Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 26, 1847 Page 3
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1 !5UlU.iIiCTOJV FllEE PllESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 20, 1847. the various milromls mm in progress in the i-Hatc. It Is well known tltnl intoxicutnij! drinks haxe, iniiiniiv Instance", been the cause of not ntnl ouliap-c ninoni; such bodies ot men, inciting tliem even to set nt Jc- J'ftH I'KIIII Klivlltllll. Tlic'SU-atncr Camiiiiia tirrUnl ut l!.)Um on S.itunl.iy l.f-t. .She brings l.iieruol ilulcs to the llh int. newt rceciu'il Is exceedingly interesting tiinl tin nee the olliceisol justice, nml liolntc tlie nence ami secuntyof families. Should the license tickctFiicoced, XvliatCUl We exeenl. Imt ihat the routes nf our mil' lO-llls Will III ll,t-i.i,...1 ! I;nnl.a...l .tnln ....F tM I rt'.nl ililfus, these files olTlealliuiunnj; the laborer" 1 I 'lie- I Paihaui'cnt haskcii icciipici1 with the new-men-men of Vermont, w ill von consent to lids I While it i min-sol lelief lor ihepconlo ol Iiclainl 1111J ..Vntlanil. is a settled policy of experienced conlruclors toprohl- , The p-ove bit he use of inloxicalinj! drink" niiionji their men, will )ou make provision to expose them to a tempta tion, lo them well nigh inedible ! Ale vou vvilliiiij to encounter the ilirelul evils to bo expected hum men a course 1 No, it cannot be. ,. or Tr.xirr.nMl , we appeal to you. mi nave Inbjrcillonjan 1 well in tin" ulonous cause, anil XV ith a L'ood measure nl Mleri'.-". Perhaps "nine ol rr,i,ieot tihii-siintienr to lip leeelVeil will) TC ininiobulion by all patties, bolh in mi J out ol 1 ur- '''Theaccnuuts liom Irclanil continue t" Iw-'ol the mine nppillinj,' clnraelcr, Scollaiul, loo.slill sutlers, nml in Home pnrtsor Liir lniil,lhe people complain that they inn mt procinu food , . . Tlu-ino-l impoilniil eonnnerciai new" uroio-ni ov mi! nboiil I o'clock wilhout n qiioruin, nmt the House adjourned I'liMuy. IMi. If,. .SpH,ip.l!,.niinn ol the L'lilulineofOlilo nml Pennsylvania nipi'inst p'riuil tun' slavery to any territory acquired bv or nnue.xeil to the Union were presented by Messrs. Cauicioii and Corwin. .Mr Hciiton from the Military Coiimiillee, reported a bill to organize thetenrci'imenlsiiitohii", ades and divisions, each bii,udc lo conit if not lc" than two re..imciits ; each division nol le" than two briiridesj Kcneinl ollicers lo be dWchn'rued iiu inedintelv idler llie termination nfi he war! volunteer i.ow in .Mexico inf.y bectilNled if they choose ami be made regulars ; the 1'iexideiit is niiihoriml to 11 1 1 va cancies nix oliuileer ollieei" by pioniolioii", or came C I'CtioMS ll,l,e I, r.,r .1.-. I ..... .1... prived of any lien upon the soldiers' pay, or if their Mailt tnieivivc any Foldiert' pay Iroin llie i.iyimi". l.T:, l.heappioiuinlion lor Dry Docks lit Kittery, ........ .,. 3tnn iiiu-i i-uiuii. i....... ... ...v j . was men an oy n in l if l uce mi on h 11 taken mi rom the earl est ectilciiiciit ol llie country, the 'ale of . ,,h ,,,.. . . , ... ,, ,1 ,lr linger nil Iroscd the Sciinle n 1 enm Al cr ntu.xicntii..; liquors has been .-tncled to few, nml. Tin- Ihnk ol Hni-lan.l ha" again rai-e.l it" rate ,f J:;x,.lltl. ..i.,,, ,. VsAHr.Ce mlj?,,,;,;.! in me v tew ol ihelnw, ii sn:e nn.i in " 7 ' " uieonni iroi 1 . 1- n. iu 1. y. . V" 1 Jlmie The Hill for tin- a,lini-ion ol Wisconsin ..cj "nmin 'r , ' ... : ,' v1 ?,"." , a, 'ii'' m-j. ite,,.iiions i,.., ,i,e ..uiiii; 11 ispiopi,-, ii, 11 ..I. .. .... . o , i.eiaiure 01 u.110 were preseiile.l lor tlie increar Civcindelimle esteiwonlo ib dangerous eleuiri to v., k jUliiiige. . . , , ofllie pay i.rVolii lteem, and coinpliui.-iitnry titiem iniss'.nct , to op,n wide ihcllool-gai.s ol liquid lire. i i:is 0. ( or.S' M vr.KtT erals tico't and Tnvlor Mr Cnrroll. liom ll e mil. ami let it hcmi inrc-trained over our Slate, i.'i ine 1 u-,, .lays we liaveliaii riioriiiousaiiivii -oi "i" , 1 ; ,,,. Coiimiillee, lepoiled bjik llie joint resolution oi vole lor" License' iirevni .nml ImMahor i years is in (;r.,m prilliuee,lroiii 1; .- nun i.misoi 11,11 ." . .mi. , 1 ,lnnk, u, (;t.,.r.,i Tnvlor. with a leeomiiiendjtiou n iiiomeiit undone - tmler.s ol nlcolmne pi.ion, res- iH.ucssevetal ipiaiiiines 01 v iieni aim ...i v lnt Senate nmeii biuni bj n.'ieed to. iMr iinineii uy no principle 01 iimiiauiiv , 0111 um-o ..n uoiiiiue 1 omnieiu 01 i.ioii,". the hope of gam, and armed with llie iiiithoritv oflaw, -jj p,,r TO lbs on Wheat vvn in several lii-laiicescoii. will swurin in everv village and lown, nkindlini: the ,.,.(ed iof Am Hour p.ncelslakennt to- ii.iinillnijcrs nwlul eiicti:i(.solVdoi it, bin vet iiiic.xiiiilmii-Ii.'iI 011 a largi-scale nt Ids, but superior brands v wiern nppciile, ulbirinir the j ouiiif to indulge 111 the intnxi- weic held sl-aihly ill lis. The g-iu-r il d piesiou o! cuing cup, nml scattering toe eeisol i-onoh ,HiH'.iog i,c irade becan.e lullv visble at the mnikct held on nnd dealli The colnietilloll ol rival dealer will ills- T11esd.1v last. Inlliielli-ed by the recent cll'letlllellts o tribnie these streams ol desolation into every coiner of tlc L-u'islatuie, llie London mid proviiieinl 111 aikets the b'talcnml llie next v ear will witness, nt the thought ilinmgli the 1 mintrv being deinessed, pi minced tit our ofwhieh biimamty sliuilders. XX ill 5 011 not, 111 view (j.-rn i:ihatige n deehning lemleiie) , nml all lies, rip- lions H li 'al.l receiled I lol.l p, r .0 His Oi l "V rates 01 .if sii.-ii danger, urne jourseives lo energetic aelion. J.I inoiiintioii 011 mis suiyeel oc onitiseti urami wide among the people. We appeal lo ilioe who VDnj3r; IX tiiu iv T. xn jTlMi nr.i.ivs. Ilaievou never. 111 iiioiiinls uf calm rellecliou.vvlien jour niunls vv .-ie rl.-m . mi l oiir t.ioiigots glnn -cd Willi intense Interest liom what jou are to what joii onee weie, have von never wislicd that you weie lice liom llie pel melons habit ! And line you not resolved to leiioniice loievc r the cause ol evil What he" piovednt such limes llie RCoC iiltst,ieie to vein 1 ' rlnalloll t litis It llotbeell tlie lac, litus wliuliwue nllor.led lor pioeurmg Hie poisomiiiseu,) ! II is 11 not been llie temptation" which aseii.cdvou ntcury nep, nnd which vour appetite, unun il 10 be denied, was unable to icsi-t II ivc you not olien thus sacrilicid vour lesoliuion and judgment, nml ng.nn involved vouiselies 111 ihsgiace nnd iniry I Ir this -s o, will 11 t voii nl.t leu I vour i Ifiris Intel lois 1, iieitir Horn llie Mate I Due von, kmnv in.'joi 1 1lir.11 ly, dir-yo.i be nec"ss jrv 10 iiiultip ) -ing uidelimteiy 1,1. s-siuaios ol desolation, nml ilius lenr.ullv 1 cr.'asing jour own exposure lo ileur s.-duc-liveaii'l t--niiile power I Keadthe following s(-itc-111 11 1 "I a revet ti.i eiler, nil J let it want) on ol j our il-l'U ' " siiiing by the fire-side in llie bar-rnom. my atteiitinii was aittai'iid to an individiinl, whoeame ui a.dciliej lor sum .lung to drink. ' Have jou any inoie-v " ve.isnskrd. ' No,' saitl he. Tlieirvoiuan l.nv, in t ung bete.' The poor fellow turned from the bar and walknl lo the door. Thcie was something ojoiii lmu itnl wo.i 111 sunpathy, and 1 arose liom li y s.-nt a 1 1 tollovved him. 1 loiiml hini stiiiiilmg upon tie pur. li bullied 111 lenrs. ' I'liend,' said 1, 'vor s n lo t,.' gieally grieved that jou (aiinot oLtain h q sillelv . vou aiebelltrvMthoutli.' ' It l-llot llint, s r il is i ..I Unit, ihnl grieves me ; it is the leliiem 1 r.i , ,f iilli r dajs' Then, pointing lo a tine latin in y 11 lo-s t'i road, he said, 'do vou sec that I J 11 1 It once mine ; it How belong's to the k e- ' ' . s u his,. I have lo-t luid he guiied it by mj 11 'c i rane Ibii tins is not all. I lud a wile' ho love.l ied. artr thiiti her own hie. My ititenipciaiiee h k ie,l lit-i "he lies in voiutcr giave-jiiid, mid snin , u ". when I feel as 1 do now, I go there and xv .pp . I, it what availsmv tea 13 I Tnev will not bring h, r , t. k . sh- 11 gone lorever. And now, sir, as you hn n-t s en, whin I nm djmg iera diam, t .is hi 111, w no lia.s lobbed me of all lands, un,I as-isied met, k mj VMte, rebisi'a to let me have 11, be ause I li ,il nol the money,' ' ll,it,' said I,' l.ave vou ilrin e 'I have two, but mm made me a luiite ; I t call ,1 tli n so riuelly that they could not stay ut 1: ,.ue : ill j have gon , and I know not where they n ' V 1 1 the p tor fellow wept 11I011. 1 in the bitter-nu-sof ., lienii. 1 n-kul 1 1 1111 it be had ever signed tne pid ' I have,' mid he, ' butcamwt keep it. 1 Inve osi all eontrol ol'inv sell.' "Are vou willing to try 1. . said 1. 'Iain. I drew up u pledge, anJ li. e 1 ,1 it liod grant he may keep it." I 1, ,J xve gamtli.. ear of the v h.xni.n oi i.t.':iia 7 j i ,.r. ,s, we would addnssa lew vvoids toliim. lL,,it li i ,eilir,is.iieii!:' you in-eiisil,!,. 1,, iK diciid tn , I' , ol the traffic 111 which youute engaged. Tli" lou'din ,.iev maj liaveq'i,etedilie icinoiistiniice.s of e ,.1 ,11 and made yourtiHmmtothe sulleiiitgs 1 1 v ir 111 eippy vi. lens, lint will not n day 01 let. i I111110.1 come) Do. iilI oiien come, even in this li.e ' lVuder the loll.ivv.hg staieiiHins : lun Mut. t i.v 1 1 1 A", 1 iv c.i 1 ry, ilicre wrre, in tli eoni-i of Mijui.s. H dealers ui alcoholic dunks. t llii'e '.! fiiitn! : "!) died ihuiikards ;a few still fr'irvive as ii.teuq eiate men; :i:i of ilieir sons nnd a ,0'it nn equal muiiLei of theii sons-in-law became tlruukar U. In one street in Albany, tlie history of the keepers r,f" "rog-s!iop was taken during a penod ol in j.-uts :x n a single Keeper that dav week : Willi a laree show ol Am 1 lolir.loi sed hon'i bond, llie mnikct opened heavily, and lower prices wereaeeepled III. Ill Itllpollels vveln iillcrwards disposed to concede ; Ihettade Ilius closed ralher more lirmly llian it t oimnetieed.ul a i'ee!,,i. ol ilsi',,1 per bbl Iroin'the curieiicj ol Tiieliiy hist Indian mgi iken oil sp iriugly, was'l tr -jper or lower than 011 that day so'iuimht. Livi nr 'i. AxiinicAN Tkovimox rT iiki T, lVli. ;i Sales in 1'eef limited, ill eons. iplelK'e ors:u.iue"S of supplies. l' iei shave advallcvd -s I'nl since -Dili lilt. -l'oik s.'lls te.aihly on ainval tit extreme puces; good 111 -ss7Js toTJsli.l jiescw I, find 111 id I'kIsIii l',."n. It leun nnd Hams still m request ; nil llie nriivals of former sold ntl'.is per ewt for good, mid deluaiiil likely to be veiy gieal. Hani", ."ds lo tVJs per ewt. Abetterlee ling for Ccse nii.l li ie well col ht! n-d par'clsate slleableatalllliqiroveiueiil of Is to -'s per I'll I. Laid lapiilly udvaticcd, iim m the mouth Lemg uboutOs per ewt. At London. Am Lard in good request, and prices 1 11 the rise. A in Heel and Totk suuln iilieran.lhiir'ier I'lucs readily obtained Laige iprniiiitics if Am I'lieese urilved, deln mil imidi ited. nnd nil good quali ties lieely taken in place of l'tigleh. 1j ''I'Iii? v'ort.'i Slur irri'vcrently intimites that the Tliinl I'.irly '-muff mpeliiijj" in I).invillo,tlio nllier thy, uaa r.itlitT :i failure. Tin; lircs nf "I.ihcity" burn low 011 the ob-cttrc nltar of par- "J- Tlis Lilies Irish t!eiief l'.iu.l. Onrhiimlm! tinj thirty three dollars, which lias Ipen collected, mostly in mull sums, for the re- ni'i oi iioinnii. uiroti'ii ine inslriimciitality ol u few hpiievolent ladicj (tlioiigli the words, we hope, are nearly synonymous), we have tnhrii the liberty lo tr.iii!iiit lo our townsiuan, ,Iun. 11 l'i:'K. INq., vvlin is uov. in New York, nml who will place it in the InuiuS of the -.'entleinen in that City who are charged with the grateful vhi ty of superintending the disposition of similar eonliihiitioiis. Kiitlmu! Kr.llronil. .Moasrs. Dkcker anil Waunek. are at vvorl; on the line of this road, at the "Jewell llrooh" section, and at liiirlotmil'e "Messrs. Walks. IIaxii:;: nnd (.'o., have ul;o broken ground a short distance i.bove Hollows rails." had tirosoi red. and most ol them b 'came ibiitikiiids. In 011'e.Ihree successic oceui anis di dof ticUiniNt tremens. ),i. linn bed nud fiiiy of the prinncrs in ihc Stale rri-un ot Ohio liave b en liquor selleis. Tvx rwi r.s o: i:i:moxt: Do you wish longer to fc-i''' boi.leij on jorbylhe paup tisiu n ileriuie, which result fro.u the use ol intoxicating d inks ie youwilling, lliatihese burd -us should b' 1 ie,n iii ly inerensed; by muhiplv ing llie souici'M W 1 1 e lln-y j0v i AlCJO'l Hot lll'lbir llesllrlislo r , t! poor inebriate to industry tiiul cotiipeteiiev ; 1 1 it iu' 'ail of bunging ml htioua burdins on jou, he ill V 111 i'e Willi von ill sli.tiillling the expenses ol gov- t meet ' ll so, then be exhorted to go lo the polis on lb. 1-t Tuesdiij ol M ireh nnd vote, iNo Lui..m l." I'tlhis: "ion iloiilnl"ss often Iteiiible lor jour eiiniii. 11. in view 1 1 the ilainrers and leiiiiit.itioiislo win, h t iey are exposed, nnd j on strive lo guard them n"ain-t th'-M. dnng'rs nnd preserve iheiu h 0111 1 lies. temptations Jtut what dangeri" more drcadl'ul.what temptation more in-nariug, than ihosj which How trout the inloxicot.iig cup I What place more cor rupting than the bni-riom and the giog-shnp i And can jou tli nk, wilhout a shudder, it seeing th"-e 1 places o ened, nnd in greatly mcican d nmiiberu, liol- I .In ' n it their ntlrneiions 11 nllurii 1111 1 desiroyjoiirl c 11 ,lr, 11 ' Cr.u Vou leoil vimr .'iioot. imiier m .our ' v 'te 10 a trnlhe wliu li has jierhnps done more to break t ie 11 -,irts,,f pan iih tbnn ail other cnu-escoiubmed I Nitllivini ltnilioa.l, re unJcrttand 1I10 work on the line of this road xxliich has boon let to S. 1'. licutsAr l'.-q., has been conimenccd. .Mr. lini.KN.vr, broke ground on the cctioii near Clareiiiont, on tlie "Jodin.-t. The Og:lensliing!i Ituillonil. Y01 will, for j our cluldicii'esakc. o, y.,11 1 ainiot. vet' , ' 1,1,1- ,'i x ml oi Vr.r.'i i-;t. Ill jou lire bound up the the hippinen. of the eilllling gellerulloll -Mosioi you, it U believed, liavebi-cn iianied in ihe irineq,!es ol temp, ran e. and we shulluot iheretore np pi ,il lo j on m vain. Jt t- ot iuunen-i' eotis,i'ience to Ji ll J 1st 1 liti'img oil the nclive ihltll . olble, thatyoii t in.- n.' it groan 1 0,1 the subject ol intoxicating drinks. 1 hey lire ihe 1 en,t e t charueter.respeciiibiluj unurM.K-jiiuip OlluiesSOt ll,. 1 l.t .. , l,,,rl,..l (1,1, "e find the followini' article in the Yermoht ('lirouir'f, IliT.i.ix'e.Tov to Oijicvsnrniiii The lhirhnjiton Tree I'jess dunks ihe passage of the Itnilrond across the lake by budging or otheiwisc at 1 1 rand 1-le quite oat of the'iiuestion, and that llieie iini"t be a tranship ment from liiirhngioii lol'ort Kent, making llurhngton the terminus ol llie liosiou ro.nls O.i ihe ulli 'rhaiul the Montreal Coiirkr has ihe loiiowmg paragrnph ' Laiterlya most distinguished and experienced r-nr-vejor has been einployed to findonl the i:mt adv. aula g. mis Hallway route between lliiiiinglon and Ogdoiis btirgh,nml it nppe.ars th it idler a competent saivey, that getuleiiian has discovered and lecoinmcndedanew and most Idvotable line This line in leaving Ihiilingtou is to run along the cast sideol Lake I'li.aiiqilam mud it reaches St Albans from thence through Hog 1-land and St Albeit, in a duett hue 10 House's l'oini, vibcre everv facility is found lor the construction of a permanent Ihidge across the Hiehelieti ; i!i line then pinnies its course through a level tract ot land n hille to the south and parallel with the divisional hue -13, pas-ing tluoiigh the iluiv iug village n Mnlouc.iind limn thence taking the di rection upon llie bordeis if the St lawrence to l) deiibburgh " I ,'pon which s'iiggc-tionof the Montreal 'our ier, and the '-discoveries'' i ! its '-distinguished nml ex crienrei! surveyor," tlie Chronicle npprc printely remarks that "this icoultl be rathefeir-cuilnus." Tlioinpon, of Missvii,t,i. moved lo niiieud bv di reeling also, lie- nresentatiou of Hold medals in (leu ends lluilcr, Henderson, Twigg", Onilmau, nud llie nearest relative ol (.eneriil Hauler, and expressing ie Kiel at the death of the latter. The iimenibuent ol Mr Thompson was adopted IMI to '-II : nu.l thus amended, lb" aineiiihiient ol the S'tiatevvas ngiceil to. Resolutions were prcs"tited iroiuiiie legislature ol Illinois., iivoinlile lo the alter anon ol Ihe Coiistiiiuiuii, so ns loihauiie the tenure liv winch Ihe .luilncs i, the I luted States hold olhee Hills weic icpoited irnm ihe Mihlaiy nnd Naval Com luitlees to regulate enhsiincitls lor ihe ariiiv nnd ma line corps, nml to provide lor an additional nnmbir oi r-urguuis m me .Mivy. ixuineious icpoits were teceivcil fioin i. oninntlees, Imt not of general iu lir'st. A bill was taken up lo icgnlate the mileage ol numbers, but w ithoiit nclion. The House mlj. Tin r.siivv, H I'eb. Semite The committee on cniiiiueice leporteil the House bill legiilaiing the car rj ing of inss.'iigers in emigrant ships, with aineiul-ni-'ius. The bill was pined and leiuriied lo the House. It r q ures each passeng -r to bav lo.irteeu superlictal squ.iic bet lor Ins net oinmoilation two cIiiIiIkii, not over eight yeais, to be coutiteil one pas-s-nger. Til' bill to comiuue th? juri'diction ol the Slate Court at Key W'c-t until a .lu lue ol llie U S. is nppoiuted, inlio.bije.l by Mr. Ynlee, was pis.e I, Tu 'three million bill was then I iken up Air lbill t made a highly iiiieicsting speech, piiuci pllly in lei 'ic.lee to ill -suivciy quesliou. I.s Till. Hoi .L, the rner and liuhor lull ol last s-s-io.i was proposed, when r. MeUh llau I moved lo strike o.u all alter the enacting clause, an I insert s iVtantially the river and h ubor lull. A long debate e.isned, an, I s'veral nincndiiu'tits to substitute propos ed, vvh,'n the coiuiiiiltec rose, without action ou tliJ s.ilisiitme, and the house adjourned. Sa i LiiiiA Y, l-'eh. -JU N note Tlie Ten Uegi nientliill was taken up, ami Ihe amendments nil thorizing llie appointment nf two additional lay iiui'tor Ccneral-, two Captains, six Pirst Lieu teu intMif Drdiiance, was ailopleil. It is piovi iledllut these ollicer.s arc to serve only to the end of the war. The Three Million bill wa then taken up. Mr. Sevier, chairman of the Committee on For eign Relations, gave notice lint he should as the Senate to take the vote on the hill on Weil-ne-il ty, 'J Ith inst. In the kv, .Mr. Droonigoolo presented a se ries of resolutions from the Virginia l,"gi-l.iture, in favorofthe proseculion oftlie war, and tender ing thanks to l're-ident l'olk. The bill providing for the sale of the mineral lauds belonging to the United State", the bill to make It uigura port of entry, anil the Hirer uml Harbor Hill were passed. .Moxn.w, Foli. :ii In the Senate to-day the Vice President presented a communication from .Mr. Ilvaus, Senator from .Maine, resigning his ntlice as one of the Hegeuts of the Smith-unian Institute, ttnil his re-ignition was accepted, and .Mr. fierce of Maryland, was appointed in his pl.iec.- Tiio Vice 1'rosiilont also presented to the Sen ate a communication from .Mr. Ilei-s. one of the editors of the Union, u-kiug if lie was included in the order taking away the privilege of n place on the ll.ior of the Senate, of the '-Lditor of the Union." .Mr. Webster presented the petition of some citizens ol Huston III t.ivor ol peace. .Mr. Video spoke on tlio three million bill. In the llms; .Mr. Mclviy from the ('uiii'iiit tee on Ways nud .Means reported a bill appro priating two niillion-additional for tlio ii-o ol the army for two years. .Mr. Winthrop eloquent ly opposed the hill and oll'ered an anieiiiiiuent a'giin-t in iking any appropriation for llie puipos e of cotniiost. .Mr. I'endleton a!-o spok" eloquently against tliohill. .Mr. ('. .1. Ingei-soll spulie in favor ol prosecuting the war with vigor. Special Nol Ice. rv-TI,eexlrnoi,linnry(ii: MiriiNMlllHt? r..N. winch me uehicving tinpainlled Iriiiuq.lis In vniions seeiiousolthis coiiiUry.nie now inlioihiceil Into llns vieinitv. L"leverysiekper"onrcn'l th"nilveitiseineiit oflhei'.renlcnberg Company, which will he ! found in iinotber eoliunii. I'or sale at biiLuvvooii s, est side Couit lions" Square. Dr. xVooifs SnrMipiirlllit ntnl Willi Cherry llllll'l" A .... K..l,,...l, nil who haven veil them ... i t il.T'liis liieiiarations in ii"c. As a FAMILY MLDlCLNi; it is iiivnhiable. It is plea- suit to lb" taste which in ik"s It an ensy ineiliciue to ndiniiiislcr to tbililicn, nun is la-; uihiiiu on- o.'i Ihosij .N'liiiscnlingHeinetlies wlinh li.ive been so Ion.' in uc. The iiropiictor cannot toosironglyicconniiend Ihis preparnlion ns n i iuiiuy oieiocuie, us u i nu-ss tnkci Icclingn little iinvvell will save weeks and iiionlhs ol sickness and siilfering nnd prevent in uiot iustaiicesatlai ksof leveratlil ague, onions lever.auu all the local levers of the i nliy I or Hjspepsia, Headache, IiidieesiiiHi, Humor", pain in llie l).uk anil SiilelhcyhavebeeiiiiseilwilligreatHicces". The lollovvin.' isone niuong many testimonials ol the i ilicacy ol tins .Medicine in possession of the iio prietor. . . New- nedfotd, AtiguH 19. IRM. Dear hir, It is Willi mm h pleasure tint 1 nild my t"sliniouial to llie iiianv w huh you bav c, ol llie v able ol your S.irsiparilla no, I Wil.l el,,,... tloters. 1 have used llielll 111 111 V l.uuily with ihe happiest icsnll--l have iccoiunicndcil tlli-lil loothels.wbo have ll-cd llu-ln Willi equal success, llliilie ins,, oi ,,nrt lar. ol I) VSlMll'hl A ol lollg standing intended with severe Head Achc.wliidi luut resisicd all ircatincnt, lvvns LNTIIU'.I.Y CI'KHli iiy the u-ei ol Iheselulleis. I snail iiiwaj s lai.e gri-ai lilensuri. in seeinioiieoiloti. them to nil tiersons suffer ing liom any ot ihe diseases arising liom Indigestion, Uj'.spepsia, nnd impuiilicsol llie lilood. ' (i. MACOMIir.H. None genuine, unless signed I. llUTTrf on the wiappcr. 1 or saleuy rui; .. nil it. jiw ,- Had breath, a disagreeable tasle in the nioulli.nnd many oile-r iuipleas,tnt sjuqitotu-,, are always me re sult of indigestion. When Hn lo al, instead ol being nrouerlv ibssnlveil. lemalll" III lie- sluloaeh until it be come" 111 a manner pntrili-.-d, a deleterious fluid, called Septic ciil. is geiieitit.'il m llie stomach, which. mix ing w uh llie lliiul ol Ihe moiilli, is en lam not only to given had hrealh, lull isalsi, the tin eausL' of wastui; of the i.iiins. a it ' ol tartar, .and dee.aved tcctl, II itsit's liitltitn I eisfla'jle I'llti imt only cleanse llie -loin uh ami bowels Horn all bilious and outriil humors nml purity Tit hloo.1, hut Uicyai-o ritiire Ine uiges live om ins in a tea i iv tone : an. i are inereiore ccr. lam to remove a bad breath. and I'lcvcnta lucmature decay ol lie u-elli. lh.wvi:i:oi Cm .XTrr.t I its. The public are cannon, cd air i hist the inanv summits medicines, which, in or der to deceive ale called by luiiie, similar to Wnglu's 111 liau Voire table Pills. Tin: om.v oi-.ioinai. Ax-n ukntim. Inm vx ' ! TTV l'n.i.s uvvt mi: si,.xAii.-r,Lor Wn mam Wkmiit vviur-1 iJ tlx xx M il .i i-i.xox iiii; roiM,.viu.i..'i i:.vcu mix. Aine other is gruuiur, ami to eouutci teit this is I oi.oi.nv. Dliiees devoted exclusively lo the sale ol" W'wjlit's Imhiln Vesetahle I'illi, w'holesale ami retail, 1IV.I Itace Sireel, riiiladelplil l ; '.'as (irccnw'ieh Street, New-Yolk; an, I lys i'leinont Sireet Hostou, and by riX'K&sl'UAK, lliiiliiicloii.W The tioii-resiilont proprietors of tlie Town of Huntington, in the County of Chillenden, nre hereby tmtilieil llie lives ns"sso,l b till wilhiti tlio three years n "Xt preceding this date, rem tin either In whole or in nrt unpaid on the following described laud in vaid Town, to wit : No .ofi ! hots. I Original I'roprictor?. JU'J 'HI Samuel Crawford, 'J'JI iKlJohu livvreiice, Jllli ili! lo--epli Cornill, jr. 'J'J'J 111 Kilwin Hurling, 13.) ! 8 lacob Coiilant, 151 if.loseph Cornill, jr. 187 11. lames I'.iwler, l'.U 1 1 lletijainin Penis, ll Iitnies Kovtler, 1!)1 ,1 l,..'nleh (irillin, ia:i 1 1 lames 1'erris. jr. 1!)U 'l H.lnsepli '.'ortiill. jr. llll ! l'Silliniit (.'ornill, 10S HI riminas tl.ikley and I ier, S Names nf I ' t I'crsoni Owing Taxes staic's'clmol Cotintv I'nvvit , , !: II Uany, l'l ln b 311 1 Ingrain, ' 51; 37! i hi ' 1 i I Wing Hoggeri, ( C5 -I'd 12 12S Henry i Janes, 1 l-J J .!! t!G JVTOTIL'i:. nn: i'aktskiwiip iintCToronn li evi.iiug under lb- natiio nnd linn of Win. Jordan and Co., w.isib-olvedoiillie t'Jih H I Vbrimry imt. by iiiiituil eooseiit. W.M. .ItJltUAN. . Umooskl I'iiIIs, J TUUtf. V. UOUriU. lith I eb. 1117 INVALllAtlLi: 1'A.IIILV (Oil I'ANIO.N. c- ix i.iicTuiti'.sou ii, ijscsoi' tiii; uvson i J Cum.'", 1 reventloii nnd Cm,. r Coniimpliop. Alhnia.nn,l IJisM"S.,l the -art. Oi the Laws o lim'-vity, nml 111 In of prcerving mile and l-mnl Ir.alih. .yiiini try tin I b"ntity -.cxpo.m cm.sesait cure nrihose ilewns-s lint produ.le Co;iiinoi,lion, o shoil.Mi hie. us All -elioii.oftheSkin Spine. Stumncli llowels, Kulneys, Liver, S'lolula, l'lle-, Crnvel.mnl i'emale Coniplai'tts. Its rules, i-ay. practical, and piire.lornia guide to pcfei t li".alih an, I bumble. n Ihlgnivillgs IIJI plg'S rlc'llls. I'oit'lg! ll.'cenH Hy SAMCKL .SIIlll.DUN I TICll. A. M., M.l), nt 7D7 lll!UAI)-WAV. NLW YOKK. Any pei'oii iiuiitiii'L' filiv mil", lice, will rrcclvl one ropy, bv iiinil, to uny pint. The linde supplied. Jaii n'rv, HI7. 'J.!ml tll'J cm JI I L'15 'J07 205 till) 11H l!ll li 1 1 Jltf 'JO I Oflj lli-i 1(17 I .Joseph Culver, Iheaiuler llutchins, 1 I'houlas Hird, 'Ira hadi 'Win. Hill, Win. Allen, 1 IS L'.T 15 ll!' li 51 3: lb1 171 I s! 37 1 A 1 7 1 Manhailul.i! l'aliner, I a James 1 ovvler and I 1 Peter Huggeforil, il.'! Il.ivid (itiinin, 1:1 lleiiiainin llowuc, lei, .Joseph Culver, am Mi ' s Isaac Oakley, l Ihiik-j Aittuiic, 1 1 It! Jacob Coiilant, 1 1 S iiuiiel Trenilwcll, J'.i.Ies-e l.iwrence, lll'.Iiilin Aui.iiviii, .Ll'Tlioin is ilnwiie, I one iindiviileil fourth oft nineteen hundred acresi 1 ow-tioil bv Jacob .Mlll'cki , ..t SvivesterCuly, l-llol 'John Ilovvdclt, i'J I I'J1 West part Kami Averill. owner not known, ! I Kllllon. Win. Sample, ! do do j II Charles Hunt, , ! do 5'J, HI i'liarles Hunt. i iIm do I And so much ofs.iid lauds will be sriM at public Auction, at the Inn of Noble CrolTin said IIuiili!i"ton.on the-Jtlihiliv of.Marcli, IS 17, at nine o'clock, A.M., as s.hallbo requisite lo dis charge said Taxes, unless previously paid. .,,, Dated ut Huntington, this 1! Ith day of rebrtiary, 181.. SI-.i.A A.MI I.I-.I.. 0 y5w:i lirt aita!i'e. uvniiAUj, Hi 01 Anliiln'il W. II)i!cMMiitc. S'l'ATI! di-' Vr.HMONT. ) AT a Probate Court Ihstri' tol ( inrl leu nt lliirlington. williiu an I lor th 1 . 1 -1 r 1 c t n I , r 1 1 liei the Irjih dav of I chruaiv A 1) IHii no insirii.u -nt i.iirporfiu; to be I 111 'll"t IIViuiI Teil'lolrnt iS .tichlbaltl 11'. ll'J'li J 1 He of H irh.igto-i, i.i su I H, strict d 'cea-ed, was pre sent al to the I 'unit h -re lor l'iobateby Chailes Itusscil , tie-Lxeenlor, Iheieiu named. 1 ill nil oiii. it is orileieil by said I ourt, tint ptiUnl notice b" given to all person" concerned therein to ap pear holorc said 11 session tbeicof to beholden ul the llegist,.is oiii,.' iii s.n I lliirliiurtoit on loose, eoud Weilae" hiy in March. A I) HlV.ainl th. rrobate ol st'i I Will, and it is further oidcfed that tins order be published tluee weeks successively hi th-j lliirhiigiou flee I'ress.a 11 'ws piper priuti.1 in Ha.-, liugion, in this St it Mb la-; ot which p ibtL-uiiotii "hall be prcvtLtis to the day nssinej, us uforvtaij for hearing. linen 1111 der lnv hand nl th" Kcgi'let's lOlh day i.t lVbluaty A I). 1M7. silvv'.l Wm. W1.ST0N, liesistir. Wurie-i Jl-irr.iy's'e. KTATHttrvr.K.MM.NT.J VI' a ProVitj Court D.sirict ol Ijhliten len.s.. j' Ji'il'leu at lliirliaton, within and for ihe listiu t nloiesiiid 011 the llilhdayof rebriury A. I) Ibl. , 1111 iti-timm ill pnipoiuug lo th! list ll'.''nnl 'fast uncut ol ir.iirii Maiiay late ol (ills, ,1. HI,. Miscnp il by ll.'iuy .Murray tl:J iHiivvicij. At f ! mini Isle, cm the lib in 1 mt, bvthe lleverend A. t;. S!i,-ai Ldgar H. tiiiw,.,l, .VI U., 10 Miss Lav ma C. Ilohinson, bub of (.Mini I-lc. Atl.rainl Isle, on the Isth mi , hy ev. A. (.. Shears, .Mr. HJw.ird .1. Ileynoids, oi Albiirgh, lo Lois, daughter ol Cue Itevnolds. I'.sq , of (,! Nie. lu Marks horn. 011 the 01 1 iiit.. lie ;. I . Hates. I'.sq. Mr.Lwl Calker. of iluiliiiiton, to .MissMailha .M. Sweet, of lluntmgtou In esinort. ,N i m Hie , 1 !i ins t nv th" Itev. X . Hrown, Lphrium Hratlley, L-q and .Mis .Marj ltiehard. all ol W. In ltrist.,1. Jauiiarv 7th Mr Char es li. vv amcr, to Miss Loreit V, (;alg',, both ol Hristol. In Ksex Vi. I'eb. I Ith 1117. Co Divid (.ardner, of West-HurliiiL'tou N V lo .Marlha Joshn. widow- of the laic Sparhawk iwnci:. ISOLITION 01' COI'AHTM.RSIIII' th" -onaitneiiiin herelolore cxisimg. miner me mo e- oIWm SWA1M &. SON. was di-s..lvo,l onllie-ifi of July last, be the decease of lb" said Win. bw-nim. and ihe bn-mess isnow.aiid w ill be in fuliiie.con.liiet- e.l e.cliiuely by the subscriber, who has bad the sole charge ol lie-inanul'acliu ing of the Panacea and ,t- iniluge lor tlie la-t louiieen ye.-ns. The Panacea will be put up as uital m round hol lies, iliiu-d longitiiihnally, with llie follovvuiir letlcr blownou llu" glass " iic,ii' l'auaecii, I'ui'.auii,' n.t.l ,.,,1.- ,nn,r. mail,, is the name ot JA?2 SWA1M slainpedon ihe sealing wax, and iriitleii "")t il... l.-il,. ! mi v. the colli, and a new label lor Ihe, Mr. blieollhe buttle, compos -.1 ol g'olll -trie lalhc wolkJ eonioii-imriune di ir'reiitib.'S.whichhave been liirneil.Mr". D)' lock". Shirts, and Draweis iV .xniii: ci.'triiiMi .-ixehailL-e nuililm ' WalerSlrci lllj I , C Vn.lN&Sl'HAR. HI7. 32i ACADEMICAL INSTITUTION. 1. C. Hisbe'e,'''"' A M Associate Principals. .Mrs. J. S Span! hug, Preceptress, Mm ll. M. lowri,' As-ltUUt, H. Pisk. Teach"r,, I'i iich, S M. lia-siit, Teacher of Orgnn end Vocal Music. M. Has.eti, I "aeher of Piano ,t Melodian, Hui iinit' n. 111 said linirut loth; Comt h-refor Probate, Kxecittor. therein!. Tin rlioki ill" ordered by aid C mt, ll.nt ptiblh not be given to nil piisons toneeiued iheieiu lo up. pearbelole said Conn, nl a srwrni thvicot to be bul deli nl the Hegisier's in said llilrHuuloli 011 tlej second Wcdiu ".lay in Miiicii, A. 1) HI", nnd contcpt the p iihale ol iid Will. and 11 is limber ordned llm; I'lis onier In- pllbllslieil Ihlie Viet ks silccessir-ly in h,j nnrlmgtou I iee Press a news paper punted ut fliir lioL'i'.ii, in this Smte, the oi which publication! sfi.tlt bepieviouilo the day aloresaiil lor hem ing tt.vcu 1111 1 Tiny liau 1 at th-; R .ji'icr's Odhc.lhll ICtholl'iLiuaiv A I). 1 17. aiwa ' v.'m. WCsiTON, Erghttr. P i c fc , for llie exclusive use of the piopriclor, bj-D-aper .v 1 virs. 11. 1 . lougiit.i.i. l.'.icheroi r.iiuliiiif, C).,bauk nolo engravers ol Philadelphia 1 our dies 1 Miss b. .1 Hailey, 1 . 111 her ol Phonography, ol dillerenl patterns lorm the body ol lb' woik.iind 1111 Mr. L. 1) Davis. Kacheret Penmanship, ihe eeiuie is a pottrait of tl.e late Wm. Swaiui, s-'pa- j 'phe Spring 'I'erm cojiiinences on Wodncs. be lated limit the boideisby two circles ol I. ithe woik. I March sird. I ..-1-11111 s and T111111.11 as usual, Hooks The words " Swaun's P.inai .a," are engraved con- ,hiriiidieil by the Princip d. Hoaul, is;lj perwiek, spicuonslv on two iiirned strips,and n large seiiii-cncu-jnn'liulmg room, wooj ami washing lar die tonus the upper margin. The boiiletsnrecotn-1 Adiluioiis have In. 1 11 made to the hool room", and nosed of plain lallie work snip", outside ot which ncn- special dim is are being mmle bv the eiii.ens tosuita- 01 nvel 111 small i.-tters the entry of Ih copy-iurht. li,,.- iiccommn kite with hoard atl who inav npolv. Philadelphia, Au. lslfi. JAMLti SWAI.M. 1 'llakcrsli.-ld, I'eb. lull HIT. SLTII OAlvS SWAIM'S Cr.Lr.llltATI'.D PAN'ACI'.A. run nn: cunt; tu S-iofuhi, deiieral Nihility, While Sicellini;, lilieiimtition. Dennises of the Lieei and Him, ami all Detente 111 Mug liom liiij'tiritiei of the DUniil,vr the ijliea 0 .ucicHi i. 1 1 . .1 1.. I... T .1... 11 11 ..I .... f ,.,.,.., ...V-.f-nv I I f I lies null scilOUls ; 11, juun , irni J 1 10)11.111-, .11 . I.l.l.iyi,.l 0 ..." A lew" Colli. Oil V.o this III auiilii ll In ihisvillag'onthe Sltli inst., HiMAs- Lvnt, aged lie the ennstnVe ,f llll" loWU 13ear.S orinrli, Inst Xlareb Iw ellty-llve Vears celeurnieu 111 nil" eoimil nun III prior lu last .Mann. , ,,-.,., i:,..., ..,..". ,r the ceriificues In this v ill ige, 011 tne 20th m.t. Mrs. jr.NNr.TTU ol W;,L., ,!.,,,. ,s uvide'to ihe diicclion- and books C wirAiXA, nge.l C7, fonn.-ily of Montreal. 1 (which may be had grati-) accoiiqianyin the 1 a- In the city cf N Y 0.1 the 13di ni'l. of congesiion uacea. .- i nl th- lings, lUward lleiuy, only child of 11 J and 1 It has b-cn u-e.l in hospital and privale practiee.r.riil Jei.trrrrr. W. Kavmond, ngalone year an ID iiionlhs hnshad th.- si.igular lortuue ol b. nig ieeoi,iiiien,le,l by In Hanover, N II. on the Hlili in-t, .Mrs Lacy 11. tne iiijsi c-ieoraien pi -maiu mu .o.w s......s... wile ol .vir .i.isoii i) 1 iiev, nge.l v. jcars Seluh .tliinay's IMntp. STATU OK VHItMON'P, ) v T a Probate Couit J t holdeii ut Hurlin ' Ion, within nml lor the Di-tnet nfores.iid on the linn dav oi IV bi miry. A 1). 1-I7, 1111 mslriiuieiit purpoitinj to he tie- last Will and Testament of riel.ih Altirrn iale ol v ithstuii, 111 said ili-tnct, was present cd to the Court here f ir Probate, by As-iln-l .Murray thd Cxeeutor, therein named Tuir.tnuiLit isordered by said Court, that ptiblij nonce be given lu all persons mterisifd th -rem to ap pear beloicsiiil Court, at a s -ssin thereof to be hold, eu m the lleget-isolliec in Hiuhogtonon the Nt Mon- d iv ot March A I). IsIT an I coitt the probale ot said Will, ami it is futtlier ordeied that llns order bi pilble'.i -il three weel-."sueces-ielj in the 1'ice Pilss-i iiew"piiier piinted at Hiirlmgtou, in this State, the last ot which shall b-( previous tu liuday assigned, as atorc snd lorh-ariug. (liven undi rmy hand at ihe ftegi-ler's Oiucc,thil 10ih iljy ollVbruarv. A U I51" J3i.'J CHANLCS KUSoni.L.j'uJ;!!. I'eter (,. Allen's Ilstuic. Yri! the " ibseribcrs, having been nppoiuteil by thfl T f Honorable the Probate Court for the D.striet of Chillenden, Commiioners 10 receive, cxnitiiiie iiud adjust th" ciiimis and demaiidsof nil pcisotu agai..s'. the isu.ieif Ptter L. Alien, hue of Jerieh') m s 11 I ll.sli iei. tk'ei'lise.l. remes 'llled insolvent, and aKo TUP I'lTDI tx'f'I'lV II" vU'iYC I if IO I.' I all elain.sainl ill-mail. Isexlntiteilm oIK-l th'-reto ; llll I llh JiL'ilhi.vti 1 UA Ihi.WHAU liUUll ss n,,,,,,!," from tin- day of ihe date hereof, being al. til' l'K.TIt!'. I lowed hy said Couit lor ibat purpose, we do theiciou M'.i.t'r"rp.n rn ii. i r,i,,,i vine. ' h -iibygivenotiee. that we will intend lo the bir-i-ii si Sect etuiy. The liinlinvlnii Dii.wvixf linoic oi1 t'howi:is-. piiOMUKisSlVllLY AUItANC.LD.Ironi n smsle 1 ff 1111 lj lame nrouiis: iicciiiutelv dinwii and coloured liom nature lor the use of Amateurs, rniui- oini a sale, at the tow p. we ol tlo.UO, at Hw J k are for Eitw.inns- Vmk Store. In Montpi Iter, 011 the 17lh nisi, in a lit of apoplexy Co. J P. Miller. B. M. I. The third Lecture of the Course, will be e'e lirered before the .Mechanics' Institute, by h. I'. CillTTENlir.x, I'.sq., on 1'iiday hveniiig, I'ebruary 0, at 0 1-i! o'clock at Strong's Hall. Suljcct, Modem Society. Lecture on M'eilnesd.iy ero., nrxt, by S. I'lcti r.r.u. Suhjiet. Sub-titute.s for Hooks jire vious to the in.Tiitioti of l'rinting. i:i:.sti,i jinx's FINE BOOTS. Ladies' (Suiter Itoo'.s, Half Iiotils, Itushins, both hid nnd cloth, Low Ties nml Slips, OF .mj, kinds, mu;: to pisom tiii: l,,-.t s.-l" -.I s;'.,jek, and wvl;ItvTllllLl.l''IlTl .il ol Cuv 11,'inul Rliire, in point of stv 1,-, VMirkm til 3!iipordi:ri'iiutv,..t W N .M Mt TIN'S. Slioiigs' budding, Coilcge St., Sign ot the led top Hoot. llj.uij li irlingt"!!, Vt , I'ebruary '17. sons .1110ugoi11eiHi1y W (iihrou. Al U. Professor of Surgery, Pa.Uni virsitv, . . .. ,.i Valentine Mott, M I), Professor of burger-,. N Cnive-utv , X' 1' Uewecs, M U Proiessor Midwifery, t'u. tJui- ver-ilv. ... ' N Clnpnian, VI 1), l'rot.,-jr I'hysic l a. Uuiver-ity tor ihe 11-e of Ainatciiis, bv John Ilcnrv Ilnjik'Hs, ir , luic. s.:i,oii, f,,r snt. at si r.nw.u, ers, 1 .itniii' " and Schools; US' Hunk Slure. SKLI.INC; OI'F AT COST, npili; SL'issrnicci', vuqi t to vm up U his biisinsss at Willision, olfv" for sale his re iiiiiining stock of gooils ni cost H.avingas gieai a varietyas any stoic 111 the county, the present is 11 lure opportunity to supply tbeios, He., nt wholesale prices To Ills old customer" 111 Wllli.-ton. Klclimoml and Jericho, he would parllcuknly say that now is 1111- nine lui t;i.-iii iii mis. vo 11110 11 ine iinnen, 1,1 ,.i nl. ..1 ' nn I endeav or, by personal cllort, .uul by jour vote to' otiiishtheiliuijjer,,.,., poison from wv,,.,.. oh, incur I not ih leaiful responsihihiy ,, ,,i,liiig t famcn on the g'lieiniiou.ol wmtl, j(, i-oiwiiiuicii imit. ihe dnnd iJlcurse, winch thos.. who Imve jjonc U-lore ..u hove Coin, . 11110111 now- tree In iselliioni ibis v.le.n.h-,1111 lib; iran of evil oin.,,.iu upon il, liowiiipidly would sli-rise 111 vuiue, wealth, and ban pniess. 1 lii-s uixs or,,.r whatever ilenoinmntion ! 1 e whopmy," leiul .1. t nuo Iinipuition.'need w-e iri on 1 i ii.i,-n,)r 1,, remove trinpiiiiiun liom jour t 'How men I 'Pile u-e r I ml. .vicat I11LC dunks is 1,11,1111- "C,"1 among ibe 1 hsiacies in the pi.iyres.,,1' ii nu,,,,,. vv oj I jou sec men brouglu under ihe powir ol 11111I1 and naming lor heaven ! Would vm wuiics th- tri u iqihsol the l'os 1 ol CI111.1 over llie lieaits ol men ! lll'll,nsan llUiiirlatll Ineausti tbisend. x.iuwill give our influence and uurvotj in faiur ol " No La 1 ml " We ennnnt close our appeal , without inxrikirg to theniilof thisiaiis- ihe uilIuciKeol woman Ills liit, itidied, her province to vole on tins impoiiuni 'I'll stlou. but she lias much at stake 011 us The sorrow a, thai llie IraHieiuioxieutiiigdrmksiiiliiciii iii woiiutii, none nui n woinaii inn iq pn yinte. 1 he pubhsiied stntietics ol Inlcuipciuure do 1101 uml enn- iiut setluiih the silent ngony vvhidi tends her heart. . i, imsciiiisc. 1,1 n,e wives nml mo tieisol c mi exerlthediseiveilintliii'iiie. wlnel, they p, f,,r ir, ( ,., , , j,,,!,,,! n ,! Oh, lor v our chilihcuV uike., for the sake ol the wives and children ol the nil. nip, rate lalln-is, eiur. ni ihose who will listen to jour imirntic, lo vole - No Li clnse." In coi rlu.icn, n ny we net ciilr unin the l.fie.tlml Ihe vote ol the I leeui-n, at ihe coining ciisis, willw-t a final Mill ol li pid ui 11 kj on a hn 1 m d 111 ll'.e 111 m toxicninigliqiiois.rsn Ifv.iugel I!si,ot iheime cfineto innke iiieb a ilicis.on, nnd would iinotbe xvoithy f llie people if V.rinont ! Hut i produ,,. men a lesuii.uieie is n.-i n i,,,, .. , , ,.,., , , Ij'Thu excellent ami raluablu piper, Ihe '("irittian 'itnes and Church AJuie.nle," has been enlarged and improved an indication of piosjierity vva itieglad lo notice. iHavkcts. Boston I'eb. "'! vVf)t)L. Jhitii.aU'rrrt There Inve b -eu 11 lots of Woil of any considera bleq t iniiiy received Iro 11 th 1 country, and th' mnikct couliuuesio he very pooilysupplie.1 with ine article ; n sinaltudvaiiee overihe puces quoted m our .i-t re siil has been obtained. Hy the arrival ol the sieauu r Cniiibria tbisaliernoon, we have the loiiowmg advic. s of the Ilugh-h 111:11 Let of ihe Ith instant : Tlie iiionih o .l.ui'iarv coniuieii.-eil wilhn 11101c animated demand I01 foreign Wools, and during the first two weeks n 1 itr amoiit of business was done, nud pru es show cd Niine lemii ncv to advance. Since that time, how. ever, th 111 has been quiet, nud buvcrs seem to act with i-.aiiliou, i -eiuig ai-irineii 111 uiesiuiem the 'rovision mailo-t anuiiie uui.ivoruoie iiirn 01 in.' ioreian exch uiges- Piiiue hi.xony 1 leeces, To il ("nili-sliiiiileiit. Onrbillicose friend, the ''Islander," sdnl! be lieaul next week " - J'fWo-fti it stated tint our Irieml .Maj. fien. Uaxsom, of the Norwich I'nirersily, lias b"i'n nominated to tho Senate es .Major in the New Hngland lt"giinent to bo raised. If (icneral Kaxsom goes to ibuW ar, l.e is the mm to ''conic back icii.i bis shield or 011 il." We will trust XovvUngland valorto bis Ii-ad'nv, vvnsbed Americnn full blood do. do ll-l do. do I !. do 1-l.teomdo. Ilxlra pulled - - - -Sup. iNoilh'n pulled lamb No. 1 do do do 'J do do do 2 do do do Itriglitnn Cattlo .Markftreli. S'.' At in iil,cl,8Jn HeelCntile, 10 vokes winking at Cows and Calves. Sheen and about o." J : JID head of the ('aide, and a I nge nu.nber ol VI :i7 :::i 'M -7 la ID .ft oxen, wine, tiuep BJ3s-s3!it:o:E. TIIKcoiMitTxior-nii' iii:i(i:toi'i)!:i: i:ist ing under lie.' firm of ..ittmaii Sc. llariingiou is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All p -isous having ullsellleu ajcou.usjiirc rei , .-su-,, m.-.m .ni si-hic iuuu wnh. llliNitV.OTT.lAN. (SCO lIAItltlNliTON. The Hook" and necouiits aiem the hands of Henry .ottman lor seltleiuent. fVJOTKM!. Tin: ri)i:iicNT.i) iMVi.vm-x- 1 ken the Shop h 'reluiore oe -apied by ', itinian ,t II.ariiu"tun, is prepared to dj all kinds ol Jobbing lor merly done by sud, inn. ,...,.,. Z0,.,.M AN, lliirlington, I'eb. SI. 1 f IT. ' Ki:U' ARTICLES. Itrans. (ltiNsMMDtV liiionii'.ri?, ni:ci:ivi: 1VJ1 nearly eveiy week ailJi-ioiis to their iis-oitinen!. Xiiuin.t I ,e nrlie es receive, li' ill-l wt'l'h, liriv o; fiun l,"oliell and p'ailcard ias"s, silver pi Let I nut knives, Ime-knot nnd inner patteini. silver I.1111. r kllljcs. ng.lte brooches, fins nu.l line gold I'llishe.l 1 guard chains. Oar ussuiliuciil is ivei varying and ever new-. A new- loti.r lamps received the past week Jj more 011 the w-av. also, violin aid b.aso violin sirnigs nnd . hows. !! VNS I'llYO A.YI) lllll'.M) Kl'A ans. on eou.u.i u-iii tec me iiiaiiui.iciu rci", 1 or sale ny t v-ni.-j. Hurliiigton, rehruary '' I' Paike. .M U, President Collcgj Phywciall-, Pliilad. I)r i)d Y.dle, ProS'swr M diein-, Havana. J l.oiircuco da L'K,Proe.s-ur Surgery, Lisbon. .1 Chqiuuii, .Member Royal Cjllcg; Sugeons, Loudon. (i W living, late Minister to Spa.n. SirTlioiuas'Pears'.n, .M.nor (lenernl Hritisb Army. tiil'jeit Holieitsou, liim-li Uonsei, cx e ui', And nUo. the v.-oudeilul circs cll'ecled by Swaim's 1ALUAIJLL kl.AI. I ranaeea h-ivefor many years inaile it 1111 invaluaoie, t ,..1,1. 1 leine.K'. The P'nnaee.-l does not colllalll IlierclirV ill '71 I III. Mlbscllhcr, nnv form, and heini. an imioeeiil oiciuiiitiou ll mav ' ,i'i Hulhllgtou be eiveu tome inost icinier iiuaiii ot our iq poilili.i. til, al Ihe dwi !i, ig of VVUuw" A'n ,nil Al!, n i.i Jericho in sni.l District, o.i th: t-V.ll uavs ol April and July iuxi, at IU o'clock A. M., 1..1 each ol s,n I dav s D.iud, ilu-Jo:ii.l iv of Jauiiarv, A D. HIT. 1AVlDliSII. ' i IS x AL C HOSTWlClCf Comniiihncn. JOHN .-jTolt'i', ) X'.v'J 'JJVK AXD JAW LIVE. Please to call nu.l examine for vnmselvt s, Wm.slo.i, lVb. 10. attf i'IIS. 11 CANI'ILLD. itat:: rots nam:. rm?i Er.i"ra.'To, 1 1: ) r, r tr - r? i r- s-ji - fx i r.l i e? (. iii beiiie about tn remove to oheis or wp l ie loiiowmg pro perty, silualeJ in uml near the village ot vv il- rur.iuiTAiLPiiici: iiAsnr.r.N i:r,nrrr,i) ii-ton.-xi to 0.i- IMhrantl 1 my Ccimp'T holiK (I'tmiaiiiiua three halt piuf.,1 ur i,ir'-f tioiil tur T'Vir D.nla. AIU JS VhKMII'tJlih. A uiltribU' 1'iunily .Mi'ilicmc, l -mii infill)' njipro vmI remedy tor nil il".-Ji-."nin-ini; inm Djluhtv ot tin Dn'tie Orii.Tn-,Micii in Worm-, l-holeta .Mtirlm, l)).iMitfry,ri.'V4.r mi.i Aum?,Hlt-iilin I'llfi-.k-k Ilr-a-tlai'lif iV-e tVe. .SvLhf p-miplilfi ( lucti may be hail "rati.?) accuinpanyin; th'1 V'niiiliit;. AISHNTS. 7scv Vo.k If H S.'liu-lk'liii A Co. Umpuul, ll.i Jamis Vatuii. Ifa;iu;i (I .Mciwt. VaIparuo Alt Crn-. IIu.'IIoh Ayrr U J Ilujrs A: Cu.- .t Tlioinii A II Ui-e. Caiiitn, J SaohU, SinJvv.cli NhinU II Ij IJenson. t'nlcntin Hutriia''lL Co. ','Ith Tib. SjiiuI I'Ih Itnt'k ?torc. fnntirrlv ominiri! hv .Nix.'iinw. Chmt-'init'ii ami Co., u winch attached a l-irt' More i hoii-e, uuil sh'-d, MiioUt' hon', r , anil 1 acre ol ! Lu iii 1 . aNn ilu- nomlsunw mi Iwnul in kti.I s-turo. j Al') 'Vixc ilrtvlhiu h't'i.' ttrm,,riy uriMipii-il by I'Ji Chittt'tuhn, wilhthf uvu buiiuui-) ami lDncu', ot latiil thfcto ;nlj'..iiiniL, j Alo A farm lymir (hie mile Smiih of thr illaj, i icniitaminjj N cn" of Jaml in a hih tatp of calm a ti.m, wrll fciu't'il nnd waU'rrd.n mh1 dwrllinj lioue, J 'hrtiniin.l nil th" ncceniy appiiitenanrc- tur carr , injrhi tlu tnrmtni; busur, tlu'i on siiuatfi!. i The nl)oo property will b-- wild ther or in fee- i 'pfinti p.irn!?, to nut piirrhaf-"i1. I i or nuilier partiL-uiais rppiy r i:w tno-cnn"r ai 'Wilb-mn. Tils' I Willi-ton, IVb. h 1817. v2 vUki ULAXIv ISOOX MAXrrACTURKlt Corner of CUucli anJ College ftrcet, IMiraaiy, 1-17. NATIONAL LOAM i.iri: C3iv3 FUND Assntwci: s-ocnrrv or I.OxDiDN. or.poJil.'.ji SSouiieis. LOST iS STt'i!inv i.wr. lvmucrs: Liu-ry II. CANl'lKLl). Hflf 1 :rn ixst.'vr.i: Stalilf, and tli".- Moore ,Un"U IIimiv, un IVitil Stiert, a small Mururcn Wiillet, foiiMunni; li. in nnin"y, an 1 iiit or two t no i'oiwv! 'nr 111 .McloJean FAUM WANTED, ky vDssr.xxiMi ru.M luvxttvixi; .'A fiom filiv to on lnri.1 e.l acres- ol In mi , pro ii'ily tliv I toil. Willi "oil bulling, ,enty of pure wit 'r, .V , well siiune.l vui'nii ten orli feu Wiles nt the villa" of lljiluuioa, cm bear of nu oioiluuuy lo ibsiifoi th- urn-, if lb" t-riiu leason.ible, by Ilplyill4 at tin- O.l'r ol l'l- 1 fee Pivss :)i,v:i AI'OTIIIIC.VKV.S HALL. JKMOVAL Aw who mvv iiwi: I'i ATTHON, XOi:, .c Co., P.ileniees and .Mnnu- uninmouaiit naners. which are L jeture.s,oa IJ 'Ijtiey . '-trcct, New ork .'JinJ anv one but ihe owner 'I he lunler vvill be suitably revvanleil Ly leaving the same ul this t.lliee. I ree i n-ss l mice, I liili l'cb. HIT. 31 n:rui: us. VVA ASM', wiiiwi: na.mi: wi: nui:. r;l iraveiiiiir arou-ii cieamoz i ii'tn-, mm nouii. i.i.m a'ALSLLWlluthe b.iswoike.l lor us, nml cleaned J v LLM. M IILA 1 r.A t IILli, lileol Cloths for us," , if no coinii!aiutsf vv i re un ll V!mW;S W) ; s-conJ nualily, ' li m I mil lm H munxpl to ihe con,.' &jiK; fi::,. ..ooamisiio i:.; vy'iiiuiiici l III ' lllie. Will 11111 U Itr-' nou i-A.eiieiu us,,,, (1,ieiu ol ilr siui" at lb comer oi Chuich ami Collc-jc r-is., II ill in Jt l hull lulli il 1VIIIJ ri'iuineil lo me coiner. w,rs VON. his work we sluiulil ti,,t tiolice lion. No one VV'bo 111 vvorkeil Willi iis is Iruveliiuc mojiiil il-'auine; Cloi ks j JJ V uuuoll. ills ol Watches nre sohl on Ihe streunib of false stniem uits that'-lliev wereiiurch.ise.l of iii,""cnine tiomoiu --hop .Xe" III Pooilv-ine cn.l noor uu.ility ol .Silv i r Hiiooin nre often sohl lo the uususpe. iini; an, I oilers, hy l.ilsely M.iuiij; "that tlcy eiiine fioi.i ouri Shop, ur. ns -.ooil nhouis," or "ehenjier vn K'il' .t ."Lc. If pjnlnscrs will jn-t li'i.l out the trulli ol s'l.-b stateni. ul li.fore Ihey boy, nnj kuo.v by a per-, s inaloxiiiuiii ttinnol weight, p'liity ami woikmauship.i they can the In in r jinUe, iiuavailint: icgiciir pur-1 Clllls CUll U HI VCll Iiy COIUIIIOU .U.ICI1CC, .nm .-..aio- lllllliotl 01 Ol li siimt oeioie iuii.ii...t. ... 1 a 11 isnot true nut nuy oiieuu leiscnsii 11 .nrriviur, ;j Wnte hes.C ocksoroiher v.tHM, us we nave vei aseeiLinieil. 1!ki.x-,m.viu A: Iluoiiil-lis. I'or S:ile be Burlington. IVbruaiy 19. VILAS .t NOVKi'. 31 inii:i lawji: lot or i)i::i:i appli:. Tor Mile bv 1LAS fv- NOYrJt?. Hurluijitoii, rchiuai) 13. HI I Xl'Af .Mi A i.b. is. a;:u' cow. .MilXll COW. l'dlt MIX IIY 31 1LS Sc. N0YP.3. MoMiVY Ul I cb Srnillr. Mr We'.ster r.flT.reil two resvilutbns : fusi thin ihe war iih Mi'oni ,i. .In I not lo I prosecuted lor ihe nci'nsilion ol leiritor) lo ii. iii new .-sours in i oilde.l i,, iiie L'uiun , no. I f-c-oinl, thai our uovermiii in csi'bi to simly to .K-.i.-o llint the 1'iiitcil Sinus- does not ilesire to ,liio;'iii!irr that l!"p ibbe, uii.l is n-uily to ircM for pace, lorn bueriil uiljustiiientol b"intil.iiy mnl fornjust indemui ly lor cl.iuus due bv eiih-r (.ov rmiieiu totheeinu'iw of llie oiii 'r I) i Mr Webster's own m.iioii ilr rea- oliiiiou was hidou l ie tahle toh called up herentier., when be will sM'k on iheiu. Thebillto provide lor the (Ollsliu.'tloll of toili slelllll llljl'iti A was iiilriil- The three million bill was then itikeii up .Mr Hie,hy leieniicii tne iui!iuiiiiruiiiiu, nud nut i.ed that the nu ll, ol llie After an s'urn S im of loi-nt 1 B7. 2 13,2 f.3, anil 3, and one hn ol line at tsfiw. Sis wf Sales at wholesiles 1 l-2e for Sows, nml f l-2e lor H'irrovvs At lelnil. from fi toll 1-2 nil I To N. It A larienmiiherol Cattle reuinu uiisihl nl We lioliee 1 beautiful Cattle. I.'d by 'l'lu-oJoieClnpi,i:ej .ol Noiihainpton, Maw., the D.s-rici eive, cxiiiiuui id all nelsons ol vv iriaiii vv oiui i.ue in vv cstioni Willi. mi Wuii.l's IMntf, WJVi ibe subscribers bav inu been appointed by tin V llonoralile tne rn oaie Loan i.,r ol Cllltlellileu, (- oiillill.s-n.liers, to e nil n.l.u.t Ihe claims and demand' ..,. the eslllleof Wll'l wrVuij, at-u, To.oiu.iakeiint abou, ,7 per , bis,., ; n -X. lumJied I l Ihe d.iv of Ihe due hereof. iK-ini. alluweil, by taiil Couit, fir ibat piupose, we iloihi ic-lo.-e liereby yive notice ih it wc will al tend lo the busi ness ol our appointment, ut the d.velli!iiif tl.e widow lliiinali Wood, in Wc-iiord in ii,l disinei, on tlie 1 Jib Jay of April next m Ul ocloik, A. -M. ou Kinl 1''iV)ateil,t!iis21stihyifI)'cemls'r,A. I)., ISlfi. A N.'sll IX S.I II 'I.i' 1 .r votes. but Mich nu overwhelm, ik. niiiti.ittt' JtlB ji.u iie-taiion ol 'l'exas was llie immediate i.iiise of .1 i.... .. ..,.1... .1 i" , -V u. I!l i...,i,. ,i... .r.... su.',. , nui, .. .s ,.,,. in,-si iiii-ii n, incy OI HI. ftnle Let, then, Ibe fiicmlsi f older, luilusiry, inomlity nnd tcnicrance ilo lleir duly m relunon lo iln, ureal muse, nml success will crown und uv.uiJ ilu-ii entr nous, Jaiiuary20t!i, 111". trrYVc Jo iintofleu invilo llm attention utour rcailcrs to llie ioctiy nn our first pagp, ihmi.i XVo monti, nlivayf, that it .shall bo "tvnrtlilookii'ir ut"; but our jinliticully lutcroilox frieiul, .Mr. H.vxk, does jiju iia little orllioilox in that xvnv this wi't'k, wliidi wo trust our re.nlers will not rath We ilon't vvisli to Le nnJerttooil as tiicournginjr tticlt levity. war. .xlr huli'erfiafiihe Moor loiiioirovv extcutive session llie fteuiile aihoiirued. linn, 1 lie 1 hree Million Ibll w'ns tnU-n up, nn-1 I Mr IV.idletoii iuidie-.d the romiuitiee briefly Mr ilniuhn proposed nu iiiueiidiui'iit lo the Wiliuot Pru-vi-o, whicli whs uiioptcd, llu lo UH. .Mr l.Hhv,t1eicda fitlisiitutv ,,r the whole hill, and ilmi iMr Asbmiin moved to ninriul by uddiiij. ihe Wibuot Pioviso The inoiioii bievnilLiI, lllj to 77. The, s.ib.tilllte as aiiir-iided was then lejecled. 'I'll'' eoiu lutttcu ros. und ieioricd the orniintil lull to the I lottso with ime uiiiciidiiuut lo the Wihuol Proviso. The pieviouii ijiii'siiou wus d-iuaiided, ami the aineiul llielll lieu cd lo, 115 lo 101, .Mr llniu-.oolc moved lo lay ihe bill and ami lidllit-111 ou tlie tahle-s-iueciltlv-cd, VS lo 122. 'Pile bill as amended vvus lbeu lead a third tune and passed, n& to 100. The bill lor the nilmisfion of Wisconsin Into the I'nion was then taken up in committen nf the who, MrltcuK'ii Chapman in th" elmir. Th coinmitt? Lltau. vvuo.vr.i-. vviru astiimv rcadtiis MI.IJiWIMl I.KITER. Mr S-th W r.iwle : Sir--lhvi ll b' t ofilict-.l lor nunc than tinny yeais wilh the iisihm-i, al limes ' suk 'Velely,li9 to lllcupiicilale ine fiom allclld.iuce In busmi'irt. uml bav iiij! adopied imny iiieibciues w ithoiit i any, but teiuporary rcli'-f. I p-ircha.seil about three . -urn since, ol .Mr I'.lwmd .Mason,) our uii' iit in tins i eiiy, t5everalbottlenol WisI ii'h HaUiiu of Wild Cliei I ry,' Iroui thetll'cts of which I obtained more relief I titan Ironi till tlie iuedicuic I ii.ul ever taken lor that tlutrcmuui! Jisonler 1 have by the upeateil iim. ) our v am ibl" Hilsiui, b'.-u more free ol ires.ire f 'r brenili, and oppression nu the lung, than I li ul iiuiiel paieu, 1111,1 III ileeu conceive iii-rweu lilori dibenrti-mlle: inuladv. 1 do iiiii.t .-h 'eiiullv lenJer vou llu inciii, which j ou will use us your piJiiit'lil diiinics. IMn.nuS. mC C' .) MAVNAI1.) None p-nume, unlem nirucil I l.L'TTrf on the wrapper. I'or tale by PrxK Sc Srr.AU. 3.')3 DAVID S IIAS.ILTON. DISSOLUTION. nUV. Ooi'.MtT.vpiiMiii' iiniiirropniii: iaist L in" under the firm ol SiMuUiiig .t llu-s.ll is lhi .Ml p -isoiui havinu lVb.'17. MAfi' '.' VV'.S'. conn stock ip pwcv phi v in ch.vist- ini: ol various styles and ipialii.e? Tinders wih- im; to irpleiusii th"ir n-ssoitni.-iil belore no'"S to market me invited to cult. 1 I'eb li. 31 VILAS Si NOYLrf. Mmnitrl Itlin's Ilxtntv. A (JiU.AT liAIUlAl.V. ' ft, r.V-,1. . '1. - 1, V.... '...... t'llL. SIAIIiOr ll.U'lO.M, f .VI ll llU-Ml." . .'Kill s--ss ... ,y t 1 ' 1' i D.sin -I ..I Chitieii.len ss. held ul liirliiulo.i. nn: Subscriber now inTcrs for sale, his 1 nrm. lor w iiliiu nnd lor slid district ol Chiit.-n leu on the 2jih m -rlv oe. upied b Mr Amos HIiKli-et !iii Isim is dayof l'ebruiry, lst7, oouies Ho) Him and IIjiiiiiiIi siinn't -J ubotii two mile north nl this village, on the L Hrown, wiled Siiinuel It. H.owil, and tile nisud road leuiluiB to tin- inoulhol iiio.lii Liver; it eon court ibciriHlition in wiiim1!, neiiine; loiili that ihev inius nboiil mxiv ncris. under bikhI imiirovcui. ut, to each own one undivided eleventh pait ol theesiaieol '. iherwiibn brick due linn li.m-i', nlenl) ol water . linnet Dim, late ol Slielburiie, lit said dmnct de- nu.l a line orch.itJ. which be will sell, ns nhove men cased, in common wilh ihe other heirs iheieof; ilmi tinned. at a ureat bnruain I or furlher inloriiiiitiim ih'V wish to hive iheir shares su out lo iheiu in kc- enn lire nl his nom. ipp.ue Ibe Old IlniiK, I liitrrlix " A Savings Hank for the benefit of th" Widow enj tlie Oiplnoi." (rxiroxvi nr.n nv a. -rot- i-.vr.M.vMr;.'T.) C WlTAL.X'ilHl.itOtlsterlitiir. or (-.-.Villi) '!11 I)-ide aicservcfunJ (from s irplus preiniuuis) of about lt!fs.".tK)t). T I.AM1C .MLTtl! A , I'.sq Ccorse st. IIanovi.r sipnre. Chairman of the (nnt ot Dire-tors in hmilon. hijiiciui.-i I.LLII I'l'SON. .M. 1) , V H.S. " .i-;.ii!-w s ii.wo.iLiioiJsiu:-- r.u.A.". " Secietam-V. r.CA.MItUl-X, L-p 11 IS IN'STITITTION' cmtirnces important tin 1 s ihsi.iniial a Uaiitaiies wii'i lespect lo life assu rance nnJ ileleir.-il uiiuu.lies. '1 he aseiired has, on rtl the power lo borrow, without exis'llseor l.iii.-nure of the policy, two-thudsoj the piemni'iii paid . ids. i the opti'i-i ol sMcitti. benefil-. nn I ibe eoli veisiouol htsiiilcicslsto meet oth.r coiivciiicnci.'ior nee. B.-ity. Assuiauecslor terms of ycare ct Ihe lowest j-efsible mt s .... I'eison" incunil for Iile.cnn, at onee, borrow hr. i nmoinit ol annual pieinium lor live successive jvais.oii their OA ll Hole and ol (Mibcv. Pvkt or t.ii. C.vriTAi. i rraut.t,vrt.v lxrcvrro t" the Coiled Suites, in the ua.ues ot ihiee oi ihe Loc i Direclois -as Tnislcoi avuil-iblc ulwnjs lo the i as... red in els.' of JisputeJ ilauns (shuulJ uny sii.h li.v-) oroiherwise. The paiueiii ofpremhmis.hrilf-v-ently or qiarterlj, at intiiua ii.lvaiice upon the iilu.ual lut.-. Nochaiue lor tnnii duly. - Tluriv liriva nllowed alt. reach piymcnt ol prcmieu. Le. oinei due, w ilhout foilcituie i.i policy. Tinvelinj have cxietiHve niiu IiImiuI, unite;.!-: preintiiniso.i the inoi't mulci-ntc fcnle. Dieisi s or I'll nr I'm rem irkntile s i-chis a" i iiiciiaud piosieiuy ol tin Socii iv- bus enabliil the 1 . lectins, at ihe last nnmnil iiivestigniion, iiideclni' i fourth bonus, varying Iroui 3.V lo 8' ier nt. on , piemuiiiis jiniJ on each iolu.y vllectid ou ibe p' . i 61 1'xiTro Statks Hoaiidiik Uv.vt. Dir.rcTor-t (t 1 i Oih.e lor Aiueiieu, 7 1 Wall st i .Vile- leriJa llurvi-y. i: , Cmu miiii ,' John J. Palmer, Usq . Ilillhull (iiKlhoe, t-Ml , .billies li Kiilill, Lis .lie llnx.lnv I JUL . SnUlUll S 1 loW lOll.l. LfQ . ii I llllll - s Wonb. Iq . toouiuel M. l'o.x. l , illiaiu 1 Ilis k, Us. .and C Hilwiiiil llnbiel.i, i;i J'hilaile .iiu-C:eniintC llidd;e.L-o .I.ouis.V t- J y, 1 i1 .lieoiije lie.x liruhuiu, Lwj , v i.Uui.i Ji 1 1 , fi'iltimwe Jnnsllinn Mereihtli.UN .Samuil II " man, I..-, ,l)i J 11 Muullih. J LcuiiUu Mini, Aucut.nnd Ltvrc . IJicbiiiiUiii, K . tieiu ihI Aceountuut, lei llie Ln.t . fclllles UUll llllllsll .S ,1 iuwi i. JUerf.-Ml iJC.wituers, New-x oik J. Kearny lu M ll 110 lllccikei-si : Al. MiiiJerL. Itui Would you like an nppelilij for Hicnkfast if pn, xvusb your Iceih when )ou uriso wilh part of a tvvu shitl'mi box of JONLS'S Amber Tooih Paste Vouf teeth will penrly while, j our breath tswrcili und ) our mouth will last ru delicious that you will have n i!"9ii'ppiie. rjeldnt H.vr,maiTW.-s, i ... .i..,. . K....I lie mutual ciiisenl llll I ii ill uiiiii i- ii o j lucuredol this iiiis.liled accoiinls.aicearms y rc.uesle. tocnll anJ , sculc loiihwith. It ti. SP.U' . ) NU, is nckn mWs- S II. KL'SSULL. Il.iriIIl''l".,l se J .s.... Niilicc. TUP. iinilerii'i!neil baving inken the shop herctofote occupied by Spiul'huK Itusscil, nre ptcpared to ex. ecute ull kinds of Painlui';, Paper H.iujjiug, See. c, wilh nealiieM nml Jepatch, chenp lor I ash, and bom well known expeiience.trutlto cue entire satisiuctiou lo ull who may IJivc ihem a cull. s.ii. i:iissi;ll. j. lyman spaulpint.. nurlinjti-n.rebtuaiy Li, ljt7, Jiit-Ci veruliy, nud piayuij tanl conn lo older piililioii nf s-ii I esluie lo U ill'lde lluliui Hie sweral ju'lsolis en titled thereto ; Whereupon, ihe court ntoreanl iloib appoint the third Weilnes lay in March, H17, lor heurini; nml deciding oil said 'iitiim, ul tin- othec ol Ihe l!.'ifter of said I'ouit ill snd ll'irluiioii, nnd iloih old r that nil p ruoiisinteresied he noiilied ihee. ol by puhhcaiioii ol llns old r. coniainuiu llie sub slanec i l wild petition, three weeks siieceswively in the lliirlington 1-ice Hieia. n newspaper pruuc.i ui said Hurhii'.ion, the last of which piibbeallolis I" b pievious lo llie Mill thud ediii-day in M.nch, l!iJ. (liven under mv hand ih.s'JSih d.iyi.f 1 ebiuar 1817. X. W.M. VvUSTON, liemttci lliiilinilou,t IVu "., 1 17 33 Il J. I'AV. si:li:ct scuooi.. MI"sS I 11. STAt'Y will commence her next teimoii WeJiwIay, the Mb ot Mureh. Schol ars nre cxpicied lo enter nl the eoinmciiivincntol Ihe term- TUITIU.N. i;ii(tli-Ii, -J- i" ; " rreiich, '" Dinwing, . Pclionl mom one dour wot of Mis. Ltmsuoilliv i 'h p. upsiiiiis Piiirliutoii, Tib. 12. IS IT. , 33iv4 Oll vvbieli Ciisli will be iJ ou Jclivery, ' I0 Cubic feel 12 x 12 i . , , 2i'iJ " H x 12 S Koek Mnple.Ke.l Hrecb or Rock Uliii limber, deluded nl Slielburiie lluibot w ithin ten Jays liom Jute. Apply to , I. DuOLlTTI.n. .Igent Chamjain Tiant.Co feb. li'h I17. 313 iiyi:, COIt.V A oats. T 11. Siivkwi s.,CArt L. lVs.ilel.y. WTLAslWj ntclwnii lluiWins. Water Siren 3J 1 ''' !- 1 D.Uil i'luiikliu-st i S. C5. Ixeeiu. .il. u., -a ''obdl-al I'.xaminer.aiteml at 71 Wall-ei.aml N 131 ltovvoiyBl3o'clsK'hP.M..'u... r.v.JLyt. S,S.'.,.S Cii..'-W'lhm VanHe. Ei l U 'itmkti v-The Tiler. Iuuu-' Hn .tw!,,-Johi."!,.! I'wil. Cathiei Jleiiry ......t'. . All Ael ill tespect to iiwiirnneo fur live for tVe I -. uelUof nmrrieJ won.e,,. ,ia ny me u.sisiaiuic ... New-Vuih, Ul Apnl. I-""- p ., b'ets Honk forms, tbf of rntej, lists of .ijers x: obtmueJ Ibe Chic! Dllice 7 1 Wull,i. 1 i i itowMV. ..rlroui'itherol the Awul thr.mjjhoul hine.1 Slate. and Ui,uh Noiih Auieiieau colon Iau W. HuKoi,, Auttor lliiiiin;toii ut.i . eT.i!oxAr.iiMBai.M D MftlietilUi.aiu.i:fr. 11 uliuuton, 12ih 1' lst7. 31 . nASii J Jan. QTlh 31. cash ron uit.ux. p.tiD run Ui:. ioii.v, .nd Uiia. by I oluti i:

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