Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1860 Page 2
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THE JSVEN1NQ STAR. WASHINGTON ClTJ: MONDAY W?w>?f 1?. t8? Spirit *1 lk? Mtralai fH*. Tb? Co?u,t*t,rm trite bow that ?ho Now York Towner ?rf Kn^tnrrr from the socking dove (of ronservattsai) before tbe election, hat now become tbe roaring lion. Tb? iMiUifMMf to devoted to news ud misMllant vv'?'/- , m0m i H7" From r/eecb 4. RTchsteln we hsre No. li of Beadle's unique M Dime Noyeto," The Prisoner ef la Vtntresso. IP" Th?? subscriptions for the testimonial to Capt. Wilton, of the brig Minnie Scbiffer, in New York, h?*e reached the Km of 97,176. fjjf" The Governor of Ohio has lianed a proclamation recommending that contribution* for the suffering petrpb* of Kanaaa be taken in all the churches on Thanksgiving day. [D"Tbe Greensboro (Ala.) Beacon eays tbst a lot of slare*, seme twenty te thirty, were sold at I'taw on tbe 29tb ultimo by the sheriff. The prices brought *.ere at leant forty te Ifty per eent. below tbe ruling rates of last winter. OT^In another column will be found theseeond I number of Mr. Kendall's article* upon secession. The first number of the series, published la the 5tar on Friday, has, we see, attracted much attention, and ao little surprise is expressed at the undiminished rigor of Intellect displayed by the vewsable author,?" this sturdy old Jacksonian," as an exchange designates him. CossariTin Murma in Niw Yobk.?A private meeting of prominent citlzena In New York city waa held oa Friday evening, James D* Peyater Ogden presiding. Mr Monroe, secretary. proposed a Northern convention to put down abolitionism Mr. Gerard opposed the proposition. saying that the whole North was a blaze of abolitionism, and that the Union was already dissolved A committee of five was appointed, to whom the whole subject was re/erred. Ptrtml. Benj. G. Whltall, E<q.. the father of Mrs. Senator Rico, of Minnesota, died ver/ suddenly near P.rtunoad. Va., oo the 14th instant, in the 56th year of bis age. Kansas Rimr Cosvbstio*?The Kansas Relief Territorial Convention assembled at Lawrence on W?dne?dar, and, after a harmonious session, adjourned the tame d?v Hon R H Mitchell, of I.ynn county, was President. and John -A Martin, of Atchison, and R. G. Elliott, of Douglas county, secretaries A Territorial Central Committee, composed of thirteen members, one from each council district, with Gen S. C. Pomeroy for chairman, was appointed. A committee of live, with the Hon M. J P rrott, for chairman, was appointed to draft an sddress to the people of the United States, netting forth the condition of Kansas and asking their aid The Central Committee has appointed an Executive Committee of A*?, Pomeroy aa Chairman Contracts have been made with the different railroad companies by which goods and proviaions for the relief of Kansas are shipped at mt-roiy nominal rates of freight if consigned to the Chapman of the Committee, General Pomeroy, Atchison, and mnrktd " Kar.sis Relief." They will be distributed throughout the Territory, or sent to any particular county, town, or sasoclstion, if so directed. A resolution was adopted warning the people of the Kant against riving money to an? or thone not bavins the endorsement of the Territorial Central Committee. John A. Martin, of Atchison, introduced a resolution returning; the tbanka of Kansas to Thaddeus Hyatt for his efforts on behalf of its people, which was unanimously adopted. The Convention also passed a resolution Introrl n r afl Kv Pa! Unl a# VamV* ? u VJ WW* uvtiurtji V* I vkTCKO, I UCiU n ^ tbe President to postpone tbe land sales In the Territory. Tue Territorial Executive Committee hold a meeting on Wednesday next. There it, unquestionably, great destitution in the Territory, and there will he much suffering unless speedy relief is afforded. E?ciUMM?rw?nrirwy. Won. D. Totty was executed in a Taller a short distance west of Richmond. Va . last Friday, for the murder of his sister-iu-low, Catharine J Thdm, on the 19th of July last. Thesubjoined particulars of the murder and execution we make up from the Richmond Dispatrh and Enquirer: Totty was apparently about twenty-five years of age, quite handsome in appearance, and very amiable in disposition, never having been known to engage in an alternation of any kind until about tha timfl AKa?* '???- ? ? *? .HV .. ...v va ?V ?? uvi . nwvii* IVUI jr?|B O^U UC married one of tbe daughter* of Wm. Tfcom, an old citizen, and coon after became connected with th- uight watch of Richmond, which position he filled with entire satisfaction until October, 1H59. when be became addicted to Intemperance, and resigned hi* place. From that period until about the lit of July last, Totty kept a mall grocery at the corner of Grace and Monroe struts, in Henrico county, where his wife, her father and (later resided. On tbe morning of tbe ldth of July, Totty visited tbe residence of bis father-in-law, ami reEvrinr *o tbe kitchen, foond Catharine J Thom. Irs Adams, and a young man In tbe act of e?tlng breakf&st He drew up a chair near to where Miss Tb?m was sitting, and was asked to partlcl yavc inuir mrm. out afCiinea. He tbpn uled her whether she would go away with him. 9n? declined to do so With this be drew two pistols, placed them on the table, and again demanded to know If she would leave with him. On ber again dec lining, be told her to take one of the pistol* nod shoot him, and that be would shoot ber with the other. tHippesing him to be Joking. M Its The in told him not to act so foolish, and on st-t-ing Lidi |>l<k up the weapon and aim one at ber. sbe attempted to seize it. Just at that instaat tbe pistol exploded, tbe ball entering ber stomach iooci tore* incnes ?tx>re tbe navel, and paaaing entirely through her body, lodged In tbe muaclea of her back near the ?pinal column, producing death that night. When tbe wagon reached tbe gallowa on Friday, the unhappy man turned bit face towarda it, and clenching b:? left hand close, and compreaalog hi* llpe. he muttered aouiethlng to himaeif and ieenied to be in a bitter agony for a moment, but it waaoaly momentary. and the* be got oat of tbe wagon and walked up tbe ate pa with a quick atep On reaching the platform be took of Ma hat, held It In Ik th handa behind hla back, and atoed firmly and unflinchingly with hla head slightly bowed. Mr Bo??* then proceeded to del! v. r eloquent and most affecting prayer, and Totty kiuut oo hi* right knee, leaning hla forehead on b.s right band, and resting bis left eo his hip. When the praver wm concluded, Totty came clcsetoMr Bogus and spoke to blm, and then Mr B announced tbat Totty requested blm to resd a Psalm, which Mr B. did,selecting the 23d In a moment er two afterwards Tetty spoke to Mr. B again, and then tbat gentleman, addressing the anembWd multitude, said be had been requested te speak some words ef advice to those around him and to such of his friends as were present; be hoped tbat they would all torn ftam ice and lead good lives; that they wow id avoid liquor, as it was s source to him and all who indulged In It of terrible misfortune, and that he hoped to meet them in Heaven. And now the last terrible moment came, and the oflrm of i?t? *? ? ??? ? mm ?? viwccitcu w pmiuu uje wret-hed man; he lubm'tvd gently, still retainlog hlalnoneaa. Thl? being done, Mr Dudley and hi* aaaiatanta flxed 'be rope lathe rroes-beem, ToUy still aUndiag firmly and listening with beet head to Mr Bogg*. wbb wasrending to bin. For a moment or two he turned away from the stepson which Mr Bogga waafitting, and looked down on the crowd and away over tbe valto' toward the aoutheMt. Be then turned to tbi clergyman again, and wna led beneath the rope, which waa aoon adjusted around hla neck, the rr} wwuiwn)( ma grnuy a? a c&IU1 and iteming no change, except a na?h, tor the flrit time, on hi* cbeek The black cap waa tten placed oa Li? bead. Aid when It waa arranged, hii lr'gt t/einbled altghUy.bat laa anomeot after the drop fell tbere waa neither quiver or motion of limb. except a few twite het about the ahouldera Totty waa dead?he died instantly. The drop fell at 40 minutes pa*t 12. At 7 mlnutea U> 1 bis palae waa Mi, and be waa etbacwiaa examined by Dr. PeachT and Dr. Dove, and Ilia waa preaounoed to be Atlrely ei?act Tii Sticeiho Poist?Tbla point aaema. at to have beam reached, la a new Invention known aa Spaldiagl Prepared Glue, which Vy simple applicatlao, wltboat batting or praperanJJ'JV%U.?-gS? ?? 7 ?? "" > raaily valuable invention, nd from Hi utility, Bust coire into m extenal ve a ad general nse as the friction match ?C&mmureuU EwUttm, Boiton On Dit?That the comfortable pile of fi?,uu>, sara the Petersburg Express, will change hands In Petersburg alone when the result ef the raroat Preddentfal vote In Virginia la satisfactorily aa117" The artesian well of the South Laa, Mass . maanlfccturlng company has ranrhad a depth of **> M, and yat WMt only c ernes within 17 fast of thasartne*. ^ iO~ La** statlatical raturns show ttet In Mglum there ara at pr is ant 31 lunatic asylums Tha number of lunetiee In 4,907, which is taa la evwy Ml of tha population. fi?WWi KIWI AM* OOMIP. 9bcki?ioi(No.II To btmsxotbkx thk Union Was thx Liadino Obiict or Cosaim in Ricomnirdim, thk Convention i* Fbamiko, add tii Pboplb m ADOPTIHO TBS PlXIIRT CoHiTlTBTIOB. To tke Ptoplt / tke SoMA. I* our flrat number wc bive ibowi that tba Statea compoaing the Federal Union frMB 1778 t* 1780. hlii mUmnl* nliohiMt th?lf filth tn nrk other In the Artlclee of Confedermtloa that tk* Union should be "perpetual '? These Articles constituted the Constitution of the United State until 17SJ, when they were merged in our present Constitution We will now show that the object of the change was not to relieve the States from ttoetr prrpttwnl obligation, or lo any way to weaken the Federal Union, but to giro It greater strength and furnish it with means to perpetuate itaelf by relieving It from dependence on the State* for the execution of its acts. By the Articles of Confederation, Congress had power to determine the amount of revenue necessary to be raised for the service of the United States, and apportion it among the States; but whether the necessary taxes should be levied or duties imposed and collected depended on the State authorities. The consequence was that not long after the cloae of the revolutionary war, through the refusal or neglect of some of the States to fulfill th*ir Prdrral Ahlivitiom in thtt rMn^t the United State* found tbemselvet w'thout mean* to capport the public credit or perform the fun cations then intrusted to them. It therefore became necessary that the Unitod State* should have power to levy taxes and duties and collect tbem with oat the aid or Interposition of the States.. This required that the United States shonld have ? .. ,a j A i ?_? _ ii a * ?>i - a_ * luucpcnueni legislative, executive ma juaiciu powers, together with the ntni of executing their Acta and decisions. To auch a paaa had the neglect of misconduct of aome of the States brooght the affairs of the United State* that them was Imminent danger of a dissolution of the Unlon from the want of self-sustaining powers. The history of the United States for some years after the close of the Revolutionary war, la replete with dificaldea growing out of week and unstable government, and with expedients proposed by the statesmen of that day, to pnt an end to them Finally, the mlnda of all Intelligent and patriotic idea settled down in the conviction, that an effectual remedy was to be found only la a thorough revision of the federal constitution, and tbe delegation to the United States of sufficient powers to enable them to command respect at home and abroad, and especially to preserve me ieaenu onion, tms conviction round expression In n resolution of Congress, adopted on the -JltU of February, 17t-7, In the following words. rl?: . " Ri?ol~id, That in the opinion of Congress, it Is expedient, that on the second Monday in May next, a convention of deiegatte, who shall have been appointed by the several Stater, he held at Philadelphia, for the sole and express parpoee of revising the Articles of Confederation, and reporting to Coegresssnd the several Legislatures, su. h alterations and provisions therein, as shall, when agreed to in Congress, and confirmed by the States, render the federal constitution adequate to the exigencies of government, and tk* pnstrration of tk* Umisjs." There wm already, by compact, a "perpetual Union;" and this perpetual Union it was the avowed object of Congress to preserve, by a revision of the " Federal Constitution." South Carolina was present by ber delegates, and deabtless voted for the resolution. The several States concurred In this recommendation, and, In appointing their delegates, recognized and designated the objects in view. Virginia stated the object to M, " devising and discussing suc'u alterations and further provisions as might be necessary to render the Federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of the Union." North Carolina stated the object to be " to discuss and decide upon the most effectual means to remove the defects of the Federal Union, and to nrArnM nnlarff?d nurnoua it uras I * tended to effect." South Carotlaa dated the object to be "deviling and discussing ail such alterations, clauses, articles, and provisions as might be tbonght necessary to render tbe Federal Constitution entirely adequate to the actual situation and the future good government of the confederated States." All the other States stated their object In sit..liar language?ail concurring la tbe project of giving additional power and strength to the "perpetual, union" already in existence. The object of the Convention which framed the Constitution, in tbls respect, Is shown in the letter signed by "Gtorgt Washington, President," transmitting that instrument, as framed by them, to the President of Congress He says: "In all our deliberations on tbls subject we ?ept steadily in view that tekifk appears tout ths rr*nt* ?/ *rs?* ? m - ?. ??? ?- ?j ? * ?/ ?rww amuuun, t mm tU?* olioatiox or won Union, ia which ia Involved oar prosper! ty,fellcity, safety, perhaps our national iiiraact." Thua, we have, dlatloctly avowed, the leading object of Congreaa which recooiinended the calling of the Convention, and of the Convention Itself after they had finished their work. The Convention proposed that the Constitution framed by them ahould be submitted for ratification, not to the Legialaturea of the states, bat to a Convention in each State cnoeen by the people thereof, and Congreas adopted their recooarnendat'.on. Conventiona were held, the proposed Conatitution was ratified, and thua berame the aet of the people. Their objects in ratifying it are set forth la the preamble, and foremost among tbem It the increased atabliUy ? the anion. *'\Ve tbe people of the United State*," say they, ,kin order to form a more perfect ?*? ?," f*.. "do ordain and establlah thia Cooatltutlon for tbe United States of America." It waa uoneceaaary to repeat In the Cooatltutlon that tbe anion thou Id be perpetual, because on Its face It purports to be of unlimited duration, aad contains within itself the means of perpetuating its iwi existence. Tbe ratifications of ail the States were unconditional, and in tbe language of Mr. Madlaon, bound them "fortvtr." Tbe State of Vermont was ne* a member of tbe "perpetual union" established by the Articles of Confederation, but when she came In under the Constitution, she expressly recognized lis Derne taal obligation. By bar Convention she declared that on her admission loto the Union by Congress, the Constitution of the United States should (in their owa words) bin4img m us and tkt ptoPU if Vermont Foxxvxx." Yet, who at that day snppoeed it was more binding oa the people of Vrrmoat than It was on the people of South Carolina? It thus appears that Coagrea*, the State Legislatures. the Philadelphia Convention, and the people of the States la exchanging the Articles of Confederation for oar preeent Constltntion, intended to give additional strength and security to the Union. Yet, If the doctrine of sec eat! on be sound, they did not understand their own work and exchanged a ' perpetual union" for one which any di icon tended Slate may break up at pleasure ' In another article, I shall endeavor to show that themes of (hat day did not fail la their object, but in fact added strength and stability to the preexisting Union. Amos Kbudall. - Chikk -We do not recollect ever to h??? with a richer specimen of Newspaper Impudence than that manifested by the New York Tribune of Saturday last, la its 44 leader," wherein it assumes gravely to argue that all the existing sectional trovble growing out of Northern grass violations of the constitutional obligations to return fugitive slaves, is the result of the fact that the present fugitive slave law affords opportunities for eualavlng free negroes. Mince its enactment, |t is notorious that ao negro not lawfully a slave h?s been returned under It; nor, indeed, has any such negro been even err?il?f under It. Kre the volcano that now rages at the Soath broke out, tbe Tnbutu day by day flaunted defiance in tbe bee of tbe Law in question; avowedly because of Its conflict with ita own higher law. It haa been for year* put the chief defender of tbe under ground railroad, devised, undeniably, ta bet not only the letter, bat tk? constitutional purpoee of the fegttlve slave law M deflooce. Jeurnallsta leas lest tea dueaeaaeef aelf-reepect would hardly dare face pnbltc opinion la tbe attitude the Tnbrn*t B?w iwmii upon the tabjeet, kaewlog as well a* Its eoodaotora da that all the world are aware that ap to yesterday It boa done Ita best to Induce the people of the North to aooot their roBftttatyOMl ohligattoo to fOtsnt fagtti*e alavea, ^ 1+rn+mrnmmmmmmrnrnrnmmwaUfca only because ?f its conflict with Its (the 7Vi6?m?'j) ' * higher law." Thi Raid ok iu Stock Uiikit ? It isdoubtleta known by this time by all the Star's readers inai we wwr pertrcuy corrrc* in our explanation of 4be txtter falsehood of the rumor that " the Washington Llgfct Infantry of Charleston had seized Fort MoeMhe," telofiraphed North laat wsek under circiunatsneea that caused a Ion of hundreds of thotaands, if no) millions, to holdera of stocks. A grosser canard to aid thieves engaged in stock operations was ntorer "put upon" the public for a few brief hours. As we anticipated and stated at the time, the corps being com- j nosed of citizens of Charleston who have some. thing to 1?h by tbe reign of poaaible mob violence, was called upon by the officer in charge of the Areenal la that elty, la tbe abeeoce of United Htatea troepa, to guard it and ita content* for the time beiug, and had aim ply obeyed that call. UCPAKTMEKT KIWI. Naval Istblliobjic*?Commander l.ardner has been ordered to the navy-yard at Philadelphia, In place of Commander Carr, dataclied. Lieut Bern-man has been ordered to relieve Lieut. Stanley, in command of tbe Wyaadot, now on the coast of Cuba. Paymaster Ed T. Dunn hubeen detached from the navy-yard at Norfolk, and Paymaster Edward IV Unran nrdmui In flit tn? Abmy Intcllisbucb.?During the absence of the Inapector of Arsenals and Armories, the high ahd important duties of Inspector for the Ordnance Department, as directed by the Ii46th paragraph of Army Regulations, will be performed by ttis Colonel of Ordnance. Pursuant to this regulation, Col. H. R. Cratg will enter at once npon the duties; in relation to which be will receive detailed Instructions from the War Department. Resignation and Appointments ?The Hon. Mr. MeLane, our Mlnlater to Mexico, having resigned his mission, Gov. VVeller, of Cal., haa n.' - ? ?U. ? A ci ?ru iuo upuilliiucui. Kevel \V. hnj{ll8b ha* been appointed deputy postmaster at Alton, 111. Minister to Kccapoi.?The triumph of Gen. Flores In Kcuador having restored pear.", to that country, the new Government has appointed Don Antonio Flores, a son of G?n Flores, as Minister to this country. Promotion.?John N. Oliver, of Kentucky, has been promoted to a third-clas4(Sl.600p?r annum) clerkship in th? office of the Solicitor of the Treasury. Con?ula* Acikt Rscogxizbd ? Nicholas G Ports hai been recognized by tbe President aa Tic? consular agent of Prance at Mobile. ? Tbi W?ath**.?Tbe following report of tbe weather for the morning la made from the Amer loan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Inatltntlon. The time oX observation la about 7 o'clock. Norum 10. I860. New York, N. Y cloudy, wind N\V Philadelphia, Pa cloudy. Washington. D. C cloudy, wind 9 Richmond, Va. clear, 50?. Petersburg, Va. clear, 65*, wind W Norfolk, Va ....clear, 65?, wind NE Raleigh, N. C clear, 51?. Wilmington, N.C clear, cool. Columbia, S. C clear, mild. Charleston, S. C.. clear. Augusta. Ga clear, pleasant. Savannan, Ga clear, 55?. wind E Macon. Ga. clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala.. clear, cold. Jackson. Ala clear Mobile. Ala...... r.l?ar- rnol New Orleans, La clear. (11?. riOM thi wm. Cleveland, O Cloudy, 43?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected far temperature,) 29,519, at noon, '.*9,462. Thermometer at 7 a m , 47?; at noon, 563 Maximum during 48 hours, ending # a m today, S5??; minimum 41?. Amount of rain on Saturday, thirty-one hundredthi of An Inrh ry^?THK REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION of the Fifth and Sixth Wards will h?!d ft meeting at Odd Tallows' Hail. Navy Yard, TUESDAY 7 o'clock. It* CHS SL.KlQH.Ree.Soo. (V?js?THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASJJf sociatioa will hold their regular monthly meeting THIS(Monday) EVE >(IN(?, at 7)< o'c 'k, at their rooms, on Pa. avsnue, opposite iirown's Hotel. It GEOEGE H. TWISS. Rec. Sep. (Y3=?TH? DOUG LAS AND JOHNSON CLUB I |L < wi|l meet at thslr rooms, Kimmol House. C street, betwren 4* ai d 6th sts.,thls EVENING, at7 o oloor. when bumneiii of importance wi'l he tr?na acted. Several stirring sp?eehe? will he de, llvwred. A full attandauoa ia earnestly solicited. no 19 it ff^^5eisl0.thrf iight infantry JJ? BATTAl ION, ATTENTION. ?There Will nH I fe n?r> 1 rrtAotin* r\f a li j r* ? mmm -- ? ? - J-> V1V"1 II ? *'* VlliyniHO" a? n miu u on MONDAY EVENING,at8o'clock. Buaineaa requiring the attention of the companie* will b? pre*fnt-u, and the member* are paitioularlj requeued to be preannt. ao 17 -2t? _ JAS. Y. DAVIS. rrs=*UNION PRAYER MEETING will be LkJ holdeneverj day Una week in the New Ynik avenue Church, (Rev. Dr. Gurley'a) to commence at a quarter past 4 o'clock, to be continued one hour. no 5 Mb VK WINTER ' Mi'JTlN ERY, ? ~au~l?-2t NOVEMBER SO. FOR NEW YORK-The ?te?Tier Montioollo will lwr? Georgetown on TU liSDA Y. Novunbsr 30th, at 12 o'clock m and A!ex%i.dri% at 2 o'clock f. m. For- *"*9* freight or p&aia^e ?ppli to MORGAN A. 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Dr. Schenok wiahee ever* one, rioh or poor, that ha* a Cough, Pain in the Side, or Shon'der Blade, troubled with Coativeneaa or Diarrhir, Sallow Complexion, Loee of Appetit*,l,ow8pirita,lleetiene-t at night,< r any other dieeaae leading to Consumption, to eall ?n him aa above and obtain hu advioe Often a amgl* twertv fire oent box of SC-nch'a Mandrake Pil'a will minora th e oanae and thaa prevent what nay in time beoome aeated Consumption. no 19-tt TO TUB PUBLIC! CO WflfiKE YOU CAN GST YOUR MOiNEY?SWO*TB! |yTRY IT! PROVE IT! KNOW IT!^J TRY WHAT? trr Try th? PIONEK* MILLS, and bay your WtJOD th?r?. TROVE WHAT? .. , riye iwrn ?m nt jomr WOOD then e Mper tt*n eieevbercin the city; *nd then yo* KNOW WHAT? irr knew lh?4 too Mt GOOD MEASURED th<* verj h??t of WOOD for ! money, Crt, btlit, 4hd Ijiuvnm F??* o? Cham*. Caul a* m PIORIII NILLIt . 8JON 9F THE ELUE FLAB-STAFF. lonawin Co**** llvbiti (. aid Caxal / oath of Bridfi.) | *0 19 QKORtfE PAGE, Asurr. 4 TIIr *i<;>s OF THK Titles ? Thi Mobu.b Rioistbb ro* Sbcbssioh?ErricT or Mb. 9TKrHi!i?' C?iiivtTiri Smith in I Gboboia?All Piirm Ditroarn to mobs CoXSIDBBATB ACTIOH?FlBAL PilUat or TUB GbPROIA CORTBSTIOX BlLL. .Mobile, Not, tJ ?TIjB RegUtor declares in UVWOf SU?OOB. ItMVB ftat the IBrgO MCtlMd, r?M North and Booth proves that * rommon Gooernonent 1b impossible. Bad that all efforts to u?? tfcet'nloB will be fruitless The editor appeals to conservative Men to take the eaMiit iu their aw hands as the only Beans of avoiding tho worst conoeijitenoes of lneri table re vol at: on ArocnTA, Not 17.?The general impression la tbit Senator Toombs has not resigned, but It la atft he will resign on the 3d of March unless Georgia sooner wdi Tbe bill appropriating to arm and equip Georgia is now a complete law. The Legislature of FlorlJa, at its last session, passed a resolution promising to "take decided action In case of tbe election of a republican President. aad requiring tbe (iovtriiM to cost?s* Um Legislature The Jacksonville Standard and other papers urge compliance. Millxdgsvillx.Nov. 17.?Political affairs have much qulted here since Wednesday night, when Mr Stephens made his great speech, In which be took strong conservntive ground. The effect of tbe speech, as subsequently shown, proved to be M i !?*?- ? - (m vii uii uuuuiru wavers. Ail parties are bow dltpoaed to act coolly and considerately To-day the Convention bill passed the Senate unanimously. The election of delegates takes place Januarys, and the Convention meets or the Wednesday following. The preamble to the Convention bill reads as fotlowi: | Whereas, the present crisis In national affairs, lr the Judgment of this General Assembly, demands resistance; and whereas, It Is the privilege of tbe Southern people to determine the mode, measures, and time of such resistance; therefore this General Assembly enacts, that tbe Governor issue his proclamation, ordering an election to be held on the ttth of January next, for delegates to aid State Convention. Tbe first, second and third section* of tbe blU refer to tbe tiuis of the election, the meeting of the Convention, tbe manner of holding tbe election, and the number of delegates to which each county la entitled Tbe fourth section provide* that said Conventlon, when assembled, may consider all grievances impairing or affecting the equality of tbe rights of tbe people of <*et>rgla cs members of the United States Confederacy, and determtne tbe mode, measure. and time of redress to be sought. Tbe fifth section provides for the amount of pay to be given the delegates; and, that said Convention shall, by vote, fix the pay ef all their offlcers; and any delegate or delegates they may appoint to anv Convention, Congress or Kmbajsy, and provide for all their expenses incurred by tbe Convention. The s'xth section gives power to the Convention to elect their officers and to do all things needful to carry out tbe true Intent andrfneanlng of this act and the purposes of the Convention. [Special Dispatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer ] charleston. nov 18 ?Nothing Important has transpired to-day. The excitementstlll Increases. tko r?An]j * 1 * * " a uv t^vnvciiu tuai i_jinuviii wai nonumiCQ by a Sectional Convention, elected by a sectional party, and that no 8 >athern aentfment or Interest was consulted in et her. Therefore, that ground alone it sufficient for South Carolina to secede Tb?* Hanks are waiting the action of Philadeland New York. Specie continuet to arrive freely. There is no trouble on that score. The impression it that the merchant! will, In self-defence, be compelled to call for the suspenslon of the South Carolina Banks. The cannon first fired In honor of accession In thlt State hat been purchased by a committee and presented to Charleston. The city ia brilliantly Illuminated. The l'almetto band to-night serenaded Col. Rutfin. of Virginia. (vf*rrrM?v. . - ?? 1 ? -ft'" "? SOUTHIKN Manifesto It la stated that an Important manifesto is soon to be issued by Southern statesmen?Stephens, Hunter, Foote, Rives, Bell and other*?calling on the South to remain in the Union, and setting forth the utter impossibility of any act being committed detrimental to ber interests during Lincoln's administration This will be issued before the ineethig of the South Carolln i conventioa. Spxcik rot Gioroia Banks. Very large amounts of specie for Georgia banks are being daily received at Savannah, lia , and the Constitutionalist ia reliably informed that, since the first of November, about one million of dollars in gold has been received by the banks in Savannah and Augusta alone, and tne tide of gold flowing into tbelr vaults is as full and continuous now as at any time since the first of the month. Fkklibo in Lochias*. Tbe New Orleans Delta says that a large batch of Harper's Weekly, received by J. C. Morgan k Co.. bearing tbe likeness of Lincoln, wss returned to tbe consigner. The Delta regards this as a sensible act of non-Intercourse which tbe Soutn would appreciate. Tbe secessionists seem to see tbe folly and danger of secession In any new Confederacy they may create. Mr Bartow, of Savannah, proposes tbat U.e Southern Confederacy should be a consolidated Republic, all Sta.e lines to be eblilerated and all sovereignty tr reside In tbe Federal power. It will be a little Singular if South Carolina shall be obliged to surrender her State sov ereJgnty in a nrw Cum u> r i cy after maintaining her State rights in tbe Union for so mauy yeara But Mr. Bartow baa tbe sagacity to aee that no government can exist aa a Confederacy if aece*(ion is a reserved rignt, and be doubtless wishes to provide against it. Thk Panic is New York The Herald of yesterday (Sunday) says:?Wall street felt the panic very severely ywiterday United states fives went down to 97, a decline of 2Jf. All the State stocks declined Tennessees fell 2 per cent, Virginias 5, Mtaaourls t, Central Railroad 4, Erie 5, Pnciflc Mail ?, Chicago and noes uiana 4, iaa to on Not a stock on tbe lltt neaped this terrible alaugbter. and tbrrr bai not been such a blue day In tbe street since 1WS7. Impobtast Niwi Kxtsctid from Ecropi. 1 have it from goi>d authority that no encouragement may be ex per ted from either England or France, in favor of the disunion movement In tbe South. Great Britain know* ber Interests too well to embark In such a venture, and France, under tbe inspiration of tbe crafty Louis Napoieon. will not be ready to anticipate ber rival in ord?r to secure the doubtful contingency of ft trad, with the Southern States Gen tit-men closely connected with the llritlsh Legation in tbta city, who have tud ed the workings of our lnatitutioua, and who know precisely where this disunion movement will end, do not ecruple to aay that the ministry t?f the Queen will never, In any way, extend the lightest sympathy toward the pro-slavery leaders. who are now looking to the formation of an Independent Southern Confederacy.?Currtspon.lemi Pkilnltlpkxa Prtst. Tui Position or Hox. Mi Otm.or S C. A correspondent of the Baltimore sun, writing from Charleston, 8. C., says that Mr. Orr Laa made a speech announcing himselt in favor of Immediate secession, but that it doe* not seem to satisfy *11 parties, many thinking that be took rather a roundataut way to say he was with the people for secession. Out To-Day, AND I-OR SALE AT . . 0. G. Evans's Gift Book Store, 476 P*!?S?TLVA!ftA AVK.VCK, WHERE A GIFT WORTH FROM 50 Ccata to 8100 IS PRESENTED WITH EVCH BOOK AT THE TIME OF SALE. uB?H?iai i rmn. ojr i wo urouiera. Lake Houm, by Fanny Lewa'd, Methodism Suooeaaful. by B F. Tefft, Hood'a Whim* and Oddites, by Thoa. Hood, Will He Find Her, by W later Summer ton, The Union Text Book,?(every body efconld read i:)-prioe $4. Tbe Recreation* of a Country Parson. {P*Our Catalogue contain* tbe beat aeleotion of Book a for ire aide reading, to be fouod in tbe country. (?7" All are invited to call end examine for themaelrea. O. O. EVANS. no ?-3t 4TO Pennaylvaaia avenue. NKW BOOKS BY CATHOLIC AUTHORS juak ontandfor aale at M. p. 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Father Larkin'a Miiuoi ta Joa?arill?,? tale of Uwfain, br T. L Niohoit, SaBgssBaflBSBi History of Um Proteetaat Eeforraation Md a van tr ef other aaw aad ua^rtaatllepka. AU aaw las - 2sy * * ' ic ? . THK MltslDKnTVAlTKlteTVOW. VIRGINIA. Richmond. Not. 18 ? TheDlapatch baarocelrad omctal raturna (rM 13S codbUm which f It* Bell 88 major iW Tw?he otbac eouatlaa (unofficial) give Bell tO majority. Thosamalnlag six coantle? Mr Goggln ft an*jart?jr, and the ladlcattsrf tfjerrfnre ip tut Bell baft,carried the State byj*er?Bm*j3#r TEMNKSSMR. The NaahT'.lle Patrtvtgive*Mil return*, reported aad rial, which abow that the State haa fofta for Bell and Everett by a plurality of 5,0f.3 he vet* of Do'i^laj la tte whole Stat* la about 11,000. MISSOURI. According to the St Loula Republican of Friday, Douglaa ia 417 vjtea ahead of Bell la Mlaaourl, with thirteen counllea yet to hear from which gave, at tte Mate electio*, l.?f democratic majority. There ia therefore no doubt that Bouf.w Ln* carried the Stale Tfc- vote for Brerkinrld^e in the State ii about 83.t*Jf. and for Lincoln about 25.U0U. GEORGIA Breckinridge poll* about t,?NO ?'? ikwt of a majority over Bell and Douglaa, and the electoral vote wili therefore be caat by the LogUUture. Of courae It will be coat for Brecklortd^e. am uaaM tiara. WASHINGTON TBKATEIL Lesaoo Mr. S. W. GLBim. First appearanoe of the Juvenile Prodlfr* LITTLE CORDKLIA HOWARD. And her talented parent!, MR. and MRS. G. C. HOWARD. W ho witi appear on MONDAY aad Tl'ESDAY, In the freat Moral Dram ?f TFN NIGHTS IN BAR-ROOM. To oonoleta with the fa'oe of A LOAM OF A LOVKR. Kauc.9, nAi/r.9 rrouiog ft'ch, to oona otr over th? Jackn >n Cit) c jnrso. mi e h??tii to The < a-MAf er nftiTMia h. h Eft#le: Curtie k. Chftd wall n?m? r nj AnniaLfturift. Rftoo oonie off ftt 1 o'clock on THUR8DAY. Nor. J.<4 nold-St* PROPRIETORS. OD D F KLLOW 9' HALL! CommniCBi on MONDAY EVENING, >ov?u>t.?r 19. FOR FOUR JfToHTS OKLY. George Cbrlsty't Mlnitrel*! UnJar the tinmedifttr pore 'nal nupnriDteftilenoe if (JKORGK CHRISTY, minor ui gnrn an mi l note* ittms oj filtinfian Ni?itrthy. whose experience of over eighw>e?i Kir? in the prof??*ion, ai d whose perfo'inances the U?t twelve Tear* in Uie eitv of New York before the elite of that great metropolis, are a guarantee for the exoclleiioe of th- enie taiaments he submit* for public approval. He and hit mammoth company will open ai above, and app*ar for posiUTety Foar Nichta only. Remember theorui- al GKORGK CHRISTY in hi* ttnmitalile aad ehaet* OLtertai intents. Cards of admission 2Set*.; reserved aeatsSOcta. Doors open at a quarter to 7; performance commencing at a ?uarter to >. J No. P. SMITH, no 13 Business A goat. ' BALLS, FARTIES, 4c. J^OOR OUT FOR THE MONUMENTALS! , EIGHTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY of the MONUMENTAL CL.UB, at Thok.i's ?& Hall, on JH if rvv r\ a \r n ? ? i/ni . u*crmn"r nt. ^1^^ For partieutara * future advertisement UH By order of Committee. ?o 19 Suo* URRAH ! FO R TflE HIAWATHA BOYS ARK I * THK FIELD AGAIN ! They intend to |iw their MFTH GRAND BAiX, by a request of their nitni friend*, at M Tiio**'* H*LL,oq 7th at., WEDNESDAY, jl the 28th of November. #18 By order of the US It COMMlTT*,iv. VOLUNTEERS F.?R THE SEAT OF WAR. THE PRESIDENT S PROCLAMA- <?* TION.?Every body that can danee will attend the Grand Assembly to given b? th?/B ARLINGTON CLUB The coamittwU| pledge them eel yea that this vul be one ol Uetraodeat Affairs of the aeaaon. Km>vine as we do the feeling of the preaent enata and tn i wants of the geop'e, nom*thin( to heal them my and renntte rvurm son pntun, mil A'Mmt',1 Will t>? nvfi on MONDAY EVENING. N<nr?nh*r F?a?k tin Hall, on D *t.**t, Mvwn lath and 13th. Ticketa 50 cents admitan< a gentleman and Indies; oan be had at the door or or any of th# mombers. By order <>f the (nol3?t?) COMMITTER. AL'R NAME Id OUR MOTTO! * I PIONEER 1 The fin-t COTILLON PARTY of the PIONEER CLUH will take plaoe at Twoair'a Hai i. on TUESLiaY, November 20. b) order of th* if lUtnmUlit ATT*n*rmr*ts. Thoa. iiaxcett, John .VleFarland.CpA Sol. Smith, Win. Lewis no 16?4t* T NO SECESSION! HE L'ndemiitned ha? concluded not to s?e*de, and thereupon invites the sttmtion of the^^toa pubi c and his nuine oua friends to his asaortmentof f H| nOOTt* AND RHOKS. 1 Pk at hi? Establishment, No. 93 K itrMt, one door w*?tofSo.entli Ht .and south of tha Northern Liberties' Market House. We return our tharka to our patrons for their liberal support, an ; aaaur* them *hat we will apare do paina still t? deserve their We are prepared to furnish oar Southern and Northern fejlow-citiiena, and their families, who may favor ?s with acall. with the best quality of BOOTS and S1IOES of all descriptions. well se 1'Cted, and are adapted to a'l hctitms. Ladies', Misses', and Children's GAITER?. Gentleman's. Bora', and Vontha' bOO'f^and f*HOI?S, of every style and at prioea to sun customers. Quick Sale and Small Profits, is our motta. no 1/ Ji" A. llliVAI.. 'A BAKRtW PRIME CRAB APPLE CI"U DER, this day reoeired and for ?aie low. J. R. BARR A. CO.. no 17 3t? 496 .Ninth it. FOR SULE-ValaaWe PATENT RIGHTS, whereby a man with a nail oapi.aJ can make from two to four bun (red per oent. in a abort tune. Alio, a good note for #13no will be told at cood di?count or exchange for a hooae. Apply at No. 930 gaventh at. vnt, bet ween M aad N. no 17-81* l?8^Is S!3JBar-| feiti!??f??/ ' flkritr', I Weekly acd a 1 other New?eaeer? at ao)7 FRENCH k RirH3TF.IN'*,gT?Pa.aT. |Y|OR? NEW URKSB^ GOODS OPENED GREAT BARGAINS. We ?re Moling in handsome Dreee Goodijmet r*o*i*.d, to wh eh w? dettre 'he ee*eial atteetioa of ail purchaser* before makii f their uInUoci elsewhere. J. W. OOuLKV A C'J., bo 17-tW S23 Seventh rU, above Pa. av. TA CARI) HE CJaetbon having teen put to us on eeveral ntoaiiosi vhi no !>Uinva; Pi%no ?* eeeJatthe la?* concert at Wilarde'r?we hereby inform our frferde and tfte pobliotbat Me** . Miak'?ch and Ifllisann a e uuaer acpeoial eootra?t with Mmwi. Ohickerirg fc 8<-n? bj wfeioh they arc compel ed to uao i he Chiokeriu* Piano* at ^11 their concert* ex*"A T,HE CHEAPEST PLACE to bay Ctolhiac, J; urnnhim wood*, Btu and cap?, la ai SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh atreet, opposite Pott Oflw. nc WMlW i h?T. L' PAWN OFFICE at* SCI Q street, between ?H ar.d 6th stiaeto, imiMdiateljr in the rear of the National Hotel, where bualaeas will ba continued a* hrrttof.<re at the stand [no 154m} IS\AC EreRZBERQ. IAPPLE8 AND POTATOES HAVE Just leoeived per learner from New York 200 barrels APPLES, aelected expreeeli for fkmilr trad*. all winter fruit a;d m primeorder, aw buahela line EASTERN POTATOES,direet from Boston, all a/ which will be euld iese than market snot, aa Uiey w u*t be o oud out inmadiate ljr to make room For another supply. Dealers and othera will do wall to gira mi a ea'l before purchasing elsewhere. Call at the Columbia Market, oorner Pa. arenae and Thirteenth street. no ?5 lw G. W. DUVALL. P PAPER HANGINGS. Ac. APERH A.NGINGS from tae rich and ornate to Uie mut chaste and. simple pattern*, appropriate for he .is, parlors, dining rooms, chamber*, and !ibrari?s. Also a choice stock warranted Gold land WINDOW SHADES; taff, ftreaa and Bios ?r oasit, I wi 1 sail at the lowest rsmuneiatire prioes. Harini served a reralsr apprenticeship of pix rears and Ad a practical experience of twenty m this aity, aad CiMleyitif none hat the hast workmen, the subscriber guarantees eatiaiaoUoa to thoae who inay ftvprhim with their orders for AoaS wh Shsifiss in city or ooun TToVBRSHOBKand BOOTS, .. f|I Boyt'OVERSHOES and SvNDALS, ' Pfc Mea'aKipor FUfciag BOOTS, K 5ANDAL"^<^BRSH0EB. At 10 Mr oent. m1o? tiw inil >' ' rf ^ cription a: r?oitiMayrtow ItHv Jlo. *0t Mk A,WwhjQb, AUCTION aALB^T \ ti WALL * ?t*W??n. MWn" S-^qm..?^c?,;;^w wh cV? 1 ^PraarEsArssSf s ^ V wkMi itn RT?" 75 hoc*! ftua* Mri ?Uf*fc. ?i <*??> Jwwt Oil. B**lNU Ch?ropkfoe, Bum Grontxl C* *?. *?to??. Ui'iM Nmiim. Can* Mutterd. tfre*B?n<l Bi?ok 1'nt, B*t*m PikWa XXX aod UtcwU Wki.4**, P. rt. u?.uk...l ? ? ? Wilt man j other artielaa not k?r* T?Tma of atl?: f?r> ar? n*t*r r?aA; wrr that hwwim<ii*)I?u4 4n*ii*r >?tN ? ??* ??? VAlto. Will b? addaa ami ?<>ld at 11 o'atvM? 111 wal'. * mlwoko.iih. ^ Br ). C. MoGUlRfc * CO.. Aaeu**Mrr CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON Sw* v ro? p>al? at Aecrrow ?o? wkoHmi>A\ Af-Th.RNuuN.aist > t.aMu'tlow.ttUwAM to* Room*. WtabaJ Mil, la !>.? tu ?!?? #$,<*? Corpora i?>- of Wuhirito* Qurtnlr * I?' V ? vC'Olt, k ?Tlt <1 J. C. Mo QUIRK k CO.. A?U- 1 Bt WALL * lilNAin I Somtk Mb of ??. M. mmd ttrmrr JVMk >L 1 AUCTION WALB Or NKW AND ?<H>D \ teSSSgntfiliSeR? ? tint, at 1* o'clock, w? viil Mil. at tW A^Uun i K< omi, ? tm?nt of MwwfctW Pwu \ tura koo t oomplMftg? Sail of Parlor Firailirt, vwuating of So/m. Arm ?nd Sid* Ckfttra, Marltla to? Cat tor toW?. Masixaey ft?ui ud kiMautc Willi Diutf Tabto. Rniuj Ch? r?, Gilt frame Mirror, imek u4 Lac* CirtUM. Caraiaa aad M( Bbadee, Ht?iu>a* Bracii Gu BtatkMi Ma Ball Glob#. Brueee.a udThr?*-flj <~*rp?V, Uiwra, Marhle top Md plain ** alnat Kurnai, Bo Mi other Mr Mhiiudt, C(tU(( Ckimtw M(, French a mi Coltace Hedatfada, Curled Hair acd tnock Mattreaeea, Crockery IM Ulaae Mar*, Cookiif and other Mcvm tnd KiuImi I'ltMila l enm: ??' ouh, over that amoaet a credit ( *) and *> data, for approved eadoreed do tea, bear lag Ii4Mial* _MUd WALL t BAINARO, Aaett, By J. 0. MoeiMKK Jt CO.. A ?tmeeeea EXTKMMVh BALK OF Fl RNITI RK AND Hut'tlMOLD tttBDTi ?41b "Till Bubl v * MORNliSG, .SuTijitotf sa.1. at ;o o *?k,at <h? j pacify rojin in * uo>.irard*( bailfti t.ihrr* doort weiti l tk? AK'iioii w* ball m . mi \ i ittDtiT* anortniMt cI Uou (koM KImU, MB ?hr?aaxc? lent Piano Port**, Ptno and Covara, Wi tit id1 Mah.?j*a? toiu, Ana. HaafciLc im * Parlor Chain, R ' ? ? ood axni Marbl* top CasUr and Sola TaMaa. \ Walrut wratnot*. Wmlac UnIi, i 8nt-frnw??Mirrora Oil P<ti*li*|>MdE((ra*ii(i, | Mantel Oraananta. aad Vaaa<, j lhraa-a.t and lorraia CatmU. Ru? Ca-jea Oil Cloth. Rod* and Eyea, a Warcroeea, l>r?aain( Baiaaii. Wuk?taa4a, f Tell*. Mb. > iielaleada, Hi rud Haak M*ltra*wi. k Bolitora. and Pi!iova, BhtsWu, I'm ?rU, ft China. Gla?a and frotkwT Wm, V Cur, and Wood Mat Chair*. Louatea. Cooking and other outre*. Kitchen L tenaua. / AT 12 OVlock, la front of tea Anottoa Hooiaa, two tond flaMS* flora* a Teriaa: t*1 and ander cash: ever that tarn a eraoft ?* and dayi, for *atifectorilj aadoread notes, beariac interest. UfcO. W. PHILLIPP. Bariif. no 19 d J. C. McGl'IRfc, A Cb., a acta. Bf A. GRRKN. Aaotioaear. f ^?A?,B Of EXCKI.LF.NT AND NKABLT P d JIBW Ut'V?KHOLD ABB KlTCRBB FCBRlTCaB AT ? Ar? Tio*.?On FRIDAY, the f?d mat., 1 aWl Mil, at 1<> o'clock a. m.. at the reaidecoe ot a rntlfau I deal mini Hoaarkaeptnc. oa T?ntk at real ketwaaa I. *i.4 Ml at* . north. No. 14?. Farnitura, vis : One Parlor SmL, aix piece,, Mat.ogany, Rosewood, Marble toa Caatar TWm, R jaewood Naaeatton Chaira and Vaaaa, Haetr Hollow aad Wain at W hataot. HaKo?aar WardroiaaAnd Bedaiaadt. arba toa Dreaatn* and other Baraaaa, Marble top and Matioc anr Waeh Siaka. A ftaa lot of KacraTtaca, ot varioua aorta, Waiat r*biaa and Can a teal chaira, Orja ina Cottata Sat, Wilt aad otbar |,wnn? 8laa*aa, F eather Bad a, Piilaara and Bu later a, Biaukru Comtarta. U?>iu. 9heata aad CaaM, 8air. Cotton <oyand Haak Mattraaaaa. nttace, Donbl* and Binffie Brdateada. One ten-feet K Ilea, ion I Bruiwli, lofrata ard ottw Carpeta. Vanatiaa Carpat aud Stair R?:te. OUol th. Mats ard Gas 'tiandelien. ) Kditm, Forks. Tea u4 Table Spoota, ' OnKe/Bpl'tiDnnorSft, a Cbiaa. itiaaaanu Ciuakerf War*. ^ Par'or Radiator aud Air-tic kt Aotm, w On? Moraine War CcnUr * ct#*", nearly aav, A larg? lot of Kitchen Recutita* end aiaaj otitr aruclaa too eameroui to anaanarata. Termn : All mwa of and andar f? eaah , orar ftaaraditof tfand Moaya f>r teua eatiafaatanly 'aduraed. bearing lataraat. ao 1? d A. GREEN. Aaat / /CONSTABLE'S AALKOf VAI.L'ABLK rial v fc?T?Ti.-BT TiriM oi tn vrito or UMifaw aaaed Of Jo*. A. Poeraoa, a Jaatioo of the Peaoa | in and for the Count} of VN %*hi nrton and District 1 of Co'ambia. on the loth da* of Novemwr, A. D. f lMn, la favor of John J. Bocae uMMt ifco tooda \j% and ohattola, iudiani tenement*, n?lita and orad- v U of Bernard Mijw.and one other writ of?xooa- . I tion lamod bv Kobort Whit*, a Ja*tioo of the Faaoe m and for aaid ?oait;,oi the Mm of !toveu.b*r cuir?nt,m lavor of the aaid John J. B?h h, alio acainat th- ?oi? ia, * o., of aa d Br nar4 Macao. I have levied neon a l th? aaid Bernard Ma gee's i tore at in and to that piroe and pareel of cronnd known aa that par' of lot na?l?ered oao (l) in square wcat of square natnbered ( ti'toen. ( 4.) frontier twenty five t?5) feet on -Arh etroet acd aevan'y (7"i M on Feea. a*, and aliall yroaaad to aoii the aame to aati fj aaid aix writa of exeeaUoo at eablic aale to the Litfce.t bidder for eaak, oa the .rvilu V th> ?<?t, i4>. ?/ -V 1 r>> uii-v*. vw ? ' ? i | vi .lvfvmwi carrmit, at 4 ? eloofc p n. The prfmi'f will tw *ol<j aat;*et to m tunabMaea of faOO, pajaOU with lalaraat on tka l?th day of Ootobar, A. V. no i?-td WM T. CRA16. Coaatebla. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. Bj CLbARV A GKEK.N, Aaotioaaara. JO* JVtwtA tlrtet. { /MJVKRNMKNT 8ALF. OF BOOKCA8K9. VJ 8hxlvk?. Ac , at a?ctioj.-oi MONDAY, the 19 h icata&t. we ahall aeil, ia front nf tka Navy i uapartm*i>t. at 9 o'aloak a. m. t?r wiw of to* uoTwnmtni,a arf* im oi manotanr, n utai ? o'h?r Bookcajm and 8A*1ru, f if eon 11km, Book Racka, Ac. I T?rms oaah in bankable wtorry. ; no 17-4 CLEAEV A GREEN. | Bj CLKAHV kOtRKN. AM??Ma AM A MM A JlflM. I Government balk of dks? 1 ht?, tJ?.o.xhon?, Book Sbiltu, Ac i Acctios.?On SATURDAY MUR> ?>?. ?* Wtk i?* t. ?kaJ> Mil, ib f out or oar Aaofeoa Koea, I Nn 40* Ninth atra? 1* u'tlnrk, b large lot of i K:?ou Ifnni ou* of ik* Pabiio IMm1 imiu. bm I 10H by order of th? Gonnntat. oonataUn* of? 1 Maho^anr Walnut hi*h and kit Daaks. m Do and othT uftca Chairs, 1 Pif^on Hola?,?h*!vo? and Bookoaoaa, Gratra. Fond?ra, A a Audi van. *hov?l and Toa?? Mirroca, rto n, v* ??nai?aa( ibo l oii? s?U, Together with many other arttolee ?ot M*MM ry to ~IL "HYfllll>??ii i | jssssszzi&ajg&BU "S lfflttK S5?? A OEKKIf. iHk. Put oi the XgkftOft**. hHM . keeping. Cen?i?tiot of _ M?no|t?njr bote, ClMln m4 Ihiim Wardrukes, Waehetawto, Bedrt?*d*. Ckftir*, TtlM. Toilet llta , Lot or Chit*, fciua mad Crookarr VaM, J. - AUO, _ 1 1 Iron Safr. ao'd oa Mlbul of tkf Oorara- I TTL?ARY*mWI,Aw>. 1 'V Bf A.. GttKKW. Aaali?aar. fM |7XJkNWVE SALE OF UOl'!?EHOLD AJJ0 isratva > ' leaki (ro?* of * Aiibn Ua oraor of 71" and J) atraata, No. I#?, via? IValnnt KRrlnr Ani M. mi?Hfllf of lOnl ili K. MarM* 'toi Oeotraasd Malar Tafclaa, f Do Wtlaat u4 Umtrngmms Drmmn 9m- j 'A^'AS^Ifr / \t??dV Bur'Hi", v?&5T*R&&??; I Horkir*. and Tml ntk. 4? . ' Tan*. Wwi S<**? ami oU*r Chaira, ^jVp-'nlr^'g. ES"<?~. ??Kt drusM*. lw*a j^r.aai hma Cwwla, j | -- ' - '-" tr* rTfn~aat. Chip*. Gla?. a d Cmekwy War*. raJ* *' j - m , aT*rai: All 'iat of aai W<f $tL ?*W im .a ftradlt ufUirtv aMiut)ay?.T't iiywrW orMd notaa, bmnac itwiH ao iT d A 0KB1CN. Ant fe Br CL*A*Y * CIREW.Airtmwi, I im Nmik mm | HIV OOODft, ROHMV, LOVMM AU3 I Da /AmiC>* >*>?LuU ^i?5Saf ?kalFSF, A ^JT^Tpf? u iiiM i

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