Newspaper of Evening Star, October 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 20, 1860 Page 3
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k T o r A"L Tl FW st-h .. .rii11;1i'11 ; , :1 u : - fTTw 8r*? pibUehee (he List of Letter* r?*&ai*. og Va the Washragton City Post ' m*4*r tt>? previsions of the Uw dtreetla; them l?be printed In the newspaper having the burnt emulation wltbla the delivery mt the ofice. U| . tot* daily clrculstlon Is more than doable that of any other Daily printed In the District of Co* hmbli. v |^7" Though Tax St*.* U printed on the testes! Mem prees In nae south mt Baltimore, Its edition Is so large as to require ft to be pat to preaa at a* early hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be I sent in before L2 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. d None*.?District of Colombia Advertisements acdo be Inserted In the Baltixokx So are received at and forwarded from Tat Stax Office. Avornxx Hakosoim Cbuich F.Dir;cx to aa Kbsctsd i* ova Citt.?SC. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Cburch South Is the name mt the new church edilire to be erected oy the congregation vrtirta now tu* for Its place of wmhlp thechorch la Eighth street, between H and I streets north It promise* to he one of the most noticeable and beautiful buildings of the kind in this city. \V? have been favored with a sight of the draw ings just cotiiplrtnl bv Mr. 9. T G MorrelL, ar chitect, and from which we glean the following detail*: The site is the elevated one at the comer of K and Ninth streets, containing upward of lO.ONi fret of ground. The building W'll front O feet on Ninth street and 181 feet deep f?lde eleva tion) on E street, and exterially la to be built in what ia known as the Romanesque style of archi tecture, while the interior will be modified into ometblnif more of the Grecian order. The spire, whi -h is light and srmmetrical, will rise to a uigu* vi vw m irum iu?* ^ranna, sianing ironi a base of 25 feet. exclusive of the buttresses, from wblcb It rises gracefully. and is ornamented with turrets, UniaU. <orb.-ils, Ac. The site Mia from the front to the rear vail some * feet # inches. and there is a difference of 4 feet between th" front votlbule fl- or and that of the lecture room. The lecture room Is eutersd from E sUrtt through a rear passage, and from the front vestibule by tLrre distinct doors, into the hall a-pirstiug the lecture room from the class roonis Tt* bisement floor se> ores a lecture room 53 fret by 5?, with a pitch of 15 feet; an In fant-class room, pastor's study, tbre- rlass rooms, library. ladi>-s' retiring room, and other conveni ences necessary for children The infaaWcliu room will seat, comfortably, 200 children, and is arranged in a seml-clrcnlsr form; the seats, each elevated one above the other, giving the teacher a full view of all bis pupils. This room is separa ted from the lecture room or mam Sabbath school room by a aasb partition, bo eonatrn'-t-d aa to fee thrown open ana connect tbe two In one. If occa sion should require. Every alternate seat In the lecture room will be arranged with revolving harks. for Sabbath-acbool purpose* Tbe gseefal arrangement of tbe baaenient ia unique, and can not be readily explained without tbe aaaiftanee of the drawing. Tbe aides (walla) are to be wain sroted 4 feet high, In lien ?f being plajter>?d The Sabbatb-acbool claaaes wben dismissed, retire to aeata In tbe galleries, through the rear vestibule, by commodious stairwaya leading thereto?the boys by one stairway, ana tbe girls by another? without mixing witn the congregation at the mun entrance The arrangement* of the entire basement are a'.mple and convenient, and will compare advantageously In this reapect with thoae of any similar structure In the country. The main audlenre room la entered by four flights of afa r*. the principal onea (7 feet wide) startine from the front vestibule. (which ia 14 feet wide.) commencing with a quadrant, or quarter circle, and ending at the vestibule above, which la to be handsomely paved with marble tiles. From this vestibule th.* main audience room ia entered, which Is 72 feet wide by &t) feet deep, with a pitch of 4-J ftret Th!? room ia to be lighted from the centre of the ceiling through a glasa dome, which will be so constructed as to aerv? aa a means of thorough ventilation. A ?or nice extends round the room 10 feet below the ceiling, from which la sprung a cone of 10 feet radius, finishing to a formed girder with a pan eled safflt; and from the girder are suspended at regular intervals large ornamental dropa or eor bals. The cone '.a subdivided into a series of NaIi U'itK Kaavw i M/l miiiiMin.ra - - J ? ? ? menu The level portion of the celling Is also to moulded In stucco work of great richness of de sign The pulpit p'.atfurin is 3 feet 6 inches above the floor, placed inaaetnMrcular recess, whicbre^edes i? feet at the deepest point, witha radius^f lt> feet. On either side of this recess, at the angles, are placed an ties *2 feet on the face, terminating nnder the main cornice with full ornamental capitals. Fight feet above the platform la the recess a neat cornice extends around tfce circle 15 Inches deep, on which rests six ten-inch scagllola columns and two sntaes 10 feet high. Including base and capi tal. which are to be gold bronsea. Above the*? a medallion cornice extends around, terminating against the large sntaes at the angles Above this cornice springs a section of a dome, ribbed and paneled and highly ornamented. Hetween the w-sgliola columns panels or niches are to be farmed, the groULrdwork of which is to 1>? colored light French grev.with gilded moldings, which, when finished, will produce a rich and Uateful effect The front of the platform is Irregular, and is gained by circular flights of stairs. Thesegmental piauorm oeing squared Id the rev, form* two mail room*, one of which U designed as a closet or tai? for the cominuniou service. and the other for an ante-room for the pastor, the latter to be fitted up With every modern appurtenance. A door of communication lead* from this room to the study below The altar is formed by a heavy maboguny rail resting upon enriched open w.rk. which extends the whole length in front of the platform, the ends terminating in hea ry octagonal newels The floor of the altar will be elevated somewhat above the maiu floor. The pews. ?f which there will be 149. are of pine, with panneled backs, and are to be trimmed with maLogany caps, r hampered The audience room w: 11 seat about 1,550 persons comfortably. Including tbegallerlts. which extend the whole length of the room on side, and are 15 feet Wide, With four ranges of seats, similar to tboae ou the main floor Tue spore over the front vesti bule, with an addition of 13 feet to the same be tween the side galieriec, will constitute the choir, Which will attord umole snare to uminaiaJata the excellent band of cnoraliata of wblch this * congregation can bout The cboir tide gallery ro?y be eutered from either end of the churcb, It forming a part of the audience room, ai.d leaving iLr large front wtndow entirely unobstrjcted Tbe< riling above the choir will be haudaotnely jftilned, with an ornamental center, from which ^twill depend a chaudeller The wtudow* are all Jrf. roied with mnllios*. aud are to be glazed with JF^andaomely enameled *laa? ofa variety of dealgna The aide walla are to be laid off in blocka to rep ? Ye?mt aioue of a light buff color The veatibulea y, are to be waiaaroted an fret from the floor, which V la to be covered with vanegated marble tlUa, laid on aegmental arcbe*, aupnorted bj iron bean.* The exterior front# will De faced with browa tone The arrangements for heating and venti lation?pointa too often overlooked?have beeu dt-aizned with the irreateat care. %nd the d?ait/n altogether it worthy of thearchitect. Mr. Morseil ' bu for a number of years past been engaged aa superintendent of the CouitrucUun of vsr;ot.;? gov ernment buildings, and ha* enjoyed the tulles', confidence af tbr Departments under which be baa .been employed The plan has been adopted by *.the church, and a system organised for prosecuting (is erection with vigor The entire expense of completing tbe edifice Is estimated at S7j.uuu Tas Cam* Law ?Many persons are under the lmpeesrion that tbe law for the preservation of Ygame prevents tbe sale of certain birds during this mouth la fact, some of eur magistrates have been aader tt'.s impression, and one recently gave a certificate to that effect It is aa error that might lead pcraoas into trouble, and to prevent urh a result, we publish the law on the subject which was passed after the publication of Shea baa's digest This is an amendatory act and was passed iu 1354. It provides that the act entitled jr'-ti act for the preservation of game''approved *' Febmarv 6'h IpW. be. and tbe same Is kerrhv IT* amended u to re4*1 as follows: It shall not be lawful to kill, sell, or cfler for nle, or to buy any bird or birds of tb? pheasant, paitrldg*. or quail pecWs bet wren the first day of February ana the a/st day of N orember; iad S-i mocb of said act as conflicts herewith, be, aad the same is hereby KriAW aT Match.?Yest^rdsy ift^rnooi ton* s'd-rabie consternation was crtaltd oa Seventh street by Warn attached to a country wagon ?- atarttag and daablag down the street to toe aveuue sit a fearful rate, canal ng a stampede of the furnl i ?ure cor and cart drivers at the Seventh street * IMtaad As the tram Beared tba aveaua, a young f Wsoan geaerauair Mart ad to pew altThe fast time ' be made cballraxed the idaUtlloo of every be bolder. Ue overtook the team at Eighth street, aad tbough on the wroog aide, bad courage to ae'ze tbe brtdlra. and clung to them until he sac cerdrd la Mopping the frlghtoaed bones, before f they had n rfouaijr damaged tbr wagon or done \ _ jfther Inj iry. He turned the ooer to tbe of Um rery beat family mom ( thecotm wit. Tb? W*-k!f star, roll i| uauil of klica* M*I audgoaalp, aud choice literary . U now oa our counter ready for delivery public. It is juat tt.e paper aUwva all oUtet* Leo* ud airing*** s?jouruuig la the N*. Metro polls to Mad oa ?uud*y and feud to tbetrirleuda at a dlaUtre Prtceoatv tfcfre oenU per copy, orllMpw ansoin; posU/? prepaid ay i at .u> pa ?bM so a/ra?*od. P G Cwiui. local editor of the Rl Loiond W_ Eauulrer. shot hloiaelf la th? baad the cthar LMmt./at Willie v?t'Jag outt putol to NMl the M Rrv Dr Dixon, Medtraior ?The afternoon ses sion, yesterday, *** opened wtttl prayer The committee on a svnouical juao t^nor L?d progress, and, on motlon,WM contuiu. d, to if }>o-t next year Tfet* committee on bill* and overtures reported paper No. 9, with reference to the cluueb ofAi' uapolli ?ecusstlng to be transfewed from the Fres t>. w:y at Potomac to fhjtof B dtUji. rr; report ac cepted and the psp^r docketed. Id reference to the Preebrtery of WiacbesW, In relation to a change of their lyuodiaal relation, it was Kttolrtd, That the Synod La-re faetrd, with T*-> gret, the expressed desire ef the Presbytery cf Winchester to change their svnodlcal relation; and, while they deprecate the attitude of opposl tlon to what that Presbvteiy consider their doty In the caae, they do, In all kindness and Christian lore, resolve, uader the circumstances, not to ac cede to their request for the present, snd ask the Presbytery to reconsider their decision In the ease. ErtmiMg S*stion.?Svnod met at o'clock. Rev Dr ^chenk sddressed the Synod In behalf of the board of publication, and Rev. Dr. Backus In behalf ef the board of home miss loss. FOCHTH DAT. Synod inet this morning pursuant to adjourn* ment, and waa opeued with pray at by Rev. Mr. Mumhv On motion, the clerk wia ordered to forward U the stated clerk of the Presbytery of Winchester ft copy of the resolution adopted yesterday In rela tion to their request for a change of synodlcal re lation. and to tequest aald Presbytery to take sort action iu said matter as they In their Judgment *h Ul deem proper. Reports of prtsbyterlal records were made by the several committees, and were duly adopted. It was moved that the overture of the church at Anapolis, to be transferred to the Presbytery of Baltimore, be taken from the docket and acted on. Objection was made that the overture had not been put before Synod in a proper form; that the will and inlnd of th* congregation bad not bet-n consulted In relation thereto - Some discussion followed, when, on motion, the transfer was ordered to b*s made. An article of the minutes of the General Assem bly, In relation to so many of the churches from year to year standing spin from the great work of the church as represented by them, and that the Synod declare It to bj the duty of each pastor or stated supply, and of tlie session of each vacant church, to afford the people an opportunity to con tribute as tht-y m?v d^'.re to the various hoards of the church, which was n;>t acted upou at the last session. wai taken up; and, oil motion, was adopted. The judicial roinmitt?e reported that they bad no business before them, and asked to be dis charged; so ordered. the Treasurer of the Srnod being absent, tfce stated Clerk was ordered to act as treasurer for the time being, and to defray all sjrnodical ex pense*. ?>n motion, the usual assessment upon the seve ral Presbyteries to defray the current expenses of Synod, was ordered to be made. Votes of thanks to the people of Georgetown, the railroad companies, Jcc., for hospitalities and fac-iUti s, were unanimously adopted. The s ated Clerk was directed to publish the minutes of the sessions in pamphlet form for dis tribution among the members After the transaction of some fnr(h? nni aut business, Synod adjourned iim dit. A*FOtKT*ltllTS TO-MORKOW Bridge street Church.?Rev. Mr Pollock, Sat urday night; Rev. Dr. Schenck, Sunday morn ing; Rev Mr. Pugb, Sunday night. Dunbarton atreet M. E. Church ?Rev. Mr. North, morning; Rev Mr Davis, night M P, Church, Congress street?Rev Mr. Mc Cune, morning, Rev Mr. Proctor, night. West Georgetown?Rev. Mr. Myers, mornlsy Rev Mr Nicholis. night. Ryland Chsprl?Rev. Mr. Smith, morning; Rev Mr. Wheeler, night. Wesley Chapel?Dr Foote, morning; Rev. Mr. Stitt, night Foundry Church-Rev. Mr. Clark, morning; Rev. Mr. Motier night Lutheran Church ? Rev. J. B Row. Western Presbyterian Church?Rev. W. Mlt chel. morning; Rev Or. Balch, night. Bladensourg?Rev. Win.U. Warden, morning. Market-street Chapel?Rev. Clay White. Scddi* Fall of a Gravel-wall Bvildixo ? About V o'clock this morning, the experimental building in the propagating garden on Fonr-and a-haif st , near the canal, suddenly fell, ard three workmen (Messrs Storms, Holly and Young) were buried In it. They were speedily extricated and taken to the superintendent's otlloe. near hv and L?r C Boyle being soon on the spot, th**ir Injuries were eiamined and ascertained to bo but slight wonuda and bruises on tbeir backs and ! limbs Their remarkable f-scape can only be ac counted for by the nature of the material or which the building wa? constructed. The building is located at the spot where the main entrance to the garden is designed to be placed. It was intended as an office for the present, but ultimately for the lodge. The material Is a concrete of lime, sand and gravel; and if the experiment had demonstra ted the economy and durability of such a struc ture. It would have been of value In those se-tious of the country where brick cannot b? had, and this material abounds The structure was M by 3U feet, and was put under rover vesterday, with the prepared cloth for a gravel roof, and the floor ing was b?ing made ready. It is probable the heavy rains last nig at bsd much to do with wak ening the lower portion of the structure; so that, K..U? U...4M S...* *a iLwuiucut >u latum iuf Wtijjui aoove. It wu crushed. We hear that Mr. Young, the elder of tboae caught under the ruin*, ia the most iw-rl ouilv Injured, and will be uuable to folUvr Ma occupation for several week* Toe u peri ntend - cut of the garden. Mr. Brown, wu iouu upon the pot, and evinced great anxiety for the safety of hi* workmen, and made every arrangement for their comfort. CiacciT Court? YtiurdayIn the appeal caaea from the judgment of the Criminal Court, wherein \Vm H Marauiae and ilenry Turner were tried, convicted, ana aentenced, the former fiir keeping a gainbli'tg-hous* and ihe other for ateallng a one hundred dollar note, the arguments of the counsel occupied the Couit all day. The Court reserved 11* decision in both ca*ea, and the pritonera were ordered back to the jail It la understood that the counsel In the appeal case of I, A Bargy, convicted and sentenced for obtaining money u.ider false pretences, will aot bring the c*ae forward for consideration until mlui me v?we ui mr irriu. To-day, the Court la attending to several cases of application to quaab several indentures ( ap prentices A* Impbovkmknt.?The necessity for wading through mud stx inches deep, which invariably exiated at the corner of Seveuth street and Penn sylvania avenue after every hard rain, has at last been obviated; at any rate it did not exist this morning. The alteration of the sewer drop seems to have been effectual In giving room for the body of water to p*ss into the aewr, and the fall Is sutficieut to keep the drop f/um being choked with th? mud aiid sand u formerly. The hun dred* of pedestrians who have hitherto been obliged to wade the muddy lake that formerly occupied this portion of our principal thorough far* will applaud the Improvement. Minn Thikvxs ? Last night, a countryman |^ft hi* wairnn 1?* ? m * * moments, and went to a place near by to obtain some refreshments During bis absencesmn? one of the prowlers ttiat live by depredations upon tbe marketers relieved hi in of a large quantity of his stock of potatoes No clue to the perpetrator of tbe robbery was obtained, unit the countryman wu obliged to bear bis Iimm with what patience he could Many persona who attend tlte market with provisions for sale are uuder the impression that their goods are s?fe so new to tbe guardhouse It Is a great mUUke. Rathki Svsriciors ?Tbe frequent mistakes of several well-dressed individuals, who have been found unceremoniously urging their way into the private rooms of various boarding-booses, Indicate that they are nme of tbe class of passage thieves now In the city. It I| net rery prebable tbat the same Individual would be likely to make tbe ?%me mlitik* ii? turn Viam? ?<<?? - ?? ?? ? ? ? ? w ?w *rr IMP s U twcniT* four hour* Tbe ?enl?wl appearance of on* t?cb, and his very bumble apology, bunvrd blip from arrest. but another such mistake may expoae blm to a legal investigation. Tn RmacLT ?Tbe "stamping ground igbts" had tbeir further hearing before Justice Donn on Thursday afternoon. A full examination of tb? witnesses was waived, and a bond wa* given for tbe appearance of the parties at court, and a fine of nM each, for a violation of the inaolclpal law. was Imposed. , Wi would call the attention of ladle* and gen tlemen to tbe beautiful styles of hair jewelry made by Mrs. Hlgble. (See art advertisement In an other column). We have aeen specimens of ber work, aud caa cheerfully commend her to the patronage of any who may wish anything In that Cactios.?Hotel and Louse keepers will do well to lookout for a young Hngltstaun soliciting orders for fruit trees, Ac , for a New Jersey nurseryman- He baa been stopping at one of our ??ib!lc bouses, and left without paylag_hU bill. ur w mv? kmb pmu. Board In? hooae and bote) terpen. beware TU PkoTtACTSD Mbitimi The Terr heavy atom last night, which began about the usual hoar for aaoembiing of congregation* at the rarl oua cUurchea where protracted rosette*! are In arogroae, cauaed a auapeoalon of Utoae meeting* for this week No regular service was performed at either of Um. 1 , , Tut Dimocsatic Jack so i Association had a meeting Las* night, we hear, bat oaring to no pub. lie announoeraeut having been madojrf the fact, waa but ailiniy aiteuded. Addrea-oo were made, It is atated, by Hon JoMph l<ane of Oregon, Mr. Maaoa of Maryland, and others. . CnrrsaL GcAED-aoost ?There wore no eatan 4 too took* tot trUl tola MittUg ti noTTredTRTbS Ft&r, a ftW tivi *#0,IB arcoflnt of the trials, trituRrt?yatffffliaJHbrf>ad:h escapes, I oLuAlUfcC4.fiItU.0rlc InilviCuat, ' wbo narrowly, mi Med colliding with a malt: tuds of craft, during 1 the storm of curiosity that prevailed upon the. occasion or theenMnftof t*e PllMe ?f Wa*s into the Federal ClTv, ana was (ratifled to leoMi that be rods oat tbe *tnrm so w?jl and bravely. Your r-orrtSi>ondent >yas not so fortunate ru that occasion; for, although h? is * trim and tidy craft and a swift asller. yet he bt>d tbe misfortime to be knocked on hU tKams-fd, receiving luuch dusttfr tn oeth hull aa4 tlgting; snd. m be Is not by any manner of means | leased with s-icta treatment, nor with tbe want cf police arranire menu, (so necessary for the occasion.) by which the ardor of the crowd might have been restrained within the limita of common prudence, snd the accident thereby prevented; and ss It is Impos sible that he should, single-handed, gratify bis pugnacious inclination by thrashing tbe whole crowd, be will not rest satisfied until be shall, at least, have given to all parties concerned la tbe premises an honest piece of his mind upon ths subject And first, as to tbe crowd Did you ever. Mr. Editor, witness a stampede of a nerd of buffaloes, or of wild horses, In solid body, covering miles in extent, tnsdly fleeing be fore the leaning flame* of a prairie on fire? You have not. Their, sir, you have missed seeing the grand*-st display of brute force tbat the world caa Furnish. Had you seen, however, the "ktnd-\im-or-dit'* crowd tbat came pouring pell mell down Louisi ana avenue to Intercept H. R H.. on a certain oc casion, you would have witnessed something like it. Here they come!?sweeping like a tornado of men, horse*', and vehicles?a wild and reckless mob! Theystret-h and strive, Dell take the hindmost, on they drive!" utterly regsrdlefe of life or limb, right over your correspondent, who was walking, in the peace of God, aud of the good people of this District, on the crossing at tbe intersection of Pennsylvania and Louisiana avenues And, bud your reporter been "there to see," and in his report, had statedA gentleman, while taking his accustomed walk, last eveulug. was overwhelmed by an nvalanch* of foils, at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Louisiana ave nues, aud nearly killed, he had given a truthful and a graphic account of the affair But he was not; and therefore, you will ple.-ise accept the above from your correspondent No*', to the X?ud people whose thoughtless curiosity came so near producing the death of your correspondent, he would simply sty?Your conduct was very foolish; your curiosity was gratified, but It was nearly at the cost of the life of a man who never injured you or youra. He hopes you are satis tied, and that, you will at all time* hereafter, remem ber this sensible advice:?"Let all things be done decently and in order." Now for the gentlemen 0f the mart aud rattU. Where were you, gentlemen, that not tfrie of you was to be found upon your beats, from the Capitol to the White House? 41 Thy servauts went no whither.*' It Is fals?, you rascals! You alt washed your races (an nnusuwl trick for rou) and put on irfttm glares, and went to tbe depot to wit new the arri val of H K.H .and being fat and cluntay fel lows, you couldn't keep up with the crowd, and ao were left pulling and blowing In tbe rear, while the mob in front was sweeping everything before It! You cannot have filled, Mr. Editor, to observe the Inefficiency of our police, and that they are wholly unequal to great occasions It la true they can manage to get along somehow when '.here tt nothing to do But to do them justice. Mr. Edl tor, they are absolutely great In one department ?they are ;tom? oil "Jrwn*" rases ; and It Is in structive as well as amusing to wltnees the skill and address they diapixy in their attacks anon, and capture of, tuts cl .as of the enemies of the peace and morals of the city! It is something like this: A scout lias discovered the enemy! He is faat asleep upon an old dry goods box, or iu a butcher's stall: There be lies in happy forigetfuluess of his poverty and of his scolding wife! A myriad of guardian spirits, in the shape of flies, hover about him! Oceans ?.f cocktails and julips spfead in wide expanse around hlin ! Not a dream of danu?r riiituriu hi? 1*"* ??? ? - ? i slumber* or casta the fain teat shadow across bis big red iios? ! But there be lies ? <l'wi drunk ' "Kinys may be blest, but Tarn u gloriouf, O'er all the lll? of life victorious " But oh, thou sucker of straws and imbiber of br-bdy smashes, awake out of thy slumbers! Thyoirest enemy hath found thee at last. The eye of the man of the glazed cap, of the gray clothe*, and of the club and rattle la upon thee. Hark, the alarm is given; the rattle calls to arms; a detachment is sent out; a survey of tb? i eld taken; a council of war held; and if it is de cided that the enemy is too drunk to fight, with a grand Solferlno charge they pounce upon him ' like ducks upon a June bug," and bear him off in triumph to some kennel of justice, where he ia tried, convicted and sentenced as " drunk and dis orderly," bis pockets turned out, the Invariable 3 66 extracted therefrom, and the prisoner la dis charged, wholly oblivioua to the entire traduc tion. to wake np with an nnmistakable headache and i confused and an Indistinct recollection ?r idea of having been fObtd by somebody. And then the warriors, flushed with victory, sally out ts> hunt up anotbe' enemy of the same sort. Such, Mr. Kditor. is nbout the sum total of the achievements of the Washington police. Poor, unfortunate devils, who are living warnings to the public, who are xunt'd tode.itb, whllat tb? lli^ini fit ruthiil* thfwttr ara ?>u.rl y ?< w rnKtwciif unu ti I C Q i acnundrels suffered to jjo unwbTpped of justice In conclusion, your correspondent would uy that there may be, and doubtlt-aa are, aome among the p<?Uce who are faithful aud competent officers; but, It la to be regrettod. ail arc aot so October 3, 186u. Coosa. Thb Ckntrk Mahkxt ?Very unexpectedly, the market apace was as thoroughly occupied thla morning a* at any time during a fortnight past The heavy rain last night would have pre vented many from venturing to bring their pro duce from distant farms, bat they Lad started yesterday, and arrived before the heavy showers began. Much a uuinber of dealers, each present ing a fall sbare, exhibited an ample supply for a heavy demand, and the quality was geueraily ex cellent. The gangways were crowded with pur chasers at an e rly hour, and the crowd continued till the bell announced the close of the sal* hour* The business of the day appeared to be brisk, and the price* about as quoted in yesterday's Star Wiz aid Belmont ?This mysterious gentleman commences a series of bis toit'tt tnnKiquf at the Odd Fellows' Hall, on Monday night next, on which occation we are led to exoeet a lumrinr entertainment, as the Professor Is Mid to be a gen tleman of experience, fine commanding person, with a pleanlng address tbat cannot fall to tmpreaa an audience with tbe fact tbat be la a perfect master of bia profesaion. The preaa. wherever he baa been, la lavish in its praise of him. Old HiBtxniA m thk Fi*ld Asm* ?P0Upotu mfHt ?The twelfth grand a&semblv of tbe Hiber nia Club ia postponed until Monday, Oct 22, on account of the Inclemency of tbe weather. It will take place at Thorn's Hall. Seventh ?trcet, between D and E- The club pledge themselves tbat no expense ahall be spared to make thla one of tbe first parties of tbe season. Tickets 50 cents, adiiiitUag a gentleman and ladies. By order or the cMQtiiltie*. It I,*di?s and ^n'^men, tlie only sewing ma chine worth buylinr is Grover & Baker's. It has been thoroughly tasted f.?r years, and found want Inn in n particular Examine it carefully before m iking a purchase We explain with pleasure tbe great advantages and simplicity of the ma rbine at Steven#', 3JW, between Ninth and Tenth streets. 71 Ladiks, tbe extensive Improvements In my store belnsr now eomr>leU> tn ???? H?inrtm?ni I ?k?ii UK evvry effort to keep mv stock well ?s*orWl with the most choice goods of the season, and offer the tame at the very lowest cash prices, and one price only. Call at once and judge for your elves. 7t Dm. CpTLta's ladles' chest expanding skirt suspender It the very article the ladles require. This arHole will not only expand the chest, thereby Improving the figure, but will also carry tbs whole weight of the skirts. They ean be had at Moore's West Rnd Drug tttate. - It Fob your bonnets, bats, flats, ribbons, French flowers, feathers, dress trimmings, embroideries and real laces go to Stevens' fancy store, 336, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets. 7t Sr*vaae,?ola agent In this city for the celebra ted O rover * Baker sew tag machines, 336, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets. Prices from S50 to $150 7t 8* ill mo ton baa Blackwood's Magazine for lj_. -i. > ? '--j " ? -- - www, iiwwvi mmuiuv, uouey buy Book, aud Leslie's Magazine for NoYember. Thi Loiio Bjudg* ?The repair* on this struc ture, we understand, have been completed, and travel was resumed over It yeaterdajr. St*v i*s' dress hats for ladles are exquisite Go at once to see them, 336, between Ninth and Tenth streeU. * ^ w 7t Fsvkb a?? *ou*,?Thia tryinj and stroking disease, which iiM its relentleaa < map on the body of mm, rtdaotnc hisa to a m*re. shadow us a shot t spaoe of time, and rendering him physically and mentally nseless, can he defeated ana driven fom the boay by th* use of Dr J Hottitter}t Hentrtemed Bntert. Tk?fr?t eucoees it has m t with an ; the W 'sfioial remits lol owin^ its use, hare established itasa Mrmanaut"u)fUti|tio%" Wawou dadriie our readers to procure tins valuable specific, end if an abeent friend la afflict'd with the Fever ai d Af ne, er aap other aern>je<*?ea?e,to hasten and j pr cure thie muco n vored and greatly desired arti SiS .ASaatir*u " *'? t-or i>ale br drnsf ieta and dealers generally e?- 1 erywh?f .. t~" oo 1G ea* j MlMalr $ Dtbiunr VV* a?* eeSaSV# 8f of tiinawiwte't' i inniiaMttfi a* torrid tono or the Artie 1MT iboIm and the notion oi'tn? heart. '>*** rocnlato the eol aod (MnfUH the rtlix?4 Mrm, ? the f oiMrai niMm. and br five too* ?*l ?bhf*M eaersjL *> to* ffenorai naiera, ike. 80M by Oil i>rn??i>toM ??e , Wo. aod vital iuoouoaa OX; i o? u i eft lpor oo 19-1 w vVitTAK B*l?am or Wild Cbiui. The following letter from Rev. IIen. x Wood,of Conoonl. N. Sh Editor of the C-Miicregitionai Joar n&l, tp>?ka voiumoa tnfHvor of Wi tar't Bxbam..-? _ Ooncorp. N. H., March fc. 8*th W. Fowl* fc Co.?G*ntl*m m : Tv'> nara offo. a ?ndden and violent attack ?|<on anv 1 ~nnirm 1 * * * wy?MWM KIT Ml III ^ U0U Kir lewrfti VP^Ii? ud when I recovered, I waa so much oyprMMd by difretvty in braattiinc, that I ?j oft?n anabie to alaep or ra*t upon a bed by night. Tli? utfrrinr wm extreme, ud from Ih? inaftoacy oftk? remedies uwd, ( supposed Hm? (iimue incurable. Being persuaded to try A bottle of tiTisiar's B uiam of Wtld Ckerr?. withoat confidence in it* effioac?, I found th? 4i?ouJty almost eotirely rumored be fore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with lay f?ll.?w sutferers induces ma to mare this publia statement, and recommend the artiole to othera similarly a I [110 tad. With respect, youm truly, Heat Wood. Nona ranaina unless signed I. Brrrs on th# wrap par. Prepared by 8. W. Fowlo & Co., Boaton, and for aaiebyZ. D. Oilman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Wait*, 0.8tott, John Schwarxe, Nairn ? Palmer, Waaii lactam; and by dsalers everywhere. oo 17-1 w.r To TO* Afflicted!?lie sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf / MARRIED. / On tho Uth instant, by the Rev. Mr. Keight, JOHN F. CONNOLLY. Ksq., ot B* tiruore. to Mr*. LAVINIA G. ROUSA, of this city. On the Uth instant, by tlio Re'. Father Vounr, BKNJAMIN HO BBS, to Mi*a Rh.BK.CC A V. SM ITFISON, all of Washington. la Cincinnati, Ohio, October the Rev. B. T. .Ma thy. WILLIAM T RIGGLKS, of Waah inctoa city, and MARY A. WILSON,ol Coving ton, Rentnclry. * UIEU, in tiii* city,on*> morning, the 19th iosiaiit, NINA, daughter of VVra A. anu Khz* I.. U'V land, a<ed 2year* andf> months. She left the ?-a-th for a brighter and happier sphere * Obituary.?Died, ou Thursday.the 11th iuaU, at he- resntenoe. near the Navy Vanl, Mri. MaKIA STEWART, in thoJHh year of iiur age. In recording the death of this estimable lady, the hand of fneodslup would twine a little garland of sentiment commemorative of her virtues, and place it. %a a of respdot upon h?r silent resting 61aoe; for sh* pos?e?sed, in an einii ert degree, ose amiable and aitr&ctire characteristics which peculiarly lielong to Mr sex, and make them, in their di p?nsatiun of chtrity. imirstermg anrei* indeed. Kind, gentle.and atf ?c uiiiate. her pre*et,ce ever lent a charm to the d meitic circle, enrich d as it with the blended love ofafond mother and a devoted *ist?r,and beautified by the ss? iiesof tuo cherished little pledges t-f atT<-cti,>i>. fliiiRing nice rosebuds t-i th??ir parent si-ni. Whether ji the sphere of dMight-r. sistar, wife, or mother,?iuoach and a I <-f t>ow tei.der an<l wiced relations, tr^ll and lanhfully did perl Tin her d ? as a christian woman, winnifg all hearts that oa-ne within the range of her genial influence, and dilTua i nig a oui d her the sweet odor of a good example As a member of the' Relief Sooiety <if St. Peter's Church, her charitable soal enJ a -ed her to the poor and afflicted, whose wants and necessi ties she eazetly sought out and re ;eved; and f >r her r.o task was too arduous, no labor :oo severe, when the glory of re igiou was to be advanced, or the interests of the poor, and expecial j thoae of the o.-phan, were to be subserved. For these goodniirks h)i? reoeived on earth a portion of her greet reward; for her dying moments were hr.ghteued by the oon so ing ministrations of the Church, and cheered l?y the p ayers and benedictions of th? poor?thus ep? b in; her to realize a foretaste of that eternal bliss which lies beyond the rrare, and reassuring us that "the wintry blaet of death Kil'snotthe buds of virtue; no. they spread, Boa?ath the neavenly beams ofiirichter sans. '1 liro' cmiies* a,-es, into higher powers." A F&ixkd. .Vat* Yard, Washington, Oct 20. t?f.) WANTS. \*7ANTFI>-Three or four good CARPEN ? TERS. Inquire of JOHN H. KIDWELL, at Dr. Jain?s Davidson's farm, \\i miles north of Tenalytown, on the Roekrille Turnpike. It* WANTED?A FEMALE, to cook and wawh for a small family A'eo, a Boy. who ondtr Am? A l ? ?a on/! *-s 11 -? * ni?utiA iniviub. Appiv in ?>4>u ruurtn ix. wpci? 08* t wean D and E struct* north < c a>-3t |^RE:*SMAKERS WANTED -Ten expert " e'iced Dressmakers o-n find emp ojr merit at No. 195 F street, south ?i<le, between 17th and 18*h sts.. opposite Winder's Building. None but experienced hands need apply. oc 30-3t WANTED? B> ayoung*om*a,aSITUATION as child's maid. Can do piain tewing. Reo omme 'd-tioas, if required. Address B<>x 6 at this office oc 19-2t* l^URNI TUR E Wanted -Persons havi' t r? tpectahle Household Furniture to dispose of will hear of oash puroha>?r? after the 28th instant by address lng J. B.. at t is r.ffioe. wc 19 6'* WANfED-A SITUATION a* chambermaid or nurse, by a re?ipeo?able ? merican gi'l, w! o has g??o,l rec>"imendati/>ns. P!ea?e addr>-s>< Box No 12. Star Office, and she wil call. oo 18->t WANTED?A MAN and WIFE, or a iwle Woman, accustomed to alt the duties of a dury farm. ? n?at cottage will be fumr-.b d. Ap pltr at tne resid->no3 of Mr. EI.LE T, on the If gr>ts of Georgetown. oc lit-St %ET ANTED?A first-rnto WASH WO V, AN, to do ? ? the light washing aod charnterwork of a fant ily r-stding on t.;e flight* of Georg town To a competent one a*nt utua ion at d S't p">r month will be gi i*n. Apply at Tudor Place, on Congress at., Georgetown. oc 8 ftt* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Frow *5 to *10.??l worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI T'!RK of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to par tt e highest prices, and, as u?ual, at the shortest no tion. R. BOCHLY, Dealer in Furmturo, Stoves, Ac, oc 9 40*7th rt., bet. G and II. east side. WANTED-AII *ind? of 8KCOND-H AND FURNITURE,for which I will par tl:oc?sh, at 3^9 Heventi street, l>?tw<M>n I \nd K oc 6 tf BON'TZ & GRIFFITH WANTED- S5.0"0 worth of SECONIM1 AN D FURNITURE, for winch t-e highem ca?h prices vi|i l>e p&ij Addrsaa, or inwnirc for, C. T. GRIFFITH, at Olearjr A Grfceu's Auction Room, Ninth *tr?et, one door from Iavenua. oc <-eo6t WANTED?To h*ve everjtK*l? know Uiat tnej can find a fine and well aeiooted afock of FA(.1. ? 1NTKR Ci.O riiiNG. FUfNiSH. INO GOODS, HAT8 und CArrt at tho 1'eoalea' Cl')tt'in* Store, No, 460 neveuth ?t.,oppo?i'n Post Office. mji Im FOR SALE AND RENT. fFor otHtr "For Salt aid Rex'" aJvctistu^?ti, tet first pax* ] fpo?ITeNT-Twoframe COTTAGE HOl 8E?, Uuaind on M??* avenue, between Mth and ISth a.a., containing 6 roooma each. A firse pump of good water in the yard. For particulars inquire at the ^rick houae on the premieea. Rent 910 per month. 00 so 3' rpiIRKK HUNDRED AND FIF LKN APR l. ? I in Fairfax count*. Va., in cxoellent order; w II timbered; good buildings; a nrown stone quarry. A railroad c\r shop and water station must La erected on the farm. Ais", a new Mteam Mi 1 in L"?donn county. A porctuser can g?t a l a-rsin of (? \V. BRAY, Agent, 516 Seventh it., WkIi ington, P. C. oc 18 Im* C^OK RENT?A new and d-sirable BltlCK r DWELLING HOUSE in a plea ant locali). No. 396 I. street, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAMMACK. 21*i F st. op in E>OR RENT-\ two story UR1CK DWELL r 1NG HOUSE, on Gay street, contaii ine ten rooms, including a two-?tory ki'che,,; rood oel'ars tinder the house; gas and water in ine premises. The kouseis incomp ete repair.and to a pern an'Dt t'naht the rent will be low. Appy to D. ENG LISH, Georgetown. oe 13 eo2w |?OR KENT-A handsome, first class RESI - r 1?ENCK, No 442 E street, between 6th and 7th street??one of the m at eligible locations of thia oity. The house is furnished with all modern im prove menu, suoh as bath room, hot and oo:d water on cacti floor, first and second floors hea'ed from basement, icc , to. Apoly n?zt door, to Pr. J AM. J. WARING, No. 444 E street between 6 k and 7th. __ oc 16 eotf For rent-roqms> Noa.a, 3,4, ?, 6, 11, 14,13,16,17 16. 21 an>l 23, in the new fiva story brown stone building corner 7th street west and Pa. avanue, known as "Washington Build ing." They are wall adapted for Offices, having gas, water, Jto. For terms apply at oar Store, No. 407 Pa. avenue, or to John M. S?mmes tt Co , No. 23 9th street weet, oorner Louisiana av. aeU-3awlm MURRAY * 8EMME3. T^Otl RFVT-Th. tm .tor. DDIPIT Unl'BL" r No. 7O t>n M&rkot street, between Sd and 4th street*, Georgetown, D C The hoaM is oommo dioa? as to afford every comfort, with (M and water; sufficient r rounds to cultivate vegetables and flower*. The lot ruai baok to ?joint alley wi* h a sUbla. Apply to J AS A. SIMPSON. No. 59 Congress atreet, near the Poet Office. oc II law3w* ' VALUABLE MARKET GARDEN fob SALE, mituftte.i at the junction of the Seventh street and Pine? Branch roads, about 4 miles. front the oitv,oontaininc2aor*s, with rood dwelling honse. Price Iowa .d title indisputable. Applj to CHAS 8. WALLACH, Attorney at Law. No. * Indiana avenue, opposite CitT Hall. . ... . ?? CAROLINE MORKLAND. _oc 6-lawaw* Kxeen'x of Rnoeh Moreland. nuidoof to tktViiidMMofi N.R.?It wiU not bo let Cw i BOl?-tf ?rt.*.. >rdiag ho?e*. BOARDING. DOOMS AND BOARD.?Board, with a fin* 11 *'ron? Room, or othae Roorna, maj be had at No 43a Twelfth at., between O and H? moat de No 45b Twelfth at., I airable oo* ttj. oo a-tf kUVICR AflD *0.<?_T0 THE eaoawFowN. ? CofmymMo of Tk? Stmt. Biom?o*i, October 90. Ml. the torn of vU4 ui rak, wbleb rarod her* laa* algbt wife onpre< ed^a.ed lole?K?. there wii a fat* att^adaaca of tb? mm tan of tac rapvMtoaa uiMMItit at th? 4 wlf - wain," corner if Hi^b and Gay Mreeli Mr h?Mbatr, of Washington, addreaaed thr |noriat:o?, bjr Irritation, atatlag that although tic vin a slaveholder be wu a republican, and then procoadt-ti to glre a n?ca for the faiUi that waa In blaa. He aald tbat aontbern deooocrau had ilvray* denouaced prominent men at tbo North opposed to tbeir principle? aa "abolition lata," citing Joba t^nlncy Adanaa, Wlnthrop. Fillmore. and Mbera He waa fnnnr il tbe ei pense or the Bell Everett men, r.nd their snxlety to "save the I'nion," and said the BalUmore Clip per had damaged the cause of the t'ntoa pfty in Slaryland by its denuncialiocs of republicans; that Maryland was certain for Breckinridge, a?d that Col Whitelr ?*u rrrr poorly Informed for an editor when he talked of tbe prospects of the Union party there. He Illustrated hit positions by sereral jokes and anecdotes, which seemed to be none the less rellahed because they nrored of age, aa waa evinced by the laughter and applause which they elicited. Mr. Craig waa then called for. and ret ponded by a abort speech, after which? Mr Mcuraw roae to make an explanation. There waa a statement In the Washington Star last Saturday week that there had been a discus sion of the "merits of democracy'' here He was not discussing the merit* of democracy at that meeting, but the policy of the republican party, na be was of opinion that "yon can catch more (lies with honey than with vinegar " He joined the association not to oppoae democrats or others, but because be liked republican principles. You inuat reason with southern democrata Mr Henahaw aaid yo.i conldn't get chance to reason with tben They shut out republican speeches as Ircendiary documents. It had baen asked what waa the uae of republican associations In southern com muni tin Thev ? ?? atwwt tm this very thing,to disabuse tbe minds of the people. Thanks wrti returned to Mr. Hensbaw; be re tired, and the association adjourned About ?5<) beef cattle we e ottered at Drovers' Rest yesterday. of which al>ont ?50 were sold to speculators and butchers at 92 .W prr lilt lbs. prosa thrive your advertisements at Dr. Barnard a, at Crandt-U's, or at 114 Bridge street Itcotta you no more, saves time and trouble, and insures prompt attention. Mra. M Slmson baa. since ber removal into ber new store, No. Ill Bridge atreet, received a large atock of new good*, which ahe la selling at reas onable prices Tbe amall, but neatly finished and fornix bed. atore is certainly an improvement cn the unsightly ahanty which atood there a few montha aince. The attention of the ladies is railed to Mrs. Wol lard's advertisements of fashionable millinery just opened; also, to the other Georgetown advrr tlaemcnts in tbia day's paper* GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS >'or olAtr (iicngt to^jpn adrrrtittmentr tu first -T?=?OUD FELLOWS' LEVEL ! FORREST HALL, (irMrmnni.) MONDAY NIGHT, oc 15-eo Ootober^#. FROM BOSTON ?The r?iiul?f schoon ers \V. i) < *r<iil. A' uou.and J.W. Se&v-r have arrived from Boston and Kastport, fci.d,^^^ if weather permit, will be disnharfinr Monday tno'oin*. The J. W. S*aver will be re ceiving freight for the ?b >ve po^t on Tu*er ay. Ap ply to HARTLEV k BRO.. oo2(Mt 99 and 101 Water 't^eet M~~ FASHION A ??.K MILLINERY. RS A. WOLI.ARH Wiil open on ^aturdnyji ?e ent a4iB:,rtm?nt of Fa! and Winter BON NETS, oomprisme nil of *l?e latest and inn? f elegant ?tyles at very moderate prices Sttaw., Bonnet* and Flat- dyed at a sho.t notioe oc 18 St Mo. 91 Bridge St., Georgetown. ^O.VNET RlBiiONS VELVET RIBBONS. BONNET MA1ER1ALS, FRENCH FLUWfcRS a;jd FEATHERS.STR A W and FKI.T HATS. P FRAMESand RU^HKI . SILKS *nd BLONDR LAJ\ES,?m|neiD| mry raay a & B c fPO w mine r;cn ata new la me mniiaenr U ow prtoea. E. Grl.'TMAN, No. 117 sooth aid* Hndf* atre oc 16 3w Gtwyrtowii. D. 0. NKW STORK! NEW GOODS: MRS. M. SIM SON Informs h?r nutnerou. frie d? and the public |t?n^ ?T-?vlljr that the 11 row established at her New Stor?, No 111 Unilre htreef. Georgetown,! t wo dr>or? the ;!d stanr1, wh?r? m?y ris^ _ fom.d a? nnua'.a larr* ??-ortin<-nt of MiLf.INE KV DKVOOOD*, HOSIERY, aid EM BROID ERIES, at the very loweat market pnoe*. oclJ-l m HARRIS' IMPROVED DOUBLE THREAD Boudoir Sewing Machine. 1 tn* Machine, au iiiproveiii^nt on ^ro*?-r A Ba ker's, tit tinivwr than iheir* and for ita r?liabiiit< an i du a'oi ily is not u ri*s'd. A child twaire >?4ra old can ran it ?ith -ase: yet it will aew from tht coaist-st cio'ii ro the Cn?t4 gwita. There la no truuUt) of rewinding the threat) at it la taken from tha ?p'>o'e It hat no belt* to giv trouble, and will run t*ac!?? xrdh as well a<t Co, warda, auJ a'lil >?wa eqa Ijr perfect and without danger of b eak'.ac u tviie . It run- by by ol.'kiu; t'.? b >* over it. it la thrown out of g?ar. In facl we have no heairtvtioi) in r?conitn9'i?Jin* it ai th Best Family Setrntt Ma(km* in uu. Agency at 101 Bridge rt., Georgetown.wiiore tray be f jond LA 111 K8' D? RWJ TRIM M I NHS. HKR I .IN ZRrHVR WORSTEDS, and FANCV VA RiETV UOUDS of every dseor iption. liur rs Mirtmant ta aa oompiet- and varied as any in the District ladies eonneotnd with benevolent or otber ao ioti?? wi I find it to their ad vai tace to call bef <r? Burohauing elaewhere. oei eolm Mr.. S. K JAKV1-*. FNI>KR!?IGNED CARPENTER AND BUILDER <<ff it* hia a?rvioea to the publie of Geo-cetowc, WuiiirKtoit. airl vioiril*, aud wi 1 oontritct (or ur rup.ri' tend the o<?b*1 notion of public and private bm diiK*. Piwi % >1 ?p-ctf cationi wi.i bj f?irntB.V--J at *k*?rt n.tie* <'ti^e and fho? on Cmicreaa ft. Georgetown, imnedia!? lj ao'th of the Kwt liflio* &j 27 HKNR V WINQATE. FT'OR KCN'T-1" Geort;e?own, two Urst olats HOf'Se.S, kitnated on \Vmt i-tr.-et, one <K>n tainiox lb now*,and i'is other 9,with tasand !iath room* complete Apr1) to II. I.. OFFl'TT. No 4# Hun >t, Georgetown. oo .Vim J Of. F. bS&CU, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge n*4 Jtftrif* tit-, (rtorgtl Harms Riven m? paretiaa1 attention to thia tv anoh of my bunia???, I an: pret>&rd<l to atteul to all oa:l* w'Vh pr< mctubs* Peraoiih from a diatanoe nai rm pup p 1 it>i 1 at a rew minftca' notice. a? I have a. large aarartr^ent of COFFINS a * st? on he.aJ Particular situation pvJ to liiw n-movaJ of the d- u fro?i t-.* old t:t t**e new bona: troucoa. a* <0 4ut QHEAPK8T 8 T O R E! BAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOLK DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE, S5S SEVENTH STREET, i La*t Sidf,> between I and K. oc 12-1 in MATTHEWS k CORE. J AT EST INVENTION! LADD. WEUVTER It CO'I Tlglit-Stltcli Sewing Machine* At JANNEY'S BOOT AS'D SHOE STORE, 344 Pa. Aviict They are the mo t simple. ?ey are the atrongeat. ej *re the aun-at in their operation. They uae a straight needle, (Curved onea are of no acoocn'.) They ha?.'e a feed wheel Th?y are capable of doing an* kind of work known?they make tha magic rnffie without any atachm-nt?. VM1 ?UU ?JL?IUIII9? At JANMF.Y'8, oe 15 lwi *48 Peanaylraaia avM>?e. B. HALL ISRAEL J)EMI NO. Wheleaale and Rc?ftill>?'.er? in fin* FAMILY GROCEM.1KS, TEAS, wines. Md cboioe LI QUORS or all kind*. A freih stock ju?t opened. uJod auz&r7 oenta per pound. Ca'I at No ttATtk atroet, betfwa D and Louisiana ar. om S-tf BIBBS' WIG, BRAID AND CUEL MANU FaCTORY, ?4? HemuareBBe. BMrtb cor ner of Thirteenth street.?A re>7 ooinplete aaeort m- Bt of Braida, Carle, FnxetU*. Budeu*. Ae., bow ob h&cd; aleo, made to order m.t the horteat notioe Hair Work repaired or taken ia exekaac*. N^'0E- REMOVAL. INVITATION.?I harebr notify my ouatomera and the puMie ia seaeral that I have removed to No 310 ktrmt. (UirM <in..ra frnnn " Ercnue.) ?h*r? I - ooaauitTroti haod a |?SS^o?rKR^!?WKflM2sc; lULLlNK.RY, * a. Neweooderwwra wwDy, .^.ni ? ?> ? gy,ss;,AN. pAnrriNE CAfiDjm,^ CANDLES! A beautiful artiole, NUi in u?wn>?? to patent eper?, (l*i n j dear andpoi.h^W a<t muchiS. ??ilO Corner Vermont a*. an^Silila. JOtT,N-.?E.T?UAUtVKiDoLovi!& We have iuat received our Fall Importation of KID 0LOVES, for Ifcdiea and centlemea,ia vkite. back, and all the deeirah thadec in coiors. Thi? Glove we have eold for eev?ral eeaeoa*. and ca<i aafely leoOHnund them to oar frihdi and ihe pr.b:io generally m MeTerr beetMtiele of G .oree freer told hi thia market Please ca 1 and exam.i.e 'tU No. pL?.V. jjjB^yd^aad CarfXtaaalkew^S** rTflfi LdkTKBT MtW s K A PH I 0 . Fr*m Su Fliicucq, Oct I^TV? Am broke out aearly clmnlteMOwljr It San Fr*??laco oath* (TfilM of th<* 4tk M rw Ant ca tun *4 w*?4n baiUiaii im Oraa rtiMt, M?wn flr ruDMto iU Cali/or aia atracta, valued at CS.MT Tbe aecoad awept Um woodea bulld!n*a froa Jot oh kuiwlMrf tftf ?aet aquare, Wtkc? net of Biwdwif ud Front Mm*, ewiHj I Km or AU.OUQ A Ire In tbe tows of He*} da burg Boaora coua ty, on tbe 4d.d*??roved property In tbe batinaaa -enter. vaju-ti at titl (KM) Tbe Hawalan r? b? Eaaina Rmkr. arriead on tbe 4tta front lioaolala via Victoria, WUfiag frlaoa I a* Kamebaineba aad party Tbay har? nine# rareteed ncnatderabla atMK^ot (M tte city and ?*ta?e ftacnoaarlee The p>wM> of Uo Royal part*, buwrrer. etc I lea Mora mrlcalty (tea practical latereal 8 bow era of rata fell tbra<wbaat the Stale aa tb? alfrbt of tbe 3d and 4tb. lodiratlnv aa cartT ap proacb of tbe lalaf aaaaaa Late Oregon ad rice* repreaent matte a pra lirlf aa d#?patrbed by tbe laat r-ipreaa Tbeea waa -ow'njj itnpnaalon that ao senatorial etartlou would take place tbta letaoa. 5icv York PallUca. Bimoh AMTOfc. Oct. 1# ? Tbe Br*blari4?e Democracy 1* tbia county were addraawd laat night by Um Hoi. Janea T Bradr aad ftaa?u?u G < oortney Tbe Laioa Electoral Ticket waa r?dorand, aad an earaeat auppurl of Br?ck)artd?e atroa?i\ urffMI mmA tK? 1 Unalaa M .r If rf podkated TUr Hoa Uta lS Uifklcia, vbt pras dod a? Chairman alao adr! r?asnd the and mad* a ?peech upon tic I oioa of iw BUtca. ad rlaAl citrd tbf ifgulti UtBocncT. Wrmm Ut Pltlu. URowmmL*. Mo , Od. 10 ?Captain (MM, with bla atirveviuff partr. rwM this eitr laat fTntn(. He has Wn ra(i(id upon Uf Omvn mrit ?iirvrv* weat of tor ali principal meridian* for tb* p??? two montba He rrporta a eaoatry rt< h tn toil and well walrwl. wita a ramrr of timber. eioefK up.m tfce L'.tUe Moo river ia4 lta trtbuU-le* A tarff ptHraf I'ike'a Pmmar rlved thin morning, and lrftai tar boat Tbev brought a laree amount, and report mlnlif aal ters u favorable The Nebraska Btoettoa. Omah*, N. T , Ort 18 ?The election rrtorat ?-e all In, e*rept tbnae from Shorter and Sallao counties Morton, Pwnwtit, baa 65 majority for delejrate to Congress Tbr two muntlss to bear from will probably Increase It to 190 or r or* Tbo Legislature atanda : Hon???R rrroblt<-?oa. ? Democrats. 17. Council-Republicans, 6; Deoto crai, 6; In doobt. 1. The former reporta glTing Daily a majority 1? incorrect Later Iron tWecteo. Niw OiLfti*. Oct IV ?Dates bar* booc re ceived here from Vera Crui to tk< M inM Tk? ?-??>rn division of the ConitltntVoBml Area? la r? ported to barf arrived before the city of j\r*. but nothing bad been vff-eted ft was atated that Robles and Panfla.rom mindln? a division of th? fboreb feme* bad bmi defeated with a lea of 400 In trying to march oai of the Capitol. If raltk of Mobile. Mobili, Oct. 19 ?It la at*tod bore that fln deaths by yellow fever have occurred boa* wltbla the put ten daya. Oaltlaara flukati. iULrmoaa Oct 80.?Floor to stsodv. Wb?t Arm; red ?130; wbtto 91 i&al AS. yaliow #1 ?,> Corn steady, o>ix*4Mi70c. Pr< aHmaqoiet. mess pork ?ffl 26, prime *14 4w CotToe steady at 1?% alSJfcc. Wb'sky dull at 8!te2?fc?. Now York Marksts N*w V*ai October 40 ?Floar doll, hot easier Stat* 030*5 4#; Ohio ?5 00**6 06. Soutbera *5 uSaftO W heat da 11. but easier; westrra while 91 50 Cora quiet and heavy, with .1 mi ted aalea Proviatona quiet Whisky dull at Mettle. ACI.OfUVO OUT. LARGE AND SPI.E>-DID STOCK OF 6ft fc GOOD**, witmoit kieat to coav. The death of Mr. Darma Ciay ett mUM il aooc. eary for na to wind op oor bumnoea a* speedily a* poss.ble. We therefore annout>oe our iDtuuoa positive!? to close ont the whole of o?r Urn etoe* of DRY GOODS bt the let January aezt. for eath. withont regard to eost The atook cinbrac^s a c*r.era. aasortmMt of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS. at the very best qualities, (it Is well k-ovn It ti..t community that w- hare never kept any thing olao than h at ciaas arteetoe,? aod we will warraot all *ooda b> ft or* a* represent d. K^" The lowest ca?h price will be marked un cv? ? article in the rtock, which will be rauoh baicw its real valee. Ail pankares will he delivered promptly, oe .lie da) oi sale, to any part of the city, free iti ehate CLAGEvT ? MAY , No. 384 P^nrevlrania avenue, oe n-M* between *h aad l?Hh ate. DISSOLUTION OP COPARTNERSHIP. -Tfo copartnership exisUac Uiw?n ike eabeo'ibora nnie- (h nan.a and fcrm oi N. G. ' mm*. A is tots day dissolved by mutual e;>naoot, A. \\. Corning harm* sold and disposed oi al. his lot r??t in the tail) firm to N fi-Corninj. wh-> is Mthni - is?<l to * ttle up the l??in*?s of rail firm, sod w1.-> will eontiaue the S**h, D?or a- d Hlind Busmesr U tho old stand. No 16-1 Ssvstlk street, opp<?*it txa Center Va-ket, where he solicits th-? e"naaa%noo of p*at favors. N. G. COR.NIMli A. W. CORNING'. Washington. October ltth, 1880. N. II.?I take thia opportunity of iqformiajr mi f in'dttnd cuatomera (Mtrtlly tMi I Ur?Mfri4 the pnipl?>j m' Ut of ?. G. Cotrluc ae minimi. and b.iMil i?> happ) to <> them at hi? piaoe ? !" bw?in?M, wh?re I ithall h- in conetant iHraduoe to Mrr* tnem m heretofore, oc 16 A. W. CORNIXO. g, BE^KR^FSTM R . ^Jiiyc Sritir, Back or TSgf \Va?i)1!wtoii Ham. Tha underlined takea plraeere m m(r>rtria< hir friends and the public in jrenerai that he haa re moJHwl and r.?novi?t*d hi* K*', whieh i? rwv wall supplied with LIQl'OBS.WlVEit.le t. foboi<wai h kndi. CKiARn of aopennr quality. OUME, V'ISH and al tii* delicaciee iii araaoa. which wil be if: ved np to hi < cue u at the oar or la pri?-au r<>' mi. OTSTKRS in >*er> it;kc. piatari lor family uae wnt to an) part of tb*ctr. The raputa tion of th a w'll-ki own establishment tNdi oo enoomiam paseed upo-? it for il? pr.miptihri a d t-nt?- ldf|>urtiMiiL 't'he Kntina Kootu wit! Ike opart rm Sun<lav, Irorii It nri. ?o II p. hi oc 18 .w* \VM. F. BkNTCR. Prop'r. IH CLOAKS!?CLOAKS K HAVEJoat recei re<1, di'eet from 'he manu(Vo tnrers, l*rrc and handsome aaaortment of M? CLOTH CLOAK9 of all the new styles Aleo, handsome assortment of gulla Bo "ered and other new styles of SHA\Vu&. Call earl* a-d ret the ft at choice- a. E&A>, oo IS et 49* 7th at. andS21 Pa a*. y 1 V vt J' Wimm ?' ? O Gftnta* Double aota aid Deub e-o Ka, 95:G?fiU* fin* Frwnftk CaifrfcinWKil -r?ai<1 Bui'Mi Y>otk?' Inacr^Kj llo ???; Ladira* Kid, M-rocoo and Goatakw VSL. Bu-tonrd Moots; Laatinr Laaart. Rationed, ton (fmi, and Maiaknf Boota A tun, *rary otkar ?t?la ot )adi??'. mia***'and akildraa'a Boota aad Snoa, at J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa. a*.. batw?*a ?tt> aaj ?th tta. oa 17-?oti WNKW CLOAK**. E Hava thia da* rwm from Nrw baaotr OLOi aty! M PC r? HATS AND CAPS. I har* now ot hand a ownplata uaort na?>nt ofita?d? i? tbaabora liaa.lo which I u tba atiaatioa of my Diatriot ronoralrr. Great car* harfni sue nc boon takfn in Um aaisotja, 1 oan preaant to mj caatomara tba c _ W ba (band la tba aitf. Tba atoek ooaprtMa arary aty la now in vo< ua in Naw York. Alao. Miaaaa* aad Ckiidraa'a FANCY IATI at aatiroly naw ahaaaa. Ladiaa' RIDING HATS. Ckiidraa'a CAP* of arary daaanpOaa. to..Ac. JAS. Y. DAYI oe l>-tw (lat-AOoa.) lata WOOD! W O O DK STOVE aad KINDLING WOOD, ? &?JSa T. J. ft W. M. 90S Pa. a*M batwaaa lltk m n.w poi GHS. COLDS. HOAEBENMB. Aft. umm tfilfFofr O UM ARA ?* C('D|> * ? ?5>?t ?0<! ?Il?BUW,r DMd, SSTKttfSRir.* - COMFOUir^ Thi? platMnt ud Ci-pfli unio g* wmtf ?3 ?no*i deewelashon e * UNION RHTAU,>. ;?jj?ttC?t Si Hi? ??r M ? Lienor* Is V\ a hitft'i c 512W?ls??l

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