrv. AT City Prices 1 1 or as cheap ns any body sells r in Uuilington try STr. EN'S WOODS. Slrnms'a llni Mo.n . . HiiiTalo Uohos. El IAS LYMAN has for .ale a choice an we) M lerled lot "fNorth We .,n BufT.lj Rbcs, sof pliable ptlt, snd dark heavy fur. Still nn llmiil, raw moro unrsts or Ihat superior C. low pri nl T.a so highly recomm DCS! of III Igfti Who have used ill,, nol. I.. quality and so highly recomme.idid ly Ihe 27 E. LYMAN. COFFEE. 33 l-nRs Old Uovcriiinont Java CoUe, 50 Java, 10 Ueuirs. SS 1 2 ' Nov. 25. Rio, Cuba, by FOLLETT BHADLEY. W) South Wbarf. MESS PORK. 450 Bills. iN'urlliiMii Count ii's New Vork Me. Pork, ptckelnnd tn'pceiel in No Miiiber I'I3, nnd made Iri in verv heavy Unas I r sale low by FOLLETT & UKADLKV. Nov 25. 1815. S7 FISH. 450 Quintals (Joil Fish, ID riew-O' of Norihern almiin, 2tl hali'bl..Nii.-2. Mackerel, 20 llhls. do do tor sale by Nov. 25. 1345 (5) FOI.I.rTT A I1UADLEV. FLOUR. 2000 Bills. Sup. Flour or ti c mo I celebrate I bran Is, 150 bt.l.. K S lleach 01 Co. 'extra,' fO " 'l,ajlon"extra' Nov. 23. (27) FOLLETT cU. BRADLEY. TOBACCO. 75 l)oxcs Buuii's '1'ohncco, so Iivd' do 60 25 50 75 20 10 5 Carper's do Clark'- do Siearo1 do Martin's very fine in 15 lb. boxes., Fine Cut. bl.1 I oie id best Havnni Tohneco for moklng, I'o in I I. 111 rUuLbi I or 11K.IUI.M , (27) South Whall. Nov 2.'45. TIN AND HHEET IRON. 150 boxes X Till, 30 " X and Square do, 10 " lOOPIile, 250 boxe. la Plates 15 bundle. Rissiu Iron from 61 lo 11 lb. It the Slice'. 20 biindle Engli-h Iron No. 21,25, 26, and 27, 25001b. Wire, H.-onel size-. 30JO l'. Ilraxier's Hisl, TmeJ, Copper, Sheet nud Holt Copper. 2, boxe Pontp.rft Iron in Won,! Iioxe, 3 taks llnifht Zinc, for-ale low by 27 fo .Lirrr & hradi.ey. Hillcs. JUST received nt the Variety Slnre, some of those justly ccleUalel WiniNor Itiftes, which will be sold low bv UltlN'SMAll) &. BROTHERS. Dec. 4, IS45. 27 Hickory Nuts. A FEW Bbls., fresh, fur sale bv A. S. DEWEY. 27 Nov. 20, 1945. A Flil.L supply ol Ground Spice-, Hal er' Cocoa cv. and Choco ate, Pepper Sauce, .Mi s ur I. if-e , lor n y A. S DF.WF.V. Nov. 20, 1815. 27 S!icptinr, Wicking, lliitinig, s&c. C)X Biles of various styles'of Sheetings, AO 40 do do Wi king, 40 do do Bating, 10 Cases Bus'.in Mixed Siitinrlt, l.i do Forest Cloth, for sale by Nov. 21. '45 FOLLETT & BR4.DLY. Molnssi's. OA Tierces o best St. Croi.x, eU 10 Hhdi Sit dJ 10 do P 11 15 do Trinidad, Sugars, 15 Hh Is St. Croix, 10 tl.i Muco.ado, 10 do P R r, do n o 13 L'nes Wool.-ey and Woolsey' DR Loaf and Luuio, 20 Bbls Powdered, 20 do CriKhed, 15 do Cofl'je CmkIi iI, FO .LETT & BRADLY. South Whirf, Burlington, ) November 25, IS45. I Teas. f Chss's Hyson Skin Tea, ItMyJ 100 do Young Hvsjii do 30 do Old Hyson do 10 do lllaik do 25 Caddies 13 lbs each O II, Tea, 50 do PI " do Y. II do F r silc low, by FOLLETr & BRADLY. (ft1 At City I'ricos!!!) THE New Englind ECONOMIC L HOUSE KEEPER and F.iini'y Receipt Book, etery ,f l.oilv elo.itld hive one WI.TOn" vr.iioMi' nr.oioTarv. ami r,r tneis' Alio in 10 for 1316. At wbobslle and re nil bv'ingion, Dec. 3, 1915. S. WOODS. ' rpilF. BOSTON sCRI'D II MOIONY or Ne I Kujliml Colt' ell 01 ol Ccurcli Mu.i..; bv T IlKsPLt. I he above 1- deei ledli ihe b. si Hook lint ciu be bid the iiiiiil is new und ori.ooa! mid eotitn n-ng a I t lit virion uieires an I tbe Elemeiii ,ry Itriiieiple-i aie as ns anv man can i.ilk ibeoi. 1 1 14 designed lor Ihe u.e of nil den uiiiiiaijoii:. F r sntebv STI VKVS W lOI.S, Dec. i, I3I A-"il fx-i't 'ihfh'i-r. tto'nict Mfily'4 I'Miilc. SPATE OK VtllMOSr, lilll-.H 11. the Pro' ate Hi in f I'lin co 'en, ss, ( 1 Cn ir. Ii r the l)itri I of t bitten Icn : To nil per 00- cO'i.-cn.el 111 'lice tale r It' IB HIT MOODY la e of llutlinijtoii 111 nil Hit tnc'.itiiMsed. liitcnrtNC Geo. II. Slnw, 1 Imini irator ol lie e de-ea-el, propo-e to render an acf out of hi 11 'm ni-tration. and ore cut biacco mt again t slllea'el r exiooioriou .10 I al owauce -inn of ihe 1 1 11 rt ofProlia'e. to beboMena lh Idgis. Icr'. I'llivc ill It irliusmn, in ni I ditrict, on the lu .rih WtilneiUy of Decem' er, 1345. Tnr.nrroiir.. Yo 1 are b, re' y notified lo npnenr I e. lore s.ud co in at the time an I p'lcv afore-aid, nnd shew c.i -se, 11 any yi nave, wny the account niure sai I rboiil I not le nllowetl. Itiven under my Inn I at B irlmgion, this 4 hday of De-emlcr, A. D. 1915. 27w3 Win. WF.-5TO, lltsitttr. I'iiinls nml Oil. 3 Tons White Lead, dry. nnd in Oil. 'I'wc' 'Extra' S'. I. Veoiiini Itcd.' French Yellow Verdiris WI11 ing. Re I l.esd. Spirit. Torpeniine, Puny, Var nish l.iihnrg". Umber, also Lint Seel Od. Nov. 14, '45. (26) STRONG'S it Co. Tin IMatns. Sec. 120 Boxes Tin Plates, 1-3 X and extra sizes. 100 boxes Canada Plates 40 picks R issia and Engiih Sheet Iron ass t. io s. BOO lbs. Sheet Copper, f.fl Bib's Iron Wire, ass't. 20001b'. Sheet Zoic, Copper holt, Blk. and Tinned Rivets, with agential assorimen' of Tinners Go.-ds. STRONG'S tt Co. Nov. 15. '45. 26 HULTST'S SUGA !( CO A TED. MXGIC Lire 1ILL.S. 'PHE sreai patronage these pi-ily celehrn'etl PHI. M. have irame.l since ihey were nude known to ihe pit' lie, i onenf ihe sironge I priHilsul Iheir iiiicom mon medicinal power. They are now con idered, wherever ihev are known, a. a universal balm.. They are eagerly ao-uht alter by ihe. iliM-ernimr nnd wi a put ol llie coniuiuuiiy. Their great work leidy for lliein, and Ihey drive none bytheir true merits ." anu noi lytueiaii 01 nie ere uiioo.. t.ei Ih se who nre .ulering with dise.i e, Tnv ihem ln onceit Le:lbennry them precisthj accordinguv directions which accom .any the lux, and Ihey will reoice al the nappy eatings wiucn win lemaue m liieir iiil ition I Le' the alllicie.! who hive ma e use of every other remcdu. witlio it having ever I een n'llein te' auv rebel', try hoi one sintrle box, an I ihey will iben heal le 10 judge ol llie.r extraordinary power ! ' I lu cae. of Co-tivene-s, Indiges'i in, Dypepin, Jam Im-, Fevef and Ague, Nervn 1. Debiliiy. and all 1101011 eoiiipiiion, mr which mey aru a sovereign remedy. Weakne a. Pile-, Sallrbeum, l.'b-cr-. .-crol. 11 o 1. coinnlaini.. I-ever Sorts. Bi es. Imoure lllno.1. LiHi-ne.-.A llimi, Colds, Cough., Iiirlueusi, Croup, ,io,iii, r -jooipieftioii, i,;,o itn'aiu, I .iipliaiiou 01 tho lleirl. Fevers. Colic. Ileidai-he. tintine.. ISer- vo'i. Afleciion, Los of Appe 11c Painter' Col c, and an ceiierki ueranseoienis 01 neat n, mee Pills inva riably prove a ccrlsm and K.ily remetly. They re. store to vigorous health Ihe loo-l exhaiuleJ coatlitii' lions. The Sugar-coaled Magio Life Pill, are the com. nieni-emenl of n nrtean I impartant era 111 Medicine i and ihe I caunf rfjin t n ii 11 ol ,-oaiinx llicm u-i h can didsunr, tnve ihem a-klcional val le, inasmitch a 11 away altogeiher wi.b that 11 tensive la.le wliit h alway. experienced ia taking other cms. Agents for ihe nle of the Rnsar-noaied Magic Life 1'iii.are ie ex art. 111, Price, 25 cenls per Isjx. A .beei ivnlsin 11. a short treaie on Di.ea-e-snd Mid o ne, with I ill direction, for 11 inglbeMag to Lite Pills accompany each I ox. 1 his thee', nn application 10 ihe Ageutr, will Le given gratuitously, 3. 1845. ' Ciirpet inir. A LARGE assortment ol Camels, of various J widths and qualities, English Druggtu and Blsir usrpsis, tor saw ineapjar usta.oy N. LOTELY. Nov. 26, 131S. cnr.AT ATTItACTtoN Fdlt THE NE 'YKAR. THE ILLUSTRATED SfiW ENtil.AM) FAMILY MAGAZINE. new votfstcl-Jjnliary, 1B46IT ME33RS. BRADllUltYTsonEN & Co. will issue nn Ihe 201 It of December Ihe January Sumbtr of this highly popular nnd aaluahle Magazine) being the r n T NI'mbcr or A new The glen I suc cess whl h Ihe publishers have mt with in eommen cin a ' Family .Maoaxiki'' that should Imparl In its renders iii'nl knmrltrfiie. a well as amiisemenl ami recreation, hi. rietcriniued them lo make greater ef fort 10 render Ihe work still more valuable and attrac tive the coming veir. They resperllully ask, there fore, the cnciiuragement arMjilliejiiae' iif every per s in who nesires to hiveMtrul iTmlructltt works lane me place or Itio light nd- Irtvolotil love tales. cilculateil lo excite the had passi m in the voting, which are, under the mask of "rAtap Ltltmture," now so widely sprend over the land. Specimen numbers will be freely furnished when sent fot, Iree of expense, and llife'pul lis'iers ask of nn enlightened public an examination of their wmk. Pniticular attention is drawn tnthefael ihstclnhs of tev arc supplied with Ihe work al One. Dollar a Year, or oncopv untie "Family Magazine" nnd one copy of "'Riberi Merry's Museum" nre s ipplied one year for Two Dollars a degree of cheapness, quan tity of miner c nsidereil, which has no pirnllel. The Family Magazine will be pnbli.hed nsh rein fore on or near the first day of eieh month, nn c'mr typt and fint while paper. Eich number will c mlnin fortvcighl double piges of reading mailer, and be illosiriteti with from eight to tuelve NEVV AND BEAUTIFUL WOOD ENGRAVINGS. MiUng ai the end of the year a splendid picinrial vol. nine of useful and entertaining matter, ennuining 576 pages, and more than One hundred Wood Engrac ingi. Terms. One Dollar and Fifty Cenis per annum, payable in advanre. Tocluhs. as before, when payments are made strictly in advance, Three copies one tear, . . . SI 00 Pin " " '" .... 600 Ten " " " .... 1000 or rni'v One Dollar a CoroU. rirOnn copy ,.f the Fa n til y"Mifnine" te! one copy of Robert Merrv's Museum. (f'tainziA for youth, ed.tcd hy the famous "Peler EP,"4 r-it year, TWO DOLLARS IF PAID IN ADVANCE. Periodical dealers ond agents will be supplle I -villi the above work ai the most liberal discount. All orders (cash enclosed) m 'si he addres ed. BRADBURY. SODEN . CO. 27 12 Sihoot Street, Boston. Henry Townsenrt's Kstalc. STATE OF VKRJIO.Vr, I rpHE Hon. the Pro pistrietoft'bittendens. I I bite IJourt for the District of Chiitenden . To .i'l persons ennerrieil in Ihe estate of HENRY TOWNSEN'D laieof Troy, in the State of New Yark, deceased, testate. Grcetino. Whereas, Geo. R. Slnw. n.l ninisrrnlnr with the Will annexed of iheeslite of iid decei red, proposes 10 renderan account of his nrluiinistrntion, nnd pre sent his nccnunl againsi said eslsie for examination and allowance at a sesi"n of the Court of Probate to beholden at 1 lie Register's office n Hurlinglnn in id ilistrri.on ihe fo inh Wi-dnesdnrWf December, 1315. TiirncroRE. Yon are hereby notified to ppear be before nie ai thn time nnd place, a(iresai I, and shew cause, if anv you have, why the account aforesaid annul I not be a'loucd. Given im ler my Inn I ai Burlington, this 4th day of December, A. D. 1345. ' r 253 WU, WBSTO.N, llegUler. STATE OF VERMONT, I'rltE Hon. ihe Pro. i"i'rc on. ran 1 1 le, ... 1 s,,i,s'e Ct rl lor the I'S'nct of Grand f .le 1 Ttllbn tier u I nil niiiirn..! iiithe Kl.feuf Daniel O.Sawri-r,laienf So ith Hero, t-eyasejl. ' HrektIno. VVhcreis. Pomer--y Snwer. adnimiaTainr of ihe K.aMe oil lie -aid Dane' G Sawyer, ha h repr.-euicl 10 tin. Conn that ihe per onal t-s'ateo' the nid tie l"icd i in iiTirient lo pay hi. ji.i.lebt. ly the sun ol SWO, nud ba'h appl e I for licei,e 111 e! a i-er .tin pircloflanl lelmv given In said es'1'e Iving in S iilli Hero, a'leil the P ilman farm and Fern. Inn I, to 1 na' le linn In pay ihe said urn anil iho cot ami c.lnr.'e. of setiluig, aid estate and that a part ol raid lann cannot I ec Id wiiliou injury to tho-e intere.led Therefore, yn inre here' y nuiilinl 10 apenr ' efore the Pn bale ocrt ni a n's.ion 'brreif attliel'rf I ate o lice in North Hern, on the 9 7 1 Ii day of Decern I er". A. II. 1815, an I show iiood cane to the contrary orcivebon'a 1. -allCt.ort shall direct, for the piv menl of said dt In ami charsrs, .mberwi-e ihe sail iiliiiiiiH'r.ilnr will be liit-n ed and author zed to e I ..11 Harm lor the p'lrposea'ore-anl. I r wlm -li;niriine 11 1. or lerel I bunco ivolibl.. rler hep it Ii he I three weeki -ic -essiicli" iiiibe Free Pre s, a pnpcrpriii'ed nl llurlingion in iheCmry nft.hitien 'ena-s .on as inavle. Ill w tie s whercol I have heie o alllxed "he seal ill saii'Pr I ate Court, an 's .h.cribel mv name at tiran I Is'e m wi Idisiru I lln 2S hdavofNovem'er A. D.ISI5. (27) JABEZLtlH). Jtdte. I?-,.. 1 sTsxas" 1 CA Boxes M RRisios. Fresh Fruiil IUU 20 do ib. do in Isvers. verv fine for I alile use, 75 half boxes do 5l qiari, rs. 20 half kegs Bloom. 50 lbs each. 10 Lags Soft Shell Almonds, 1 0 do Madeira Nms, 10 do llrnzil do By FOLLETT tf- BRADLY. 25th Nov., 1315. H111 1 ons. 1203 I Gro-s Pint Bullous, 1 .100 Horn Coat do 201 " ' Over Coal do 501 " " Vest do 100 ' Listing Coat do 3' it) "' do Vest do 300 " Snap do 1200 " Shin do For sale hv . VIUS & NOVF.4. Burhnilou, Nov. 2ih, '45. 21) "omlis. Dnz. Sine Combs, 600 do Twist ' do 400 do Cap rf.r " 500 do Isnv" - - 300 do B ix wood do - 2000 5tJ0 do Drcs.iig do 75 gross Wood ooc'.et do For site by VILAS & NOYF.S. Nov. 20. '45. " 26 Nooks ami I'.ycs Gross Hooks and Eyes on Cards, cMIH75 " do do inllixes. For s,e by VILAS & NOVES. Nov, 2fl '45. 26 Itt 'risii rs lii IH4G. Wallon's Regisicis for 1346, -V v w gross Aluiinscs Ho do. For sab- by Nov. 26. '45. VILAS & NOYES. 2G DOSTO. ALMANAC. iH BOSTON ALMANAC, for 18IO, by S. N. L Dickin nn, will I e ready for the public on or I e fore Ihe 10th ol Det-ein'er. The new nud splenbd .Map of Boston will again anj.ear ii ihi. nim' er, Also a new Map ol I be Railroad, m ihe Common. weal h of Mas-achu-etls. Thl.' 'map shows at a glance all ihe r. nils diverging: Irom Bo ton. Along each Imeof road, ihe siationsor ilepols are legibly ei down, with iheir distance, frotu lo loo. Ii also show. I lie nsi'e ol 1 hewjnjm ami llie iiir.eoi the Hoil-oiiTvTvll"1rrira ty. io Masachi-eiis man can examine ihi road. without plea.ora' le feelimj. At a glance be re ihe-e great ar erie f luisme-s life an I nrosoeri ty all centering in the great mc'r .poli.of New ring land. Tin Mi-i-e hue. u. itepart'ment ofiheA'ina. nac has received all ilie arentilin. The B11 ine-s I 'ire. tor y and oilier local outer-, have teen thor oughly reviseJ, and made, in all re.pevt-, as perfect a pn.fl'.lc. r 'er m be aiklres-cl, a. u-ual, in the P..Uisliers, THOMAS GROJM & CO 61 '! sirvef.or to the Pioprieior, S. N. DicaiNSLes, 5! Washington slleel. I'.stray. CAME into ths enclosure of the subscriber about the mid lie of October, a isl vearling steer, ihe owner i requested to prove ptoperly, pay charges, and tsks him away. LUTHER CLOUGII. Burlington.Nov. 88.1815. FRFSH SODA and WINK BISCUIT, Lemon and Pic Nit Crackers Also. Superior Boston rackers, A. s. DKWI-.y, Wimletl. In the Tilorins A N Apprentice In the Tiloring dmin'ss a. Dsc. 4, '45. (17 tl) M,J). R4XHUVN & Co. Leal her. 4SO Sides ol liulit; iniiltllo nml heavy Weght. Sole Leather. New York ln-e.lion, """r ... ''.ii or. uH,ut.r,r. Nov. 23, '41 J7 BROOMS. ISO Doz. t.'orn Briim for sale nov. , . hy fOI.Lr.TI-if-HRAI LEY SOAP AND, 100 boxu8 50lb.cacli,bei mould I Vast C ta mm IL a wauu.vra 1 a lain " TS' M ofBaap, 0 " ehanido. rJlLtrr bradlet. Strayed. FROM BonJ. Wright's intervale, in Colclicsier, small while face, bob tailed sortel lion a, Dec. 1st. I84S. SAMUELS. SKINNER. SYUUt OF A At' I'" AMI IMIIAIN cniin I'OR l ONSUMITlOV OV Til E I.UNO-J, SPIT TING OF Bl.0 H. COL'OH"", COI.IIS. ASIIIMA, PAIN IN THE SID". BRONCHITIS, WHOOPING COtaillS AND ALL PULMONARY COMPLAINTS. INlhewholecaHlogiie of Miiedie. ol all Pulmo nary affections there i. not into o tinivernlly known an I who. e virtue have I een so thoroughly c-te.l as TAR. an I ns a c ire lorn Id., Coorhs and Consumption, ii 1 nndtrstiod tu be uilliout nu eqial. MVKItWOIir, Iho o del piuicionl ingn'di enl in ihi. nrena ration 1. nloi know 11 lo be ei tall v cf. liciou. in relieving the priniarv and imMer lage of Pulmcnnrv altec:ion. In coml iningttiese with olh crma'erial., thciittuo.t cite nud ,kdl have been ex eeel ed, ind ttonletcnl is the PiOprie'or (n llw; cffic.l cv of tin. Medicine that 11 1. W Will tNTED to give iinincdinie relief in all coinplaiuts nl ove HTifietl. and if niter a trial of iwenly four hour, ihe pniieni is nm lienebted. hemav ret irn Ihe but lean I the mon evwill le ref Hided. Ac umpaiiviiig e.ic'i bottle arc ibret lions for uing, nn I ret.'iinniend.ilion. Irom nn I reference, lo those thai hale mule use of the Me Ii cine. The Sihcri'cr ha. 'ecu nppointc I sole agent for New Fnglaii I nn I New Ymk, nn I ha a .upply on han I at wholesale and retail. Agent wi I be .up. nbcl on lilerat ter'tis. Agents. II Allb'INl.TON 4 BROTIIE1', Birlingicn, J. .M. SiarLE, Charlmie, HE1 Platt, Wmooki Fjll, LvclUs J. ClIESEV. 'a i Hem y. Dec. 3, 18I5. 27m0'? TO PHYSICIANS. Dr. Robert Thompsons Ulcrl Ali.lomltial Sup porter and Ab.lumldo Pelvic llanilac. r. haepurclm ed llie exi I five right if making Rod Vcn Ii it I 111! a I mn inert,, ,,, I ,,, .I r,ii,i.-,it. within Ihe Cii in'ies of Chittenden and Franklin, m Ihetii.ieol Vermont nnd we limvn er ihem to the ll lie. coilli 'enl ihat Ihec mi eeer u re. ,i..( un I in many par i." ilar. far s ipcrmr 10 anv thing of Ihe kind ever 11 ered. Tbcv have the u'nq ..ibfie I, appro' anon of ihe Me heal Facuby in alums' all pan. ol the co intrv where ihev h ive been inlro. diicel HARIllNliTON A We have rarvlolk exiinmnl Ur. R 'I b-unp on1, apparatus lor the rebel ami v ire nl Piolnpms Uteri uj'i". asuell a the ic tuiioiiv nud opinion, ol highly eminent meinlers of ihe Faculty, an 1 are nflbe de. cided opiuion thai ihey are worthy ihe i.Peiilion .,( . . '"iuv iue iioeniioii 01 i the pill he, andihat they will 1.1 e a hi jh rank aino.12 ,1 now leiore me ruiiiic tor llie cure ol the di easej forwhbli they are recoiiiineiuie.1. CI1A-. IIM.L, II HATCH. T. CHAMBErtLIN, , . . , WM. ATWATKR. I he above inslrnmcnt. for ale by r II AUIIlNtiTON it BROTHER. re-.3, 1SI5 n3 II VKDWAll!-;. (V, uo. in- ing repieuishe I Iheir slnik'a"1" ."l.u.iiii.i aiiiato.. laieof Hurliiigi.ui. ol Shelf and Heavy Hard Ware.imiie the alien- ! 1,1 1-!,,l Disni-t. deceised, ripiescncd insolvent, lion of purchaser 10 i:s exiiiiiiiiiion, ne ievtng it will nnd also all eliinis and deuiands exhibited 111 be found as extensive. Ihe Goolsa desirable, and oflVt thereto i ami six months from the day of the icrois lavorso e as .1 . ., e -..i.... - ... dW. Die stock consists 01, pi part, ni ioiiohs House T riiniiiiniis. Blake's thumb Lit. lies. Blake', rose unn.l JCm.b. I nun i.iiciics, ..imerai rsiioos .norrice icks, .iornce Latches. Collage L ks Wro't and Cm Iron hroul an I naunw Hurts, Niodow Blind Butts nnd Fast- nings. Hat and Cloak Pin., Hell pulls, Bells and I lr1111.oings.JapM and brass bullous on (dales. Cup- 1 b.ard 1 ratcbes, Window Spring.. F.usli and Iliricl Bolls. Window BiiuJ Staple", plated nnd bronzed Key Hote Escuicheons, Curtain Pin, &c. txc. Joiner 8 I onls. Jointers. Fore Jnrk nnd Smooth Plnns. Rend.. Dalo", Greet in Ovehn. D .. mil Bsvils, Skew and Side ll ihbils. Pious, PI 111,1 Irons hind, p innel anil ripping, Saus. back do, S e. I Squares. Saw Setts, Plumb nud Lewi., eoiinuon nud eoncne Augers, , Auger lints, Giiubeis, Nail Sella, Try Sqiarrs. "Be tils. Files, b'irtiifr Iilid S..nltel r?lii.e"u. I Gouges, Tiirmug (Jlnuls and Gougis, P.ated ami jinn vers. Scratch and Brad Al.l hi'il and Auger II.iu die, h IX wood Rules. S w Wr. nelies .S ,,,.1 P.mer. loci-, ii ,ieuei, ,,i, , es, -erew iri-, Grind Stone I ranks nnd Ro lers, ,c. ilillL'ry ami oncli llartl Ware. J lll'd. lllaill and Iiot'o. covered Itiaekt... 'r,i.r,'. Pad Hooks and Screws, Sunel, Cockeye, rem uiui breisl .V.iaps, King. Ji,-., hiiIi a g.nsl as.ortiiieni of Rr.i.siud Pl.iicd llntness Trimmings, also Saddle and Gig Trets, Inns Sum ps, Hames, Webbing. Lice, Tufts, Brass mid Plated Hinds. Limps, patent Ltalhcr, s uiiip Joints, Trunk nails and riven, thread, carpel big F ame, and L n k, head knives, him incrs. draw guiges, t rinses, claw tools, lein rouudrr, snbliing knives, wmi iron Axles, cut do, .Malleable Nuts, Coach do ir Hulls and lies, etc. .fc. oliiit'iiiiiUor's Isootis. Ante.' Knives. H,,t Well Heel Ball. inner., fi.fs Slicks. Peg Brenk.. Il-isns. Kvelei.. , ,,nl f.nt. ing Knives, Keys, Aiken's Hups, paieul Peg Awls. Tacks, shoe Pinchers, Ran Files, Shoulder Siiiks, long shirs, rrencli Wheels, Colt, Copper Nails, Iron do, Knife Strop.. Ac. L-iiilnry. An exlen.ivo sasnrtolenS nl Table and Oeserl Knives and Fork-, new ami desinlde nuiern.. Car ver- and Steels, In match. Bread an I Butcher Kmvea, Nul Picks, Pen and Pocket Knives, Shears, Scis ors, Razors, dxc. cVc. Heavy I lard Warn, Anvils. Vises. Blacksmiths Bellows tro Hnra. Cut. ler and Sleigh Shoe., Brass K. nles, Log, Trace and Halter Chains. Shovels, Spi.les, S tkrl Spades, Scoo.i Shovel.. Iron Wire. Olcn Months. Caldron Ketiles. Honk, and Hinges, Manure an I Hay Forks,. otc, inc., ami ui .iliscollancoiH dooils, 11) I Screws. Bed and Tilde Castors. Ai'e Pullies Dinner Bel's. Sleigh do Gridirons Touting Irons Fry Pans, Coil Hods, porcelain Preserving Ket les, Sauce Pans, Iron.Ta' le and Tea nu.oiis. Tea Travs. Hritanma 'lea and tsifr-e Pol. Sinir Roils, Scietv, Hooks, Stiel Yards, Brass, Iron and Tin Candle Sucks, Jap'd. Limps, Shovel and Tones, round and nit n isc flyers, Uurlnio lling., (i no Pms, Mabogn nv Knobs, Slaies. Therrnomeli rs, Wire Selves, Ski'es. Sad Irons. Lanterns, Siws, Wrenches Rn and Mouse Tinps. Axes, Hammers, Hatchet-, ,cs, F'.iks. Ilriss Kelilek, Ir m an I Copper T,a Kenles, Files, Rups Heel Chains. P.i.t do. Wrot and Cnsi Nails, Cm Tacks, Curry Comb., Horse Card and Hru.lies. I'lolh, Flesh. Counter. Shoe mid Hair llrush. es. Tape Measures, Iron and Sicel Squires, Ae. ,fe. which uomeon a mn atsoiimeni ol l.couaol all vatic ties usually called for, Dissolution. THE enparlnerslnp heretofore existing belween Ihe subrnlers under Ihe name nf Lovely a; Sev ninuris dissolved. N. I.nvelv isaulioi.elto Itccive Ihe payment of sll deb's due ih- Is'e him. i.uvi-.ia, MARTINA. SEVMOtTl. Burlington, Nov. 12, 1815. 2u.v3 New (m oiIs. rlHE subscriber "having purchased Ihs entire inlfr I est. in ihe late hrm nf Lively & cvmnur or ihe 12th inst. and having in.1 rrlurneil from New Yolk, is now receiving a very large assortment nf Fancy and stsple Dry Good-, dry Grwerit'S. Frock eiv, t'hina Glass Ware, a splendid asoriment of Lamps, of various qua'iiies, a'l nf whirh uit ItesoIJ iniisualiv t-asnn lor otni. nuDl.c. bUVIbl Nov. 25. 1845. Foil ml ! ing, near ihi Mon lav evening, near the f.sii ol Main Siteet, vy a ttllAWL, Which the mvne'cs'l ll I ve bv calling L. d C. E. FOLLtrrT-S. Nor. , '45. IPursr Street. , Lamp Oil Ol Vnil r,t- h'""" nd natural Winter and tJJ Pi Bpsrm Oil, warranted pure, for Sato. N. 15, . () by bTRONG'S ft Co. , Rs. Mssehed and nsiursl Winter and M. 6. RATHBUN & CO. MERCHANT TAILORS. HAVE again returned from New-Yolk with an additional supply of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VOTINGS, AND Trimmings. Among which are Blue lllk., Brown, Gold Mix'd and Blk. Frctr h Beavers, Blue lllk , Brown Green, Blue, and Blk, Frenrh Cloihs, Plain nn I Figd. lllk. Doe S'.in Cas.imeres, Blk. S mn, Pliin nnd Stripd. Bnra Ihea, Sergile Rome, and Velvet Vestings, lllk, Brown, and Drib Velvet, do do do Srrgedy nnd Buttons, together with a large assortment of Fancy Cassimcres and Vesiings. ,lji Shirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, Suspenders, Tape Measures, Ac. tic. Burlington, Nor. 25, 1815. M. C. nalhhnii, C. F. Wards I NEW YOUK nml Bt)STOi OH 03 ST0E.13. THE uberiber nfT rs lo !he Ladies nnd (lenllemen anf llurlingion. nnd to the pidd.c nl large, tho fol lowing sioek of Oiols whiih he will sell on terms which will sili'ft the hover, for I 'ash. For Ladies' Wear. Satin Slips, White Ficnch Ki I Slips Hliek do do do, lies. ins and HalfGaiicrs, Wa king "-hoes nnd Bo.kins Calf Boo's an I S'rnes, Rubber oer shoe, fur I, mod, Ruhbsr Biiotees fur bound. Mi.s?s G ir Ibiois Mororen nnd Calf Boots, Walking .ihoes. Ki I Slips of all kinds, Misses fur lound HnV rrs, Cooiinon do, Children's Booisind nf all dccripijons. rVir Gentlemen's Wear. Napolein Boot., W.iler Pr f do, Liiht I'alf do, Fih. ing do, Thick B nils nf all kinds. Boys lliiu and thieh Boots. It'ioti-es ol all kinns, Hoys thin and thick Shoe . And nn ar'icle which is entirely new fir gentlemen, "Cilf over Shoes" tanned with 'llie hair 011. This is Ih" best article extant nnd needs no recommend I ir themselves. The nbove nrncles 'nh others loo nu merous to mention, will he sold by Ihe s b.criber, on Church Street eheiper thin can be b night nt nnv other store in Burlington or in the Slate, he fee's as ur ed lb it with Ins extensive sine'.- of Bonis and lns, no one will go nway from his S'orc without makings satisfactory tralc. REUBEN BATCHELDER. llurlingion, Nov.? 1915. 2iw1 jRXCIO ACADEIYEY WINTER TERM commences on the first Wed nesday of December. t t in:n. ALEXANDER MILLER. Principal. EDWARD F. S. MILLER, A.'f. Principal. MISS LUCREriA MILLER. Teirher nf Draw ing an l Painting, and the French Lonei'Mi's. tv. sciii:rs' ni;iMUT.ii-:vr. A limned experiment with n lenehera' class during the past term has sh iwn coiiclu.ivrly ihe ad vaniage. lo be from csiabli.hing a depirl. menl devoted entuelv in this obj -el. ll isileiermined Iheiefore lo commence the present term wiih regular daily exercises to continue through ihe yeir : eon si.tiog of a careful rchenrsil of the principles of the Engh-h L inguige, in nil it parts, and with a design 10 prcenl ad the advantages of a normal school. Those who wouM p-rpare themselves for teaching are invited lo 111 ike the experiment. Jericho Centre. Nov. 24ih, 1345. 2flw3 Jndali 1-rclicllN Mslnlc. STATE OK VERMONT,) TN Prol ae Co-rl hoi Lamoille Diti itl, -r. 1 rfen nt the Prol n e Oilii ein Jnlin.i 11, in snid Ibslr el, 011 the IStli day ol November, A D 1945. J idnh C. Fren-li, adoiini-lrilnr on the e-la'ecif JUDAII FRENCH, late of CjiiiI ridge, in .aid di. Irict,, propo-e. to rendtraii nccounlof lii nibiiiui.iralioii, and pre-eoi I i a i-mint a aduiiui 1r.1tornfore.u1d, for ex luiination nnd a Inwnntv. WilEREfeuN, t i- ordered that the nme I e referrc ' lo 11 -c se.iii ol the Prob He court, f, r -aid di-tru t, to I e hoi ten at iho Inn of W. P. Mrthew-, in llvde park, in -ail -h.inct, n ihe 21th day of December, A. D. 1945, al 1 1 o lock, M lor ex muni' inn and al lowance ; and that a I concciuel le uotined hcrcol, by the p .lihraiiun t f llu order in the B ir'ington Free Pre. prure.1 nt Burlingion. lliree wee!., sue et"sively, I efore -nil lime o' hearini, ihat they may PI,1r,!" "'"e a"J l'l"'e' ,l,l'v ,ce t'""' "d ,1,..,,.,,, u 'Jl'-1 ''!'". Hy or'ernfC airi WILLIAM W. WHITE. lierjisUr. A true copy 1 1 Record. At'e'.i, W ARNEa White, i7eitcr. 26 William V. IJ'.iriiliam's alias Solomon Wlica. Ion's I slate. WE the Subscribers, hiving been app..intcd hy the Honorable llie Probate Conn ir 1 li- i tri' t ofChitienden ro'ninis.i,it;crs to recene, cximiiie and odjiit llie cl.iims and de oands of all peri m .iglllisl ihe islilc of WILLIAM P. HIT bV 11 AM .y....nni. nH4i. Sflilt ll-IClKnliurillU Sl.pnnll,-. , I.-. . ......niil attend to the business ol nur appointment, nl llie otbeeof Geo. K. Plan, in llurlingion, in said Dis ....'.u . I n .'.". 7. "V s ",J 1"',"'.. "!"' c.i-rimly M.. on eacu or .1 ..... Dated tins 4lll d iv of November, A. D. 1315. ' GEO B. SHAW. J JOHN N. POMROY. ( .... ,. ,. . . ' TF. OF VERMONT, ) I7-HEI1FA-., MARV Chittendeo County, s. j W JANE HOLT, of n irlinalon lo ,1110 coJn'y, ha- ihi- day prese.itcl in me lit r petition, in writing, a I Ire-.ed to the Hon. Supreme Co trt ol J idic.iliire next In I e held ni Bur lington. within an I lur sai I co upy of Chi teie'en, fin the Monday nex1 prcitdiugthe tlrt Tue.-lay in Jin nary, A. I). ItHG setting h rth llni, on tbe 2fl Ii day td ept. IB 11, :.l an I llnruitgtoii. where she iben re. i ed. the wa. laul illy thai, soon alter m ch I tin sia'caml liy inirricii to William U Holt : inirrinutc ipcy removed out ol rd. I i.tnii. re.idttt. ,,f P.,.,l.. tf....n.,u f ,1... ln ol V.u' Vnrl. . ,l,fl I...,,, . I. .. , ...... nf s ieh uiirrnige llie 8 lnl.iv of.Mnv I3IJ, she. iue sii i aiary Jane, nie i wrn iiiis:ii,i wi i nu (r m full nb crvauce nt tin' inarriTje conttact on her pari ; mat no nu oiy an t year in-t ni treat I, at t'.ujh kcen.i." nfore.n'iil, wliere the panie then re ide I, ihi sai.1 Will am II. wilt illy iiccriel her, leaving her uun tnrec -niiit ctiii.iren win nv tu oe ol am of supp in ; that sni e lb it time to the diy o I be tlite hereof, iteni I William G. h i re-idel mo it, in Si. Loin, an INew Orleans, on I ha ueitrr ret irn e I lo hi. fiimi'y nor l-inii lull ei'hcr Ihe said Mar' Jane or In a'nd her children with any mean- nt support, an I ha. wd"d'y rcfiscd so nnhi, itiai in May, 1813, Ihe said Mary Jane, being win liy I'e.n t ite of the menu nf -import, remove I u i'h her .aid cbd 'rcn, from -nul Potigh ce,iie io .aid H-irlmglou nu I that .he ha ever since rc de I. an I si 11 rc-ide with her parent, in a'd lliirlmg'iiii, and bus re-iibi' therefor more item two yrar lat past, an I ihat ihe I on I nl ini'ronony lelwecii herniidilu said William G. may be iht'!ved. 112rce.1l 1 10 tin a anile 111 such ca e liiade and provide I. And it I e ng ui.i le to a p.ur In me 1 hit the -an' Wilbinnll. ic-Me. out of the - ale; ( ij nrdirid ih 11 ihe rai I Mary Jane cnuse him to I e 11 .wicd . I the eiideii'y ol'sii I po ni ui 111 sai I S i;irciiie (Vuri, by ind bcaiion oftbisnr.lcr, tuntaiuing the .11 slanec of her .aid tielilioo. three vee s:nce-lvely in llie Builmgtt 11 rrce Pre, a newMiitwr nriutcil 1.1 said Burlington, the last id winch tiihlicaiinns to heal leat two wee'; previ. u. to ibe next S'atel sesion of said co in in said I binrii'leii Cn'iniy, Given under my baud at nid Burlington, ibis 20 Ii day of N'ovemLer, A. I). 1815. ii.vj 1.. llh.l.KI , 26w3 Judge of the Supreme Court. Eo .Mill. r Hiram I'itssok, nud hi. tr itce ClilTTKNDEV i'oi-ntv Coenr. OiUber Tom, 1545. David Hazard. J IV ihi. cau e F.I Mill. of Shcl Mini, in t lnl't mi 11 1 1 my, ni llie ,iisrr4i term ol tin. Court, A. I 1315 br tig hi. suit ngnmsl Hiram Pier-oil, fornicrly ol shi.I Sliel1 urn, I ill 111 w gnue to pat's iiiiktitnwi out olihi. Siii'c,i!cc'nring on a noe datel 31 April, IS40, for $0 and inicrisl, paa' le 11, E. R. .Murray m two eur- Irom ihe 11 of Jam ar, titer next, nnd suiiimi nuig David Hazard n Trutec o said Pierson. And it appearing lo llie Court thai tht said llirutti Pier.ii'1 his not b.t I per 011.1 1 unocc of the peni'cnry of .aid mi, the ns-inl order ol noiiv whs made hy ibe Cis n at the Term last aforenil, and ll r sn 1 1 a ie wa con ui'iel 10 tin lerm, wlicn 11 nnptarutg thai ,aal Picrnni ba not ha I nolue 1 1 sni.l iui, either I y p iblication nr in per on. Tiicacrurtr., 11 'i. onlernl by the Conn that the aid ra se I e 1 ont nucd and 1 lint iheilcleodanl, I'm son, have m 1 ie nl the pen leney of ihi.wnl, I y p h-b-hiiic llie siibftanee ol the plainlti' sun, in llie Fieo Pies, n newspiper printed al Boiliiig'ou, in said eiMinty. Ibree weeks siKie-nelv( Ibe tat 01 sa si puh Katioiis 10 be at leat iwenly diy .before the next Man b lerin ol ihi. Ci nrt. Da'elat llurlingion. N'oieni1 it 25. 1315. 26 E. A. ST tN'SDURY, Clerk. LvMArr Thavcs rs HAasr-.V Kiiir.n, I Ciiittcspcn Cocsiv Cocar " Ocfo&tr Term, IS45 and their 'I'r ilie I Ciiasi r L.Nri0M.-j IN this cause Lyman Thayer ofShel1 inn, in I liii'cii'leii, oi.unn a' the March Ti rm nl this Cain, A. I. 1815, 1 nnss his action againsi Ass bel Harne. and Pbi'ip F. Kie'er, il Biirluigton, in said Co intv, in an aciiori nl ikt'il on U Igemsni, And 11 aiearing to the roo.i that the said Ashel Barnes reside out nl' ihi State, and ha not hadr (onsl notice ol the prn Vncv of ssid sii'( ihe ns ial r'ee"f notice wa made by the Cisirl al ihe term la-t afarrsaul.'and ihe sai I cau'C wa. loniiii'itil lo the prrsenl term, when it appearing to the Conn thai Ihe ile rn Ian', Birne, had not had nonce of sj1 suit, cither in .wrson 01 I y puVica'ion. TllESEroat, it i nnlcretl I y iheCoon herelhsj said cause 'e i-oiiiiii"el and that ibe Defendant, Karne-, have noiii-e nf the pendency id this suit t'yj,uniisning the saVianceof the p'smii I wii'. in the Frtre Pr s, a newspaper printnl ai Burlington, in said County, ihree eeV.tK-ce rively.ths la i nf sasl uibliesiion jurrmofitw Co in. lo ba at lst iwesly usys leiurg toe urn Marco 4 lu. As STANSBURV, Chrk. NEW FASHIONS. MIRA8CR hasjusl returned from New York with llie latsst fsslv ions for HATS, CAP3, i'l nk' $(f, COATS and DHF.SSKSs 5V"t,5 and a fplcndid nssomnent ofBoss'eTs, Cari, sum, Vslvsts, HisaoNS, Flowers and Fcatiiiss. A Is 0 , a eood assortment of tho nsue.t sivles nt AlmcLA Lustre for Cloaks snd Dresses, nnd Iri innings fur the some. Mcrrsand NccK Tics, all of which she wi'l sell for the lowest rash piices. Giain and ButlsC lercived itl exchange for goods. Muilingpn. Not. 6, 1945. 23 6 HAVE now received Iheir Fnll and " in'er supply of O 10 Is. We h ive nlded a number uf articles (which have been mie Ii enquired for) to our former stock, such as C lion Yarn, Colored Wadding, Hai ling, Wicking, At, nnd we cni rrnw nccoinodate Metchants with almost anything in tire Staple Dry Goods hue. We wou'd rnodislhj siy to all who may wish to purchase al wholesale, that our stock of tio-itsis now the largest and inosl desiiah'eever ottered liy us. Our success so far in jobbing goods has induced 11 to mile larger iiuri.hises than heretofore, ami we hops hy selling nt low prices lo be enabled to do justice 10 ourt-!vfs nnd 10 Ihe ptirihair. We have adopted ihe Ca'li System in making ill' ofoor puichisrs nnd we Jtnller mitseties with ths belief thn nur goods are ottlnlned al the verv lowest prices. Buying Chenp will ennblt us lo sell low to our customers, w ho will please call and sec for them selves. Burlington, Nov 10. 1945. American Prims. VII, AS & NOYKS. WOCLD invite the attention nf Merchants and Perllarswlv 1tt.1v wish lo purchase American Prints. Our .'nek now is Ihe largest and most de sirahle cm nfTerediti Ins market. on isiingnf a very greil variety of piiterns, and Some new and very neit styles. They were purchased at a time when the, , gent, were clo-mg their Fall bit inc., and the owner, of the goo Is were anxio is 10 MAKE SALES, wlrch etnbled 11. to obtain Ihem nl les prices than they Ind been privioiisty sold. In tins way ve ob tained nn mlvania.e ol from ooe to two cenla on ths vird, on some lvles. nnd put il in nur power lo sell them as cheap as ihe jobbers in New York We would solicit n call Irom nil wishing lo nur clne. and wedoso tolly confident that we sell them upon the most f.ivoiable'terms. Please call snd ses for yourstlves. Burlington, Nov. 19, 1515. 25 Cotort'tl ("ainliric. Cases Colored Canibrie. 2 do hilecns, for sale bv Nov. ID, 1915. VILAS & NOYR9 Col toll Threads. 7 Xf Lbs. Sli'er's Cotion Thread, while and I J ' as.orted, 200 " t.beipcr do do do 1200 Doz. Spool do do do Nov. 19. Forsa eby VILAS & NOVE-. Tin rialc, &c. Boxes I 3 I XT111 Plate, O 25 " I X Squire do 5 " Lirge size do 75 Blls Iron Wire (assorted Nns.) Russia, English and 1 ao.idi Sheei Iron, sheet nnd Boll Cop per," Sheet Zinc nnd Lend, Wire Vellum, Rivets, iSte. Fn' sile it the lows. 1 prices by Nov 19 1315 (25) Vlt,S & NOYES. I)UX AND SULTANA 1USIN-, CITRON, Jt Mice. Corrnnls, Prunes, Abounds, Ae. Nov 20, IS15. A. S. DEWEY. Noiito. TIlKsib-criher wo 1 1.1 inform the public ihj he isprepin.l locjeio :iu I tinl h '.Vo ricn'. t I aks. lres;c, Sh iwl , Bonnei,,!.., ma le of Silk, Cotton or Wool; aolpiC'i- of silks or oilier fancy g nxls will I e t'11'0 ireit and dre-sel to lueiplalio new.- alo, Men' Clo he. Cleancl and Dye I it neceary and linislie.l, I ihiu'.', itithe sinsfto.1.1 1 of the pthiit-, ata re.i-oiiihle p'ice. Si.k. lint are Black can be c. lo iretl to anv coin ir wanted, Green, Urown,Scir!ct Crim.on, Pmk, Ac Goo I. lorunrtb'd to J. if C. Mnriin', l-y stage wnh char.'c pn'd, will be aneiided lo, fnibe.l and re iirne,l 111 a eaoua! le nine. TIIEOl'ORE I). LVMAN". N'orih FirriJi'T-'b, Nov. 17, I8I. 25n6. IS . BA C KUS, ijmtiun .r v xauok. court house k;iahe, Cut Mi slim. VI. XV GOO JOS. M. iurr,,ii..,. , ,(jItj n9 winter stock of w (sooas. arnoiij vviitch may oe ruu ,.1 a Urge ss orlnnitl of cloth', ins.itncrs, vestings. tlannels, cnshuieres, nlpaccas, prima rubroy, plaids, Imsevs, lickings, drilling., anl 11 full assortment of tailor's truniin:tS. Also, A lirje stock of Groceries, con.isiins in rtt of loaf, lump, poAderei and erus'ie 1 sugars, nlso, molasses, leas entice, snip, t, bacc 1, 'am, 1 oil, silt ra ms. March, Ac. &c. which wi 1 be sod .11 ihe lowest priets. S. M. POPE. H'lthneton.Nov. 1 1, IS45. 21 r n sli l.c 1 oiis ! pOR sole by L & n. E. FOLLETT. Corner ol An'n and Hater St. Nov. 20 1315 25 A. S. DHWHY HAS rt'iviv-jil his Ki I mid Winter t-npiily nf Gro-i-etie At, in which liu tiivttt-- itn -it'iput j.xi ol jnirrli ifen. H-mii-f il si-iivt-rftl ilmt Good .indi find ruidv silt whilst iIiucl nl iiilViitir q .n'.ty re q 1. iv ilit "tp'-.i lii'tf -f Milt, .ijit-ite tu iiTi 1 tha irel In if t'i" " n-i.v otf nil ti bitii I cu I with care, hupein to give tf,iiisl'.ictitin io ill wh t in ty Ati... ui; I.'."! l iKir p 11 f 11 nrt'. Aiiiiitii! 1 1 if Grrut',11" Mill Ih tniiiid ilit- i9nn i-mppljr nflVm, Siiu-in, (cftte, .jiiivii. At. Also, Stuarts Siiutir-h msu sfvrnp, nml i rusIit'iJ Sujar. III,. I. IT n,.n 10 Rr, IIAACJ V A tea KAS t-.tlun full ntss.titinent of Grocere. nmnn( wliiL'h nrc nti-ms ktu Is nf pure Winrs. St. Croix J.iinnirrt nnd New Kmiii, 1 (and Gin. 4 nir'c. nl rl qriniy itiid iiiindiittf lattd. .Wto. liiit-iic'111 Uuni, Gin n Hlr.iiidy, llie b-l aitlclt-fuf (tu kind. lf will si ll IteUtT nnttlt tinf Kuni, Hrsnojr ind Gin lli;tn arc Ii ikrd tilmnt iht cmmiry hy INfW Vik timl 'I my H-ultTtf, fir nur thirdh pritv ihan they nre veiling' iIkhi fur. ll 1 n-t lr that man whit ii n G tniim run ni tvl ImI lmh or oihet fpiriii. Why nre il.ey niMrkint: 111 lheirfrlrtfnr man who 19 n retailtT nt Jiirii nr iaern kr iwt, ami irn-telhnc tcT llie rstimtrv tiririnc nml intsrliinini: lh -ropM in buy ihfir tutr if 1 here ! ft ntil gren fp-iibtion fircnl chenl 111 iht-m, I only !tk ihiM thm buy of tiem t j brm onu of then) and compare ihem njih mine Hurlington, Nov. 12, 1815. 21 tf OH. I'lTKIN, "VTT'OUl.O rrcciftilly tnf.nm 1 he inhabitant V Unit illume nnd vinnitv, that he has loca'ed ti un If heie a phya cian and auruion. Ii w ill le 'tis uinlcv.ftiii)L pnrpn tn lunlie rnrefttl rimnina ii'n Tn nsiftlmn ihecnufe and hy direct apphcalion f reinediH lu rnmtmt ill easen, nrd remove thiir i-niiff, nnd bv rare, atleniMii and laithfulne to all who may call upon hint, Imp. tu prove Inniaclf wor thv nf paironarrf, Ile inU nUo iv that he is in poF!e9iion of most o die new remedies ihat h ie ircentlv been bronchi f irward (m therf-lttf nf Scrofula, Spinal afteclioin-, hihiinl (ompbitnis and nihfrrheil diwae. Dr hi reiniiiiie:id-iio-i9if quihtiraiinni from ftiinrtirihe limit rinnini ptivician in inia atate and from some in ,ew Voik ('nvnnd H lnn, whi-'h may be ret-n bv rn'lin nn hi-n at In rcaidence, a lt lie Ht-n nf ihe Hiifhngtnn Hank, Itiirlinctni, S-v 1 124 U. P. DA V K V , ATTtHlNUV & t (IHNsil-.I.I.OIt at I, AW, OFFICE. That f rnierlv nci"iine.l bv Cbarle. Ailamt, Fa... who nl o will I e tsia-ionHlly ,re.,-ni for the Irtns. tel'on i'l' whatever lejjal biis''tus. be mav ati I be pleas'.! 10 at'en I to. ' olf Slates. I Case (30 dox ) Slalcr, Nov. M, For sale hv YUA & NOYF.S. !S Sustcnilcrs. 200 Dos. tVeb Susnenders. 50 do El. stic do For sale by VILAS & NOVF..1. Iliirlnps, IRsIs -10 inch Burlaps for Wni. Sickine. For sale by VILAS fc NOVES. I Nov. 26, ' 28 t . , -1 il Brown Hiei'tiims. 1 f Ra'ea llsayy Drnun Shttinw, ) 3 ' Fins Ar, ,'o We rannoi sy thai they ai 'cheap.' bat ihey wrll l sold at tbii lowest pries, the mrlsi will sliiw, b ... VlLM NOVEiV Nv. it,

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