Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR.[ Local Intciligence. Toe Fibb.?Yesterday evening. between (J and 7 o'clock, the quiet of our oitj was aud- j denly disturbed bv the ringing of bells, end j the cry of " Fire!" repeated from hundreds j of throats. blending the deep baas of the adult with the noprano of the juvenile And thou vanda of legs, at a rapid ?peed. were accord ingly put io motion; running toward the biasing old lrame building on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth ?tree's, owned by Mr. G C Uraromer; tha one part of it occupied by Mr Vogal as a eigar manufactory, and the other by Mrs. Wood, an aged wido*, as a grocery and fruit ?hup. boon the engine* came dathicg along, the members displaying their usual creditable promptitude; and it was not long befure the machine* were efficiently at w.>rk By their manly and disinterested exertiona the ndjuo ing buildings were probably t avedfrom threat ened conflagration The Hook and Ladder Company pulled dawn the wooden front wall; end, in consequence, the biasing roof fell in, thus presetting an extension of the flames This act was much admired, and shows a good result 01 that new organisation. la fao , all the firemen wao were present are deserving of the highest praise. Their movements were conducted in an orderly manner. *nd a fra ternal feeling seeraei to animate them This feature was pecu iarly gra'ifying to all lovers of pease; and it is to be hoped that such be coming conduct may never be disturbed bv mischievous and unreflecting person*. We feel aaaured the true fireman will ever be first and foremost to demand harmony and good crier Mr. Vogal informa us that his 1 ~ss in cigars amounts to three or four hundred dollars; while Mrs Wood suffered in the damage of ? portion of her little property. Chesapeake akp Ohio Camal.?The twen ty sevenih annual report of the Prejidentand ltfrectors of this Company states, among other thing*, that the present condition of the canal is reported by the general superintendent to be better than at any period si^ce the great /reshet of 1852 There was a less amount cf transportation in 1854 than in the previous year, the chief decline beicj in grain aud flour. The ooal trade, thocgh rather ie<?, when it is considered t bat it was shipped orly ?ii mcti hd of the year, would indicate m-ji e ac:ivo operations in mining than the pr?ced:ng year Since the opening of the navigation in March last, there has bean a gradml increase io ooal shipments, and more recently the trade has bee >me quite active To the end of May there have been 54.< 51 tons tran?ported upon the canal, the fi~>ur and grain trade is yet more limited than in the corresponding period of last year Tolla from the 1-t of Jan nary to the 31 ^t of May amount to $42 571 91 against $35 774 4b at the same period last year Tne principal articles of tranepertat on for the year, descending, are : Flour, 15 j>43 tons wh eat, 5 417 tons; c; rn. 2 rtIS tons; whisky 250 ton?; lumber, leather, pilings. shingle? Ac., 5,588 tons ; rough stoat, in perches. 2 U'J4 tons; lime and cement, 13,70^ tons; rails po*ts, aod timber. 2 313 too*; coal, 145,319 tons?of which 139 373 were from Cumber lacd ; limestone. 13 500 tons The ag^regve transportation of descending gives 247,1V9 tan. 1 be ascending trj?de a thus stated : Fish ?al; and fresh. 1 0S4 tons; salt. 1 852 tons lumber &z , 1,494 toes; ore. 5 220 tons; p!a* ter 3.298 tons; manures, 3.3o2 lens?aggre gate, 18 724 tons. From Is: Janu3-y to 31st December, 1B54 the amount ot tolia was $12d.204 03; water rents. $2>~b 48; rents of b<>u*?s and lands $74ft 74; floes and peoaldes. $179 77; law ex peases, $1 02 Frem 1st January to 31st May, 1855, the re ceipta of tolls were $41 190 3l; water rents $1,682. rent of hoascs and lands. $300 15. Bain ?Within the last tin dr.yi we have had eopiuus fails of rain, which have served ?eme^hat to co-d the oppressively warm at mosphore ?n^tbiiig u? 5il 10 broathe free and deeper;"' and io an especial manner was our city visited with an outpouiiog irom the elouis oa Sunday evening, as well t?s through out the night In coccquenee, nearly all the church-goers had to remain at Lome, and we know that in several of :he churches ther were no religious service*. The streeta, in some parts of the city, were flooded. In th oeighboihood of New York avenue and Thir teenth sreoi. and elsewhere basements were overflowed and iruth food and furniture in jured. and housekeepers had to resort to bail sng oat the water, an occupation in which they were engaged this morniDg. The inoreaae ot water in the eanal forced the liquid through the sowers into cellars -long the line of Peon ?ylvania avenue The sower, extending from Mr. Owen's new houses on D street, between E.ghth an 1 Ninth ?treats, to the last tamed, caved in iu eonse qaec-e of the rains Beyond what we have above mentioned, we have heard of D) farther damages Violations or Citt OamxArcBr?The ef fleient police of the fifth district have been busy with offenders against the eity laws for day or two peat, This morning. Tbos Griffith for ridisg on the sidewalk was sent t<* the work-house for thirty days. Ca'harine Cook drunk and disorderly, do six'y days, being the second time in a month that she h ?s been sent down But Catharine will change her hoarding hou e to-day, as th*re is a obarge aaaault and ba:tery sgainst her, wkiea Wtli taae her to the county Jul. There was eon aideraUe disorderly conduit at the railroad depol this m>rning. enured by quarrels be tween drivers cf s ages waiting for passengers feven of the parties nave been arrested under tfie Corporation Uw, and others will he dealt with similarly. Sobbly ArrucTBb.?Air. Editor: In your last paper appeared a oompUint against the Welshman of the Treasury Building, who fires nightly hi* bluaderbass at the Ligeoas 5cw this is nc'.bit.g to what we on Missouri aveoue, between lb.rd and Four and a half streets, have to endure One of cur aeighbo haa un ertaken to raise a calf, whioh interes ing ariinal la kept io hia yard; and eve nnrning. from daylight till breakfast time, most uproarious bellowing ij oarriedoa by the cow, and answered with ?' variations ' by the ealf. It is a free concert of the moat delecta ble character, and alt the inmates of boarditg houses for a quarter of a mils, are kept awake to hear it. tr9 wil, gladly exchange oor ' cow Btd calf for the "blunderbuss and pigeons. A SunscBiXKB Bomib?V\ 4 understand that the bond filed by John M McCalln as Collector of the Corpora'ion ef Washington. und?r the recent election, bears, as hia sureties, the following Bamea. vis: Matthew U Rmery, L'lysses Ward, belt>y Parker, Sidney l>e Camp, 8 C. Busey, VeapialaB hlilia. William Tucker, (the pump ?*ker.) ?phr^im Wheeler, James Towle<>, J*BaUsaa T. Walker, and Joseph Batcliffe. The amount of the bond is $3J,C00 Tan Pbicb or Laud Wakbaits Qcbstio*? We hav? recently learned the key to the ques tion aboat the pnee of land warrants in this city oa t^? 13 h instant, which has been more teen once re'erred to in oar 1 >cal columns Thai Cha 1 br, hsr* paid $1 10 per acre on that day individuals, but did not offer * who w?tit to tbem with a lot of 1 000 e?re', more thm n havirg bought, we pre MiM, all they ha<i orders for on that day. Narrow Escape ?Yesterday, at several lads were floating about in ? on the oa nal, tbe boat upset when ne tr Pif eontn street, in water deep en;?-h to drown them One ?atfe out u. swim ashore, and three remained euoging to -he bo'tomof the ek.ff until some persons on shore perceiving their daairer took ? beat and rescued them .^*K ^?bba? Yao?bs to the number of ? 7' Paraded to day, proceeding to the ? <?ith a bard of muaie,) for the purpose th. Ffr? prises were offered for ,04t* : *?bw of them being a medal, a.^iLing a UkeLess ef the gallant Captain ?Wwartsmsta 8 *,LITAET AlTLt* Geoi xds are t0 idy 'be Military Asylum PJU?4*3 ?ot o|.ea to visitors on the Sab Crawford hu paarrd the foilowing namod sentences: Jos Ring and Margaret Ring, convicted 0f keep ing a dlaorderly house. a flat of $10 Prank Bell, co ored. petty larceny, a fine of $1 and three months Imprisonment In jail. The same, ktll'hfr*w'nr' a?i h,ttery w,th ftn to 11'? ? William Coxen, five years imprison mentin the penitentiary. Martha A Saff.rd, stealing three or four hnudred dollars worth of silver plate from Mra Mary A Campbell, three years imprisonment in the peniten tierj. William Kegan, stealing a market ?to P?J * of $1, and be Imprisoned nine montba in jail. a$S? C"7" MARcar-Mr. Renlett, the iVv whom the proper authorities ? warded the premium for a plan for a'r.e* cen tre market house. has we learn, completed his drawl pp. A j it ia said the improvement can t* made without a resort the revenue of the 0>rpif?'ion we trust there will be no unnsces aary delay in consummating the plan. Watc* R?tcb5? -Saturday night, Jar H ? mallwood, oolored, throwing atonea; work house dO days John F Wilwn. do do. Wra. Butler, colored, assault and battery; jail Laat ntght-two colored beys. Jno. Robertson and Baa* I Gray, were lodged in the oella bav ing been caught among a party who were toa g cents during the day. This morning they were ordered to pay a fine and cost*. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDEDCK. G?OR?Btow?, June 25, 1856. At St. John a (Episcopal) Church, yeaterday morning, aitur an impressive aod eloquent sermon by the Rev. Dr. Cummings, of jour city, Bishop Whittingham administered the solemn rite of confirmation upon twenty-seven persons, chiefly adults. This church is under the pastoral charge of the Rev. Mr. Tilling bast, aLd is iu a flourishing couditlon. Mr. T. is very popular atnong his congregation, both as a preacher and pastor. At Christ's thuroh, (Episcopal.) in tha evening, notwith standing the very inclement state of the wea h,eJi# W"u qui,ta a large audience, who Hiu ^a*1E5 the Pleasure of hearing an ex cellent discourse, well suited to the ocoasio-1 /e^ed ?he VT^ th? R?r Dr Norwood iu' ? . e plea3srg acd so!eu;n ceremony of confirming by tha sane Bishop. twenty three .her persons?all adults but one?making in :"d:nci^vhnrchM &uy pora?D8'Asan ev.dence o. the prosperous and increasiD* r^n?!Cnh . lMt Daniod ohurch, th -y have l? erect ne* vestibules so as t j meet the pressing demand for pews Mnco Saturday latt, we have been visited by several of the m at drenching raina we have had for a year or mora. Some persons aro beginning to entertain fears for tha safety of the wheat crop. J Several cargoes of flour, amounting in all to about 2 500 barrels arrived by the cana tYo fcr',n'lh# ar,iCl?'6 he,d thl? brand* common, and $10.25 for extra following ia the aubatitute offered by Mr Bnnga. for the resolutions accompanyiLj the report of tao committee of ways anl Ka Iroadf" 3Qbj?Ct ?f tho M*l?>Po?itan Whereas, the Corpora'ion of Georgetown having subscribed iu g^od faith a quarter of tcTilnK ? i dj,',ar8 'CKth? Btock of th" Wetro ?ation n? w Wl reasonable expec tation of a subscription from the Corporation dLt\i ^?gt0n aQd C0QBties imme uSon-hifk10 8<lid r0ad' which exP*c thii r r " realised: and whereas, li^ir h P?ratl0D " unwiJI>nS- with the pre.-ent limited subscription to the stock of aaid ro*d to pay any funaer instalments on its subsvin' uon without a dir.c; instruction Sm thi voters of tho tows?therefore bo it or mt'll'fb. Tha^fjr tho PQ'Poso of obtaining or toting the public sentiment cf the voters of the town upon this su-ject, that the Mayor b?, tSi Li 7 *ataori)E:<1' a' a period not ear lie. or later than two weeks afrer the next meeting of the directors of the Metropolitan Kailrotd, to cstisa to be opened a publ c i.oll fLl th? t<;WD' wheo^!l vote s iu favo. of the Corporation paying any further Sh^11?.0eposit a ba,,ot with the Ifr'h k y?' opposed to it, a ballot with i ha word "no" writtaa or printed tharacn n 'furtk'ri That tbe Judges of elec tion shall cause to be returned, under their hands end seals, at the next meeting of tbe aorporation after tbe said vote fhall have bean aul *U * corre-,t and exact report of the re ?'t?Ub'titU ? r tb,ak de?idedly prefera ble to the original resolutions, as it will tiTe an opportunity to tho fdends of the road to be heard upon the subject before the vota is tanea, which is doubtless desired by everv member of our City Councils 7 , r?? a"nu*1 commencement of the Goorga nTS.' R^ Kg* T-111 C0Ka &ff 0n lh? 15tb of July. V Gth, a diseasMOB upon rational philos ophy will be had by the graduating olas.I fi.teeu young gentlemen We lean, that tbe a? this inatitution at this ia larger than ever kaown before. ^ SPBCTATOK. i ^B1ra following ia an extract from a letter from Pnh C'han, dated Maroh 9 lb65 r.#bel' faave abandoned Shanghae, ?nd the place ia once more iu the handa of the imperialists We hear nothing from the re be.s at Nan King. At Puh Chau everything is quiet, though the emberrasamenta of the authorities are great I trust, however, we may long enjoy peace At Canton tbe impe rialurs seem t* be gaining some advantages, and they have takei from the rebels the only eity cf Pat-Shau. held by them lor some time At Amoyand Ningpo matter are quiet ^rei<? trado her* Mems t0 b? growins LV/i ,7 if " tk?t about fifty ships with teas have been Pent from this port durin2 the past season." iV Y. Com. Adv.r? ** toSwiae by ?Pathar Shehane an old Universaliatipreaober in Alabama i? called by tna people tha ' walking Bible." I0 a county eourt it was discovered on a certain occasion that there was co Bible in tbe court house to swear tke jurora upon The judfe easting hi* eyes ?u the venerable preheber' said ?4 There's Shehane. he has the Bible in hia head, they oan lay their hands on him and that wiJ answer every purpose." We have heard of a custom house where a direc tary whj used in tbe adsaitiiatration of oaths so the copy of the Bible at theoolleotor'a d*?-k was removed on account of itf dirty and torn appearance. CcaiosiTias or Scinsca?CouBDSTio.t ? During a recent iaoture by Profeasor Faraday At tao UojaI Institute, L^Ddon, a pie## of pure Iron peculiarly prepared ao that its par tides might present a large surface to the ac tton of the oxygen in the atmosphere, was ignited, and continued to burn like tinder Some iron filings and gunpowder were mixed together, and sprinkled into tha flame of spints of wine burning on a plate, when the iron fill: g? caught lira and burnt in bright spirks, whilst the gunpowder passed through the fiamti without igniting. .kT.B?w,r"2h* S.aa Antonio Herald learna that the Inaians located near Port Belknap have plan ed 300 acree of com, which looks remarkably well. This, the He aid remarks is truly go d news, and gives rise to the hope that the Indians of Texas will soon be able to mbaiat on plenty, and be no longer oompelled ta plunder the frontier settlers and emig-ants in orde- to obtain a scanty living The Indi anola Bulletin ia of opinion that there are now quite fifty thouaand Germane settled in Texas Coal ?In Philadelphia the aupply of ooal continues large, and the market is dull The shipments f?cm the Schuylkill mines for the week endiug Thursday, 2lst instant, were 5< ,? 57J 14 tons by railroad, and 30,084 17 toes by 'anal, making a total for tbe year of 1,052 - 435 tots by railroad, and 332,177 tons by ca aal The shipments frem theLebigh and Wy. oming mlaea were also large. Ftwn rae* Kaw Wbiat?A few barrels af fljur g-oui.d at the Croton Mills, In Jiew lork. :rum Sjutheru red wheat, receivedfrcm Uuarjeaton, grown the present feaaonin South Lar^li-ia wore exhibited on Friday at tbe ^QJ^^anga in tke former city and held on rr^oco ion**. clcim, and all iRcrrioss *?? Lk-^ ||] dlMMM irttlof from in lopnr? wd dpprtTw tt*t+ ?fth? blood. 8?? til* ?xtr?ordI???r ours of Wm. d H?r w?wL ? hUh'T r?p?rt?t>U m?*n of V^. by fVrter'l Spanish MUtnre Ht brt nl??rs .art snras ?f the wo. It description. ?*! flnslly toUA. nnabUtn walk. ?se*vt on rrotcliss A f?w bottlss of C A B T 1 K ? SPANISH MIXTVRB. tbc ?r??l blood pnrller. cured hte>. an It li?!i enrert hundreds of oilier* ?bo here ?ti8?r?d with rlisumstism. bed effect* of mereucf, end p?lns end ?Jcer? of Uie b->nee end joint*. ?,*See edvertleement. (y-7?Z D OILMAN, Bmijlot, has removed to *M SeT?nth J?/ itreet, oppoelte to the Patriotic B*nk, end It now pre pared toflll all order* for Medldiee, Palnt?, Oils. and Glass on aroonimodatlnf ternn. Strict attention will be wld to phyelclan'e prescriptions at all totirs of the day and night. The night Well ts oti Uie right Of the stors door. ap 14?lm T"7?A PHRNOMKNA IN MSQICXN*.?Eron'.blMs, Oonsb, -??' Dypepeia. Liver ComplaUiU, Scrofula. Ac.?Por dleeeeee of the Fssaais System It aUnde pre eminent A CUorgymMi Jnet Inform* na It ha* cared him of Bronchitis of ? deepe'ate character?r>art1cn'?re hereafter. HAMPTON'S TBQBTARLR TINCTL'BE?By It* mild ?? Mod on the atomech, liver and kidneys, will core Dy?pep tin, Conuh, Aathma, Bronchial end Lnn* A (factions. Paiua lu the Back. Side and Brsapt, Consumption. Scrofnla, Bhen matlam, Gout, Nearalfla. Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Pllea, Worm* and Nervon* PebUltle#?with ell diseases arlelnc from Impure blood, and la the grsatsst female rn-dlcln- ev er known. This Invalnahle medicine !* working wonder* upon thehnman frame See adre'tlaenifX! to-day. Bar 7 e??T?r>B. HOorLAND'S cblubbatkd OK feuan bit TXSS.?Weak, nervona, depressed In ap1rlt?, and ? prey to Innumerable mental, a* well aa physical evils, the virtlm to dyspepsia, 1* indeed an object of commtsserstlon. Yet It i* abtard *>r him te dsspair. We <-are not how weak low nervon*. and Irritable he may be, the cordial proper tie*of HOOPLAND'9 GERMAN BITTKR3, prep?red by Dr. C M Jackson Philadelphia, ar* stronger than the many beaded moneter which ia preying upon hi* body and mind; and If he cboosas to try them, we will ln*ure a speedy cure. Se* advertisement. J? 7?*xn try PRtSttTMS AT THg PAIRS? yrHI*,?V(BTi ' etill in the ascendance.?The inrte* of each of llie late kin at Baltimore, Richmond, and New Tork awarded their blstrfst prem'nml *> !? H. W. for their superiority of Pho st*r?o#cop*? *a<1 DaKU?rr?otyp*? exhibited. ^Ir I# alto received two Medals the World a Fair, I#on don. and a pramlom al Cryttal Falacn, T"??*. Alto, the flrit awards of iC^ryiaad institute for three '*White?iurst's Qallwy In this city Is on Pa. avenu^betw. ?* and eUi streets. *?" 17 fK~r?NOAH WALKKR A CO., Marble Hall Clothing Rmpo rlum, under Browns' Hotel, reepe-tmily announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest deaigna tn material, trimming and workmanship. T?> geut.emen who ?tudy excellence With economy In fashionable articles of drees an opportunity for selecting is offered from one ofttie largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered in thl* city at a very reduced seals of prlcea. ap 17 n?J?UNPRECEDRNTKD siCCCKSS.?The excitement In bs l*-' half of Baker's Premium Bitters, contloues to Increase ?T1 Richmond *s w?-ll as throughout Virginia, as a cure for dy.pepela, to.pidltyof the liver, so or stomach, nervous hcada 'i* ague and fever, Ac. To be htd at the principal Drug Stores throughout the city of Richmond and the Stat* of Virginia. Orders promptly attaa led to by addressing * K. BAKKK, Richmond, V*. Church Hill, Richmond, Feb. 10, 18M. Dear Sir?Being sstlsfled that my wife, who has wery much for several years from neuralgia, has rsoel .ad g eat benefit from Baker's Premium Bitters, and having as d them with great snccesa In c?se*.-f summercoacplalnte with my children, I take great pleasure in recomm.ndTng ?hem to the puollc a* a valuable family medicine. Ffom V Rev. BEUBIN PORD. Mr. E. Baker, Proprietor. Richmond Post Office, Peb. IS, 1854. Thl* Is to csrtlfv that I have used llaker's Premium Bit ters in my family, which 1 B"d to be a very valuable medi cine In lo? < f appet.te, and giving tone and strength to the whole system. In ague and fevc, where I have adminis tered them, they have never tilled ti make a perfect curs. A? a family medicine they stand uneq.Mled.^^^,, They are perfectly harmless, aud may be taken at all times by artnlts or children. Price K cents per lx?ttls To be had of OH ARLB.S STOTT A CO.. Waahington, D C., CANBY A HATCH, aud 3BTH ?. HANCK, Baltimore, and by Druggist* everywhere ??" rr~r?I.CN'?9?LUNGS ?We refer our readers to sn advsr ' tisement in another column, for fu'.l particulars con cerning the HYOKANA of Dr. Cuitls. It is said U> be one of the most remarkable cores for all deacrlptlon of diseases of the lungs ever discovered Its virtue* h*v? beer, testified t>> by hundreds, who have obtained their knowledge by the best of all teachers?expe'ience. CAUTION.?Dr. CURTIS'S HYGBANA 1* toe original and only genuine article. may M-lm Want? WANTED TO HTFE A YOIJVG WOMAN to do hou-cwork in p*?n?*ral. White or coIorcd. Apply to Cap' THO."1. - II REEVES, No. 707 i>*v < nth t-treet, bftwetn O and II, gout u lelaiid. f*h6 must b* of good character ar.d conduct. jf Si5-3l? 7*r ANTED-A PARTNER TO YVORK A VV yione Quarry and contract fur sale ot St<me to Govemnifciit and oth?*rK, thero hein^now great de mand for stone. Th:a Quarry is immediately oppo site Georget wn. Larg-; shunty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. T? l* Quarry fur nis-hes the bent and largest truck Hione, kc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fc CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf "71/ ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT W they can g<*t it lot 24 f*?''t lr'ini hv 13U ;e?t deep, for the low price of .*75?payable a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7ih si., abovtt Odd Feilowg' lla'i. a;i 'id?3m JOHN FOX, 8ec. Boarding. Bl> A KOI NO.?P'ea?;tnt rooms for summer, with boarding for families or single pi-r<oini can be had by early application at KING'S, 3 93 north <J street, between 3d aud 4'/$. The liou-?<: is do tigh luMy situated, and has u?t been thoroughly ren ovated i)lld refuruislied. MeRls ftiruislied to lauii lies&n-i day boarders accommodate d on r* asnable terms. je4-lm* XO r > ct ?TIC K.?FOR KENT? PARLoRH AM) - - Chambers, with boird. Al?o, table and tran ?ient board, with a bathing room and shower batha and every attention to render it mo<t agreeable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G .MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. ap 23?3m it 'JAKI), Ac.-MIW. HATES, on Ihe south 1 > west corner of Pa. avenue and 9ih street is pre j ared to accommodate gentlemen tvith rooms, with 1 i r without board. Every effort will be made to ren r?r th >se comfortr ble who may uvor her with then i atrooa^e. ap fi?'? ACCOUNTS READY.?Our cu?tomer- having bo k accounts with us are respectfully notified that thev are now ready for delivery, and will b?! presented by ihe 38th inst nt, when we earnestly hope thit all persons so indebted will take pleasure ia paying the same promptly. WALL 8t STEPHENS, 332 Pa. avenue, n?xt door to Iron Hall. je22-6t SEASONABLE MANTILLAS AT LOW PRICES. Mantillas ?t$4 so, Mantilla* at $? 50, M iniillas at 50, Mantillas at $7 5>?, Mantillas at $6 50, M tnulla* at $.0, Sic. fee Beautiful styles of Puminer Mmtillas (new designs] in Lace <nd Silk at all the above v^ry reduced prices, ?ist received, and now open for inspection in oui Mantilla room?second story ? < ntrance through the store MAXWELL h. HltO , Je 90- eofit 32H Pennsylvania Avonue. NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL 8i BROTHER. B\RUCH HALL, surviving partner of Isaac Hall, having, on the 28 h day of February, lfc55, ateigced to the undeisffgned all the htock in trade and debts ot the firm ol Hail fit Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, lia bilities, and wngagemenu of the sai l tirm of Hull k. Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rate nLly among such of the remtuning creeitors of eaid firm as > ruil within six months fn>in iai<l 28th day of February, 1S55, execute and deliver to said Ba t uch H^ll, full and absolute releases of all indebted ness to them respectively by said Bdruch Hall, sur vivitig partner a^ aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such creditors of s aid tirm af Hill k Brother, or said Barueh Hall, surviving parrner, as may d<sire to participate in the benefit < f said assignment to execute and deliv er to said Barueh Half, full and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the period of six mo .ths fiom said SBth day of F- hruary, 1855 RICH AMD WALLACH, Trustee. ]e II?eotAu?28th ~ ""watches. JUST received, a large assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's fin# GOLD WATCHES of every size, style snd manufacture. Tiie above is by far the best and cheapest ever of fered to our customers. M. VV. GALT & BRO., 3H4 Pa. avenue betw. 9th and 10th st*. je 21?tf READY-MADE SUMMER CLOTHING. | | AVING within the last few days made great i L additions to our former stock of Keady-m&de Clothing, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen every inducement in prite and quality to visit our extensive salesrooms before making their selections. Our assortment ol While and colored Shirts Guuxe, merino, silk and cotton Undershirts LiU'-n and U'otton Drawers Summer stocks, Cravats, Scarfs,Ties Collars, Glovts, Hosiery, kc., I.- very large at.d complete making our prosert e tock one ot the most desirable to select from in prl ces and quality to be foand this side of New York. WALL k STEPHENS. 313 Pa. ave.. next door to Iron Hail. je 4? tf (News) PHILADELPHIA LAOEK BEER DSFUT, 891 Pa. asswus, Mw? and QM ttu iii I have at all times the best PHILADELPHIA S\ LAUKH USER oo band and offer It now lot wle tor fS par kef, and In quart botti?s tor ft #0 pe* doten We tend lh? beer free of c.rt to all parts of ibe city- , , ., tf Msny pbytlcians have recouunended this b??r as cue of ths best temsdles tor wsak stomachs For Bale and Kent. Houses foi rent.?a turks btoiy Brick Duelling, with a two rtnrv back haiM in ?, a~d all the nccesSa?y out buildings, situated in Cox's Row, I Iret itrwt Georgttiwn. It has I'loua parlors ami a commodious hall. It la consid ered one of the moat desinbie residences in the I if* li lot. There is an enclosed lot, wast and a MoIp.'iij the hooai. The premises a^e now occupied ?>y ?h< Secretary of ih?> Interior. Possess Su may be had nn the 12th hiljr, AUo, a tubunntl'l two story brick flou?-. Witt ?pvl "us grounds about it,situated on the southwen corner of F and 20 h ?tre?ts, Washington. Pcsse* Iton given on the 12th July. Apply to BLAlifeN FORREST, Corner F and 20 h at*. Je 25?2w* (Intel) For rent -the basement of forrest Hall, in Georgetown, and a> veral room* on first floor. Possession given on 2d July. The main Ma I or Concert Room Is ne?|jr b. rched.anl will b rented by the night or season, ^n federate terms. Apnlyto B FORREST, jt- 25?2** Corner F and 20:h s'.*. FURNISHED ROOMS.?Several good Parlors and Chambers, in the immediate vicinity ??l lb* General Post Office and Patent Office is for rent, fcither with or without board. Address thin office. Je 22-31 IIOR SALE-A SMALL IRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washington. It presents a rare opportunity t > a person wishing to make a good investment. If not sold soon it will b* lor rent. Also, a three story llrick House an J Lot No. 57 Hi^h street, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 160 ft. deep, will be sold low and on a long credit. Wanted, a few at. ire.- of Georgetown Building As Mtdaticn Stock. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge s'reet, Georgetown ; or, No. 400 E street, Washington. je21? FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA , THAT large three story Brick House, well known as tho best stand in the citv 'or a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market Hou?e, snd now eceup'ed by Mr. McGou* gal. Possession civ en on the first of July. Address LLOYI) fit CO , Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, W.i-lnnj. ton, D. C. mav .TO?tf Rents reduced to huit the times. $150 a year wiil be ?^cetved for the rent of those new and convenient cottage* at K? ndall Green, with two acres oi ground, stntde, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pu'f water are near the door, and communicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate appl-xation must be made to the ur.iersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where ti.i: keys may be livi and the hou.scs inspected ut any time. Several of thete residences will be eold on libera.! terms. WM. STICK KEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advatue. apr ?, 185.r>-tf For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire a' Mrs SMITH'S. 933 F street ap9 OMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Buildinc Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet 11 deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceediug low price ot $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., al>ove(?dd Fellows' Hall. Jati 'A?6rn JOHN FOX. Secretary. m NOTICE. OUR customers are nio-t respectfully notified thai their account* will b-- pres uted to them on the 25th in>tant. To u!i tiiose who will have the kindn'-s to cn I and settle their resp? ctive (accounts on or before the 1st July, we shall be exceeding!/ obliged. We have a number of accounts rendered on tne l?t January remaining unpaid, and would say to tho.-e indebted that, unless we receive the money f? r them bv the 1st July, we shall be compelled to pi nee such bills in the h:?nds of an officer for collection. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY h. CO. je 21?lOt STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN GALLERY.?We are making splendid pictures lor lowe?" pricei than any other Ga I* ry in the ciiy. -* They are per fectly life-like, and satisfaction is always given. Gallery directly over M. W. Gait's Jeweliy Store Pa. avenue je f? lm AT IIOlttK I PETIR FBTANOIIAI HAS BETUKlflD, And havii % taken up his abodf at RYDER & PLANT'S, Wii: lie harpy to sen his r.ld friends at their es tablishmeni, No. 400 Seveuth street, oppo.-ite Odd Fellows' II .11. je 15?tf Wilfcilts JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, dx. M. W. GALP fc BRO. are constantly receiviii( large invoices ol the above, and offer every artick in their line, at the lowest rales. GOLD AND s-fLVER WORK of every de?,-ivi< lion, maJe to order, such as TESTIMONIALS richly erubellislieil, w ith appropriate d? sl<us, SIL VER TE\ SETS, DINNER SERVICES, Ac Precioub Stunes set in every styH however tlab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, Sic. cut on stone M. W. GALT i B> O., 394 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. je 14?tr SP. IIOOVKH, Iron Hall Boot Sh<-e. m.i a Trunk E-tabivJiioent. I have received, itiis day a largea- ornnent of Gents Fren h. Patent Leather and Call B?> Us and Shoes J which I will sell dieip. Also. Boys' Youths, and Children's SHOES of a! descriptions. All in want please call at S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe and Trunk Establishment between 9tb and 20th sts. je 16 - NOTICK.?- We shall as usual is*ue all unpal bills fr?>m our books up to Saturday. th? 23 ultimo. We respectfully request that all to whon they bel ng will promptly settle them cn or before the 1st of July. All who desire to have their tills before lein| sent cut will find them reat.'y at our desk. Je 18?ilijyl CLAGETT, DODHQN & GO. NEW AND OLD PIANOS. "ITTE have row in store the largest assortment o Vf PI AN' 'S ever offere . in this city, from Hal let, Davis &. Co., Bacon & Raven, i.nd Knabe Gaehle & Co.'s celebrated manufactories. Th?i Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon veiy easy terns Alro, a new Pi no used only a few mouths, wbict we offer at the low priec of $vt00 cash ; a sccocd hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for $75. A very line second hand Ciiickericg Piano to sale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Always on Imad, Stools, Covers, Violins, Guitars Flu'e?, Aocordeons, Music, fcc. tic. JOHN tf. ELLIS, 30tt Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. 0th and Hhh streirf. TUE POTOMAC RIVER STEAjILOA J COMPANY'S STEAMER /VLICE G. 1'KICE CAPT. HAMUtL BAKER, _ . WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON Mjllfc I ?> O'CLOCK A. M., AND Al. AT T O'CLOCK A. M. ON TUESDAY MORNINGS for?Mattoi, Cur rioumu, L. Ma?-hod??c. Piney Point, Kinsale, Coue ON FRIDAY MORNINGS for?Chapel Point Wicomico, Leonardtowu, Piney Point, St. Mary's Cone. ON WEDNESDAY (returning) leave Cone at <l o'clock a in., for?St. Mary'e, Piney Point, Leon ardtown, Wicoiuico, Chapel Point. ON SATURDAY (returning) leaving Cone at 4 ? clock a m , for?Kinsale, Piney Point, L. Macho doc, Currioman, Mattoz. Calling at the usual landings on the river whet signals are made. By order of the Board : J AS P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, VaM June 1,1855. Je 15? tf STEAMBOATS CONNECTING With each train of Car* arriv i'gin Washington or Alexan. dria.?'J lie creamers THOMAS COLL YBRsi GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for th Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' .i rame train on their airivaJ. Meals furnished on the boats. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d FINE ENGRAVINGS.?We have recently re ccived a large lot of fine French, English, and American Engravings, which we are selling tff al exceedingly low rates. JNO. F. ELLIS, je 21 X6 Pa. avenae. WO PIANOS that have been in use for a few months for sale ution very cheap and rea sonable terms JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. je 8?tf A LEXANDRIA POLKA SCH</TTISH?Hsw J\_ Krummaeher's new piece of the above name, dedlu"ted to Miss Biiaa J DeCamp. of thiseity, just puiliEheri ind for sale at the Musm Depot or je fi HILBLS k TTTTZ. NO'l^tCK.?Ofi# customers are re-pwciftilTy Tn foimed thai on und after tills date, until Sep temlier, we shall ck>s? our store evtrv evening at 7* o'clock. HiLBUS A HITZ, >5 Music Itopou AnctioD Bales. 1 Tor oAcr Jimehon tain ass firtt put #y OKKKN * SCOTT. Auctioneer*. PAINT SHOP TO BF, REMOVED at Auction? On FRIDAY, lb- 39 h uista't. we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m?, a (food Pa nt Hhop, situated on 6<h s'rect, imme<lfuely opposite M ind Hail It i? to be r moved at the option of the owner ol tbe lot on ehich it stands. Ter.r.j ra h. GRELN k SCOTT, je 85?d Auctionw By QRKla dfc SCOTT. Auctioneers. ARWK AND VALUABLE RRICK HOUSE I; m^ and Lot, itnd vacant Lot*, at the enrmr ??! 13.b a it-1 H ?ti??ets, ??> f^lew Y<?rk evenue, it Aacli'W ? On THURSDAY, the 38th inataiit, we ?hnll sell, at 6 o'clock p. m trout of the prrfnises, that large an 1 va aal?'e brh k siciaied at the corner nf 13th ?l west and H street north, on New York avenue, with the lot on ?turh i: stands It ?*? <g tart ct Lots Nos. 1 and 31), in Square No. 250 having ft ??iit on H ct of 25 feet, running with tne line of 13th street 104 ft T..e house is a three story brick, nearly new, con taming seventeen f.o<id end Conveniently a rang-^d rooms ami ce lar, with wide pa-sr**'- through the house. One of tlie loons is nccut<i?d ns a ??'wen sto e, anJ weil known ti be one of the best business stand* Also, the varan* Lot adjoining on the went, hav ing a front on H (ticet ii.r> feet, running back to a wide allev, containing 2,474 square feet; and part ot Lot No 30, adjoining the above ?i the north, front ing on 13tti street. runckur bark to a 30 feet alley, conta ning 1.181 r quale feet The ab??e described property Is hands <m<-ly lo catni. and considered one cf the mo*t desirable and valuable piece* of property mw tor sale in Wasli injton. Title indisputable Ttrini: 0<>e fourth rnsh ; balance in 6. 12 and 18 in 'iitlss, the purchaser to gire n tes for the deferred payments, bating interest lr<>m day ot sain. A dei it givrn and a d*cd o' trait, taken. GREEN h SCOTT, Jr 92?il Aucuoiwen. Dy OUkKN & SCOTT, Auctioneers J IANHSOME TWO 8TORY AND ATTIC JLiL Brick House on?i Lot on the im 'h side ol K street north, next to tin* co'ner ot"-6'h st eet we*t. at Auction.?On TUESDAY, tin- 96ih innan', we a ial! Ml, at 6 o'clock p in front of the premi ses, the abavc described property, being Lot No. 2 in Square No. 4, having a front on nor'h K. street of 5) feet, running back an equul width 110 feet 11 in.; the house contains nint got.J ar.d conveniently ar tanged roon* and kitchen. The above described property is hindsomely lo catcd a Utile West, aid in the ix mediate viciuity of, the Circle. Title indisputable. Terms: One mt h cash ; balance in I, i, 3, 4 and 5 >ears, the purchaser to give not-*s for the deferred payments b-aring intertst from the day of sale. A dt< A giveu and a de d of trust taken. GREEN &. SCOTT, Jc 20?d Auctioneers. By ORVKFf 4k SCOTT, Auctloncsra. HIMLlilNG I.OT AT Al'Cl H ? ? ?n 1 UE.-" D\V, th<- Mill instant, w? shnll cell, at half {.a.-t .-ix o'clock p ui , ?m? 11? c premise-, Lot No. '.??3 in subdivi.-ion ot t-qmre %o 563. having a front on an alley of 30 feet, lunnin* back 51 lect, containing l,6v?0 iquare feet. Term* each. GREEN fit SCOTT, je 20 -d Auctioneers. Hy GIBSON * CO t Baltimore. OMNIhU^ COACHES AT AUC I ION ? Will b-: offered at Public Sile, at the Citiaen'a Line St ihle?, orner ofUib<on (now Eu aw ktrcet) and Hoffman streets, Baltimore, on SATURDAY, the 30-h June, instant, commencing at 10 o'clock, if fair, or if not fair, on the Monday following, at the same hour? l.i gootl second hand Om. ibu* Coaches Several yets ll <riies<, |<>t of Tools, Sic. Tei m* of Sale : Onelnlf eash; ihe baiance for notes, with approved end.?r.-ers, payable in 6months with interesi. WM. T. RTE1GER. Trustee, jc ID?d GIBSON 8l CO., Aucu. By J AS. C. ??8UIRK, Auctioneer. CliMNCEfvY SALE OF VALUABLE impr. red / Beat Estate a d >1 ?; k t G ?rd?n By virtue of a < eeree of the t 'ircun Court ?f *he i-tri* t ol C ? In i In* f r 'Va-hiiigioii cuuntv. made In ihe c uje w ;erein Mary H (f.naii. adm nistrat?ix and heir at law r.f ri homa* Maote, d? . ,i uJ, i-t co ? pla, and Hai.nah Moore, ar?d J me.< Moore, and Laura Aon Mmre his wi e, heiri at law of mid Thonns M's?re, dec--se.l, are def ndants, N?. 1 067inch n eery, th*- ^n,?^cr?b?,r trustee appoinie.J ??y sa:d de cree, tslll sell at public aucl on, on TUESDAY t^re 10th ? ay of July, 18 5, at G o'clock p. in , on the p'er'ii-"!-*. tin- whole of -qnare No. 30J. in the city oiJ Wachington, fronting M0 ft:e- on each of ll'hand 12th Ktr? ets ryes?, and 204 feet 2 inches on each of V ami W htr*.? ts n ith,:'nd containing abmit 62.672 equdre leet of ground, with building*. Imprwrtments and app;irfcra?irej. which coa*i-!t of a well ai:d sups antially Imi t two-story br>c* dwelling h'.4(s a'i i fiauie liable, & c. The above properly e'igibly situated md rapid ly enhancing in va ue, r.nd ea been occupied and cultivated as a market for many yea s, is in an excellent condition for that purpose, and with in a very *hort ilina. ee <?: either of the city mai kets, and oifers to persons d<:.'ircu? of obtain n; a valuable marset garden or making an invcktment, a rare opportunity. The terms of sale, as prescribed by the ?aid de ciee, will he one fourth of ihe purchase m>>ney to be iiald in ea-'i, and the balance in G. 2, 18 and 24 months, to be secuied by the purchaser's note, bea itiir interest fr< m th*; day of ihe sale, with secu rity to b approved by the trustee. Upon thp full payment ot the purchase money and interest, and the ratifici'ion of the sale bv th. Ci iirt, the tiu^tec will convey the property lo thx purcha?er In lee. If the terms ot Va'e are not complied wlta in fix day* a ter the ^a!e the property will be resold at the risk and eipwnse of ihe purchaser, upon one week's notice. Ail conveyancing nt expa nse of purchaser. CHAS. S. VVALLACH. Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je 16?ciUds Aucti<neer. Uv J. O incQI'IRLi >' tierfonser. HPRUS TEE'S SALE OK VALUABLE I VI PROV I ed Property in me Fir^t VVV.d.?On MONDAY afternoon, June 95th, at 6 o'cioi k, in front of the premises, by vir'ne ot a deed of tru?t,ciuly n-cor<i?d. Sic., the subsenb r will sell that valuable piece ol property situated at the corn r of Pennsylvania avenue and 10.h streets The improvements con risl of a lar^e am! commodious three-sf ry brirk dwelling house, w th coach house, and o her out buildings. Terms cash. W. A. MIX, Trustee. JAS. C. MeGUlKE, je 18?d Auctioneer. By J. C. BIcGUina, \?ctloB(*r. T'RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE improved 1 and unimpmv d Real E-tate ?In pur.-uance ol a decree of tho Circuit Court of the District ol Co lumbia. silting in chancery, passed m a causa wherein Levin M. Powell and Jeannctte C. Powell are eoiupiaii.ants. and VViiliain A. Bradley, Sydney A. Brsdiev, Cliarlek M Thruston, W.llipm Thrus ton, Horatio Gate*, Eliza, J. aniiette uud DiekerbOC Phillips Thtuston; S- rati T ruston, Chailcs M., Hthn K , and Thomas W. Thruston; Fannie C Tnruston, Jecnnette 11., Alfred B , and Sydney Thru?ton are defendants, the undcrsigred rrusises, appointed utidbr said decr?e, will proceed to sell at public auction, up"n the premisey, >o the highest Bidder, tl>e following described Lots and Houses, situated in the city of W&sbirgion, vit: On TUUKSDAY, the 12th day of July next, at 0 o'. I"ck p. m , the whole of squ <re 42i?. This square is bounded by Third an^ Fourth streets, b jtw. en H a d 1 streets and Massachusetts avenue, and will ts s ? d in I t? suitable lor buildiog coinlortable dwel lings, and eaeh lot sesarately. On FRIDAY, the l&ih of July next, at 6 o'clock p m , ordinal lots 6, 7, and S. in square numbers i GOO. A pot lion of this property is improved by good ?>lb-tatitiil hotis?s, tlie rest is unimproved. On MONDAY, the 16th ot July next, at 6 o'clock r iu? lot 18 and part of 10, in square numbered 16 This property is eligibly sittiat? d, on K street, nsar fne lower Georgetown bridge, and is improved by a w< II built thrt e-story bnei house, back build ine. and stable. The terms of the said sale shall i e as follow, to wn : One fourth part of the purchase money shall be paid at the time of said sale, and the balscce iu ?q ial ilist ilments, at 1, 2, an-: .1 years, the purcha ser to give for sai i deferred payments his bond, with a sureties to be approved by the trustees, or such other security as the trustee* shall deem luftieient If the terms of the sale are not complied with in four days, the trus tes r?s ive to themselves the right t i sell again, at the purchaser's risk and cost. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser w. ||. WEBB, 1 . JOS H. BRADLEY,Jr JAS C. McGUIRE, Je 18?law3wh,12,13,8il6J'ily Auctioneer. By JAS. C. Plfflll'HK, Auctioneer. f| RUSTEE'S SALE OK VALUABLE HOUSE J nnd Lot on the corner of F street eouib and 3d street wei-t.?By virtue of a deed in trust from Juo. F. l'olson and wife, the rii^seriber will seil,at pub lie ?ale. on THURSDAY, the 28ih day of June, 1855, at 5V4 o'closk p. m , on the premises, parts of Lots Nos. i.4 and 25, in Square No 139, fronting 4i feet ou F street routh, by (k> feet 6 inches on 3d st. west, with ihe buil 'ings nnd improvements, which consist f.f a well built two-story fnme house, with brick bakery attached. Tbe a ove property is eligibly situated on the I?1 Hid, and offers a favorable opportunity to persons de-inn? a residence oi to make an investment. The u-rms of sale will be one-third cash, and the balance in 6,18 and 18 months, for notes bearing in terest from the day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on tlie prop riy. If th? terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property will be resold at th? risk and exprnie of tbe purchHssr. All couveyancing at expense of purdn^r. fiLAd. 8 WALLACH.TrasMa. JAS. C. MoGUIRE. jt 6?eot ls Auctioneot l;EATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA } ? tioual Law, new editioa At'.JUb' Equity, new edition, with American rote jeft FJUWK TAYLO*. aBsaaaasB TELEGRAPHIC. RiroKTCD rou THI DAILY BVBWINO BTAH. La4?r f?m California New York, June 25 ? Tbe Qeorge Law, wltk San Franoieoo datea of June 2d. via Pasta*, arrived bare this morning She brings 714 passengers, and $1,052 000 in treasure. In creating the Isthmus. whan tha laat train conveying the paaaenget? had crowed the ?ate rn it, end was descending t.e ateop grade, tha coupling of ona of the forward cara became disconnected. Thia created a space between tkam. and uf on tha exhibition cf the aignal to atcp the forward ear*, the? ware aaddenly brought up and a aevere oolliaion waa the eon ?eqnena*. Two or three of tha oara wer* eon ? eidcrably injured, and Samael Andereoo, of J. ffsrfcn county, N Y , who?waa aiiting on tha pl-it orw. waa killed. The Jihn L StepLeca, which eonneeted with the G*.orge Law. did not leave Sea Frat cisoo until H o'clock i n tiie morning of the 2d The Sonora with the New York peeeeaters left Panama May 21 at, and Acapulco for Saa Franciaco June 7th. The California papers of tho 2d last, eontaia bat !i tie additional newa It appeara that the J L. Stevens 1 aft the wharf at San Fran ci co on the 1st, but had to return to raplaoa a tr jkeu croaebead bolt At Sacramento on tha 1 at the thermometer atood at 96 degree* at noon A block of tmull frame houees on Market aireet, Sun Joae. wae destroyed by fire on the 31stofMav The losa waa triflog. Saw Fravciico Markets, Jane I.?'There waa a ^ood jibbing trade, anl a moderate de gree of activity from first banda at tbe fellow, nj rates : Gallcg floor, $13 ; wheat, $1 67; m?M pnk $16 50 per barrel; eraabed eugar. 12 eenta ; turpontinc, 70*75 centa. America Suite Convention. Boston J uue 25 ?Tbe Acaerieen Convention oalled by tbe State Council of Maeeaobuaalte i* to meet in this city on Thnreday next It is raid that a proposition will be orgedtamake ih* pro:ee>iicg(t public. The NaMonal Native Americana hare got Oat their platform ia handbill ah?pe. Ibey t >ko aimllar ground to that oocupied by tbe ra'ifjiug CoLve&'.iona of New York and Phil a lei phi.v The secrtt principle ia to be ea? tirely abandoned. Baltimore Markets Baltimore June 25 ?The marketa are an (handed, and but little baainea* waa tranaaet' ed. Flour h held at $9 87a$IO for Howard ctreet. and City Milla at about (he use rates. Wbe4t? small stlea of red at $2 1S?$2 20. white $2 25l$2 30 Corn it rery dull, and bold at $l?$i 01 for yellow, and $la$l 03. Few York Marketa Naw Yore. Jane 25 ?O?tton >'a unchanged, ri h a limited bu?ii.esa at previous ra'ee F! ur h?a deoiined l2|o ; rjod Ohio $8 87|a jU 23; S-juIjo'D is steady W bent iaunsban ;e?, W ib a limned deruiui a* previous r*'-e- Com has declined 2c ; a lies of mixed at $1 all 02. Fork id unchanged. with an active demand at pr-vioui rates Beer ia unohanged. and in tnoacrn'e demand Lard ia firm with an up ward "ndcucy- Whisky ie upward and higher! Ohio 3$j. New York 8toek Market. New Yore. Jane 25 ?Stocks are rather , letter Monev ia enohanged. Sale* at tha first board of Erie'a at 5?|; Cleveland and To 1 fedo Railroad VSi, b 2(1 d ; Cleveland and Pnttburg Railroad 54; Cumberland poal Ci m - pfcuy, 311; Reading, V2J; Canton Company, 27j; New Y<>r* Central Railroad, 101*; U. S 6 a of ltftS. 119*; Midori 6 a, 97. TIIF f*V?EUIIIONEnCRO?;ERY MBR . chant*, in order to five time tor recreate n in th?- clerfco in ih'i.' ?*nipley, rioting tn? warmtti of !h" ^i:nnn. r monU.o, hereby ntree t?? clow: their re ?P^e'ive ftnrii at eight o'clock p- m , (8atur?1av evriin ch eic^pteil.) Irnm liiia date until the flra* <la~ of Stptemf-rr next GKO. a. THOS PARK TR a CX)., ff ^ MITEL H ArOW k CO., WtJRK Yetr?E%1V!E8, fl AMII.1 ON St LEACH, U. K >1'?R.<ELL, ItAltBOril V .-EMMEP, F.. E. W ITB4.CO, r.n H ALL, ftHKKELLRROTHK18, FKURY k ROWIE, UniDnLBTON k BEALL, JESSE B WILSO*. Washington, June 11,1855?2w MTWILLI AN, L1DIES' DRE-S AND TRJMWINO STORE, Pj. aretrte M r*m 71* aid Hk dr*. U. MWILLIAN' would respectfally announce to ? the Ladieti ot" Waa'unut-m, that be oas ;u*t received Irom ih<: Northern citiee a coraplete au>ck of GOODS, among whieh tnuy be found? N'?:w Myle French Ureas Triiiiruinga Fine Fit nch Plowera and Hihau-la A large lot of Cnaarti, in auk, erape, and straw, af the Uie$t patterra Am! an exc* l>ni a^iriment of handaome Enibrot der.r-a cf all kind^ Pr^Me* made in the latert Paru faabt ?na su rea | aoi able tate?. Tinkiiig and Fiutinu and Kid Glow* cleaned. I.ailies M&atiilas, r- ady made, aad made to order. may 31?eolm MICHAEL NOURSE, \o, 4(51 Thirteenth Urtet ?e?t, Agent for th- Mutual Life Inauranos Compa ny of Harford Conn. SHOl'LD not every man depending for auppnrt _ om bu daily eu<pt<iymeut secure for the,', in ca?e ot hia <te^th, by inauringM* life, t? a certain amount, 31,00), by paying from aix to t?r>|ve dullarn per cunuin?or, khoald not the wife. IT be omit* if, tecnre fur her?elf, by ber aaving and ap propnuuiu tor that purpsae Horn 50 centa to $1 per motilh. (Organ) j? 91?lawifiw IMPORTANT TO PEPSONS BREAK ING UP UOUirF.KEEPlKG pEHSONd removing fr< m tbe city, and wifhing l to di>|?oe-e of their Purniture and 11. a?"keep ing UtenMlo, kc , without tbe trouble of sending them to public auction, can do to by calling on ua at our Store, 317 Pa avenue, corner of Nintb at, ac wi' are prepared to buy all aucb good* a.- may be offered llou?ek?-eper* ar.'l otbera will do welJ by callmi on ua, %a we will p><v the higheM cash pricea for au such c oda. W.tLL, BAKNARD k CO. Je 7?2ni 3 IT Pa avenue. PROS PERI'S CORNET BAND. rpillS Band ia auitable for an/and ell purpoeea, 1 and is warranted to give aati?faciiaa to all tboae who may be pleaded to eeg^e them, either ea a Braati, Bred, or Cotillon BanJ. Any number of musicians to be had at tbe abort eat notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!, Leitler, at Tuluvuk'a Store, oppoaiie the Marine Barracke. B.- OHt r? left et Hilbua k Uitz's Music De pot, will be uromptly attended to. may 25?4m SC1IUTTKR k KAHLERT, rrt-o,Nc"oXUl, NOT1CK is BERKBT OIVKM that f shall apply to tbe miparinieni of tbe laterler f'T the taaue of e duplicate Laud Warrant, No 100.060 fur 4j acres, supplemental to Warrant No. 33 025 for 40 ai res, tasued to Pleasant Lacy, with a blank aaairiment on the back thereof, which waa purchased by me of ibe eaid L?cy, and forwarded to a gentleman in Waahington City, on tbe 14(b af May laet. a d waich has not b^ea roeeived by him. O D VEAL. Pnt>yl- anit C. H., Vsl, June 16,1I5A. je 10-la^W M OBKDUNi a ia)ta-eiaknlng ao be by ?lr Wi^cx Seott,60e A ;?bo ( lii -tory of Napolenn.8 vols, ociaw t'ou uc? it, a nor. I. by Mm Jew^bury, The !>>n ruv< r?y between S? nator Bx>eks and Arcb oif no i Hughes 85 cent*. JeM ' fVANC* TAYLOV

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