Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1855 Page 3
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"""evening star. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tost Office E\te*sio*.?Wc understand that a portion of the marble for the continua tion of the Poft Office building is engaged from the quarries known as Conolly's quarries, in Baltimore county. Md. This is the small cry? tal Baltimore marble, which is quite exten sively u*d in Baltimore for steps and porticos to dwelling house--. It will prohably be de livcrcd by railroad, and will thus add some thing to the revenues of the Washington Branch 'Kailtttad. The cellar of this building is now excavated, and a large portion of the concrete founda tions for the walls is laid. Wc believe that this is the fir-t large building In Washington in which concrete foundations have been used exclusively. In making alterations in the Capitol extension the new foundations were laid in the same material. Many of our citi i-n^ have watched with much curiosity and interest the process of making and depositing this kind of masonry. % One of its advantages, besides cheapness, is imperfect adaptation toevery inequality of the s >:1 with which the plastic material i* rammed int actual contact. The mortar, which is made of hv Iriulic lime or cement and sand, setting in a lew hours, binds the fragments of stone into a solid mass like pudding stone or conglomerate, that the whole of the foun dations of the walls of the building become, as it were, one single block of stoue of uniform hardness and ti nucity, and in absolute contaot. at f TV T int. with the soil upon which it rc t-. prevents partial settlement in the walls, and i- a security against cracks, which in so many of our public and private build ijgs bave broken and defaced the ashlar facing*. In the old capitol, there is hardly an unbroken window-head. We notice about one hundred and fifty ma- | sons and laborers at work upon the cellar walls, whi'-h an being built of the blue stone of the Little Falls' quarries. Carpenters are framing -itine huge sticks of timber to be used as dcrru ks in laying the .-tone of the walls. Theflooi.- .if this building will not be arched, as in the older part of tho post officc, but will be of masonry, resting upon wrought iron beams, as now almost exclusively used in the new public building* of l\iris, the extension t'f the Louvre, Ac. TheOoscekt by the Makixe Band, to take place this evening at the President's grounds, will doubtless as heretofore, be largely at t. nded by ladies and gentlemen, together with the usual array of juveniles, who, like the adult listener?, seem to be delighted with the outpouring of instrumental melody. On application at the proper source, we have been kindly furnished with the programme of performances, as follows: Columbia; firand Operatic Quickstep: Philadelphia Walts; Medley Quickstep?* My home, my happy home;'' Grand >Valt?. by Kufliner; Medley Quickstep??? Widow Macrce," ?? Low backedCar." and ? Don't be angry. Mother ;*' Papita Polka; Pourtant per Seirjie; new Medley Quickstep??? Mary of Argyle. '? John Anderson, my Joe," and "Groves of Blarney;" Medley Quickstep??' Kathleen Mavourncen and the Atlantic Schotish. The leader of the band. Professor Scala. wc have noticed on repeated occasions, selects tuch pieces as he no doubt conceives will be of general, not merely individual acceptance; lor, in a promiscuous assemblage it would in deed'be a difficult task to please everybody. The fact of the very large number of persons who repair, respectively, to the public grounds, co two evenings during the week, affords abundant evidence of the popularity of those free concert- and the delight which they never fail to inspire. No one of good hearing could fhil to be pleased with the instrumental per formances ; but to a deaf man the band would present a strange spectacle indeed?mere dumb show by red-coated musicians No other ?.ity in the Union is more, if so tat. h. blessed as we arc in respcct to lovely pr- uncnades and music on stated days. Our cuifr^js are loud in their praises of the accom pli* oed and talented musicians, whoso per formances afford such innocent pleasure during flkm dull "fipiag tiaw of peace." Washington Aqiedcct.?There are now about three hundred men employed upon this , great work and much progress has been made already. Tne season has been unusually healthy, and there has been no lack of work men. About twenty bricklayers in the neigh b'rhood of the Great Falls have completed several hundred feet of the brick conduit, which winds along uuder the base of a rocky cliff, bedded in solid stone, and the arch being vet uncovered, looks like a gigantic serpent. ^Thc communication of sound through this tube is surprising to those who, for the first time, stand at its ot.en end. and hear the slightest noise at the other, several hundred feet distant. Tunnels N<?*. 1 and 2. near the falls, and No. 1. some three miles below, have been com menced for some time, and are making satis factory progress. Within the last week, tho | ?q>en cut at the upper end of No. 4 has been finished, and the ixewation of the tunnel it self commenced Thi-* tunnel is on the fairm c>f the Mcssrs. Brooke, about four miles above tieorgttown, back of the .-tone quarries, near the Little Fall-, and within the distance of an evening rtdc from the city. Such of our citi Xcns as have not seen the operation of tun nelling will find this place worth a visit. Many person.- take advantage of the Sunday excur sion trips of the packet boat Congress to visit the Great Falls and sec this great work. Many rof the culverts along the line between the Lit tle Falls and the Great Falls have been begun. Tiie contractors have collected force, and are g' inn on with some of them Others begun by the I'nited States engineers have not yet been over to the contractors. An extensive brickyard, about eleven miles from the city. being titled up with the most approved N Tthern brick machines, and the contractors *h- w a di.-p? -ition to push this piece of their w-rk vigorously. Cot" RT or Claims ?There have already been ^?linitled to practice at the bar of this new tri bunal forty-two attorneys; they, yesterday, t -ok the required t.bligation?a part with up lifted hand, and p ut ujx>n the holy bible, a id some f- tv. at th? ir request, were affirmed Seventeen ot (he number thus admitted have, opp<-ite t . their n m?*s. the prefix *' of Wash ington. while ? th< r.-. though with the names of several State* attached t?? theirs, have for f in<* years been re-idvnt? of Washingt on. We may safely -ay. one-half of the forty-two attorneys have liv-ir permanent location in this Metropolis Other gentlemen will, having made application to that ?.B ct, be admitted to prac tice. Motion- have beeu filed for rules on the De partment- t > fumi-li certain pa|?ers relating to claiui- iu i?-ui aird will be argued From the large array of lawyers in attend ance. it i? rvidtni very luU' h business will be brought before -the n w tribunal. I Fantastical ?Wc learn th:?t a number of the j- ung men of this city contemplate, or are making preparations for, organizing a com i pany which will be independent of all known I military regulations. ? very member to have ' the privilege of getting up his own uni form. to suit his tasto or fancy, arm him self as he will, and on parade to put his beet f'?>i foremost?whether it be the right or the left, or W'??len. or of the natural material. The baud of ittitMciaii? to have the priv ilege. lik- w;se. of selecting not only their f MtM but th< ir iartUBMll Tin pans. I eyr'ter h<>rus, penny whistles, toui-johns, and ? jew--harp.-, m . -s be among the noiso I aakan Tu< company, thus organised, will I partak' . ? Ity but wc arc free to say that I *v can see iu it M ut:l;ty. or good purpose to 1 be :;ived The L\te Coscekt. at Carusi s Saloon, for I the benefit . i S: Jin|i*f and St Vincent s I Orphic A-y!uiu-. MUM to be the subje.-t | of onver.-ation among many who.-e privilege I it was to be in att. nlam c on that occasion: and without fTvi ? tj the other parties who I contributed of t:.eir vocal melody to the dc Vlightful entertainment, mention is esjtecially I made of Miss Mary Murray s soprano solo, and 1 Mrs Blaachard - Ah' iuon ct'.ada. ' (the mlatter la ly a>-comoanying herself on the piano irforte Tbo'e la<li - were not ouly cnthnsiasti jncally aNhidel, but. in compliance with the r?d oi tb<* :*u litory repeated their per formances Mi-a McL'hcr was, a; usuaI, in twttt Un? Centre Market.?Wo venture-the asser tioa.that the oldest inhabitant" does not redollect of ever seeing so many country wa gons in the .vicinity of Centre Market as-were there this morning They and the various stalls of gardeners and hucksters wero crowded with vegetables, in greater profusion than heretofore, and. generally, at greatly reduced pricw. Potatoes 51 a bushel; a month ago they were selling at ?2.50 for the same "quan tity. Green peas and beans. 12Jc. a peck. Tomatoes arc yet high in pricc?73c. a peck. Cabbage are to be had at almost any price, there being a superabundance of the article. Butter, from 25 to 311c., and beef from 12 to 15c. a pound. Eggs. 23c. a dozen. Criminal Coirt.?A party, consisting of Win. Dunlan, Andrew Jackson, Benj Morti inore. Charles Neal, and John L awreuston. wero tried and found guilty of riot, and the following named persons were convicted of a similar offence : John Riwlings, John Gor man. Wm. Crane. Win. D. Bailey, John Barry, antl Thomas Sullivan. When we left tho court-house at noon, to day. the trial of Charles Tusker for horribly cutting Thos. Butler?both colorcd?with a knife, the instrument penetrating through the chcek and wounding the tongue, was going on. The Fifth District?The following eases have been disused of by Justice Bates within a few days: George Humphreys, f >r stealing jchickens; jai'? 8am Cooper. Win. Phillips. Matthew Ra gan, and Laura Phillips, disorderly conduct; security for peace. Jos. Davis, colored, stealing chickens; dismissed. Ben. Mortimer, Thomas Mortimer, Jno. Mortimer, and Thomas Thorn. Sabbath-breaking; $3 and costs, each. Laura Phillips, non-resident; fine and costs. Michael Kelly, selling liquor without license; fmded 520 and costs. Thos. Connor, hawking and peddling ; workhouse 60 days. Tne following simple, yet beautiful lines, came to us yesterday by mail We know not the writer, nor whether they have ever been in print. There is jKietry, rich j?oetry. as well as fervent religion in them, however. [FOR THK EVENING STAB. SUMMER. Snmmer beamcth, summer beamcth. Robes of verdure trace the plain, And rich Ceres kindly tcemeth Froin her lap the golden grain. In the ripened tleld and meadow, Yonder mowers ply the scythe; Through tbesutishine, through the shadow, Peasants labor free and blithe. Author of all things created ! For tLe bounties of the year I*et us all. with hearts elated, Otter Thee a thankful prayer A B Washington City, July K>, 1-55. Excursion.?The steamer George Washing ton will leave Washington on Monday morning, at nine o'clock, for the White House Pavilion, that day having been selected by the Vigilant Fire Company of Georgetown for their grand firemen's club and civic excursion. Pros peri's band has been engaged for the occasion, a fact which will be pleading to those who love to dance. The arrangements are such as will make the trip delightful. Inquest.?The bt?dy ol' a white female in fant was found, yesterday afternoon, in an alley running through from Seventh to Eighth street, and between E and F streets. Seventh Werd. It was wrapped in a mat. and so fa* decomposed as to prevent the discovery of the cause of death, if ay violence. It was placcd in a coffin and taken to the guard-house, where a jury of inquest met and returned a verdtot in accordance wilh the evidence. Assault and Batter* ?Mary Hci>lerand Virginia Smith were on trial, yesterday after noon, before Justice Goddard, for an assault and battery on Matilda Beck. Thcra was quite a large audience at the offisc, which re minded us of the saying, " a fight among the hens puts the barnyard in commotion." Mary w is held t;> bail fur peace, and Virginia for C'-u.t. Fine anp Costs.?Mary Hcislcr was taken before Justice Morsell yesterday for violating the city laws by selling liquor without license. I'he evidence being sufficient, the Justice oi dired her to pay 520 and the costs Stealing.?A colored named Jno. S. Brown was arrested by officer Martin for steal ing a coat from Mrs. Adam's boarding hou_-o. He was taken before Justice Morsell, who sent him b- jail for trial at court. Sent to Jail.?James Wheeler got on a '? small turn round," yesterday afternoon, ami in an unlucky moment committed an assault and battery on an unoffending person. He was arrested by officers Allen and Kimball, and sent to jail by Justice Morsell. The Empire Cllb announce their second grand annual pic-nic, to take place on the ttth of August, at that )x>pular place of resort, the White House?the one on the banks of the Potomac. The Complimentary Concert to George W. Taylor, the vocalist, wiil take placc on Monday evening, at Odd-Fellows' II ill. We refer to the advertisement for the particulars. Watch Returns.?Susan Anderson, colored, out after hours, workhouse thirty days; taken from thence since and sent to jail on another charge. Patrick Downer, profanity, fine and co:-ts ; \Y B. Hall, profanity in a magistrate's office, workhouse thirty days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE., Georgetown, July II. LS55. The City Councils were in session last night, and transacted considerable business; the proceedings of which will be published on Mon day. Owing, we presume, to the farmers and others being engaged in harvesting, no business scarcely has been done upon our canal this week. A very heavy trade, however, in coal, grain, flour, wood. Ac., is anticipated between this and the close of navigation; surpassing that probably of any previous fall. The offerings of beef cattle at the scales this week has been rather limited, hardly equal to the demand. Selling at $3.62ia54.25 ou the hoof, equal to 57.25aSS.50 nctt?a further de cline during the week of 30 cents. Old sheep 52.50a54 per head Lambs 52a 5273 During the week the Flour market has been quite firm, and prices have gradually advan ced from 50 to 7.i cents per barrel This, we think, is owing mainly, if not altogether, to the unusually small amount in store, and will not be the case long after new wheat and tiour begins to arrive in any thing like large quantities. The unprecedented crops of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, the heavy crop of wheat which is now nearly if not quite safe from all danger, and the flattering prospect of a heavy yield of corn, must necessarily cause, early in the fall, if not before, a considerable decline. Flour this morning is held, fine, at 510 and 510 25. Small sales yesterday to home trade at those prices. Small sales of new wheat fpuu waggons at 52 for good qualities. Spectator. MARRIED. On the Pith instant, by the Rev L. I. Gillfss. JOHN A LINTON, Esq.. to JEANNETTE H ., daughter of Win A. Bradley, Esq , all of this city. On the 12th instant, by the Rev. Byron Sunder land. T ROBINSON KODGKRS. of N Jersey, and MARGARET M . dau-hter of J. F. Cald well, of this city. DIED. On the morning of .he 14th instant. THOMAS GALLAGHER. Jr., In the*2?th year of his age. 1C7" The friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his father, on Fourth street, between G and H, on to-morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock. * In Georgetown, D. C., on the 13th instant, at the residence of Samuel C. Ridd. after a shorf illness, BENJAMIN LATIMER TOMPKINS, in the Vth year of his age. ID* The friends of the family are invited to at tend the funeral this afternoon, at 6 o'clock. In (iforgetowu, on the 1:1th instant, SARAH LOUISE, fourth daughter of (J has A, and Sarah Newton. ag?-d 3 years and & <lays. IC7"" The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral on to-morrow (Sun day) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, ou liitfh, oue dovi abjvc Sixoud ?l. |?7~Syphlli?. Scrofula an<l Blood. For the cure of these terrific diseases CA RTliR 'S SPANISH MIXTURE is the only ?p?clttc.' r The proprietor* have in their possession over one hundred certificates of the most extraordinary caret effected bv it. We refer to the certificate of Richard Adams, lite High Sheriff of Richmond, Va.. K Burton, ? 'ommissinner of the Revenue for Richmond; Gen Welch, of the Mammoth Circus; Dr. Ilendlev, of Washington citv; Wm. A. Matthews and C. B. I.uck, Ksq.. of Richmond. Va.; F Bovden. Ex change Hotel, Va.; and a host of others who have seen eases of the worst description cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture. They all certify that it is the greatest purifier of the blood known. ***See advertisement. JO- Noah Walker Ac Co., Marble Ifall Clothing Emporium, under Browns' Hotel, re spectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tlemen who studv excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity for se lecting is offered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever ottered in this citv at a very reduced scale of prices. apl7 ITT* Z. D. Gilmnn. Druggist, has removed to&2$ Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Bank, and is now prepared to fill all orders for Medicine Paints, Oil and Glass on accommodating terms Strict attention will be paid to physician's pre scriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night bell is on the right of the store door. ap 14 ITT" A Phenomena in Medicine,?Bronchi tis, Cough, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Sciof iila. Ac. For all diseases of the FViiiulc System it stands pre-eminent. A Clergyman just informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? By its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys will cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma, Bron chial and Lung Affections, Pains in the Back. Side and Breast. Consumption, Scrofula. Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints. Piles. Worms and Nervous Debilities with all diseases arising from impure blood, and is the greatest female medicine ever known. This invaluable medicine is working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, I SO Bal timore street. Baltimore; :)n| Broadway. New York CHAS. STOTT A CO., J B MOORE. I) B CLARKE, CLARKE A BOWLING, W. EL LIO r.and H. McPHERSON, Washington; also, bv R. S. F. CISSELL,Georgetown; C. C. BER RY , Alexandria; and by Druggists everywhere. irT" Baker's Premium llitt?rs.?The fol lowing certificate, from a gentleman well known in the city of Richmond, has been sent to the pro prietor or this valuable medicine. Dear Sir?This is to certify that I have suffered many years with the Dyspepsia. and had employ ed at ditWent times three anle physicians in try ing to make a cure of that awful disease, but all in vain. I then commenced using various Medicines that were recommended to me by my friends, and instead of getting better, I continued to get worse. I then sent for Dr. Johnston, and he at once re commended ine to use Baker's Premium Bitters, which proved to be the l>est prescription I ever tried, and the only medicine I ever took to raise rue to my health again. My wife also, had suf fered with the same disease and debilitation, to gether with other symptoms, Ac., which shefound the Bitters to give immediate relief. They give a general tone and strength to the whole system. It is with pleasure I recommend them to others. ^ ? , J P QUARLES. To Mr. L. Baker, Proprietor. Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wash ington, D. C.; CANBY A HATCH, and SETH S. llANCL, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. eo3t' lis' Dr. lloofland's Celebrated (?erniau Bitters,?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of cotnmisseration. Yet tt is absurd for him to despair. We care not how weak. low. nervous, and Irritable he mavbe. the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAN D S GERM AN BITTERS prepared by Dr. C M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the manv-headed monster, which is preying upon his bodv and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will insure a speedy cure See advertisement. j?. 7 3ni XT' Arer's Cathartic Pills.?Pills that art PtU> Phof Haves, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz: Lkmukl Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Emory Washburn . Governor of Mass W. C. Plinkktt, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Edward Everett, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U. S. Robert C. Winthrop, Ex-Speaker House of Reps., U S A Abbott Lawrence, Minister Plenlpo. to Great Britain. ?tJl,?sB. Fitztatricjc, Catholic. Bishop of Boston. MEN THAT ARK MEN ! Among the diseases this Pill lias cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costiveness, Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from a lbul >tomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the BoweU and pain arising therefrom, Flatu lency. Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medicine, !"*:roftila or King's Evil. They also by purify ing the blood and stimulating the system, cur? many ??oinplaints which it would not be supposed they eould reach ; such as Deafness, Partial Blindness, .Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout." and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of the i"'dv or obstructions of its functions. They are the r?est Purgative Mcdicineever discovered, and you will but need fo use them once to know It. Prepared by DR. J C. AVER, Lowell, Mass., and sold by every respectable dru'4:>i-.t. Sold bv D. GILSi AN, Washington, O M LINTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. je 17 2m JQ" Premiums at the Fairs?Whltehurst's -till in the ascendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore. Richmond, and New York, awarded their higlitest premiums to J. 11. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daguereotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past Whitehurst's tiallery in this city is on Pa. ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets. fel? 17 WANTS. WANTED?A SECOND-HANDED IRON Safe, fire proof. Apply to G. T MASSEY, jy 14?3t* 4*Js Thirteenth street VfTANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN a nit YV nation as Cook, or to do chamberwork and sew ing, and to make herself generally useful. Ad dress -B M," at the ofiicc of the Star. jy II?It* WANTED?A YOUTH OF 16 YEARS OR upwards to attend in a store. The business i? light and pleasant. None but youths of first rate character need apply Apply by letter through the City Post Ofiice, giving reference, stating age arid what salary is expected, to B. A S , Wash ington city. jy II?1'* UfANTED?BY A HEALTHV WOMAN A Situation as Wet Nurse Anyone wanting can address "Nurse,at the office of the Star. jy u?U IITANTKD? BY A HEALTH V WOMAN, A ft Situation as Wet Nurse. Apply at 51 A st., north of Capitol Hill. jy 111? 'it* WANTED?A FEW GOOD WAITERS for Old Point Comfort. Apply at Willard's Ho tel . jy i:t?'2t WANT E D?A GOOD SERVANT Wo man to do housework generally. Good re commendations required as to capability. Apply at Rev. JNO. LANAIIAN'S, No. 106 West street, Georgetown, D. C. jy 12?3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A COMFORT able two-story Brick House in the neighbor hood of the City Hall or Capitol. Apply at 8CHWAKTZE A SON'S Drug Store, next to U. S. Hotel, Pa. ave. jy 10?eo3t WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of S75?payable a mouth without Interest. Apply at the li nion Land Otlice 7th street, above Odu Fellows' Hall. ap iW?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. \roTlCE?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND ll Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower baths, and every attention to render it most agree able to her boarders Mrs. P. G. MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and ix st. ap23?3m Board,Ac ?mrs. bates},on thes. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and wth street, Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her wJUl their patiooage, ap ft?if FOB SALE AND BEHT. p.0?R RENT?A TWO-STORY FRAME JL ? 11 with basement, situated on Prospect HiU, Georgetown. commanding a >*?utifni view of the Potomac river. Apply to T. O. Donnowhue near the Catholic Church, or R II T runnel \ , 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C ' jy It 1<V?R RENT?A THREE-STORY IIOI SF with basement. on I street, between fi ami 7th south side, newly put in complete order from top t.? bottom, with 8 rooms Splendid yard 1*20 feet deep to a thirty feet alley, well paved, cowhouse. Ace For terms apply to CHARLES KEEN AN. Collector for Gas Company ; or Mrs MARY* ANN nally, corner of 9th and G streets. Rent will be?2<i0. jy 11?3t* For sale?a lot on capitol iiill. containing 12,5110 feet. It ran be divided into halves. Enquire of E. F. QUEEN, Tth street, near the Northern Market, jy 1I?2w lyVELLINO FOR RENT ?Lots for Sale? ? ' That pleasant and desirable Frame House. No. 510, on L street north, between 8th and ^th streets, one square from the Northern .Market rhe rooms arc all of good *;ze. and conveniently arranged, pump in the yard, the back buildiirr is iarcc and newly built of brick. The yard paved Rent moderate. Also, several desirable Building Lots for sale en liberal time, or lease for a term of years in squares -l"S Ml. 447, 481, 778, T!rj, f^x?. PIT, 801, 9217835. Apply to JNO. GEO ADAMS. Grocer, corner 8th and L streets north. jy 11?It* I^OR RENT?TWO NEW BRICK HOUSES on N, between 12th and 13th streets. They contain two parlors, five chambers, servant's room dining room, kitchen .and double cellars, with convenient yards and out houses. The buildings are located in a healthy and rapidly improving part of the city. Rent $21 per month. For fur ther particulars enquire on the premises, jy 7?* LjV3R RENT?4 handsomely furnished House l near the Public Department is offered for rent. To a responsible tenani the rent will be moderate. The House contains a bath room and fixtures. Enquire on the premises, No. 270 H street, jy 5?1m* I^OR RENT?THE BUILDING ON D ST., near the corner of Twelfth, is for rent, either in part, or whole. Apply at the Star office. jc 20?tf tjV>K SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to make a good Investment. If not sold soon it will be for rent. Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot. No. 57 High street, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 16y feet deep; will be sold low and on a long credit. WAN TED?A few shares of Georgetown Build ing Association Stock. Applv to E. K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown; or No. 400 E street Washington. je2I?tf FOR RENT.?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., that large three-story Brick House, well known as the best stand in the city for a hotel and restaur ant, on Cameron street, opposite the market house, and now occupied bv Mr. McGonegal. Possession uiven on the 1st of July. Address LLOYD A CO., Claim Agents, Fifteenth street, opposite the Treasury, YVashington, D. C. my 30?tf |? ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES IV #150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached. Pumps of jiure water are near the door, and communication is had with Georgetown by wavof II and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate ica'.ion must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on lite ral term*. YVM. stickney, No. 4, Kendall Green. N B.?Rents paid qua.terly is advance. ap 3?eotf F^OR RENT- SEVER AL H ANDSOME PAIl lors and Chambers, with Board. Also. Tutile and Transient Board Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street ap 9?tf V VALUABLE LITTLE FARM FOR SALE. The subscriber will sell at private sale his lit ?le Farm, known as Sterling Cottage, upon which he now resides, situated in Alexandria county, Va., near Bali's x Roads, four miles from George town. six from Washington, eight from Alexan dria. and will be but one mile from the Loudon A Hampshire Railroud. The tract contains 4<>)^ acres. J5 of which is under heavy timber, the bal ance is under ahiuhstatcof cultivation, with good fencing and a never failing stream of water mn iiinjr through the place. Tue improvements are a very neat storv and a half dwelling, with a brick cellar under it, and outhouses, consisting of a barn, ice house, meat house, corn house, hen house, kitchen, and house for servants. The yard is very large and shady, and decorated with the most choice fiowers, and a well of the most excellent water near the door, the back yard is enclosed by a lwautiful cedar hed^e, and the front by palings. There is also a Ijeauti lnl chestnut grove standing in front of the yard. The lands adjoining are those of Col \v. Minor S. Minor. Dr. Wonder and Mrs. Gardner. Its lo cation is convenient for churches, grist and saw mills, post office. Ac. The al>ove property posses ses advantages which will be apparent to all who desire to secure a pleasant ana valuable country ?seat. A L'reat bargain may be had by an early applica tion. as 1 am desirous of moving to a larger farm, jy 9?2awlm MOSES A. FEfiUKY. Homes for all.?be at jti fully* and healthily located Building Lots, 21 feet front '?v ::><) deep, on grad?*d street-, can, until spring, bought at the exceeding low price of ?75, pay able per month. Title indisputable. I nion Land Office, Seventh street, above Odd Fellows'Hall. JOHN FOX, Secretary, jau 9?6m TAKE NOTICE. TTTE wish to keep it in the remembrance of our V V f tends and the public that we have now on hand as fine a stock of Fancy Goods. Perfume rv, and Millinery as is to 1m* found id the District, all ofwiiich we are disj>osiiig of at prices exceed ingly low. in order to reduce our stock in some measure. We have Leghorn, Neapolitan, Crape, Silk, Lac.) and Straw Hats of the latest and most fash ionable styles. Also, Silk, Linen, Paper, and other Fans. Combs, Brushes, and Toilet articles generally. French, German, and American Per fumery. Flower Vases, India Rubl?er Goods, Ac., to all of which we would invite the attention of the public generally and the ladies in particular, and would most aespectfully request them to give us a call, when something lu our line is wanted, and we will make every endeavor to supply them to their satisfaction, both as regards to quality and price. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 510 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th streets, jy 11?-61 WHILE MANY OF OUR MERCHANTS are complaining of dull times and tell us they have more clerks than customers, G. FRANCIS, l!?t Seventh street, is rapidly selling off every thing in the way of Housekeeping Hardware, and al ways gels the money. He thinks the times are certainly improving. The truth is, he sells low, and the people are Beginning to understand it. If yood articles, low prices, and every ettort to please will suit purchasers, he is determined that his customers shall l>c satisfied. jy 10 WATCHES. Jl'ST received, a large assortment of Ladles and Gentlemen's fine GOLD WATCHES of every size, style and manufacture. The above is by far the best and cheapest ever offered to our customers. M W. GALT A BRO., 321 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and loth ste. je 21?tf LAND WARRANTS. LAND Warrants wanted at the highest rates by KELLER A McKENNEY, 15th street, opposite the Treasury. jy 9?lm* CUMBERLAND COAL.?For sale by the cargo or boat load, by HOWARD A POOR, je25?eo6t Alexandria, Va. PH'-NIC BASKETS.?Just opened a variety of Pic-Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Baskets. Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from A polios, St. Harrison and Jules Hauel, Philadelphia; Combs, Brushes, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards. Card Cases, Porte Monnaies, Jet Goods, Pocket Cutlery, Cages, Music, Musical Instru ments, Stationery, Ac. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. av., betw. Ninth and Tenth sts. j? 8?t SEALED PROPOSALS FOR FUEL, Office of U. S. Penitentiary. ) Washington, July 10, 1855. } SEPARATE PROPOSALS wHl be received at this office until noon of the first day of August, 1855, for furnishing the prison with 125 cords of half seasoned good oak Wood, of me dium size, and free of lop wood 20 cords good pine Wood 5*? tons red ash anthracite Coal. The wood to be delivered upon the Penitentiary Wharf, and the coal in the prison yard THOMAS THORNLEY, jy 11?eoiAugi Wv46U. AUCTION 8ALES Bv J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. riOXTIM'ATION SALE OF II. W. BAR " low'* < ? llection of Oil Paintings.?On TUESDAY afternoon, July 17th, at 4){ o'clock, at the Saloon over Farnhain's Bookstore. 1 shall sell, without reserve, the Tainting* remaining un sold from the s;Uc on the 13th Instant, consisting of about one hundred rare and beautiful specimen* of art. bv ancient and modern master*. Also,about 1.00beautiful Engravings, purchased at the ?<ale of the late ED lngraham's collection Catalogues will be ready for delivery on the morning of the sale. The sale will be continued by gaslight until the whole is disposal ?.f Terms: $ loo and under cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 9u day*, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. J AS. C McGUIRE, jy 1!?d Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER? Auctioneer. OALE OF A VALUABLE LOT at Anction. ^ On FRIDAY afternoon. July 2>Kli. at ??o*cl'k, I -.hail *11. on ll-e |?r?misos. part of l.nt No. 7. In S ,uare No. fronting rt> feet 2 inches on north S street. Iietween 13th and 14lb streets wot; d^pth ItM ft.'et to a 3" font alley. Terms: One-third cash; balance In 6. 12, and 1- months, with notes l>earing interest. by a dctd of trust on tl.e premises. C. W BOTELER, jy II roHi AtUiWir. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. BV virtue of an ord* r of the Orphans' Court of Prim e George's County 1 will expose to pub lic Sale. o!i FRIDAY, the27th day <?x July, iust , at In o'clock a. til., if fair, if not. on the next fair day thereafter, at Ellaville. near Bladensbuiy. the residence of Douglas Vass. deceased, ALL THE PERSON AL' ESTATE left by him at the time of his death, consisting of 3.5 shares of Stock in the Bank of Washington, D. C., and a large quantity of Household and Kitchen Furniture. The household Furniture is nearly new, has been purchased but a short time, is'of the most modern and fashionable st\le, has been selected with considerable taste, and those desirous of pur chasing are particularly requested to attend the sale Terms: For all sums of and under $lft cash; all sums above that amount six months credit will be given, with notes, with approved security, tear ing interest from the dav of sale N C STEPHEN, Adra'r c. t. a , of Douglass Vass, deceased, jy 12?eots By GREEN Ac SCOTT, Auctioneers. VfALl ABLE BUILDING LOT an 7th, br. tween II ami I streets at Aaction.?On THURSDAY,-the 19th instant, wc shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, a handsome building I*ot. situated on the east side of Seventh street west, between 11 and 1 streets north, having a front of 17 feet 10 inches, running back to an out let to a wide alley, 100 feet. It will be divided in lots to suit purchasers or together. The al>ove described property is on an elevated situation, and considered very desirable for any kind of business purposes, being n?^arlv opposite the wagon yatd. in the most business part of 7th Street. Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6, 12, and 1C months, for notes bearing interest A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 13?d Auctioneers. T By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Rl'STEE'S SALE OF BUILDINO LOT near the Circle?On WEDNESDAY af ternoon, July 1*. at o'clock, on the premises, the subscriber v^ill sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, bv virtue of a deed of trust record ed in lii>er J. A. S . No. 7*. folios WJ. Ac., one of the land records of Washington, in the District of Columbia, Lot numWred L. of Isaac. Polluck's subdivision of square numbered 38, fronting on north L street, between 23d and 24th sts west. Terms, $150cash; residue in 0 and 12 mouths, with interest, satisfactorily secured THUS. .1 FISHER. Trustee. J AS C. McGllRE, jy 12?eoAds Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rimi'STEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND ? Beautifully situated Building Let on Third street west, between Pa. avenne and street.?Bv virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on tbe 2-th day of February, 1-53, and re corded iu l.itier J A S. No. 52," folios 302, 303. 301, the subscriber will sell at public sale, on j WEDNESDAY afternoon. August 1st, 1^55. at .'?;5 o'clock p. m . on (he premises. Lot fco. II, in ; reservation no I i , fronting 2-5 feet on Third street west, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, bv l.rst feet deep, to a 35 feet alley. The above property is eligibly situated in a most desirable part of the city, rapidly enhancing j in value, anil < tiers a rare opportunity to persons I desiring to build or i:?ve>t. j Terms cash ; and if not complied with in three ? days after the sale the property will lie resold, at the risk and esj* use of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. Ail conveyancing at the expense of purchaser. . CHARLES S WALLACH. Trustee. JAS. C McGUIRE. jy 12?eoAds Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT on 19th at. vrrst at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 17th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 0^ o'clock p. m., Lot No. 1. in Square No. 124, having a front on 19th st. west of 59 feet % inch, running back 155 feet 10 inches, between north D | street and New Vork avenue, containing overltlOO square feet Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash: l?alance in 3,6. and 9 mouths, for notes l>aring interest from the day of the salt: A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, jy 11?d Auctioneer*. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIM proved Property at Anctiou.?On WED NESDAY, the 1-th inM , we shall sell, in front of the premises, al t> o'clock p. m . part of 1x4 No II, iu Square No. 455. having a front of 2f feet six inches on north G street, running back 121 feet 3 inches to a wide alley, between tith and 7th streets west, improved by two brick Houses, 11 by31)| feet, each one story. Terms: QoUtcash; #1,100 payable iu monthly instalments of ?30 per month, without interest; the balance a credit of 0 and 12 months for notes >?earing interest, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, properly secured. Also, nt 7 o'clock same evening, we shall sell, in front of the premises, Lots Nos j and I, in Davidson's subdivision of Square No. 161, having a front of 2? feet each ou north L street, running 130 feel to <t wide alley. Title indisputable Terms: One-third cash; the balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for note* l>cariug interest from the day of rale A dejd given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 6?d Auctioneers. ALEXANDRIA A- WASHINGTON BOATS. rOHE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will X leave at the followiug hours. r ,>{17""** tfc. Fare 12)t cents. jMeEBES The THOMAS COLLYER, when not other ways engaged, will make trips ou the route at al ternate hours. Leave Washington at 6, 8, 9\", Utf, 2jtf, 4, 5%, and 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 9, 19)j, 1\, 3jf, 1 % ar.d 6?. P. S.?The Boat will leave Alexandria at 1? p. m., or immediately on the arrival of the ears. jy 7?d JOB CORSON, Captain. CARRIAGES. [II AVE on hand some handsome light and con venient family Carriages and 1*"^~ giejs. A two horse Carriage and Ex - press Wagon. Those desirous of purchasing anv v?f the alcove described articles cheap will do weD to call on the subscriber immediately, as 1 am de termined to sell low for cash, or on accommodat ing terms. All work warranted. Repairing done al the shortest notice and in the most approved manner. S. FLYNN, No. 305 D st., bet 12th and l:lth, jy 9?lm opposite the Kirkwood House. FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD?For the apprehension of my boy Jeff Fauntleroy. who absconded from my house about tbe 2sth of J une, 1855. He is about *5 feet 8 inches In height, cop per colored, has a Une open countenance when s|>oken to. Had on when last seen, blue frock coat, metal buttons, black cloth pants and patent leather shoes, blue cloth cap. I will give the above reward if taken in the town or county of Al exandria or in the District of Columbia, and $ 100 if taken elsewhere. GEORGE SNYDER, Jy 9?6t Alexandria. Va. BANKING HOUSE OF PA1RO A NOURSE, errosiTK united states tkkascrt. Bonds, stocks, and other securi ties, Purchased and Sold. Interest, at the rate of six percent per annum, allowed on deposit* when left ror thirty days or longer. Jan 24?6m JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, FREDERICK COUNTY. VA ?Opened on the 1- 15th of June. From Baltimore, Wash ington or Cumberland in early morning trains flSW to Harper's Ferry, thence by WinchwierjC* Railroad to Stepnensous depot; from depot 1^ miles in coaches to Springs in time todiiie nmc ?lay. Rice's cotillon band engaged. Sulphur ba'hs Medicinal effects of water well known. E C A K M JORDAN A BRU I jy t>??ot>w TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. REPORTED FOR THE EYEX1SQ STAR. Liquor Law Deoaion Detroit, July 14 ?The ca.?e of Gallagher, charged with .a violation of the Liquor Law ha? been decided by a verdict of not guilty, tho jury deciding that the *ale of imported liq?op< in any quantity i? n<?t unlawful. Burglary. Norfolk, July 13.?The taWing otore of (J. W. Farrant k Co. at this place ha* been bur glariously robbed < f g>>d' to the valu^ of 51.? 000. New Hampshire Leg elation Coxcorp. July 1-4.?The strong a ut*-slavery resolutions offend last work by Mr Tappery pissed tho House of Delegates this m^ra n-* af;er an exciting debate. The Lr^ulatujv a<lj ?ukussijterfu to day Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, July 14.?^ale* of i&O hfcl*. Howard ftreet Q<i?r at $101. Wheat-? ?uh ern rid at 52 liu52 .24; wliito ?2 25ar2 3.*> C m?sale* cf white at 51.00a5l.03; ycliuw 9oa?8c. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria. July 14. 1*53. On Wednesday evening. M<>unt Vernon Di vision, No. 6s C. of T . held a | ublie inrtalia tion of officers, at their hull. A select au dience, including a number of ladies, witnessed the ex?-irise-. At the e<>nclu>ionuf the inAal tion. Kev. .1. D C.uilling delivered one of the most powerful lempcranec {?{?ctchea we have ever heard. lnccndi tries are again ism-nig us. On Wed re*dsy night an attempt wo? iaade to fire a house on cjuven -treot. owned br Win Gregu ry. W' Luan McAthern w;u tar first to Ji.. cover the ttamee, aid v? ry pr> mptly arr< sted them The ni>;ht following, a static on Pitt street, owued by T M McC uuick was firel and partly romumed John P Power, who has been stopping at the Mansion llonae for nae time pa?t, ??? yesterday arretted by Officer Chipley. charged with having more wive" than tho Inw (except in Utah an<t Turkey) allows Justices Brown and English gave the gentleman one hearing, and then committed him to jail, to hear more of him this morning The lady claiming to be Power's first wife resides in Washington. A sad accident occurred on the Man&ssea (iap Railroad yesterday morning. A brakes man. named Brawner, fell betweeu two of the cars, whilst the train was In motion, the wheels passed over his l^idy, completely cutting it in twain. Mr. Mahaffey l<*t- a valuable horse at the Fish wharf yederday The animal fell over board and was drowned. Green. Snttle A Co sold a lot of new wheat yesterday at 52 25. Ami. Thk American Display i* Pari?.?A Pari* corrcq-ondent of the New York Herald says: *' A portion of the unoccupied space which tho American commissioner* had lenced in with boards in the Palace of industry, has been alienated' by Prince Napoleon. Nearly all that is left is tilled with tioodyear s india-rub ber articles, which mak*j alone a marvelous exhibition. The Emperor observed particu larly. the other day, the surprising variety into which Yankee ingenuity has twisted and squeezed 4 caoutchouc.' Noticing some nine inn balls made of this elastic material, ho came near mistaking them, as well he might, for cannon balls. ? What V he exclaimed,4 do you make india-rubber cannons, too, in Amer ica When all the American articles that have arrived for exhibition shall he unpacked and arranged, I >hall be able to send you no tices of them. I am happy to sty that in the 'Annexe.' (which has at last been thrown open to the public.) although the motive power* are not yet in operation, there are several Amer ican machines which, in tho novelty and im portance of their applications of acience to practical purposes, will confessedly surpass all the other machines in the building * The writer states further, that the American exhib itors shine less by variety and taste than by the successful application of general principles to useful purposes. DR. L. B. WRIGHT'S UNFAILING "SCROFULOUS ANTIDOTE," For the Prrman?nt Cure ?/ CONSUMPTION and ail otktr forms of SCROFULOUS DISEASES. THIS Medicine is prepared by an eminent phy sician of eighteen years practice in New York city, during which time he has constantly used It \?lih the in *t unbounded success, and created for ita reputation in private mm I be, unequalled in Ihe history-of medicine. I tacts immediately upon (he blood, cleausiug it from all scrofulous humors ?t reuovating and. I v it# magic Dow ers. IN VIGOR ATK THE WHOLE fVSTCM, in proof of which, hundreds of rewpectable wit uesses from the doctor's private pra? tioe have giv en :n ILieir testimony, and eutrratjtho.te sutlorni^ fiom iuxy Ncrofulous itifecuon, to tali upon tktot mmdsotisjy themttlr?*. A Treatise on Scrofulous Di^a^e* can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEi'OT, IW Broadway, and at Drug Stores generally CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington. DR. L. B. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS " LIQUID CATHARTIC," OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. 'PHIS is the BEST. CHEAPEST, and MOST 1 EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTELESS, (therrby avoiding the nau seating effect of Pills. Oil, Senna. Ac .) and pro ducing no griping or other painful effects I alike all other purgatives. it nearche* to the bottom of Lhe disease, thoroughly cleanse* the stomach, and Leaves the bowels entirely free from coMiven?** no Family shol'ld he without it Children drink it readilv and without forcing, md NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED by tbe MEDICAL FACULTY. Giva it a trial and then judge for your*elve* It can be had wholesale and retail at E. H. STA BLER A CO S, Baltimore, or CHAS. STOTT k CO , Washington, D C DR WRIGHT S PRINCIPAL DEPOT. ?ro Broadway, where the doctor can be consulted laily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p iu , without charge. je LL-6m Bv J. C. M< GUI RE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALiABLE Im proved and unimproved Real Estate.? In pursuance ot a decree of the Circuit Court of :he Distriut of Columbia, sittin" in chancery, fiassed in a cause wherein Levin M Powell and leanuetteC. Powell are complainants, and Wm Bradley. Sydney A. Bradley, Chas M Thafs on, William Thruston. Horatio Gates, Elixa, ieannetteand Dick^rson PhillipsThnistop; Sarah 1'hruston, Charles M- Helen K . and The inas W . Thruston; Fannie C. Thnn?ton, Jeannette B , V If red B. and Sydney Thruston are defendants, he undersigned truKtee*. appointed un< -r said lecree, will proceed to sell at public auction upon he premises, to the highest bidder, the following tern rilied Lots and Houses, situated in the city of Washington, viz: On THURSDAY, the 12th day of Julv neit. at i o'clock p in., the whole of smiare 3^6. Thia iquare is bounded by Third and Fourth sts , bc ween H and 1 streets and Massachusetts avenue, md wiH be sold in lots suitable for building com ortable dwellings, and each lot separately. On FRIDAY, the Lath July next, at 6 o'clock >. in., original Lots 6, ?, and 0, in Square num >ered G90. A portion of this property is improved >y good aubatantial houses, the rest la unim >roved. On MONDAY, the l?th of July next, at ? o'clk ?. m^ 1<H lh and part of 19. in square numbered 6. This property is eligibly situated on K street, tear the lower Georgetown Bridge, and is Im proved by a wellsbuilt three-story brick House, Kick building and stable. The terms of the said sale shall be as follows, owit: One fourth pan of the purchaae money hall be paid at the time of said sale, and th? bal ince in equal instalments, at 1, 2, and 3 years, tbe >u re baser to give fbr said deferred payments his jond. with sureties to be approved by tbe trustees, ?r ?uch other security as the trustees shall deem lUftcieat If tbe terms of the sale are not compiled with In our days, the trustees reserve to themselves tbe Igbt to sell again, at the purchaser's risk and cost. All t onveyance at cost of purchaser W B WEBB, > _ JOg. H. BRADLEY, Jr < TrUBtoe" J AS C. McGUlRE, Je 16?law3wAlt,13,lflJuly AuoUoaeer. H E?ICE?ICE ! MIIARLF.S WKRNF.R on Pa avenne ?ppo site Browns' Hotel, wfll keep, throngbout the *-ason, an ample supply of Pettibone's be* ICE, vhlch he will sell, on call, In any quantities, at tie lowest possible rate:. may *-4tBep 9b

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