Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1860 Page 3
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LO + AL NEWS. 117" Though Tmk t*ta* is printed on the featftit team ftw'n ?*?' smith ft Baltimore, ItseaUlhn Is ?o large * to require It to b* put to pre** at tn arly h?ur; Advertisements, therefor*, should be sent tn before IS oVIook m .; otherwise they may not appear until the next da/. ' ? Noticx.?IMstrlct of Colombia Adverttsetneits ' to be inserted In the Ealtixobx Sum are recelvrd * and forwarded from The s*tax C)*ce. ?OLici Mmm?Juitict McKemna.? Cspt B. wm ? eniel by hlaneighbor, Mr. N ,of using exceedingly profane and obnoxious lSngaage. to the Irreparable damige of his (N ?*) reputation and the s<-and?l of th?* public morals. Capt B was accord'nglv tieated to a written Invitation to visit Justice McKenna at the first convenient opportunity. The Invitation was tempted a nu a day llx?dfor the reception \'nf?>rtiinately for Capt. H , on the day Set apart, he Ither forgot his appointment or was preventrd from keeping it by a lien vy fall of rain. This, however, did not prevent Mr. N . from paying ill? respects according to arrangement.with a view >o ? mutual explanation. The justice heard wkat was to be said in the case, and then made certain ji?d?:lal entries on his docket. Next day tie son Dune and Capt. B. rame, and the following conversation ensued between htm and the presiding i.ur.ii i? ???' JIJ J "" j . ?? ru, V^UIiC, wiiaium JVU W WllU that oaae of mint?"' Sq ?"Fined you, air." B ? ' DM vo??" Sq?B.-"Howmnch'" 8q ?"flOand cmU.'' B ?"What the h?11 and did yon mrax by tbat. sir? How dare fou take advantage of an American citizen and deprive him of b1a right* by trying him In bi* absence?" Sq.?"Well, sir, you ruled tbe caae yourself, you should Lave made a point of being preaent." B ?"Well. air. I don't understand this prwedlnjj at all; I desire to know bow you tire to line me miO and costa, when Justice Cull never fines me more than #1 aud costa for alike oflein-e?" Sq.? Well, 1 think yon have no right t? 1* thankful to Justice Cull " B ?"Why not, air'" Sq. ?"Because he didn't treat yo? like a gentleman b?"What do yon mean bv that*v Sq ?"A gentleman, sir, Is not ta be treated as & com'.joii, ordinary blackguard, whom we Mne * 1 and costs, and send to the work house. A proper distinction should be made, and I never ' tin e a gentleman leas than 10.'' B ? 'Well, sir, r.tav I be rip-sawed if this is not a most ontm^nous r.ii.l diabolical outside arrangement, and 1 U see I about it " fquire, very impressively?'-Captain H . sorae twenty ynrs ajtt. I had ttiv honor to aerve mv country when this citv wn threatened with a servile Insurrection, tutd at that time yon waimy raf'tain. and on the occasion you proved yotirself t<> be a brave man How then shall I class yon with the?e ordinary ottVnders, these loafers, tappers, and sucker*, with whose misdeeds I have o much to do? It's ont of the Question, sir, and 1 * annot disgrace my otd commander by entertaining the idea for an instant " A loud laugh from the numerous bv-staiiders here sainted the ears of the gallant Captain, and convinced him that tlney thought him worsted ia the argumrat, whatever hi??*n opinion might be about it Therefore turning to thejiisttce with a conntenancein which extreme rage was manifestly struggling at odds aga<nftt an inclination to join in the general "guffaw" at his own expense, he exclaimed, ' Well, ir. next time you have a case of mine fc> consider, juat put me In with the '- common ordinary fel- ' lows;" and inflicting a severe blow upon the top of the crown of his hat with a hand of no light weight, be departed not more than half aatistted ....?k 41 - witu lur nice msiin 'lion arawn bit rare and common cas*s. by tDe cbivalrnua in- g'.atra'e Tbna Butler (colored) wan paying bis devours to a aparkllntf-tyed colored girl uaiuid Dinah Moor**. In which nh oa^.nt paa'ime the aald Dinah ?id??d and allotted him, in obedience to the command. l.ove thy neighbor/' One day. how^ <ever. Dinah luade tee discovery tuat her Thomas ? w*# tickle aud inconsistent. and had previ<*isly r;pp?racted to bestow hia ade< tiona upon lliss Amanda Bean; and the next time he \ isit?d her he rated him in remind terms for his p^rtliUon* behavior, aud opined that her maiden all'ecioiis bad bn^u trilled with. Thomaa did not appear to view the matter very seriously. aud accordingly l|inah grew uproarious, and applied to hiin certain epithets not recognized a* orthodax by an ord< nance of the Corporation. Tboinaa retorted in si rollar terms, and both rushed ta the niseis trate'aoflirefor justica Subaeq'wut developmenta a I a? * - * - - >uu'iuira iucui mat ?uey uaa come lO XLt ri^Ut hop for that precious commodity, for in a short time both went away minus *5 fl; and the magiaTr??e closed thr judicial proceed nga by recording an addition of 9lli? to the revenue of the Corporation. Bejcrt Jttitice Thompson.?As many a? flfty?n? warrant* have been issued from the otflf* of Justice Thompson during the month of August, notwithstanding that tbe magistrate has brt n absent two w-tks of that time, and twent) seven of the cases disposed of in his office Veaterday. Thomas Sheehan waa tried for alleged profanity, so as to bt heard in the streets Me was fined S2, and ?1 12 costs. Robt. Adams (colon d) was accused of disorderly behavior, | aud flaed Si, and SI 3!> cost* Win. Simpson, for alleged profanity, waa fiut-dS2 1M, and also accused of throwing atonea lu tbe streets, w?? lined SI 94 Shields, (colored.) accused of indecent language, was lined S2. and SI 30 cos's John Hammond was charged with huckstering In the Center Market without a license; fcned AC a l? -t? a ? * ?u?'. ru?gcu wimj occupying a ?ianu in the Center Market without a license, and fined 53. B'/orf Jmstire* IVilliamsanJ Waller ?A further examination of John Atijjerman and F. Pctartiiilt, charged with resistlog OfflcerSuit inttiedis< harge of hia duty in a general ; ff av at the I'ark on the 27th ultimo, wui held at the oUice of Justice Williams. Justice Welter nssistiug, at It) o'clock a iu u>-d.<y?Mr. Morris foe the proteculiou, and Mr Vttcrtneble f? r defendants. R-btrt J ok ??<>n. sworn ?Testified that he w as In th?* I'ark after the first light waa over, on tlie day named. Saw ?*nit and Kdmonston conning up with a roldler between thein, and the soldiers mide a rush ?s if to rescue the prisoner, and witness saw F. Schmidt walk up in the crowd with bia bayonet, and place it at Suit'a back. He didn't rpm arnrrv Ht all l'h? ?. ~ ?.i ? ? ? * y i ' *; out "doa't let him take him." tt'bcn witness first taw r*Uit he ai d Kdnionstnn were i cluing with their prisoner from the direction of th* driaktug saloon. At the time of the refrue of the prisoiwr there wu * lar^e <:rovtd around the oil er. and they made a rush at him, and he tupped Witrnas wit* standing at*>nt thirty { vards off, and there were at least forty or fifty person* aronud the offlrw at the time the prisoner w?l rrt:u(d Can't say whether the bay. net touched Suit or not; It went very close to biin though?would not say certainly that it totirl.rd him Don't thlok that it was Schmidt's purpose to prot*? t the otScer; It didn't look like that to witmss Heard !*ult say afterwards that be had been struck in the back Shortly afU*r tbis time v ltotM iu?tic?d that Suit bad Weu struck in tb*> noutb. and bit Up wai bleeding After 8- biriidt adv <nr< d in the in inner above described on t*iiit, b* ^ut col of toe crow d. and vitnt* saw bim no more ytr Lfom* testified tbat be mw Huit arrest Mr Buacber. and walk away about twenty yards with blut. aail the rioters (some of the sotdi<-n) ran after bim und said they wouldn't let bim arrest any of the company. H:>w An?erui?n with ttoeerowa. S? they slopped Suit. 'I Gere wa? Scute eight or tea about to*, officer, and told him to let the pr soner aiuue; it would give too mucb Boise on iii?* piacv jjiv uiu me man mmi be arrest?<i tireat luaav win round tb? oflicer, and Angmn&u was ou the amith ?1de, and witueaa beard Suit s;.v to bloa ''Nn?r min?l. Angerman; 1 knew you." \Vltue*s ar.d Mr KnlgbT tooV Suit oot of tba crowd. Didn't** aay rifle near to Sulfa face. Angerouui waa uo more violent Utaa any of the rwt of the aaldlera. Plenty of them were near CiitMb lo *?44 to auika Mai. W Mmi bad called on Salt jitat before tbia to aaaiat Id preserving order VV b?-a lbs fl^bt occurred wUiw tried to aaaiat Salt to prtsrrv- order, and la tha ?elee enjIm VAM^I til 11 * ?14 nets) would be security for his prisoner: tUat be should appear next day If kngrtsian bad struck Suit wlto his bayonet at this t;iue witness would have aecn blin Suit bad bio billy out, but did not atrike auy one with it. Asgtrman miabt at a >me tim? Lave struck Salt lmnitdlately before Salt spoke U> him, eud witness sot bare sees him do it Jacob Ank testified that William* wai drunk, and rnaked la the ifate-way. and wltn-aa tried to U 't bliii out, and HuscbT came and struck bim over the head and ba lell. Pu;t was neit to witness. They came and tried to get William* away. Salt foaoA-ed HufLvt and Ui-u to arrest bitn, h- jfot hold of bim and tbe crowd rnshed up and would'nt let him make the arreetj aud witness d?n't kiwm any more abont ft. WNness is Sure tnat ii..scUer struck WiilUnia. for Witness saw Uiin. .Tfor*i? Butler testified that he was at the Park ar.d saw Mult arrest a man. and saw tbe crowd tik* the prisoner awiy frn?n tuu CmH ny who msdetkart* 'tr, tooi>- wr? Iniiuifarm and others in eltlswM <lr-*s I here was maybe a doien soldiers atonnd Autt when th?- prisoner Was takni away trom Uic otffcer. They talked laud, and mere was muck exciWtnent, *ud the crowd forced the mm away from the oril< ?-r. wboa Ihty tkreat ned with their guns u>4 tbeif gsts Saw Cult's blr-ti Don t know Aa^ertntn, sad don't ku?>w it b? was la U crowd or not. Witness thought th;il nearly all tkt ciuwd ?t? taierefted ia taking the prisoner away. E'itc rii y?w*a ? Weut W> tba Park at three -..luck After a will la b??rd cry of fluht, and wrat out there, and U*r> Lad Sulli van and Brown, and were charging on lUu with their bayonets Wil lams was there, and was struck by la a man with a saber Halt xrrcat,d tUe man ?who struck William*, and aeveral came rouud and aaid, "IXjiI let him tike Urn." Th? ^ Capiat* ran up aad told his men to char ire ba your U on lite udk< er, aud la a few Minutes tb? < ompany were drawn up iu line, and in a minute , ,v a tali man rush>-d out from the ranks and stu< k Mr Suit In the arm, and Suit threw tka bayonet pf #ltk hi* arm. K.iow Angerqjao by aigt*, but lfr< / . | dld'nt *+ him do anything particular The Hoi dlers got tha Mrvbtttmak Williams away bfhind a gate and got him off; they made several charge*. The man who Muck Suit in the inn w?? positively not Atig<rman, for witness knows An g- rm tn, and be did'nt do it The evidence for U)? eovernment rloaed here. Mr. L'termehle called for defenae? Mr. Gtytr, who teatifled that he waa out at the ! far* csaw ??uii arr ? a aoiairr, ana the crowa j cam* roiud and witness sod Mr. Schmidt were talking together near the armory during the Whi..e time that the mun w.u going on The crowd wai all over when witness and Schmidt separated Witness thinks that if the clfiner Lad not i>een there, there would* t bave been so much fu??. The captain said to Suit not to arrest the man, and he would be responsible for him n?it day Witness then went up to the armory and tallied to Schmidt, as above mentioned. Mr Burr testified that he wes there, hut could hardly besiid to have seen the first part of the rumpus. Witness saw balf a dozen or mere pulling and hauling. - Saw Suit toere. Don't know what he wasdolng exactly; hewaaexcited, and cursing and swearing. Angerman was In the ranks, the second man toward* the pavilion, to the rigbt of wbere witness was standing. He Was quiet while witness saw him. Saw Sutton fee outside of the crowd. Should think Suit was dr ink on the occasion; he was swaggering about. Should have seen Angerman if he had stepped out of the ranks. There was a little confusion when the order was given for the company to about face, but If any one had stepped out of the ranks witness would have seen him. Mr Krzvzanoteski testified that hp went out to the I'ark, and after a while saw Officer Edmon ton come out of the gate using profane language, and saying, " We uiMt arrest that man " A soldier was arrested. Then there was a row, and the captain (aid, be quiet; the soldiers were drawn tip in a line, and a soldier lost an epaulette and asked witness to keep it, which witness did. Saw Angerman there, and be was quiet and did not brfcnrtish his gun about at art The oonipany stood in the ranks quietly some time. Saw a man In a blue coat brandish a billy, and the soldiers were about him Some were excited and some cool. Before Artgerman was in the ranks witness did n it sv him, and he might have been In the crowd. Saw F. S.hrriidt in the ranks also. [Here our report closed ] ReligioC" ?Yesterday the weather was cool ar.d pleasant all day, affording opportunity for many who by tUnn* or aire have been prevented from attending divine worship for weeks past, to do so. The number of aged persons attending the churches yesterday was greater than for a lang t'me past, and it was also remarked that many strangers 1n Washington enjoyed the privttege St Aloytiu* I'kvrtk ? In the morning the Rev. Father Mag>>ir?? delivered a discourse relative to the '-Temporal Power of tb? r?pe." SSeven ver -? of the 16th chapter of !?t Matthew, hex inning at the I3tb, were selected as the text Tnereverend gentleman, after first showing that the church was a visible organization,ana therefore required a visible head; and further, that Peter had been appointed by Cbriat as the bead ?>f that church on earth, with full power to rule and eoveru it, claimed that the Pop* of Rome was the legitimate stitressor of Peter, and invented with all of Peter's authority; and thit these rights and privileges vested In him were not received from any human sour. e. hut came direct from Heaven. As the t-mporal sovereign,they looked upon the Popeaa a man exercising that which was temporal in its nature, and received from man The one could never be destroyed ; the other might be, and (till Peter would rule the church; still be the successor of the apostles, and pr.vilcged to exercise jurisdiction over Chrut'sChurch. He then proceeded to give the origin and history of the temporal power exercised by th?* Popes, in order to show that this power was forced upon them by the nec??-sity of the times, and accepted onlv "for the good of the people.'" The country o( England to dav pres-nted tii- strange annu ally of a woman exercising temporal dominion over her own kingdom, and at the same time exercising an nsirj>ed spiritual jurisdiction ov-r souls that were never entrusted to her care. He concluded his discourse by an earnest appeal to ail good Catholics to contribute liberally toward the support of Pope I Pius IX. who was at Dresent suflVrinrr miwh I " **' ??? * for thtt sake of the Cburch. Foundry Cknpel.?In the morning, the paatcr discoursed upon the words, " Ye must be born again " He began by saying that the language of tli?- tr-xt was plainly a metaphor, but It ex pressed a 4real and important truth. \V hat is it to be born a^ain' It is not merely a change in sentiment upon the subject of religion; it is not that you believe the Uibie true that you give your assent to the creed of the church. These are all important, but they are not what the text means by being born again It is not merely a knowledge of religiuu* truths. A man may be thoroughly acquainted with the trntbs of religion, ana yet his heart may be as wicked as ever There must be something more tuan a mental cbange to obey the command of the text, 11 Ye must be born again " It is not merely a change in conduct. Peraons may from s?lfiati motive* cbange their manner of living. They may become moral, because they aee that moral men are more reapected than the wick d and abandoned Morality is a part of Christianity, but it ia not that which the text speaks I of?that being born again. What. then, is it to be burn again ? 1 answer. ' That which is at>irH Is spirit'' It I* a thorough rhansre of the whole man? a change in his thought*.actions, afl'ections and affinities; in * word, he is a new creature In Christ. In conclusion, be urged upon bis hearers the importance of being bjro again, without which they could never enjoy the blessings of eternal life Mfthodist Prott'tnni Churrk, Xtnth street ? Rev. F L. Wilson, pastor, preached in the morning service from tbe Epistle to Titus .> U- 'Wfco tave himself for us. that he miifht redeem i from all iniquity, and purifv unto himself a peculiar people. zealous of g?x>d works." After the discourse, the aa- rament was administered to (be rtiembtTS of tbe church and a number of members of other denominations who united with them At night, the aermon was bas?U upon tbe text of Philemon, Dtb. 10th, and Itth vers**? Y?t for love's sake I rather beae*< h tbee. being such an one as Paul the aged, and now a pr sjiier of Jesus tnrm. 1 oeseecn tcee ror my *011 Onesimus, whom 1 h*ve begotten In my bonds; which In time pant wjis to thee unprofitable, but now profit* ah If to thee and to rue." Si. Matthew'1 Ckutrk?Hijzh m;*?? by Father McNally. Sermon by Father rlunkctt, of Portsmouth. v? , from theGosp?>l of the day, taking for his teii fLo last verse of thnt Gospel The Kev. K.itb?rr spoke with great eloquence of the vanltv of worldly thine*, of Its richcs, its wealth mid honors, and urged all to devote their tim* and their talents to God. who would reward them with V.esslngs unspeakable In the world to come. The choir sang with great effect Haydn's Mm No 3. It was announced that vespers in this church would hereafter commence at four o'clock p. 10. W**ley Ckij tl?The morning service was condtK'U'd bv Rev L. F Morvan nr?iHIn(* who preached with his well-known eloquence and ability from the text <t 1st Timothy. 4:10. ' We troat In tb? living (iod. who ia the aavlor of all men ." AtnightKev Mr .Mc.Canley. tiie pastor. p anebed from Paaltn liitt, "I'rayfor tbe pence of Jerusalem " Asftnblf's (Pres'-ytfrtan) Church.?Tha Rev. A. U Cuothera resumed the dutlea of paator after mnif weeka indlaiM aition, and preached from Jeremiah, H. 20?4,The barveat ia iwrat, the summer ia *-ii?l?-d, and we are nut aav-a '" At night, Kev l>r <??rley officiated, baaiag bta remark* upou tue tirat cuaptei of Job. M'thodtit Epittopal Church South-?Morninir, Rev Win. C. Blount preached from lat John 3:3. ' And every man that hath thia hope in him parifitth btmarif, evw aa be ia pure.'' At night, tbe Rev W C Croaa, P E.. nreached from 22, 11th to 13th verses Proposals for Won ox thi Tibasckt Rxtsssiom ? On Saturday, 8 H. Clark, K*q.,acting engineer of the Treaaury Department extension. opened the proposals for Belgian pavement and other stone work rf qui red for finishing that edifice. The fallowing Is a synopsis thereof: Silas M Betinet, Belgian, ffi5 psr M., laying pavement 4 80 S A. Peugh, Belgian, ?1,190 50 W.J. McCwUum. 40c. rough tUgging, 50 smooth. M drets-d; C. W Bottler, ?o9 50 Belgian, laying pavement V4 90 W. B.Wnterburg, ?47 Belgian, ti 99 laying pavement. J F. A' ker. JU Belgian, eurb 74, 92 50 and 54, imooth 44, dresw d 54 Thaddeus Wilson, smooth flags 18 cents, d,-eased ?> Saopp A Co., S41 50 Belgian curb, 75 cents, Sv> 25 sad t'23: rough rta^s ?7, smooth 42, dressed 5-2. N. Acker. *45 Belgian curb. 75, 3?>, 2*; rough \ .JO. smooth 45, drtssed 55. James Brown, *'2? Belgian S F , 6,W>9 S F curb, rough '26. imostk ' t*. drt-ss-d 3s S A. l'eagti, rough flags 30, smootfa 56, dressed 83 W.J Medium. 1,800 Drijiian ^leuri Unit fc Bro , curb, 90, 125, 110; rough flag 35, smooth 40. Military Foiul ?Yesterday afternoon tbe battalion of WaahlnjitMi Light fniantry paradt-d, under command of Maj J. \ Davis, to attend the fuutral of Mr Henry Sage, deceased. lafc- ?ntfteemed member of the corps The Infantry l>?red b tmi ninety and a hundred men. and made a very flue appearance The Marine tiand under Prof Scala, was with the battalion, and at th? grave pe< formed the ^rand Miaerere, from II Tr ova tore, In the moat affecting manuer The deceased was also a member of th*C< luuibla Fit* Company, which turned out with a full attendance of members, accompanied by Withera' band. CEXTBAi Gcakdhocs* Casks ? Sundae V Gibaon, colored. drunk and dlaorderly; floe tad po?!? 9* 15- MilqiUu, do ; S3 15, escaped t-raneea, i * re EHrabeth Bit**, Vi ent Garner, Oliver Milea, Alfred Ckurcb, Chuck paid ?3 15; the otbera failed, and were atat ilrnnb ??- *"* UIMW* M.W V^., IJ WCL. H?nry Clarke, vagrant; workhouse 90 days (>a R K 8TONW bu been elected president el our board of health. t H?i adviktiiixijit of Singer's sewing ma1 t chine, ia aaoUtar cetuow. 4 1 jsuv*.-it -m .*i Thk or Colob? for the f*eventh Reginaefti of New York, bow on exhibition at Um City Haft, are to be taken away to morrow The*e colon are verv handsome, and excite, no Uttle admiration The flrat, or national coIpt. it of splendid silk?of stars and stripes?and on the Center atrlpe, in gold, appears the words: *' Seventh Reclaient." The regimental color is of rich white aifk?new the pike we have the a??l of the i'nited Stitea, below the seal of the Corporation of Washington, at the fly end tbe seal of the State of New \ ork, and below it the seal of the city of vrt.u u7uk(. sc. i..j k.. i^ow a uia. n-uum vae romp^si occupiw these four seals Is the following Inscription: "Presented by the Corporstion of tbe City of Washlngton totheSeventh Regiment National Onsrds. ' in gold letters The reverse side Is of splendid blue (ilk, on the top the coat of arms of tae Seventh Regiment. The statue of Washington tLen occupies the entire center. The size of each color is six feet six Inches flv and six feet deep on the pike. Tbe length of the pike, including the elegant eagle and ferrule, is nine feet ten Inches. 1'he fringe gold, cords aud tassels blue and white silk Intermixed. The plkw were presented, for this purpose, from one of the fevorite trees of Mount Vernoi* Accompanying these splendid flags there is a black walnut case, elaborately ornamented and Inscribed, with rollers and all other appurtenances for the preservation of the colors. The following gentlemen have been designated to constitute the com ml ties of presentation : On tbe part of the Board of Aldermen?Messrs William T Dove, Thomas J. Fisher, and Wm H Ward. On the part of the Board of Common Council?Messrs. Grafton Powell Thomas P. Morgan. C. S Jones, and Charles Wilson. On the part of the citizens? I ?-? * ? . * ??- ? - - nootri uma, \vm. li Toaa. 1Jr. J. tt. Hlike, Joseph H. Bradley. Gen P. Force. Jobn Savage. Ju 8 Holland, Marshal Brown, J F. Covle, J. D. Hoover, Vvm. 11. Gunnell, \V. E. i Snaldine, C W Bolder, jr , J. F Haliday, EdI ward Hall, R W. Carter, L. J Mlddleton, J. F. Knnis, M VV. Gait, and VVm Morgan. The gentlemen above designated Lave s'guified their acceptance to the Mayor. The committee have i already engaged quarters at the Metropolitan | Hotel, and will leave to-morrow afternoon for their designation. Military ?Company C of the Washington Light Infantry battalion. Captain R. C. Stevehs, turned out tor a parade on Friday evening, (a notice of which was crowded out of the Star of Saturday,) the occasion being the tender of their Company as an escort to the National Rifles wben they return from their contemplated visit to the encampment at York The company met at th?>tr armory at Thorn's building, and proceeded to the armory of the Rifles," at Temperance Hall. A cornmitte of company C, consisting of Lieut. Cassin. Lieut Utter me lile,and Sergeant McKean, entered the hall and were greeted with cheers by theRltfps. Lieut Uttermehle then addressed Capt o.u m a 1 * * ? *- - ? * * *? ovuarirr, ?mu macie mowo me onjrei 01 ineir vistt. which wa? accepted by the Captain in a neat speech, concluding with the hope that they would be able to return tbe compliment. The company then paraded through several of the principal streets, to the residence of Dr. Duhamel, where they were Invited to a repast of substantials and delicacies in great variety and abundance. Toests were given, and speeches were made by the worthy Doctor. Capt Stevens, Maj Donald Macleod. vr Win. Flynn. D*n Ratclitle, esq , and Lieut I'ttermehle Theevenlng passed ott pleasantly, with nothing to mar the joyousness of tue occasion The company then proceeded to the residence of Mr H D Hall, where they were kindly received by that gentleman, and after a serenade to Alderman 13rown, the company returned to their armory, and shortly after departed for their homes, having spent a pleasant and agreeable evening. It Isbut justice to add that the company marched well, and performed the drill excellently The company was organized about three months ai;o, and nids fair to take its stand by the side of the older companies of the city It is also a source of pleasure to witness the friendly feeling existing between company C and the Rifles, whose friend ship iciiii to have been doubled by the appearance. some time since, of severe criticisms on the merits of these comp'-tntea; as well as others in the city. It is t<i be hoped that this friendly feeling VI>,.>UIU<-, anu 11 II IS irn H> II1C CUIII(lilU!eS themselves, we (hall have no fear* In future. Yocsg Zoiavks.?The late visit of the Chicago Zouave Cadet* to thi> city seems to have introduced a Zouave fever amony the rising generation. The result baa been the formation of probably a half s?oreof companies ofboya, ranging between theatres of flve^nd fifteen. whoaenightly drills iu various portions of the city serve both to luterest and amuse our citizens The uniforms (or the lark of them) and equipments of these companies differ aa materially in comparlaon one with another as do the equiomenta of some members of one company differ from those of others of the same squad One or two of tbem go to the l ot Is, glorying In a kettl* drum, abowy red flannel shirt*, and woodan affairs shaped like tfuna; while others arrayed in colored shirts, with f et guiltUsa nf ihnft iMthpf Jinrl hrnAm atirVa tm* l> ? ? - ?<v>*T0tiU?B IWi Kl IIIO. ua ?r vu confine their peregrination to the Lack streets. They do no harm, however. They enjoy themselves innocently andshould be prudently encouraged.?Constitution Mas. McCoemicx's School. ? We refer the reader, seeking to find a pood boarding school for young girls, to the advertisement of Mrs. McCormlck's school, In Alexindrla, Va , in another column of the S?ar Experience with it, has satisfied us that Mrs McC.'a j upil* make admirable pro* ureas, and, also, that parents entrusting their children in her charge may rely upon their having all the comforts of a domestic home, and at the same time being trained to modest mannersand in good principles; which are of vital Importance In one's daughters7 future life. In short, we sincerely believe that no more desirable female boarding school exists in the country than that of .Sirs. McCormick KiMToa of the Star:?Will you have the kiridners to inform your readers what proof can be given that the itarcophaxus, recently trans? J 41.^ u uu 2 ? * ' lrnru iu vuc cmiilMrmiaii lniiltUVP, OI1C6 Held \ht aatusof the Kmperor Alexander Neverus Tbo?e ! who remember the emb?kation of the monument know that the story ' will not hold water." I? It right that the public should be gullt-d any longer with such a palpable hoax At least it should not be perpetrated In an institution founded for the lix reii*eof knowledge among men. There is no Inscription on the coffin to tell whone It was. ' Alexander taverns was murdered in Germany. I The coffin was brought from Beirut, in Svria AMIHUMBCG Didk't Lik* the Odor ?On Saturday night, a ! gentleman of a playful disposition happening hi be a little more ao in consequence of sundry exhilerating draughts, met with several gentlemen near Ilk** rnrtipr t\f u?""" ** 1 ..^.?>U ??ivt auu HU a?nnirf illIU having a bottle of cologne with him he proceeded to flavor the cou>pany by pouring it upon them The gentlemen did not like the fun, hut the new comer didn't seem Inclined to leive them in a bad humor, and continued hi* attempts to explain until one broke his bottle. A reneral row seemed to be on theeveof breaking out, when the cologne man was put in a hack and taken home. No doubt the a flair will )>e amicably ailj :sted. Sto'.s* Cow*?On Friday of last week, Mr J*m?s Rabbit:, residing near Middlebrook. n tbls county, purchased, of a man whom be did not know, three cows for t&l, which he paid him in cash, and the roan went on towards Frederick. The cows were subsequently rec(?^niz?'d as belongtaK to Mr. Martin, of Washington city, who tame upon Monday last, when Mr. R readily gave them up to hi m This may serve as a warning to our clt!xens to be careful of whom tney purchase cattle The thief is still unknown. Montgomery S'ntmel Clat's Hotel ?The traveling public, so long the patrons of the United States Hotel, will be fileaaed to learn that that establishment has fallen nto th# Hands nf Ikfauib f II J- *'? ? ? >. im.o tf mm v 10 J O, VU., IUC name being changed to Clay's Hotel A thorough renovation of the entire buiid'ng and premls?s has been effected, at a heavy coat to the new proprietor!, and they are determined that neither labor nor expense shall be spared by them to make It one of the moat popular of our metropolitan houses. They opened on the 1st Instant. Ta? Aobk cltcral CxNsrs Rsport of the first ward shows thirty-nine acre*of laud, a'l lraprnved The cash value of farm< Is e?ttmated at SKX.COO-8 hor?-s and 1-J milch cows. Vain-of livestock 91,196 Produce of market gardens 59.660 Butter 8100 Or,-hards *375 Oae thous nd two hundred and seventy-five bushels Irish p< Utoee were raised during the year ending the 1st of June. Marriage Cexbmomt.?A large ard fashionable assemblage graced Wesley Chapel on Thuisg ilty evening, to witness the marrtaee of Mr iaa. \V. White (Dlxey) and Miaa Ell* Walker?Rev. Mr. Morgan officiating. After the service* were concluded, the bappv pair received the congratulations of many warm friend*. Dbspbxatb Assault?Saturday night, three colored men, alavetf, went to the farm of Col. Selden, near the city, and entered hi* aervant*' dwelling* and cruelly beat one of his men. Col. Selden aaya the man la seriously injured The aaaailanta were recognized, ana thi* morning wirrant* were laaued for their arreat by Justice yvuu. John Wymab.?This noted Individual hu engaged Odd Fellow's Hall for tlx nights, to deal out, for a small recompense, ton and frolic to our citizens, commencing this evening. Let everybody and tbelr children bear it in mind Laugh dill care away. Wi am* BVQVisTVD to fate that the James Bowen whom we ment'oned the other day ?s loving been arrested and pat in the gaard-houss for being drunk and disorderly wa? not Jan>es Bowen, bricklayer, nor his sob James 8*hath school Rbcxion?It is said that ar rangremeots are tn progress for a combination ol 1U1 UK r (TtuywilU MbtMtb ICllOOll 10 t n *i*4 Baltimore, to hold * grand pic-nlc ?t BvlUville, Prince George's county, Ma , on tbe 12th of September. Some of the volunteer military of each city ere to fee ln*Ue4* ti Alkxahmu ? Qnlt* an enthusls!^ demonstration waagQtt?n up Saturday night In Alexandria by the UnTo* partv Col. U NVrigbt. of addressed th?- crowd from the portico cf the Relief Kogine-hoose. which wu tandsswely and tastefully decorated with nags and iransparen<*es, hearing appropriate inottors The speaker waa Introduced to toe rsa? mblage by James A. English, Esq . president of the First Ward Union Club; and hiaspeech, whkh occupied nearly two hours in Its delivery, waa received throughout hy friqwnt applause. At ititervala, during tbe de1 very cf the *pe?ch, numerous rockets and other fl'c-wr.rka were ae' off from the steeple of the lb riginc-house, making in all a very prettv dtspUjr. rhe bell in the cupola was also rung at interv-ils. j Altogether the arraugt-ment* were well gotten up, , and rcilect much credit upon those Interested Is the nttair. At the conclusion of I'nl \Vr1ah??? remark* loud calh'were mude for othe* gentlei men. leaders of the parly In Alexandria, tent none 1 responded, and at 10 o'clock the meetta* ad ijourned. We noticed among the crowd a large | number of ladle*, who seem to take aa much Interest in the political strifes of the day a# the turner sex do. During the month of Augu?t there were serrn marriage licenses imied by the Clerk of the County Conrt of Alexandria. I A man named Stonebreaker. who claim* a re?i- ] dence In Frederick county, Md., wa* arretted In Alexandria Friday upon the charge of tampering with *lavf?. His excuse Is tLat he wai Intoxicated at the time. He will be held for a further hearing on the charge. The law respecting dogs running at large daring certain periods of the year baa been very rigidly enforced by the proper authorities In Alexandria this year, and no doubt will result in much good to the community at large. A general war upon the canine race Las been going on for the past two months, and no less than fourteen of these unfortunate animals were despatched on Friday by means of powder and shot A dog showing decided symptoms of hydrophobia wes among the number killed yesterday. Poiht Lookout?The festivities of the season ai id! new but already popular bathing place reached their culminating point on Tburaaay la it in a tournament, held with all the "poinp and circumstance" attaching to the modern exhibitions which, under this name, have revived the traditions of the kni^hUy age. The feats ot daring horseman?liip displayed by the rider* who participated In this mimic tourney could Inrdlv be surpassed, while the ' 'Address to the K nights,'' preliminary to thair uenerous rivalry, as deli ver?-d by the Hon Robert Ford, of l.eonardtown. Alaryland, was conceded on all hands to be e brilliant production, betraying In Its appropriateness to the occasion and its literary allusion the marks it good taste and of scholarly culture The president of the day was Benjamin Harris, Ksq.,01 Maryland; and the judges who pronounced on the r?ui|>etliig claims of the several riders were the Hon Mr Stout, of Oregon, Heury T. Go well, K?q . of Virginia, and Hamilton G Fant. F.srj , of this city. A splendid ball closed the festivities of the ilav KxCITEMRNT m Thibd Stbfbt South?On Tilday afternoon Mary lieissler and Margaret Wbeatley apjteared before Justice I)nnn to answ er to a charge of profanity which had been made | against them, remitting in their arrest by otiirer Chipley. 'I'hc witnesses were all female* except one, who " didn't know nothing," and the testimony weut to abow that Mary Ueiwler w,? not guilty, but that Margaret \V beath-y said bad words, the use of which, publicly tu the streets, is a violation of tbe city ordinance Mary was dismissed, and Margaret was ordered to pay 91 94 tine and costs. Margaret declares that it ii a I grand combination against her, and that the ou^jht not to have been lined. Thb pic xrc of the Island Baptlsi Sunday Hehool to tilyino-it. on Friday las' issiid to h ive been a m^st delightful atfair. The means of conveyance to and frj was the steamer St. Nicholas, 'ban wlrcb a finer craft with a cleverer caput n probably does not sail the river. Lakgk coLi.KCTiojts were taken up yesterday in tie various Catholic churches of the District for me use ana oeneut ol the exchequer of his Holiness the Chief Bishop at Rome At St. Matthew's abo it $150 were collected. The tHott Is to raise #50,00(1 for the same object. Who?* Is It ??Saturday, Officer Kimball had a tine gold fob chain placed in his hands, by a person who purchased it for *25 cents It is of curious construction, and Is said to )>e worth f 15. It is with the officer, to b? identified. Fight in Bates' Allky.?Last night, a row occurred In Kates' alley, instigated by Captain Whisky, which resulted In some of the partin being badly beaten. One man was considerably Injured by blows inflicted with a pitchfork. Bia* in mind the grand gift pic-nic of the / nave Cl'ib at Arlington Springs, to-morrow It is to hp a tin** affair aa ur?ll ?? ? ble oiie to the lucky ones. For partlcu!xrssee advertisement. W* did not know, until Informed by <>Mercury,"' tlmt the National Rifles and the Voung Zouaves of tljia city were identical. Thkrk are two alligators now holding fret* levees In the city, on" at the Smithsonian and the other at the Patent Office. Thk "I'hcxsv Phkllowh." It should be b*rne In uiind, hold forth at (Columbian Spring t<;-morrow. See advertisement. Thi Plankt Vesc* is now visible, more or less, daring the daytime, about 4(F west of the sun at noon Dos't fokoet the promenade concert anil bill at the Park this afternoon. We understand that they are having a flue time out there. Dr J Hostkttkr'* Bittk**.?Thes? Hitt?r* are u i-e smllf *<'knowle<4ce<t to be a sure prov. ntati ve I ami cure for I ? er ana A?uo, Klatnt<n<*e, Heaviness of t.:e Stomach. <>r M* other like affActim . TneirefT ct upon tli > *\ntein is most ini niilou*: th^y gi ve a halthv 'one to the s> stein, remove all morbid matter, and m fact thorough!* cl -an??? the sy*t m of ail unpu-ittc*. The prop i>itoii in presenting this pr?pai atioii to th? public, assure tnem that in no single case, where it has J?een used accorrti"* to their directions, hai it be n ku wu to tail, hut on the contrary, new virtues have t>eeo found in its use. To th?>?e atllicted wi'h anv of the above ilis ofth* bod>, the"IJitv rs" ar? offered as a speed* and certain cure. Try them and form jour own opinion. For sale Ivy druggists and dealers generally everywhere. seSeoSt Holloway's Pili.s. Dyrnt'ry.? Cnlike other hp cifics in common use i which act as mere temporary styptics, Holloway's i Pills seise on the seat ol the disease and eitermin?t? it? prni ary cause?1>? invigorating the dige*I ti v-orsa .s. stimulating the liver, purging the chan; no'* and purifjiniT the blood, they pro mot?? a speedy ! re Mora* i on 01 n?aun sin visor. in iniiou?ne *. I ?i<k h adaolio. acidity of the utomach, and d^preii, ?ion of ?"y are?-qiiall* efficacious. S?>|dly | all Dru/gist?, at 25c.. 62., arid SI per box. an 31-1 w Rkai<kr. have you ?e?n i'rof. Wood'* advertisement in our paper. Read it; it will inter?6t yuu. au 20-e"ly Homeopathic RixiDin All of Dr. Humphreys ft Co.'a gpeeifin Homeoparhic Remodio* put nn expr<?esly for family use, in l>oxex, at 25 ?'id .V? cent" each. AU?, in eaten, ooutiuriiin Ssn vial*, from 94 to 9S each, with look of full riip-ctiona. For sale by ! 'A. 1). Oilman. JtJO t'a. avenue, wtvn|.*i?ali an<( i retail agent: W. A. Fil*i;eraid, 3-"?3 north F i>Weet; aUo by F. B. Winter, corner o( Ma^aehusctti* avo i nuc and s'lxth Hre?t. A'??t Pom/'.' Extract ?f Wiitk [ H'iz'l, for internal and external indamruatiooa of I 1.11 triniia > inirA ? I ? * v? iwa # m j Barrt's Tricophkhots 1* the heat and cheapest article for Dreaaimc, 8(Utifving, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Re. storing tho Hnir. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drug n?u and Perlmnera ar 12-fira Nil, Winslow, an experienced nurse and lemale fhyaioian, haw. a .footking Syr up/or Ckildtn Tettk??*, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and ia sure to rerulate tbe bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give reat to yourselves, attd relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly aafe in all oaaea. See adrertiaement 10 Bnotner #u>1?imn. H-W / MAKKIEl). tin in* 24 instant, hy the Kev Mr. Kffenijor.ol ^a.isli Chavel, Capitol Hiil. RICIIaKI) T RIGHT, to Mi as MAKY L. PALMER, b.,th of j tinj city. * DIKD, 0? Sunday evenine, the 2d instant, after a short but painful ilines*, JAMES BLOYCE, in the 29th year of hia a^e. How inykterioua are the waya of Providence ! A I'V weeks ago, this estimable young man wai in the enjoyment of excellent health. Suddenly, the hand of affliction was placed upon him, and he was oMi^ed to submit to the wtll of hia Maker. No one knew him but to love him nor named him but to pi&ise He leaves a w.fe and numerous friends to mourn uis ahuonoo. Uia funeral will take plaoe from Mrs. VYa-ner'a B'-ard nx House, No. S.I Bridge st., next door to Farmers and Mechanics' Hauk, <i*or?wtown, on . Monday evening, the 3J, at 4 o'clock, which his frifinilk &m! ^AAiiAin Ann * Art* rAIAiM'tllill v I nvitArl to attrioU ?? - r i _f? u*1" city, on the ?J instant. FRANCES E. , FIN 1-.U AN, consort of George T Kinegau, of New V ork city, and eld*?t daughter of Thomas and Ma i lind* Ma<ct?e, ?.f this city. Tiia fuendn and aoquamtanoM of the family a invited to attend her fune ai, at the res deaoo of her father, bighth st east, north of Pa av. . (Pln'a and New Y ork papers copy ) On the 2d instant, after a lout illness, SARAH I AIN, aged fiy t- remains will be removarl from her late residence, oa c street, l*twee . *1 and Sri sts., v.apitd rlie Ebeneser Church, Navy Yard, to marrow af ernoou, at 3 o'clock, ller irieuds auil acqu iitiancear* requested to attend on morning, &t 111 n'omci, ja.iibs m. , ; in thoS4tti year of his age. Hit rner.da and acquatnuuiDfe aaU friend* of rhe familt ara reap ctfully invited to atu nJ fua fim?r?l, 1 f""n nu lata reaidenoe, F it ??t, betw?-ea 17th ami 18th ura?u, at9o'oiock Tueeday morning, thu 4th matant [Baltimore, Frederick. n?d Rockvilje rap jra pleaae eopy] 'mm i' ' WANTS. \fcVANTIC? TO BORRO\f-t>Mi #*.<*? "to (woof ?*%ra. oaritT wtrtB t!*!h '?* ? foji' liBWith? motiit. A<Mrea? U. R.. ttiioaik oitf fo?tOAce. ?* y-? ??-1 rl*fc*CHKR ?A who hoahori ninrh ?xp?1 rienoe is t^oohin* to" usuai En&l.*K Urwvc>??>?, mtittr &im1 Froncli, ?le?ir#a a situation. Tin beat of icforemcoaniveti. AC<Jr?*a E. P C? MUlorrriUe, i Anne Arnnd^ll oonrty, Maryland. It* j SlTl'ATION WANTED- Aa Farme'.Gar?1*n?.r, or <?vor*r?r, !i> a married man . family?wife anl infant ehilj.) wlw? understands hn hcsin-.-s thororcliy. H- boa bal full aadioac reara' .-*? rienee t? the ina> of flower aad kitohea gardens, la>iBK out of grounda, vinpraria. auracnea, crape bonnet and orchard a; raiMnc roata. t.> haco". etc.: improvement of farina b? draining, need to working ran** of nee roee; well ve aeil in b?ok k??-pinit. \% ould like to rakecbarpe of a *?n tlcman'a place or plantation. Beat of recommendations given by hla torroer employer*. Dierot |o R. R., ca eofOckatadt k. Vette, Pnntera, 4T0 Ninta t.. Washington. I> C. ae S-2t* IUANTEO-A competent COOK. None need " appj? l-ut thoae who can c??ine w*ll rec<>m menderf. To auch, litierai wagea. No. :t7 3C?t. ae I 4t WANTKD? R? a la-l> at Alexandria, a white WOMAN or GIR1<. for ohatnt>e*tnaid wd Iftni'lreik. April at Pixth at.. Waahinetnn City, for >nv information. ** l-3t* WANTKD? An industrious andcareful YOUNG MAN. acq minted with th* r>'ta;l <1riu ?iid pr^n^nptKin' iisiueHs. Sow1 <>th?r nfC'! Hc-t of recommendation* required. K I". MAJOR, ?el-2t* 4#4 7th st . opposite l'ort < WANTED?B? a middle-aged ladr, a^lTI ATION a* hou?eko?por or r.ur?or? iuven>rt?. ol. :?? >? - - - * mw > wriiquviti<Ml loreiUM' ntuM,.>v, ecpeoi*l v that of housekeeper A note vl.ire??e*l to 'Housekeeper," an<l IeA at the Star Office, will l>? promptly atUnled to. ?? l-?t* WANTED-A SITUATION as chanjl>crmai(1 or nurse, by a competent juunt wom*i who can fhrnish e\p?1len' reference*. |'l n?e a Kir* s a noteioK. M .Star Office, an?i the adv*rti??r will call. - " "* i :.-. t I NFORMATION WANTED OF W1I.I.IAM SI MI'SO.N. from county Antrim. Ireland. \\ h'-n la?t li'arri from wa* encaged at the Waahtmt 'ji W ater Work*. I). C. Any thin* ouoreriifi: him will te thankful!* received bf hia ?i*ier HOSE SIMPSON 343 South Front atreet, I'hilaielphia au 31 3t _ WANTKD I MM KDIATELY-A roi^tent DINING R(A>M SERVANT Thetwtof references required. Apply to No. 373 C at., <*>rnor4)?. an 26 ?; WANTED?T'? r*nt l>* the year, a *rnall ttr'>"lory RICK or FRAME HOUSE, w th Tour rooms, (for a Tamil* oi three person*.> in Qjorfftoim, in a <inict lo^e'ttv. Adrlre?a A. T , ata?>"* fcc . through Cit? Poet Ofii< e. a^ CT-t* WANTED?By a steady aa<1 induatriiMia man. a SITUATION as collee'or. Be*t of recommendations liren. Address M. C., Star OfRoe. jy ?-tr PERSONAL. ^ PAST, rKKSr.M , A .> J? H Tl Kh tVENlT", will be sau?factorilf explained by a her residence \o. 337 C st .between l?t and i!nd sts., Island. Consultation fee 25 rent*, an J-Vllt* ADAMK K K.I.I\. HfKTrNK THI.EH, from Pari*, informs her former fi lend*, and the pit hi in generally. that ?he has removed to 4*?1 Tenth street, t etweii r. and F. where she will be happv to see ail who will favor her with a call. _au 13- tw* _ _ _ . _ \IADAMK MORRICfc, THKGKKAT APTBOLOiTI GIST AND DOCTUKSS, j%*t from ??ripi.-Ti'i? highly cift vl aud intelligent lady can be oonsulted on the Past, Prenoot ar?l F?t?re Events. Call at No. -20A Twenty-tteoond street, between H and I. Washington. ie '*> Ira' LOST AND"FOUND. Q it R KW \ R P.?Strarcdnwav or s'o'rn fro'ntl e mthsenlieron the V7lh of July, two j"iin; SOW'S. h?*avy with ynnni, One7j(pJ^^ of tl e n b|%ck mid brown like, lame in th?4!taMMt I ft ?tiouldei: n 1 th" other hl-o* aud white, wilh lonpeaig The aliove reward will t>e jail to any porson who will bring them or tiveanv information ofwler?theT a--e to JAMhS OLKKfHJN.eomer of north Capitoi and O sts. ?< t 3t*_ fO?T-rive or s x I f R^.two t *ion.and <?ther pape--, Iw'wwii 7th ?t. an?l C?, I'd. ar. A hl?eral reward will tv> *i ven to the find?.- ,hv leavi 11c theinat J?1 Auditor'* office, Winder's Bmldirg. an 31 3t * F'Ol'ND-In m? d?iry,??m?ll red COW,(dry,) on Fourteenth Mreet, at WAL m r* i lij BRIDGE'S Dairy. The owner mm hareSU^ the same by proving property a_d p?yineJ^J^ charges au ai 'it* CAMK TO THE Sl'BSCRlBKR'i*. a iar?e red and white COW ; both horns croppod: a nolei on richt ami a crop on tho left < ar. pUP The owner i* requested to come 1'orward.^bMMBi prove property, pa* elMir(t??, unci take her away. Sixteenth i-t. eet, between ^ ar<i Q ?f?i an .11 ?t*~ IOST?On Tuo?day, August 7th, a BI'N DLK of a Evening iStar ^lews-paoer*. containing four ,.f a**. r,m ti.A ..r i..iczjo 't - rwjiics ?m rjhj11 uui iui mr iiiviii>m ui ?i utiv, l ii?3 finder will reinrs it liberal reward by returning them to ihiii office. au 15 tf GEORGETQWN ADVERT MTS For otktr Gtorgetoirn adterttstments *tt Jirtt p*gi Fresh green and bi.ack teas.~ Just reset i\e?l? 10 lialf chest* frexH (iRKEN TEAS. 5 do OOLONG BLACK TEAS. Persons wautiu; a prime article of fresh Teas caneetitat E. a. LIPSG?.MB'S, ue S-3t No. 113 Hi{h trset. it I FISH?FISH? FISH' i'lESS SHAt', LAHRADOR HER R IVG ROl'ND HERRiNG,CU T HERRING, EX i RA ROE HERRING. aLEW'IVES (St. John ami Mcremiehi ) 80 barrels Extra No. 1 Labrador Herring, .Vi ili> No. 1 Ma??:a!ene do. 50 do. No. 1 Boston do. SOhlf hblt. No. I do do SO barrels St John AlewirM, I'arlv prnfi-ti-d b<t hriff A ml over. Also, in store? 1?0 barrels No. 1 Mep-michi Ale wives, 51 do. No 1 Cut Herrinp, 25 do. No 1 Halifax <io. ?' hit bbU. Kxtra Roe do in do Kxtra No 1 M-?ssShad. For eale in lot* to suit p'i'chas->*. HARTI.V.Y * BROTHKR, *?3 lw 99 and 101 Water at , (ieorg? town. SCHOOL BOOKS AND ST ATION KB V ? A full Mipply ofSchool B'lok-1 and School R sqni sites, D'awihe Books, Dra?i g Material*. Ac. I'arentb and teficlieik bupp i-dfttth" lowest pncei, at MIWTHOMA^S B?'ik and Fauc) S << e. ge 1 3t_ Huh stieet, near Kicst. TTOBACCO, SNUFF, AND SKGARS, AT WHOLESALE. 1 have to-dnjr recivi'd 1SH !?'>* < 1 TOB^OCO, oonsi'ting of pound lump", fou ?, tens, large and small twists. AUo a lar?.e lotoffine HAVANA an i ^ AR A^E GARS. Also, on hand12) iHixes of fine, medium aol low priced To 1*000, <n S-ear-. 35 cases of Garrett's J-'coUsh SuotT, in bottle* ; also. KHDpie. Co?gr?K?, an^l Mac ab?>r, fiiiit'tozen or Ardorfon'k an t tiootwii. Fin* Cut Ok*?in(iiid -tnokinn To'aoco. 130 Krixis of yhaiiKhai and ? arliir Matches, ion hux?i of Pipe* and Pip H< ads. 75 bale* of Killickiiuck Mnnkini, and all ether articles pertaining to the trade A II of which ?re offered at tl?* lowest wholesale prices. JAMKi* WAI.I.ACK, No. 59 Hteh street, Georcetown. Good* delivered to au\ part of the District tree of cUar?e. au .f-lw C^RUROKTOWN FIRK -WOOD SAW MILL, I a CoNGB Kmi sr andCaSai. Hickory Wood, sawed iu 4 pieces per cord " " '* * spilt 7 ?v? " Oak * ' 5 4" * ' " k, split 6.1.1 44 Pine " " " 4-'? M ? " <i It - .?IU t i.i l? a spiiv a.w Q iid't. r*, t: ird* and ha'vea at the sasne rnt??. Wood in the stick. Hickory #6 per oord Oak \i " Pi ue $4 " All wood, deliverc I at the al<ov? price*. ca*h . an iffi-lw E.B. BARRETT. ?? " STILL ALIVK," TPILLMAN St HUNT have Removed, temporarily, to the Store (No. 17 > formerly occupioil by Lewis Payne, nearly opposite thei olo MtanlnhmML DKY U4HJUS can be had aa cheap aa ever. an 22-3w FOR RENT?A convenient two-atory HRICK DWELLING, on First street, with Gas and Water. Also, a commodious Dwelling and Store, on Bndce street To suitable tenant* the rent will be very moderate. Apply to SAMUEL M. KENNY*. No. 1^4 L'unbarton at .Georgetown, au 21 tf S NOTICE. IMPSON HOUSE. Corner Teeth street aa4 Pnnn avenue, will reopen on 8ATl'R-A . , A DAY. latofSeptemb-r, having been thor-V(fXfcV ou(hl) refitted.. The bar is suep'iei with^JHUL the choioest Liquors, and the eating bar will be fu'nish ?1 with ail the market ftffords. au 31 -3t WM, 8 MMP>ON, Propri-Hor. WHEELER * WILSON'S 'f UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, which ronder there ^&t.t.<KuUly^li that tan to AT THR NEW AGENCY, No. 346 PisssT-VAKtA Avsxrt, near 7th street, From 9** to #100, With lnctruuuoc* free of ch*Tf?. m 231m P. J. STEER. Acert 17LOUR, MEAL, MILL FEED, Ae. r Just reoeived on const; anient? 470 Mils *uperior brand of fresh ground Family, r vfrt kmi Ann?rfiiiA CIimip I &r THE LATEST NEW? TKLEOB APH I ol Hn A H *teph*?a >? ? ? * 1r. ArtriTt, fi? . *rpt I ?A? Imnmw aud!e?ro of ladle* u4 gMtleaien awe mblrd at the Cur Hall Park to dajr to bw Hon Mr Stephen* R> Mid he appeared befer* ttor people rrlixteirtlr. but could not rcfuae the Invltatlaa of bla rid coo titurnta The of the t) m??. be ?a1d, p?ete?4 c?)l. and eyervtli' n# aciwa to be tending to na tjonal diaruptlon and goaeril anarchy. Whether wis tendency (halt be irw*^ depends M virtue. tutelWace and nstr!ot!?W of the p*crl* of *11 |*rt? of the countrT In tbr p? (**> f n*1 crlat? of our historv He derl?r?d tbat be wm In ft*Of if M?w? Deu^Ui and Johnaon. the rKiilir of '* democratic party lie aald that whether Mr Douglas re< eived two-thirds of the rtockMl or not. a< ( ord! to tb? usv es of the nsrtjr. b? received two-third* of tbr Convention Tbr tw?tblrd* r il?-was adopted ujwn tb? farl lam'nUrf uudcratrtiidtu^;. au. Ii a* provided b* the ConsMtn Uon. to p?a? a Uw over tl*- veto of the President by two-third* of those ^>resetit votis* for it Any other construction of tb* Charleston and Baltimore Conventions waaan Interpolation >nd wrarc, and whether Mr Douglas got ail rotas, ss asserted on one aide, ur 1*4, ss slicked ? Uteotber, be received more tban two-tbird* *rt?r *? I He **td he supported the Douglas ticket berau * U was placed on tbc tlm?-honored platform ,.f non-intervention, tbeonlr pclaclplra lk?t iaa pr* HtTf the I aim The objrcUoM nrrrd i?wii>t Mr. DoutflfcS by tbr Srodrrf were tbat Mr Dougla* refused lo My tbat It was tbc duty of Coagre.r? to do wbat they would not do Uwonelm Mr. Douglas refused to aay It wu Ui? duty of Cougreas to pass law* to protect slaver v la the Twr:torics Hence tbey oppose bin ud ufuK to vote such a Taw tbeii.seivcs Mr. ^tepbeiM defended Mr Douglas against the charge thai be would not jr>eld to tbe dociaiua of the Supreme Coart. He said Mr. Douglas agre?d With ev?rv prlocpie decided br the T?red Scott raar but Insisted that the point. Low W a terr.torial l^iritlaLiir* .ifi*?a?^l i u - --p ??? - V, ? - * y imaiBR' slavery had not been decided No os*? Involving the principle bad been before thecourt, Mr Dot.;, ias position being the per fuel equality twt?e* . the cititens of all the hUUs Willi tue rights of persons aud pro(?erty. lie mid that Mr. Uoutilu believed a territorial legislature ii'tght, bv a st? ten. of laws. virtually exclude slavery He (Mr ^tep^ena) d fl o-d froai Mr Douglasou this point, hut he said It was not a matter of vital or essential Importance. ??e< a use if a majority of the people of a territory opposed slavery St would not gs there He saw no Injury to the Mtk resulting froai A He believed thnt slavery will go to the extent of Its capacity To expand beyond this no law c f Congress or Territorial legislatures can extend It. H? dwelt upon the advantages of the L nlon and tbe important t of preat-r vinjf It. It waa tbe h??t Government In tb'1 world ever established, and if it fills, we abail never aee the like ayalif He r<>nrlud-d bv calling od tbe patriot* of all a??tioDa to iiaite to nve It H? aaid the Union bad enemies at tbe North and at tbe South, bat h>- wu not one of then He aaid be knew Mr Bre< k inrld^i ? ability and patriotism and would hare sustained bIni bad be been nominated by tbe National Democratic Conyeation. but be would not sua aln blm In bta present position wbKb divides tbe party and Incrwra tbe chance* of lh?> U?*nnhliran paitiliiftaU fa?rfnll?i rlna* b*f?r<- He did not regard Mr Brerkiaridfe u a ditumoBiat. but b:a ruBBing endanger* the Lbjoii liotwitbaUDdlag. and Lr Lu o? chance of aa election before tbe people , AdditU^il from la rape New Yori. Kept 3.?The Kn^hah papen of tbe iftb nit h .re beeu received toere Tba e*?n ins edition of tb<-Ti nea of the IHtfc atya Ibat a Itaniiaw* f i ate Mri?ed at Faro on ?tae I'Jth wrh Or B rt?lu. bringing important new* Garibaldi had t?*i?d an ord"r of the d?r piaciag General S irtnri in command. for a taw dawi. of tb? land and aw force*, and tben left hia b??dqurr>'* IMS t'Vf ,t 1? bl lO ItlTf 1 |C??Iu lIKII-a tlon. Advic* from Constantinople to tbe s'b August itai* thrtt twffi'T churt hes and two convenWbad bea burnt at Bulbec during tbe recent di?tutK anc*. Tbe male Cbrmllant there were murdered and tbe women otrrejjed Tbe Turkish troop* **nt to preserve order assisted in the o-it-a/es The Mnaaiilman population at llinm us ?a late ?s Jnlf S7. maintained a menacing attitude l.arge bodies of fanatics were parading tbe trerU demanding the snrretxler of tnoae Cbrlattsas who h>d so ight rrfoge in thecitadel Tbe tro*pa dispatched from H?-TTont on the iith bad aoNrrlttd there. TrrniailitB ( a Marker Trial. Ki?To*. Pa , 8ept 1.?The jury in the cat*- of Joseph Oliver. Indicted for the murder of John Pbetx'nger, after an absence of half an hour, brought In a verdict of not ^ulttv, thia evening Phetztnger wai the private watchman of a plan injc *t?41I On the morning of the Mh of Jniv he attacked Joseph Oliver and Alfred Apple with a gun; Oliver wrenched the an from hia band* and struck him over the bead with the butt end. killing him tnatontly. The trial haa occupied the attention of the Voart for six days. Much interest wm felt in the result, and ttto verdict gives general satisfaction. Mr Oliver's family count ctioaa are highly respectable. trans l alilarala. Nkw York, Sept J ?The steimer Northern L1?ht liaa arrived from Aspinwall, bringing IWI.idi in gold and six hundred and four bag a of Washoe silver ore Forty Americans from San Francisco, bound to H< ndnras. had a'rived la a Russian bng at La Union. Valparaiso advice* report the dla^vervof ago d mine near Parta, which bad cau*ed mucbfulU ment. Ecuador adv'cea ?tat? (bat Gea rmrn bad been defeated by Fl? rea. Later from Harass. Nkw Yoia.Srpt 1 ?The steamship Cahawba, front Havana on the *>tb, arr.ved here this even l*i(. Sugars were m Utile better, Molaaaaa nom IiihI. Freights improving. It was reported that the United State* steamer Crusader had captured a slave steamer after abe had landed a part of her cargo, and also that Capt Paten, of the yacht Wanderer notoriety, bad taken the bark Wtldftre from Kev Weat, bat that ahe was autseauentir recaptured or* party of armed wrecker* 9aIr ?f Water Power Niagara Fall*. Sept I .?The Hydraulic rtail, with 7ii a<" res of land, whU b have been ao long In liti nation were flnallyaold by auction h< reto-dnv nuder an ord?*r of the Supreme Court on foreclosure of mortcaee. and In satisfaction of judgment la f ivor of H H Day for UO.MOO, and waa bought on his account NireneaU af Senator D?a|laa Philadelphia, Sept. 1 ?A correspondent of the Press announces that Mr Douirlas will soon proceed to Pennsylvania and will address s meeting at Harrlsburg on the 7th. Reading Stb. aad Philadelphia the same evening, thence Kseton and other u>wd? of the State. Be will than return to New York lawa Politics Chicago. Sept 1.?The friends of Bell and F.eerctt held a < onventiou at Iowa City yesterday A bout half the counties la the State were rape* w lit?<1 t>v* li'i del?vat?a A full electoral tu in vrsn nominated, but it wu dwmfd Inexpedient to mai nominaticna for State offlcfi IrMi H*>dirat Niw OiLiiKn. Aug. 31 ? Advice* from Hon duraa stutr tbat Walker bad ratard tbe o?d federal Central \mer can flag, and not mplated the regeueratlan ?iid i n on of all fire of the Htatea via Hondura-, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Salvador, and Costa Etc*. Hmui ad NtrriMfr New Vori *ept 2 ?It la asserted that Heenan and Morrissi*v will li^ht ajratn. probably In Juuary, and certainly not later than the 5th sf March, for #10,0*10 aside. Con? re?7i.?al Ph'Ladklphia. Sept 1 ?The People's Coovrrtion of lh?* Tbl'd Concessional District has nominated John P Verree for Congress. The Feorth District Convention has Dominated Judge K el ley Telegraphic Repart (eatradlcted. Naw OiLtim, Sept l ?The story of i ooatem pitted fusion between the Breckinridge. Douglas, and Bell men la this Mate proves to have b u frlse KM pant*( Specie Niw Yobk, Sept l.?Tbe steamer* Glasgow and New York Ballad for Europe at noon to-day with S5 ?0,000 to apart? on fofeign acceoat tlttatrt narkru tfaXTUtoES, Sept 3 ? Floor rloaed oaaittled; 5.75 waa offered for Howard atreK. b?t tt " beld at fl? * brat claand actlra, Wa>in rrd I JIUSI 35; wkite *1 *5<?l tt Cmrm clowd inn: vellcw 7Sa7J while 7U7Sr. Proelaleoa closed qnlel; huoon .id*. J jobber* nles?ait^s to k f 19 <t!aSt? 73 Coflee closed with a fair requMt, Rio Wklaky cloaod ran at Xl eBKc. n?v v?* avMi Mn> You 9-Pimm laUrn W W; Ohio ? K?W 14; lithiia ?* *?> *> WM LiM d?vHiird i?tc Cora to dull u4 drooplnft wdir* flfladTr Pork to qulot prima ?13 *60 14 25. Wkitkr dull at Or Now Yo*a.H*pt 3 -fttocka arotat, CkMcotW R k laland?*; IliluoU Central aharaa ?*;Mlch1 Uau Southern Now York Cootral M; Roa4j tnjc 43*. Hudson Kivor B.K **i Ya 'a *)%, Mo. 6*81*; L . S 4 ?of 1674 l.ui*.

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