Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR LOVE THROWS A BAT O'&L LIFE Love throws a ray o'er life, Beaming bright around us; Without It, endless strife To this earth bad bound us With a chain so heavy. Thai we fain would sever Lifr? fr.wn such hapless gloom : W hilt* fair maids could never Appear in all their bloom Angela in a bevy. And e'?n to us more dear, Than smiles of those above, Are thoee -ome maiden* wear. When tli .-an-formed by love, & ?ch ? ice around them clings. Th-^t bliss 'bove Heaven seam* In tuei ft;nd a"n* li? - S ?lover hi his a.ams, lu ec?t icy r:av cry, Earth's Angela have no wings. STANZAS. We cannot bid our strength retrain, Our cheeks continue round , We cmnot say o an aged be^k, Stoop not towards the ground. "We cannot bid our dim eyes see Things as bright as ever, Nor tell our friends, though friendsfrom yoath. That they'll forsake us never. But we can say i never will, False world be filse fo? thee; And oh. Sound Truth and Old Kegard, Nothing shall part us three ^ A. I"KK.?The New Orleans Delta says tb:?t th. r vo'utio'iists in Mexico have long .1 that it was indispensable for their tj secure some >>f the available artillery of Vera Cruz. Even a single eight pounder w.>uid bo welcome to them. Stratagem was fummoRei t > their ai<l, ai>d a Mexican (who will turn '<ut to be a Yankee in due time) sug gested s plsr wl.i.-h has worked like a charm. * pt*r d .????inh ?tic exhibition wad announced in Vera Crnz. and the Government accepted ti?? iiiv"'.ifio.i <?! the artist.- to be present on the ??!??.? ?. ti ce:t.sion. The most curious fttJL ot' ail 'hi- e -1 louncod, v?.^< intended ? > be i?-s iir>???? tf ,in j>ou .J ^.in from the ?>?? ni.l r vf < oi the perform.; *. ar.J ail ? Ciuz Mgog i.. ??? it done. A if gui wa borrowed fi m the gai,:son, thenflicers o which ? re e> < ediogly oLli^it j? U> ger.tleio i. ?>t the circus, toe tight r:?pe, c; lue ring. Ev ery eitiiuu was on the tipt of expectation a? tho -ubetituti ?n of c.nnon for muskets in the *? lu ii u .I arms was an idea worthy of this IT'^r-s-ive ..?? Unfortunately, however, the &.t.*t wIjm was t ? achieve this teat, fell ill and ?ised. The perforin tnces were necessarily I"'Stp1 ik-1. .n.d the poor fellow was buried *:th i rn i jip rcr.mui.y Some days *!? pH .< ; irith came out th*t the c luii. uiuni i.ut t he corpse of the actor, but tL? <??\ ,oiui big gun, which is now in the l?a. i.~ ; . li.?- revolutionists ! ''th'jL.?Tiie official organ of St. l'e ?ersou'?-xprer?f# the opinion that the Allies, ? t?jMr ' activity and wirt of enterprise, >a "? nc . ,l e ?pp .rtnnity to slip by when i.ii* ' ' v.- been taken It now say?'5h eit^ . iiiipreg-.abie; that it can re ?j. o ??..?:'-.t di-mouutcd gunsin a night. ?<r o a: '-x flingo ??<> 000 fatigued troops against 6t? i:iM) frer'h troops; that the Allies cannot, wi a >ui V th ? fores they can dispose of, cut ? ff 'be e? mriiu:iicatlon by Perekop; that the Kut i*u :.nny, hunting for its country and its sovereign, is animated by a better spirit th in i- the hot -rog.-ae -us mass of Frene h, English, J urks, E^yj.u ?<.s and Sardinians, contending h i an aoscract idea and a confused interpre UJon of the duties of civilization. Taximjj >..rtH ?Well, Cuffe*,"' said a nunistor to h.3 colored serv*^.t, "what were you <i >i;,g iu m.e*In^ this afternoon ?? f>.>i:ig u.. -a ' Taking notes,'' was the reply. - Youtkiagn- te-' cxelaimci the master. " S..rtio, master; all gentlemen take note*.'' " Let me see them," said he. Fuffee thereupon produced his sheet of pa per. an l his mast, r found it scrawled all over with all Sons oi m uks aad lines, as though & dozen ?j?i iers. dipped in ink had mar- hed over it. " W hy. 11.i.- i- all n<>n>ense, said the min ister *s he looked at the notes. ?? Well, nuissa," Cufiee replied, " I thought So all the time you was prea-hing !" As A?VFt"L t\i1 losiom at Napled occurred in the Castle Nuevo. where percussion caps are male, on the 2Uth of July. The entire building wa- blown up. and it is said that at least persons have been buried in thnfiebrn. Fearing timf another revolution had broken out. the soldiers ru?!iei to arms, whilst the in habitanU, i^u^inirg thnt an earthquake had happened, ran about in frantic condition. The windows of the palace were broken, and there are grave shakings of the head whether thi? was not a gmnd eon-pirn-y to extirpate the royal family. SOVSJlKftTS III' OtilA.l STXAMKRS. haws. For Day Herman" Southampton.. N ew York. Aug 15 Balti- .Nfw Vork Liverpool. Aug. 22 New York Havre Aug. 36 117" The California steamers leave Wew Vork on the S'ii and 'JiTth of rseh month. ir,?aVAL3 AT TRirfClPAE HOTELS. W lllnrils" llstc!? ii. a. X j. c. wiLLaaa. "W E Kennedy A iady, W M Meody, NY ^Y J K Howry do Miss M T tiennedy, do H H Davis, Mi A ^ Wilkinson, Ala A 11 Wood, Va O * Mi ' v.r ? ick S Kobin<on, lady X five A Wei. L, Fa daughters, Ala ?*i?pt \iauU ?*, L'-' i S W Seymour. La fc' *1a?i i, Md .\i?ss A Seymour, do t) S I"andolph and lad/, ilon It Johnson. Md N' F E liuuker A daugh Miss Kzr.di-lph, do ter, NV R Smith, 111 J K Howard and lady, W D Carter i l4dy, 6C Was* Miss Carter, do Miss Howard, do K H Hajcs. Ireland C A Cunningham, Md T H bnnthson. A i Mrs Cunningham, do J ii A Mn klar.d A Idy. ^liss I* Cunningham, do do SDMalouyAKon J Aspii.uail .V lad,", Fa W Kankin, NY M s, .\?'?...waii do "X H tiol!. do -Vr Mayaard U I, lieminond A lady, i>i: on' i SC C Hammond. S?0 ' V i> licClay, N V '? " Jan*, .N ^ C A liiichanan. Md J F S-.aj les ti K Hiss, d.. M'i.'uiloiijfh Md It Wade. Mi K Sliimuoa iNV Mi<? Wadf do T A Smielove. S. otland I* Cock. Fa A iJ'.iK an u lady. Md W A Chauucey and two C T Myers, 1'a daughters, do browns1 Hotel?t r. St x ssown W H Tavlor. \ a W (iordon & ly, La l.'-rdin^' J H W' olfoik, Miss J M I;.. <ia Mss Mead, do J J Carter Alj .Mis* Woolfolk, Ky H II Fel!n. d > K K Mead, Jr, USMA M K_.i??Taid fan.i!^ J T Magrud r, USA SC Mra-d Mrs Sn?trt, Mich M ** 11 .:.d s?:n, H B Danenport, Va 11 Johnston, ko U F. Bae. n. Ky Z K lieall. Md J * s'ai . VV A ti Arthur. Va K do u \\ Moore. Mich Mrs \ tc-11. \C A King. Wis A t *n d :.nd s..n, Del to M Cor.nell, III v*. A Karleti, NJ o Ilussey, Md D Eipson, O M Gilbert, do \% C K.-rt e.*, jr. Md J J Keller, NY ? ? K Ta !or. \ a J J Keller, N V . ?, Fevlor, do J C WhltchfT, Mass O P lavlor. do T HoUin, sr, do i? S Iroy * ly. Ala i K Fergu>on Md Miss I K Janvier, Va J W Burke Va .Mivs jazz'.e J* Janvier, Dr \V Helm, dp Uc B K Ewell. do Kir:.woo.I llonse-; if A * naiwooi. Capt .N Prltchet A fair.- Ii NV Sweeny, O ily. Mo W L Fdwin, 1'ex Miss Sir.imll*} . Md T W Holt A family NY W M Osgo?.?l, 111 Miss A Burr. Fa C G Bowles, do W Malster. Ou R Forsyth A lady, it Slates Hotel?a. C. Haciket. H F Carey, Fa M \V Dantiald, Va S S Ad*ms Va JH Allen, Md l> Hamlltoa, di> J Creagh do Miss A Frem b. do J Plowman, do Miss Jeffers. do J Thompson, L>C J K Dickey, Fa O C Davidson, do H J Thornton. Ky American Hotel?hlflkbowkh A lovxtt. D H Hawly, O W J Talbott, Md h G Ruckner, Ky J J Russeil, do J L Norris, Va J J Suoforth, do J L Chavman. do J Plowman, do W Wartt?dd,Md G H Tlnan*, DC Mrs Massie, child 4 ser J M Busher, do vant, Va 0 C Wharton Va >Y R Katie, de . Miscellaneous. TR*A?r*Y Dkpa.rtmk.nt, June 36,1855. PPOPOSAT.S will be received at this depart ment wittl the 37th day of August next, at 13 o'clock, m.,for furnishing (wrought, fitted, and delivered In a proper state to pnt Into thebuildlnsy all tbt* material for the exterior walls of the south wing of the extension of the Treasury Depart men building, which will be either granite ior marble, as may hereafter be determined^ The bidder whose'bid is accepted, to have the privilege furnishing the material for the outside of the re mainder of the building when Congress may have mtHRThe necessary appropriations for it* construc tion, prorldrd that at that time it is dctfiucd for the interest or the Uniusi States to give it to him. The department reserving the right fo reject the proposals hereby invited, should the interest of the United States require it. The stones must all be wrought to the dimen sions, sizes, models, Arc., which may be furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. On the court or rear side of the exterior the walls will be plain ashler, with plain window openings of equal height in the three upper stories, and crowned with a cornice similar to the rear of the present building, without the architrave and frieze. On the remainder of the exterior walls, the col umns and antae, their capitalsand bases, the enta blature and balustrade, the window and doordres sings, Ac., the style of architecture of the present building, so far an ornament is concerned, will be Preserved throughout. With the exception of the vior and window openings, which may be va/ied, except those in theeast endof the two wings. The sizes, shape, and dimensions of the columns, antae, capitals, bast-*, and cross section of the entablature and balustrade will be the same as in the present buiidin?. It ot granite, the shaft of the columns maybe either in one or three pieces of equal length. The base and capital of the columns and antae will ea^h lie in one piece. Thearchitraveof theentab lature will extend in one length from centre to cen tre of antae or column, and those over the latter to be composed of but one block, with both sides and bottom wrought, together with such parts of the top as may be required. Those over the anlae, the outer face and the top and bottom edge. The face of the ashler must be perfectly wrought to the sample, with ali the necessary heads, re bates, returns, Ac., required. The beds, builds, ends, ice., rough hammered to the .square. All re bates, mouldings., ornamental and bevelled work must be clean wrought, and agreeably to the direc tions given by the superintendent. If marble is used, the shaftsof the columns may be in four and live pieces; the architrave in oue length from cent re to cent re of the columns or antae; but over the former may be composed of three separate blocks, one laying flatwise, forming the underside and the tirst member on each ed^e; the other two standing on edge; forming the Inside and outside faces of the same. Those over the antae must be iu oue block. The measurement of the material and work de livered. and the payment thereon will made agree ably to the following form ami schedule, and ail bids must l>e made accordingly. {Schedule or rule for the measurement of materials to be delivered, viz : Cornice, per foot in length, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship >8 Architrave over column, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Architraveover antae, including cost of slock, freight, and workmanship ? Capitals of column*, each including cost of stork, freight,and workmanship Capitals of antae, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Ba*es of antae. each, Includingcostof stock, freight, and workmanship Ba<es of column, each, inducing cost of stock, freight, aud workmanship Shifts of column, hi one piece, including cost of stock freight and workmanship.. Sha'ts of column, in three or more pieces, in Inding cost of stork, freight, and work tnansh'p PI tin steps, (with a cross section of 1 ~ bv 0^ to*- inches,) tht fool iu length, inclu ding cost of stoclt freight, and workman ship Platforms. : feet wide. length not exceeding 10feet, in' hiding stock, freight, and work manship. |>er superficial foot of surface seen For any greater width than 'I feet, up to 8 increase of price per superficial foot for eat u addition. ? 't iiu h?*s of width of All the other ??.?:i? s of the buildinc' whose width do-1* not exceed three tun- s tneir thickness will be measured as follows: The stock in all stows whose contents do not exceed k) cubic feet, will i?e measured and paid for by the cubic contents, at per cubic foot.... I For ail stones exceeding tW feet and not ex ceeding ?u cubic. fe?*t, for each additional foot an additional price of per cubic foot. For all stones exceeding TO cubic feet in con tents, for each additional foot an additional price of, per tubic loot?????. ............ For stones of gi eater width than three limes their thickness, there will be paid an additional F>rice of per cent for each additional three im hes in widtn The work on the above will be measured mid paid for by the s iperlU ial foot. I- or each super ficial foot of fine hammered granite wotk seta, equal to No. 1 hammering on Boston custom-house, l?-r suj>erficial foot "So 2 hammering cn Boston custom-house, }?er Siipeiflcial ftol No. 3 hammering on Boston custom-house, pe r s' i per lie i a. foe *t... ........... No. 4 hammering on Boston custom-house, per sti;>erii' ial foot For all lied*, builds,ends, backs, 4c., ham mered full to the square, as ordered, per superticialfoo; Kach bidder to furnish a sample?a cube of one foot of the stone he propose fo deliver, with five facer; hammered, giving on four sides his under standing of the abovefourqiialitles of hammering; the fifth side, bi? rough hammering; while the sixth may show the rough stock; and this will be used as a standard in judging of the stock de livered. If of marble, the face of the ashler must be ham mered in the most perfect manner, agreeably to a sample of the size above named, to be furnished by the bidder; and the surface seen will be meas ured and paid for at ? per superficial foot. l or hammering of beds, omids, backs, 4c., full to the square, as per same, S per superficial foot. If the above is sand rubbed, per cent. Is to be added For hammering of channels and rebates, not ex ceeding 4 by 3 inches, cent additional per lineal root. For hammering of mouldings of one curve, - Kr cent uldi' ionai upon thecost of plain work; of ro curve >. ? per cent upon plain work, per su perficial foot. Each arris on same, cents per lineal foot. For hammering bevelled work, percent ad ditional to nlain work; but to apply only to the part cut oil' from the so uare wo. k - and which is in no case to be measured in the plain work. For hammering of circular work, percent. additional to plain work. Ninety per cent, of the amount of the work done and material delivered, according to the contract price, rsaid amount to be ascertained by the esti mate oi the superintendent appointed for that pur pose.) will be paid from time to time as the work proceeds, and ten per cent retained until the com pletion of the contract and aecptanre of the work, JvC., by the superintendent aforesaid. Contracts will be awarded ojdy to master build ers or mechanics; and the assignment thereof, ex rcpt by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same Kvery proposal must lie accompanied by a writ ton guarantees, signed by two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the district attorney or Judge of the said district) that the bidder will, when re quired, if his proposals be accepted, enter into a contract and >?oud, with juo|>er and smile lent se curities, in the sum of fitly thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of the same, if for the whole work, and of a proportionate amount If for a part thereof Any iniorinalioii touching the mat ter can be obtained by applic ation to the Treasury Department. Proiiosals will uUo be received up to the afore said date for furnishing and delivering at the site, by the perch, the rough stone lor the foundation, cellar, aud area walls of said building, and must I* of the very best description for that purpose. They will be required in such quantities aud at such times as will be most for the convenience of the operation on the work, and in quality, to the eutire approval of the superintendent, fhe de iiartmeut reserving the right to rejec t the pro|??sals hereby invited if the interest of the United States should require it The proposal' must be sent to this deprrtment, directed to the superintendent, under ( over to the Secretary i?l the 'I ieas?iry. (endorsed " Material,\ for th" Trra*ury />'?</<//.?* Kft> n non,") and will l?e opeued at oue o"rlo< k, p m . of the last day fixed for receiviiw the same, in the presence of the bidders, if any choose to attend F.n juirer, Kichmond, Va., Sentinel, Alexandria. Va ; Intelligencer and Star, Washington, I) C.j Sun and Kepublicau, Baltimore, Aid ; I'enusylva nian, Philadelphia; Day Book and Sun. New York; Post, Boston; Argus, Portland, Me ; Patriot, Concord, N ii ; and Argus, Albany. N. Y , two tunes each week for sixty days Bill to be sent to Secretary of the Treasury. A. II. BOWMAN, Sup't of Treasury Building Fx tension. B?HwrtBdayn. NEW WALTZ.?Just published by the sub scribers, the '?Multifiora Waltz," compoeed aud dedicated t > Miss Sallie Drisch, of Leesuurg, Va., by Prof. J . A. Young. H1LBUS A urrz Jv 21 Music Depot. WATLK (OOLDKS.?Some of the hand' somest and be*t everyway in the city, will be sold st reduced prices. Also. Doable let Pitchers, lower thnn ever, at the Housekeepers' Furnishing Store. 4?i Seventh street. U FRANCIS a u 4? Information for Travelers. ALEXANDRIA * WASHINGTON BOATS. 'pHE Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will I. leave at the following hour*. Fare cents The THOMAS COLLYER. when not other ways engaged, wui make trips oa the route at al t?. mate hours. Leave Washington at 6, 8, Dfc, ll#,8lf, 4,5#, aid 7. Leave Alexandria at 7, 0, 19*, 1*, 3jf, 4*, and P. S.?The Boat will leave Alexandria at IX F* in , or immediately on the arrival of the cars. Jy 7?d JOB CORSON Captala. C HANGE fc ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Si GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE! rpwiCE dally between WASHINGTON and I the SOUTH, r?o ALEXANDRIA, GOR DONS VILLE and RICHMOND?no night line oa Sunday. . Leave Washington x before 6 o'clock a m Leave Alexandria % 44 7 44 am Leave Washington jf " 7 44 pm Leave Alexandria X 44 8 44 p m PARKS BY NIGHT LINE. From Witshlngton and Alexandria, to Gor dons vllle S3 2-5 Krom GordonsvilU* to Richmond 2 25 Travders will find the morning line the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious route to tne Greenbrier White Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm. Hot. Alum and Capon Springs, warrenton, Charlottsville, Staunton, Strasbure, Winchester, Harrisonburg, l<exington, Weirs Cave, Natural Bridge, Luray, New Market, Mid dleburg, Ac. BARK* BT MoRNISS LIHB : Proa Alexandria to Warrenton, - ?fiWi 44 44 Gordonsvllie. - 3 50 44 44 Charlottesville, ? 4 5U " " Staunton, - - 6 00 44 44 Strasburg, - - 3 50 44 44 Winchester, ? - 3 50 44 44 Luray, - ? - 4 25 44 44 New Market, - 5 00 " 44 Mlddleburg, - - 2 25 OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will bj at the Depot of the \\ ashington Railroad, to C'-nvey passengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for ALEXANDRIA, a distance of 6 miles, aliow h i ample time for meals. H. W. V ANDEGR1FT, Jy 14 Gen, aupt. Ct EAILE0AD EHIECT TP THE WEST. Time between Washington and Wheeling but IT * hours I Running Tirno betwoou Washington and Cincinnati 27 Loils !! THROUGH TICKKT* ASP BAOUA6B CHECKS TO BB HAD IN WASHINGTON. ' i III E BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ? ROAD having greatly Improved its Western c nnections, now otters the fullest Inducements to 'I.ivellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI M?>RK. and all portions of the WEST, NORTH - W EST, and the SOUTHWEST. 1'heconnection betwe?wHhe Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Baltl i i.ire is always promptly made at tL?- Washington Junction (latelycalled the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore. This is the change of cars n. julred ljetweeu Washington and the Ohio river. Iligqageis cbecktsl thrc igh to Wheeling at the Washington Station, m l reehecked ana trans ferred there, (withthe pa>-eneers)without charge, for those holding Thrown Tickets for points be yond. The connecting Trains leave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and Itf p.m. On Sundays at the ! titer hour onlv. At WHEELING direr1: ronnettion is made v th the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAIL HEAD, running from Mellalre. on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through C mbrld?<e, ZanesTille, and "?i* wark, to COLUM BUS These tralus connect ?:t Newark with the car* of th- Newark, Mansfield t Sandusky Railroad for S.uidusky, Toledo, 1)' *.roit, Chicago. St Louis, etc At COLUMBUS the C O. Rai'road trains con is. rt with the fast trains of thr Little M-iumi Rail road to Xenia. Cincinnati, ftoulsville, etc. At XENIAton Little Miami Railroad) connection Is foimedwith the trains through Dayton,to Indian apolis. Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock island St. Louis,etc. Passengeu holding 1 hrough Tickets for M-mpkis. Vickiburg, N<it<kez, N-w Orltaii*, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati totue Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Kvansvlllts, Cairo, and St L?mis are sold bv this rosfte. (jy Eor CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland t? Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when the Ohio is uavig.ible between Wheeling and W ellsville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad Is ii.ide. Travelers ure requested to notice that while this is the onlv ?.?<?;? attending Through Tickets and d eck* . ashington, it is aiso the shortest, most speedy and d11?? t to nearly ail the leading points 'n the great West. The distance from Washington to t'.ucinnatl is but 653 miles, l>elng about 1?*' miles sl or?er than by any other route! I'ARK BV I'llKOKiH TICKET, PROM WASH IN iTON :?To Wheeling,#!* 50, CUum bus, gl3 yt?n, S15 50. Cincinnati, ?16 00, Louisville, by rLiir<i\d. SH ??5, by steamer from Cincinnati, SF <*?: Indianapolis, 817 50; Cleve land, 91250; Toi'-do. 915 ?0; Detroit, Hi 2(>: Chicago, ?20 65 and Sl!?50: St. Louis. ?2* 50 aua M?mphis, S5i0, New Orleans, ?tj|; etc. 'f7"FOK FREDERICK AND HARPER * FERRY,MARTINSilURG, CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PI EDMONT, OAKLAND, and FA1RMOUNT, iPissengen may l.ave Washington at 6 a. m. or l>, p m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. in train from Wrishingtoc ? IJI^For tniins to and from Baltimore, Antpous, etc.. see special advertisements. fi^For further Information. Through Thkets, Ac . apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Ruilroad, Baltimore, may 3?II THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES !>1A1L STEAMERS. riVIE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE A are the ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, Captain Comstock, ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. These Ships have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; every care has been taki'a In their construction, as ia the engines, to lusnrc strength and speed, and their accoi.imoda tin. t for passrageis are unequalled for elegance and comfort. PRICE 07 fA33AttB. F.oin New York to Liverpool, in lirstcauia, S1-* be r.d cabin, ...... 79 l"x iuslve use of extra size f.tate roo:..n, - 300 From Liverpool to New York, - ? *> and ?20 An experienced Surgeon attached to each ship. N a berth can be secured until paid for. I- oi freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS Sc. CO., r 1 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Li vcrpool* E. O. ROBERTS A CO.. 13 King's Arms Yard, Londoa. JOHN MUNROE A CO.. ?lue Notre Dam* des Viciolres, Paris. GEORGE d DRAPER, Havre. The owners of the-e ships will not be accounta L'.. for gold, t.llver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre olous stones, or metals, mile s billa of lading are signed thert-ior, ana tne value thereof therein ex* pre; ;ed. nov 18?ly STEAMBOATS CONNECTING WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS ARR1V, in^ in Washington or A lei an- > gll ,'"J i. drl.'?'rtieSteamers THUS. > ?JSikfc YEll or GEORGE WASHINGTON will maae the ?bove connections, lea?hi" Washington at 6 a. ni., for the Orange and Aiexarldrla Cars, and con nect with the same train on their arrival. |;jT MEALS furnished on the boats. 'i ue Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain, may 17?tf ______ TI!K POTOMAC RIVER STEAMBOAT COM PAN Y S STEAMEK ALICE C PRICE, CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, 11/ILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIX ?f o'clock a. m.,and ALEXAN- ^ - Dk I V at 7 o'clock, a. m ? (in TUESDA\ MORNINGS ?For Mattox, Cnmoman, L. Machodoc, Plney Poiut, Klnsale, ami Gone On FRIDAY MOR NIN 'i S?For Chapel Point, Wicomico, Leonardtow a, Piney Point, St. Mary s, and Cone. On WEDNESDAY, (returning)? Leave Cone at 1 o'cloclc, a. m., for St. Mary's, Piney Point, Leonard town. Wicomico, and Chauel Point. On SATURDAY, (returning)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. m , for Kinsaie, Piney Point, L. Ma chodoc, Currioman, and Mattox. The A C. Price will call at the usual landings on the river when signals are made. By order of the Board: JAMES P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., June 1,1655. Je 15?tf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS ANU FRIDAYS?FARE, round trip, 91; from Alexandria _ _IL 75 cents ?The steamer THOAI As?g?gn||2 'COLLYER '.er.vev Washington at 9, and Alexan dria at o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at Sltf o'clock ^Coach fare 10 cents. Per sons wishing ihe cogues will leave their residence With George A Thomas Parker. Kefreshn.eiits on the boat tfl2&?tf baM'L GEDNtY Captain, Information for Travelers. (?ARAL PACKET LINK?U POINT OF ROCKS. 'HHE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been JL : thoroughly repaired and pn>frflTi?-J. ? ?. J .W in tret rate order (the maehlner\'0g9S9BM being removed and bor*e power substituted) ron tinues making her r*vular trips between George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H A H . G Rliter for Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, WEI) NESDAYSand FRlDAYSat7 o'clock a m; and the Point of Rock* ft* Georgetown on TL ES DAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at fhe vane hour, stopping at thedlfferent landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengen aid freight, going and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. m., and arrive at the head of the Great Kails at 11, Seneca at 1. Edward's Ferry . Monocacv5K, Knowlan's Ferry ft, and Point of Rocks at 7 o'cl k f>. m. Returning, leave Point at 7 a. in., Know sn's Ferry at 7)|, MonocacyS, Edward's Ferry 1', Seneca 1, Great F alls 3%. and arrive at George town at 7 p. m Passage through either way 92 Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod erate prices. CHARLES MERRILL, Capt. Je 2S?dtf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. C iHANGk OF HOURS?On and after Mon J day, the 23d instant, the Trains wilt Leave Washington at S and a. m , and 3 and p. in. On Sunday ati^ p m Leave Baltimore at 4 and a. m., and 3 and S'4 p m. On Sunday at 4 if a m npEl?tr T^H I'ARSONS. Agent. TO ALL THAT VALUE THE IB SIGHT. WISHES to rail the attention to all that suffer with defective si^ht. caused by age. sick ness and particularly from glasses injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by* himself to a true ?spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Optometer; ana the practice of many Vtars, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and batis laction. J. T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of those that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send - in-J the glasses in use, and stating hew inaiiy Inches they can read this print with their specta cles, can be supplied with such thai will improve th.-Jr sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and iefer ences givea to many who have derived tne greatest ?t ?? and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to Ik* had gratis, at his otlice. No. 512 Sevnth street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, op stairs. Norfolk, September7,1SJ1. Sir?'The Spectacles yo-i made forme suit very w 11, and seem to have "improved my sight more lLau any olli* r 1 have lately tried. LITT. W TAZEWELL. 1 have trhd a pair of Spectacles obtained from ?'?It. Tobias, and Utid them of grert assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description <?f the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful optU ?lan. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J. Tobias: Sir?The pair of Spectacles jou fu:nb hed me yesterday are particularly satls&c ' 9ry to me. Tn?*y are very decidedly the best I ?assess, and I am the owner of eight or nine pair, i urefuil/ selected in different places and from op tician* recommended to me on account of their i-iofeesional standing in England, France and tLe United States. I havf been also pleased with .ij'ir remarks and directions on the treatment of i!?:> ??yes, f??i thepurposeof preserving andunpror lag the sl^ht r Rcspectfdly. yours, CHAS. CALDWELL, Profes sor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Lvnchbckg, Nov. 1?, 1SG1. rlr. John 'loblas having furnished me with Oiassen. bv which I have l>een gr? atly aided (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at light in my earMer life) it affords n:e the highest pltasuie to say thai I consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid iho.-* who ?aiy need his professional se? vices. \\M. B. ROLZIE, Elder of Methodist Conference. Wilmington*. N. C., Jan 27, I^M. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to say t'int the Spectacles which 1 obUi.ud from you lad week are entirely satisfactory. F rom an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto fore found gr?'iit difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance It afford* me pleasure ?o t uiie that, by the aid of your optometer, tlil s ditt ( -Ity.has been happily obviated so that thegias, r* ? su furnished me an d?-cidedly the b?et adapted to it/ eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R B DRANE, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior, May 7, 1^55. I r^ra natural defects and th<* imequrd range of r.:y eyes, ( have been compiled to u>e glassy for sevral years. I have tried different opticians wlfliout obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my cyvs. Four months since .>lr Tobias made two p4irs especially for me, which 1 have found to ;rve me perfectly By the use of his optometer Le is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. i most cheerfutly recommend Mr. Tobias to all living occasion to useglasses, and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENItY E. BALDWIN, Asilst. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. iv :c-tf OK. L. Li. WRIGHT'S UKFAIIINO "SCROFULOUS ANTIDOTE," Ftr t.U Ptrt,tn%ent Cvrt cj CONSUMPTION and all otktr fnr^% of SCKO FULOUS DISEASES. fjHHlS .Medicine i-* pri pared Ly m eir.'.ncat phy A slcian of eighteen years practice In New V ork c'.ty, during which lime he has constantly used It with the most unbounded success, and created for It a reputation in private practice, unequalled iu the hr.tory of medicine. It acts immediately upon the blood, cleaning it from all scrofulous humors or Impurities, renovating and, by Its maMc pow ers, IN V1GORATE TflE WHOLE t^STCM, In proof of which, h-mdrcds of rebpeclable wlt n.^J-es from tne dot tcr's private practice have giv en i i tueir testimony, a<id en'.reat^hoje suflerlng froa< any srrofalouH affection, to call upon i\tm satisfy tkemselees. A Treatise on Scrofulous Diseases can Ik> Lad gratts at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 broad way, and at Drug Store. generally CHARLES STOTT ft CO., Agents for Washlngtoa SJLi. L. It. V> RIGHT'S TAST2LESB 44 LIQUID CATHA3TIC'? OH, FAMILY PHYSIC. TillS is the BEST, CHEAPEST, and MOST EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It Is TASTELESS, (thireby avoiding the nau seating effect of Pills, Oil, Senna, ftc.,) and pro ducing no griping or other painful effect* Unlike all other purgatives, it searches to the bottom of the disease, thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leaves the bowel.-s entirely free from costlveness NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readily and without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RE COMMENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give It a trial and then Jud^e for yourselves. II can be had whol??sale ana retail at E. H. STA BLERft CO.'S, Baltimore, or CHAS. STOTT 4 CO., \\ ashington. 1) C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, where the doctor can bo consulted daily on diseases generally, from 12 to 2 p. m., without charge. Je 13?ftin NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OP MA1.I. ft BROTHER. BARUCH HALL, surviving partner of Isaac Hall, having on the 2>?th day of February, li?o, assigned to the undersigned all the stock (n trade and debts of the tirm or Hall ft Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts liabilities, and engagements of &aid liriu of Hall & Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rab-ably among such of the remaining cred itors of said tirm as shall within six months from said 2Mb day of February. 1S55, execute and de liver to said Baruch Hall full and absolute re leases of all indebtedness to them respectively by said Paru.-h Hall, surviving partner as aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such credi - tors of said tirm of Hall ft Brother, or said Baruch Hall, surviving partner, as nay desire topartici. pate in the benefit of said assignment to eiecuto and deliver to said Baruch Hall fidl and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the period of six mouths from said 2^th day of February p<65 RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee Je 11?eotAug2hth C. WARRINER. WATCHMAKER, No. 330 Pa. avtHue, bttwetd Vth and 1U:A itreitf Washington, i? c. Jeweling, and every kind of repairs to Watches. Jy 17-jtm r\0 YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICR cream ? Go at once to AR NY. Bridge street, Georgetown he was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, forics chkams, Icl"' *nd *** may 2S?eotf LAN? OF OOLO; California unveiled: Reality versus Fiction : bv H. R. Helper. 1 wl- FKANCK TAYLOR. Medical. INHALATION FOB TBI CVBB OW ASTHMA AND CO V 8 UX FT 10 V . yEW AND VERY WONDERFUL 9 9 9 >tr*i|ht ktat U til fioor of tkt NillitaT A WONDERFUL discovery iwlll been made by Dr. Curtis, of this city. In the treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, ana all diseases of the Lungs We refW to Dr CURTIS'* HY GEANA, or INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AN1> CHtKRV SYR I" P. With this new me thod.Dr. C. Las restored many afflicted one* to health, as an evidence of which he has innumera ble certificates. Speaking of the treatment, a phy s'rlan remarks, "It Ik evident that inhaling?con hU1uy breathlug an a/reeabk*, healing vapor?the medicinal properties must come In direct contact the whole arlal cavities of the lunirs, and tliescape the naany snd varied chai)res produced upon them when Introduced Into the stomaci , and subject to the process of di-jettion " The ffVite ana Is Iter sale at all the Druggist* throughout the country.?N. Y. Dutekmnttjmn. 14. The Inhaler Is worn en the breast under the lin en, without the lea&t inconvenience? the heat of the body being sufflcient to evaporate the fluid Hundreds of cases of cures, like the following, ought be named Onepackage rf the Hygesna has cored uu?f the Asthma of sli years standinjr. J. F. KEESBERRY, P. M. of Duacannon. Fa. I am enred of the Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr Curtis's Hygeana MARGARET EASTON, Brooklyn, N. Y. MRS. PAUL, of .No. 6 Hammond sUeet, N. Y., I was cured of a severs case of bronchitis bv tic ! Ilygeana. ' My sinter has bees r jred of a distressing couth ?'seTfr*^ years' standing, and decided to be In curable by the physicians. She was cured In one month by the Hygeana J H.GACDEKT, P. M. Richmond, Me. The Rev Dr. CHEEVER. of New York, testl boh or our medicine In liie fotlowlij^ lan^r.a^** j . . Naw Yo>j, Nov. 15, 1bS4. Dear Sir: I think highly of Dr. Curtis's Hvge ana as a remedv ia disease* of the throat and l'ihgs Having had some opportunity to testify it* efflca ci ' * convinced that it is a most excellent rem- j edy, both the Syrup aud the Inhaling application to the chest. Prof. S CENTER writes us as follows: GenUemen?I have recently had ocrasion to test i your Cherry Syrup and Hy?enn Vapor, in a cw j of chronic sore throat, that had refused to yield lo other form* of treatment, and the result has s*ti*. j lied me that, Whatever may be the composition of , your preparation, it is no an excel- I lent remedy? I wish for the sa*c?f tkr afflicted that it mi^ht be wrought wlthla UnlMBk of all. i DR JOHNS, one of the most (i&tatad Physi- I | ctaus In New \ ork writes as Dr Cfarts?Dear Sir?Haviog witnessed the j I excellent etlrets of your 11 vj/eana cr Inhaling Hv- ' Ya.??r *,M? .Cl*rr>' s>ratl-1B ?*<*' of Chronic ! Bronchitis, and bciii^ much in favor of couuter ir- 1 riiation in affections of the, Bronchial tubes and lungs I ran therefore cheerfully recommend your Med .rated A pnratus as being the most ron vt merit and etlecjual mode of applying anything of the kind 1 have ever seen. No doubt thousands persons may be relieved, and many cured bv V-ing your medicines. ' 7 I must here be allowed to ronfes* that I am op ^ m Rrs,Cnb,in8 or "si,l?^ret-omnoun(b, but this little neatly contrived article, and Its ef to' bavo JyUUnkpr^"' " "** lu l"V w"* >?" Respectfully. yours. 4r C. JOHNS, M. D No. 6oy Houston street, S. Y. Price three dollars a pncki'ije I'w-f * ,', K^,NS BOYD ft t A t L, 1 iy Chambt rs it , N Y. , ? ?lr.Iw<,ka^*'s *rr: fr,'? to any p;irt of the Uni t? >1 States for ten dollars. -.n'J '/{Ci lv'iV";C??*"/***11* 's the ORIGINAL and ONL\ OENtMNf. ARTICLE: ail ot>-en? are base jmltatioiis, orvliertnd Injurious coonfr leiw. r?hun them a' \o? woi'ld POISON 1 or sale in Washington by CHA? <TfiT'f in avenue, near Tth htreti, and J. P > ,? ?? tue Hrsl Waid. j ? AKTKK'K SPANISH MIXTURE. I THE GREAT PURIFII.R OF THE ELOOD! Nor A PA.BTICLK OK MEKl'CRY I!f IT AN IN K A I.LI IILK REMEDY for Serf i la. Kia? s Evil, Kbeninatlsm. obstinate Cutane ous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on lb* fa< e lilotches,B<?il^Chronir Sure Lyes. Uin^ Worm ^ ,v f7' ^ Head, Enlargement and I'ain 2; !Ve UoIles aild Joints, Stubborn I leers, Sy phllttie Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Com P' lint.. and all the diseas.?* arising from an ln ji.dlrioiis use of Men-nrv, 1 mpri? deucc ia Life w Impurity of the 7|^1I1S VA1.DABLE MEDICINE, which las m. become celebrated for the number cf extraor d.aary cures, efiected through iu agency, has in a ,v d the pronrietors, at the urgent request of their ^.er.ds. to offer it to :he pubtlc, wSch thr v do pe utmost confidence in its virtue* and won derful curative properties The foiiowfti- certlfi ctu <. selw t??d from a large number, are, however stronger testimony than the mere w??rd ot the pro-' prie.u.-a: and nre all from gentlemen well known la t_etr localities, and of the higfcti,: respc- tablil ino-id*^*- 1 in th? city o* Rich nl. BO ?'DEN, E q., of th? Lxcki;: ~e botal, 55.- HSSIVov^!1 ^vt:r>"*'i-ere, uivs he h^s rt*a / m Caktbb's Spanish Mik 3/1 'i1 "ver a hundred, lr> .i dl^>a?<<Kvfor which it?? reeommend ea? v/ith tue most astonishingly ^ood results. He say* it Wi the most extraordinary medicine he ha? ever seen. AGUE AXD FEVER-GREAT CURE-I hereoy certify that for three years I had Ague and wL0f the nrio,,t v,o!f*nt description. I bad sev eral i hyaicians, took large quantities of Quinine, Mcrcury, and 1 believe all the Tonics advertised but all without permanent relief. At la?t I tried carter s SpanUh Mixture, two hotUt* of which eflec.ually cured me, and i am happy to say 1 ^VP chills or fevers since. I con p.der It the best Ionic in this world, and the only medicine that ever reacLed my < ase! ? JOHN LONG DEN. Lsavkr Ditch, near Richmond, Va. ^ -11 EUCK, Esq , now In the city or Rich mond, and for mauy yeais In the Post t??ce, has such confidence In the astonishing efflcacyof C;.' s Spanish Mixture, that he has bought us nKiJSS1^^^ ht> ^ Kiven aw?.,' to ^ f'Uck says he has never known It to fail when .aken according to dilutions. Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician m-d for. me.-iv of the City Hotel. In the city of Richmond, ha iwitntbsed <n a number of instance^ the effects of larti r's Spanish Mfvttire which were most truly surprising. He sm , ? SSTSF1"*' dt'Pe"denl on Liver, the good efiecuj were wonderful indetd. K kef \yl ?,R?!NKthe firm of Drln r^L?i Y . ?' ,Richuiclul< was cured of Liver Complaint of three years standing, bv the u?? of two bottles of Carter's ?^nWu Mixtme. UHEATCUKE OF SCROFULA ?The Fdi ^ ? t^>- R'^h,nond Republican had a servant 1 u j 1>reys nK>m- cured of violent r<re?5 rfi' Ckw'Kljeu^?atlsin, Which en tirely disabled him from work. Two bottles nf Carter's Snanish Mixture made a pu?crcl?e of nl 0r8' in a Pubiic notice, say they recommend it to all who are aftlcb-d with any disease of the tlood." "Trmn i .SrJLL ANOTHER CURE OFSCRO fULA ?^ftl's TZ?Tdl,,w-e ^ Ci<r^d of Scroftia by t'cirt^r 8 Mixture. 1 consider it tmimr i viable medicine JAMES M TAVIOR rL ue R. F. and P. H. U Co' STAND 1 ValCDKKi?F.,TWI!1TY YKAKS u, .. 1 ^URED.?Mr. Joh\ tuoup by?^^M^f KicUlnond- was cured ^ a It R h enm wk f Mixture, of ve^ and W for n?"lj twenty Sdn? cu? M^^ physicians ,>/the city merchant ^ . ,roh,?mPsou a well known mo?t rJmikable y Riclunoud. a?d of Richmond, had a ^ ^XPhllis, in the wars: form, by _ _ r " ' Punish A^xture He says hecbe^rT'Ilr m'-dicine" a CO'uslders it a very invalv^me LDWIN BURTON, commissioner of :be reve nue, says he has seen the good effects of Carta'? Spanish Mixture in a number ^f Svphiiitte c*? a atid says It is a perfect cure for :h-t UorHW 4^' ease }VM G. 11AR WOOD, of Richmond, cuied of old Sort* and Ulcers, which disabled him Loin walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and wai enabled to walk withcct a crutch In a short time permanently cured. ' Principal Depots at M WARD,CLOSE* CO No. Mb Maiden Lane. New York. U ' T. W. DYOTT A SONS, No 199 North street. Fhliadelphia ' North BENNETT A BEERS, No 1 ?". M.i. . Richmond, Va. ' ' Maln ???, A'^^^^VCHARLESSTOTT ton, D C.: HENRY PKk aLJ. * - Washlne 01 ^ ?>?"? f<" n to ??,W [ow?^w V ^^n<1 fcW SALU 4 STEPHEN^. Jy a^n?e; next to Iron H*ii. Medical miTATK HKD1CAL TKKATta Til HILOfOPBJOAL VIIW OF MAEEIAQ n M. B. LA rtOU, *. D.( alkjky. /r t, IZTS60 page* and 131 Fine PUP. tmi Colors* Lithographs 11M Plato Pile* tily TwontT-H** *? Stmt Ft*4 of Fottft is aJ* F?<?-* ?/ tii Dmm | CHEAPEST BOOK EVER fVb ^iSKLi>? V> io4 *??*iIbIbh MVl]f double the quantity of read ing matter la that of tho FIFTY CKNT OK DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. It treat* on the PH V8IOL OBY OP M Alt RI AUK, and the Secret I nhr rattle*, and Disorder of Youth ?Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which destroy the r' yslcal aad mental pow ers, with Obaervatlona ? Carriage, Its duties and dlactjal if cations, die*: will aad Physl . r arnjut _ _ _ _ ti-es, aad functions A popular aad compcebea dltqoal tuelrremedies, with LltLo* rK-'n, illustrating the Anatomy aad Physiology aad Dlar?a of the Kr productive Oi^im of both mm, Mr ?fiHn . *lve Treatise on the Duties and Cauaaltle* of sla v le and married mode of securi I le and married lift? happy and fruitful alUaacra ore* their ??fwtlle ??*-ttelr obvlatloo and removal,?Importa-t c lata to those coatc mplatlng matrl moo*, that will overcome objection* to It; none, however, should t; he this Important atep without Irst coi.?ultlnir iu ; -get,?comn<rntalis* on the disease* and medical t raiment of femaiea from Infancy to old age, each (-xte graphically Illustrated by beautiful lithogra phic plates?aenrous debility, Its cause* and cure I v a proceaa at once so simple, aaf* *nd eP?? 'ual r'udt allure is Impossible ? ru'.v* f<. daily n. ua<?e u.ent?an eaaay on SmmMm . w ih rrarti- al r'semtlOM on a safer and moc hkt*-?bI IM|| of treatment?precautionary hint* on tl e evj, re siting from empirical practice?an ea*ai on all d .^eases arising m>in indlscretl >n. with plain and - hi pie rules by which all per-^n* can cure them* v,? without mercury?rrm? >' ir* for those seif ?? dieted m1s?rie*. and disa, |*>ii *ed hone* so un fortunately prevalent in tbevoung. It is a truth f.i! adviser to the married ana lb- ?* ???ctempl- ring Lisrriage. lta peniaal Is particular]. .*? ommend ???! to persons entertaining aecre* doubt* or inetr physical condition, and who are contloi . of bas ing hazarded the health, happlnea* a,.d j isdeg a u> which every human being is entitled Price TWOTYFIVK CKNT" r?, e*-\of Five Copies for One Dollar Mailed fr.* of post age to all part* of the United State* N. B.?Those who prefer ina\ -?nsnlt D t.A CROIX upon any of the disease*-ut vtwhfc .this L? ?k treats, either personally <?> t>, i?.? i *?ledi c'ne aent to any part of the I niou a.- ordtig ?o di re* lions, safely packed and can fully secu.vd from all enervation Address Dr M B LA CROIX Nr XI *:*ide Line, or Pos?0?re Boi 5TV. Aih*nT. i\ Y 11^ Odlce open daily from ? a w to - i rn , anion Sunday frirr. 4 until 5pm >m.e RK.MdVU L ?t-?rerst. Ridea Lane, Albany, . V. dec 7?y ?rr oa to U >1ni UU('T? H l.iNU'l caii.r'BdAT?:D GERMAN BlilJUf., PBirsaen at Hr. V. M. JA? kMi>. Pbiln^olshla, P*M WILL KF f *' TV * LLT CI SS LIVER COMPLKIFT DY8PIPMA, Jauiidire, Ckrontr ?r ,>.rr?i uii* *a.Ms cf 'he n*<t til li tt*?t atiiiik' * i>isori ttd Lit.. vr Stommri. H jch as Co?tlpatioa. I nsrard Pil??. FnPn?es, o. lilood to the h'-ad Aridity of flie MonacL. Naa* *ea. Hear*bam. * "for food. vailn"?? ?t H'eight 4 ? the a.*> * ing or I lsti?--?iir *t tne fi. -?f r-ioma* o, >wimmi < oi tin I'"2d, llumt i ^nd tit r?re'Uuin 1 l'.<t?ring ot the llrs CLoSiiic ??r SuiT<<-ai'. ,Sf1<?!ioBitwbeai inai.'nc I'-Mtt:--, Ul'nums ?f Vif.oti, Dot* of \V *b* infer* th? b P< "tad Ml Pen in ? " I. Dr - ci-ncv of 'ersf ration, '."eucwr-** ot i. e j'k ' ai d l.v'n* Pai* inthe?ide Buck Chest.| mb ^t'dden Flu?he? r H?-u: rtirnln^ is tt.e "lr<h, Const at lnia^,lnlu/k of Kvil, a id ^."est *>epre*s<t.n oj >p'rits rr^Hi. PROPF ? FTOR, la csiia^r tue ?**?ntl??^ i cf the pe'ulk to tui* prcpnrst.on. do* - t-? v. itt > f."- .-o* the v Host cor" l-m-e la it? virtue# r<l.'jdap( ?' "u of it I; t1, .? V: It U r? o.uiiienii.-d. It i?. no nrsr "?<! Mifr?? d ^?t i.-. b"t or- '?-* t * *' ^ d the '? -t of a ten veers' ?4<.fr .a? Ar rr Iraa leo, le. and 1 ? ir| .j""r ; ?!? ;?? i ?.rt x. :iei 0/ ?uf simitar |ie^..mtiMK ei.4'tl. Tic t, - , in f?- izvor pi7ea ly tK i?K>st pr??t?i - n'*nt d id w-.ll-knowii Pliy^taas .uji v.c\ v'?. It) *11 puitsof the rrmttr H iranive "''he fV loartay 1MBNadh CMin i ; ?ofoMfyn ? l lU<"d. ref*" a ?v who w 7 *11" leu**, to t .f "iteownjilla, or i'rartu^l tit^e.^t iiook f-.1 I- inner* ar-d i amilieti, ti b* l >d *-^?is of aii ths A^iiLs for -he Oerr iui Vriuclpal t?ih' Ma- f^U>rv, 1J9/ ,?CK Sl'KEKT, PHILAPELrHIA. TWTIMON i FROM NORTH 1 MU?L!\A Citlt/lran of Dr W. e??? Ki<*4 anoad Count* M. C Pink Hill. Mar h 4, P?S4 Da. C. M. Jacxaon, Philadelphia? iVar Sir: I been a subject of Dys pepsia. In it* v>r?i fi rm, for the last ase year* ruch wa* tnv cert* - tlm for tweise montli* that the physician* and aU w ho saw roe aaid I must die VV htie in this c<m diUcn l wu cairitd to th<- watering Place* lit V tr g.cla, Ti aatM Hrc, s^td North Csr?uiua. but wa* rl; t tienelltted by any water u> which 1 uh< n V? itlle on my wav torn* 1 stopped a at RutL e.'ordton, a small village in North Carolina, to tr-,? the cffect of ?w>u?e t'halvk -ate w?t? r in th/rt p ire. Aiwrat the las', of the week I went Into 1 d*. g store to get some medii Iim for mv child and ay-idf. There were s?_-seral of the village phy?'? rlans in the store, and one of them seemed to take koire Interest in my case. and. after a?klng me acme question*, aaia he had been a dyspenrtc ar.d h:?d h*en greatly benetttied bv the vine of IIOOI - UND S GERMAN BITTKRS, prrj*r*a by VL-u, and he Insisted that I would trv the Bit'er*. he also called the nert dav at my roon and : d*l?d so mix h that I would try them that I a?k-d hi?? to get me one bottle He didit. snd I com menced taking it a? directed, and I wae Bior* bm ef .ted tv It thsu aU the water and luedftine 1 had ( tor taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors c*u* to me for a pres< liption and medl<~ia?. (he&di* ]>cptlc.) and I gave htm neariv all tb*- **??? -?s i bsd left, which eflVet?d much pood In t. U; has often rtiled on me for of?he ? ..-l of medicine, saying ba waa in ? e u a ? by it than any other he had taken, out 1 h?ve 1 boen r.ble to ^et any inare for him or myM-lf *iu? v , will you, therefore, please rh'p me a docea c? iik*k? as soon as possible. Respectfully. )*ojra, W SMITH. n. R HOOKFR. Roge: aSiju Wakt Co.,N C., October til. l*?l, aays: "Having ?iperienc ed v? rv grea* trt'tv :te us-of HOOF LAND'S tiKRMAN BIT? 11 ir. Chronic ilyaentery and fumtloual derm.g. .uest ?* ih*' Liver, and lis concomitant esil> ,1^ 6 5 of obtaining a o^nuitUv of it for the b-' . n' " ? (immunity, koa will, therefore, , s?a?a lot, Ac., Ac. CERTIFICATE OF \VM J. AT'x ti l> Hcsi8 villi, \ adklu Co > C Novemt" ??t. 1-j& i Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dea/Slr: w i.e. t? r ? f rees to you my sincere thanks f t >?? ' cf 1 medicine which, to nay the leeof It h* -* f< clod a cure that all other medn ?? = :.??t I 1 taken, have entirely failed to do MOi l.\** ? ^ bl'.RMAN BITTERS liavecui..t n.e 01 ,ie uu*-'. stubborn and aggrav**ted case (< 'it ?ils tta', p>\bapH, ever feii to the 1<*-'i nan My "aei' .lot u strantM1 In this commiinity. a> at." w* k.iown In tn?s and the ui-onod'ti^ ??;n.* ,e*. an?t can truly say that my rjc. eery h: s a-toi. *? -d : J mv friends ar.l relai ons. a? 1 \iid ,.ie?i n < . nimc ided and not* lr ?.;did rr a: f "C d .i til 1 was prevn hd up> u t- Uy tL?* ?! '"it are at liberty to mak? *">*? se of t> *.s commun f-a* tiiMi for the oc^cS' aia^?? 1, )<-u m?y t? .nh prorf?r. *ruly, yours., Wi:. j. Aiv y-ji. These bitters are (.'rim* ?-rj'ia<,.*, t Vi?* ? or j te and strengthen the syaiemf n v? pr*cia jO it, and can be u?ed ft lc^ai.ta aa vr-?M as ar' ?l*s. For sale bv r? "^"'a.^e ieule. * ererv ?b? re nad bv Z. 1?. tilLhAN, 'Aishlntou; 3. L. Uu> \\'L1.L, and :. k. PIKkPC\T, A'< tfodri*. mar 1?If WATtPES, l) JEWELRY. S1L*EHW !P.V, fr. ?1. W. 6.1 'jT A BRO. are con*tantly ree^ei lovoice of the ah. v? ->-?* efi-r ? very a' > iu their line oi the louest^ ?iCl.D AND SiLYER \\ UKL of ever* d" scrlptioa m. ie to oru? r, sue* aa rtsrlWl? NIaLS. r!.d / embelM-hed. with ap >1 r;ai?" ilH slgns, ilLYl R TEA SETS, DINM K t_?5? VTcr^,Ae. Prwuous St' ne* sc-t la every s*vle, ^eia? orate AR MS5, CrkEST?. MOTTOF.S. A"., est at ?ton*. M. W . UALi A i?iiO., M4 Pa. *?., between Nlni aad lectins* it !??tf FAJ?1, PERFIMERY, VMUT ARTI eles, Ac ?We ha?e bw in t-tc** a 1 Jcf v*r'1* ety of ftne and ? v?mn.< n Fans. Harris, a'* l-' bin's celebrated Perfumery. Hr mU. CiK> ltmg and ptaylng Cards Toot' I'wde"-. I cr* Moanaies, Cigar Cuae*, C,?rd *t?. Ae., aliefwLiih we are Millng r ut at tow. T rt?e*ti? suit tho t1m?a at th* Piano, Mu?Ic, Stat'.ott.y, tud Fancy u<4da Store of JOHN P KLLIK, 0 3U# Pa avenue, hH WA and 1?A at?, ??y

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