Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASU1NGT0N OITf: TCESDAT ?i, IM*. Spirit ( tkt Ntralai Pi The arguei M length M?at ' *M th<- fault of th? forty-four northern democrats who toW against tbe ritfiuloii of the Miiaoari compromise la l&4?. tbat that line was not established as a settlement of tbe slavery question Tbe btUUiftnrtr repels what Jt calls a political laader to tbe effect tbat tbe Bell and Everett Executive Committee In this city have published one "Record of Mr. Bell" for the North and another for the South. uy We have received from Messrs Taylor k. Maury (who have It for sale) Blackwood's Magaxiae-fw PepWmber. IH^The Legislators of North Carolina will commence Its blennal session on Monday, the 1Mb of November. !} r* A grand Bell aad Everett barbecue will be held at Chestertown, Md., on tbe 6th of next month. U^Mr. Edgar Snowden, of tbe Alexandria Osteite, has associated wltb him In the manage, ment of that paper, bis eons, Edgar Snowden, Jr., and Harold Snowden, uader the firm of Edgar Snowden and Sona. IT^TbeSt. Panl Dally Mlnneeotlan tells of a man who committed suicide by drowning, rather than eat a cold dinner, which his wife bad set for him. Ladies, you must be careful how you treat your fastidious lords. There Is no news of Walker in the kst news by the Ariel, except that it appears we have no genuine news of bis having been shot. In Ecuador, Flore# hu withdrawn the exequatur from Cazeoova, United States consul at Guyaqull, and that geutlemin had gaaela search of a United States vessel. HIT" Advices from Japan, received by the Ariel from California, repeat that a highly favorable impression had been created by the news of the treatment of the embassy here. There ia no news of the embassy itself. It Is now stated that tbe revolutionary Prince Me to la In favor of, Instead of being opposed to fbrelgners. Rsciptiot* or tk* Pauicaot Walbs at Naw Buffalo, Mirn ?Tbe Prince of Wales?now Lord Renfrew?bad a handsome reerptionat New BaffUo on Friday night A dispatch says : - At every poUt on the trip In tbe cars from Detroit, crowds of people lined tbe rosd. At Kalamazoo, Ana Arbor and Marshall, there were immense gatherings, salutes, music snd excitement. Tbe Prince, who was very much fatigued, spent the greater part of the day on the bed in bis steeping apartment, and would, in no instance, gratify tbe curiosity of the crowd. They climbed up to and looked in tbe window, and called oat. "Bring him up." "Let's see bim,'' and so forth Presents of honey, fruit, and in one Instance bread, were made and accepted, save in tbe last case, when the steward by direction paid for it. Fcoitivs-slavs Cask ijt Ohio ?On Thurrday last tbe L' S Marshal, accompanied by two deputies and eight or ten men,went to Iberia, Morrow county, Ohio,with warrants to arrest three slaves, brothers, who ran sway from Germaatown, Ky . about four months since. One negro was captured by tne marshal Aftrr an examination before Commissioner Newball, be was remanded to the custody of his former master One of tbe deputies was set upon by a crowd of sixty or seventy negroes and white men, armed with guns and pistil*; his clothes were torn off, bis wsrraat and rr.oney takea, and an attempt made to bang and tb?n shoot bim. After cutting his balr short, he was allowed to depart without the nwm ''*>?? otter deputy was tired upon when attempting to arrest the third negro; he returned the Are, shooting the lingers otf of oae of the rioter*, but was bliged to leave without securing the prisoner. Perse mat. Rev. Dr. Tusttn, of Washington city, has received s csU to s church in Mississippi. The Hon James French Strother died at his residence In Culpeper county, on Friday. Mr Strrrtber, several years since, represented In Congress the seventti congressional district of Virginia, : { U^The last place in wbl-h I should look for the milk of human kindness Is the paU of civilization, says somebody. nr^-'iOOI) SAMARITAN PI VISION. No. i, lJof Sons of Ternp*Maco",will hold a public me?rtin< at Tempera ce Hail, fc ?treet, on 1 II IS (Tiie??la? t KVEN 1 >G, at 7>4 o'clock. Addrcssea will be delivered by g-ctlcmen who are zealously ial-orine for the good of th-? cause. The public are cordially invited. Come one?com*" ail. By ord?r. G. W. VERNON, W. P. J. K. BRIDGE. R S. It* rv "Of" 1. O. O F ?The members of Kxcelsior U B l ?* - - _ ..?oi-Btriauj reuueaiea w iitt?nd tbeLodc on TUESDAY EVENING, 25th in taqt, mm l>w?tQe?* of treat importance wil I* submitted for tSteir consideration. Br order. WIL COOPER, e2!3t Secretary. fVy-DEMPSEY Jt OTOOLE. LL3 WE If DIM* d.\D VISITING CARD ENHRAYERS. Impertera of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WtDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful at) lea. rVJ4 P&. At., between 9tii and IMh ata , a<i 27-6m Washington. HE SQUARE WEDDING CARDS AND WEDDING ENVELOPES, Now the mjet iaahionanle. t be seen at and f ngrared by DEMPSEY k. O'TOOLE, se ^5-eoat Encra-.era. WEDDING INVITATIONS, CilLRCH AND RECEPTION CARD0, Now and elegant at*lea, b-autifu'Ty engrlvrd by DEMPtiEY * OTOOLE, engravera, ?3HWt 3 W Pa. ar., botw. 9th and Mth wta. FIOPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT the Office of the Commnodini Officer of the Arsenal un il 10 o'clock a. m.. October 1, lflW.for farui?hin< this Arsenal with 5)0 ton* Cunil^'laml C< al. boat quality "ran of the rnine," suitable for blaekiai-^ uae^ntl barniaK in the fura*** nt *. i ?in enjri"?, and follj eqcal to that jurcha*ed laat ?o?p'.eof wtuch will Le ahown on applied lijia. To u* deliverrd in the coal house at the Ar*?nal immMtatfir adjacent to the wharf. (ifcO. I). KAMSAY, Major. Commanding. WaaruoaTo.f AB*bhal. Sept. 24, 1380. ? a*t*?ii _ i \U* STOCK lt? ALWAYS COMPLETE OF V" theae>et?ratedChickering A Son*' un _-^^ equaled PIANO POKTK-, einlraoHifpOBB vary ?u. at*!e,*?aleand fimah,at price*"* ? ' to aiut UmUiun. O d Pianos taken inpirt payment for iiav. Tm Ch'ckeringa' har? been awarded 40 gold and silver medaia at tiie different exhibitions in the Cwt*4 8iat?i for the auperinrity o| their Piano* over a 1 other maker*. Tneir Piano* are >-atter. their prtees a* low. their t?rm? of paying a* easy. t?eir tftsoonats for ea*h greater tuau any other*. Call ai d see for yoarseli JOHN F. F.I L18. *e 2* ZOf> Pa..av-. h?t Hh and toth *U. UoaseMold 16 Page*. Houiiclild Jwraal. N Celuiu. iMirial. Tkr Ceat* Weekly. Fifty Celama*. ProHOnnceti the Cheapest and Best Periodical of tkt Day. the best writers which money can command. the best and most elegant literature. THE BEST MUSIC, BY THE BEST COMPO POSERS. the best wit and humor. THE BEST PUZZLES AND CHESS PROBLEMS. the best gardening and horticulture. the best recipes for the house and workshop. the best lessons in german and french. THE BEST BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. THE BEST HISTORY ANDTRAVRL. the best scientific and artistic note*. the best poetry. the best tales of fact and fiction. the PEST ANSWERS TO correspon DENTS. THE B"?T MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC CRITICISMS. tmam the fine arts. NEW inventions. leaders ok CUBBEAT topics. Ac , Ac , Acn Ac. EVERY W KEK-ALTFOR THREE CENTS. fE7*Th? Trad* <?ptliad by Rom A Touur. m<1 j D**tmt A Coat*?y, ?r My of th? vho.?a>* New* ] jlMli ia Naw V/-w A. HARTHILL 4 CO., 96 North Wi.'liM &*-?, MM Ckattaun, N?w York Or4?r iW ftrat number fr?m jro?r News Agent, of a * i TUr*? Cent MWf to the fihljifem for it 9a *wi ^)oa prio? 91 tmr. paid ia ?d naf. , 'Ithm. . m WASHINGTON NKWI AMD HOUir. Tm? Opihisg Night or thk Opeia.?The brlff ?eaaon of English Optra at the theatre commenced last night. The long dearth of music that we have endured resulted in *4arn? and fuhionable audience, the advent of-fcaiERsh opera once more appearing to be regarded a* ahtao The main piece wai the " Daughter of the Reel ment,'' with the piquant and versatile Annie Milner as Marie. She aaug the sparkling music of the poet with great spirit, ?a4 was freriiivatLf applauded; but her great triumph was reserved for the finale of the opera?her rendition of ? Lo, hear the Gentle I*arkM elicited tumultuous and wellmerited applause. la this she was enabled to display "her wondrous executive power, and fairly electrified her audience. Mr. Bowler has wonderfully improved since last he was here. He is a most just and reliable artist, and thoroughly deserved all the applause he obtained Aynsley Cook was very ^ood as " Sulplilo." He was In excellent voke,end sang admirably. Miss l'ayne was an admirable Marchioness, and displayed great power. The musical farce of the "l{uaker ' waa given, and kept the audience In a roar during nearly the whole time. Messrs. Cook, Bowler, Bondinot, and MIm Kemp and Maria Barton filled their respective parts In a very creditable manner. Their musical farces ara quite a feature with this troupe, and we hope to see more of them. This evening "Norma"' will be given, and as this la Mist M liners great tolt we ad viae all to attend. iKTimSSTISG. GATUBKINO ATSOLDII**' HOMK ? The President and MIm Lane, on Saturday last, signalized their approaching departure from their pleasant rural retreat at "Soldiers' Home" by giving a farewell entertainment to their friends and acquaintances living In that neighborhood. The occasion was one of much sociability and enjoyment. The farmers and country gentlemen who were present with their wives and families. entered with spirit Into the festivities, and will long remember their hospitable treatment at the hands f the President and his niece. No persons were Invited from the city except the members of the Cabinet, of whom the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Attorney General were present, and entered ioto the spirit of the occasion with true democratic cordiality The earlier part of the day was passed in conversation amongst the guests, Interrupted by a A. * 1?-? ? ^ ? - ? *i?? w tncAiyium ?o witness n curious invention by one of the Inmates for saving !i v?-s at flres This was pronounced a decided success, and much sympathy was expressed in the laudable efforts of the old veteran for making it known to the public. The later hours of tbe afternoon were pent in dancing, 4c , Ac. The President will resume his residence at the White House on Saturday next. ?? Discontinuance or the Promenade Concerts ?We are requested to state that, In consequence of the advancement of the season, the Promenade Concerts, which have been given during the summer on every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at tbe President's and Capitol grounds respectively, will be discontinued after the present week. This announcement, we are sure. should the weather prove favorable, will cause a large gathering on to-morrow and Saturday afternoons at those pUcss, as all will be anxloua^to avail themselves of the last opportunities tbna afforded to enjoy the pleaaure always derived from attendance on these interesting occa. alons. 1 " " Naval I."?telliobjic?.-?The lT. 9. sloop-of-war Preble, of the Home squadron, arrived at Boston on the 21st instant. The following Is a list of her officers, who have been detached : Commander, T. A Jenkins; Lieutenants, Andrew Bryson, R. D Minor, John Waters, B. B. Taylor, Joseph N Miller; Passed Assistant burgeon, James F Har rison; Paymaster, W. W. Kelly; Mld.ihlpman William C. Whipple, jr.; Gunner, Joseph Swift; a .; l... - vc n.? ? VBUUiiiMij i/uuici V. maj IUII. Naval Appointments.?Captain Magruder has been appointed chief of the Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, In place of Captain Ingr&ham, detarbed to command tbe steam sloop-of-war Richmond. Prof. Augustus \V. Smith has been appointed Professor of Mathematics at the Naval Academy, In place of Win. Chauveaet. resigned. Mini?tkk or tub Rbpcblic of IIoxdukas ? Vtsterday, Senor Don Lnls Molina, who for some time jmst has acceptably represented here the Republics of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, delivered his credentials to the President, and was received at Knvoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Honduras. Third Assistamt Postma?tik Gikiial?a. N Zeverly, K*q , Third Assistant Postmaster General, having left the city on a brief visit to North Carolina, the duties of this position will be performed by John L. Lancaster, Kaq , until Mr. Zeverly's return. Tn* Wxatbxk.?The following report of the Weather for the morning Is made from the Amer Wan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of obaervatloa la about 7 o'clock. ssptimai* 21, 1S?0. New York, N. V clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa. clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Aid cloudy, warm. Warhligton, D. C cloudy, wind S9\V Richmond, Va. cloudy, 73?. Petersbarg, Va. clear, 72'. Norfolk, Va ..clear, 02?. Ralelgk, N. C clear, &Z9. UfllmiiMA. M r* -? ?? ?uuiwiij \> ? cicarj wsriii Columbia, H. C clear, warm. Char let ton, 8. C clear, pleasant. Augusta, Ga ....clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. clear, 73?. Macon, Ga. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala clear. riov iu wi?t. Frederick, Md cloudy, dsmp. Hageratown, Md ....cloudy, mildCumberland, Md cloudy, in'ld. Grafton, Va...v< ...cloudy, windy Wbeellng, V*. cloudy, windy. Parkersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Pittsburg, Pa cloudy, 79^. Cleveland, 0 cloudy, 00? Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) <9,097; at noon, *29,733. Thermometer at 7 a. m., at noon, 75'. Maximum during hours ending 9 a. m. today, 79'; minimum 04*. 4 "JOOD LIGHT! VI CHEAP LIGIIT! SAFE LIGHT! PAR AFF1NE OIL,from Coal. KING A BURCHELL, ac a Atinti for if sale. W .MAGNOLIA HAMS! E Areatain in receiptor a further supply of theee Hania. They have I eon hanglap in th* amokehoeee through lh- utios,t?l rt in oapital oid?r. KING k. BURCHELL. if a Corner 15th at and Vermont nvesee. ^UTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! The opening of FRENCH GOODS, for the Pall Tiade. will be next Monday, September 24th. Tee lad tea are reepectfally muted to inapeot the novel* tie? jeat arrived Iro n Pari*. N. W4LLIAN, ae 22 2w (Intel. A Statoat IS Market Spaoa. Lh?N3, in new pattern*, at verr low prises. For -j8b'r 'u KPERMyAco. I pper Rcome "Perry Btnldiet." ae 22-3t Cor Penn. avenue and Ninth rt. A STEIN WAY A SONS'. NKW Aaaortm-ntof theee unrivalled Inetrneaeata i* now oe th? wunH ?" ???? in a few da; a, from the rlUMt to wat elegant Lobic XtV atyle, whict? " " ' will b? wM ?t factory in?N at U* sol* agency. METZKROTra Matte Utora. ? U KL.EVKNTH STREET. THE WASHINVTONTNTELLIOENCE AND GENERAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. The Proprietor returns thaafca for the patronage Im> haa received, and itatei that he oaa anpply the heat help, with good reference. Several good Sy aots waited tbia day, both nafe and female. Hotel* >upf lied to town and oonntry. eeaiV C. LEONlJtD, Proprietor. ^hihttno COTTONS AND LINENS. l# ^/^rMIV,L8, D wffiv Fb&VCAiao, th* original Never Wear Out Family Shirting. whioh I hare made to order, with my name .t*n?i**l? n them. AIm?. one caoe nf aaaorted 4aalitiea of Iriah Linen* and Linen Shut Pronta, of my Frm California nart Or?|? St. Joseph, Sept 21.?The Pony Expresv with San Francisco dates to (fee !*2th, arrivea here last evening. The steamef John L. Sir p liens has sailed for Panama, with 432 passengers and *1,009 000 In geld, (of which f&W.OOO Was for N??w Tor*,) and t? bags St W*bo? silver ore, valued st *10.000. The tenth anniversary of the admission of Callm u uia 1t?1a? ?.. 1 I miuia IPwv vaivn t* us LTiruitiru IIy ID? piOneers in San Kranclsoo on tbe 1Mb. by tbe partial anspenalon of bualae?, a procession through ttie principal streets, an oration, and a ({rand ball at tbe largest public h&ll. ' At tbe republican primaryric-ction in San Francisco. on tbe Sth Instant, ten out of the twelve districts decide against making a partisan n<w?|. nation for local officers, and in favor of an alliance with the people's party In the municipal election. This Is regarded as a complete reindorsement of the reform aity government. Tbfl trial of W H Stone, far killing a member of tbe last legislature during a political dispute, ft proceeding at Sacramento before Jndge Hardy, tbe time judge before whom Judge Terry was acquitted Tbe Brkckinrldge State Convention Is lnsfssion In Sacramento. An electoral ticket will undoubtedly be nominated, as manv of that party believe that the State can be carried for Breckinridge. roe msnposa gowi mines on Col Fremont's grants are reported to yield Immensely since the completion of the extensive quartz mines. Tbe last week's yl?Id was at tbe rate of nearly *'.300 per day. The camel express Is about to be established between I<os Angeles and Port Mahone. Sufficient ceusus returns are made to tbe Marshnl to form a basis for estimating the population of California at 500,000. A fire at Sonora on the 10th destroyed Ludwlck and Wilson's stable, together with nine horses. Loss *8,000. Sacramento, Sept. 12.?The Breckinridge and Lane Convention reassembled here this morning, when J B. Weller was elected permanent president The following persons were appointed electors: Wm. Ceronsl. of Lo? Angelos; A P. Dudley, of Calveras county; V. K. Gertjer, of Tehama, and Zach. Montgomery, of Sutler county. Tbe convention is still in session. Obkgon.?The dates from Oregon sre to the6th Inst A silver excitement has been brewing In uinun ivr ktptbi moniDs, ana ttr most cxtrin vant rumor* now prevail respecting the mines In different parts of the Caacade mountains, bordering on Wllliamette valley. Several f%tles bsve b?en prospecting during tbe summer, and many more were preparing to go Dr Bray, of falem, has left at the Statesman office specimens of silver ore from tbe I<aatram mines,which assayed St -206 the tun. Other specimens assayed &1,'2U0 to 9(2,(1(10 per tun. PRoi?ft?A! S FOR MATERIAL FOR THE APPROACHES OF THE SOUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. Trkasurt Prpabtmest, t bdrrau of cojmtrtfctins, weft sh. 1wm Propob?l* will b? received at this Department Hn*.l 11 ? '? -* * urn ii u oiuok >n od ifi6 i oay or CJotoher, 1W, lor the deliver? of the following art'.eles, viz: Prepared stone# for Belgian pav?m?nt aiifficiont to tor down 5^o? superficial feet o? pa?ement. Hinder* must state their prioe for the liv? red, per superficial foot, ineaau-ed after it is laid, and a separata p'noo for laying, if they desire to lay the *ame Five hundred and aixtr (56 ) lineal fctof Pnrb Stones for sidewalks, *c.. in length not lea* than even <T) feet, and 8 mohes thick by 17 inch** deep; Ihe toeedge hammered straight and trne, 8 inches wide. V* returned down 3inoh?eon onendv 5 inches on the other, and have their enda properly joint ed Also, A quarter rircle corner pieces in a single riece of a radius of 2 feet outside, aid of the caoie tiieknes* and depth aud itmn returns down the | sides a' the atraignt one*; and also another quarter oirele m nsoei of not leas than 5 feet in length, rf a r*diu? of 3 f<>et outside, of the same depth ami return down the tides aa above, and 6 inohes thiok on '4)9. \v> pieces of b'.ne North river Flagging,* feet by 6 j'eet 5 inode*. 110 piece of blue North river Flagging,! feet by 6 feet 8 mchca. 42 pieces of blue North river Flagging, 4 laet by 6 feet. 55 pieces of blue North river Flagging, 4 feet by 3 feet 5 inchea and leaa. Bidders must t Late the price* for ilrested Mag of each of U?e above sites of the b???t quality per so pnrfioial foot, and it tuuat he prepared la a perfectly pro?er manner to be laid down, and be 4 ice he a >hi"k, with the edcea jointed aquare down at least two(2) tnchee rro?e the faee. All the articles to be delivered at the Treaaary Kx tension, where thev will be used as may be direoted by the proper authority. Samples of the quality of b'ue digging atone and the atyle ofdrexitjg required can be s?*en on application at this office, and all the atone deliverer will l>e required to lie of the quaiity and atyle ot dreisinc ahown in theee samples. Bids will not be considered unless they are made in accordance with this advertisement, vis: at a ?- i ? - y lun iixtn iooi for iht curbing. and per suptrforial f cot for all thr other materials, nor Will any bid be oonsi lered unless it is accompanied With the ma anty of on# or more responsible parties that tin bidder will execute a contract with satisfactory j.u%-anty if his bid is aooepted. The prop:>i<*ls most bo scat under oover to ths Secret*'* of the Treasury, endorsed i% Proposal* for Ma'frial for tk' Tfiswry firtrnnim." and will be opened at I o'clock p. ni. of tho last day named for receiving the *vne. in the presence of the bidders if any ohooe* to attend. S. M. CLARK, Aetinc F.ngineer se 24-1 w in charge Treanury Department. l\JO- * AM) 4 FAT MACKKRHI.. St. John's A LEWI VF-S. Halifax HERKINGS. landing and for sale l?y se24-6t All DDI.ETON It BF.AI.L. TNKW SUPPLIES! AYI.Olt & HUTCHISON. 49 Market Space, are now receivine their stock of FALL GOODS, embracing all the new and desirable itylfa of the *ra?cn, to which they cordially iuvite the attention of buyers generally. se24 Ci A L I. AND IK X A M ? N E J G L A D M O N ' S New Stock of HATS AND CAPS! 9^6 I'gMNHTI.VASlA AviJICl, Between luA and )2<A ill.. ?e24-lw_ Washington. PORTO RICO SUGARS AND RIO COFFEE 2i) hints. Porto Rico and Cuba Sugars, part strictly _ primo. ijuiids. I'orto Rico ami English Inland Mola*sss, Im?k* White Mid timen Rio Cofiee. J last rcoeivedaud for salo hy se24 to6t M4DDLETON ft BEAM*. F~DIRECT IMPORTATION. RENCrf LETTER AND NOTE PAPERJust imported from Pianos a large and oo tup lets a?i>ortnient of fine Letter and Note Paper*, from the celeh ated M iI'm of Laroohe, Joubert, L)u inu que, I^acroix A Co., at Ancottleme. BLANCH A Hi) * MOHUN. ?e 24 Corner II th st. and Pa. ar. S LADIES, TEVENS' 9took of elegant PANCV OOOD8 is now full and complete. Ca I and see the new styles. Renpootfulfy, K, C. STEVENS. LA DIE* ARE MOST RESPEOTPULLV IN vitsd to call and see the great improvements in STEVENS' Faney Store. it> 34-1 w 336 Pa. avenne. I7? I. A DIES, 1 OR YOUR BONNETS, HATS. PLATS. FEATHERS. PRBNCH FLOWkRS, and DRESS TRIMMINGS, to to STEVENS', *36. Between 9th and 10th streets. All orders for bonnets, headdresses. K is letts and sleeves, and setts, promptly executed at STEVENS' Fancy ?tore. ss 24-1 w >36, l>etwein 9th and loth IVOT1CE. I n LONDON GUNS. M. W GALT ft BROTHKR havejust received I an invoice of verr superior London Bird Guus, I made by flr(*n?r. Moore ft Harris, Manton, Mor- I timer, and other distinguished makers. Also, Lafauchaux's Breech-loadiug Double Phot I Gun. Ti is is a new artiole of French manufacture, I very superior in finish, and supplies sucuessiully a I decide atom to the sporting world. The above, with a large assortment of the English I TranW Pistol, Adams' Colt's and Smith ft Wee- I lion's Revolvers, Sharp's Repeating and the genuine I Dennger Pistols, we offer at very low iates. M. W. GALT ft BRO., Jewellers. 394 Pa. av., se 24-St 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. | LD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE I | B (J ft N SIDE'S MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Consoientiously disulltd by Mr. James Burnside, I of Allegany Count*, Penna., in the old-faehioprd I honest war. fron the ohoieest and most ears filly I ssleeted Rye. and in no ease ever offered for sale I until adapted tn wholesome sse by age it ieatl onee the most pala'able.a* it Is eniphatiMJlT one I of the purest beverages in the r*aoh of the puMio. I To the Invalid, as Veil as to those in health, it I nomm*ndi itself for its 'nnrivallrd qualities as a I stimulant of the safest, surest, and most benefteei 11 description, and many of the most distingauh** I physicians are asingitia their praouoe with the I happiest results. _ CLKRY * ROCKDALE, Proerietora. 328 Walent street. Philadrlphia. 1 , WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Pros tetors, 99A Pa. av., I >e?* fta opposite Willawl*' Hotel. 1 FOR STAMPING rfilW * PACKET OF PAPER. I, ^f AND ENVELOPES | I NO I TO MATCH. I ^CHARGE] metropolitan book8tore, pb1lp ft solomon*, Atemit fr Ivitbrnud L*mtn Paw, "Metropolitan Hills," ft , fr. te 24 iy 13a p?. ? .. b*. 9t- and l"th ?t>. Enew fall goods. . owen ft son, MERCHANT TAILORS, penn. avenue, hare ju?t opened their i ,rK ro* the sraton, w l* which they iant? the attention of their wit j frieniu and curtoraera. e?-eo?w , i* ? AMUSEMENTS. | OOK OUT FOR THK IIERN DON BO^ THK ITERNDON Cl.UB A Will *iv* a k ^'Ai S TO-i -rs rS?K*t IMir-'. I % O* TU hPDAY, Octoluc 1 ]F?r yrt'c^Hf iwlMof* adTTti?If rty AlHING TON THRATRE. GRAND Or~KRA SE AXON COOPER AMERICAN OPERA tROUPB, > Unsurpassed by any Company. native or fore4#n,in t the United States, and numlwring Twenty <WJ fafitimate I.vnr Artt*tf*. TlltS <T"A?rtayi KVKNIN'i, September f5, Will l>e presented Boll mi's Opera of .NORMA! # To oouclude wtth tb? ihh?(A?1 afterpiece of THE WATKHMAN! i Supported li) an effi.'ieut Chorus ami a powerful I Orohestar, the wk?l? ?>a?trr Im dir*eli?i?of i R. C. COOPER, (* leader of the Rojsl Italian Opera, London.). . |l THIWIE MH.fVKlt,(Prima D-nna Asso'uta.) Ooom open at 7% : Of?ia to o?>mni*ne.e at 8 o'elk. Prices of Aiianaaion : Dimi Circle and Parquet 9> cent* ; ?eourf-d ?e?ta 25 cents extra ; Orchester Chair* : Priv.ite U<>xe* ?8 each. Seats "'cured at Mctaer. t-.'? Munic btire. lt_ 7 IRERTY HAl.l..?l I!tiNi?ui TWO NIGHTS ONLY. MONDAY t TUESDAY EVFUS, S*rt * ???#? BUmVORTU'S (Lat*thk OmioiWAL awi? Osly 0*xrm?) WOOD'S MINSTRELS! THE MODEL TttOL'PK or th> PROFESSION. Admission , , 25 Cants Parquet 50 Cents Doors open at 7 ; performance to commence at? o'otock. t* 24 ctt ^ Ul) FELLOWS' HALL. FOR THREF/NFGHTS ONLY, Commencing MONDAY EVENING, 9KPT. S4TB. THE HOLMAH Juvenile Parlor Opera Troupe, CompriiinK the moat talented children in the world. The uMne> comprising thi? Troupe are the came a* When at Palace Garden and Hope Chapel, N?w York, a> d now at the Continental Theater, Philadelphia. vis: Mi?? SAL LIE HOLMAN, Prima Donna Cpmiqoe; LITTLE JULIA. "I* Petit* Patti " Pianut and Comedienne; MASTER BENJAMIN, Balladist and Dialeotatist; MASTER ALFRED. Comedian, Baritone, Butfo, ?<d Soar* Prummer; Mrs GEORGE HOLMAN, Prima Donna S prano and Pianist; Mr. GEO. HOLMAN, Twiior and Tutor. Prioe of admiwion 25 aenU: extra Tickets for sals at J. F. Ellis', Pa. av.f between 9th and 10th sts. sc ^l_tf Third grand cotillon party of THE MOUNT CLARE CLUB. The members take pleasure in informing their many friends that their Third Grand Cotillon Part* will be riven at 8tott's Hall on IS TUESDAY EVENING, Sept. 25th, lfl?. /B They pledge themselr?? to make thia aUM Beasant eveiling to all who may honor them with eir pre&'Ece. Arth's celebrated cotillon band h*a been engaged for the ocoasion. Tickets 91, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committbc F. Mohler, O. W, Hines, J. E. Hilton, J. W. Hill. ae 13 6t* yy A S H 1 NG TO N_T HE A T E R. Sole Lessee and Manager 9. W. Glsto. this establishment Will oiKn for the reenter Fall and Winter Seaton on the night of THURSDAY. Notmbm 1st. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will eommenoe an engageinentof Tweive Nicht* on MONDAY. November Mh, and will b? followed bythe moit BRILLIANT STARS lh the Theatrical Firmament. ID* Conamunieationa if addreaaed to S. W. Glkwi. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an It-tt WANTS. %JLTANTED?Six good OYSTER SHUCKER*. *? A pply at HARV EY'S Norfolk Oyrter Depot, 2M C street. ee 25 X WANTED?Rt a ao!>er and ateady young man, a SITUATION aa coachman, or ?ortcr in a (trocerv afore. Beat of reeoiiunendaiio a riven. Pl?>a?eaddreaa G. H..Star Office. ae25 lw* V|7ANTF.D? Br a resp?ct\b!e vomao,a 81TUATT TION an chainfc-nnaid and tteamstreas. A rood borne is her Dm.cipal object Apply Box 10, at this office, nntil_12 o'clock io-inor?>vr H? WANTKD?Hy a r*spectal>io, aettlml woman, a SITUATION a* chamfo?rm%id and nurs?; or in wan bine and ironing, or plain sewing. Reference* if required. Apply Box 11, at Mm office. _ se 2-2t' A VOlTV<1 (il'D M l M ?* ? *J tn I? . '? a uviuail HI Ail TV All I? A. 151 I"x>. I'ATION as gardener in flcwera and recetahlee. He can (ire the t>??t of reference*. Pleaae direct jrotir letter*. "JOHN MTURM, 890 I 6t., lietweeu 4th and j'.h ats., Washington, D. C." f e 2T. 4t OVVNKR WANTKD.-Taken from a white man. on the 24tli in?tmt, at the Western Market, in tin* citr, THIRTY SHEKP. marked XV. W P., at d supposed to he stolen. The man inade hi* rape. The owner will apfl) to \VM. L>. SEKKIN, Firat l)i<triot Police, an J prove propr rtjr. . n?2i3t* TO WHOM IT MAY CONCKRN.-A few >oiing inen of good ftddrea* and re*p?ot&liiiity, ' who wish to enter a buaine?* that will pay, whe e 1 no capital is require), aod a*I that ia as?ou ta roer (i ai d induitrr. will dit w?.l t<> <*-*" * "> . , ? ? - ? ? ??? ??? VHV i iniiQ (JaUery, Brown s Hotsl. A'so. one or two jouug la lies. From a to 11a. m. ac<l 2 to 5 p. in. 2 - M- H. CAMPBELL. WA N T K D?C?kj1cs. Chambermaids, Nurses, !?eain*t-esses, I,anmlre*?'<s, and two Colored i W(titers for families just returned to the oitr from " their summer re-orts. Apidv, with ref-rcnees, at th* Union Intelligence arid House Ar?n'*> Offioe, 1 No. 14 Louisiana avenue, nearly op.osite City J Hall. Families can procure cood and capable Pervants at this office ??? r?>a?onaV)le t?*rins. Hotels and I Itoartling houses supplied as usual DUNCAN it FRF.NftH, se25-eo3t* Proprietors ( WANTKD?TWO do the work of a private family : one to cook, wa?!i and iron; i the other to nurneand do chaiii!?erw<irk. The house j in sle anantl* situated, one square south of the Capitol, at Na.iZi Mew Jersej av , opposite (itilick s The highest wa<fi will he paid for persons well , recommended It* , WANTKD?A good OVSTKR HHUCKKR. J Apply to J. I. HOLBROOK, foot of the Cap ! ltol. _ se 14 3t* J SITUATIONS WANTED, by two respectable ' *-7 Kir s: one a* cook ; the other as chambern.aid. 1 Will do fine washing. (Jooi) reference can t># given. Apply to No. 577 New York a?.. between 12th and l??k -? - ? - - - 'wm BH. 86 JA 31* WANTED-A first-rats TIN and SHEET IRON WORKER, by C. SNYDER, next door to the Star OIBre. ?e 20 lw t \J|7 ANTED? A CLEtlK.who la acquaint?vl with "" the aity trade, for a Jewelry Store. Heat of references required. Address T. II., No. , Mar Office. ieU WANTED? By a steady and industrious man, a, SITUATION as oollsotor. Best of reoom m?n?!aUons given. Address M. C., Star OAoe. BOARDING. J CO NINTH STREET.? Peraona returning to ivO thecitr frotr their aummer resorts will find vaoant several deairabls rooina, having the conve- . nicncos of gas, water, and hashing cJoseta, at 4?3 ' Ninth st., one door south of F; suitable either for i fa;mlies or single gentleman. Table tioarders aocom mods ted on moderate terms. se 6 3w* LOST AND FOUND. j LOST.?Strayed or atolen on Monday, Sep tern- < bor 17th. a small red aed white BU F- fltff-nlfr < FAl.O COW, with a slit in one ear. |5puf* 4 reward will be given to the finder by le?v- JbafMi 1 ins the Mate at the oorner of H and Twenty-first t ?U.. FirstWard. ae&at? , j\JEW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. j We are now m reoeipt of our Fall atook of I PAFKRHANGINGS. n 1NDQW SHADES, SHADE HOLLANDS. PICTURE AND SHADE CORDS AND TASSELS, 01LT CORNICE. CURTAIN BAN AS, * ? PINS, *0. Embracing all Qualiti** and Prices; AU of which have been pure bated direct from maa nfacturea, and with anuaoal care. We feel,therefore,tfcat, with onrlargeand varied j took, we hall be able to preeent apertor tadnee- j meuta to purchaeera A call ia solicited whether ( you purchaeeor not All work ia our bne executed , by superior workmen in eity or oonntry,and war- 1 raaled in every particular. Call at FRANKLIN & ROTHROCK'S, \ e?2l-4taw2w 503, corner >U> and D sts. 486 486 i SELS, Ac. Just received, fall stock warranted Gold Baad r Windowi mi tat urn Goldjaod Conuuoa I DM?io noiiaitua, ficiur* Cora aad Tm- t hIi, Ac., Ac. Window Shades of ?ey required . or aise furiMshmt to ontor. PajKrhanjtag ? executed and Window Shade* furniebad id oily or a country. Sati-faction f?MMiUed or no pay re- < quired. 4*6 Seventh J ie ? eotfw* 8 door* above Odd Fellow* Hall. TAfcSE'.S. Criin?<Hi, Se*riet, braaa aad Blue " Color*, from photograph to portrait aise .Picture P Cord ail usee aad & ore Alto, Picture Rmgaaad Nail*. Ju*t reeeived at J. MARIlRITBR'ft, P4a.4*?Jtovanth *t.t , 8 door* above OtUl Fellow*' Hail I Dcm't forr?t the number. we !5 eo?w* ORINCF. OF WALES RENFREW HATS V ?d c.? p.. , *e 2n Near corner Thirteenth *t. " M'?K''0?grLWRV"r5R,*i-~. I l? PERSONAL. T H R CoDBrtewehi'p'hereto'fire exKtinf Wf?n \V. H. Uodron Md Jam??T. Tnmbork* i* thia day dis*ol?M. by mutual aoaMiL, All ^?r?oo? in lebti?d to ait id inn will p ??a?> itnwto ??.H, Oorfroa, vhO ia ato M OKflfeed to r*o?ipt for the mm t am h.a T. TUK N Hl'RKE, WM. J CODROX. ttHA RKWARA-Ra ?*tj from th? nh 1 w erihir, VTinf ?ear Glrmont, Ch.trlxfroimtT. Md ow ganday, the 16te in toa?rNKGR(? B<JV. I9A AC NKU*ON. ^ ated aboift 18 ^Ara, IHR ri frft 6 inches in height; light ?<i|?p?r eolor; very fu!. uitof 1* * hair, iia.? a eear on hi* upper lip; clothing not remembered. I will give for the apprehension of paid negro in Ch?rl?i rnqiitr, or 91'** if taken elsewhere; in eith?r ?a*e lie inu?t he delivered to me or eecwred in jail ?? that I ret Kim again. _ ?.e V? tw? ?AWlTV COT. THW IS TO 01VK NOTICB T?AT THK I nib*ril#r hath otitaiued f><>? the UrpMM' Court of Washington county, in the District of (V lumi>4A.i>Ufi? of AJuuw*UAtu?n on the MraoMl estate of Ebenegw Roflbird, late of Washington county, deceased. All peraona having claims ivcainxt the aaid deceased, are Herebv warned to ex t*" rame. with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber. on or before the nth dav of r**ptwwber next; they mar otherwise by law be aiolaaed from an i^nrnioi tn<* said mum. (iirtn under my l*ad this 8th dA> of September, I860. . KPHRAIM B. KODBIRD. s# H-lawSw* Administrator. TBO THK CURIOUS OR A!VXIOUS.-Ma<iMB D , so well known as the must sncceaifal explainer of the Past, Present aod Future ever in \Vaahinpton,"oontmo?ii to be cornnlted weekly hundred* anxious to know of thinei at pre?wt hidden from them. Her consultation Tee, to both sentlem*n and ladies, is extreme!* moderate Call at her house,oa tk? souu* ai?U at Massachusetts ar., between 17th ami 18th sta.?the Milv house there. se 17-1m MB a DAME MORRICE. Thi Ukbat AiTtOte iit and uuctbms, juttfTwm *uinrt? Tais highly sifted and intnilicent lady ?u be oonsulted o the Past, Proaeat aud Future F vents. Call at No. *05 Twenty second street, between H and I, Washington. jeiasm* Dr. J. H McLEAN S RTRnaTRVVTVa m-O nr?T ? - -mi m - - -t-t - ? vwnviau AND BLOOD PDH1FIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, M<1 the most I>? :cior* Axn DELIGHTFUL Jt 1/ . CORDIAL ? jMk ' /fEVER TAKE.X^&MnHJ^ XM H it ttrfctlv ? Ml ^,1 Ur tnulc nil fat*bit Uewpeend, pro- B^BV |HB%V ^ by tkt diitilU- HNAT tiou of fvow, herb*, Ytn?? Dock. Blood Rm?. Black Rw,larupt- |HB niu, VtU Cktrrr VI B?rk, u4 Dandalioa [Sm\K euter? iuo iu coai.ff p.^tioe. W Tb? crura ictiM Z r?r..frii?l priut.piajEjM^K^ Ukinj. diattllmjr, prodaeley a daiiciooa, amhtlaratinf ipm, ?ad the moat iafalliMa rataody for r*no? tta* th* *?oua, I aud raatariaf the tick, utinaf, ud debilitaud li'tlid M haalth aad atrerrtb. .McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL wtu Ilicuullr (iri U<ii c?plint, Djtf paia, Jaaadwct, Chronic orHirioaa Dabiitj, Diaaaaea of the Eidoaya, and all diaaaaai ariaing from a diaorderad Li?ar or Sioaaek, Drapapata. Hear (ham, Inward PHaa, ieiditr or Sicknoaa of the Sumach, Fatlnaaa of Wood to tka Head, Doll Fua or Btiauiuf ta tka Hud, Palpitation of tba Haart. tallaoaa or Weifial u> the lunuck, ten Ericutiou, Chokiaf or Safoeaunf Faelior whaa Utihj down, Dryneaa or TallaVuaaa of the 8km and Kyea, Nir^t Sweata, Inward Fa?era, Pain la lha Small of the Back, Cheat, or Ml, M4it Fiaahta of H*at, Dapreaaioa of Spirita, Prifffctfal Dreauia, Uu(wr, Daapondauc jr nr u; nar*aaa diaaaaa, Soraa or Blotchea on thi Skin, in4 Fi'ir toil ipi (or Chilli and Ka?*r.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES hava bean aold donny tka laat ait nxwtka, aad ia no iaauncc ha a it failed iu finaf aattra aauafattim. * ha, th?a, will aafer from ViiImii ur Delnltir whan MCLEAN'S STRENUTHEMSfl CORDIAL will car* yea 1 No lanfaage can coaaay an .deguMe idea ef tka imiaadiat* and almoat lairaeoioae Ck?nti arodaead b* i? t ,< a etiia Cordial te the diaeaatd, dtbihta~tad, and abattired iiinH e jrettm, whether broken do?t by new, waak by oat art, r impaired by atcbuaea, iha rilaud and auairung arftuutioo le reetored to iu priatiat baalth and aifor. MARRIED PERSONS, or otliara, cntitcioaa rf inability from vkatirtr caon, will find MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thoruufh regenerator of the tyaterp; and all vke mar kavf to)ared then.eei*et by improver indalgencet will lad la thia Cordial a certain and tpeen* remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ta a aorareign and epeeHjr cart for lacipieat Cor aamptiaa, Whltee, Obetracted or Diflea't Mena'raatioo, Incontinence af Urine or Iiitoianutry Ihidiwp thereof, Fellitf aI the Watab, liiddineaa, KaiaUig, ana all diaaaaaa incident it Peatlta. THERE IS AO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Snffer no lander. Take it according to diracuana. It well uronlue, ttrangthaa, and luviforatt yaa and caaaa the bloom of htalth to moant year cheak again. Erf rj battle w atirtnicu W flTC UTimCllON. FOR CHILDREN. If * of* r children are aickly, fan* or afliet?d, McLEANI ClIitDUL will mtkl tlitin hcilili>, fat, and robaet. P?Uf not a ikimu; trjr >(, >n<l yna will be convinced. itiadeliciou* to tike. CA UTIOX. Bivirr of dra^tm or dttliri who msy try to pals a poo yoo ftoin* bitter or ajraxpaiille trteh, which tkt; can bay cheap, br aaviar it iiJmi aa rood. Avoid each sen. iak fur McLEAN'S STkEN'THKNIMi COBOIAL, and tak* nothing alaa. It la the only remedy Uat will pihf; tka tfl-H.i and at the urn* auejkgthea ike eyetea. One ttaepoonfal taken every mom in j faauny ia a certain preventive for Cholera, Chilli wd Pever, Yellow Ft??r, ?r iit prevalent diaeaaa Ilia put tip la large bottle*. frica inly f 1 per bottle, or bortlee for (5 3. II Mel.CAN, Mf proprietor of tU< Ccrdial; a Wo. McUau'< Volcanic Oil l.iiumeal Principal Depot ou the corner of Tkird and Pin* meet*, Ht. Lom?, Ma. McLe&n'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) The imlf aafa and certain cure for < anaera, Pile*, Ta mora, Swelling* and Brruich.'e or Lot ire, Paralrete, Nea. "*lgia, Weaknaee of the Muidti, Chronic or Inlamiuaiorj Iheainatiam, 8 iHneei of ike Jen.ia,'Contracted Mnaclee or Liganeau, Earache or Toothache, Broteea, tprauu, Freak L'ate, Wooada, (leer*, Fever Roree, Caked Braaet, flora Uipplee, Bame, He aide, More Throat, nr ui; ieliaaaiMa or wu, iiKniii ?ow ??v?r? or bmr tki tetui ur MTt taialH, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT & i certain remedy. Ttioaaaoda jf human beu.fe have been tared a lift of dio' repitade aad aiut; by the aae of Ubia Invaluable reaaedy. MrLEAtrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT kVill relieva pata ilnMl iiieiei.ianeoaely, and it vill clean, /unty aud keel the fouleat eorea in an incredible abort Um. FOR HOUSES AMU OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN ii CELEBRATED LINIMENT > ibe o?il? aaU nd reliable remedy for Ul* care of Rpoiia, R oiUmt, ATindfil'i, Sj.'t:.ia,'l*uiialnr?l l.ii ipi, Nodea or 8?*]linra t neeer failed to cure Bif Head, Polle*il, Pimla, Old laumaf Boree, or 8weenr? if (nptrl; applied Far Ipr una, Bru>e>a, M?rat->iee, Craclrad Heela, Caafta, Saddle >( Collar tiaJU, Caia, Sort*. ? Wgradi, iiiaau laUUihle emedy. Apply it ae directed and a care la eeriaiu in eitrj a at "rice Then trifle no longer vitla the m*ny wortSleae Linimeata iflared is you. Obtain a aacplv of Da. MCLEAN'S CELE{RATED LINIMENT. I- will core ton. J H. McLEAN, Sole Propiietor, Comer Third aad Pine Ul., St. Loaia, Mj. CHARLIES KTOTT, J15 Pa. ar., aoli arrnt ia Waehinf an; R. S T riSSEL. (iaoryetuwo. ae?D4Wly 186 NKW FALL GOODS, ] 'BffllMJCer- i Th? Subscriber would call th? attention of bit 1 ^ORD AND TAH^K l^, Itc., ernHmetnr ft ci>oio? had varied uwrtnwnt or Gold aad Velvet, Gold, satin. ana low priaed IhmhI*. with aohoio? variety H warranted (joid Band Window Shade*. Picture joril aad Ta?aeU. Allowing bo old stock to accunulate and purchasing for caeh, peraoos requirinc i ;h* above soodi will find it to their advantages [ivi me a cat. Penetwality in ftiliac ordera and i&tiifaotion guaranteed in wnrkmaaahip or ? ft; equired. Ordera for Paperhangiage or Wtadow 1 iuadea faithfully executed ia oitjr or ooiutry. Pleaaa (tire roe ioali. Don't for jet thaauiniier. J. MARK MITER, Na 4?? Seyeeth at,, e 15-ea2w* 8 daora above Wd FeHwi' Hall._ j A GADEMY OF MODERN LANGAUAGB8, CX (Wa?Mia?Toji Buluk,) Pa Avenus, Cormrr nfStrrtitk Strut. \ TRANSLATIONS. A. M. Da MONTH LRRY, ProfeeMr of Modem Ltaacaacee and literature, haa the h?or to aalounoe that he will resume hi* Claeaeaaad Private Leaaona on Wedaeeday next, the 19th of Septem- I >er, in the above Academy. He t? prepared aleo to ;ive, in aohoola and private famihea, a Conree of /eotvre apoa the French Literate re, from Uta Ear- < ieat Formation of the Laa?aa?s to the Praa?t ^i^or'terma aad further partioulara Inquire at the I loademy .where Prof. De Monthurrv will be in at- I endanoe daily from 9to U a. m aad from t I eeU-lm I he pahlio generally that he liu .u.t >.pp. : g|$gS?KS?8 i Per>oM in want of^taoh artielw M *?* abov* J ?cEM^5?|jajg3fej m?iw " JSStufitian?i??U. . . f>OWBU ORIENTAL BALAAM, j BiLDNtM ANUMKADACllE. 1 ?e I s2gn^sn?gM??'i* < t"1 i ^ APCTKHt BALIS. or A. SRKENi AinttoMN. HI ?|ON DA Y t *.? *, ~ mn. V/ In front of tka premises, at < a'tlotk i , ia c* witk tit* tow ?ftd?tdo' triit to srJK*Jtzatg f*C?ee. *?., 9 (oflktlUirtMt^W WMMMtor. county, parts or oka U tad it. to ssuarsNo Wt, bMirmm fir tk* urn* w n?( 3 inm from tka MuthwMt ooaaar of aai4 M?r*, i?dhim Ifi"* Mat ob a lia? with 0 strsax muik W M; th*n*? a?rth T f?et; Uhw rat M f?*. Umm* wrU W f#?t to Ue pao* of bstuuuof. JoffU* with. (fee Bprov*m?cts. pomntiM of f two *1017 Trams jas witkoM -torr hack kmtkiiar. Tmim : Oae fourtk oaak, tfcs kaissos ia ?, l< Md 19 wmUi. after dar of wiU,??U? aiwrf by adMKt of tm?t or tf?? fwrniii Ifth* to-?aof sals 3maot ?wph-d wit* wuhi? |w?d?pa *ftm tksdav rn r thn iriilini rM*rn ui? ruht 10 null ik* pr?port j at ik? f<ir?t)M?r'a risk and c<?st, a/Ur ???itc om w*>k** aot e*. * SISKBSLviTr?. aa?3tawAda A. OK EL.**, Ami. E7" TAK above SA1.K 18 FO^TPOWEP Wiui THl R*l)?Y, th? ntk inatant. at fts o'rtoafc . w., I.y ordor of It* Tuilm, ja* A 6KESN, AMI THfS APTKliliboTf ? TaJIfOKJCOir H? J- C. MoeUIRK A CO.. A??tmim*r? T| MUSTEK'?* 8ALKOP VERY YAUl iBbk Rcilmim Lot os south I St., mwin jr* **? St* ?T?. w*rr ?U? TUESDAY &nANuON, Softoaihoc 2Vh, at *oVoofc, ot um 1m, I iMlVi part of l,ot No. l? i? ??n *?*U fMMrf > ?. Mb, (r.'ntirt M feat 6 iMkN oa nnrtt trMt. MVMI 4th And Mil ?U. ?Mt, ikoaUf baa* " feliS^r ?... u. ~-~i. .?- " bwUi, with latrroat, oeurod t>? a (Lao* of Uaot oa ftlptmiiM. vffH. ?. PBAI.K.Tfiai -?-4 J.C. M.ttLIKKA Aaa*. Br WAUL A BaKNARO. AaeUoaaara. iSALK CONTINUED ? tJALK OF CHINA. CUTLERY, PLATED P 1RD OTHI* CO?TLT ***> w?win5Ubj auction, at tto ator? oi C. K brooo, itiw ???? J " * . w ? ? vu?v, wwju im ?nu i All HI,, MXt door to til* Kirk wood H- ??*. hieentire atoefc, sow p-iain* a large and varied aeeortineat, a*? Mnr French Chinm. Ptnu, Bob* DiifrB, FV^Doti ind A m tricar, OiftM \V%rtt Kni.:?h ac<i A m?no?a Catierj, Plated War*, Partaa and Statnettee, Card |pc?iretii Cologne Bottlae, Cordial Bate, Table and Winecaators, Maud Sfoeeaeod Porta. Dinner, BreakJaat, Taa aad Toilet Sato, F?ae PraitSt*oo'? ar,^ KowI?, \V itii aaaar eCber g.od* net here ananerated. To ttaoee la want of eeob gooda, all of vhieh are of theaeveet etrUe. t*t?M importation, ane heat auahtT, thia ?ale afforda t&e rare opportunity at attaining the aauie at auction erioea. Ample arrangement* made for the acooaamodatioa Taraaa: $9> oaah; aver that aaamat. a eredit of f aod 9* Uaia, (or tfproied mderaed aotee. bearing intereat. WALL ft BARNARD. Aaota. EPnrohaaert at previoaa aaiee are reqaeau d and take avat their aooda. ? r* * FUTURE DAYS. Bt j. c. MefcUIRK a co.. aaetmmmr*. improvk0 propkrt it nkar thje navy 1 Vaub.?OB Wfc [)NKM>A \ AFTKKNOON, beetweber 3bth. at 5 o'aJoek, ? the yrsnees, we sha'l s-l part of Square #*. front: uj it ImCim be* . enth street Mat, at tb? corner or snath L Btreet, u4 refining baek S? fe-t. together wrth the improvement*, oob?iiMbk of* two Horr hnek 4w?Pi an oonttusmi 9 moat a Borti?? m the MuMirc Im bMo ooou^ieti ? a gruoerr etore Term*: One third cuh; the r?w?d?r in 6 awl 12 iron'K*. with interest, secured by 3- dead of trust ob the premie**. ee? d J. C MdQITIRg A OO , A??*s By j. c. moguikfc 4 co.. Auctioneers VHBRY valuablk IMPROVED proper bitt is tbi fltst wusit public a bctiom. Oo T.HURSDa Y AFTEkjmoon. ^eetemher STth. at 5 o'clock o'o'ost. mi the premieaa. we thai I M<i that desirable ftrat class reatdeno* tt the aoraar of aortk 1 itrMtud T??Mk itrM weak, now oa ca pied by ?. Kurt aaoa. K*?. Ttoe lot froota 21 iaat 1ft* inchaa on I stroat. at the corner of TtwtiiHi atreet, and mm back 13S feat, aad u iMr^ndva handsome thraa-atory and hMWlut bnck dwa! iag hoate. with large back baildiaga, baitt aad Aa ished thtbihoot m the rary bast a aanor. aad aoataiaa aaveatean rooau faraiahad with all the ?od ara imyroT?nu. The location aad oharaatar of nnpryTfmenU render this* vary desirable private r?#id?nc* Immediately after we ahall aali the aiupai ty two doors weet of tha above. lately oaoapiad by Mrm. Bach*. Tha lot fronts aboat B faatoa i atiaet.aad rui back aboat 135. and m lawww hy a three tory bnok awe .,i u?? aihc* 11 room Tha abora property will aoaiuvaly be aold, aa the ownar it aboat to remove from the eity. Termi: One third caeh; the reeiuae is ff aad IS month*, with inlareet, eecared b? a daad a> traat on tha praauaaa. Title parfeet aad aneoamberad. aa 21 a J. C. MotfUIRIt A. CO., Aaota. By WALL A. BARNARD, Aactiuaeaia. A rcnow SALK OF A LARGE STOCK OF A Fancy Goods at the stoeb or 1. C. Giaaaa. Ro SO KlK* Avmi. IITWIW *TB An ITR re ?Oa THIRbDaV, Septemb^rinh laat ,aoa raenotng at 10 o'alock and oa aaoaaadiaa da/a utU a 1 u dieptaad of. 1 will se'i a large aioak of? UmbrellaatRibbon*. Hoeiery. Km' ruderiaa, Snaps, 1 nmmicgs. Kztraeta, Velvets, Coraeta. Bonaeta, Caaibnaa. Bonaat Mike. fiWi.4 I??A, All Mil * r ivwt, f-T f . i n IODB* Ladies' Man bo Vest*. Hand kerchiefs, Gent*' Underakirta and Drawers, Flowers. Ruohe*. Silk Frinjee. B?r^(f Grenadines. Laces real and imitationAnd alt utter a>ticiea assal.j kept ia a raaer - Store. It will be to Um interest af ladies and all atfceva to att*ad, as the good* aiaet beeoid toeloee.aad bargain* may be expects. Teruu : All nmi under oaah; orer 99> % oredit of Sn and W> dara JNO. H. MorUTCBEN Treetoe ee g? d WALL k, KABN tKP. Aasta. Br A. GRKKN. Auctioneer. IT* XKCL'TOR'8 &AL&.BY OK DEB OF TBS Ci Oipim'Cartr.or BoDatHatiki LiciSFruiTrai a.t Acctioh.?On TBL'KoDAY, t ITth matant, I shall ell, at 10 o'clock a. m? the pxrsaal efleots of the late ftentos tfu'drne, oa Sixth street, between M and I tU. t< rth. via Waluat Sofas, Bair seat Chairs and Rockers, Do tfide Tables apd Mattel OrnaaeaU, Mahogany Tables and Cane seat Chairs. Do Bureeaa, Washatanda and Bedateada, Feather Beda, Pillows and Bolster a, Hair, Haak and Cotton Mattreeeee, Refrigerator, Safes, Clock and Window Shades, HrDMBll. I ivrftin Bid n'kee < Brut Uu4 iror.a. Totfi uW Shorel, China, blui and Crockery Ware, Cook, Air tight and ocker Stoves, Lot ofEitchen Requisites, And many other articles too nuaoroas to MiMate. T?rm>: AH suum of aad aader #*> cash; rrrtr #9 a credit of ?i aid #) da?s. for approved MdorN4 notea If*-in* interest from (toy 01 aaia. U. JOHNSON HKLI.tN. I STANISLAUS MURRAY,S tMemtnn' aegt d A. OtEKN. Am&L By A. GREEN. Amummt. VALUABLE CORNBR LOT AT THE NAVY ^ tis IAst AT An T yx.?OB FRIDAY, U? I8tb instant, 1 aba!! tell, in front oftAe pre*laM, at 5 o'eioek p. m.. Lot No 12. in Square fcfl. hevlfS a front ob i.orth D street ft fret II tachee, and n* Kievefith street east 7? feet tim sale will be worthy of My one wiaAiac parchaae proeert* ? th&taeetin of the euy, a* it will he eold without reeerve. Tit'e jootL Terms cam se 2? d _ A GRBRN, Aact. 1%1 AR8H A1/9 HALE.?la eirtae of a writ of !* fieri faeiaa issued (roai the Clerk O&ce of the Circuit Court of the District of Coiambta for the County ol WaihinctoD, and to me directed. 1 will exp'?e to puh.lo sale, for cash, in pent of the r.AMr! U A M ? * ? ? - ?. wi ovini; on mmv*r , the 1st day of Ootober hxi. iMutt IS o'ceok m.. an defendant's right, title, oiia and mtorost to Md to Lot Aio. Ik. in t^oar* 41<, is th* oit# of WmI Lotto*. 1). C , Whether w th and tinsslftr Uts iniproTenie' U therein. seized ud leried upon a* the jroeerty of Wif'tam Bla no hard. and wtH 5 n?id to tatisfr J ad totals No. SI. to Jhmtt tm l?ft, is fcvor of J mm B. Wilson. U. 8. Marsh*; for Ue DwUtet SftKSi. M t-dU B? T. M. MoCORMiCK; AWtMlM. nOMWIHMONKK S HALK OF A VA1*UA \~s UlTtACTOr uxdii VHJf cooutt OW a*ju4MDKI*, Va., <11 THii V . L- a. H. K. K.?B? *?r]ti? of a decree of the <Vaait Coart of Alexoavm ooanty, in the ?mt of Hooe, Guardian, r?. Hardia Md i u*rs, the onoersif aob *iM, on TV WDIT. t**o M mtUotubor, 1mb. at IS o'ttoek. in fro* of tfcs Mar or'* too ?ty ol Alexandria, m& at mum mmuou. a valvabU 'riot oonlaiaia? ah?* 110 jjifii of butf ife th? Aonntf nf llitiAHrA-M VMek Lajnifu B. Hardia. K?? .died aoiso*. fV? |ro?wtj ie? ?bo*i7 inlea fmtn Almrtih mm4 f from w*shln?t<Mi and 0?ll|l>li ?, oa mm IM< leading from 'VaUa Oharo*" to Oootd da Um Aiaraadria, 1 ouaouaaad hmfmuntw M< a wator station b*?a* aoar Um 1m*. TW barn and all nmnary ami boaaaaTh# proxmity of Ibis farm to lb* ikrco narkota af Alexandria. WuhiDflon and Georiotovn, n?o eharaobor of tk* land aoo the heolthfbloaoa of tbe location, makM it % deeirable roeideuoa. TUetormaproeoribodbTtbedeorooar*: Q? UaU of the p?rchm? robot in oaah; and Um raMdao in Md a plat tkoraof will bo askiktaad b? tbe dot in*.,* ' """USa&r MVW STVLK CLOAU w i?irtLE'^riH^ JgSsE utNtMiM. JTW. COLL?YTco, . rnnJi 4aia--u*.ao~P?**-. MlM . F. RDWASSS'WiMkMtariaMPvml ?M OfohtMIUIIg HI iMiMMd nuiuW ofWIVtV K>fiU. Bha vtU?tu>nd th*m *ttMr?nm miM rgyfegr . ^81MUSg? I ? * - - j f ' o ,tui _?

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