Newspaper of Evening Star, May 11, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 11, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, il.<M5EPT SUNDAY.) At tAt Star buOHnff, romtr P<tnnnfi***.ia mum us and Eleventh street, Br w. D. WALL ACH , WW be ?*rred to wbwnkm in the cities of Wwh tWftrm, Georfetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUABTEB CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents. To Mil mbacribe the whpcription price is THEEB DOLLABS AND FIFTY CENTS a year la advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTII8, and ONE DOLLAB fcr THlEE MONTHS. coriaa on ?* ?'?? '*???# Ul ? / i % tr (| j i" ? r ? . ? ? * - 4 - . ? * VOL. V. WASHINGTON, t I ... oo r-s: f. :... J FRIDAY, MAY 11. 1855. NO. 734. T HEJVEEKLY STAR. eicoUm* family m variety of le copy, par aaaum TO CLPM. ? Five copta*...... Ten Twenty *>.... ..U00 0<P-CaBB, INVABIABLY IB ABTiRCI 0^ Sinde copies (hi wrappers) ?aa ha at the counter, immediately after the tone of '??** paper. Price?thui ckbts. PovTKirriM who art a? agents will he allowed a ronm'??lon of rw^rrr i*r SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! w i??*H nroot, south >Us mf Bruit* ttrtti, ntar W*k, Hka . ?*oa?rrowii, ?. c . ??SSSf J*"now orer,Bf* very hiaPmuNO AWD SUMMER GOODS.' will 4m? found a good assortment of I-'ght Springs,*, ?est make black do 5?,'J^2 GrPn*d?ne?> riwues Bik modes and bright coj'd ChalliM nerege and Challey Delaines, MousFeline? Heml French Chintzes ud Brilliants ' and Jaconet Lawn* Real i A ported Lawns, fast colon, at 19V<c. Keul French and Scotch Embrotdf nes, cheap Planinriped and plaid Bonnet Ribbons Eoib d and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchteft * great bargain ?ssswssr* - ??-? So*** Md A1****"* a,k Gloves, all and ?ents' Hodery, all kinda J!l?r7rT 8h*de *nd P*'ce f"t colors Prints at liU With a Am rate assortment of - aii. ai*?N'3 AND BOY8' WEAR. iifcSSJ"18tuninp'"*** ma*C8li Tafcie Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Tewellinn, Par Chintzes, wbi"c Spreads Goods generally. ? Jii Purchases from the Philadel ,v* **7, ,w a act tons, I nm prepared to of ?Taat I" *??01- 10 cub or prompt customers. **? 1B~Im J. H. 8MOTT. M _ A CARD. m ^ m the read to wealth." l?4mction In the priec of H*ta 4 capt T"i.h made arrangements ,with a New York Ilat Company to be con *j* lhe *ery best Moleskin or ifc.m .. .?T ' ** ? ,n lbe ,atest *Jt?> Offers aftsaSSS??'^ swwfft B^be ito'j Hat*, at a mutli less advance lhaa they have been here tof~re sold in this city Pirst-rate beaver Hats $3,5 >. T All kinds of s*ft HATS and'CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash ?***? adopted ; consequently those who purchase will not he charged from fifteen to twenty ?ve per cent as an offset for bad debts. - ANTHONY, (ror minv years in the employ of Todd . kCo.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th st? ap i3?tf ad door north of Penn. avenue. FISHING TACKLE! LoS'Ssi^ Y*?kcc "?*"? T8#k Grow. Linen. and Cotton Lmw Jointed Rod? at all pnces. from *1 to each Also, Bamboo and Reed Rods Artifleial flies, grasshopper* and fish Sinkers of every description. TIL* Landing Nets, and everything in ? Fishing Tackle line tor sale at reduced prices. u ...... B K LUNDt, 30?,r Bndge street, Georgetown, D. C. the ?P CHlHLiCS IIASK1NS. Architect. (Pa. imw, between Tenth and HeverJh HrceU,) W? _ ^ W A3HWBT0X, D. C. ILL continue to furnish Plans, detail workin* l?i swings, and specffication* ol building* cS every description,and also w superintMid their ? ree t*yn febl - ?? . ICE. " Tk< KIDWKLL guarantees a full supply ol ? te* to his customers in Washington or Gcorn l?'^n; for the whole year, at fair prices. .. - raws oan^be left at the following placcs or sent ?JJ|p IM Post Oflce. Sl?' McPherjtoa, Druggist, Capilol HiTI Itifc con-er of Pa. avenue and Ifr. McPhers-wi, Grocer, 7ih str< G. F. Kid well, Smith's Lumber office, 6t st. Jasepn Moore, Druggist, Pn avenue, First Ward ^cecaa be had at my office. No 3 First street, uw^petown, at all times. PamHies will be supplied Py .ne wtioleyear at fair prices. ap SI ? lm IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING -pgRSONS removingfrom the city, and wishini X to dispose ol thrrr Furniture and Housekespmi Luaaila, ka^ without the trouble ol sending their do so by calling ou Ui at ouj wor*? 317 Pennsylvania avenne, corner iff Nintli wVoftred* PrePared to toy a?i such goods ai ifmuekevpers and others will do weH by ralline ?J9' M^we *,U lh* ca-^h prices lor all mcbjtood*. WALL, IlARNAKD <t CO. apa&?lm 317 Penmylvatua avenne. TAKK SOTICIC. N1W SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. # the ! oited State# Hocef, haa J^ist r?c?*ive4 a targe supply U Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepared to otfer rroat bargains to all in want or rood and fasMonaMe ctothiiif. His ?lleadv a>MU^<J?oUaimc " wui be sold at Uie following low Whole suits, Coal, Pantalo<)ns, and Vest, of ttim cloth orcassi.nere, for $19. f Frork and Dres? Coats, from flO to Goou Business Ooat* for f7. Klack and Fancy Pant*, tiom f-T to #7. Mareille* and 8ilk Vests, from &} to $5. He keeps always o? hand a large assortment ol h^Ui SUC'1 M 8hir,s' c,OTe?: Cravais, Um 4"8?ile A^ni for the sale of Scott's Faahions ' . nar 19?tj. LOOK UEREIM OREBOLNTY LAND TO JILL who ??>rri>d .'a_AJ,,T Wab since 1790. whether as Officers ^ R^'oni. Mannes, Clerks, Indians, Chap l' n'' Twstin, Landsman, (or ch,Wren) who have not yet ,u"v. lM>Macr?? an J nave bc?n in service 14 to w,r^ *e" b' r?1*' l? and their Land Warrants will be k?rwarded to them lor the above quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYl) It CO., sgss^gax.'igc1 "? R'i'JJIfS WARE.PLATED WARS ?S. t ? IP^CW ??M>D?_Si:ver C<ffige and Tea Bets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, M?. 8poons and Forks. Also, a great STSlssS' F4UCT al,,,e, Wve> 8>~,o? ??d ?>n n, U- SEMKfiN, ma: Tr aTenuc' ^ ^ and 10th strccta. WILLARD'S HOTEL, TIIP P^'d Fol?t Coaafort, V?. th... ^pne^r* u *re*1 pleasure tn informing eu many trumds and the public generally that 1 du?"Dcr HoW i? now being flUad ^ comfortable stylefor the *^oa. The house will be opened on the ivoa^ie I?!' WlU'no,hinf'eft unprovided that may tl.e comfort and happiness of lu r^vsts. The pr?pnet;;r. al?, uks muchpleLnire inii^ng dai. ? ^ - prepared and happy to accotnmo wtth j!?ij ' 9f ? any Wb? n,ay fiTOr ????? pet day g2 00 By the week, per day 1 50 R^,k,^BI0^U,' P*"**? 1 25 Baths free for the guests. apa-t/ C. y. W1LLAK1> * BR'>8. 8Ai'B?A BAY MARES, 7 years A <>d aeit-pnng well bred,sound,stylish, capital gorrs. Tbey are Z^tr^r "" fw? tricks, i : r ?7 "" '"*11 UK?I, and will a?1.^ n,U mj gendeman who is fond of owner parts with them onJy because I? impose ts to retrench his eipoases. Thev can * fl ftt SfMll hmn^n / Lia D .?s \ .1 l ? ? - . * Southron's laie Bircn's) StaMe, on 14th y*' 01 **?? avenue. For terms, or an orv 10 ?^lbeu,? ?^iu?fe at the counter of the "J ITH-y Will be sold a ha. gain. Mr. W. HCXRY PALMER, niTHBBTO (SnWH AS HAll ????R* hcueii, ; H???et* pleasure m luioraung h? in.-tid, and JlZSlbi'r "fn"*1 that he has det rvuned ^r->?ating i,i,?^lf in Hug city, and is prepared to Hau *"* lloa KM PIANO FORTE, ? ^co"f9*'T"'*? K^ kLH. Mi?'' ,f ? aB41 A. T K.,n VTTfr1' ^ eo?^uul' w,oa ?ddrw??d tt -srJr ?" *? '*??U REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND T GAS-FITTING DEPOT. Hb subscriber re> pectlully announces to his friends and the public in general ioat be has re ceived the fl st kn of t^c cel<!hrat<d nnnrpnj ?|?MPLW' AFTlti(i'SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MFDJtL ar +rJTJr, Ule Mechanics' Inst I fcvoV to, a ?aT"Cd furnirt a" wbo m?' iisiaaafti'??? - ?? laJaiRL 2 ^ne wlfll Pr?l"P'n?t9 and despatch. 'TK??r may 3?tf cor. With st. and Pa av. nnc. P ? E *?"* "WITH D1CPKCV1VK vision ar* invited to examine ray extensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA l CLES and EYB-GLAS8ES. Glasses^flSSl ?f **y kind, such as Cataract, raratooia, rZ1???? Doi,bie Coocave, Double Conve*, and Ci Co,?Ted Glasses, put in at short notice, with great re, and persons in want of classes inav be sure get those which benefit the eye/ J CirAlars "Defective Vision," gratis at ___ ? II- 8EMKEN'S, mar JO *vcnuc, betw. tmi and 10th sts. ~~ great bargains T Nr SADIES', GENTS', MISSES' AND CHIL I .k? K k' BOOTS AND SHOES.-The subscriber being compelled to remove from 801 , *or,? *? now occupies, offers lus pre* f C f I M*?rled stock c( BOOTS AND* SHOES at greaL'y reduced prices. AJI persons h> *"* ?* *n?ci? will find u to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. ? _ _ _ ? A. U. SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., near lOtb st., north side, may 1?tf NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. Henry rarron &. solomon stover have this day formed a Copartnership for tb* purpose of earning on the Wood and Coal business in all its branches. % Cur yards are situated on the corncr of 21st and 1 streets, Washington, and on the moal, near Scmmes s planing mill, Georgetown At either o( the above places persons in want of Wood and Coal ot the very best qnality,andonthcmou reasonable terms, will at ail times find an assortment equal, if not superior, to that in any yard in ihe District. All orders filled with care, promptness, and dis patch- BARRON fc STOVER. Geor*??own, D. C^ April 10th, 1855. apr 12?dim SUPERIOR SODA WATER. S would most respectfully inform a j i.', ??rBier patrons, and the lovers of superior Soda Water generally, that bis founts are aza n in | operation, and in or;'er to ktep up his well earned reputation of keeping the best SODA WATER and tno?t delicious SIRUPS in the citr, is determined \" possible) to liave it still better than heretofore. O. BOS WELL, Dtugcist, Corner Maryland av., and 7th st., I?land, Bp 20 lm Washington. BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO Time betwoen Washington and Wheeling bnt 171 houri! Running time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING srcatly improved its Western connec tions now offers Lie fullest inducements to travelers between Washington, Baltimore, and all portions of the West, liie Northwest and the South west The connection between the trains from VVaih ington and the trains bound west from Balumose is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Balti more. This i? the only chanze of can required b? tweec Washington and the Ohio river. Bagg.ige is checked throuelt to Wheeling at the Washington station, and rtchecked and 'transferred there, (with the passenjttrs) without charge, for those holding through Uckf ts for points beyond. The eonn? cting train- Isave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and 4'4 p m. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At Wheeling direct connection is made with the trains of the CENTR \ L OHIO RAILROAD, run ning from Bellaire on the Ohio, near Winding, HTA'fLz^tnrUle and N-wark, to COLUMBUS. There trains connect at Newark with ihe ears of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandus ky Railroad for Saudu?-ky, Toledo, Octroi', Chicago St. Louis, etc. ? At Coluuibu* the C. O. Railroad trains connect with the fast trains of the IJttle Miami Railroad to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, ctc. At -tenia, (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Dayton, to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre llante, -Lafayette, Ciucasc, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. passengers holding through tickets lor Mem phii Vicksbarg, Notches, Neui Orlean* etc., which are nlso sold at Washington?are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvillc, Cairo, and St. Louis ars told by this route. A^FOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Tuled?, Detroit, Chicago, etc., ticket* are eold, wli^n the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and WelisviiJc (forty mHeg) where a connection with the Clcve!end and Plttsbcrg Railroad is made. Traveller* are reques cJ to notice that wkilu thi? is the only route aftord;ng through uckcts and checks ?n W ashingion, it is al^o the shortest, raoet Pi^ecy, and direct to eearly all the leading points in *he great West. The distance fr>m Washington toCin cinnati is but ?53 miles, being about 100 miles short er than bv any other rout-: I PARE BY THROUGH TICKET PROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, 50; Columbus /|13 65: Dayton, f 15 40 ; Cincinnati, ft I# ; Louisville, by railroad $1865, by steamer from Cincinnati, $18; In dianapolis, #17 50; Cleveland, 012 15; Toledo, $15 80; Detroit, * 15 20; Chicago, 65 and $10 50; St. Ixjuw, $28 50 and $?; Memphis, 306; New Or leans, $^l,eic. $9* r OR FREDERICK and HARPER'S TERRY MARTIN8BURG, BERKELEY SPRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BEDFORD SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and Fairmount, passengers may leave Wash ington at 6 a m or p. m. For the n?inor way sutioas between Haitimore and Wheeling, take 0 a m tram from Washington. For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, | etc., see special advertisements. *0~Pvr farther information, through tickets, kc., apply to THOS. II. PARSONS; ,.??nt. at Washing ion Station. JOHN fl. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf PALMER 13^ PA TEN T LEG. 'I'HIS AMERICAN INVENTION A stands onrrvalled bath in this country *nd in Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astnnisning success. In competition with JO other substitute* of the best French, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the ?*iiT medal at the World's Exuibi tiow IB Lowpow, as the best artificial limb known. In this country it has been thirty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the anuual Fairs in the principal cities,and has, in every instance, received the award of the highest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the "First Premium"? 1 only Silver Mrtal given for Lnabs?was awarded the inventor, at the N?-w York Crywal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent gratis ta sv?ry applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, ITS Che-nut street, Philadelphia. flcb W?3tn PAINT AND OIL STORE. V. T PAHKBR, H0U5B, BieH ft OSNAJUBIITAL FAIHIEB, LOUISIANA avenue, between Sixth and Bcv enth streets, No. 60. Residence No. 390 C *reet, between Sixth and Seventh has add~d to his present bas*ne^s the sale nt PAINTS, OLLS, GLASS nnd PUTl'V, in small or large quantities. The attention of housekeeper* is particularly called to the convenience of tins arrang*nneut ay they can al all times procure DEARTH and other MIXED PAINTS, of all colon, made ready for use by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. Orders promptly attended to and respectfully eo lie Red. CHEAP FOR CASH. may 2?lro E. H BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, first nr., pf.nsa. jtncieiU'L Land tJt?irii? ailsnded to Anction Bales. By J. O.McQUIRB. Aaetl?nc?r. f>HANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE A WD EL \J igtbly situated improved and unimproved Real< E tate, consistent of Dw lling Houses and Lots, va cant Ltrs, and Wharf.?By virtne of a deciee of the Circuit Coun of tht District of Columbta for Wash ington eoupty, made in the cause wherein John A. Fra*cr ia complainant, and J??hn YYaikcr, Ll!en 8. Fraser, and other*, heirs at law oiT Simon Fraiuir, deceased, are defendants, No. 899, in Chancery, the subscribe, trustees ?ppoiuted by said decree, will sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and beingsituabcd in .he city of Wash ington. and known and distinguished as being Lots No*. 1.2,3, 4.5,6,7,8,9, 10, II, .2,'3, 14,13 16,1 17,18, 19, ilO, 81, 22, 23, and 24, ia the sulidivision made by said trustees of Square No. 412, treating respectively and variously rrom 18 feet 1 inch., to 30 f<?et 8 inches on 8th and 9th streets west, and E and P Streets south, by various depth* to an aHcv, with the improvements and appurtenances, which con sist o> a commodious and well and substantially built 3)( story Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8, snd a comfortable and Well built 2 story Brick Dwelling House on cach of Lots Noa. 18 and 16, in said sub division ; lot No 4, in Square No 388. fronting 25 on F street south, between 9th and 10th sts. west, by 125 feet deep, with the improvements and appur tenances, which consist a 2>4 story Frame Dwel ling House; pait of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avcnua, running back to "A" street south, with n width on said "A" street of 43 feet 7inches ; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 44 feet on Water street, at the termi nation of 7th atrcet west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to the channel of the Potomac river, and now ocrnpied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The sale of the several Lot* in the subdivision of Square No 412, with the improvements and appur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p m., on the prem ises. The sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. $89, with the improvements ami appurtenances, will take place on said Tl.uradav, the #4th day ol May, 1856, .at C o'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 730. will lake place on Priday, the 25th day of May, at 5}^o'clock p. m., on the premises. And the sale of part of Square No. 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and beloncing, will take place on Tuesday, the ?9th d-iy of May, 1855, at o'clock p. m., ou the premises. % The above property is all situated in desirable lo cation^ rapidly enhancing In value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity for investments or procuring a de;irab1e residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree, will be one fourth of the purchase money in cash, and the balance in si*, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty four months, to be secured by the purchaser's bonds, bea ing interest from day of sale, with secu rity, to be approved by the Trustees. Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Coart, the Trustees will convey the property to the respective purchasers in fee; If the tei iusof *ale are not complied with, in six days after the sale, the property the terms of the sale ot which are not so complied with will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchasers upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expanse of the purchas ers. CHAS. S. WALLAC1I, t r? . ... EDW'D 8WANN, |Trustee*. , J AS. C.MeGUIEE, mav 2?eeitda Auctioneer. By J. C. SIvOUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE ANDeli^i bly situated House and Lot 011 6th street west, between E and F streets north.?By virtue of a deed of irust, bearing daiC on the 10th Hay of February, 18^3, a id rcco d'-d in Lib-r J. A. S., No. 51, folios :*>4, fcc , the subscriber will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 28lli day Of May, 1?5', at 5% o'clk p. in .on the pr* itn*e?. Lot No 4, in Square No. 4?8, fronting 24 feet inches 011 6th street wesr, between E and F streets north, by 93 feet 4 inches .1eop, with the buildings an 1 improvements, consist ing of a lour stoiy brick dwelling house, with aback building, built of the best material and in the best manner, and very commodious, with all the modern improvements, and in all respects one of the most desirable houses in Washington, and but receut'y built, and well known as the property ot Peter Hev ner. The properly in situated 111 one ot the health iest and moat desirable parts ot the city, and offers to persons seeking a icstdence ot investment an oppor tunity seldom occurring. The terms of sale will be : One half cash, and the balance in 6,12,18, and 24 months, for notes bear ing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed in trust udon tit* property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days alter the sale,tlie property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the ri.?k and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CIMS. S. WALL AC IF, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap 26?3tawfcds Auctioneer. By JAS. C. DIcGlJU'E, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE aisd eli gibly situated Hons-- and Lot on Maryland ave nue, between 4# and (ilh streets west.- By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the 5.h day of Feb ruary, 1353, and recorded 111 Liber J. A. S , No. ."2, f-ilios 83, fltc.. the subscriber will sell, at public sale ? in THURSDAY, the .'list day of May, 1^55, at 5% o'clock, p m., on the premis*-?, ail that pioce or pair ed of ground lying and beiug situate iu the city/of Washington, and known and distinguished as f.o: U, in the subdivision of Lot* Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 iu square No. 492, fronuns 23 feet 5 inches on Ma ryland avenue, between and 6th streets west, and running back to a 20 feet alley, with the build ings and improvement*, which consist of a well and -UDstaniially built two story and attie brick dwelling house, wiUi two story frame back building aud ne cessary outbuildings. The above property is situated in a healthy and desirabi* location, and rap<dl< cnhancihg in value, and offers a fa vwrable op;>oriunity to- p rsons d( si roua of obtaining a convenient and comfortable res Hence, or making an investment. The terms of the tale will be ?r,o-h?k' cash, and the balance in 6,12, and 18 months, for notes bear ing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed ot trust on the property If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the nropeity will be resold at the risk and expense Of the purchaser upon one week's noti e. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. Title indisputable. CUAS. S. WALLACn Trustee JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 9?eofcda Auctioneer By J. C. NcOl'lUE. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE and eligi bly situated Improved Real Estate on the corner of 7th and D streets.?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the 6th day of June, 1851, recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 38, lolios 287 &c , the sub scriber will sell at public sale, on TUESDAY, the 15th day of May, 1855, at 5% o'clock p. m., 011 the premises, part of Lot No 8, in Square No. 457, fronting ?5 feet on 7th street west, and running bnck 54 feet on D street north to an alley, with the nuild ings and improvements, which consist of a well and substantially built threo atory brick warehouse, cov ering the whole of aaid part of said lot. The above property is situated on the corner ol 7tli and D streets, opposite the Na ionai Intelligent cer office, and is one ot the most desirable and val uator business locations in Washington, rapidly^n liancing in value, and offers an opportunity ftir in vestment seldom to be met with The terms of sale will be : One- fourth of the pur chase money 111 cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, tor notes bearing interest froin day of sale, secured by d< ed in trust upon the property. If the terms of sale arc not com plied with in six davs after the sale, the properij will be resold, at the risk and expense of the pur chaser, upon one week's notice. All ronveyanciuf at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee JAS. O. McGUIRE, ap 26?dtawfcds Auctioneer. By J. ?. BcUUlREi Aucttonaer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF THE STEAMEE UNION.? Ob FRIDAY afternoon, June 1st, ai 5 o'clock, at Page's Wharf, at the foot of Seventh street, I shall sell, without reserve, the mtorly new steamer called the uUnion,"' at present runniug as 1 terry boat 'etween this city and Alexandria. This steamer was built in Washington city in Iht year 1852; is 164 feel ir. length, breadth of beam 2-1 feel 6 she measures 411.40 95 f-ne custom house m< asuremeul, as per eurolim-ut. Her en gine is a ftrst cl-us seventy five horse pi wer engine bnill bv Smith and Pet kins, Alexandria, Va. ifhr ran* either end foremost, and is very convenient fw loading and unloading freight. Terms: One half cash, the reridue in R months with interest, sati>tact'?rily MecwtfcJ. JAS. ('. MeGUlRE, _jn3jf3?eoftuj3_ Auefloneel. J E THOMPJO*, ~ MERCHANT TAILOR, lias r?rr.rrved to his irfd *t:Uid, M'-tflt's ttoWdirg ?i 1 slreei, onedooi uonn uf Shiihngt.m'* HooLstoie where hr wont.t be please.I ta serve his fiicnds am! the public. may 3?2w Amo cements. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. ~ 3CM.J and ,?? wert wo.*,, X O H. A ^ OF THE BATTLE Of BUNK Ell HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CH.1RLESTOH N. The above Diorama will be exhibited tverv even ing tins week. -- 3 ?SDAY and SATURDAY afler noons, at 3% o'clock. Positively closing rn Saturday i.ighf, May 18. Doors open ?r 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. ?hnir!I?i,l,0.n ?Ghildrao accompanwd by their parents half p>ice. may 7 Iw GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION AND PIC NIC OF TBI AMEBICUS CLUB. , TO Tttl WHITK HOUSE PAVILION, On MONDAY, May 2Ui, 1855. THE AMER1CUS CLUB take great pleasure in announcing to Mefr friends aud _ w the public in general that they have^fiyi^^J ch^t^fed the Steamer tirotuic VVamusoton, and will give a gran t EXCURSION AND IMC MC as above, on MONDAY, the 21st instant. The Club pledge themselves that no pains or expense shah be spared on their pan to give general satisfaction to those who may honor them with their company. The very best Cotillon Mus:c has been eneased for the occasion. The Refresh meats and Supper will be furnished by an experienced caterer at city prices. Omnibuses will leave the corner of Seventh and streets at 1 o'clock, an-i be at the wharf on ilie arrival of tbe boat at night. Fare 12K cents each 1 way. - ft?"Tickets ONE DOLLAR?aimi'tine a Gentle* mail and Ladies?to be had of any u the Managers [ and at the whan on day of excursion. The Boat will leave George'own at 1 o'clock; Washington a: 9; Navy Yard at and Alexandria (ll Ul Committee of ?Arrc.nseinent?. Charles Matlock, John Robinson, Jr, W. E. Morgan, F. A. Reard-i; Samuel E Cuiverwell. ^ r, ? Mentigcrs on the pert of the Club S. P. Robertson, J. \V. flouek, E. u. Barrett, E f,. Evens, I). D Darden, Jno. T. E*ex, S? ?J?h?fon' U*' H Johnson, Win. I h ma?' W. H. T. Dice, E. F. Queen, Geo. Essylin, rho?. Johnson, M. Birkhead, Nicholas Rav may 7,9,18,14,16,l?-6t STKAHBOAX kxcvrsiok. LANDING 0F THE PILGRIMS. Cefebration uf the Landing of th* Fifz~p*ifn ratkrrf of Maryland at St. Mary's City. St. Mary's county, under tk* auapicts of the Philodemic Society of Georgetown. 1'HE Committee of Arrangements of tiie Youn? Catholics' Friend Society, of this w city, have the honor of announcing to^ES^agS^ | the citizens of Washington and its Vicinity, that they have chartered the well-known and oonuinr steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON, tor the above mentioned Excursion. | The price of Tickets for the entire trin is $5 each. They can be procured sit the following D?ug Stores: Kidwell & Lawrence, corner of llUi Mreet surd I'ennsyivaion avenue; Calliin's,corner of 7tli aiiu E streeti; Martin F. King'--, Pennsylvania av. nu- ; D B. Clarke's, corner of Uth street and Maryland avenue; Jno F. Lllu's Variety Store, Penu.-yivania j avenue; Win. A. Kennedy's Bookstore, 7th street; and from Francis McNerhany, Naval Store/.^eiver Navy Yard. As the number of tickets is limit-d, pt-rsonr de sirous of en:o>mjr this interesting Excursion ure par ocularly requested to make early application as above or to any member of the Committee of Ar rangements, as th? sales will be closed on 8 it-irday ?venme, the 12th May next. Arrangement* have been made with the proprie tor of Piney Point Pavillion whereby comfortable accommodations for the night will be secured daring the Excursion. The George Washington will leave the Steamboat Wharf, at the foot of 11th street, on MONDAY eve ring, tiie 14th May next, a' 3 o'clock, and will re I turn about 2 p. ni. on ihe following Wednesday. JOHN CARROLL BRENT, WM. A KENNEDY, GLORGE HARVEY, JOHN T. CAS3KLL, FRANCIS McNERUANY, Committee of Arrangements. ?P 31 ?TuTh8atd " LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS OF MARVLAND." THE committee OF AH "'tiftEfai^AN'iEM ENTS of the *? Yourg Caliiolic'w KneiHl Society" of Georgetown, D. C?. having chartered the safe and commodious w< 'I know** steaou-r '? Powhatan," Capt Mitchell an nounce to the public thet the st-'?nisr will leave Georgetov.ii on MONDAY, the 14ui insist. at 1 0 clock p m., precisely, and Alexandria Y% o' loek tooch r.g at the different landings on the Potomac for pa*ee*jgers going and returning. The Steamer will proceed to Pmoy Point, smv i1ai- ?'0'0C* !>? iu j remain during the night, affording the passengers an opportunity of enjotsur the pleasures of this delightful watering plaoe, and early next morning will proceed up the St Mary's river to unite in the celebration ot' the Lauding'of the Pilgrims of Maryland, (under tlie a l.piccs of the 1 iilodeunc Society of Loll*nety return ing to Pmey Point after the celebration to spond tiie evening, and leave for home carlv cn VVedncsday mm ning, 16th instant 0(7- Thn accommodations for Ladies are of the mot.t comfortable charactcr, as the Boat is well pro vided with state rooms and berths for thrw hundred passengers. 49* Tickets for the round trip, including every thing JPIV E DOLLARS. Application to be made to the Committee of Ar rangements at Georgetown; Geo. MatUngly, Esq., at d16 ^'eaiy'K>a' Wbirf, Washington; and John A. Koach, Esq., Union street, Alexandria. Va. It is hoped that persons wishing to attend the cel ebration will have their tickets procured on or be fore the 12th instant. B. J. SEMMES, JOHN L. KIDWELL, JOHN J. BOGUE. FRANCIS HARPER. ANDREW GODDARD, Cataniltfes of Arrangements. may B,10,lS^~3t (Intel may 10&12) PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steaaars (IKO. WASII JKBMHSiNGTON or THOS. COLLYJKK can be chartered for public or select parties to visit the White House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, other places on the river. The White House Pavilion is now op-jn for visi torn. It is a beautiful placc for pleasure trips; it has a fine Ball and Dining room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. 09- For parti* ulars apply to tic President of tiie Company, or the Captains ot tl e Boats. Mr. WILLIAM CoKE \* tar:itching rufrefchmentE on ibr Isiau, and is pieparwl to fur null parties on the be*t tt rms. ap26-2tt) LOW-PRICED CARPETINGS. ?UST (?ECElVEDaadf?>r saleC^ bales,Wi pieces. elegant tfiree-coidheavy 'I'apestiy Brussels CAR PETItVCS, which were purchaseil at late aucticm mi New VorJc, aiid will he sold it ^4 12^ per yard worth jO. It only remains fr>r persons to sec and handle these good* to appreciate their quality and cxtreuH* clicapnens. Now is tke time for economi cal hoosefceepers to make their purchases, as the iiianutaetuiers abroad a?d in Hiix country are ceas in;' U) make goods, in coasequence of the ruinous ratiw at wbicii they have -had to sacrlRce tliua. AL8Q? Rich Tapestry 4 4 two ply at 87U oeftt?, worth SI Rieh double ingrain all-wool at?2W cts, worth 17jg '? do at 50 cent-, wort 11 75 Do do wool and worsted warp, 37^' and ill cents, worth 62% Do do heavy genteel Carpeting at 25 cents. Still remaining on hand a few pieces elegant Vel vel Royal Milton Carpetings, which will be sold a* old aud sujwr animated poods bought at auction in this cttyhi-'f week?fresn.n?'w, and soperb patferne and color?. CLAGETT. DCMUN ^ CO. ap 30?eotlUw LUMBER, TAR, pTtCHTaND ROSIN. SEASONED LUMHLllofall descriptions, White Pine, Yellow Pine, mii'Eastern Sht?re Jniit, Scanning and Floaring * 'Par. Pitch nu?i Ktwin in uttod barrel#. A caigo of North CanriiDM Timber now Inndinv. aiiee. rf. W. y W. CASP.Y, Cotiuri '^Ctb ai??l l? stiects, I'irtf War.I. inav 8?eo3t EVENING STAR. AKf.CrOTK8 OF CATLIH. We have seen a most interesting let ter, says the Loudon Moraine; Advertiser, from a young man reocntly settled in Brazil, in which he speaks of a renc:ntre with Catlin, the celebrated ethnographer and traveller. He met him in George Town, Poraarara, and was immediately rcc gnized, although it was ten years since they had seen each other in the Egyptian Halt. "You won't know rof," he said to Catlin, "it is ten years since you saw me.'' Catlin, in answer, pro nounced his name in an instant. They proceeded together 1500 miles, "by land and by water, through forests and swamps and prairies," following the course of the Amazon, and we select the following in cidents on the journey. The first re lating to Colt's pistols, contains a hint to some old chiefs in England. Wo must explain that Catlin had received the name of " Governor" from his youthful associate: IIow the Old Chief was astonished by a Colt.?" The Governor had one of Colt's pistols in his belt, and one of his i evolving ritles always in his hand, and I had the old Minie, with whose power you are somewhat acquainted. I had let out the idea that tne Governor's gun rould shoot ail day without re loading, which made an illustration necessary. They were all anxious to see it " set in motion." and 1 placed the door of our tent, which was a part of a cow-Lkin stretched on a hoop, at the distance of sixty or seventy yards, with a bull's eye in tkc centre. The whole village had as sembled, and the Governor took his posi tion and went off?one! two! three! four ! five ! six !?I then stepped up and told him that was enough, I presume.1: and while the old Chief was assuring him that they were all convinced, and. it were a pity to waste any more ammu nition. the Governor was snapping the empty cylinder otf. and another one on, with six charges more, without their ob serving what he was doing?he offered to proceed, but all were satisfied that his j gun would shoot all day without stop ping, and this report travelled ahead of us to all the tribes we afterwards visited in that region." fiiiiffhe next is a tiger story : Keep Cool, and don't Spill the Gray y. ?" On*, day when he had landed, and most of our party were lying asleep under the shade ot some large trees, the Governor and I had collected wood and made a large lire, over which we were loastiug a fat pig whicV I had shot fr.'in the boat during the morning. 1 was squat - ted down on one side Of the fire, hold ing a short-handled frying pan in which we had made some very rice gravy, which the Governor, who was squatted down opposite to me, was ladling over the pig, with an Indian wooden spoon. All of a sudden I observed his eye fixed upon something over my shoulder, when he said to me in a very low tone, " Now 1 want you to keep perfectly cool, and don't spill your gravy?there is a splen did tiger behind you !" I held fast to the frying pan, and turning my head gradually around, I had a full view ol the felluw within eight paces of me, lying flat on his side, and with his paws luting up and playing with the legs of one ot our Spaniards, who had laid himself down upon his belly and was last asleep. Our rifles were left in the boat. The Gov ernor drew himself gradually down the bank, on his hand and feet, ordering me not to move; I was in hopes he would have taken his old Mime, but he pre ferred his own weapon, and getting it to bear upon the beast, he was obliged to wait some minutes for it to raise its head, so as not to endanger the poor Sftaniard ; at the crack of the rifle the animal gave a piercing screech, ar.d leaped about fifteen feet straight into the air, and fell dead. The Spaniard leaped nearly as far in a different direction ; and at the same instant, from behind a little bunch of bushes on the opposite side, and not half the distance from our fire, and right behind the Governor'6 back, where he had been sitting, sprang the mate, which darted into the thicket and disappeared, We skinned this beau tiful animal, which was shot exactly be tween the eyes, and after ail hands had withdrawn to the boat waited several hours iu hopes that the other one would show itself again, but we waited in vain, and lost our game." HlKINQ HIMSELF U8EFUL Duiiug the session of a wealthy merchant?in conformity with the cistom of the times?gave a dinnei party t<> a few gentlemen, among whom was r? i:.ember of Congress of that period. On tl.? ppointed day, however, the lady of tli. Louse was somewhat annoyed a I an cliI hour by the intrusion of an old man it the door. Having been met by a ser vant, he inquired if the proprietor of tli j house?whom we will call Mr. Topham?was at home- Upon receiving a negative reply, and being furthermore informed that he would not be at home for some three or four hours, the old man said, "Well, being as I am here, I may as well remain until he comes." "Please wait a moment," said the 9ervant, "1 will call Mrs. Topham to the door, and sec what she will say." The servant then ran and called the merchant's wife, who made her appearance. The old mar then repeated what be had said to the servant?that being as he was there, he might as well remain until her husband came. "Well," replied Mrs T.,"ifvoc will stay, just walk through the alley and go back to the kitchen and take i seat." Nothing daunted, the old mai obeyed orders, and passed through th< alley to the kitchen, where he found Mrs T. and the servants very busily eugag<K iu preparing dinner. Supposing bin some old man Keeking employment, Mrs T. was five in calling into requisition hi services in 1ier work of preparing dinner I and Ue was equally willing and ready t< render all assistance possible. ??01d man, said she, "suppose you take the bucket, go to the hydrant, and draw us Home water." He at once and really complied with the request. "Old man," agft'n said she, "suppose you assist us a little in preparing dinner, as we give a dinner-party to-day, and are rerj ranch hurried indeed. Just peel a few potatoes, if you please." No sooner was the re quest made than the 'old man' got to work p;eimg potatoes with a rigfrt good will. After all things were sufficiently ad vanced to release Mrs. T. from further supervision, she went into her chamber to -arrange bcr toilet to receive her hus band s guests. At the proper hour, her husband came in; and then, one by one, came those who were to dine with him on that day. In dye time all arrived but one M. C. Mr. Topham then be* gen to express his surprise at the ab sence of the Virginia representative, as he thought he would certainly have been one of the first, if not the first, to make bis appearance, knowing that his dinner at home was an early one. When about coming to the conclusion that the \ lrginia M. C. would fail to make his appearance, Mrs. T.'s memory, which seemed to have proved rather treacherous, became effulgent, and she acquainted her husband with the fact that there was an old man in the kitcheu who had been waiting to see him for the last three or fourhouis. Mr. T. imme diately repaired to the kitchen to ascer tain the "old man's" wants, when lo, and liehold: who should he find but our M. t>. himself. Astonished beyond measure, and wii h confused utterance.he exclaimed,' "Why how came you here?" lie simp y replied, "I was invited to the kitchen ? >y jour wife, and as I came much be fore your dinner hour, I have been mak ing myself useful." at once invited and accompan ied Jam into the parlor, and introduced him to his wife and guests as the -Hon. ttobert Rutherford, of Virginia." The lady's feelings can better be imagined by the reader than described by the writer; but the balance of the day passed oil pleasantly, saving the lady's abashment resulting from not recognizing the ?? \ irginia Member of Congress." "iHE IMMORTAL SHALES" A Sunday journal, a week or two ago, > peaking of the performances of some new acior whose name has escaped us, ?ays: " ihs motions and his voice re minded us of the immortal Shales." We never hear hij name mentioned without bursting into an involuntary laugh. Bos ton is fund of jokes, but this was one of trie ncnest ever concocted in that city. Shales was a half wnted, ungainly cub, with a tolerably good memory for the acquisition of his "parts," and he was persuaded by some wa^s io go upon the stage. Ichahod Crane was a Count D Orsay in comparison with his figure. His !egs were long and crooked, his g*it mdcscribaUe, he had a retreating forehead and chin, and the most meaningless, lack lustre eyes we ever saw on the stage or off it. lie was the butt of Boston for nearly two w.eks, tilling the Trvmont theatre, by his personation of the crook cd-back " Richard the Third," to reple tion, night after night. Never was such obslrvperous laughter and applause ever heard within its wallsThere was a wreath thrown to him one night from the ^Ltry that would hive been a tressurc to a green grocer. It was made upon a hay band, wound round a stift hoop about three :eet in diameter, and was composed of large cabbages, white and red, long parsnips, carrots, turnips, mammoth po tatoes, and red peppers?all very hand somely contrasted. If the wreath had hit him, it would have crushed him to the stage ! , W e saw it afterwards, when the irreat actor came to lullfil a New York engage ment. in the ottice of the Astor House ; and it was a most effective advertisement for him. Before coming hither, he took " a ben efit in Boston. The house was crowded in every part. A " service of plate," (made of sheet iron.) was to be presented to him, after the performance, bv a com mittee, of which Col. Greene, of the Bos ton Morning Post, was chairman, and who was to make the presentation in the uniform of an old continentaler; but he backed out, and a substitute was ob tained. Shales stood in the middle of the stage, not far from the foot-lights, holding at arms' length the " massive service," bowing, and trying to look his gratitude, when down from above came five or six paper bags, full of flour, which covered him all over, leaving him " as white as a miller!" But there he stood, bowing till the curtain fell. . One terribly stormy night in March we walked a mile to hear Shales play Richard, at the National Theatre. Su k a performance! Pen cannot depict it! Ilis stage walk !?who that ever saw it can ever forget it / Such gestures, such solemn gestures, of limbs and features, except in a monkey, we never saw before, lie was encored in the death fl-ht with Richmond six times, until tired nature could hold out no longer. He was killed in a different position every time, and died all over the stage !" What a death gurgle was his! Oh! it was too rich! We laughed until we were too hoarse to make laughter vocal; and one old thea tre-goer and good theatrical critic in the pit, who was nearer to the " workings" of that matchless face, actually fell from his seat in a spasm of cachination. "Im mortal Shales!" "Yes, indeed" We would go farther this night to see his comical tragedy than any live comedian we ever saw, except M poor Power," or llarry Placide. He was literally him self alone"?Me Shales !?Knickerbocker Magazine. ftjr- It is worse to deal with an ass than to deal witft a rogue; for a rogwe will, sometimes, do right; but an ass ?, J does cot know how to do right, even > i when he is bo disposed

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