Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1860 Page 1
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msw m ' -4. - v w ' vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 25. 1860. N?. 2.372 ??????? THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED RVRRYAFTBRIfOOIf, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TSS STAR ItlLDISQI, Comtr *f Tf*nrjlwni? ?9mu? and lltA rt., W. 9. W1LLACH. f?f*n mtt?1 is ruta|? by oarrleri at ? * rtm, or IT 0*nU fr montk. To Mail ? * "* *+ fn? ? *.*> * year, m idrmmts; ft for ?* r>nth?; 91 for Urvo atoaUu; ud for Ims ttaa (HrM mdoUu at tfc? rate of tt onti a wak. Sin*'* "MM. nmm r??n u ? ?? ?? ?* 5 ik ff?i ( i wu v 'lr a or*, ti# jvb.^ti aaoMid be scat to tit* oIm before u o'oir ok n ; ottenria* Uiwy uy not appw deferred correspondence. lidfr tl? Kupitck. i orTttfomUtuc* #/ Tkf Stmr. Nbw Rirsi, Mm?? County, Vi,) J*ef tember 7, 1W J Hist.? tr> Pess^tbias*?a rnsimtabtk Pf^plb -Huw twbt Slbkt is tub MoVstaiba?"Oa la la tbk Bb?bo*m"?Tn? Valley or thbUprn GiTixnnTti?Pbbttt Fibbtwobas-I* tii M<?tn>taib? ?Mbbcbb Co?*tt?Vibwb rob a Paixte*. D'T t>tmr; Permit me to aarror tbro*Jn'u your rcAn.nnu ?ev?>r*l tnnnlrlee a* In ?W nrnaer mode ?f a - I ?*^nipiural for anch a er?ntpede?'rian trip as that of miRf tLiifnio*. I use the gntta-percha army knap?aek<wh(eh aaswera well, except that the atrapa are brittle) and endeiyortn hrla^r the whole wHght of \ta contenta under twelve pounds. The knapaack can be carried aa readily by hand aa a carpet hag for railroad w steamboat travel, ran be fartrru-d with great fa. llity behind the saddle, in just the thing for pedestrian travel. The articlea needed are three ahirt*. three or four pair* of stockings, light oil-ailk cape, pair of thia aboes for change, ditto coat and pantaloon*. flannfla, pocket map, needle and thread, bit of tall?w candle to greaac walking ahoea (whloh should be atout and extra large), adhesive plaater, shoe i?i imuirr;, pocsn rompaM. toilet articles, Castile and Wlndsot soap, matches. writing and sketching rnaterK'is, etc., etc Thus equipped one may trvr*-1 from Maine lo Mexico twice at Independent aa * lord In txrveliag tneae thinly-settled district* there is ra< v z-?t and fl ivor about a g< paey sort of dinrer. aopptied by one's own rnourcn, klndlihg a lire and cooktag a rotating ear and sweet potato, borrowed from the aear?-at Arid, with a juicy peach or baked apple as dessert. On one otcaaioa when 1 had got entangled at dusk In tbe mates of some blind bridle paths, and not caring to set my foot on a rattlesnake or copperhead in the dark?for this la a -'snaky country"?1 stooped In my tracks, built npa blazing wood Ira and a stmt* bosk-shelter, and was almost Solry ^'Len some hospitable people '-arae by hnd Invited me to '-s^ primitive quarters for the uigbt. Lot me say here that throe rude mountaineers are the salt of the earth in all the particulars of ki ndnesa and hospitality to tbe stranger Food and shelter, such as they ha**), were airways readily afforded and pavment reluctantly Accepted, sometime* utterly revised One ^ my entertainers, who refused compensation with the air of a prince, and whose entire *?'. ihiy pisai?ion* I should not value at an h?!?dr dollars, ?aid. "I suppose they charge a ? t . ___ ? - - ^ - J ?* - - rjt n m-ai or a ni,;n? s iDagjn^j in wasO..ngton , I told him that to the beat of my belief tier did. Tlw b on K* (log) ue generally small, the merest cabins, the families generally Urge; and how w? K' all to be accommodated at bed-time was *' cntily the thought uppermost In my mind. But It waa always maaaged acmebow. At one place I abated the bed er the elder ton of the house, and on retiring It struck me that there were a ?ood many row,.a and things hanging about the cha?b?T, but supposing the room might be a sort fkmlljr wardrobe, and feeling moreover, partlcularly sleepy. I did not bother my bead much aboat the matter, and waa soon lu the land of dreams?w?a awakened in the morniug by a tremendous pouncing at the door, and a shrill. boylab vote# shotting?"Yeou Sfrony-Ann, Matilder, Ltser Jane!?Maw snys git up thiaminlt!" Thinks I, young man you are at the wrong door; but the clatter was kept up until it roused my bed-fellow, who raised himself on bla elbow ad called out ia the direction of a bed that 1 now perceived waa inhabited?"Gals, why don't yer clt up!" uYeou Kit up," catoe faintly back from the other bedclothes Big brother pauved a moment in some perplex* tty, then to ma?"Stranger, suppose you kiver yitre head ap about a minnit." adding, apologetically,' ??"* gals are so confounded notional " "Now. gals, pick up yer duds and scootAnd hey did scoot; I meantime, keeping my bead religiously under the bedclothes, until ihey were fairly out of the room. Some youn^ men. 1 believe. would have been mean enough to peep?I trust I am above such an act. The vailey of the Giivnndott?>, never very wide, narrows towards its head to the merest strip; so that a farm, to be of any size, must run for an lr? definite extent along the stream, and thus a man's e>m-lleld is not (infrequently f?ur or live miles from hiabous-. The Drldie-path?the only road h?re?is obliged also to accommodate itself to the exigency. and. when the moantatn clitt juts Into tk? stream. crosat to tue other shore >lor?t? ford at thes* er."?^ngs, hut the foot-traveler must depead for hta ; mh([? upon tbe log ? dugouts." which, with their bark-rope fastenings, are quite a feature upon these strums Oftener than net, these canoe* are fastened upou the wrong side of the stream, and It is requisite to exercise oue's lungs till the motntilns echo again, to bring somebody to the rescue At the junction of Jose creek ana * tfujrnn" I ram?.?t nightfall U> such a crowing, and while listening to the echoes, rnanv times repented, following my hallo.was surpiist-d by the vision ?.f such another grac-ful ferry, woaas as uiet the g'-z? of James Fitz James ( r\4' 44 Lady of the Lake") at Eilenrs Island As be tripped down the bank, and, unmocr<r>g the eanoe. stepped in with eas/ balance, and dipping the paddle lightly shot swiftly across, I thought! tud never setu the poetry of motiou and grace of female form better exemplified than in this mountain girl tthe was the daughter of the postmaster at the Creek, Wiley Phillips, Ksq , I learned ' They never took pay," She said, 4* for setting people across" though, from the numbers p*ss ing, it must be a serious tax upon their tine, 1 hottld supp*w* lit Mr. Phillips 1 found another or lu^se tiooirm^fi or nature iwrunnr to moanului. His bo?k wm so crowded on my nrrival. with olftiers of the cownty regiment of militia on their way ta a drill, that I w.n almost afraid to prefer mv request for entertainment fur the night. But ia lire minute* 1 fouad myaelf thoroughly at home, by a blszlng fire, (not a bad thing at night here,) master of all the houae. orrhard, bee-hives, dairy and spriug-house couid afford A novelty to ine was the candlea of " light-wood"?long, thin splinter* of pitch pine?which we bad here, and which lllumlnsd tbe bouse wpial to gas I notice tn?t every man is hla own tanner In thrse part* The commoneit sight Imaginable Is a log trough coiitaiuing tan liquor of oak or hemlock bark, ia which a bide is iusoak for the future leather of the family. On leaving the Guyandotte to strike through the mountains to th:s rot nt, tbe country became poorer at every step, chestnut timber, indicative of a thin soil, being the prevailing growth. The path was again and again blocked up with the fallen limbs and trunks of this brittle tree. Mercer coanty I found to be a continuation of this poor Crave!y Urtkh of lsnd, though there are rich Dottins on Blue Stone and the New river. Pine growth began to maks its appearance pretty ex( naively. though no timber of any size Was notice Me. Ia descending the Great Flat Top mountain toward* New nvor, (Upper kanawba,) the moat magnificent apread of acenery imaginable opena upon the view. Tbe road ia ao out of the way of the traveling public that I doubt If the *ye of arttat ever rrated upon thta wonderful dlaplay of iiMMUitala, valley, and water combined. Should aay member of the pencil and pallette family chance In the neighborhood. let me recommend to hit notice aaa other poln: of view, and that la from the >' Walnut Gap" of HufTa mountain uorth of Wyoming Court Houae C. 8. N. Meetlag of the Grand Lodge* I. O O. F , In Ifaohvlllo. CerrtrptmdtMt* / Tkt Star. NaanviLLS, Tenn , Sept 17, 1*80. D*?r S<ar .-?The Grand Lodge of the United Buua, I. O. O. F., met in thla city at 9 o'clock a m to-day The body waa organised in Odd Fellows' Hall by the Deputy Grand 81re, (Fltzhoicb, of Va.,) tbe prcoi dingo Acer being abs'jat. There waa a large attendance, nearly all the juriadtrtlona Vtl-g represented John T. Clemenu, Frederick U stawtfUd WlUli? It McLiuwethe rrfreu,HtlTw from tUe DuUixt of Columbia; Wm. H Ton of, Jo* B EwnllU, Richard Mtrley, ad K" * f,<m' Mar>l*ad; E. C. Roblnaaii, j ?| ftobiMoa, E H FiUbuKk.uul IwmI RoteiMoa from Virflnte An lnviteUua wm rec*lv<d .rr^nted from tba Order here to unite with |t lm ? public proceatloa, at the termination of whleb tho Grand Lodge would bo formally re ?*~d hy tbecorporate author!lie*, and take pa ."aZa - RV^rMonUtiYe Hall of the Stat. dBL which bad been roted to their uae by the I JfimtTT at its laat seta! on '7fk? nmrialn vra* termed about 11 o'clock, ' L?dge. tod two P'nu of NaahTilte, andI the Grard ^ imcr. aeit cam* a bnd of HTH? Tod*? Of the ITlilted tfutaa, fbUowadby P G. ill TkaW" VV lidey and George W Racof alto-! ^Kb* forming * large aad impoalag pageant. 1 After parading; the streets, and striving at Ihs Capitol, the membership took position in the hall, the j;;?llerles being crowded by ladies and citizens; where, after by the baud and prayer by the Grand Chaplain. P. G. Kdward D Hancock, in behalf of the order, welcomed the Grand Lodge tt> Tennessee In this their first visit. The hand *f friendship and a generous hospitality greewrt tfcem; and the ladies, too, were present to reeelve and welcome them He enlotrfied the order in Tennessee, and spoke of its origin and operations in the Stale, ftud concluded by extending to the Grand Body a cordial welcome to the State aud the Capitol. Mayor Holllngsworth was next Introduced, and spoke In behalf of the city authorities. He wa* Instructed to extend to the Grand Lodge a cordial welcome* It was no ardlnary thing to have an sssemblag* of their character In tb? cltys and fc? felt fluttered most highly by their presence. Nashvltie was not proverbial for a large population or an extensive commerce, hot he ieit that it had Kome character abroad Tor hospitality and an TAPli?nl svstnm Ar ?1 1 -1 1 ' J ?ui wuKuvuj wuicuuionio commend it to the representatives present from State and Territory of the Union. Alhea of distinguished put. iota, he fa'd, iepoae At or near the place?those of e*-P??iident Polk were within the sonnd of Vi voice, and ex-President Jackson's within an hour's ride. There were many institutions here which It would be profitable to vitit. In doing which ali courtesy wonUl be extended by the author ; ties and citizens. He concluded by again tendering the members the hospitality of the city. The Deputy Orand Sire (Edward II. Fitr.hnght of Va.) ? ?ponded to these addreteei. The Grand I.edge had long known the Constituency of Tennessee at toot: loyal Odd Fellows. The Stits has been long known through her great meh, whose itama hiss filled many a page In our country s bi story. Be was prepared 'for a cordial reception fcere. bat not fo? this grand display?the assembling Of tfc'.s concourse of Odd Fellows and citizen*. Nation* as well a* States are represented here, la thisSenate of Odd Fellowship?the Start and Stripe* and the Ctofes of St George are here Interwoven, representing the greatest Charity the world *aw; and It if proper that the Order ttould interest the paUlot and philanthropist. He concluded by thanking the order and the citizens for the cordiality with which the Grand Lodge had been welromed to Nashville, and to tee beautiful representative ball. The recep'lon reremonles were concluded by music by the band ; and the assemblage vacated the floors and galleries. The Grand Lodge then proceeded to business. Tke report of the Grand Slr? was read, from which we learn that the Order is generally prosperous and that the past year haft eiulbited a steady and healthful Increase !n member*, resources aud influence, and ranks KioK nnriAnrMt I ?at?aim*?ul ?*** ? ????? tuc iiiaMuuimiMiiiirv iiuw ill up^mtion to promote the elevation and happiness of mankind The report of the Urand Secretary gives the operations of the Order in detail during the past year, and bears out the statements of the Grand Sire. The District of- Columbia Is reported as continuing to enjoy the highest degree of health and prosperity , Virginia In a more healthy condition than at any former period of its history; and Maryland as presenting an aspect of prosperity not surpassed at anv period of Its history. After the transaction of routine business, and the acceptance of an Invitation to visit the Hermitage on Thursday next, the Grand Lodge adjourned for the day. ? Nashvillk. Sept. IS, 1S60 Soon after the assembling of the Grand I.ndire this morning the proposed amendments to the Constitution were takm up, and considered In Committee of the Whole The hour for the consideration of the special order?the election of _ 4(1 ??i Jl - 1 ?? OIW.CII?usTiug airi *cu, mr i/OiiiniiiKf rose, una the election wm proceeded with, resulting a* follow*: R B Boyliton. of South Carolina, was elected Grand Sire on the second ballot, by one majority. Milton Herndon, of Indiana, was elected Deputy Grand Sire on the third ballot, by two majority. James L. Ridgely, of Maryland, was unanimously re-elected Grand Secretary. Joshua Vansant, of Maryland, was re-elected Grand Treasurer, without opposition. The Grand Sire elect returned thanks to the Grand Lodge for the honor conferred upon himself and his State in elevating him to the highest office in the elft of the Order; and the body took a recess for dinner. Yours. Ac , Rtl. Fearfal Demoastratisn tl Lynch Law. Attimptisg to Haxo an Ac<citt3d Paisnim. The Leavenworth Times of Septeinoer l?th comes to us with a long account of an attempt at lynch law in that city It appears that James A Gordon, accused of the murder of John UantT in a gambling saloon In that place, wan. after trial, acquitted on ?oir.e point cf jurisdiction, and, by order of the Court, s?-t at liberty. The Marshal unbolts tbe chains, and as they fell clanking upon the floor, there arises a deep swelling sensation among (he auditors. There is a rush toward tb? door of the court-room Tbe prisoner moves from bis criminal seat to one beside bis counsel; bis face, before marked with calmncss. now becomes tl'isbed with emotions; turns pale; now crimsoned; gazes upon tbe door with uneasin<-ss; turns towards the Court, and manifests the feelings of a man who bas passed one trying ordeal to undertake another and more severe one Jiome time before Gordon wa? discharged rumors flew about tbe streets that be would soon be acquitted Crowds rushed to tbe Court-bouse to ascertain the facts, some out of curiosity and others breathing vengeince. Tbe rumors proved true The news spread like wlldtlre over the city, and tbe crowd augmented. The prisoner was now free to go where he pleased, but^not leave tbe court-room for fear t\f thfl ?nrrrir rrntvf) urlfhnut It "?*? ???? - * ?. ..v I v?'- a ? u? HU?T nilgaiCIII tbat an attempt would be made to lynch htm. At this time the eicltement wu so Intense that clearly there was no other way to save Gordon's life except by taking him to the county jail. Accordingly he placed himself tinder charge of the mayor, and moved out of the court-house When he entered the Itall a sceue of the wilrirst eaclteinent commenced. The mayor, v/lth Gordon and a posse of about fifty men, started down the hall, and as the seething, tossing crowd surged t<> and fro, pressing against the officers and striving to get at the prisoner, It was a commotion auch as only a mad crowd of human beings can get up Down Into the street they went, the cowd yelling "Hang him: hang him!"' and the brave, stern olficeis closing around him, made a Ann wall of protection Finally, by dint of great firmness, the mayor landed him safely in jail. But now the serious trouble had just commenced. The crowd Increased around the jail, and became more and more furious Men, armed with muskets and revolvers and knlvea, gathered thick and fast, and as tbe shades of night came on, large bonfires were built all around the jail, throwing their lurid light far out over the city; and the wild, demoniac yells of the Infuriated people made It a scene terrlMy vivid and fearful. During this tune Mayor McDowell made several speeches, uritlng obedience to the law. and re questing the people to return borne in quiet, aa be was determined to enforce the law at ail baxarda. It was finally agreed between the mayor and the ringleader* of the mob that Uordon ihould be delivered over to Sheriff Mlddaugb, and that all further riotoua proceedings should cease on that being done. To tbis arrangement the ruling spirits of the mob solemnly aarod. At this Juncture the mayor left the jail for a few momenta to attend to eooae matters on tbis aide of the creek in hi* absence, and contrary to bia Intention, Uordon waa brought eut of jail and tamed over to Sheriff Mlddaagh, and now commenced a scene of mad fary thkt beggars description. Tbe crowd rushed upon Gordon, crying like demons, "Hang him' hang him:" They forced him down iuto tbe narrow and rocky glen north of the jail. It was then about eight o'clock, and a thick darkness had settled upon the whole city, and this tterce crowd raged In the dark glen like demons. It wss terrible. But the brave officers stood by the prisoner like gallant men, /nd sometimes almost overborne, they still recovered and pressed forward, holding their prisoner safe in their charge. Several times the crowd had a halter around nls neck, but each time aa officer cut the rope, and thus they struggled up out of the ravine; and then followed a t'ldolt a ad strife between the ef&ccrt and rioters 1ha< wae desperate to the last degree, up Fourth street, to Shawnee, and down Snawnee to tbe Planter^ douse. Here the crowd halted, and the contest, for half aa hour, waa fierce and terrlfc. Toe dta, bowl, and confusion, waa now worae than pandemoaiam, the prisoner begging to be hung, killed, or anything to take him out of such agony By this time every suicn or clothing wu torn off him, and h? kU nothing hit body bui h clanking chains. The Mayor ?t last succeeded In organizing t fresh body of clUseni, and with tbeae he closed solidly around Gordon, and again started for th? jail, which, though a distance of about tec squares and across n ravin*, was Anally reached after a desperate straggle, and 'he prisoner agah safHy Uncled trotn the Tiny of the mo*. Gordon ts very badlybrutsed, cat, and Isserated and the Sheriff is also Injured. The Fate or Walkke?The announcement that the fill buster Walker, and hi* chief aid, Col. Rtidier, had been ahot ia probably made a little in advance of the actual fact, though there is no doubt that iuch a fate awaited them The latest news received from Truxillo wat brought to Havana bv the rteamei' Francisco de Aai?, and a lorrespondent in a letter from there says : The men of Walker were suffering from wounds and sickness, and were to be permitted to i?* * ? aw - ! -?? ? ? - ? ""lu wj luc i, miea suiu?the commercial agent of the United States to provide passage for them? and they are to take an o?tn never to return on military expedtttona to the State* of Central Amer Ira; Walker and Rudler to take the passage at arms?that Is, to be shot?for which they were being prepared on the departure of the Asls. The execution to take place on the 7th or on the mornIng of the Sth, at the Cattle, where they were placed by the commander of the Icarus, who will Ve long remembered for bis brilliant service*. It it probable that both Walker and his companion have been killed, and It Is possible others of the cotomand, for the authorities of Uooduras would pay 110 respect to the pledges given by them to the commander of the Icarus; or. if they were shot, they could not well take the oath required of them, which would make the apology for execution. Who abr tux Obaxgxmkn ?This organization was formed in Ireland, in 1795. As all recollect, an attempt was made by France near the close ot the last century to Incorporate Ireland with that government This started up the old fetid between toe Catholics and Protestants, the former being for France and the latter for Kngland. It led to 1 Quarrels which were conducted with the bitterest auimnslty, and gave rf?e to much bloodshed. The Catholiet were called Defenders. The Protectants, Orangemen. Fill Aslikp while Exoagzd ix a Vxkt PSRIOIS OrEKATlON.?In Taunton, Magi , on Monday night, a man named Seward intimated to hit family that he probably would not be aren n^aln in this world. In tbe course of the night be provided himself with a clothe* line, and went into bis wood-house, where he was afterwards found in a sitttnjj position, with the cord around his neck, and the other end attached to a beam overhead, he being fast asleep. A MRS. WI1WLOW, N Kxperlen ed Nurse and Female Physlolaa, presents to tbe attention of mothers, her SOUTHING SYRUF. Fsr ChlMrta Test blag, Whltb (i?*iiy luUittlti th? pr*?m ?f l?i thing, b? i?fn? inf lb* f?ra?, rtsaeirf all u.l?mntu?a?will tils; ALL PAIR ib< iptsmBdie aeusn.ind Is SURE TO REti VLATE THE BOWELSDiyio-1 sp#B It, etathirs, It wtil gi?? rait t* yaaruWu, aad RELIEF AMD HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wi b??i pat apandialdthiairUeltforsvartsti ytiri,iod Car iat, ir conriDBnca ARDTBUTHsfit,whatwibi*a dittl b*IO BbiB tB BBT B( Ulf otiii Madiclaa? !* * ? MRS. "AS it rAILBD.m A IIMLI i?*w?T f?W?? ,TA"C" TO rsrT A CCS , WIISLW W'B whin tiraaly ?!. Nitirdid wi knaw SAIITHIM ah inilAuca Bf diilauifaetian by my awuinHH Br. who and it. On tba cantrary, altar SYK'Jf) dalt^htad with iti wrnanuna, ?uu - . in lirmi #1 hifhaat cimnMilitiM af In mi -leal af ae'.a anil roadie,al airtaaa. Wa apaak in Jiia malKr WHAT ? DO IHO*," aftartan yaara* aiparianca, a:?P ri.lDtil Ol't BPL'T aT ion ton TNI rrUPILMB^T OF WHAT WB H BH OB> CLaH B In alnwi mr; loaunca ?tiara tha infant ia ufarIq( (ram pain and aihaaatioo, ralial mil ba liui lolflaaa r iwaiuv mtnataa aftar ttaa a?rnp it auminiatarad. TMa aalaaMa prtparatian ia tna praacriptiau af ana af Lha raaai bipbriBNCBD and ibilpul lat'RJBa in Haw Eoglaid, udbaa kaan aaad with RBtbb-pailiw* irccln i? THOUSANDS Ob CASES. It Mt Ml? raliaaaa tha child ftarn pain, bat lealfaralaa tha atamacb and tavaia, earracia acidity, and (traa tana and auarfy ta tha whala ayatara. It will aliaaat inatantly raliaaa Gripino iv the Bowili ahd Wind Colic, aad avarcorra *an?a!aiaoa, which, if .iat araadUv raroadiad aod in daath. Wa; aa4iara it lha but ardll'kiit rbm- FOR m'TlnUla woilb Id all caaaa af DTI- , CHILDKO | ?*tbrt and DIAft I IIKa in CHIL- TCKTH1MU r?l?, whathar It ariaaa fracn taavhuij I 1 * (ram ana achat aaaaa. Wa aasJI t.\y ta aaary matfear woo haa a child aaffarinj fraro any af tha fcrafai'.f complaint*?DO HOT LBT TOVB rftBJUDICBt, noil THI Ml B-IUDIC Ba OF OTHBRI ataiid baivaan year aaffannf child aad '.ha raliaf that will ha trRR?yaa, ABtOLUTBLT ICBB?ta fallow Ina uaa af tk sadicina, ir UTaly Mad. Fall dirtetlor.i #r samf will a limiiini aaeh boms. Hon* ranaina idIih tha f?c aimila CORTlt * I'ERMNS.Naw York, I*tha aauida wn/f& Bed by I>rirrim thrsjrhast tha varld Principal Olnca, Ms. IS Cadar I'.raai, II. T. Pitss snly IS Canta par Bstlis. at 11-dtvly PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the citizers of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that . he has add'd to his long established business the auxiliary of steam power for tawing and manufao turing .Marble ar.d Brown Stone NVork in their va rious branches, MarMe Mantels, Table and Wasustand Topi, Ti e. Monuments, Tomb and Head Stones, San, Window Lintels, Sil;s, Steps and Platforms. Having purchased a large stock of Italian Marble in block ,tr?>m first hands,at the lowest rates, he feels confident of being able to furnish Marble Work as low as it can bo purchased in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian M.vble in l-Ioo.k o< slabs at the same rate as furnished in New York, and on aonorrmodating Wmi. Also, on hand, a large suppls ol Puinioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoi.e and Polishing Putty at New York prices. Encourage the enter prise; it witl be an acquisition to the oit?. ALKT. tllTHRimtfen. rionter Steam MnrbU and Brourn Stemt Works, Pa. av., cor. Thirt outh st, auZram Washington. D. C. It ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HIS Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonduoted by the Spani?h Government, under supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will take place at Havana on TUESDAY. October S. 1800. SORTBO NUMRRO 643 ORUINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. 1 prise of ...#!?i,000 prues ot #I,W I do ? Kunon en do W9 1 do _?... 3n,noo iaa do ?x> 1 do SO.iW 2" appro*. 8,300 l do in.ono iN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tiokets. 920?Ha.ves, f 10?Uaarters, $3, Srises oaah?d at sight at* per oent. discount. ills on ali solvent Banks taken at par. A drawn?* will We forwarded as soon as the retail becomes known. All orders for sohemea or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. se It tr Care of Citv Post. Charleston. ?. C. i tnion fir i:\Vfinn mii.i.s. U CORNee7th ?T? AND Canal, WaihinKtcn, D. C. The undesigned most respectfully invite tlie at tention oi our custninsr* and the public re ierailv to the fact that we have now afloat ?00 TONS OF COAL, of all f zeu and of the very best quality, which we will tell at a profit ol 25 cent* per ton from the ve??ei? ?rr- Wo Hre aNo manufacturing HICKORY, OAK tad PINE WOOD,?U length* and ?ix?*. |p" All order* flllrd with dispatch jTr" Office oorn?r7th street and Canal. seVeolot MoKNEW & MARLOW, Pro'n. I_NEW FURNITURE WAREROOM. AM Constantly receiving fresh arrival* of the latoatatyU* NEW FVRN1TUKK and I can offer great inducement* to person* wishing to furnish their house* with oostly or cheap Furniture. Call in at J. C GRKEN'9, Ninth street, one door lrom se IB eoSt Peon, avenue. NEW FURNITURE WARKROOMS. Mr Miortment of FURNITURE i* very oomplete, and we lake great pleasure in showing and giving the price to all in want of good* in our line. ! J. C. GREKN, se 19 eoat Ninth at., one door trowa Pa. av. HC. SPALDING JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, ANT) CONVEYANCER. Deed* prepared and acknowledgements taken, t)H?ing, selling aid loatiug Real Estate, Ac. O flute *39 Jst bet.9th and 10th ets se l?-eo6t* PROFESSOR MORKTT1, HO H^? jnst returned from Milan Italy, (barin* Iiaan in tka Mnainal Punaarru k I auvi who haa been for a long time a teacheriBf Ikith of Vooal and Instrumental Musie in New Jag* Yor^, (having taught some of the h ?t ri peers there. ?ucti m Radtaii. Titierini, La Grange. Ac., Ac .) has eome her?, thinking to remain, and would be most happy to reoeive the patronage of this city. Prof. M can give the beet of references in regard to hi* moral as well as his mtelleetual standing. All communications please address to 'J64 F st. se 13-Iw* The place TO GBT YOUR SCHOOL BOOKS At tki Ltnettt Prxcti BALLA N*T Y N E'S, , 498 gjtr?5TB 8r , r ? fr-ltn A boy (MdV?tlow>' Hjtlb HW. HAMILTON PAINTER. I mil t DEAI.F.R IN PAINT* No. 3S9 T*h Stiiit, mar Odd Fkilowt' H*it. I m?-tf FlTTTYlj DOWN. ; C "'*0 "S&WttlhTKUXO. ! Th? nn**?Jili?d pr?f*r*oc? * von the?? In?t.? i m?DU, ?nd thwr oon?t?ntlT por+l vfv, ib tho aoat ooovitotac pntof oi their superior ?*-, tMltDM. For onW br ' JOiiN r. BLLI8. 306 Pa. ?v.. M a botwMB 9th ud 10th ?ta. EDUCATIONAL. H.? .gffS, JBNETTE L. DOCOLASS A" pleasure of announcing to her friend* mio ths pnblio that she will open nor Seminary, at tke coiner of H and Uth sU . 'Philadslphia Pl&oe," on.Monday, September loth. For terms oau on the Principal. She will be ? teache following experienced ani efficient Alls* DOlGLASS? Higher English Branches, Composition and Penmanship. BranVb *** Algebra, English o "r f,CLIAJ54 Mat?Teacher of Vooal Music. C. ScHAirriR?Lecturer on philosophy, Chemistry, and Physiology. Prof. Himrt E Maria?Teacher of Frenoh and Germfln. Prof. C. \V. of Pi&ao and Sotence of Music. Miss Mart T. Davidsos?Piano. J. M adison WATson,of New York?Lecturer on Elocution Joskph G. Btrrr?Teaeln?r of Drawing. ??, Teacher of Spanish. , Moral Science and Classies. 8ti 7-3vr U1 FEMALE EDUCATION. A HOSE Parent* who with their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where thou physical tianting wi.l reoeivc daily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and fi j mnastics, are ret>pecUiill) invite.l to visit the Ujjion Female Aoadoim, corner Fourteenth at. aV New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, aujr>-tf Principals. Female boarding and day school, A ?X.A iVIf ti J A* r A Mrs. S, j. MoCORMICKi PmirrirAt.. The thirteenth annual session of this Iiutitution will commence on Tuesday, September Ulu. in tha house rvcntly occupied by Sylve?tor Scott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The ooorae of study pursued will comprt?ealI th" branches requisite to a thorough English Erin cation, and Music, Fiench, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as itoardrrs, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate care and supervi oi _ ?:ti * - ? ?- * * ' muu. cno win rnufivur. as lar a* pos?iDie. lo surround them with the oomforts and kindlv imluences of Home. HtfrTtMces.?Rmx. tiro. II. Norton, Rev. \T, Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spri**. William H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F. Witmur, Esq., Henry Marbury, E?q-, l.-?u MoKenie, Esq , Robert H. Hunton. Esq . \V. D Wallaoh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Etq.Jas. Entwislo, Jr.. Esq.,Col. John W. Minor. Lowviuua, .M.?srs, Blacklock A. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brother*. Term*. Board, with Tuition in all the English D-anehea, 92i*ifor the annual session?payable lemi annually, in a<l vaaoe. >! l;tic and Languages at Professors' prices. (L/~ No extra charges. au g-U fj'RANKLIN ACADEMY, CoRNKK THIKTCTXTH AXD H ST8., A SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS, ( Formerly loeatni in the Pit ft Ward.) This Institution will commence its Third Annual Sestion, at its new location, on Monday. S?ptcml>*r 3d. Applications for admission may be made on the premises at any tnn? after the 25th inst. >ua lm K. B. L>E I R1CK. Principal. f'HE PRESCOTT HUiH SCHOOL, 1 37 0 Eighth ST., Hktwikn K A*D L ST*. Studien will t?e resumed in this institution on MO ? DAY, September 3d. Ciroularsat Iwokstnres. JWJ6-U A. C. RICHARI)g>. Principal. METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE IN8TI1*1 TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E Sr., Bktwien 6th and7th Sts. The fourth annual sesmon of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in Septemt?*r. Application* should Ixt made early, as the nutnb?r of pupils is limited. For partiomars s^o circulars or appl> to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HAVEN N KB , at Hie InwtituU^ au9tf l\f r3. Ml E. KINGSFOr1)'S SEMINAR Y,"" 1*1 4 15 E ST.. WASHIXOTOS, D. C. The next session will commence October 1st. I860. Temu^ *0., forwarded on application. au 15 tf VrOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN, Tkachbr or M c s 1 c, S42 H, between 6th and 7th itr<*et?. sel-eolm f^KORG&TOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, la 1 - vt... -t p? ? - > A BOARDING "A Kli'vA Y'^HOOL' " ' The duties of this Insts'.ution will l>e resumed on the first Monday in September next. Theoourse of inatruc'.ion ?mlir*c"ii all that is taught, (roin thn rudiments to the inoat highly finished education. The corps of teachers, ten in anmber, are eminently qualified and experienced 111 their several department* Lectureo Friday evening*on the Natural Sciences without elMrge to the pupils. Circulars may be obtained !>y addressing the Principal, Mist .VI. J. HARROVER,Georgetown, D.C, au 22-eo2m FOR SALE AN I) REi\i\ IT'OR RKNT-A three story HRICK IIOISK on H stroet,betw?en 4th and 5th. Also.atwostory HKICK COTTAU F, sardeu, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street, surrounded by a large common pasture, and would Ihj a desirable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C.UIKGF, 446 12.h st. jyj?-eo3in P)R SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable terms, oue oftli,e most desirable WILDING LOT* in the city, sit fated on the north west corner of 6t!i ?t.,and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 403 7th st., between II and 1 ata. au 16-tf IpOR RENT.?A new and handsom* FRAME r HOUSE will bo for rent in a low daya. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, l>etw?en Georgia nvei.ue and K st.. Navy Y'ard ; has a large garden lot altache<l. a pump of giod aawr n*ar and coNtains4 rooms, kitchen and w<od?hed. Will rrtntrvl In* with #ir witHnnt th? lot t?i pf>n.l tenant. For Mile cheap, a tool, strong WOUK HORSE: works well in anything luquiro of T. E. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, H st . between 4th and .Sth. jjr 16 fi*OR RENT?Three JiRICK HOUSES-oneon Twelfth street, between C and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and H its.; and one on H, be tween 12th and 13th st*. Inquire of JAMES VV BARKER,on U street, between 11th and 12th, No. 42$. ma30-tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the build in? immediately opposite the west wing of the City Hai.reoently occupied by Chaa. S. Vvallaoh as an offioe. Aiao the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same building. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. tf Louisiana avenue. ja 13 ti WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. OALT Office 284 Pa. av., between 11th *ud 12th its , ma 17-tf north sule. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an extensive stock of FUEL, ia prepared to ell at a very low ficn re for cash. WOOD Sawed and Split any sue. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Deivier. inn it o. k. corner oi fourteenth ul u ?ti. L K. 8DT01B & CO.* IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 388 PENXIYLVillU AVIHUI, <Uicu National HOTXL ) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF aehlnet, Threads, Needles, k Tvbt, KEPT ON HAND. el-lm WIW. H. QLQVEK, Agrnt TO SOUTHERN * WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD* IINDALL. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, INDIGO, SPICK's! "oaV/ *TA*CH, SODA 89 ? HKAPBIUK BALTIMORE, inritA tlia iam Af MAPflhAlti viiltint this MiK (IIV WD^IItlUll VI iWOl f */ to an examination of their atoak, which in va/U?ty andarioe ta not curpaaaeJ either in Unnwanj of UieNorthera ottiM. :} . . F U-/~Order a reapeotfally eoliaitsd an?f faithfully ?x>-ont<>d ail a-fm* ^CHQQL AND OOLLKgiai OUTFrtb. Youths' amd Boys' Clothing for School and Dress Wsar. Parents and (uardmna wishing ta furnish their ohildren and vard* with Sahuoi and College Onthta for tha ootmng aaaeoa. are invited to axamiu our S* .arje and xtensiva aaaortrue ?t UOVM* ?THINtf, where they can fit out tLeir children I sizes in a few iao?t#iiU with every deeoripof Ready mad* Garment!, of substantial and 0J.,ual,ty.atI5rr co.. a??-u 332 Peon, avenue. GKORGKTOWN ADVEBT'MTS PRAMUGI.L, OPTICIANv> lio. 19* Bruit* it., Btargmmm, . Hu coast'.ctl* on nand a iar*e assortment of Preneh Nw-eigbted, Peneoopie, 1 ored, and alT other SPECTACLES, the t-e*! *ua.itr, in cold. u rdr. to*'..and Htriui stiver frames. N. B. old K>-aincs Repaired aud . sew i assoe net in thwn to order. do 1Hi_ 1 It ? A^^L'V iwn I ! au l <vi ?c null 1 nt'1 ll'tr.vfj "jvvuui.'c o rniuni/dij~ 1*1 Pill A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonrtantfy 1 nvjei vm* fre?h aupa.iea of the alnn d?ua htfnl bev- 1 era* e, and invite V! y*ra?na who want a pure anadulterated Ale, to five it a trial. ARNY * h&inn, Agents, _ l? IT Or#?n ?t.. (SonrcMowa. JOS. F. BIRCH, UyDKRTAKEK, Cer. B-nift anA Jrjfrrttrn jta., gmtmim, Having given mi peraona* alteutioa to Una bianoh j of mr bo?ineaa, lam prepared U> . m _ _ fttend to all calla with promptness 'eraonafrom adiatanoe oaa beanppiled at a Vw r.iinatea' notioe.aa 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS a!va?? on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d<ad from the old to tbe new banal grounda. Hearaea and Hnraea for hire. ap 10 8m List of unclaimed packages at th* Offioe of the Adama Kzpresa Company. Was* ? r\ . ? . l i j m - r * - m uiEkoa, v- v.m u> of aoiu tor lreigm ?uu ouriu, II ( cot immediately cat ?d for. fiKORGE H. BURNS, A|*ot. , September 1st, I860. ? , Anhin, N Kirehaer. M | Adamsoa.A Kriesman.M Aiden, J R J Konee, Mr; E , Anderson, J H Kenuan, Vv J Adair, U Liadtejr, hof , Abbey, Wm I.stireuoe, A B Ashe, W 8 Liwufrton, H B I A kobrook. I) K Lynoh.A , Barber, Hot 3 Latrobe. H B . Halavd, II >*><>nar?f, K?v C Hranoh, J W Law; on, ?er*t W Bruvu, A U ,ooniis, M Brinter, M D Lmi'rj.O N Barclay, A P Long. 8 B ButU, Wm B Lam'jerU C G Brown. A L^nRStroth, Rer L L I Bernik?. Prof 8 M Um. J _ Baer, Mrs M Labarr?. F ? Bowie, R J Mnhr, GB Ha'dwin. B H Mott. col C H Baird. Dr M?ers,Col t Burns, Mary McPhereon. J A Burns, P Mac Key, J T Biaoltitiore, B C MSP . r" ?-? M?ll? U * U"U V Browne. H F Montague, K L Boatse, Win MoCreery.FA . Brown, A V MuUioon. M c Barnard. G C Mannvp?nny, Col Bu'ler, J 6 Morpran, E B Baker. Wright A. Co Mout*i>iner?, J B.anion, B H Martui. D B Brown, A H McRmvot, A Banki, k D McLean. W T 6 Bennett. C W MoOackeu, J Byrn?e, DrJ Mitcheil, AS * Camer, A L Meader, J 11 Clark, BH Meek a, J W Coleman, C W Morton, J H Cochrane, J A Markiey, T \ Cader, C ti Meruit A Fearoe, Cannon, J M Murrajr, T Cntta, H L MoMnrraf, CH Connolly, F C Manum*, Catherine, Chouteau, C 1* Mitchell, H t Coleman, Mia M B Merrill, I II ComolIt, J Milla.WC ) Colby. P T McKen?y.O 1 Chapman. VVm Mito*e:I.A8 <"rut;or. L Mn*?x, F * Chainberbun, J MoPpersoii, C H , Cocker, J L Mitoheil. VV F Campbell.? H Mindeloff. M , _ hooper, John Newbrough, J B Campbell, T A Clarke, Silts J Nioholion.G W 8 Crutchett, J Ouids, JO Colburn, J O Patent, Com of Campbell, Aroliy Do do t Conrand, C M Pa'mer, K Conrad, C M Porter, W D I'nnnin^htra.C W Parker, G A T I Cook, A f Patent, Com of IHsugherty, J K )o do Dobyns.ColTJ Do do Duftin. Felix Do do Diokeys, Mr >" ?o Dubois, Cher )o do Do Hum D<? do I Bai'j, S<; Pollock, K A eviDe, R J A Pension*. Com of Deianey. II Patent, C?m of Douclaa, McG Patent Offioe Uuiiiiam, \V 8 Peirj, T W Dennis, J P Randolph, Col J J 0 Davis, R W Kodsers, J Duah%ni, E V/ Rualiug, J Itowri. k (or Douns) Robeson. Cant J Kdwarde, a Rich. O VV Do J S Ridgeway, W F.&ton, W Robinaoii. Mrs A Ka?on, J Ro?i, Imw Kanng.Dr Richardson, F Frazer, J L B&epperd Win Farmer, M G 8t*art. KevDC French, EB Militvan.J _ Ford. M gtona.NB Field, M Seward, J L ? Furs?. J S^ntpi, Dr Foster, J Solomon, H Ferguson, 8 W Bohmidt. F Farley. Mrs J gcbael. Win Freip, Fred Smitb, Lauia * Fu'Ier, G C tS*i*cman, J H Fa mil, J 8?*ligman,M t-ofter, J W Stone, H Griffin, FC beibert.8 (iiambastian, ? bltintier.Ar tiivaneer, 8 Spencer, Both G reason, W Stuart. A Gillie, B W g?*.F . ? iossett, Mrs Seranton.J H Gazette Office Sterena. W R Green Pro" (i W Su'Uran. n 8 Grimes. J W 8"'".tli, W Gaidner.AVV Button, C Gates, Mr* N J*ti<>eir.aker, B l* a-?-? i mvBij # Gibson, W rf Ton<?y, K uaspair, O Do, Hamlin, H Hon Tjler.CN i Hyam. H I) Thompson * Boah, ' Hummel. Jokn Tf!?r,RO t Hali. A T A Co Taouiiu, H fiSTW JnJ Thomas, B M Hatch, t D Thompson. W A Hayea.JI. '1 li raster h Hooke, 8 B Tuok?r, Wa t Henrr, N h Thompson. fclijak n Hankneoht. OL Taylor, Jaa J Hammer, M Targe, Mr Hea d, J T Trn*.btll. DrC A Harrington, W H Todd, Lt J W ? Hawkee. Col J A T J Z SHjrani, B D Van Vlut, BP Iggwa, A J Vongh, rf Wright. W , Hughes. N H Wa.faoe, Mra M a Hannaii, 8 Whitotier, J B Jonea.g Wilii?*a.J ' i-iv?' ? Wemmiga. J J. W P _ , WooaUT, ) R ti Jainea, F L Du. , Jackson, T B Ware, W H Joiiea, A Wykof.WC , IveraoD, Hon 8 Ware. E T a Jooea, P Woodruff, J B Johnston. Mr? 8 P While!**. A o gffgy A Anderson Wella. Hon D Kidder, B A . _ ?>>Mle,0_ o i\ir*up, rotu? uo ??'?r? j v a Kirt>*;J \Vlute, M M Kena&rter. N R Wilett, Miu A W K-ndall, E D Woodley. D Kwhler, G Wateon.A > K?ui?n?trMeli, O Zeider. Geo eel-lm fOFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER * vl OF GAS METERS. j Wuhwotoh, Jily M, 18?. . NOTICE 18 ffSREBY GIVEN, That, agree- J ably to the provisions of tbe oidinanee of tM Corporation approved Mat 12, ISA", the undersigned is a nuW prepared, "whenever reeulred in writing, and on pro payment of tbe fee of fifty oents, to inspect. . exaimn?, lest, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of . registration of any gas meter in use in this city." Ever* meter, if found inoorreot, will be oondrmsed, 1 and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set in ita plaoe. If proved to be aoonrate in i?s measurement of (as, it will be sealed aooordmgiy, and again put in position for see. Office No. <10 Seventh street,(near Odd Fallows' Hall ) Open from t a. m., to 5 p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy II-tf Inspector and dealer of gas Meters. WATCH REPAIRING A^DSILVER WARE I have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairing every description of fine Watches, and fn] I particular attention give to the raine, by *mim t -orotich competent workman .and all work guarantied Al.o.everv desorip ion of standard s?l I.V KB W ABK.?i?m ?od eresiiie?it?l,*eeidkeiu'ed under hit own upervmioe, whioh in; evitomeri will hml far ?upenor in quahty ami fii.nh to northern ware old tv dealer* in general and repreeentexi m their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ' ? 6 83* Pa. arenue. near 9th et. ?.?. c. Liiut. . m. ion. 1.1. imi. Li""*' . , Will praetioe In theIllA rrori taf JLr 12,000 MiVBUimaf. AW , the attention of the poblic to our Wee and veil m looted stock ol Ohamparne and Crab Ap>>e Cider, whion we f?arantae to be rare laioe.aed will be old on re^aonat .e term* in order te make ro?B for onr atook. Sire an a call at the Union Botthnc I)e?ot. 111 * ?. IT Otmii it. THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia exoaUMit FMdly tot N*w firxr?l nm a fr?tmr nrirtr of utorwtiaf rwdlac Uu oaa ti# foBDtl u. ur ?U?r-u yebliefceo mm t"?mrvl?r mwrauf. PS OO^IH J Twenty oop<M ? <?** Br atfhaenhia* la aiaba nuaad a?o?? aotfffcfcora wiikoBi t*e uMnwlK?U BVi ,Tiil ha perceived ?' aer aent. of Tk* WetkltSfr wi 1 ba aa?ad. It IBTartaMf ooMiu hiB*tO? Nw?" (Ml uaa ?Mf Tk* Hr?tm Bt*r w*n?tt o throathoal the oeuLtry. vrappara i eu ba prvmmr at ine count-r, ! ? hi-? >iate t after tt( INN 0* P*f?r. Pnoa?THRhfc Cf'fiTtJ. If/*" who act m l(??tl trill W la wed ncomniinuio of an MISCELLANEOUS. THE ONLYPREPARATIOM WOITIT OF JNIVER8AL CONPIDLNCE 4 PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES. ILK KG YMEX.LADIES. m*d QENTLEMEfS IB Ml part* of world IwUfj to tk* ifloMi M PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, md cott.-Muen of tba Pr"? ?re nacinu>?? la it* >r?ia->. A frw tewtimonmla nn'y oan W bare lirjt, m pi -eu %r lor more. u4 it will fee laapoaaibie fur rt>u tu d?>ubt. <7 w ti.t STIIIT. N *w Vou. D?.?. II* UfUiUm-*. War uofca ol Ue 1Mb laataat tea yeeu rro'ired. pajinn that w*\ Yfd b?*ra that I ?a.d h*?B t?M^fiV?d Vj the uaeof <?od a Hair Kaitorauve, as re^na.tia* my oartiboata of tbalaat f I iuwi no omMtjui ii? ?im it I award it to jroa ohaarfally. haoaaaa I think it lo*. My a?e > ab???t 5r inn; tb* oolof of my ?*. r ?uhyn. m.U luomed to earl, fc"aie Sv? or *.i.o- i? braan to turn K'ay.ami th? Mty >n thf o-fltn ??f mt hriul to loae it* ?en*it>i tty and KndrulT (<> hi.-m ur?n it. bMl of theaediMUrM* kbnitie* iiwwmm viU time, ud a front 4 montha nnwe a fourth wa* added t"? them. by hair fallinc >ff t ha top of in) haad Md threataniac to traha mm Ml 0. In thin ar.p'-a*ant predicament I waa .ndao*d to 2j W ood'a Hair Restorative, Mainly to arraat the fc iinc < IT of my hair, fir I had real'.* ao aueota ion that *r%y aire u d aver ha reatored to ita mginai cwior except front dtaa. I au.howrTa:, I'eatiy aurpria?d to tnd, after U* aaa of two bat J*a only, bM not on>y a ai tha la mi off arraat*4. >ut tha c< )or vai eatorrd to the tra? ham and ian?<bi itr to tho ikm'p amttfandntfT "?aaed to fort* in ay hea<1, iduoil to tha cautiaMiw of My r f?, at ?ho?a citation I waa induocd to try it. For thi*. among tha mar; ohli**tio?a 1 #*? to ier aex. I itroncty wwmrnl al. nuahaadawbrt ra ue th>- admiral' 11 0/ thau w.vca to profit b? ? ixamale. an<i um it if frowinr ?ra? or ic?ttin? ha d. Very re?aectfut!?. Bex A. l.AV?*i*a. To n. J. Wood ft Co. *?? Broadway N. Y. My f iinii j ar? at ant from the oity, aod I am mo oncer at No. 11 Carrol 1' aoe. fiaM4?tos A'a., Jaly *"th. 1*9 To PKor. O J.Wood: /V?r At r Yoar "Hair lev^rativf** ha* don* tnr much rood ainoe 0<>mm?tioed the ma of tt, that I aiati tom^ka [ own to the pur>!ic of lU rfT?eta on tha hair, whioh irafresi. * nsoj or *oMl t? nnartr drp'lVrd hair. and by a iwl to y?jr "Hur Kr?tunu*?" tie bur wiU return more beanuia than ?ver , at mi this ii n> experience. Believe it all Yours Irak. W* F Kempt. P. J* - A on ran palvish the ahor- if vou like By mbUahi: t in oar Southern papera job will get >re patronage boatu. 1 eee aeveral of your Mrilieate* ia the Mobile Mercury, a *troac &>ut??-ra per. W. H. KbsCDy. wooly* HAIR EE8TOK ATI V?. Prof. O J. Wftoe: Vtat Su -Htrioi ha<1 the nik/ortuue to low th- beet portion of my bur. from he eflents of the ?e|iow fever, in Ne* Orieaaa in 31,1 wa* injured to make a trial of yonr pre para ion and found it to amw?r ai the very tiuug le-ded. Mr hair is now thick and gloeay, ana no rord? o%n express rny obligation* to von in giving d thearflioteo such a treaanre Fiblbt Jonwao*. The Restorative is art up la bottles of thrae siser. is : large. m-diuir and sma-l; the ama bold hair . pint, aiid retails lor one dollar per bottle; the me lum uoida at least 20 per cent, more m proportion ban the small, retails for two dollars per tottle ; he laree ho ds a gtiart.e* per oent mure in propor ion, and ret.nU for |1 O J. WOOD Jt CO., Proprietors, 444 Broadr?y, New York.aui 114 Marketatreat.CLLmii, |a.? Aud aold by all good Drnggiata and Fancy Goods >?a.ere.- an TJ eoly,alw PROCLAMATION t O THE CITIZENS OF U7 iUU wnTfiM nL'iiDnuTn ir iu a. ?? AdlAilVJ A Vfn, VIkVAVlj I VJ ?? ll f ?v? ViirMi, t the present ?on o Ue f?r :holkra morbus, DIARRHEA. oaoLio. JYBENTERY, DYSPEWIA. DEBILITY. Ae^ Ae., iremil to &n alarming extent: And irlrr??<, It meat he of the F'RST CoNSKQL ENCE ?t onee Soft. Swd*. amd KJkcactohj, DR. MONTARDK, or Pan, ffer? hit MlRACULOl'P PAIN KILLER M the mort OKRTAIN AND KFPRCTUAL IEMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS Id order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the sale of Uua Great Medicine. THE MONEY WILL BE kEFUNDED tfl Cm fCfii rhen the medioine tails to (ire entire aatiafkotio isk. then at any Drue Store for PR MOMTAHpp MIR ACULOl'8 PAIN KILLER. take as directed, sud if aut perfectly saUaiad Leturn to our A(ent, i). B. CLARK. ESQ.. Street aud Pennsylvania Arsnia wiiowt.i refund your money. Pnoe? UA and 50 Cents per B?ttie. For saleat all Dr?f Stores everywhere. JAS. MoOONNELL, PS?T7? Oa Aa *4) 1?? HTMIEWELI/g UHIVKESAL COUGH EXXXDT, 'or a// Throat and Lung Complatnit, from Common Cougki to Actual ConsumptionHUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CILI11AT1P "A? Natural anA Sure Kemody for mil I*for~ voua Complaints, From Naar&lrift Uiroatb all cum wlwi Q?im ru evrr umsI tolhMoflMinum TrMMMdMUt nmmAB nKi mf <- mmm rti Iiiimha VIHIUVS ViUVt w j ' 'I -??T I l.O!*8 OF SLEEP. The Tola Anody n?. thoagh containing sot ft wiol? ?1 Opium, prodaoee ail the r^mr?nNii of, n(l may ne ueed iu a! nu>i thwww OaHm mi ?ed withont pro^aemg aoythim Nit Car**, mm ?*?inr th" patient in arerfeetl* natorm' arate. The Vniverad Co?g| Reinedj, (tread ftow all h" common ohiwtiou of < o?gh Rrm?4M. wtiek r.xtuof thmiboa <T proatratlon,) uiar fce onuidwtd he common ??cmj to ail Throat aid Lang Co*lainU.aiMl ?t?d with perfeot impnnitT li to court Irom pri>?ncti>m or friend the oioet evere of Kemediea, and reading 1 oar pamphleU to hetoau<: with ail deaiara. aid lore p&rticu ?rty to pnrohaae vnlrof tbuwwko an he dopen<tcd upon. we wait ia ovhImdm tW .eciainna of PaticnU and Plireiciana. "Prioea witliin reach of *11 ihxial a*rare. J. W. Hciimiwkll tt Co., 1 aod 8. Comaaroiftl Vharf, Ronton. *tWfcL.L.,Ctoenu?t ane fli?rui?ceuii?t. Buttuc. (mi . whoee eif nature eoT*ri the oo'ki of the name oclj, and to whoa addraea all muuuittom. ho id by all reepeotable dnlm everywhere, and til the Drnggieta in Wulu&rUiD ud Georgetown, ntr K-wj IMPORTANT TO HOU&EkEEPEEE. ^___^LDUR K ^ SivutNd not oily ABSOLUTELY AND f ERPECTLT PURE, >at ground from freak ftptoee, aeieoted mm ?i?a?4 )r n? exp^wly forth* pureoee wit!>u*t [jiiwil io ouai. They are baaabfa..y p*r.t ed ia UaJbii, lined witt fM*r.)to pr^yaBt injury bj keeping, kfid are fall weight, white tne ordinary rroeiM *pioee ara alaoKimnaMf aoort. We vwitK He I _ SOMKTHING NKW. 1 HAVE Juat reoaired from tfcoaa world renown"! tnd jaatlv celebrated raafcera o( Piaaoe. Ckiokoj mi k t*on?\ two | PIANO FORTES. Cottac? P>ano. the other a Fall Gt%mi P?aa-oMV' ?ota?ea. oat in a square oa?# of aoat powerful U?ar, gotten up *xfww? for OT 4r?' loth ata. ? Tl FLOW* ?AND1 <??RS A f* 88*Ml MI ON MERCHANT*, ' c orfJLof IftS ? Z 11^ C?ftt? M 70UAVK SIGNAL HORN. Pru? ?t?, JH. -T - MU"imaTrt*oTT

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