Newspaper of Evening Star, November 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1860 Page 3
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S k7" Tin 8m? to pristo* mi Ik* (Mat J (team pre* In u* aoutb *f Baltimore, lta edition J to ao Urge aa to require It to br pat to preaa at an I early tour; Aarenisemenia, urrtiorc, ihoout be sent in Wore 14 o'clock ro., otiiervrUo tbey may not appear onttl die next day. Notic*?OUUict of Columbia Advrrtiacmenta to be Inserted In the Baltmoii Sun are received at and forwarded from Thi 4taa Oflee. RarVMLtcax msit.xe is th* 8svbstm Wui Tbe adjourned meeting of tUe republicans of the Srrmfb Ward took place laat evening at i*otomac Hall, when there wa? a good nunr.bcr present, of when, knwever, not mors tbaa one-aixth con unclad toeroselTes with tbe Association. After t be adoption of a c<nitttut1on somewhat aim liar to that of tbe central organization, tbe following officer* were elected: President, Theodora Wbseler: Flrat Vine Presi dent. Ed ward L'sf; Second Vie? Freaidant. Mr. V,d??n; Secretary.Henry Mnrta^b; Treasurer. Won. lltnlry; Executive Committee, John R Flrana, Jonathan Dillon. O W Garrett. Wm Martin, G B Clark, and G. H Larkln. It waa determined to hold weekly meetings. at same ball to be selected by tbe executive committee Tbe meeting pas ed off quietly, tbe only aplcy bit of discuaaion occurring upon tbe question I whether the original Jacobs of tbe oarent asao <a i tion at>n?ld be ebare^d an Initiation fee. ; Mr.Wm f Wood pitched into the "wigwam"' ] with considerable v.m. He acknowledged no i " parent aaaoclatioa,'' and waa opposed to buildI log up that abolition concern. He went a to it I purely to beat loco-foooiim, and not to <1 ntify I nimaelf with all that waa taught there, tie was f dow* on "initiation fee*" anvt>ow, and there waa no soch thing at the old association aa an lnitiation fe?, when he joiutd it A Mr. Garret expiatned bow tbe iaittation fee ft Wlglnated at tbe parent association. The parent I a^yiation bad no control over them, nor their I iMtpn, nor waa It responsible for tbelr action. I TVy recogn fd itas tbe parent association, bow| iW .as a matter of eourtesr due it Something V ww due to it as tbe piace where they bad been f nMI- republicans "I r Wood denied that be bad bees made a republican there. He waa not of tbe sort of nigger lovers tbev were there, recognizing tbe nigger as equal to us. His repablicanlsni was of a different stamp from that at tbe wigwim. He had offered resolutions there, which nad been voted down, against niggers holding office. He Th# vntp h*inir Lkt-n it tKitsll who T Joined the Association, original Jacob* or otherwise, should pay 25 cents initiation fee. Far a considerable time a very decided "bad mell" bad been noticeable in tbe ball, and it , bad been jocosely proposal to appoint a "smelling rtBmtitw," in imitation of *ne Dem. Jack. As- , sjciation, to ascertain tbe caLie. It wa? ascertained. however, without forma, action that some scamps bad shown tneir dislike to tbe Association in a style peculiar to their tastes and lnstincta, it: by strewing filth on the stairs. The meeting adjourned until Monday night, (instead of Wednesday, on account of non-attendance being mere than probable while the election returns are coming in. c*. r\.... r>~ **7 . i # v ii _ _ rma u.i r? it. i r ulu i??f mimroni J uiur? Thompson lLat. In addition to the cases already noticed in the star, he bu. within the last week and the present one, disposed of other business and complaints, aa follows: An individual, charged with letting up a faro table within the city limits, was fined S50 an^ ' I Two storekeepers, charged with selling goods and merchandise without license, were fined $10 and 9i cents costs. Two market venders, charged with refusing to place their carts and wagons in the position assigned them by the Clerk of the Center Market or his assistants, have each been fined S3 and 94 cents costs Two colored boys, charged with throwing atonea at a Route in the Fifth Police District, a nil using insulting language to the occupant, wer? arretted, and. at the request of the complainant, turned over to their wastersjfor suitable corporeal punishment Two white boy?. charged with stealing Are wcod from the canal wharf, have not yet be?n arrested, one of them having dodged the officer and the other run away to parta unknown. Two warrant* hive Wen Issued against a white woman foe Indecent language on Prnniyinnh avenue, and for an assault and battery on another white woiuan at the same time Warrant! not vet aerved. The keeper of a restaurant near the Center Minn Has Deen tried for permitting cards to txj played In bis house for money or something in | lien thereof The defendant was acqn'tted 1 In some other minor cas<-s. Involving breaches of the city litwi, the parties hare also been ac quitted for the want of evidence or discharged on payment of coats Thi Thud National Cosvistio* or I'jiio* Piatir Meetimgs will be haul in this city, be ginning Tuesday, Dec. llth, at 7^ p m At a meet'ag held on tbe 3ist ult.?Rev Dr Sunderland In the chair, and Rev J. G Butler, aecretarr?the original committee was enlarged, and consists of the following persona: Rev. Drs Sunderland, Gurlev, Finckle. Smith. Sainton. Morsel], Edwards. Butler, Hamilton. Parker, and Ryana; Rev Measrs Wilton, McCauley, Coombs. Proctor, .Kennard, Bittinger, est wood, Noble. Bartlett, k.tB:iger, Dumm. 9ip?, I^mon, Srliloegel. Ward, and J G Butler; Mraera W. L.Wal. Tar, W. T Swithson, Ephraim Wbetrlrr, J F. 1f u i? ^? n -1 iit n t? niir, j n Diauic), toi n . r. lonog, \v m Woodward, T. U. Walter, Wm. Billautyn?, Rebert Kicketta, A. Noerr. jr., T P. Morgan. Col. Kdwards, J. C Harknn*. Mr. Linton. L. J. Mark*. P. M. Pnrioa. Mr. McNew, J. Oarrett. Mr M?x>re, Mr Lew la, Mr Well*; together with W J Kheea, B P. Moraell, and Dr. J H Moore, of the Young Men's Christian Association. It was resolved that a meeting of this coain>itte? be held on TuaMlay evening next, at the cloae of the Union Prayer Meeting Sundrv sub-commltt?-es were appointed, and the First Presbyterian Church was flxed upon as ttie t-lace for the assembling of the cut vention. The hoapiUlltles of the city will be exte: ded to delegates, as hearts and home* may he thrown open to receive them 1 Thi Wist Ebd Cask ?The lnvestigati iQ Into the circumstances attending the sud(f* dee d*eth of Mrs James Watklns, mentioned in [ . yencraey uiinw, 1001 place ii cer late rtili dence, tn Fairfax county, a few rod* wnt of the W Stone Bridge, yesterday, about noon. Juatlce Padgett, of Fairfax county, acting Coroner, held an iuqueat upon tbe body of the deceased, aiid it appeared In evidence that on .Monday the waa in Alexandria, called at one of tbe drug store*, and aaked for strychniae; upon tbe reftiul of the drug giat to a-U It, abe appeared disappointed. and aaid, "I ain't go:n_; to kill anyb dv1 want it to poiaoo r*u!" She failed, bowever. in obtaining tbe pot?oa at thia eatabiianment It further appeared in evidence that another druggist la Alex- i andria had on Monday aold atrvchmu* to three person*? two of whom were ladle*. i>r. French testified that he waa called to attend the deeeaard aad from tbe symptom* at her death, he believed tk?( H lwl ffrtin th<a btf^ta t\f rtuwhaUa 1'V... Iury found that the deceased can* to her death rom the effects of poison, administered by her own hands ? Altz. Gaxett*, 31 tt. Tbb Police A?aiji.? Mr Editor: We with to make known to the public, through the columns of your paper, that a young gentleman returning borne by way pf H itrret, (Capitol Hill,) on Wednesday nlgbt, about 10 o'clock, was abruptly art zed by a fellow, who endeavored t? Kb htm. v*n at the roat of bit life Th? young man tocreeded. after having hla clothe* badly torn, in k extricating himself from the bands of the ruffian, and In m*kiag good hla escape by some tall running V\ hat we wiah to kuow la, where oar efficient and highly energetic pa lice cor pa was ngaged at the time, for after repeated erlea of watrh," no watch appeared We only consider It Mteaaary to eall tne attention of the Chief of Police to this fact, fully supposing from hts comA pi etc command over the police, that be will not allow such a transaction to occur again. Civis. 1 Ritue* or Pamebobes?I*ast night a number ftf OftfltfnifMi hf th# Or*fom nrtA A -* f returned to this city, befng unable to continue tbeir journey. Tbe reason, they iiy, is a destrucI tlon uf bridge* on tbe Virginia and Tennessee r?da. toy the recent rains causing heavy frrsbets la tk? stream* over wblcb they were constructed, thus preventing tbe coanectiona. CocxTiKriira ? There are aald te be many euniarleiia circulating in tbla vlclaity, upon tbe ?B?nk of Commerce of Fredericksburg, Va , and I tbe Northwt-stern Rank of Alleghany ? mostly ftves The app^ranee of the notes are calculated to deciva tbe Incautious Dbpaktcbi or Mabi.iks ?This morning * 4cUrbntent of seventeen Marines and two musicians under command cf Lieut. Nicholson, left Hie awracu >1 UC > vy l ara, ud took puunt I for New York in the early Uala of rata. They are ord?rt4 to a L' H rttuuer mw is New York All Day -To-day, In tk? Ctth?lk end Rpleropel (."hurt-lee, ttr frast of All Salits 1b observed Large congregations wer<> pr?-e?nt at St. Matltew'a. tft I'aU'.ck'i and 8t Aloyalua1, wberr tbr- rrremonfra peculiar to the occasion were of I very interesting character Roilibt ?Mr. Wm. Leach. who mUmu ?w Bevouth Ward of thla r|iy, wu r >bh^d th!? b?blie or Ust nl^ht. of S30U la gold, t?o ia aUrot, * 4 allvvr watch Hia auapiciona root apoa iB acquaintance aad aelgbbor, who haa toft for park UlMfl. m WAaaigeTOM Savmaa Bans ?'Tola tnatttutlon, P1 advertised elaowbera, opeoa und.-r particular;v happy auaptcea. auch a depository being much h. BMaed ber?, and tba aaiaaa af tha truaw* being " ad that responsible r bararter that the rommulh yjfe fed eaUre eoafideace la die eaterprlie. Tw? Fame?The flnsnctil commotion, which f hae prevailed in the leading commercial ciUet la I ?lfW of the thmt^ninsr rniidifl/wi t\f I country, h?? reached &rnsh4?gU??i In slight wave, just sufficient to caovtr tbe back* to bus hand tbeir resource*, and the business men to send oat their acco inta for collection somewhat in advance of tbe casfotnary periods. In this respect the New York Biercbants hive furnished them a precedent, a* the Booth is just now flooded witb drafts. Ac . from northern merchants, in "d ance of the nsoal time for sending them, snd which "breach of custom" is evidently attributable to tbe fear entertained that such accounts may not bo collectable at all at a later period. Our Washington mer- I c ha a Is have sqaared up promptly, so far as we hear; but we have reason to believe that many drafts have been returned protested from farther 9o?th. ftraasT Rosbbst.?At sn early hour last night, a Frenchman, who had just been to tbe Russian Legation to obtain money, while passing along tbe street, In the Second Ward, near Thirteenth Street, was knocked down snd iis carpet-bag, Containing his clothes and about in geld, were taken. A search warrant was issued this Doming to search virions place* where it was thought it might be found The information being given to sn officer of tbe Franklin Fire Company, be Insisted upon a thorough investiga lion ortooaiuir, m order that the blame should reit where It ought to. The offense being committed la the vicinity of tbclr engine-bouse, memb<w? of the company, It wu thought, might be uniustly accused, aa It la not unusual for 4 rem en to b* blamed for whatever occura near their rendetvcus But the Idea of the officer is to catch aud puti?h the offenders, whoever they may be. Wi take PLiAurre in calling the attention of the public to the arrival In thla city of a really meritorloua work of act, and which should be seen by every man, woman, and child?known aa ?' WolfsUrnberuer's new Painting of the Arctic Regions." Judging from the very complimentary a oil era of the Loudon preaa, which la amply endorsed by the best Authorities la art matters in this Country, we can readily announce a rare treat. Thta painting, we are Informed, Is a aerlea of gems, illustrating completely and beautifully, the wnoifl Arctic subject, executed by eminent ?ngllah artista In > style hitherto tinapproached by panoramic eaaaylata The Introductory lecture given by Alfred Smith, Eaq , of the Royal Geographical Society, London, has been pronounced the moat complete, chaste, and elegant production an the tame subject extant. Akbistzd ?A warrant wai lnned this morning by Justice Dona against Mr. Jamea A. Wise, Charged with an assault and battery on a young man. a clerk in a atore on Seventh street The Complainant stated that the bouse was rented from Mr Wise; and that this morning became to the atore to collect his rent. The tenant told him he w.ia not ready for him just then Mr. Wise I poke about wanting the money, or getting the money, and said something about sending a conIfahl^ At thil intimation ' * * ?uc JI>UH< mau iaut;ara. which Irritated .Mr. Ulw, who drew back ana 1 I'.ruck him on tbe aide of tbe head. Policeman (1 Ve?tman made the arreat, and the case waa ruled for trial. Democratic Mektiro in Al?xand*ia ?Tbe Gazette of tbia morning says: Tbe Breckinridge wing of the Alexandria democracy whs addreaaed laU night, at Sarepta Hall, by H C McLaughlin, Kaq , of Waahington city. At tbe conclualon of Mr M< Launhlin's spee<b, the Hon Mr. Aiken (not of S. C ) addressed the meeting. The honorable gentleman is certainly most elaborately Informed upon statistical D<>liticaand tbe machinery of campaign tactira. Mr Row, of New York, followed with some remarka Niw Mission School ?Under the auapicea of theeongregation of tbe Kphipbany Church (Epiaropal) In H street, a new mlaaion school haa been started in Fourteenth street, between OL>? avenue and D street. The new bniuliiiir ?f >> foundation is now being laid. Is twenty-four feet wide, by fifty fert deep, asd will be a handsome alruoure wU?n finished. Sabbath School and Sunday afternoon church exercises will be beld therein regularly, commencing u toon as the work shall have been completed Thi New Wiiselk a. Dkc:dkd Success ? Harvey, on C 'r'-et. opposite tte Theater, is serving enormous quantities of oysters scalded, to the fourv.ets of the city, who are to be found there n crowds, especially it lunch-time, dally. That mode of serving up oysters is the favorite one among thf>se living where the o\stera come from, and Is really something far ahead of any other mode of cooking them we wot of. Htminiai,?A large and interesting gathering was present at the New- York-avenue Presbyterian 1. ** ?- - lyuunu luii aiiernoon. nappy spectator* of tbe pleasant ceremony of marriage The parties In tbia affair were Mlaa Msrla Louisa Douglas, daughter of Archibald O. Dctijjhs, Esq , and the Rev Alexander D. Moore,aon of Wm.W.Moor*, tsq They were warmly congratulated by tbelr numerous friends on leaving the hy menial altar W k ha vi a number of communications on band which are withheld from publication, as they are accompanied by no responsible names Will parties who favor us with communications please remember that the name of the writer ahould in all cases accompany the article, not uereMirily to Insure Insertion, but aa a pledge of good faith on tbe part of tbe writer. akkivrd at Cartel' wharf (foot of Thirteen and a-half street) schooners Ocean B.rd. Quillln, Phliadi-lpLln, v ith 125 tuna of co*l for Mr. Jainta Fra?er; Thomas R Skinner, Perry, Philadelphia, with a cargo of* coni for M<-a*ra. Cl.apin & Bro ; Caroline. Ilattoii, Philadelphia, with 50, UX) feet of lumber for Mr. Sani'l Norment. CiKTitL Gca*d-hod*8 Casks.?John Callighan, for carrying concealed weapons, was fined # !! 15, upon which he appealed to tLe Circuit Court David Jones, colored, drunk and pro* ftnitv; S3 15. Deonla Mannahan. do ; *4 15. Kdward Orey, disorderly and profanity; 93 10. Mary Hell. Hannah Huutr iii? *i i' Ckxtkk Mahkkt ?The attendance of dealers writ a? full a* usual tula morning, and the supply of provisions up to the average. The business ol the day wai nut as heary aa ordinarily; easily accounted i?r by the continuance of the warm weather and the dampness, which uaually prevent* extern! Y2 purchases. The ruuBTU annual ball of the Hiawatha Club conieaoff this evening, at Htott's Hall, corner of Hmnaylvania avenue and Twentieth street A very pleaaant ^me la anticipated, and will no doubt be retillzai For particulars see advertisemeet In another column. Dy. Davidson's Lictckk on the Flight of Birds was again postponed yesterday, but will be drlivered at the Aaaembiy rooms, Louisiana av , this evening, without regard to the weather. Fusion ib this CiTT?All the parties In this city have fused on one great Important platform, whl^> is to buy Household Furniture, well made, where they can buy the cheapest Tbe headquarter* are at Brown's. 360 Seventh street, near Northern Market Tbe books are open for all good persons, or If tbe money Is paid down great inducements are offered Open from d o'clock a. m. until < p. m Tbe reporters of tbe Star admitted cheerfully. N B. A whole sett of Chamber Furniture as lvw as $18. It Ixpobtaxt Nbws rsost MirhiaanF1 nley, corner of Seventh and F sis , has just received another large supply of Michigan line cut cbewlug tobacco. 2t* Huvt bbdcctiow In tb? prices of Perry k. Bro ' vast stock of silk and other dress goods, cloaks, shawls, Ac. Oar lady readers will doubtim note thto fact to thsir early ad van tags. St Wistab's Balsam or Wild Cbbbbt, Curt* Bfnckial A ftt rt on > and all Dittaui of tkt From the Botton Evening Traveler. January 6. "It is porhap* hut a simple act ofJustice to the proprietor* of Wtstar't Baham qf Wtld Cktrry for aa to eay, that our ptrstmtl n-ptrtence in the u*? of this artiol?. has impressed us favorably. One? f the proprietors of the TraveUr was e tire! jr eured of a sever* cough o| four months' continuance, by thus* of this Balsam .ami several of on r friend s and ao<iuaintanc-?s, who have tried the article, have found it of great service in relieving them of severe cougba aad ?hortne?s of breathing, with which they had been afflicted." None genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, Jr.,S. B. Waite, 0. Atott, John Sehwarae, Nairn It Palmer, Wash mgton; and by dealers everywhere. oc JO-lwj Hollowat's Pills. ffrrrous Debititf, ^r -As a sedative and invigorating medicine, these Pills have had an astonishing ?u jcess in overy part of the civilized globe. They are unaffected by cUmate as their operations are the am? in the torrid zone or tiie Artie r?s*ion?_ Ts. ? re<u:a im> pulse a?d the action of the heart, braci and strengthen the relaxed nerve*, five tote and eoero.totb* general eyeum, and by re m abliahlog a vigorousedo' t of the vital fuaotionaextmauiah the elcnieuta of melancholy, dap reased apiriia, bluea. vapors, Ac. gold by all Druggiata at fee , *2c. a ad ?1 per bo*. oo l?-lv llOKSOFATBIC RUIXSIII All of Dr. Humphrey a * Co.'a apaoifio Homeopathic Kemediea put np expreaaly for family ua, laboxea, at 23 and fc ?mU ekoh. Also. ia eaaef. wwteuuu 2? rial a, from to $& retail axeaL W. A. Fltageraid. 343 north F utreet; alao byr. B. Wiator, oorner of Maisachaeetta avenue aad Sixth street. Aia-s Ptmd't Extrmxt of Witch HaaW^fur uiUjiiai^and exUrnai laJtemmMtoaa of To to* imiCTD!?Jle snre to read the adrerti?eme-t o? McLean'a Strengthening Cordial and Blood Pari tar. u? another oolnmn. tf Oa the \A iuUal. fcMILIB, dufkttr of Win. H ?t.d Pradenoe E. Prftcar*, ftfM 1 year and t month! , 1 ha faurr&l will tvke plaoe from the rMuUna* of ?&d N, oa Fnlfcj,taeJdiu?t?at1aWo'o.ockf. m, ?.! i' * " " " VuJt4 -if lli OF Fall * ? Witter 3^ ^ ^ ^ BUSDETTE'S. Having daiimtd my largest ?ureba*ei until raoently. I tm now prepared to offer to my M?<h and the publio generally one of the large*: and fiuest stock* of DRY GOODS! to b? found any whey* in thi* oity, and at lea*t ten per cent cheaper than those who bought in ths early part of thi* Haios. : Mr *'ock #mhrac?? everything in th*w*y of DRY GOODS and CARPETING, nt: Fine Silk Robe*x7 and 9 flounce*, Moire Anti^uO'ilkt, all color*, Chintz Furnred Silk*. Plain and striped Sillr. A large and superior stock of BLACK SILKS, ion? as low a? 6 4* e?nt* per yard. A few piaoes, very fine and heavy, at ?1. SILK AND WORSTED GOODS. I heg to call the special attention of the Ladie* to thi* department: Figured P'auoh Merinos. Do. do. Mog seline Delainel, Plain do. Merinos, all colors. Plaid do. do do. Fnglieh Poplias.ali oolors, P'aid Valencia*. lv.l;.L U j_ - ? (MJSJini iunrinai, an colon, S> placet of grey Fopliaa, and other texturoa of Goifu^or Travelin? Dreaaea, aoma wry good at I I2S oenta per yard. BLACK GOODS. I eonatantly keep on hand all the beat makea of BOMBAZINE, MERINOS, TAMISE CLOTHS. ALPACAS, MOUS3ELINE DELAINES. Ao. WHITE GOODS. Table Liren* at ST, 5" 6<\7n, *1 and *1.15, f htrtina do. at 25, S7,50,62.75 and 1, .men Lawn. Cambric. Naakina. Towehnga and Handkerchiefs, Very cheap. FLANNELS. l^pieoesof All Wool and Domet Flannels, 2 "*se? of hearr Cuton Flannel, at 10 cents, 103 pieces neat Figured Calioo, will be ?oH at 10 cents, suob aa arc generally retailed at 12,Sots. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. I have all the new styles of Cloaks of the season. A creat vaiiety of Shawls?SO Stella Shawls, only 52. MEN AND BOYS' WEAR. loo pieces of heavy Engliah Cassimeres, Cloths, Sat nets and Tweeda, all colore. ON THE SECOND FLOOR OF MY STORE will be found a very desirable stock of CARPETINO. DRUGGET". RbGS. OILCLOTHS, k.c. My crpat advantag-i is in oontroling a large business with small expsuse. , , TERMS CASH?Own Pkicxas tvea2 a* Pomiblk W. W. BI RDETTE, Mt. 351 Sereolh Street, 03 31 5t bktwbkm I and K. aDR ESS HATS ! DRESS HATS! E? New and full aupplien of th* lateit and moitapproved style* just received at l-ANE'S F&ehionabla Hat and Furnishiuf Stor*, oo 4tf4 Pa. avemij, near ?U Heath * knowle*, LIFE, FIRE * MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS, Offioe? Room 16 o^er Bank of Washington, oo 29 tr Washington, P. ^ THE vunnKLTi<;tr JIUTI AI, I,IFE INSURANCK COMPANY OF HARTFORD. / CCGMCLATIOH 93 500,000, Pragma iiidueamor.ti to all olaaina equal to any company. and far aup rior to moat. Dividend! made and paid annuaUr. HEATH 4 KNOWLE*, Agenta, oc 29 tr Offio*. over Bank of Washington. E. E. O'BRIEN. VfROCERIE* AND VARIETIES! Southwest corner of L and Ninth ata. A VERY SUPERIOR ARTm.E OF OLD f\ MOUNTAIN DEW K YE WHlSKV.for medicinal purposes. Ju?t reoeived ati<l for ?ale hy E. E. O'BRIEN, Southweat oorner of L and Ninth ata. A SUPERIOR LOT OF RR ANDY, at #f per bottU, and Oi D. RYE WHISK Y, at 3U ceuts nttr tuittld J it *1 pfinaivttjl a nil ft%r uala O'BRIEN, Southwest co ner of L and Ninth *ts. VARIETIES, VARIETIES?Just reived ar.d for?a!e by E. E. O'BRIEN, Southweiit come- of L and Ninth at*. ORANGES. I EMON8 and MAPLE SUGAR. Ju?t received and for tale by E. E. O'BRIEN, South weal oorner of Laud Ninth sts. IAAil FRESH COCOA NUTS, ALMOND*. ,UUll FILHKRT-.PECAN NUTS.CREAM NUTS, and ENGLISH WALNUTS. Ju?t re .^.^( .1 r?. ? ' OHID'UM voi ?*"i i*mi i?i o? J ' uy rj Cia V/ UI\ I nil i oo /7-6t South woit oorner of 1. and N inth kt*. A fafkrha^ gT.N (it*. CHOICK 8?-lwstion GOLD. LOW PRICED SATIN, and BLANK P\PhR*. At J. M aRKRITER'S, No. 4?G SSeventh str^t, oo 2G-1 w* > doom above Odd Fellow*' Hall. Window shades, \V ARR NTED GOLD B * ND. HalT, Green,and Blue H Ll.AND SHADES. At JOHN MoRXRITER'S, No. 486 reventli otref-t, ooJG-lw* Hdoori ahovj Odd Fo low*' Hall. PICTURE CORlT AND T\8SKL8. A variety of colors, from photograph to portrait aitea. At JOHN M A K KRITKH'?, No. 486 Se -rnth streot. oo 26 1w* S dnota above Odd Falmwii' Hull. rpRIMMlNGS, BUTTONS, TASSELS! The best m ortment~or TRIMMINGS, MUTTONS. TASSELS Ac. Ala.., YARN, Zephyr and Whetland WOOL, are kept in Wa.hnuton. No. 30 Market Spaoe, near Sth at., at New York and Baltimore pnoea. oc 29 iiw' F. MUHLTNGHAU8. PUKE OLD EY" WHISKY .FOR MEDICINAL USE. Priet 92 j**r gallon or 50 tents per bottU. The va?t lion>? and foreign demand we have for thia article anf&oientty attests ifs pu. tj and exoelleno-? Moreover it may be mentioned in thie connexion that many mvaida of delicate organisation, anable to nae whiaky of other t ranrta, have found the abova moat efloaoiona and happy in i a > ffeeta A liberal diaoount on the above arirea made to the trade. EDWARD HALL. Dealer in fine Winea and Lienors, Family Urooeriet.Ac, op*. Center Market, AM Of I.-a m? U ..J OIL _a I. ucv?ocn ibu ?du ova ureeu. CI'HTAIN MATERIALS AT CO*T.-Th* entire a'ook, eonpri?gi( tks moat complete vari?tiea of materiala fur Curtains adapted to drawing ooraa. parlora, dininr rnoma, eh?nh?ri, office, Ao., ?r?i offered for aale in thia < ity, ara now aellinr out at prime coat for the cash ait the old and eatah i hed atoraof CLAOKTT k DODSON, oo23-e.6t No. 4 Market Spao*. WNEW CLOAKS. E Have thia day reoe1 red from New Vork a beautiful a??ortmont of new style Pali and Winter CLOaKS, en<?h aa the Arab. Zouave and other aty'ea, la Blask and 'renoh Clothe. Alao Plain and Striaad Ulollu. *l> of whinti * Inw 00 l.V "" TAYL*"'K~& HUTCHISON. 'PHE CHEAPEST PAPER EVER OFFERED 1 in Washingt .n, quslity considered : Extra Whit* LiU Coino<erctal Not*, at 01 per ream. A lighter qaa'itv at 75 cents, gup* ior Laid Letter White or Blue, at 02, t >(hter aualitie* at 01 25 and 01 50. These Payers have been booght at a great bargain for casj, and will he told below th?ir value. WM BALLANTYNK. 00 #> Steo 499 7th St., above Odd Fell's Hail. '1"HE ATTENTION OF THE CITIZENS OF 1 the Dis riot and surrounding country is reupectfu'ly solicited to an examination of our aeaend Fall Supply of the following Uoods : PARl.UK, OINlNO-KOOvj, CHAMBER.and D a ua A/if Da DL'iifl D/kO rvniia Ivi?r?/\V? a w a ? o*"C? OVI\i/CiI\t3. 1/ Ti V- \J IV /V * TIONS and CEILING PAPKKS, eniDr&einc every oonooirabU design, and ranting in prion* from 10 ctiti to (5. Heal and Imitation Gold Bad and Painted WINDOW SHAD KM and SHADE HOLLANDS of all widths and colon. tilLT CORNICE, CURTAIN BANDS, and Kj_NS in croat variety. PICTURE and SHADE CORDS in a t oolors. together with an immense stock of Picture and Shade TASSELS, LOOPS, Ac , to match. Thece good* have been carefully selected from the largest manufactories in the oauntry, ard we fisel confident that an examination of oar stock will ooavinoe any one of the advantages we of.r in ?w?f?rir.anti rerwff of the stock. PAPKR-HANGINU and other work ia oar liae executed promptly by competent and re table workmen, under the immediate supervision of on* of the ftm. and in all eaeee warranted M?al to any done m the countr*. To those who are aboat refitting we would aak an inspection of oar stock. ? f| THE NEWEST STYLES OF bOFT iflk , ? HAfet A.hd CAP?, WW In all ealois. for Gentleman, Youths and^^ Children, utay be round at LANK'S 1 atLC >p, and GeaUemea's Fsrnish'g Store. 90 9>w 4V4 ?*., new Ok ?C * w- ' . u d*4 <N?C A ? LOOT AND FOUNB. j f Q8T?Aboot IS o'clock. M?r Third fWO| on* 1 1_J Penn. ?mue,? GREY OOA l' with an A at : count Book. The finder will be rewarded b? ro- I tii-mng it to CH AS. MA DES'S K eataarant, eonwr ? Thi'd etreet and Pa avenge. It* 1 CAME TO THE PRF.MISt- S OK THE SUB- i, tonber, on Vermnot a renew. bwtw-t ? ?nu O atreeta, a dark r-d horn*l COW.Kr The owner wlI pleaaeca 1.provepru??tljf,JbaJaa pay charcM and take her away, no 1 WM. MoAULFY. * IO>T OR MI8LAID-Tw4> DIPLOMAS. r?i?- t J ferred by Georgetown Collie, 1). C., on an f Amuiiina ofthat Uni*eraity. tka um < of A H.) t ?i m.i 111 July.185 , anl the other (of A. M ) Julf, ? 18.S5 I he finder of either or both vi'l be aitab'y y rewarded by lea. in* them at Mo. 359 Sixth street, V or at the Light-hoeee Board, Treasury Rxteaeio?. r no 1 at* l LOST?On Monday, 29th instant, oa H treat," [J Vermont avenue, or Lafayette >411 are. a black * lace VEIL. The finder will be suitably rewarded ? by leaving it at this offioe, or with Mesas a. KING Jfc ~ BfRCHKLL, Grocera. 00 81-St ? ?Ofl REWARD.?Loat, or stolen from the a?H- G 0""" acriber.on Saturday evenin* last, a POCK- ? fiT BOOKt or fiuckak<n Puree,toontainin^ between M 8"? and ?90 in gold. The above reward will be paid on the return of the aam* to me. * oe?*r FREDERICK PASCO. * OQ REWARD?Strayed away, on Monday a tB>0 morning, a ama'.l black and tan Ter * rier SLUT ; weigha about 9 pouuda; | a aoar on Mtht fore leg; had on a black " glased oollar with ailver-plated edges. JAMES T. LLOYD. oc? St* No. 47* Pa. av., hat. 3d and 43% ata. LOST?On Satartor morning, the 27th inatant, B either in Uotman'a atore (117 Bridge atre?t> or B between there and Smoot'a dry gooda atore (next B door.Ja PORTKMONN ME. coataiuin* two #20 B gold pieces and noma amall change in silver ; f r which a lib?ral reward will be given, it returned to ? S7 Gaj at, Georgetown. oc30-3t 5: CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE SUB- Bl sort her. on the 26th of October. a me- Bi diom-atzed white'ai.d red CO\V. with very Ci while horns. The owner will please eome&jM CI forward, prove property, p?jr o*anre?. am! take her r. ?way. GEO. MAVHEW, ?< oc 30-3f lit farm to the left of Workhoute. FOUND?On Thursday, 25th instant, between \V ashincton and Ma Itimor*. a ?i?m nf Mo\ kv c' which the owner c&n have by payinr for idverti?ing, on application to WM 8TICKNEY. oc36-tf j,; PERSONAL; ii Di All persons are forbidden to {* hunt, shoot, or otherwise trespass upon this !!' plaoe. ? WM, T/MAURY, ft pretfy Prospect, near Georgetown. if October 30th, 1860 oo 31 ? MADAME FELIX, Fortune Teller from Paris J* l>e?a leave to inform her former friends, and iT the puMio generally.that she has removed to 250 Ninth street, northeast comer of N, where she will V' be happy to see all who may desire to have the p&st, E pr?*ent and future satisfactorily explained. K, oo ll-lm* Pi FOR SALE AND RENT. fi Fi FOR SALE?A rew two-story brick HOUSE < n Fl Fourth street, below New Vo k avenue. The honse is 30 feet front and 41 fee* deep ; ha* 5- foot lastaice, parlor, d'ni'-K-roorn. kitchen, and four chambers, with stairwav* in panssee and kitchen, ? with sood cllar under the whole hom*e Fo-te-ms ,*> mnii<r?* at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel- U lows' Ha'l. ol ?? l_tf I A u c Tiinn IM V u u. w. * vi FOR HKNT-A fir?t-olas? RKSIDKNCK (fur " ni?k?<l,lon Pa.avmva, near 3AJ itmt wpii, No. .11. Inquire on the premises. oc 3V t* I7()R RKN'T. - A three-story and l>fc?<?m?rit P KRA.MK HOU8K, near Pa, *v , on l*?Ch. !?*? ^ tvmtD G aid H its.. No. 413. Inquire atSI r> LKY ,|j ic, GUY'S Hardware Store, Pa. av oc 3>-tf F'OR Rr,MT-\ fi-Bt c!an Furnished RESI ? ' DKNCK, on I street north, between 13th a-d 14th its. Trf?t, opponiie Franklin Square. Inquire _ on the premises from 2 to 5 p m , Mo. 3 "Franklin r I'laoe. oc3U 6t* ( pOR RKNT-A twrv-story FRAMK HOUSE. cl " containing 6 rooms and a snnnner kitchen, on 01 Sixteenth street, between K a>id I.. Rprit moJer- _ at?. Vo*session given November 1st, 18611. ^ oc S3 3t I FOR RENT.?Two of thone four new BRICK ? HOUSKS lately erected on P . av. between c< 24th and 2S:h at*., in ths First Ward, containing room* aca, and supplied with gas, Potomac water and other convenience*. Apply to I>. F. CLARK, No 248 Pa. av , bet. 12th aua 13th sta oc 3 -6t* | fJ^OR RENT-A large and denrnbe four ?to y ' DWKl?MN?-HOL'SE, No. 463 K street, be- h tweon 5th and 6th : very oonvementlv arranred, witn fas, water, and rant*. Apply to S. D. (.'ASTI.EM \N.corner Sixth and B sts , opposite Na- 1 tiona! Hotel. oc 30 J I70R KENT?? very onvenient three story F HRICK HOUSE, with back-building, and ga< S ffiroughout, and large ya d, with atalile attached, MM on Thirteenth st. bet ween south R and C t?., Tsl.ird, n?ar the Smitiia'ni&n Inttitntio'1.. Inai?ir?of Dr. D. B. CLAKlvK, corner 4,*? *t. and Pa.>y. oo ?? 3t* " FOR RRNT-A deairable. healthy RES!- o DENCE-a three-?tory Brick Houee?built and k tiniahed in modern stylo. Hat 9 rooma, tas ard ai water, a larije yard, tablirr, Ac. 'I'o a punctual !? t* nant the rent will be moderate?$233 per year.) 9 Inquire next door, at 464 north M atreet rea-- 12th ?< treet. oo 29 4t^ ?< ROOM? FOR RENT.?Furnuhed Parlera and ? Chain b ra. Also, an Ortue for rent, eu table to A; a.udents. a? it ia located n<ar the Infirmary?No a TSt? Fourth bl., oorner E. oo 27-eotf q FOR RENT?Dnrin* tiie *e?*\on of Concresa?a 6r?t-class three-ntory BKiCK HOUSE, with r?.. _:_l_ j it ? ? -? _ - r u iimiitni n'lditiii, in on* of me moil ue- suable anil hetitby locations in the city For I erins, ftp . apply at 373 Seventh st. oc27-12t I IjVtR RKNT?Two r.e* HRICK HOI'SK**, with j r back buiMiqcn and ceKars, oaoli haviue 8 room*, with ga?, M?d side allejs, sinned on I. strait n- ar Thirteenth. Renr moderate to a giod tr.ant. In quire of M. GREEN. Ur^o r, corner or Thir- I teenth ani Late. Thin property is near Franklin Row, only a few minutes' walk from the T'eaau- ri ry Buildings, and one of the healthiest location* in T wasnuuto i. oo ?7 iw* FOR RENT-* four-story brown front DWEL ( Ll\(>, situate on Thirte?nt.i at., i.etween I. " and Massachusetts av.. ou>' of tho most desirable hi loeations in the city. Th? house is furgished with mart le niantles ; aso. ga* and wat-r tixtu> es, with btth-room Inquire nt \VM. P. SHEDD'S* Fanuy ~ Store, No 50a 11th st oc 31 It' | Ir?OR RENT-The new brick DWELLING- G HOUBK No.'SO Pro*p<>ct street, George own T The house is two stories and basement above u rround ; 8 rooms, including kitcnen and servants' cl room : gas and water in the pre" i?e8 H,ntrea- th sonahle to a p-rnidn^nt tennnt Appl? to 1). ENGLISH. 13S* Bridge street, Georgetown. ~ oc 26 2w yi Dwell ng house for k e n t?the h th-oe-ntory II ick !>wollir.g House on Gay. he- tl twcen Montgomery and Green stroeta. s-u'h side, di recently occupi d I?v Mr r**iiiuel 8. K ind, contain- la ihk 9 rooms: above the kitchen htore a d Kervant*' ei rooms; smoire house, oaTiate house, stable and wood house, with tras tlirouzhout an i wa'er ;n the yard. Apply to P. T BEkRV.No. 121 Dumbarton ~ Street. oo 23 *c6t r IjV)R RENT?A neatly furnished HOi'SK in the First Ward, on H, between 17th and IRth streets, ei No. oontauanc a doub.e parlor, 5 or 6 ehatn 8 bsr?,dining room kitchen and pantry; with ris, ti oold or hot water, bath-room. *c , *c. Apply to fa L. L. LOVING, Fourth Auditor'* Offios. R oo 4-lm E FOR RENT?Poi???!?ion on the 1st of October The DWELLING HOUSE No. 438 D street. [ at preaeut occupied bjr the Rev. Dr. Butler, and I uaxtdoor to the reaidenoe of the advertiser. ta J. M CARLISLE. rc N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding houae. 4 aeU tf I?OR RENT?A brickdwel ir.r HOU8E,on6th ut I 1. weai, between M and N a a. north, No. *30, containing 8 rooms and a kuohen. Terma -??oderi(a A krT. /InAr aiii.rk a* fC 1 ? \V| UP a* vj */*-? i li?' vti W *W 1W TUREEHUNDREDANDFIFIEEN ACRES la Fairfax oount*. Va., in exoMlent order; w 11 ,, timbered; good buildings; a orown none quarry. A tfc railroad oar shop and water station nusi be terected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi 1 in t>, L' iKlown county. A purchaser oa'< g>t a bargain ra of G. W. BRAY, Ageat, $16 Seventh it.Waih- 1* ington, D. C. ocH 1m* J FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No ?] 100 West st., Georgetown, at present oocu n< pied br the subscriber, it ( as <2 ro .ins, wuh g&a and wat??r throughou , a fine ya-d, stable &o , and is in a good neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. NT A- w CRUDER. oc25 tf I. F)R RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK sc houses with back buildings, each hous* 1) containing 8 rooms, with gae, pleasantly situated ot on nth street north, between M and N street*; rent oi moderate. Appl? to e. LA ZKN BY. opposite, or to JOHN T. LeNMAN, Ohio avenue, between 12th and 13th s'reets. oo 9tf n IpOR RENT?A handsome, first class RESI- g r DENCr", No 443 E street, between 6th and 7th street-?one of the m st eligible locations of this city. The houie is fumishoi with all modern im g. provemonts, such an bath room, hot and oo!d water on ?a?ih floor, range first and seoond floors heated , from basement. Ao., kn. Apply next d<>or, to Dr. ' JA!?. J. WARING, No. 444 E street b*tw?en6 h _ and 7th. oo 16 eotf S'OR KENT-TM FIRST FLOOR ?f tk? b?iM- C as an offloe. Also the front room in the aaoond Lovisiaoa avenue. J>UC OF RICHMOND, cask capital ? #*?0,000, t Insures again*! loss by firs. r HEA'IH a KNOWLb*. Agents, * oo 2i-tr Sat% over Bank of Washington. fo n*ATs, - m* % AND FUR 8.^ o? SEYMOUR, in Georjrtowo, anaouna* to Ua 1> i im?n? of (k? Dutriot that U?,hM now read* for ai ale mi ext?a?ir? a??ortment ofMoia H* , for gent*, of tU? vuioii ikiMK Soft _ a^tausfiMR TwVuS%i|rc \ oo 2S-2* ?3UBfidse?ueeL IU8T RECEIVED AT HtlirH'S, 8?mb V J ?tr?-t tvjlt'Mtrt ofFAul<*?l W.NTKR in C ' i HING tkU wi I ba kO d M v.toa tb? ?> jnoa*. ? W ? 11 Ml GEORGETOWN ADYERTMTS mr tkm cwniwn unrtmwu m jku pf L'post' m^c K.^KOIUA; $o\\N'^DT'C" ur th? month etelic* October 31, lMn. ij^r^^'jtsKwaaas'aeKtt fcey in*i not receive them. -ri fu " LADIES'LIST vskfortl, Mrs Blsry Hodso?, Miss V Parker, Mis* C kv>a*. Ana* Herts**, Mes {tim. M'l Jilu lurri*.. iJatberioe Mit. Mrs M 8 nuct, Mr* J** A, Mua M? * J*k*>, Mm Marr K?i??y.CalAenaeO lury, Mn Kot.t J?Mm V C I IUy??i4. Mm J A jJer, Mr* Ales Kjufit>ur j. Mr* A H*o4ea, Mrs Jut lweiii,Clin Lessp. Mr* Etii B?kfn*?*tlimMI ollius. Ellei Knsoe, Mil* M U?,Mv|Im*i lark, Lilly A IUmu, Mia* M lialif, Ctini I lark, Mmry 0 Lo?ejoy, Mr* B Bhaltoo, Kmily aiUoa, Mr* Lrroi!. Mm J Siu,i> L-*r ? urraa. Mi** V MucHell, Mrs D Iuhs^SHihMI fill. Mi** M*ry Mamu, Mis* L 8cri?eiis?f J#?as M 8 ultoo, Mr.M McNier, Harsh J Miss Mary ittrerald. Mr* M McKenuey, Mis* M Wood, Mi** A Silly, Miss Aao McBnde,'Barak WiIomi*. Mi* H otogs, Mi** Maria Monro*, Mary P Waroar, Laora ray, Mrs Dructlia Msadsreuts, Mtsa Wrtliamo, Mrs M lsamond. Mrs E or Mr* M j Wa**!uirvsa, Mrs P rseea, Mr* Jo* Pauaaa, Mrs A E Yo??f,Mr?B eary.Mi** E?8 t( GENTLEMEN'S LIST. 1 ckart, JasL Pox, A P OCaUafliw,^ , Hen. 0 P Greer, Ws-i 0*Ds*o|Ui, D lino, OP Gro'i, R A Oyst?r,T> ndrrtM ? Co Osrl.j, P D Porter, J C * Boil 1 chisoo,?Co Gibbon*. Mil** Potter, H i lossom. Wm o..... I~ ? ilk.VtmH Oirdgtr, tool lUilvood, Wa irker, C?pt T R Uuilud.^o E Katxr.fiiliwluM rown, Tlio* H>n<1tnoi,CipO? IUf?n, HUfotd rown, R H?8 Itijiiddi, MaMhall rjrant, Robert Hoof, P H Ron, Jao A?? eek, L E Hud, Vm Roberuaa, J ilimu, L H hict.Wm RoIhkMu, Jeferaoti 1 riooi, Jo* A Howry, Hrnry Rotfc. Jalttu < iTty. J E A P Headereaa.Hcrwird Robertaau. J?? rowuinf, Geo G 3 Hillock, Aarnu C RoU?, Joaiht eeaoo, C H Heilon, Re* A C Ryder, E H?3 yr??,U Jm?*. Samuel Rol.eru, Cot B S aoue, B JoHmoii, Wm H Rertler, Anthony ( [ackmaa. Jack Jones, Joa lta?a??.fc?l radlr, Aaron Ja&aaon, JaaT ttaaaiia, iuratu gai'inrhtB,W A Johaaoa. ni l?2 ltn?r,? I lark, Cap) T Karananjrh. Wm Im? k talk I iirhinra. 6iUa M King, Patrick Si.icklcy.R Miloa, riicala Kctcham, Capt N A Bldpauf, Philip i lina, Jacob L Kaoobua A Kckcrt Shannon Patrick ' rtttna, Jno H Kallr, o H Stmt, Jno >lltna, Oaal Kelly, J no Bunua, lao ?a?y, Danl Lriahcr, W ?t 8imn.a, Jaa ( iiiiuurli CM L?aia,Jn? 8>rl?r,HofhM I i km, Marua H?S Ly?n, Jno?4 kcooi, Haary udrow, Marcna Luudy, K K Smith, IK jugherty, Hu Lu'Uam.Kiriran L 8 St.?cku?^i?, Da? id ' aritoa.BO luktt. Andrew 8a?itb, oapt Chaa nan, Rcukaa? Lac, A Tuck*r,M?at?r W O j ixon, R A Mark. W Tcapiatao, W C a St, Patrick Mam. Dr Tfcnntm.T W iMadtri, R?i P Maftll, That H Taaiplctoa, Mr >ujn?rty, Jm Moody, RP Trammiaa, Prad it, JooP Mailt;, Jm Tircuit, E W , tVaufbaii, J H Martin. J Trarcra, J lit. Htnri M m I.?~H v" ??. ? a? - >ur,Oi?H M>4ilgi, Jm8 Vutcirtr, Ulic I suon, Gear ft Morrn, Jacktoa Vic ttu.Cku W ion, D?*i<J 8 MaUu>f1yMaa'rIfo*Wynii. Riekd L ann.DeuU McCarthy, Felix Wrifbt, M 1 ly, Jjcob Y M?HtC?ptCh?oc?W White, Capt M M ?t??, Jn?T-> May, Cnarlei Wiiiuus.Huli C reiith, ?ir. Myer.C Worthiorton^Oeo T Munrll, B K Wner.Cipi Uto B il?ey, Tinootby Mitipm, B B I White, Georre t teha, 8 Martin, Capt Abel W Hiir, J no M>rri,R;'i AWarad Wnr?;er, Geo rench, George NienMaoa, A Woli, Conrad lahrr, K O'Sulliean, I Willienn, Colin MISCELLANEOUS ?? t M J [77"" Letters is all cam* mux bk Pkxp aid. Noel-It HENRY WIRT T1LLEY.P M 4 \I n fV t' D tTT A our\r?t A Li * iJlKi 1 A AOJ3W IA11U.1 1 . ? of Georgetown will meet in the hail oorn?r ( [High and Gay street*, on THURSDAY EVE ING, November 1st, at 7X o'clock. A full atiiirtanon i* particu'ariy requited, a* matters of mrest will M before the meeting. ??csi-2t W. H. TENXEY, Sec. , GEORGETOWN TAXES.?Notioa is " ^3f hereby given th it after Monday. 5th of No- < b...Iter, the Collector is requirrd to advertise or i?train property upon whioii the annual tax ta an lid. ami alio for tasea then due, tor improvement f street* ur der the Uws of this Corporation. Pay promptly, and save coats. I ocao-lw CHAS. 1). WELCH. Col'r. < A CORN-CORN! /N H&cd a lsrge :o of Corn ; will 1*> ao'd low to ose, Appijr noon at No. 83, west of the Market, a thu Canal, Georgetown, to A. H BOUCHER. nol-St . 00(1 DAPPi ES-APPLES! ,UUU BBi.S APPLK-. row from in? . Baker, which will b* sold on ac)mini..?ting tarnia, from wharf or atore, by ' 00 1 2?* 109 Waur at , G^^t'own. ^ ~7h?P"*i'tacht>t>n r Yorktown, spUin Wo; 1 m, will Ciiniiiieiiot * jv !?iK F*"UAV ,7 ,,7 !ft i- *?Ld Lor *6- wor,h 5?. tor $8, worth 10. for 910. worth #12. Linen Handkerchief* at Jr.<yi 25 Caighric and Swiss Sets at $1.5' 1 na vi 7.1, worth ooub'e Maltese Collar* and :*< t* : ver* low pnc?s. Courtoisters Kid Hove* at75 oents prr pai', worth SI Ve vet and on net KiMk.iiii id great variety. Cloths of all i ;ds f?r Mant es Shirt Bus ms at 12>? and 18V sntw, w Tih d -ul.le. Beitiand Kelt Riobns of all nd*. Ki*h StellaShawl*, wi'h Br^chet Borders, t S3, worth d ul>U. HopSknts a I sizes 5?elf- I1 usin* Mechanical Corset*. all nzes, sold for tl 12*4. Cassimers. Ca?sin*ts. Full Clothe, Lin- 1 i>Ts, ftlanket... ai,d all kinds of Servarts' Wear 3!d ier low. and a treat m?r:f other articles too urierou to men'ion. All in* ahore food* are r>u?ht from the t-u?te? of aba krupt rrerchsr.t, nd will !>* sold at an immense ?%c ifiee. C.,n?? all n.t *A<;ore?our harraif ?,a> d d n't forret th* place, reat indi cements offered to wl<ol ?a!e t u?ers. h GLTMaX, 117 south side Hniire ??r?*?t no l-'w Georgetown. P. *C. ' OfUl POTATOES, POTATOES1. BL'^HKLnOf prim# New J?mejr White l-roer and Peach Kiowa junt arrived prr achooner oh\ Gu>mji, and fur ?le from v.'se^I. PETEK HKKKY, oc 31-3t 83 Water ?t., Georgetown. OOR PHILADELPHIA.?The ?teamer ?. Se> , m >ur. Captain Palmer, hat ar JT** * i ved and will b read* for freight on^^^Stagc-f 'hursday. Apply to j oo 30-5t_ HVDE k D?VH'SON "VN HANI> VET A FEW MOKE HARKEI.S J / of that PUKE CRAB APPLE t'lDEK, wi.iek 1 as given suohaatii faction. _Ca 1 *non at BKAL.L. * MATTHEWS* St' re. 00 3<V St Corner of Br'dg*- and Gay ?ta. ! NOTICE. ' HE Cnpaitnorglnp liavetofor* xi-tin* Hetween . THOMit* CA KLIN and JACOB OI'V R N A 'OK it lit-rebT dissolved ; and nfl.-r this date, ta? nde *ig: *1 will not t?e resp n?ihl? fur any titer iandi?<* rudtuU. Thuum Carlin in the nam* of I - ? - C \r taie nnn. oc an 3t* JACOB GIVFRVATOR. I 0WIIVB. , a LL. Porsoni are informed that it in unlawful for '<>K* to go at large within the Corpoiat* limiU of in U?wn frointtie |r*t day ot November to the fir?t \y of April. All such animals that are found at rge ailsr the hrst day of November next will be tut tit and carried to the * lm? Houae. THE POLICE. Georgetown. O. C oc y lw October 29th. 1B80. kJEW STORE! NEW GOODS! ? > MRS. M. SIMSON Inform* her numeroa* frte idi and the public jen'&lly tiist kite la now 4t,tabli?hed at bar New^h tor-. No. Ill Brtdre street. Georgetown,^Eir A I ..II | ? _ 1 ' W wu uuuia awvr mo uiu ivanu, wnere may >uud &? u<<u& . & lar?? as-ortm ut ol M 1,1,1 .N KY DRY (jOODN HOSIERY, and EMBROIDRIE3. at the very luvui market prioes. 00 12-1 m ?OR RENT?In Georgetown, two firat-olaes HOLSKS, situated on Weet street, one cob- i ?inin? 18 rooms, aud ihectlicr 9. with cu and bath- 1 oms oomplete Apply to H. L. OFFUTT, No tt Huh Bt., Georgetown. oc 5-lm 1ARRJ-V IMPROVED . 1 DOUBLK THREAD j Boudoir Sewlnf Machine. J Tliia Machinc, an mpruveraeot on?ro?.rft Basr'a. ia timmer thaathetra. and for it* *eliabilitr . ii du abi ity ia not 'Tpaaead. A ohild twelve <*rs ?? d can ran it with em yet it will new froaa i* ooaraast oloth to the fineat Swiss. There la bo onbt* of rewinding the thread aa it ia taken from ie ipools. It haa no belts to give trouble, and will in backwards aa well aa forwards, stiil aewa a I a ly perfect and without danger^f breaking -edfev it ron* by friction, and by oloaing the box . rer it, it ia thrown out of gear. In fact we hare fl > hesitation in r*coir.m~miui? it aa iho B*st Family Stir,nt MtcAtne in ??*. t Agency at 101 Bridget* .Geo * town where m*j ? found LAD1K&' D* RM8 TRIM M I N??S. HER I IN ZEf-HYR WORSTEDS, and FANCY Va- f iETV GOODS of Bvery deaenptiou. Our irtment is aa oomplet* and varied aa any ib the | latriot. Ladi?a oonneetad with benevolent or .her aocieties will find it to thetr advantage to 0 .11 L. 1 1 ? 1 m u?i >ra puroouiil win*noi? oo 8-?olm Mra. 8. E JARV1S. 0 HHE UNUER81GNED CA.RPENTER AND * L HUILUEK otf<?r* hii HrviON to th? pahiio u( M'jMowb, WkatiiiiKton, and vieinit?, and vi 1 >ntrao: for or rap?ri tend the oonatraoHon of itiiio and private uui di >g*. Pima and apacifiitiona will b? fdrmali<?d *t ahort no tic ? oSot id?ho? on Con* raea ?t. Georgetown, ion mediate- < north of the Poet Office k au 87 Smeo HENRY W1NPATK. CHEAPEST STORE1 8AVK YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND 00 AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHMAFB8T STORF, 3?e SEVENTH STREET, (Kwt Sute.) 1 between I?ad K. ooU-Im MATTHEWS 4 PORE. >ROF. L O. MARINI hu the honor of inf>na- ' ing hi* former piuromand the publio fen M *11/ that hie Dancing Academy i? now open M, r the raoeptioa of pipile, and that he wifl^ff^ immiiM hie irate nart ron THURSDAY,OA onmUf let, it w o oloek at Union Academy, imer of Fourteenth treat and Naw York aranoa! aya af Tuition: _Tue,daf?, Thuredaya, and Satar- * kjiorwcb w?rt _ , 1 VTiraWIW TRUNKS. ' R H?T?jutrio?rMt U< ImiM IMlHwnt C id cow offer tha moat uteniin w>jiMra . 5 ' A l?K?. CAKfKT BAGS, SAToHn *. ??? ' *"' T^jft?S?rfva u w-tf |M rfc am?> J?1 Ll ,-gjg THE LATEST NEWS tblbgbaphio. Om bar Later till Eartft Furtu Nuit, Nh 1 ?TVi hemlaa, froa Unrpool oa Thuradar, th? 17th. tU Londonderry, on the l*h, pmmi bare ihts BMrnlM.u* deliearad the meat In: porta* porSon of the foreign aew* lo the ajaot of the dated Pre* tt?tWjl .. Livsepool, Friday, Oct. Jl -Strntr-nrn thonwnl mlrt of tottna IkoA lit to aecoad hand* darlac the waek eadta* lart al?ht The market closed bioyaat. with aa advaaaa af id. mi the week caused prlaclpalljr hy the aafcTorahle aewa frw the U ailed SuUt BreadatuA closed allghUr hlf her. ProvtaloM gewraUy were stead v. Coaaate 98% [ arms Mvrarra ) The Tlaw' Paris caneapaatsat aaya the dapsrture of the Pope1* auaeu frvn R Ma w?a ceeildered the fataraaaer of the Popel kaavwt tha e ty Tha mme authority eaya > Seldom has tie apirit of haatlllty haan ao ?I la thachorah tealM* Praace. and m?n has It aa b . d t d?? piarad ito pastorals, circulars aad allocation*. all bjt tnaplorin* dltlae veikgvaace oa the taradsra >f the Papal Statas aad the Eiaparar of Fraaae ' LSAronromrv, October 30 ?Tbe Timea oTUita tity haa Information frotn Soatbera Kanaaa that a lompany of United Mataa drafroona. alxtj In j? Mr, tinder enmrnud of Captain Smr^ ii. arrpfu panted by Indian Ag?Bt rowan, had been driving ;be aettiera from what It known aa tbt Ch?rok*e lentrol lands Tbe T tinea' correspondent stats* that aerratyfour booaaa baa b?*n burned and Ut occuuaate med out. Muchexcltmantowrslle! ~ Ewu la coinqunc*, but It - thought the >tat? nenta arc greatly exaggerated A nrfl og of tb? cltizenaof thi? county wubtld aat evening, to deriar pUna for tb? relief of the luflerera in the Territory. A committer wu uMinted toeollclt Immediateaid from lb* Eaat A tommttlM wu alao appointed to act In ooncarl rlth the committee appointed by ottwr coaattea n the matter, and a call baa boos Umm4 Car a conference at Lawrence, on tba litb of November The river la exceedingly lew nt tbla point, acd uvlgatlon difficult I luaiti Meet! age m Alabama. Moktoomibt. Oct. 91.?Tba B reck t Bridge and Ml parttea are balding meeting* bere to-algbt In epnrate piaraa Both meattnga >ra rare lar*eiy ittatded, and the aftikm are nrglng reate aace o L'ncota'a election Tom Watta Uaddreaalng hr fnenda of Bell The Billiard Taaraaaeat. Niw Yoia.Oct 31?The champion game flt he Billiard Tournament waa woo to-lay by Mr. ikvanah beating Tleman tM la game of ona thousand. Railroad Travel Iaterrapted. LvxcMarro Va , Oct 31 ?The travel on the virvlnta and T'nnmc Railroad ha* been Interrupted by a freabet, and will not be able to make connection* for a week. Great I ni Meeting is BtlUaar*. UiLTiHoii, N'ot I ?Great pcapantlaai tr* making for the I'nlon demoMatrnilon here tonight. There la promlae of it* being a vraad tffair. NebraakaC?Mgre*?ieaml Elrctiaa St Loci*. Oct 31 ?Full return* th? ka election el-ct Dallv. Republican, a delegate to Congreaa by 111 majority. Uiltintr* M*rk(U BxLTTitoaa. Nov I.- Flour la quiet tod ateedy, Howard atree\ Oblo and City Ml 11a 9i JO Wheat tlrm; red *1 2>al 35; white 1,45a 1 ^6 Corn firm, yellow 6Safl8c : white 7Ue73e Provlatoua quiet, t>*~on aide* llfcallk: rreaa pork 919 73 Coffee B.m and active Wblaky dull at 9lc. Haw Tark Harkiu. Nbvt Voit. Not. 1.?Floor firm; Mate ?S.3uf Ohio t5 7n*a*5 79; ^outbern *5 71*5 96 Wbeat 2c higher, weatern red SI 35a* 1 Corn buoyant; mixed Pork doll Lard doll at l*\al3c. W hlaky dull at Mr PlMMtal. N?w Yoke, Nov 1 -Ptorks are doll and eaaler: Ph!r*?rn mnA B/v/?V lalani <U i ^ ? * .. >n , i UiiiVW V4TflUki ibarra 71X; Mich gan Southern 37: New Vork Central P2; Pa. Co?; Co "1; Hodaoo Ri v? R R . K Canton# I7)f; V* 6x?a?Mi Mo ?' 7?H IIKD BLANKETS n AND COMFORTS. I have now en hand % !arf? and in- *a*ortm?at of Bad B a:.keu, H d Comforts, Crib Wickets, Whit? Marseille QuilU Al'O. ar*a asaortmeut Servants' B'ankets. HKNR V EG N, 391 P?rna. ar?nua- and oc M fit 521 Seventh ?t.. nwr Avww How? W PROVISION STOKE. M. LINKINS Ha* s Mnw for fnmnhing *uch *? m*j favor fa* w ?h their p*(ro ?, with ? *uppl> of FKKJH PROVISIONS* c&..> *t iheir Ofler?. It i? l?*c\ted *) I ?tr??t no-th. It twe*ii ISih * >i 16 h ?i? . a a will tw> op nod tin j til' <un^ and r*atnniay unlit Ull o'clock. oc *5 lw ||OW HAVE THK LADIES VOTED? KLIA* HOWI.JI . or Boston, who the inventor of the "look-atituh*' u?ed by th? yriBo n: >ewiii? machinea, requima awora return* t>> fit- to him of the number raid b> e*< h eon.pact . ai.u ot.hjea them to ray him a licuae for ererV ma-hiue aoi.l Trie to I iriB| eta'ement >a copi- ( fiom to r Howe's publiaD<*l reeort? for 1?AB anJ 1*58. it wili f>e seen that ^HbEUR A Wll.stON !* MW|N(? MtCHINK i* preferred l>> an mmiM toajoMtT of the ladiea, in rp te of the effort* . f inieraated parties to injure its sale. 1*4*. |?.1? Wheeler A Wileon 1*1* i\A?* (irover 4 B?k?r?...........-SJ 7# MX< 1. M Mincer ft Co S>4 10>Xi La."<d ft Webster 4?> 1, W A H Ho vs . ? ... . (((? * IH Barrkolf - - - - M 747 l.?a\itiftC? 75 ill Finkle ft Lyon..... if Alloth-ra W# The Wheeler A Wileon Atenev la at No *46 Pennsylvania avenue. Prieta range fr m flu to gl 5 Fu.i mat ruciiona given to puronaeera, mt S?ilu, Cotton, Need lea, fte.. for aale. *71. STKKR. Arant, S4t? Peinav \-Mi * irmt N. B.?Send for a Circular. ^ATBST INVENTION! LADD. WKlTtU * CO right-Stitch Sewing Machine* At J ANNEY'8 BOOT ASb SHOE STOW. MfPi AvEirrm. TJi?i ?r* th? mo t ?im?U. They &re th? BtronrMt Tn?y nre the mmi in their operation. They um a RtrMf ht n??dl*, (Cvir*d?tMkf*of MMMUI.I Th?y hav? a f?e4 wn*l. Th-y ?r? ctp?)<!r ?>f doing >ir kind of wort mown?th?y malt* U? KM run* witkoux u. kt'ftchmtnU. i aJi tid t?inf At JANNn^ oc 15 lm ?4? Peonsyl?Mi?arf??, French * richbtelv* bulletin of hew books. Fob I'W amp IMI. , . History of tk? LiloindTinri of Jmm Midion, by vf m. C. Rire?; vol I, now ra.4j Women of the South for lttl ^ve# of the Poet# for '161 ,tior al edition of In j'? Work* II artrUtd Darloy'a Now Illustrated Edit on of Cooper J? rootles for 1KI- Please oall sod took at oar Itor-k of Juvenile Blocks, Cun i, Ac. Masonic, Odd Fellow., Military, MoekaatoaJ. trrhitectnral, Chooa, and Bi.hard Books,alwa>a i q ti&ntf* CMillie ; trom the Fronoh of Alexander Duma*. be yoanc^r ; iSm i; olotk. Pnoe 91 ?, by rnaii K. Aotrea* ia High Life ; Uaso ; aloUi. Prujo | .25. b IBM.. Mits Gilbert's Career ; an AnericSMi story; lSwto; nth Drio* ! All the ?bo^ ^r??rk? ???t by fro? of poctafo wft^w!e|r|t?r* ob all bo?ni books oushiMour.ior? ench R,eH9fE,N No ?T? P*., Wtahinrton, |I.T\ Po t Ofceo, Box lit _ oo J* ?m r_ A CAPD?H?*iwr *?"Oo mforMd hj ?mf?l n fV ?pdcU()l?e ti? nitswto lUr *?w ;er?. Ilinf from ?.uekf<U on /-J trecta h?r? ronoo-j?t?4 MMMlvwy \l)|f *U<n< for m*,oml tko? <* foron* h?voi? thi? w?r had im?<.?o1 l?M sSHrisx&r. Bps^'-sks k?r^ls? JP"?%Z??3 ^? h^i i? ?^J? rfTti *^7 **? ?? of ?y NtalilllklMlt IB tiT?wt?tb?(itr. N? nfaUn MMtbrMto 5"j!w xeept on ord?r? r*oeir d u wt on.j ^ il" *'c "~<- -y-,.-. 1)^6Vac llso, a daily '<>** i^cl*'0 ho*?lt co mibes to cha ptioo. .<.IK)l1^-*'^ > ' >

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