Newspaper of Evening Star, May 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 11, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FBIDAY APTMUTOO* TUj 11. AGB^TS FOR THE STAB. The following persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner fcf Third and Chestnut streets. York?S. M. Pitting ill & Co., Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palmsr, Scollay's Building. xT" Advsrtisbmxnts should be handed ic by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may uot appear until the next day. S?LS11 OP THJL aOdNlflG F&KSS. The lnt?llig?Acer says of Gov. Gardiner's refusal to remove J udge Loring : "Trusting that this account is true, the act? so independent, and, under the circumstances, 90 honorable to the firmness of the Governor? will give him an enviable plaoein the admlra fion and esteem of the good and order-loving and law abiding men of theoountry, and every part of it. This worthy magistrate, so worthy of his high office, did not share tho friendship ?nd the wise and conservative precepts of Daniel Webster in vain* bat, 'with the nn stooping firmness of an upright sou!,' has proved a true disciple of that great republican And statesman.'' Of the rumored dissolution of the connection of Gen Quitman with the fillibusters against Cuba, the Inflligmetr says: "The au'hority for this statement is not disclosed, but it is rendered very prcbabie by the lit.Io encouragement which has been fiven to the expedition at home or ubread n this first place, the Executive government not only showed no favor to tbe Ottend scheme of acquisition, but still less to filibus ter? design* on the island, which it formally denounced and menaced with all the penal ties of the law. In the next place, the Sen ate. on the last night of their late tension, re fused to :ountenaaoe a repeal of our neutrality laws; and thirdly, and perhaps not the least discouragement was, that Gen. Concha had placed the island in such a stare of deforce, end wa$ prepared to give any fi'ibuatero ex pedition to warm a reception, as to render the enterprise as doubtful in its pleasantoess as ita succ3ss. With so many di3 mr&gements, therefore, we think it very pro able that the statement copied above is tru . and that we may oocsider "Othello's occupa ion' as gone? for the present at least." The Union says of Govei or Reeder end his position on the slavery q< stion in Kansas : w Th's gentleman is now in Washington, no: for the purpose, so gener ly attributed to him of invoking the action of tbe General Gov:rnruent in ragaid to the administration? his du*ies as Governor of Kansas hat sin y preparatory to his re'urn in a week or t=?o withhui family to the Territory which he pro poses to make hi* home. It is sa'iafac'.oiy to observe the contrast between his quiet and aa*B; y deportmen: a^d the violent expressions anju?:'y charged to him by his enemies Not for a SingJe momen: has he been diverted from the pUia, straightforward path of duty Ke fusing all participation with either extreme in the l*te disturbances in the Territory, and plan'tcg hiui?eif upon the conceded principles of the Kansas ana Nebraska bill, he has steadily maintained the attitude which might be expected from a man who for thirty vears h*s leeu a leading end consistent member of the Democratic patty?the party of the Con stitution A Northern citisen. e Pecnsyva a:an after <he school cf Kuchan<*n and of Dal las, he throughout his political career. opp. ee.I the Wiimo: proviso, suaiained tbe gJ'i*a?;aT? advocated the Kansas anl Nebraskc bill, denocr.cel abolitionism, -rom first to laat, snd boldly co operated in j every movement f)r tte protection of the Scuth in iti rights under the Constitution. Henco>: i* th-t, while he has resolutely and consistestly resirted ell attempts to control the destinies of Kansas by means not entirely egal and fair, he has never sought to give :he advantage to eiiher of the contending inter nets. I erfe;tly cotr cicus, and deeply regret ting .that the inischeiv?us efforts of Greely end Northern fanatics h^ve been made the pretext for the recent border excitemeats, he has firmly ocjupied the ground of discourag ing ev?ry in<-veuiea* that might dis?u-b the putlia miDd, or revive those unfortunate di visions which nave ^oofien convulsed cur hap py country. W e are not dis&ppjinted that general eiciteaout has resulted from the lo oai troublss in Kansas; but we unhesitatingly say to the true friends of cons itutional prin ciples, ia every pari of the Union, that no man could more faithfully represent the conserva . ?*ct^uleDt of the more s:eadily and con scientiously labor to bring order out of con Xojzun, 'aaq the p. a caent (jrovorncr of Kane 14." ' The Ins and Out* of Pari*." ^e are indebted to Taylor A Maury for a copy of ''The ins and Outs of Paris; or, Paris by Day and Night ? by Julie de Marguerittes. Philadelphia: published by Wil.iam White tmi a. 105 Chestnut street. Confessing to lit tle admiration of the authoress of this work, personally, we, nevertheless, take occasion to say that it has been long eince we took up so ?greealle a book for desultory reading, though it may be sa d to be wntfen on stil ? That Is, its style ia "fiaenfy." The writer, in it, carefully avoids running into the error, which has occasioned previous productions of her pen to be tabooed in respectable families in the Lnited States She eschews grossness, and disci: ,-es or desviibes nothing in it which rtq iiee to be gilded over by her adroit pen to indue? the acceptance of its immorality by virtue us etcieiy on this aide of the Atlan ic. She has been a keen observer of all light maU ters in Paris worth observing, and digesting all tbe has seen and heard therewith a relish, she coLvevs her imfressions with naivete, vi vacity, an J interesting oomments, in a charm ing manner, indeed. I he Louden Timtt pronounces **The Ins and Oats of Paris the best book ever written in Ecglth on that city. It strikes us, cer tainly, sa being more amusing and interesting in its way than any other book on Paris we ?ve; glanced eye ever. Nsw Music ?We acknowledge tbe receipt frem John P. K.lis, 300 Pennsylvania avenue, of the following new music : "Fountain of Love W alt see,u by Prof Petersilia, beautiful ly embellished; "Commend me to that Gen ercua Heart," a pretty song. by E H Osborne; "I <iase on Thee,*' one of Msgruder's best sorg-; "I Could not Live Without Thee," word by ex Preaiiant Tyler, and dedicated to his wife, Mrs Julia G Tyler; "The Virginian'* Soag of Home, a very plaintive pieoe, by W. L Mon:.gae; Esq ; "Dearly do I LoVe Thee," hy Col. J B. Davis; "Brighteet Eyee, aoe!e brated German *ong, tianaiated to EnglUh. Ou^ lady readers will rlwaya fiad the latest, and as fashionable x* assortment of musio at Mr Ellis' as may anywhere be found in the eoan'ry. A few days ago a riot occurred in New Hampshire between the students of Dartmouth College, and the Cadeta of the Norwich Mili tary SoqooI, which would have resulted seri ously bad not the officers promptly interfered. Xbc rioters were armed with pistols and knives. B^ahun the tale bearer Whoever enter Ulna ycu with tbe faults of others will enter tain others ?tth yours. tl?Mill NEWS AMD GOSSIP. The Codification of the District Law* ? We understand that the legal gentlemen ap pointed by the President to prepare the new oode of lawa for the Distriot of Colombia, in conjunction with tbo Attorney General, nre engaged in that work in an apartment of the building in which the Attorney General's bu reau is situated. They havo before thtro an herealean taak; as, in the existing oondiUon of the District's laws, it will require entire rearrangement and very general ohanging to work them into anything like a system oom prehensible to those to be governed by them. It will take long and patient examination, it strikes &s,before they ean possibly be prepared totubmit even to the revisory board any por. tun of their recommendations or action ; for if they submit isolated points rather than a digested and classified plan of laws for each branch of jurisprudence, confusion worse con founded will probably be the result We understa -d that they hope that those of cur Distriot fellow-oitisens who may have suggestions to make upon any branch of the proposed changes of the laws, will net be baolrirard in sending to them their views in writing Revoked ?We have reason to believe that the President has revoked the oommisBion of captain in one of the new Dragoon regiments) conferred upon Lieut William B. Reynolds* (cf the Mexican war,) of Illinois. This im pression prevails so generally among military aien here as to satisfy us of its correctness. If seems that when appointed, Mr. Reynolds was a private in the army of the United Btates, of which fact the appointing power is thought to have been unaware We have heard nothing further alleged against the propriety of the original appointment, than that the fact that a person who has held an officer's com mission in the United States army retrogrades into the ranks, is prima faeie evidence that he does not possess the elements necessary to mako him in all respects a desirable and efficient officer. _____ A ' Fut" Judge ?Our astonishment at the recent decision of the Jndgo in the Kin ney and Fabens case has vanished already ; insomuch as we hear to day, that he has sent in bills to the accounting officer of the Govern ment for his ptnonal expanses in holding the U S. Distriot Coart in New York, (his own districr being Connecticut,) allowing himself at'4 rate of some $18 per diem. He is evi de u a *ery "fast" liver, at the expense of ^ rie Sam, and probably sympathizes with fat men" rather than with the well being ,f society Judge Hall's bill for holding oourt in New York city, though traveling much farther to reaoh there, amounted to less than ore-fourth per diem of the amount charged by this apparent pro filibustering Judge The Coart of Claims?Prom all that we can gather, it strikes us that it will be some time yet before this tribunal goes regularly to bj-' ness. though they are said to be engaged in consultation preparatory to opening. We pre fcume that these sessions are held with the view of adopting rules ard regulations, and other * ise preparing themselves to commence the discharge cf their duties \tnder a well digested and satisfactory system. Tim a thus spent eannot be time thrown away; and the interests of suitors before them, as well as of the Government, can hardly fail to be best eubserved by the adaption of a carefully ma tured system of rules ere they take cp the firtt ease on their calendar. We have every reason to bolieve that their ses?ions will be held in the Capitol building; probably in the chamber of the Supreme Court at first. We hear that the jadges of the Claims Court are of opinion that the statute makes it obligatory upon them to sit in the Capitol. A Natural Curiosity ?The original rough draft of the Declaration of Independence in the handwriting* of Mr Jffferson, Dr. Frank lin and the elder Adams, is preserved in the State Department with great care. It hes been framed and placed in a box of black walnut, hung against the wall, the dcor of which is of one piece about two feet square. At oertain angles of the room, the grain and natural marks of the piece of wood of which the door is fabricated, present a singular ap pearance. Without the exeroise of any great fancy, a representation of the battle of Bun ker Hill can be discovered, though some eon tend it has a great resemblance to the storm ing of Stony Point, or the attack on King's Mountain. It is quite a ouriosity. Potato Seed ?A quantity of potato seed has tetely been procured, by the agricultural braneh ef the Patent Offioe, from Germany^ with the view of experimenting in the United States with different varieties of this so impor* tant agricultural staple A curious fact, not generally known, con nected with the production of potatoes from the seed balls is, that no twe stems will possess precisely the same qualities, yet many of the tubers will appear so much alike that when mixed together they cannot be distinguished by the eye, though it may happen that one variety will be four times as prolific as the other, or may be much better in other respects. The tubers raised from the seeds of the same ball are also prodigiously diversified in regard to color, being black, red, wbito, green, yel. low, pink, Ac ; and as to shape, are round, nobbed aud varied in all proportions; as to site, some of them being no larger the first year than peas, while others exceed the slse of pullets' eggs; as to "earlineas," some of them completing their growth in July, while otheia will not put forth their blossoms until October; as to productiveness, some yield more than two hundred to one, while others will give back only threo or four fold; as to spreading under ground, some running out to a great distance, others growing quite sear to the stem, come descending deep into the earth, while others will rise to the euriaoe; as to quality, some being tough aad watery, some dry and mealy, some very pleasing to the taste, while others will not b? at all palatable; as to stems, some will oarry a single stalk like a rod, others an immense profusion of them, some being very luxurious, while others will be extremely dwarfish. In short, as is very remarkable, no sort of oonueotion will be found to exist be tween ?ny of the peculiarities of the two specimens 9 The Eastern War.?We have repeatedly taken occasion to remark that it was gener ally be>ieved among the public men in this eity, of all uations. that the parties engaged in the Eastern war are but on the threshold cf their contest. Now, we find this tmpres ston -?treeg'h?nrd and strengthening among; them by the war news received by each sue 1 cceding steamer up to this . This?what ' we her# write?at; be implicitly relied on u the sentiment upon the anbjeot oar rent In diplomatic circles of the Federal Government. The U. 8. Bloop-ofW&r Falmouth?We have private information of the arrival of the United Statee sloop-of-war Falmouth, Com mander T. D. Shaw, at Pensaoela, on the 5th inst, last from Aspii^all, we preeame. We do not know the oondition of the health of her officer) and orew. 8he will probablj re main only long enough at Pensacola to replen i'!r her stores, and will egain sail to join Commodore McCauley'a squadron. The Carondelat Common ?We hear that the Secretary of the Interior has now before him an important question relative to the right of property to what is known as Carondelet Com mon?1,100 aorea in extent?immediately in the vioinity of the eity of St. Louis. The dia pute is between the oity and oertain individ uals. Secretary Guthrie.?We understand that this gentleman reaohed his home in Louisville, Ky., on Satarday afternoon last, quite indis posed from the fatigue incident to his journey. After two days rest, however, he waa able to leave his house, and when last heard from was quite well. Seisure for Smuggling ?Six casks of bran dy, five eases of wine, and two oases ef vases of flowers, have been seiied at Boston, Maae., on board the bark Voyager, Freeman, master, as having been attempted to be smuggled into that pert A prosecution has been com menced against the master. % A 7 istriet Attorney Appointed ?Thomas S. McCoy Esq , has been appointed U. S Distriot Attorney fJr the eastern (New Or leans) district of Louisiana, vice E W. Moiae resigned Clerical Appointment ?Mr. S. F. Gouley, of Delaware, has been appointed to a tempore ry clerkship in the General Land Office, of the 1st class, ($1,200 per annum.) Ex-President Fillmore ?We understand that this gentleman embarks on the 10th in st mt on a trip to Europe, accompanied by a party of friends. 4 Revenue Marine Officer Ordered ?Third Lieut. Anson S. Rogers has been ordered to the cutter James Campbell on the New Lon> don (Ct.) station. A Light-House Keeper Appointed ?Israel Brull has been appointed keeper of the light house at New Canal, La., at $600 per annum. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 10th of May, thera weieof Treasury Warrants entered on ( the books of the Department? i For paying Treasury debts $067 75 Kor th<* Customs30,500 00 For oovering into the Treasury from custom* 11.829 71 For th-j War Department 115.502 00 I Fcr the Interior Department 3,256 13 1 Know Nothing Victoriee. A telegraphic despatch from Providence, R. I., dated yesterday, states that the Know < Nothings have elected as Mayor, a Mr. Smith, by 821 majority; all seven of the Aldermen, acd twenty out of the twenty-eight City Coun cil men. And another despatoh, dated Mobile, May j 7, informs us that Hitohcock, Know Nothing, 1 boa probably been elected judge by about eieven hundred majority over the Democratic 1 candidate. i ?????( Tea New York Prohibitory Law ?The i first legal decision under the prohibitory liquor 1 law was rendered in New York on Wednes day. A man had been arrested for selling ' l'quor without license, ani Recorder Smith decided that although the new law prohibited ! granting of licenses after the 1st of May, it lafiicted no penalty for selling without a licensc until after the4ih of July next There will, therefore, be-'free trade" in liquor sell ing in New York city for nearly two months to come, exoept on Sundays, when a special law is in force. In regard to the constitu tionality of the law in general, James W Gerard, Esq., one among the ablest lawyers ef that city, and a great friend of temper snce, has given an opinion to the following effect: 1. That imported foreign liquors may be told by any body, in any place within this State 1 2 That the seizure and destruction clausos are void, whether applicable to foreign or domestic liquors 3. That tne act does not, in terms, prohibit the manufacture or exportation of domestic liquors, but that the praotical operation of tho seizure clause, if constitutional, would in effect destroy the business of manufacturing 4 That as the seisure clause is void, liquors made in this State may be exported, and if not intended for sale, kept here without riak of destruction. Dr. Pece at Hons Asaih ?Dr. Charles A. Peck, whose recent imprisonment in Cuba has attracted much public attention, arrived in this city on Monday evening. Ilis arrival, though unheralded, waa soon made known to his numerous frien is, many of whom imme diately called upon him to offer their congrat ulations at his escape from Spanish tyranny and his return home. A meeting of his fri*rds was held last evening, at which remarks of the most complimentary character were made as to the manner in which the doctor had de ported himself daring the whole of this trans action Dr Peck is still feeble, as might be cxpeoted. from the very kind treatment which he received at the hands of Gen. Conoha.?N. Y. Sun of Thursday. |y The London Artiaan mentions an in vention for softening horn and rendering it e!estio like whale-bone. The horns are cleaned, split, opened out and flattened, and and immersed for several days in a bath com posed of 5 parts of glyoerino and 100 parti of water They are then placed in a scond bath consisting of 3 quarts of nitric acid, 2 quarts ol pyroligneous aoid. 12# pounds tannin. 5 pounds bi tartrate of potash, and 5 pounds sulphate of slno, with 25 gallons of water. After leaving this seoond bath, it will have acquired a suitable degree of flexibility and elasticity to enable it to be used as a substitute for whalebone for oertain purposes. Power or Cocoa ?Professor Johnstone, in his " Chemistry of Common Life," -tates that by the use of ooooa leaf the Peruvian Indians undergo the most incredible labors. He says, " With a feeble ration of dried maiie or barley crushed into flour the Indian, if duly supplied with oucoa, toils under heavy burdens, day after, up the steep slopes of the mountain passes, or digs, for years, in the subterranean mines, insensible to weariness, to cold, and to hunger He believes, indeed, that it may be ma *e a substitute for food altogether." Thh Great Reaper Cash?The Cincinnati Gazette states that on Monday last, Mr Mo Coimick's application in tue United States Circuit Court in taat oity, for an increase of the amount of the bond given by the defend ants to account for the profits on the machines they might sell, provided the court should de cree for the oomplainant on a final hearing, ws3 refuted by Jndge McLean. The defend ant have already given bond in $10,000. Sal* or Property in Iowa.?We are in formed that H. Taylor haa purohaaed three lot* on the oorner of Sixth and Main streets, from ex Governor Seymour, of New York, for the cum of ten thousand dollars! This proper 5/ could have been bought in the year 1850 for three hundred dollars, so we are informed favkal (Iowa) DUfutik, May 3. PBBMITAL. .... The editor of the Eastern Argua, who pi?#?nt ?*or*tMT Lafattoa at London, write* homo to that paper that the Pronoh hmperor, daring his recent visit to England, Mr , BaohaaaS: with marked otvility, and ezprosaod the hope that America and Fraoee might alwajs bo at poaoo. ? ?? Parodi, ot the Italian opera, was a pawoBgor by the Hermann. She gave | oon? oert on board that veaaal on Tuesday, and waa assisted bj Mademoiselle Slavenuter. .... Capt. Ingraham, of the United States sloop of.war St Loots, having arrived at Phil adelphia, many of his friends have iaritod him to partako of a publio dinner. .... Mrs. E. Oakes Smith, who was ap Jointed by Baranm one of the judge* ?f his ebasing "baby show," has writtea a wo manly letter deolining to have anything to do with the disgusting affair. In v^un^1'' tr0QP? *reoonoertiling in Norfolk, Vi, to ov?rflowing hooMi. .... Mr. John Fry was killed on last Thurs day night by falling from the top of his resi dence in York, Pa. Ho had asoended the roof in order to asoertain whether there was any oooaeion for the alarm of fire whioh had juit commenced, and, slipping, tell to the groand. .... William Washam, a youth, has boon 1752? Ta!lad?*JL' A,? . for burning his hmti? * ^C |Dg He had whiPP*d both his brother and sister, and to further revenge himself upon them he sot fire to the house. .... Hon. John C. Spencer, E*q., who has ?l?*??P?ce, professionally and politi iSl' fo'I.half ? century, is sinking rapidly under a disease induoed by severe and inces sant mental and physical labor .... The Rev. Mr. Kilgore, a Methodist ?Hai?t*r'?anl PrinciPal of ?>? Aoademy at Adamsville, Florida, while hunting on Batur iVt. f* r?HenUlI7 shot himself through with a load of buck-shot. Affecting Spectaclb? A Dacobtbr's Db votioh ?A sight met our eyes on Tuesdav Vt ^1=51 ^f*? a,?on a# * io,pro??ion It was during the rain storm, and just before walking up Broadway, near the k. V? P1?0?' w? ?aw a woman lying by the side of the street, drenched with the rain, and in state of stupid intoxioation, un oonscious of her own shame, and of her daagh ?r.8 *ffection. For that woman was a mother : !?2L5er d*agrht?r' ? liltl? *irl fourteen oi fifteen years, felt more keenly than we oan oonceive, the depth of her mother's degrada h?f ?be stood bent over her mother, interposing her bare head and frail fi! ?* Ufter6d Karments she wore ez ??, aIT ?tmo0t capacity, to shield her from the rude storm and from the ruder gaie kj* P?r herself, the girl heeded not the cold rain nor the ooming darkness: she only .ought to protect the being, who, though J"?"?*!! ?? o". wm her mother sUII. vfe bought, if that mother oould only have known the depth of her daughter's love, and the bit ih B^m?' ?h* wo?ld rarer again taste the cup. The scene was to us an argu neot more powerful than words in lavofof J/? re??^7 f?r ^e evil of intemperance.? Albany (N. Y.) Stats Rtgistrr. ?^SECOND WARD MEETING -The 8* S cond Ward Voters who are opposed to ae political associations are notified that an a<' ourued meeting will be h< Id 'I lild EVENING, the "V. V at 0 c,ock? at Harmony Ha l. may 11?lt# J ? .^?.I^E^CATION.?The basement MOry of the Capitol Hill M E. < hurch corner of \ stree t north and 3d street east, will be dedicated ?o the worship of Almighty God on next SabbaU, ev of R?Tr mn? mRpv- -'an,e8 McKendree Ki e>,of Baltimore, will preach at 11 o clock a. m T D e"jamin F. Brooke of Georgetown, at 3 o'clk* )B|n aiC P' Cook? of Ba>timore, at 8 o'clock lilllj ?I-? 8re m0Bt re8P?ctW,J' 1?"*! to aRend. Hall or Vioilakt Fib* Compact, Georget :wn, Mar 10, 1845. Rr5,, *' an adjourned meeting of the Vifilant *'r?nen held on the everung of tbe 10th n-.iant, the following preamble and resolutions were inanimously adopted : w? learn with f. elings of indignatit-n i? t'^ riiWet?rK0f FZmtt Hall> 1B ^rfetovrn, r C did loan or hire the um of Mid Hall to a num >er or negroea tor the purpose of having a May ball ?Clhe 10,h lnstant, reeardlwa of the food feelings of his numerniia white frienda in Georgetown, D. C , who have striven .o keep up the heretofore good name of said Hall, and as it waa the mii y place in which our citizens could congregate with pleasure, and as we have and ahould hav? .ontinued to ^ire our Balis, Sic , in said Hall for he benffltofthe thouaands of "white" friends of :hw Company, it was 1 ,f^v'i'.T"at^from thU dat?' w?- lhe members ,L? , 8 1 e ComP*ny? will not suffer our ipparatus to protect the aaid Forrest Hall on any oc ReZrh a l" P09*^8'0" of ^ Present proprietor. ?f,irther' Thal our r"?ndB ?nd the fire m r. in Washington bear us in mind in our efforts Confpany iU8Ult ^ ^ b?eu ?ffcre^ " ?S rv^n^/^' l'hJat a Oommitue of the whole f . inatnicted to have the ax>ve preamble m Nations published in the daily papers. may 11?it VIGILANT. orncEKs of the first regi , ment and Third Brigade, Attention. The ^m issioned officers of the first r'eglinenT and third Brigade, now in command will attend a meeting to be held nt FLINT'S Hotel, on MONDAY NIGHT next, to take into consideration the interest of the Krgiment. ls rpflQjred of every com mi^ioned officer in command. AN OFFICER, infly 10*~4t* J^^MILITARY EXCURSION.?THE"NA S'oVSAT.Tr.f, iSls""'* ?? Particulars iu future advertisement. may 9?3t* ,SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE 7,^ "? Jamestown Society of Washington The ' -Wstown 8ociety of Washington'^wiii cele o^SATITRnAV Anfniver9a[7: Mount Vernon, on SATURDAY next, tbe 12tb instant. Havinr chartered the steamer George Washington for the occasion, she will leave her whart in thWty a, iu m Mon'.T' v ' 8tnppinl5 al Alexandria, and proceej ?in k^ l y ?mon, wher? the anniversary address will be delivered by Gaoaoc Wasbinotom Pjrk ubtis, ?.sq. After allowing the company sufficient .h* exa,",ne everything of interest connected with ihe residence of the Father of his Country the boat will proceed to the Wh te House PaWiioli f^Mhem8 6?C,C,y W"1 parUke ?f a dinner si^h<! Marine BanJ haa been engaged for the occa :r;trvrr<"^5r ?&-hP,.cth Jo ^i^ALUMNI OF WASHINGTON 8EMI fhewT.hilm??tm* of al) the Old Pupils of narv ^^"KS?B,,nary^111 be be,d ,l ^e ^ml i i,k . ' between Oth and 10th, on FRIDAY next, 11th instant, at5jj[ o'clock p. m Punctual and general attendance is narticulariv >equ.?Kd. (,l? tWn) " SUMMER M LLINEHY. ?MR8. J. LANE, ^ Bfifli. ?*?'jdge street, between Con-^^^ ^MR^gress and High, Georgetown, has just^HP f . received a well selected and beauti Md 8? Fl^?Sti"" Bo:?? F'"t* f0' ehdJrtn. Ribbo., 5:,5fe' w6k6 ?iu ?p". may II 3t* astto. J. L. ^ YOU BEAD ADVERTISEMENTS P .-Wi K nollfe 'hat 1 ha*e. fresh from <he #?. ?"jr ? ^"hmeat in New York, Hecker's Self R>i> ihg Flour Hecker's Grits, Hecker's MaJcaMni-r!. VermaceHi, Hecker's Farina, one pape^of li at 14 cents, will make a superior dish sufficient for fifteen or twenty persons. ?unicientfor varieTv'S'iMe?n?Cprn8UrCh,nd ???>ena, a great variety of M illiard's pieparationa of Ch,Jnim?z. r? eating and drinking Baker's superior Coeo i ?' .k^ben do'la" ?nd eent* are made a atudv >nH the same ume superior article for health and ?^II omy is required, you would do well to call at KING'fl Grocery and Varietv Store corner V. ?o? ?.8 Statue. 1 ,UeeU' a /ew fteP? "onMetSs f|>hE IRRIGATION OF PIEDMONT ?nirlL' 1 D??"iz'?li?:'iuv'to*** 1 """I a-* mrtch^n^Tables on Rrainini 1 vol Eriiahttr* ?lsUn' Agr,cultura' Tab"* ' vnr EdSbS. wa> " FiANck TAYLO*. Aiorns abut ax or r asis ? a?til. LAS AT ITXV TOM PRICES CREMONA, LEONOBA, LAVINIA, LILT. DE STAEL, CAMILLA, DE.V DfeoP CLIMENE. Alio, a few vety pretty MOUBNING MANTIL L Art the above style* JiA rec-ivcd aud this day ar rancid for inspection *n our Miaulli Room, ??.on(j atoA? MAXWELL k BROTH CR, 398 Pa. ive., bet 9th and l^h streets may 11?eo3t PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. QnauTBanasTaa s Ornca MiU? \ Washington, 10th May, 18SS. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at thl? office until Friday, the S3th of May iast., at 10 o'clock a. m, for supp ying to Marines stationed in Washington cKy front 1st Jaly, 1855, to 90th June, 1858, such quantitiee of Wood and Coal i may be required upon the Quarterly requisitions Co ???anding Officers The wood to be beet oak sapiiag, ?ad the coal brat anthracite, free from dust, broken and screened, both to be delivered at sue i points within the bar rack walls, as may be designated, free of eipenae to the United States. may 11?3ta?t85th PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Poet Of nca DaPAJWvnrT, May 10,1*06. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the Poet "ffio* Deportment until the 11th d?y of June next, a> 8 o'clock, p.m?for furnishing ihe stationary f?r this department for four years ftvm the fir?t day i f July, 1855. Those unace~mpanlel by satisfactory testimonials of ability to fulfil a con tra t will not b? considered. All the art'dM must be of the very beat quality; samples of which, oo a tain in* at least a ream of each ki.'d ef psptr, must sccompany the bids; and the do artment reserves the right to reta'n and pay for the same at the prioe stated in th? offer, or to return th*m, at its opbon. No bd will be eoBsMerrd where the articles aoacmoanying it are-ot of the kind and quality requi ed by the deparnent. and spurious articles will subject the entire lid to rrjee lion at the pleisure of the depar meet. The subjoined list specifies as nearly as can now be done the amount, quality, and da - ri| tion of ea h I of the kinds of articles that will be wanted: 10 reams folio post, satin cr plain fiat h, faint lined, and rimmed, to weigh not lees | than 17 pounda per ream 10 do ftxlrcjp, handmade, faint-lined, and trimmrd, to weigh not leaa than <2 pounda per ream 60 do foolscap, plain, to achine, faint-lined, and trimmed, to wel^h not lees than 12 pounds per ream 10 do looUcap. bue-laid, hand-made, faint lined, gar.1en paterm,oommoBly known as ds.patch or consular paper, to weigh not lea* than 10 pound i p t 160 do quarto poet, hand-mada, plain, faint lined thi ee aid's, per ream 125 do quarto p^st, Machine, plain, faint lined I three cidee, par ream 4 do beit hand made eupir royal paper, plain, | per ream 1 do best hand-made royal paper, plain, per | 4 do beat hand-made dami paper, plain, par | ream 4 do best hand meda medium paper, plain per ream , 3 do best hand made doub'e eap paper, plain, | per r? am 10 do note paper, gn\ per ream, large s i? 6 do note paper, p'ain, per ream, large siae 10 do note paper, gilt, per team, an all sis* 5 do note paper, pla n, per ream sma'l alas ~ 100 do envelope paper, yellow or buff, rcyal, | per renn 20 do blott ng piper, royal, per ream 2j doaen ca;ds tvrry'a b st metallic pens and | holders, per doaen cards 25 do card, i f all other manufactures in use, | pf-r doaeu cards 4? groee maWlMe p?na per ^roes 2 do large barrel pen handles, roeewood, pw gro-a 2 do small barrel pen haadlea, roaswood, per gross 8 do ateel-tipped pen handler, per grcae 600 opaque quills, No. 80. per m 25 doaen Contf e's beat h eck lead pencil*, gmdu- \ a ted, per doa-n 25 do Monroe's or othsr manufactured, grad a'e3, per des'n 10 <Jo beet red leaci peadla, per doaen 20 do fcldera, ivory, ft inch do 400 do red line a tape, averted do 10 do silk taete, oolori and widths, in Lanka, j per dcaen I do pource boxes, c^ooa, per doa?n 10 do paper weights, assorted oo 1 do best goid poos do 12 do saod box-B. cf cocoa, per d:?en 16 do wafer stands, or boses. ooooa, per dnen 8 do ererera, Rodgers A f on's, ivory handles | genuine, per doaen 8 do penknives, Rodgers k Bon's, four blade*, bucktorn handles, genuine, per dcaen 8 do waf-r-stampa. ivory handles, per doaen , 6 do wafer-stamjs, lignumvitse bandits, per ] do ten 4 do efflce shears, 11 tncbes, per doaen 4 do office scissors, per doaen 11 do inkstand.', Draper's patent, movable | tops, per doaen 4 do inkstands, cast iron, large, djuble, peT doten 2 do inkstands, cast Iron, large, single, par dcaen . 2 do bronae spring op Inkttanls, per dcaen SCO toitles ink, black, M ay tard A Soyas's, In quart bottles, per bot.le 75 do ink, Cocprr k Phillips's, or equal, per quart bottle 100 do ink,r?<l, Arnold's arequal,in If pint bot tles, per bottle ltO poundt waf rs, common siaee, red, per pound 7i do sealing-wax, best extra auptrflne, 6car let, per pound 20 do India ruboer, prepared, per pound 6 do India rubber, unprepared, per foani 300 qua'ts black sand per quart 20 ounces pounce, per ounce 4 0 pounda twine, linen, per poend 100 do twine, cotton- per pound 8 doaen rulers, mahogany, round or fiat, per | doaen , . 2 do do lignumvitse, round, per doaen 5 p and* aponge baat, per pound 10 do gum arabic, b*t, per pound 5 C00 ex;n largt wbit# idbtJifi vttj a moo h and thick, ?i by 4| icchea aquare per hundred 26,000 long buff adheeWe tnvelepea, very emeoth acd thick, ?i by 3Ji inch?e per hundred 26 000 lo?g white or buff adhesive envelopes, very amouth and thick, for letters and circulars, by 8% Indies, per hundred 3,000 buff or white adhesive letter enielopaa, Vtrf | smooth and thiak, per hundred 1,000 fmiU-aiae white note adhesive anTelope', per hundred , . 8,000 l?rge siae white note adhesive envelopes, p?r | hundred 8,000 letter siae white adhesive envelope", par hua drel The adhesive envalopea muit be thickly rammed a fourth of an incb, round the lappel*. Each bidder must futu th with hb propoaals a sample, and but one a mpl., of each article bid lor. Saah article must be bid for, and no mora than one prioe named f r any one . rticla. I ids not fu:ly conforming to the advertisement will not be considered. .... Tne tfrow and conditions of the advertiaement for stationery, are to be incorporated in the con tract for atationery; and 'he head of the depart ment will, In alt caaea, jadje whether the artlciea tetderei by tha contractor are of the quality re-1 quired by the oo-tract rhe contract will be awarded to the lowest and . beat bidder, and bond atd aecurity will be required | for i s faithful performance. . The stationery is to be furnished as it may be or? deied by the department, and at the contract pri-. oes, whether the quantities exoeed or fall short of | those estimated. Each proposal must be signed by the individual cr firm making it, and must spedly a pi ice, and but oneprin, for each and every article named in the schedule. Should any articles be required which are not enumerated, they are to be furniahed at the lowett market prices, if the department shall see fit to order them from the contractor having the contract for aimilar articles; and if the oontractcrs and the department do not agr<e. then the depart ment may have the article furn'ahed by aty cthrc person or peraocs who will furnish it a prioe lower than that demanded by the eon tract r. Blank fo ma fcr proposal* wiii bs turrinted at the department p.r*.ns applying for them; aud, ae wlihcut uni* ;i>rmiiy therein the dtpartmen'. would flnl it diffi cult to mage a decision, cone will be taken into oon> aid ration unleas substantiaily agretlog therewith. The department reserves to ltaalf the r ght of or dering a greater or a leas quantity of each and every ait tele contracted for as the ;uhl o aervioe may re quire. The bead of the department w'll In all caaaa da de whether the terma of the oontract have been oon plied with, aud reserve* the power to annul the o *ntraot upon any failure to comply In a reasona ble Hm?. Bonds, with approved aecurity are to be given by the peraon or persona can tree tag; and in ea^e of failure to supply the artlciea, the contractor and his sureties shall be liable for the forfiyture specified inaccb bond as Pquidated damaaes. Theeontract will be awarded to the lowettand best bidder, the beat bid to be determined after a, ear#fa 1 rxaminetkn for the purpose of aaeartaining wh-'ch >id will, in Its practical raenlta, be meat ad ! Tautageous to the department. The depar meet reeervea to ltaalf tha riaht to re jert any Wd where it is apparent thai a part of the articles are bid for at very low and a part at vtry high ta'aa. without proper regard to tie ooit of eaeh, for the purpose of affecting the aggregate of the bids under the estimate eontalaed in he adver I tisemeat. JAMES CAMPBELL, may 11?lawiw Foataiaaaar General i llROWN'g POtESTEE, 1 vol, Cdiabwi, beiTTg! P directiona for the planting and management ol! foifeat ncee. FKANCK TAYLOK. 1 0UI1 TOCAL ASD mrBXTHEErAl BY ,ra?MTOKlAL?^:^rON Nov In Seooion at Bmitkaouiaa Iastttatios, Oa FRIDAY BVBI1RQ, Bftf 11. In tJu L**iur$ Room ?/ th$ SmI/Udmh. SHE Committee appointed by Um Cosvrnuoa would suborn ib? following Pnigramae u?m af dm attractive that has ever been placed before lie public of Washington The Urtbovi will be HIM by asalara of ibe Convention and the MARINE BAWD, | *- * effect which baa never before this city. The whole will be under the 4. B. WOODBURY, of New York. Prof. 8C <EEL will preside at the Tickets TWENTY Fl YE OBNTI all ourMasic and Stationery Storee. PROGRAMME?ram 1. Chorus?We wait for thy loving k 9 Quartette -The OM Cnarcb Road 3. Ballad?Take me h->me to die 4. Anthem?III wash my banda ia 5. Quartette?She rapt him ia a little abroad 6. Quartette and Chorea How beaaufal nan the a 7. Quartette?'The Three Marya 8. Duett and Chorea? From Um Ontario of 9. Trio?Ob, that I lo. Grand Choraa?Wake the PABT IX ? SECCLaB 1 Choree? Flail, Fairy Queen 9 Ballad?Gambler's Wife . 9 Serenade?Sleep, Lady, Bleep 4 Olee?The Maiden and Black Bird 5 Duel?Maater and Pupil 6 Song?The "Old Sexton 7 Olee?The Warrior'a Welcome 8 Hong?Take me back to Switaerlaad 9 Battle Cborua?On to the field of glory 10 Madrigal?Flora gave me fkireet flowed 11 Chorua? Away, Away, Away, the freshly breaking 19 Largo fsctoten?Opera of the Barker of Senile 13 Cboras? Away, no kmfir stay. may 19?9t (latkUaionlt) SUMMER MILLIN1BT. ^?vMISS E. E. McDONALD, I mini JXi)?or to Mr* Ann H. Clark.) win open Ml) IpVlier SUMMER MILLINERY oa Boi^TW urday next, the 19 b, at her well kaawa ea* tablisbment, No. 71 Bridge street, three ioan eeat of the Post Office, Georgetown, D. C. uiny 18 3t . WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Paint Cemfert, Ya. Tins splendid sea-shore house is NOW OPEN. Roard per day ^9 80 Board by the week, per day-....*..... 1 50 Board by the month, per day.......... 1 95 Bath* free for the guest* may 10-lm C. C. W1LLAR * k BBO NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE hare now in store the largeet aaaortment of PIANOS ever offeree in thia city; from Hal let, Davis (l Co., Bacon It Raven, and Ri Garble k Co. 'a celebrated manufactonea. ? Pianoa we guarantee, and aell upon vetyeaayl Alar , a ren Pi no ured only a few montha. which we offer at the low price of 0900 caab ; a aicwU band Piano, by Andre Sties, for ?75. A very fine aecond band Checkering Piano for aale or rent at a bargain. Old Piano* taken in exchange for new. Always on hand, Stool*, Cover*, Yietina, Qattart, Flute, Accordeoaa. Music, lie. kc. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pennsylvania may 10 bee 9th and 10th 1 TO THE LADDC8. JUST received from New York a superior lot of rich Dress Silks, Cashmere and Lace 8hawla, Mantillas, Embroideries, Lace*, Collar*, fee. Ladies can also be supplied with French Corsets, Jackets, Supporters, lie. We hive just received the fourth invoice of those fine Leghorn 'ionaeta which sold ao rapidly aad gave such satisfaction. We cordially invite the Ladies to give aa a call, aa great inducements will be offered to purchasers HUTCHINSON * MUNRO, Dealers in Fancy Gooda aad Millinery, No. 910 Pa. avenue, 1st door weat of Meear*. Harper It Co. yy 10?3i DOQ liOST ? Lost, or Sunday, the 8th inrt. a white and black setter DOG, with, buck head and ears, the name of owned on me collar. Any one that will deliver" bira to BAYNE, BUCKNER fc CO.. Alexandria' wiil he suitably rewarded. may f BOYS' CLOTHING. WE have thi* day received a large addkiQB to our former slock, making our preeeat assart m<~nt of Boy*' Summer Clothiag for achool and dreaa wear superior to any ever offered in this city. WALL li STEPHENS, MS Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. mar 9-3t SacVKNTH WARD?UNION TICKET. For Aiderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. For Common Council?SAMUEL PUMPHREY. BAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARRR. may 4?te JAMES H. BURNS'S Cheap Book, Stationery. Periodi col Variety Mm aad ( lHCliLATIfiO LIBRARY, No. 150 Bridge street, opposite the Mayor* Office, oaoaorrowH, d o. Subscribers to all the Weekly Periodleala aad Macaxines served at their dwellings. Agent tor the ''Evening Star," wbere advertise menu will be promptly attended to, and rubsenp tions received. may 4?lw ^AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRESS OOODS. WE have just received from an extensive aao tmn sale, in New York, the fallowing desira ble GOODS: 1 case hand*ome figured Bcreges, at 95 its per yard 9 cases beautiful atyle Berege de Laine and Ckalley de Lame, at 95c 1 case neat figured Berege de Laiars, at lie 9 cases good style aud quality of Ginghama, at IBa 1 case 4-4 En dish Chiniaes, at 90 and 95c 1 ease beautiful style Briliianu, at 95c 9 cases Merrimack and Allen Prints, at 19e 60 pWces very excellent quality of French Lawaa and Jaconets, warranted good color*, at 98 aad 95c 95 pieces neat figured Mouaaelains, suitable for children 2 ee*ea heat Portsmouth Lawns, warranted kit eol era, 19c 75 Dress Patterns rich figured Beregee, at JO aad 0?c per yard 100 Dn sa Patterna rich figured Beregee, at >1 aad 37c per yard 50 piecea plain Beregea, all colors, at 31 and 37c per yard 10 pieces plain French Jaconets, In pink, bine, green, purple, tan, bufl, brown, and other ahadea, at 17c 93 piecea beet quality French Glnghaaaa, at 98c. Ladies are respectfully invited te call aad ex amine the above goods, a? they will he found rnaeb cheaper than any we had earlier in the aeasoa. OUR STOCK in all other department* ia for the eeaaon unusually large and well assorted, aad, wishing to reduce it ne soon ns possible, we will from thia date offer aay anl all of our beat Gooda at a very sbmII advance on the ctst CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY It OO. may 8?fit AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS.?Striped and plaid Cashmere, cost 30 cents, for 19V( Striped and plaid De Lainea, coat 90 cents, for 19# YarJ wide Lawns, coat 11)4 cents, for 8 Do Gtngbams, 11 do 8 White and colored Spool Cotton only 1 eeat Bleached Sheeting, three yards wide, 35 cents Beautifol Berege Lie Lainea. coat 91 ceata, for 14 Fine French Challey only 90 cents Do do 11 cents, for 8 White and colored BriMianugonly 99 cents French Cbints 90 cmta 4 4 Dish Linens 31 cents 8-4 Pillow do 37 If cents Beautiful Berege Robes, very cheep Satin Plaids and Grenadines Also, a large assortment of Domsatios Come earl , and secure the greatest offered in this city. The goods must positively be closed oat about th? first day .of July. THE WASHINGTON STORB, (Late Magmdar k Calvert,) No. IB opp. Centre Market, bet. 8th and8tk aC aay 8?lw FRENCH MILLINERY. MRS. M L. DAVISON, No. SOSi Pa. avenne, between 9th and 10th *t f respectfully aaneaaces to her cae-l tomers and the ladiea of Waahiagton ?nd vicinity, that she baa just received a< Fancy French HATS and will open them to the pi.blic on Thursday, the 10th lnstam, which she re spectfully mvitea the auenuoa of the ladiea. may S-^5t? M. L. P. PROSPERTS CORNET BAND NO. 1* VfR. FREDERICK PROSPER! bags leave te la ifJL form his friends and former patrons that ffife band baa been follyre-orgaaixed and ia aow aadsr his direction, aad be ia folly prepared with a bead of the most Sefontific Musician. In the city, to for niah muaie for Balls, Partlea, Parades, Pie Nice, euraiona, ke , at the ahortest notice possible, by an Blne to FRSDERICR PR08PERI Leader.CHAR OSPERI, Conductor ; HILBUS k HITZ*S Ma tic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'B, oppoata the Garrison, Garrtaon rtirei, Navy Yard, fob 111?Jen

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