Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON^' fKXCEPT SUNDAY,) At ike Star Burldi-g. cont'r Ptn/Mj/lvoni nv*nu* a >A t'Vrt'lA By W. D. WALlAfB, WW be sflrrwl to mbscrifcers to the cities of Wash ?njtaa, Ufor|?tovr, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, ;ayahle weekly to the Agent*. To mail subscribers Uie nbMripiion price is THREE DOLLARS AND piH'f CENTS a year In advance, TWO DQf* LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fat THBEE MONTHS. (^Sinolk copiis 0*1 CUT. VOL. V. WASHINGTON D. C., FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 1855. NO. 698. ..13?J IHillAlLI !? Q&~ ?a(i? copies (in wrapper*) can be procur at the counter, innf^iitplj after the ir?uc of l' *? paper. Price-r?*i? ctirra. P0STH4BTKCS who act a* ajrrots will be aii0wc4 C \ RTn? SPANISH MIXTURE. Kot a ParUcla of Mercury In It! 4a I Shiatsu Remit r lor 8-nofuia, King's 1*11* Utoaitiaq, OL-rtij*t? Catuwsi M-aptioaj, Ptmsln or Puitale* on the f*o?, B1nt*h**, Boil*, Ckror*. ? Sore ISyea, King Worm or T**t*r, Scald He*1. Snlargsment Paha if th* Bocee atid JoinU, Stubborn ClcoP, Syphilitic I>I;ordert, Lu7mba?0 SpiaV Compla-ntf, an I al! the diwan s ! mriei-t from an 'cju M-rfou? as* of Mer*urr, lm prud m?e in 1 }'?, or Impurity of tha Blood. It HIS ?alaabli >irdicjce, w hlch haj becoia# ml* | trstsd for th- Biiultr of .xtra-jrdinary cures. ^Mdd through li* ignoy, ha> induced th* propr, it th* urg-nt request cf their fri*nds, to offer, U to th* pahlta, ahich lb-j do with the uunoet oo? Cd**?? m its Tirtu-s and woadsrful curative prop ?arti a following cerJfir?tes, ?elected irota a are, however, stronger tes'izaoa* . th- maa* ?o?d of tha proprietor*; and art ail i fnotlemea aa.'l known in lh*ir localities, and Of th* oighaat resp**ahil!tv, many of th-m ree ding *a the dtj of R!ehmo*d, Va. F BOYDKN, M*q.. c f tha Exchange Hotel, Rich feoad, kuo wn etdxj xberr rays he haa seen 'he Med* .en* called Ciarsm'a JPakisu Mixrraz.a'lminfeterej ta owm a hundred wwi, in neiriv *11 the disesses fbr which it li reoomiaaaied, with the moat aston ishingly goad r^ultn He rays it le the moat ex mammary medieta* ha hu erer Been. AftCS AMD ?H7K!l-GkiC*r OURB.-I hereby wrMfy that for thra? yaar* 1 had Ag;e and fever of tha mo?t vielent 4?:'ription. ? Lvl kto.) Phy sicians, t ?k l*rg? quantities of Quiaioe, Mercury, aad I beliare all the T >nics ad vertis->d, but all with est perCU**Q- relief. At la?t I tried Garter's Bpaniah HU:nf, two bottles of which eff-cta*ll- | aurad me, and i as happy to aay I ha?a hid neither dhllla or fe7ere si??. J ronakler it the be?t Tonic la thL; world, ani tha w?l/ re :}w:ue tnat *ver reached my ca -e. JQliH UjaauJ.V. Bma?sm Ditch, near Richmond. Va. O- B. LtTCi, fcq., aow la the city of Rhhsin-i aad foe many ye*r< in th' Pc*t Oflh), haa euch aeaAl-a&t is ta* a*toauliii!; ?i>i:a;y of C*rt*r'a ipaatah >?ixtar?. t?,%t b - has boa<h: upwsrd-i of U b?tU+4, which he li*a to th* tffl ?ted.? Wr. La** aiya fca* nut-it kuowa i?. t> (aU when uiua aanTdui^ to dirouioas. ?>r. >*INC"i, a prjctjeis.- Pbvia.rian, and fo tioxly if tL? 'Ji-V Kate!, is tl>? cii.j of Hicbmund, Bays be lae wi?o*^j?i in - suoib'T of laa'-ancosin* e?<L? ee*a ep*3i4i Vixtare, which were raoat truly tmrprMn;. Ke Mya la a c?s of Gr-n?aiaptica, d> paailm< oa i!w Liver, th? fpoi eff??ta were won darfu! indeed. BAlIUBL M. KtldKiS, of .ho firrj of i>ritiker i tforria. Rleh??iid. was car^d curei of U*e* Con* aialat cf tht*-? tear^ 'taalicg, by tlie uaa crt tare bottiaa of Oar r-*; ?p??ai-c ^i*tar?. 0R3iTCUtU0f ScliOa'CLA?T^e Kditor- ol the Riohmoai Repablicaa h*d a ee:v*bt amr4wyed la their preaa roora, :aeed of rioleat fttrofu a. com hiaad vita Rh<.uxatism, wlilch entirely duablei Maafro^work. Two bJt:!^ of Carter'a fipaaiah Mixta re uad* & perfect care of 1dm, anl the Edi tor* In a pabllo ao^ice, *%j th*y "cheerfally n?>m man! it to ail who are afflistei with any Jiaaaae ol ?Jia blood." <TILL ANOTHER C.UR 2 OF SCROFULA.?I hid a warr ralaable boy eur^d of tvrjfula by Carter^ tyaafih M'xtare I cotu*ii?r it truly a ral ubJe madieiae. J \ '>1 ;S M. TAYL- ?H, Conductor oa the R. P. and P K. K. Co . mehanad, Va SALT una US CP TWSNTY YRAIU 3TANDIXQ CUt 2D Mr. JOUS THOMPSON, resiuin? ia the city of Riolxiaoad. w?s curri by thr^e b >;tlee of Cuxter'f. Ppaniah Mia'.ur". cf S*lt r.heuo. which he hetd for aaarlf rwaty years, nr.l which ail tb^ phyaidxaf of ?ba a^7 vtnlZ nc? <??ire. Mr. Thomp-?n '.a a w?l k-XiWa SJeabtkt In the c.ty of R!dui< ndr and hh ia meal Mi*?*kab!e. Wit A. KATISItVi, of rti^hmo d had a barrsat ?wad ef ??fhilie, la t!ie worai f-.ra, by <Si-tef*a ?paaitk Mix tar*. Ea aay? he chjerfjMy re<^>m " i it, and consider} it a vary taTiduablo meii BDWIJf BURTON, comxi??ioner of the revenue, ?aya he has seen the good ffws of C?rter'z Ppkauh Miztare ta a namher of .-iyphilitie eaaee, aad * ays it !? a prfort mre T-r that horrible dutrase. WM. 9. HAHWO^b, ?t Riclimou-i, care-i of oli Botk aad CT)eer?, vh>h di.*al'Hi hi a fr?m walking. ?ook a few bottle of Spanieh Mixture, and w?j eaaUid to walk without % cruUa. iu a ?h*t | time p*rfcau?n iy cu ai. PHacipal Depot* at M WARD, CLO?R c. Co? No. 36 Maidan Lan*. New York. T. W. DTOrr A BOWH, No. 182 North Second ?t., Philadelphia BBNyBTT t Br*'t?, No. 125 Main itre^t, P.isb Koad, Va. Aad for fale by f-H ARLK3 8TOTT. Washington, D. 0; HKN tY PtJ!, Alexandria, and by DruggifU r?aryabare. inee $1 per bottle, ot aix botUee for $5: eap 31?ly Private Medical Treaties THJ PHT8IQLOGIOAL ViiVV Of MARRIAGE, ?r M B. LA CROIX, 31. I>? ALBANY N Y. ttd Pag'i acd 130 rice Plaiu and Colora* Lltko-! graphe and Pl&taa. Prlea only Casta, f} ??. ?re- &i jpc?4??etc all barta of the Union' CHIAPK T BOOS RVRR PCBi.I&lijf'j, *nd contaluiag nearly d able tLc quantity cf reating matter ia Ibat of the FIFTY CtNTi OR OOLLAH PUULIC-iTIONH It treat* on the PIIY310L<V IO Y 0> MARK1AGK aad tha srTet 1 - firmit!*-* a ud uhtordrr I of youth and matari-y, ra ?u'tlng fttom exeweeg, which deetroj thephyBica* and men ta'. powers, with chsorrationf ?a marriage, its duties aad diequaliAeationa, aad their rem*iiee; with lithographe, illaatratiag tha aaatomy aud phyaiology, ana diMa:*e of the renrn 4aetir? organ* of both eexee, th6<r atraeture, aaee aad fanateaaa. A popalar and rcmprehmaiTe trea bee oa tha datiea aad cawaJ^luav. f single and mar rfad Ufa?happy and trn*U&: al'.au^M. mode cf ae earing them ? infe.'utc. a *z.d *ufo.'tile oaaa?their obri rdon and revjOYel?'xpurt^nt hl&ta to thoee | OCX.Umplating natvicjray. that will overcoaae ob )ewiinni to It; nonj b?we?*t. should take this im portant t ap wt hoat tret ooasultiag its page ?t mmeatariea o i tha oiae?aes aad medical treatment at female* froa Ir.ancy to old a<?, each eaae graph loatiy lllastratai by beautiful lithographie plate*? aarroa* d^Ml'ty, ita cans-a and cura. by a rroceaa ll oAvC so amp. ', els and eaeofnal. that failure ia tmpoastbla?rulea for daily manag-ment? an ew>y oa Spormafeorrhcea with practical obaarratioaB on a aafcr, and more auccaaefai taoda of ti*atm#T3t?pre ?aatloaary hints on th* **il* reculting from empiri aai ^mtine aw ecear oa all 'iiaeaaea arltlag from feadiaaratioa, with plaia and simple rules by which ail parson* can earn them^'lres without mercury? remertise for thoa* saif inflicted ml*cri?e and dlaap potatad hep** *e unfortanately proTalent in the voaag. It M a truthfhl adrirar to the mariVed aad Qwae erntflmpiating m%rrtBge. Ita perusal la par rtmilarir laeommendr d to p?r?ooa entertaining a* * physical cci rof their physical condition, and who ara i of having basarded the health, bappinea* ^d Jffri;***! to which rrary bur?an b^r,- $ m 25 cents par woj, or hre topic* for one dol l%r Mailed free of postage to any part of tha Uni a. B.?Thoae who prylbr may ooaaaltl>r.LaOaoa Kn say of (be diseases upon which hli hook traats er ^artoaaUr or by mall. Medicine sant ta any part of th* Union according to direction*, **M> Pa*ked an-1 carefully aeenred from all obearration. Addrew Dr M. R. La CROIX, No fl Maiden Lane ar POM OAs* Box *70, Albany. N. Y. 4CV OAo* open dally from 9amtolpa, acd oa Banday from i until 6 p m. fB* 0?ca It a as owed from No M bam *t, hjj tlaldsa Laa?, Albany, N. T. M4BTI5i'i} ITNRIVALLKI) GUITARS.- Three of these eup?rb inatf umruu are now on exhi biu?a lor a limited period, at o ir M?nc Biorv. Tbp charming b'?uiy of their tone elicita the universal aaccmium* of Prote?or* and Amateurs. HILUUti A 1IITZ, mar 21 _ 8ol? Agent*. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND Tl> ALL who served ia a*T wn since 17iW, wbetlier aa Uftcera tJotdi^n, Sailors. Marines, Clerks Indiana, Cliaj*. lama, Wagon Masters, TeanteWrs, Land*m n, (or thHr widows or miaor children) who have not yet received fall 160 acres, and Imre been in service 14 day*, will do w*ll It write to u*. partp?id, and their Laad Warrants will be forwarded to tiiem for the above quantity, and no charge if ilTey do not get it. l^i.aO\ if &L C O.j Claim Agent's Office, oppo?ite L. B. Treasury, Wanbingtoa City, D. C m*rg '3<IJ ORDNANCE MEMORANDA ; PcTCUfaioo Locki and Priioers, by Dahlg'cn, I', i. a., m rha:^e of expernneitlul dei?art!nent, 1 v j1, with eil< graving; pice 01 85- FRANL'K TAYLOR, mar -<i DOCTOR HOOrUI|lD'8 CELEBRATB# ? Sermari Bitters, rUFiUD BT . DE. C. M. JACXSOF, Phflad'*., Pa., writ, irracTtuiAT ccax LITER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chronic or Jfervoua Debility, Diteame of tit Kidneyt, and all diooatm anting from a dis ordered Liver or StowtOth. Such as Cou;tlpati<>n. Inward Piled. Folbiese* or Hlood to the Head, Acidity of the Stoma< h, Nau sea, Heartburn DI?cn?C for fo >d, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Bour Eructations, Sink ing ur Flattering at the Pit of the H torn a eh, Swim wing of the Head, Hnrr ad and difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffacaliag Sensations whan in a lying Poature, Dlmneta ot Vision, Dots of Webe bemts the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head,iincy of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skla Md Eyes, Fain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, fee., Sudden Flo-hes of Heat Burnuig in t lie Pleata, Oonstant Imagin ings of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. 1'HE proprietor, in eaBiaf t:?e attention of the public to this preparation, do?e so with a feel ing of the utmost confidence in ita virtue* and adap-1 tation to the dtseicos tor which it is recommended It is no new and untried article, but one that has stoad the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen can people, and ita reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well - I known Physicians and individuals, in all part* of I the country is immense. The following from Nnrth I Can-Una r?spectfully sub i itt d, referring any I who inay still donw, to w:y "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book for Fanners and raitillie?, to be I had gratis. of * I Hie Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, ISO Arch st., I Philadelphia, Pa. | TESTIMONY FROWfNORTH CAROLINA. I Certificate of Ltv. W. Smith, of Pine IJM, RirA? I wio*></ County, N. C. I Pma Hit.*, March 4th, 1854. I Iia. C. M. Jacksoh, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: 11 have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in it* worst f rm, I foi the last Ave years. Such was my condition f.>r I twelve n:onths that the physicians and all who saw I inc said i must die. While in this conditio"!, I was I carried in the watering place.. in Virginia, Tennes-1 see and North Carolina, lut wai net benefited by | any writer to which I wsk taker. While on my I way home, 1 stopped a week at Ruthcrfor.iton, a I small village in North Carolina, to try the effcct of I *oire Chalybeate water in that place. About the I last of the' week, I went into a drug store to get I some medicine for my ch.ld and uiyaeif. There I were several of the village physicians in the store, I and one of ihem seemed to take some interest in my I case aud, after asking me some questions, said he I had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene-1 fitted by the u<? c,f " Dr. Hoofltnd's German Bit-J tcrs," prepared by yu, and he insisted that I would I try the Bitur* He also called the next day at my I room, and innt-ted so much that I would try them I that I asked h!m to get me one bottle. He did it, I and I commenced taking it as directed, and 1 do say I I was more benefitted by it than all the water and I medicine T had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbor* came to I me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep I tic,) ml I gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, I which effected much goo.) in hi-s case. He has often 1 called on me for more of the fame k nd of medi- I cine, raying he was more benefitted by it than any j other he had taken, but I have not been able to g'-t j any more for him or myself ?ince; will you, there-I fore, please ship me a dozen or more as soc,n M 1 sible. ResperjfuMy yours, W. SMITH, j D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wafce Co., N. C.,| O.-tober 24 lttKi, fays:?'4 llavina experienced very I great benefit from the use of " Hoonand*s German I Bitters,in Chronic Dysentery and functional de- J ran**-ment of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I I am desirous of obtaining a anantity of it for the I benefit of my community. You will, therefore,! please send a lot, &c. flic. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATVVOOD. Hcntstillc, Yadki* Co , N. C ,Nnv. 1st, 1853. j Df C. M. Jackson?Hear Sir: Allow me to ex-I press to y<>u my tfnccre thanks for your discovery I of a medicine winch, to say the leistot it, ha? ef-l fee ted a cure that all otiiei mad, thut I have I Ufceu. have entirely failed to ?lo. "hoofland's Ger-1 ujan Bitters" have anred me of Hm most Mhbati I and aggravr*ed e.ise of the pitas that, perhaps, ever I feli to the M of man. My case is nat a stranger in I t;.i' community, as I am well known in this and the j -urroundini^ounties, and can truly *av that my re- I co*"My has astounded all my friends and relations, I a* l hail tried everything recommended, and notuing I did me any go sd niitil I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You arc at liberty to make any use ot this communication, for the btnefuof the aillicted, ?yWM'"i. AT WOOD. These bitters are entirely vegetable, they invifOiate and strengthen t*ie system, never prostrate it, and can be uaed for infants as well as adults. Frr stlo by respectable dealers everywhere, atM by Z. D. OILM AN, Wa-hinfton; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. P1EWPONT, Alexandria, mar I?ly palmer^s patent leg. rpHIS AMERICAN INVENTION A stands unrivalled both in thUcountiy and in Europe. Iti* worn by 1,000persons, a-Ml with most astonishing -ucce*s. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the best frrench, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the orkat stDiL at the World's Exhibi tiok m Loxdom, as the be?t artificial limb known. In 'his country it has been thirty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cities,and has,iu etfefy instance, received the award of the highest or first piemium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the " First Premium"? only Silver riven for Limbs? was awarced the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full Informaunn, sent gratis to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, 315 Chosnut street, Philadelphia. feb 38?3ni TIIE SUPERB PIANO, Manufactured <-xpres?iy ior the litecxhi uon in this city, by Bacon K Raven, and which receivfd a mbdal, is now on exhibition at our store. This magnificent specimen of niperior skill will be returneu to Ney&- York m an eariy day, t^tUss disposed of. We ora authorised to sell it upon very reasonable terms. We have als3 lor sale that beautiful instrument, manufactured by Hallet, Davis li Co., Boston, which received the first diploma at the recsnt exhibition. We have always on band a large and superior stock of Pianos from the above msnutactories. Old Pianos taken in exchange. JOHN F ELLIS, 300 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street, mar 22? PROSFERI S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PKOSPERI begs leave n in form hu friends and frruier |>atrons that |b|? has been lully re-orgauire^ snd w imw unde bis dlr?'CtiOpj auti ho ts t'Cflly prej>ared w th a band Of lh6 must SCTPTiudc Musicians in the city, to fur nish musi<j for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex cursiOns, kc., at the shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader.CHA*. PROOFERI, Conductor; HILBUS k HITZ'S Mu ?ic Depui, ot at P.ETER f ALTAVUL'S, opposite the t.sjjrrison^ Garrison stfset, Navy Yard. A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAGNIFICENT PI ANO.?We have on exhibition at the Fair at the 8nuthsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, which were made expressly fur th s lair and inay be relied apos as superior instruments. We will dis pose of them upon very reasonable terms, give any reasonable time on them, divide the payments into small notes, in fact,make any nge mnntf OT suit purchasers. We bay* also on band in store the largest and most reliable ortmtpt of Pianos ever offered in tats city, tio-n the renowned manuf clones of Hal let, Davis, k Co., Boston, and Bacon It Raven, New York. Old Pianos taken in exchance. New Music and an assortment of every anicle pertaining to the music trade. JOHN P. ELLIS, ' 306 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street. mar 13?tf FANCY MILLINERY. ^^^MISS AMELIA PHI UK AM and His-^^ ^HHter have opened a FANCY M1LL1N-^H|B 'WATERY SPoRE on Pennsylvania ave-HT ?^nue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, south rile, No 9T7, and would respectful ( ly call the attention of the ladies of Washington am vicinity to their hnndsome and variod assortment o imported and manufactured MHiinery, latest styles i New Yo.k, Paris, anl London fashions ol Btrnw i Silk, Crape, Lace, Velvet and cUier Bonnets. Also * dr'-as and other Caps. All orders in the Millinery line thankfully receive* and ftuth/ully attended to. mar tf?lm* Tvsascby DETAiTHMrr, March 5,1855. NOTICR IS HEREBY GIVEN to tlM holdersof stock of'.be United-State* described in the fol lowirg notice of 3d .January last, tbat for the pur pose of completing the purchase of the amount therein named, this department will continue to purchase, upon the terma of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue of the ram proposed not yet ob tained?aa? #1,158,565 05, if md atocka are offered and received here prior to the first day of June neit: Tueabcry Department, January 3, 1555. Notice is herirby given to th?? holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, tbat this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of Mareh next, portions of those a^ats, laswtint ia the ag (rebate to $1,900,000, m the manner and on the te-. ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: la case of any contingent competition, within the tunoum tftoad, preference will bo g ven fn (be order of tfcne In which said stocks may be offered. The certiiicstes, du> assigned to the United State* by the parties who are to receive the amount taereof, must be transrritted to this department; npoa the receipt whereof, a price will be pwki compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par valu*,or anount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authoriz d by the set of July, 1848, redeemable November 12, 1856 of2Jf percent.; on the stock of the loan au thorized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per ?ent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acta of 1847 and 1818, a id redeem able, the farmer on the 31st December, 1867, and the la'.ter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorised by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st of December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan Indemnity,) 6 per cent. 3. In'erest on the par of earh certificate from the 1st of Janutry, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (ft* the money to reach the owuer) of cne day's interest in addition. I Payment for said nt*>oks will be made in drat* of the TrtMUk^rer qf the Um'cd States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the partiep may direct. i But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of | this notice which thall not he actually received at the Treasury on or before the said Is* dav of Maroh next. JAMES CUTIIRIB, mar 6?dtJnnel Fecre ary of the Treasury. Notice to flutists?eisen brandt's superior Premium Hiasonlc Flutes and Cla ion ettee will be on exhibition nnd for sale for a few days at HILBL'S k HITZS Music Depot. mar 19 REV. JOHN LANATIA.V, PASTOR OF THE EXETER STREET, M E. CHURCH?A strong desire to benefit the afflicted induces him ilius to cerif/. We chal enge any otlier medicine to present snch a mn*3 of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own we.l-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUOH, BRON CH1TIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, kc. Baltimorx, January 24th, 1855. Mestrt. Mortimer 4" Moyrbruy: I tako pleasure in *a>ing to you that I have used {our''H.'.nip'or's Tincture" with very great profit, 'rom a serious t.iroat affection, my general health bad become very much impaired, when I com menced to use '? Hainptm's Tincture." I found its effects upo:i my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs sooii right ed up under its use. I tiave several times recommended it to my friends, and in every case, as tar w I hays been in formed, they have use it wiife success. Vuurs Unly, Joun Latun an,Pastor Of Exeter St., M. E. Chdrcli, Baltimore. BLEEDING OPTIIE LUNGS. Raucigh, N. C., Feb. 8, 1855. llfsirt. Mortimer 4" Mowbray : * I do here >y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Ve<??*?able Tincture I procured one boitle, and after taking which, I wa^ satisfied that I was much better; a:sd that, taking the fourth bottle, ! was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good health as ever I did in my life. I can, and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to ttllpersons afflicted in my way. Your*, Gko. W. Weakley. CURE PITS?READ ! More tithe Sick than Chid?From one of the most respectable Druggists ia South Carolina. Charleston, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. , Messrs. Mortimer k Mowbray:?The sale ef! your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every '??'.l!e w;lu recommends this valuable rnedicins to Ihe afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different caaes with aston ishing success, and are getting it by half dozens. It lias lieen found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I will furnish you with a number of certificates if you wish them 1 am, gentlemen, yours, VV. G. Trott Call and get pamphlets gratis, ar,d ace cures of | Cou^h, Bronchitis, Ri.uuuiatism, Neuralgia, Dya pep.-ia, Nprvouspeas and General Weakness. As a r? inale m.ediciue or for dclicati children we believe it un-qualled. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Balti mnre stieet, Baltimore, and 301 Broadway, N. York Ciias. Stott k Co., J. B. Moorr, D. B. Clarke, Ct.ARRa St. Bowlins, VV. Elliot, and H. MtPher so*, Washington ; also, by R. S. P. Ci irl, George town ; and C. C. Kerry, Alexandria, and fcy Drug gist.' everywhere. feb 21?tr WATCUKtf* JEWELRY. KfLVERWARE, DIAMONDS, PEARLS, FANCY GOODS, kc. kc. At extrrmelv LOW PRICES, by C*NKIELD, BRO. k CO.. 51*40 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. mar 14? tr DBAFHES8 CURED.-1The following is taken from Seott's Weekly: DEAFNESS.?We understand that the success which has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, has been astonish ing, thousands of persons i aving been cured, whose cases were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine are from all parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only article belore the public for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of 5ft- D. GILMAN, Wash ington, D. C., and S 8. HANCE, Baltimore, Md.,aa there is a counterfeit article in the market. feb STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, ia where the public can have splendid pictures taken at more reasonable prices than at any other rooi? in the city. CaU early. Satisfaction always given, mar 7?lm IJ*4A'8 PATENT AMERICAN ACCORDEON8. ; Several of these new and uuproaed Instruments just received Qnd for sale at the Music Depot or HILBUS * IIITZ. Also, 6 dozen of Faa's new and cheap instruction Books, pri"t 25 cent". The public are invited to examine these Accorde ors, having reeeived the first premiums in every ex hibit on exhibited. HILBUS k HITZ, mar 24 Sole Agents PIG IRON? We are daily receiving from Fort Furnace, a snncrior article or No. 1 Charcoal Pig Iron, which will be sold low by HOWARD k POOR, mar 24??o2w Alexandria, Va JOS. NEFF'S PREMIUM VIOLINS AND~VI olinctllos can be seen at our Music Depot. Amateurs and the profession are invited to call and try these excellent instruments HILBUS k HITZ, Agents. A good Cuatrt^hau tor sale low for cash, it imme{ diate application be made as above. mar 23 TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SPOONS, be JUST received a large assortment of superior Ta ble Cutlery of every variety. Also, every ?t le of the finest quality ALBATA FORKS, SPOONS, TEA SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, kc. M. W. GALT k BBO., 894 Pa. ave., b*tw. 9th and 10 Ji su. mar 12-tf OR SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE AM Buggy HORSE. The hor?e is young. ?V_ g-ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; would make either a very fine cornagc horse, or a very pleasant riding tiort>e. Also, for sale an excellent work hone, perfect?] sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton St., Georget'n mar 1?lawtf PERRY'S AND GILLOTT'9 STBEL PENc various kinds and sizes, bought in person fiou the makers aad warranted genuine, mar 9 FKANCK TAYLOR. F . , MORE ABOUT LOOKS. JO JIBS* ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, now commonly called the WORLD'S FAIR LOCK, without key or km^Koit, to the Lock that secured the outer doors of the Herring Sato that contained $1,000 at the World's Fair, London, 1851, it being aeiWwary to unlock thto before other lock* in the safe could be unlocked. All partis iut?'ri*u.<i are referred to the following notice : THE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTlCa. I hare this day told to Meson. STEARNS k MARVIN, Manuf'ictnrers of WILDEK'S rilwt Salamander SAFES, N.-w York, the Patent right of ray _ ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called "JONES' ANTI GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "THE WORLD'S FAIR LOOK." The laUef title waa acquired in consequence of this Lock being placed in a Safe at the World's Fair, with $1,000 in the Safe, to be the reward of any peraoo*who could open the door. The gwll remained therein for a period of fortj flre day*, whilst the visitor* got tired of turning the dials, with raeb poor pro*pect of racceae, the num ber of changes being 24,300.000. Bankers,' Jewelers, and Merchants who desire to hare theae -Locks upon th'ir doors, can have them by applyinf to Stearns it Marvin, No. 146 Water ureet, w*- t have the exclusive right to manufacture taid Lock* in the United States. HENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 520th, 1853. STEARNS 8l MARVIN, Sccc?sao&9 to Rica flt Co , 144 flt 146 Water rt., M. Y.. TUB ONLY MAK KS OF SALAMANDER SAh'ES, combining *VILDER'S and RICH PAT EN rs. S. H. HOWELL, Agent, I - 1m Georgetown, D. C. BOUNTY LAND?ADDITIONAL. ALL my old fiiends for whom I obtained Bounty Land, in lemi quantity than 160 acres, are here by informed that tfieir names and a record of the evidence, with the dates of their certificates, are. on my book, so that I can, with facility, make out their declaration for additional land. Thoj>e who failed to obtain any land for want of auiiicient service, mrtny of whom are now entitled to 160 acre*, c;>n find the time allowed recorde 1 by me. Other* will find it to their interest to cail or write, and I will send forms and instructions for rsasouaUe and fair eovpensittta;. Any old Soldiers, or their Widows, unable to pay for preparing their papers will be instructed gratis by calling at the office. JOHN I). CLARK, mar 6?lm Agent, Washington, D ('. RETURN TO BUSINESS. TO MY FRIENDS AND THE PURLIC GEN J. ERALLY:?I have this day bought of Chas. IV. IIavenueji l is interest in the Loaf Bread and Confectionery Business, and will bo happy to perve my old friends and the public generally with any ar ticles in my line they may require. Superior Family Bread and Biscuit every eveninj in time for tea. Buns, Rusk, Pastry, and Confectionery cc^Uui ly on hand. " Bread delivered in any pa t of the <-Uy. THO. UAVENNER, C street, between 4% and 6ih strecu. mar 23?eolw R. O. GILLET, Covaitllor at Lew* Office aa? resldeoee in Franklin Row. ?*>t ner of K an<l TV.irt??ntb street. net <ag?(* BAJ9KING HOUSE OF PAIRO & R0UE8K, B Opposite United Slutei Treasury. ONDS, Stocks and oth??r securities purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of *ix per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when Ifcft tor 30 days or longer. Jan 24?6in UABINfT MAKER 4b UNDERTAKER *raB cadtsJirnai wonli rMpftctfolly Inform tie X ftriends, acquaintances, and the public gnoeraiiV that h<" stiil continues to execute ail orders In We line cf l>u.9B*.-E in tba l*?i winner *nj at the fLcit- * ?er *ctic% RftPitllllKC* .rsatly &c? pmaptly exerutei. I nt*e?ie4 tc at * t :fce Bboitwt notice, and la tfcr fcert ? nanner. Dciict prtsentd in t\% mt si p*rft~ ! mr, ever, in (V wrmeM meiher. f ?:ft?nkful fr part favcrs, h? -f-cii rrrp?c.t fully ' ?olicit, and will sndbhawi ?o marit a ccntuminc* ??' ! th? stct. ANTHONY KUOOLT. ave., a. side, bet-r^n M.b aai 10th ft*. R?ridanee: Ur. Martin's, No. CV?J, U etreet, t?*rt ! looae eu'. ot Itb street. ?ear IT?ly j EXCELSIOR IS OUR MOTTO. j WE have just received a fresh lot of PRUNES, ! FIGS, ORANGES, LEMONS, tc. Also, a case of SARDINES, put up in suiwrior style. Give us a ohII and judge for yourselvea Don't forget the No, 400 Seventh fctrcet, ?pno. Odd Fellow*' Hall. N. B. Bulls, Partit a, nnd Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short en notice. RYDER h PLANT, mar 1?lm BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. AH who are dcairous of obtaining these bene fits, alould use GERMAN'S CELEBRATED TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines so many meritorious qualities, that it has now be come a standard laverite with the cititena of Now Y?>rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and from every eource the most flattering laudations are awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gums are immediately ben efitted by its uae; ita action upon them ia mild, soothing and effective. It cleansea the teeth so thoroughly, that they are made to rival pearl in whiteness, and diffuses through the mouth au^h a delightful freshness, that the breath ia rendered ex quisitely sweet. It diainfecto all those impurities which tend to produce decay, and a? a consequence, when these are removed, the teeth must always re main sound. It i* used and recommended by all the eminent Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities where it has be< u Introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared onlv by FRANCIS ZF.RMAN, Druggi t and CUcuist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Dragnets everywhere, at 25 oents per buttle. W. 11. G1LLMAN, jan 17?3m Asent for Washington City. ILITARY HISTORY.? Drnkwater's Hiege of Gibraltar Schimmer'e Sige of Vienna by the Turks Knolly's Rusaian Campaign oi 1812 Jomini'a Military Hiatory of the Waterloo Cam paign Buckle's Iliatory of the Bengal Artillery Nolan's Cavalry, its history and tactics Gleaie's Military Memoirs, Campaigns, Battles, and Stratagems ot War Military Histnry and Details of the principal mili tary eventa of the hut century, 5 vole Napier's Penintulnr War Napier's Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula Samuel's History of the Biiti&ii Army British Military Biography Gleig's British Military Commanders Stocoueler's Wellington, Robinson'a Picton, Ali son's Marlborough, and many others The Subaltern in the Peninsula Marshall's Military Misct llahy Schiller's Thirty Years' Wat And many others of the same class, French, Eng lish and American. FRANCK TAYLOR, mar 23 M1 <OR SALE-A FIRST RATE WORK HORSE, " ?? ? * - - j Apply at Geoigrtmvn. 6 years old. and perfectly sound. Apply at ARNY'S Confectionary, C mar 28?eotf !l NEW GOODS, PJ. 8TBKK, Merchant Tailor, Washington ? Place, 7th atreet, has opened his new4 Spring Goods, embracing the choicest styles or the season. Gentlemen preparing for the leanoa now opening will do well to aee our. goods before purchasing ela. where. Our stock is complete, and almost everything ne cessary to m full outfit, may be had without r>ing farther. mar ?4?SkW4t lMK I LIME I 2,< 00 bushels superior LIME, wood burnt. Just landed in goo I order, and will ba t-old for icash. WILLIAM WARDER, No. 541 corner 12th and C streets, mar 28?eoJt (Ortaii) near the Canal. CHARLES HAKK1NS, Architect. [ {Pa. acentu. MM.ea Tenth and Eleventh UrccU,) WASH1XOTON, D. C. WILL continue To furnuh Plana, detail workinf l)i a wings, and specftEMAona o< buildings m I every deMcriptioa,and also to'lupenntcnd their < tec I tinn. fob 1?> ?' 'OR SALE-At the SENATE STABLE ?mth - of the Capitol, three good work Horse*, an<j I one fine buggy hay Horse. Apply at the Stables, oi 8?b?te Pom Often. mar 23-eolm? F EVENING STAR. THE EEGL18H AND THE FBXWCH. ?T WASHINGTON IHV150. The French intellect is qaick and ac *1. flashes its w?7 into a subject unon r? -f <*>?? upon remote conclusions with a sudden bound, and its deductions are almost in tuitije. The English intellect is l#?ss rapid, but more persevering; less sudden, but more sure in its deductions. The q?,c?" and nobility of the French en f. ? tbem to find enjoyment in the mul tiplicity of sensations. They speak and act more from immediate impressions than from reflection and meditation. They are, therefore, more social and com municative; more fond of society, and of places of public resort and amusement. An Englishman is more reflective in his habits. He lives in the world of his own thoughts, and seems more self-existent and self-dependent. He loves the quiet or his own apartment; even when abroad be in a manner makes a little solitude around him by his silence and reserve; he moves about shy and solitary, and, as rru1"8' u*toned up, body and soul. The French are great optimists; they sei*e upon every good as it flies, and re vel in the passing pleasure. The English man is too apt to neglect the present good, in preparing against the possible evil. However adversities may lower, let the sun shine for but a moment, and forth sallies the mercurial Frenchman, ^ holiday spirits, gay as a butterfly, as though his sunshine were perpetual; but let the sun beam ever so brightly, so there be but a cloud in the horizon, the wary Englishman ventures forthdistrust fully, with his umbrella in his hand. The Frenchman has a wonderful facil ity at turning small things to advantage. No one can be gay and luxurious on * smaller means: no one requires less ex pense to be happy. He practices a kind of glidios in his style of living, and ham pers out every guinea into golden-leaf. The Englishman, on the contrary, is ex pensive in his habits, and expensive in his enjoyments. He values everything, whether useful or ornamental, by what it costs. He has no satisfaction m show, unless it be solid and complete. Every thing gees with him by the square foot. Whatever display he makes, the depth is sure to equal the surface. The Frenchman's habitation, like him- 1 self, is open, cheerful, bustling, and noisy. He lives in a part of a great ho tel, with wide portal, paved court, a sna-1 oious dirty stone staircase, and a family on every floor. All is clatter and chat ttr. He is good-humored and talkative with his servants, sociable with his neighbors, and complaisant to all the world. Anybody has access to himself and his apartments: his very bedroom is open to visitors, whatever may be its state of contusion: and all this not from any peculiarly hospitable feeling, but from that communicative habit which predominates over his character. The Englishman, on the contrary, en sconces himself in a snug brick mansion, which he has all to himself; locks the front door; puts broken bottles along the walls, and spring guns and man traps in his garden; sWrouds himself with tress and window-curtains ; exults in his quiet and privacy, and seems dis posed to keep out noise, daylight, and company. His house, like himself, has a reserved, inhospitable exterior; yet, whoever gains admittance is apt to find a warm fireside within. The French excel in wit, the English in humor ; tho French have gayer ;ancy, the English richer imaginations. The former are full of sensibility, easily moved, and prone to sudden and great excitement, but their excitement is not durable ; the English are more phlegma tic, not so readily affected, but capable of being aroused to great enthusiasm. Tho faults of these opposite tempera ments are, that the vivacity of the French is apt to sparkle up and be I frothy, the English to settle down and grow muddy. When the two characters can be fixed in a medium, the French kept from effervescence and the English from stagnation, both will be found ex cellent. This contrast of character may also be noticed in the great concerns of the two nations. The ardent Frenchman is all for military renown ; he fights for glory?that is to say, for success in arm*. For, provided the national flag be victo rious, he cares little about the expense, the injustice, or the inutility of the war. It is wonderful how the poorest French man will revel on the triumphant bul letin ; a great victory is meat and drink to him; and at the sight of a military sovereign bringing home captured stand ards, he throws up his greasy cap in the air, and is ready to jump out of his wooden shoes for joy. John Bull, on the contrary, is a rea soning, considerate person. If he does wrong, it is in the most reasonable way imaginable. He fights because the good of the world requires it. He is a moral lxrson, and makes war upon his neigh bor for the maintenance of peace and good order, and sound principles. He is a money-making personage, and fights for the prosperity of commerce and man ufactures- Thus the two nations have been fighting, time out of mind, for glory and good. The French, in pursuit of glory, have had their capital twice taken; and John, in pursuit of good, has run himself over head and ears in debt. [WolferCs Poost. MATBIMOWY?WGMEH. The following extract from a lecture on the " sphere and Duties of Women," by Mr. Burnap, pastor of the First Inde pendent Church, in Baltimore, exhibits : the use and value of the affection in the sex: She it fitted to happiness in that rela i tion by the affections of her heauL The 11 grand essentials to happiness in this life r are something to do, something to '.ove, and something to hope for. We most have something to love. Especial?- j* this the esse with women, whose cap city for affection is tauch greater thr.n that of man. There is a famous passage in the writ ings of Rousseiu, that great delineator of the human heart, which is as true fo human nature as it is heautiful in ex pression : ?? Were I in a desert, T wou'd tind out wherewith in it to call forth my affections. If [ could do no better. ! would fasten thun on votne Lwejt mr tie, or Home melancholy cypress, to c:i nect myself to; I would amrt them ' r their shade, and greet them kindly for their protection. I would write tr.r name upon tbem, aad declare that they were the sweetest trees throughout a'l the desert. If their leaves withered, L would teach myself to mourn f,r them, and when they rejoice, would rejoice with them." Such is the absolute necessity which exists in the human heart of having something to love. Unless the affections have an object, life itself becomes joyless and insipid. The affections have this peculiarity, that they are not so much jjie means of happiness, as thiir ej ercise is happiness. And not only so, if ihe? have no object, the happtaess derived from our other powers is cut off. Aclion and enterprise flag if there be no object dear to the heart, to which those actions can be directed. The woman who has chosen a hu>W*:vl worthy of her affections, with a comniv.n share of this world's prosperity, hn the highest possible chance lor happiness. Her heart has found the very thing to which it was made to attach itself It is filled and satisfied. She has now some thing to life for. A!l her powers of u tion arc awakened to an energy irhicii she never felt before. She has, r^rt over, guidance and protection. What more can she want ? ller affections are the buoyant motives of her activity. ?:.i her activity is the more happy as"it ex presses and gratifies her affections. Thus life is absolutely full. Every day bi in *s with it its own gratification. There l-. consequently no regret for the past, nr r any necessity for postponing happifle-s for the future. DISCOVERY OF AHTIQUITI 3 15 III* COPPER COUNTRY. We have now in our possession, for safe keeping, and as a nucleus of a col lection of curiosities, some ver}' curious and singular articles made of cop;>tr. They were found near the west shore of river, about a mile above the mouth, at a place where now is a brick-yard, and these were disinterred b}' tho^e digging in search of good brick clay. After tak ing off from the surface of the ground about two feet of sand, the clay was t x posed, and the slump of a tree was dis covered. Digging still lower about six or eight inches into t!ie clay, an 1 over turning the stuuip, these articles were brought to light. First, a copper spear, about 14 inches in length, aad at its ba<^ a groove or dovetail is made, in which to insert a wooden shaft or handle. Two other spears, each about 1 inches in length, and similar to the first. Third, two pieoes of copper that hud evidently been very nicely forged, but for what purposes they could ever have been applied, is by no means plain : and it is quite difficult to give in writing a clear description of them. These are about 14 inches long and two inches wide. Upon one end there is the appearance of an attempt to ma^e a cutting edge. They weigh about three pounds esch, and are specimens of good workmanship. That these tools are the work of tho c who lived here years ago, seems the more likely from the place and position in which they were found, being in tho strata of clay, lying under the roots of stump, and about lorty feet above t:.j present level of the river and lake. The tree had grown up since these ar ticles had been put there, and the dep >? site of sand made above the clay tha depth of two feet. To do that, the river and lake must have been forty feet hig'.cr than its present level. This, of cour-c was years ago, before the memory of the present laces now inhabiting this coua try. Together with these tools was fou?A scraps of copper, as though fragments left at the time of the manufacture of the tools.?Lake Superior Neif.*. Twins ixdked a Blessing.?Monsieur X is a good husband, a kind father?, a good citizen?but he has one weakne-F. lie believes in the superstition about ti e number thirteen. Nothing would temj.t him to sit at table, one of that fatal num ber. He would, on no aooount, b.*gin an important business on thefAirfecr?f/i of the month, or start upon a vovage. He was I the father of twelve children. Imagine his consternation at the prospect of that number being changed to the fatal thir teen ! lie could not sleep?it caused h;ra anxiety night and day. The thought was torture to him. But Heaven's bU ss ings rests upon large families, and our friend was relieved in time, by the an nouncement that two sweet dau^h'cr* claimed his love and care?and that the luckless number was changed into four teen!?Home Journal. [I^The course of fashion in costume and manners approximates to a circle; that is, it starts from a given point, r.nd in due process of time comes back agun. The following is an illustration: An e>l i farmer came aboard the ferry boat the other day, costumed in one of the shang hai (as it is termed) overcoats, with the skirts preposterously long. A friend came up to him and exclaimed: "Why, how is this, you who disregard tho fasy i ions, now wear an overcoat which the veriest fop might envy." "Why, bl -s your soul," replied the farmer, laughivi, "this very coat 1 am now wearing >?e i longed to my father, and was bought bran new twenty years ago."

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