Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1855 Page 2
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ev kving STAR J WASHINGTON PITY: 1 lATUBDAT Arrnwoo* Xareh 81. j " ' ? C7" Ai>vMiTia?M*im should be handed fa by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may *ot appear until the next day. SPIE1T OF THI MOBHIHO PRESS The Union replies to an assault in the New York Times upon the Administration. The Tim*y Insists that the President fails to carry cut his purposes, and the Union refute, its alh|ttkm of instances to prove that aMertion Tiie offloiai editor in so doing takes oooaaon to hold the Timet np to publio reprehension, for onoouraging Kossuth to malign the Presi dent and the United States in writing of our Cuba question, saying in the oourse of his ar ticle: "Itig from a newspaper oootrolled by sach ?entiments that we may naturally expect the ?M7t.S!*aluvup<m ?T#rJ P'Mident of the United Mates whose administration is an ex ponenr. of republicanism. No matter how base' the invention, so that it will furnish a pretext for abase and for exaggeration, it is put into immediate circulation. At a moment when ?lnd ,b*holdl'> **** undiMombled ?elicit ude, a tummltuous horde of revenzeful prosonptiens and unreflecting mcffiite. prying forward to seise tbe government .ni U ^oorrQpt *nd revolutionary ends at ani .tr*0^ gV *raDt0W 4re bo'dlj struck of s^inll* uown?when flagrant schemes tiLl^ on ?* forward to the triumph of thT* W'0acripticM and the** ?*diocrites as certain success ef evaiy project to plunder we publio treamry?the New York Times at tempts to depreciate the administration of ?President Pierce! That paper did not hesi tate to open its columns a few days ago to a ?oandalou. imputation upon the integrity of the axecutive?indeed, it stooped so low as U per nut an accusation fixing a price upon the public act of that high functionary, to go to the world in its pages without a word of contradiction or dissent! It is, as we have ?aid, however, a very natural thing that euch ? paper should halt at no extreme, however dishonorable, to stain the good name of the American republie, and as there seems te be ao more abandoned mcde of accomplishing this labor of love, it boldly strikes at the high est of our public servants " The Intelligencer commenting on the Union's remarks concerning the arret of Mr. Thompson, American "Vice Consul at Sagua la Grande." Cuba, the tearing down of tbe coat-of-arms which was over the door of his cfflce, and the act of the Spanish authorities in taking him off to Havana, says : "AMOTHER OUTRAGE" " woe tr*adeth on the hesls of anotliar." The Waahing'oc Union must double its 10 *!*p pM? with th? multiplica tion of '"Spanish outrages." One is scarcely heralded, sifted. and exploded before another pr?" groans wilh ' national Inwilts, appalling as the spectres in the play, and generally ab?ut as real. The El Dorado 1? barely expired under the scrutiny of tru.h when aao.her is conjured up, in the ConS " i V ?f " Amer,c?n Vice Consut ?a Mr. Thompeon, "Vice Consul at gagua la Urande," arrested, the arms of the I nited states torn down, and he marched off to Havana, (living some credence to thisstorv ^om its circumstantiality, we turned to the feaietteer and the Blue Book to aroertain the ?f la Grande, and whether the I nited States had a Vice Consul at such a v?hiaw, ?v? *ero?Q-successful in finding either. We therefore beg to ask the Union to tell us not only where Sagua la Grande is. but who Mr. Thompson is, and how he comes to be Vie* Cons,d of the United States, with th? American flag over his door? There is nc Bm^k0r.C?MDornffi-e,r W b? found ^ the Blui 5n?rfl? ?!?** ?? at any such plaoe, and we deaireto know how Mr Thompson com? to claim to be sneh ? Il*s he any exequatui S!l it ff0In our 0o'?n??n? tc r .??, Wbich 19 Mt to b? found on the official list Have our Consuls in Cuba ?r elsewhere the power to appoint, on their own motion and at their owe pleasure Y?* 0r Commercial Agents, or vioi any thing else, without the authority of thi rr,M lQ tt# proceeding, and ant ,iform*d- w? ?a't doubt whethe any such officer was legally at Sazua 1; ?raDde, or whether the arms of the Unite< fU p over door of Mr Thomp ?fL'M of any l?gal authority, or for th SdtiuLZf p,2tectin? interest cf the Uni in J-i H's arrest most likely orin?inaie< a some t.ry different cause." This explanation of the Intelligencer is fa t e received cum grano salis. We think w< can show a very different state ef circum ?tances as those involved in this affair, in ou next issue. *J^\slHUiltg'netr 4180 r?joicM over the fac that Hon Thomas H Bayly, of Va., ts a can didate for re election, and hopes that he will bo returned to the House of Representatives, ?onoeivmg that his conservative influence wherever foreign gelations are concerned, are ftty valuable. . I?ariTCTa??We have received from Joseph C. G. Kennedy, Esq , the Corre spending Secretary, a copy of the printed proceedings of the National Institute for the Promotion of Science, embracing the trans actions of the annual meoting in Janury last There are several interesting papers m the pamphlet: Life in its Physical Aspects, bv Charlee Girard; Processes and Results of Ar:;^metical Calculations of the Orbit of the oon, and of the principal lunar equations, by Samuel ? Couea ; and Determination of Alti tudes with the Barometer, by Lorin Blodgett Uaapaa aid Lmbum -Joc Shillington has laid upon our table a copy of that popular ttagasme, Harper, lor April. It i,, M MuaJ handsomely printed and illustrated The opening article is, to th. Dead in the Cataoombs of Rom./' by Prof. G. W Greeae for many y^ United State. Consul at Rome' c - ArZt^Dli gtQer4Jlj of M interesting Also, from the same periodical agent, Prank Lejlie . "LaJiM' Ga^tt. of Paris, London, *nd N.w York Fashion. " It contain^ beside a plate of fashions for the fair sex, and a pat tarn for needlework, matter of a literary ohar *???*, and the celebrated Sparkling Polka. Abotmr Gaoaou Tow* Bc*md.?In ad ition to the wide-spread conflagration in andersvill., Georgia, about one-half the town of Jon^boro' ia C0Bfl ? Uie Macon and W. ern Koad. was consumed *>J hre on Saturday last turned up agahi. He i. out in the Montreal with a letter opposing the introduction of ten cent piece. i>to Canada Th. N.w York Da. Book says if the friends of the mea,uM wiU pnt a handful of ten cent pieces into Macken. pocket, it wiU worh the most beneficient in his opinieas, directly. M* Fi?k-' ? ,p^ui |**w ?f Jfflce Department, arrested JoMph Mar ttzDer, mail earner at Kingawood, Preeton 0,1 Tb??day u.t, for robbing the mati. The aocMed has been ooipmitted. ^?p'"erb d"?l ?U i? c. WUlllWTM ITEW8 AMD GOSSIP. ThePerry Correepondenoe?In the ebseaee of more importent topics, some of our ootam poruries ere discussing the Ferry letters already published end those yet unpubUshedV Of oomree. as to the Utter, they ere pretty mach in the dark; and as to the question how the former came eat, there seems to be quite e contrariety of opinion, end pretty consider able promiscuous guessing. Who divulged them, is simply who has been guilty of an tot of perfidy that should seeure the reprobation of every honest men. We hare endeavored to asoertain the truth, end we are perfectly satis fied. And, firstly, that the correspondence al ready brought to light could only have been published by three perties: 1. Perry. 2. The State Department. 3, Some one to whom Perry or the State Department had imparted It. We have satisfied ourselves of the fact that the State Department neither furnished it for publication nor allowed the copy in its custody to be seen by any person whatever, and no copy of it wee taken for any purpose. A paper insinuates that Mr. Mason, of Vir ginia, ohairman of the Senate Committee of Foreign Affairs, may have done it. Senator Mason is a friend of Mr, Soule, and a man of high honor, and the eccusatien is as baseless as it is foolish Mr. Perry, we are fully con vinced, is at the bottom of the matter. The edi tors of the InHlligeneer admit they saw the let ters, and that they were offered to them for pub lication, aid that they declined them, be cause of the impropriety, before they appeared la the New York Timet. We give these gen tlemen credit for this cheracteristio act of honorable end lair dealing. We wish we could as conscientiously and freely compli ment their full exoneration of Perry from the attempt to get it surreptitiously before the public, and the failure to as fully exonerate others that do not belong to the party of the IntelligMMr. And we disagree in opinion with them as to Perry's sgency. We doubt not in the end it will be found out that two impulses?1. An inordinate vanity; and, 2. A hatred of Mr. Soule?have induoed him tj perpetrate this act of perfidy and dishonor. That he sent this correspondence to his friends in the United States via England, we are en tirely oonvinced, and that this is the true means by whioh it came to light we have no doubt. Besides, there is, we hear, a supple mental correspondence that has been sup pressed, and which Perry alone could have any motive for suppressing. It consists of sun dry notes from Mr Soule to him, in which the latter directly charges the Secretary with having betrayed the secrets of the Legation to the Spanish and English Governments, and denounces him in language of unmeasured severity. We allude particularly to a note Mr. Soule addressed him from London. Sub 1 seqeently, when he returned to Madrid, we learn that Perry admitted his "indisoretion," and threw himself upon Mr. Soule's indul gence; but it seems he was waiting to strike a blow on a more propitious<oocasion. Mr. Perry, we understand, married a Span ish lady, the euthoress of one or two popular Spanish novels, and is maoh attached to his position. But we shall not be surprised if he will soon be relieved. The true solution of the Cuba matter strikes us as being, that J Congress "stood mute" when asked for the i five millions, and the Administration could not act, and hence Mr Soule resigned; and, 1 further, that bis position Is not ohanged with \ the President or Cabinet in anywise or degree, ? and be left on the best possible terms with all and all efforts of their mutual enemies to oreate hostility will fail. ) ?? I ? The Self-Conitituted Mentor ?The oonduc 1 tor of the New York Herald gravely advises r the President to call an extra session of Con % gresa and propose at once to declare war * against Spain on account of the El Dorado '9 I affair, assuring that functionary that the only I salvation for his Administration lies in pursu iling that oourse. As it will bo recollected I that the Herald has been steadfast in its I friendship and ardent solicitude for the feme 9 I and fortune of the Administration, of course I its onduotor's advice in this case comes from r I the best motives conceivable. His heart has I been full of affeotion for President Pierce ever I since the latter indignantly repelled his im I pu Jent application for the mission to France. I His stories from Washington saying that the I subject of an extra session has been disenssed I in Cabinet oouncil ere all untrue. We are I entirely satisfied of their untruth. Hew Light House* soon to be Built.?We I hear that the Light Hoase Board in this'oity i I ere engaged in the preparation of plans and > I estimates for the construction of the following I new light-houses, some of whioh (plans, Ac.,) I have already been completed, vii: II On the coest of Maine, et Petit Menen, I Baker's Island, Franklin Island, Portland I Breakwater. j On the coast of Massachusetts, Minor's I Ledge, Gay Heed, Sow end Pigs, Brant Point, I Cape Cod. I For numerous imall range lights on Lake I Champlain. I On the ooast of Rhode Island, Watch Hill I Beaver Tail. ' On the coast of New York, six range lights in New York Bay, Great Wast Bay, L. I., I Beaeon on Romer Shore. New Jersey?Abeeoum, (a first olass light.) Delaware?Cross Ledge, Ship John Shoal. Maryland?Seven Foot Knoll. Virginia?Cherry Stone, Mouth of the Rap. I pahannook. North Carolina-Wade's Point, Roanoke I Marshes, Royal Shoal. | South Carolina?Cape Romen, Castle Pink ney, Fort Sumpter, Battery at Charleston, j Florida?Jupiter Inlet, Coffin s Fetches. j Texas?Mouth of the Sebine River, j California?Punta de los Reyes, Point Lobes. Washington Territory?Cepe Flattery, New Dungenness, Blount's Island. ! Oregon Territory?Umpqua. Four light vessels?two first class end two second clese?building The Secretary of the lfavy.-This gentle man's friends will be gratified to learn that be was able yeeterdey to attend at the Depert-1 ment He is gradually recovering from the indisposition under whioh he hes been suffer, iog for nearly a month past, that origineted j from the intense lebors he wu foroed to un dargodering the late session of Congress. A Humbug?We apprehend the! those nters from Washington for the distent press, ?ECC0Qnls of earnest end ex oy? th.ii wonders out of ".kol. 0I0U1 ?? o?r p.ouioo L,, tb.t U?. mbjoot h? oot ooo. ormally oonsidared in oouncil. If we lr, Dot mistaken, it U not yet In a oondltion to re quire the tdrio* of those members of the Ad ministration whose functions do not Appertain to oar foreign relations. Oar belief is that, as jet, the President and Seoretary of State only hare the affair in hand. Board of Visiters to West Point.?The Pres ident has appointed the following gentlemen to this Board. They are to assemble on the 1st of Jane next: Charles Negus, Esq., Iowa; Hon.Isaao Da ?is, Massachusetts; John C. MoQehee, Esq., Florida; Col. H. Shnbart, Pennsylvania; Hon E. W. Chastain, Georgia; Professor James Jones, Louisiana; A. B. Hanson, Esq., Mary land ; Hon. J. M. Henry, Mississippi; Col. Hans Crocker, Wisconsin; Hon. Arno Wis well, Maine; Rev. Gordon Coit, Connecticut; Roy. Francis Vinton, D. D., New York; Ste phen H. Lee. Btq.,North Carolina; Professor W. W. Mather, Ohio; Hon. George 8. Hous ton, Alabama. I The Prineeton, (United States war steamer,) we hear, will remain at Havana until she re ceives farther orders. Such seems to be the improssioa among naval officers in this oity. A Light-House Keeper Appointed?The Secretary of the Treasury has appointed Hen ry W Grainger to be the keeper of the light house at Bois Blano, Mich., vice Mrs. Chas M O'Malley. removed; compensation 1400 per annam. A Resignation in the U. 8. Revenue Ma in ervice.?First Lieutenant W. N. J. Godwin, recently promoted to be a first lieu tenant in this servioe, has resigned?his resig nation te take effect to-day. A Land fcfflcer Appointed.?Samuel Ash ton, o Illinois, has been appointed by the Presi de tto be Register of the Land Offioe at Chi cago, Illinois, vice Richard J. Hamilton, de clined. The Oirrent Operation! of the Treasury Dr-f attaint.?On yesterday, the 30th March, thei?W*of Treasury Warrants entered on the bo ks of the Department? For the redemption of stock $6,279 99 For paying Treasury debts 22,794 71 Por the Customs035 40 For covering into the Treasury from customs 4,842 60 For oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 2,247 95 For the War Department 72,281 39 For repaying in the War Depart ment * 21,822 04 For the Navy Department 23,586 57 For the Interior Department 25,041 10 For repaying for the Interior De partment 3,297 45 Additional News from Europe, BY THE ASIA. Napoleon's contemplated journey to the Cri mea is supposed to be postponed. The crisis in Belgian affairs still continues. An interesting communication from Concha rc?pecting the late Cuban conspiracy had been laid before the Spanish Cortes, recom u^ndlng large concessions to the Cubans. His n^mmendations were unanimously adopted by the Cortes. A new Barvarian loan has been promulga ted, 'Hie Congress of Vienna formally met on the 15th. Present, one Frenoh, two English, two Austrian, and two Turkish representatives The Russian plenopitententiary was not pres ent. Telegraphic reports say that the disousslon was on a general basis and that negotiations terminated satisfactorily. Rumors are cur rent that Austria and England will be content without the demolition or Sebastopol, but that Napoleon absolutely insists on that oondition. Visiuu, Friday night ?At the oonference yesterday the fleaipotentiariee exchanged powers, and the proceedings were entered upon. The four bases and interpretations given them by the allies, having been set forth, tbe representative of Russia aocepted them verbally. One of the representatives was thereupon deputed to draw up a minute, or protocol, whion is to be signed to morrow, (Saturday,) the first thing when the embassa dors meet This document will constitute the basis for tbe negotiations for peaoe. Paris, Friday Night.?The mission of Gen. Weddel has comple.ely failed. Prussia refu ses to accede to the treaty with the allies, and will not therefore be permitted to participate in the oonferenoes. Menschikoff has gone to Mosoow, and the two Grand Dukes are on their way to St. Pe tersburg, from the Crimea. It is, consequent ly. not tree that the Grand Duke Michael was killed. Gen Osten Saoken is now the oommander of Sebastopol and Luders at Odessa. Count fearnoisky is organising at Sohum la second regiment of Turkish Cossacks, in which Poles will also be enrolled. Prussia has issued a cricular to the diplo matic eonsulars stating that there is reason to believe that the negotiations now in progress will terminate in peace. The ship Great Republio has arrived at London, and there is no dock large enough to admit her. From Spain we learn that on the 8th of March the government announced in the Cortes that tranquility was restored to Cuba, and the government would do its utmost to prevent further difficulty. A vote of satisfac tion was unanimously agreed to by the Cham bers. PERSONAL. .... Jno Ruger, an eminent lawyer and pol | itician, died at Syracuse, N. Y., on the even ing of the 25th inst. ....Hon. F X. McLanahan will sail for Europe on the I8th of April, in the capacity of Commissioner for Pennsylvania to the Grand Industrial exhibition to be held in Par is, the ensuing summer. ....Chief Justice Gilchrist, of New Hamp shire resigned his seat on the 16th inst., pre Cratory to leaving for Washington, where he to sit upon the benoh of the Court of claims. ....Hon. Geo. Ba^fcroft, the historian, ar rived at Savanah, on Monday, from a brief | visit to Florida. ... .Gen. Shields, o 1 111., and Judge Blair, of Washington, arrived in St. Louis, on the 25th inst. ....Charles Palmer Shepherd, a distin guished lawyer of Mississippi, died on the 14th inst. ... .Hon. James Booth, Chief Justice of the State Deleware died at his residence in New Castle on the 29th inst. .... Miss. Greenfield, the Blaok Swan, who recently gave several conoerts in this oity, at the Fifteenth street Presbyterian (colored) churob, is going to sing in the Baltimore Front Street Theatre on Tuesday evening next. To Prbsirvs Knitbs Ac., from Rust.? Procure some malted Virgin wax?the purer the better?and rub it thoroughly over the blades of the knives. After it has dried, warm the knives, and having oarefully removed the wsx from the surface, rub them briskly with a dry oloth, until the original polish is folly reatored. This will fill sll the pores with the unctions and minute partioles of wax, which will adhere firmly, aad prevent the intrusion of water or moisture which is the oause of the rust. They will retain their brillianey for weeks, if used. |y The Maine papers give an acoount of a woman and her four daughters, in Frank lin county. Maine, who shovelled snow three feet deep from a path nineteen rods long, to enable the daughters to reaoh a school-house, the first ever erected in the district in whieh the husband and father of this family had re sided for twenty one years. He didn't think the labor worth the reward, bat hie wife did. BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. A Cktng* iH thf Arfruj ? Cu* Stock*? Amusement*?Business, \e. Baltimore, March 30, 1855. I learn that W. H. Hope, Esq , lat* of the Evening Star, has purchased an Interest in the Baltimore Argus, and will be at his post en Mondaj next. This gentleman has had muoh experience in newspaper manage ment, and, nndar his readj pen and skillful hands, the Arg?s will awake to new life, and its hundred eyes be quicker in their vision. B. H. Richardson, Esq , the old war-horse, will con tin ae a partner in the concern A question of considerable moment is now being discussed in our city, which arises out of a proposition to sell the eity's interest or stook in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It is a matter of doubtful polioy, and looks very much like a manuver to get eontrol of said road by a certain party, for purposes suitable to their private interests If this stoek be put up at auotion, the presumption is these indi viduals will buy it, and thereby procure an ascendancy in the directorship, which, I fear, might work adversely to the future prosperity of the work. It beoomes our people to look well into the matter, and the Mayor to weigh it well before aoting. Oar city is quite lively. The theatres and places of amusement are all doing well. Waugh s panorama of Italy draws immense audiences, and deservodly, for it is highly meritorious There are many strangers here?all the ho tels filled?business is quite active. Bread stuffs are extremely scaroe. Sales to-day of I *ome 4,000 bbls Howard street flour at prices ranging from $8 1J to $0 25a$0 37, and closing firm at $9 50 A decided advance ia grain has also taken place, and the indications are that still higher figures will be obtained. There ia no telling what may take plaoe. Money oontinues abundant. Good paper on the street ia taken at 8a9per oent, and second class lOall per cent. Money on oall is free at 6 per oent. Capitalists are anxious to make sound Investment at ft to 8 per cent Exchanges dull. Quote London at 9}al0 premium. Roderick. .THE FUNERAL SERMON OF MR. I. 11 Wailes and daughter will be preached in the Seventh street Presbyterian Cht<r:h on Sab bath morning next, at 11 o'clock. mar 3L , YOUNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SO-. ? ? cicty.?The regular monthly meeting or this Society wiil be htld to morrow evening, at 5 o'clock, at St. Matthew's Church. W. J. F1TZPATRICK, _>r Secretary. A ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT ed Guard.?You are hereby notified to at tend the regular monthly meeting of the corps on TUESDAY EVENING, the 3d of April, at 7 o'clock. It is earnestly requested that each and every member of the corps should be punctual in his attendance. All members who have been absent for the last two meetings of the corps will And it to their ad vantage to attend this meeting, a* the constitution will be strictly enforced against all who are absent By order of CAPT. PECK. JOHN McCUTCHEN, O. S, mar 31-3t ,PUBLIC SCHOOLS ?TH F. TRUSTEES of Public Schools will be pleased to meet at the Ciiy Hall on SATURDAY, the 31st instant, at 3 o clock p m , s'di ladies and gentlemen (the present teacher* excepted) who wish to have their names continued or placed on the list of candidates for situations in the Pub!ic Schools of Washington. By direction of the Board of Trustees. GEORGE J. ABBOT, mar 28?d Secretary. ,TIIE SCOTT GUARDS BEG LEAVE to inform their friends and the public gen eially that they intend giving a grand Military and Civic Ball on THURSDAY, April 12, 1865. Particulars in future advertisement. mar 27?eo41* IOST-A PR0MIS80RY~N0TE, DRAWN BY J tile undersigned, dated February 12, 1855, in tavor of C. S. Fowler, for two hundred dollars, and payable sixty days afterdate. All persons are hereby cautioned against negotiating eaid note. mar 31?3t C. S. FOWLER 8t CO. Building associations. Mutual Benefit Building and Loan Associations their history, principles, and plau of operation ; to' gether with a statement of the benefits attending t hem, and of the distinction between American and English Societies, lie., 1 vol. 12mo, price ?0 cento GRAY &. BALLANTVNE, mar 31?3t *98 Seventh stteet. PARASOLS. 130 very rich and cheap Parasols, all colors H'raw Bonnets and Misses'Flats, great variety Rich Bonnets and Ribband* 120 dozen Linen cambric Handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, at ?1 50 per dozen; we think a good bargain Embroidered and Clear Lawn Handkerchiefs in great variety 500 yards Swiss Edging, 12c., worth 25c. cheap"0* NCt MUt3' m 50 CCnU Up' very 2o dozen best French Kid Gloves, all shades My stock 1b large and well assorted, and pur chased at the very lowest prices. be P'LR9ed to favor me with a call SSjiST 8h?" **= attentively shown through it, and the goods offered at a small advance WM. R. RILEY, mar 31?lm 8th " ' ?PP' CenlTt Market. NEW GOODS! JUST received, from the northern market, an ex cellent asnr rtment of latest style Bonnets, Rib th,'o8{ riIJ,imin?P,> Laces, Embroideries, he., which will be sold upon moderate terms, and to which the attention of the public is respectfully asked Kniap MYER, Agent, o, * o" avenue> between 8tli and #th sts. mar 31?to3i* CUPPING AND LEECHING" WrtIii 'UL1U# KHNIBR8 OULD respectfully inform the public that he is prepare.! to attend to the business of Cun ping and Leeching at his Barbershop, south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th and 13U gts. Calls promptly attended to in all parts of the citv and at very reasonable charges. mar 31?1 m* M. WILLIAM, LADIES' DBE88 A*D TRIMMING 8T0BI. Pa. avenue, between Seventh and Eighth streets. MWILLIAN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington that he has just received from the Northern cities a complete stock ?f GOODS, among which may be found? bew style French Dress Trimmings Fine French Flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets, in silk, scrape, and straw, of the latest patterns ' And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kinds. Dresses made in the latest Paris fashions at rea sonable rates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves cleaned. mar 31?eolm* JOSBIPH GAWLEB, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER PINNSXLVAKIA AVEMUK, between 17th and 16th sueets, (Fist Ward.) r%LFurnjlureJePircd ttnd new made to order? ertnStiS funerals attended to at the short 0&- A share of patronage is solicited. mar 31 ?eolm MAO MIDDLKTOW,another exciting"work from the pen of that wonderful delineator of nuBian passions, G. W. M. Reynolds, author of the ?neK Court of London; it is equal to his hitherto best efforts, and will be largely sought after ? Ule author ofrieartsease and the Heir of Redcliffe; it is a capitol story and fully sustains the high reputation of the author Blackwood's Magazine for March. Everything ia the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLING-TOW'S Bookstore, * mar 31Buildin* corner 4* 8t- ?ndP?. ave. CLOTH SCOURER AND WASHEP ? KII.t.IBO will clean, in the best manner, Merino Dresses Shawl- .-a wo<.ll?n Garments of e.ery ZSlS, 1^1?^ and gentlemen, and would also uke in washing Residence between Nos 373 and 377. Third slrei.. east, between Maryland avenue and C st., Capitol * war 31? ecOt* NEW SPRING STYLE OP HATS AND BONNETS. EVANS, Pa avenue, 930, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, to-day introduces the new Spring style of HATS, a new and beauti ful article; and also the new style of Flexibl?^^L Hats, and Gentlemen's Caps To accommodate the Ladies, and whme n?mn y herespectfuliy soliciu, he lias connected with his business the sale of BONNETS b?Ul 8t,.w .?d Silk, in all their varieties. His assoitment is exfe.^, * anJchi'eS6 *?W f?r a'f,ea"t ? tlian ?rb"" PA^LVaAMA FOR SALE?ONE UNDIVIDED third interest in "Stanley's Western Wilds " 0D lcco?mod*tmg terms. Addreis ' Btw ??ee. mar 10?lw* LIST OP LKTTIRN Rimwhii in th? Post Office, Washington, D. C., Marth 31, 18.16. [Orderedto be advtrtitedin the " Ert*mo St**," agreeable to the following tertion of Ike Pott Office Law?U being the nrwepaper having the largest circu lation of am daily paper published in Washington: Sec. 5. And bo il further enacted, That the list of letters remaining uncalled for in any post office in any city, town, or village, where newspapers abatl he printed, shall, hereafter, be published oice only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or oftener, shall have the largest circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] ?^Psrsons applying for lattas la tfcs following list, will please it; they arc autsstised. tUDlEV LIST. Anstin, Mite Blleu Altman, Mrs Atwixxi, Mrs 8 U Alexander, Mrs Sarah Bell, Mr* Mary 8 Burr, Mia* Mary A Bran, Mlaa Kllan Bryan, Mrs Sarab B Brook*, Mlaa Emily Brady, Mra Margaret Barbour, Mrs Kllan Baldwin. Mra Oaroltn Q Knnell, Mra Agneea Bonce, Mlaa Lonlaa M Barrasd, Mlaa Coartney Byon, Mlaa Batb 0 Clark, Mlaa Vlrglsl* Clalay, Mlaa Snaau Commadore, Mlas Carolina Coolidge, Lidney CrUtantan, Miaa Mary V Crofert, Louiea Chaliie, Miaa Virginia A Dyson, Mlaa Angeline Kldwell, Mra Ann* S Lynch, Oatbarlna LnlUon, Mra Ooy Lancaster, Mlaa Carolina I-okey. Mlaa I Lawta, Mlaa Clara Latham, Mlaa Mary P Moora, Mra Kam M Marks, Mary Ann Mitchell, Mra Betty L MeUt-r. Mlaa Matilda Mander, M H W Millar, Mlaa Kltsa Moraland, Mlaa Ellsa 0 Maxwell. Mra Jmlla My era. Joeaphlna Maddea, Mlaa Kate McCaaaland, Mra Ann Read, Mra Praactlla Roan, Miaa Eltaahalh Raaatl, Mlaa July Regan, Mlaa Mary Ran ioiph, Mra Mary Rupert, Mra K Do rata, Mlaa Maria Oatharina flwann, Mra Jaae J Darts, Miaa Mary Ecton, Miaa Mary J Krina, Mlaa Lucy Mary Farley, Mra J Pawdt, Mlaa Sallla Flt^li|.atrlck. Mary Pllnt, Maria?Oarmaa (rant, Mra Henrietta Glbbs, Mra Loniaa Garden, Mra Prancas Gorman, Mra J J Griffin, Mlaa Virginia 8 Hughee, Miaa Mary Hlcka, Mra Virginia V 11-art, Mra K D Hayiile. Mlaa Laah B Hubbard, Mra Evallna Headen, Ann Herman, Mlaa Charity Jnnea, Mra John Jones, Mlaa Sarah i Jarves, Mlea M Laelnla ; Kelly, Mlaa Mary A Hberioc*. Mra 8 Hherman, Mra M A BtlngerL Mrs Carolina ftaxby, Mlaa Ann Stephana, Mlaa Kate M Hlattlnga. Laelaa Kb .uard, Mra Mary Jane Starling, Mlae Mary B Thnmpaon, Mra John R Terrett, Mary Taylor, Mra Sabrtna Thoapaon, Mlaa Magcia Thompaon, Miaa Allies Thomaa, Joanna Vanneaa, Mlae MaUlda B 1 Walr, Mra Rebecca M Weet, Caroline?coi'd Ware, Mra Betty Wllliamaon, Adlald Wlleon, Mra Mary H I Wilson, Mlas Mary Whittall, Miaa Rachat Touug, Mra Rebecca GBHTLKMBKd' LI8T. Aderaon, J D j Adama, H J Albritou, Chaa I Anderson, Chaa Abrntta, Oiristian Aehman, Alfred Bryan. Wm Bush, Wm Blanchard, W L Bowman. Thoa Barton, Capt TB Bowser. Thoa Bernard, John ltarrett, Thoe H Boman, Thoa Butler, T 8 Briggs, Thoa Bartletl, Thoa Brlce, S B Bernard, Mona Bell, Sarul 3 Bates, K R Boston, Robert Bronaugh, K B Bruae, Kobt I'rasiene, Mr Bacon, Mr Bargy, LAS Bureil, Lewis lilanchard, L Biyd, J Barrer.ger, Jno Biogbam, Jno A Bonnet, J CI Bntterflald, J Benjamin, Joa D Boyd, Jeremiah Brown, Isaac Burke, John Bangs, Ja? C Board. J G Barraud, Paaaad Mid J P Buchanan, Harry Borry, Geo Brown, Geo V Baker, Geo K Borken, Geo Broadrup, Geo Burt, Francis Buchanan, Ctpt P Brocka, Edmund K Blttinger, Rot K C Babcock, E F Bock, I> H D?*lt, B H Edalin, Wm Erickaon, Thoa Elmore, Richard Kngle. Capt H t Elliott, Gerard 1 Knier, Geo K^an, Fraoda Elliott, Alas, Jr Pltzbugh, W H Ptacbar, Wm McClaakey, Juo McQIll, Tlioa McBoy, Wm MeKIm A Co Newman, Wm Mcbolla, Peil Newman, J B Nearing, G H O'Mslllvan, Pat'k I O'Brien, Thoa (Herman, Jno Pesaenden, 1 boa H Oweua, Jno Pinagan, Peter Prench, J A Foxwell, Jaa L Porater, Geo Perriaa, D T Franaoa!, Chaa W Parquhar. A M Gainla, W W Groee, Peter Goabon, Joa Graham, J H German, Capt Jaa Gill, Jno R Glean, Geo Green, David Guthrie, A Grammar, Andrew Greenlaaae, Jaa Gramea, Chris Hanklna, Wna Hadaon, Thoa D Hayward, Tboa Hugglna, 9aml Ham ma, Saml Hart. Patrick Hopkins, Philip Herlibey, Michael Hongler, Mr Hide, James Haagbsettar, Jno Heatn. Jamea E Harlan, Jaa Holbrook, J Hill. Jaa Hancock, H F Hntton, J3 H He?e*lbark, Hugo Olvis, Jno Philllpa, W D S Phillips, W L Perkins, Wm Petara, Tboa Pyron, T B Parrlah, Jr, R A Parker, Capt Robt Palmar, Jamea H Palmer, Lt Jaa 8 Phelps, Joabua A Patera, James Philllpa, Gao M Porter, G Prnett, Fras^ia Pearaon. P M Pleasanta, Praacl* Phelpe, E W Philllpa, Kban Peters, Edward Porter, Capt li 0 Richsaan, W W Randall, X Rynaz. Jno M Reyno Ida, Jno W Blglitttiue, Jno W Held, Eal I 1> Ramsay. Prof D 8 Reod. Doff G Boblson, D P Rlcllnl, Billia Rust, Albert Rosette, Anton! Ray. Anaou P Stone, W K Blbray, Wm Rchott, Wm Howard, Frederick Hmith. Wm Hayea, Col A Hall, A 8 Hatch. A W S Harrison, Fliaa Jackson. Wm K liillingliuret, ChaS3 Jonaa, Thoa Barnard, Chas Byrne, B M Baden, Basil Bur, A Bradley, Alas Banre, Anson Brent, H M Bukaty, Antony Cafler A Weaver Chase, Wm Chaaa, Wm D Clary, W 8 Carter, T J Cox, Thoa Corwln, Tboa Carney, Thoa J Crooka, 8 J Colfax, Schuyler Coyl, L B Clapp, B Carroll, Mr Carter, L C Cole. L <'-ashe*ra, J C'arusl, Ingnaalo <"oiitar, Jno Cadwaledar, J Cnburn, J M Cochran, John Clark. J W Chase, John Chauce, Jamea Carr, J 8 Chestney, Jaa Cochrain, J W * aaey, John Cook,J M Chalton, Gao H Carr, Lieut Gao W Cornell Geo Cook, Gao F T Caey, J F Crawley, Edw Cloaa, Edward Camp, Capt E E 3 Carroll, D C Coll, C Chaworth, B Jonea, Lt J M Johnson, J M Xagraham, H G Johnston, Horace Jones, Gao Jamea, Ed ward Johnaon, K C Joaes, B & Jar-obi, Acgnetaa Kelroy, Jay Kreutar, Wm Kerahaw, Thoa J Knight, Parry Kerr, Peter King, P G Keyea, N E Kv.lmaa, Mr Kuchllng, Jno H 1 Eaton, Jno Kerwln, Joa Starnbargh, Wm Stockton, Col Wm P Singleton, T Stewart, 8 Aaxton, Bobert Horreil, Bichard Scbnltx, Mr Snyder, Johs Shea, ;r, John Smith, J M Smith, Jno Caspar Stapp, Jno M Scbeil, J E Steuart, Jno T Npanldlng, H H Shields, G H Smith, Gao W Soutner, Gao Sclimlth, Krnaet Shlnn, E P Smith, Capt D M Smith, Ca|>t C Btull, C 8 Sargner, C M Sherman, A > haffner, A Klrkpatrtck, Jno 8 Sterrett, Adam Klrby, F P Konaa, F W Kamerhnbar, P W Kidder, B A 1 Law son, Jamea Larcoab, Thoa Linton, 8 Iamb. Seth Lee, Capt 9 8 Lawaon, Gan R Lovell, Capt M Langdoa, J Langfet, Jno Lanahan, Rev Jno Lenard, Judge Lamby, Jno Lowry, Jno Lander, P W ? Lee, C H Lelgliter, B P Mnrphy, Jno Maddox, Capt Morrisa, James Martin, W ti Mark. Wm Magraw, W M P Murphy, Wm (.'uumlnga. Col A 3 Moora. Lt T Thompaon, Bobart Thompaon, Kl tiard Taylor. Richard Thompson, Moaaa Tynan, John Tliornton, J T Townley, James Thoinaon, Joa Thompaon, James Thompaon, John P Thompaon, Geo Tayman, Edward Tallcot, Cltarlaa G Thompaon, C Thoapaou, A 8 Tracy, Gen A Thonipaon, Allan t'pahar, J H Van Martar, Wa Van Stoue, Wm Wheyer, Z Wheelar, Z 8 Walker, Zack Wcod, Wm P Wliber, Wm Warwick, W D Whitty, Wm H Williams, W H Martin, Robert Mott, Richard 3 Mark*, Philip Martin, Matthlaa Marshall, Jacobo Melhorn, J W G Miller, P B Mean, H Williams, W B Wheaton, W W Wood, Wm J Wade, 8 A Wilson, 8 Wilkeraon, Richard Weaver A McQlU Wtllett, Joa K Danaiey. Jeremiah Mattlngly, Thoaaa Weeks, Whiting Diety, S B "?- ? Downing, R i'odga, Wm M I'rlacoll, Timothy Dalany, Thoa Dodsou, Matthlaa Doyla, S T Disney, Jno Dickey, Mr Dlllou, Jamea Dilwortb, Jno H Dickluaou, Jno, Jr Dleney, J R Davidson. Jno H Davie A Gleaaon Dugan, Danl Desney, David A Durkee, Chaa 3 Dawson, Croaby Mayson, Frederick William, Juilna Mudd, P 8 Mortimer, C Mayhew, A W 4 McGarr, C N McNamara, Denla McCarty, Henry McKola, Gen J L McKla,Jno McN'ealy, Jno McKlaatry, Major INITIALS. Pub'r of the Commonwealth, 3 ; Mt Varaon TanV Mo 3S? ? Privata Citiiena; Sact'y of A. 0. Society ; Cltlxlna' Bank1 Editor of Dollar Tlmea ; J. R. D.; T. C. M., M a K Staar Wlcelman, Joha Wilson, J Randolph Wheeler, Henry u Williams, H S Wlleon, Gao B Wright, Geo W Weakley, Geo Warner, Kbei,?ier Woodruff, E W Woraar. Kellx m?r Pulton march SI JAMBS 0. BKRRBT. P. M. GRAJID OIYIC AMD MILITARY BALL or THE WASHINGTON YAGERS. EA.STICK MONDAY, April 9, 185ft. AT VARUSTS SALOON. THE WASHINGTON YAGERS respectfully an nounce to iheir friends, both civic and military that their next ball will be giv?-n on MONDAY NIGHT. April ?Ui, at Carusi >s Ss^iu. The Cominittue of Arrangements pledge them selves to use every effort to make the Ball pleasant and agreeable to all who may favor them with the ir company, and bave no doubt shall make every one fed ai home. Weber's fine Cotillon Band will be present and pet form some of their finest pieces of music. Tickets #1 50?to be had of the Committee of Ar rangements and at the doer on the night of the ball Committee of Arrangements. N Happ, J Bather, M lluppel, P Schweitzer, E Veidt, F Miller, F Btrgenshausen, J Angermann, mar 31?dtb RICH BXjACK 8ILK8 of every width and quality, from 75 cents up, very ch. ap Plaid and plain Silks. Pink, white and bl'k watered Silks for Mantillas White, pink, blue and mode coi'd Shalleys White, pink, blue, ireen, corn and moJe celored French Mouaselines 13 pieces plain Berege, in every shade at 25 cents. very cheap goods White, pink, blue, green, brown, and mode colored Bereges, in fine quality 100 pieces Lawns and Jackonets in every quality Al??, ? well assorted stock of Ikwuestic Goods All of which will be sold at very low prices. Customers will do well to give us a call. WM. R. RILEY, Corner 8th m. and opp. Centre Market, mar 31?lm SEWING MACHINE AGENCY. THE undersigned, having been appointed eole H?nt for the sale of Wheeler, Wilson A Co.?s ?ewing Machines in the District ot Colombia, le spectfully notifies the public that he is prepared to turnish any number that may be ordered at short no Uce, and to guarantee the instructions that mav be necessary to enable the purchasers to work them to fcct'ordw.6 8aU**ction? *nd 10 keep them in per These admirable Machines, having uniformlv re ceived the highest premiums wherever they have been exhibited, can be confidently relied nnHi a .l| <h? Tm.U? of family ,"""1.^..??^,^. tailors, clothiers, shirt makers, maniua makers Ae So soon as our arrangements can be comii?i.ii w. .tall have u oOcTTpen, wh." ^ S"" rucP., Amnftftment*. PKOPLK'S TBEATHE, LATE VARIETIES Lessee. Mr. Kaf?a? Mmr*, Mr. ?um. Benefit of Mr. J. H ALLEN and ia?t night ?fhta en gagement. Aino, po itiwly the law sppear anceof Miss FANNY MOHAN* THIS EVENING will be pressed (by repeat) THE HUNCHBACK. Sir Thos. Clifford, Mr Allen ; Modus, Mr. Nonas; Julia, Mi* Fanny Morant To (ovcliilc with the pecte roared y of DAY AFTER TlfE WEDDIWfi. Col Ftccl<ive, Mr. Allen; Lady Elizabeth Frcetova, Miss Morant Prices of admisNon:?Orchestra Chairs 30 eta.; Par quette 37^4 cent* ; Regular Ticket 25 cent* ; Pri vate Bon-i and Gallery f??r colored persons 25 rente. ?>ae 31 STANLEY'S WESTERN WILDS, OR GRAND NATIONAL PANOBAMA OP THE INDIAN AND HIS COUNTRY ! Will open for exhibition WIDIK8DA Vv APRIL 4th, INI, AFTERNOON AND EVENING, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Afternoon eihibition Wedneeda?, for ladius aad children, to commence at o'clock; Eveaiaf at o'clock. Admission 23 cent*?children half pnea. mar 31 A LL ITBAHOVRI J\_ visiting the City Should see Hunter's Cat slso. llin Description ?if Powell's great Picture alogue of the curioalucs of the Patent oftoe. feb r ~ Servants for sale?the advebtisbr wishes to sell the choice of three girt*, aged IS, 9, and 7 years respectively. They are iatellkfent aad heal hy children. The oldest, for her age, is well abquainted with houeework. They will not be sold to be taken from the District. Addseee box 33* Poet Ofll e. miir 30?3f HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hsir, such aa Braceleu, Cbat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Ptnfer Rings, nadr to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimena may be seen at my store. ^ II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. &?., between 9th and 10th tt. Mar 30 J P NOTICE. OSEPII HUSGINS, JewHer and Silversmith, v Nn.)114 Pa. avenue. west of WiUard*' Hotel, id .ihout to cloae bis store, and offers his entire stork of Jewelav, Watches, Silver and Silver platad Goods for sale, all of which is of the very best qoal ity, and will sell at great bargains Persons wanting anything in his line w<??!d do well to give him a call, as be is determined to sell verv low lor cash only. mar 30?lw* PRIVATE TUITION. CIVIL AND MILITABY 1*01*11*1*0, Xo. 483 MtU Tenth tWtct. Utvten Dand E *tr?*U north, etUMuhed in 1832. J FILL, Prof?**<?r of Math*matics. can receive , another cla?* in the higher branches of Math ?? icitics, Construction, Draughting, and Civil aad Miotary Engineering 'JWins per course, $25; writing lessons $10; booh ke*ving, by double entry. $15.?payable in advance. A private parlor for ladies. mar HI?3t KRIOHI WITH OBPBCflYl _ vision are invited to examine my( extensive stock of all kinds ot SPECTA-. CLES and EYE-CLAUSE*. Glides1 of any kind, such as Catarac t, Parabola, Periscoyic, Double Concave, Double Coavex, and Colored Clause a, put in at slort notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to eel those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vision," gratia at H. SKMKEN'S, 330 1'a. avenue, betw. 9Ui aad 10th sts. mar 30 \TEW WORK, by the Authorof the Heir ol Red i> clj-ffe The Cactlc B'uldera, by the author of the Heart's Ease, in paper covers ; price 50 cents ; bound, 73 cenu. Just published and for sale at TAYLOB * MAURY'S mar 30 Borkttore, near 9th at. A GREAT BARGAIN. WE have one of Knabe, Garble k Co.'a Louia XIV. style beautiful rosewood 7 octave PI AXOS, which has been slightly damaged and which w?' are now authorized to sell at a great baigaui. Terms of layment made easy. JOHN F. ELLIS, Piano, Music aud Stationery Store, mar 30 306 Pa avenue, near 10th at GOAL. ARRIVED and we are now discharging care* of Schr. Mary Mershon. (Wilden, Master) 14S ion* Schuylkill Red Ash COAL, of veiy excellent qn^liiy. We shall continue to keep a good supply of Coal for cooking purpote* and summer u?e. JNO. T. GIVEN k CO., Coal and Wood Driers, Corner Fourteenih and C atre^ta. X. B.?All coal sold hy ua carefully weighed aad 2240 pounds to the ton. J. T. G. It CO. mar 30?3t FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock of OOl p Rt NTINO PATEKT LEVERS, and Lanixa' witcsfb Of first quality, heavy 16 caiat| cases. Also, SIL VEB WATCHES for hoya. I offer them at gre?tly reduced prices. The movements are selected with gnat care, aad every Watch is warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. H SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th aud 10th sta. mar 30 IOKLL * BOYD, BLIND MAKERS A UPHOLSTERERS, WOULD respectfully inform their friends the public generally that they/5? are prepared to attend to all orders in gg the r line of business. All kiuds of UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; such a*?Cutting and Making CarpcU, Fitting down Matting i and Oil Cloth, Making and fiturg upi Bed and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck i and oihcr Mattresses, Pew and other Cushions, Spnng Beds, Lountes, Easy, and Sick C'.airs. We have in store?Window Shades and Trimmings, Cords and Tassels. Split Blinds, Wide Paper for Curtains. VENITIAN BLINDS made ia any style, and old ditto repaired to look as well aa new. All kinds of old Work repaired, and all or ders thankfully received and promptly attended to for cash, or a perfect understanding before hand If you want the worth of your money juat glee us a call, at No 391 Pa. avenue, eeuth side, betw. 9th and 10th streets mar 30?tf MADAME DELARUE BEGS leave to announce to the Ladies that she haa just received, from Pans, a choice assort mcnt of Spring HATS and FLOWEBS. Also, Point, Cbanuily, Valencctuies. and Maltrae Lace & ods. Embroideries, Kid Gloves. Gnats de Scede, (a new article,) Mounting Collars and Sleeves, ma terials tor Veils, Jet Bands for the hair, Cabas, fancy ornament* for ladies. Fresh Perfumeries, Eau Lus trale, Pomatoms. Tricophrrous, Eau de Venus, Milk of Roees, Sapopbane. All kinds of toilet waters, Cologne, Verbena, Florida, fcc. Together with a complete assortment of Goods, suitable for the aeaana, which will be opened on Saturday, the 31st instant. S3 8 Pa. avenue, between 12ib nnd 13th sts. Mm*. D. again solicits the attention to the Splen did Raffle ofLace Goods, which will tahe place im mediately after the remaining tickets will have been deposed of. The priaes can be seen at any ume at Mme. D *s establishment. mar 3U?3r COWS AND CALVES AND BROOD MAKE For Sale. Two very fine Cows, with )oung calves, raised in the city. Also, a thorough bred Brood Mare, of fine aire and wi h foal by a tnorou^h bred Horse, for sale ot accommodating terms. MILTON GARRETT, 164 I street. Also, my usual stock of superior Bacon, Smoked Beef, ?c. mar W-3t SILVKR WARE, PLATED WJkHl AMD FINE FANC% OOODI -Silvar Coffee and Tea Sets, Sngar Bowls, Cream JugPt Goblets, Cups, Spoons and Forka, Also, a great variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and Forks, on best Albata. The ankles are warranted aa represented, and will be sold at a small advance. H. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, beu 9th and 10th street* mar 89?tf KEHLEHER A PYWELL S COLUMBIA* LIVERY STABLES. Eighth, between D and E streeeU, Washington, Horses taken at Livery. Horses and Hifi*sitit hire. Messrs. K. k P. has on hand a fine lot of He for salt, and trash droves are ooastantly aim

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