Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1860 Page 1
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I I860. N2. 2.403 V2fe. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 30. a .'Vj 4 :H! i^y ,'j ar #. .h* on" / 'i n? *?-. - 7 i . V. <i!> J 'Ml i ?<<? ts,t-><3 ?o o / e<> V .?;#"/ j? ?? J'-tui 4 # 3" ? > *r roo ir^lM ti. i tfjftkvd Imuv* - Ml -xf <;i * < ^ * ?l k< *i 1?ri. >" *i? I : *. THE EVENING STAR U 1 j * 'i JPUBLISHRD EVERY AJ*TEMNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THI STAB. IVIL9INM, Corner of Pennsylvaniamvenu* and 1UA ? ? W. A. WiLLACH. Pmw erred in HokifM by earn en at #4 ft *?ar, or 91 ante par Mti To mil Mbaartfcara tea pn<M U |ui t;w,n mdc<t?4?; #2 for lU njon'h?; $1 for thrM monltu; and fbr leaa Uu Ihre* watki tt t|? r?M of I ttata* wwk. Siagla oyiMt o!iar?.rr;ia vr?^?r>, two ckiits. Adtkbtmwbivti mokUI 6? int to tb? oiioe kftort IS o'otoek m; ?tk*fvin they uj cat appear until the next d?j. nm^Dn PTnnuru vxuvuujuiun Cormpondenc* of Tks Stmr. etoiMTowN. October 30 IfflO The Df4iettun of the Hall of Cereuat L*4g?, 1. O O 9 The drllcttlAD yesterday of (be new ball on Ventres* street, Georgetown, erected by Covenant l.udge, No. 13, I O. O F.. on the site of tbe one desiroyrd by Ire last spring, wm an occasion of great interest. Tbe weather was delightful, (tbe air being soft and balmy) aud at an early bojr In the afternoon crowds of citiieos and strangers began In assemble along the route of tbe proces sion Our principal thoroughfares were soon thronged with pedestrians, amongst whom were many ladies, and I have never witnessed such ftleosurable excitement in our citf, nor seen so arge a crowd assembled oa Bridge street as was fathered there ae tbe expected boor approached. 'The sidewalks window*, and ewn the housetops were lined With Mutator*. all anxiety, until tome time after 3 'clock the cry w?s raised "Here they r.ome." aitd oecka were stretchedai t eye*strained la expectaary. Curiosity was aoon amply gnfti fl-it and we cangrattilate the Order on the laue and Imposing procession, which all admit to be one of the finest which ever passed through our streets It reached In length abtfht four a>|uarra, an<f we have heard the number la liae variously estimated at from five to eight hundred. The various bauners and emblems ?.f the Order, the rieh regsJIa worn by the members, and the music of Withers' and Proiperl's binds all tended to enhance the effect of this line display. The present unsightly and obstructed condition of Bridge Street. where th??v *r*? IavIdu th#? linirp w:*t#?r main*, *m greatly regretted. as it interfered udly witn the rooveriieats of the brethren, though It could not detract from their appearance. i'W proctsaton after reaching our eitv pawed over the route laid dowu in the Star of Saturday list, in tbe folio win a order ; J <i kaon Kdninnston, Chief .Marshal; James ?klrving, Assistant. Pros peri's brass band, and a bind of mart'.al music Orieatal Lodge, No. 19, Mecbauics', No. 19; Excelsior, No. 17; Me tropolis, No. 18; Beacon No 15} Covenant, No 13, Friendship, No. 12; Union. No. 11; Colum bia, No. lO; Harmony, No 9; ? stern, No. 7; Washington, No. 5; Central. No. 1 A. I|. Gawler. Grand Marshal Withers' brass band. Mount Nebo Encampment. No.6; Ridge ly, No. 5; Magenenu, No 4; Colombia, No. 1. The Grand Encampment. The Grand Lod^e. J - -* * ..... va luiiue iircfi, u ?oey arew near toe nail, a temporary lult w?* made, a double line of the l.odye and Encampment member* vra? formed, facing Inwards. and the member! of the Grind 1. idtjf pa?s?d through, uncovered, from the rear to the front of the procession, those otttcers who ?N<! to officiate in the dedicatory services taking the lead In Uiii order tuey marched to the hall, la fr-nt of which, beyond the curbstone, a stand, Handsomely draped, had been constructed On tbu stand the Grand Master. Chaplain, Herald*, and other officer*, were seated natll all had reach'd the site and were grouped around the atand, wlien the dedicatory service* proceeded, the following p?r*ens officiatingJackson Kd moo* too. Mar *n?l; John Thiw, Grand Master; L. A Gobright, Chaplalt.; Charles Calvert, John R Piper. F. D. o?uari, ana I'hos Rich, Heralds; John T Bangt, chairman of the build! ug committee. THI DEDICATORY SERVICE* The Grand Master nav- thr<? rap# with his gavil, and directed tbe Grand Marshal to make procla mation of the object of the convoca'ion. Grand Marshal ?It 5s the will and pleasure of tbe Most Worthy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of tbe District of Columbia, tbat the ceremony of dedicating this ediflce to the buslneas and pur poses of Odd Fellowship do now proceed. (stand Mist'r.?Such is my will and pleasure. Chaplain.? mpray: We adore thy name, U Lord for la Tbee Is our hope; and from Thee pro-eedeth every ^oiidnnd perfect gift. We bow our hearts before Thee with hunabie gratitude for all thy mercies. We know. Heavenly F.ther. that a sparrow falleth not to tlie ground without thy notice, and that the hairs of our bead are numbered. No human plan can succeed without thy blessing ?except thou build the wails, tbe workmen tabor In vai a?except thoo keep the city, tbe watchmen watch In vajn Deign iu thy Infinite mer^y to hear tbe voir* of our ?uppllcti tioo. aad bless us in all our efforts for the promo tioa of peace and good will anrjr .g men; aud be pirsard to accept of thia Uous<-, which we now ?"t apart ta Benevolence and Tratb Forgive us O l.ord, our manif?ld sins aad i in perfections, which reader our offerings unacceptable, and as we have here eree'ed an altar to Truth an<1 Benev olence. and CUfitf: erect by thr Holv Jirilrtt in each of our hearts, Ike altar of pure Truth aiid f-rvrut Oharitv?that la us thv name may he glor tied through thr beloved Son. 4ir*ut. U Ood. that no sound may be ever heard within these walls, but the awe t tour* of Krlead&hlp, Love and Truth, and may o ?r beloved Orde", under thy filtering am!lea, xrow "?d pros;?er Orant, Lord, tby blessing to tur widow and the orphan, the tick and distressed ?remove all their spiritual and temporal maladies, and make ua all a* living atones Id the Teraplo of tby praise and glory With this bouse accept us, ana guide us In the Integrity of all dnty, and finally save us through the merits of Jesus Christ oar Lord? Amen. The Chairman of the Building Committee c-f the Hall then stld'' Alost Worthy Grand Master : We nwt yen here Vvday to announce that our work Isflaisbed It is not the business of the committee to allude to their own labors, nor the manner in which they have been per formed, nor would good taste permit them to desciat on the tttnes* of our edHl^e fur the sacred purpnee t? wnich It is designed. It is capable of speaking for itself, through 19 proportions and its style: If these fall to impress you. any words ?r n.,n. ? - ........ |nuic wurit lain ttKlM. la behalf of tbe committee appointed fur tUe pur pose of perlatendlDg the tr^-tlon of this Odd Fellows' Ha.l, and of tbe Order In thla place, 1 make thr request that the building beset apart and dedicated tn the business aod purposes of Odd Fellowship " Urumd Matfr ?" Mr Chairman of tbe Building Committee. in tbe name aad behalf of tue Independent Order of Odd Fellow* of the District of Columbia, I arcept for dedication to the u?es of Odd Fellowship. this editloe, which has been eoas'ructed undeT your supervision. To yon and yonr sssociatrs tbe present m?si bean occasion rspoclaily gratifying To-day yon witness tbe juaumiiiatioa of that for which you have ar den ty toiled and bopod To-da* you ball tbocom of th*t f? -wt-k ' rw . U JUU ?a?C C~Q ailU fatthfanr labored?end te-dar you bebold the i?cocalUi a by your brethren from the north, the voutb, Ihr east, and the we*., of thla, the result of yoer efforts, aa a temple devoted to the service ?f those wboer a rocs t too it la ta * vialt the aieh, re. Here I be dlstress-d. bory the deed, educe e the orphan'?duties which neither inhrfere with nor supersede the discharge of any others, social, moral, or religious." The Brethren thee united ie itnginy; an ode eoeseieeeie*. 'Brethren of our friendly Order,'* et the conclusion of wbich? CVtpfai* -*1" ,h* name of fee Greet God unto wbom all hearts belong, snd before whoa we shall f nally answer for all our 4eod?. I do most wienely dedicate this Hell to Charity and Be ueeoieace. Gran* *i.?fer ? Heer ' beer! h?er! all men' by autbo- itjr and in the rteme of the Grand Ledi(e of the lade pendent Order of Odd Fellows at the District of Columbia, I dedicate this Halite tbe bueasa and porpoaea of Odd Fellowshl p, to dis ima tal i".-""*"!.rMl,ll,w^ ?nd Trutii, ?o4 to |0"* B**r*ol#'nr? and Charity it tbtlr futlcat . SK~%m _ **t-nt to alt )U worthy wiObeft: an4 h> this JoUmt art I it duly u-rflcaW Tbr 6mad Mar?t?al will pleaaecaoaetbi* dcdi Mm to be appropriately proclaimed ~ ? -?? ? ? - m ,al ?Brother*, Qraud Hera Ida of _ 'irmmm Mmrttai ? prom?*r?. wmu? ? \ak? M#r1hi rtf of the fcaat, uioftki rt25LvTiaW,1t' ,w olema *ct of * *?t Worthy Master of the Gran* Ixdae o< tbe District <? ? m) Id of CotamMa, tftU Hail U duly ilfilte'i' V> th? a *41 UN teMiaeaa and p?rM??f Odd Pellowihlp, to <* - naiai > nmiuu Krtebdahip. Lore, and' Tmta. sad to urnue neo-rolenre and ChafHy In thetr fatleat InMrt to *U IUw?Hky M*n.bcr* It U ti? will I a?d ptiMH Itat the mim bo proclaimed, whkh * duty red will mrfir-n. * 1 0ra?4 ?f cfi< Sori\. ? [After a blastfrom ' the trumprt }? Uear, alt bnh iiy authority of ttk* U?ii Worth* Grand !ta?W, I proclaim tbW Mall dedicated to the bmimm* and of Odd Kellowahip, aad tfee praaiaig all** ?f the i>r1 urlplra of B?4'vo!tuc? w.d Charity. T?is being dely rapeetMbf thv 6rand Eeralds f tbe Soul*, Kaat, aad Wit. ux> Osand Marshal *td ~-"Moat v* or lay Grand Maalct Proclama tte* u?n* forth to the four quarter* of the globe, that all m*f? ??T *nd ki^r the priaclplea if Odd Fellowship Ua%e txre a dwell "% " 1 4? declare act pfartalni?in the nwn (If FttmHAif as * ? -- ,kl* ? - it?>tLU Htll aolemtily rr>n*e of ihM rni)?*iiig Jnrtu*, _ fcrott^r*, W* aua-ain tan rciiuua at all tim?? eacu to the other : )a the name of a Lev* Uiat delight* in liatenlng to a tale of sorrow, thai it may relieve it?that exult* in every opportunity to wipe the tear from the weeplpg eye. and ia ever found armed for tbe defence of the widow and orphan?this Hall sol emnly consecrated : In tbe name of Trmtk, devoid of guile and hypocrisy, which Inculcates sinceri ty aiid plain-dealing, that communicable attri bute of Deity wbich most exalts tbe character of man on earth?thia Hall aolemnly consecrated. The brotbert tben answered, "80 b? It!" and grave tbe honors of tbe Order, by clapping tbe ninai quicaiy logeiuer in re* aucceaaiv* tlmw tlirlce repeated. THK ADDSKKS. We heard but one opinion expreated in regard to the iddr<w of P. O. Parker H. Sweet by the large and intelligent audience aaaembled to bear him; that being?it waa a beautiful production, well and gracefully delivered We may add that It abounded in thoughta of atrength andaweetneaa, exprvaaed In chaateand appropriate language. Ha commenced by aaylng: My Brethren an ft Friend* / RsneroUnee: "MPT. indeed, ia it for man to be able to bring tn mind by-gone day* and dwell upon them with pleaaure itnd delight, to recall frlendahlp'aaunny hnuraand look back on a life of conacloua rectitude and vlr tue Although tboae aacred momenta are gone, never, never to return, yet their remlnlacence la like the rich fragranc* of aprlag, and their fruit u enduring aa eternity. We do not. mv hear era. meet to-dav to com. mem oral#! any particular event in the hlitory of our order; not to do homage to the state*man or the warrior; no, bo ! A higher duty calls? To conaeerate thrae walla We gather here; To Friendship?high nnd pare; To Lore that shall endure, To Truth?forever sure; This shrine we rear. It msv be expected tV,at I should on thta occasion make allusion to the origin and advancement of Odd Fellowship In the world Time would fall me and 1 ahould wearv vnnr patience did 1 attempt to eo bark and trace the history of our order, from its establishment down to the present period, and point out In inlnutlsp its blessings and Its deeds Suffice it to say. that thousands of year* ago the EgyptUa astrologer found in our temple the aecreta of astronomy; and the cbaldean shepherd, at his watrh a'night, as he gaz>-d upward to the starry heavens, drew from rtnr ftf* n 1 *>? tKo aiiKlimfl w *k ?* tW v. ?viv? tit<y uuiiMic u utu uai luric wtic world* unknown. Incalculable and Immense. and tbat over all preeided an unknown and inytterioua yet omnipotent power Since that time during lucceedlng centuries we behold the Eastern Maul, the devout Jew, the intellectual and veraatil* Greek, the proud and haughty Roman, bending at ita abrine, and burning incense upon Its altars Upwards of three thonaind years have gone d->wa the tide of time since Odd Fellowshiprom inenced her glorioua courae?the whirlwinds of war have passed over the earlh, spreading desola tion and death; the scepter has fallen from the fnlsied arm of the monarch; tbeaword has drank ts fnil; and the tlower of nations baa perished away; but the bteaard principles of our holy brotherhood remain unchanged It is one amonu the lofli?st instincts of our nature to admire ?n3 love that which Is exalted and great. The beauty of the landscape, the magnificence of the river, and the rasUtess of the ocean, amid IU wide waste of waU-rs, kindle in the mind elevated and pleas urable emotion*. But, amid all that 1* great and glorious in the ouUpread Korgeousneu of the uol ven?. there la no object which awakens such thrilling joy within us as a human heart sympa thizing with another's woes, dropping along the diilv walk? of 1 if? kin?l w-?"l l*1 - J 1 - for tbev are the way-marks that are to point to coming travelers the path to <jlory But there are many Ja the world who denounce our Order ua a aecret. inyaterioua association. Of mch we would Inquire, can there be no conceal ment without fraud, no myatery without a crime1 amtirtr auinmn u?ari in own aerret counst-ls Into vrhicb the eager eye of curiosity is not suf fered to gsxe* Are the iWfft communings und the sacred confidence of frieudsbip, of love, and of Lousebold faith. to many fraud* and impoai liona upon the community? Is there not myaiery everywhere. all around and about us?in the com mon air we breathe?in the leaf that rustics in the breeze?in the beavlugs of the ocean deep, and without repose?In the blue and broad expanse, now radlaiu with the one bright orb of day. and now with the myriad paler lights in whlcti the night r*jolr?-a f Our very exittrace u myvUerlous How ia it that we live and <? that the prij? of grass (prints up Into life and beauty from the bosom or the e?rth ' How 1* It that the mind leaves the body, aa it seems. in its deep clumber*, and fleeing with the rapidity of lithtning afar oil' to the sunny fields and green hillocks of childhood, calls back in a rnomei.t the hours that are gone forerrr, those denr friends that sle-p beneath the clud of the valley, holding sweet converse with the d^ad ? Oh! 'tis a glorious mv? mtiy iuii, iuii rom oa:K me tide of time?God, uature. the heavens, the earth, the mind; we admire nod love them; we revere them nonu the lea*, bat still the more, because the sable veil uf my?t*rv envelopes th*m all. It were charily, it, where nothing but good appears, to abstain from the suspicion of evil The true tests of the value of an institution arc the excellence of Its ?nds and the fid-lity and success with which the mcam ?rr apiuira io me aiialnrnentof those ends By thtse 0<ia fellowship may safely submit to be tried Its etfi-iency for tue benevelent pur poses of its Institution has been severely tested and lriumpfcantiy sustained Ask. the thousmds of Christians who are members of the order (whose le-m-U link them to the skies) if their faith Is weak e.ted.if tbeir morals are corrupted, if their co nee ten ses hare been hardened; all, to a man, answer "no, " The bestChrlstian makes the best Odd fel low Amldstthe long and bright catalogue of vir tues which shed beauty and glory upon the humble worshipper at the sbrln* of mercy, there exists not one with which Odd Fellowship does not claim :loee kindred. When the saint shall have been . > " i.i?Mima w >m inrwiKui giory, ana seated t>t LLe right hand of nit Creator, the chaplet whlr.h ihall wreath his brow will be all interwoven with the principle* of oar holy brotherhood. Oh! 'tis not for the fading laurel or the tinselled wreath for which w? are striving;, but for the establish ment of those principle* which muit elevate the tiuiitau race and give dignity to the character of man. A nation'a heroes and a nation' benefactors are enthroned side by side in her chronicles, and their merit Is proclaimed by the erection of monuments it durable material Egypt has her pyramids; isd those who have drank from the classic foun tains of Greece and Rome have their memorials of urnnK.. -J # ?. i..aim iivia mc ruins oi nun rveii akafts and column* are dug up bearing records of the great and useful man who wera identified with the leading aveata of thelf age. Bat the monument we shall rear In the grateful ' Collection of tboae who have benefited by our [>rder, will far outlast any which have beea erected ?the monarch or the conqueror. He then proceeded, In a strain of beautiful macerr, to palat the bleasfngs of Charity. We bare not space to follow him further, or Mfeu give an latelllglble abstract of tkla fine ef 'ort, but we cannot forbear quoting his con cluding sentences: " Go forth, then, y? messengers of mercy and ye >(Tpriugof the GoepeL, oa your errands of blessings hrougfc the world, and when the earth has beea -enovated, hamanlty recovered and beautified with aalvation, return to the infinite Fountain ef ill * * * .... nviu wuoni ywi procffG fl. " Let us continue, tuj brethren, to cultivate the principles and practice the work of keaevolence ind charity, thus cooperating With ChrUtisalty in ine great work of rsfonn, sever forgetting that r>ddTellow*hlp ia baaed oti those eleriml truths ind those great mora! precepts which were taught ?V bim "who spake an m??i never spoke," who writes upon the heart of mat the Impressive troth if his accountability, and to whom the suppli es'ing eye is never raised in vain " The Grand Chaplain then pronounced a bene r ..??? , Bui* kur ncrciM ClOWd At the conclusion of the dedicatory service* the rutting brothers were ln*iU*l Into the room on the gronnd floor, where a osllatlou #ai set before tkem, to which they did ample justice. TBI UVI|. if tteta report was aot already so ion*, much might h**1d of the Levee at night, at Forrest I tall, of the ereal crowd there assembled, of the i>e?at)ful ladles, some of Whom came all the way from the Mary Yard to participate; of the way la ivhlrh the brethren proved they were not de Ideal In gallantry to their lady aud courtesy to heir nentkuiao guesto.of theituod feelln? prevailed. of the tine music or Pra*p?*l?t baud, >f the poetry of motion, u illustrated by the lancers: and nf a hundred ether things, equally nterestlng. Suffice it to say, thit the occasion itm a pleasant one, til enjoyed themselves till an utrip bcMir this morning, and that many a belle md many a beau will have anie to recollect it. *o inote It be H'J i I T> fll l! Ji' J 1 - x - C7* Rev. laaiah Huatlev. of Sues, Vt ,chained forgtnf paper* to ebtalp bounty land*, bar be*U)jofRr.?bly acquitted ID" The cenaua returns of>Va?hlngton Terri tory give the number of inhabitants at 9,543. A Sad Domsstic Traokdt in N*wtos, Ma** A young lndy of about 18 y*ars of age, nann-d Henrietta Pratt, of amiable disposition, comfit tad auicidc by taking a dote of strychnine, at Newton, Matt., on Thursday The physician succeeded in reviving the dying girl, but it was aoon apparent that nothing could be done to save her life, and she herself stated her wish to die. She bad procured the polaon of an apothecary. The cauae of the aad act la said to be a disap pointment in aa affair of the heart, which may possibly have resulted In temporary insanity. She waa respectably connected, and was held la high esteem by all who knew her. Niwj raoM the IIayes' Arctic Kspedition The Boston Traveler says: The U. 3 Vice Consul at Copenhagen, Denmark, furnishes the gratifying intelligence that an " official" package from Dr. Hayea, commander of the Arctic expedition, has been received by one of the Ro^j| Greenland Company's vessels from Uppernavik This assures the friends of the expedition of the prompt arrival of Dr Hayes at the port nearest the field of his labor The next European mail may bring letters from the Arctic voyagers. |>r. Hays promised bis friends that they should hear from him about the 1st of November That promise has been fulfilled. irr The Emperor of Hratll has taken a tour of Kraonal inspection, to observe the progress of the ternal Improvements of his empire. Visiting the Don Pedro Railroad, be rode through one of the tunnels and descended several shafts In one basket sat the Emperor, and in the other Major Ellison, who was selected from tbe suite for this perilous honor because be was nearest the Em peror's site and weight. The resultof the unlm ation waa that the" contractor* were allowed an extenglen of time, the granite cuttinga being ex ceedingly difficult. EDUCATIONAL. PA. 8. DsVluLIERS, ROFE^OR Ofthr FRENCH and GERMAN LANGUAGES, .117 Eighth atreet, between L and Al, has the honor to announon to the public that he ha* rexurned h leasona in the al?nve language?, and h%a opened at Miaa Wood a aeminirr. MU I alreet, betwaen 12th and 13th ata , a French C a t in whicii young !vl ca will b? admitted- Thin cla.a wili m>-?t three time* a wek at half-pant 3 p. m. Torm.. ftC ... - t 1A L vfinm |?cj UU??Hni l'I 1U WCOK9 ^MlSPOlOrj arr&HgfMii ii'm made tor lemon* given in schools. Mr dn Vil.iers offers the best references *s to his seal, ability, ? c.. Ao oo24 lm T FEMALE EDUCATION. IIOSE Parent' who wish their daughters to re ceive a thorough ami systematic education. where their phvMca! t> aming wi 1 reoeivndaily and special attention, under the moat approved system of Calis thenio- an<! Gymnastics, ar? re?p<>ctfnlly invited to visit the Union Female Acadeinj , corner Four teenth st. and New York av. MR, A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, ftu 30-tf Principals. tfEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, r ALF.XANUKIA. VA. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK, PbiscipaL. The thirteenth Annual teuton of this Institution will commence on T jesday, Uuptainlwr 18th, in the b?>use r?c?utly occupied by Sjlve.ter Scott, Esq., No. 1*0 King street. The ooursn of study pursued will comprise all th>> branches requisite to a thorough Knglish Kdu cation, and Mutio, Fiench, Latin and Drawing, ii desired. n addition to day scholars .Mrs. McCormtok is Creflated to receive a limited number of pupils as oarders. who. co.:i>litulniK a part of her own fam ily, will be U' der iter immediate -.are and supervi sion. She will endeavor. a< lar as possible, to sur round them with the comforts aud kiadlv mtlucnces of Home. H'Jertncts ? Kev. Geo H. Norton. Rev. D". Klias Harrison, Rev. 1>. K. !*prig?, William H Fowle, Ksq., E-lcar Snowden, fcsq., Edmund F Witmer, L.? li _i...? ?'- ? umif .uan'uij, r#n?i , i/'wm 3ict\#nz;e, ? <1 , Rotmrt H. Ilnnton, K-m . W D IV&llftoh, Editor Kvenin* Star, B*njainin Waters, l",sq..Ja*. Entwisle Jr.. I<n ,Col. John W.Minor, l<oudouu, .Messrs. B;?cki?cK it Marshall, Motors Corse Brother*. Tkrm?. Board, with Tuition in ail the English Branches, JJii'lur ihe annual session?payable semi annually, tn advauco. Mhxic and I.nnKiiaeeg at Professors' prices. IT/" extra charcos. au 28-tf UCHOOL I'OR 2MM.I. BOYS, O No.27T Istjekt.FiiktWaid. Miss ANNIE K. PKCK, Teacher. Numl?er of pnpils limited to twenty oo W so2m IVIES. M. E. KFNGSFOKLJ 8 LUMINARY, 1*1 414 E St.. Wa?his*stos, D. C. The next session will couimeuce October 1st. 1860. Terms. Ac., forwarded <>n application. au 15 tf French a richstein, No 27"? Pa. Avkiu*. Hetweeii lltli and litli streets. BULLETIN OF NEW BOOK*, Ac., Ac. New and interesting work 'just re<j 'ived : Camilla; troni til* Krenoh of Alexand -r Dumas, the young'r ; 12m ?; oloth. Pric? 51 ;i5, by mail. Cousin Harry; by Mrs Grey. author of "Little Beau y," "Gambler's Wife," Ac.; 12mo; cloth. Frio* &l.q5. by mail. The Actress in High Life ; 12iu<> ; cio'Ji. Prioe 9 .25, b< inai.. Miss Gilbert's Career; an American story; Uino; cloth. Price $l.?5 Hr mail. I he household of Bouverie; by a Soutiiwa lad:; 2 vols.; Uino; c oth. Price #2, by mail. The I utt Hunter; by J." T. Adanis; 12tno; cloth, prioe 91, by mail Wood* mid Waters ; br Alfred B litre?t; l2mo ; .l.tL (1 ; At off 1 ? *?, r 1 IUO Si <?, I?* IIlOl* Margaret Monerelfe, or the Fir^t Love of Aa oa Hut; a romance <>l the Revo ntion; by Charles Burdett; 12mo; cloth $I2S, by mail lack Hop-ton'a Adventure*, or the Adventure* of a Georgian ; by Wru. \V Turner; Unio; oloth. Price 91 '5. t>y ma 1. Nemeeia ; by the b?antiful writer, Marian Har and, author of Alonp,'"Hidden Path," Ac.; Urjo; ol >th 91 by man All the above work" aent by mail free of postage on the receipt of the price. Our uaual discount given on all bonnd books bought at our a tor*. FRENCH A FIOH3TE1N, No. ra. avenue, Wanhiagton, i). C. Po?t Office. Box 7 16. oc 24 ?nw WK WANT OUR OUR CUSTOMERS AND friend* to know that our auortinent of GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS ia now complete in every department, embracing every article, and in groat variety, usually kept in a well organised GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. Ooeupying fur the pa*t twenty yeara the same atore, and buying ail our goods exoluaivaly for ^caah," we are aatiafied that we can aellanewer BETTER STYLE or GOODS at tower prices than those who bur on "eredit." We wish, however, to u>amtain a reputation for the sale of FIRST QUALITY OODS, and thoie at the lowest an<l pniforni^r^ oelA-Oteo Salesroom, Brown's Hotel. C. S. rOWLIl . .JOHN F WEBB M. WM BSVER1DOK. CHARLES S. FOWLER k, CO., IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CHINA, GLASS, AND KARTIIKN WARE, Fine Cutler?, Plated Ware, Roll Motal Goods, Block Tin Goods Tin C ban be r Seta J<paae?l waiters, htherml and goUr Lamps, ? <>al Oil Lamps, Lantern*. <V? 4o. (04 (Odd Fallows' HiLLliRVKNTH ST^ ao 11 ao6w WasHiayton Oit<r pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination t? respeotfully Qi tailed to uniitf the oeiebrated New ) ork GIJTTA PERCH A ROtiFLNG aad theGUTTA P8RCHA PaINT for painting tin roofs. This ftntta Pereha Roofing and Paint it acknowledged b* all the baat arohiteeta in New York city to he the beet and oheatest Roofin* and Pa-mt m ??i?t aom. It cm be'aeen at U7 XV. HAMILTON'S Punt Store, 513 Seventh street. CANFIELD A. HAMILTON *re Uie eole Menti for Waahtagton, Weorttetown, Alexandria and the Sovtb. Far fur ther information addreaa aa ahava. oo 18 tf EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. 3(8 1 bave the laraeat andhandaomeat aaaortm*at of COOKfNO and HEATING STOVKS (nearpa t*rn?) that haa ever besn aeen in Uua market, for Wood or Coal. The assortment hem* t u ia-*e t.? enumerate I reapeotfit'ly invite all those in want of the beat Stovea to oVI and exat pe m r a?aortaieut C. WOUDWAMI), 31* Pa avenue, oo 16 eo6t between lti? an 11th ata. D?V SOODgi W* Wars now in n. v?rv )*.r?r? ??.fi w*n mrted ?tock ?f fWy Goods, of every )nnd end unai Hy Wecordially invite all perioaain want v' Dry Goad* to call and eaainiau oar etook before making t-eir purchase* eleewhere. fcvery artiole will be "l,44" *flfill,ieEy * BEO., No. Si Central ^tore*. Between Tth and ?th aireeta, oaS-eolm Qppo.nUOeaier Market. A L i\ XX ALE The ?r?< and auit to be obtained at the ... aY. Thi? KiO u made m.m malt and ho?e only oa&nol ijvil to jrive* tatufaonon w> ooa "STS DR. LIKBKRMAN HA!* REMOVED HIS I offioe and residence t* No. ' iM Thirteenth at, between Pav*renue aud F it. oo S eolit* j CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WA8H1N0TUN CARRIAGE FACTORY. '? D Strtrt, B*tw*m ?tk and loth Streets. We have iu?t fimahed a oiimMr ?il firat elaaa CARRIAGES, luoh M Light Fanty Wagons, Park Pktatons. Famit* Car riages, and Bum's, which we will Mil at ft rer* final I profit. Rente praotiu&l luechar.ica in different branchoa of the buameaa, we flatter ouraelvea that we kuo? the etrlea and quah'j of work that will give Mt? faction, oombimnc lightneaa, comfort a&d duraUn t j. Rea&irinc promptly &nd carefuHj attend rd to Um ahorteat in. tioe ftud moat r*anonftM? cnarrea. WALTER, K ARM ANN ft. lioPP. CoaohmjUera, auooeaora to \Vm. T. Hook. ?p*r-diy T CARRIAGES. HE Sabaoribor navirg made additiona lo ki factory, makinj it now one ofthe larcest, in the Diatriot, where hia fae'Hiea fori mftnutftctunncCARRIAGE A L1GHTJ WAGONS of all kinda oannot be aurpaaaed, au4 from bia loot experience in lift* baatneaa, he he peg to aive f tnerftl afttiafftotion. All kindi of Cftrrifttea fttd Llfkt Wftcora kept > iwl. All REPAIKSnatfytMt.uUftlUrton pr?pt tr attended to. oMaa4-ku< Oftrrlaraa taken ia exohftnre for l ih. ANDREW J. JOYCE, i l?-?f *?r<iar mf 14th an4 K I ' DENTISTRY. MTEEtH. LOOMIS, M D., the inventor and patentee oftbe MINER VL PLATK TEETH. at tonUs persona ly at hi* offio* in thisoitj Hify .jf Many persons can wear those te?"tii who"*-1-'-7 r n cannot wear others, and no person can wear other* who cannot wear these. P^rcona oalliic at my off)secan be aonommodated with an? rtyle and price i'f Teeth they may desire; but to those' who are particu'ar anil wish tho purest, cleanest, stniuf e*t, axd most perfect d^rture that art can produe*. th? MINERAL PLATE will t>e mora fully w*rrant(?d. Room* in this oity?No. 33? Pa avenna,between 9th and lOtb sts. Also, 9i?T Aroh street, Ph-hwiel W 1J u D DENTAL CARD. *. M,TN8<>N Ha* returned ami returned hi* profusion. I (Roe and bona* at 4M3 E st. third door east of Sixtn In addition t "very o'lier approved ?tyle, l?r. M. ha? ?eiN '1'?1 teeth on vulo?ntte B.we for the iait three years and, from exp*uenoe, knowa it exee.* all oth?r?. a"d is one-thfrd lea* in price than gold. Hi? old Catron* of WaaMngton. Alexandria, ar.d Geor*? jwn are reopeotfu'l* olioitod t? ca'l. mi 25 eoly D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS. after a arastioa: te*t of two year* feel* tbat he oan with ooafidence recom mend the Cheoplactic Procoe* for m*ertin* artificial teeth It ha* the advantage* of ?trenfth, beauty, ateuiiinese, and*. Fal jpper *et* inserted for #3i. Partial in ?ro?ortinn oaos 306 Pa. aveuae. set IL3T RECEIVED, J AT*MITH'S, A lot of GKNTS'R UNDKRSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, from auction, wliicft he will aell very low. f<c 13 lm (IANOsTTlANOS-T^e la r?e?t aj- ortnient of Pianos, Me'odeons. Gnitara, Viu-w^kn Banj >' D^atltVian 9trin? Ac R V fyl o iraeon*, riutin%?, Conoertinas. F'n^es,* " " Fne?, Flarfc.-tti, Ola ionett?, B-a?a Instruments, Dru n?. a^d every variety of musloal ware, aiao nn 1 m mAnlA afci ?/>t nf ?..? v*?- ? " ? P1 w? UH'J iUUOlUf ?* U"IU P'JOII and Ope-as, for every instrument at the Musio StomofW. G. MKTZKROTT. oomfr of Pa.av. and 11th street, fole Arent of St?inway \ Son'* Haiun Haven & Co ' and Kaibe A. Co.'a Pianos. 00 21 tf ctoveft! STOVES!! ^ S T O V K ? !!! 1 have on haivl a larje assortment of Cnnkinic ?ad other Mor-'s, which I will ?ei I cheaper than ar.y Cher home in the District, an it ia my int~mion to clone them out. Call and see., and then ju Ue for yourselves. C. snydkr, oc 9 Next door to tte Star Office. HMl'SiCAL NOTtCK. AVING^Been indnee^ to accept the posit io_n_of organist at St. Alpysius Church in thisoity,. i iibvi' ueieriniiiwi iu remain nurini; I Tie ei,iiu-4fiHSB iqk winter, and shall l>? happy to render professional so r v i ce * " thetm. Professor and StneinK. For particular* ax to term*, Ac , inquire at the Music Depot of JOHN F. EI.MS, IVnim 1 vania ave".if?. ood-lm* )? to tno*e who mat require T. N. CAUI.Flbn.D, of the Organ, Piano Forte, Sft NOT-iCK^V i *i?ii 111 gentlemen to bear in mind that the plan which I . adopts), six y?ir? ago, of selling vjimv HA I !4 and B(X)TN at Kr.atly re ?* * ducftd puces for cash is in sncoestfitl operation. Juxt received a full rupplv of the latest New York styles ofDKKSS HATS. The very fine-t Haf f35n; a first rate Hr.t *3: and very good, fashio- aide Hat 92 50. All ofthe fat-st xtvlcs ofsof; HATS and CAPS,at the very lo ?est prices. j I ain constant!* supp led ith a ver> ia<-ge stock of those in* DR^SS HOitTS at ^3.75? whirh I have he>'0 selling lor many y?-ars?as ?e!l a? the > v i * ?i tJ ..r a?t?? I .*??v.-n i J "" h 4?i?m n mi i ?w in uu*uiirrH.ii i r.nj &I i) 3 3U, ' Fm? French Oalfukiu Gaiters from $2 to Term* cash; no extra charge in order to offset l>iw! debt* ANTIIu * Y, Ajrent for the Manufac turers, Seventh street, second ha' store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 540. *e 14 3m f ADIKS', MISSliS, I ' AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The most el egant and lar geststockevor "l* ^ offered, all r*^b new and jiiat opened to dir. Parent* will find i> to their inte est to < at I and examine 'j. my <tock,as I shall ?)! at mail profits. HOPKINS, oc 15 2 ? corner of Sixth >t. and Fa. av. 100 BALES COTT(?N LAPS. For Sale at Fmeimry Pruts. St< pair fine Bad Blankets,*11 itizf>s, 2f?p*ir U'ue. Brown, Grey and White Blanket* for aer rants, SO piroea 6-4 Polled Cloth* of the best kind, AO do Plaid Linger, all witth", 100 do Blue and Orange 0?nal>ur(t?, Calico. With m\nr othor desirable go<id?, all of which wiH be sold at th? very lowest pries W e solicit a call from all persons in ?ant of l)r* G?ih1?. WM. R. RII.KY A. BOTHKR, No. 3? Central Storei, Between 7th and 8th streets, o? 18-lot C)p?osiU Ceqt?r Market. N O W READY LAD?ES' and CWILURKN'S FANCV FURS, In a 1 their varieties, at STI N V Ml'TV'J J3tf#a. avouua, _o?9 Near corner Thirteenth at. Notice. REMOVAL. INVITATION.?1 heraby my ouatomera ami the pnNio in Rental that I It&va removal to No S49 Seventh street, (three do ira from Maa?. avenue.) where I thall kwp constantl* on hand a h?-a?a*?or??i<>nt of FOR Lift N and rMJMESTIC l>RY GOODS,HOSIERY, FANCY ARTICLES, MILLINERY, ?o New Goods received weetiy, wliieh will ba aold at aatooithing low p'i^J aa 29-1 m* S. F1SIIMAN. B. HALL ISHAEL^EMING. . ^XXf^'.^aaj?a^n4_R?;ail D<*leri> in fine FAMILY unwvr<l>IV,B, l hAS, W Id S5| a.,ia CllOtC* LiJ QLJORS of all kind*. A freeh stock juit "'Pfned G..oU Sunar 7 oenta per pound. CalatNo ?S4 7th atreet. between D and I,ouin??a *v- *-*' PANDING SUS^KNOKFlS Theee five an erect carriage to the body without ilisepnuort, and, to ladiM and rent* are invaluable, both as to nealth and ??raofial appearance. Call and exainne, at MllORK'HrWaat Knrt IVft( m 20 2w 113 l'e.Avoear^ CAW. I. ,^ renojybre oia Avenue, hare ju?t reoeived a larse renetv or nv Fail Good*, to wbiok tUf t invite the atteatinn of their friend* end cu*t?>m0T?. au *l-tf f-MBBS' Witt, BRAID AND CLRL, MANU "* FACTORY, 343 Henn. avenue, rear the cor cer of Thirteenth ?Ueat-A very complete aMort " ~ ?* ke.. teat cer of Thirteenth iUMt;A very complete ?Mort m- at of Braids, Cufto. Fm*Ue?. Banrteana. fee., now oa handTalao. ?ea4e to order at tiiftBhortaat qotie* H&ir Work r?p&ir?d or ujcsa in exoh&nx*. oo 3 3m 0al?isor f. tt p r housf, , m)r roceirlnt ?nd ?wc*t. rn wthen paek ??e?. Alto, Ohio ctnj^. 1? * n " so 1 h*rtk*?r? k*ftinmn /*l>od li6ht! ? CHHAP ld t ia jo*; paraffin k OIL, trmn do*l .? kintt a ul rchell, e 9 aiuti for it* mu< AFE LIGHT uurchell GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS AKaB MANTLES! A?AB MANTLES! DIRECT FROM A VCTrOM, I'HICK t> AND ?* CoLLAH. fleing I.euTh&at uatoi M?tcriii. A!ao, ?<?\*ral iot? of RPA1. ?HMPliRE COL LARS, at 3', 80, 62. 75 and 87 oantt, worth doabl* Cowtoieier'a oolabraled K id G.o*ea, at 75 oraU a fair. A vary olmy lot of E?nbr?id?r'd Trimminra. aapa aa Camitue Banda, LMmt'j Baada, Cam brio Edjiuga and Ineertinca, IN EN ULES9 VARIETY Toaethar wits a food a*aarlm*nt ofShirt Fronta At 1>%? OACtl. wK'Ati ia f k* ?rM?Aa? cffVred. Aiso, a fod atonk of Ladiw' Dress Oood?. Men's and Both" Wear, and a great varitty of other good* rqtia'ly an 01 eap. Call at tka right pli^ee?Ho, 117 (south sids) Bridge ?t. oet, Georgetown, D. C. oo 16 2w K- GUTMAN. QU LAHGE STOCR! (|0 iJO B K S T 9 O n u 9!! i^O LOWEST PRICK?"! SP1I.MAN 4 HUNT, 9* B'ldge street, between Wakhineton and C?nrri>m, ar? nvw r n^l t WWI PCJOOVU 1VUM OI II* UUUi'^. DOMKST1CS, Ao. Their ?tore ithe old at*od oi H. E. B?rrjr) havint be*n remodelled aad fitted np i" th? mo?t thorouch th?j ?<.>*? ?? fao<li ties unrquaed in the District lor the p'oeeouti'B of a nenerai Drr Bu?ine??. Th?j re?p?yn folly invite a oall lrora the citnene of Georje'ewn So-1 vicinity. w**-1"! ! JU?T HfcCKIV?l> 10 hhft*. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 1V> M>l?.? ,d Rye WHI-KY, ?'hhl? HERRING and ALEWlVF.t*. 6" hb s. ru?hed and R?bn d -1JG ARs, Sn P i.. .,r? I. ... ^ ' k l- rt' l ?-- .r. ii iu ?uu j (?* a v/r r Ijr<. 10 hhdfcil"* pno?li MOLA?i?ES. For >ale Iit JOHN J B" Kil'E- se W 4 'RANDbLL, OPTICIAN, V No. l Uridtl It., SMflMlva, Hm constantly on hand a larite assortment ol Frenen Near-siirnted, Penscqpic. p"'- r-*a ~ orec, anilai. other SPECTACLES, oPC^^C* the i>eHna.itj. in eo'.d. surer, steel.and German N. B. Old F*an?es Repaired and n?w ?.&* ?? *et in them to order. no 1t-ly IVfASSfcV, CDLI-IMS A CO.'S PHJLAPEL LTl PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.- Wear# oonitantly rooeivine Jresh supplies nfthe above deli*htfui b?v eracc, and invito all persons who vast a pure un adulterated Ale, to five it a trial. ARNY k. SHINN, Ajents, (\s* 47 ftr*nc ?t.. S^orrKtoviL Dr. J. H. McLEAX'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AM? BLOOD PlRlFlKK THE GREATEST REMEDY is tkt WORLD, and the most Dklicioc* a>d DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL l?VER TAKEN U > lUKlJi * ?ci ouBc ?.rd bi* Conipoand, t>ro carid by tk< diatilla tiou of rcot?, h?rb?t ad l>arki Yallow Dock, Bluod Rw, BUck Ro?), rilU, Wild Orrry KMM B'ri, in< Dauaeliou / f| &* enter* into iu con- str 1 * ?" k ml W ? Tue enure active J-, * 3. remedial principle J? >f??ch nirrediert Before taldiit^^^^-Aftcr taking. dietilliojr, prcdoem t * dencioiu, exhilarating eplrtt, ~ad U? m?i inimwi nwu; ><" * <(( hi imwh IflMa, aud rtMntf iht sick, nfetuj, and (ibuiuu4 ii?ili4 It health and arei.fth. X-LEAF'S STRENGTHEXIXQ CORDIAL Will effectaallj cure Liver Co.Ttplaint, Dyectpeu, Jaun dice, Chrome or Nfr??? l>f bility, Otaeitci a(the Kidrifi, ?n'l all 4tee*eee rien.jr from a disordered Liver nr "omach, Ho'Ltim, Inwird Pi,at, Aeidite or Sickr.ree of the Stomath, Fsllneee of Biood to the Ileai, D?u P.-via or Swimming in the Head, P?lpi'?Uoo of Ah? Heart, Kellueaa or Weight In the Stoma e b. Boor Krnct uoiie, Cbofcinr or Ssffocauaf Feelinf wheo ieriuj down, Pr?n??e or Yellow, neee of the Skio and Eye** Swtau,'Inward Pftn, Pain in the Small of the Back, Cher., or Side, Sadden Fltuhee of Heat, Depreeaion of Spir-.-e, Krifhtfal Ureatne, Lmrwr. PeepondenCT or m n?r?o? 4aaaaao. Itree or Blctchea o?i t'ie Skin, ?&d Fe?er an J Aree (or Clulli and I OYER A MILLIOS BOTTLES h*?e been aold during the lut in tai ui no lo- 1 aunce fcaa it failed in riving entire eittafacuoo. Wko, iK-n, I will auffer fr )m Wenkneaa or Debility whan McLEA. "8 | 8TRk.NTGTHtNR?0 CORDIAL will cure job ? No lanrnife can eon?ey an adaqoa<e id<a rf tba ininedi- , ate ?t>H <.'f:>oat r>ii*c*loua chmife produced by t?king tbia | Coruiil ? the diaeaa?d, debilitated, and attaticred nervosa . iviitin. whether br >*eu down riou. ?nt be natare. r unpaired by aickr.eee, the related and Dmtrut.f organi latian la teetered to iu prima* health and rigor. > MAUHIED PERSONS . or oth?n, cwcimi y inability from whatever eanat, will ] And MCLEAN* STRENOTHEKINU CORDIAL a tho ronfh r?f (umtar *f the ayaten ; and *11 who " ?t have in |?r? ! thervaelvee by tnproper indcljeacee Wlil ind la Lhu Cordial a certain ?nd apeeav remedy. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S BTKKN'JTHENINO CORDIAL U a eov.r irn and apaedy care for Incipient Cmiimptiaa, Vlutei, * Obatr.f led or DiScnlt Manairnatinn, In continence of Urine or lnvolnntary PiecMrge thereof, Palling of the Wnaab, Qlddiueea, Fainvinf, ana all diae*e*a incident to Femalee. THERE IS A'O MISTAKE ABOUT IT SuTer no l?njer. Tike it according to directinoa. It will etimalate, airen fthen, and invigorate yoa end cacae the bloom of health to moant r>?r cheek ag?in. Every boule ? warrcoted to gire ??twf >cuon. p. i d /ttf rr n d p *r run in iLi'ns.i lfr??i children art lictl;, pmr or alllictad, McLEA V'S COADjaL ?ill a ake them healthy, fat, end robnet. Delay not a momeut; trj it, and job will b? convinced. It ia de lictooa totaka. CA VTIOIf. ; Beware of drvggute or deitere who may try to palm apon yen eotne bitter oe e iraaparilla traah, which they can bar ebeap, by faying it M taat aa rood. A*Old each roes. A>k for Ml LEAN'S 8TRENUTIIBMN(t CORDIAL, and uka 1 nothing else. It ia the only remedy that will parify the C Blood tncrouf h! r and it the earn* tine atiengtlien trie yateui. On* teaepoonntl taken every iMn.ntg (aatuif la a certain preventive for Chaiara, Chilla and Pever, Tellow Peter, or | iny prevalent diaeaae. It ia pat ap la Wry-a kottlea. l-nce a only #1 per boule, ar 6 touiee for #S J. H VIcLEAN, Sole proprietor of thia Cordial; alto, Me Lean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment Principal P?p?t oo tee corner of Third and Pine itraeta, St. Loon. Mo. . McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD) Tba only k(i and certain tme for Cucirt, Pilaa, Tn mon, Swelling* and Bronchiia or Coitre, F*rx1yeit, Neu rMfia, Waaknaaaof ih* Muaclc*, Orunic or Inflimmnory RJienmatiaaa, Buffoeaa of ih* Joint*, 'Joutract** MmcIu or Liftracnta, Earacbe or Toothache, Bruiaea, Iprum, Fraab Ca'a, Woauda, tlctn, Fe?et Sana, Caked Braaat. Sore Nipplaa, Burnt, Scald*, Bora Throat, or any inflammation or pain, no difference how aevere or lonf the Jwum may hara aiiatad. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia , a certain remedy. Thotnarde of haman being* ban baao eared a lift of d? crepitude aad miaeir by tha aa? af tba* iaaaloabie remedy. MrLEATTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almoat inataata oeoaaly, and it will clean, purify and heal tha fooleat aorta in an incrodibl* abort tin- : FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. KcLRAN'SCELEBRATED LINIMENT ia th* only aafa | *- ?!"?"? ?vr? Ult VUI? Wl ? li Wtatfal!*, f'li.u. lionet era! Unpt, Nodu or Bwelltnfe It B?T*r f.iled to cart Btf Hitd, P?1I|tiJ, Puliii, (JI4 ' Rwininir lorn, or E?itoj, if |>r*p(Hy applied. Pw Spr ici, Bnaeee, Bcnchn, Cracked Heela, Clifti, Saddle nt Collar (kill, Cote, Korea, or \\ oar da, u ie aa infallible ren.ed v. App.j it u directed u4 i cart u Ctnua id e eery in WW Then tn?e ua loafer with the man* wertMaaa Ltui "tenia offered to jwu. Obtain a eup pl? of D? McLKAN"S CLLE- < BRAT En LI VIM KMT It .in enre eea. 1 J. FI McLCAfi, Bolt Proprietor, Corner Third cud Pi?? tt? . (. ko>i*, Mo. CHARLES 8TOTT, K) Pf wli uiil iii W<uiiu I*.; U.S. T.CUSSBL,ti.orr?t?wu. ?at-DkWly ?<CliOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys* Clothing for School and Dm, Wear. , Parent* and gnardiaf? vtahing to^farmsh Ikwr obiutrM ana varai wwn rscaoo, vo,.*? uvttu for th? coming uinn, are i?rLtM to s&unn* our ?*?eent l?rfe and axtwieiva Maortmori BOY*' CL??TH!Xt?,vtrr? tboy cm fito?ttk#ir chOdroa , of all |i|M i a fow momenta ith over? descrip tion of ft'ady mudo Garments, of substantial and ,u*""?il'i."S?fcTStNVt co? , an 30-tf >K9 fenn. avoaua. UOUsKKBKPING AND ' 11 8KRVANT8' GOO PH. . Wo have now on hand a well sdeeted st?.?ok of *ti? above tonds. mod a* fheetums. Tablo Umu, Napkins, Toweling*. Lin??f*. Pail Cloths, B ail keU?from o 'aimon to very G ie -OsBAiurt*, W " Domestics Ginghaaas, Pillow C*m CoOom and l.inect, Uunna * Dickinson's, Harkliaa. Chari?y tCo > an?l Kie??ardsoii's 1 riak Llne?? in all *?a?i tiM, all of whisk w# will disjoee of *a the Mat **[."*6 _ TAYLOB* EUTaHieON. H W. HAMILTON PAINTWU ud DKALKR IN PAINTS* No. SS'i Tim near Odd TtUwmf hmti, __ pittty"i? down. , CANOCBSr A neamuui article, totoal 11 f perm, t being clear Mmi Corner V Qu*t 0,5 % p?< .09 tO *?* ?* rn.1 much Um nil i WoO0 A muj Ml Tl. At., Brrw aad Wharf foot >XElc THE WEEKLY STAR ? |. Thii e&Miieat Pfcailf Mi Ntvi Jural ? maiBc * !!? ?* nnur of niwmiM iwiit IteB MB i* fo?ad im UJ otlwr-u ??btt*fc?4 m acrninf Tuvi-Om*. to Ifch. T OOlUiU thtt hu ud? TV E* ? v o * erfr*..:? tnrougboat III* MMHtry. aori?i ?t? ?i iMenittw, inn onie / 'i/W UM iiiuW tii p*p*r. Pr.oe-IHRtt CENTS in" Pott*Mt?ri w bo tot m ifdli wall k* ! - kii? tcummikioo off" cast*. FOR SALE AND RENT. K^OR RKNT.-Two new thi?* rtory BRICK r HOU?KS with Naok baildniga. bml cor>t?inin< riK>m?, wit* r??. >ita?>*d on Sth atrMt north, hrtwwn M mJ N iimfU, real nioU?r*tr A?l? ?o, K LA/KNHY. opposite ?r to JOHN T. LENMAN. Oluo ?v?uu?. b*tw??* 11th in* Mh streets QB If FOR Kfc> r?A on* tatory DWELLING on K trerf. Mvm 5th ?nd 61 h .u., TIM bous* n n?w, in exc?ll*wt (xxtdiuon an.!. to a good tenant, terms mad* hit. a lav for (uup, ft noow on C b*?i?ii nth mm) 12th ?t*. If ininwdi* ?pp?n?Uo?< b* m*1c. it will t* on fc-ooniinodalmx t?rnu. Apply t> P W. BMOWNIXQ. oc 1 > ?"Nort I70K MALK-A Mil FARM offc> torw. ?1ImM r ?t the Little Fslis. heriee eonuortsbieiwell ing-hoaM, oon hinut, at&blM, Ac ; w?i. fm?d tnd watered ; within fur rii!m of WMkinftoa ; U korea in ealtiv&tion, tfe? btuiaoa is ktadtom vom land. It np?cii i?ri;aMir?!<:>u a count'? [M L'uh fchNT- l M HK8T FIAH>R of tft* tofuM r tut iUiU ?S oppoaito the west vimo( Um Citr Hn .r. oootly occLpx^ bj Cbu. wtiiwi M an oCi?f< Ai*o> the Trout rooa l* th# m?o?I tor? and t! third floor of Uijmm Nuidiac. For term* *.?)* to RICHARD wlLUCOio. (jiniitAM mmm *- * ^ PROF. WOOD'i RESTORATIVE CORDUL AKD BLOOD REHOYATOB It frMiirli w' ? iU auie inditktN, lor, vkllf p;?a?ai.t to thcaato, it it revirif? mg cxhil*ratir>?. invitoiatinc ?n<i vtrenrtbe? id( ?o thr \ itt fvwn, aa4 at tae "aroe Utue ri-T.vtb**. reibatataa. ai?d ra new* t&e U tx?d u a i lU ori?l<-a! fu U?. aod lline *t onoe r til ores am4 renders the tytfm 4m*nlmf+bls to attarks of disease. It th on y frrftittiM ever offVr?u to the world. ao ehwiea Iy and ktll f?lij c ?.biued M t? b* tn? nuit |?u varla! tou?, anl at the am? <> perfectly a-japterf Jo. aa to iu (?^i ioti ftco'mjftnoe Vim IM ltw of Dttnr^* Id i hence *m footkr <kt n<U'ji in ton* up the di(aativ? organ* uj thu? alia? mi mt vomi ri other irritation. It is pmfeet'* exhiia'a tint and at the nam# tine it n exposed entirely of ve*?tat> ee, yet eo c?jn,t?i n- <1 a* to prodaea the most thorough to mo < ft Jot, without piodaeiny SJ>y in jurious rons-q ueno?s. tuch a remedy has lone tvxrn fe t to be a df.H?raUm ia the medtael world, (or it need* do m?dioa< a* ill u> see that d'b.lit? follows all attacks ol disease, and pn???e<ls a' 4 ta d???d lays the system < p n to the insidioas attacks of many of the most fatal, saah. for ezaojaie. a* Us At,. I Willi ('. IIUBMiiO l?llli?Jin. f'. ** *~ *1 * L ?? of 'Appetite. fnnii)#-i, Nervosa I >ntar>i if;, N-u'api*, Ha bitation of th? heart. Meiaaehoi*. Ni|ht ?w.aU, I<ar.*'.r. Old* meti. Krtention ol. aa we i a* Painfu oliatructerf tho profuae, or too ae?nt Men?truatiot. tul Falling of the Womb. Theee all depeati Hfob ??i.era utbllltf. Thl? purr. tiOAltb; tonic CorJia ud B ood Renovator i? M ore to cor* m the rui ia to r>?e and t- Tt?*re ia o ir.i Utn a:*>ut it. Butthia i? rot all If the ayeteoi i* wMkeotd we are open to l?li*u? at tack*. the liver twniKM torpid, or vnrae diwutd. the kidneya rrfaew t>* p"rf< iin their fuucUoae, ana ve e troubled with aoaldiufand moor tine' o? of urine, or inroiuntarj diaenarge ( tie aame, pain in the haok. aide and t>etwe?u the ehuuide'*, ex I'etdiruiy liable u< *'1*111 oolda, ooofh?. *i.d If oheckra. aoon emaciation follow*.and the patient c>>?? down to a permatnr* grave. Hat eaaoe ?i I not allow ua to numeral* Ute mat * 11>a ? wbieh ? a are liah'e in?*?\k?n?J condi'ion o| tUa eyatMa. But we will eay in thia t'ordtai and B oo<1 H enuva wji yuu ii?to purwi, ??'?* piOikibl ftBO fl*qtnft runr^r fur iomui App-tit*. mlivuinMi. Fiatn lenee. w-ak *iok Slonwh Lunimr, l.tvar Cunp'airt, Chilli and Fever, or anj H !ion>attaa*. C o? ti veneei, A Old it; ?ftheht'??????>i. N>'*wiin?, Neura-kia. faipiuuuu of tk* Hwrt, Depreetioe uf:*pi'iU.:k>ree. PunpiM on til* FlM.uru* au saae anting from impure twooJ, tuoh m "vjrufua, krynpf Im. Bronehitu, Or uck.diffc ju I) of Breath - inc. and all that olaei wt diMM o?. ed femaie vwknoH.U'1 enuinM?t?d above. We will ai*o t%y the traveler exp<?er?l to epidemio*. ohame of slimate ao<l water, will fiud it a pxaeaut. eafe?od lure rf fltl. knd no ?n? ihnnM ?\?r in : out. fl??d-r. try it. for we eaaare ?o? to* will 5nd in it a f'lfnd md-ed. aa wen aa ?triend in sted. All peraona of nadeatary bablta will find ita par feot preveoti re vt, mm wrilu i?irt for tho?e Ml - merta which the> are particularly exp>-aed Hei.oa miniatera, aiudauta, attoroeja. litarar? gro'laroen. Hid 'adieu who are r. t icait mad to much out door excrciru, will bod it to their ?dv?uU<? to keep a bolt.* conptai.tly on bard, at ?1 above a l m<tne*a or taoae MAomini aueh. will ?o th'ouib that moat danceroua period not ? ?'? with ai i their locur.onwd atrength, but aafe and free from the L&ou?and ailiuenta eo prevalent ftnonf the femaie portion of the wo. Id. In abort, u indeed a mother soruial. Try it old And yoanf; do lo< (W ran th? nalr ofdelav it will relieve and prove it?elf em -b. - a?-1 . u ? r>?? * rt> irnnwwii} a ncivriMixt i/vntHHMNi &nr\m* nwnn^ ?0. J. WOOD. pro>n?tof, 444 Brotdv*/. !? * k'ork, *ud 114 Market StrMt St. B> d b? ail foo<l iirugfiata. Prio* Om Dollar fOT ottl*. PROP WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL D r s\r\ n wwvi/ Axjivv/riiii/A. an 20.#oU. *Jw . HWIEWEU/I UNIVERSAL COUGH UKXDT, For mil Threat mnd Lung CompiatnU, from Common Coughs to Actual Co HTTMVVWITT T JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Surt R?m*tiy fmr mil N*r votu Complaint<, From Neor*igit thr?.o?n mil cum where Opiam raa *ver aaed to tku of D*!inam TrMWM, ud tM loaunoa chief oaae* of ihaeaee LOSS OF SLEEP. The Toln Anodyne, Umg-i containing not a par jodoi opium, iri'oupw an me r^ui'fmmu ol. M>d may be used m all mm wherever Of tan waf ised without prolan: i fci.Ttkinr but CarM.and svmr the patient in aperieotty aataral cat* The I iiiv?r?ai Coufh R?u.t-cyT(?reed from all Jie common obieotion of <'o?ci Remtdiee. which ?r jduce rActea or prostration, J may be oonwoere^ tho oummon enemy to ail Throat and Lane Com ptainU. arid ?sed with ywtwt impaaity Aekiu? kit to oourt (Toni pr. #n.u>r, or friend, the imm* 5 re re laveaUnaLion or both Ramedl'w.and roauiua oar pamphlet* to belong with all <1e?ier? an? Bore particularly to parehaee oaly of ?>oe*wre ueurpriiiim ipun, wr ?wt leotaiona of Pati'nU ?rrt Phyti " Pnnn within rMtrh <tf il" J. W. S. C? PV ii%rf Boston Oi'.HrsMWILL, 144 Wfctor ?t_ Nrw York. Vndnrthe teoifc! ap*m?ion ofioH^ L. HUN *E\T ELL, Cheimtt ud PharmtooaUit, Borto*, 1?h , vIiom icr.atar* ?over* the to h Mtk* [ name only, ?na to wtinw addraaa aii w?hi )4UOS(. t*ojd hr?Jl rewpeotabl* dwlm mn?to?,n< til the Dmcfi'ti in Washington and (iwmiow. WrK?J _ rFlOCUMAT'ON! O THE WASHINGTON*,gISvRGETOWN, * . CHOLERA MORBUS."""**1 mmaom ? rm* DIARRHEA. DYSENTERY, CH0L1C. ti?'ikmurt^^ twU to ?n Aianaicf ?x teat: K R"T "?'n?E(Jl1nO? """ DkSZ^rX'ol*"" OV PaIU, jff^n hi? 11 i MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER ofUtf km ordw to ntiafy ? X.BStilu.m.. THE MONK$r&lLLh?h'ktFl NDKP to ?M #Mi ^ ^ i toito t? ??? ? ?? MtMito* O&lfckla T?<*?7 W fc' Drnii solo m lK ?b ?-i??r? I Gmu" U B*. Uroor*. &&& Roate; Ladi BbUuukI hH ot ladiM'. niia***' wd afc [>*o??<:, Hit<oH, _ ? l Also, tT**7 otkw it1 drec'i Room a?4Sh<i

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