Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ? ? ? ? -j WASHINOTON CITY: 1 'i ? yt THUBSDAY AFTKSXOOir March I. g?3??_ ' 9toraqm.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, corner of Lieventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildings." The central location and taay access to this store-room it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Tsrms low. Apply at the Star office. 8PIBIT OP THE MOB HI JIG PUSS. The Intelligencer rejoices over the action of j the President tod Senate, in oarrying out, yesterday, to a triumphant conclusion, the lieutenant general law. That is, Id nominating and unanimouily confirming Major (general Wiaflaid Scott to be a Lieutenant General in the army of the United States, the new com mi*ion to date baok from the taking of the fortress of Saa Joan de Uloa, at Vera Crui. The Union urgee that Know Nothiogism in the South is bat introducing abolitionism there under a disguise. We find in the Union also a communication upon Dr. Gwia's proposed over Isnd ezpreea to California, which read* to us very much aa if designed by the writer to defeat that great measure of economical frontier pro. tection, for the benefit of the companies owning the mail steamer lines between New York and San Francisco. In the last year, in nine out of ?very ten trips they have been beaten froi one to four days in the time occupied, by the s.earners of tbe Nicaragua line, whose proprie tors have before the Department a standing offer to make the mail to California weekly, for $250,000 per annrm. The Poetmaster General has called the attention of Congress to ? h is offer, and has recommended that, if any change whatever be made in the ocean mail steamer servioe between New York and San Francisoo, it shall embrace authority to him to contract for the additional service with the loweet responsible bidder to carry the mails, in the shortest time, under ordin ary inland postal rules and regulations Tie scheme which will likely be brought before Congress to day, u in direct opposition to this recommendation of the Postmaster General; inasmuch, as when developed, it will be found to propose to make an ad ditional close oontract to cany the mail by the alowest route, really in order to ohuke off all ocmpetition in transporting pasaen en between New York and San Francisco bv *tesra on the ocean. From Joe Skillington we hare received Blackwood a Edinburgh Magasine for Febru ary, and Frank Leslie s admirable Magazine for March The Metropolitan (Catholic) Magszine for March is now before cs. It is a capital number. Hr We nav? not received the Pittabura Pott and Ohio Statesman for at least three months. The pres-nt is the last number of the Star theee journals will got until we hear from them BT We are in the receipt oT Tpamphlet containing a full aooount of the trial and con viction of Dr. Stephen E Beale, with the let ters of Chief Justice Black, and a number of others, the whole being a plea in favor of Dr. Beale. EFThe Massachusetts House of Kepresen tativee have passed resolutions condemning the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, acd saying they shall henoeforth continue by all reasonable and constiiutional metuods to seek Its restoration. (*KK?eNAL. ....Our old friend of the Baltimore Argus has just returned from his trip to the east in announcing this fad .aye: "After ? ?ttj thoroagb cruise over Boston and its environs i^.WMk,kWThad abundant reason to knJw th? Maine Law waa a dead letter in that region having seen more drinking therein a day than we see ia our own city in a month SSiiS f SSnSk fr?jri?Y<* "Cm ???*??. .... It is said that Coleman & Stetion have Sri*!? 0f th? Astor IIou,?' New York nS ?? e,?T?n J ear s from the 1st cf May *3 adTtQce :n tb* present rate of ^ *????? Mr. Astor agreeicr to ?pend $lo,000 for improveiiienis and repairs. .... It is stated that Gov. Bingham, of yeto*d general bank biU UutSui Eec,ljn ofth? Legislature of .... Mr. Billings, of Beirdatown, 111., fc now putting up 5,000 barrels of paten : covered .... Jared W. Bell, the well-known printer *>?? arrested on a charge of forging the indorsements of Coleman A h! A*t?r H0UJ*'10 two Promisory VE-Jters?* to pfU?n ,q whiih - .r/l e a??re?4l? of bis forgoriei. which were committed two or three vears aeo amount to several thousand dollars ; and thi ouuJfhhS ba7? been trj,D* 10 work !t .... Fifty-three inhabitants of Concord (N * ?l*t?nent that they have ySSr- Know Nothing councils mi? ih.ej "7 "hole number of Zia?t? p*!*-1" 1 Clt* " ?boo1 * hundred, . *^?ot ??tuaates that the number in ini todL"iJUrn hunireJ- Th? Know Noth SJW M oJUSm 8**"' "* cwidlamt. for .... Major General Winfieid Soott was yes terday, by and witk the advice and consent of ? ?*rf' *Ppo?nCed to the bievet rank of Lieutent General m the army. ....Wehear that the youngest son of the deoeaMd poet Fairchild has become insane nowaa inmate of the Bloom ingdale Asylum "r{-Ci.?*Iby h.M ? PreM a biography of wea Sam Uoustoa, in three volumes. .? ? .Judge Edwards, of the Supreme Court il9d in/N eir York e,t7 oa Taes y last, agad 47 years. ....llie Mew York Express defends the iM*nlMiifIlh!LinotorloM BU1 Pool?? night il J in * row th? other hiswounds le ^ r*??T*ring from ^?*crat, of Saturday aays ihe Km>wHoth1I!g, 0f Kentucky, at their reoeut convention, nominatad Vnit.iil i , wW"3" ft1""7' /or ??.n>or. The first has been a Whig and the ZIh . ....It is rumored in New York that Ilyer ?ad Morrissey, the Notorious bruisers are to have a rough aad tumble fight in New York within a week, for a purte of f J.500. The mo b##? plaoea ia the hands of stake holders, and all the airasgsiSBts made for the affray. r # The fogitive slave, Aathoay Burns, is now oa his way back to Boaton, bis frwadeai havlag been purehased by a few Bostoniaas for the turn of $1,300. WAflHzxexoi nwi ajtd gossip. I he Ladies?God bleu them!?are bow ?warming over the Cepitol daily aod nigktly, M aa bees is a buckwheat firtd to the last of Jalj. The erowd of tntn?lj iaternet ed men bj whioh thej are surrounded, rea den the eleganoe and good taeto with whieh tbey are universally dressed, and they drees remarkably well, of little avail; inasmuch aa r the aterner sex, on* and all, who are tow foand there) are interested, not in the smiles of beau ty, bat about the Almighty Dollar?the only thing of which an American almost invariably thinks more, than of "Divine Woman." Such glances aa are just oow being thrown away in j the Capitol upon theaordid things, would torn the heads of half Paris, in a trice. Those who are attending to their own cases, bid fair, all of them, to win the day; inasmuch aa the ! members are, one and all, iB far better tem po* than we have seen them (of both Houees) lor many yeara in the waning houra of a seiiion. Those who are electioneering, as regular professional borers, must take their chanpes, which strike us as being, just now, very unpromising; aa the funny evidence be fore tke Letcher committee about the lobbying of ladiee upon a presumed otpital'ef sighs, ?oft glances, and piquant conversation, to say nothing of the talismaaic rote-aeouring ?ff?ct of well-timed pressures of warm, delicate, and mesmerising hands, has certainly rendered Honorable Gentlemen disposed to be gallant, shy of the appliances of such lobbying A Cock-and-Bull Story ?The New York iltrald of Monday oontains a story, saying that the Southern Democrats of Congress and otheia are engaged in a scheme designed to bring out Mr. Daniel S. Dickineon, of J? York, for the Preaidency. Never was a nPrs paper roorback based on leas foundation. We are very sure that the idea has not entered the brain of any Southern genUeman, in or out of Congress, who is now in Washington Ninety-nine in every hundred persons now here from a distance, except the ladies, (and many of those dear creatures, too. are chin deep in such matters,) have come hither to ef feat, if possible, the enactment of some favorite measure or measures now before Congress fSo under the existing almost unexampled (pressure of business they have no time in which to scheme with reference to the succes sion. Besides, the Southern Democrats, more than any others, are advocates for awaiting the aotion of the National Democratic Conven tion, to aaaemble at Cincinnati. The course of Mr. Dickinson and hia frienda against the present Administration has by no means nerved to render him and them aooeptable to the South?inasmuch as it is glaringly evident that they have not been governed by princi ple; but rather by a disposition to obtain re venge for their personal disappointments In pursuing such a oourse they have, for all time, rendered it certain that the South will never more oonfide in them?Southern safety, in the eyes of Southern Democratic politicians, being wrapped up wholly in adherence to the well known landmarks of the policy of the Demo cratio party. Seltien, Withers A Co.?Frem the announce ment, in the proceedingscf Congress, oi the fact that the Secretary ot the Interior had asked that an appropriation of $4,400 be made to replace certain moneys deposited with the late firm of Selden, Withers A Co., which are net available at present, owing to their sus pension?an erroneous inference might be ! drawn; to prevent which, wo will state the facts as they have come to our knowledge. It is customary for tho Indian Office, in some cases, to receive, and at the proper time, pay ever to individual Indians, the moneys arising from the sale of their reservations. These Bums are sometimea paid in drafts, checks, or eoupona, and the disbursing agent under the last administration was in the habit of de positing theae drafta, Ac , with that firm aa so much specie to the credit of the Indian offioe. In thia manner the said sum of $4,400 got into their bands Upon the resignation I of the late disbursing agent, and in the al justment of his acsounta, theae deposits did not come under review, as the same were not passed to his credit; and it is but recently that the Commissioner becime aware, that Selden, Withers A. Co., held funds to his credit. The amount is now due, and it not being available, Congress is a?ked to appropriate the same, to be reimbursed to the Ireatury as it may be collected of Selden, Withers A. Co rather than to keep the Indians out of their just rights. No part of these funds were thus deposited aince the 4th of March, 1853. How Matters Stand.?It ia impossible just now to tell how matters stand before Congress More than half the important business of the session is still to be perfected, while much that seems to be very rure to pass may yet fail for want of time. The Claims Board, the Consular and Diplomatic reform and Naval reform bills are "through the woods," alone of all the great national measures of improve ment whioh have occapied the attention of Congress this winter. We do not regard the enactmsnt of the Bounty Land bill aa being by any means sure, though the House pasaed it yeeterday with Mr. Kichardaon'a substitute taokedon, or rather in its place. The Senate have yet to act upon this important change made in the House Three-fourtha of the members of the Houas were, in their private judgment, against the bill in any shape. We are perfectly satisfied of that fact. Yet they passed it, believing that public opinion at home made it their duty so to do. If have heard one member of the House so explain his vote in its favor, we have ourselves heard thirty say so. Many of those so-called friends of the bill are earnestly hoping that the pres sure cf business before the Senate will pre vent action by that body on the House amend ment to that bill. We have no reason to believe that either appropriation bill will fail for want of time, or that aay ether meas ure of considerable national importance will triumph before the Speaker's hammer raps out the expiration of the present Congress. Look Out!?Among the "rum 'una," likely to be "tried en" Congreaa, ere the end of the aeesion, we opine will be a proposition to give from thirty to firty thousand dollars damages to-contractors for carrying the mails over the Plains, who foiled in (or after) their first trip. We take it for granted that the plea will be Indian hostilities. Instead of suoh legislation, it will be well for Congress to adopt some plan or other by whioh persons oan be prevented from under-bidding competent men, in the hope that j?ft words will Induoe Congress to make up defiei?neies in contract prices, and en add on one hundred per eentam for profits, out of mere good fellowship. The Richmond Custom House ?The bids fer the contract for the oonstruetion of the proposed mv Richmond (Va.) Custom House, *?" duly opened at 3 p. m., yesterday, at the Xwasury Department. The award, or awards, wUI hardly bo made for a week, owing to the p tees ore of business which the closing of tbe searion brings on the Secretary. *be Tczm Debt Bill ?The President has signed the Texts debt bill. Ih? Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 28th of Feb., there wero of Treasury Warrants entered on tbe books of the Department? For the redemption of stock...... fl 76,5M 51 For paying Treasury debts 34,109 52 For the Customs 20,685 78 Covered into the Treasury from Lands.... 86,960 88 x or covering into the Treasury from customs 930 00 For ooveringinto the Treasury from miscellaneous sourcei 11,000 00 For the War Department 44,000 00 For repaying in the War Depart ment 2431 49 For the Navy Department 49,70S 00 For repaying in the Navy Depart ment.... ?... 2 586 79 For the Interior Department 1,764 65 CONGRESSIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, they pisted the bill of the House to provide a more efficient discipline for the navy. Its object is to authcrise summary courts martial to be convened by the oommanuer of a public veeeel, for the trial of offences 00m muted on board ship by seamen and persons of inferior "tings Th? punishments, the in fliction of whioh it authorises, are solitary confinement on bread and water, imprison, ment in Irons, and bad conduct discharges. While punishing the guilty, it proposes to re ward the mentor idus, by granting to those who have served with satisfaction, good oon duct discharges at the end of the period ef enlistment, which entitles them to increased pay. And then, after considerable debate, they refused to agree to tbe motion of Mr Johnson to re consider the vote by whioh they had agreed to the report of the Conference Com. mittee on the bill for the relief of purchasers and loca ora of swainp lands. The oeean mail steamer appropriation bill was then taken up and diicussed at length After which it was passed precisely ss it oame from the House, the vote being, as on the Col lins line question, yeas 26, nays 22. After an Executive session, they adjourned. In the House, the bill granting additional bounty lands to the officers and soldiers of the war ot 1812 was discussed at length by many members on various amendments Finally it was amended and passed, so as to give lands to persons of all grades who have served either SIJTitm n iUdi?g ** the wars since 1790. One hundred and sixty aores in all, to every person who has served not less than fourteen days, except actually in battle for ashorter period. The widowa and minor frl ire?Kt0r^?Wi?* the beDefit' iQ the event of the death of the persons entitled te this bounty. Widows of officers and soldiers of tbe Revolu tionary war are entitled to the benefit of this act; likewise, tho volunteers at the invasion of Flattsburg, in September, 1814; volunteers at tbe attaci on Lewistown, Delaware, 1815, and chaplains who have served in the several wars of the country. The House went into a Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, and, at half, pa* five took a recess till seven in the evening After the committee come togetLer again they were occupied in the delivery of genera! speeches on general politics. Proccrdinga of Te-Dar. In the Senate, to-day, many private bills were passed before they went to the consider ation of Mr. Underwood's original resolution lraTelin* or resident abroad, religious liberty, the rights of sepui cre, Ac, on motion of Mr. Cass, and it was passed by a large majority. Mr. Benjamin reported back the bill for tbe preservation of the lives and health of emi grant passengers, wbich was amended in sev eral particular, and duly passed. J.V?? Sd.0d^Ua ?pi"opri?,i??uu Mr. Clayton moved to strike out the Letcher amendment of the House?Mr. Houston's pro poflitlj? for ? general reduction of the tariff? and addressed tbe Senate in favor of his mo tion. to him with much earnestness as the Star weent to press. , House, a bill establishing ports of ft'" Columbus, Miss., Chattanooga, Mr rD 'I T1 Kj ' wa" "Ported by miJL ,th# on Commerce; which was passed. cftlle<1 ?P tbe Senate bill to Hfr " *he entitled an act to carry into u-a? reoiProcity treaty with Great Britain, which was passed. A Senate amendment to the bill authorising ifnninP?ra^?D 0f Georgetown to levy addi thn \LfrXe8.-? pa? the town,g subscription to ^ n ilroad wa3 concurred in, and thus that bill was finally passed. natter of private bills were duly Fi2f5'nT?g i ? b?ing ,ho bH1 for r? Sl?t? [Iv^Church going has become a very ex pensive matter in San Francisco. At a sale of pews several sold as high as twelve hundred dollars, equivalents to about $23 per Sunday. [?y"Out of 1397 dry measures examined in New York City, only 317 were correct, while of wet measures, two-thirds were found incor rect. ,NOTICE?A MEETING OF ALL THE - Signers to a pa,>er lor opening a MrfcLau ics' Exchange are requested lo a'tend a in the room over Geo. and Tlios. barker'* Store, on PHI DAY EVENING, March 2J, at 7 o'clock p. in., to elect officers for the ensuing year, and other bus mesa will come before the meeting. Hy order of THE COMMITTEE, mar 1? Sit va PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at ABL. tention.?You are hereby ordered to meet, /J*#C| with>?abr<,?, for drill, nt the aftnory at 4 ? ?^o'clock, THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON March 1st. You are also ordered to attend the rerular month ly meeting on TUESDAY, March 6th, at 7 o'clock, in full uniform. By order of Capt. Peek: JNO. II. McCUn.IlEN, Secretary, mar 1?TliSTu* ,EXHIBITION UP METROPOLITAN ?-?t-a Mechanics' Inn ltute.?T C Connolly. Esq , having resigned therffice of Supeiintendent of the Exhibition, hi>? place ha< been filled by the elec tion of CIIAULES F. WOOD, Esq. All communications rdanng to the exhibition shoul.l be hereafter addn'*?ed to Mm. By order of Exhibition Coin. feb 2a-3t 11. AM1DON, Sec. NOTICE?A MEETING of the mem bers ot tlie Mechvics' Exchange of ibis city will be held at their room on C at., ad|oiniug iheBankof Washington on THURSDAY EVEN ING, March 1st, at 7 o'clock p. m., tor the purpose of electing officers lor the ensuing year, and for othr r purpose* of minor importance. All Uia members, and all those who wiah to be come members of the Association are requested to att?nd. By order of THE COMMITTEE. Itb 2d - 2t ?"?^^LECTURE.-DB. S. C. BUSEY will de liver a lecture at Columbia Hall, Capibi llill, on THURSDAY EVENING, March 1st, at 7* o'cl >ck. ^ The public are invited to atteud. Lectur<s free. feb 23 THF PERSONS HAVING CHANCES 111 the Raffle of Furniture will take notice tnat it takes place at my store on FRIDAY next, the 3d March, at 4% o'clock p m. A few more chances for sale. feb28-3t* JOSEPH OAWLER. ?f-^-^MEiKuFOLITAN MECHANICS' IN ?v_S STITUTE.?By order of the Board of Management, the aet proceeds of the Fair on Thursday next, Mtrch 1st, will be appropriated for th* benefit of the poor of the city. And alao that no depositor be admitted during tbe day and night, without a pay ticket. Members and others entitled tJ free admission, are requested not 10 use their privilege on that day. By order p M. PEARSON, Ref. Sec. feb S6?4t 1 CARD?The Perseverance Fire Com pany return their sincere thank* to the families nt Mum. W*. Fischer, Oto Pakkkr, and Fit/bi'c.h Cotle, for the bnuntifnl supply of hot ouffee and ether ttirctbBenii famished by them oa ihe occasion of the fire which occurred at the b ease of the Bod. Thomas H Beaton, ee ihe after of the 27th ultimo. Also, to Mr*. Homii*. of 8euaath street, for tha ? abundant supply of hot coffee aad oth-r f i ao opportunely aent by her ta the En fine House on the morning of the 98th ult., and which proved 90 reviving after the laborious exertion* of the preview night, and we beg leive, respectfully, to a^sare her that her kindness shall not sooti be for gotten. Also, to the Franklin Fire Company for the sup ply of water given us by them at the ftre which oc c or red on the corner of Eighth and D streets, on the moraing of the 96th a'tiiuo. A. HATCH, President. Jqhw Y. Dqmh, Secretary. mar 1?It LOUT?On I street, letween 90ih and 2ls?. on Monday evening, the 56th ult., a brown FCR TIPPET. A suitable reward will be given to aay one who will leave it at the Star office. mar 1?2t* LOST?On Tuesday morninr, the 97th u't., at or near the Capitot, a larg ? plaiina BKEA3TPIN, with a female bead in the centre. The finder will be suitably.rewarded by leaving it at 903 6 st. mar 1?3t* GRAND FANCY DRESS AND CIVIC BALL. THE YOUNG AMERICA DANCING CLUB re spectfully inf< rirs the citizens of Washington and vicinity that they will give a FANCY DRESS AND CIVIC BALL THURSDAY, MARCH 811k, 1855, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NA\T YARD. The services of Prof. II. W. Rice's talented band have been engaged lor the occasion, and will treat the company to a variety of choice cotillons. The Club have decided ic issue no tickets of in vitation, but take this opportunity to extend a cor dial invitation to ladies who may be inclined to honor them with their presence. COMMITTEES. Managers or. Ike ymt of citixent. Lem Gaddis, Capt Bright, Win Sanderson, C Cawood. Frank Ober, J VenabW, Jno Brandt, VV Dobbins, Chi* Miller, jr Pratt Stevens, Val Conner, B Morel!. Of Alexandria. E Shinn, B Plumint r, C Rudd, J Fields. ON THE PART OF CLUBS. f\ie*dihip Cluh.?J Dudley, L Jones. Social Club.?Mr E*ens, H Dudley, George IVaihinrton Club.? Tbos Dowling. Albeit W Ward. Arlington Club ? R O Eckloff, W H ttcn. Terpsichore Club.?M Marceron, P J Ennis. America* Club.?S P Robertson, E Evans. Ordnance Club?J II Willson, VV J Furgenon. Eigte Club.?U. Harrison, Archi'd Cunningham. Mount Vernon Club.?W II H rowers, G S Donn. Amictii Club.?J S Sessford, E F Alexander. Of Arrangements. C N Sanderson G Keilholtz F Rawlings C Griffin J Cralne 8 McNamee D Davis S Hilton J Clephane A B Norton B Sparawk W Bradley R J Middleton N Hilbern R Marshall F Triay P Sails . E Pottle O Sanderson Z Brush G Hunt J Smool RJurdan F Slofler J McNalley T Goldsmith J Annstrong T Talbert T Miller J McLoud E E White L SU tz K Essex W H La Fever E Banks T Clark J Erie J Kuixs M Murray. J J White Tickets $1?admitting one gentleman and lathes ; to be had of the Committee ot Arrangement2, at the principal hotels, or at the door on the evening of the ball. No mask* or blacked facta allowed in (he Ball room. Mar 1.36.A8* MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JONE-?' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now commonly called the WORLD'S FAIR LOCK, iriliout key or key-hole, is the Lock that secured the outer-doors of the Herring Safe that contained $1,000 at the World's Fair, London, 1851, it being necessary to unlock this before other locks in the safe could be unlocked. All parties interested aie referred to the following notice : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. 1 have this day sold to Messrs. STEARNS k MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILDER'S Patent Salamander SAFES, New York, the Patent right of my ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called "JONES' ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." The latter title was acquired in consequence of this Lock heme placed in a Safe at the World's Fair, with $1,000 in the Safe, to be the reward of any person whe could open the door. The gold remaiaod therein for n period of fort) - five days, whdst the visitors got tired of turning the dials, with such poor procoect of success, the num ber of changes being 24,300,000. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchant* who desire to have these Locks upou their doors, can have them by applying to Stearns A Marvin, No. 146 Water street, who have the exclusive right to manufacture said Locks in the United States. HENRY G. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 20ihf 1853. STEARNS A MARVIN, ?i'ccesko*s to Ricu k Co , 144 k 146 Water st., N. Y., THE ONLY MAKERS OF SALAMANDER SAFES, combining WILDER'S and RICH PAT ENTS. S. H. HOWKLL, A jent, mar 1?I in Georgetown, D. C. CARUSTS SALOON GALAXY OF JUVENILE GKNIUS, THE BOON CHILDREN. Tlie*e celebrated children, three in number, ANNA ISABELLA, LORA GORDON, and KORDAUNT BOON, Will give two entertainments at CAliUSrS SALOON. SATURDAY, MARCH 3. In the afternoon at 2^ o'clock, and in the evening at 6 o'clock, In which they will appear in some of their favorite character*. Admission 50 cents- childien half price. After noon half price. I)oor9 open at 7. mar 1 G. II. VARNELL A J. W. MANKINS, IK.usc, Sign and Ornamental Palat , ?r*? Louisiana avenue, bet. 6th and 7th Us., Next door east ot the Varnum Buildings. HE subscribers have associated together to car . ry on the HOUSE, SIGN A ORNAMENTAL PAINTING in all its vari us branches, and will be thankful to the public and their friends for all fa vors In their line of business, determining on their part to use every exertion to give general satisfac tion. All jobbing at glazing or painting promptly attend ed to mi moderate prices. Give us a trial. mar 1?5t* STEAMER GEORGE PAGE t In oonnection with the Orange ,and Alexandria Railroad leave* her slip, foot of 7th etrevf, every morning at 6 o'clk a. m., for Staunton, Charlottesville, and intermedi al-'stations, connecting at Manassas Junction, for Winchester, Stra*burg, kc. Breakta-t on the boat. Bag;atre Master-- accompany the passengers from Washington through. Baggage checked en the boat. E. A. RYTHER, Capt. mar l~3t* EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. WE have just received a fresh lot of PRUNES, FIGS, ORANGES, LEMONS, Ac. Also, a rase of SARDINES, put up in superior style Give us a call and judge for yourselves Don't forget the No ,490 Seventh street, onno. Odd Fellows' Hall. ' vy^ N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short en notice. RYDEE A PLANT, mar I?lm Bargains in kmbroidbribp, Ac.?A. TATE, No. 314 Pa. avenue, between lOiit and llth streets, ia now running off the remain der of hia Fall and Winter mock of Embroideries Riband*, Laces, Caps and Fancy Notions at verv re.iuced prices, the stock consisting of many deaira ble goods, all of which will be sold very cheap pre vious to la>ing in the Spring stock. Ear 1?eo6t SPRING ITYL1C OF QBNTl Dreae Hats for 1855 will this day be introduced, which for beauty, style, aud finish are unsur- Jm passed. Also, the patented corrugated-brim Hat, at the Temple of Fashion. ' BUTT A HOPKINS'S, Corner Sixth at. and Pa avenue, Between Browns' and National Hotels, mar 1 ?eow MORNIMO GOWNS, Cash mere, Velvet, Merino, just opened thl* day at BUTT A HOPKINS'S, Corne r 6th st. and Pa. avenue, , B_tween Browns' aad National Hotels, niar 1?eo&w T I HEOKER'S FAB IN A, PREPARED expressly for Families. ? delicate and appropriate food for all Seasons, and one ot B>0<? economical, nutritious, and ?liotefotnf pnparatMfcs ever bnmght to the table, eminently caaMniif theeratifleatiau ot the palate, with arn pteand healthful suaManceof the body. Strictlysper.king, BBCitttS' FAKINA i* neither ftftaccntpar laxatlee, but Matorauve , strengthen inytbe digestive and absorbent system. In disor dered towels. Diarrhea, Dysentery, and even id I cast a of Chofaft, when food n deemed admiaaiMe by the phyaieian, Heckers' Farina cannot fail to l>e salutary, and wherever known m extensively used in Hospitals and private practice. The preset ration of health, or the prevention of mckncss, is at least aa import nt as the caring of disrate. People in hea'th should therefore u e fire tiers' Farina Treel* as common lood, to preserve the ioc?imahle bier sing. For sale by Grocers and Onijgisis generally, wholes le by ihe manufacturer, HErKER fc BRO., at the Croton Mills, ;01 Cb'rry street, New Vork. ot by CHARLES F. PITT, T3 Commerce itml, ftsftl more. CHECKERS' FARINA 1ELLY in double boi*. era, which render burning or scorching impossible, is now exhibited daily at ihe Fair of the Metropoii tan Mechanics' Insulate. in Washington. mar 1?3t? ? FOR 8ALG?A VERY FINE SADDLE A\i) W HORSE. The horse is young, g ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would ' make eitfi.ra very fine carnagc horse, or i' v*ry plea*ant riding norse. Also, for sale an excellent work hone, perfect \ ""ShuI Bmf? N? 43 Dunknrton Georgtt'n TTATI, HATS, HATS I-We Lave just * IS1*? and f**hlonabl# assortment oi gent's travelling Hats and Caps, which we offer firr *aie, M extremely low prices, at the Temple oi Fashion. BUTT fc HOPKfNH'8. Cornei 6th ft and Pa. avenue. Between B<owns' and National Hotels mar 1?eo3w doctor HOOFLAND'S celebrated ?errnan Bittero, jrci akh. tr DB. C. M. JACKSON, Phil:id'a., Pa., Will RPIti'TCALLT Ct'RK LIVES COJIPUIST, DYSPEPSIA, JAl\DICE, ~*ro*,c or Aerrou., Ditam* of th< Kidney and all ari,;?j from a dit ordered Lictr or Stomach. S"mLT,? .?n*ipaU.OD.' JB*ard Fullneas. or Blood to the Hea l, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea Ileanburn: Disgust for fo hJ, Fnllnws o: Weight in the Htomaeh, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim nung of the Head, Hurr ed Mid difficult rlu.tenng at the Heart. Choking or Suffocation v ll r nV", ? Posture, Dimness oi \ ision. Dots of VV ebs before ihe Sight, Fever an ft vii Head, Deficiency of Per>-nira!i"n' ^ ellownes* of the Skin and Eyes, Pain ,n tin Side, Back, Chest, Lunbs, fcc., Sudden Flu he? I ofIIe? Burains in the Flesh, Constant Imag.n tngs of Evil, and great depression of SpiriL-. THE proprietor, in cajling the attention of the C U> preoaratiou, does so with a fee ing of the utmost confidence in ita virtue and adap tation to ihe diseases for which it is recommended .,.!Ll!i!10.BrVnd Unt,ied but one (hat l.ns ?toed the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen can people, and its imputation and sale is unr.vailed S.,,ni Hr Pr?Para,'<">? ?>?ant. The testimony n its fa\or given by the most prominent and well known Physician* a id individual*, in all parts ol the country is itnme.ise. TI.e following from No;tfc Caiolina is respectfully sub . ittcd, referring an* nay 81 10 ,uy "Memorabilia," orPrac tical Receipt B..ok for Farmer* and Families, toX had gratis, of a'l the Agents lor the German Bitters n533K!?Sra "" "racU>"'"?Areh * TESTIMONT FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine IliU. Rick yitond County. X. C. n? n m . ? *jtt.L, March 4th( 18S4. Dr. C. M. Jacksov, Phil-id Iptua?D?-ar S r: 1 ? "Ubjeet of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rm. for the last five years. Such was my condition fo twelve months that the physicians and all who saw me ,aid I mu*t die. While in tl.i, condition, I " . ^1"'j ? tw,Venn| P*aces Virginia, Tenn. see and North ( arolma, but wa< net benpfit^d l?? any water to which I was taken. While on m ?nJll a week at RuilierforHto,,, I ... "fV" Carolina, te trv the ?ffect o| j-ome Chalybeate water in that p'ace. About tb< last of the week, I went into a drug store to ??. ??me medicine for m> chdd and myseif. tIlt. were several of the village physicians in the stoje ?nd one of them seemed to Uke some interest in mi ewe. and, after asking me some questions, saVd ^ ?'?. j u"1 ? an<^ been gr? atly bene fitted by the use of-Dr. Iloofl.nd's Grrman Bit Pf/'PaflNl by yru, alid he insisted that I would t?y the Uittsra He alMj called the ri?-xt da? at n \ room, 'n^'ed so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. Me did ,r and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do saV I was more benefitted by it than all the water an* medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of mv came to me for a preacription and mediciae, (he a dvsnen tie,) and i gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left which effacted much good in his case. He has often called on me for more of the same k nd of me<li cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than an\ other he had l?ken, but I have not been able to em any more for him or myself since; will you there fore, please ship me a dozen or more as sWas po? s-iole. Respectfully yours, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co N C October 24.1853. says? Having ex jtrien^d ven ot uHoofland'a Germ n Bitters, in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement ol tiie Liver. ?nd ita concomitant evils 1 am desirous of obtaining a quantity ?.f it for the benefit ot my coniunmty. V?:u will, therefore please send a lot, Uc. fcc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. VAOKt^ Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, lb.%3. I>r.C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to tx press to you my-inci re thanks for }ourdi*ccven of a medicine which, to say the lea-stof it. has ef fected a eure that all other me-ltcines, tlu.t I have taken, have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland'a Ger man Bitters" have cured me of tli? mont ?tublK?i and aggravated case of the pu ts that, perhaps, ever tell ta the lot of man. My ease is not a stranger in community, as I am well known in this and the ?surrounding counties, and can truly say that mv ie covei^ has astounded ai' my friends and relation* as I had tried everything retw.iomended, and nothii t did me any good until 1 was prevailed upon to trv the Bitters. Vou are at liberiv to i"ake an v use oi this communicauon, for the bMiefit of the atfl.cted ycu may think proper. Truly youra, ' WM. j. ATWOOD. These bitters are enttrelp tenable, th< y invigoiate and strengthen ihe system, never prostrate it, and can be used for intants as we.ll as adults. F"r by respectable dealers everywhere, sue by 7.. D. Gil.MAN, Wa hingtoi.; J. L. KIDW^LL. Georgetown; and J. H. P1EKPONT, Alexandria. mar 1? 1 y PROPOSALS FOR STAMPS. Post Crri;? I ei'iitvint, Ffbru^r? 24 1 fi vi PROPO'AL^ wl'l be received at th t il-parliren? ontl ihi 30th d-y cf M&rck ui xt, foi fain sh ing ar*n,p? fur the use o? the p ?st ofre s 'u the Ui I ted MUtja fcr four yttrs from the 1st d y of Anil n^xt, ehi>n ordered bv t*e departm<-ut. cf (b?- f.| loTlog d?rcri, ttans, vix : llie name of the cCir,. a-.d State In clr.-nlar fcrm cu. from a i.o Id b ock o" Laidenel ateei. an' made In inch mactier as t^ afmic of 1 tiers at.d fl^rore* to dcslgnits the moath ani t'ay, vi'h a tLuT?b ?orew to ! **3 such levers and fi^ur-s in p tee ? KU<r?n*nip' * d.,hf ,e'-Ur8 c i-i g tLe, lo b* of the came sis* ae tho-e now manufactc^ll at d i?tU"-* f tJ,ra,J sjaboga^y Land:?, cf the Feme like ?ix?, ti be recurelr :a? em-d to .lij -tamp 1 he months cf th* y?ar a?l.nv:ated eo aa to conitia but thres let.era ea-b. of ?he same site now In use, aud to bi eat irom atlid blocks el ba.dfned aUeL F'c UTea f-r the dsya rf tbemcoth, from 1 to 31, inclu Also, stamps with th? w^rds "p .Uw ??fr*. ? o^the f rm of tlo.e now in uf, ?Mh turned ban Also, itairps with fifures denoting tie ta'as a " ",c?* ? '? *'b ^Al of the above statu pa to be mad? of hardemd The proposals mu? a'?o conUin reparate kij? f* the circular ramr, with ,he months ind fliru.* Abio, for each separate pkca, ccu ianitg the month, sonaleting of three lrtters 4 month! f?r ^ mt^n> P> ?> ftr the daya of th? Also, for c isp'ete sets of montla end Gaurea ??p^aJd?-^2-H|>,rat5 kleC*' ,Hk ,h" *olJ Abo, for ?eparate pisce, with the A/urea de noting ih* r^tes of jo. t ge. The mn\'rgof the dif fen nt seta will not, Lowever, be g veo to different contractors, b*t tke pror'tal fcr the wbo!e whlcb la deeuied Boat favorable to the department will bf ac ecpted. The department reserves to its* If the right to r- ject all pr.posala if the prloe la deemed ?xtxav agant, and a'eo tha right to *"c pt f rojoasN ficm the same lnliridnal or firm for the circular rtaan with namea of Eontha and figrxrea of hard ned ?Uel.a.d ad tbe other atampj or other material if deemed advisable. Fropoaala a ill be r'caivel and cons'dered fcr all the stamps above n?m?d to be com pot ed of oth? material Man hardened aUel; and the gepartmeat reaerve* the right to accept sn*h prop;s?ls Ifit aha 1 be dacmad tor the iaten st of th? department to do Ppscimena of the various kinds of a am ? required ? Appointment NATIONAL THEATRE. aVMI * BADIOA* m.? to the iiuieas of W Rum*MI| ... ton and iu vicinity U?a? they wOi ope* for a short season, on THURSDAY W'Kh ibor Splendid Circus The bat now perform in* m A ?erica, u<l ?n:ir?lv of STAR ARTISTES Of the kiibeti celebrity and renown dut.ngui-hed artistes in this trtxipe I< the braird Female Equestrian. MILE ROSA, termed ih^ Piulr of the Circle, ?lx>? equalled and beau'iful nding has err a led the Mjh e*t enihu-ta<m and admiration wbwivH A* ptrlnriocd. clowns op the union. Each i ne different, but ancqsalled. Th? Inimitable Jemer and Perfcimr, JIM MYERS, Renowned and Popular everywfcera. The Pinion* Trick Clown, 8IGNOR FELIX CARLO And his Wonderful Son. I AaJ th ? pot t lar Soutm rn C?< wn and Comic Singer 1 SAM. LONG. Tim gr at Leaner and Acrobat, Mr. TilOS. KING. The celebrated Acrobat nud Hurdle Rider, MONSIEUR LE RUE. The Youthful Equestrian, MASTER JAMES M ADIGAN, Termed the Hero of the Circle. Ma-ter* CHARLES, JOHN, and WILLIE. The great Double -omeiaet Thrower, Mr ODELL. The accomplished Scene Rider, Mr. ALBERT AYMER. __ And la*l, though not least. the veteran of the Circle MR II P. MADIGAN. Tsgeiher with a ho*t of other Talented Arti A splendid Panturn ne, RED GNOME; or Spirit of the Silver F? Spirit M*?e _ Re I **'?? Wii Cnr o {See till* ?f the day. iiui Sheet will be ??penid on Thursday mrriong, wh re seats can be securrd three nigh:* in advance without extra ctmrf*. *^b GRAND VOCAL CONCERT ? V THI rilLlAIHIIU SOCIETY. AT CARUII'I SALOON, On TUESDAY EVEHIKG, March 6;h, When they will present a splendid programme of CHOICE MUSIC. MRS. FRANKLIN, and MRS. BURNS, ot New York, have k.ndly offered their services. Ticketa FIFTY CENTS ; lobe had at all the Bcok and Stationery Store*, and at the door on the even ? log ot the Concert. M 87?4* f Organ ineert feb 87, mh 3,.'i^-4t J rfii PALMER S PATENT LEG. This american invention atanda unrivalled both in thia country andin Enro(e. Iti> worn by 1,000 p rsons, <nd with moat a?t.>ni?hinj suco-as. In competition with 90 other substitutes of the t?e?t French, English, and manufacture,it received the award of the oaKaT medal at the World's Exhibi tion in London. a* the beat artificial liiuli known. In * his country it lia* been tlnrty 'im^a exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in ;he priucipal cities, and has, in ? ve. y inatance, received the award of the highest or fir?t p:eniiuni. And as a crowning lionor, by the unanimous appro*-*! of an interna tional council, the " First Premium**? Stfrrr Medal given for Limbs? war awarded the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent gratia to every applicant. P. FRANK PALMER, 37 3 Ubescut street, Philadelphia. frh 2S?3m INTERESTING NEWS. \\1 E have Jin* received a large assortment ol VY BOOT* and SHOES for ladies', miase*' children's wear, which we offer very low. Ladies' Gaiters from %1 to S3 M Boots of every kind in proportion! Of children T? Shoes we have eviry color and style, from 35 cenu, up The inquiry geuerally is, Where can we find a good a**ortuient of Shoe* for children ? We can answer ali such qu?ri?ls to their satisfaction if they jive u" a call. We would also slate that we are prepared to man ufacture every style ot boot or shoe usually wore by gentlemen, ladies, misses or ch Idren. Also, on hand < very description of hoots and ihc?* which will be sold very low. Call and examine for yourselves before pure baa ing elsewhere, aa wc are determined to srll. S. C. MILLS fc CO.. feb 28?3t 486 Seventh st. TO THE LADIES. SPLENDID RAFFLED. ?1 WORTH OF ELEGANT CHAN tU>J jC/vi"ti!ly, Bruasels, Aleucon, Yaienceones, and point Laces will be raffled as soon as the n - quired number of cltauces will have been taken. There are 1,^.00 numbers, of which 500 only remain to be purchased. The chances are $1 each. These costly articles are at Mauame DEL A RUE'S, for ei hibitton, where the tickets can be obtained. Mme. Del?rue would also solicit the a tention of the ladies to a magnificent assorfrent of fine Em broideries and Laces, consisting of Collars, Sleeves, Ruchsll'-t, Veils, Set?, Handkerchiefs, Stiawls, he. All of the above articles will be opened and rsady for sale on thex8th instant. 338 Pa. avenue, bet. 12th and 13ih street-, feb t8 -lv.? COME LEARN YOUR FATE. MRS CJ K?iR'i ?", late of England. wndies to iiiltx in the ladies and gentlemen of Wa?hing> ton and Geoigetown that she can be seen and con sulted on the p?r*, present and future evenu, at the late residence. No 8* F street, between 21st and 2&1 streets, First Ward, opposite the Observatory. Hrr name is on tlie door. Hour;) frm'Ja in to b o'clock p m. I ?<lie< 2.*??tier tieinen 50 cents feb 98?lm* OFFICE No. 518 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall. SPECTACLES a> d GLASSES suited to every sight, on a true and "Ci en'ific principle See circulars, to be had at the feb 28? la* ARI'ER'S MAGAZINE FOR MARCH iTs cents The Sons ef'he Sires, a history of the rise, ptogress and destiny of the American Party Life and R< auue- ot Fanny Fern ; f 1 Wohrt's R-?o?t. by Irving; ftl.S5 Giltillau's Tliiid Gallery of Literary Portraits Puman.'s Magazine for March; 25 cenu Pride and Prejudice ; 50 els Godey and Gr. baniN Magazines f?r March. For sale by E. K. l.fTNDY, No. 1)18 Rridge street, feb 28 -tf Georgetow n. D?C A FN Kb8 C(JUICI>.?The followinr ;s taken from Soott's Weekly: DEAFNESS.?We underst nd that the sucress whirh has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, has been ?stoni?h ing, thousands of persons i avuig been cured, whose cases were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine are from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only article bciore the public for the I cure of that distrt hsing disease. Be particular and buy if Z. D. OILMAN, Wash ington, D. C., and S S. HANCE, Baltimore, Md .as there is a counterfeit article in the market, feb 28- ?m C' ILOCKV, CLOCKS, CLOCKS I?If you want a good Clock, wanant'tf to keep time, call at the store of J. ROBINSON, 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel. feb 28?diui PUTNAM'S MAGAZINE for March. FRANCK TAYLOR. feb 28 -tf IKTATCHICa AMD JKWKURY-I Y* have cd hsnd a cood supply o( fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be ??old very cheap to suit the urates. Gold Le v r Wat el es as low as $25, warranted to4 keep good time. Call and see for yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON. 349 Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel. feb 28?dim IjEWS FOR SALE OR RENT.?A lew very de L sirable Pews m Trinity Church, 3d street, will be sold or rented. For terms apply to Mr. D. W. Middletm. Capitol Hill, or to FRED KOOMES, Register T. C.t at the Nary Agent's Office, feb 98?it* C" 1ITIZEII dfc ITRAIORRI In search of Fancy Nctions or Toys, suitable lor presents will find a great variety and feb 98 -St W~_ I 1 very cheap, st LAMMOIlD'S,7th ??. ^jONCIlIITI N AS. wn vaisv s in na, \ v/ Two of the above Qne Instruments lor sale low 1 at the Music Depot of HILBU8 * HITZ. feb 83 corner fa. immi 11th tU,

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