Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1860 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ia r UB US HF. D E VBR Y A PTE R NOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) w # (Etatttg SI a r, VSi. XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C.. FRIDAY. AUGUST 10. 1860. N?. 2.883. ? ?? ? ? - * v i mm ti? w C+Tht of Pennsylvania avtnu* and 1UA at., IT w. D. W1LLACH. Pajera eerrrt in pvjtium by o?rriera it 94 a y*ar, or 9T oenta p*r mouth. To otaii #ur>eoriber? the pnoe is .f3-5? kjmr, in advance; ?2 for atx month*; 91 for three months; and for Jeaa thM three n ootiu &t theratn of 12 oenta a week. Sin^e neftoe. onwnr;li wrappers, two chti. \Ur A J'.'kiti ahouid be aeal to tit* office before 12 o'oioek m ; otherwise they may not appear antiI tfe next day. THE AMERICAS SCIENTIFIC ASSO< I. ATIU9I. ATMOSPHERIC CLirTRlCITT. Prof Henry jrave an exceedingly interesting lecture in Aquidneck Hall. Newport. Rhode Island, on atuio?pberie electricity. He first stated the many theories which from time to time have been given relating to the origin or ?oure? of the subtle fluid or element. It had be?n suppose'I to be produced bj the friction of the current* of air in motion: it had aim been attributed to growing vegetation; also to evaporation It wu well known that boiling salt water produced electricity Steam blown off from a locomotive was a scarce of electricity; but it was frictional. I'pon the whole the oriirin ,.f atmosDherie electricitv was not ton olusively ascertained There is a theory that the atmosphere is not electrical p*r **, but only by induction; that the earth is electric ami the air only electric under certain condition!). This wad 1'elcber'a theory. It had been adopted by m>iae European physicists, t and he nasi say that it had not received the attention it deserved The late Dr Hare, of Philadelphia, entertained a similar theory? that tlte earth was plus electrical and the air minus. It was certain that the amount of electricity in the air varied with the amount of vapor r> resent. On clear, drv. cloudless davs there ww but little ek ricitj to be detected by the electronoineterj; aud it ?u onlj when we had masses of vapor in the form of clouds that there were electrical discharges. If a polished in>a rod, two or three feet in length, with a Coltshed brass or iron ball at both ends, be eld horinntally. there will be no sign of electricity >u the rod, but ,i it be held verti ctlly. it instantly becoincs electrical. The end nearest the earth will be plus electrical, and the upper end minus. If the rod be held near the ground, and then raised as high a* tt tnan can rcach, ;he electronometer indicates a charge of eloctrual condition ; when near the ground it U most electrical. 1'he electronometer at the Smithsonian Institute showed great changes in a few feet elevation. It had been demonstrated that the electricity was repelled by the atoms of matter composing the earth inio the air. He used the word repelled as beet expressing the idea It had also been demonstrated that an atom of elecricity at the surface of the globe acted in concert with the globe itself in repelling a second atom of electricity outside the first. The repelling power was inversely as the square of the distance Prof. Henry then gave the phenomena of exnli.jitra 4# r?. >ar\K ar i n a 1 t ricitr J'lvrif v KTU|V^|/UVIIV VIWVSIVIVJ , WHIT CACHES A THIMDER STORM. No thuuier storm can occur until there are two layers of clouds. The electricity is carried into the air by the misses of vapor going up from the earth. Vapor rising from the earth always carries more or less electricity with it. He had ascertained these and other interesting y facts from Mr. Wise, the balloonist, with whom he had been in correspondence, and who had undertaken experiments Mr Wise said that in passing through a thunder storm, he was always first carried through a dense cloud into open space, with .1 second cloud hanging above hiin. Currents of air moved between the cloudy layers in direction frequently transverse to the current below the lower cloud He had repentedly been carried along by this transverse current, and when npon fining down through the lower cloud, he had again been caught By the ascending current and whirled up again. Between the two clouds there were constant flashes of lightning from the upper to the lower. 1 uew aasnes were aoi explosive ine heat lightning so often wen is the electricity of the upper cloud descending to the lower. The explosive discharge* are always between the lower cloud and the earth Between the two cloud* b hi I is formed. The upper cloud is nlways less den*e than the lower, and always 1 j&s electrical. A thunder storm aB it mored across the country war sometimes constantly renewed by th<5 musses of vapor constantly ascending and carrying ap electricity from the earth in diffused particles tj he returned in explosive discharges. New vapor carried up new electricity The French physicists thought that a thunder cloud might be disarmed by running up numerous points ; it might be disarmed or rendered harmless for a single locality, but as the clouds passed on new electricity would be sent up, so that to wholly disarm the thunder was impossible, for he had new resources always at command. BIXOCCLAR VISIOK. Tbe section of physics was much interested by a lecture from Prof. William B Rogers, giving some experiments and infeiences in regard to binocular vision. He combatted with great earnestness and warmth the theory of Sir David Krewster. that in the vidian eye8 combine the picture.* of the object before it which are made a pan the retina, point by point. This striking fact wan mated. Let an object be held in the band and looked at attentively for a minute, and the eyes then directed to a distant wall or screen, the room being darkened. On el??sing one eye, an image of the object is seen inclined iu one direction ; on closing the other, it is seen inclined in an opposite direc tion, showing that each eye had received upon its retina an independent impression or picture. On looking with both eyes, the two pictures unite, and the object is seen projected upon the screen. This idea of the independent action of th? two ejas was verified by showing thai t Ka tit I h? ? r s* r *? kib> 11 rvo / m n Km nrA.inAa/4 II UV v U W * V* ??v k <rwS uvvvv^v V?u WV ^ I VU MVVU bj passtng a card rapidly back and forth over tbe surface of the sierreograph, so that but one of the twin pictures is seen at any given instant; the two are united iuto one just the same as with the instrument, and it is seen distinctly projected. Thus it appears that the mind does much of the work Attributed to the retina. And Uiat wonderful effect which we all vision a the result of * variety of causes? . . a .L a other Desiae :ne eye playing an important pirt Thui? the ndm of feeling, fur example, by a little practice, we are able to see two pietu*es of an object held in the hand, showing that each eye had an independent picture; bat we commonly see but one, because the sen:* of feeling instruct* us that there is but one, and follows its experiences The lecturer was greeted with general clapping ot hands a* he sat down. In corroboration of the interesting views presented, Leigh Hunt mentioned a curious instance of " seeing , doable.** Looking through a latice at a bam, a in the front of whioh win an open door, he saw distinctly two doors tea or fif.een feet apart, and his eyes persisted in seeing two. Nor could bo. for the life of hits. t?il which wan the true and which was the false. The doctrine of Profess >r Roger." gives the explanation?each eje had a pioiure of iu own, and the slat of the lattice separated the two, or prevented then from being united beyond r AM BRIDGE ZOOLOGICAL MCRK1*. Prof. Agaaaii gave some remarks on an arrang?ta?at of a Zoological Museum He said that a museum indicated the condition of " knowledge in a country In regard to the Cambridge museum he said the first beginning was the ?*>,000 bequeathed by Mr Gray, folI lowed by $7i ?*0 from the eiUaen*; also by the State, $100,000 With such support, he laid out a plan which in the cud wowld be second to none in the world. One tonth part of the plan had been carried oot, and the specimens were being arranged lie inUuded to avoid all the previoa* models, tbef were aatiauated, because they were systematic?not giving the progress of science He considered them if anything. impedimenta. no aosirou iu pn:?cu. ?jo;oui wuicu i??iu show the progreM. Conceive of the vutc^llection* in the Jardinii des PUntu, extending * half mile? bewildering to the student. Before the >tudent jre'.J throa^b with the bird*, f*r u?t*nce. he lw^?u that there * re luiualj. All i4 the fee'ure# *4 nature must be studied. ud it m hi# Dim to m?ke tbg '-omplete st?-lj ik the ea?ie?t manner. All Uuoci that n r<brought into a laiueua should ixilbt brought into a eonunon room; then specimen* of tfte * ' -It .flftftl ) i I best should be selected ?nd placed in a room by themselves, and arranged to present the Ieneral relations of animals to each other irst he would hare the four great classes represented?Articulates, Mullusks, Radiates, Vertebrates?so that the student would be able to get an idea of each. He would have animals of different periods, belonging to the several classes represented. Then in another room he would have species :_ - i e :i:... *u _ _ in me srverai iitiumcs. nieir types?urn ill ties between the classes?going on step by step. Animals exist according to general laws, and tbey must be classed accordingly. Then he would have the zones represented, so that the student pacing from the animals of the Arctic regions to the tropics would see that there was a cosmopolitan relation between them all. He would hare rooms also occupied by animals of the 8ilurinn age by themselves, the devonians, the trianic, the cretaceous of each period by themselres. By this arrangement it would be is easy for the student to classify the animals of the put as the animals of the present. lie had no doubt that soon the Cambridge Mu*eum would take first rank. lie had received means as ample as could be well used, and the specimens were accumulating with wonderful rapidity. At present there were Q AAA 1 r _ iL. 'wai o uw ui u^uca huuitu in IflC British Museum there were about 4.000 speci-' mens; at Cambridge they already had 3,000 species included in 40.000 specimens. By exchange they would be able to immediately have a greater number of specimens. His remarks were listened to with intense interest by a crowded audience. lie was loudly applauded. The Tatal Kcltpse sf the San as Seen la Spain. To the Editor of the London Times. TrnBLA, July 18, 1S60 Pir : As observations of the eclipse by diffa r. i n (vaPdAtta in J l/\/* all t />a await V? a tn kvivMW pviouuc in uiuoicui ivuaiiuco mil UT3 IU" teresting. and may be useful, I seed you the following, made at this place. I took my station on a hill nearly west of the town, at the distance of above two miles. Below me was the extensive plain, or rather slope, descending towards the Kbro, with Tudela at ita lower edge upon the river. This slope is partly enclosed by brown hills of naked clay and gravel, and presents the appearance of a vast waste, the relic of some great deluge, studded with yellow corn-fields, light green vineyards and dark geen woods, which beoorne thieker towards the river. I bad ascended several hills in search of a station, and before I began to ascend the last, at about nine minutes past two, by London time, I could distinctly perceive, by the reflection from the gi v/uiiu ui inr rmj, mat iuo uiimaucj UI LUC gun wu diminished. 1 took my statiuu on tho top at twenty-nine minutes past two o'clock, near to a mound of stones, adorned with a black veil. Beyond, the gravelly landscape opened out in the direction of the flow of the Ebro. The brown hills surrounding the valley were backed by the higher mountains rising one behind another. some of them very distant. The conical hilis were conspicuous in the extreme distance to the north northwest, and the famous hill of San Moncayo, a gigantio mass, bound* i tne prospect to the south, at a distance of 25 miles Thia* mountain has been chosen as a principal station by the astronomers. From Tudelu its summit appeared during the whole eclipse to be enveloped in clouds. A bauk of cumulous clouds was conspicuous beyond Tudela, rising 20 deg. in the distant horizon, and anotner to tfce nortnea.?t. Utherwise tno sky waa clear and bright, and almost, cloudless. Shortly after 3 o'clock it became evident that the total eclipse was approaching from the northwest. At three minutes pist three the sky and the horizon in that direction were rapidly becoming dark, while (he bright glow uf sunihine was yet unchanged towards the wmtheait. At four minutes past three an unearthly, ghastly g ow, once seen never to be forgotten, ooverod the whole scene, and was must evident upon the gravelly ground at my feet. The light now rapidly decreased. But, with the exception of this glow, which was very conspicuous upon the clay hill, I could dee no particular change of color in the trees or landscape. At fit'** inimitAa naaf 'A tKo iraitApn Knrifnn < ? U ' ^ kU < ? IVS Y* ? w VUV ?? V" iVf| II uvi IfeVU wad lost in darkness, and the conical hills to the north-northwest were invisible, while ths clouds toward the east sent forth a bright glow of light froiu the sun still shining on their fronts At this moment bright waving lines of light flickered one after another over the ground parallel to my line of sight with the ?un. On looking upward from these I found that the sun had already disappeared,and that 1 had missed the formation of the corona. The black circle of the moon was already surrounded by this crown of glory; two stars shone brightly a few degrees from the sun, and so niM.irnifu*ftnt wax th? fur I? ahnTA fin if!n riou* the spectacle below, that I could not help look in/ for a few moments from the one to the other. A bright light, I think of a greenish yellow color, skirted the horiiontal sky. ami the banks of cumuli shone with a brilliant glow. The darkness was not intense ; the light from the eorona and the distant refractions far surpassed the brightest moonlight. It would have been easy to read the smalLeet ?yp?. 1 now locked at the corona It was not of uniform breadth, but generally about half the moon's diameter, while long beams of light issued forth in several directions. The longest, about 10 deg below the east side of the sun, was considerably longer than the moon's diameter, if I can trust my memory, after the totality was past. The beam next in length wae not far from the lowest point of the sun's vertical diameter, a few degrees to the west, and this beam, as it approached the sun. appeared to curve upward, and to join another beam which waa thrown off about 45 deg. below the eastern edge of theaun. For a few momenta ihese two beama formed a distinct oroscent, with its eonvex edge nearly touching the aun; otherwise the beams remained unohanged during the total eclipse; but this crescent was not evident during the whole time. Another of the longer beams wu thrown off from a point about 30 deg. east of the top of the vertical diameter. I also observed within the halo 3 darker beams, much shorter than the breadth of the corona. One of these issued from the central poiut of the orescent I have described. The other two were, I believe, clear ot the top of the eastern edge, but of this I speak from recollection. and not with confidence. While I was observing these beams the edge of the sun suddenly reappeared, about Si minutes past 3, and the first instantaneous burst of returning light was very impressive. I now observed the disappearance of the oor ona, and can aay witn connaence mat it did not disappear, bat was gradoallj rendered invisible by the increasing intensity of the suc't light. I could perceive it gradoally diminishing in breadth, till I could do longer observe the tan without protection to the eyes The long rays disappeared Erst. I now looked again to the south- The northwest horiaon was glowing with light, and to the southeast the cloud bank beyond Tudela was scarcely risible. The total eclipse was passing in that direction; the clouds presently booame invisible, and remained so daring about six minutes, when they gradoally reappeared. The rapid inerease or darknees to 'he southeast, and that of returning light to (fee northwest, were very evident; otherwise I perceived no line of shadow upon the earth's surface. Though much oooupied with theee oh?ervatious, the impression prodaoed by the total eolipoe is one whieh can never be effaced from the mind. I am. air. your *b?<ii?nt Mrraot, R A Thompsus, (some time Ob?err?r Hi the 1'iiiTersity of Durham ) 1 wB1; l ?* 1 *?> !t J t <Hu I A MRS. WINSLOW, N Kxperien ed None and Female Phyalolaa, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, VIM frailly taw.ttnaa lb a fnem af taathlnf, tey raft** inf ibt rtmi, riavir|4li uImbiuw--will allay ALL rtlR ana apumadie ?>,ar.d ia SURE TO REG VLATK THE BOWELS. Oapaod a pan It, tnathara, it will yi*a raat la yaaraalraa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa haaa pat apandaa.l ihia aruela for ??ar tan yaara,*ud can iat, in conrinsNca and truth of it, what wa ha?a o?T?r dob to ,My of any OTHI> Midiciui? (ib*bb IY1KS his it riaicjn a t INS lb ?T4?1'? TO bppbct a CVll, WI!^I81?1>V% 9 whin timtlT J. Ninrdid ? know ?/?.?? . ?vn ao ioitauci of dnHtiihdiN by any mi who iiid it. Od thi contrary,alt at* SYR ' f, dmrhtid with iu operation*, and in tirroi of highlit conimindatioo of m io> ml offaeta and madical Tirtaaa Wo apaak in .bil miliar ' WHAT WB DO BWOW," aftarton yuri'upinioei, and m.bdob OUR RBPI'TaTION FOR THB PCLPILMBWT OP WHAT W H BR B OBCLAIR. In a I moot iviry inotanca whirl mi infant II infirInf from pain and nhaoition, rilnf will bi found in tfuia or twanty minotaa aftar (ha ayrvp la aiminiittri 1. Thu ralaabla praparauoc ia (hi praaoriptioa of ono of tbl moat BXPBRIBNCBO and IRILPCL NCRIBI in Naw In*load, andbai baan ?ad with HBTBB-PATLtNS icccln ia THOUSANDS O* CASES. It aot aaly rilina* tbo child from pain, b?t in?i#or?toi tbl ilimi r h a n M Ka? la r nrrmr ta >?<< ----- a?- -?a ? ? ? ?? ? - " ?? ? - - - ? - avivnji BIIU | I'ti iru Mia anarf? to tha whola apatam. It will tlmt inatantlj raliaat Gkipins in thk Bowui and Wind Colic, ud a?areoma convaiaiona, which, If tot ipaaduy ramaditd and in daatb. Wa -?? ufliaaaittha HIT IKDIIIIISTKIM- FOR M Tinlhl WOILD in *11 caaaa of DY?- CHILDREN ?<Tt?Tiind Dill KH(Zl IN CHIL- XKfcTHINQ n*,l,i vlil'jlir H tnm from taatbme * Or from an* othtr etui. Wa tMi'.iij to oir^ raothar who haa child aafftrinf frcm any of iht forigou'r com plain to?DO HOT LIT TOUH rniJlDKH, NO* THC PltCJl'DI^Xi OP 0TH**5, tan i batwaan yaar aafarinf child and tha raiiaf that will ba 10*1?yoa, illoLHTlL) ?c* ?to follow ini ui of th maticina, if tiTaiy aa?<l. Fall dirtctici.a or aainjr will a Company a?eh hotua Nona jranaina aniaaa tho fae-aiinila CURTIS t PERKINR.Naw York, ia or. tha aataida wrappa oid by Dm? rit:a throarhoat tba world. Principal OKea. No. KCadar S.raat, M. T. Frteo mUU Canu par Battia. oa Il-dAwlr GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS A RARE CHANCE 18 NOW OFFKRKOTO n. any one who may he desirous of entering in a profitable busin* ?s. at one of the Sett stand* 111 Georgetown. I offer my entire stock of DRY GOODS on reasonable terms, in order to make a chance in my business. W. R HURDLE, jy 24 1 in Corner of High and (lay s?e. OFOR H ARPKR'S FERRY. N And aft?r July 3d, JFfift, the steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain \V. H Ritter, will _ir 1 1 k leave Georgetown KVKRV H KS 1/a i , ni ? . alio rv\ ri R DAY, at 7 o'clock a in., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a m. Oil t'.e Saturday trip from Georgetown the l?o&t will run through to Shepherdstown. je 21 3m 1 Cft JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBLS. WHISKY. (assorted,! 180 do. HERRING a d ALEWiVKS. 25 do. M EFINED SUGARS, P)hhd?. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbls. (Bayfield) WHITE Fi II, 25 boxes prune Eastern CHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, je8 Georgetown, D. C. A GKNCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALE8TN A GEORGETOWN. Tiie undersigned have been appointed Affpnts for the sale of the above ofl?t>rate?d and we i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! supply constantly on hand and for s&i* at lowest la'es. HAY and COAI. SCALE** ereoted in any part of the District or adjoining counties. AtlO 1 - _ T . ? aii pom's nr? w.irrahr.CKi aurarve, acoiirate, and to give satisfaction BU9EY * BARVAKD, Dealers in Aerioultjrai Implement*, je8-2m Bridge streot 2doors wont of Hi<h. ^RANUKLL, OPTICIAN. V> Ho. lil* Iiruirt ft., Giorrttown. Has oonstantiT on band a large assortment of FrenolrN?ar-eilcnt?*l! Pensc<>pi3, Col ored, aiidaT. other SPKOTA* t Krt, tlie best gua.ity, 10 gold, silver, srael.and ijermar. silver frames. N. B. Old F aints Repaired an<t new g asses set in tbem to order. . no 19-1y JOB. F. BIRCH, UVDSR I AKEK, Cot. Bninr and Jt,fftr\on .'Is., Georgetown. Having given my personal attention to this brancb of mi business, lain prepared to ?? ~. vttend to all oaHs with promptness Persons from adistawe eii nesapplind at a Vw minutes' r>oti e. ap I have a lares assortment of COFFINS always M hand [' attention paid U> the removal of the d- ad from the ?>ld to the new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap in-Cm MASSKY, COM.INS & CO.'S PHILAOfcl.PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonstautiy reoeiving fre*h supp. e* of t;,e aliove de.u .ifu J?everag<?, and invite all persons who want a pare unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY ft SHINN, Agenta, fe t 6V #}r**n ?t.. fjeoreetown. pR0P08AL8 FOR PAVING. Orrici of Commtssio^krof PrBLic Brn.Dixo*,/ August s, iwi \ Skalkd Proposal* wi'l be reo-ived at thu < flh* up to li o'clock, ni .on the 13th day of Augu<r n-xt, for Grading, Curbing, and aying the Bricic pavement, and Paving the Gutters, Ac.. on the w.u'.h side of Missouri avenue, between Third and Sixth streets west, connected on Four and-a half street by a Flag Footway. The Curbstone to be of the best quality of Mew York North river stone, in piocee of not less than lourn; 1**1 iODf, mwaiiHi ineh*a deep, and lour and a half(4X) inchea thick, and to be jo'nted and wfl' fitted. and set in a t-ed of coarse gravel and well rammed. The Briok to be of the beet aualitv hard red Pavinit Briok to be laid on a bed of Htiarp river sand four(4) mohea tleep on a bed of fi..e g avel free from olay or l;>am rhre?< V' inch"! d?ept with two oou : aea on edge next to tho euro and olb courae on edge on the inner line Noex'r* measurement for Briok on eJge. The q^one Paving to )>e of oon.mon oobble atones aot ezoeeding f>ur inch-a in diameter, except the atone on the outeide line of the * utter, whioh mu?t be six inchea In diameW, laid oa a bed of ooarae aand and olean gravel, free from oiay or I >am, at leant 9 i' ohea deeo, and to l*> twioe rainm?d, the aeoonrt time after being we 1 wet. aid co.ered with fi clean gravel or ooarae aand. Theoentreottha * utter to be Ibid with five oouraes ol hard red pavirg brick on edge. The Flagging to be of the beat quality New York North river Flagging. in pieoeaofuot 1-ns ttian four (4) f?et long by eighfon inchea wide, and not le?a than four (4) i^ohea thick, to be 1m < on a bed of fine ole*n gravel 6 inchea deep, free from olay or loam, and well jointed. All g>a<ling not exoeeding one foot to b* rated aa trimming, and the aurp ua earth to be removed be th- contractor to auch place aa may bj detiguatrd by_au pe-1 itendent. The work to be done m the beat &"d moat workmanlike mtnntr and to the atiafaotion or the Cmmiaaioner of Publ.o Bnii< in. a. and under the au permtendenoe of aach peraon a* he m%j appoint, and to Ue completed on or before the fi at <f November next, and warranted to aland twelve(12) months after completion. All repairs that may be repaired within the time for whioh the work ia wa-rait -d to atand to be done at the expense of the oon r totor. For the due perfo'maueeofthe work, aureeabl* to the oontraot, bond and aecuntjr will be required. Bidderawill atate aeparatelv the ra'e at wh.nh they wili?x*?aU the Curbing, Paving, and F.?* gni. including m%teri*i?, and m?'k their pr'?pofal? aafonow*: *Propo?ai? for Gr'dm< &e,Min*nii i avenue." JNO. H. HLaKK, au 4 dtlS aag CommiMicner. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oondaoted by the Spanish Government, up.ler the rapemaioo of the Captain Genera) of Cvba, will tate place at Havana on SATURDAY, AUGUST 26. I860. tORTKO yUMERO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 erne of f100,000 io pnsee oL |],m I do 80,000 60 do tot i do 90,000 158 do ? 4*K) I do *',ooo so approx. tjnt 1 do 10,000 rv ii r (iM pRrrvc Whole Tioketa, #a<T-HalT?a, #1 fl^Qnartert, |l. Pnsee oat bed at tight at B ?er oent. diecount Bills on all advent Bank* taken at par. A draw m* will be forwarded aa toon at the ream It /rt?forBteheraea or tioketa to be addreaaed to DON RODRIGUEZ. au6-tr Care of Cltj Peat. Charleeton. ft. a. For Superior Soda Water, With Delicioua Fecit aad Cbsam ftyacrs, Go to 6R AY'S, Northeaat oor. Masaachuactta ?.*- a.m< F.mrth - jytttw " 14 do CUBA SLGAR, SO bbla. REFINED oyGARS, m L.A f?Vt Mippvi' , s jrvvk?$j>va>l'FEt . 1 " Mon^1 ?hf P"^ jassa WfflMsrfcicoS?* * EDUCATIONAL. CO M~M E R C fA L COLLEGE. No. 47?Skvbhth st.. Opyotuetkf Gtntral Post OJltt, Waskintton City. Armorian Syntsm of Penmanship, Boo(k*?pinc, Mercantile Forms aad Calculations. Business C?>rrespor.deno*, Killa of Exchaiue, Current Bills, Oammiiainx ? !? ? | - .-,g?*>n k'oivnt va i (Ii?> *OU ANinVTIflllO. C?A Preparatory Class for Boj*. uiy ladies will b? inntructed m fine p?nminship. lloom<open from9a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms ftFpit at the Room*. ma ??-3,n WM. W. YOt NO a CO. Thk union female academy. niw arranc.kmknt. I hi* well known and popular Seminary, which ha* been no micces?ful under the entire care of Mrs. Z. Richards tor more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, under the united supervision arwl instruction of Mr. and Mra. I. RICH ARDS, in the well arranged and delightilly located L'nion Academy Building. For tartioalar*. ne? circular* at all the Bookstores. ma33 tf JVI MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL. I*" RS. McCORMICK deeires to inform he frier, 1a and the publio generally that rbe will reann:< the duMes of bar School on tha lat Monday in September next The oonrae of study pursued will oomprise ail tht uiwwun n^unw tOBlBOrcKlfB 53(1111] MM OS boa. In addition to her day aobolars. she is desirous ol receiving into her family a few putus as hoarders Med from 10 to 14 years, who will be ucder her in mediate oarnand oversight. Her arrangements for the accommodation and dae care of pupils have been oonsiderally increase*! and otherwise improved. Those in WashingtoL desiring particular information with reference U her school may apply to W. 1). Wallaoh, Editor c the Star. For terms and further partioalare apply at bei reei<le<'ce? No. Sf Cameron street. Alexandria. Va j?r-tf CLOTHING, &c. 4. 1 L'l I 1 VP r>pp w uljliiii\j v/r r V AT COST ! In order to decrease my s ock I havo d*t?rmin?d to close out the halanoe of irv SIJMM KH CLOTHING at cost All in want of Summer Clothing are respectful'y invited to call at \t?. 4?0 Seventh it., ?i>po^ite Post Offic?. *nd see the great redn tion in Summer Clothing jy 12-lm f TNITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION, Lj Wahhisoto.i. July 17, lWi. PmorosALS will be received at this Offio* unti noon of Tuesday, the2lst of Ancust next,for Furn ishing and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of tw< rooms over the connecting oorridors of tho Cap:to Extension ihr proposals ?"ust state the pnoe for eack oei! ing complete, in plao?, painted with three good onata >'f white lead in oil. All of the Iron work of the Ceilings, of ever* description, in: luding the fastenings of the ceilings to the walls aui) to the roof frames, mast beinoluded in the pnoe bid. The proposals must be endorsed, "Proposals for Iron Ceilings," ai.d must be accompanied by a guarantee, signed by one or more responsible per sons, ddres*e<l to the undersigned. They will be opened at the time mentioned .hove. in th* preseuoe of Mfe persons as may choose to tfrnd. The drawings of the oeilinga can been seen at this Office. W.B.FRANKLIN, Captain Topographical Kngineers, In oharge ot Capitol Kxtension. fCach proposal should be aooompanied by the lowing guarantee: Form Mf Gttnrantre. The undersigned, A B and CD, of , in the State ol , ami in the State of , ncreby guv ant? that in case theforecoinr bid of for iron c? flings, as above describe'!, be accepts, tie or they will, within ten days after the receipt of rhecontrao* at the p.aoe i aired execute the contract for the ori incs, with good and sufficient ecur.tira; and, in case the aaia shall fail to enter int< con'reot as aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the difference between tiie offer of the said and that which mar be accepted. Late , l?*jO. Signatures 01 guarantors, A B. C D. Witn(*9? K F I hereby certify that theaboye named are known t?> me a* able to make good their guarunt- e Sirnature. f) H. To he aigned by the United Statea dutriot jB<1 ge. United Statea diatriot attorney, collector, or aoirir persona known to the War Department. it 1R dtd WHEELER * WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rkmovkd to No. 340 P*. A v., xka* 7th St. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly in creaaing popularity of Wheeler & Wilson'a ui e quailed ra-nily Sowing Machines, wtiich for the last eight )<'ar? have mos' triumpha .t;> maintained tli^ir superiority, a? a family inatitution, over all CompxtitOi * for popular favor, the A,;ent hn* taken onu of the fine new atorea latel) erected on Pa avenue. n?ar 7th at . where a beatit fui aasort>?M?nt ol all the various stvlea may at ail time* be s?en. Ttiere were 21jf6 of thoae Sowing Machines sold ?L ? woo - lacn l ?. -J ? - ' * * -* in viio ??;?! iw>. i.nuiHj urc invuen 10 c?ll Mm s?f them,"together with certificates from many of th" belt citiien* of Waahi gton and Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly tested superiority If an* ladieR cannot call, let them send for a circular by all means. It is high time every famly i- the land was supp ied with one of these healtft and life saving instruments. Full instructions, both printed and verba!, eiven free of charge at the home ol the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 34til'a. av?nue, Jy 11-lm Between fitli and 7^h sta. SELLING OFF ! HELLING OFF! GREAT BARGAINS IN DKY GOODS. We oommenee to da* selling off our entire ?took ofSHKlNG AND SUM HER DRE?S GOOf'S. Bla-k Lace Shawls, and Mantillas, in fact a I Fano* Dr? s? at fr*aily reouoed Prices, many at lea* than cost of importation in order to rednce oar barge Stock. also In Store & full assortment of first olap? Ftaple Dom*?tio Goods. for reneral lamily purposes, til at the lowest Market P- ne?. J. W. COLLEY t CO. au 4 6t A 23 7th St., above Pa. av. 464 SEVENTH STREET. 4(|4AT THE OLD STAND. Th? snbsei iber, grateful for the liberal patronage a heretofore extend*! to him. has plf-m-ure to tnnoun'e to his form 'rpTT^B euH'omers and the puulio gene ally thatLiJ^ n<? h?.< azain openei >tore at his old stand, eorn?r or Seventh and F streets, with a full aud complete assortment of fine GROCERIES. TE\s>, MCJL'ORSand CIGARS Ho solicit)! a o.a'l from all in want of goods in his lino, intending to spare no etTorts to give eatire satisfaction. k rtii HI'TTER and Kfif5S/>nn?Untl?aii WM. H. BRERETON. Removal. McKENNEY A LANSDALE. INSURANCE * REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Washington Buildimis, comtr P ?. ar and Ilk *?., are prepared to Take Risks on LIVES. HUI1.DIN<>9, MERCHANDISE, H<?US EH OLD FURNITURE, 4c., at fturrat***, in sound companies. We name in part: The Park, N. Y., cash capita] and surplus. .SJ35.ono The Merchants, Ct, do. do iVi i*? mi ill :? /** J ? * ~ ? imrowiitV/ki oo. ao at The Northern Asanracoe, London 2,l!?4.noo room no. i. ) 21-?o6t Treasury department. August 1st, 1M0. proposal* will be reoeiv?d at the Treasury Department until the 15th mat, for supplying, for the use of the Department. 150 o?rda of Oak and 100 oorda of Hiokor/ Wood?all of the beat quality, to ha delivered at the Treasury Building, corded and measured in the yard by a svorn measurer at the expense of the contractor; and of U0 tons of Cum beraad Coat?75 ton* of white and 25 tons of red ash Anthracite Coal, all of the l>eet quality, to be da livered at the building. The CamMrlana Coal to be al lump?hand picked. The white ash to b* small furnace or large egg sis?; the red ash to to email egg aize, and to be weighed by a sworn weigher. au l-eodt!5th New york and washington STEAMSHIP LINK. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will 1mt? Yor^E VKHY WEDNI^DAY, at*^?8lk o'clock p. m., ud New York for WMh-*?? kACton every Saturday, at 3 o'oloek p. m. P&aaepf era can join the ship at A ria at an? lime before the hoar of the steamer's departure. N*B.?In the event of the steamers inability to orou the bar id oonaeqnenoe of low water, all foods will be promptly uiutered to and from the steamer b? ta.i under?nnof. For freight or passage apply to MORGANi K HI N EH ART. ?S?-8.MfcTtf Western Wharree. 1VEW SILK MANTLES *: . Ar*L> HUUrEr 3&IKTB. vya hive irepived by ?xpr*u a mppl? of rich p!*in ^.K MANTLES and REAL FRENCH LACE MAN f LF.S una POINTS XW 10 joxra oftha fill atria of WOVEN 8KIKT3 of aapertor quality. Ladiea in want of any of th? above goods at vary law pnoaa vil! plaaae civ* ua an ear'y eaJl. jy 30 r TAYLOrV HUTUHIS't^. 275 ALLEN 275 a m v a m.> j a v a 9 u n t PLASTERERS. Pinna. Avmi, R?tw? loth and nth atreeta. |? M PKRSON* IN BtAFCH OK tfUlTAKB, V10 in*, Flute*. Aceordaoea. Fiiitinta, Ba sof, )'a:nl>o in *, Braaa luktunMU and Atriuga . f tli? Oi^utr, mill iud an iinmeoM MaartnM>t at toe Mu?io 8tor*?f W. G. M ETZ4&& OTT. mr. .**S* J*. 1 SUMMER RESORTS. ( AKLISLK Th?farorite rMort for WH.TK H LPHIR ?~ W^,n,TrT:^ SPRI*AS, M <untain Air. Ii:Tnnr?CUMBKRLAND CO. Vv?!l ^^iatS'fcowi Pennsylvania. W ?9<1 Society and a Gi?od Table. Accommodations foi por particular* trod 300 for Circular. OWKNS. CIENDEN TERMS LOW. IN k. VI9SCHER. Je 7 1"w I Carlisle S*rmw<. Pa. C^APK ISLAND, NEW JERSEY.-Visitors to S Cape Mar will find c<mk1 accomtnoila A . ? A tion? at WiilTK 1IAI.L. Torn.* ouljr per week. including the rule to the beach ^JELL in the morning. Dr. ?. S. .M ARC% . |y g-ftr' PjO?rietor._ (" AR D.?A* an inducement for flimilio* t>> sojourn > at the "IIYGKI A'Mur.u* the m nth* A . . * of Auxaat ami September, the Pruprie-VCjAW tore have redno<*ri the price of Hoard to per da> and 012 Su per w??ek. from Attnast 1st. C^^LL^RD. ( Frof'i'tor^ Old Point. J illy S6th. j* B-lw SCHMIDT!* Sl'MMKK (i A K l)KN.-''? >ixth ? mroet. bt-iwen t' and Louisiana *v j4j^| may be found at all time* on* of Ui mol[TP?T popular, urban?, ami intHlift*nt??9HJL Restaurant Keeper*, who backaup hia reputation with LAGER b, kk from t*?City or lt Lovi. Philadelphia ; with BKANiDIKS Ton. thf choicHut vineyards of Franc#, with \\ INK. unexcelled on the hilla of tha R.iiU"; a d with aarticle of WHISK Y which an aoka strong y of th ...... J r hut imvur m .Monon*aiieia ana ttourtion l'a:a able an ltlior of ineae may i??? in<li vidually. he ha* Bought to mak? U'.em stilI more ?o h? tl erection th r?-ar ground* of hit favorite eetah!i?hinent of a tpaciou Arbor, where hi? gu.'ata by day may enjoy the cool l?reeze and be frtw* from *ol'i> too'ardent ra?a;aud. at "the witching hoar <>t night," quaff )na ice-cool Lager without tear of havin,; their enjoyment dampened ' * the fallius dear. Such innuc?-ment? will, doufitle-a. cau?-' many of our r^adera to drop in and t*k? a note if nothtnr ei?f.? and, moat likely, many of thoae who go will go again. In aodiUuu t all this, he haa encaced the Proa pen brother* ami their associates to discourse their ehoi test piee** of music Exery Wednesday ami faturdav evening. jy 10-1 m WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. S'te York are?%4, h'tirem 1*1 and 3d tit. In c*.:in* tlie attention oi u.e public to n j grounds ! would <-ta'? that everv arrangewut ha A . . A ia'u miule to i.iake iin? ''Retreat" ? >" YtTJ Y attractiveevery iia?. Mondaya ?he Ga-AilJftJi dens are nonn L>> the biildir ir?* <if ? 51 ten b* a seieotbaurf. Tn?sede*i'inc toei jt?jr tht vnce And w ait* ?i I find Use ?ai<oii in compiet* order tn render p!e*ru<e to all O oth- r days t>v proprietor will cheerful!* K'aot th? u-e of ths around* for school or other l'lo >10 Pa. tie* with out charge. For the amusement o*ohi!d'?r> he has lutroduoed a number of lit'le game*, uever before imd 11. thu oit?, and on cu>ated at tne same time to amuir the "old folks." N. B.?Attached is my Bottling Kstablishm nt, and families can be supp;ied witn a'> quantity at their 'eeiueco?. of ttiat healthful driLK, LV>( R BKKR. upon ?h^rt notion. i 15 1m ANALOttTAN RETREAT, ON n X?UMTA| 1 HI AMI, opposif* Georgetown and H'a>Aingtvn The subscribers havirj* leased for a 'erin of year* thi* beautiful a ui romantic spot, uP?r,M 1^, A it for tne accommodation of tne public 01 VcSAy the 31 ?t day of May. 1160. For beauty " JLtaflA soenery, delightful promenales. fishinc. Jto . eHes t.s superior water, it is unsurpassed in the Union. I'ilM rirmaA it Aftmm/wiiftB. ? 1 _ .. ... will vxiivUi>t u?v iiik l'"Bn antir"Sy renovated It u\t a la'fe liancir.c *-aloon attached to tha house. be a des l?inire *l < Drea* ?. Kooina for both ladies ana gentl-men In addition splendid Arbora detao ed f oin the Uui!d nra I'artiea, Fainili^o ami Ind vidua'a wni find it a moat dear a'j.e p.ace to paaa the aultry day a of aum me aa every att?'r.t'<in wi. lw? lui's t/d by tiie prcprietAra. Tha atricteat pohox arra^em wita will be enforoed, and p".<ti ai diacuaaiOua will b* prohibited Tne l^arder will ba foun^ t<> oontain all tha da icaciea o/ tha aea*on at aii tunea. The Par ?ill be fVi'nish?*d with tha ohclo^ar Liquors and 'A in<?a and tne fin-sf Segara. t* oirtirx, Sunday Sohoola. Ciubn and Mihtar' C'mtanif* wi 1 hud tHif th^ n kt ilff,-at ir> ms rt near the metropolis for spending a p easant and or derly day. JO"children unaoeotnpaDiwd by their parenta or gnardiana, will h* excluded fr--m th? grounda. iunnine and dot* nrohihiteH Hosts will l*ave the oot of Hi?h street, Georgetown, and G st-eet. W*?'.u-gt- n. hourly, from 8 o clock a. m. ti i 12 p. m . daily. Persons preferunc a p.easai.t wa k can ratoh the Island via the Aqueduct. W e none it the publio to iudc* for themselves. and fo?l assured <>1 giving satisfaction ie '9 eotf JACOB W.POWF,R< A CO. MSAlT water bathing. AR?H ALL'S PAVILION. <>loor?'? Land lug i will b? open for the ree ption of viai A . . A tors on thr 13th of June. This He ighiful YvnH| T resoit fnr those seeking h?a!th and s eas >1' ur>-, is une*oehed b; any plaoe of tl?e kind on th~ Potoin&o river It is si uated ah ut one hundred miles from Washington immediately on the Potomee, and in (nil view <<f 'he Oh??ap-ak and famous for fine and other Fi?h. aud ea*tlr aocess ble b the steam ' oats plying between Washington, Baltic ?re anc Norfolk. The undersigned i>a? mate addi inr>a: improvements in ria Bath House" a:.d man; < ther improvementa to th? eomf rt at?d erjovment of h t 5u~?ta. The Bathinr cannot be i>urpeee?!. >nid Angling and geut> of Fuhisg and Sai tnc Boat*, free of charge. He haa apared no expena* i" ?n> vidmg a go(?d Cotiilo" Bar. J or in laying in hia a took of choioe W inea. Liquura.Segara,&c.,and for th>? who wiah to avoid extreme fashion and to aeek a retired p'aoe where they ean make th*m??l?e? at hom?, tliete ir uot a mnr* pleasant plae-in the United States. The proprietor ple^fea himaelft^a' nothing sha'I be left undone on Ha part t-? rend-r them ao. Terma tor board: #IJ0 ft day, for leaa than a weed; f>r a longer time, f !.2S per fay; #9' per month. Persons wishing to address the pro prietor direct to LeorArdtown, bt. Mar<'? t 1 ovumj? idtti jeS-2nt E. J. MARSHALL. Proprietor. N EIGHTH A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Se,t. \2tk-Mk. Th# UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Ei/hth A' nual A-'ricultu ral and I duxtna Exhibition on the oonnda liherfill) provided tif thf> oitixeaa of Cineini.ati. < hich are to be fitted up in the beat ?t?'e. There will be HalU and Tenta for the diarlay of 1**PLBM ENTS, M ACHIN ERY,TQOLSvUOMESTIC MANUFACTURE4*. FARM AND GARDEN PHrini'. f L'RT'lTa CI ' . (j, i v i i c. r in / ?? riivr*. ?nu A T1VE WINKS*: with Stalls Mid P- for HORSES. CATTL . SHEEP, and SWINE; and an uneqna! <*d Track,one mile in length aid forty fret in width, for the exhibition of Horse* i he Premium* offered-in ca?h,?^old. iilvr, ami hrome medals,?dirloinas and certificates, amount to 20,000. The Exhibition Will rt-mnn nnon tenm day,th? 12th. te Tfcuredajr, the Jith, ol September, thus giving time to ?xmuo( aud te?t the iinele inent* ami machinery. For premium lists or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 346 Pa. avnue, (up stairs ;) or to til* subncnlier, at Cincinnati, Ohio. ? , ? BRN. PfeRI.EY POORK, jf 24 tf ^ ? IT. H Affifnltiiml 1?NAMELLKD I- SLATE MANTELS, Dirtctfrtm tke These are most beautiful stylea of Mantels, ?nMiio.l d in imitation of such rare marines as the Spanish. K?p ian. Sienna,Verde Antique, PorrSvry, B ocatelle, and otWers equally celebrated. Trie wnit*tiua? are so perfwt as to ohaileofe the cioaest scrutiny. Inelegance of finish they *taud unrivalled and are so highly polished that they retain their beauty and freshnaaa longer than the common marbles, while they are sold much cheaper. They have be-n nsed in this country for the last ten. and in h'lrope for more U>an fifty years, and hare given eul:re satisfaction. V ?? e call aad examine at W. B HARROVER'S, Stove and Tin Store, oppo. Patriotic Bank, j y 26 2w & doors north of Louisiana avenue. rvrFlHK ftp INftPCTTOB tvn RK1I.KB U ""OF'6A<*METER8; Wifluwni Jaly It, ltto. NOTICE IS HXRKBY GITEN, Tkat. afreeably to the provision* oi tM oidimooi of tue Corporate n approve*! May It. lMn.the underii(oed is n*tnftr(d,''?kw?nr reeoired la writing and on pre p?im?iit of tli# h? of fifty oenta, to i'tfMt. examin , taat,_pn>re,anda?c?rtain toe accuracy of refiet ration or my *ae ivtw in oew in taia eity." Kvflry nwtv, iflound incrreot. will be condemned, and another. eeaied and marked u trie, will be eet in i*a plaoe. If pnrreri to be aeearate in it* aie?kur?ment uf gaa, it will be sealed accordingly, and a>ain auf in pearioa for aae. Offioe No 310 Pereinh street,(near Odd Fellow.' nal< > iipea koaU m . to 5 aaa. PAPKEHANGINGS, Ao. PAPEEHANfi V4&N' ? 41 Nduotil prices. Remnanti of low-priced Papera and Window Shade*, at greatly raduoad prints Order* for Paparfcanc <ng aad Window fehad?a axarutad with atTu and riiapatoh, in eity or jr???? I ]the weekly star Tkia tuiUnt Piailr ud Nm Jomrmi ?nm f tuning m grmmnar nrittr af iff MfiM r?*4iac ' titan am tefoaad u My otk?r-n peUiiehei * StUrdtr aununi. Tnm-Cui, imvmrtmkl*, %m mdrmmi* PiRfl* ?opj, pm tCbUai.?_ ? fl ? r !T? (V piM ____ - - * "went) . UM Bj trtaoribinc ib olaha rata* mmm aai?bt?orf withoat th? iatorven'l^e of a m?n u win h* p*ro*ir?4 SO Mr oart. of TV *~kl* Simr will ba ?v?kl. It lavariabif oontaint Mm ? hmgtoa N?*w?" that ku made Tkt Er*m%?t 5tar oiraaiaM mo i*oaralty thraarboat ik? aoantry!L7"9i r.g't ooflM i ta wrifpffii Ma M ^rootrM at th??<unt*r. imm <li?W*r after t*? taaaaof pap?r. Pnoo-THKKK rF.NtJS Hy Poctmaatar* who aot u acaata will ba !<> w>-<] * oomnu ma of >' onti. FOE SALE AND RENT. FHiR RK.Nr-i tbr~ ?tory PRICK HOlJjK. on II l>*tveen 4th and Sth Alao a two Mor? HMITK ?'0 I TA<? K, with garden. corner of I - , #? - dv eiiu* aad north I' ?tr *(. turroainlM J * -*'C ' rornin-'fi panture, and ? Oald b? % M? lor?tiiHi for ?dtirjrmu. llMiirtof C BIROK, 446 12 h at. jy ! ?-olti.* { ^OUSTK V HI?Ml>KNCIt POK fALK.-Tlirr* V ku<1 a half a re? ?t i.xud siti a>d at Bailey' X r ai*s at the inr?r?ftcti<>n of th? i3? *(Wb aa aori '.' Nrt turopiKM. ? i wiles fr.MB * aafctat ton and 5 torn Al'itix'tia. Tha improvements o?a*i*t <?f a house. e^rta.r.ii k 18 nor* hou?e, sb*'s, ho. The >?rd ia *?|| tr u ? with tr?e> acu n? a i-i it an i * Ia> t .-f ?' * * ? ?? . .. - ? ? ? "i w?i.fT. r or lurm r P%rt iu>pi* on tti? (r niifi In WM CAV N*"., ?r I- J\<?. PoWIIXj. A ?. MsrHii. 'a Miction rouma. \V aahuif tea, C. Th? kt> v? deacrilxtl pioptrtr Will b* no d o? for Matu ?t % ? LT"K SALE?A am*!! FARM of jna?r??a. eit*ate4 r at th* i.itt.f Ka a. havint a oowfortahiao w?iim hi'MM, corn hoaa*. atAhna, 4e ; wall faaood and wOrfd ; within fomr vilea of Waakinfton ; M arwa ir oa!tir*tioa, tkr h*4?DO? ! aaM?o?a voo4,*nd. It la pen iar!j ilMirtti.t m a Ooitntrr r?? dooo*. b#in* perfectly kx-a thy and !D<>at ronMlioai,y aitnated , h*c^ t nt and liantinr. laqaira ?f Mr MARRiOT T. brtdfe (' apnr, i na.ii. Mn?a, Lift!# r*.: ? rt*1 *?wtT tiR RKN r-A tar|te double BRICK l!OU"*F.. * contLimnc II roomi and pa?Ha<?. wttli vtaM* *n?l car:iw l ouae; atan * pum? < f vater IB the *t-'"*i*r' ,l- r or term* muuire ofGKORGE L (.. nee Tw. teeath at. j > m u pOR R EXT?A three .tort HRIOC IT*N KL " J-l VJ H??l SE, on H ?t. between Lith and uith U., No 404 AppW to J. KIRKWOOD.4T* r?et jy U-tf_ L'f 'R H KNT?The tv.ree itort 1 hrnvn frortl r Hor^fc. No. 367 New York avenue. beiween nth and ll'h ??>-e?-t?. nnr'h *ide, eon'ainiac fift-'-n room* T'iU hnu?e is convenient to the Talent Ofh e, Tr<>?*uri t-t<- 1i. titi-d !>y *aj. and in ever j wa\ Hiiitah e fur a hoaxing hou?e. H?>rit mo Apply u-xt oor.or to A <i FOV\ LKR. a <x>?d lt? i north w ns of Pa?~nt Office. jy 14 tf L,M )R R K \ I - I h? t.u- KR * V ?. HOOK kaown r aa French Kvan*' Huum," ituatr?J on M at. nortii. tx?tw.-.-n 9th ar.d l th utreeta, No. AtO, one or t:? m> -t dutiable private residence# ic \Va> aiiiton Tun h iica surrounded by fruit trees a> <! great numl-er? of currant hu*h?a Of ra nuua kind*, and fan* >hade tree*, with IfJMO feet of ( otind. wali'M in *pp.> u? J. C. COOK Ei?Hth ?t. fo< tween I) and K. jy 13 tf L'OR R K\T?Tnreo BRICK HOI'!*KS?ou ?> r Twelfth etre- t. H- tweea C and D; on* on the oomer of Tw*iftii and H ata. ; and una on H ba tw" u .n en.! io . *! >. Inquire of JAM* A \V O i D 1/ L D LI _ ?a i i -A ia?L " > a 'i Lii\, "ti n f v uri, i?cv woca ilka mn icui , >u, 444. mnH-tf FOR RKAT riiat or* ?n4 vril ?rmai?d thrM ?to'* HKICK HlU'SK.No.iM onO .treet, t>etw?-en l"?Ui audJPth at*.. Pirat Wfcril, .ftle.jr oooupied l>* Mr. Bfxli?co. Ku?ito L,?vati?ii. Tom f <ion fivn inin>?*1iat?*U Inquire of Mr SOUTHEY J?. PARKKR . next door e?at. ma 16-aoU FOR R fc.NT A ?ma HTfcRK.V.rner of jSU and Pecn. arfnne. andertha Clarendon HoWm auitahia for a barber's aaioon or ol(V atora Fo ininr ?hnn i n? ?i1 ra at t i,m U .,fA m m r ifi t*OK KLNT?The FIRST FbOOR of tke b?iidtue immediately opposite the v?at wini of the City Ha' , recent y ooc ipiod by Chaa. U. Waiiael, aa an office. AUo the front room in the eeoond etory and the third fiix.r of the game t u. ciu? For term* apply to RICHARD w\lLACH.No Louisiana avenue. ia IS U tjENATORP. MEMBERS OF CO^fl*W0 Two aplenaid eaitee of ROOMS. e efviuy nroiahed, will be rented daring the aeation of Coa cresa, in the moat deeirable locality it thia city, bein* within one or two aquaree oiBrown'a and National lioteta. Thoee in parevit of each Room will do well to make early app.caCot at No. 3Tf nh atreet between D afreet and Pa. ar. de ? tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington CARRIAGE FACTORY. D 6frM, bttveoi 9U and \o*k Street*. We have ine' fintahed a num**' o( irii e,ttf Carriages, aucb aa iuu ITn'HJ. Peri PA?iroi?.?, Fntr.rl* r?r-KaBK& nat'i, and Butrtti, which we will ne.. * ver- amal! pri.fct. Beinc pract oa. mechanic* in different braixshee of the bufinee*, we flatter nureej v*e that we know the et? lee and quality of work that wi.l rtve Mt faction, combiniDg lightsesa, oomfortaad durabi i ty. Repairing promptly an<1 oareful y attended to me bditicbi n uce ?r j uioei oni'lNWALTER, K Ml MAN N ft BOPT. Cnaohmakara, nueceieort to W m. T. Hook. If ff-dly 1* CAK Rl AtttkS. Hb Sabocribor u?tihi MiMul* kl tertory, mtkit.g :t bow one of lb* :v|NtAJM>B. ib tho Dictnot. vhtrt Qia fbciljttof K^V^KfC aianataotunnr CAR kl At)K ft I.IGHT'^^S^^K WA60NPof a.. atuvi be nrpuHd.ul irom bit lone ?x?ori#t.a* ui tb* bMiniw, be be MB to r'.re f er.eral tttii'Mt nE. All kmda of Ca.~iac?? bo4 Lifkl WBconB kopt oa ba a Ji KPA.EBn-*,4?b?.u4ail riarsrr?M vf;fya ?,n,,TOm^Pig^|j7 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AMD ^MFg TO ?UIT THK We are now m&Daf%ot?iriuc'ali kind* of BOOTS ud SHOKft, and oo; U.nL* reoeivin* apply of euu-rn nwl- work <>f tvw? o? IH1 onptio". mad" expre??!y to order, and willw ] be eold ?t ft much ,n??r prioethui hu tieen* HL heretofore charged in this city for ?aoh inferior artiolea. Pmiodi in net of RooU and 9hoea of autcra or city made work, will alwaya find a *'"><3 %aeo''joeB in atoreaud at the loweat ihom (Hivt m i c* . GRIFFIN A 8RO., apft-r 314 Prnnivratiia a<M?*. Five hundred traveling tkvnu a'r;v?i thie d*T, *tBt'ao.r.( alt 4ua. 1 SSW tiea ana aixea of Sola Leather. Ladie* H?l Dreaa and Packing Trauka. Oar trank^*1**4 s&iea roon exhibit* at thia time the create* t variety of trareltag reamaitea at Moderate pneea. to ba fonnd tlua aida of Naw York. Alao, ev^- <*eac-ip tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, CARPET BAG*. SATCHEL*, Ac. C/ Old T rank a repaired or taken w axcha&fe for now ohm. wall, er^HEHsjk go., mar H?tf R a SOUTHERN TRITNK MANUFACTORY. 4?? Tti Bruit Oppctut Odd Mmi' H*U. ITa?A?**ae*. D. C. Traveiera will atuClT til Mr lottrMU D) ?? my TRUNKS. VALfCKf to , baf?r? pa. ?^ e.wi-'.i.f r nfWft A* I uae bom bat Ui Ml beat material the market Affords and ?mpiothe b?at wurk??L, 1 oan oonidently reooi Mod my work to be aaperior in Strmrik %od IhrmMlilf lo Trunk? that are made in other oitiea aad aoM bare. 1 keep ommmtaat'y oa band, aoc make u< order <oa oae week notioe) every dnaerietien of SOLE L F. ATHF h. IRQJ, FRAME FRENCH DRESS a~i WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND a** otktr YALICEBifkATSLISG FAGS; RaT NESS: SADDLtirWHIPB, #*., ft. Trmki, ta., 1 iiairM and Corarad, h a wrttr.&.n.ika maarer, at abort rotioe Truaka de, varad is aay part of tkt aity, <aor?e town, or Alexandria, rA*"-T da 16-1* JAMEfl 8. TOFRAM. I WOOD AND GOAL. WOOD ? AND COAL Debrwnelto *11 f?rt? * tM ?< 7*' I1* liWNl M" TJ.tWM.01LT. OAm ?? Pv utk Md lih tcIsssks*. ^iffiSSSr^ wJJTt^Kk B.?. ?on>f ofPo?rt?U ?d C >?. GAS FIXTURES. E H&r. in store, and ?rc d*i? mtiriM. 9AM WrfrTfirSof.BUr.ty > ? Pubmui! lk? |M and Fmiak, Mfr"" ? MtowtU ki.rMo or* wff?d ? tUi ??rk.t. VC. iinUMticn* km. aw |f to oil uuum Mr .took of &*a Ptttom, fc<ii4 oanMont Uftt w h?v? U. t art .to k id WMhiaftoa. All Work jd th. ahor.Tim latnatad t< ou Mr* will W*ro?ftiy !* <???*?, itm MY,t' ? W.VJU Jl'ST r~,~d E'ESiSfk. Hln

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