Newspaper of Evening Star, November 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 14, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. H^Tbengh The S'tam 1? printed on tb? ftMtwt mtnn. j r-*? In oar soath #f Raltimorr, Its edition la ao large as ir r*qilr* it to br put to presa at an early bcir; Ad vert, semen la, therefore, shoo Id be rat In before 14 o'clock m .; elberwiae they may Bd appe&r until t'ae next day. Notice.?Platelet of Columbia Advei tlNMii to Ire iasirtrd in the Baltimore ^ci are received *t and forwarded from Thk Sta* 0?ce. Tk* Pttma* Phalanx ?We noticed, yesterday, the arrival \n the city of Quartermaster E B. Ptronjt. to arrange for the accoinmcd ition ?t this floe battalion on their contemplated visit to Washington. m mute for Mount Vernon, earlv in the coining month. A correspondent of the Hartford Time*, who savs he is ' not a stranger to the Phalanx.'' gives the following brief history of the battalion, which will douUltss be interesting to our rfnd?ri: When it was known that Hi,n. Tbos. II 8ey mo'ir, a d'.s'l is?uisL*-d citizen of Hartford, was about to retnrn from his mission to Russia, a Dumber of his fellow-townsmen. without distinction of party. de*ir?d to tender him a neighborly welcome to hit native city. For thi? purpose It was deemed proper to form a military corpa, and to parade in Continental uniform; that.while boncrinir a favored ton of Connecticut, memcr es of Kevolntioniry timea might be revived In tbe feearts of the people. After a temporary organization bad been eflect?d. in August, 18.58,sever?1 descendants of tbe immortal Putnam expressed a wiak _ _ __ A a. *"?? ? ?i?u w< i'lrsrni hi vuc roiuanx an ippropnaM standard; and the Atnoskeag Veterans, of New Hampshire. ceneronsly loaned their Continental uniform for the li'st parade. December *22. 1S58. The standard was subsequently presented and received with appropriate ceremonies?the v?ole ailair closing with a grand banquet at thu A'lyn House. ' l'he flrtt purade was so entirely successful, and it p: odured S'irb a profound impression, that it at once determined to make the Phalanx a permanent organization. And accordingly a ConsiituUon <end a code of By-I.sws were adopted, ai.'d two companies, properly ol&t-ered, were formed into a battalion The second parade was in June. 1859, during the tesslon of the LegislaI ture lu Hartford The new uniforms were now worn; and the display wai so imposing -3 to draw from that body the niy b~?t encomiums In Ailgnat of the a.1 me year Governor Seymour was finely received and welcomed by the battalion ou the new Park. "Of the subsequent jnrad-s of the Phalanx, and rf their ^loriouscxcursicnsto Bunker Hill, Boston and Providence, and to th? urave of Putnam. I need not particularly apeak, Tiut I may aafely aay that it is a rare thing to find a military organization embracing the talent, the wealth, the influence, and the avoirdupois, ar.d preaenting the noble appearance of the Putnam Phalanx Among the membera t f thia body are many of the moat diatinjfutsbed citiz-na of nar'ford. and of aeveral ?t*.er pi area To give the nain?-a of gentlemen anions the officers and In the rank aud tile of the bat m. ion migLt a- rni invidioua; but I am confl aem mat a anowtf-dte or ttie f tulanx abroad will exalt the fame of Hartfora. '-The uniforms of the corps number about 200. And it la believed liiat not lew than lot) of tbem will on the approaching excursion Led on "by thr venerable Major Commandant and hit staff, the Phalanx will be everywhere greeted with betrty wclcome. Success to tiie excursion to Mount Vernon Examination or Eviduck 01 Application ?<>? Hail for Wm Batliss, Chargbd with Killing James Mobmi ?An examination was bad^ yesterday it ttie jail before Justice Donn of evidence xoi; tiinir the killing of the late Jame? M<r*n This ati'iir grew out t>f a visit by Moran nd sever; I of his friends to the vicinity of the Fteambo-.t wharf According to the evidence, it vrould appear that on the day Moran was engaged In the flsjht which terminated so fatally to himself. be and sevenl companions were at a honse kept a man n tmed Knightze, on the I?iand. and that the whole r>arty were in liauor, and Moran quite drunk. Aft r remaining here awhile they etarted out and went down to the steamboat wbaif to Burcli's tavern. Here one of their number, n:imwl H lQl>ilt*-r i r?t.? 9 r* %mi#K ?"? ?"?? .?J - 7??"K luau named (iunn. who was beaten. A man nsmftl Halidav wai also attacked and dreadfully b?aten and kicked After this first light was ov-r, Mr James Skidmore walked over acro? the s reet to try *nd restore peace. This was just as the party were beating or had beaten young tiunn, wti? ) ^kidmore's nephew. Skidmore begged tfce party not to maltreat the youth, and thereby *1 v^rtfd their attention to himself A man named %"a'ince appr?>a' hcd ^kidmoreaud boasted that be roiild whip him. Skidrnore replied that he was tuife to nuke peace aud not to ll^ht Moran then nine up and suggested the.t he could whip Skidnjore He took Skidmor* by the arm and turned I I. 1 r.. OLU * ?- * jum lounu criiuuiurc nrppra oacK io avoiu a collision with Moran, and at this moii.ent, when tbe two stood within a f?w feet of each other, a yonth named William Bayiiss. a half brother of ^kidmoie, ran up and threw a atone at Moras, wti ch hit bim on tbe bead and knocked him wn?less Tbere waa considerable evidence corroborative of the tiunner In which tbe stone waa thrown as above stated, aome three or four witnesses tea;;fiing substantially to tbe same state of facta, and ail a^reeiug that at tbe time Moran was hit thf-re was no stouea thrown aire the one by ftaylias. There waa, however, considerable evidence of a general riot juat previous to this, and al? ) afterwards. in which stones were thrown. I'Le Justice rt served bit de ision on th?* ap^iicatu-n for bail fur youny Bayliss fur a day or two. Pone* Matters? B fort Juftice Donn?John H Ballman w?s arrested by Otlicer Ross, of tbe flftQ distrK t p. ! e, f- r usln^ profane and grossly indecent language in tbe presence of females Tbe case carue up for hearing last night before Justice L>omu, and the language charged was not denied The Skjuire delivered a very Severe and appropriate lecture to tae prisoner upou tbe disgusting ct- ir ;cter of th*- language used, and conK i ? ?I ?" - ? - 1 vv im1>i?i a auc ui ana *i "Z/ cow. i liailiunn tb?*ri had h warrant issued against Mr. Henry JohuS'-n, the prosecuting witness, for threats Tht lan^uiye of Bullman was used to hia wife, but In the hearing of Mr. Johrs>n'a wife and son and himself, but h? was st*paraU-d from B ulman bv a fence Johnson told Ballmaii I hit If he f o'.ld have got to him when he used the lan^ua/e before his wife ai.d child Le would Lave thrashed him. Justice Donn thought the language of ball ?r. an jastilied the remark, and dls in .sua mc cae. Th* Militaby Vimtoes ?The arrangement"! for tbevi-itof the Putnam Phalanx have been completed by their ettii ieiit quartermaster, E. B. Strong They will arrive In Washington on the iii*tit of the jth December, and will be received by the officers of the Washington volunteer*, in company with the rfllcers cf the Light Infantry ba't t '.un. (of which i.atfciI:on they will be the especial -sts.) and escorted to the quarters prcvul-d for them at the National Hotel. On the iiioraiag of tii* tith ttey will l>e escorts to Mount Vernon and the Tomb of Washington, by the l.'ght Infantry battalion The day following will be devoted to visit* to the President and others, and in inspecting tbe various object*of inter?st connected with tbe Government. F<>k<;k?t On Monday evening l*st, a man -*? * ?? - *' *- * " nuv yrrvaan m? ue ure rspuiin or a C'Ml vessel, pits d off a check to Charles Klliott, proprietor of the bowling alley on Water street near Queen ?purporting to be a check of Mr D. R. Wllwn. oo th?- Bank of tbe Old Dominion, for 9128 It turned o>it that the check was a forgerv. The ? cers made diligent scan h for the Individual who perpetrated tbe forgery, but he had absconded During Monday a slran*er entered the Bank of the Old Dominion, and took from the usual hook, one of the printed checks of tbe bank. It was one of these checks ou which the forgery was perpetrated.?Altxamdrta Gaxtttt. Ijdeckct ?Tbe presumption la, that persona vlaiting tbe Smithsonian Museum are Intelligent, and know bow to brbxve themselves decently The Curator haadlacovered tbat this Is n miatake. Home of those who hare vtaited the ball recently amuatd tiieuiaelvea by apitting upon tbe akuila in ths collection iu tb? aoutb icillerv, giving much tronble to remove tne tobacco ataina. If unmannerly aquirta will viait tbe moseum, they abouid at i^aat temporarily be derent. and svacuate their toUicco juice in toe box*a placed tbere for that r? purpose. _ Cacrir CorRT?Tcie Court to (lav l> engaged la fiiilaUlag up the buaineaa upon the Chancery docket A hearing la Rargy'a ea?e bu been ordered for nrx' Saturday. Vraterdiv, the Court ordered a rule to be laid Bfr' iat Jjin-aU Hrrret Mayor of Washington, and ri-ajwudr-ut In th-contested uuvwraltT-election caae. to pl?adon or before tee first Monday In January, laoi. Cocxti Co^ntiiui Bkoii ?William J. Parbsiu. Couuty Coiiattblr, waa yeaterday diamiawd from bia office, be baring been convicted in the Criminal Court (laat term) of aplrltlng avrav a wltneaa >llch<wl J McLaughlin, another County t'u' biv .?< tad a rule laid on blm to a bow rtiir vrby be should wit be dismissed from office for malfesnanrr and baring dtan^rarded said ule *>T f-i. ?o in-nr t>efor- the Circuit Court, wu a lac diamiaaed from bis office W recommend tbcw in want of pure cider to wio iub auvrru??-uicui hi murpntlg Orjf^.i .wn 0rm, M'tin. Arnv A SLiuu. Their r*f?itat1on fjr f irnlu.Jusj tU?j p^reat sad beat aiolt 1 rjuort and cider la undoubted. Not Atiiitis.-W? ?r-5 Informed that Mr. Martin bri not Ufri ;irrr?t'd on c bar if of ptrliclpati.iK In t; ? attick oa tb?* wt^winn, aa would <pprar from tie ilat of r.ncrs la yraterda) 's ?ur. Co>aT*BLi Aproi\r*D ? Jobu S Waugb waa fmilerd*f appointed CouaUole of the County of Washington. Th* Client Com im iLunntv-Steomd dmf. -The cans of the Commonwealth agt. tMHnrock for uttering Ac..counterfeit money wu taken up. The Attorney for the Commonwealth appeared for the prosecution, and George W. Brent, Eaa., for the defence The counsel for defence moved to quash the indictment, because it alleged in th; conjunctive, cffencf s described by the statute disjunctively, and because It failed to stt forth the name of the party upon whom the attempt to pus counterfeit money was made. The attorney for the commonwealth contended that where two offences were atmIlar in purport and punishment, they might be alleged conjunctively in the Indictment, although stated disjunct'. VClV II ftUtuU Hn fiilK^r aranMl that nn? of the provisions of the Code rendered it unnecessary to set forth the nsme of the party on whom it was attempted to perpetrate fraud. The court thought the indictment sultcient, and overuied the motion to quash. The prisoner was then placed in the bar, and plead '*not guilty " The following jury was then empanneled: J no Kveleth R. J Edelin. A H Ifuschel, M M. Mankin, Thos. Whittln?ton, C. W. Alexander. T A. Brewls. R W Robinson, O. D. Jelilff. Jas T. Close. Jno. T. Young, A Murray. TV?*. ,? *1 U Ui-J 1 uv v*iuciivc 'ii uic vavc was vucu uUlIIilMTQ lO I the Jury. It prelected in substance the (ame facts which wereiiowu at the Mayor's Court, and reported tome time since. After remaining out some time the Jury came In. and returned a verdict "not guilty." j The prisoner waaaccordingly discharged. The court then took up the civil docket, which was called over, and then adjourned. A Bcsghk Catbiit?He Eseapt$ MyHtrioutljf. Last Sunday night Mr. B. S Howard, who resides in O street, hetween Twelfth and Thirteenth, on returning from church to his house found his family in the ptrlor locked up and in great agitation. He ascertained that they had discovered t hf n risn n rxf " * ? * * v r,v?? vi ? utu^iai ju iuc tuamurn u vcr bead; and lummonlnK a neighbor to bis an stance, they proceeded to a chamber, where a colored man was found concealed under the bed. Mr H. was for putting him out at once and admi nistering a sound thrashing to the fellow; but at the suggestion of his friend be remained to keep watcn while the friend ran off for a policeman. In a short time be returned with Lieut. McHenry *nd watchman Blrkhead, and proceeding to tbe chamber they arrested the fellow, whom thev searched, and found upon his person candles, matches, skeleton keys, and other tools of the ' " Kirk head pot a pair of nipper* upon bit wrists and proceeded to tbe watch-house, while McHenry remained a few minutes to make a few inquiries Presently the Lieutenant started off in company with Mr H. and bla friend, but wben they arrived at tfae guardhouse tbey found uc Uirkhead and no burglar. After waiting a abort time tbe watchman made bla appearance alone, and stated that on the way down the negro bid broke away from tbe nippers and tied, be belnf unable to overtake him So the fellow is lnnap a? !KAnr?K T '?u a jv., .uvu^u uicui. .uuacuiy iccia tuuudeut of hia recapture. Ball Games in the Stbmts ?Tbia morning tome of our merchants upon the avenue were inquiring for the police, in order to aacertain who ia tbe proper officer to protect their property from injury by boys playing ball in the atreeta. The complaint waa tbat their ahowwindowa bad been broken by tbe balls, and persona are endangered by them It ia a fact that very little attention ia paid to tbia violation of law, and it ia a very annoying one to our citlzena. The law of June 3, 1-53. ia very definite, and ahouid be enforced. Section seventeen uya that It shall not be lawful for any person or persons to play the game of football, or any other game with a ball, In any of the streets, avenoea, or alleys in Washington city: nor bandy, shindy, &c., Ac., under a penalty of not , leu tban one dollar for each and every >uch otlVnS"; and section nineteen, In ca*e of failure to pay the tine and costs, makes the penalty commitment to tbe workhouse for a period not exceeding sixty days. Now that tbe complaint has been made, it may be of advantage to boys who are not aware of tbe fact that there is a law existing to puuish tbe offense. A Malicious Incendiary?Tbe burning of the property of l)r. J ?. Morgan, a few nights ago, as mentioned in the Star at the time, was no doubt tbe work of a malicious incendiary. No less than three attempts bad been made to destroy It in leas tban a month The first waa made by setting tire to a carriage belonging to tbe tenant, which waa burned, but failed to fire the hou*e h .{, .TL. i* ? > ? I M "" * " am mr uYttm i a? second wu Dy firing the doors and shutter*, which wu also discovered in time to extinguish tbe flames Tbe third attempt, it seems, succeeded, tbe tenant having removed the day previous, and no on? was near to give tbe alarm In time. The Theater. ? The comedy of Rip Van Winkle went off at the Theater last night wi.h all tbe eclat that bad been anticipated for it. The house wu crowded, and Mr. Joe JeCerson went through the difficult role of Old Rip V. W. with h'.s characteristic skill and ability, eliciting continued and hearty applause. The ptece was moat admirably put upou tbe Stage, and was well performed tDrougbout. The Dill is to be repeated to-nigbt for tbe benefit of thoae who could not witness the performance last night, and we advi?p all tn - * ?? ?? ?, w tt Uv tt iau tv ci'juj a ricu irwi. Thi Original Gb'jbqe Christy open* with bit line company at Odd Fellows' Hall on Monday night, as already stat< d, and as there will doubtless be a rush, it will be good policy for ttiose who d<sire eligible s ais to secure reserved oii?s by application at Elus's music store. See advertisement. * m Thk Ccaiocs Communication enclosed by "Civis"' will be inserted at the usual advertising | rates. ( Ciitral Guard-House?No cases docketed : for trial. Six lodgers were accommodated. Hl.LLOWAT's PiLLS AND OtNTMRNT. Vm ivertal Fkilnn'kropy ?Nearly one million K ? a- .r d.ii ' - ui run ?i" eveijr niuiiMi distributed throughout the town? and villages of the United states and Car.ala. aud an almost eqnal amount of Cmitmer.t accompanies those o tiers. It may t>o said with j truth, Holloway's Medicines are ''Messengers of Joy. carrying healing on their wings," to millions ..pprt ssc.I t>j every form and type ol disease. Sold by ail druggists at 25c , 62o. and $1 per l>ox or pot. no 14-1 w Ho?t*ttkr'j Bittk*# ?There it no more valuable article in the whole oatalogue of domestic remedy i ban a vegetable tonic. It gives activity to the digestive orghn*. Itincieas s the appetite. It en u vnrm m > i(iruv invigorate* the mi rid, strengthens the body. a'id in nhort, if judioioualy uMd, wak>-s up the whole nyatem to a wholesome o 'gnizance of lis own powers, and a renewed diitposition to exert tiiem. Among the tonics of the day. Hottetter't Bitt'ts, manufactured by Hoatetter A. !*mitb, at Puts:.unr. Pa., may be down as deservedly the in< s*. popu'ar. They are a pungent, lively, palatable t?ni< . uut u; pl?a^a..tly bitter, nor yet excessively spirit il, and their medical eflVot is perfectly surprising. >o fanul* can conv)uientiy do without a bo tie. It should be fouul in every closet. It is b- th useful aud agreeable.?jV?w YorL Atlas, Aug. 14, 1359. _ no U ?oit Wistab's Balsam or Wild Chkkrt. | The following letter from Rev. Husky Wood, of Concord. N. H., Kditor oftheComrregatmnal Journal, cp?aks volumes in favor ol Wistar't Balrarn:? ' ?- a> ti * ? vwntuKUi n., m&rcn z. Mks*k*. Srrn W. Fowl* it Co.?Gentlemen: Two yvars ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my I. tin** confined me to my bed for several weeks, and wiien I recovered. 1 wa'< so muoh oppressed by difficulty in breathinc, that 1 xras often unable to sleep or rest upon a bed bjr night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from tbe inefficac> of the remedies used. 1 supposed the disease incurable. Sleing persuaded to try a bottle of Wittar't Balsam if Wild Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, ] found the diAoulty almost entirely removed toefore one bottle was used up. Sympathy witn my II >W sufferers induces me to make this publio statement, and recommend the artiole to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly, Hivrt Wood. None Kennine unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman, 8. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite G.Stott, John Schwarse, Nairn & Pa.mer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. no 10-lw.r HomoPiTHir Rtwmim All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'* specific Homeopathic Kemadies put np expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 oenU each. Alto, in cases, containing an viala, from 94 to #5 each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. U. Giiman. 330 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fit**?rafJ 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts are nue and Sixth street. Alan, Pond's Extract qf Witch Hixel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Bold as above. ma 9 ly I Kiadeb. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise I , r ^4,,, ^ ^ ? D * ? * ? mil - ^ ? ? -? iiicut III VUI . u UOTU IV) tl> Will 1UMTDK JOU. au 20-ecly To the Afflicted !?Be sure to read the advertisement of Mo Lean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf MAKR1CD. On the 13th. at Church of Ascension, by Re*. Dr Pinokney, T. A. JONES, of Washington, New H&iuptiiire. to KM 11.IK M.,daughter of Jamea ?. Mvw, fes* , of this oity. Ob the afternoon of the isth instant, in Ryland Chapel, ij the Rev. John N. Coombs. Mr WILLIAM < THOMPSON and Miss ANNIE O. TLCKtR,all of Washington oity. * DIED, , Obitca*y.?Hied, on the Mth of November, 1861, Mr. GEOMUE JOHNSON. in th.7<d jm.t at hi. ?? . lormerl) of Alexandria, Va , but for the laat 11 jr%n ? resident of Waaluagion city, D. O. AIm . that a kind fothar.a pmM&nt neighbor, and ^r,?.1,r^hr,,u?w,'ioul4 * uk? fr?? ?ar "We?TTfc* lom ?? ** tkauiT ' >rrep*rab?, and, l> ft brother in Ckrttt. h.- will k< L>.^i L ti? ?anetaarjr. To the etrteken ones, the solace is sw*ft vith tin thought that he is reunited with the loved ones ton* before htm. ?u I thst hi* spirit rnia?!<?? witii theirs in the realms of bliss for nererei?<tii({ ttcnut?. L*t the aypress ud the toee twine irouai his loiait, ?3d let thrtr ineeenn. bortr on the tie l? m? air, breath Of hi* closing liTe, u it oiu<niura a soft requiem t ? tli>? \irtu?u? d;a t. The relatives and frieiKia will meet at his residence, oa M try land avenue. No 339, on Thursday aileraeoD, atZ o'eJook. without further -.otion; the f/nera eervioM at Sixth ?t. Presbyterian Chareh ; lsiermMt us Congrseetoaal Cemetery. * .. ? '? : "j r?. I 1 PERSONAL. A CAUTION. I.L Pmoni cautioned againtt boyinj I,ot No 9, in S<tu?r? 19?. in Wa*hii?i<ton. D. C. We are advised by couafl learned in law that the tax title t.? tieorce W. m(ti, Esq.. nnd*r which said lot m*y lie offered far kale, is mil- and "Old in law aud equity. JJ. M. WARD. { n?n.r? D. C. WILSONi \ V**"' Washington, Not. 1O880 no li 3t* C - /\ RKWARn TO AXV PKBSltN WHO will cive me information as to th? whir.i bout* of mjr daughter. V. A. C.wiio left home on the 23d of t&r* month. since that time I ham not be*n al !~ !'> near any llunr of her. She is about S3 run of age; about the middle size; dark oomp!>>xlon; black hair and blaok eyes; small mouth; rather rood looking; when talking haa a rood dral of the Virginia slang, such as dis and dat, and tote v ?l !.? U.J ?- -U- ?-ft l? t-i- L. ?* >/ ' in n u iiou uu w urn ?im irn uuinn a i> acn miK d eaa, atella ahawl. hat with black and white feath era in it. Any peraon leaving word aa to her whereabout a at No 5I0O Twentieth atreet. will reoeiv# the above reward and the thankaof her diaconaolate mother. It* MARY K. HILL. District of Columbia, WiiRixaToH Copjttt, To WitOn this 14>h day of November, in the year of oar l.ord one thouaand eight hundred and aixty. before m?, the ?ub?orib*r,a Jua'ieeofthe Peao* in and for the oountv afre aail, perrona!l? appeared Char lea R Donohor>, and made oath, on th? Holy Evangely of Almighty Qod, that he, the eaid Ch&rlea K. Dnnoh"o. h*a read the publication in the Kven:ng Star of the 13 h of November, pureortm? to five the evidenoe of % Mr. Fourt, wherein he atat?a that Officer Handy arrested, or had me in ontfodr on the nirtit of'1 ueaHay. tho Bth inatant and that aaid Officer Handy ?aa1t nr. o a trnn f mm tKa DannKlinan ?uw I?? yHUiiwu tT ipi wn)I( VI huildirn on that ooo&iion; all which is utterly false, and without the least foundatio ? in truth. I do further state, most positively, that 1 did not ree Offioer Handy from Saturday, the 3d dav of November, until this day, when said Hsndy came to my mother's dwellinc for the purpose of my making this statement. CH AS. R. DOXOROO. Sworn and subscribed before me this day and yw tofore stated J. H. GODdaRD, J. P. It* Astrologist jcst ARRIVKD. madam is 1. devese, Tub Grb&tkst Pi. am it Reader of thk Aok. Madame D. has created a wild furor a'l over the States she has visited; has drawn the leadinc he*ds ? ? 4? ?u it * i/i kuo uumivrv? wiiu ai' pruiu<unc0 nor w neii ?in gular and. in foot, astonishing person. She will oauie great rejoicing aad happiness between married couples ; will brine those that are false back to you ; will cause speedy marriages ; will advise in retard to Lawsuits, Ntmcrrs, I.ossks. Travels. Ac. Prices 25 sn.1 50 cts., and 9U Residence Richmond House, corner 8th and D sfs. Remains a few days on y. no lV3t* MADAME MORRICE, thk Grkat Astrologist akp Doctrkss, from Europe.?This highly gift?d and intelligent Udy| can be consu ted on the Past. Present and Future Events. Call at No, 405 Kichth St., between G and H, Washington, not-lm* ? N BAGATELLE. OTICE.?The undersigned is prepared to make to order BAGATELLE TABLES of all aisesaud description ai reasonable prices r.HR FREISE. no 6-gw No. 4Sg 9th st.,Tie~tween D and fc.. Elegant and rich assortment of CURTAIN MATERIALS, At Cost Pricks. Still to be sold out, at wrirnt cost, at the store of the lite firm of CLAGETT A DODSON, a full supply of? Elegant Enehsh, French and German Brocatellen, 1'arisan E'off* d? Alserine en Bayadere, Do Satin de Lames and Damasks, D> and German Plain and Striped Reps, Do Embroidered and Plain Cloth Curtains, in length* and bv the yard. A so, elegant French. fwiss and Bohemian Lace Under Cut tains, and a full and complete assortment n. i? aw-.i ? n ;i? T r.: ** ?- * vr* uiti oii<MinB)VUruiCQ8t 1 ft9VO!B,UlinpS,?lQ6 15ftT)QS , 4.o , a.11 to furnish the windows ot parors. dining rooins. libraries, chambers, offices, Ac., which a-e now rolling out at prime cost for theoash. Mo more will be asked, nor less taken. Such bargains and such goods. &t snch p ices, will doubtless never be bought at such sacrifices again ia this city. Persons in want are advised to rail loon, before the assortment is broken, at the store of CLAGETT* DOPSON, no 6-eo2w No. * Marker Space. Elegant carpetings AT PRIME COST. There msrln ha<1 at the old and established store of CLAGETT * DODSONEleeant fclnglish and Krenoh VFLVET CARPET! \GS, some in superb medallions, at &rst ooat prices. SuDOrblv beautiful Rruaiola Hn. in th? ??rt Kn.t En fish makes, at 90 and 95 cnt?, worth 91.25. Real English heavy twilled >tairdo., made by John Crosby &. fons, Halifax, Yorkshire, Ths first of the kind ever offered for sale in this city I hey are handsomer and will wear better than Bruss-1* carpnts, A ro, noh RUGS, MATS, CRUMB CLOTHS, DRUUtiETS i? all widths. All-all will novr be sold outat prima cost for the oash to clone out the firm of no6-eo2w CLAGETT A. DODSON. |^OR KEY WEST AND HAVANA. isabeTline. Change of Silling Day*.? Three Trips in November. THP IT S Mill UTl'Hieiliii foi iilm ? m w w ? w ? ?.<&i 'j tj * uai? o*ai r icxiD?iL/| William Rolliss, Commander. The Postmaster-Gone-al haviu* chanced the days of sa<!in? of this l.ino.thn tftoarn ship nrai l:?ABKi.wi|i make THRKE IRIHS^SBti. .n NOVEMBKR FROM CHARLES?-3"?"?* TON for th? al<ove Ports. l.favirn Charleston ou the 1st, 12th, ard 25th > oVIMBBK. bearing Havana on the 6th and 17th Novkmbei and 1st D'Ckmbik. Al'er wiiiou her regular trips will bs continued as follow : Leave Charleston on the 10th and 25th of Eacii Month Leave Havana on the 1st and 16th of Each Month. For ba'etr. speed, ot mfort, arid pleasure, tlua Line cannot l>? nuriasted ibformation ?>r pa??ai? appljr fo T. BARNARI). N? 1 Todd's Uuildins, ?vakhinston; or to ftiORUECAl A. CO., 110 East Bay, Charleston. IZTAI1 Mail matter must be pre-paid at the Pint Office oc 30 law3m TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have just received thu largest aitortrrent and now offer the most extensive vari*'tTfK?\ w o! 8<?'.R LEATHEK, LAUIKS' DKES^Ect** and PACKING TKU^K>,H \T BOXfcS,,iLL,1J VAI ISE*. CAKPKT BAGS. SATOHKI.S. fc? in thia oily, whioli we sellng at very low prioe*. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO , o<s 25 *f 32-2 Pa. avoniif. MRS. J. H1GBIE, ARTIST IN HAIR JEWELRY, !*uch as Bracelets, Ear-rings, Fob Chain*. Finfer-nngs, Necklace*, Breastpin*. Guard Chain*, learts, Crosse*, Ac , made t > order, at No. 3!i4 Pa. Avmd/, bitw. 9th and 10th 9ts., (Over Clageit A May's Store,) 00 l(Wm*_ W(iskintton, I). C. _ _ TO THE LADIES. RS. C. A. LK1B1N Would respectfully inform her former patrons, and the ladirt* p-nerally, thai she has removed to No, 3S4 H street, between 13th and 14'h sts . whore atie has enlarged faoilitie* fo* carrying on fashionable DKK^SMaKING in all its ixanche*. The latest fashions received as oon &a published. N B ? several fine Rooms to let, fnrniahed or unfurnished. A pply as above. nu 7 2w pAMILfES WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ! THEY WANT IT PURR, TEMPERATE and cheap: COLINKAU'S TABLE BEER ISTHE THING It is lew intoxicating than cider, and is far more palatable and strengthening. For sale by all Grooers, 3 oenta a glass?6jtf cnts a?uart no 6 1m JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE ON A(j v ot>iuuiuu?une icrmi, a ions or ver* superior COKE. GEO. WATERS, 28 High street and Canal. no 9 6t Georgetown, I) C. Baltimore life insurance co^ijicokpokatku 1830.?John I. Donaldson, fret; M. Coulter, 8ec'y. This company INSURE8 LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao. Descriptive pamphlet* mar be obtained at the Company's Agenoy for the District of Columbia, offioe of Lewis Johnson A Co., Bankers, 10th street and Penn. arena*. J. W. M AGILL. Agent O. K . Hissn. M. D. Mml. K*'r. <!? ???tf T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of Up? Royal Havana Lot^ 'T. oondnoted by the Spanish Government. nnri?v me supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, -Will tue place at Havana on TUESDAY, Notsmbsz 37. 1?. SOKTEO NOME HO 646 ORD MARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. I prueof ??-tl00,0n0 I ?0pri*euof #l,noo I do tOjBM 60 do K* I do *>,(*? 158 do 400 I do ?,M0 ? appro*. 8JM I do 10,000 lit A..L ?8? PRIZK8. Whole Tiobeta. #40?Ha. res, #10?Quarter*, #ft. 8rises cashed at rncht a# per cent discount. ills oa ail solve it Baals taken at par. A drawing will bit forwarded aa ?H>n aa the remit beooaes know*. no 8-tr Car* of Cltr Port, Ckarlnaton, 8. C. TO THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON.?I have jo?t received and will commence unloading to-morrow a cargo of the very boat Red A?h COAL (ege and atove aizea) ever brought to thia market, which I can aacddtreoi from tho vesaal if jroar ordora are left iminediataljr. ^..J'i^BATES, ocSl Corner C and Uth >ti n?ar Canal. DR. CUMMING^a NKW BOOK - THE GREAT PREPARATION: ?7. K?derrjt"u Drawing Nigh. by the author of '"M* Gr?at Tribui?tion. ' Flral eerie* ready thi? week. One to1., ?'tH K?mV/v !*I?I STO R Y OF WOMEN, from the Freueb of Ernest Lugo a re. translated by J. W. Palmer. M D. One ?ol., uniform with*': 'Amour;', prioefl. KIi&NCHaRDA MOHl'N, no 7 Pa. ay. >pd Elerev th it. ROUGHS. COLD*y?OARSENi:!?3, ko. CQllFVUHD SYHUP OFOUM JHAK1C Thin fleaannt and popular Cough Remedy baa been ?o long knowitftM axlaaaiyaii uM, t&U moal pere?M become fami'larwith ita fxrranrdiiiaa^is ".tf.1. "s fteariay f T WANTS. 1*7ANTF.T>-A SITUATION a< wet nu t- with a freah breaatof niilfc. at tlia Si?' Oific*. It* ANTED?By a r*sp?ctaM?'e aced to*" man, a SITUATION aa cook in a large pri\ * ? family or boarding house, where there is no uasliiu? or ironing. Addreii box \o S?,t?t\rOf It* , VVANTEI>-A SITUATION at ooaohman, >y ' " a careful, ateady d'lver.who understands hia j bii<in'ss in all ita hrarche*, ard is a g'-od maide servant (if n quired ) Apfiy at the Richmond corner of 9th an i D ?t?. It* \\f ANTED?A aingl* MAN who haa beenaocury? to nrd to milk cows and to work on a farm. A p j at Valley View Farm. 1 mile weatofGenrz ; town Cohere Fnraaleo* fin a-^ge, two CHfcSl TER HO\RS, about8 monthsoid Apply asabjve. n" k M %*TANTKD? Bt a respectable nut)d!e-ag*d wo? man, a SITUATION in a grntrel fanulv. She is a food seamstress and can d<> any kind of family sewing. Would have no objection to instructing small children in the fi'st part of education. Compensation not so mnch an object as a genteel homr. Any address to E. W., left at the Star Office, will b? attended to. no l4-3teo WANTE1KA good German WOMAN, or Girl. vv to oonk and do houaework. App y at JOS. SCHAFFIEI.D'S Confectionery, Sixth it. between O and H. r? 13-gt* XJUAXTED-H firat rate colored WOMAN, as " cook in a firat-olasa restaurant. Apply at No. SOT Ninth street, between Pa. avenue and D at. no l3-2t* WANTED-A PURCHASER for a houae in the moat growing part of the city?the owner going South. Rent for $10 n. month, aubj^ct to a ground rent of ?27 15 per annum Price 9750. Title perfect. Address "Southerner," Washington City Post Office. no 13 3t* H7ANTKD-A SITUATION, by a colored boy, vv 19 ytars old, either as waiter, to drive and t*ke care of horaea, or aa a porter. He wiil cive sausiaction to his employer' and can ooms well r^oommended to aiiy one who wishes to employ a steady, quiet and industrious boy. Ploaxe address Box 10, Star Office, and the advertiser will ca 1. no 13 ?t WANTED TO RENT-With th? privilege of buying, a PLACE of from 5 to ? aores, not over four oi five miles from Washington. Address, stating ooality, pricJ, Ac., Box 310 Washington City Post Office. no 12-3t* WANTED?A competent eolored VVAITKR Apply immediately at No. 479 i'a. avenue. no 9 ?f WANTKD? For a small family without children, a oomfortible HOUSE, with back but idins LooaMon weit of Twelfth and north of F st. Address No. 100 Winder's Building. noSHit* (Baltimore Sun copy.) WANTED?Ever* body to know that PAGK'8 Confectionery, No. 436 fevoath street,above G, is the place to s? t fresh Cakes and other Con feet ons at prices to suit the tunes. Balis and parties furnished with Ice Cream and other Refreshments. oc 24-4w? WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to S10.nm worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TUR K of all kinds, for whioh 1 will suarant* to pay the highest prices, and, as u?ualtat the shortest no 1108. K. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*. Ac . oe 9 40*? 7th rt.. bet. G and H. ea*t tide. WANTED?All binds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE,for which I will pay the cash, at 369 Seventh street. between I and K. ?c 6-tf BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUNDS " FOUND?On the farm of J. H.Causten, oil the Hishetnet road, near Georgetown. a /TV grey HOUSE.about ?2 hands hirh. ThejLirjft owner will come forward, prove property pay charges, and take him away. no 14-Jt* POD CATV ? \Tn nmrm r vi? uauu ixi.11/ nCjiM x. CJTORE ROOM FOn RENT. Inquire on the premises, corner of Pa. avenue and Twentjtiurd st., near the Cirele, First Ward. Possesion giwn Deceml>er 1st. 1860. It" ROOMS FOR RENT?A lady and gentleman preferred,or ladies. Inquire at No. 435 1 #t., between 9tfa and 10th. no 13-1 w* i/OR RENT-A BRICK HOI'SR ?tth, * of I and Twelfth at."eets. Inquire of GEO. V\ . STEWART, a: the corner of U and Twelfth iU. no 13-St FOR RENT?A three ?tory brick HOUSE, containing 8 room', in *ood order, *ith caw fixture* complete, on fl street. between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-fctorjr brick COTTAWK, with lartte yard attached, corner of F street north an 14th st. e*.st. To punctual and reliable tena-'t* the terms wid bo moderate Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between ti ajd H. - _ HV iUbl TO CAPITALISTS! N Cons'quo' ct; of the present threatening wp^ot ora!1airs, I will sell.for TF,\ THOUSAND MM LAKS ca^h, in gold, th? following list of property : One-tfiith interest in a claim of over $400,000 aeai stthe United States Government. A valuable Patent Right that has already yielded over S <>,000 in the last two year*, Lot of Ground in Washington city, D. C.. with throe houses on it. cost me rtoui?en?!in r urniture, cost me $1,200, Tract of aa> acres, in Reynold county, Mo., cost me Tract r f 4:0 acres, in Monoua county, Iowa, cost me $3 380, Tract of Jtf) acres in Dent county. Mo., cost me ?3,000, Bond for a House and Lot in Gallatie, Ind , cost me .$530, Pieeo of Land in the city of Buffalo, N. Y., cost me $1,20?. Lot in Exoelsinr, Minn , co?t me $ 7*), House and 9-acre Garden, near Buffalo, N. Y., ooet me ?7,?5o, Lot in Fredonia, N. Y , cost me ?7?. For further information inquire at 363 Ninth st., Washington, D. Cno 12 (Intel?novl3,15,17,1?,21& 23) A COM FORT A BLY KIRN ISH KD PAR LOR and CH AM BKR. on the firs' floor, for rrnt, at 450 Twelfth st , h?t*Teen O and U. no 13 lw* fi^OR t^ALE?The Good Will and Fixtures, with th- Household Furniture, of a Reet*urant and Boarding-house. The present proprietor is *oinc S^outh. The bu-iness w ;il be disposed of reasonable. Inquire 54*2 Pa. avenue. no 12-1 w* rn/v ? rf t *1 ?? * -w u r* l ? l W" I>riCK IJ I x * uateu on First str?et went, between I) onH K tracts n'?rth. Also, Store No. 52f> Fa avenue, near tne Old R*ilro?d l)fp<>t Inquire of GEO. I-'OLLANSBKE, at the Caijx'iitrr Shop o i Third s'reet west one square north of Pa. avenue; or to either. no 12-3t* F'OR RKNT-A five-story HOUSF, o?n'aining 12 rooms, adjoining the oorner of F- nrth and D . nfar tlie City H& i. Apply to JOSEPH FIJG1TT. no 7-eotf 'PO RKNT-That pleasant COTTAGE RESI* DfcN<'K, containing 7 room*, with front baloony, large jards in front and 1 ear, fronting H st , in Printing Office stqnare, between North Capitol and First sts. Rent 4240 per annum. Address, by letter or in person, WM. STICKNEY. no 6 tf P)R RENT?A handsome, first class RESIDENCE, No 44a E street, between 6th and 7th street<?one of the m st eligible locations of this oity. 'J he house is furnishel with all modern un fi vrv diiioii ?.??, luuu f?o Wlill * (Willi , llWfc IIU UUiU Wfticr on eaoh floor, ranee, first and neoond floora heated from baaoment, Ao , 4a. Apoly n?xt door, to Dr. JAM. J. WARING, No. 444 E street between 6;h and 7th. oc 16eotf FOR RKNT?The lour-atory BRICK HOUSE on Third ttreet, between L? and E street*, < ^fo 381) adjoining the reaidenoe of W. A. Maury, Esq. Possession given immediately. Also, the third tor* ofthr> B'own htone Uuilnine No. 4?3 on Pa. avenue,< sjuth side, between 4>? and 6th ati. For term*.kc.,apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, Attorney at l,aw, No. 40 La. avenue. no 2-eotf fpOR SALE?A new two-storv brick HOUSE on Fourth street, below New Vo k avenuw. The house is 20 feet Iront an>t 43 ieet deep ; has 5- foot parage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and feur chambers, with stairway* in passage and kitchen, with good cllar under the whole house. Fo<- terms inquire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows* Hail. no 1-tf JAS. S. TOPHAM. FOR RENT.? A three-story and ba?ern?nt FRAME HOUSE, near Pa. av , on 10th. between ti and H sts.. No. 413. Inquire atSI nLKY A GUV'S Hardware Store, Pa. av. oc9Mf_ C*OR RENT?Afonr-story brown-front DWEL H V I \r _ *. ?. r*?. - 1 - m l>i .tmt, Biiuaie on i nineenn si., i>etween l, and Ma?sachu*otts av.. one of the most desirable location* in the oitjr. 1 h? house la furnished with mart le mantles ; also, (a* and water fixtures, with b?th-rooin. Inquire at \VM. P. SHEDD'N Fancjr Store. No 90S 11th st oo77 19t* T\m HREE HUNDRED AND FIF TEEN ACRES in Fairfax count?, Va., in excellent order; w. 11 timbered; rood buildings; a crown stone quarry, A railroad ear shop and water station must be erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi l in ijoudoun nountr. A ourohaser oan rrt a hsjiun of G. W. BRAY, Ag'eut, 410 Seventh it.. Washington, D. C. oclt lm* F| OR RENT?Possession on the 1st of October The DWELLING HOUSE No. 438 D street, at present occupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, and next door to the residence of the advcJjfi?|g| g N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. se lUf FIB OR RENT?The fine ERICK HOUSE No. 100 Westst.x Georgetown. at pres'iut oocu pied br the subscriber. It l:as '2 ro ms, villi gee and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ao , and ; is in acood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA| CRUDER. oo 25 tf I' ?OR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK HOUSES with back buildings, eaoh hoes* 1 containing 8 rooms, with iraK, pleasantly situated I on nth street north. >>etar??n M una V atrnntu: rent I ?nod*?& APP'* *? J*- liAZKNBY. .^?Mnte,?r 1 HLv' 1 LENXIAN, Oluo avenue, between l?h *ad latli .treeU- _ J*L POR 3ALR?A mall FARM oWurM, .mated I V at the Little Fall*, having a oomf'ortableilweilaorwinonitivation, tiie baianoe in handaome woodland. It ti pMoliarly <faair&b:? m a oonntrj rem lienM, bein* perfectly hraJtliy ami most -onantioal; |?OR RKNT?The PIR9? FLOOR r?f th# bpildaa aa ofioe. Alio the front room in the aeeond 1 | GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tkt Star. Swuitowr. November 14.18(1 A forre it at pr*?*nt c m pi crrd upon tb? wtuueiiiiui ibr aqufaact Dridj>?oTrr KOCK err**, and tbe work if cutting and Mtting alone la being viKomuilv prosecuted bv the contractors, Meaara. Carinad & Dobbins. Tbe mecbanica employed upon tbe wood and iron work, onder tbe direr, tion of Mr Mr.Maboo, (foreman for Henmeid k Sona. of Baltimore.) are making satisfactory procreaa. and nr w U?utiri are devrloped everv day in the light, graceful, and finely-proportioned superstructure The bridge Is being painted pure white; tbe inscriptions upon tbe water pipes wilt j be brouz'd, and the hand-rail will be a light drib color. Would it not add to tbr appearsnce of tne work to broeze the brackfta, roaette* and wreithra, or give tbera aoiue color to contrast with tbe whits' We only make the suggestion. The uiwn ui wis ornjif lor suencm axd durability are unsurpas?**d. First on tbc beavv supiortini; timbers for the carriageway la plated a fl>oring of best North Carolina pine, three inches thlrk, tongued and grooved, and then pitched so as to make It perfectly * ater tight. On this flooriat strips are nailed diagonally, with apaces of 15 or IS Inches between. On tbese strips the upper floor of two-Inch oak plank is nsiled. The floors have a slope of three Inches from the longitudinal center timber each way draining Into gutters between the carriage ways and foot-walka on either side. The foot-ways of two-inch yellow pine, tongued and grooved, also drain Into the gutters which have pipes inserted at proper distances to carry off the water. These floor* and the handrail* are done In the moat substantial and workin an LI ke manner, and the came may be said of other portion* of the work. But we suggest to those caving the matter In charge thtt the gutters will be continually clogged, and In windy weather will be tilled up probably in one day, and in consequence of the small space left between the carriage and foot ways it will be almost impossible to clean them properly Another thin?: lastead of the side walk being elevated considerably above the carriage-ways, as was at tlrst designed, they are nearly on a level, and It will be very d aagreeable for ladies to have the wheels of vehicles brushing against their dresses, to say nothing of tlielr being frightened by the passage of horses orcattie. A light hand-rail of wood or lroiv will afford the requisite protection. We intended to speak of other improvements, nublir. and nrl*at#> but will have to defer It for a day or two. The coniervative course of the Star tn reference to the distracted state of political affairs la con mended here by all gocd citizens Some of the other papers, wnich have considerable clrcn at on here, seem to be seeking to destroy confldercand aggravate existing difficulties That our community. In common with others, feels the depression in business matters, consequent on a loss of confidence, cannot be denied; but there is no need to exaggerate the matter. The'seremarks aie suggested by a local article In this morning Intelligencer, which we were greatly surprised to see, as that paper is credited all over the country on account of its conservative tone and general accuracy. The purport of the article alluded to is that some wheat, which came tiere by canal, was returned on account of their being no purchasers for it. We are authorized to state that the wheat referred to was purchased by a gentlemen la our city, and sent to bis mill, which Is situated on the canal above here As we are satisfied that the writer would not makea wrong statement wilfully, we hope to see It corrected in to-morrow's issue, as It is calculated to work injury to our community The republican association met last evening pursuant to adjournment, but the meeting was slimly attended Committees were appointed to make arrangements for a sup par to celebrate Lincoln's election, and to secure a more comfortable room for winter meetings, and It waa resolved to give two days notice of the next meeting In tbe Kvening Star; after which the association adjourned to meet on Friday evening next, at 7 o'clock, at which time it is propoecd to organize a wide awake club. A large and respectable assemblage patronized the exhibition of Sanderson's Panorama of the Russian War at Forrest Hail last evening, and those present were well pleased notwithstanding the non-appearance of the musicians engaged. There will be music hereafter, however, and we advise all to go who have not seen this tine work rtf n rt It Kat lutAR ?. ..... ? - ?? au^^votcu iUSV TAUIUIMUIIB U? given in South Carolina, so that theme bloods" who are 44 spiling for a Unlit" may get from this "counterfeit presentment ' a faint idea of the horrors of war. By advertisement in another column, it will be seen that the Levee of Covenant Lodge, I 0 O. F , is to be repeated?this time at Odd Fellows Hall in Washington. Beer it in mind. The Potomac Light lafantrv were out drilling last uight, and acquitU-d themselves in their usual creditable manner. That target firing will, we are credibly informed, come off" on Thursday afternoon next, it the weather is suitable. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS .V** UN ION BUILDING ASSOCIATION.? 1L ? The ?ever th annua.1 meeting will he he d at tho Council Chamber on THURSDAY EVENING next, a "7 o'c'ock Previous to the meeting, >at 6 o'olock,)our election fur officers will take p ao?. no 13 Jt* THO*. JKNTKLl., S*o. J 100 BHLS. OFKRIMEC1DK*. U?T Arrived and for sale ohe>> lor o?jh. IIu LJ AR.l Y <r Daily expected, FROM NEW JERSEY. A prime lot of CRAB clUt-R, which is for ?ale oa or before arrival, no 13 ARNY A 8HINN._ FOR RENT VERY LOW TO A GOOD TEN AN r?A commo^i-'u* two etory HKICK WELLING, on Frederick, rear S**'c??nd ttroet. Georifftown, with b ick kitchen, wa h <vm and irookK house. A puinp of et?od water in the *arl. no ia 6t n .M. G. RIDOEl.Y. 1 Allfk ^OTATOEt* POTATOES. I ?UUU BL :*HELS or prime New Jer?t? Pearh Slow*, just arrived per schooner A !ir^ Bun in, and for k&<c from veeatl in lot* to unit paroha era, by PETEK BKKKV, nil j eotf 85 Wat*' ?tr- ft. Gee* town. Ifkfftfft APPLES-APPLE*! UUU BBl.S APPLE"4, now landing from 8c-f;oou?r J. A N Baker, whicn will b? M idun&ccoiiiiiiiMlatinc teriim. from wharf or at'.re. Iv J. O. WATERS, no 1 2w* 109 Water ?t, Georgetown. LHIR NEW YORK ?The packet sch<?on%r Yorkr town, ( aptam Woglom, will o<>mm?nee loidme as ab.ive on FRIDAY next, 23 in?t.^ff">tt> For freight apply to McCOBR k. PODGK, no l 63 Water >-t. GrKHvetoww. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, . 13n bbla. ?..d Ry? WHI-KY, ?n bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. AO tibia. crunhed and Relink -UGARo, 90 haga Rio aud Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.(lov priced) MOLASSES. For aal?bT JOHN J. BOGrE. ae 10 / ''RANDKLL, OPTICIAN, Vy No. 1iiS* Srtdft tt? Btorrttmam. Hm corstantiy on hand a large ana -rtment of French Near-aighted. Periscqpio, Col- r> ored, and al. othor SPECTACLES, the beat quaaty, mgoal. Mlver. eteel.anu German liver fmraea. N. B. Old F-arret Repaired nod new * aeaee wt in them to order. no IHj \f ASSE Y, OOLI.IN8 * CO.'S ph1ladelLtI PHf a DRAUGHT ALE.-Weareeon?tantly receiving frea'i supplies of the above delirhtfu! beverage, and invite aH jereona who vast a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, fe 47 flr**n *t.. AmrtMova ST* H S F M P 1 R F ASH. BLIND. DOOR. AND MOULDING . ESTABLISHMENT, No. ft62 Sxtkmh Stbkkt, oppniti Center Market N . G. C OR N I N G , Svccsuoa TO h. w. Hamilton a co. I take this opportunity of calling the attention of Carneritflrn nno Huildera >o the immenne vtock of SASH. DOORS, BUNDS, MOULDINGS, 4o , 4c., now in store and daily rnoejvin* from the manufactory. It hw beonmea well-known f*et, that the mater i ale furmahed from thia eaaLhahment ar* kdeuad to non?. Our aUxJk we warrant Mtnafactu>ed from weU aeaanaed umbor, atd finished by exparisnoed workmen. We do not he?itate to aey that we now have in etore the m ist complete a took of the above-mentioned a'tielee ever b-fore off-red in thia vicinity, to wkioh we reepeotfally invite the attention of the public. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, br purchasing your Building Matenaiaat the Old Katabliahment, No. ."S62 Se?enth >t eet, where yon wiil get a food artio.e at a fair prioe. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT is we'l etooked with No I artioie of all the va none ? z?e, atylea. and tiuokceaeee. A email lot of Premium Faooy I-rout Doo<-a, wnioh are worthy the attention of thoee a^out boi!dln??hiring drawn the firat prwmiara at the Pennaylvania State Fair, aiid manufactured at the Empire Miile of Mturt. 1'otter & Co. VUll OAOfl Ai^I/ numi/ vu? tnui? a is a's > complete witha'l iih< iind to wkiok we oa II partieniar attention. GliH smIi ouoiabtI* ol hand. But Bed Sash, Inside Shutters, 4o., faruixhed at short notice OUR MOD^DlNfTDKFARTMKNT is also compete with Ml the strles now id reBTal aae. Wears also prepared lof-mnh Mon^io>-s?f any desired pattern. Al??>, all kinds i f To ned Work, Sorofi tiawinr, Newell Posts, B*ie?tera, Door Frames,and Window Frames, of aB kinds. Also oa haai.a general a s~rtm#otot Ola?s, n.ttj, Ac . which we are ofenni at low rates. lE^A o*u it io!ioited aad nUaaouaa jiw or BO B?le. N. B.?A literal diMonnt for eta*. N. 8. CoRMNO. Proprietor of the Empire Blind 1 ' Bad Mould in* K.Ubliihraom, nol-tf No flfe'i Wwveiitb wtwet. WNKtClAKT TAILORING. B Invite oar customer*, and oitiaec i?imlly, to nn lospec ion of our preaeut new, ^ which wo wUl ratke |o ordar in superior "mmm veUti MS betw.?tliM4>Kkats. THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Pike'a PMk nad llr PittM Omaha. NT, No* It ?The IWfiver-rltT malt cnarta with vtn fg.OJ la foli duit. and '.? V*) is the hands of |?r inn paaai 4 here Saturday evening The mow at the Upper r.atWs croaainK U reported to be from 7 I* IS lncU-*deep An eitra coach arrtvrd at boo* l^-dajr. with ven paaaenger*, through from Denver city In 5 dart It brings Denvt-r d?tr? to tbe feb lnot The rotners were ifeoeraUr going late winter quarter* In tbe town* W P McClnrc, cbartad with an attempt to kill a Mr Goodwla. bad ubniltt-d to tb? city autboeitira. aad ? a< to h**r hia trial on tb? 7th The wntyr tn the moaatalaa la rrp>rtcd cold, with eonatd?*r*bie aoow. Tula coach brin^a no null or cxprvaa Omaha . Nov lo ?At 4 15 thia aftor^ooa, tho Doner in uaviss (irim aaw mill, altuaM In lb*> aonthern part of the citf, nr. d?ii cemplotoly demolishing the building, killing the engineer, Brnjaiutn Kirkpatrick, and Injuring two other persona. Kirkpatrick leave* no fkmllr. Thomaa Davis. the ->wner of Um Bill, and a workman namt-d Seffnrf. were serloualr scalded. bat It la hoped the? will both mm The mill ta a total wrack The boiler waa thrown a distance of ISA feet. Loss S3 500?oo inaurance Affair* la Virginia Richvokd. Nov. 14 ?The Enquirer of thta morning urges the rail of a State Convention ait an early day, which might settle, peaceably, the dmgerons questions now pending The ?arr e paper asya that it was with a view of concentrating public opinion upon a convention, as well as to prepare the oeoDle for nr nnfnww e nrrfcency, thatEx Oomnw WIm endeavor?-d to inaugurate ifyalM of Minute Men He cor. tenplated no raid ou tbe Federal Government. The Kt?M Klecttoa Lutuwoiii, Not. II ?Complete returns from tbe Territorial election for members of the House of Representative* abow a lagge Republi can majority in that bod jr. |j>(?v?nli>D Hnn U?k>.i? I "iJ"" J the largest and mod enthusiastic meeting ever u em bled here at any time daring the late Presidential canvass, the occasion being la honor of Lincoln's election Mr. P apoke an hour and a half. The streets were illuminated. salutes Bred, and the Wide Awakes paraded With fall ranks FaflUre fclave Cam Is Chicago Caicaoo, Not. 13 ?A negro slave, Ellis, having escaped from Nebraaka, was arrested by ttaw U. 8. Marshal last night The Marshal was stopped on the street bv an excited crowd of negroes and compelled to give the woman ia the custody of the police, who lodged her ia the Armory for safety. The streets in the vicinity were crowded with negroes and aome whiles, ail highly excited. Freaa Nsnkcra Mexlee NiwOuuH.Ntr 12?The steamsh: p An xona, arrived to-day, from Brazos the 9th. She spoke the steanuer Mar of the Sooth on the I OIL. with nine hundred United Stela recrulta. at Put Cavalio, on tbe Rio Gtute. Bualneaa vru atlffer Tb? wrond crop wu li Tbe Indiana were ravaging tbe country In North em Mexico. California laulli|Mct. Foar KtAF.uET, Nor 13 ?Tbe pony exprcea from California on tbe ? bat arrived The steam tfaip I'ncle Sam tailed from San Fraaciace oa tbe 1st witb 9!,HG8,0Q0 la treutire for New York. Oregon advice* to tbe *T'h are reoei ved, but are unimportant. Arrival ef the New M?ikaa Mall hstrixsiKi. Mo .Nor. 13?Tbe New Maxlean mail baa arrived, bringing Intelligence ef the death of Captain George MtLane. ion of Senator Mr Lane, of Delaware, who was killed la a fight with tbe Navajo Indiana. The Election ia Virginia la DeiM. Richmond, Nov. 14.?Tbe last elecboa returns are unexpectedly favorable to Bell, and the pan.r. Hi.. r ? I. ??-_l. ^k.1 m - ' ?? may poaaibly require the official return* to lnAloate who bu carried the State Military VUlt la WukU^Ui Albany, Nov. 13 ?The Burgeam Carpi of volunteers hare voted to go to Washington on the 4th of March to attend the Inauguration of President Lincoln, and to take 10c men Rmllraad Accident. Phladxlpbia Nov. 13.?A train on the Camden and Aruboy Railroad ran off the track near Burlington thla morning Three care warn eiD'.shrd. An employee waa altghtly Injured Death ( ma rx-l?RfrtMUI L'tica, Not. 13.?Hon. H. C. Goodwin, +\mtmber of Congrem from the Madl*on and Oawejjo district, died at Hamilton Uat night Mariif and Commercial Niw York, Not 14 ?The steamship North Star, from Aapinwall, haa arrived with 9996.0U0 In apcole anatreaaure on freight Mrw T?rL (W vh?la Nkit Yoke Not. 14 ? Flour heavy. Wtate >5.90 a*5 25; Ohio to &Mi 75; Houthern *3 OUkU.ftO What firm and a aLade brttrr; Soutbe-n while 1.50. Com buoyant. mlx?d Southern rellow 72c. Provialona doll. WhUky dull at JJOW HAVE THIC L.AD1H& VOTKD* Kuu How*, J*., of Boston, vrbo ia the inventor of th<* 'look-atttoh'' u <*d by th prino pt arwui< !R*chiB?s, re^uiPMi iworn return* to lie made to luro of the numtvr oH by each oompanv, and oi ligcf hom t > kay him a licmae for vert machine sold T?e following atA'ement i* oo?iM from Mr. ilove'a published resort* for 115* and 1158. II will be aeen that M/RKRI.RR A WII.SOVS ?( W. IN'i M ACHINK i* pr- ferrt-d by an imiMBM n>ajo-it; of the ladies, in ?p te of tue t>ff><ru of interest*! parties to injure lU sal*. 1?M. IMS. Wheeler ft. Wilson 7Jl7t Grove'A Hake: A.'TB i(\jan I. M Suijrer A Co 1CJ0S * ijul-l A Webster *?> 1, ? A. B. Howe .. 17? ttl Bsr fcolf #8 717 Faaritt A. Co... 75 >14 FinkleA Lyon . _ MO Ailoth-rs.?... H) The Wheeler A Wilson Afeney is at No 346 Pennsylvania avenue. Prie<*e range from #fln to ftl'6 . Fall instructions given to purchasers, et l*&!n*"coCtOa, Naedles, Ae.. for sate P. J. 8TKJ ft. AiMt, 346 Pennsylvania avenue N. B.?Send for a Circular. oe g>-3wif LP L R s: _ a r v b c;; I have now r*acN for exhibitii n and sale my "took o' FUR**, to whton 1 invite tne attention of the ladle*. I have taken treat e*re in the aelee'ioa. aod lee. aa?yrod they are u?nr;M**d i? quality, ?ty|e and workmanahip. The a?*ortaient comtU of eJI the most fashionable kinda. HUIWON'S HAY IAKLE, CANADA SABLE, STONE MARTEN. ROYAL ERMINE. rlssiasjitch. SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, and aany other varieties. FUR of all kind* fur Tnmmmc. A large aeaortm'-nt of C H11 DREN*8 Ft'RB, AUo,a hue vtrifty <f CAH RIAGE KOBE# I ?c.iOit a ca (from ladiaa, and #va?y ?fort will be inace to ple*?e. AU Furi so d by tboir real and warrar'od to be a* JAS. Y. DAVI8. no 8 3w (Int .Con A8tat??.> lat? Todd A Co. P PAPERHANGINGff.fcc. APERH ANG1NGS from t e rioh aod ornate to the m> *t ci ante and ?lmpl? pattarna. appropriate for halls, aarion. dining room*, hamMn, and libraries. Also a ohoiae atoek war ran tod Gold Band WINDOW SHADES; buff. Groan and Blu* SHADK HOi LANDS: PICTI KE C<?RU AND TAS>EL8.difl>r?atot>lori and ait??. Parri,aaiac for ottDi 1 vi 1 Mil at tte lowe?t r*aui*n'ire rrio">?. Having ?erv?d a rMolir apprenti<**etii|> of ix TMri Md had ? prvt Mltxp*ritiM of in tun city, aod employing on* hat the baet workmen, the eubecnher fiiwutM* aatief*ctior.i to those who may f'Tor hint with thair order for PlfiflilBltil tai Window ghadaa ta city ar emu ? try. A oaJl aol, cited i!T Don't fonret the ntimbar. ^ /MARKIUThMt. No 4Mflaranth at . nor 10-eo6i* I door* afeova CMd Fallows' Hall. &EASURY DEPARTMENT, Bnuv of CoReraucTioN, Not. 10,1M0. Bulib raoNtiu will ha repaired at this Do vartment a><til the SRh mutant, k" six hundred < ?'? Cirel. af U? baet H??8EN DALE CEMENT. delivered ob the whart ta taia city. The Caawnt Ui be of the baet ?*a ity, aad eaah daiirtrf to bo eah?oot to oaoh toau a* the eapartateiideat of the work may diraot. The Departiueat marwi f ha right to reject aa* or aTW th? fcida aa it aar daam the lata eat of toe Gorerninrnt req aires. tim ? *a * ha aaeleeed ia a aaalad aevalofe.marked " i*i !! 11 far Cauai." il 11 eat ad *o the aadar irn?d. # M. CV.AKK. oUnc tmuMi; la nof-lw Tr???Q BKAUT1FUL SILK ROBKSaT fit Ml r? i^msnr" , ? * Ml Ii iic o*r ?!*? stook of ?l .ft ??i *U Other f?od* uiMViUMtnitrd u> ml for int. JU_ 58^N&ES>-2~L SiPisS '

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