Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. washixqtox citt ATIRPAT Aigut 11. 19M *P?ni ! tt-e Prftt. The Crai.'ihf'in a?k?. ' Whither are we Tending," and tb?*n proceeds to compute the position *f the old democratic ship "Constitution " It thinks that the Douglas part of the crew have a reckless tendency for the breakers The Intelltgenrer has ''A R?-vipw," of over six columns of that paper, on the political topics of the day TH/"" Mr. John Underwood, of Occoquan, is out In a card in tae Alexandria Gazette, in which be ays he has made up his mind sol to (??? the 5(st?. |A call for a Douglas State Convention has been Issued In North Carolina by Mr. Robert P Dick, a member of the National executive Committee. ETTbe Pennsylvania Democratic State Convention met on Thursday, and was largely attended The two wings of the party agreed to form an electoral ticket, headed with the names of Breckinridge or Douglas, as Presidential elec ah ? AS A *? - v.o >uit, in me cveni 01 ice lucrni of the said ticket, tbe vote of the State shall be cast for Breckinridge and Lane, or for Douglas and Johnson, according as the shall show which of the two tickets shall have received a majority of tbe votes cast for both The Breckinridge democracy of Maryland held their State convention at Baltimore on Thursday All the counties and the citv of Baltimore wer? represented. Hon John K. Franklin presided Tbe main business before the convention being to select a straight-out electoral ticket, the Hon Henry Maj and Dr M R.Taylor, appointed Presidential Electors from the third and fourth districts before the division in the party, were repudiated, and tbe Hon Joshua Vansant and T Parkin Scott, Ksq , were appointed in tLelr places All tbe other Klectors have given In tteir adhesion to Breckinridge and Lane Tbe convention, before it adiourned. nasseii imam mously a resolution *'most h?*artilv indorsing the administration of James Buchanan, President of the luited States. believing the same to have effectually conduced to the prosperity and happiness of those States. and conservative of all constitutional rights" M*. Bam ri\riiii;gAcoktt ajsck or thk Kichxosu Coxventiox ?The following is Mr Breckinridge's letier accepting the nomination by the Richmond Convention: Lkxisoton, July J6, 1H50. 1)?ar Sm In answer to your letter of thr afith ultimo, containing official information of my nomination for the Presidency of the I nited States by the Democratic Convention assembled at Rich mond, I have to say tbat I accept the nomination, and shall strive to merit the confidence imphtd by the action of tbe Convention I truat that a full discission of existing issues will result in establish:ng the Constitution and i'alon of the states upon Immovable foundations With good wishes. 1 an> your friend, John C. Ban?iirid?.e Hon. John F.rwin. Pretid?*nt of Richmond Democratic Convention, Oreensborougb. Ala. Disastbofs Coxflao ratios.?Forty House* Burned ?We learn that the town of Salisbury, In Somerset county. Mil., was nearly consumed by Are on Wednesday night It originated in some unoccupied dwellings on Front street, and consumed some forty houses, a n o tig wnicb was the Eptsnopal Cnurch. one of tbe oldest structures to the >tate ; also Hush's Hotel, the stores of Mr Willsain Burkehead. Rider & 1'cadvine. C F Dash:ell, J A Wood, jeweller, Newman's clothing store, owned by T Persons; I>r Rider's otflcc aud dwelling ; .Mr. Purkett's store; C C Seah^ge A Co's dry goods store; Mrs Fish's boarding bouse, and H J. Brew 1 niton's bat store Bush's hotel was owned by John Bird, and or upied by J O Bush Mr C. F D&sbteil, one of th?- sufferers, was in Baltimore yesterday, and '.v*? apprised of tv ; 2ire by a letWr from bis wife, who states that all tbe bouses on the main atreet. back and front and on both sides, are destroyed A 1arkje number of dwellings on Church street were a.'so entirely destroyed A considerable quantity of personal property, sur.drv geod?. groceries, lt<: , were saved ?from" the ruin* but ice ura. loss is va.fioutly estimated at from i (jUU to SiUU.UUU. Fbom CALiro?MA Oiiuo.i, JAPA.f, Ac ?San j Francisco advice* to tt?e tt-'tb of July have boen received at st Josepu by ttie pony rxprMi: Ttiere It a better demand for gix ds at San Francisco, witfa an upward tendency, owiai; to arrivals Coal is firm but the demand is limited Provisions dull Butter improved Su^ar firmer \V lues and teas dull. Several prominent democrats who first sided with Mr Douglss have turned over to the Breckinridge cause An addr??4 Lias been published favoring hs claims for the democratic sup[>ort The fr:ends of Mr Douglas are very active Seventeen journals nave come out for Mr Douglas and thirteen for Mr Breckinridge on the 19th, a man named \Vitien was murdered In Sacramento.and his house robl?ed Circumstances led to suspect V\ Watts as the murderer, who was arrested at the Washoe mines. On tae night of the x5'.h. muter charge of three men. he was b??lng i-onveyd to Sacramento, when be slipped his hands out of the bandcuQs, and. taking a revolver from ">ie of his guards, shot all I of t lie in, killing two Instantly, and wounding the otLer so badly that he died ttie next day. W atts made gc< - his escai,<Oen Shields came by the pony espres* to Los Angelos 11 is asserted that the Pacitt Mall Steamship Company bis purclas?-d tie straimrs Brother Jonaihan, Senator, and Pacific , which gives the company control of the cceau steam navigation to and from pants i.crthand south of San Francisco , A strong ?tt'ort !s being made to prove the will ?f Senator Broderu k a lorgery I r> ii. the samples cf sliver ore received from tLe (.a^uf district. fifteen mile* *011111 of (iwen * Lake, it is thought that another rich mineral region is opened equal to the Wa?hoe Five lea?ls of gold quartz, copjwrr and tin have alio been fonnd there F.migrat'on in the direction has 1 also commenced Th*: Oilman intelligence is generally enrour- 1 a;.tng. No Indiana have been seen lately 011 the aide of the mountains The v K C. Foote has arrived from J a- ' pan. viith fifteen Mungdean cameis from the ' A moor des ^ned f<.r carrying burdens in the 1 mountain* She alao brings a quantity of tea, , * k Ac At Hokod/.di, June22. everything was quiet, and bua!r.rN was proKresamg very alowly I he tf Japa n?se appeir very friendly and disposed to af- I foru vli facilities to the trade guaranteed by the American treaty The intelligence of the reception of the eml asa^y at San Fran. .sco had tx-en received with 1 ^reat satisfaction. The price* cf gocds L.<d considerably advanced The dates front Oregon arc to the Ulit alt , and Fritish Columbia are to the lii'th u!t 1 he ot>*rrv.tlion* cf the eclijae by Lieut Ijillia were entuely *atiaf*<-forv Interesting News from Mnly Boston, Aug 10?The steamship Kuropa, from Liverpool via Halifax, has arrived tl tbt* port 'I re following dupah h<s appear in the latest paWK Thi Wis Sirn v I'alermo, July til ?In the engagement* before Melazzo, on toe 16th and 17th inst., the Neapoi tans bad 5H) men put Mors du combat. Garibaldi attacked the tuwu of Mclazzo on the V lb :nst . with tbe bayonet, and after a desperate combat the Neapolitans withdrew U> tbe citadel. The statement that the whole of Airily bid been i evacuated by the .Neapolitan troops in premature .Yrtsina is ttill held by the .Neapolitans Gims, July 27 ?.New* has been re< eived here ti at the Garibaldians suffered gre t losses in the li^atement near .Velazzo It was asserted that Gt-ribaldi himself wis wounded :n the fcx?t lie h-d orderea several inhabitants of Alel izo to t?e lot fur having fought aga.ust bim Marks.LLK*. July id?Letters have been re. celvtd from Sicily stating that General Ciary had only evacuated the outposts and the town of Mnstaa, S"d had concentrated his torpi d'arinit in the citadel The remainder of the troops, and 1 es^e* laily Col. BoscoVdivision, have been dispatched to Calabria. Naples, July !i?>?Tbe latest news received ( from rJieiiy ann'oonces that the state of taints was more satisfactory. 1 Tsii^itus <4ck>T.o??. 1 Paris, July'2? ?I he Consiitut onuel of to-day, in an ar'.Ule Signed by M Grand*ulllot. an nouaces that Lord John Kuaaell u?s~authnriz-d l.ord Crowley to com*? to some utideriiaudiii); i with France respecting the expedition to Syria The MUir paper sa>s . ? As all the powers agree *p?.|i t^?t question, the assent of Turkey will Brtosarily follow It only reinaiua to detrrmioe ' tte oa??s of ttie tfeneral understanding between ' the powers in order to rany out tue end wbleb i 1; have In view 1'hia task a not without d tticvlty. but we moat hope tu t ttie j?t?id ra th of * the puiwer? will If able to re* Ire theui France, ' wbu lb tbs tttair has assumed the energetic atti- I I tbde u. st proper to raise tbe courage of the o|>- I jjo**d tri!.?? will also show a moderation wutrh r.-i.not faJ to Inspire the Kuropean gover uturau 1 v 1th roni.I-! ? < ind which lathe invariable rate of her policy - f?7* The modern AiiuaM. L?r. AV iksMpJof has re. eiiby astoiiiehea tiie public ?>y ?*'a dead weight of clrvtrJt hundred and siiiy ' ynfc i WASHINGTON JEWS AID UOISIP, [E<fu&r??Z Correspondence of Tk? Slar.J [No. 13 ] August 3, Sakatooa?How a Thopsahb Guests arkCJbietlt a!?d comfobtablt afcom*ooatid is a 8isglk Hotbl?\Va?hisoios Skrvaxts at Saratoga ? Thk Fa*hio*ablb tcr*-obts Tbkbk?That oe Mrs. Bkxsktt, the Wiib of Mm Bex-sett, or thk Nsw York Hera: r> ?Thk Lark Drivr. By way of Informing the uninitiated precisely how a thousand guests arequietly and satisfactorily accommodated at a single boarding place?half of them being people who from the enormity of their furbelows and flounces occupy tw:ce the space, by the by, required by ordinary mortals of their own s?x, (who in these days of the fashion of hoops require probably three times as much room as their grandmothers did.) a brief description of the proportions and some of ihe arrangemei.ts of Union Hall, Saratoga, inay not beamiKS I here. The front building, erected in IS/2 by the grandfather of one of 1U present proprietor*, for the purpose to which it continues to be dedicated to-day, is 2v'0 feet long by 36 feet broad, and of two stories, with a dancing room 7U feet by 36 at one end. and a building jutting out bebind 90 by 36 feet, both of two stories. To the south on the lime (principal! street it has a brick building of lodging rooms, erected in 1*5*, 150 by .50 fret, and of four stories, near by which are a row of " garden cottages," three stories higb, with three stories of deep piazzas This row is -245 by 40 f et. and was erected in 1S53. This spring the proprietor* were induced by the anticipated pressure of this season s visitors to add still another mammoth building to their establishment; a brick w; ng on the north side, 241 feet by 55 Its bight is si* steri*s, including the basement That (the b.-isernent) is devoted to culinary purposes, laundry, washing-room, ice lined store rooms for butter and milk, fruits and vegetables, and for meats, steward's oilice, 4c.; the dining room for private servants and children is also there, and seats two hundred at a time; also the dining room of the servants emploj'-'d by the proprietors, which seats l5Uatatiuie. In the washing, drying and Ironing room, though strain is made as serviceable as possitile, some thirty women are constantly em jnuyru; wuue in uie kitchen there seemed to be as many more regularly employed when I paused through it while breakfast was being served to gm sis in the story ov*r head; as well as quite as many dining-room servants, down to till orders for individual guests The clatter of the tongues of the latter, as they repeated to the cooks the demands made upou them, was not a little amusing 1 was astonished at the rapidity with which so many and so various such orders were Ailed amid t^eir noise and that of the matty maids engaged in washing plates, dishes, cups, saucers, knives, f rks glasses, Ao. There were half a dozen French cooks, il'.ttln/ about in sDctless white. from their flat head-coverings down to their shoes, the pastry and confectionery rooms, the bakery and the steam apparatus, and a donkey engine that firctd all the cold and hot water required anywhere in the buildings, nil throughout every building and story of the premises The single steam-generating apparatus furnishes all the steam required in the kitchen to oj>erate the long ?eries of huge steaming ketties for cooking the vegetables. in the clothes-washing, drying arid ironing rooms, and in the carving room above bead. On this floor were also various store rooms in which groceries required in the cooking and making of the pastry and confectionery are kept Three large and very conveniently arranged ranges for the meats attracted my attention there, as well ts an admirable contrivance of one of the proprietors, for separating the refuse grease of the kitchen from the water in which it is washed from the china wire It will be found of great use in every kitchen, great or smai! ; and I presume its cost for the use of an ordinary private* f iiitily could not be- over two or three dollars In ;:.e second story of this new wing ii the diningroom, tit) by 5> feet, from the centre of which juts oat the carving room, 5<i feet by 1M. from the long table of which, covered with a mammoth henter, ail tbe meat*, vegetables, &.' , are directly served to the guests as called for J he rest of the length (11 feet) of this floor is used for the pantries required for the proper service of the dining hall, In which no less than 130 waiters are now employed The four upper stories of this ma^mtlcent wing tre devoted to spacious chambers,with a screen door and a solid door to each, as well as fan lights arid ventilators, and yas has been Introduced into every room Water closets are upon each floor Tue arhole number of sleeping rooms upon ti.e prenr,g?8 is gome 550, while it embrace* alio a sufficiency of all the other apartments required In su-h a mammoth caravausera. The lawu by which the building* 1 Lave been describing is surrounded on three sides, Is about live acres in extent, and forms not only a dellgbtf'illycool retreat for the grown guests, but a most enticing play ground for the multitude of their children 1 fi;>d mure than a dozen servants from Wash. Ington here, personally known to me; the pro, prietors prefer those from Baltimore and the Feder.ii Metropolis, when thev can get them, for the rviwii ui iu?-ir greater civimy ana trartability than are evinced by the nor hern colored servant* coir>i>eting with tbeni for employment here It gratified me exceedingly to bear from the proprietors of I Dion Hfcll this evidently well merited encomium upon those of \\ astiint>ton, and 1 trust that, thus deserving the confidence of their employers. hundreds, rather than iliucnn <1 f n.^rr. will hereafter find profitable employment at northern watering places throughout the summer The s<ene In the principal avenue immediately ifttr breakfast and at .> p. in., when tbe visitors ire about to take their forenoon and afternoon drives, is the most brilliant of tbe kind to be witnessed in this country. Hundreds here for the ? asoti k?-ep their own carriages, all of which are tlejjant "turn-outsthose of the snobs, a multitude of whom are always to be found here during the season, being of co-jrse the extremely dashing ones Thus, at such times, one sees two or three hundred private, and really elegant public vehicles, and the finest collection of buggy and carriage hor?es com eivable, either j>aclng to and fro along the portion of the avenue on which the main hotels of Saratoga Immediately border, or standing awaiting occupants The most elegant and recherche tu-n-outat Saratoga this season is that of M rs Bennett, the wife of the editor of the New York Herald; a pony phaeton, evidently built in Paris. Mrs B. drives Uer pair-In hand. bt-rseif, carrying, jauntily, her parasol, attached to a delicate Ivory whip, which !s thus made to serve, very gracefully indeed, a do.ible purpose. She drives capitally, and there are few team* there that ran paw h*r ponies wheif he ftnc.ies to put them upon their mettle As een in her canlage she looks under thirty years of age; which can hardly l>e, aa the ha* a ton some eighteen or nineteen years old. From th~ r< marks made Around me, as she mounted her phaeton, It is cl?*ar that she is the envy of the envious of her ?* * at Saratoga; as, well she may l? . for of all the ladles here assembled. she creates ike j;reau?t sensation, go where she will. The | truth it If is tiie finest looking woman here So ail tbe men think; whirt?, with her notability ex the wife of her very remarkable husband, is enough to net to chattering all the gossiping a:ul rnvious tongues, especially whenever sbe appear*, whip and r;bbons" in hand, titbt-r on the ave Due or iipon the f:t?hionnble and magnificent lake drive, where one n-ri s ich a sight of mounted :id <l *l:iii}; wealth a* la to be seen no where else on this continent \V. I). W h. I'lobida Kailkuid Grants ?The Coinmis iii- tier of the (jeneral Land office baa in course of preparation for submission to the Secretary of the Interior a Mat of lands, comprising three hundred u>d s< Yeaty-one thousand eight hundred and Ibtrty-fonr acres, which has been selected as en nring to the State of Florida under the act of May l?. 1-56 as tntlt>nnity for that portion of the road between Jacksonville and the waters of Kscambia ba\ which rnnnrcta the town of Alllvator with Pfrmrota, and known an the Georgia and Penaa> ol i r aif *id keiir* 01 Sec-iitaiy Ca*? ? Hon Lfwit i . ?s *??ci?iary of ?tat*, who baa been ab?*nt (.?r it.*- ^a?t four wt-t-kaon a visit to Lu tiofiiein M.cblg<u. kin* eturnrd grratly improved in ti?aJit,and resua>?d the dutlta of hia ode*. Naval ifftklllgk^n?Passed AM'itant Sur-I geon Charles Martin, hat been ordered to th*| steamer Susquehanna, In place cf Passed Assistant Surgeon John Ward, whot? order baa been revoked. Lientenant Washington Gwathmey haa been ordered to the United States steam-sloop Brooklyn, aa first lieutenant, lnatead of I.teut. Jatriet A Doyle, detached Cospitio* o* thk Treasury?The amount of Government money on deposit ia t5,ttl^Ki, of which 93,272,000 ia subject to draft The receipta of last week were SI,?10,000, but owing tn the payment of drafts to the extent of over S-J.500,<00, the sum now on ltand ia ie*? by 9406,000 than it was the preceding wwk Drafts have been i? sued for the payment of 92,216,000, thus leaving a balance of SI,670,000. Swamp a5D Ovkrflowkti LAND* I* Arkansas. The Commiteiontr of the (>en?ral 1 .and Office hat submitted to the Secretary of the Interior, for approval, list No. 3 of swamp and overflowed lands in the Batesville district, Arkansas Al?o, 11?1 No. 5 In the Newnansvllle district, Florida. Dsath of as Army Liectf'Jant.?The War Department has received ofiirial information of the death of Lieut. Silas G. Higgins. of the sixth Infantry, at Fort Yuma Ptrttuai. Blondin started on Friday noon from Nia oara for Cincinnati, where hp goea to prepare for | Lis rope walking at Chillicothe on the *th. The .Milwaukee Sentinefr (Rep) of the 3d inst., says that Sherman M Booth is at present staying with Alaj. Heg, State Prison Comaiissioner at VVaupun. It is slated that he will re- ! turn to Milwaukee in a few days. Madame l^oia Montr* v?u?> was latelv re ported to be *t the point of death from par.?]va<a tins been removed to n heaitliy locality on ! <? ?? Island, and her cnnvalsceuce is progressing favorably She has lost the use of her left side, but her physician his hopes of her ultimate recovery ^omeofher immediate friends d'Sire ns to contradict a report to the effect, that her illness was caused by opium eating They state that she never used any stimulant but tobacco in the form of cigarettes 1X7" I-arge Republican meetings continue to be reported in Iowa. Illinois anH Imiinna (."mm ?n account of one held at Palmyra. Iowa. where four thousand persons were present, we take the following extract, showing the spirit out West: ''A procession was formed at an early hour, and it WiiS found to be three miles long, numbe'ing more than two thousand persons Two wagon from ltidianola contained over eighty persons; one wagon ad bevv of little tiirU with fla^s represent! nj? the several states A large and humorous painting from lndianola represented the explo slon at Charleston The stand was erected in a grove ne,ir the village A piece of one the r tils cut V?y Abe Lincolu soon after he removed to Illinois was exhibited on the stand Large banners floated above. \\ hen the meeting was called to order it was impossible for one-half of those present to hear the speeches, such was the excitement occasioned by the almost spontaneous gathering of s? vast a multitude. More than one thousand ladles were s ated." ys^DR H. B. NOBLE, HAVING RK I. 3 turn0"! to the cil) . can he (ound at I'a ave., Itetweeu lltti ami 12th *t iT~ fl*YOIING CATHOL1C&' FIlKNDtOCI L I \ .? A special mo- tintt will lie held in the school iooiii ill >t I'a'.uen'u ("hur< ii 'I O AIORR' ?\V ( -uiidav > AFTi KN'OON. at j o'clock. A K< n> rai attendance ol all the mem ors is e?. neatly requested. B? orjerofttie Pre-ddeut. 1 ? " *? * *' ? ? i r. j. jicHhMtV, Kfc.yc, .Y5=?THK SKU.ST.UK BRIGHTENING!t. ? There vi i,l lie a meeting of the Douglas and JohiiS'in ociation at the Kimmt'li Hou?c,Ct , tr-twPO'i 4.'.i anil bth : treot*. MONDAY, . Mifu.-.t 13th. at 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance is request it. a-* business oi interest and importance Wl!i be l?t'l'ore the uieefini;. My order. If SAMiTEL T. DRUE Y. Sn'j. ATTENTK>N. No. i ?Tlx meiab?r?of tt> Jjf Mwtropolita i II "k ami La id >r Company ao* hereby n?tiiieil t>> atteivl an a ljourne?l rprcial m<etin.'kt 'n ir Hni. <'n THIS Saturday EVENING, at 8 o'cioik h of vita* trio punctual attei i!anc > of every member, riy order. 1" K.D'AA R I) H. SIP I:. Sec._ rf?Ct)MK, AM) SKK Ol R CKUBR ?TKD XF NAVY FLANNEL (OA rs at .*4A? v t an IO-?w SM ITH 'S. No. I no Seventh "-tre< t f 5-*NOTICE.?The owners of tin* yachts of > ? ^'i-mi.ton, Ueor^etMWi and A-xan !ria who wim to participat in the race to < oui" tf at micii a 'une as tliey may (lest 4 na e, are r< piwtfu';ly r-ijuot".; to ni<?*-t at the Conn nereis lion - . r,. > ( S'Hf rh s're. t a:i<l Lh. avenue, ,M ON 1) \ S . lii'li wist., at .1 o'clock p. 111, au 10-3t* npTn. j \ pan:ese hat, opera hat, 1 Fiora 1 >r 1 \ 111 k Hat, and all kinds ol Hat* i? No. liiO Srvon'h street an II 2w I I -T K K< KlYKH A 1 \K?.K I.OTOP I' A L L J Ft ie Sll 1R I' ('OLL RS, S' ?i 'KS and a I !c 1 n<t? ofUK.NTsU RNISHINii (iOOl Sand CLOTH IN (? at SM I I'H'S. No. 4t>0 Seventh street, oppo ite post Office. __ an ll-^w L'HMALE A<'ADEMY, r I. Sirkkt. Uktweei 12th a*n 19th KM.K.N K. JaVNKY, rRIHClPAL. The Six'ii Annua! Sos.-ion wil! commence on the fi'lt.MONDAVin .-eptembor. anil la\v3w* ^ I.AFA VKTTK I \ STI 11; K. r*FS-IMN Will coin-neLce on M < \ l>A Y. September l"t h, at tl if new l"ntitute Buiidi'i:, ???? I street. adjoining > 'aro in- r-rraoe, Franklin ^qnare Circn ars at bookstore*.' mi I i ('on. \ I it. i l?. C. IjOOMIS PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captains and owner*of Vessels, ttoind to the District j,X) of Columbia, notice if her"'>? *ivcn. tna' dTK* Pilots may lie found at all tun** at St t?'ror<e'K Ihiaud. it the ni juthof^t. Mary's river, ami n?-ar I'inejr I' mt,and that it ia not n-e saary to tak'-Virsii:ia IV"ts Irom thoir l ?>at.-i, when the vessel h l>o.i mi to Keor^etow n or \Va hington ci'\, as Maryland Pilots can I < lound of at leant equal skill and reliability. an ll-eod2m* VI/II'I'IAM B. ENTWI9LK. *' APOTHECARY, ( Formerly with J. L. Kirlwll, K^q , of dm t-' \vn.\ . Kiy inform* tee citizens of^^J# y. f Washington t'iar !i? '.a* tk-*r. tii-4Hp * T A Drug kttndM th" corner of :2th street \Sf J* ^i'id I'a ?vj., wheri' he will he liiurn' at a,! hoiT!-. ant will keep a fresh and weil d,-!?cl "1 st ck of L)R 1,'liS, KANi'V ARTICLES, 0 ld nil go<M* usually found in a wi-il furnished Drni flturt He promising thoM ?l:ii may byor him with th?'ir patronage his undivided attention to tiieir wants N B Exclusive personal attention given to the compounding of Ptivsicians' i'tesc iptionn at all 1 ours, dav or night aull-2w* \HLLA9E OKEEN SKM1NARV 19 L'H'Ated i; a heauti ul aiid Ir-aJthlul village 12 mile* above Wilmington, Del., and rear the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended hr the Philadelphia Annual Coiifeieiice oi the Metliodist Kpisaopal Church. I'h>< course of study is extensive and thoroush?in the Mathematical. Classical and English Departments. Students are pr?p*red for business or colle -e. In the pr- pa'Story coarse for college f-prcial refeibikc is made to Dickinson College. Th-i institution s provided with a larce philosophical apparatus to illustrate tne study of Natural Science. A library of three hundred volumes is accessible to pupils 'I'ho filth yar will commence MONDAY. September 3d. MM. Boa ding,Tuition, Ac., for session of 14 weeks. ?-ws. (jreat attention is paid to the moral deportinen* | of students. Month y reports sent to Darents. K"r I circulars nr information r?< 1.1 r? ?? tiie Principal, Rev J. IIERVFY BARTON, A. M, Village ?>re?n S?min?rv. Delaware eon ntv. Pa. R v |,fvi Sc tt, 1> D Bii-hop of M. E. I C . Wilmumt- n, Del ;Mr K. A. t.utz, Washington, f). C ; Mr. O. \V. Angeil, <io.; Messrs. Dick-dn A, K ing, Georgetown. mi 11 tSep5 'nO FARMERS AND SPECULATORS, 1 i J Mi AND \LL. 1 wish t<> give you notice that 1 intend leaving this city al>out the middle ol the Coining week lor my re idence. having alread) spent here come seven wo* ks' more mn?* with you tnan I had intended or anticipated I could. I must hurry up m? cakes a>.d be off, as my presence is v?5ry much needed in ot'ierpa^ts My principle is to help those that are willing to help themselves, at tiio same tini4 ke piiik a slight watch over my own wcllnre. It muht l?e well fir those that wish to benefit themselves in tins w rid and also h?*lp their neigliixxs at the same 1ime. to ca l an<l see my fence, on the square oppo site the A venue House, ami partake of the tree of lile while it is in reaeh and an l>e hid. My bet >ved loriners and thosw interested in forming I ha.'e very c&reftllly examined your situation* 'Vhilel have b>en witii you, and as I have alwsys be->n ven much interested in tno larmers' interest, I d<> not (eel a* though I could wi.-di h aving so many of yon line inverted to ray fa th. But one consola" tion I snail have left me when I leave you That is I iii.'it I have done my duty. 1 have toiled and labored ! hard with you almost dav unci i.irlit t?i mmv _ r, > ?nu>r J V?? if possihle'of the error of >uur ways; to enlighten rind p-n vour ev.?s so that jou mixht prosper thereby. I think, however, I have given you au:p!e lime to diicard an obsolete plan and adopt a far cheaper anil much lietter one. You must t>e up ami doing while the day last*. My two Pat-lits are so complete As for a Portable Fence they can't bo beat; This Portable Fence is like you and me. You can move it to wherever you wish it to be. My fri-nds one and all, without reference to creed. Remember mv rnotto is to "help those that need," M> benevolent hand 1 extend to al* Who come up like men and buy at firtt cal? The righis are so cheap, no man will complain. But will purchase the rights if he wuhea to gain ; So ooine up to my mould while tny (ftr ace is hot, Ana c&*t in your dollars and buy on the spot. The tiinethit you wa te by talking and thinking. Wou d pay for two patents and save you fiom bink? ?* > * . , Tin* Po tab'e Fence yon can move with great ease. And h' ok it together wherever you please. Then go to tour be and r?!-t at your ease. And think of y >u. fenc and how you are pleased ; Vour reward n as su>e ai the hair oli *our head, And >our neighbors and children will praise you when U<:ut. Reiit-iubei m> headquarters at th? Avenue House, I comuf Seventh st. and Pa. avenue, Washington, I o. (T. M.J. Ki?. W&Z&\W$gSi?I&L | 0 R iSMAINIph^in the ro/l WMhinfloa City, D. C., Augutt 11. IW1. IOrdered to be inaerted in the Kv*st!i? ?ta*. it Minn me newspaper hiving the largest circulation of any daily paper published in Washington.) All p?rson? applying for Irtters in the following list, will please *ay thor are *crkbtiszi*. LADIES' LIST. AiUn.Tkom. gray, Mr* JO Parker, Mm* M?r Ac*tin. Mir; 8 ?ir?to, Hnimh PitUriM, M?ry ) Brook*, Ei t ih*th lir??u, Mm* E A Prycr, Ana Bill. Mn W H tioriion, M ti Rted. Mr* F??nn Boer*. Mn K A CijitTntk i, Mr* ILu?C t rrT, Ann* 8 Brown, E'ttibcth (iibboui, Mis* M'y Rvmc I. Mn IC J Bustoe, Lvdi* L Gibson, Am. K Re ynolti*, J*u9 P Br.innoit, Mis M A Hmds, >1 ?? Lettie Swa^Jauc fiunlj, Ltrcy V Hart, Mrs 8 Scou. Mrs H M Briscoe.MraFarmer Htll, Mrs S A Scott, Miry E Bennett. Miss Mjr Hand, Miss CtrntJ Smith, Mr? Kman E , BesrdsU-?, Miss E Heard, M??s M-.ry Scott. Jul?* A Bottou, Mrs Fran II tyen* Miss C*th'e Spalding. Mr? M P Chtse.Mury V Hems, Rachel Scyder, M*ry J*ue Cav, ? i H,2?uis, Mary E Stevens, M try E Collins, Mrs Eiien Hniiilioi , J F Sutton, Elizabeth C 1 ios, Miss B Hton, J? W 8t*Mit?r|, J; !?* CalUh&n, Mrs M hsndle, Eiien Spiller, M?m Beutt C tveuou^ f M A Li?reace,Mri A E Turter, T C ICjnniugham, AnnP, Johntio Thompson, Mrs C^riiti, Mn H Liwtoii, Mtu A A Trumbull, Mr? H L | Canto, Albeit Myeri, Miu L V Thonui, Lauri Dixon. Rrlfcca Mad doi, Mitt Cora Taj lor Mitt K*t? C DAO.telv Miu L B M oeckel, Mrs >l'j Taylor, Mitt Becca Davit, Aiiua Many, Finrni t pliur, Mri John Eigan, Margaret Martin, Francis W Vur?, Ann L Ficlel, Mr* ? t Morton, Mary W-ugh, Mi** t Farrell, Mist C Maddoi,Cora Wren, Bridget Fleming, Mm C Mxon, Mr# S B Wier, Cynthia FrankI<tud, Mri S MelJermot, Mn M Wiilumat8 Gray, Mrs J G Ntcbolt, Mim Clara Waiaoa, 8uwb M Green, L K ()'Shp?. Mr? Watson, Mri W M Gautt, Fanny Perm, Miss 8 A Wiltju. Ahnira GENTLHMKN'8 LIST. Aiken, Wn France,Jas t Moore, B ^ Alien, Wm K Kui^criid, Juo MMudidale, B?2 Andrews. F T F1IU11. F N McNuliy. Juo A Alien, 3 B Floret, F B McCake, Juo An^ill, N liib?OQ| Wm McDamel, J H Alien, J .line* (frKKlwci., v> rl McUBfiB, Air Applebee, H u Ucrriah, Win McMuiUr, R U An^hertau, tieo Oidihuga, fiJ 8 MiUill, W W Aiiern, Lujene-8 liurei Lfvia Neil.J. i L-3 A jrierf, Ch*a?*2 tirimea. Jtio C Nucl1iPAU.He1.r7 Au<t?raou, Gen A (i4i??od, J R N0M1, Edward?2 A till on, A Hunt, W t NoUu, Rev A Arnold, A J Harm, W Otter, Jii Billpr. *% ** rioioui., nr v> r O Conner, D Brije, Wm Huiaier, W H Firkcr, W F Uiiil, W C Huvard, Theo Proctor. W W Boceler, W L ilin, Thoa Phillip* PL Browning, W A Holemnb, b H t'eieraOimpDeiiiCo *oyl*t Tereuae -Hunt, I) P ti Parker, Rev I?a.ic B>rnei, Thoa R H trna, L Porter, J H B^Mei.Thoa C Hooe, j ia Pniuiugt ?u. H C Bai-ett, S L H?urj,Jja M Pitiin.ui, Rev <J Bre*?i-r, Smith Ho^ru, Jno P<*fe,Chaa B.ico*, R A He iiiicoit, J ia Porter, A W Boyle Peter ?y, Juo M Powell, A J Burke P H II jrriaou. J J Ho .en. W N Browi, rat Hoarse. H Ktdy, TIM firovc, Wr Ilsrwood.G Rtd^ely, Lloyd B?yne, L P Ha??, Ldwiu Roc t ior-1, Juo Buck,J W Hi^rrtf, l)?u Riddle, Jua Brow*. J is Hijrdutt, lir?i Robertson, H B Br-;.?ftied, J no N Hughes. D VV Robert, L) K Breitunf, T HAtmuonti, I>r Reynold, (J J Brotue 1, J A Hutching*, Ch*s 8uo? Jt C , W R Braver, H V H Holt.C K 8>ckett, W H Buuier, Henry Htsseil, B D Kuav, Wro Bro* u, Henry Herbert, A Single to-, Tbos D Bojiey, lherrut. E Syfces, Thoo B tn, lior JctTcs, Li W S?2 Simeon, 8. ml?I Boweti, G W Jenifer, * 11 Suong, K'H BilI,Gr 1R? Johnson, W T Hrooot, R 8?S Br>ni*on, Kdw.rd Johnson, Theo Semm.ker. L Bntoo, D IJ Jones, J <s Dr L J Bn.aley,C J*uney( Jno? I Kleiner. L H, fi I> Johosoii, Henry Smith, Ja? W B ak*. A Jdrboe, 1) W Jno ?urg?s. A W Johnson, A B Smith, J H?3 Jole. W. Iter J "itci, i?l Kie w in, Ji.<< N -3 l.jiroll, W H Kennedy, W K Snyder, Jacob Clarke,T Ikuig. NicU Shipley, J W Cornell, 8 C Km*. J 1? Snyder, J H Coll in, P McD Kiu", W H Spmdter, J M Clark. MP Kirby, At>,aieio Saadfard.GA CI irk, Jiio H Lo^iiy, m Scre*en, Ueo Comb*. J 1) Lee, .Mr Snot, C H Ji,a I .4- W1 r finn?k, I. R Gowuer, Jaa L nh.tin. Robt 8* hnbe/ B F" Camper, I G Lee, Rich Thongs, W F Cltridje, I fit L vry.l Tai aill. Thus W cheaii.ey, Joe? 2 I J S Taylor, O- gett, Henry Letting* eil, J G Tow ..<11, M Cuuke.ilP l.oasey, J L Tucker. Jas Chiistie. Geo?2, H Tbon.psuu, J R 9 CjidoiJ, K Lovel.ud, E J Wilkinson, W I I D I bambini, G 11. rt. James VV est, 'A m A Collelt.C t." Morgan, W m M Walker, C i.r W H Gunnel.*, C C Marr, W n. W'siier, W" o Guo.ej, B M.graw, R M Win, Win A?3 DeCoi.el!,( 1 Mathews, P Wi*r, W T I>eoo,8il.?T Rliro. Mr-3 Waltoa, Thos?* Jiliu.1, Mrh Murray, L.urei.ce W .Iters, Purser J ow,"T, Mich Montg,>mery,L..lie W ineberger, L J*""ll,Ja? L M.rtur.J,.s Waleh, James 1)1.lull, John Aiurrjf.JisH Wi,re, Joel W Dougherty, Jos Morne'r J .a Wiin J ,\1 1?>IS, JuoL Mono, lai.ih W e hater, J B ' oTle, Juo Martin, Prof J M V\ J || Deviofbo, Josh M irun, Jiio Walke-;j,,o I>ln.C in, Jno P Msg: U'i: r. Jr. . T It halfld JW I'onehue. C iDt IWurD'.r. J.,u w-.i* n k. i iiotiovAQ, C M u?i)-li, J H W H V Eckel, Henry IMor^ !?, Gfo H Wiucketn P lu<fi(|C . r* Merrick, O C Wmv4 ttcriji P J M rti.., Elvia Whu*,Kil Foreii, Win A M.iier, I) Wiiliui i, b F Pitzhurh, W u >1 -iigiii, I> O B Wilkinson, A J Ford, WiliT MuiUiu, C P Wand, Aims Frauce, J rvi D MiSCELLANEOL'SCollector cl Cnstom* , G H S L; President of tvie L"u?ou Ce. Co.; Corresponding SfCtj. Columbia T v po?r ipfcic*i L'uiuo ; E I'.W ; American Orgm , Secj K?i?his Uolien Circis ; iiermaa Benevolent Societj IL^ijSKTKRS MUHT iW ALL 1 AS Kg BK i'KKPAlD. Aig |l WM. JONES, i'. M. WAM S WANTKD-A SKKVAST WOMAN, to tnk> " car*' ol ch Mren. App!> At ,\u. i7/i I gtrett', iK'tworii Kth ami at t street*.' It* \\'.\ NTKD IMI'I.OYKNT b* mi- ? ?.... * * i< t!>.' oocupi-<!. at wn'tin* .1 ic, for ino-l?l?. Add/e** ' !Jat?nt" Host Otfic? IVtuinn ton City, stating where an interview can l>4 hail. wiil give satisfaction. Tonus very moderate, au 11 Jt* C AU'VIIK WANTKO.-A good hand wio uii ^ iler-t tn<U Sa inr M a k-t* and Scroll work bj Machinery,can find a SI 1 CAI'tOX t.y applying immediately to BALuWI.N UKOTIIEKS, l>t and Dstrrcts, Wanhiugton au 11 J. W ANTK. L>? A SITUATION a? Ovriwr oa n farm, by a man who has a thorough p a -Ileal knowledge ofFarming and (in deiiing in ail their various branches. The most unexceptionable referc c-s as regards character, u* .vificat on Ac given. A<1 Irena " A U. C ' through tl.e Georgetown Post Olfice. a:i 11 St' \ \.T A NT!" D- A GlR L. or middle a?e d W OMAN, ?' to do i.ouM < w<<rk . must have goo<l re<.omm>'iidauo"*. Apply at K ?t , n^arlith ?>t. au 10 it* W'ANTKD? A roo.1 home for a \ery capable ?? le al h> COLORKD BOV. 15 >< ar? old. to h rve until ho is tl.i'tv-five Mru-tlv limited to the District of Columbia Apply at tftn office. an 'J-3t* %1/ANTKD-A SALES LADY. Nom hat * ? best need appl?. S. HKLLKK. jv 31 No. 34 Market Space, bet ?th ami ftth *t?. VJklANTED?A WOMAN, to perfni t wditwi If af ckknibtmlid. No <>tie n jed apply who caunot brine a recommendation from tier last pace. Inaawe at Ecktugton, two mi!e? north of the Cap it?L -xJ " '' ANTKD-By & stead? aud industrious man. & " SITUATION a* collector. B'-st of reoom m'ndatious given. Address \I. C., Star Office, jy 12 tf IVANTKD-To lure evervbod> know that th*? * y ran purchast* their Summer i.lothingat c<">t at No. 460 seventh st.. opposite Pout Office, jy 12-m PERSONAL. I ATTENTION !!! I F RfKl'S TOR fKR. In vrmor. will ,-al! atthe otfico of C. M. Vnl?*e. 474 ?e enth street, he will hear soiii ,'th'iiK to his a 1 vantage. Any information ctince niuK h rn is requested. If no' living, hi* administrator, or any of his heirs, will answer. mi il-l w" < Al YUI.K' . A'torney at ' aw. Q " M K KW \ R D.? h anawar f o n Hi 'j'tlf h?r, living neir pper Ma'lb-ro, JkM Prince (jeorjc'i Cuantr, Ma , on the ?8th S[ July last, NEGRO MAN SAM.ahoutas jp > ars old, afwiut five teeni i-<cheis huh; ather da k color; and 11k *!t looking. h? was pur- i* ohn.d in Virginia. A V KI.I.OW HOY HENRY, belonging to Mr . Sinoot of (;?i-fp|o*a. went off with hi in. The above rewar will b*" paid for SAM no jn&lter where taken if c>>>ifin-d in jail, or brought home to me. JOHN. \V. Bl KROUtills. an 113tawjw r>A8T. PRESENT. AND FI'TURE EVENTS, will he satisfactorily explained, by a lad* at her resilience .No .1.17 C st between 1st and 2nd ?ts.. Island. Consultation fee a cents. au6 7t* ? I .1 un .>1 I", nilKKlUK, l'HI (iRZAT AsTROLO1*1 o!st and Doctrfm, jn\t from Europt.?T?i? highly icift d and intelligent lady can be oonaulted on the Paet. Preaentard Future EvetiU. Call at Mo. ilOS Twonty-aecond atreet, between H and I, Washington. jet93m* LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On Friday morning, loth inat., a plain j OOM) HAN'l) <RA Ef.feT, on going frotn .Mastia.-luiietts aveuuH and ilith at., to the oinnibua ata d 7th an t L.ori.ith* omnibus going to Penn ave., or o i Penn. ave , between 7 h una loth ?t*. A stiitahie rcwaril will be given if left at the Star Office. If STRAYED OR STOLEN -On Sundav. Auguat the 5th, two red and winte npiittM I'ii BUFFALO COWS; one of them has a Kir picc- t'?r? from tier right "ar, and the other JbaJans a pi ce from her left A Itiiera! reward will be paid for thfir return to C At'KMAN, No. 39* Ma-?land ave., between l*t and 2d *t?., weat, or to Mr. BLADEN, near the Rtn'kville Church, an ii-9t? Witt REWARD?Watt stolen from the subsen1*1 lx*r & few weeks ago, a Double Cue Hunter SILVER WaTCM, Wiii. RobiniO'.fM iisak^r l.iveraool, No. 6U.323. with ' K !*ulli fSttlX van's Watch written on the inside ofthe case, an ! n crack in th- Crystal. The above reward will be paid for its deliver* at the 8tar Office. j?u 113t" E. J Mfl,L.l V AN. VVoixU'ork. Va IOST?On Wediietulay, &t!i in?t., t.ct ?eem>* and J 10th Btre u, a I'Ort T MON N AlE,(i itation of peail, with steel chain.) oon miiiuK a small tiiiiii of tnon -y is go'd and silver. The fiudo will bu suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. 3'i, st eet aulO St* ?' REWARD.?l/'rton Wedne'day / tween U ad 1 o'clock, somewhere lietween 'm. F. Banter's restaurant. C it. nesj' tli? u?.> k ot ? fcsiuiiKton, ?!id tnjr re?id?no?, ou but near between 5th ami 6th nts., Capitoi Hill, one large GOLD LLNKED FOR CHAIN". The finder will confer a (avor by leavlnc th? same at the above restaurant, and receive tV above reward .... au 10-31 KK <NK M. KKH.L\ . ?10 RBWARD.-9f.rM or ??olon f om the tj I "I snl>scril?!r on trie 2d 'nst ,a siiiall cv . L>i ?n o ?" ? ?1? .wit i ^oiinbl. MARK; stupe in f?i?- "LiJ heil; li(tht mane and tail. The above ward wUl be given for her return to L. LLBhR, , on C street, between 13>? and 14th ?t?. au t ? | ( EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, pit nic notice; EMREK8"FCOLI*MRIa l.o|)<;K no 10 i I. o. O. F.. and of the nrd?- (en- al- jjrtv. ' it. a^e notified t*at the AN M'Al AAipfc-StrsP I PIC NIC wii take Fla.-o .? Mo\ , UAY. the ISth coi.vmbi ? m'?IM. o Fred. P'OM?eri*a unrira !"d hand ?.fi u? rU? Wii t encaged. una every nr ^iffnifnl ma<1e to render the | da* . as intended, na* tif rral n? icymmt. j OniBihn*- wi'l leave the corner of Ma??achueett? avenue at.d ^'ver.tli ?treet at #. Q m l I<* a. m.. and 2 3 a dtp in., pftMinc t roiuh > ve th *t*ect (. and Maryland avenue, ana al*o ( !n the ha I at 8 f o'clock to convey the wi?ii w* and i 1ren to the | Spinr. | Ticke*? Fiftv C<?iit*: alitiitliuc a i^nt enun ?nd j !?die*?to be obtau:ea I row th? Committee. j Vi^r Jt THK COMMITTKK. : THK FI.KTCHKR CHAPEL SUNDAY * SOHOOI, wiii have a Pit" t virmui'n.i .ir*, \v ti)N i> i4H <;v-y*?*; ; DAY. Argust '5 h. The? Uavecha t*red car* which will !mv? tha depot at 7'? & m. Persons should tx> t here at 7. R?fr?*hments furni?h.>d a* moderate pri???. ai/1 evary effort made to render the occasion da ightml. Round trip tickets only ?5 cents; children 15 eentn. an 1? T'KNTH ANNUAL 1MOMC KVClR?ION or THK Montgomery Gnardt, To le given at ARLINGTON SPRING. On WEDNESDAY. August 14th. On this occasion the Coir<rnitt?w? of Arrangements r'.t'ilto themee \<*? t<> do *!i in their - power to innke this one of ti>e *n>ef?!ilc Pic Nics of The seanon ^Kmc^SFmrnm ( The* eon fid ntlv look for lil>*ral patronage from i their friends and ?he public, as the proceeds are to < tie used in assi?ting the compaiv in gettng their n-*w equipment-. ?p?cini?m of which will be on the ground. ientlem'-n d. si rout of joining the romps < 11 v will thus have an opportunity of inspecting the new uniform F.sputa's fine brass and string hand, as usual, will !> * in attendant;-* 1 Omnibnse* wi 1 rnn from Seventh street ever* hour tinri jt the day. JHea-n r G W. Rkcs will I leave'he fourteenth str- et hridfeever) hour. Al-o I steamer Flying Cloud will leave the Aqueduct. Georgetown, ever* hour. ! Tickets hftv cents; adiniting a gentleman and la- I dies. I Committee on part of th' Miliiirp. < Maior Bacn, Capt. Sehacffer, ( " Pans. Kalt?ca. I " T*i?. " l?ul*nt. Cap'. Peck " T?wrs, " Holliugswo'th, tS ephens. I " Kirg. Commit'? e* part of tk* Co**r**v. Lien*. I aiiKr*n. Sergeant O'Leary, < Sergeant ur<-a>, Private Minn-ton. I " O'Donnell. " Ryan, an l?*-4t pOR THE UOOn OF THE CITIZENS! GRA^ DAY AND MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC |>F I Perseverance Fire Com ran v Wn .*>. I J ? ? 7 To lie cive-? at *RI.INGT??N SPR'NG, (TI'KSDA V, AcgU?t 1 I Til. I **bO. Thr proctni 10 bt rlero r t i?t fpatrf Ikt Knr>n? Houf.. p <clnn>'lfr'< Mr??s in I t?t n;c Hand hM be rnfk|(I llie ? t/ ?f?<- OtlltllllU'''* *1 M V -? t:.?- \ortliern l.ilierties' Ma'ti tat a. m. a-d IS p. m..? ?1 continue t<? run fr<?m the corn'r ??f Pa a.i-no a d "went . streeteverji hour. ' steamer < ? m. \V. K iwo * wi-11 av? Fourteenth utreft bridge every h.nir |'ho nt amor Ft.viso | Clol u will ?*ave the Aqueduct ererj hour a ?o. ( C- mm\tt>r *f Arrantefn-n't. W. W. Grant, A. Glasgow. I Win. H. Fa rar. J. R Re<?d, _?u ) 6t _ J no. H Thompson. ] 4. GRAND TiiiR\?m i" v r .vn i? ? i i _ - . .. - uai<i< /\ AT MARSHAL!. S PAVILION. AGR W DTOl RNAMKNT an ! HALLmiiitaka pla c at *f\R-H LI.'S HAVILlO1, it 'I I SPA Y, rh?? Ut inst. Rid r-I <>m \Va hiuton. G*or<* I tovrn. and Ai-'xaud a are n o-1 re p-otful * -oiicl- . led to n ) . T :??' ? . 1 S Inr: i with costume. , l>oar<i ''1 'n.r?e f?e<l on In* al*?v<? dax for twelve do ars ( %li? i \Vi l;. rs'?(VW>r*t'il M-a** Ma id I a? l-e^n enca I for the o-.<-a->ion The puliic a e invited to at' :> (. j' i,- ??<*vner Rat.tim 'PP v '! l??av? Wa-liiurton < 11 M >i"'a?, Mi<? l.'fth, at 1 o"cj??.-k a. m. and land at the l'nvi!iontt5nVlock p. m R>tur in* will !wvn I tht! I'avi ion on WrVn mo nine at I u'clock I an I a r v.n Wa-hmsto.i ar 7oVlock a m..thtm striding a ?co?-d o->jporti>nit? ?<< tfio-e wishing to 1 avail ''irnts'-Ive* of >a t \Vat< r l>athing, Fishing, < C < a ' 'I' ui. ' -?:*n?d 1 a* ?rared *:o <>xp>'iiR* *o makn ! t hi * T i I au>t:iinK of the kind that 1 iias nlneStateof Maryl* ' and no ir.'.rz Mis i ? i?Mt u- 'lo- on hi* p*rt t<> rthdfreom- I tin <\\s?r? <? *11 that twin ki ** hi in a call. aui> tw* R J. MARSHAIX. Proprietor. TNPABALIJtLED ATTRACTION! ~~ I; (fHA\PRIZE PIC NIC' At A\AI.OST*N I-LAND. Or MONDAY. A., i .t 11 i-K" ? I One Hundred Hirenof JewfiryOiti-n \way! 4mirm arbieli * 'tian and v*k \Vat< m. r\ lianen.g at.d Msuic durin< the day &Q ? mf >'dr'j'ljrmrnt toall. 4JKk i #1% l-Lsp t*'? B ! < and Stnn? Baud et I UBIB ?a;e.< I n the occwi"". ? [etoU-M Cent* for Gentlemen. 25 CMta for l,a.!t<'s; Children (i lull t"d free. Ti ket* for **|e at C. H.'a an^ l,*mmoil.I s. 7th street; l)r "nhwn tze> l)ru* Store, i'a av.: and at the f ?ot ol II :eh at. wharf. Georgetown, on tin- da* <>f the Pic Nic. Boa?* will ctirt lor <he Island at 9 o'clock a. iii ll r No charce m*''e for eonv jauce Across to the I s a i l froTi r e wharves IIJT I'jr I.iqt of iii tig see amtll programmes. , ? i i 7t i amusemWIX in i ri:k r<?\?'KRTsT~" ! FiKN'8T LOKFFLER, Hie York ?rrsw, fc?! t'r li 1 XI llt'i .( llTiffJ ??., ' r? I KtAtf t?> tii? puhlio 'hst A COVC^CRT ofjkJSS 1 SELECT MUSIC will be riven ever* MON 5c* i I DAY and I HL'RSDAY EVENINGS durint the < a*a*on. at lii? P? v:.!<?n, ^ommencin* at 3 o'clock Mid erdjng at in p.m. Previous to the Concert, tlie Saloon is opeu to those desiring to wtn'e ! mf a few hours in the max* dance. ICE CRh\M WATER ICES, and every description i of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity i prices. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio purp s r. are requested to five a day or two notioe. je IS 3?n FOR SALE AND RENTT [For other uFor Sale and Kent" advertisements, see first page ] P"OR RT\ r.-A tw.> norj KKICK DWELL- . I\G with l>as?metit aud attio. west M<ie f 8th street. No 435 north of the Patent Office Kn ?uir?? ii-xt iii.or sou h.orat No '13*6 h street. a u 11 - w' L, OK KK NT?That (dutiful <01TAGK RJ-> s IUKXCE o i Twelfth ft eet. between G a^?l H. (oa t si'le con aiung 7 or 8 romu*. ? itn water and ( *as,formeri? occu; i-*d l?? H H Vo?? K?q. In point ' of location an I convenience tins house ii uuirpa-ned. ImjuireofR W BATK*. wood nd coal dealer, corner of C ai.d Fonit?th ata. au 9 tf 1 MR1'. KATEH.des not to return to her ratie h me. wish** to transfer her wall established RiiU'iliiif Hnu?? ? p , ? u?Muiu| m fijvnii. Mfl ftc ?>nit niodatin* r.t th*? present line u???nU of 4 > t-oard| ?rs, lr'to th?> hands ot n ilif psm.'i wi?hii( tn (O | into the busii ess, on th- irost r i? it1 I't'rmi 1' 1 k 'ou?e. l(?nu d well kmivn to the cit z f.s of , Washington, to pi?*>an ly si' ufvt<?l at the s>>uth wret o rim t % <1 fa. avenue, in the m utthriviii- pa t of tha oit?, and i? convenient to 1 chu oh-? fch >oU tls< punlio bui dm(>. Ac. For further particulars pleaae oail and inquire at No. 315 Pa. av?*t.ue. au 8-tf AIBI RKAI'TIPI'l. FARM FOR ?Al.E ORHKX CHANGE FOR IMPROVED PR PER TV ' 1 offer lor nale my Faint.3 miles from Georgetown. ' 1 inile front Tena <tc*n PoKt Offio , (3u minutes' rid" f om Georgetown 1 01 akout St acre*. 40 in the I highes. <-ta e of cultivation as a market garden farm; ten acr*-s ol tnntxr and wood lan?f The I dwelling is laige and convenient, with large dry cellar; large new stable with loft full ol ha>; large new l>arii full of clover and tnuothy hat; another large Itarn full of thi? yt-ar s grain in ihe ?traw < rje, wliett andoat-.i A se>o<! ?? ^ wOTVUOH? IIMCI in** bam f<>r cowi: anew stone spring house with spring In it;*tone milk hou^e adjoining with water troughs; c? riage and smoke house. The fruit is of the l>e?t 1 grafted variety, Pea hcs, Pr-ars, Apples, Pluins, Quince?, Gages,Cheme and Graphs Also,Straw berry. Currant. Raspberry and Asparagus lieds ' The farm is well known, having been owind by my late father and myseil for the last 4<> years. It is a * beautiful place, high and healthy. Such a paying farm is seldom offered for sale; It ing |>aral> ?e<1 is my reason for wishing to part with it "I Hie perfect Call at iny stand No. 34V Center Ma ket. near Seventh street, next to L. Neumyer's stand. t or a note left at the S ar Otfio-' or addressed to me , at T*ralytown Post Office, will he att*n l??l to. au s Jt* SAMt KL SHOKMAKKB. , FI^HOR RENT- A lanre three story -and aBRICK DWELLING HOI SK. *m,aied at ; at No. J*"* Eleventh st , a short distance from Pa. , avenue. Rooms large; hoti.?e arranged with the | modern conveniences ; orick stable ami carriage- , house in the rear. Re, t moderate to a good tena-1. , Apply to JAS C McGI IRE Ac CO au2-?o'f ] F"M>R RENT?A HOUSE i I twlfc, bi>?y O and P *t eets.ooiita nin* 6 rooml n"wl* finished. Rent $!<*> prr annum Appl? F E. R ICHAR L?SOS, Haoon Dealer, Outer and North 1 ern Liiwrty Market*. _ au 7 eoSt i COR RENT-The iar*e r-lORK ROOM and 1 F CELL AH on the ?oriif r vl land mv i tii ?U , . Saw Yard. Tlu? foom i? ?ui*al>l? for anj ? , Can be rented with or without the ilwelfinic P.??. , session (iven l?t ol >r[>teiiitmr. Apply to JI IS. . w E P FT 11, i-J 1 ?t. eaar. au 3 2w _ J l/OR RENT.?A new ami handsome FRAME r HOUSE will be for rent i? r~? - ? ? ?V W VlttJB, II II 1 I i><*iililully situated on Thi't<*enth street. Wwo*n (j-*or?;in tvxi ue anil K at.. Nav* Yard ; has a targe (a den lot attached, a pump of g od water n ar, and con a>a*4 rooms, kitchen * od.?hed. Will ,be rented low. with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE; works well in anything luauire ot T. t E. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH. , 618 H it., between 4th and 5th ]y 16 J FVOK RENT?Two comfortable three-*u ry Irwfc 1 HOUSES, aixrootns and kitcheneach^aituatcd i on Kleventh ?t D --J " ** ?uD.iwt. jtent fl*a?Kr 1 month Apply to GKO. F. ttl'GlELY. ?t F * * Myers' Office, Ei?htk rt. jy U lfc' < FOR RENT?Tiro tetutiful new BRICK HOI STS,on Kigbth st eel west, l?"twe*ii M j ?nd N strevta north .weal aide. Apply to MAK\ C. HA1SLLP. No. Ninth atreet weal or Dr. KtASBtY, No. 333 P*. *ve?ue. between kh 10th atreeU. Jy 11 6W AUCTION 8ALB8. Hi i C. MftOriltK ft CO.ftaMMoMM , NO B"it. AuM IM. SMMBMM IHa'UMk. n??h*i ?.,.?! tft? r?? in- ? irat wt'?i '? !idi '<( ho???k?efine.ftt No 3S6 Th "**??< tk tr#**. H *nd ( ?tr#et, W ?ud. Hvwfii" 4 o- n Mrt ?!Aft' (fti.f Hair rt.-'h r* <>rSuit*. IK* Kn?k?r. c?n? ?*' S'fftion ('Uir*. Do Crnf# ?*>?) Sid? T?Mm. WkWrot i t M :"<?r. ^ur.iun; T < > :? *? or n d ?r l ft'p<lr. rr?n. *r d Cott*(? " ftrhe* B-^*. Hmr iii'l Shuck Mftttr*-?#?. fining Met Kitch'ii i iIhn, b ?? , ami OruokfP Wm?, C?ti*j, !(?? iml?r!l:.iVM, 3 ? kint St v?%n'Kt h?n R**?ift?t??. * |M %'d ?iid*t. OMki "f* tu?l?um ft i dit t s * ><] dftf*. for Lute* fttK'ftct' * #? d. '? urin.; !'.t*r*?t ftu II du J.C mogt.'ire ft co . A not. FUTlTRE DATE? H> J. C. VtcUl I K K A Od . A??ti?u*rri Peremptory sale of millinery amp Straw (??or?, Ranotintiu. Trim ?;>? . I.trii Pmn *?i, Km (iikih. 4r - i?ti SATI 'KDAY Moh.N1.NG. A U(u?I Uh.o<>?n cm M 9o'o'?t:k anJ c<>ri'inan ? from <laj to 'ti rnti th# whole ia di?p >ard i?f, W* aha'! ?e , at :hJ ?U?r# of K C Mf f ?. Km No 3*# P*nn. Mtwi ?t'i a id I t:i at'eela, a .ar#a Tar i tj ?f f ??"1? in hia n.?. 0"??'|>rl?in* ? i"rap* ai i* St'k Kor nMi >?f n?w ap-a. rnnim?d and un'r j"m d -trs.w It-- r.eta. Hat* aad F *u. Color?*! f-ft rarid Straw Konarta. I'olorMl, M T?- tn<1 ** tiite J -ch-1 Hat*. l'tn hfio and !*wiii and InaArUu**, Mo do K*n ? ai. 1 >tr p?. D> do r?.i;?r? aid Seta.) i fonts* Bodi*a Simr*. Curii H_aida, FrmiM, r ut? d K .bi? i ?, Gausa and 8uk, Silk, Piain Droj. la* ** . t r.u***. Kea Va ':c.a Kr.j i-i I'ar vd, r?itt>>n, Iwipe ia V i <?' eia Si k. B.'?i d a d <.t,k.?r *-a net* of L?e-t, Hood Ski U.F *noh Artili >al K ?>?*'*. I _JKl i tllfl (.Al l MMn'a ?ii Ir - ' 1 ' breUaa, ?<tr - R?. vr ' ' O't 1*. Hair P n? ' ( >1 kind Hf'I PrmM, 4 Hair, I "t.'! %' N? Kru?h*< . Co* t?a, iy l6 l in I* t---li '.a e < "a-<1 (%**a. [?i> d and Silver Thiirit- *?. T jok Labin'e, Harr:?<>i.'a and J u Hama'a >??#' Ka tract*, Frrch atid German On'ofref, Dm <h!, I'omd* Al' of WMeto W|l| k'?J without r*t+rw? T?rai: ? *i and under, caah; uvfr that turn a sr?dit <>f 6" ard tl&ti. f.?r approved endoraod note* t<?ariUK ;n:ere?t I d JC VoOllll F * CO . *??U. Bv A. GRKKN. Anetion**r. P X r|.;\S|VK 8AI.KOP HOl'fK.HOLO AND mj Kite fiifN K'h>'tir? ? On MOM'AV, ?h? 3th io?.t . I Ml nil a* I" u'oi<>ok a. m.. at tha rwii-nce of a gei.t Am*:. dec inmg housekeeping. >o. |0U I) tt.. Iwtwe#n fiti an.l 7th at* , a ar*?and ixoellent a?a<>rtin?nt of Mali cai >. Walnut, a- ! ' nT I uri.itu'<-. < I ? hich la nearly Lew, vi?. Mahogany anl Walnut Poiaa, Caator Arm and Kookinc Chain, M?!nn*uj at.d Wa iiUt Dreaamg and oth*r Bu realm. Mahogany Marlile top Centre, S. fa. and aid* Tablea, Mahoca iv Fxtenaion, Dining, Card. B'oakfaat, an<i?ther Tab m, Mtboiinj J^cre'ary and B''okeaae, W ritini deak, ai d W hat not. P aro forte, B<>< koa*"a. 1 Hat Tree, ?l t frame Mirroraarid other Looking > aaaea, J ncy Lnd, French, au<l Cottage Bedateadr, C i a.Cro?k?*r*. M i e. ard f ??? <! Ivory Ha'< le a .<i other Kgivdud F rka. ph.- FVather b?l?, iiair, Cotton, and >r.uck Mat InaMb Window Curtain* and B!in-la, eieei.ent lot of Bedding. Tap?atr*. Hr?*?e!et J^'ai'. ard other Carpet*, Hm . mi i < t er <. wi'h a arce <>t ol othar ar'ic >? wriwih ?? ee 11 u. n cMiir) to wuimr ate. The attention of pernor.* furnishing la reepect fully to tlii? *a e. a* the furniture 1a of a r -<1 qua it* ai.d the aa.e *1 we 'try their *ttei tion. Term*: Al! sums under ?2S eaah; t>alanoa in * Mid f"ur mouth*, f >r 1 "tea aatinfactori y endoraad. [ earing ittereat. an < a A. ??R F.KN. A?ot \| A R*HAI.*i* SAI.K.-ln virtue of a writ o' .'I fieri facia*, i*a??od from the c>erk'a office of the Circuit Co?rt of the District of C01 u ml'ia. for the county o( Wat-nu^ton, and t< me U.ranted, I will exp ??e to put>'ic ?a<e 'for oa*li, at the Market Hou??, Georretowi.. D. C . "r. FRIDAY, the nti lay of Aacu* .commencing at l<io'c <xsk a. m., ttie followiiic c">-1* K'"1 ot.atte *. t<' wit. via ? !* "rre Mue and <ne I)u Mae Muia. allied aid levied up<*n a* tne ?<> >t and chatte'.a of Riohard F jackeon er.d w ill l?|n:<! i.j ?*',?!? judicia N?.i? to October term 1'^', in favor of JotaL Moor*. W. 9KLDEN. au 7 dt? L*. S. Wv \I A KS'H AI.'!4 !*ALK.?In virtue of a writ of i'l fie*i fkCiA* lanuod from the Clerk' Ofioe of the tir^uit Court of the I>1 strict of Co'timbia for the County ol VVaeliinftoa. arid tumr di'MUJ. I *t'! expoae to pub ic *a'e. for oa*h. in front of the Court H >u?e .H or of gvJcou'tr i>c WkONK"* DAY. the Z> h dat of Augnt next, IfWi. at 12 o'clock m. A.iref i.dant'a r (til. title, c aun am) int?r*?r Hi and to Lot \" 6. in Square l<?3. in the Citf of Washington, 1).C , togetHer w tn al and siucu athe imp'iiVfi *>' t>- ?*it> d at,d rvied upm as the p'op?ft> of John K D?er. and wi bsso.d to ?ti?l* u'o.a- N *. ? Oott'i-er t**rin IW, II favor of Ma jaret >1 i?er. wile < f J D C- 'u+. W. 9ELDEN, U. 9. Martha^ for the District of Coiambia. an :-dti \I \ R!<HAI ,'S?A LR.-loTirtne ol > writ* ofitn ?._ w>>. m-uru ilom int* v pri ohmoi ikeCtr nuit Ccu't of the Diatnot of Columbia, for th? tonnty of Washington. and to me directed. I will to pu1' ic *a e, for o**h. in front of ihe r.mrt hou?e door of ?&i<l e< utity. on MONDAY, the 6th Ja* of Aucutt n?xt, l?5",e.t 12o'olock in .a.ldef-nd?: I'- ? t.ti' .c n * 1.i tereet %>..i to Lot >< IS 'D jar* V>. 732, in the city of \Va?hi&Kton. U. U., tittf.'.' w r . an ?. tn.a- tn^ impro?efnei.,? thereo,, f?ic-*d and levi'd apon M the property of PbA* H Van Patfr and wi,l he ?o'd In aatmfV J? dioia<? N 7R a d 1ft, to Oet.4?er term 1MR. n. ffcvw l>i Jehn VV. I ion,peon aod Z. D Oilman W 8ELOEN, jf 13-dta L'. 8. Marsha! for Dietnct of Columbia. cyTHE AUO/E SALE lt? POHTPONED ui t: WEDNESDAY, ti.e J>t in*t., same hour n 'i r au-> W.SEi.DEN. 17. ? Mar?h*>. KH \ I> mvn A/v/ii m i ' i \jr? F~M RNISHF.ITKOOM* WITH '?R W ITH Ol'T BOARD? I'?m<ih ii?m-in? Furs ?li<"! i Ro?".? won id do well t.> oAii at M. BAWpKLH. No. . ?;<*.? V tt., Iwtwren r?th and ?th ?U , h? hA? i?v a v"* tia .? l-ir'i n'd.e inv?ni?itmd 1 v*nti ttxd room*. which he wil. rent with or wrhout t*>Ard, on r?-A otiA'd-'l* m*. He cA"< a'no kccmi,r?i'>''?te a (?*w ta!>le s->ardera. au 6 ? r|MIF. X \DKRSH.\KD BF.GS LEAVE T?? 1 inform hiat im(i fti:d th? puti'ie ?ener-#^ al> tliAt i<? hat ri in- vr?l to Xo.XIO F street, bet I'th an 1 11th. lie ha? ?*aii <>n Ml hand M ARKETS of a,, cisea mAie to order, / 1 1 a . - < \ ?.<> p>i t ,ar r?r'' tAk*-u uI a i kind- aud ? / ol CH A* K C * V I M? m t-'o?* F. KOSCHER, WatkK Mak?r. rp DON I" FOR'.E T. I HOSE that a-e t-ou!>i??t with L)? ner.tor? or An? Diwak- nftfceBove.a, will hurt reliefbj u?inc |)r. J SIMMS A SONS' CHiiLERA sVRFP. a* it e?nerali riiren a 1 each di??-a?~- without fail. It i. ?.r .i- t? t ? r..mj >iw >< < <>>u ki.tveri lur tli? i;nl * ' ?. till' i {(tilt. Vor?-!f t.v? HA- S ? OTT. P?. fcve; CI^SEL. lioorp<?Uiwii: and COOK * CO., Alexandria. *11 ?- w' rjMJ CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. OrrieioF thk Wa>n:mton Avi'*?rrt.f WasHJIwTow. Auicunt 7. IMU. \ S??4LED r?oro??i will 1-e received at thi* until 1J o'clock hi.. A?ivti?t .'Ut. lUfiO, for eup|>l?in( ttie foilowinc 11 ateri*.* : 15f> to 175 .*>-iiich Pip?*, II f?**t Ion*. Bell 4 Spigfot. Wa* hin*t n A q <ln t J>att> rn. i.l? to 3?i & inch Pi pea. 12 M loaf. Bell ft Spiff?i?. \Va huut -n A?4"?*oiict pattern 4 .mi i cli V :*!!??> Pipe*, 12 l-?*t i(d|, (drilled! \\ a?tnuct hi Anuc luct pat'em. 3 inch Ftanre I*ip???>. 12 f?et lung, (drilled) W? hiiKiun Aiiimtuct pattern. 26 inch KU?(? 1'ip-*". !< It*t io:>y,(drilled > Wa?tiuigtou AqiKxiuct pattern. 1 4 inch 1 lan*?-, 9 lc?*t i! iiigtoa Aaiinlurt pattern. Alao.afew ?pe<-ia pattern*. auch *? Braaohea. Ac. For parti.mi;?r>. ? lamination if diawtnca. Ac., aj>,-l? at thia itice. The whole of Ike ca^tinga will I* required to be leiivernl by the lat (Ktul*r next. H. W. RKNHAM. ? Captain of Rntftnoara, ? au V-tf Chief K'lg'r \V antun<toii A?,ii?1u?l. NOTICK.?The roa<l recentl* open*! through the Faat Square of the Capitol ground* la not u ita prevent condition a highway. but waa aitnpiy ntendMl for the convenience of ereetuig ateaa to '.he portico.** vid aflirding iugr?i>ati> p?ra?>na ha% n( (iiwiiiMa iu th? building <> wmtnui to luapect U The u*e of the road a? a common tug hwa> VOUid interfere vr> much Will the pr.?g't-?a ot U?0 roik going on. ant iher* fore it cannot at preaei,t :?e n.ade a thoroughlaie by omuthua an>f othei rehiciea Aa a- <>n a - tne work n*? made autbeient progreaa to admit ol .t, the r?<ad will be put 10 proper '.ravelling coalition au4 thrown open for publio jae. JNO R Hi.AKK. t oinnii??ioaer of Public Bmliliii|i and Oruanda. 1 au ? >11 w Baltimore life inim ranok co.-dw cobpobatkL' IR*v? John 1. 0ojiald*?k. rr?t. y^?t"p^t'iwk ks li v bfl and buvb kndurant^ ANM 1tik8, AO. "A i. 'ZS irMMM ??4 Tmtk Strut J. c. MfcGl IRE. Praaidaut. B D HANSON, roal-aotr L" OR SAl.K.-Th?> lie lit .traujl.t !? ?a. i. r N AThT POI.XTKK Will t* hk; >n in.inwSiat* app uMtion rae?:ovc a at l??t luoi IS f?et o*am. witti a kna oabin^^^ 2 f?*t in ivnctti, vat bt>ad up tor a ataaaur* boat. >ut woo Id make ai. exc^'ifnt market l?oat. 1 nature >f H C) HOOD. S3* Pa ?wn* auS tf A LI. KIND* OF f\ liAMR KuLMtlt Ei n At K lA)TZ'rf REST aTrANTT* ?u 4-eolra* NnUi ?U, . *aU D ?t.

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