Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At tks Star Budding, corner P?MujrfeMM avenue and Eltvtntk strttt, ?? WALLACII * HOPI, Wtl be aerved to vubscribera in the citiea of W??h inftaai^ Ofoymwn, Alaundru, Baltiaw and piulatielpbia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*. To mail aubtcriWra the mbMnpiion price U THREE DOLLARS AND F1PTY CENTS a year In aJvanct. TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fur THREE MOlfril?. 0^?Si*oif coma on* cairr. i 'T M'Xij? VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1855. -*.i I NO. 673. Thfc axaalleflt family ud )Nm? tooaf a graater *army rf aa be ftmndtn i 6lM>? oopy, per j *ira c^pVe. Ten tfn Twenty da. ... ft M to cu;#a. ?a ???????????????????????????????????????*??? ... nAWMMMIMH'Ui. rirrlW &/" Ca?b, imriUiiiT ia adtakck. ' T"; P . - m _ / Siftfl. coping (in wrapper*) can be procure/! 1 oohawr, haaiedtatety after the fa -te of tba ba aMrw?4 PomitmM who act i t af iWr-otjr pet teat /I A OTDn *n r SPANISH MIXTURE. The Qr??t PnrlQar of U? Blood I lot a Partid# of Mareuy In it! Al.wI*UUi,U for Scrofula, Kiog?? Evil, Rbcumatmm, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruption*, Pia?lM or Putt alec cm the f.c;, Blotehee, Boll*, OhronbSor* Byeg, Ring Worm or Tetter, 8. add ???1. Knla-gemeat and Pain of tft* Doom ud Joints, Stubborn Ulcere, Syphilitic Dieordere, Lumbago Spinal Oompla'ntA, ial ait the ditto's artelDg from an injaJlrloo* an of Mercury, Im ^ mee is I Ife, or Imparity of the Blood. npniJ vtlutLU Ui^ cim, lhicb hu btoow celc* 1 br?ted fcr the Dumber of ?xtra'-rdlnary core*, effscted through its sgeaey, hni Induced the propri at the org nt request ef their friend*, to pfftj It to th* pa bile, which they do with the almost con. fidenoe in iU virtu-s and wonderful curative prop, erti ? TLe following certificates, selected trom a large number, ate, however, aUoogvr UeUmony than the mere word of the proprietors; and are all fr*m gentlemen ws'l known In th-ir loc*!itles, and of the highest readability, many of th-m re*dins in the city of tLehmood. Va. P. BOYD1CN, Bsq? of the Ex?han^ Hotel, Rich ?I, known everywhere says he has seen 'he Med. eailed CaaTxa's Sramui Minima, administered '? a homired mm, in nearly all the diaescee to* whieb it Is recommend*', with the most aston ishingly good results lie nys it b the most ex trisiuiat'f medicine he haj ever seen. AQUK AND FIVBR?GREAT CURB.?I hereby certify that for tbie* year* 1 had ?gue and Fever of (he oo?t violent description. I had several PhY akiaa*, tock l?rge quantities of Quiuine, Ke*cury. aud I bel'.eve ail the T >ni ?? advertised, but all with ?J* H?,3**"*- At last I tried Carter'. Spanish MixtU'e, two bottles of Which effectually onrwd ma, and I am happy to say I have had neiu c: chills or t*v*rs a nee. I consider It tho bert Tbnk In thle world, and the only medl^ne that ivei reached mv ease JOHN LONQDBN. Baavta Ditch, near IUchmcud, Va. C. B. LUCK, lsq., now in the city of Richmond *?d for many years in the Poet Offlcs, has such Wftdeno* In the astonishing efficacy of Carter'? Spanish JI'xtur?.- that h* has bought upward of IS bottiee, which be hu given away to the a CI cted.? Mr. Lock says he h%.? never kn^wn it t-? fail when token aeo to directions. Dr MINOR, a prictiaing Physician, and formerly tf the City Hotel, :a the city of RL hn??,> aj3 he has witnseeed in a nu*>r of instances tb? eff-cL- o| Oar er's Spanish Mixture, whl-h were most truly surprising. lie siys in a ?ase of Or>mumption, Srh^ndMl* Li7er* tb* g??d Wtt* VOa> SAMUEL M. DRINK BR, of the firm of Drinker ft Morris, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Ccm tlaint of three v ears standing, by the use cf twt cttiee of Carter's Spani-h Mixture. GREAT CURS Ot SCROFULA ? The Bditora oi th* Richmond Republican h da aeivant employed la their preei rooa, cured of violent Scrofula, com b aed with Uhaamatbm, vhich eatirely disabled blm fron w >rt Two bottle* of Carter s Ppm'sb Mixture mad* a perfect cure of him, and the l;ii tor* in a public nrdfee, ?*y th*/ -choerfully rec<>m meal it to all who are alliic.eJ with auy disease ol the bio* l * STILL ANOril S?. CURS OF SOROFC1A.?IL*A a verr valnable boy cared of Scrofula by Carta's Spanish Mixtare. I ct?n?i ler it truiy a valuable medicia v J 1348S M. TAYLOk, Cocdactor on the R. F. aal P. R. R. Oo_ Richmond, V? ftlLT RHJSUM 0/ TWBNTT YkA115 STANDING CU :RD Mr. JOHN TilOMP3')S, reeidin; ia the city of Rlcku^jd w?s curel by three bml*s of Carter'c Spanish Mixmre, of Snlt hheum, which be had fbr nearly tvaaty years, and which all the physkunj of tha tt J ua!d not wr?. Mr. Thompson is a well kaowa 41* *hant <n the city of Ri'-hm^ndf and hie b aiuit fararkabie. WM. A.BiT I'HB W&y of iU hmotd had a servant cured *f Hvphids, in the wo.*: form, by Ca>ter'> Spanish Mixture. lie aaya he ch-erful'y recom meads it, aad con iders it a vjry invaluable meil BDW1N BUwTOT, eotnaJ-^oner of the revena-, ?ye he haj *e?a the go >d effects of Carter's fpankh Mixta re ia a number of Syphilitic caiMs, and says it Is a perfect eure f r that Uorrtble di*?aee. WM. U< ilARH'OJD, ef RicMmoad. cared of eld Soree ani Dloere, wh ch di??tled him fr?m w?lkiag. Took a to* bottl*a ofCar'er's Spanish Mixture, at. J waa enaftled to wa!k without a crutch,in a bhort time peieanea'.ly cu*wd. Prinsipai Depots at M. WARD, CL08K A Co,, Ho. M MaU*n Lane. New York T. W. DYOrT A SONS, No. 182 North Second Philadelphia BKNNBTr A BK?ia8, No. 125 Main street, Rich Bond, Va. An>l for sale by rn \^LBS STOTT, H a-ihington, DC; HRNdY PJCB!, Alexandria, and by Draggists ?very wL we. Fri? $1 per bottle, or Hx bottles for i5, r*-> 11?It UNION ACADEMY. Censer of F\j*rUe\t\ si. a-i l Aew York avenue AmW mare pupii* oaa oe received to make up the limited number. A p loaliea must be made soon. The litciplme, Instra.rUon, an I meins of illustration are such as to insure sa'.Lsfitctory pro gree* in thoee i apib who aie pcuiioai, tegular and obedient. Circulars at the Bookstores dee 30?3m X. 7kICl/ * " WATCEKS! WATCHES! ^ IF YOU wieh a warranted . tim'-k^eprr, ai a n-asonabie jtfjV pnee, yoa are luvited to callj^^^^*" and examine my selected stock' ofAgT' i^liab aud Geneva Waiche* for ladies and gdW H. SRMKKN, Mo. 330 Pa. av., b- tween ikh and lOtli su. jaa IS??otMaH S OUTHRRV QUARTERLY REVIEW for Janu ary, 1855 t'ontenu : The North and the South Rlunde? of Hail am powere of the General Government The Human Family ( XMdtution of the Lrnited States L'hemasuy ot Common Life Party Lead'*" Recent Hueial Tl?e.?r.< s Critical Notices. Subscription price fo per annum.* feb IS PR A NCR TAYLOR. EXPECTED HEW Y3AB PRESEH7S. OF *11 the branches of bu?ine<s ondu-t^ ia this dty, ttrf oeri?? ?, perhaps, of all oth-rs afford tbe smallest profits, ani should h?v? the yrtfarence for caah, and ao one la Lh vt bu*n^3s can continue if his customer^ are njt prowot in ?eti>iu?nt by rbort aotoa cr eaah- Pe*iro'.ii of ,losing up wr tbe past. I ?arneatly request all who at; indobt-d to eail aud settle wi bout delay I will further give noticj that ail future bill* which cay be ecntr-icted with mo must be mad-' with refer* no* to, and with the dis inct understand ing that they are to be cmmaI m nthty, by cash or notae ?; Jj my, vhicL I h?i> - preparwi forth* pur* pose, except ? aoh ot my old cu^t jtaers who have al> ways beau prompt. Z. M .P. KIN J. dec *7?tf rpBAN^-ALLKOdl^Y BANK AND SKLDBN X Withers A Oo.'s Notes purchased at the highest r*ttsirre9t Money, Land Waxrants, and Virgin s 8c ip bought and so!]. Uraits on ail the principal ciJ&a so!d to salt pur i a* a dieianc ? senli. g me Traos AD^ghany a* Land VaryaoU, uay rely ape* reeeMng th* beet rate*, and remituac*e mad) by draft on aay eity in the Unl^n. HAMILTON 0. FAKT, Banker, dee 9?No 4M Penna a vena S. PIANOS FOR SALE AND REMT. rpHE sutocribcr has always on band a tri?(Mt I ineot of German and American PI ANUS, from tbe very best manufacturers ^ whicb be off#-ra for sale at lower prices' than can be purchased in the District oi Columbia, and ta thr at>m accommodating terms. Ail Pianos purchased I'rom me are warranted to give sattalac Oou. Old Pianos taken in exchaa^e. B. RE1SS, Pr<tfe?s<>r of Mu>io, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth .-treats. UITHO'S WHO IN 18^5, 1 packet volume fw D^d's Parliamentary Companion for 1856, 1 packet volume RriOsh Army I.i t for 18^5 hriuab Navy I.i-t d ? The Planetary WWlds, their Topography and TelaaeupiL- Appearances, by J. Breer, Caiubridge Obaervatory, I vol Blackwood's Almanac for 19A5 Imaurtad by la>t steamer by fe*S FRANCE TAY LOB. - *? JONAS CH1TKER1NG SECOND-HANI) Pi 'OiflriS tor sale on rea onaMe terms al of HILBV8 ft BirZ, S?u UNDERTAKERS, to. CABINET MARSR & UNDERTAKER. rpox uaderalgaed would i eepeutftillyInform hit X Meads, acquaintances, end the publio generally that he still ocetiouee to execute ell orders im hk tineef baxbMM la the best maimer sad eft the ahor* ?(aottoe. RKPA1R2IO neatly ted promptly executed VTSK&ALS attended to H ft?? the sbortot^nntic*, end la the beet oeaner. BeMm promrud tm tkt tmut ptrfoal r*r, ewtn in the wwi-exif -rtflrr *.a?akfulfor pact favors, he would respectfully elicit, ?4 will endeavor to merit ? oowtinaanee of the leate. ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pe. eve., s. aide, betweea 9th and 10th its Residence: Mr. Merlia's, No. Wft. D street, t hrd souse seat of fth stieet. ?r IT?If UNDERTAKER^ I WOULD respectfully retain my thanks to the ettlseas of Waehlagtoa aad Its vicinity for their pest petrosals, aad nay that owiag to the beqaeat jails la the Undertaking branch of ay bmsinaes, I hare been induced to discoatiaus the manufcetare yf Fa ml tore, aad torn By atteatioa fully to the 3NDRRTAUNO. I htT* spared ao psiai to hare svery thieg that la requisite to bj business, and 1 4zn therefore fally prepared to meet say ordsr after ? few momeats notice, aad I aetfure those who may {Ire me a oall that I will spare ao pains te oarry oat their orders to their entire **fr???eotioB. J.YMR8 P. HARVIT, No 410, Tth st, betweea 0 aad H. S. B.?Oal! t atteaded to at ail hears of the ?1|ht mar *-ly C. WARltlNKR, WATCHMAKER, NO. 2 JO FA. AVENUE, Between Nioth and Tenth btreels, WASHUfOTOS, D. C. fob 14?dt\ov4* GHKAT IFTDUCJBflB!?T|. CANFIELD, BROTHER fc CO . Baltimore Oreel, Baltimore, Ml.. Oflc-r to buyers, previous to taking iheir annua! ac ount of eiock, a large *\*ck of recent'y imronrj ??;*!- such a* WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER. WARfc^Albata a,xA Plated GooAi, Clock-*, Bronze*, JfutiriU Ho***, Dre*kn China, rfc , AT PRI CESI TO SUIT THE TIMES, HlTHduT RE GJ9RD TO COST. )aa31 ?u COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOlP Sew York, Texas, California, Ntw J oner, Louisiana, Missouri, PwaasylTaaia, Alabama, Kentacky, JJ*J7lend, Georgia, Michirao, A Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Flr rlia, other State*. GKOSQE 0. THOXAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Wmskingtjn Plat*, usar Odd- hVllot*j' llaU, esVR.vra stakst, WAsuwotoa. D>a ? ft? IU -It F. Q. DAVTDGE, Attorney and Cnnnaellor-at-X-a*,, a? COMMISSIONER OF DBUVS . rou raa stairs of Virginia New York Maine Kentucky, How Jerae7 Illinois UmleiMU, His*ad;p[ Connecticut Mae*chueot?j Irarylaai Pennsylvania Florida 1 ?naeee?e Alabama low. C eorgia Califorula Ai<?arju e Carolina ii, ^ Conveyancing in all lta breaches promptly aai aejHrately executed. Offioe, Louis: a arena t, opp. Fifth stieet oct 16?1ly R. H. QILLET, Coiaiellor at Law, aad reiddeoee in Fraaklin Row, corner c' K end Thirteenth itr??t. nn, <11y WM. M. MERHICK, Attorney at, ao. 38 LooiMASA Annua Will practice in th? Supreme i^?urt of the United 3t?tee and th* Courte of the D.atrict of Uolumbla. diw f Private Medical Treaties OS TBI FHYPIOLOQIOAL VIEW OF UARRIAOC, ? a. l?A caoix, M. D,, ALBANY, y F. *0 Pagre aad 130 Floe Plain and Colcrei Litho graphs eud Plates. O* Price only 95 Cents. CV9<nt fre? of postage to *) I par'a ef theUnloii-t^ CUKAPR^T BOOK KVaR PUBLISHliD, tnd containing nearly d uble the quantity of r**<itng matter in that of the FIFTY CUNTS Oil DOLLAR PUHL1C4TION8. Ft h*eat< on ?he PUFSiOLO , GY OF MARRIAQB, and the | secret I' firmitieeand dleord?r of youth and zaaiari'.v, re sulting from eimrie, Which | destroy the physical and mm tal powers, with obcerreOons ea marriage, Ite unties ana diefjualiflcHtioDs, und th?ir remwiie*; lithographs, IliuiO/aiing the anatomy aid pay-oology, and OMeaaee of the repr - ductive organd of both aoxee, their structure, uses and functions. A popular aad ooaprwi<ujlv** trea tise on the dull** aad %. f single tud taar rlml lifa?happv atul ai'.?u'?a, modu cf *e earing them -iai?t'asto<<j a'jA ^ulMile cnea-tLoIr obviatioa aad fojewt:-hiute u> tho^e sont^mplatiBg msVtn.r ay, th+t will orerccae ob jeotions to It; uou, b?w?T?r. ahould take this lm> portaut nep w'rhoui Crat consulting its pa^ee? acmmaaUriee oa the alseanrs and medical treatment of lemnlre Iroca L'^aney to old ace, each eas* graph leal I y illustrate.! by beautiful lithographic pUtee? aerro*j debility, iu eausee aad cure, by a prcceae at one- no simple, 'afe aad effectual, that lailure Is luipoaUbie?ruL'S for daily uianag?mut?an ess?y on flp? raatorrhoaa with practical ohe^rratkns oo a eafer, and store suoreeefai mode of tr*atm#nt? pre jeauonxry hint* on the evils resulting from tmpiri ml practice?an es*ay on ail diwaeoe arUI?a fioni ladisJtsJon, with plain and simple rales by all pera&? can cure thomu-lTes without Eiercary? remedies ftr thoee self Inflicted miseries and di-up pointed hopes so ucfcrtuuateiy pravalent in ihe young. It is a truthrul adviser to the married and thoee oontempt*Ur.? iaarr..i^?. iu perusal U par tlruiarly reeommeni'd to p*rv>us mU-rtaining ae sret douots of thrtr pU/nic l ccnditLu, aad who are eoo^k os of having hasard?<d the health, hatpinta; aud prlfilk^tei to which et?ry huniau being i? t,n UtleJ to. Prfoe M aents per c^py, or fi*.. copies Rr one dr.l lar. Mailed free of poeUge to any t w tha Uni ted States. N. B.?Those who prefer cay sr-ufuli B.- LaC*o*r apoo alj of the dleew^e upoa whioh tU bt-ok trc..L either *nrnally or by mail. Medicine uzt to ai'y part of the Uuton according to &lr^t>t<oiu, eu.n.>> packed aud carefully secured frta all obi err rlcn. Addreee Dr. M. ? L4 CROIX,No SI Line or Coat OM:e Box 679, Al?*ar. N. Y. 4^- Office open daiiy from tiauipn, d cd dunday frou d until 6 pm. Strf- Office Removed from No M Beattr at, to 41 HnlUen Lane, Albany, N. Y. ?tec 7 MATHEMATICAL IIV8rKUICSHlB. MUS O. ANOMRAOM bee r^oeired a larre and complete ee?ortmeat of >(?th^madc^l Innuru* menu and Drawing Materia a of auparior quality The MaUt matkal ioetrameiite are chiefly of 8 manufactory in oaJ-e, ae w?ll aa la a>par^to pi?c?w; Water oolors and oil eclore. Drawlag p*pe. a of ev ery quality. A' o. Siudleaia Drawlag and Paiating. dec lii?U M T 0 Pwao. avenue. DENTISTRY. f'\!L MUNPON re.-pectfh'ly eal a public att^nllia 1/ to hie uew, pateat, aad ORXATLY ~ ? RPSLOVLD method of aetUag Artiflda:,' Teeth, with CcaUnuous (Jam?the Tery **-J PBUFrCWONOFTUB ART. Thleatyls sf Ieeth has the follow ad vintages over all cthere ria: ORRAT 8TRBNQTU, CLKAKLINKfcH, C <M rORT, aa.l BKAt/YY, ^ielag with Natnr*> h. tu.ete resp, iU, aad sou? c -bers excelliag. Public iufpe-: ttoa la respectfully solicited. Pleaee call aad set ?pedmeca. CAUTION.?No other Deatkt la the D?etrict of Oolambia has a right to make thie style of lvetn. N. B.? Teeth constitutional'j hsalthy, plagged anl warranted for Hib. Offi.v aad house at So. Xt I street, aesr tb# cor aa- ef Poaiylmla avenue aad 14th Swt aor LS?tf f , . IYY WALTZ. /COMPOSED and Jodie-U-d to Mua M. J. Tahtrr, V> by P.of. A. F. Little, ju*t published aad tor sale at HILBL'S 4 HITZ'S Music D?p<H. Price 19j^ et-nta. teb 6 "POCKJST aad Quarto Diaries for 185S for aale bf A IRANCK TAFLO*. GRATIS! JU8T PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW worda on the Rational Treatment, with oat Medicine, of Hpermatnrrhe a, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili tjr, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Lunbj and Back, ladispo-j aition and Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss oP Memory, aversion to Society, Lore of Solitude. Timidity, Self Distrust, Dizziness, Head Ache. Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of th<! Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in man. i .* ^ *7, PROM TILE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The importaut fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed without Medicine is, in this small tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, aa adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of wfcich ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANBY, No. 17 Liepe*iard street, New York. jan 17-3m IMPORTANT TO THK SlUK. T^Ilt great experience and well known skill of Prof McCunwci is a sufficient guaranty to th? public that the following Hat of Medicine*, such aa hare been constantly used In his practice tor the last thirty years, will fully sustain by their effects the valuable qualities attributed to them, and pr^ve to be the best Medicines ever offered to the public. I. Dr. McCtintock's Peclorul Syrup. An invaluable remedy Iter Bronchitis, Oon?ump ticn, and all chronic diseases of the throat and luugs. la all deep seated c >mplaints of the Pulao naty organs It has proved the B3.-?st sale, oertain, and rapid remedy ever employed in the ext?ns<7e practice of Dr. UcCi:nt?k For any of these tor mi | of disease, ehowing thamseives as Cough, Tickl ing of the Throat. Sens# of Tightnwis in ths Throat. Spitting ot Blood, Dificnity of Breetr.lng. lloarse ow *r Ixjss of Voice, and Hectic fever, its u?s will oe attended with the happiest results, while It is pleasant to the palate and strengthening to tha vhole system. It contain* no laudanum or opium many shape. Pries $1 pet pint bottle. U. Dr. McClintock's Cdd md Cough jfixiure. An infallible aure for recent Otagfcf, Tickling of the Throat, Tightness of Breathing, Group In Chil lien, As. It coutains no preparation of opium, rri^e 26 ocnts per bottle. iH. Dr. McCliaxtock't Asthma and Hoop ing Cough Remedy. Aa almost Instantaneous relief for them dletr**-' ing complaints. This is tns fruit of an immense ?Xy<?jlsn.jeT and la astonlrhlng in its effects. No p?r *>n need suffer a day from Asthma or Hooping 3os?jh who will use it. Prij* 60 cent? per bottle. IV. Dr. McClirJotk's Dlarrkaa Cot dial and Cholera Preventive. A pricpt and certain cure for Diarrhau, Dysrn tery, and Cholera M?rl>us in ail stages. A cure pre ventive ol A?iatic Cholera, which no travels! or family should be without Pries U and 60 cents per bottle. y. Br* Mi ClnUodt t T<>ru< AUcrative Sy. u?, for purifying tha Llood. The uiest powerful pn? ? rifier ever diecovsrei Far a>l B -rofuloua dlesaSM, 8kio diaiaeea, Kraptioas, Bolb, Pimplea, Erysipelas, Uloera, Sore Legs, and all Itheninatlc and Syphilitic complaints, Ac. It U a moat excellent spring medi cine, perfectly pa'aULle, and safe for children or fe males. Price(pint Bottles) il. VI. Dr. MtCHntotVi Dyspeptic Elixir. D/sjwjwLi. or di?rier?d diction, may be called the National Dua ase cf Am?nca. Its (.ymptom* are healech*; giddiness; nervoumeas; low spirits; dim ness of vision, with mot-a or specks before the eyes; Itehing of the nostrils; duUneae of hearing and ring lug in On cars; disagreeable tvte in tee mouth; ?wnstriction or weight about th? chest; difficulty of breatli'Ug; s-nse of suffocation in lying down, or in ascending stairs; palpitations, or uneuy filings about the heart; irregular or deficient appetite sense of sinking at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or fallnats of the abdomea, and costivenear. ^oiae of these symptoms always appear In Dvspe^ sut; end eometimes tho came patient ha* mVny of them at the same time, or at different times. got attacking those Protean symptoms in their seat and aouros, viz: deranged coedltlon cf the ligeathrefnno tions, the Dyspeptic Eliiir combines all the valuable Ingredients which the Vegetable Kingdom afforis. Tak?n in connection with the Ve?-table Purgative Pill", in ca*w whera there is na ;n eostiveneM, or with the Anti-Bilious 1111a, where the functions of ths liver ars irregularly disch-?rgel, it wUl be found a moit effectual remedy. Prioe (in pint bottles.)$i. VII. Dr. McCiintock's Rheumatic Mix ture. /or internal use; a purely vegetable combination for the cure cf Hheumatkiu, Gout, and all Noural gic asl ILLeumatic Dbeasea. This remedy is offered with tha p.'jnost confidence. It has b*en need most extensively, and \a as near a Speolflc for Rheumatic Diseases as the world taa erer seen. Price per bot tle td cents. VIII. Dr. MiCUutcck'i Rheumatic L:?i merit, An infallible outward application for the relief of all rheumatic or neuralgic palnr, sprains,swelling^, stiff nsck, ?t!ffn?is cf th-Joints, pains in the shoul iers, bi?k, cr limb*. It affcris i a mediate r?ll?f from ;holic an 1 tains in the (tomaeh anil abdomen. As a counter irritant, it is inraluab:e in all caaej where an exUrnal sUxu'.au.t is ueelei. Piise (per bottle) 69 cents. 11. Dr. McClint oik't Anadyr, e Mixture, Or Pain-Bxtra^tor.nsed internally end eiterually, fcr the inetaut relief of all pains. Toothache, Ileal aohe, (Jholic, Ague in the Chilblain*, Nsural cia, Btons or Uravel, Ac^ Ao. ho pain need be en dued a moment by asyeericn who will UKethU Invaluable Anodyne. Price 69 cents per botuie. X. Dr. McClintodi 'i Fever and A gut SpccijU. This has been foani an iniyilble spealSo fr,r this eeocrgs of new oouutriea, end for interiultt. tt feverj. No traveller or resident in any erne dl> trial shouik tall to prov?is themselves with tciajuie preventive. Prioe jl par bolJe. II, Dr. McClvUoch't Vegetable Purga tive Pills, For the ralief cf Csnstipation and its patc.'nl re sults, such aa IleaJa !jh, DixiJ.iess, Hrt BrsatacL, Paine, and all the iyciptcms enumerarM urder ths 'Dy^yeptir klis.r." i*ri.-.c 25 cants per bor. A11. Dr. McClintock't Villi, Por Liver Conjoints, snd all fonas of .line vscs arialng from derailment of tbs liver, with nut tome such as Diirfne**, Keu:Uch*, Rltglug 111 the yellow furrri tongue, p Ja L\ th3ri?Lt shculdei-, sense of fuilnesB or pain in the right sLia disordered stomach cr boksis, det. ieat action cf the kidneys, clay-colored stoob, Ac. Iheja Fills, If tkken iu the inilpisnt etJiss of lillku* and Yellcw cr other Pevwrs, vr il gensrally warl off the Trioe io centj i *i. boa. The ab* ve MaJic'ir.ej taxv ts procured cf all ihe pricoipal Dragrub and Apctheoarlsa in this Di? trict, aud of J. JL litdi^v*, Agent, Waihin^tca. sep IB?6n BEAUTIFUL WHITB TEJCTU. EALT11Y GUMsJ, AND A 8WEBT BREATH All who are d<;siious of obtaiuiu* these btne fits, s .ouUI use Z b U ,V| \ N ' ,s Cl-iLEUUATliU lUOni-VVAUII. This delicious article combines so meritorious q iaJiucs, that it has now be come n standard fovetiie Willi llie citizens of New York, Philadelphia <nid Baltimore. Dentists pre ecrtuc it in their piactice iimst successfully, and from every source the most flattering laudations are awarded it. Inrtaaae'l and bleeding gums are immediately ben efltti'd by iu use; iu acti in upon them is mild soothint and effective. It cleanses the teeth so thoroughly, that they are made to rival pearl in whiteness, and diffuses through the mouth such deli^hU'ul freshness, that the breath is rendered ex qui*iicly sweet, it disinfe.'ts all diode impurities wrhich lend to produce decay, and as a consequence wh n theee are removed, the teeth must always re main souttd. It 14 used and recommended by all the eminent Dentists in New Yoik, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities wh?*re it has be^n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared ouly by FR\NO|3 ZERMAN, Druggl and Chemist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila deJplua, and sold by all Druggists cvurywh?n\ at 'J5 eents per bottle. W. II. U1LLMAN, jan 17?Jin Agent for WHshingion City. CLOTH I SO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER than ever.?In ojder to run off the remainder M our large uuck of Cloths, CsfslnieMs, and Vest Imta, we will a| this scax^i lake measuic and make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality 90 par cent, cheaper than our usually low prices. WALL k STEPBKNB, IM Pa. avenue, next door to Don Hall. feb 18 (?3ehunelfcN?w?) H' THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. r) BE RAFFLED FOR IN 400 CHANCES AT ??? EACH. PRIZR HO. 1 "St. Thomas of Vill <nueva, Alma to the Poor," a copy of Murillo, by one of hia pupils and touched by that great artil ?Id to be equal to the original, cost f4,000. run 3. " The adoration of the Wiae Men of the Eaat," a gen a ne Murillo; cost $3,000. PRIZE 3. " HnJ of our Savionr," by Correggio; rout $1,000. PR1ZB 4. " Fleed of the Rlesaed Virgin," by Carreggio; coat $1,000. Mr. 8. A. MATLACK it authorixe.l to reeeive subscriptions in this city, of whom ticket* may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR fc MAURY. All money received on account of the Raffle will be deposited in Bank until the drawing taken place, which will be dnly announced. From the National Intelligencer. Articlca similar to ilie annexed we have observed in several di-t\nt paper?, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad to pee that a member of the family ia willing to dispose ol a part of the rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade, who, during hia long residence iu Hpain, had cwipor tuuiuea, which his opulence enabled him to indulge, for aelecting many or the finest paintings in Spain? that treasure house of pictorial richea. The dis turbed state of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many geaia of art whieh would otherwiae never have been purchasa ble. From the Boston Chronicle. Ciuf D'cavaaa or AaT.?Several okef d'tuteret of Murillo, Correggio, and other mast rs, which were brought from Spain during rev. lutionary time* bv the hue R. W Meade,-.have elicited the admi^t ion of eonnoisaeura during the pant week in the R tAnrio of the Capitol. They are to be disposed of it 4 :!ie benefit of a daughter of Mr. Meade, residing lit Hew York, after an opportunity has been given fJ the public for mi examination. febtyltf A BOOK OF OKKAT TALUK * IHTIUf ST. /CYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rev. liSJvy V t Newcomb. I vol., large octavo, double columns, | 784 pago* ; price $3. Embracing a coniprrlu:u -ivc view of a'l th- Missionary operations in the World, with geographical descriptions, condition of the uu evangelized, he., together with the religious move ment* of the age, under ail alphabetical annnge uiehl, illustrated wjih thirty-two Missionary Maps. " The Cyclopedia of Mission*, by Rev. jjaivey Newcomb, I repaid a?awoik of great permanent , value. It contains wi<hin a moderate comp <*s, hh1 in a convenient form, a large amount of just the kind of information, historical, statistical, md illuti trative on the subject ot Missions, winch every Min ister, and every christian lawn in need* to poetiese, and which could be gained only by laborious re search in books and dccuincuU, many of which are not easily accessible. Geo. W. Wood, Sec. A. 11. C. F. M.' Agents for the Distri't: GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, f?b 14 408 Seventh at. I^ilOW PARIS?Oeuvris completes de Vol taire, 75 vols, octavo, in tine binding, $55 Dc Thnfi; Histoirc Universelle, 11 volumes, quarto, bound, Rfgnard; oeuvres compleica. 4 vols, octavo, bound, $:s :?*) Oeuvre? d?j D'Alembert, 5 volt., octavo, Ixiund $t> (Jondillac; ocuvres couit letes, 10 vol.-, octavo, line calf, 530 Ribliotheque IIistoriq<i?, 13 vol-, octavo, hrlfbound $.">50 Duual ; o?uvre<* complvtca, U vols, octavo, half houud, $4 50 Meiuoirea du Uuc de Ilovigo, 8 vols, octavo, half bound, $o 50 Oj:uitln; Nemoires Snr la Polognc, 4 vols, octavo, half calf, $3 Rousscet; Ilistoire dea Variation* des E^hsrs Prot estant^ voN, octavo, half morocco $1 Lavater; Phystonoune, 10 vols, full calf, numerous illustration*, $*23 Annate* du Parlciueui Fraucais, 8 folio, vols, luiit calf, $14 RcimpresMon de I'Ancien Mnnireur. 17b9 to 1799, M vols, tolio, iu fine binding. *'J5 And inany others at the same range of prices, im ported direct from Paris, by Ittb 10 , tRANCK TAYLOR. ARNY, No. 84 Bridge ttreet, Georgetown, IS prepared to furnish Balls, Dinners, Sothv- 1 Wkduinos, ic., with everything in the Om&c tionarv line, in any part of the District, at the final est notice, and on the most reas< liable terms, jan 18?tf Mott Bedell's Line. NEW YORK.ALEXANDRIA, WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. rpHIS LINE OF PACKETS f*AILS WEEKLY X fitmi pier 14 East River, New York2and oflener if necessary, and are composed ol" the follow first class vessels: ? (New aehr. A. F. Bedell, Bedell, master. New scbr. Mott Bedell, V. TredwelL Schr. Ann D., VVm. Oliver, master. Schr. f'tlunt, L. A. Smith, masl|;r. Schr. Commander in-CKuf, Wogl joi, master. Sehr. Grcenway, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the marten men of experience in the trade, and the only regu lar line ot Washington City packets. MOTT BEDELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. MASTERS & HONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?6m Washington and D. C. TO INVENTORS 1>M ofioe of "The Invantord* Protection National Uniun" ia on 7th atreat, oppodta tha K?it Pot Joo of the Patent Ofltae, and ia now ready to ?.ttecd to th ? btMineaa of its Btembtri, nanxalv : in making (zamination* and aolicitlug patents, ie. Invsntore are invited to call asd get a copy of tn* Jonstltation and Bj-Iaira, and vbere any infouu* 4on will be given nvpocdng the Union. All letters on losinaae muat *te (Lraoted to thia ot tee, where attention will be git en immediately. A it.Mai shop la In connects :*a with the ofiae, vLMe liodeia can be c*la to-order at the ehortsst ?OUoe. T. r.. CLAYTON, ar lC?lr Fiwfdent I. P. N. O. DRAUGHT ALE. THE undersigned respectfully announce that they have obtained the sole Agency of the District for the sale of Kurtz it Nes's \ ork Draught Ale, and have made arrangements so as tn have it con stantly on hand, so that all who may fiivor them with tlieir custom wiH be punctually served. As usual, a supply of Porter, Ale, Cider and Mm eral Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or giveu U) our drivers will meet with strict attention. Terms cash. AUNT 8i 8HINN. A first rate Wagon, but little used, for sale Apply as above, to AilNY & SH1NN, Union Hottling Depot, feb 8?eolm Georgetow n SALT * MEKCKR POTATOES. 1.000 sacks G. A. Salt 500 sacks fine Salt daily expected 2,000 busheis prime Mercer potatoes just arrived pur schooner J. W. Dodge, and for sale by P. F. RERRY fc SON, feb 33?e< 3t Water at., Georgetown. NOT1CIC.?Those pcrsous haviug open ae counts on our books which were randcrcd in December and due us 1st of January la-t, also those indebted to the late fiini of Ciageu k D idson, are again respectfully reminded of their delinquency, and arc urged to make nrran^emeu's at once f settlement. It will be to their advantage to do 60. feb 27?eo3t CLAGETT, DODSON k CO. NOTICB E. OWEN at SON have this day opened their first invoice of Spr ng Goo#', and solicit a call from their friends and cusicmeni. feb 27?eolw urn drnm ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalted in struinenu direot from the M;um factory in Dresaea, Germany, l'lic Pianos having both, after a loi g and land voyage, arrived in perfect' tune, alford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune, t heir beauty and powet ol toae elicits the higliea encomuuis from aJI tlie great musical critics of Europe. I11LBUS fc HITZ. MU'ic Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D sia an 8- tt I "HE NEW ClTY DIRECTORY?Washington _ and Georgetown Directory just published, con lainuig the CongreMtonal Direct >ry lor the Second Session of the Thiity-tfnrd CongruM. TAYLOR \ MAURY'S feb 20 Bookstore, near 9th si. A MERICAN YEAR BOOK OF FACTdand An /X nuai ?f Scientific Discovery lor 1653,1 volume M4^j?,tl 90. FRANC* TAYLOR. EVENING STAR. I [C0*MCNICAT*D. AMERICA* ABT aid GENIUS, j What a shine it is liut our Atuericio artists are not more noticed by their I countrymen. I should suppose that it would be our pride, as well as pleasure to encourage, even in its infancy, the genius of our own people?those born on I our own soil?the germ of their intellects fostered and nurtured in their own bo soms while drinking at the pure font of freedom's rills, gurgling from their native hills, end basking in the beams of some glorious sun, at noonday, or gently mus ing while he sets in beauty? earl v learn I the power that is born in them of paint ing on canvas, or chiseling from maible, I something that will make them immor tal. ^ But when these thoughts come to be p?*t in practicc, what a disappointment often to their dearest hopes, when thev njceive no token of encouragement. A tHU of praise would sometimes send a tfiHTl of rapture through their bosoms ? but they are left to toil and labor with out this incense being cffered at the shrine so dear to an artist's heart; while they see foreign art praised and accepted: not that we would wish to depreciate the genius of the Old World. Who would not love to lriger around the classic shade; of imperial Rome; and view with I delight, mingled with sorrow, the ruius of the once renowned Athens! But this is written to call the attention of the public to a gentleman and sculp I tor, now a resident of this city. We al* lude to Dr. Horatio Stone Ab >ut a year since we visited his studio, and had the pleasure of seeing several busts. A beautiful bust of one of the fair daughters of the metropolitan city attracted us greatly; so much expression was thrown around the lovely picture, that it was pleasant and wond ;rful to behold the inanimate material so life-like. At that time there was also in his studio an ex cellent likeness of ex-President Fillmore (n ho would not love to see frequent iei? I iesentations of that noble man, whom a;l must admire who have a true and patriotic regard for their country's weal I registered in their hearts!) I In c mipany with others who derived pleasure from the visit, we called again a short time since to see other bnphi evidences of Dr. Stones genius. We gaz- J with astonishment atthemarblel bust of Thomas li. Benton, and the kn-l ger we gazed the more we were convinced I that it was a perfect embodiment of thatl talented statesman, " liis every look and feature eloquently touched." Kext came under our observation the bust of the I lovely child of our Secretary of War. which was just completed. It is indeed a perfect specimen of art, beautiful ?? be-| yond compare." What thrilling sensa tions must these bereaved parents expe-| rience on beholding this " reseinblaucel dear of their much cherished boy." Inl conclusion, let me advise ait true lovers! cf art to call at Dr. Stone's studio and! encouragc such talents as far as mav be I in their power; they will find him a gen-1 tlemen of true politeness and varied ac-| quirements, and certainly a sculptor of I real genius?an American Kuow Somcl thing without the aid of European schools I Government should give him a substan-1 tial token of appreciation by placing the I bust of Mr. Benton near that of ourl highly esteemed and beloved Chief Jus-| tico laney. Vibginics. I THE FOE TEAPE ADVEF1DRI. BY WASHINGTON IRVLKG. Colter, with the hardihood of a regu I lar trader, had cast himself loose from the party ot Lewis and Clark, in the verv heart of the wilderness, and had remain-1 ed to trap beaver alone, on the head wa-1 ters of the Missouri. Ilere he fell in with I another lonely trapper like himself, named Potts, and they agreed to keep together. They were in the very region of the terrible Blackfeet, at that time thirsting to revenge the death of their companions, and knew that they had to expect no mercy at their hands. They were obliged to keep concealcd all day in the woody margins of the rivers, set-1 ting their traps at nightfall, and taking them up before daybreak. It was a fear-1 ful risk for the sake of a few beaver I skins; but such is the life of a trapper. They were on a branch of the Missou-1 ri called Jefferson's Fork, and had set I their traps at night, about six miles from 11 a small mer that emptied iUelf into the! forks. .Early in the morning, they as-1 ccnded the river in a canoe to examine I the traps. The banks on each side were 11 high and perpendicular, and cast a shade over the stream. As they were softly paddling along, they heard the tramp- i ling of many feet upon the banks. Col-1 ter immediately gave the alarm of "In dians !" and was fir instant retreat. I Potts scoffed at him for being frightened! at the trampling of a herd of bufWoes. ' Colter checked his uneasiness, and pad-1 i died forward. They had not gone much - further, when frightful whoops and yells i burst forth from each side of the river, I and several hundred Indians appeared on 11 either bank. Signs ware made to the un- i 1 fortunate trappers to come on shore. 1 They were obliged to comply. Before ' they could get cut of their canoc, a sav- < age seized the rifle of Potts. Colter 1 sprang on shore, wrested the weapon - from the hands of the Indian, and re- i stored it to his companion, who was still < in the canoe, and immediately poshed into the stream. There was a sharp twang of a bow, and Potts cried out that ' he was wounded. Colter urged him ton come on shore and submit, as his only f chaucc for life; but the other knew there i was no prospect of mercy, and dctcrmin- t cd to die game; leveling his rifle, he shot i one of the savages dead on the spot The] < next moment he fe!l himself, pierfced with i numerous arrows. r. - 1 j Thei vengeance of the savages was now! i turned upon Colter. U. w? stripped i onked, Md, hiring some knowledge efj 1 the Blackfoot language. overheard a con saltation as to the mode of dispatching him, so M to derive the greatest amuai roent from his death. Some were inr anting him up as a mark. and having a trial of skill at his expense. The chief bowevea, was for nobler sport, lie seized Colter bv the collar, and demanded if he could run fkst. The unfortunate trapper was too well Acquainted with the Indian customs not to comprehend the drift of the question. He was to ran for his lifr, toforoish a kind of Iranian hunt -L.,LE!7?ut?T8, Tfcoufl> "* realitj he wm(noted by by his brother banters for swiftness of foot, he assured the chief he was every bad runner. Uia stratarem ?i"b^ tS"? VnUg* #rou,Mi led by the chief into the prairie, about four hundred vards from the main body of savages and then turned loose, to save himself if he could. A tremendous yell let him know that the whole pack of bloodhounds were in hill cry. Colter flew rather than ran ? he was astonished at his own speed: but he had six miles of prairie to traverse tefore he could reach Jeffrron Fork of the Missouri ; how coold he hope to hold out snch a distance with the odds of seven hundred to one agsinst him ? The p ain, too, abounded with the nricklv zz\:hb T?dwi *? ? 6U11 he lied on, dreading each moment to hear the twang of a bow, and feel an ar row quivering at his heart. He did not e*eu dare to look round, lest he should lose an inch of that distance on which his lij^Jepended. He had run nearly n, u/,7 *Cr068 the P'ain' When ** >ouudof pursuit grew somewhat fainter, and he ventured to turn his head. The main body of his pursuers were a consid erable distance behind him : several of the fastest runners were scattered in the distance : while a swift-footed warrior, anntd with s spear, was not more than ft hundred yards behind him. Inspired with new hope, Colter re doubled his exertions, but strained him self to such a degree that the blood gushed from his mouth and nostrils,and steamed down his breast. He arrived within a mile of the river. The sound of fool steps gathered upon him. A glance be hind him showed his pursuer within twenty yar.s, and preparing to launch n:s 8i>ear. Stopping short, he turned round aud spread out. his arms. The lavage, confounded at this sudden action attempted to stop and hurl his spear, but fell in the very act. His spcarVtuek in the ground and the shaft broke in his hand. Co.ter plucked up the pointed part, pinned the savage to the earth, and continued his flight. The Indians, as they arrived at their slaughtered com panion, stopped to bowl over him. Ool ter made the most of this prccious delav, gained the skirts of the cottonwood bor dering the river, dashed through it, and and plunged into the streftin. He swftni to the neighboring island, against the upper end of which the drift-wood had lodged in such quantities as to form a natural raft; under this he dived, and swam below water until he succeeded in getting a breathing place between the iloaiiog trunks of trees, who* branches ftnd bushes formed a covert several feet above the level of the water. They plunged into the river and swamp to the rftft, passing and repassing, and seeking fjr him in all direotions. They at length gave up the search, and he then swam silently down the river, and made his es cape. Militia Foece of tue United State*. By the annual report of the War Depart ment, transmitted to Congress on the 31st January, it appears that the whole strength of the National Militia is as follows: infantit. Commissioned oflicem, 45 yx* Non-commissioned and pri vates- 1.769.33S CAVALRT. Commissioned officers^ 91,) Non-commissioned and pri vates, 12,539 - RIFLEMEN. Commissioned officers, 1>,9o3 Non-commissioned and pri vates' 32,450 Aggregate. 1,862,21 "> The cavalry and riflemen must, of course, be regularly organized and drilled uniform companies. As stated hbove, they constitute an aggregate of 17,858 oflicers and men, Requisites for a Great Max.?Gov. aardner of Massachusetts made a speech the other day to the boys at the Bridge ? water (Mass.) almshouse, in which he raid: "Boys! I want you to look at me. Look directly at me, for I am going to ?ay something Jo you. How many of you would like to be members of the Governor's council? Now if you will on ly do what is right, at all times, and nev sr steal, nor lie, ncr swear, yon may all lome day lise to eminent stations. 1 was once a poor boy myself; but I al ways oalculated to do what was right. [ would never steal, or lie, or uae bad anguage. I was an apprentice in my routh, but have now become one of the iovernor's council! Now boys, never et me hear of yoor doing anything wrong. Uways do what is right; never cheat, or iieal, or lie, or swear, and you may be come a great man." Qctte a Contrast.?The Painesvillc Ceiegraph states that two classes of pec >le in that village undertook to raise unds for the relief of the poor. One held 1 duncing party in the evening and rais ;d ?75; the other, whose conscientious tcruples prevented then-attendance where lancing was a part of the exerc-nes, ap pointed a committee tD receive the con ribufcioBs in the afternoon, and the imount received consisted of f 1 in mo iey, two pieces of pork, and 5 pounds of

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