Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 5, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 5, 1847 Page 2
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I BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 5, 1347. 10 rftit; UUKMNCTON, VI. I'UIDAY MUtlNINC, MAP.Cli 1SI7. " t.l HIE HARK AMI Tr.OfM.Kn MHIIT THAT Is urov is no Utah Ar.ovr.Tiin uoiunns in oivi: v A iilham ur tmiir, nxcrrnxo run i ru.inrvT, rATnuiTic Witm rAnrv or thc Umteu States.'' Daniel Webster. Mtucry in Dcltuvnic. Our renders will learn with profound gratifi cation that a U1M" row ponding befoto tin- Leg islature of Delaware, providing for tlio aboli tion of Slavery in thai Flat", and that there is rvrry reason tn believe it vtiil bo passed. The onlv fear the fiirnds of emancipation in Del- nwaro entertain, is that the Third-party Abo liticnists of the Xortli may li.krfeio to prevent thc adaption cf its gnat measure. A writer in the Atw York (Ibserirr of tlto 27tlt January, 'iiinins himelf" A Dolawarian,"' who is a warm advocate of the hill before the Lnyili tore, expresses sciions apprehenrions that it may be defeated by " the eloquent anti-slavery speeches " in Wilmington. Did. of pitch aboli linnHs (!) as ( C llurlrigh and Dr. V.!hr. His earnest prayer is that thU clays ef ardent philanthropist.', who havo already postponed the pood worl: of emancipation in Delaware for Kims, will Keep nut rf the Slate. and l't ihein aton ! lie think if those pro slavorv abolithmMs " could he l;crt still for a month or fix weeks to come, the bill might be p-?cd, and another added to the list of I-'r.ix Status,." r.nt, a? thi Oj"rvcr very i'l'tly ray, ptrli n.n abolitionism " lit" a horror of prudent meas ures." I'nnnlici'iii always has. It has no re spect for the law of foibcaranco and Lindner', ti'id knows nothing of the clui'tinn doctiinetliat " all things are mt expedient." Its instruments, of percussion, are Inilteritisr-rnms and Hana- ticn, (v,itncs the " moral s-i;r.sion'' of the ora l ir at the Htuiidon IAltrty remcntion, of which shier cf tl e ni-!uU'ry (latette was Secrctaty.) It hills a malt 1 ccaiiFC he will not repent. It is altogether a weal; and mvcct-lcm-pcrcd afl'air, this f.iiiatical spirit of Lilcry It has done a great deal of good in the world, and will doubtless do mure. It . alont doing pood. It visits peaceful comimiuitie.1 and stirs. tliem up into refreshing and wholesome conten tions, and jealousies, ami bickering anil all uncharilableness. It invades the social circle and thj Church of O'o'l, and finding them in the rjuiet and happy enjoyment of their social and religious relations and duties, it says they arc asleep on the brink of a precipice : and fo from pure regard for their welfare, it arouses them and pushes them off. It never minds its own busine", finding the bo-due." nf the woild quite as much as it can conveniently attend to. It is greatly shocked by the amount of total depravi ty it encounters. It swears that it .shall necr po to Heaven unless nthcr pnp! repent. It has the iutcii'c&t sympathy for the oppressed and down-trodden in the abstract, but always so manages its practical iflorts to relieve them as considerably to increase their mifleritigs and wrongs. It sometimes (though rarely) goes where the evil and t! e sin it rails against ex ist, and wing hitteiing-r.ims ami starvation to produce a rcfoimation it gets roughly handled I when it straitway returns to its place of security and sets up as a m ilyr in the cause of " out raged humanity." It always in-ists upon it that I'rojrtiiles was right in that iron-bed--tcid business and that it was his religions duty ' to cutoff tho--c wdio were too long, and stretch those who were too short for it. It is clear in the coin iction that freedom of thought and ac tion and conscience con-Uts solely in thinking and acting and believing as it does. It is al ways ' sure it is right," and always "going ahead." These are some of the qualities and propensi ties of that spirit of fiinticism tint Iris afflicted the world, more or less ever since tha time of Anastasius. In our own d iv it flourishes in va rious forms. It generally consumes itself in its own flames after having accomplished a certain nmouiitof evil. We think we perceive signs that Fome forms of it in our country are destined before long to follow their predecessors to the land of dreams. (loo I tivn u ill havo occasion to rejoice, and -oiiolv will bo improved there by. We have been sonvwlnt led away from our The College Nuhsiiipllnii. Ills with n gratification to which wo find it difficult to give adequate litteiance, that Vc an nounce the completion oflho subscription in nhl of the funds oflho University, no far as to m ike binding the payment of llu sunn scribed. Uy the official rortif.catc oflho Committee ap pointed for the purpose, which will be found in ourcolumiis to day, it will be seen that the re quired sum, of Fifty Tliowand Dollars was sub sciibcd within the lime prescribed by the terms oftlie subsciiption, and what is better yet, more than Nineteen Thousand Dollars of this Finn has been conliibiilcd by tho Town of liurlington. Such substantial evidence of a hearty good will to this institution, must he nliko gratifying to those particularly charged' wilh its administra tion and to the friends of learning here and else where. Wo learn that thc subscription was made up as follows: In llostun and Hartford, 83,800 " N'ew York City, 2,100 " Vermont and vicinity, .lt.US'J President once more demanded : Is any ono op tioned to tho motion I If no ono opposes, it will lie presumed, to In unanimously adopted. A tronoral siliuirn followed his question. Tho President then declared that the wdiolo Chamber hid pro'inmicod nL'-ilnst the eonnrhin. and hid iinm indcil Irom llieir government tti.1 liberty ol , valuable lumber, aniline h-a-m tho Ugdrnsburgh route traierses n very Impor- Sir. roof. Speech. I it"''? TiJ7t m,,'" lOTHAPhli;cI,rt5irTt.,i,fiI!,nn in,.) on., . r vii. v.,,.. Vnrk 'I'ho conn- ihe hal s ofCnnarcss. The prinflpl' 1 not to le toilful 1 Z " , t ' 1 1 t awrei co linvoread this plain-speaking, mmlv and ! Ii-M.fltlionah. n-rchnocc xly n,nycat.;h up som, of ties ol Minion, t ranliim anil " j.iwnniu i liljniilcrsnml (ib iiors. (lo to your D'nnrlniont of abound ju those produrlions which would seek eloquent speech w ith a great ileal of pleasure. j Htat-.ittiil f.nm iisdcpmul hl,lil-n rcci s--s, from Its nti M.ln..i ,...rt-..i IM nni rirh von rich ill ! Mr. TnnT hts dono honnr find inttpn. lintli In Sfrrpl nrrliivi-q. rlrnff f ,ith in the llffllt of lirnnd thv til" ! the production of grain, abound in lame, nod M( ,, lo tllP rllimenl., ,r intclirnt Zoti , valuable littnlior. anil t ie i.- nVrisllio cr sr.i- ,. ,, ,,, ,, ,. .., r , , . r. i ., .1. tho Press. Tho unanimous agreement of the Ilepresentativcs of Wurtemhurg in so grave a matter, has created lbs greatest sensation In Oenuanv. son when the services of the cars would bo most nnoded. It Is then, thai tho pr.iin is got in readiners for the market, not to Fperik of the immense quantities of beef and pork that would crowd tho depots, for transportation. 'I"1" rea son whv Philtidmrrrh and KeeeVilIo arc now our best maiKct, is because ol uio oiiiiouuy constituents and tho Stale, lie has given free I Atnn. A.lnpi the tPBoltitimi offi-rrd the oilier day by ..iLi...i.i,......i.. i t i my mpiii nmi Alnssnr husclt", (Air. Ahmnni.) ami nnd Independent utterance to opinions and views, ot t)l , woHj j knnw m)t'ony hy whc genry cspeci illy in regard to tho imminent danger of i and whose direction, l,ut upon what Iprms and comh- , ,. , .,.i;.. , .,, i tions.niiil upon wlnlPonsiilcralinns.tliemostnrch piic- fostoliPg, under republican institution?, a spirit lny0i-,le tinitcd Stales, Mill his retinue of torn? sixty of Conquest and a lust of territorial extension, IIispnno-Mpxlenni.tliirsiiiigforilw blood of our sol . ii., ,-, i ,t i diiTsniiil in. r citbtn. was pprmiltcd to rolurn iniiiio- llnl nrn cnnni nm an pamin nurl li'n linn!; ... '. . ... .... ... .v v. ,w 1Ca(,.( ,0 nisown country aim people. ?Miov us ail in $.10,01)0 Of ibis sum upwaids offjlO.OOO havo been subscribed by tho cituens of liurlington. Tho facts with regard lo the sources of thin subscripiion show: 1st. 'i'ho firm confidence, which the citizens of tfiis town, and the good peo ple of Vermont gencrallj' have in the character instruction mid discipline of the Univcrsiiv ; 2d. J lie In go iniorlanco wlucli tne poo,l ami in telligent of the State and its vicinity attach to the University as a fundanicntal part in the sys tem of means which Ins li.'eii ndopled for origi nating and dill'ii-nig the light of knowledge, lor sustaining and unloh'.ing the intellectual and moral energies ofthe people, and for carrying on ward both individuals and the body politic to llieir true and ultimate ends ; 3d. A fixed determina tion on tho part of the financial functionaries of the I'uiversilv to place it on a broad and ample pecuniary basis, llieir skill and energy in carry ing thi? determination out to its proper results, and last, but by no means least, the disposition I of tho people generally to respond lo their ef- f.nts. Jf no other evidence of the fact existed, it is fully demonstrated by the results of this great enterprise thus fir advanced, that the University 1 lias such a place in the hearts of the wise and I patriotic of this State and tho country adjacent 1 Ih it they are ready to consecrate their hard earn j cd silver and gold to promote its giowlh, and to j enable it to realize its high and noble aim3 with ' still greater peri", c'ii n , and lastly that the L'nivcrsity has numerous and powerful fiieiuK I both at homo and abroad. For, although the amount subscribed in the Cities, is by no means large, still, when all tho circumslances under which it was done, arc taken into thc account, it is plain, that a state of feeling is indicated by it, which can be relied upon for future action. Judging from the rapidity with which tho last ijHiOjOOO and upwards Las been Fiib'criUd, we tru-t that tho day is not far distant, when wo shall bd called upon to announce, through our columns, the km t file ami available subscription of the whole sum, $100,000 which tho guar dians of tho Unhcrsity propose to raise. Town lectins. On Tuesday the usual meeting was he'd for the election of Town Officers, and tho transac tion of other matters. The following is a list ofthe principal officers elected : N'leeim'n, Jon.v X. 1'oMr.uov, Hamum. Nichols, IlEMiV 11. Ktacv. 7'ilCJl (Jlsrk, Ciialox 1". Davcv. Constable, Isaac '-nr.uweop. I.irlers anil Assessors, IIaiikv llr.ADIXY, Wvllys l.VJIAX, John VaxSicklex. Treasurer, Alvax 1'oot. Town Apent, ClIAr.LES I). KASSO-f. Oierscer r,f the I 'our, S. W. Taylor. The progress of I'lccJoin. , t t .r --1.1 topic, war reauers as uo iimu mum suiu, 0,r rca(,crs ,!u, it , ln,.s,cn will rejoice to learn that there, s a prospect f t!l0 cIofl,1(lll nm, j.hil.oi.hical address of .Mr. 1110 cany iiuuiiiiuu ui i 14,1-1, in i It will boa great gain on the side of Freedom nnd Progress. We fervently hopo that nothing may occur to prevent its accomplishment, and rspcriallv that tlnnl-party abolitionists will, in mercv to tho slave, spare tho noble little State of Delaware the unhappy influence of their fa till "aid and commit." Correspondents. Wo have several communication on hand which will appear in We give the bio heaven, " Islander " a Hearing lids w eelt. "A Canadian " on the Mine subject, will ap. pear in our next. Then we h ive "I'ile " and "'J.itiro " together with ' Illihii "on the War, nnd"'aul, Jr.," on Single lllcssedness. As tho respoi?eib!o IVJitor is absent, his " I'icum te- IIeaiiley, before tho Literary .Societies oflho University, last August, cannot have forgotten his allusion to the advancement of tho principle of personal and mental freedom and in.leponil ence, even in tho time-cemented despotism of urope. There are perhaps, no (loverninents in tho World whero real freedom of thought and sjieech is less toleiat-d than in (icrniany nnd russia. Tho censorship of tho press there is most stringent and coniprohons'iic. Ages ol oUiiienceliiive riven improssne owi r lo tho mandates of the monarch, and tin own prodigious obstacles in tho way of" tho ono progrosive principle." lint that principle tho principle that recognizes the liberty and equali ty t.f all mankind though it may bo retarded n its piogress, is irresistible. It may advance slowly, but it adianeest; and tho tenitorv it Vermont nmi Canada Itallront'.s. Our neighbors of the Messenger and llrpnb liean are kind enough lo express their entire sat isfaction with our" position'' touching tho pro ject of constructing a railroad from liurlington tolhc north line ofthe state, to form a continu ous lino to Montreal. Wo are glad of it, of course. It is quite as much as a peaceably-disposed man wishes to do, in these belligerent times, to hold controversies with those wdioso views he really oppo?os. I.ocofocolsni and rad icalism generally, (our courteous contemporary of the Republican will pardon us for saying,) furnish substantial evils enough lor our weap ons we havo no need to takoup a quarrel with a shadow. l!ut tho Messenger thinks our equanimity is destined lo he greatly disturbed by a communi cation in its columns from an 'llastern Citizen ol franklin county,' wdio points out a uric route for the lloston and .Montreal railwav-. Our friend niii-t remember that wo have had consid erable to do with " new routes " in our railroad experience, and arc consequently not so likely a he may imagine to bo cast down by tho vg grFtion of on". I'ailron! rout s are not verj- for midable affairs until after Ihey are sun eyed though it is true that tho process of survejing sometimes increases the formidable ch.'.ia I' rof them, a ourfiiends in Dane, or Marlow X. II lor instance, can leeungiy icstitv. nutlet lis look, at the nev route indicated by the .l'ss.-n "re's correspondent. It is lids : neginning ai ri. jciins, u. I,., run m a "South-Kasteily direction over almost a dead le "vel until vou I'trikethelinoof 1.1 degrees at the "X. II. comer ol Pranklm, near tho village of 'I-releighsbiirgl, thenco on tho Kast IS ink of "1 ranklin I'ondto the .Mis-i-m Itiver near th 'firm of Charles Gallup, Kq.. in .Sheldon, "thence through Mason's lalley farm, a little lo "the II l't of the residence of Jonathan Smith, "l.sq., tliencodown a stream known as the Men- ver nrooi; to near us moiitn in lil.icli Lreel;, on "the Ha-tside of slid Creek lo tho farm of Joel "l.arlow, hn.. in I'uirlield, thenre until" l'iiir- "lielil stream to IJurk Hollow down said liol "low to 1unoilo riior in Tairfix up HrowtiV "Kiver to a junction with tho Central Uoad in "llsscx." And this is tho route that tho m?spng"r thinks will 'rullla u some," or ho "thai! bo again inistikcn!" Itullle us! Xot so long, certainlj-, as fit. Albtm is iindUtiirhcil by it. Why, my dear man, the project, il'carried out, would bo death to St. Albans, and, in the com parison, fun to ns ! And you quietly, and with out a protest or a lisp of remon-trance, put it into your columns to frighten liurlington ! Di not, wo implore you, calculate so largely on our verdancy. When we see you in a blaze of excitement about it. wo may take tiuu to ex amine thc matter and see in what way it will ef fect ourselves. Till than wo havo too much con tldence in the sagicity of our Si. Albms friendi to foal a breath of discomposure. lint, the Messenger seems to overlook a little circumstance well calculated to allay any awk ward apprehensions that the new route might liave a tendenev to awaken in tho minds of the friends ofthe" Vermont mid Canada Ilailrond."' It easily accounts to us for thc coinplaicency with which St. Albans contemplate. the new project, and prevents tho present possibility (if our becoming "ruffled." Wo must remind (be .Messenger, therefore, that the charter of tl e Vermont and Canada Hailroads explicitly pro vides that that road shall pass through " St. Al bans Village,'' and that it shall connect with the liuthmd road at !lurlinlon, and wilh the Cen tral pretty much where it pleases. In this rath er anti-exciting position cf things, while tho 'vested rights" of liurlington and St. Albans remain uninfringed, and thc 'I'.aster.i Citizen's' route remains unchartered, the Messenger will probably manage to contain its astonishment when it discolors that wo continue in a state of pleasant repose a real " sans souei" since itscorresponlcnt's gun was fired. Wo desire, however, to express no opinion touching (be practicability or the superior ad vantages, ofthe route inlicated by the "llistern Citizen." It may bo all that he represents it, and probably is: and it is not for us to fay that a railway will not bo constructed upon it. Wo would neither disparage nor otherwise oppose it. In this matter St. Albans must take caro of herself. If a project that ono of her pipers his thus started thould lake form and substance," we ran only tender her our sympathy and cum miseratian ! We trust our Iriend oflho Mes senger will bo as well content wilh this, as he was with our foimer reply. and cxii"iise. altetidiiu' the transportation of ' him for it. Ho has trulv sjid that ilia world is to thpucerct iiwnpr to ilnannn,nud , ,''r i r nniiiios nf lln ' t n ... i " r . nil Die loinnniiiiealiotis in relation lo tliis most iiiyste- produce, from tho more fertile coiinlies ol tne fnl0r instructive lpssonsofwarningtonmiiioiis ( riononllhir ; nnd iftlicydo not show forth a con-pirn- west. It is in winter tint the whole region oi northern Xcw York would be carrying their pro ductions lo tho railroad. Xow must all this bu-iiiess be suspended, inii't the forges halo their lires extinguished, tho saw mills ccaso In work. C.inarla relinunlsh her intercourse with ii, ami tho immense travel that would come this way. b" given up mercK', because it would cy mid a ennspirntor ncninst 1111 best interests of Ibis , , , , . , I country, wiiirfi, m the pi.rfiJy of its character, would ights or the territory of oth- cast into the shade the treason ol mi Arnold, they will be a oraiifieaVinn in llnrliimtou to hive tho Vt. eminent that tramples upon, or in any way in railroads terminate there ? I cannot conceive vades, the rights of others, under irhateicr spc of a Folitary gmd reason why too roui siioiim not terminate opposite Luinuerlaml lieau, uiai Itepublics. Ambition that takes tho form of aggression upon thori cr nations is ulteily incompatible with tho true i n'n'! cvenis show, not only by whose nuMiey the most . . , , ... ' , ' , , ., , . ! cllieient"ni 1 nnd comlort' liae Jieen rendered to the piuiLipiuoi iiuui ly, anil iieirrnun Linen u uiiug disaster and downward change upon tho peoplo who have encouraged or permitted it. A gov- would not apply with fir greater force to Dar lington. Hero there need not be one day's in terruption. Th" business of the road need never Po susponiioil lor a single Hour, u nai I say bore, will appear still more reasonable lo your leaders, when I correct the error nuo .viucu you hao fallen, in remrd to the comnirative limo.s of the Lake's freezin" at liiirlingtoii and Cmn- hcrland Head, Thomp'Oin, in hU historv of Vermont, gives I'eh. 1st, as the average lime of freezing at I'.urlingUi. ntnlo the ordinary time ol licezing at Hie ll'iu is ahout the "Jisi ot .la-. Hilary, making a ihlU renco of oulvlOdavs. It iintsl be remembered too, that tho bav at liur- rnigtoii olten freezes before, ami the Like is more or less, coined with floating ice, which, together with the high winds peculiar to that season of th" year, renders the navigation at least unpleasant. Add to the various consider ations winch I havo named, tho entire nh-ence of all neerssity, of the lloston Hoad's terininit ing at liurlington, and 1 think wo havo made out it pretlv conclusivo argument in faior of our own plan. With thc best wishes for liurlington, and tho l'ree Press, I remain thesamo Plain- IIi.lnt Islaideb. public enemy, hut who of nil others is most obnoxious lo th" charge ol treachery to his trust and ol treason to the country. Do this, sir, nnd then follow out, if you please, the swrii'stions of n ht" number ofthe "executive orgin." nnd ennct your law with its sntirtmn of pnins niVlpen idlies agniiist "word treason," nnd lb" ir,rnnd Inquest cuius pretence, is in tho broad wav to loose il I !" V1" """"" Wl1 "V1 to prt-ss-itt yjn with mi 11- 1 IteMl HUM rcciMUiflnl. Anil tlion.if l-i.n t.ltiun In nnrrv College .llcclins own. And W lien tins invasion is tlrjendaltm tho ground that it must elcvalo tho character and improve the condition of tho invaded, it as. sumes tho most dangeioiis form dangerous to frcedum and the rights of man in the abstrict. and d ingcroiH cspeciilly to the Pr.on.E whose rulers are practising it. Respect for tho institu tions and the government of others is one of the essential elements of well-regulated Liberty siirli liberty as our fathers contended for, and surh liberty ns U not despotism in disguise. Wo verily believe that the policy of thc Admin istration of Mr. Polk, touching the Mexican War, is hostile to this liberty, and an alarming and most falal departure from the principles that lie at the fouiid.ilion ofthe war of the Revolution and that of 1812 ; and thc pertinacious and sj tenntic effort that is unking by the defenders and apologi-(s of Mr. Polk, to draw a parallel where no pirullol can be drawn, between the latter war and this unjust and unnecessary war with Mexi co, merits thc deepest execration of all honora ble men and patriot!. Wo give below copious extracts from the speech of Mr. Toot, who ha-, spoken as becomes a rrsEEMAX nnd urepre-ctitativo of "iinconqnered Vrr.MosT." And first, of tho base charge which the President of thc United States insolently made in his late message, ngain't those who pre sume to question the constitutionality of his dis astrous measures, or the wisdom of his miserable On Monday evening, .March 1st. IS 17, the cit izens of liurlington, met by adjournment at W. J. Udell's Hall, to tako measure9, if nco.l, b; for securing the subscription on foot for the Univer sity of Vermont. John X. Pomerov, lq., in the chair, Taiwan! A. Slansbury, Secretary '.. !!..,. I T. r..r ll.n rVim.mllnn nnn.,1,.1. - -. , , ... ,i ,i policy the charge of giving "aid und comlort ed to examine tho subscription, nfler they had ' ' . " " 1 . , , . to the enemies ofthe Country, completed thc necessary examinations, remarked , ,1V (.omtit,ion of (le ,.,,;,, mm(i k that lit Ii uI the gr.ituieuliun to announce to the the duty at il.e l'rci.U'iit miny bt-fiiwConim-mftn rx- tncotiiifrtliat tho UxW sum of Tift v Thotif-mvl , L,0T " lu' Bl n,t nVu c-ontuiioH oimuihip uiuns ( Dollar Ind been put upon tho s-ubscripiiou in accorJ.mcc v.Uli thc term lht.'rouf. Tins annouiKcment was rucoiveil wltli licarty and prahmj-cil che'T. Willi nn Warner, Krq. Troisurcr ot the Cor poration then silted thu in-inner in which the I nnd domfi-ii-1, nnd to rieoimn'Mid stit-h nciion ns in his jimiiiui-m p'kiii iH-st nninncf ine rmnnc venl. ilut, lin h it madt hi duty, in his omctol cninmunin- t;nu -ill ! nifv. .!' 4 !' title, lu lilljiUU tut tito tm t i.i - w!i i i.t,i t-,i i iic' to onu-rtitm titid toc. lltVs-fl lfK fnilHtiT It 1 ll'. own It noil n tl. ii,..,., t qii'Ktmn uhi.di riuu'i rns und uitntes the cmintry ! frntiion 111 thf Irnlfr flgniit nny portion ot in Aincripan p''op!r, or their out tli(.,iiirtli'TPtiirff''tioii irom thc snmc source, nnd to open 5oitrri,gil,rs or the enrolment of the nnmeq of tno-e who inny ir rntitthl in Rivin nnl nmi comlort to Mexiro, tiu will b" m no doaht with whnt inme to head the hut. It he who sits nt the "executive or nnd grinds out pueh music only ni is most nsiee nhe to roynl enrs, who ninml'ept nt n!ltime an nmi nhle rendmtw todo his innter's will. nnd who ocrn"- ionnlly nviiniM the ronqeninl olTice of tnok-mnfter, to Innli into proper fu!imissioii suHi unimhiy 1) 'iii"rrat nstire f.Hiieuni'" presnmplous moimh tu think for thems.t.'Iv, nnd nrc nt time? n liitle n fiive under thc pnrty collar; il he, I stv, is deirous of ftndinu &uh-tert-obiioxioi to hti threntrned ne unities, it limv be a n I if f to him toy informed tlmt he need not pass Icyond the Window ol hi own imtron. And while lie utter- the hli'-tlciis iiitimniion tiint the nrniy of Sntua Annti woultl h" -Ireiiy;iheiMiI by the necession of Jome lliou'-nudi o AtinTicim Hliyens, but for the testnun iuff lenrnf'tlie hnlter, nnd that they theufore merit the ncnnllies of overt trensnji, we nlc prompted lonk how nmrh les merttorioiisH lie who, hy the extreme exercise of his nppointing powtr gne tu that army its commnmk'r-imcm'd'i Pir, th"re i no jn-ninVntion for this net. There is no excuc for it. There is no pnllintion for it. Wheth er regarded ns a blunder or n ermie, it admits of no extenuation. In the most faornble view the utmost chniity rnn tnke ot the trnnpnetnm, it was nu cxtrn pinceof diiionnnc rhiennery, whifhhns no porn lb I nmniiEr rriliaht'-uotl nntioii", nnd which thc world will laugh nt, wirle we must deplore it. i'or nil the dis honor, nnd nil ti.entti'tidnm find diaTt'troii,'eon"oH,n- r.-s of this net. your Vreeidont Mnnds nrrniifivd (H-fore the puhlie bnr; heffire the Rient Areopnuus of the Amt'ricnnpeop'e. 'i'h'-y d-'mnndol him toknnw.whv and whrelon the nekliowli'dned nnd HirM mveternte enemy of the United State?, the man under whoe nd-mini'-trntiftn nnd under whose countenance the lonn cntnlogucof w rones nnd outrnac.- upon our commerce nnd upon our citizens wns committed, thc recitnl ol which makes so connicuou n tisun' in the Ilxccutive inessaae ; the man ns notorious tor Ins peii'idy nslor his crimcrt : iih notorious for his trenchetv nnd im tv- raimy.n-sj for his haired to the Ainerienn people j why was this man, they deinnnd to know, this monster ot iniu'ihvah'-n n nowerless exile. neiiuHted. nve. mav I not siy, ndiscd. per?unded, entrentd, to ip bnck to Mexico, w here he now stands nt the hend ot the most f rmidtible nnny, in point ot numbers, if not ot disci pline and d"Pf'mte determination, ever nrniyed upon any onue-uem on uie niericnii i,omm''m i Why, .Mr. t'l oirman. it rnnnot hac been forsotten that wlieii'ihe r -tUiUof H.t'itn Anna to Mexico tus-t btiaiiu- Iviiown in tiie L'nit-d .Statti, the (monon was ei-rv where propounded, "how could lie hnv? cot tnck ;' "hew could ho have paed our blockading nd when it wis intunnu v'h'rejo . h- :i i In ttnoiity or orcevdeni lorwu'dmrr I ,!nt his return mnt have been rlfceted through thi into these leyisUtivv hnlU n buili tm of denuucinuuii t 9(n111 orconmvnnef otour bxecuti subscription had been carried forward and closed, representatives, who inny hne lormed nnd exprepsed irjiiiiiwiia iiwuH.ymu,,,,, ti mi rui II uo itw iMil'5-n m After Tr. Warner concluded, ; l'rof. (It'orgo W. IJonedict oil'orcd the fulhnv ing roFolntionR : Hesnlrrth That tlto tfartantion nou made by the oxamininir rominittfe.that thev find tho sub- entertain, in relation to the on 'in. the justice, or tli necew ty ofthe war in wlucli our country is involved, and whose id -'blood is flowing in its prosecution I When the Chief Magistrate of this Republic -holl be come no far inruindlul ofthe di'tity and proprieties ol Ins ion, when lie shall so far disregard the ordinary minitPMiPKAn I di'fnrtltn whteh hplnncr in tho itfTi.M.1 rcription lately In progress fur tho University of tercoursc (d one department of the Government with erinont, to bo binding on tho subenbcr.s to tho patne, neeorditifj to tho true intent and meaning' of its conditions. ive tho ,Suhsrrtfr.i in Ihtrlhvrtoii u if tailed satisfaction: ai.d that tlmv tmr''r thrir fost irati fill aiknowlod'r. menu to thoso bpiiwiib persons of other towns and States, who have joined w ith them in the accomplishment. )f o itnpoitant:i work. Ilesoltfil, Tint th?y herebv ofi'-r their he-irtv tlunks to t!ioe of their own townsmen, who uiiothcr, ns toaumc the chamcter of a olu iteer ne- c.iserofnny portion of hi" fcllow-citi?.ens with nliostile ( intent nnmt th"irowu (J jveiniuent. nnd with aiding ' nnd nletiuiff th public enemy. nnd for no other coue i than tint tlie have intelligence to form, nnd mdeppn ! denee to -p M.k, tW opiiiiohs iion a tnonicrums nnd j xitnlfi'i'ion ot pi tire mt -lest, how shall the nmln 1 emus uiMilt he met f I low ought it to he treited ? tfiiall j it be ieci'ivcd,with silent and ticinhhngsubiuiiou ' Shall it be received with acquiescence, or ecn with gracious word of remonstrance i ( )r shntl it not rnth- r be met witn tnat prompt aim hold rebuKe, Withtimt Executive Uovernm'Mit, it Ptomh denied, nmi written down ns n M II hm a'annrr," upon ill" Adminisirntion. IJut now this im- puli'd slander tunis out to be n ventnbte ftict.upon the President's own confession : n reluctant confevion ihougn it be, Atorted from him bythnop'ilnr clamor at so cxtrnuitlumrv on oceuirenei-. And when ihe renson an I v en-cff which he assigns for giving orders to our Co -mi ii1 ler in th" Gulf not u intercept the inssage of tnma Anna to Mexico, were rend trom the mcssnjic at your Clerk's desk, who does not remember the involumaiv sneer it raised thronim this Hall : n:id who thnt did not feel his sympathies moved tor the man. who. "i extrcmin? was lnhorirxr to cover Im conduct under eu'uscs and pretext? so tuvoluus and so utile I Spea king of tho war, ilr. Foot says : But, Mr. CDilrmnn, my time admonishes ine to nnss tn the consideration ot other ouestious connec- it-ii won intr j' in-rni miifjtrt'i. imi nc-ir iri un ray that I nm not uhout to enter upon a discussion of the otigmuud cuu.-s ol the war. I have done that upon n fomi'T o'enion h has been olten done by othr i , i in,,,, i .. t. i. ... it i 1 t-corniu ur tin nee wme i n one ueeouics tne net ion nnd I , 1 . 1 , . lnc ac'ed as a eoinmillee and Im Ii ive lalred ,,u. cimma t,f i,.,,, ., dn,,!,, . ,.; ',0 be ! "Bnm1 nwrv H;nnt, tn.,l.,y , t,, ensure n and so earnotlv anil s-o nieeef-ffnllv in a eane ol rti I . how tin-war w 10 Iw rnufd, limn now it wn lv'in. such lii'li iiitere-t to a wide community ami to 1 When tliesnirii of lietaiion, or of ilcenotivn, sluill " li'-'ll,''r ril,,miiow lo rnquire what ore the .1 .7. ..,( o.l. ...,:.... I. ... "..!. ..! Iwpmnn nrmnnl n.wl Iv.l I ..,.....K , . 1,0 ... f IHVn-llt 011-1 IlllOUJle lllirilOSeS Ol tl.e Who IlllVfl t IV uie 8nw chj vuuw..w.., w. iru u.wuu , r . : 7 . "I . -- ---- ...... ,.,, nf , . -,,., l,,r,l...r .J,.,, ,l. lonn in oit-ee uinij'.coiisjcr'iii'a o imeriv ami irec a . .. : , ...... ....... i,n, i , ..i..., i .1 - i.:..i. wiu-iner ii niMou or onuui to nave lie. n tnuiii.-ii. 1 ih Which v.-cro adopted Ly acclamation and tho ' bAo'mi ol'nowi-r uiw.i the peril ol Kxi-cmive wnuli. I Allicrp11 i""pi'. win nre t- ilk-,1 upon to i.ur out 'ven inotiituii inir us ''niinciatioiwwitiiiorkcilun. the institution exis. meeting adjourncu. JOHN X. 1'OMEP.OV, C tjirm tn. I". A. ST.vssnur.v, Secretary. The I.oriN of the loom. ' ficrv tonaue, it Irrem'-u wonll not linsfiv pjrrendernli lliat is worth hvin lor, nnd ail llint is woi tli il ing lor tlu-y must ineit the umiim-r nt the tlircglihol'd ; nod, without stopping to c-ilt-ul-H'' the dangers ol'tlie coullict, they mull cast out the unwt-lcoine nnd insolent intru der nt onre and forever from their presence. It has been said, that "eternal vigilance i the puce of free dom." 1 will siipeotdd. t!i it ttcrnal resistance to the incipient and Iom lioui cneronchments of power is the only gunrnnty of public litierty. 11 is the lirst lime, linn 1 iiut it may le the lat tune, Anr.OT I.awiicnce, of lfolon, ono of tlmt olni-s of gentlemen whom it is tho custom ofthe W'avbLigtan I 'nion and its pure l.icofccj uch-' that the I'resident of the t'niu-d ijinlea shall deem It in , , , I iiieiineoi uiHouiciLii iiuiv, or Hinoiig nm oill'lill pre- ocs tliroiighout tl.o country to stigmatize as rotative, to chiiig.-.citherdirectly or bv iinphention, ' I.oril-i of tho loom,"'- ivine-nroud inannfictur- th,; crime ol treason annual their comitry, upon any ,, f c , , , , portion of hi- couistimeney.lui-the exercise c I a privt- ers .0. Cvc. lias recently fjiveu one thmstnd lege guarantied to every American citizen by the Con J.illjrslo the Lowell Mechanics' Association, to ! s-tituiioii under winch we live. Sueli a charge, emnna- Irt 1, ;,, ,,, ,1 e 1 una i.uiii buiiii: imiui.iv i -...uiue, io,iini. imiii puiiif U- .rtji.K.H in hi. '.i. ...irvj ui ?i nil. ill,; aim other works, ai the managers may deem prop. t.ieir treauie and their blood m thin war, denmnd to know, n ih -y b ie n rnzlit to be informed, dWiimely, w-it!i wlni desig'i nod ti wlmt extent it is to Iw: pros ecuted. The p.-rtni'-m ami nuxioose'upury of eiery honest mnn mid piinot i.tor wliat i the w"ar wig.-ii I 'I'o what extent is it to be carried on 1 What are if. ob.eets, its uiiii-. nnd nurnoses I 1 need not aav what every body u'.d -r-uiuds, lluit lite is not now con ducted as u ti'leii'-ie war, or tor the purpose ol re pelling invnmon Not a hostile loot Simula upon our soil. The enemy i-eu'ry where diivcn far back up on our borders. It is no' Kitistaclorv answer to rav tliut the war iscnrne i on for tile purpole of obtaining nig an "honorable peace." The language is a3ue and ind -Unite. It means nothing at nil. ui rather, it menus what any one inny choose to hove it ni":ni The eomiueriiiir Uesoot could sav as much, uud sav ii as truly. (Jail it, sir, by whit nuna yon may ami disguise it under what pretexts you may, it is nothing m re nor lcs, it is nothing li?e, but a war o invasion, of conquest, of nggrefion, nod waged lor the purpose ol acquiring territory. The President, to be sttresas uiewurw wugeu won 110 iev 10 conqiiesv nnu resiionsibie libelltr. from -oiiie comiuo.i revder. some hireling minion ot the c-urt, fiom same p u-houie blackginril. 11111.111 lie nnss -d bv unnoticed. The 1 iw- er nr i.l IM nnirnt u-.iil.l ahi.-I.l its nnlhitrfrnm tlm nnlW 1' !j I.i.I nnn of ll.n . 10..! . .! I ol COtltC!llt. lilt. O. itTl lf t ill IT ill tlll'SOUrO il ll III Ullll ' Ct lie" rejoices Willi CXCecdlllg JOV." UOd COllffrDIU ' - " I coining ill the lonn mid inari-ier II has come, disseini- 1 late,, the country upon the " tail extension of our ler- tions of tliisdisUliJiliSiied ncntlemni for Objeels natej u it has been thro i 'i thc 1-ngth and the bredih ' ritonnl limits.'- "The war." he snjs" u waged with of alike miritorioua character. Such a use of ?'tw couiHry.a.iJ reiterated as it has been.and now ! no view -to cooq-.n.,, and yet he sends abn . ad fleets i, i:iiiuu nu iiic uiyaiia ui ucuauiiuo mm nimiiiti. -.u,....' vn-1.0. mS jjni,iiMi,iiui will I e very cat lions ho v l.o talks about t"1'"5 i" n"vpr xnrrendered. matters and llmi'js in general und tho 'weather' In particular. The Vote on Hie I.srciw Question, Tho returns below w iil ulin-.v tontir jeadcrf the nvrrwhehaiii'' ascendency of ' No l.icente" in this rmmtv. Tho miioiity cannot fill far he- We find tho following paragraph nmong tho items translated fiom foreign papers for tho lloston Atlas. Tho fact it records pospsrcs especial interett for all tlwe who lovo freedom ind def ire to see iUcnuso triuiiiphant through- o-it tho civilized world : Tnr. I.innrm- or Tiin iv Wi'htev- r.ri'.G, l lm u urteinliurg l.liair.neroi iiepnties tn. i"0ll if It does not exceed that number. If has recently shown, ill its session of January, a this l,e an IndicMion of tho vote in tho Stale, the remarkable degree of resolution, which shown majority will ho " tiiumphant .is nny body do- n j .(Uj (ho ltijn(l( .,,() fires. liurlington, Colchester, nnj Charlotte, JUtcx, inaj. Jericho I'ndcrhill, ma. Khelbiirn, Willi.tou, inaj. Itichmond, " .Milton' fCo I.Icetn-e, 117 ao J.13 ta en no no no IB 30 License, censorship hud excluded from Ihe iourn iN the joij news ofthe re.-olutionK adopted by several of the municipal council", who have tosolveil lo liuiii public session. The deputy Itoiner has com- iil.ilneuoi it in verys'rong lerm, and tiieilel.aie liiw turned iiiou the fund unentnl d tngcra of Ihe almso of tho censoisliip. Another deputy, M. Diivernny, prefirntoii ut lengtli a motion to so licit from government an immediate declaration 1 I!oto:i mill Oideiislnirsh nsniu. is the following is Ihe closing argument of oar excellent friend the ' Islander," in behalf ol (Iraiid Ilo and f 'uinborland Head, wo have concluded to let him hive it his own way. We might, lobe sure, claim lliat his positions prove more for Burlington than they do for hU favorite project, inasmuch as he concedes tha former tho immense advantage often days, "on an average," over tho litter, in respect of water communication between tho termini of tlio roads ; but wo will let it go. I lo Unowa that In thoc ten days a vat deal of ' deferred husines" miyht be done enough, indeed, to empty tho loaded gianaries, and tho slaughter hoiifes, of nil ' Northern New York," and transfer their contents to liurlington, by nieaiw of tho com paratively cheap transportation by water; nnd bo wo will say nolhing more about it. Our friend will, therefore, iinder.-tand us ns conced ing (for tho sako ol peace) every point hut ono and that Is that tho lloston roads will connect with tho Ogdcn-dmrgli, hy way of Oram! Isle and Cumberland Head. This wo can't concede till wo sue it done. i'or the l'rcc Pri si. Mr. lJmroR. 1'erhaps vou think that I stick wealth is in the highest degreo creditable both tn the head and tho heart of Ihe pop?os-or, inas much a it is directly contributory tu tho sound improvement, the happiness, and tho true wcl firo of community. It is ouito tho fashion just now, for tho modern new-fangled and niiu-des-cript democracy of the land, loabuso Mr. Law uence ; but it is tho influence an 1 oxamp'.o of truo patriots like him that havo thus far, in our opinion, helped efficiently to ivo tho country from tho cfTects ofthe disaftrous measures and demoralizing doctrines of licoficoism. Mr. I. whence proliably regards Locofoco denunci ation with infinite complacency, and, by itidlrp through hU ample ir.caus to diffuse intelligence and irttio among tho people, he certainly aims a fatal blow at its supremacy. from the highest to ihe lowest : it rises to the impor tance, at leiiM, of ehiiiniiig bom all independent and honorable men a united r--ponee of universal and un qualified repiobaiioii. Tne obvious purpose ofthe eliuiire has been si-rtmlU- deteated : und lie who made I it mi-took the character an 1 temper of the American I people. The author ofthe Kane letter knows better now to deceive and lo cacm uie people, innii now 10 m iNnpnleondike ;!i . omparisou is inapt and inappro priate uuinpar jaines rt. i oik won isapoieoti lio nnpurt! as well might you compare the dug-star's pale and sickly light to the effulgent an I daRding brightness ol the comet's hinting and hoiiiulleps pnth wav through the skies: but rather like tin- manine. who, in the wiltlnes of his delirium, imagines him self the commander-in-chief of nil cienrioti, and m tnuid.ite or coerce ihem. It requin s me ex-rciseol a 1 Hie fancied pleiuiide ofhia inliuite authority, liom ilill'erentand liiirher faculty to wield the scentre of au thorny, than to piny off a uccev.itl trick, lie who siiouut succeed cs u juggler, might fail as a hero. Sir, the imputation of moral or const! uctivc trcninn, orot a wuiitof patriotism in Ihofc who nrioigo the enn duet ofthe Admiiii-liaiioii lot wantonly mid wickedly involwtig the country in an linnet. aiy war, is u libel uiiou a-.oure. and hn:h-nimdtd. and iiideiieiuleiit.aiid ; patriotic a portion of tiie people as their ciiluiiuiinior j or bis apologists nil.) defenders. Tl.ose vlio t-unie witiiin me category ol t.xeeutive ileuuiiciniioii tuny Cl.-llin ns iiiut-ii regnru lor ine riguis illltl llle nollor ol see Im.v iitiiuiuuvii ..... ..... , . (- thatthouhl Uiofa tiaturo to remove tho nppre- to you liko ' wor relations j but I u-nturo lo hcusioiisof the ( 'hamlier upon the subject ol tho coiisorJilp. 'J'hir 'oliiliou nmrrmor declared tlmt the Chamlier of Deputies could not recog. nizutho leatlimacy uf any such institution, hut This will probably relieve all those interested, protected ai;aint It a contrary to the gnnran- ' 1 J l..aUrl,.,r i.i ll.oip eiiiiilltiittnli. Tin. nriinn. from any maimer of doubt as to the will uf the as B,IK,rtUi il It enerifv on all shim ,.,.ple on Ihi'rcat .(iiitioii. , und voted by uiianimou. ..cclamatiotiH. 'l'he tre'spars uion your pationco onco more, and then I invo iiono. Itapears, from your romarlu iijwn my List ci miniiulcatlon, tlmt in your mind, it would l o good policy to arrest tlio'tmtinens iiiui Uie Ug dcinburgh railroad, so fir us it tiny 1 cui uectul with the roud to Uo.lmi, while tho lio is fro.en. NuiV in this, you ecin to lorgit lliat some lolly pinnacle, exclaims, " alteution the unl verse !" " kingdoms to Ihe light wheel ! ' Su ollr coiiiinaiider-hi-chi"l, by his iddeii i levaiiou, struts forth upon a somenhnt less magnificent theatre, but with hardly less tun 'iiiloqu"nt tones ol command and sends abroad hi5? g nera'sanj his commodores, hu-Si-mi and his '!' trnroli, not to meet and vanquish ihe enemy iiibnttl", but to conquer whole Klau s and provinces by fiwelamulion ! "The iar is not wa ged with any i lew to conquest ,- oh , no j and vet new territorial governments are organized, new luws are oruaiueu, unu new uiagisttates are aunoiiue.1 before them n noble destiny, n the doctrine of tli'so pliilat!thropits Kir, thhw the doctrine ofthe Mm. sillmm, who propagates lii religion by lir" ami the SWord. It isndorinni nt war with every prire iple of ju nee, and every pun -I'M- ni nuiii oiiiy war Wilh the tllWIUll'-llI II prineipi. s m um u puiilie, lni-d ns it is upon lie- recognition "I the rig' it ot oil people and all nation" to institute thrir own loniis of government. This llepitblic of oars, thi" boisicd ex emplar of civil liberty nnd religious toleration, this first-born child ot rntional and practical freedom, is to be intigatd by the mo leni zeniots of 'l'rogn-Hsive We mocrncytoprcsiritielor other people, and for other unions, at the point ofthe sword and Ihe bayonet, new f irms of government and now modes of futh Sir, if I had but a single fommal of prayer to hcacit lor my country, it should be, from nil these new-bom gig.nmic schemes ol philanthropic wltainy, ofpitriolic rascality, ' good Lord deliver U3.' Ill further alhp-ion to the empty assertion that 'the war is not waged with a view to conquest" and in vindication of the gallant Tavuir, Mr. Tool then proceeds. Tho argument drawn from tho scattering of our forces from the Kio Grande to the peninsula of California, in mad pursuit of "an honorable peace,"' and to ensure a "vigorous prosecution of tho war"(l) is forcibly presented: Mr. Chairman, the mode nnd manner in which this war hns b-en conducted on tile p-irt ofthe Administra tion, is inexplicable upon any other view than tint of n settled purpose to wrest Irom Mexico portintisof her territorial possession. Il'.as isnllege,)," the war is not waged with n view to conquest but o!-ly witli a view to redress our wrong to ihnstiae Mexu.o tor ihe. alleged iniiiries she had committed upon u, and to o'liinn an " honorable peace," it is obvious lo inquire, wliv were not our lorces concentrated within support ing distance, upon some vnnl and utluerable point I Why wn a part ol our ua:il fore.- ent around to llic iliataliteo il upon the paeiiie ? Why wisu s.'parate. division ofthe nimy, und. r (jem-ial Kearny, sentotr over tiie vast nlino t uninh-ibite.l regions of New Mex ico I Why a regiment of inilittiry emigrant sentto ('alilornia ' under ilie eoniiinn.l of Col, Jiteven-on T Jo not nil tlise moieinents look to the sub, 114-11 inn 01 distant territory, uheie little or no re?i"tauee could be made.rnther thiin toa " vigorous pne-eculinn ofthe war, w nil a view to iis early nnd honorable termina tion ! Was it siinnosed that Mexico was to be sub dued nnd brought to terms by running your armies across her remote regions ol wildeine?, inhabited luclly by scattered tubes ol 11 1 taught and untamed savages Del it enter into the profound calculations ot voiir President, tint pence was sooner to be resto red, nnu our national Honor wn'-ieai-u, oy p,niug on, tliroiiLdi hisiiulitnry Loiinnatidersaiuch laiit-iuepianks lne lieen pcrlomi'-d there : enacting tne sineiiin Itirce ol orgnmiiig new and complete goicrnmeni" regulntt.ig trade and commerce by nnnilesto-iippomt-111L' theuisek es and th-ir aseoeiates, gou-rno.s and judges, and prrf-ils mid ahnlde, with lixed salaries, nnd tor a term 01 enr auiniiit-iering ionic sirng- gluigond afbiglitcd populace oaths ot allegiance to uie 1 'luted Suites, und culling upon them to foreswear al legiance to Mexico, ns though it were nil done after approved precedent, and as though there w. re oiue s Miction m the Constitution or the laws of nations for "uch capers 1 Tho" operations bring shame, and not glory, to the Aniiiean name, no ior 110111 suouumg or weakening Mexico, they have serv d only to exas perate and to strengthen h -r. So far Irom tendingly lOUIingllie wario a speeoy close, lliey i.i . . to prolong it. Your nulilaiy occupation of the wild and remote provincesol Mexico, intadol crippling, m tic siiiail.-eniegrce, ner power, omy wenisti.;. ". own forces by the necessary dmiou and transler of them to dilferentscnice,aud alf-ar distant and unim portant points. While vour President talks about " nroeeutmg tho war with vigor," ns the only mode of securing an " ho norable peace," he Ins sent olf a large dni-ionof the nrniy to h.;( uponthe vncnut lands cf Mexico, and left (ieiietul Taylor at the only point where the enemy was to be met,at the only point of dangerand diliicuity, without adequate loree, nnd with still le-s rd plate, supplicsol provisions nnd the munitions of war. nnd, till some ten oajs inter man me ouiue 01 .cit y , destitute of the necessary incons ol traiipoitation. Hut, nevertheless, by his own great prudeti if and ja lor, nnd the binveiy of his troops, tJeneral Taylor has doneall tint liuma'n (kill nnd prowess could do, Willi the mennsnt Ins coinman.l. The wonder i. n a tint he liasaccomplnhedso lutic, but that he has been a'ue, uuaer tiieciri-unisiances, 10 nceoiopusn u .1 . wonder is, not tint he has not yet cotique e I M-, but that he and his gallant little army ha. - 1 1 ej themselves so well 1 that they have not be.-u uit-r,y runted and cut to pieces. The wonder i. iv ' iliat tuey true 1101 ueiore mis iiitiir eojoyeii 111c ... .1.1 velhng in the halls of the Montezuma." but mat their b-)dies have not been bleaching upon the 1 r !. rs- f the KioUrnnde. ilut lor the nidouiitanie i u.-r- .n u u roism ol (jencral Taylor, nnd those 111 1 1 s cmmnnJ, ngamsl vastly superior odds, the Hag ot 5 nar country, intend ol tlonting 111 liiuiiipli to the bu:c'. me heights of Monterev, would have t.- 11 d. i g, bloi.d.'inmed nnd dishonored, iuglnnou-l) im lie du -t. All that has been nrhirved in this war. n.l tint has aivediilro.ii ih.- rnbeule ol' the world, an I i's authors Horn the uiuiiitigated contempt ol ni-iiikin.l. has been achieved un l.-r the immediate counsels and cuu.mand ol tleneriil Taylor ; nnd jet his name fun', no com liletidutiou in tlmt olununous message, win-U pur ports to give n detailed history ot the 01 urn and the jmnitCHS otthe war. Nu, sir ; the name of the orae old hero, who has v. on every buttle b 1 -en totlght;who was ordered into tie- lon'st 1 (' 1 rs ngnintsupeiior forces ; who has dm. 11 I. n t 11. a 1 vancing toe from your borders, and w! - -s 1 ic irtil heron) the story, i- hardly relerred to 111 tut ret t executiie ycjow, whose scene is laid 111 Mex.i a d ol which you have ordered the pubiu ate n T a v y large edition. Let the country tiiatk Ui-- s 11: aud umiiious fact. llint the war-worn l -r t 1 1 y years, ar.d ot many battles, and of as m mv vi t-'.e - ; w ho has borne the standard ot hiscouutiy in t'.umpli tin oiigh c cry conflict ; w hose life lin-cn'i cd fie privations and the hardships ol the eai.ip 1 . h s 1 tty's s-ru-e, who hns biaved alike the ,! , nt t- tieaud the dangers ot the pestib- i.i it v s 111 lite air ; who sits down to a soldier s t, it - n d uo rises up to a soldier's toil ; whose fortune i '..stun , and who-o fame is his country '. is not u 1 w thy ol an approving nonce in that elaboiute ex- 1 . i t n -municiitioii, wlueh professedly recites tie tun 1 1 ns ot which lie was ihe chief, and re,oices m tl t 1 -19 ol which lit was the MUur. lie who. by a 111-111 01 loriune, una ueeu elevated io p w niu proudly treads Ins polnce hulls, and sits :u .. 1- a a -curity in Ins Chair ol State, mayjca'oii-i er , 0 e name of otic who ba- ncliRidso nun ii 11 fi.Iii ed so much nt his bidding, but in nin wi.l be ei -. Mo diveit the public gaze Irom the glorus 1 1 h ier around lluit name. It isa name wbieli w,, H. , . 11 to niter times in lull lustre, even thou.;h it t m 1 . a is- niiiied in the amber ot a Presidential d - .' I)ut T rcp.-nt, Mr. Chairman, it was nun- ,s. lenee, a sigmtieanioiiii.s.sion. It was but th-- lion ol n concerted partisan a.snun uomi n e i,nr . earn -d fain'1 o (lenenl Taylor ot an im-i .us at tempt to pluck from his brow" the Iaui. n 1 .- 1 . ,1 r ie won, with winch to deck less honor, dl. - r to charge to his account whatever of iaihi-e t r ... have been towards a vigorous and sue.-. lui pr s -u. Hun ofthe nr. Itisloreigu from my 1, . .. 1 w cver, to go into a detailed defence cf tin- a. Is ..I Lie ral Taylor against the assaults whuh ,1 e . 1 openly made upon him on this rloor, es; .1 1. e it linsoceiiHi inunmuy and So .1. yuung friend Irom Tennessee, (Mr Cn 1 1 r ine assure the pioneers in these nsrnu is. il man trom Illinois, (Mr. I't. kmx,, and the l trom MisR,ippi. (M TnoMrs,iN, nn.l n follow m their lcd,thni they have s-e winch wi:: find no response niihe Ann 11 .1 . 'y 1 v 1 ut let a I "V I;. We, tho unJersigtijd, a coiivnilteo apointed by the corporation of tho University of Vermont, for tho purpose of examining the list of sub scriptions, donations and beguets, made in old of tho funds of said corporation, liotwpen tho fir.-tof March A. 0. 1815, and tho lint of March 1817 inclusive, for the purposes nn.l on the conditions Fjiecificd In the Isiohs of subscrip tion circulated hy said eorjioralion, have ex amined said list and find that tho said subscrip tions and donations amount to tho sum of l'li'TV Tiiousanii Dollars and lint tho satno has been Imia file given nnd subscribed and is, in our opinion, !taihible for that amount. KOIt.MAX WILLIAMS. WVI.LYS LYMAN. ASA O. A l.Diy. liurlington, March let 1817. Yj' Wo havo lociiiod sundry nweches from member of Congress, among which, is one by Judge f'olhiner, on the I'residonl'a War, nnd which we shall try tu make room for, ne.t wttk. Wu had markwl copious extracts from Mr. Ash tuiin'H speech, which hav l"H'ii crowihul out, to mike room for Mr. Toot's which occupies so I irge a space in our m jut to-d ty. till WU.IL. . ,o . MIIUII-U U. .lew .1111 M'e III, , .. --- wrong m the King" 1 hold that the patriotism of priatjousot the public money ore called for to ercet those who seiud without thep.ile ol lixveume dispen. foitihealions, 111 order to j.-cure the permanent pos- sations, is quite as unquestionable, nnd q utc 11 1 lit ses-ion ot th-conquered regions. "TIiisu n .t 3 wnr ubove reproach and suspn. ion, as is the vaunted patri- olcoiipte-i, say the delend.-rs of the Administration utisiuot tnoe who, stun. ling within the King's gate upon this loo, ; and yet we nie told, ot the same nine, by a con'i lemiaf Iriend of the President, Mr. Stanton, of that" the nequi.itioii of the is ihe great measure of the oge. " And by the way, we have had several great measures ot the age" on baud wuhui the la&i year or two. "It is not 0 war cf c mqu st," sav you, and jet some of the President's accredited expounders of constitutional and interiiatioiuii law, tell us that these conquered k 111 the sunshine 01 roi and whos- daily bread, p-riuqw, may be depending up on th" degree ol (Littery and su'usei 1 u iu y u .th Inch they earn it. They mav bo less h.nal subjects, but ihey nie not less Ji uepitr 'uls. Il they are 1101 quite as loyal lo the rrotrn, tlu-y nre quite oh loyal to lliccuua try When I'nihnin, and Iliuke, and Fox. and Cuv- t,.lil. l,l Wlllfe BI..I 11...1 ..1 ....1 IT .1.. ....1 (irnlton.nnd llnne.'ond otlu-is. luicrc.l il.e n,i'les ternioiieul luniiing au aimy over iheni. and survey- ofiheir denuucntioii 111 ihelliiusli Porhaiueiit oguuist mg their cotisis boi quirter-deek, be conqut) are the conduct ut their own government in the war with i" 'c'u iinn.-x.-.l lo, and coiruuute an inlcgnil these Ainerieaii colonies, were they wanting in patii- part ol the rnite.1 Mutes. ou siiy, it is not a war omul, nod guilty of moral tieasou I Sir, I have not ot conquest, nnd yet tell in that the acquisition of ter- I thus iiiught And the gentleman from New York ,i,or 18 " ' '"v,'-tol"'y incident ot ihe wur ;' t lit it Is (Mr Slum ',, i the tirst man, Aiiienciin or foreigner, nolo,' but that tlu-pis9eionottenito- 1 ecr heard denoimre the conduct, or unpu.-i the 1110- r' bl' "! " h' liable r.-sulu. 1 he sum and lives. the integrity, or the pitnoimm of these men sulflau '". then, olall tln-se declnraiiotw. is concise') Had the siandeious iiuputuiioii beeti cast nun their and precisely this ; it is not n war of conquest,1 but teeth 111 i!m oe, . ..f.l.e .!..,,.. il)' Ik-llmerenl process tor the acquisition ol territo- ol England, Il would have been at the li-iznrd of Ins J"" "i urm" ' ctuvvii. il not his head. We live in a pructieal despot -1 It is true. Mr Chairman, thnt others of the friends nm, a republic only in name, when these bold no of the Administration ore less disposed to disguise ibe high'liaudeil ollenees against the lualu-st privilege Mil , truth, ond arc ready lo admit, thai one ot the cliiel Ireenien may be tolerated uud msedliv as ol siunllmo- onus andubjeelsof the wur u the acquirement of ter meiit. We are (fuses and ul firemen, it vve do nut , ritoiy ; but whosei-k, nveriheleas, loju"tily this nn repcl nnil rebuke them flir, tiin is nothing less than tiunul ujgrc-o.oit 011 U.e ground that we shad im a 1 -i l':' -,n:ive t... uipt.o.1 pan ol vour Piesident. move the uoliiKulaiid social condition of the mhubi- touwe tu K,.pe into wliiie ihey c mnot au- tamsol the conquered ten itories ; that we shall build prove the in is ol the Admiui"! atimi in reintiun to live up schools and cburches among them, as said 0 metn warin which they huve involved lit country. Hut, ber trom New York, (Mr (its iveb.) who addressed tne attempt uas ueeu most signally tepiuved by its Ihe House some days ago upon this subject; mat we most signal failure. It will not be lately In be repeat- shall carry thenrta nuj sciences lo litem, and instiuet ed. Il will form no paragraph ui another Presidential litem 111 the pur-aiisof commerce and agrieuliuie UlCSSa.. Il tins Hot Stilled the freedom nf ilelullj. Il tbnf new fouvivs n.,.l .Ml.e. u-ill rls.. .11. ,.. ... tl, . .. has iiol silenced ibe vuu U a ttee pros, nor yet lbs 1 and that general prosperity and hajipiness lollow . v. im i ius uew oruerw miugs. uiowmg pictures ol ua- tioiialimprovciiienlSHdiiaiiotinlaBgratidaeruciH are M r. l lwiwiau, B tretniernen art very eoros or in-' portrayed belore us in justification ol national con quisitive lo mid evideuiH-s o treason, morai or overt, quest. Toe Mnuritanian race must yield lo the sword aratiusl the count rv. tnev miut Look ihn At it.. Anu.u. .k... .1...- .. l . 1 ,1... ...,,..,., . ,. .ill 'Vl.r. Hl I " .. ...... -.r ..r in. kuci govern . . .... . 1 .. 1 in- luqmi m 1101 a id ' 1 of no. Tho wrong and impolicy of c.xteiiuirjc rt r limits and posK'snions arc c'.npu nt'y to forced below. And on this topic we h- aps "o even farther than Mr. 1'oot. We be! ev. tat more danger threatens this l!epiih!i.- ir 11 t 10 ae-jtiifcitiun at foreign territory than fr. m a all other causes ci mbinetl. Wo s' v 1 ' , sensible to tho warnings of history ns w , tlio instructions of reason, if we U 1 1 ' wise. Wo. I'nion U already ': e, for its own safety and to enable it t..r , the inlliunceof its example nnd el ns 1 tution upon tha welfare aud the do- 1 , matiklo l. Kvery process of cn'.irg ., cessaril-and inevitably teealens it. ,, t was im, irted to it, in our judgment, t , t qttisilic.i of Texaa certainly, iri'i ler 1 , We hla .-;, Texas diminishes the mora' , of tlio confederacy. Says Sir. Poor : If those who. for the time Iwlno .,. destinies of tins Kepubhe, are ardenilv un.' I uesirous 01 resioriug to 11 a speetly und nn "1 . 1 peace." thev will plotter terms suoli nsslia.lbe ji Id.ieral to Mexico such as, according to On- . 1 1 ot the able and eloquent gentleman from lie. 1 loonies.) tne other dny, "become n en at him p. wet lul.and magnanimous nation" u h as K. 1 ie the chnrucler ol a people vvbo protess to net upon Uh- In Ii principle ot "demanding 1101b ng wrong ' K, b-ve tittle re.-.sun lo fear thut our national hon ir v . r i,tli r by any nets ol justice and generosuy tnvvar.'- V x eo. We have more occasion lo tear 11 1 ay b ta- msiic.l by a. Isol wrong aud oppression Ie -1 , have uiie a-ura.n'e tint jou war lor juta.t .1 1 1 .-, and not lor dominion and piutld. r, n. 1 . vv more than a doen well-fought baitus to 1. . '11 conwinimalion so devoutly tu be wished, an . 1 a ble peace." Adopt the propoaitipn ruibiai. 1 1 resoiuiiou onereit some uay since nv ai . , f y ' I." -'and . age M- h siovv upon them higher privileges, an I open 1 gnu.!-,. .! ; n- rmin fn-1.1 1 ieoigin Alt St. j ,cuv

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